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ADAMS, DAVID                            VA-4-6-28
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          VA-4-2X-188
ALFREIND, SHADRACK                      VA-4-10-607
ALLEN, DANIEL SR.                       VA-4-12-347
ALLEN, MATTHEW                          VA-4-19-158
ALLEN, POLLY                            VA-4-17-309
ALLEN, RICHARD                          VA-4-10-32
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           VA-4-8-400
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          VA-4-8-430
ANDERSON, CLAIBORNE                     VA-4-7-26
ANDERSON, FRANCIS                       VA-4-5-91
ANDERSON, FRANCIS                       VA-4-5-144
ANDERSON, FRANCIS                       VA-4-14-413 (POOR COPY)
ANDERSON, FRANCIS SR.                   VA-4-5-168
ANDERSON, HENRY                         VA-4-1-95
ANDERSON, HENRY SR.                     VA-4-16-417
ANDERSON, JAMES                         VA-4-3-37
ANDERSON, JAMES                         VA-4-3-92
ANDERSON, JOHN                          VA-4-2X-155
ANDERSON, STEPHEN C.                    VA-4-19-11
ANYAN, JOHN                             VA-4-6-127
APPLING, JOHN                           VA-4-2-159
APPLING, THOMAS                         VA-4-1-24
ARCHER, BENJAMIN H.                     VA-4-17-320
ARCHER, MILES                           VA-4-14-140 (MISSING)
ARCHER, RICHARD                         VA-4-8-456
ARCHER, WILLIAM S.                      VA-4-17-378
ASHURST, HENRY                          VA-4-4-192
ASSELIN, DAVID                          VA-4-4-339
ATKINSON, ELIZABETH                     VA-4-16-216
AVORY, IVES                             VA-4-1-157
BACKER, EDWARD                          VA-4-6-59
BAGLEY, GEORGE                          VA-4-2X-286
BALDWIN, GEORGE                         VA-4-8-368
BALDWIN, JOHN                           VA-4-2X-326
BALDWIN, JOHN                           VA-4-17-59
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        VA-4-1-161
BALES, ABNER                            VA-4-4-127
BARKSDALE, CONWAY                       VA-4-18-575
BARKSDALE, WILLIAM JONES                VA-4-18-330
BARRETT, ERMINE J.                      VA-4-17-332
BASS, EDWARD                            VA-4-5-180
BASS, MARIA M.                          VA-4-19-211
BASS, MARY                              VA-4-7-570
BASS, MARY H.                           VA-4-16-496
BASS, WILLIAM                           VA-4-5-38
BASSETT, THOMAS                         VA-4-17-168
BATES, THOMAS                           VA-4-2-155
BEASLEY, RICHARD                        VA-4-2-7
BEDEL, ABRAHAM                          VA-4-5-142
BELCHER, DANIEL                         VA-4-8-79
BELCHER, EDWARD                         VA-4-3-52
BELCHER, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-11-135
BELCHER, MARY                           VA-4-15-275
BELCHER, WILLIAM                        VA-4-5-329
BELSHER, FRANCIS                        VA-4-3-120
BENNET, BENJAMIN                        VA-4-2-132
BENNETT, SEPHEN                         VA-4-3-18
BENTLEY, JOHN                           VA-4-2X-331
BENTLEY, SAMUEL                         VA-4-5-158
BERRY, EDWARD                           VA-4-10-180
BERRY, EDWARD                           VA-4-10-180
BERRY, PETER                            VA-4-7-2
BEVELL, JOEL                            VA-4-14-387 (POOR COPY)
BEVILL, ARCHER                          VA-4-3-304
BEVILL, DANIEL                          VA-4-2X-167
BEVILL, ESSEX                           VA-4-2-332
BEVILL, JAMES JR.                       VA-4-3-353
BEVILL, JAMES SR.                       VA-4-7-5
BEVILL, THOMAS                          VA-4-2-284
BEVILL, WILLIAM                         VA-4-2-8
BILL, JOHN                              VA-4-8-1
BINNS, MARTHA H.                        VA-4-12-36
BINSFORD, PRISCILLA                     VA-4-9-185
BLAKELY, WILLIAM                        VA-4-3-412
BLANCHET, ISAAC                         VA-4-2-85
BLAND, ELIZABETH                        VA-4-3-302
BLAND, MARY SUSAN                       VA-4-19-70
BLAND, MATT R.                          VA-4-19-67
BLAND, PETER RANDOLPH                   VA-4-3-181
BLAND, THEODORICK                       VA-4-3-289
BLANKINSHIP, THOMAS                     VA-4-15-500
BLANSHARD, JOHN                         VA-4-1-129
BLANTON, R. A.                          VA-4-16-190
BLANTON, REUBEN                         VA-4-17-283
BOISSEAU, ELSA A.                       VA-4-17-193
BOLDING, SUSANAH                        VA-4-2X-343
BOLES, HENRY SR.                        VA-4-11-348
BOLL, LUCY                              VA-4-9-258
BOLL, LUKE                              VA-4-11-94
BOLLING, THOMAS                         VA-4-2-367
BOLLING, THOMAS T.                      VA-4-7-596
BOOKER, DAVIS                           VA-4-6-283
BOOKER, EDITH C.                        VA-4-8-160
BOOKER, EDMUND                          VA-4-5-208
BOOKER, EDMUND                          VA-4-1-136A
BOOKER, EDMUND                          VA-4-4-342
BOOKER, EDWARD                          VA-4-1-196
BOOKER, EDWARD                          VA-4-1-160
BOOKER, EDWARD SR.                      VA-4-1-69
BOOKER, ELIZA                           VA-4-12-37
BOOKER, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-8-367
BOOKER, GEORGE                          VA-4-4-227
BOOKER, JOHN                            VA-4-7-40
BOOKER, JOHN                            VA-4-13-51
BOOKER, JOHN                            VA-4-5-212
BOOKER, JOHN                            VA-4-13-51
BOOKER, JOHN S.                         VA-4-11-379
BOOKER, JUDITH                          VA-4-1-70
BOOKER, MARTHA                          VA-4-12-256
BOOKER, MARTHA                          VA-4-17-506
BOOKER, MARY B.                         VA-4-15-642
BOOKER, PARHAM                          VA-4-13-34
BOOKER, PINKETHMAN D.                   VA-4-10-64
BOOKER, POLLY                           VA-4-18-221
BOOKER, RICHARD                         VA-4-1-181
BOOKER, RICHARD                         VA-4-5-355
BOOKER, RICHARD                         VA-4-2X-71
BOOKER, RICHARD                         VA-4-15-541
BOOKER, RICHERSON                       VA-4-7-281
BOOKER, SAMUEL                          VA-4-4-116
BOOKER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-9-215
BOOKER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-1-115
BOOKER, WILLIAM L.                      VA-4-18-62
BOOKER, WILLIAM MARSHALL                VA-4-6-270
BOOTH, GEORGE                           VA-4-2X-190
BOOTH, JOHN                             VA-4-5-39
BOOTH, MATTHEW                          VA-4-10-641
BOOTH, MATTHEW                          VA-4-10-641
BOOTH, PHILLIP                          VA-4-5-294
BOOTH, ROBERT C.                        VA-4-14-261
BOOTH, THOMAS SR.                       VA-4-2X-290
BOOTH, WILLIAM                          VA-4-3-222
BOTT, MILES                             VA-4-8-162
BOTTOM, LYDIA                           VA-4-7-105
BOTTOM, THOMAS                          VA-4-2X-125
BOTTOM, THOMAS                          VA-4-3-213
BOTTOM, WILLIAM                         VA-4-5-204
BOWLES, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-17-190
BOWMAN, HENRY                           VA-4-16-415
BOWMAN, ROBERT                          VA-4-1-38
BRACKET, LUDWELL                        VA-4-8-292
BRACKET, THOMAS                         VA-4-2-34
BRACKETT, BENJAMIN                      VA-4-4-230
BRADLEY, ANNE                           VA-4-4-166
BRAGG, HUGH                             VA-4-1-1
BRANCH, ALBERT                          VA-4-17-228
BRANCH, BENJAMIN                        VA-4-13-76
BRANCH, SARAH                           VA-4-17-197
BREWER, ANN                             VA-4-2X-354
BREZENDINE, ELIZA                       VA-4-10-672
BRIDGFORTH, BENJAMIN                    VA-4-19-71
BRIDGFORTH, JOHN                        VA-4-1-159A
BRINDLE, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2X-59
BROOKING, VIVIAN                        VA-4-7-422
BROWER, EDMUND                          VA-4-1-41
BROWN, BENNETT                          VA-4-6-248
BROWN, JOHN H.                          VA-4-15-132
BROWN, JOHN H.                          VA-4-13-45
BRUCE, JOHN                             VA-4-2-365
BURFOOT, REBECCA                        VA-4-15-13
BURG, WILLIAM                           VA-4-2X-311
BURTON, ABRAHAM                         VA-4-1-135
BURTON, ABRAHAM                         VA-4-9-252
BURTON, ABRAHAM                         VA-4-1-4
BURTON, ANNE                            VA-4-1-36
BURTON, BARNET                          VA-4-9-431
BURTON, BLANCHY                         VA-4-15-131 (POOR COPY)
BURTON, ELIZABETH A.                    VA-4-16-128
BURTON, JOHN                            VA-4-2-254
BURTON, JOHN                            VA-4-10-210
BURTON, JOHN JR.                        VA-4-2X-13
BURTON, MARTHA W.                       VA-4-17-372
BURTON, PETER                           VA-4-16-469
BURTON, SARAH                           VA-4-3-54
BURTON, WILLIAM S.                      VA-4-19-46
BUTLER, JOHN                            VA-4-1-153
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-8-156
CABANISS, GEORGE                        VA-4-1-28
CABINESS, MATTHEW                       VA-4-4-117
CALDWELL, GEORGE                        VA-4-1-23
CALICOTE, TABITHA                       VA-4-7-410
CARDWELL, ELIZA                         VA-4-9-35
CARDWELL, RICHARD                       VA-4-8-344
CARY, MARY                              VA-4-2X-179
CASSELS, WILLIAM                        VA-4-10-97
CHAFFIN, JOHN                           VA-4-12-463
CHAFFIN, JOHN                           VA-4-12-463
CHAFFIN, JOHN B.                        VA-4-16-319
CHAFFIN, JOSHUA                         VA-4-10-261
CHAMBARES, HUGH                         VA-4-2X-333
CHAMBERS, MARY                          VA-4-2-202
CHAMBERS, RICHARD                       VA-4-1-89
CHANDLER, MARTIN                        VA-4-13-188
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN                       VA-4-9-322
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           VA-4-8-327
CHAPMAN, LUCY                           VA-4-17-61
CHAPMAN, SAMUEL                         VA-4-2-81
CHAPPEL, JAMES                          VA-4-18-512
CHAPPELL, JAMES                         VA-4-2-197
CHAPPELL, JOHN                          VA-4-10-565
CHAPPELL, JOHN                          VA-4-2-140
CHAPPELL, JOHN                          VA-4-10-565
CHEEVES, JOHN                           VA-4-9-213
CHILES, HENRY                           VA-4-1-40
CHISUM, JOHN                            VA-4-4-351
CHUMLEY, JOHN                           VA-4-3-64
CHURCH, RICHARD                         VA-4-2-347
CLARK, HENRY                            VA-4-2-213
CLARK, LEWIS                            VA-4-17-507
CLARK, THOMAS                           VA-4-2-245
CLARKE, BENJAMIN                        VA-4-19-10
CLARKE, LOUISEY                         VA-4-1-107A
CLARKE, REYNOLD                         VA-4-17-316
CLARKE, RICHARD                         VA-4-1-75
CLAY, AVARILLA                          VA-4-19-152
CLAY, DAVID                             VA-4-17-292
CLAY, JESSE                             VA-4-9-139
CLAY, JOHN                              VA-4-3-201
CLAY, JOHN STRATTON                     VA-4-14-16
CLAY, SARA                              VA-4-7-593
CLAYBORN, JAMES                         VA-4-1-114
CLAYBROOK, MARY                         VA-4-6-223
CLAYBROOK, PETER                        VA-4-5-504
CLEMENT, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2X-150
CLEMENT, WILLIAM SR.                    VA-4-1-157A
CLEMENTS, JOHN                          VA-4-4-203
CLEMMONS, ANNA                          VA-4-5-405
CLEMONS, JOHN                           VA-4-9-62
CLEMONS, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2-142
CLOUGH, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-6-298
CLOUGH, GEORGE F.                       VA-4-8-144
COBB, THEODOSHEA                        VA-4-3-77
COBBS, EDITH                            VA-4-1-200A
COBBS, JOHN C.                          VA-4-6-143
COBBS, SAMUEL                           VA-4-1-127
COBBS, THOMAS M.                        VA-4-14-414
COCKE, JANE S.                          VA-4-13-225
COCKE, JOSEPH                           VA-4-7-220
COCKE, STEPHEN                          VA-4-5-145
COCKRAHAM, ANDERSON                     VA-4-18-234
COE, JUDITH HUGHES                      VA-4-4-195
COLEMAN, DANIEL                         VA-4-9-123
COLEMAN, DANIEL SR.                     VA-4-4-130
COLEMAN, FRANCIS                        VA-4-8-40
COLEMAN, GODFREY                        VA-4-1-99
COLEMAN, JOSEPH                         VA-4-2-16
COLEMAN, MARGARETT                      VA-4-18-475
COLEMAN, MARY L.                        VA-4-13-182
COLEMAN, MATTHEW W.                     VA-4-10-475
COLEMAN, PETER                          VA-4-5-109
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2X-226
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        VA-4-16-123
COLEMAN, WILLIAM SR                     VA-4-1-37
COLLICOTT, WILLIAM                      VA-4-2-209
CONWAY, JAMES H.                        VA-4-9-276
COOKE, ABRAHAM                          VA-4-1-169
COOPER, MARY E.                         VA-4-7-236
COPTON, JOHN                            VA-4-3-224
CORNELIUS, ROWLAND                      VA-4-2X-105
COSBY, EDWIN H.                         VA-4-18-420
COUSENS, ROBERT                         VA-4-2X-277
COUSINS, CHARLES                        VA-4-1-154
COUSINS, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-7-363
COUSINS, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-15-100
COUSINS, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-11-406
COUSINS, JANE                           VA-4-14-316
COUSINS, JOHN                           VA-4-5-175
COUSINS, JOHN CLARKE                    VA-4-11-319
COUSINS, RICHARD                        VA-4-11-323
COUSINS, ROBERT                         VA-4-18-485
COUSINS, WILLIAM                        VA-4-7-259
COVERLY, THOMAS                         VA-4-11-140
COX, ANN                                VA-4-7-364
COX, HENRY                              VA-4-3-286
CRADDOCK, CATY                          VA-4-8-516
CRADDOCK, CHARLES                       VA-4-7-457
CRADDOCK, CLAIBORNE                     VA-4-17-465
CRADDOCK, HENRY                         VA-4-3-204
CRADDOCK, MARTHA                        VA-4-9-419
CRADDOCK, OBEDIENCE                     VA-4-8-459
CRADDOCK, RICHARD                       VA-4-3-329
CRADDOCK, THOMAS                        VA-4-9-198
CRADDOCK, WILLIAM CROSS                 VA-4-5-177
CRAWLEY, BENJAMIN                       VA-4-5-134
CRAWLEY, JOHN                           VA-4-4-189
CRAWLEY, SARAH                          VA-4-1-188
CRAWLEY, WILLIAM                        VA-4-3-293
CRAWLEY, WILLIAM SR.                    VA-4-2-362
CRENSHAW, ELKANAH                       VA-4-2-28
CRENSHAW, WILLIAM                       VA-4-4-41
CRITTINGTON, HENRY                      VA-4-6-255
CROUCHER, DOROTHY                       VA-4-1-108
CROWDER, DOROTHY                        VA-4-2-317
CROWDER, JOSEPH                         VA-4-2-260
CROWDER, MARY                           VA-4-4-20
CROWDER, WILLIAM                        VA-4-7-180
CROWLEY, DAVID                          VA-4-4-57
CROXTON, THOMAS                         VA-4-17-491
CRRITTENDEN, JOHN                       VA-4-16-239
CRULE, RICHARD                          VA-4-5-106
CUMPTON, JOHN                           VA-4-2X-355
DANIEL, STEPHEN                         VA-4-7-606
DAVENPORT, GEORGE                       VA-4-2-104
DEATON, LEVI                            VA-4-6-20
DENNIS, DEAREST                         VA-4-3-103
DENNIS, HENRY                           VA-4-3-8, 12
DENNIS, JOHN                            VA-4-3-131
DENNIS, RICHARD                         VA-4-3-94
DENNIS, RICHARD                         VA-4-2-177
DIER, PETER                             VA-4-2-276
DIER, WILLIAM                           VA-4-8-150
DOBSON, THOMAS                          VA-4-3-225
DORRELL, MARY                           VA-4-8-326
DRAKE, THOMAS                           VA-4-5-412
DRAPER, JAMES                           VA-4-2-368
DRAPER, THOMAS                          VA-4-2-335
DRINKWATER, JOSIAH                      VA-4-3-40
DUDLEY, EDWARD                          VA-4-3-30
DUDLEY, MARLON                          VA-4-2X-58
DUFFEY, JOHN                            VA-4-1-17
DUNAVANT, JOHN                          VA-4-15-446
DUNAVANT, PHILIP                        VA-4-8-230
DUNAVANT, THOMAS                        VA-4-9-175
DUNEVANT, DANIEL                        VA-4-4-162
DUNN, ELIZABETH                         VA-4-13-297
DUNNAVANT, ABNER                        VA-4-12-346
DUNNAVANT, HODGES                       VA-4-6-275
DUNNAVANT, JOHN                         VA-4-4-209
DUNNAVANT, MARTHA                       VA-4-13-229
DUNNAVANT, NORVEL                       VA-4-3-72
DUNNAVANT, THOMAS                       VA-4-2-313
DUNNAVANT, WILLIAM                      VA-4-3-23
DUNNIVANT, PHILIP                       VA-4-2-267
DUPUY, JUDITH                           VA-4-3-219
DUPUY, PETER SR.                        VA-4-2-237
DYER, DANIEL                            VA-4-10-643
DYER, THOMAS                            VA-4-2X-184
DYSON, BENJAMIN                         VA-4-3-162
EANES, HENRY P.                         VA-4-17-286
EATON, ANN E.                           VA-4-19-314
EAVES, MARY E.                          VA-4-15-226
EDMONDS, PRUDENCE                       VA-4-12-186
EDMONDSON, UPTON                        VA-4-2-9
EDMUNDS, JAMES E.                       VA-4-18-329
EGGLESTON, EVERARD FRANCIS              VA-4-18-16
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH                       VA-4-7-603
EGGLESTON, JUDITH                       VA-4-7-258
EGGLESTON, JUDITH C.                    VA-4-18-302
EGGLESTON, RICHARD                      VA-4-5-266
EGGLESTON, WILLIAM TRENT                VA-4-14-480
EGGLESTONE, JOSEPH                      VA-4-4-340
EGGLESTONE, WILLIAM                     VA-4-3-11, 13
ELLINGTON, DAVID                        VA-4-2-130
ELLINGTON, EMILY                        VA-4-11-136
ELLINGTON, JOHN                         VA-4-3-187
ELLINGTON, MARY                         VA-4-18-125
ELLIS, JOHN                             VA-4-2X-21
ELLIS, THOMAS                           VA-4-6-257
ELMORE, THOMAS                          VA-4-1-56A
EPES, FRANCIS                           VA-4-4-136
EPPES, FRANCIS                          VA-4-6-352
EVANS, WILLIAM                          VA-4-3-446
FAGG, WILLIAM                           VA-4-6-152
FAIN, WILLIAM                           VA-4-1-63
FANNEN, BRYAN                           VA-4-2X-89
FARGUSON, ROBERT                        VA-4-2X-217
FARGUSON, ROBERT                        VA-4-2X-221
FARLEY, DRUSILLA                        VA-4-5-156
FARLEY, GEORGE                          VA-4-2-5
FARLEY, HANNAH                          VA-4-7-120
FARLEY, JOHN                            VA-4-2X-157
FARLEY, JOSEPH                          VA-4-3-97
FARLEY, MARTHA                          VA-4-9-15
FARLEY, MATT                            VA-4-8-86
FARLEY, PETER                           VA-4-12-187
FARLEY, PETER                           VA-4-8-373
FARLEY, PETER                           VA-4-12-187
FARLEY, STEPHEN                         VA-4-6-154
FARLEY, WILLIAM                         VA-4-13-38
FARLEY, WILLIAM SR.                     VA-4-3-247
FARMER, BETTY B.                        VA-4-14-415 (POOR COPY)
FARMER, CHARLES                         VA-4-9-307
FARMER, FURGUSSON                       VA-4-8-225
FARMER, NELSON                          VA-4-15-692
FARRAR, SAMUEL                          VA-4-9-38
FARRER, JANE E.                         VA-4-15-138 (POOR COPY)
FEATHERSTON, CHARLES H. JR.             VA-4-12-430
FEATHERSTON, CHARLES H.                 VA-4-19-64
FEATHERSTONE, WILLIAM                   VA-4-2X-276
FEATHERTONE, LEWIS                      VA-4-3-43
FERGUSON, JAMES                         VA-4-2X-306
FERGUSON, JOHN                          VA-4-2-328
FINNEY, JOHN                            VA-4-5-537
FINNEY, MARY                            VA-4-5-126
FINNEY, WILIAM                          VA-4-1-145
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                     VA-4-2X-347
FLIN, JOHN                              VA-4-3-87
FORD, CHRISTOPHER                       VA-4-4-118
FORD, FEDERICK                          VA-4-2-271
FORD, FREDERICK                         VA-4-4-18
FORD, HEZEKIAH                          VA-4-1-81
FORD, LUCY                              VA-4-8-346
FORD, SAMUEL                            VA-4-10-260
FORREST, ABRAHAM SR.                    VA-4-1-139A
FOSTER, ANN                             VA-4-5-70
FOSTER, BOOKER                          VA-4-11-96
FOSTER, CLAYBORNE                       VA-4-7-410
FOSTER, EDMUND J.                       VA-4-18-617
FOSTER, ELIZA                           VA-4-10-149
FOSTER, FRANCIS                         VA-4-14-454
FOSTER, GEORGE                          VA-4-2-62
FOSTER, GEORGE                          VA-4-4-179
FOSTER, JOHN                            VA-4-9-244
FOSTER, LARKINS                         VA-4-15-401
FOSTER, MARTIN                          VA-4-18-73
FOSTER, PURIPHA B.                      VA-4-18-543
FOSTER, RICHARD                         VA-4-9-177
FOSTER, THOMAS                          VA-4-3-415
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-2X-215
FOSTER, WORSHAM                         VA-4-18-593
FOWLKES, MARY                           VA-4-18-18, 99
FOWLKES, PHINEHAS                       VA-4-18-641
FREEMAN, JERRY                          VA-4-14-372 (POOR COPY)
GARROTT, JOHN                           VA-4-1-29
GIBBS, MILES                            VA-4-11-349
GIBBS, WILLIAM                          VA-4-11-321
GILES, ARTHER                           VA-4-1-89A
GILES, WILLIAM                          VA-4-5-107
GILES, WILLIAM B.                       VA-4-12-208
GILLENTINE, NICHOLAS                    VA-4-2-71
GILLS, ANTHONY                          VA-4-19-122
GILLS, JAMES                            VA-4-16-114
GILLS, JOHN                             VA-4-7-496
GOODE, MACKERNESS                       VA-4-3-406
GOODE, MACKNESS                         VA-4-18-42
GOODE, PHILLIP                          VA-4-9-320
GOODWIN, SOLOMON                        VA-4-9-391
GRAINGER, JOSEPH                        VA-4-1-8
GRAVES, PHILANDER                       VA-4-2-190
GRAY, JOSEPH                            VA-4-1-30A
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          VA-4-7-569
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          VA-4-3-249
GREEN, ABRAHAM                          VA-4-8-464
GREEN, ABRAM ARMISTEAD                  VA-4-16-52
GREEN, ELIZABETH                        VA-4-1-155
GREEN, HENRY                            VA-4-2-211
GREEN, MARTHA O.                        VA-4-17-151
GREEN, THOMAS                           VA-4-4-284
GREEN, THOMAS                           VA-4-5-143
GREEN, THOMAS J.                        VA-4-12-257
GREEN, THOMAS J.                        VA-4-12-257
GREEN, WILLIAM                          VA-4-4-308
GREEN, WILLIAM                          VA-4-1-43
GREEN, WILLIAM                          VA-4-18-486
GREEN, WILLIAM SR.                      VA-4-13-440
GREEN, WILLIAM T.                       VA-4-18-483
GREENHILL, DAVID                        VA-4-2-59
GREENHILL, ELIZABETH                    VA-4-2-117
GREENHILL, PASCHAL                      VA-4-8-77
GRIGG, JAMES                            VA-4-2X-68
GRIGG, JOSIAH                           VA-4-3-378
GUNN, THOMAS SR.                        VA-4-2-303
HALL, ANN                               VA-4-4-123
HALL, BOLER                             VA-4-4-75
HALL, JOHN                              VA-4-2-327
HALL, WILLIAM                           VA-4-3-199
HAM, GEORGE                             VA-4-3-69
HAM, GEORGE                             VA-4-5-138
HAM, THOMAS                             VA-4-3-121
HAM, WILLIAM                            VA-4-7-232
HAMLIN, JOHN                            VA-4-3-163
HAMMANS, JOHN                           VA-4-1-36A
HANKS, THOMAS                           VA-4-2-226
HANNAH, JOHN                            VA-4-5-533
HARDAWAY, DANIEL (PARTIAL)              VA-4-13-35
HARDAWAY, HITH                          VA-4-2X-211
HARDAWAY, JOHN S.                       VA-4-9-87
HARDAWAY, PURIFY                        VA-4-2-336
HARPER, EDWARD                          VA-4-1-166
HARPER, NANCY                           VA-4-9-215
HARPER, RACHEL                          VA-4-16-397
HARPER, SALLY                           VA-4-7-448
HARRIS, BENJAMIN                        VA-4-5-431
HARRISON, EDMUND                        VA-4-10-611
HARRISON, NATHANIEL                     VA-4-17-179
HASKIN, HENRY                           VA-4-15-410
HASKIN, JOSEPH                          VA-4-15-368
HASSTIN, JOHN                           VA-4-2X-42
HASTINGS, SARAH                         VA-4-6-47
HASTINS, SUTTON                         VA-4-5-157
HASTINS, WILLIAM                        VA-4-4-1
HATCHETT, WILLIAM                       VA-4-3-309
HAWKINS, DAVID                          VA-4-6-72
HAWKS, JOSHUA                           VA-4-2-151
HAYES, MARY                             VA-4-4-135
HAYMES, WILLIAM                         VA-4-2X-285
HENDRICK, BENJAMIN                      VA-4-7-436
HENDRICK, BENJAMIN                      VA-4-2-224
HENDRICK, BERNARD                       VA-4-3-42
HENDRICK, GARLAND                       VA-4-17-262
HENDRICK, HANS                          VA-4-2-97
HENDRICK, JOHN                          VA-4-7-383
HIGHTOWER, JOHN SR.                     VA-4-2X-72
HIGHTOWER, JOSHUA                       VA-4-2-23
HIGHTOWER, WILLIAM                      VA-4-2X-73
HILL, CHARLES                           VA-4-1-9
HILL, EDWIN C.                          VA-4-14-15
HILL, GEORGE                            VA-4-2-98
HILL, JAMES                             VA-4-2X-91
HILL, JOHN SR.                          VA-4-3-28
HILLSMAN, JAMES                         VA-4-15-690
HILSMAN, MATTHEW                        VA-4-3-27
HILSMAN, NICHOLAS                       VA-4-1-199
HILTON, BILLY                           VA-4-14-492
HINTON, CHRISTOPHER                     VA-4-1-47
HINTON, RICHARD                         VA-4-1-183A
HOBSON, MARTHA P.                       VA-4-18-513
HOLCOMBE, P. H. W.                      VA-4-10-65
HOLCOMBE, WILLIAM J.                    VA-4-19-251
HOLLOWAY, SALLY                         VA-4-17-191
HOLT, JESSE                             VA-4-6-254
HOLT, JOHN                              VA-4-15-268
HOLT, RICHARD                           VA-4-7-424
HOLT, RICHARD                           VA-4-2-242
HOLT, SALLY F.                          VA-4-15-696
HOOD, JOHN                              VA-4-5-472
HOOD, SOLOMON                           VA-4-9-332
HOOD, THOMAS                            VA-4-2X-77
HOOD, THOMAS                            VA-4-1-194A
HOOD, WILLIAM                           VA-4-2-349
HOWEL, JOHN                             VA-4-3-38
HOWELL, STEPHEN                         VA-4-2-305
HUBARD, JOHN                            VA-4-1-34
HUBBARD, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-3-228
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        VA-4-16-54
HUDSON, BURTON                          VA-4-3-365
HUDSON, CHRISTOPHER                     VA-4-4-131
HUDSON, EDWARD                          VA-4-5-353
HUDSON, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-5-149
HUDSON, HALL                            VA-4-3-10
HUDSON, JAMES                           VA-4-1-54
HUDSON, JOHN                            VA-4-4-67
HUDSON, JOHN                            VA-4-2-355
HUDSON, NICHOLAS                        VA-4-2X-301
HUDSON, PETER                           VA-4-3-431
HUDSON, PHEBY                           VA-4-2X-12
HUDSON, ROBERT                          VA-4-3-53
HUDSON, WILLIAM C.                      VA-4-6-209
HUGHES, ANNE                            VA-4-7-432
HUGHES, JOHN                            VA-4-4-290
HUGHES, JOHN SR.                        VA-4-8-220
HUGHES, MARY ANN                        VA-4-5-94
HULME, WILLIAM                          VA-4-1-184
HUNDLEY, ANTHONY                        VA-4-3-313
HUNDLEY, CHARLES SR.                    VA-4-2-288
HURT, MOSES                             VA-4-3-230
HURT, WILLIAM                           VA-4-5-210
HURT, WINNIFRED                         VA-4-17-219
HUTCHERSON, CHARLES                     VA-4-2X-262
HUTCHERSON, JOHN                        VA-4-16-74
HUTCHERSON, WILLIAM                     VA-4-5-286
HUTSON, BENJAMIN                        VA-4-17-333
IRBY, CHARLES                           VA-4-2-229
IRBY, JOHN                              VA-4-2X-45
IRBY, SUSANNA                           VA-4-2X-168
IRBY, WILLIAM                           VA-4-2X-127
IRVING, CHARLES R.                      VA-4-13-226
JACKSON, ABEL                           VA-4-16-432
JACKSON, DANIEL                         VA-4-3-35
JACKSON, F. W.                          VA-4-19-221
JACKSON, FRANCIS                        VA-4-7-634
JACKSON, FRANCIS                        VA-4-2-181
JACKSON, FRANCIS SR.                    VA-4-4-337
JACKSON, JOEL                           VA-4-5-196
JACKSON, JOHN M.                        VA-4-16-112
JACKSON, JOHN SR.                       VA-4-4-94
JACKSON, MATTHEW                        VA-4-3-184
JACKSON, THOMAS                         VA-4-2X-128
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2-320
JAMES, THOMAS                           VA-4-3-49
JAMES, WILLIAM SR.                      VA-4-2-17
JEFFERSON, ANN                          VA-4-18-44
JEFFERSON, JOHN G.                      VA-4-8-218
JENNINGS, JOHN                          VA-4-3-362
JETER, AMBROSE                          VA-4-6-355
JETER, AMBROSE                          VA-4-7-8
JETER, ANN                              VA-4-15-615
JETER, JAMES M.                         VA-4-15-191
JETER, JOHN                             VA-4-10-61
JETER, MARY                             VA-4-9-323
JETER, RODOLPHIL                        VA-4-15-188
JETER, SAMUEL                           VA-4-4-343
JETER, SAMUEL B.                        VA-4-14-465
JETER, THOMAS                           VA-4-2X-124
JOHNSON, JOHN                           VA-4-2-109
JOHNSON, RACHEL                         VA-4-11-232
JOHNSON, RICHARD                        VA-4-13-291
JOHNSON, SUSANNAH                       VA-4-12-159
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2X-273
JONES, ABRAHAM                          VA-4-1-137A
JONES, ADAM                             VA-4-3-86
JONES, AGNES                            VA-4-6-354
JONES, AGNES                            VA-4-16-168
JONES, ALEXZANDER                       VA-4-6-271
JONES, AMY                              VA-4-3-229
JONES, ARCHER                           VA-4-8-22
JONES, BRANCH                           VA-4-2-144
JONES, DAIEL                            VA-4-2-42
JONES, EMANUEL                          VA-4-1-22A
JONES, GABRIEL                          VA-4-13-332
JONES, JOHN                             VA-4-7-160
JONES, JOHN                             VA-4-1-48
JONES, JOHN SR.                         VA-4-9-55
JONES, MARGARET                         VA-4-5-265
JONES, MARTHA                           VA-4-9-257
JONES, MARTHA                           VA-4-1-83
JONES, NELSON                           VA-4-2-113
JONES, PETER                            VA-4-7-91
JONES, PETER                            VA-4-1-133
JONES, RICHARD                          VA-4-2-26
JONES, RICHARD                          VA-4-2-306
JONES, RICHARD                          VA-4-7-315
JONES, RICHARD SR.                      VA-4-1-150A
JONES, ROBERT                           VA-4-2X-315
JONES, ROBERT                           VA-4-7-111
JONES, SAMUEL                           VA-4-18-418
JONES, SARAH                            VA-4-16-275
JONES, SUSANNA                          VA-4-5-147
JONES, SUSANNA                          VA-4-16-324
JONES, THOMAS                           VA-4-4-193
JONES, THOMAS FIELS                     VA-4-4-108
JONES, TONEY                            VA-4-10-188
JONES, TONEY                            VA-4-10-188
JONES, WILLIAM                          VA-4-7-296
JONES, WILLIAM                          VA-4-2-202
JONES, WOOD                             VA-4-4-169
JONS, PETER                             VA-4-6-22
JORDAN, WILLIAM                         VA-4-3-25
JURDEN, SAMUEL                          VA-4-1-190
KIDD, GEORGE                            VA-4-5-359
KIDD, GEORGE                            VA-4-15-369
LACY, JOHN                              VA-4-2X-65
LACY, JOHN                              VA-4-8-297
LAMKIN, GIFFIN LEWIS                    VA-4-3-182
LANE, JOHN                              VA-4-9-174
LAWSON, A. W.                           VA-4-3-63
LAWSON, ELLIN                           VA-4-10-209
LAWSON, PABIUS                          VA-4-18-114
LAWTON, JOHN                            VA-4-3-288
LAWTON, MARY                            VA-4-3-432
LEA, WILLIAM                            VA-4-2X-328
LEACH, HARRIET                          VA-4-16-390
LEAGUE, ARON                            VA-4-5-332
LEAGUE, JAMES                           VA-4-8-120
LEAGUE, MILDRED                         VA-4-11-69
LEAGUE, NANCY                           VA-4-9-54
LEATH, ARTHUR                           VA-4-2-111
LEATH, EDWARD R.                        VA-4-15-387
LEATON, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-4-27
LEATON, HUGH                            VA-4-2X-232
LIGON, ELSY                             VA-4-13-138
LIGON, ROBERT                           VA-4-8-206
LIGON, THOMAS                           VA-4-7-282
LIGON, WILLIAM                          VA-4-2X-75
LIGON, WILLIAM SR.                      VA-4-5-322
LIPSCOMB, BENJAMIN                      VA-4-3-211
LOCEY, RHODA                            VA-4-10-357
LOCKE, RICHARD                          VA-4-3-75
LOCKETT, JAMES                          VA-4-1-145A
LONG, JAMES                             VA-4-1-39
LOUTH, JESSE                            VA-4-7-476
LOVERN, RICHARD                         VA-4-2X-212
LOVERN, WILLIAM                         VA-4-5-475
LOVING, ANNA A.                         VA-4-18-595
LOVING, JOHN F.                         VA-4-16-509
LOWRY, THOMAS                           VA-4-2X-170
LUMPKIN, LUCY                           VA-4-18-603
LUNSFORD, JESSE                         VA-4-2-182
LUNSFORD, JOHN                          VA-4-3-73
MABEN, JOHN T.                          VA-4-18-39
MABEN, ROBERT D.                        VA-4-18-493
MAN, ROBERT                             VA-4-3-156
MANN, CAIN                              VA-4-7-344
MANN, DANIEL                            VA-4-11-298
MANN, DAVID                             VA-4-14-469
MANN, FIELD                             VA-4-8-144
MANN, FRANCES                           VA-4-1-102A
MANN, GEORGE F.                         VA-4-10-446
MANN, GEORGE F.                         VA-4-10-446
MANN, JOEL                              VA-4-2X-325
MANN, MARTHA E. A.                      VA-4-16-310
MANN, MARY F.                           VA-4-9-298
MARCHBANKS, GEORGE                      VA-4-1-11
MARSHAL, JUDITH                         VA-4-4-168
MARSHALL, ALEXANDER                     VA-4-9-282
MARSHALL, FANNEY                        VA-4-11-137
MARSHALL, JOHN                          VA-4-3-390
MARSHALL, JOHN                          VA-4-8-210
MARSHALL, JOHN                          VA-4-8-196
MARSHALL, JOHN                          VA-4-18-192
MARSHALL, ROBERT                        VA-4-7-481
MARSHALL, ROBERT                        VA-4-2X-212
MARSHALL, WARREN                        VA-4-15-421
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       VA-4-15-448
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                       VA-4-2-53
MARTIN, JAMES                           VA-4-7-223
MARTIN, JOHN J.                         VA-4-13-228
MARTIN, ZACHARIAH                       VA-4-11-193
MASON, VALENTINE M.                     VA-4-15-150
MATTHIS, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-2-156
MAY, JAMES (POOR COPY)                  VA-4-2-76
MAY, JOHN                               VA-4-2X-187
MAYES, GARNER                           VA-4-7-260
MAYNARD, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2X-104
MAYOS, WILLIAM SR.                      VA-4-1-98A
MAYS, MARY                              VA-4-12-365
MAYTON, JOHN                            VA-4-1-192
MCCUNE, ROBERT                          VA-4-17-419
MCDOWELL, AGNES                         VA-4-9-321
MCGEHEE, THOMAS B.                      VA-4-17-281
MCGLASSON, JAMES                        VA-4-6-253
MEADE, EVERARD                          VA-4-7-1
MEADE, H.                               VA-4-15-14
MEADE, MARY                             VA-4-13-74
MEADE, MARY                             VA-4-12-304
MEADOR, BENJAMIN                        VA-4-5-423
MEADOR, JOEL                            VA-4-2-221
MERRIWETHER, SALLY                      VA-4-12-348
MERRIWETHER, WILLIAM                    VA-4-9-36
MILLER, ALLEN S.                        VA-4-18-284
MILLER, DABNEY                          VA-4-12-431
MILLER, DABNEY P.                       VA-4-13-224
MINOR, JOHN W.                          VA-4-18-195
MITCHEL, THOMAS                         VA-4-3-70
MITCHELL, ANDERSON                      VA-4-2-52
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        VA-4-3-347
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        VA-4-3-186
MOODY, WILLIAM H.                       VA-4-16-370
MOOR, JOHN                              VA-4-1-78
MOORE, ABEL                             VA-4-8-235
MOORE, JAMES                            VA-4-2-18
MOORE, JOHN                             VA-4-4-68
MOORE, WILLIAM                          VA-4-2-312
MORGAN, JOHN                            VA-4-3-14
MORGAN, JOHN SR.                        VA-4-5-257
MORGAN, MARTHA                          VA-4-8-231
MORGAN, ROBERT                          VA-4-14-476
MORGAN, SAMUEL                          VA-4-9-430
MORGAN, SAMUEL SR.                      VA-4-2-205
MORGAN, SIMON                           VA-4-8-265
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         VA-4-7-84
MORRIS, ISAAC SR.                       VA-4-1-64
MORRIS, JOEL                            VA-4-16-434
MORRIS, POLLY                           VA-4-16-309
MORRIS, ZACHARIAH                       VA-4-7-433
MORRISS, DOSHA                          VA-4-12-339
MORRISS, ELIZA                          VA-4-9-89
MORRISS, JOHN                           VA-4-9-46
MORRISS, MOSES                          VA-4-6-299
MORRISS, TABITHA                        VA-4-7-181
MOSELEY, MATTHEW                        VA-4-8-161
MOTLEY, JOSEPH                          VA-4-2-233
MOTLEY, SARAH                           VA-4-3-280
MOULSON, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2-153
MUMFORD, THOMAS                         VA-4-4-21
MUMFORD, THOMAS                         VA-4-3-333
MUNFORD, JAMES                          VA-4-1-106
MUNFORD, ROBERT                         VA-4-2-315
MURRAY, ANN                             VA-4-6-103
MURRAY, REBECCA                         VA-4-11-16
MURRAY, SARAH                           VA-4-5-207
NANCE, CHRISTIANA                       VA-4-18-208
NASHES, ABNER                           VA-4-15-222
NEAL, ANN                               VA-4-5-89
NEAL, DAID                              VA-4-2-176
NEAL, HENRIETTA                         VA-4-18-618
NEAL, JOHN                              VA-4-8-252
NEAL, JOSEL                             VA-4-2-149
NEAL, ROGER                             VA-4-3-331
NEAL, WILLIAM                           VA-4-3-89
NEAL, WILLIAM                           VA-4-2-366
NEALL, ROGER                            VA-4-1-71
NEALL, STEPHEN SR.                      VA-4-1-13
NEALL, THOMAS                           VA-4-1-3
NEATHERY, RICHARD L.                    VA-4-18-596
NEWMAN, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-8-296
NEWMAN, MARTHA                          VA-4-18-236
NEWMAN, RICHARD                         VA-4-3-152
NICHOLSON, JAMES                        VA-4-3-305
NOBLE, JOHN                             VA-4-9-48
NOBLE, JOSEPH                           VA-4-10-605
NOBLE, WILLIAM F.                       VA-4-19-161
NUNNALLY, ELIZABETH                     VA-4-3-311
NUNNALLY, EPHRAIM                       VA-4-15-81
NUNNALLY, MARY                          VA-4-15-125 (POOR COPY)
NUNNALLY, NANCY                         VA-4-19-113
OCALLAGHAN, RHODA                       VA-4-18-84
OGILBY, JOHN                            VA-4-11-325
OGILBY, RICHARD                         VA-4-5-182
OGLEBY, RICHARD                         VA-4-1-65
OLD, JOHN                               VA-4-2X-242
OLD, WILLIAM                            VA-4-5-473
OLIVER, JAMES                           VA-4-4-43
OSBORNE, ANN                            VA-4-8-254
OSBORNE, BRANCH                         VA-4-6-50
OSBORNE, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-5-128
OSBORNE, JOSEPH                         VA-4-7-44
OSBORNE, WILLIAM SR.                    VA-4-4-22
OVERTON, MOSES                          VA-4-15-694
PARHAM, DANIEL                          VA-4-5-429
PARHAM, GOWER                           VA-4-2-359
PARKERSON, MATTHEW                      VA-4-4-270
PARKISON, RALPH                         VA-4-4-93
PAVORY, THOMAS                          VA-4-2X-269
PENIX, WILLIAM                          VA-4-1-67
PENNER, ISAAC                           VA-4-16-431
PERKINSON, DANIEL                       VA-4-8-301
PERKINSON, FIELD                        VA-4-6-4
PERKINSON, JUDITH                       VA-4-13-321
PERKINSON, MATTHEW RICHARD              VA-4-12-401
PERKINSON, THOMAS                       VA-4-8-332
PERKINSON, THOMAS J.                    VA-4-16-394
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                       VA-4-5-36
PIRKINSON, JEREMIAH                     VA-4-4-159
POLLARD, GEORGE                         VA-4-11-67
POLLARD, GEORGE                         VA-4-11-67
POLLARD, JOHN                           VA-4-12-146
POLLARD, JOSEPH                         VA-4-4-162
POLLARD, LEAH                           VA-4-12-135
POLLARD, ONEY                           VA-4-14-259
POLLARD, THOMAS SR.                     VA-4-6-225
POLLARD, WILLIAM H.                     VA-4-18-573
POVALL, CHARLES B.                      VA-4-17-490
POWEL, MARY                             VA-4-5-198
POWELL, ANN P.                          VA-4-13-90
POWELL, HENRY                           VA-4-2X-79
POWELL, JOHN                            VA-4-1-91
POWELL, JOHN SR.                        VA-4-2X-76
POWELL, ROBERT                          VA-4-5-282
POWELL, TOM                             VA-4-8-268
POWELL, WILLIAM                         VA-4-5-505
PRIDE, ANN CARY                         VA-4-14-89
PRIDE, FRANCIS                          VA-4-2-250
PRIDE, ROWLETT                          VA-4-3-9
PRIDE, THOMAS                           VA-4-15-50
PRIDE, THOMAS A.                        VA-4-19-30
PRITCHETT, V. M.                        VA-4-19-207
PRYOR, JOHN                             VA-4-3-385
PRYOR, SAMUEL                           VA-4-4-167
PURKERSON, ISHAM                        VA-4-6-251
PURKINSON, SETH                         VA-4-3-126
PURYEAR, WILLIAM                        VA-4-15-650
RAGSDALE, GEORGE                        VA-4-4-80
RAY, JOHN                               VA-4-2X-153
REAMES, FREDERICK                       VA-4-3-344
REAMS, THOMAS                           VA-4-2-96
RICHARDS, PLEASANT                      VA-4-13-313
RICHEY, ALLEN                           VA-4-1-57
RIDE, JOHN                              VA-4-2-102
ROACH, JAMES                            VA-4-5-547
ROACH, WILLIAM                          VA-4-5-470
ROBERSON, HENRY                         VA-4-3-123
ROBERTS, JAMES                          VA-4-3-312
ROBERTS JOHN                            VA-4-2X-63
ROBERTS, JOHN                           VA-4-17-274
ROBERTS, PLEASANT                       VA-4-7-143
ROBERTS, SARAH                          VA-4-5-354
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         VA-4-1-5
ROBERTSON, ANNE                         VA-4-13-422
ROBERTSON, BETTY B.                     VA-4-13-462
ROBERTSON, EDWARD                       VA-4-2X-302
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                    VA-4-7-594
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                    VA-4-17-508
ROBERTSON, JAMES                        VA-4-9-341
ROBERTSON, JAMES SR.                    VA-4-11-301
ROBERTSON, JAMES W.                     VA-4-17-417
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         VA-4-10-608
ROBERTSON, MARTHA C.                    VA-4-15-67
ROBERTSON, MARY JR.                     VA-4-2-201
ROBERTSON, NATHAN                       VA-4-6-226
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                      VA-4-3-310
ROBINSON, HENRY                         VA-4-10-533
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         VA-4-8-249
ROWLETT, GEORGE                         VA-4-15-225
ROWLETT, GEORGE E.                      VA-4-19-302
ROWLETT, THOMAS                         VA-4-17-337
ROYALL, BETTY                           VA-4-7-327
ROYALL, ELIZA                           VA-4-13-222
ROYALL, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-2-340
ROYALL, JAMES T.                        VA-4-7-404
ROYALL, JOHN                            VA-4-4-200
ROYALL, JOSEPH                          VA-4-3-243
ROYALL, JOSEPH A.                       VA-4-7-568
ROYALL, RICHARD                         VA-4-5-361
ROYALL, RICHARD                         VA-4-3-220
ROYALL, RICHARD                         VA-4-2-253
RUCKER, PLEASANT                        VA-4-18-389
SADDLER, EDWARD M.                      VA-4-18-576
SADLER, LEANNAH                         VA-4-15-68
SAYRE, SYLVIA                           VA-4-12-308
SCOTT, ELIZA B.                         VA-4-11-297
SCOTT, GEORGE                           VA-4-8-204
SCOTT, ISSABELLA                        VA-4-11-71
SCOTT, JAMES                            VA-4-11-122
SCOTT, JAMES                            VA-4-1-205A
SCOTT, JAMES                            VA-4-11-122
SCOTT, JOHN                             VA-4-2-46
SCOTT, JOSEPH                           VA-4-1-56
SCOTT, SAMUEL E.                        VA-4-17-60
SCOTT, THOMAS W.                        VA-4-18-490
SCOTT, THOMPSON                         VA-4-10-453
SEAY, AGNES                             VA-4-9-14
SEAY, AUSTIN                            VA-4-18-442
SEAY, DUDLEY                            VA-4-13-311
SEAY, JACOB SR.                         VA-4-4-177
SEAY, JAMES                             VA-4-10-673
SEAY, JOHN                              VA-4-5-206
SEAY, MOSES                             VA-4-10-175
SEAY, PARKEYS                           VA-4-8-429
SHEPARD, GEORGE                         VA-4-1-22
SHERWIN, SAMUEL                         VA-4-1-30
SKARRATT, JOHN                          VA-4-2-240
SKURRY, JOHN                            VA-4-8-454
SKURRY, SUSANNA                         VA-4-13-118
SLEGER, THOMAS                          VA-4-14-471
SMITH, AGNES                            VA-4-2-1
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                       VA-4-16-49
SMITHEY, R. L.                          VA-4-9-78
SOUTHALL, BARRETT                       VA-4-18-390
SOUTHALL, JAMES                         VA-4-6-220
SOUTHALL, JAMES                         VA-4-8-165
SOUTHALL, JOHN                          VA-4-8-118
SOUTHALL, PHILIP T.                     VA-4-18-45
SOUTHALL, REBECCA D.                    VA-4-16-416
SOUTHALL, STEPHEN                       VA-4-1-60
SPAIN, THOMAS                           VA-4-1-180
SPINNER, JOHN                           VA-4-10-498
SRINGER, A. R.                          VA-4-19-215
STANDLEY, WILLIAM                       VA-4-2X-228
STANLY, DANEY                           VA-4-1-126
STEAGALL, JOHN                          VA-4-2-95
STEGER, ELIZABETH                       VA-4-15-141 (POOR COPY)
STEGER, HANS HINRICK                    VA-4-2X-10A
STEGER, JOHN H.                         VA-4-18-394
STEGER, WADE M.                         VA-4-17-284
STERN, ANNE                             VA-4-2-157
STERN, TABITHA                          VA-4-3-401
STEWART, WILLIAM                        VA-4-2-2
STILL, GEORGE                           VA-4-2-370
STOKER, ROBERT                          VA-4-2-124
STOKES, FRANCES                         VA-4-1-97
STONE, WILLIAM                          VA-4-1-55
STOTT, EDITH                            VA-4-12-435
STOTT, EDITH                            VA-4-12-435
STOTT, JAMES                            VA-4-8-264
STUART, JOHN                            VA-4-2-325
SUDBURY, JOHN                           VA-4-7-412
SUDBURY, SALLY                          VA-4-12-132
SUDBURY, SALLY                          VA-4-12-132
SULLIVAN, ANNE                          VA-4-1-19
TABB, THOMAS                            VA-4-2X-310
TAGGE, THOMAS                           VA-4-3-394
TALLEY, PEYTON                          VA-4-14-72 (POOR COPY)
TALLEY, THOMAS                          VA-4-2-350
TALLEY, TUCKER                          VA-4-3-141
TALLY, JOHN                             VA-4-1-10
TALLY, LODOWICK                         VA-4-3-159
TALLY, WILLIAM                          VA-4-5-78
TANNER, BRANCH                          VA-4-5-112
TANNER, BRANCH                          VA-4-5-13
TANNER, EDWARD                          VA-4-2X-323
TANNER, FIELD                           VA-4-9-160
TANNER, LODWICK                         VA-4-2-106
TANNER, ROBERT                          VA-4-8-371
TANNER, THOMAS                          VA-4-2X-101
TARLEY, PETER                           VA-4-1-125
TEASDALE, WILLIAM                       VA-4-1-79
TEASTON, WILLIAM                        VA-4-1-90
THOMPSON, MARTHA                        VA-4-17-398
THOMPSON, MARY                          VA-4-4-107
THOMPSON, PETER                         VA-4-3-380
THOMPSON, RICHARD                       VA-4-2X-275
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        VA-4-2X-11
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        VA-4-3-195
THOMSON, SAMUEL                         VA-4-2-342
TINSLEY, ISAAC                          VA-4-2-235
TOMLINSON, HENRY                        VA-4-1-62
TOWNER, JOHN                            VA-4-15-423
TOWNES, JAMES SR.                       VA-4-8-50
TOWNES, JAMES SR.                       VA-4-7-183
TOWNES, THOMAS I.                       VA-4-19-126
TRANT, JUDITH                           VA-4-2X-351
TRAYLOR, BEDFORD                        VA-4-19-282
TRAYLOR, JOHN F.                        VA-4-19-252
TRAYLOR, PHEBE                          VA-4-16-125
TRUHIE, LEVY                            VA-4-3-17
TRULY, GRIEF                            VA-4-13-319
TRULY, HECTOR                           VA-4-1-191
TRULY, JOHN                             VA-4-13-336
TRULY, JOHN SR.                         VA-4-7-118
TUCKER, ANDERSON                        VA-4-15-27
TUCKER, ELIZABETH C.                    VA-4-18-417
TUCKER, FRANCIS                         VA-4-5-1
TUCKER, FRANCIS                         VA-4-2-207
TUCKER, JOHN                            VA-4-2X-304
TUCKER, JOHN                            VA-4-7-115
TUCKER, MATTHEW SR.                     VA-4-3-291
TUCKER, OWEN H.                         VA-4-18-51
TUCKER, ROBERT                          VA-4-1-63A
TUCKER, ROBERT                          VA-4-2X-283
TUCKER, ROSA LEE                        VA-4-18-619
TUCKER, THOMAS                          VA-4-6-114
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-3-300
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-15-624
TURNER, WATKINS                         VA-4-18-604
TURNER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-3-227
VASSER, MARY                            VA-4-2-22
VASSER, RICHARD                         VA-4-6-295
VASSER, WILLIAM                         VA-4-1-110
VAUGHAN, A. G.                          VA-4-16-326
VAUGHAN, ASA                            VA-4-9-179
VAUGHAN, AUGUSTUS                       VA-4-17-115
VAUGHAN, ELIZABETH                      VA-4-14-477
VAUGHAN, GEORGE                         VA-4-2-14
VAUGHAN, HENRY                          VA-4-1-119A
VAUGHAN, JAMES                          VA-4-7-15
VAUGHAN, JOHN ROBERT                    VA-4-13-151
VAUGHAN, JUN                            VA-4-5-234
VAUGHAN, LEWIS SR.                      VA-4-6-222
VAUGHAN, MARTHA E.                      VA-4-17-440
VAUGHAN, MARY                           VA-4-9-220
VAUGHAN, MILTON                         VA-4-16-68
VAUGHAN, ROBERT                         VA-4-2-341
VAUGHAN, SAMUEL                         VA-4-3-56
VAUGHAN, SARAH                          VA-4-14-389
VAUGHAN, SARAH                          VA-4-17-145
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM                        VA-4-14-79 (POOR COPY)
VAUGHN, JAMES                           VA-4-6-125
VAUGHN, THOMAS                          VA-4-1-74
VERSER, JOEL                            VA-4-3-104
VERSER, JONAS                           VA-4-2X-195
WADE, NANCY                             VA-4-15-2
WALDEN, JOHN SR.                        VA-4-10-220
WALKER, EDMUND                          VA-4-5-160
WALKER, EDMUND                          VA-4-2X-239
WALKER, MARY                            VA-4-7-409
WALKER, SARAH                           VA-4-10-204
WALLICE, MARY                           VA-4-2-360
WALLIN, JOHN SR.                        VA-4-1-110
WALLTHALL, WILLIAM                      VA-4-4-322
WALTHALL, CHRISTOPHER                   VA-4-2-249
WALTHALL, DANIEL                        VA-4-7-497
WALTHALL, FRANCIS                       VA-4-14-28
WALTHALL, HENRY                         VA-4-6-184
WALTHALL, JOHN                          VA-4-10-474
WALTHALL, LUCY                          VA-4-10-58
WALTHALL, PETER                         VA-4-17-393
WALTHALL, PETER F.                      VA-4-14-362
WALTHALL, ROBERT                        VA-4-5-132
WALTHALL, WILLIAM                       VA-4-5-497
WALTHALL, WILLIAM SR.                   VA-4-3-254
WALTON, ANN                             VA-4-8-20
WALTON, SHERWOOD                        VA-4-8-321
WARD, BENJAMIN                          VA-4-4-60
WARD, HENRY                             VA-4-2X-94
WARD, JOHN                              VA-4-2-351
WARD, RICHARD                           VA-4-3-383
WARD, ROWLAND                           VA-4-6-145
WARD, WILLIAM SR.                       VA-4-8-76
WARRINER, WILLIAM                       VA-4-13-94
WATERS, JAMES                           VA-4-1-99A
WATKINS, STEPHEN                        VA-4-1-111A
WATSON, WILLIAM                         VA-4-1-78A
WAUGH, JOHN A.                          VA-4-8-229
WEBSTER, ANTHONY                        VA-4-7-465
WEBSTER, FANNY R.                       VA-4-9-308
WEBSTER, FRANCIS                        VA-4-13-117
WEBSTER, MARY                           VA-4-18-83
WEBSTER, MILES                          VA-4-13-219
WEBSTER, PETER                          VA-4-2-146
WEBSTER, PETER SR.                      VA-4-6-214
WEBSTER, RICHARD                        VA-4-14-203
WEBSTER, SARAH                          VA-4-8-458
WEBSTER, THOMAS                         VA-4-3-334
WEBSTER, THOMAS W.                      VA-4-19-124
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        VA-4-5-281
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                        VA-4-9-138
WEISS, LAWRENCE                         VA-4-3-338
WELLS, BAKER                            VA-4-2-138
WELLS, BENJAMIN W.                      VA-4-18-434
WELLS, ELIZABETH                        VA-4-15-451
WELLS, THOMAS F.                        VA-4-10-66
WEST, FRANCES                           VA-4-1-7
WEST, JOHN                              VA-4-1-45
WEST, JOHN SR.                          VA-4-1-21
WEST, REBECCA                           VA-4-18-194
WESTBROOK, CHARLES                      VA-4-3-44
WESTBROOK, PHOEBE                       VA-4-4-59
WESTBROOK, WILLIAM                      VA-4-2-150
WHITE, GEORGE CHRISTOPHER               VA-4-2-51
WHITE, JOHN                             VA-4-10-33
WHITWORTH, THOMAS                       VA-4-2X-267
WILKINSON, EDWARD                       VA-4-17-56
WILKINSON, JOHN                         VA-4-2-345
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       VA-4-7-182
WILKINSON, THOMAS                       VA-4-3-297
WILLIAMS, BILLINGTON                    VA-4-3-392
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         VA-4-9-165
WILLIAMS, JANE                          VA-4-8-399
WILLIAMS, PHILLIP                       VA-4-8-465
WILLIAMS, PHILLIP SR.                   VA-4-4-19
WILLIAMSON, FRANCIS                     VA-4-2X-258
WILLIAMSON, JACOB                       VA-4-6-293
WILLS, JOHN                             VA-4-17-490
WILLSON, ANTHONY W.                     VA-4-18-335
WILLSON, DANIEL                         VA-4-3-427
WILLSON, DANIEL JR.                     VA-4-7-295
WILLSON, FRANCIS A.                     VA-4-13-466
WILLSON, GEORGE C.                      VA-4-14-306
WILLSON, MARY W.                        VA-4-18-16
WILLSON, RICHARD                        VA-4-2X-229
WILLSON, THOMAS F.                      VA-4-13-464
WILLSON, TOM BRANCH                     VA-4-6-160
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        VA-4-6-101
WILSON, JOHN                            VA-4-5-199
WILSON, MARY                            VA-4-3-161
WILSON, WILLIAM                         VA-4-2X-350
WILY, THOMAS S.                         VA-4-16-169
WINFREE, GIDEON                         VA-4-3-128
WINFREE, JOHN                           VA-4-3-41
WINGO, JOHN                             VA-4-12-190
WINGO, JOHN                             VA-4-1-114A
WINGO, JOHN                             VA-4-12-190
WINGO, JOHN (DR)                        VA-4-9-275
WINGO, JOHN W. C.                       VA-4-19-29
WINGO, PATRICK H.                       VA-4-11-350
WINGO, THOMAS JR.                       VA-4-2X-98
WINN, JOHN                              VA-4-2-360
WINSTON, LETITIA                        VA-4-14-90
WOOD, HENRY C.                          VA-4-19-114
WOOD, JONES                             VA-4-15-350
WOOD, WILLIAM                           VA-4-12-309
WOOD, WILLIAM                           VA-4-8-48
WOODLEIF, ROBERT                        VA-4-1-123
WOODWARD, PETER                         VA-4-14-434
WORDROP, JOSEPH                         VA-4-2-145
WORLEY, WILLIAM                         VA-4-2-127
WORSHAM, DANIEL                         VA-4-3-50
WORSHAM, DANIEL SR.                     VA-4-6-325
WORSHAM, EDWARD                         VA-4-16-392
WORSHAM, GEORGE M.                      VA-4-3-283
WORSHAM, HENRY                          VA-4-4-126
WORSHAM, HENRY                          VA-4-5-232
WORSHAM, JOHN                           VA-4-2-357
WORSHAM, JOHN                           VA-4-13-312
WORSHAM, KENNAN                         VA-4-17-308
WORSHAM, MARY                           VA-4-15-174
WORSHAM, THOMAS                         VA-4-2-217
WORSHAM, THOMAS DANIEL                  VA-4-12-176
WORSHAM, WILLIAM                        VA-4-3-208
WRIGHT, JOHN                            VA-4-4-186
WRIGHT, JOHN                            VA-4-14-364
WRIGHT, POLLY                           VA-4-15-625
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          VA-4-2-88
YARBROUGH, HEZEKIAH                     VA-4-1-108
YARBROUGH, JORDASN                      VA-4-2X-332
YARBROUGH, MOSES                        VA-4-1-119
YARBROUGH, THOMAS                       VA-4-2X-271
YARBROUGH, WILLIAM                      VA-4-1-50
YOUNG, MARTHA                           VA-4-3-57
YOUNG, SAMUEL                           VA-4-2-251
ZACHARY, DAVID                          VA-4-3-306

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