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Pendleton District, Anderson District and finally Anderson County

Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: C = 1791-1798 | A = 1800-1834 | B = 1835-1857 | 2A = 1800-1854 | 3 = 1856-1880 | 4 = 1880-1891 | 5 = 1891-1900 | 6 = 1899-1907 |
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ABBOT, MARGARET                        SC-4-B-343
ABBOTT, ELIZABETH                      SC-4-1-412
ABBOTT, ELIZABETH                      SC-4-B-371
ABBOTT, MARGARET                       SC-4-1-408
ACKER, AMOS                            SC-4-3-699
ACKER, J. S.                           SC-4-5-652
ACKER, SUSANAH                         SC-4-3-591
ADAIR, JOHN                            SC-4-A-195
ADAMS, BENJAMIN                        SC-4-3-167
ADAMS, JAMES                           SC-4-3-613, 642
ADAMS, JAMES C.                        SC-4-3-313
ADAMS, JOHN                            SC-4-1-309
ADAMS, JOHN                            SC-4-B-274
ADGE, ELIZABETH K.                     SC-4-4-608
ADGER, JOHN B. JR.                     SC-4-3-742
ADGER, JOHN B.                         SC-4-5-587
ALEXANDER, DAVID                       SC-4-C-7
ALLEN, FANNIE                          SC-4-5-156
ALLEN, JAMES E.                        SC-4-1-459
ALLEN, JAMES E.                        SC-4-B-391
ALLEN, PRESTON B.                      SC-4-6-89
ALLEN, SARAH M.                        SC-4-5-563
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         SC-4-3-697
ALLEN, WILLIS                          SC-4-3-671
AMICK, JOHN A.                         SC-4-5-40
ANDERSON, DAVID                        SC-4-3-85
ANDERSON, G. W.                        SC-4-6-124
ANDERSON, GEORGE                       SC-4-A-93
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SC-4-A-60
ANDERSON, LUCINDA                      SC-4-6-67
ANDERSON, MATILDA                      SC-4-5-318
ANDERSON, N. J. (MRS.)                 SC-4-4-458
ANDERSON, ROBERT (GEN.)                SC-4-A-145
ANDERSON, THOMAS H.                    SC-4-4-539
ARCHER, WILLIAMM.                      SC-4-4-275
ARMSTRONG, ARCHIBALD                   SC-4-3-94
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       SC-4-3-633
ARMSTRONG, JAMES SR.                   SC-4-3-79
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        SC-4-A-95
ASHLEY, ELIZABETH                      SC-4-6-129
ASHLEY, J. W.                          SC-4-5-644
ASHLEY, JOSHUA                         SC-4-4-526
ASHLEY, WILLSON                        SC-4-4-415
ATTAWAY, JOHN                          SC-4-6-236
AUGUSTA, SEASOR                        SC-4-A-54
AVERY, ROBERT A.                       SC-4-4-76
AYE, LEWIS M.                          SC-4-5-276
BAGWELL, JAMES                         SC-4-3-566
BAILEY, JAMES                          SC-4-A-241
BAKER, SAMUEL H.                       SC-4-3-46
BALLENTINE, JESSE H.                   SC-4-4-102
BANISTER, JAMES                        SC-4-6-383
BANISTER, JAMES                        SC-4-4-655
BARMORE, H. R.                         SC-4-6-245
BARMORE, VIRGINIA P.                   SC-4-5-195
BARNES, SUSANNA M.                     SC-4-3-754
BARNETT, ISAAC                         SC-4-3-195
BARR, SAMUEL                           SC-4-A-207
BARRY, RICHARD                         SC-4-A-70
BARRY, WILLIAM                         SC-4-A-238
BARTON, BENJAMIN                       SC-4-A-230
BARTON, JOSEPH                         SC-4-A-223
BASKINS, JACK                          SC-4-A-406
BEATY, JOHN SR.                        SC-4-A-214
BEATY, MARTHA                          SC-4-B-229
BEATY, MARTHA                          SC-4-1-253
BEATY, R. R.                           SC-4-5-497
BEATY, WILLIAM                         SC-4-B-225
BEATY, WILLIAM                         SC-4-1-247
BEEKLEY, SYLVESTER                     SC-4-5-354
BELCHER,MANNING                        SC-4-3-568
BENLEY, WILLIAM C.                     SC-4-3-287
BENNETT, CHARLES                       SC-4-1-235
BENNETT, CHARLES                       SC-4-B-213
BENNETT, ELISHA                        SC-4-A-420
BENNETT, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-314
BENSON, ENOCH BERRY                    SC-4-3-59
BEWLEY, C. D.                          SC-4-5-304
BIGBEY, L. S.                          SC-4-6-109
BIGBY, GEORGE MARSHALL                 SC-4-4-546
BISHOP, DORCAS                         SC-4-3-583
BISHOP, JANE                           SC-4-4-7
BLACK, ELIZA                           SC-4-6-507
BLACKWELL, R. A.                       SC-4-6-334
BLAKE, WASHINGTON S.                   SC-4-3-221
BLASSINGAME, THOMAS SR.                SC-4-3-55
BOLT, TOLIVER                          SC-4-6-264
BOONE, MARY S.                         SC-4-1-358
BOONE, MARY S.                         SC-4-B-312
BOOZER, ALMA                           SC-4-6-233
BOROUGHS, WILLIAM R.                   SC-4-3-100
BORROUGHS, BRYANT                      SC-4-3-353
BORSTEL, F. C. V.                      SC-4-3-585
BOURN, ELIZABETH G.                    SC-4-4-179
BOWEN, E. A.                           SC-4-3-410
BOWEN, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-6-44
BOWEN, SAMUEL                          SC-4-3-172
BOWEN, SAMUEL M.                       SC-4-4-227
BOWIE, CHARLES                         SC-4-1-94
BOWIE, CHARLES                         SC-4-B-78
BOWIE, MARTHA J.                       SC-4-6-248
BOWIE, WESLEY                          SC-4-1-96
BOWIE, WESLEY                          SC-4-B-80
BOWLAN, ALBERT D.                      SC-4-4-67
BOYD, DAVID L.                         SC-4-A-290
BOYSE, ALEXANDER                       SC-4-A-64
BOZEMAN, HETTIE                        SC-4-6-412
BOZEMAN, SARAH E.                      SC-4-6-519
BRADBERRY, ANDERSON                    SC-4-3-295
BRANGAN, M. C.                         SC-4-3-497
BRANYAN, F. M.                         SC-4-4-61
BRANYON, R. H.                         SC-4-5-561
BREAZEALE, DAVID                       SC-4-3-286
BREAZEALE, ELIZABETH C.                SC-4-5-623
BREAZEALE, FRANCIS M.                  SC-4-3-104
BREAZEALE, GRIFFIN                     SC-4-3-549
BREAZEALE, JOHN H.                     SC-4-5-321
BREAZEALE, KENON                       SC-4-5-174
BREAZEALE, KENON SR.                   SC-4-3-9
BREAZEALE, NANCY                       SC-4-3-264
BREAZEALE, V. H.                       SC-4-5-383
BRENOSN, CATHERINE                     SC-4-3-308
BRIANT, SIMON S.                       SC-4-3-498
BRIGGS, RUSSELL                        SC-4-4-542
BRIMER, BENJAMIN                       SC-4-A-34
BROCK, BARBARA                         SC-4-6-183
BROCK, SALOMA                          SC-4-4-528
BROOKS, ASBURY                         SC-4-3-155
BROUGHTON, WILLIBOUGH                  SC-4-A-48
BROWN, CHARLES                         SC-4-1-304
BROWN, CHARLES                         SC-4-B-270
BROWN, DANIEL                          SC-4-3-702
BROWN, DANIEL E.                       SC-4-3-183
BROWN, DAVID                           SC-4-C-115
BROWN, ELEANOR ST. CLAIR               SC-4-3-714
BROWN, ELIJAH W.                       SC-4-4-634
BROWN, GEORGE                          SC-4-B-175
BROWN, GEORGE                          SC-4-1-94
BROWN, HELENA T.                       SC-4-5-270
BROWN, JOHN                            SC-4-B-309
BROWN, JOHN                            SC-4-2B-45
BROWN, JOHN SR.                        SC-4-1-354
BROWN, JOSEPH                          SC-4-A-182
BROWN, MARY F.                         SC-4-6-564
BROWN, MARY H.                         SC-4-4-588
BROWN, NANCY                           SC-4-1-270
BROWN, NANCY                           SC-4-B-240
BROWN, SAMUEL                          SC-4-3-122
BROWN, SAMUEL F.                       SC-4-3-185
BROWN, SARAH                           SC-4-A-258
BROWN, SARAH A.                        SC-4-6-173
BROWN, SPENCER                         SC-4-A-377
BROWN, WILLIAM                         SC-4-C-103
BROWN, WILLIAM C.                      SC-4-4-240
BROWNE, ELIJAH                         SC-4-B-32
BROWNE, ELIJAH                         SC-4-1-37
BROWNE, JASPER                         SC-4-3-559
BROWNLEE, HATTIE B.                    SC-4-6-402
BROWNLEE, WILLIAM A.                   SC-4-5-245
BROYLES, A. R. (MAJ.)                  SC-4-5-572
BROYLES, A. T.                         SC-4-6-364
BROYLES, M. K. (MRS.0                  SC-4-5-578
BROYLES, O. R. (DR.)                   SC-4-3-517
BROYLES, SARA A.                       SC-4-4-495
BROYLES, WILLIAM L. (DR.)              SC-4-3-595
BRUCE, JAMES SR.                       SC-4-A-237
BRUCE, NANCY                           SC-4-4-140
BRUSTER, JOHN                          SC-4-A-205
BRUSTER, SAMUEL                        SC-4-A-114
BUCHANAN, EBENIZER                     SC-4-B-131
BUCHANNAN, EBENEER                     SC-4-1-130
BURNS, ANDERSON                        SC-4-1-224
BURNS, ANDERSON                        SC-4-B-203
BURNS, ANDERSON                        SC-4-2B-39
BURRIS, JOSHUA                         SC-4-A-38
BURRIS, LUTHER J.                      SC-4-6-304
BURRISS, FRANES C.                     SC-4-6-211
BURRISS, JACOB (REV.)                  SC-4-3-687
BURRISS, JAMES                         SC-4-B-9
BURRISS, JAMES                         SC-4-1-11
BURRISS, JOHN                          SC-4-1-15
BURRISS, JOHN B.                       SC-4-B-13
BURRISS, LEVI                          SC-4-4-49
BURRISS, REUBEN                        SC-4-4-234
BURRISS, WILLIAM                       SC-4-5-548
BURROW, HENRY                          SC-4-A-367
BURT, FRANCIS                          SC-4-B-47
BURT, FRANCIS SR.                      SC-4-1-56
BURT, MOODY                            SC-4-B-159
BURT, MOODY                            SC-4-1-177
BURTON, BLACKMAN                       SC-4-B-233
BURTON, BLACKMAN                       SC-4-1-260
BURTON, GERMAN F.                      SC-4-4-161
BURTON, PATON T.                       SC-4-4-336
BURTS, SIDNEY                          SC-4-5-657
BYRUM, JOSEPH SR.                      SC-4-4-331
CALDWELL, JOSEPH P.                    SC-4-4-249
CALDWELL, NANCY M.                     SC-4-B-215
CALDWELL, NANCY M.                     SC-4-1-362
CALHOUN, ALEXANDER                     SC-4-A-288
CALHOUN, FLORIDE                       SC-4-3-235
CALHOUN, JOHN EWING                    SC-4-A-20
CALLAHAN, ISAAC R.                     SC-4-6-488
CAMPBELL, DAVID A. E.                  SC-4-4-122
CAMPBELL, DAVID M.                     SC-4-3-197
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       SC-4-3-331
CAMPBELL, GEORGE S.                    SC-4-3-492
CAMPBELL, JAMES N.                     SC-4-3-147
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM O.                   SC-4-3-191
CANNON, JOHN G.                        SC-4-6-176
CANNON, RUSSEL                         SC-4-A-283
CANTRELL, WILLIAM                      SC-4-A-43
CARADINE, THOMAS                       SC-4-A-243
CARPENTER, BURWELL                     SC-4-A-374
CARPENTER, JOHN                        SC-4-3-524
CARPENTER, JOSEPH W.                   SC-4-3-493
CARSON, JAMES                          SC-4-1-86
CARSON, JAMES                          SC-4-B-70
CARTEE, W. F.                          SC-4-5-187
CARTER, JOHN S.                        SC-4-3-3
CASEY, DILLY                           SC-4-3-397
CASEY, MARY                            SC-4-1-417
CASEY, MARY                            SC-4-B-349
CASON, J. H.                           SC-4-5-501
CASON, WILLIAM A.                      SC-4-3-126
CATES, F. M.                           SC-4-4-418
CATES, MCD. M.                         SC-4-6-451
CELY, WILLIAM M.                       SC-4-3-139
CHAMBLEE, E. C.                        SC-4-6-394
CHAMBLEE, JAMES B.                     SC-4-3-747
CHAMBLEE, NANCY A.                     SC-4-5-205
CHAPPELL, JESSE                        SC-4-A-116
CHASTAIN, JOHN                         SC-4-A-56
CHASTAIN, JOHN B.                      SC-4-3-429
CHERRY, SAMUEL S.                      SC-4-4-571
CHESHIRE, SUSAN POORE                  SC-4-6-87
CHILES, DYER                           SC-4-5-516
CHILES, LUVINIA                        SC-4-6-269
CLAMP, JOHN T.                         SC-4-6-436
CLARK, JOSEPH                          SC-4-1-213
CLARK, JOSEPH                          SC-4-1-213
CLARK, JOSEPH                          SC-4-B-193
CLARKE, MATTHEW                        SC-4-1-127
CLARKE, MATTHEW                        SC-4-B-108
CLARKSON, WILLIAM JR.                  SC-4-A-273
CLEMENT, BARBARA C.                    SC-4-4-643
CLEMENT, ELIZABETH                     SC-4-4-581
CLEMENT, ISAAC                         SC-4-3-71
CLEMENTS, ISAAC                        SC-4-A-219
CLEMMENT, JAMES J.                     SC-4-3-752
CLEVELAND, BENJAMIN                    SC-4-A-72
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM                     SC-4-A-259
CLINKSCALES, ASA                       SC-4-B-218
CLINKSCALES, ASA                       SC-4-1-240
CLINKSCALES, FRANCIS                   SC-4-B-60
CLINKSCALES, FRANCIS                   SC-4-1-74
CLINKSCALES, J. PRESTON                SC-4-5-148
CLINKSCALES, LEVI                      SC-4-B-145
CLINKSCALES, LEVI                      SC-4-1-163
CLINKSCALES, MARGARET                  SC-4-6-214
CLINKSCALES, POLLY                     SC-4-3-273
CLINKSCALES, T. L. SR.                 SC-4-6-39
CLINKSCALES, W. A.                     SC-4-6-622
CLINKSCALES, WILLIAM F.                SC-4-3-48
COBB, EPHRAIM R.                       SC-4-4-35
COBB, HOLBERT A.                       SC-4-3-177
COBB, JAMES A.                         SC-4-6-449
COBB, ROBERT SR.                       SC-4-A-328
COLEMAN, ROBERT                        SC-4-3-168
COLEY, SPENCER                         SC-4-5-129
COMPTON, JAMES                         SC-4-C-30
COMPTON, W. B.                         SC-4-4-359
CONWELL, JAMES                         SC-4-B-284
CONWILL, JAMES                         SC-4-1-321
COOLEY, EMERY T.                       SC-4-5-485
COOLEY, HIRAM                          SC-4-3-161
COOLEY, J. MATT                        SC-4-6-354
COOLEY, JOHNJ.                         SC-4-3-732
COOLEY, JOHNJOSEPH                     SC-4-3-154
COOLEY, LUCINDA                        SC-4-3-173
COOPER, THOMAS                         SC-4-A-254
CORBAN, PETER                          SC-4-C-37
CORR, JOHN                             SC-4-B-75
CORR, JOHN                             SC-4-1-92
COWAN, J. A.                           SC-4-4-557
COX, ASA                               SC-4-3-570
COX, BEVERLY                           SC-4-C-91
COX, EIZABETH                          SC-4-6-92
COX, ELIZABETH                         SC-4-B-351
COX, ELIZABETH                         SC-4-A-111
COX, ELIZABETH                         SC-4-1-423
COX, FANNIE                            SC-4-6-23
COX, JAMES MATTISON                    SC-4-3-163
COX, JOHN                              SC-4-A-211
COX, JOHN                              SC-4-3-711
COX, THOMAS                            SC-4-5-171
COX, WILLIAM                           SC-4-B-182
COX, WILLIAM                           SC-4-A-253
COX, WILLIAM JR.                       SC-4-1-202
COX, WILLIAM SR.                       SC-4-1-166
COX, WILLIAM SR.                       SC-4-B-148
CRAIG, ROBERT                          SC-4-C-164
CRAWFORD, HENRY K.                     SC-4-5-12
CRAYTON, B. F.                         SC-4-6-575
CRAYTON, SAMUEL M.                     SC-4-4-604
CRENSHAW, ABRHAM                       SC-4-A-82
CRENSHAW, JAMES L.                     SC-4-5-9
CRENSHAW, JESSE                        SC-4-A-358
CRENSHAW, L. W.                        SC-4-5-538
CRENSHAW, MATHEW                       SC-4-5-378
CRESWELL, SARAH                        SC-4-3-156
CROMER, LEWIS                          SC-4-4-85
CROW, SILAS                            SC-4-3-118
CROWER, MARY E.                        SC-4-6-37
CRYMES, GEORGE                         SC-4-B-197
CRYMES, GEORGE                         SC-4-1-217
CULLENS, CALEB                         SC-4-4-355
CUMMING, THOMAS J.                     SC-4-3-88
CUMMINS, HARMON                        SC-4-1-314
CUMMINS, HARMON                        SC-4-B-279
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      SC-4-A-324
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL                     SC-4-1-228
CUNNINGHAM, SAMUEL                     SC-4-B-207
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS                     SC-4-B-377
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS                     SC-4-1-435
DALRAMPLE, SAMUEL                      SC-4-C-5
DALRYMPLE, AMADNA                      SC-4-3-357
DALRYMPLE, JOHN                        SC-4-3-539
DALRYMPLE, MATILDA H.                  SC-4-3-403
DALRYMPLE, SARAH                       SC-4-B-55
DALRYMPLE, SARAH                       SC-4-1-67
DANIELS, JOHN W.                       SC-4-6-97
DANIELS, MARY E.                       SC-4-3-6
DARRACOTT, W. B.                       SC-4-5-655
DART, THOMAS L.                        SC-4-A-431
DAVIS, NATHANIEL                       SC-4-A-246
DAVIS, RICHARD                         SC-4-3-453
DAVIS, VANN                            SC-4-A-121
DAVIS, W. M.                           SC-4-6-41
DAWSON, RED THOMAS                     SC-4-4-1
DAWSON, SALLIE H.                      SC-4-5-427
DAY, BALLARD                           SC-4-A-189
DAY, BASSELL                           SC-4-4-279
DEAL, LUCENIA C.                       SC-4-4-64
DEAL, SHADERICK D.                     SC-4-3-759
DEAN, GINNEY                           SC-4-1-6
DEAN, GWENNEY                          SC-4-B-5
DEAN, LUCINDA C.                       SC-4-3-744
DEAN, MOSES                            SC-4-3-620
DEAN, NARCISSA                         SC-4-4-147
DEAN, S. C.                            SC-4-6-296
DEAN, SAMUEL                           SC-4-2B-28
DEAN, THOMAS                           SC-4-B-334
DEAN, THOMAS                           SC-4-1-387
DICKEY, WILLIAM                        SC-4-A-96
DICKINSON, ROSANNAH                    SC-4-4-21
DICKSON, ELEANOR                       SC-4-1-447
DICKSON, ELENER                        SC-4-B-384
DICKSON, JANE                          SC-4-3-83
DICKSON, MARGARET                      SC-4-A-295
DICKSON, MARY                          SC-4-3-37
DICKSON, MATTHEW                       SC-4-A-378
DICKSON, THOMAS                        SC-4-5-43
DILLINGHAM, JAMES A.                   SC-4-6-380
DILWORTH, AMOS A.                      SC-4-5-26
DILWORTH, GEORGE                       SC-4-A-162
DOBBINS, AARON C.                      SC-4-4-372
DOBBINS, JAMES                         SC-4-A-224
DOBBINS, JAMES                         SC-4-3-77
DOBBS, LODOWICK                        SC-4-A-172
DOUGHTY, DANIEL                        SC-4-A-52
DOUGHTY, JOSEPH SR.                    SC-4-A-191
DOUTHIT, JAMES                         SC-4-B-275
DOUTHIT, JAMES (REV.)                  SC-4-1-310
DOUTHIT, JOHN                          SC-4-A-161
DOWDLE, ROBERT SR.                     SC-4-A-248
DRAKE, E. H.                           SC-4-6-455
DRAKE, JAMES A.                        SC-4-6-3
DRAKE, LUCINDA J.                      SC-4-4-638
DRENNAN, DAVID                         SC-4-A-110
DRENNAN, JAMES R.                      SC-4-3-610
DUFF, JAMES                            SC-4-A-176
DUFF, JAMES SR.                        SC-4-A-42
DUKE, ABRAHAM                          SC-4-A-218
DUNLAP, JOHN M.                        SC-4-3-670
DUNLAP, MATTHEW                        SC-4-3-740
DURHAM, BENAJAH                        SC-4-4-200
DURHAM, DAVID                          SC-4-A-376
DURHAM, ELIZABETH                      SC-4-4-198
DURHAM, MILES                          SC-4-4-510
EARL,E ELIAS                           SC-4-A-266
EARLE, ELIAS                           SC-4-3-333
EARLE, JOHN B.                         SC-4-1-18
EARLE, JOHN B.                         SC-4-B-16
EARLY, PATRICK                         SC-4-C-176
EARP, WESLEY                           SC-4-1-215
EARP, WESLEY                           SC-4-B-195
EASLEY, ROBERT                         SC-4-A-74
EDMISTON, CALEB                        SC-4-A-12
EDMONDSON, THOMAS                      SC-4-A-106
EDMONSON, WILLIAM                      SC-4-2B-20
EDWARDS, JAMES W.                      SC-4-3-84
EDWARDS, THOMAS                        SC-4-A-76
EDWARDS, THOMAS K.                     SC-4-A-304
ELLIOT, CHARLES                        SC-4-A-45
ELLIOT, WILLIAM                        SC-4-B-104
ELLIOT, WILLIAM JR.                    SC-4-1-109
ELLIOT, WILLIAM SR.                    SC-4-1-122
ELLIOTT, MARY                          SC-4-3-81
ELLIOTT, RALPH E.                      SC-4-1-371
ELLIOTT, RALPH E.                      SC-4-B-322
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM JR.                   SC-4-B-91
ELLISON, JAMES                         SC-4-3-460
ELROD, ADAM                            SC-4-3-43
ELROD, D. A.                           SC-4-5-529
ELROD, GEORGE                          SC-4-B-344
ELROD, GEORGE                          SC-4-1-410
ELROD, ISAAC                           SC-4-B-162
ELROD, ISAAC                           SC-4-1-180
ELROD, JEREMIAH                        SC-4-1-159
ELROD, JEREMIAH                        SC-4-B-141
ELROD, R. O.                           SC-4-3-407
ELROD, SAMUEL                          SC-4-4-285
ELROD, THOMAS                          SC-4-1-207
ELROD, THOMAS                          SC-4-B-187
ELROD, WILLIAM                         SC-4-1-393
ELROD, WILLIAM                         SC-4-B-366
ELROD,W. S.                            SC-4-6-357
EMERSON, JAMES                         SC-4-3-189
EMERSON, SAMUEL                        SC-4-B-176
EMERSON, SAMUEL                        SC-4-1-196
EMERSON, SAMUEL J.                     SC-4-6-311
ERNEST, JACOB                          SC-4-A-37
ERSKINE, J. M.                         SC-4-6-222
ERSKINE, JAMES                         SC-4-1-222
ERSKINE, THOMAS                        SC-4-3-719
ERSKINE, WILLIAM                       SC-4-1-458
ERSKINE, WILLIAM                       SC-4-B-390
ESKEW, W. E.                           SC-4-5-387
EVENS, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-A-171
EVERY, ROBERT A.                       SC-4-4-76
EVINS, THOMAS B. (DR.)                 SC-4-3-413
FANT, ALFRED                           SC-4-3-141
FANT, GEORGE H.                        SC-4-6-204
FANT, JESSE                            SC-4-1-160
FANT, JESSEE                           SC-4-B-142
FANT, O. H. P.                         SC-4-6-154
FANT, PRESTON C.                       SC-4-3-552
FARMER, ELIJAH                         SC-4-4-431
FARMER, G. W.                          SC-4-5-374
FEATHERSTON, JOHN W.                   SC-4-3-19
FELTON, AMAZIAH                        SC-4-3-96
FELTON, WILLIAM                        SC-4-A-391
FENDLEY, SAMUEL                        SC-4-C-46
FIELDING, PRUDENCE E.                  SC-4-5-179
FINDLEY, JOHN J.                       SC-4-5-36
FINDLEY, LIZZIE N.                     SC-4-6-370
FINLEY, NANCY                          SC-4-3-205
FISHER, THEODORE M.                    SC-4-3-223
FORD, WILLIAM H.                       SC-4-4-281
FORD, WILLIAM H.                       SC-4-3-599
FORSYTHE, WILLIAM                      SC-4-1-185
FORSYTHE, WILLIAM                      SC-4-B-167
FOSTER, JAMES                          SC-4-A-30
FOSTER, JAMES                          SC-4-A-46
FOUNTAIN, JOHN                         SC-4-A-394
FOWLES, H. J.                          SC-4-6-23
FREEMAN, NANCY                         SC-4-5-38
FRENCH, GEORGE WASHINGTON              SC-4-5-520
FRETWELL, JOHN                         SC-4-1-236
FRETWELL, JOHN                         SC-4-B-214
FRIERSON, DAVID E. (REV.)              SC-4-5-342
GABEE, ROBERT                          SC-4-2B-3
GADSDEN, CATHARINE E.                  SC-4-4-41
GADSDEN, THOMAS F. (REV.)              SC-4-5-5
GAILLARD, A. L.                        SC-4-6-82
GAINES, L. PRESLEY                     SC-4-3-128
GAMBRELL, JAMES                        SC-4-6-201
GAMBRELL, JOHN                         SC-4-A-425
GAMBRELL, JOHN                         SC-4-3-476
GAMBRELL, JOHN N.                      SC-4-6-432
GAMBRELL, REID                         SC-4-4-87
GANT, JAMESV                           SC-4-C-9
GANTT, JAMES                           SC-4-6-598
GANTT, SALLIE                          SC-4-5-105
GARRETT, ANNIE                         SC-4-6-342
GARRETT, JERSEY                        SC-4-4-656
GARRETT, MARY                          SC-4-5-251
GARRETT, RHODA                         SC-4-5-338
GARRETT, RICHARDSON                    SC-4-5-395
GARRETT, THOMAS H.                     SC-4-3-23
GARRISON, FANNIE                       SC-4-4-507
GARRISON, JAMES J.                     SC-4-6-361
GASAWAY, LARKIN                        SC-4-3-474
GASSAWAY, BENJAMIN                     SC-4-B-300
GASSAWAY, BENJAMIN                     SC-4-1-341
GASSAWAY, JAMES                        SC-4-A-39
GASSAWAY, JAMES S.                     SC-4-5-80
GEER, J. L.                            SC-4-6-281
GEER, JAMES L.                         SC-4-6-281
GEER, LEVI N.                          SC-4-3-99
GEER, SOLOMON M.                       SC-4-4-299
GEER, WILLIAM A.                       SC-4-5-219
GENTRY, ARTHA                          SC-4-1-317
GENTRY, ARTHY                          SC-4-B-281
GENTRY, JOHN                           SC-4-1-108
GENTRY, JOHN                           SC-4-B-90
GENTRY, JOHN                           SC-4-2B-37
GENTRY, L. W.                          SC-4-6-443
GENTRY, MOODY                          SC-4-4-315
GEORGE, JOHN                           SC-4-A-330
GIBBES, LEWIS L.                       SC-4-A-365
GIBBS, JOHN                            SC-4-2B-33
GIBBS, WILLIAM                         SC-4-3-140
GIBSON, THOMAS                         SC-4-A-409
GILMER, A. R. N.                       SC-4-3-97
GILMER, ROBERT                         SC-4-3-226
GIPSON, RANDLE                         SC-4-C-28
GLEN, JAMES W.                         SC-4-3-41
GLENN, ALEXANDER H.                    SC-4-3-225
GLENN, MARTHA A.                       SC-4-5-332
GLYNES, FRANCIS E.                     SC-4-5-15
GOODE, LEWELIN                         SC-4-B-44
GOODE, LEWELLING                       SC-4-1-51
GORDON, ROBERT                         SC-4-B-177
GORDON, ROBERT                         SC-4-1-197
GRAHA, A. J.                           SC-4-5-201
GRAY, JAMES A.                         SC-4-6-84
GRAY, ROBET A.                         SC-4-6-327
GRAY, SAMUEL L.                        SC-4-5-210
GRAY, WALLACE D.                       SC-4-6-308
GREEN, ISHAM                           SC-4-A-92
GREEN, WILLIAM                         SC-4-A-7
GREENLEE, PETER                        SC-4-A-16
GREER, DAVID                           SC-4-B-346
GREER, DAVID SR.                       SC-4-1-414
GREER, JAMES                           SC-4-C-56
GREER, MARTHA A.                       SC-4-6-138
GRIFFIN, JAMES C.                      SC-4-B-154
GRIFFIN, JAMES C.                      SC-4-1-173
GRIFFIN, MARGARET                      SC-4-4-255
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-2
GRIFFITH, JAMES                        SC-4-C-82
GRISSUP, NANCY                         SC-4-1-261
GRISSUP, NANCY                         SC-4-B-234
GUTHRY, DAVID                          SC-4-B-137
GUTTRY, DAVID                          SC-4-1-155
GUYTON, AARON                          SC-4-1-134
GUYTON, AARON                          SC-4-B-115
GUYTON, ROBERT                         SC-4-1-126
GUYTON, ROBERT                         SC-4-B-106
GUYTON, SARAH E.                       SC-4-5-371
HACKETT, ROBERT                        SC-4-A-407
HAKNESS, JOHN                          SC-4-1-374
HALBERT, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-102
HALE, WILLIAM M.                       SC-4-4-469
HALEY, REUBEN                          SC-4-1-452
HALEY, REUBEN                          SC-4-B-386
HALL, A. JACKSON                       SC-4-5-294
HALL, AARON                            SC-4-4-119
HALL, AARON M.                         SC-4-3-149
HALL, ABSALOM                          SC-4-B-364
HALL, ABSALOM                          SC-4-A-275
HALL, ABSALOM (DR.)                    SC-4-1-390
HALL, ABSOLOM J.                       SC-4-6-139
HALL, CLEMANTINE A.                    SC-4-5-476
HALL, DAVID                            SC-4-3-63
HALL, E. P. (MRS.)                     SC-4-6-63
HALL, FENTON                           SC-4-A-221
HALL, HANNAH                           SC-4-4-216
HALL, JOHN                             SC-4-4-171
HALL, JOHNSON                          SC-4-5-291
HALL, L. M.                            SC-4-6-137
HALL, LEMUEL                           SC-4-3-638
HALL, MARTIN                           SC-4-3-465
HALL, MARTIN H.                        SC-4-3-261
HALL, NANCY                            SC-4-1-272
HALL, NANCY                            SC-4-B-242
HALL, NATHANIEL                        SC-4-C-104
HALL, ROBERT                           SC-4-C-121
HALL, WILLIAM P.                       SC-4-4-144
HALL, WILLIAM S.                       SC-4-6-192
HALL, WILSON                           SC-4-3-723
HALL, Z. L. C.                         SC-4-4-492
HALL, ZACHARIAH                        SC-4-4-98
HALLAM, JOHN                           SC-4-A-193
HALLUM, WILLIAM                        SC-4-A-35
HAMILTON, ARCHIBALD                    SC-4-A-134
HAMILTON, D. K.                        SC-4-3-442
HAMILTON, JANE                         SC-4-3-260
HAMILTON, LEONARD S.                   SC-4-1-366
HAMILTON, LEONARD S.                   SC-4-B-318
HAMILTON, LUKE                         SC-4-A-284
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      SC-4-4-403
HAMLIN, SUE A.                         SC-4-5-634
HAMMOND, HERBERT                       SC-4-3-233
HAMMOND, LUCY                          SC-4-A-416
HAMMOND, MICHAEL                       SC-4-A-123
HAMMOND, SAMUEL J.                     SC-4-1-429
HAMMOND, SAMUEL J.                     SC-4-B-353
HAMMOND, SAMUEL J. JR.                 SC-4-3-188
HANKS, JOHN                            SC-4-4-137
HANKS, THOMAS                          SC-4-4-205
HANNON, JAMES J.                       SC-4-6-415
HAPPOLITT, JOHN M.                     SC-4-4-166
HARBIN, JOSEPH B.                      SC-4-1-445
HARBIN, JOSEPH B.                      SC-4-B-383
HARBIN, WILLIAM F.                     SC-4-6-560
HARDY, JAMES                           SC-4-3-212
HARKINS, HUGH                          SC-4-3-199
HARKINS, JOHN SR.                      SC-4-3-542
HARKINS, SARAH                         SC-4-A-342
HARKNESS, JAMES J.                     SC-4-3-327
HARKNESS, JOHN                         SC-4-B-324
HARPER, ASA                            SC-4-3-383
HARPER, JEPTHA                         SC-4-5-415
HARPER, JOHN                           SC-4-B-180
HARPER, JOHN                           SC-4-1-200
HARPER, JOHN                           SC-4-5-85
HARPER, MARY ANN                       SC-4-5-324
HARPER, NANCY                          SC-4-B-382
HARPER, NANCY                          SC-4-1-443
HARPER, VIOLET                         SC-4-5-467
HARPER, WILLIAM                        SC-4-B-125
HARPER, WILLIAM                        SC-4-1-144
HARRIS, BENJAMIN B.                    SC-4-5-265
HARRIS, HANDY                          SC-4-A-58
HARRIS, JAMES S.                       SC-4-1-43
HARRIS, JAMES S.                       SC-4-B-37
HARRIS, JOHN                           SC-4-B-184
HARRIS, JOHN ESQ.                      SC-4-1-204
HARRIS, MARY F.                        SC-4-6-544
HARRIS, NATHAN                         SC-4-5-1
HARRIS, NATHANIEL                      SC-4-B-50
HARRIS, NATHANIEL                      SC-4-1-62
HARRIS, W. K.                          SC-4-3-338
HARRIS, WILLIAM F.                     SC-4-3-130
HARRISON, ABI                          SC-4-5-140
HARRISON, HANNAH                       SC-4-B-283
HARRISON, HANNAH                       SC-4-1-320
HARRISON, JAMES                        SC-4-4-208
HARRISON, JAMES                        SC-4-3-692
HARRISON, JONATHAN T.                  SC-4-3-340
HARRISON, MARTHA (COLORED)             SC-4-5-491
HARRISON, WILLIAM                      SC-4-3-275
HASEL, HARRY                           SC-4-A-53
HATTON, DRUSILLA L.                    SC-4-4-104
HAVIRD, MARLE                          SC-4-4-441
HAWKINS, JAMES M.                      SC-4-5-514
HAWKINS, NANCY C.                      SC-4-5-166
HAYES, JOHN                            SC-4-2B-12
HAYES, MARGARET L.                     SC-4-5-631
HAYNIE, ANN                            SC-4-3-510
HAYNIE, CHARRELS                       SC-4-3-294
HAYNIE, J. C.                          SC-4-5-535
HAYNIE, J. L.                          SC-4-6-119
HAYNIE, L. B.                          SC-4-4-567
HAYNIE, ROSTA ANN                      SC-4-5-151
HAYNIE, SOPHIA                         SC-4-3-127
HEAD, GEORGE                           SC-4-A-226
HEADEN, ELISHA                         SC-4-2B-23
HEATON, NICHOLAS                       SC-4-A-303
HEATON, WILLIAM                        SC-4-C-174
HEMBREE, JAMES (REV.)                  SC-4-B-250
HEMBREE, JAMES (REV.)                  SC-4-1-281
HENDERSON, ROBERT                      SC-4-A-19
HERRING, MARY                          SC-4-3-214
HERRING, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-139
HESTER, IRVIN E.                       SC-4-6-584
HEWIN, POSTELL L.                      SC-4-3-93
HILL, ABEL                             SC-4-A-28
HILL, EMMA M.                          SC-4-6-477
HILL, M. G. (MRS.)                     SC-4-3-772
HILL, RICHARD S.                       SC-4-3-630
HILL, RUFUS S.                         SC-4-6-375
HILL, SILAS                            SC-4-5-540
HILL, T. F.                            SC-4-5-593
HILLHOUSE, HARRIET                     SC-4-3-376
HILLHOUSE, JOSEPH                      SC-4-B-381
HILLHOUSE, JOSEPH (REV.)               SC-4-1-440
HIPPS, JOSEPH SR.                      SC-4-B-257
HIPPS, JOSEPH SR.                      SC-4-1-288
HIX, BALEN                             SC-4-4-107
HIX, JOHN                              SC-4-3-6
HIX, MARTHA E.                         SC-4-6-12
HIX, WILLIAM                           SC-4-3-356
HOGG, GEORGE                           SC-4-A-5
HOLCOMB, C. H.                         SC-4-5-448
HOLCOMB, K.                            SC-4-5-47
HOLCOMBE, E. W.                        SC-4-6-587
HOLLAND, A. M.                         SC-4-4-407
HOLLAND, AARON B.                      SC-4-3-761
HOLLAND, BENJAMIN                      SC-4-A-216
HOLLAND, JOHN                          SC-4-3-607
HOLLAND, JOHN L.                       SC-4-3-463
HOLLAND, MOSES                         SC-4-A-355
HOLLAND, ROBERT                        SC-4-3-359
HOLLAND, THOMAS J.                     SC-4-5-163
HOLLAND, WILLIAM                       SC-4-3-38
HOLLIDAY, J. H.                        SC-4-6-601
HOLMES, NANCY                          SC-4-3-601
HOPKINS, JOHN                          SC-4-3-350
HORTON, C.E.                           SC-4-6-65
HOUSTON, BARNEY                        SC-4-5-315
HOUSTON, THOMAS                        SC-4-A-11
HOWARD, D. C.                          SC-4-4-350
HOWARD, ELIZABETH J.                   SC-4-6-146
HOWARD, HIRAM                          SC-4-3-324
HUBBARD, A. P.                         SC-4-6-35
HUDGEN, AMBROSE                        SC-4-A-4
HUFF, JULIUS                           SC-4-B-268
HUFF, JULIUS                           SC-4-1-301
HUMPHREYS, JOHN                        SC-4-A-98
HUNNICUTT, SARAH                       SC-4-1-463
HUNNICUTT, SARAH                       SC-4-B-393
HUNT, WILLIAM                          SC-4-3-388
HUNTER, ANDREW                         SC-4-5-649
HUNTER, ELIZA J.                       SC-4-5-230
HUNTER, JOHN JR.                       SC-4-3-182
HUNTER, MARY SR.                       SC-4-A-276
HUNTER, THOMAS                         SC-4-A-286
HYDE, NANCY A.                         SC-4-5-224
IDDALL, JOHN N.                        SC-4-A-292
INGRAM, JOHN                           SC-4-1-206
INGRAM, JOHN                           SC-4-B-186
IRVIN, HESTER                          SC-4-6-584
IRWIN, ROBERT                          SC-4-A-270
ISAACS, ELIJA                          SC-4-C-173
JACKSON, A. C.                         SC-4-3-344
JACKSON, E. T. (MRS.)                  SC-4-5-598
JACKSON, PRIMUS                        SC-4-3-544
JAMES, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-A-278
JAMES, NANCY E.                        SC-4-4-5
JAMESON, JOSHUA                        SC-4-6-523
JAMISON, BOB                           SC-4-3-766
JENKINS, T. J.                         SC-4-4-650
JENKINS, THOMAS O.                     SC-4-6-440
JENNINGS, JOHN                         SC-4-1-91
JENNINGS, JOHN                         SC-4-B-74
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN F.                   SC-4-3-160
JOHNSON, BURRELL (COLORED)             SC-4-5-213
JOHNSON, ESSIE B.                      SC-4-5-309
JOHNSON, JANE E.                       SC-4-6-315
JOHNSON, MARTHA S.                     SC-4-B-304
JOHNSON, MARTHA S.                     SC-4-1-346
JOHNSON, PEMBROKE S.                   SC-4-3-4
JOHNSON, PETER                         SC-4-3-399
JOLLY, J. ALBERT                       SC-4-5-620
JOLLY, JOSEPH                          SC-4-A-83
JONES, AMBROSE                         SC-4-B-190
JONES, AMBROSE H.                      SC-4-1-210
JONES, BENJAMIN                        SC-4-5-566
JONES, LEWIS                           SC-4-2B-10
JONES, SOLOMON S.                      SC-4-4-531
JONES, WILLIAM                         SC-4-5-23
JONES, WILLIAM                         SC-4-4-69
JORDAN, ANN                            SC-4-5-410
JUNKIN, MARGARET                       SC-4-1-139
JUNKIN, MARGARET                       SC-4-B-118
JUNKIN, ROBERT                         SC-4-1-102
JUNKINS, ROBET                         SC-4-B-84
KAY, CHARLES                           SC-4-3-280
KAY, CHARLOTTE                         SC-4-4-345
KAY, ELIZABETH                         SC-4-6-125
KAY, F. MARIA                          SC-4-4-443
KAY, J. W.                             SC-4-6-350
KAY, JAMES W.                          SC-4-B-362
KAY, JAMES W.                          SC-4-1-256
KAY, JAMES W.                          SC-4-2B-40
KAY, JOEL                              SC-4-5-505
KAY, MARY ANN                          SC-4-3-535
KAY, MASON                             SC-4-4-112
KAY, ROBERT                            SC-4-2B-8
KAY, SALLIE H.                         SC-4-6-262
KAY, W. R.                             SC-4-5-438
KAY, WILLIAM MARVIN                    SC-4-3-121
KAY, WILLIAM P.                        SC-4-3-319
KEASLER, NATHAN                        SC-4-6-70
KELLEY, BAILIS                         SC-4-6-95
KELLEY, ELISHA                         SC-4-1-192
KELLY, ELISHA                          SC-4-B-173
KELLY, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-6-122
KELLY, JASPER W.                       SC-4-4-631
KEMP, ASA                              SC-4-A-50
KENNEDY, J. L.                         SC-4-3-618
KENNEDY, M.                            SC-4-6-535
KENNEDY, MICHAEL D.                    SC-4-4-223
KENNIMORE, GEORGE                      SC-4-A-337
KEOWN, WILLIAM                         SC-4-1-168
KEOWN, WILLIAM                         SC-4-B-150
KEYS, ANN C.                           SC-4-5-381
KILBY, ADAM                            SC-4-A-265
KING, JAMES A.                         SC-4-5-67
KING, JEFFERSON B.                     SC-4-5-402
KING, JOSIAH                           SC-4-3-676
KING, LUCINDA P.                       SC-4-5-262
KING, R. M.                            SC-4-5-350
KING, ROBERT (REV.)                    SC-4-3-681
KING, WILLIAM                          SC-4-B-329
KING, WILLIAM                          SC-4-1-380
KIRKSEY, CHRISTOPHER                   SC-4-A-235
KIRKSEY, HENRY                         SC-4-6-116
KNIGHT, CAMILLA                        SC-4-6-407
KNIGHT, WARREN W.                      SC-4-6-150
KNOX, JOHN                             SC-4-A-338
LABOON, PETER                          SC-4-A-1
LABOON, PETER SR.                      SC-4-A-335
LANDER, S.                             SC-4-6-344
LANGDON, MARGARET J.                   SC-4-5-95
LATHAM, JOHN                           SC-4-6-616
LATIMER, STPEHEN N.                    SC-4-6-556
LATTA, JAMES T.                        SC-4-3-219
LAUDRESS, JAMES M.                     SC-4-3-547
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN                     SC-4-A-300
LAWRENCE, JOAB                         SC-4-A-158
LEATHERS, MICHAEL                      SC-4-A-66
LEAVELL, ELIZABETH W.                  SC-4-4-39
LEDBETTER, ABNER                       SC-4-A-359
LEDBETTER, DANIEL                      SC-4-A-316
LEDBETTER, DANIEL A.                   SC-4-3-119
LEDBETTER, HENRY                       SC-4-A-44
LEDBETTER, JOHN                        SC-4-A-372
LEONARD, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-129
LEVEETT, WILLIAM                       SC-4-3-626
LEVERETT, JOHN                         SC-4-3-628
LEWIS, A. BENSON                       SC-4-3-471
LEWIS, C. J.                           SC-4-6-32
LEWIS, DAVID                           SC-4-A-264
LEWIS, ELEANOR                         SC-4-B-82
LEWIS, ELENOR                          SC-4-1-99
LEWIS, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-3-132
LEWIS, FRANCIS C.                      SC-4-6-17
LEWIS, J. AUGUSTUS                     SC-4-3-206
LEWIS, JESSE                           SC-4-3-278
LEWIS, RICHARD M.                      SC-4-B-199
LEWIS, RICHARD M.                      SC-4-1-220
LEWIS, SARAH                           SC-4-B-112
LEWIS, SARAH                           SC-4-1-131
LEWIS, Z. B.                           SC-4-4-658
LIDDELL, ANDREW                        SC-4-A-413
LIDDELL, MARY                          SC-4-3-33
LIDDELL, THOMAS                        SC-4-C-126
LIDDLE, MOSES                          SC-4-A-14
LIGON, LOUISA C.                       SC-4-5-568
LIGON, NICK                            SC-4-5-18
LIGON, W. J.                           SC-4-4-626
LIGON, W. S.                           SC-4-4-405
LINDSEY, CORDELIA                      SC-4-5-248
LINDSEY, M. C. (MRS.)                  SC-4-5-137
LINDSEY, W. B.                         SC-4-6-513
LIVERETT, STEPHAN                      SC-4-3-254
LIVESY, MARY C.                        SC-4-4-614
LONG, EZEKIEL SR.                      SC-4-4-11
LONG, JOHN                             SC-4-4-624
LONG, JOHN O.                          SC-4-3-135
LORTON, FRANCES                        SC-4-B-305
LORTON, FRANCES                        SC-4-1-348
LOVE, REBECCA                          SC-4-3-392
LOVE, THOMAS                           SC-4-A-190
LOW, B. F.                             SC-4-3-706
LYNCH, WILLIAM                         SC-4-2B-25
LYNN, ROBERT M.                        SC-4-A-404
MADDOX, PHOEBA E.                      SC-4-6-143
MAGEE, ASENATH                         SC-4-4-13
MAGEE, JOHN                            SC-4-B-272
MAGEE, JOHN                            SC-4-1-306
MAJOR, EPPS                            SC-4-A-321
MAJOR, JAMES                           SC-4-B-290
MAJOR, JAMES A.                        SC-4-4-653
MAJOR, JAMES ESQ.                      SC-4-1-330
MAJOR, JOHN P.                         SC-4-B-306
MAJOR, JOHN P.                         SC-4-1-350
MAJOR, JOSEPH M.                       SC-4-B-166
MAJOR, JOSEPH M.                       SC-4-1-184
MANLY, GEORGE W.                       SC-4-5-508
MANLY, M. M.                           SC-4-5-455
MARET, G. W.                           SC-4-6-198
MARONEY, SALLIE R.                     SC-4-6-466
MARTIN, B. C.                          SC-4-6-186
MARTIN, B. T.                          SC-4-5-602
MARTIN, DAVID                          SC-4-1-146
MARTIN, DAVID                          SC-4-B-126
MARTIN, JOHN                           SC-4-4-345
MARTIN, JOHN                           SC-4-6-133
MARTIN, JOHN J.                        SC-4-3-624
MARTIN, LOUIS D.                       SC-4-A-200
MARTIN, REUBEN M.                      SC-4-4-560
MARTIN, ROGER                          SC-4-2B-1
MARTIN, S. M.                          SC-4-5-469
MARTIN, STEPHEN                        SC-4-3-725
MARTIN, THOMAS W.                      SC-4-4-619
MARTIN, W. S.                          SC-4-5-235
MARTIN, WILLIAM CYRUS                  SC-4-3-593
MARTIN,CHESLEY M.                      SC-4-3-90
MASON, AMBROSE                         SC-4-B-49
MASON, AMBROSE                         SC-4-1-59
MASSEY, JOHN C.                        SC-4-3-220
MASTERS, MARTHA A.                     SC-4-5-120
MASTERS, WILLIAM                       SC-4-2B-18
MATTESON, C. S.                        SC-4-4-52
MATTISON, A. E.                        SC-4-5-337
MATTISON, ALLEN                        SC-4-3-572
MATTISON, ANNE                         SC-4-5-116
MATTISON, BAYLIS H.                    SC-4-3-200
MATTISON, DANIEL                       SC-4-3-322
MATTISON, GEORGE B.                    SC-4-1-450
MATTISON, GEORGE B.                    SC-4-B-359
MATTISON, ISAAC C.                     SC-4-6-168
MATTISON, JAMES                        SC-4-B-247
MATTISON, JAMES                        SC-4-1-278
MATTISON, JAMES                        SC-4-1-285
MATTISON, JAMES F.                     SC-4-3-192
MATTISON, JAMES SR.                    SC-4-B-254
MATTISON, LEROY W.                     SC-4-3-148
MATTISON, PERMELIA E.                  SC-4-4-149
MATTISON, THOMAS                       SC-4-2B-31
MATTISON, WILLIAM                      SC-4-3-423
MATTOX, NEWTON S.                      SC-4-4-549
MAULDIN, A. T. (MRS.)                  SC-4-6-377
MAULDIN, ARCHIBALD                     SC-4-1-343
MAULDIN, ARCHIBALD                     SC-4-B-302
MAULDIN, J. L.                         SC-4-6-57
MAULDIN, JOHN                          SC-4-A-396
MAULDIN, SAMUEL                        SC-4-6-171
MAVERICK, MARGARET                     SC-4-4-258
MAXWELL, D. S.                         SC-4-6-331
MAXWELL, MARY P.                       SC-4-4-190
MAY, DANIEL                            SC-4-B-313
MAY, DANIEL                            SC-4-1-360
MAY, WILLIAM                           SC-4-A-85
MAYFIELD, ABRAHAM                      SC-4-A-326
MCALISTER, JOHN A.                     SC-4-3-175
MCALLISTER, ANDREW JR.                 SC-4-A-392
MCALLISTER, DANIEL                     SC-4-A-61
MCALLISTER, NATHAN                     SC-4-1-41
MCALLISTER, NATHAN                     SC-4-B-34
MCANN, ROBERT                          SC-4-A-389
MCCALLISTER, ANDREW                    SC-4-A-417
MCCANN, ROBERT                         SC-4-A-419
MCCARDAY, WILLIAM                      SC-4-1-87
MCCARLEY, HUGH W.                      SC-4-4-412
MCCARLEY JAMES                         SC-4-1-227
MCCARLEY, JAMES                        SC-4-B-205
MCCARLEY, JOSEPH                       SC-4-1-352
MCCARLEY, JOSEPH                       SC-4-B-308
MCCLAIN, GEORGE W.                     SC-4-6-409
MCCLELLANG, S. M. S.                   SC-4-6-241
MCCLESKY, JOSEPH                       SC-4-A-9
MCCLURE, G. H.                         SC-4-5-511
MCCOMBS, HENRIETTA                     SC-4-6-495
MCCONNELL, MARTHA C.                   SC-4-6-276
MCCONNELL, SAMUEL F.                   SC-4-5-613
MCCOWN, JOHN                           SC-4-3-213
MCCOWN, W. T.                          SC-4-5-458
MCCOY, JAMES                           SC-4-B-168
MCCOY, JAMES SR.                       SC-4-1-188
MCCOY, SAMUEL                          SC-4-1-266
MCCOY, SAMUEL                          SC-4-B-238
MCCRARY, ALBERT                        SC-4-3-777
MCCULLEY, SAMUEL                       SC-4-A-68
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN                       SC-4-A-80
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL D.                  SC-4-3-574
MCCULLY, ELMIRA J.                     SC-4-4-554
MCCULLY, MARGARET J.                   SC-4-6-26
MCCULLY, STEPHEN                       SC-4-4-25
MCCURDAY, WILLIAM                      SC-4-B-71
MCDANIEL, PATSEY                       SC-4-A-55
MCDAVID, GEORGE W.                     SC-4-5-125
MCDONALD, W. H.                        SC-4-4-438
MCELROY, SAMUEL R.                     SC-4-3-198
MCFALL, ANDREW N.                      SC-4-3-76
MCFALL, JAMES F.                       SC-4-6-430
MCFALL, WILLIAM A.                     SC-4-4-517
MCFEE, SAMUEL                          SC-4-B-127
MCFEE, SAMUEL                          SC-4-1-147
MCGEE, ASENATH                         SC-4-4-13
MCGEE, CHILES                          SC-4-3-372
MCGEE, GEORGE W.                       SC-4-6-277
MCGEE, JESSE                           SC-4-B-39
MCGEE, JESSE                           SC-4-1-45
MCGEE, JESSE (COL.)                    SC-4-4-195
MCGEE, M. B.                           SC-4-6-126
MCGILL, MARY ANN                       SC-4-4-151
MCGILL, MARY S.                        SC-4-4-9
MCGILL, SAMUEL                         SC-4-B-94
MCGILL, SAMUEL                         SC-4-1-112
MCGILL, SARAH                          SC-4-4-151
MCGRATH, JOHN                          SC-4-4-324
MCGREGOR, JOHN W.                      SC-4-3-507
MCGREGOR, MARY E.                      SC-4-5-452
MCGREGORY, NANCY A.                    SC-4-5-483
MCGRIGGOR, MARIAH F.                   SC-4-4-188
MCGUKIN, THOMAS                        SC-4-5-101
MCKEE, MARTHA                          SC-4-2B-29
MCKINNEY, HENRY L.                     SC-4-4-475
MCKINSTREY, FRANCES                    SC-4-A-269
MCLEES, ROBERT (REV.)                  SC-4-3-247
MCLEESE, ANDREW                        SC-4-3-654
MCLINN, HUGH                           SC-4-B-164
MCMAHAN, MARY C.                       SC-4-3-395
MCMAHAN, PETER                         SC-4-B-189
MCMAHAN, PETER                         SC-4-1-208
MCMAHAN, SUSANNAH                      SC-4-B-259
MCMAHN, SUSANNAH                       SC-4-1-290
MCMURRAY, WILLIAM SR.                  SC-4-3-40
MCMURTREY, JAMES                       SC-4-3-137
MCNINCH, ROSA J.                       SC-4-6-504
MCNINDE, JAMES                         SC-4-3-374
MCPHAIL, A. W.                         SC-4-5-555
MCPHAIL, JOHN JR.                      SC-4-3-159
MCPHAIL, PETER                         SC-4-5-189
MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH                   SC-4-1-258
MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH                   SC-4-B-232
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                     SC-4-A-387
MECKLIN, HUGH                          SC-4-1-182
MECKLIN, JAMES G.                      SC-4-B-372
MELTON, MICHAEL                        SC-4-5-664
MEREDITH, ABRAHAM                      SC-4-3-729
MERITT, OBADIAH                        SC-4-3-74
MERRITT, JAMES                         SC-4-A-422
MESHECK, GREEN                         SC-4-C-151
MICKLIN, JAMES G.                      SC-4-1-421
MIDDLETON, JOHN                        SC-4-C-113
MILFORD, CHARLES S.                    SC-4-6-140
MILFORD, JOHN                          SC-4-B-58
MILFORD, JOHN                          SC-4-1-71
MILFORD, P. L.                         SC-4-4-363
MILFORD, PENELOPE L.                   SC-4-4-363
MILFORD, WILLIAM J. (DR.)              SC-4-4-263
MILLER, CROSBY W.                      SC-4-1-105
MILLER, CROSBY W.                      SC-4-B-87
MILLER, JANE F.                        SC-4-3-381
MILLER, JESSE                          SC-4-A-239
MILLER, JOHN                           SC-4-A-87
MILLER, JOHN SR.                       SC-4-A-312
MILLER, SARAH                          SC-4-3-14
MILLING, MARY A.                       SC-4-6-7
MILLS, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-B-62
MILLS, ELIZABETH                       SC-4-1-76
MILLS, JOHN                            SC-4-A-400
MILLS, WILLIAM                         SC-4-3-378
MITCHELL, G. W. L.                     SC-4-6-459
MONCLUT, JACOB                         SC-4-3-662
MOORE, CURTIS                          SC-4-C-141
MOORE, DAVID                           SC-4-1-36
MOORE, DAVID                           SC-4-B-361
MOORE, EDNEY E.                        SC-4-6-300
MOORE, ELIAB                           SC-4-A-297
MOORE, ELIJAH                          SC-4-1-328
MOORE, ELIJAH                          SC-4-B-289
MOORE, GRANT A.                        SC-4-4-73
MOORE, NEWMAN                          SC-4-A-209
MOORE, WILLIAM S.                      SC-4-3-390
MOOREHEAD, MASSEY                      SC-4-3-366
MOORHEAD, ALEXANDER                    SC-4-3-151
MOORHEAD, JOHN                         SC-4-1-151
MOORHEAD, JOHN                         SC-4-A-109
MOORHEAD, JOHN                         SC-4-B-133
MORGAN, ELLENER T.                     SC-4-6-51
MORGAN, JOHN                           SC-4-4-135
MORGAN, THOMAS                         SC-4-3-368
MORRIS, DAVID JORDAN                   SC-4-3-563
MORRIS, JOHN                           SC-4-1-8
MORRIS, JOHN                           SC-4-B-7
MORRIS, JOHN SR.                       SC-4-A-113
MORRIS, MARGARET A.                    SC-4-4-116
MORRIS, SAMUEL                         SC-4-3-526
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        SC-4-2B-30
MORRISS, JESSE C.                      SC-4-3-623
MORROW, JOHN                           SC-4-A-144
MOSELEY, E. A.                         SC-4-4-163
MOSELEY, IRA L.                        SC-4-5-311
MOUNCE, JOHN H.                        SC-4-6-273
MULLIKIN, BENJAMIN                     SC-4-B-286
MULLIKIN, BENJAMIN                     SC-4-1-324
MULLIKIN, JAMES                        SC-4-4-478
MULLIKIN, WILLIAM                      SC-4-3-109
MULLINIX, JOHN                         SC-4-A-245
MURPHY, CHARLES                        SC-4-4-393
MURPHY, EZEKIEL                        SC-4-3-269
MURPHY, FRANCIS M.                     SC-4-4-514
MURRAY, J. S.                          SC-4-5-238
NALLEY, ELIZABETH                      SC-4-4-429
NASH, JAMES                            SC-4-A-77
NEEL, SAMUEL                           SC-4-A-131
NELSON, WILLIAM R.                     SC-4-B-261
NELSON, WILLIAM R.                     SC-4-1-292
NEWELL, ISAIH J.                       SC-4-3-311
NEWELL, REUBIN (DR.)                   SC-4-3-364
NEWELL, WILLIAM                        SC-4-B-204
NEWELL, WILLIAM                        SC-4-1-225
NEWELL, WILLIAM B.                     SC-4-4-218
NEWMAN, JOHN                           SC-4-A-41
NEWTON, CALHOUN                        SC-4-6-111
NEWTON, ISAAC SR.                      SC-4-3-54
NEWTON, LARKIN                         SC-4-4-596
NICHOLSON, A. P.                       SC-4-4-594
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM                     SC-4-A-251
NORRIS, CATHARINE D.                   SC-4-3-550
NORRIS, DAVID JORDAN                   SC-4-3-563
NORRIS, ISABELLA H.                    SC-4-4-158
NORRIS, JOHN                           SC-4-C-102
NORRIS, JOHN E.                        SC-4-3-207
NORRIS, ROBERT (COLORED)               SC-4-5-392
NORRIS, ROBERT B.                      SC-4-3-249
NORRIS, WILLIAM P.                     SC-4-5-399
NORTH, ELIZA ELLOTT                    SC-4-3-255
NORTH, JOHN L.                         SC-4-B-231
NORTH, JOHN L.                         SC-4-1-255
NWELL, JOHN J.                         SC-4-3-187
OBRIANT, JESSE                         SC-4-B-59
OBRIANT, JESSE                         SC-4-1-73
OBRIANT, WILLIAM                       SC-4-5-84, 194
OBRIANT, WILLIAM                       SC-4-4-641
ODELL, RUTH P.                         SC-4-3-457
ODONNELL, JOHN                         SC-4-5-542
OLDHAM, GEORGE                         SC-4-1-100
OLDHAM, GEORGE                         SC-4-B-83
OLDHAM, THOMAS SR.                     SC-4-3-533
OLDHAM, WILLIAM                        SC-4-3-348
OLIVER, ALEXNDER                       SC-4-A-370
OLIVER, MARY                           SC-4-3-301
ONEILL, MICHAEL                        SC-4-3-28
ORR, ALEXANDER                         SC-4-5-479
ORR, J. M.                             SC-4-6-80
ORR, JEHU                              SC-4-A-320
ORR, MARY J.                           SC-4-5-557
OSBOURN, IRENA J.                      SC-4-5-435
OWEN, DANIEL                           SC-4-3-246
OWEN, JOHN                             SC-4-4-125
OWEN, PATRICK                          SC-4-4-156
PALMER, THOMAS H.                      SC-4-5-407
PALMER, VIRGINIA                       SC-4-6-571
PALMER, WHIT H.                        SC-4-6-190
PALMER, WILLIAM                        SC-4-4-82
PARIS, HENRY                           SC-4-B-222
PARKER, MATTHEW                        SC-4-1-368
PARKER, MATTHEW                        SC-4-B-320
PARKER, R. ELBERT                      SC-4-6-323
PARKER, ROBERT                         SC-4-4-269
PARRIS, HENRY                          SC-4-1-245
PARROTT, NATHANIEL                     SC-4-3-69
PARTAIN, HUBBARD                       SC-4-1-277
PARTAIN, HUBBARD                       SC-4-B-245
PATRICK, JOHN B.                       SC-4-6-47
PATTERSON, ARCHIBALD                   SC-4-2B-34
PATTERSON, MARY                        SC-4-4-19
PAYTON, MORRIS (COLORED)               SC-4-5-56
PEGG, C. C. (MRS.)                     SC-4-3-578
PEGG, JAMES B.                         SC-4-4-305
PEOPLES, JOHN E.                       SC-4-4-574
PEPPER, EUGENIA A.                     SC-4-5-641
PEPPER, JOHN                           SC-4-A-203
PERKINS, ISAAC                         SC-4-C-53
PERKINS, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-322
PETTICE, JANE                          SC-4-3-27
PICKENS, ELIZABETH                     SC-4-3-31
PICKENS, EZEKIEL                       SC-4-A-164
PICKENS, ISRAEL                        SC-4-A-345
PICKENS, ROBERT                        SC-4-A-361
PICKENS, W. S.                         SC-4-6-626
POE, ELLEN C.                          SC-4-3-531
POLLOCK, JOHN                          SC-4-C-4
POOL, ROBERT                           SC-4-1-98
POOLE, ROBERT                          SC-4-B-81
POOR, GEORGE                           SC-4-3-262
POOR, HUGH                             SC-4-1-103
POOR, HUGH                             SC-4-B-85
POOR, JOHN ***                         SC-4-3-487, 643
POOR, JOHN B.                          SC-4-3-209
POOR, WILLIAM SR.                      SC-4-A-262
POORE, JOHN W.                         SC-4-4-266
POSEY, FRANCIS                         SC-4-1-79
POSEY, FRANCIS                         SC-4-B-64
POWELL, HORTON                         SC-4-4-261
PRAY, DAMARIS                          SC-4-3-763
PRELLEN, WILLIAM                       SC-4-4-471
PRESLY, JOHN S. (REV.)                 SC-4-3-134
PRESSLEY, DAVID SR.                    SC-4-A-433
PRESSLEY, RACHEL M.                    SC-4-B-73
PRESSLEY, RACHEL M.                    SC-4-1-89
PREVOST, J. BLAIR                      SC-4-3-604, 653
PREVOST, JOSEPH                        SC-4-3-555
PRICE, P. R.                           SC-4-3-201
PRICHARD, LEWIS                        SC-4-3-25
PRICHARD, W. A.                        SC-4-6-607
PRICHARD, WILLIAM                      SC-4-1-130
PRINCE, EDWARD C.                      SC-4-3-194
PRINCE, M. E. (MRS.)                   SC-4-5-299
PRINCE, W. L.                          SC-4-6-9
PRITCHARD, WILLIAM                     SC-4-B-111
PRUIT, DUDLEY                          SC-4-2B-4
PRUIT, JACOB                           SC-4-B-303
PRUIT, JACOB                           SC-4-1-345
PRUITT, JOHN A.                        SC-4-6-548
PRUITT, JOSHUA                         SC-4-6-284
PRUITT, WILLIAM                        SC-4-1-449
PRUITT, WILLIAM                        SC-4-5-329
PULLEN, SARAH                          SC-4-6-217
RAGSDALE, FRANCES A.                   SC-4-B-139
RAGSDALE, FRANES A.                    SC-4-1-157
RAGSDALE, JOHN F.                      SC-4-3-581
RAINEY, BENJAMIN                       SC-4-A-136
RAINWATER, DAVID T.                    SC-4-3-258
RAMSAY, ALEXANDER                      SC-4-A-298
RANKIN, MARGARET P.                    SC-4-4-273
RANKIN, MARTHA A.                      SC-4-4-327
RANKIN, MARY                           SC-4-3-437
RANSON, WILLIAM                        SC-4-6-482
RAVENEL, SARAH                         SC-4-6-389
REECE, WILLIAM G.                      SC-4-B-367
REECE, WILLIAM G.                      SC-4-1-399
REED, ALFRED ELKIN                     SC-4-3-649
REED, GEORGE W.                        SC-4-A-385
REED, JACOB P. (JUDGE)                 SC-4-3-767
REED, JAMES M.                         SC-4-5-183
REED, JESSE                            SC-4-3-435
REED, MOSES                            SC-4-4-410
REED, NATHANIEL                        SC-4-C-150
REED, T. C. (MRS.)                     SC-4-4-426
REESE, GEORGE                          SC-4-B-68
REESE, GEORGE                          SC-4-1-83
REESE, THOMAS (REV.)                   SC-4-C-92
REESE, THOMAS SIDNEY                   SC-4-C-129
REESE, WILLIAM                         SC-4-2B-48
REEVES, BURGES                         SC-4-A-130
REEVES, JOHN A.                        SC-4-4-252
REEVES, MARY E.                        SC-4-4-230
REEVES,R. W.                           SC-4-4-60
REID, ELIZABETH                        SC-4-4-47
REID, ELIZABETH                        SC-4-3-709
REID, HUGH                             SC-4-A-347
REID, THOMAS L.                        SC-4-4-486
RENIX,MIKE C.                          SC-4-3-665
RENNICK, MARY                          SC-4-5-260
REVE, ELIZA D.                         SC-4-3-342
RHODES, CLARINDA                       SC-4-5-131
RICE, AMAZIAH (REV.)                   SC-4-3-644
RICE, HEZEKIAH SR.                     SC-4-3-58
RICE, ROBERT                           SC-4-6-498
RICHARDS, BETSEY                       SC-4-1-302
RICHARDS, BETSY                        SC-4-B-269
RICHARDSON, DAVID                      SC-4-1-265
RICHARDSON, DAVID                      SC-4-B-237
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       SC-4-3-537
RICHARDSON, MATHIAS                    SC-4-A-349
RICHARDSON, MATTHIAS                   SC-4-3-370
RICHARDSON, S. T.                      SC-4-5-287
RICHARDSON, TURNER                     SC-4-1-94
RICHARDSON, TURNER                     SC-4-B-77
RICHARDSON, TURNER                     SC-4-2B-36
RICHEY, JOHN                           SC-4-1-65
RICHIE, JOHN                           SC-4-B-53
RILEY, HEZEKIAH                        SC-4-B-265
RILEY, HEZEKIAH                        SC-4-1-298
RILEY, RUTH                            SC-4-3-68
ROBERTS, BOWMAN                        SC-4-4-289
ROBERTSON, ALFRED Q.                   SC-4-6-610
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                   SC-4-3-597
ROBINOSN, R. B. A.                     SC-4-6-207
ROBINSON, ANNIE                        SC-4-3-432
ROBINSON, ELIZA                        SC-4-4-348
ROBINSON, JAMES A.                     SC-4-3-757
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                       SC-4-4-352
ROBINSON, LETY M.                      SC-4-5-431
ROBINSON, RICHARD B.                   SC-4-3-774
ROBINSON, SARAH E.                     SC-4-4-612
ROBINSON,MARTIN                        SC-4-4-71
ROCHESTER, LOUISA                      SC-4-3-170
ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL                   SC-4-3-153
RODGERS, J. W.                         SC-4-1-250
RODGERS, JEREMIAH W.                   SC-4-B-227
ROE, JOHN                              SC-4-A-32
ROE, RUFUS M.                          SC-4-6-117
ROGERS, DAVID                          SC-4-4-617
ROGER,S H. D.                          SC-4-6-72
ROGERS, J. B.                          SC-4-4-313
ROGERS, JOHN                           SC-4-3-576
ROGERS, JOHN P.                        SC-4-3-196
ROGERS, JOSEPH T.                      SC-4-3-12
ROGERS, LARKIN                         SC-4-3-91
ROGERS, NANCY                          SC-4-1-433
ROGERS, NANCY                          SC-4-B-357
ROGERS, SARAH J.                       SC-4-4-462
ROGERS, WILLIAM ST.                    SC-4-1-296
ROGES, SARAH                           SC-4-2B-38
ROSAMOND, SAMUEL                       SC-4-A-141
ROSS, ANTHONY W. (REV.)                SC-4-3-143
RUCKER, E. M.                          SC-4-6-540
RUSSELL, FLORENCE SCOTT                SC-4-6-230
RUSSELL, JOHN                          SC-4-2B-13
RUSSELL, MARTHA J.                     SC-4-4-282
RUSSELL, MATTHEW                       SC-4-A-156
RYKAD, DAVID                           SC-4-A-356
SADLER, DAVID                          SC-4-4-309
SADLER, RUFUS E.                       SC-4-4-37
SAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      SC-4-4-500
SAYLOR, LEONARD                        SC-4-A-133
SCOTT, JANE B.                         SC-4-6-74
SCOTT, JOHN                            SC-4-B-56
SCOTT, JOHN                            SC-4-1-69
SCUDDY, A. E.                          SC-4-1-81
SCUDDY, AUGUSTINE E.                   SC-4-B-66
SEABORN, ELIZA EARLE                   SC-4-5-570
SEABORN, HANNAH E.                     SC-4-4-78
SEABORN, SARAH                         SC-4-3-727
SEAWRIGHT, WILLIAM W.                  SC-4-4-132
SEGO, ROBERT                           SC-4-A-117
SHANKLIN, JOSEPH V.                    SC-4-3-102
SHARPE, W. S.                          SC-4-5-461
SHAW, A. J.                            SC-4-5-71
SHAW, JANE                             SC-4-6-595
SHAW, W. S.                            SC-4-4-460
SHEARER, J. W.                         SC-4-6-418
SHELTON, AARON                         SC-4-A-159
SHELTON, LEWIS                         SC-4-C-30
SHERAN, THOMAS A.                      SC-4-5-301
SHERIFF, JOHN                          SC-4-3-210
SHERRARD, ALEXANDER                    SC-4-A-100
SHERRILL, LEWIS                        SC-4-1-119
SHERRILL, LEWIS                        SC-4-B-101
SHIRLEY, A. P.                         SC-4-4-381
SHIRLEY, J. M.                         SC-4-6-59
SHIRLEY, JOHN                          SC-4-5-218
SHIRLEY, JOHN                          SC-4-4-535
SHIRLEY, JOHN                          SC-4-A-91
SHIRLEY, JOHN J.                       SC-4-6-603
SHIRLEY, NATHANIEL A.                  SC-4-5-617
SHIRLEY, OBEDIAH                       SC-4-5-197
SHIRLEY,A . P.                         SC-4-5-248
SHOCKLEY, THOMAS                       SC-4-2B-11
SIDDALL, JESSE                         SC-4-A-340
SILMON, BENJAMIN                       SC-4-A-26
SIMMS, JAMES                           SC-4-C-42
SIMPSON, ANNA T.                       SC-4-4-647
SIMPSON, AUGUSTUS                      SC-4-3-42
SIMPSON, JOHN                          SC-4-A-402
SIMPSON, JOHN                          SC-4-A-88
SIMPSON, MARTHA B.                     SC-4-3-750
SIMPSON, R. F. (MAJ.)                  SC-4-4-89
SINKLEY, ---                           SC-4-C-22
SITTON, AMY W.                         SC-4-6-510
SITTON, JOHN                           SC-4-3-232
SITTON, JOHN B.                        SC-4-5-59
SITTON, JOHN P.                        SC-4-5-637
SITTON, W. D.                          SC-4-4-79
SKELTON, A. B.                         SC-4-4-629
SKELTON, ELIZA C.                      SC-4-6-422
SKELTON, JOHN W. B.                    SC-4-5-227
SKELTON, THOMAS                        SC-4-1-337
SKELTON, THOMAS                        SC-4-B-296
SLOAN, DAVID                           SC-4-A-306
SLOAN, E. R.                           SC-4-6-391
SLOAN, JOHN B.                         SC-4-3-106
SLOAN, NANCY                           SC-4-B-339
SLOAN, NANCY E.                        SC-4-3-417
SLOAN, SUSAN                           SC-4-B-336
SLOAN, SUSAN (MRS)                     SC-4-1-395
SLOAN,NANCY                            SC-4-1-400
SMITH, AARON JOHN                      SC-4-3-180
SMITH, ANDERSON A.                     SC-4-3-229
SMITH, ARTHUR W.                       SC-4-4-601
SMITH, DAVIS                           SC-4-1-402
SMITH, DAVIS                           SC-4-B-368
SMITH, EPHRAIM                         SC-4-4-153
SMITH, GRIFFON                         SC-4-5-473
SMITH, HANNAH                          SC-4-4-168
SMITH, J. MUNROE                       SC-4-4-590
SMITH, JESSE R.                        SC-4-4-446
SMITH, JOHN                            SC-4-B-235
SMITH, JOHN                            SC-4-1-263
SMITH, JOHN                            SC-4-C-10
SMITH, JOHN                            SC-4-2B-6
SMITH, JOHN C.                         SC-4-5-605
SMITH, JONATHAN                        SC-4-A-352
SMITH, JOSE                            SC-4-5-29
SMITH, JOSEPH                          SC-4-2B-17
SMITH, MARTHA                          SC-4-6-319
SMITH, MARY ELIZA NORTH                SC-4-3-178
SMITH, MARY J.                         SC-4-6-346
SMITH, NIMROD                          SC-4-B-211
SMITH, POLLY                           SC-4-3-514
SMITH, SAMUEL                          SC-4-A-62
SMITH, SIMEON                          SC-4-3-528
SMITH, W. B.                           SC-4-6-131
SMITH, W. R.                           SC-4-6-368
SMITH, W. W.                           SC-4-5-523
SMITH, WHITAKER                        SC-4-2B-42
SMITH, WILLIAM                         SC-4-B-239
SMITH, WILLIAM                         SC-4-1-268
SMITH, WILLIAM                         SC-4-3-673
SMITH,NIMROD SR.                       SC-4-1-232
SMITHSON, MICAJAH                      SC-4-A-268
SNIPES, ELISHA                         SC-4-6-106
SNIPES, MATTHEW                        SC-4-4-386
SPEARMAN, BENJAMIN J.                  SC-4-3-738
SPEARMAN, DAVID D.                     SC-4-3-659
SPEARMAN, EDMUND                       SC-4-A-49
SPEARMAN, J. W.                        SC-4-6-527
SPRAY, THOMAS                          SC-4-B-209
SPRAY, THOMAS                          SC-4-1-231
STACK, F. J.                           SC-4-4-398
STANTON, C. B.                         SC-4-4-379
STANTON, GEORGE                        SC-4-B-179
STANTON, GEORGE                        SC-4-1-199
STANTON, MATHIAS                       SC-4-3-297
STARKE, ELIZABETH G.                   SC-4-1-377
STEEL, ISAAC                           SC-4-A-29
STEELE, JANE                           SC-4-2B-27
STEELE, WILLIAM                        SC-4-A-255
STEPHENS, MATILDA A.                   SC-4-5-76
STEPHENSON, ALEXANDER                  SC-4-A-403
STEPHENSON, DAVID                      SC-4-A-293
STEPHENSON, JOSEPH                     SC-4-1-54
STEPHENSON, JOSEPH                     SC-4-B-46
STEPHENSON, ROBERT                     SC-4-2B-16
STEVENS, JOHN                          SC-4-A-119
STEVENSON, ANDREW                      SC-4-1-461
STEVENSON, ANDREW                      SC-4-B-392
STEVENSON, ANDREW T.                   SC-4-3-166
STEVENSON, ELBERT J.                   SC-4-3-222
STEVENSON, JAMES                       SC-4-3-405
STEVENSON, JOHN ANDREW                 SC-4-6-114
STEVENSON, JOHN J.                     SC-4-3-468
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                     SC-4-A-333
STIGALL, HENSLEY                       SC-4-A-305
STONE, L. M.                           SC-4-5-661
STONE, WILLIAM H.                      SC-4-4-23
STOREY, CHARLES                        SC-4-B-1
STORY, CHARLES                         SC-4-1-1
STRANGE, JANE ELIZABETH                SC-4-3-306
STRAWTHER, THEODISIA                   SC-4-B-350
STRAWTHER, THEODOSIA                   SC-4-1-419
STRIBLING, THOMAS                      SC-4-A-240
STRICKLAND, JOHNB.                     SC-4-4-43
STUART, ADAM                           SC-4-3-145
SUBER, ANDREW H.                       SC-4-3-98
SUBER, HENERY F.                       SC-4-3-276
SULLIVAN, H. K.                        SC-4-5-134
SULLIVAN, J. P.                        SC-4-6-384
SWILLING, HARRIET L.                   SC-4-4-237
SWORDS, JOHN                           SC-4-A-424
SYMMES, F. W.                          SC-4-B-373
SYMMES, F. W. (DR.)                    SC-4-1-425
TALIAFERRO, WARREN                     SC-4-A-198
TALIAFERRO, ZACHARIAS                  SC-4-A-379
TATE, JAMES                            SC-4-A-107
TATUM, EDWARD                          SC-4-A-128
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         SC-4-1-335
TAYLOR, JOSEPH (COL.)                  SC-4-B-294
TAYLOR, NANCY                          SC-4-3-113
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                         SC-4-C-136
TEAGUE, ELIJAH                         SC-4-3-315
TELFORD, JAMES                         SC-4-3-11
TELFORD, ROBERT                        SC-4-A-350
TELFORD, WILLIAM                       SC-4-4-56
TENIE, WILLIAM H.                      SC-4-4-221
TERRILL, AARON                         SC-4-A-178
THOMPSON, ALONZO                       SC-4-3-734
THOMPSON, BEVERLY L.                   SC-4-3-231
THOMPSON, JAMES                        SC-4-C-23
THOMPSON, JANE S.                      SC-4-6-29
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                       SC-4-A-118
THOMPSON, MARY                         SC-4-C-163
THOMPSON, MATHEW                       SC-4-C-7
TIPPEN, JOHN                           SC-4-A-228
TIPPINS, WILLIAM                       SC-4-A-344
TODD, MARY                             SC-4-3-217
TODD, N. E.                            SC-4-6-259
TODD, OLIVER                           SC-4-3-304
TODD, ROBERT                           SC-4-B-170
TODD, ROBERT                           SC-4-1-190
TOWERS, DNAIEL R.                      SC-4-A-427
TRAYNUM, LAZARUS                       SC-4-1-404
TRAYNUM, LAZARUS                       SC-4-B-341
TRIBBLE, J. L.                         SC-4-6-405
TRIPP, WILLIAM                         SC-4-1-212
TRIPP, WILLIAM                         SC-4-B-192
TROTTER, ROBERT SR.                    SC-4-A-140
TRUSSELL, POSEY                        SC-4-1-441
TRUSSELL, POSEY                        SC-4-B-348
TUCKER, BARTLEY                        SC-4-1-123
TUCKER, BARTLEY                        SC-4-B-105
TUCKER, R. J.                          SC-4-6-337
TUCKER, U. S. (MISS)                   SC-4-6-567
TUCKER, WILLIAM                        SC-4-3-408
TURNER, JAMES                          SC-4-C-79
TURPIN, WILLIAM                        SC-4-1-21
TURPIN, WILLIAM                        CHARLESTON, SC                          SC-4-B-18
TWILL, HARRY                           SC-4-C-124
VANCE, DANDY                           SC-4-5-365
VANDIVER, AARON                        SC-4-3-667
VANDIVER, ESTER                        SC-4-3-478
VANDIVER, FRANCES A.                   SC-4-6-339
VANDIVER, H. R.                        SC-4-6-14
VANDIVER, HOLLINGSWORTH                SC-4-2B-19
VANDIVER, M. E.                        SC-4-5-584
VANDIVER, SUSAN                        SC-4-3-125
VANN, MARTHA                           SC-4-2B-21
VANWYCK, LYDIA ANN                     SC-4-4-339
VANWYCK, WILLIAM                       SC-4-3-266
VESNER, JOHN                           SC-4-C-154
WADDLE, WILLIAM                        SC-4-B-191
WADDLE, WILLIAM                        SC-4-1-211
WADDLETON, PETER                       SC-4-4-319
WADE, DAVID                            SC-4-A-18
WAGINGTON, JOHN                        SC-4-3-317
WAKEFIELD, HENNERY                     SC-4-C-166
WAKEFIELD, MARY                        SC-4-A-79
WAKEFIELD, PATEICNE A.                 SC-4-5-445
WALKER, ELEANOR J.                     SC-4-4-232
WALTERS, ELMIRA                        SC-4-4-16
WALTERS, FLEMMING                      SC-4-1-238
WANSLOW, LEANNA                        SC-4-4-564
WARDLAND, LIZZIE                       SC-4-3-684
WARDLAW, BETSEY                        SC-4-B-287
WARDLAW, BETSEY                        SC-4-1-325
WARDLAW, JAMES                         SC-4-1-384
WARDLAW, JAMES                         SC-4-B-332
WARDLAW, JAMES L.                      SC-4-3-480
WARLEY, FELIX                          SC-4-6-398
WARNOCK, JAMES                         SC-4-B-120
WARNOCK, JAMES                         SC-4-1-141
WARNOCK, JOHN                          SC-4-1-149
WARNOCK, JOHN                          SC-4-B-129
WARREN, SAMUEL                         SC-4-B-122
WARREN, SAMUEL                         SC-4-1-142
WATERS, E. L. (MRS.)                   SC-4-3-736
WATKINS, DAVID                         SC-4-A-115
WATKINS, JAMES (COLORED)               SC-4-5-99
WATKINS, JOSEPH SR.                    SC-4-2B-33
WATKINS, THOMAS C.                     SC-4-3-105
WATKINS, WILLIS C.                     SC-4-6-516
WATSON, ANNA M.                        SC-4-4-584
WATSON, DANIEL K.                      SC-4-4-185
WATSON, DAVID                          SC-4-1-162
WATSON, DAVID                          SC-4-B-144
WATSON, ELIZABETH M.                   SC-4-4-426
WATSON, JAMES                          SC-4-1-242
WATSON, JAMES                          SC-4-B-220
WATSON, JONATHAN SR.                   SC-4-A-232
WATSON, THOMAS                         SC-4-1-153
WATSON, THOMAS                         SC-4-B-135
WATSON, W. G.                          SC-4-6-251
WATSON, WILLIAM B.                     SC-4-5-241
WATT, JOHN W.                          SC-4-4-452
WATTERS, FLEMING                       SC-4-B-216
WEBB, CHARLES                          SC-4-A-382
WEBB, E. W.                            SC-4-5-494
WEBB, EDMUND (DR.)                     SC-4-3-202
WEBB, ELIZABETH F.                     SC-4-6-180
WEBB, JAMES                            SC-4-4-502
WEBB, SAMUEL M.                        SC-4-5-159
WEBB, WARREN H.                        SC-4-3-62
WEBB, WARREN R.                        SC-4-3-16
WEBB, WILLIAM                          SC-4-B-293
WEBB, WILLIAM                          SC-4-1-333
WEBSTER, J. R.                         SC-4-1-116
WEBSTER, JAMES R.                      SC-4-B-95
WEED, MARGARET                         SC-4-A-81
WELBORN, CYNTHIA                       SC-4-5-368
WELBORN, THOMAS                        SC-4-3-290
WELBORN, W. W.                         SC-4-3-176
WELCH, DAVID                           SC-4-2B-14
WEST, J.                               SC-4-C-27
WEYMEN, JAMES B.                       SC-4-3-288
WHITE, BARTHOLOMEW                     SC-4-A-104
WHITE, BARTHOLOMEW                     SC-4-3-361
WHITE, HENRY N.                        SC-4-4-174
WHITE, NANCY J.                        SC-4-6-592
WHITE, THOMAS                          SC-4-B-369
WHITE, THOMAS                          SC-4-1-406
WHITE, THOMAS M.                       SC-4-5-32
WHITEFIELD, JOSEPH T.                  SC-4-B-388
WHITEFIELD, JOSEPH T. ESQ.             SC-4-1-455
WHITFIELD, LEWIS                       SC-4-3-34
WHITLEY, HENRIETTA                     SC-4-3-44
WHITMIRE, MICHAEL                      SC-4-C-101
WHITNER, JOSEPH                        SC-4-A-280
WHITNOR, E. H. (MRS.)                  SC-4-4-366
WHITT, DAVID R.                        SC-4-4-183
WHITTAKER, LEROY M.                    SC-4-4-467
WHITTEN, JOHN                          SC-4-A-354
WIGINGTON, ELIHU                       SC-4-5-255
WILBANKS, ISAAC                        SC-4-A-192
WILDEN, ELLEN TAYLOR                   SC-4-4-551
WILEY, JAMES                           SC-4-3-82
WILHITE, F. T.                         SC-4-6-75
WILHITE, P. A. (DR.)                   SC-4-5-111
WILKES, WARREN D.                      SC-4-4-96
WILLBANKS, HENRY                       SC-4-A-234
WILLIAMS, A.                           SC-4-3-284
WILLIAMS, ANNA                         SC-4-3-129
WILLIAMS, ELIZA (COLORED)              SC-4-5-442
WILLIAMS, IRA C.                       SC-4-5-413
WILLIAMS, JASPER                       SC-4-4-45
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA A.                   SC-4-6-54
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                      SC-4-1-63
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN                      SC-4-B-52
WILLIAMS, W. A.                        SC-4-3-589
WILLIAMSON, ELIZA                      SC-4-5-488
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                    SC-4-1-340
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                    SC-4-B-299
WILLIFORD, E. A. (MRS.)                SC-4-6-619
WILLIFORD, S. W.                       SC-4-6-386
WILLIFORD, W. H.                       SC-4-6-372
WILLSON, ANDREW                        SC-4-A-126
WILOSN, GEORGE W.                      SC-4-4-521
WILSON, HUGH (CAPT.)                   SC-4-3-150
WILSON, JAMES SR.                      SC-4-3-30
WILSON, JAMES W.                       SC-4-6-20
WILSON, JANE                           SC-4-1-295
WILSON, JANE                           SC-4-B-263
WILSON, JEPTHA F.                      SC-4-5-144
WILSON, JOHN                           SC-4-1-283
WILSON, JOHN                           SC-4-B-252
WILSON, JOHN (DR.)                     SC-4-5-52
WILSON, JOHN SR.                       SC-4-A-279
WILSON, MARTIN RILEY                   SC-4-3-138
WILSON, WILLIAM                        SC-4-A-398
WINTER, DINAH                          SC-4-1-147
WINTER, DINAH                          SC-4-B-128
WINTER, JOSEPH C.                      SC-4-5-526
WOOD, JESSE                            SC-4-C-35
WOODALL, JOHN SR.                      SC-4-A-67
WOODS, WILLIAM                         SC-4-A-174
WOODWARD, AGNES C.                     SC-4-5-626
WOOLBRIGHT, M. J. (MRS.)               SC-4-6-581
WRIGHT, ANN M                          SC-4-5-596
WRIGHT, LARKIN                         SC-4-B-92
WRIGHT, LARKIN                         SC-4-1-111
WRIGHT, TURNER T.                      SC-4-6-78
WRIGHT, W. P.                          SC-4-6-501
WYATT, ELIJAH                          SC-4-3-12
WYATT, JAMES T.                        SC-4-3-298
WYATT, REDMON FOSTER                   SC-4-3-302, 427
WYATT, REDMON GRIGSBY                  SC-4-3-1
WYATT, REDMOND F.                      SC-4-5-200
YEARGAN, NANCY                         SC-4-4-505
YOUNG, ANDREW                          SC-4-A-411
YOWELL, JAMES                          SC-4-A-180

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