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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page #  | A=1845-1867 | B=1865-1903 |

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ACREY, ABNER                            TX-174-B-99
AMORY, NATHANIEL                        TX-174-B-24
ATKINSON, JOSEPH H.                     TX-174-A-391, 453
ATKINSON, WASHINGTON G.                 TX-174-B-162
BARNES, ABSALOM                         TX-174-B-293
BARNES, ABSALOM                         TX-174-B-177
BIRDWELL, JOHN C.                       TX-174-B-105
BLACKBURN, JOHN                         TX-174-A-13
BLAKE, BENNETT SR.                      TX-174-B-364
BLAKE, ISAAC F.                         TX-174-B-156
BONAMY, O. V.                           TX-174-A-117
BROUGHTON, MARY H.                      TX-174-A-155
BROWN, R. O.                            TX-174-B-278
BURROW, EMSLEY                          TX-174-B-314
CAMPBELL, E. B.                         TX-174-B-225
CAVER, L. A.                            TX-174-B-359
CLARK, AMOS                             TX-174-B-125
CLARK, WILLIAM                          TX-174-B-205
COMB, JOHN                              TX-174-A-1
CRAIN, A. H.                            TX-174-B-246
CRANFORD, THOMAS B.                     TX-174-B-120
CRAWFORD, HANNAH                        TX-174-B-22, 36
CRAWFORD, JESSE                         TX-174-A-401
DAVIDSON, L. B.                         TX-174-B-209
DOYEL, NIMROD                           TX-174-A-7
DUCK, JACOB AND SARAH C.                TX-174-B-297
DURRETT, JOHN H.                        TX-174-A-5
EDWARDS, HADEN                          TX-174-A-56, 159, 238, 444
EDWARDS, HADEN H.                       TX-174-B-18
EDWARDS, SARAH M.                       TX-174-B-190
ENGLEDOW, CREED S.                      TX-174-A-6
ENGLEDOW, OSCAR                         TX-174-B-82
FEARS, SARAH A.                         TX-174-B-332
FORBES, JOHN                            TX-174-B-180
FRALEY, SARAH                           TX-174-B-339
FULLER, ABNER                           TX-174-A-235, 325
FULLER, BENJAMIN                        TX-174-B-166
FULLER, CICERO                          TX-174-A-310
GILKISON, SARAH                         TX-174-B-52
HALLOWAY, DANIEL                        TX-174-A-253
HANCOCK, H. C.                          TX-174-A-153
HANEY, D. M.                            TX-174-B-336
HARDEMAN, JULIA A.                      TX-174-B-240
HAYTER, JANE                            TX-174-B-149
HOLMES, OSCAR L.                        TX-174-A-258, 279
HUSTON, ANTOINETT E.                    TX-174-A-51
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT                      TX-174-A-78
JOHNSON, T. JEFFERSON                   TX-174-A-139
KATHERNS, SAMUEL BASTIAN                TX-174-B-219
KING, DAVIS                             TX-174-A-353
KNISLEY, SAMUEL                         TX-174-B-143
LITTLE, R. A.                           TX-174-B-173
MAJORS, DAVID                           TX-174-B-401
MARONEY, TENNESSE P.                    TX-174-A-437
MARSLETTER, RICHARD H.                  TX-174-B-108
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         TX-174-A-90, 276
MAST, L. J.                             TX-174-B-130
MCCUISITION, MARY ANN                   TX-174-B-321
MCCUISITION, THOMAS                     TX-174-B-353
MCKNIGHT, JAMES M.                      TX-174-A-113
MELLOWN, JAMES                          TX-174-A-151
MENEFEE, GEORGE                         TX-174-B-201
MICHELI, VINCENTE                       TX-174-A-18
MILLER, AUGUSTUS D.                     TX-174-B-251
MOORE, ASA                              TX-174-B-262
MORGAN, JAMES S.                        TX-174-A-225, 291, 464
MOZER, J. B.                            TX-174-B-229
MUCKLEROY, A. J.                        TX-174-B-343
MUCKLEROY, DAVID                        TX-174-B-327
MUCKLEROY, DAVID                        TX-174-B-94
MUCKLEROY, ELIJAH                       TX-174-A-107
MULLER, MAGDALINA                       TX-174-B-270
MYERS, ALEXANDER                        TX-174-A-347
NELSON, ALBERT A.                       TX-174-B-348
NELSON, JANE C.                         TX-174-B-19
NELSON, JANE C.                         TX-174-A-425
NOBLE, SEBRON M.                        TX-174-A-84, 269
ORTON, R. D.                            TX-174-B-384
PARMALEE, RICHARD                       TX-174-A-136
PATTON, MOSES L.                        TX-174-B-213
PATTON, THOMAS A.                       TX-174-B-153
PLEASANT, MONROE                        TX-174-B-311
POWER, HALLOWAY L.                      TX-174-B-41
RAPE, HENRY                             TX-174-B-255
RICHARDSON, JOSIAH                      TX-174-B-170
RICHARDSON, LEVICEY JANE                TX-174-A-319
ROBBS, C.                               TX-174-A-9
RUSH, THOMAS B.                         TX-174-A-123
SANDERS, MADISON M.                     A=341
SHARP, JAME SM.                         TX-174-A-263
SHAVERS, SILVEY                         TX-174-B-284
SHEPHERD, SIMPSON                       TX-174-A-207
SHINDLER, R. D.                         TX-174-B-146
SIMPSON, JANE M.                        TX-174-B-76
SIMPSON, JOHNJ.                         TX-174-A-129
SPARKS, ELIZABETH                       TX-174-A-17
SPARKS, SARAH E.                        TX-174-B-301
STARRETT, JOHN                          TX-174-A-215
STEINESZ, MARY J.                       TX-174-B-380
STIVERS, SARAH                          TX-174-A-73
STRODE, JEREMIAH                        TX-174-A-247
SUMMERS, JOSEPH W.                      TX-174-A-371, 428
TAYLOR, DAVID                           TX-174-B-140
THURMOND, LILLIE ARNOLD                 TX-174-B-306
TRIPP, CHARLES W.                       TX-174-B-60
TUBBE, LUDWIG                           TX-174-B-185
VAIL, DANIEL H.                         TX-174-B-70
VAIL, ISABELLA                          TX-174-B-89
WADE, NATHAN                            TX-174-B-375
WALLACE, JESSE H.                       TX-174-B-385
WALLING, JOHN                           TX-174-A-37
WATKINS, MARY W.                        TX-174-A-272
WATKINS, ROBERT M.                      TX-174-B-113
WELLS, EMILY G.                         TX-174-B-234
WHITAKER, BENJAMIN J.                   TX-174-A-229
WHITAKER, MADISON G.                    TX-174-B-389
WILBURN, NANCY                          TX-174-A-286
WILSON, WILLIAM J.                      TX-174-A-379
WISENER, MARY L.                        TX-174-B-289
YOUNG, EZEKIEL                          TX-174-B-135

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