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ADAMS, WILLIAM               VA-13-3-281
BALLEY, WALTER               VA-13-3-307
BASS, WILLIAM                VA-13-2-463
BATES, ROBERT                VA-13-3-456
BECK, ANDREW                 VA-13-3-355
BENNIT, JAMES SR.            VA-13-3-61
BETTLE, JOHN                 VA-13-3-248
BETTY, JOHN                  VA-13-3-18
BLAYTON, ELIZABETH           VA-13-3-464
BRADFORD, JOHN               VA-13-1-238
BREWER, GEORGE               VA-13-2-91
BRITT, HENRY                 VA-13-3-433
BROCKWELL, JOHN              VA-13-2-5
BROOKS, JOHN                 VA-13-3-6
BROWN, BURREL                VA-13-2-180
BROWN, GEORGE                VA-13-3-344
BRUCE, JAMES                 VA-13-3-468
CASSELL, THOMAS              VA-13-3-198
CATO, BURWELL                VA-13-3-536
CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL          VA-13-3-84
CHAMBLES, HENRY SR.          VA-13-2-370
CHAPMAN, JOHN                VA-13-2-55
CHARLES, LEWIS SR.           VA-13-2-353
CHRISTIE, ROBERT             VA-13-2-183
CLACK, STERLING              VA-13-3-19
CLANTON, SARAH               VA-13-2-150
CLARK, HENRY                 VA-13-1-295
CLARK, JAMES                 VA-13-3-227
CLARK, NATHANIEL             VA-13-3-303
CLARK, SAMUEL                VA-13-1-304
CLARKE, SAMUEL               VA-13-3-119
CLEMONS, JOHN                VA-13-2-36
COBSON, JOSEPH               VA-13-1-315
COLLIER, THOMAS              VA-13-3-335
COLLIER, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-304
COOKE, JOHN                  VA-13-2-53
COOKE, ROBERT                VA-13-2-145
CROKER, JOJHN                VA-13-3-290
CUMMINS, DAVID               VA-13-2-174
DAVIS, JOHN                  VA-13-3-41
DENTON, EDMOND               VA-13-2-83
DENTON, EDWARD               VA-13-3-58
DENTON, ELIZABETH            VA-13-3-446
DENTON, SARAH                VA-13-3-144
DENTON, WILLIAM              VA-13-3-93
DICKERSON, METCALF           VA-13-3-246
DOBBINS, JOHN                VA-13-2-461
DOUTON, JOHN                 VA-13-1-163
DOWSING, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-459
DUNMAN, JOSEPH               VA-13-2-38
DURHAM, GEORGE               VA-13-3-470
EAVES, GRAVES                VA-13-2-113
ELZEY, JOHN                  VA-13-3-289
EVANS, CHARLES               VA-13-3-375
EVANS, ELIZABETH             VA-13-3-296
EVANS, FRANCIS               VA-13-1-335
EVANS, JOHN                  VA-13-3-169
EVANS, THOMAS                VA-13-2-504
EZELL, WILLIAM               VA-13-3-441
FARRALL, THOMAS              VA-13-3-332
FARRINGTON, JOHN             VA-13-3-11
FISHER, JAMES                VA-13-2-403
FRANCIS, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-453
GORDON, CHARLES              VA-13-3-541
GORDON, ELIZABETH            VA-13-2-240
HAITHCOCK, JOSEPH            VA-13-2-295
HAMBLETON, JOSEPH            VA-13-2-459
HAMMOND, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-138
HARDY, SAMUEL                VA-13-1-85
HARPER, NEWMAN               VA-13-2-85
HARRIS, FRANCIS              VA-13-2-116
HAYES, CHARLES               VA-13-3-212
HENSLEY, JOSEPH              VA-13-3-218
HICKS, DANIEL                VA-13-1-168
HILL, ROBERT                 VA-13-2-20
HIPPER, ANNE                 VA-13-3-83
HIPPER, JOHN SR.             VA-13-2-31
HOBBS, JAMES                 VA-13-2-501
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM            VA-13-2-422
HOUSE, JAMES                 VA-13-1-175
HOWARD, JOHN                 VA-13-3-499
HOWERTON, JAMES              VA-13-2-421
HUCKIBY, THOMAS              VA-13-1-280
HUGGINS, WILLIAM             VA-13-2-57
HUGHES, JOHN                 VA-13-2-287
HUMPHRIS, JOHN               VA-13-2-2
HYNDS, ROBERT                VA-13-3-233
INGRAM, MOSES                VA-13-2-407
IRBY, JOHN                   VA-13-2-135
IRVIN, ELIZABETH             VA-13-1-266
JACKSON, AMBROSE             VA-13-2-109
JACKSON, JOHN                VA-13-2-127
JACKSON, PETER               VA-13-3-422
JACKSON, RALPH               VA-13-2-100
JACKSON, REBECKAH            VA-13-3-439
JACKSON, THOMAS SR.          VA-13-3-28
JACKSON, WILLIAM             VA-13-2-30
JACKSON,D ANIEL SR.          VA-13-3-325
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-283
JONES, CHARLES               VA-13-3-513
JONES, RICHARD               VA-13-2-138
JORDAN, JAMES                VA-13-3-168
LAMBERT, HUGH                VA-13-3-426
LANIER, THOMAS               VA-13-2-106
LASHLEY, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-362
LEDBETTER, HENRY             VA-13-3-13
LEE, WILLIAM                 VA-13-3-371
LIFSEY, WILLIAM              VA-13-3-215
LIGHTFOOT, JOHN              VA-13-3-42
LINDSEY, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-512
LUCAS, DAVID                 VA-13-3-319
LUCAS, WILLIAM               VA-13-2-73
LUCAS, WILLIAM               VA-13-2-26
LUNDAY, JAMES                VA-13-2-118
MABRY, HINCHIA               VA-13-3-160
MACLIN, WILLIAM SR.          VA-13-3-7
MANNEN, WILLIAM              VA-13-2-132
MARLIN, JAMES                VA-13-3-524
MARSHALL, MATTHEW            VA-13-2-47
MASSEY, RICHARD              VA-13-2-14
MASSIE, JOSEPH               VA-13-3-368
MATTOX, MARY                 VA-13-2-129
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM            VA-13-3-306
MITCHELL, JOHN               VA-13-2-107
MITCHELL, THOMAS             VA-13-2-134
MOORE, JOHN                  VA-13-3-111
MOORE, MARY                  VA-13-2-310
MORRIS, HENRY                VA-13-2-228
NEVISON, JOHN                VA-13-3-539
OLDHAM, CHARLES              VA-13-2-464
OLIVER, JOHN                 VA-13-3-444
OLIVER, LUCY                 VA-13-3-442
PARHAM, FRANCIS              VA-13-2-77
PARK, JOSEPH                 VA-13-2-155
PARR, RICHARD                VA-13-3-294
PETERSON, JOHN               VA-13-3-525
PHENIX, ABRAHAM              VA-13-2-181
PHENIX, DRURY                VA-13-2-313
POWELL, THOMAS               VA-13-3-194
POWELL, WILLIAM              VA-13-3-308
RAMSEY, RICHARD              VA-13-2-485
RANDALL, JOHN                VA-13-3-116
RANSOM, RICHARD              VA-13-2-153
ROSS, CHARLES                VA-13-2-95
SANDERS, EDWARD              VA-13-2-257
SCOGGIN, WILLIAM             VA-13-3-216
SEWARD, BENJAMIN             VA-13-3-452
SEXTON, LISWELL              VA-13-3-535
SHORT, WILLIAM SR.           VA-13-3-537
SIMMONS, HENRY               VA-13-3-447
SIMMONS, PETER               VA-13-3-497
SMITH, ANDREW                VA-13-3-378
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER           VA-13-3-467
SMITH, RICHARD               VA-13-2-157
SMITH, ROGER                 VA-13-1-246
SPICER, JAMES                VA-13-3-522
STEWART, JAMES               VA-13-3-494
STROUD, THOMAS               VA-13-2-1
STUART, CHARLES              VA-13-3-117
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL            VA-13-1-317
TAYLOR, EDWARD               VA-13-2-343
THOMAS, THOMAS               VA-13-3-333
TOMLINSON, WILLIAM           VA-13-3-245
TOOKE, JOHN                  VA-13-3-70
TURNER, JAMES                VA-13-2-74
TURNER, JOSEPH               VA-13-1-314
UPCHURCH, JAMES              VA-13-3-425
UPCHURCH, JAMES              VA-13-2-348
VAUGHAN, ABRAHAM             VA-13-2-177
VAUGHAN, RICHARD             VA-13-2-165
WALKER, FREEMAN              VA-13-3-454
WALL, JOHN                   VA-13-3-254
WALL, JOHN                   VA-13-3-366
WALL, MICHAEL                VA-13-2-156
WALL, WILLIAM                VA-13-3-16
WALLACE, SUSANNA             VA-13-3-228
WALTON, GEORGE               VA-13-3-462
WARD, JOHN                   VA-13-3-356
WEAVER, JOHN                 VA-13-3-530
WHITE, GEORGE                VA-13-1-274
WHITTINGTON, MARY            VA-13-3-179
WILKS, JOSEPH                VA-13-2-429
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             VA-13-3-155
WILLIAMSON, EXUM             VA-13-3-482
WILLIS, JOHN                 VA-13-3-465
WILLIS, MILDRED              VA-13-3-527
WOOD, RICHARD                VA-13-2-122
WYCHE, FRANCIS               VA-13-2-148
WYCHE, PETER                 VA-13-3-209
WYSE, WILLIAM                VA-13-3-54
WYTH, HENRY                  VA-13-1-256

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