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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: 1 = 1783 - 1815 | Vol 2 = 1815-1837 | Vol 3 = 1837-1855 | Vol 4 = 1855-1868 |
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ADAMS, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-123
ADAMSON, LYDIA                    SC-2-2-217
AGNEW, SAMUEL                     SC-1-1-42
AGNEW, SAMUEL                     SC-1-4-504
AKIN, NANCY AN                    SC-1-3-62
ALEXANDER, AARON                  SC-1-1-145
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                SC-1-1-138
ALLEN, GEORGE A.                  SC-1-4-306
ALLEN, JAMES                      SC-2-2-416
ALLEN, JAMES                      SC-1-1-19
ALLEN, JOHN E.                    SC-1-3-442
ALLEN, LEWIS                      SC-2-2-15
ALLEN, ROBERT                     SC-2-2-14
ALSTON, JAMES (MAJ.)              SC-1-3-294
ANDERSON, MARY                    SC-2-2-379
ANDERSON, RICHARD L.              SC-1-4-192
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                  SC-1-3-219
ANDERSON, THOMAS                  SC-1-3-18
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-274
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-236
ARMSTRONG, JOHN H.                SC-1-3-72
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL                 SC-1-1-380
ARNOLD, A. B. (DR.)               SC-1-3-394
ARNOLD, JAMES                     SC-2-2-364
ARNOLD, JONATHAN                  SC-1-3-33
ASHBY, JOSHUA                     SC-1-3-42
ASHBY, WILLIAM                    SC-1-3-239
ASHLEY, JOHN ANDREW               SC-1-3-16
ASHLEY, MOSES                     SC-1-4-127
ATKINS, FRANCIS                   SC-1-4-61
AUSTIN, ALEXANDER                 SC-1-4-434
AYER, JOHN SR.                    SC-2-2-61
BAILEY, JOAN                      SC-1-1-84
BAIRD, ADAM                       SC-1-1-341
BAIRD, JOHN B.                    SC-1-1-281
BAIRD, MARY                       SC-2-2-112
BAIRD, THOMAS                     SC-1-1-184
BAKER, CALEB                      SC-1-1-278
BAKER, JOHN                       SC-1-1-425
BAKER, WILLIAM S                  SC-1-4-345
BALL, ELIZABETH                   SC-2-2-182
BALL, ELIZABETH                   SC-2-2-30
BALL, LEWIS                       SC-2-2-8
BALL, NANCY                       SC-1-1-428
BALL, PETER                       SC-2-2-7
BALNER, JOHN                      SC-2-2-156
BANKS, RIVERS                     SC-1-1-257
BARKSDALE, BETSY                  SC-1-1-233
BARKSDALE, HICKERSON              SC-1-1-301
BARKSDALE, HIGGASON               SC-1-1-254
BARMORE, GEORGE                   SC-2-2-19
BARMORE, JAMES                    SC-2-2-276
BARMORE, WILLIAM                  SC-1-3-245
BARNES, CHRISTIAN V. SR.          SC-1-4-547
BARR, REBECCA                     SC-1-4-378
BARR, WILLIAM H.                  SC-1-3-60
BARRATT, JOHN P. (DR)             SC-1-4-236
BARRATT, LAVINA                   SC-1-4-237
BARTON, JOSEPH                    SC-1-1-395
BARTRAM, MARY                     SC-2-2-377
BASKIN, HUGH                      SC-1-1-182
BASKIN, JAMES S.                  SC-1-3-460
BASKIN, JOHN                      SC-1-3-388
BASS, HENRY                       SC-1-4-396
BATES, FLEMING                    SC-1-1-296
BATES, STEPHEN                    SC-1-1-9
BAYLE, MARY                       SC-1-1-127
BEALL, BENJAMIN                   SC-2-2-231
BEALL, SARAH L.                   SC-1-3-6
BEASELY, WILLIAM                  SC-1-3-473
BEATTY, WILLIAM W.                SC-2-2-203
BECK, HANNAH                      SC-1-1-422
BECK, WILLIAM                     SC-1-1-399
BELCHER, ROBERT E.                SC-1-3-286
BELCHER, WILLIAM W. JR.           SC-1-4-578
BELL, JOHN                        SC-1-1-423
BELL, MATHEW                      SC-1-1-287
BELL, SARAH                       SC-1-1-375
BENTLY, HENRY                     SC-1-3-298
BERAND, JOHN                      SC-1-1-234
BEVIL, MARY                       SC-1-4-156
BICKET, JOHN                      SC-1-4-462
BICKETT, JANE                     SC-1-4-319
BICKLEY, JOSEPH                   SC-2-2-23
BIGBBY, GEORGE                    SC-1-3-303
BIGBEE, ARCHIBALD                 SC-1-3-74
BIGLEY, SARAH                     SC-2-2-407
BLACK, ELIZABETH                  SC-1-4-636
BLACK, JAMES                      SC-1-3-146
BLACK, JAMES A.                   SC-2-2-381
BLACK, JOSEPH F.                  SC-1-4-80
BLACK, MARY                       SC-2-2-239
BLAIN, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-260
BLAIR, SAMUEL                     SC-1-1-440
BLAKE, JOHN                       SC-1-3-269
BOGGS, ELIZABETH                  SC-2-2-109
BOGGS, JOHN (REV.)                SC-1-3-223
BOLE, JOHN                        SC-1-1-144
BOND, ROBERT                      SC-1-1-41
BOOZER, HENRY                     SC-1-3-467
BOUCHILLEN, JEAN                  SC-2-2-66
BOUCHILLON, JOHN                  SC-1-1-17
BOUCHILLON, JOSEPH                SC-1-1-274
BOWEN, STARLING                   SC-2-2-131
BOWEN, STERLING                   SC-1-4-474
BOWIE, ARTHUR                     SC-1-3-180
BOWIE, FRANKLIN                   SC-1-4-284
BOWIE, JOHN SR.                   SC-2-2-234
BOWIE, RICHARD PRICE              SC-1-3-482
BOWMAN, JOHN                      SC-1-1-26
BOWMAN, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-30
BOYD, MARY                        SC-2-2-155
BOYD, WILLIAM SR.                 SC-1-1-281
BOZEMAN, SUSANNA                  SC-1-3-209
BRACKENRIDGE, DAVID               SC-1-3-152
BRADLEY, ISABEL                   SC-1-3-29
BRADLEY, PATRICK                  SC-2-2-286
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM                 SC-1-3-59
BRADY, ROBERT                     SC-1-4-109
BRANCH, SAMUEL                    SC-1-3-19
BRANSON, ELI                      SC-1-1-169
BRANSON, ELI (DR)                 SC-1-4-239
BRANYON, ALANSON W.               SC-1-4-425
BRANYON, ALEXANDER                SC-1-4-633
BREAZEAH, DRURY                   SC-2-2-118
BREAZEALE, WILLIS SR.             SC-1-1-124
BREDDEN, MARGERY                  SC-1-1-221
BRIGHTMAN, THOMAS SR.             SC-2-2-152
BRITT, JACOB B.                   SC-1-4-285
BROOKS, CHRISTOPHER               SC-2-2-91
BROOKS, CHRISTOPHER SR.           SC-1-1-150
BROOKS, SARAH R.                  SC-2-2-200
BROUGH, THOMAS                    SC-2-2-332
BROUGH, THOMAS                    SC-1-3-435
BROWN, CORNELIUS                  SC-1-1-93
BROWN, ELIZABETH                  SC-1-1-312
BROWN, JOSEPH                     SC-1-1-313
BROWN, JOSEPH                     SC-1-3-408
BROWN, SHADRACH                   SC-1-1-442
BROWN, WILLIAM SR.                SC-1-1-82
BROWNLEE, GEORGE                  SC-2-2-361
BROWNLEE, JAMES                   SC-1-1-218
BROWNLEE, JOHN                    SC-1-1-265
BROWNLEE, MARY                    SC-1-3-9
BROWNLEE, SAMUEL R                SC-1-4-339
BROWNLEE, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-341
BUCHANAN, JAMES                   SC-1-1-306
BUCHANAN, MARTHA                  SC-1-3-39
BUCHANAN, MARY                    SC-1-1-167
BUCHANAN, ROBERT                  SC-2-2-409
BUCHANAN, WILLAM                  SC-2-2-366
BUCHANNAN, PATRICK                SC-1-1-409
BUCHANNAN, ROBERT E.              SC-1-3-129
BUFORD, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-242
BULL, JOHN B.                     SC-1-4-136
BULL, SARAH                       SC-1-4-146
BURNETT, LITTLEBERRY              SC-1-3-386
BURTON, JOHN                      SC-2-2-368
BURTON, MOLLY                     SC-2-2-269
BURTON, WILLIAM L.                SC-1-4-596
BUTLER, WILLIAM                   SC-1-3-95
BUTLER, WILLIAM                   SC-1-4-487
BYRD, THOMAS B.                   SC-1-4-98
CAIN, MARY                        SC-1-3-174
CAIN, SAMPSON V.                  SC-1-4-182
CAINE, RICHARD                    SC-1-1-106
CAISE, MARIAH ELIZABETH           SC-1-1-258
CALDWELL, EDNA                    SC-1-3-493
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH               SC-1-1-450
CALDWELL, JAMES SR.               SC-1-1-310
CALDWELL, JOHN                    SC-1-1-208
CALDWELL, JOHN                    SC-2-2-13
CALDWELL, JOHN SR.                SC-1-1-139
CALDWELL, WILLIAM E.              SC-1-4-579
CALHOUN, DOWN                     SC-1-3-274
CALHOUN, HUGH                     SC-1-1-227
CALHOUN, JAMES                    SC-1-3-56
CALHOUN, JAMES SR.                SC-1-1-447
CALHOUN, JAMES SR.                SC-1-1-3
CALHOUN, JOSEPH (COL.)            SC-2-2-28
CALHOUN, MARTHA                   SC-2-2-356
CALHOUN, REBECCA                  SC-2-2-258
CALHOUN, WILLIAM                  SC-2-2-328
CALHOUN, WILLIAM                  SC-2-2-225
CALHOUN, WILLIAM                  SC-1-3-25
CALHOUN, WILLIAM L.               SC-1-4-178
CALLAHAN, JOHN                    SC-1-3-517
CALLIS, JAMES                     SC-1-1-426
CALVERT, JOHN                     SC-1-3-154
CAMBELL, JOHN                     SC-1-3-350
CAMPBELL, ELIZA                   SC-1-1-337
CAMPBELL, JOHN                    SC-2-2-135
CAMPBELL, JOHN                    SC-1-1-209
CAMPBELL, MARGERY                 SC-1-1-261
CANE, MARY                        SC-1-1-205
CANN, OBADIAH L.                  SC-1-4-320
CANNON, GEORGE J.                 SC-1-3-183
CARLILE, FRANCIS                  SC-1-4-159
CARMICHAEL, WILLIAM               SC-2-2-92
CARMICHAEL, WILLIAM               SC-1-1-257
CARSON, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-392
CARSON, WILLIAM JR.               SC-1-1-262
CARUTHERS, JAMES                  SC-2-2-160
CARUTHERS, MARTHA                 SC-1-1-143
CARWILLE, JOSIAH                  SC-1-3-28
CHALMERS, MARTHA                  SC-2-2-304
CHAMBERS, BENJAMIN                SC-2-2-221
CHAMBERS, JOHN SR.                SC-1-1-79
CHANDLER, JESSE                   SC-1-1-299
CHANEY, NATHAN                    SC-2-2-297
CHARLES, JOHN                     SC-1-4-626
CHATHAM, RICHARD                  SC-2-2-370
CHEATHAM, B. M.                   SC-1-4-584
CHEATHAM, JOHN L.                 SC-2-2-269
CHEATHAM, PETER                   SC-1-3-24
CHEATHAM, ROBERT                  SC-2-2-274
CHEATHAM, ROBERT                  SC-1-1-415
CHEATHAM, WILLIAM J.              SC-1-4-403
CHILD, JAMES W.                   SC-1-4-164
CHILD, ROBERT                     SC-1-3-130
CHILDS, SARAH E.                  SC-1-3-153
CHILES, BENJAMIN                  SC-2-2-126
CHILES, JAMES                     SC-1-1-286
CHILES, JOHN                      SC-1-1-434
CHILES, JOHN                      SC-2-2-9
CHILES, JOHN (MAJ.)               SC-1-3-150
CHILES, JOHN SR.                  SC-1-1-280
CHILES, JONATHAN                  SC-1-1-249
CHILES, NIMROD                    SC-1-1-348
CHILES, REUBEN                    SC-1-1-365
CHILES, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-298
CHILES, WILLIAM                   SC-1-3-247
CHIVES, MARGARET                  SC-2-2-394
CLARK, JOHN HOUSTON               SC-1-1-276
CLARK, MARY                       SC-1-1-270
CLARK, SAMUEL                     SC-1-1-283
CLARK, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-377
CLARK, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-39
CLARK, WILLIAM                    SC-1-3-40
CLARKE, BENJAMIN                  SC-1-1-157
CLARKE, JOHN                      SC-1-3-12
CLAY, ELIZABETH                   SC-1-4-516
CLAY, H. W.                       SC-1-4-180
CLAY, JOHN                        SC-2-2-250
CLINKSCALES, FRANCIS B.           SC-1-4-173
CLINKSCALES, GEORGE B.            SC-1-4-448
COBB, EDMUND                      SC-1-3-243
COBB, ELIZABETH                   SC-1-4-427
COBB, RICHMOND S.                 SC-1-4-472
COCHRAN, ANDREW                   SC-1-1-146
COCHRAN, DAVID                    SC-2-2-186
COCHRAN, JAMES                    SC-2-2-250
COCHRAN, JAMES                    SC-2-2-130
COCHRAN, JOHN                     SC-1-4-58
COCHRAN, JOHN                     SC-1-4-280
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                   SC-2-2-214
COCHRAN, SAMUEL W. SR.            SC-1-4-420
COCHRAN, THOMAS R.                SC-1-4-170
COLE, ISAAC                       SC-2-2-348
COLEMAN, PETER H.                 SC-2-2-31
COLHOUN, PATRICK                  SC-1-1-153
COLLIER, EDWARD                   SC-1-3-135
COLLIER, WILLIAM                  SC-1-1-418
COLLINS, CHALRES SR.              SC-2-2-372
COLLINS, CHARLES                  SC-2-2-367
CONEY, SAMUEL                     SC-1-1-176
CONN, GEORGE                      SC-2-2-66
CONNER, FRANCIS                   SC-2-2-374
CONNOR, GEORGE M.                 SC-1-4-315
COOK, SAMUEL G.                   SC-1-3-438
COOPER, JAMES                     SC-1-1-339
COUGHRAN, ANDREW                  SC-1-1-146
COVIN, DELILA                     SC-1-3-456
COVINGTON, RICHARD                SC-2-2-358
COWAN, ANDREW                     SC-1-1-12
COWAN, HANNAH                     SC-2-2-70
COWAN, ISAAC                      SC-2-2-300
COWAN, JOHN                       SC-1-1-310
COWAN, SAMUEL                     SC-1-3-447
COWANS, JOHN                      SC-1-1-85
COX, WILLIAM                      SC-1-1-375
COZBY, ROBERT                     SC-1-3-132
CRAWFORD, AGNES                   SC-1-3-55
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH               SC-1-1-349
CRAWFORD, ENOS                    SC-2-2-90
CRAWFORD, ESTER                   SC-1-3-220
CRAWFORD, GREEN B.                SC-1-3-30
CRAWFORD, JAMES F.                SC-1-4-479
CRAWFORD, NANCY                   SC-1-4-83
CRAYTON, MARY                     SC-1-3-33
CREMER, PHILIP                    SC-1-4-225
CRISWELL, GEORGE                  SC-2-2-277
CROWTHER, JAMES                   SC-1-4-456
CROWTHER, JAMES (REV.)            SC-2-2-267
CROWTHER, NANCY                   SC-1-3-1
CROZIER, JAMES                    SC-1-1-15
CROZIER, MICHAEL B.               SC-2-2-289
CRYMES, JOHN                      SC-2-2-110
CRYNNS, JOHN                      SC-2-2-162
CUMMINS,R OBERT                   SC-2-2-158
CUNINGHAM, AGNESS                 SC-1-1-389
CUNINGHAM, DAVID                  SC-1-1-102
CUNINGHAM, JAMES                  SC-1-1-237
CUNINGHAM, JANE                   SC-1-1-393
CUNNINGHAM, JANE                  SC-2-2-40
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                  SC-1-4-218
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT A.             SC-2-2-404
CUNNINGHAM, SARAH                 SC-1-3-300
CUYNNS, JOHN                      SC-2-2-213
DALE, JOHN                        SC-1-3-23
DALE, MARY                        SC-2-2-240
DANNELLY, JAME                    SC-1-3-490
DAVENPORT, JOHN                   SC-1-1-221
DAVINPORT, CHARLES ESQ.           SC-1-1-318
DAVIS, CHESLEY                    SC-2-2-377
DAVIS, DEMPSEY                    SC-2-2-128
DAVIS, EPHRAIM                    SC-1-4-148
DAVIS, GARAH                      SC-2-2-222
DAVIS, GEORGE A.                  SC-1-4-367
DAVIS, ISRAEL                     SC-2-2-27
DAVIS, JOHN                       SC-2-2-294
DAVIS, JOHN                       SC-1-4-121
DAVIS, MARTHA                     SC-1-1-288
DAVIS, MOSES                      SC-1-1-300
DAVIS, ROBERT M.                  SC-1-4-387
DAVIS, WILLIAMW.                  SC-2-2-71
DAY, LISKE                        SC-2-2-398
DEALE, JAMES                      SC-2-2-369
DELAHOWE, JOHN (DR.)              SC-2-2-198
DELECHEAUX, JACOB                 SC-1-1-34
DELPH, HENRY                      SC-2-2-163
DENDY, CHARLES                    SC-1-4-213
DENDY, THOMAS B.                  SC-1-3-338
DEVALL, SAMUEL                    SC-2-2-50
DEVLIN, JAMES                     SC-1-3-237
DEVLIN, JOHN                      SC-1-3-282
DEVLIN, WILLIAM B.                SC-1-3-182
DILSHAW, JAMES                    SC-2-2-97
DOBBS, JESSE                      SC-2-2-73
DODSON, ENOCH                     SC-2-2-12
DONALD, ALEXANDER                 SC-1-1-322
DONALD, JANE                      SC-1-3-425
DONALDSON, JENNET                 SC-1-1-383
DONALDSON, MATTHEW                SC-1-1-271
DONNALD, JOHN                     SC-1-3-499
DORRIS, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-55
DOUGLASS, AGNES                   SC-2-2-366
DOUGLASS, MARY                    SC-1-3-377
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM A.              SC-1-1-337
DOWNEY, JOHN                      SC-2-2-233
DOWTIN, THOMAS P.                 SC-1-3-474
DOZIER, JAMES                     SC-1-1-424
DRUMMOND, DANIEL                  SC-2-2-120
DRUMOND, BENJAMIN                 SC-1-1-281
DUBOSE, JOSHUA                    SC-1-4-276
DUNCAN, JAMES                     SC-1-1-431
DUNCAN, JAMES                     SC-2-2-207
DUNCAN, THOMAS M.                 SC-1-3-423
DUNKINS, JOHN                     SC-2-2-399
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-391
DUNN, ANDREW (DR)                 SC-1-4-464
DUNN, JAMES                       SC-1-1-302
DUNN, JANE                        SC-1-3-211
DUNN, JOHN                        SC-1-3-34
DUNN, ROBERT                      SC-1-3-114
DUNN, WILLIAM                     SC-1-4-90
DUNWOODY, SAMUEL                  SC-1-3-463
EAKINS, JOSEPH SR.                SC-1-3-175
EDGAR, JOHN                       SC-2-2-183
EDMISTON, JOHN                    SC-1-1-23
EDMUNDS, SAMUEL C.                SC-1-4-220
EDWARDS, ANDREW                   SC-1-1-46
ELGIN, ANN                        SC-1-1-119
ELGIN, CATY                       SC-2-2-262
ELLINGTON, DEWI                   SC-1-1-427
ELLIS, ROBERT                     SC-2-2-295
ELLIS, ROBERT                     SC-1-4-549
ELLISON, MARY A.                  SC-1-4-268
ELMORE, PROVIDENCE                SC-1-4-395
ENGLISH, ANDREW                   SC-1-1-307
ENGLISH, DANIEL                   SC-1-3-401
ENGLISH, JUNE                     SC-2-2-208
EVANS, EZEKIEL                    SC-1-1-334
EVANS, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-413
EWART, ANDREW                     SC-1-1-244
EYMERIE, JOHN                     SC-1-1-219
FINDLAY, JANE                     SC-1-3-134
FINLEY, THOMAS                    SC-2-2-301
FINNEY, BENJAMIN                  SC-2-2-204
FLINN, DAVID                      SC-1-3-228
FOOSHE, CHARLES                   SC-2-2-139
FOOSHE, JAMES A.                  SC-1-4-407
FOOSHE, ROBERT                    SC-1-3-135
FOOSHE, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-253
FOOSHEE, JOHN                     SC-1-3-84
FOOSHEE, SARAH                    SC-1-3-72
FOSTER, JEHU                      SC-1-1-385
FOSTER, JOHN E.                   SC-1-4-200
FOSTER, ROEBRT                    SC-2-2-282
FOSTER, SAMUEL SR.                SC-2-2-191
FOX, ELIZABETH                    SC-1-3-122
FOX, MARY                         SC-2-2-253
FRASER, DONALD                    SC-1-1-408
FRASER, JOHN                      SC-1-1-343
FRASER, JOHN G.                   SC-1-3-21
FRASER, MARY A.                   SC-1-4-197
FRAZEER, JAMES                    SC-1-3-52
FRAZIER, CHARITY                  SC-1-4-129
FRAZIER, WILLIAM                  SC-1-1-371
FREE, JOHN                        SC-1-4-372
FRITH, SUSANNAH                   SC-1-1-418
FRITTES, CATHARINE                SC-1-1-314
FULTON, THOMAS                    SC-1-4-95
FURR, HENRY                       SC-2-2-369
GABLE, HARMON                     SC-1-1-266
GAINES, EDMUND                    SC-1-1-439
GAINES, MARGARET                  SC-1-4-526
GAINS, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-293
GAMBLE, SAMUEL                    SC-1-1-295
GANT, BENJAMIN                    SC-1-1-279
GANT, WILLIAM                     SC-1-1-374
GANTT, CADOR                      SC-1-3-212
GANTT, FREDERICK                  SC-1-1-436
GARVIN, JOHN                      SC-1-3-202
GARY, MARTIN C.                   SC-1-4-514
GIBERT, PETER                     SC-1-1-448
GIBSON, ROBERT                    SC-2-2-4
GILES, ANDREW                     SC-1-4-590
GILES, ROBERT                     SC-2-2-32
GILESPIE, ANDREW                  SC-2-2-65
GILKEYSON, WILLIAM                SC-1-1-358
GILKISON, REBECCA                 SC-2-2-261
GILKISON, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-241
GILL, DANIEL                      SC-1-1-263
GILLAM, DAVID                     SC-1-3-42
GILLAM, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-3-384
GILMER, NANCY                     SC-1-3-253
GIVENS, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-4-69
GLASGOW, JAMES                    SC-1-3-242
GLASGOW, JOHN                     SC-1-3-75
GLOVER, FREDERICK                 SC-1-1-188
GLOVER, JANE                      SC-2-2-124
GLOVER, JOHN F.                   SC-2-2-74
GLOVER, WILLIAM H.                SC-2-2-285
GOLDING, REUBEN                   SC-2-2-340
GOLMAN, CATO                      SC-1-4-89
GONEDY, ROBERT                    SC-1-1-35
GORDON, ROBERT                    SC-1-1-425
GORDON, ROBERT C.                 SC-1-3-346
GORDON, THOMAS                    SC-1-3-451
GORLEY, JAMES                     SC-1-1-33
GOWDY, JOHN                       SC-1-3-141
GRAHAM, CHARLES N.                SC-1-4-365
GRAHAM, JAMES                     SC-2-2-4
GRAHAM, JAMES                     SC-2-2-185
GRAY, ARTHUR                      SC-2-2-211
GRAY, ELIZABETH                   SC-1-3-16
GRAY, FREDERICK                   SC-2-2-390
GRAY, JAMES                       SC-2-2-102
GRAY, JAMES                       SC-1-1-175
GRAY, JAMES A.                    SC-2-2-296
GRAY, JOHN                        SC-2-2-227
GRAY, JOHN                        SC-1-3-449
GRAY, JOHN H.                     SC-1-4-322
GRAY, REBECCA                     SC-2-2-162
GRAY, WILLAM                      SC-1-1-435
GREAR, DAVID                      SC-2-2-93
GREEN, PETER                      SC-1-1-171
GREEN, SARAH                      SC-1-1-371
GRIFFEN, OWEN                     SC-1-1-336
GRIFFEN, ROBERT                   SC-1-1-374
GRIFFIN, IRA                      SC-2-2-270
GRIFFIN, VINCENT                  SC-1-3-156
GROVES, JOSEPH                    SC-1-3-288
GUILLEBEAN, PIERRE                SC-1-3-469
GUILLEBEAU, ANDREW                SC-1-1-442
GULLREY, THOMAS SR.               SC-1-1-165
GUNNIN, BENJAMIN                  SC-1-1-400
HADDON, ABRAM JR.                 SC-1-4-498
HADDON, ABRAM SR.                 SC-1-4-511
HADDON, JAMES H.                  SC-1-4-326
HAERSTON, JANE                    SC-1-3-412
HAGOOD, REBECCA                   SC-2-2-176
HAIRSTON, JAMES R.                SC-2-2-342
HAIRSTON, WILLIAM                 SC-1-1-360
HALLUM, BASSIL                    SC-2-2-32
HAMILTON, ARCHIBALD               SC-1-1-137
HAMILTON, JOHN                    SC-1-3-16
HAMILTON, JOHN (CAPT.)            SC-1-1-317
HAMILTON, THOMAS                  SC-1-1-193
HAMPTON, E. W.                    SC-1-3-73
HANDLY, PETER                     SC-1-3-51
HANKS, LUKE                       SC-1-1-22
HANNAH, JEAN                      SC-1-1-261
HARDIN, RALPH                     SC-2-2-327A
HARDY, MILES                      SC-1-3-64
HARPER, JANE                      SC-1-3-395
HARPER, LYNDSEY                   SC-1-3-265
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-4-259
HARRIS, JOHN                      SC-2-2-63
HARRIS, JOHN                      SC-2-2-298
HARRIS, JOHN                      SC-1-1-40
HARRIS, ROBERT                    SC-1-1-407
HARRIS, THOMAS                    SC-2-2-213
HARRIS, THOMAS                    SC-1-4-471
HARRIS, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-192
HARRISON, NATHANIEL               SC-2-2-145
HARVICH, WILLIAM                  SC-2-2-165
HASLET, GEORGE                    SC-2-2-220
HASLET, NANCY                     SC-1-3-97
HATHORN, JAMES                    SC-1-1-399
HATHORN, THOMAS                   SC-1-3-80
HATTER, BENJAMIN                  SC-2-2-106
HAWKINS, JOHN                     SC-1-1-229
HAWTHORN, ANNE                    SC-1-1-134
HAYNIE, LOUISA                    SC-1-3-314
HEARD, RICHARED                   SC-2-2-8
HEARST, JOHN                      SC-1-3-197
HEARST, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-134
HEMPHILL, ANDREW                  SC-1-1-259
HENRY, FRANCIS                    SC-1-3-44
HERNDON, STEPHEN                  SC-1-3-216
HERRON, THOMAS                    SC-2-2-124
HILL, BENJAMIN                    SC-1-3-2
HILL, BLUFORD                     SC-2-2-173
HILL, HAMILTON                    SC-2-2-299
HILL, HAMILTON                    SC-1-3-1
HILL, JAMES                       SC-2-2-271
HILL, JOHN                        SC-1-1-419
HILL, JOHN                        SC-2-2-166
HILL, JOSEPH                      SC-2-2-186
HILL, MARY                        SC-1-4-67
HILL, RICHARD                     SC-1-3-44
HILL, THOMAS                      SC-2-2-148
HILL, UEL                         SC-2-2-310
HILL, WILLIAM P.                  SC-1-4-374
HINTON, ASBURY                    SC-1-4-417
HODGE, THOMAS                     SC-1-4-301
HODGES, ELIZABETH                 SC-2-2-26
HODGES, JAMES SR.                 SC-2-2-248
HODGES, JOHN                      SC-2-2-342
HODGES, N. W.                     SC-1-3-38
HOLLOWAY, GEORGE                  SC-1-3-148
HOLLYMAN, JOSEPH                  SC-1-3-22
HOPPER, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-3-229
HOSE, ELIZABETH                   SC-2-2-393
HOUSTON, ALEXANDER                SC-1-3-519
HOUSTON, BENJAMIN                 SC-2-2-15
HOUSTON, JOHN                     SC-1-1-273
HOUSTON, JOHN                     SC-1-1-97
HOUSTON, MARTHA                   SC-1-3-352
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                  SC-1-1-423
HOWE, JOHN DE LA (DR.)            SC-2-2-334
HOWE, JOHN DE LA                  SC-1-1-160
HOWE, JOHN DE LA (DR.)            SC-2-2-198
HOWE, JOHN DE LA (DR.)            SC-2-2-286
HOWELL, LUCY                      SC-1-3-224
HOWLET, PINNIX                    SC-2-2-27
HUCKABEE, GREEN W.                SC-1-4-272
HUDDIN, JOHN                      SC-2-2-371
HUEY, JAMES                       SC-1-3-124
HUEY, JOHN B.                     SC-2-2-331
HUGGINS, WILLIAM                  SC-1-1-241
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-3-410
HUGHEY, WILLIAM M.                SC-1-4-483
HUGHS, CATHARINE                  SC-1-1-168
HULL, SARAH                       SC-2-2-365
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                 SC-1-4-536
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-3-160
HUNTER, JOHN                      SC-1-3-457
HUSTON, JAMES                     SC-1-1-269
HUTCHESON, WILLIAM JR.            SC-1-1-164
HUTCHISON, JAMES                  SC-2-2-126
HUTCHISON, JOHN W.                SC-1-4-461
HUTCHISON, WILLIAM                SC-1-1-320
HUTTON, REBECCA                   SC-1-1-430
HUTTON, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-378
IRVIN, JOHN CALHOUN               SC-1-4-412
IRWIN, ELIZABETH                  SC-2-2-348
IRWIN, ELIZABETH                  SC-2-2-349
IRWIN, ELIZABETH                  SC-1-4-210
IRWIN, FRANCIS                    SC-2-2-239
IRWIN, JAMES                      SC-1-4-418
IRWIN, SAMUEL                     SC-1-3-431
JACKSON, ABEL                     SC-1-1-319
JARRET, THOMAS                    SC-1-1-327
JAY, ABIGAIL                      SC-1-3-502
JAY, WILLIAM                      SC-1-4-489
JEFFRIES, NATHANIEL               SC-1-1-107
JENNINGS, CALEB                   SC-2-2-20
JENNINGS, ROBERT F.               SC-1-3-231
JOHNSON, GIDEON JAME              SC-1-4-312
JOHNSON, HENRY                    SC-2-2-303
JOHNSON, ISAIAH                   SC-1-3-111
JOHNSON, JAMES                    SC-1-4-188
JOHNSON, JONATHAN                 SC-1-4-534
JOHNSON, JONATHAN                 SC-1-3-177
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                   SC-2-2-411
JOHNSON, THOMAS                   SC-2-2-376
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                 SC-2-2-77
JONES, ADAM COLIN SR.             SC-2-2-79
JONES, D. F.                      SC-1-4-598
JONES, HARRIS                     SC-1-1-259
JONES, ISAIAH                     SC-2-2-292
JONES, JAMES Y.                   SC-1-3-207
JONES, JOHN                       SC-2-2-267
JONES, JOHN                       SC-1-1-381
JONES, JOSEPH                     SC-1-1-382
JONES, JOSEPH P.                  SC-1-3-113
JONES, MARY                       SC-2-2-209
JONES, MOSES                      SC-1-3-213
JONES, S. T. C. P.                SC-1-3-444
JONES, SAMUEL                     SC-1-3-122
JONSTON, JAMES                    SC-1-1-408
KAY, ELIAS                        SC-1-4-610
KAY, JAMES (REV.)                 SC-1-4-205
KAY, MARY                         SC-1-4-485
KAY, ROBERT H.                    SC-1-3-65
KEAS, MALSOM                      SC-2-2-117
KELLY, MICHEL                     SC-2-2-345
KELSER, JOHN                      SC-1-3-357
KEMELY, MARY                      SC-2-2-138
KEMP, WILEY                       SC-1-3-453
KENNEDY, DAVID                    SC-1-1-429
KENNEDY, ISAAC                    SC-1-4-556
KENNEDY, JOSEPH (DR.)             SC-1-1-141
KERR, DAVID                       SC-2-2-357
KERR, MARY                        SC-1-1-304
KERR, WILLAM SR.                  SC-1-1-201
KIDD, GEORGE                      SC-2-2-237
KING, BENJAMIN                    SC-1-1-5
KLUGH, PASCHAL D.                 SC-1-4-600
KNOX, ROBERT P.                   SC-1-4-502
KOLB, JOSEPH                      SC-2-2-153
LAKE, JOHN E.                     SC-1-4-354
LANE, SAMUEL                      SC-1-1-314
LATHUS, JOHN L.                   SC-1-3-516
LATIMER, CLEMENT T.               SC-1-3-503
LAWSON, JONAS                     SC-1-1-322
LAWSON, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-355
LEACY, ZILPHA                     SC-1-1-302
LEANY, JOHN                       SC-1-1-323
LEE, STEPHEN                      SC-1-4-468
LESLEY, AGNESS                    SC-2-2-384
LESLEY, JOSEPH                    SC-1-3-280
LESLY, DAVID                      SC-1-3-426
LESLY, JAMES                      SC-1-1-363
LESLY, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-113
LESLY, WILLIAM                    SC-1-4-623
LEVISTON, GEORGE                  SC-1-1-211
LEWALLEN, RICHARD M.              SC-1-1-283
LIDDELL, GEORGE                   SC-1-1-32
LIDDELL, JAMES                    SC-2-2-157
LIDDELL, JAMES                    SC-1-1-177
LILLY, DAVID                      SC-1-1-351
LINDSAY, JOHN                     SC-1-3-26
LINDSAY, THOMAS                   SC-2-2-115
LINK, THOMAS                      SC-1-1-372
LIPFORD, ASA                      SC-2-2-194
LIPFORD, ROYAL N.                 SC-2-2-48
LIPSCOMB, JEMIMA                  SC-1-3-255
LIPSCOMB, NATHAN                  SC-2-2-98
LIPSCOMB, THOMAS                  SC-2-2-140
LISLY, JAMES                      SC-2-2-54
LITTLE, PIERCE                    SC-1-4-154
LITTLE, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-24
LIVINGSTON, JANE                  SC-1-1-432
LIVINGSTON, JOHN F. (M.D.)        SC-1-4-609
LIVINGSTON, THOMAS                SC-1-1-376
LOCKHART, JAMES                   SC-1-3-68
LOCKHART, JAMES T.                SC-1-4-342
LOGAN, ANDREW                     SC-1-1-394
LOGAN, ANDREW                     SC-1-1-10
LOGAN, ANDREW                     SC-1-4-64
LOGAN, ANDREW J.                  SC-1-3-272
LOGAN, ISAAC                      SC-2-2-178
LOGAN, JAMES (COL.)               SC-2-2-326
LOGAN, JOHN (DR)                  SC-1-4-568
LOMAX, AARON                      SC-1-3-213
LOMAX, GEORGE SR.                 SC-1-3-78
LOMAX, GEORGE W.                  SC-1-4-401
LOMAX, JAMES JR.                  SC-2-2-355
LOMAX, JAMES SR.                  SC-2-2-350
LOMAX, L. H. JR.                  SC-1-3-31
LOMAX, LUCY                       SC-1-3-382
LONG, ELIZABETH                   SC-1-4-566
LONG, JAMES                       SC-1-1-346
LONG, JOHN READ                   SC-2-2-62
LONG, WILLIAM                     SC-1-3-344
LOOSK, JAJMES                     SC-1-1-299
LOVELESS, NOAH                    SC-2-2-263
LYNCH, AARON W. (DR)              SC-1-4-617
LYON, EDWARD                      SC-2-2-140
LYON, ELIJAH                      SC-1-3-59
LYON, JOSEPH                      SC-1-3-262
LYON, NATHANIEL M.                SC-1-3-381
LYON, SAMUEL                      SC-1-1-443
MACKLIN, JAMES                    SC-2-2-111
MADDOX, HENLEY                    SC-1-1-325
MADDOX, JENNET                    SC-1-1-441
MAGEE, ABNER JR.                  SC-1-4-344
MALONE, NIDUS                     SC-1-4-507
MALROY, WILLAM                    SC-1-1-285
MANISON, WILLIAM                  SC-1-3-369
MANN, JOHN                        SC-2-2-275
MANN, MICHAEL S.                  SC-1-4-330
MANS, WILLIAM                     SC-1-3-355
MANTZ, CHRISTOPHER W.             SC-1-3-334
MANTZ, MARY P.                    SC-1-4-74
MARBUT, JOHN                      SC-1-4-532
MARGY, ROBERT                     SC-2-2-154
MARION, NATHANIEL                 SC-1-3-5
MARK, BALTHASER                   SC-1-1-25
MARSHAL, JOHN                     SC-1-1-9
MARSHALL, GEORGE                  SC-1-3-340
MARSHALL, ISABELLA                SC-1-4-249
MARSHALL, J. FOSTER               SC-1-4-350
MARSHALL, JOHN                    SC-2-2-167
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                  SC-1-3-465
MARSHALL, SAMUEL (DR)             SC-1-4-288
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                 SC-2-2-300
MARTIN, CHARLES                   SC-1-1-368
MARTIN, CHARLES                   SC-2-2-71
MARTIN, JACOB                     SC-1-4-410
MARTIN, JANET                     SC-1-1-402
MARTIN, JOHN                      SC-2-2-119
MARTIN, NANCY                     SC-1-3-238
MARTIN, NANCY                     SC-1-3-46
MARTIN, ROBERT                    SC-1-1-389
MARTIN, ROBERT                    SC-1-3-172
MARTIN, THOMAS P.                 SC-2-2-227
MARTIN, THOMAS P.                 SC-2-2-226
MARTIN, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-204
MARTIN, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-42
MATHEWS, JOHN                     SC-1-1-102
MATHEWS, JOSEPH C.                SC-1-3-478
MATHEWS, MARGARET                 SC-1-4-278
MATTESON, SUSANNAH                SC-2-2-362
MATTHEWS, DAVID                   SC-1-3-284
MATTHEWS, JANE                    SC-1-4-451
MATTHEWS, JOHN                    SC-1-4-152
MATTHEWS, JOSEPH                  SC-2-2-212
MATTHEWS, VICTOR                  SC-1-1-141
MATTISON, JOHN                    SC-2-2-416
MATTISON, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-400
MATTISON, WILLIAM N.              SC-1-4-477
MAXFIELD, SUSANA                  SC-1-1-109
MAXWELL, HUGH                     SC-1-3-296
MAXWELL, JOHN                     SC-1-1-332
MAYNARD, JAMES M.                 SC-1-3-241
MAYNE, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-72
MAYSON, JAMES                     SC-1-1-250
MAYSON, JAMES ROBERT              SC-1-1-309
MAYSON, JOHN C.                   SC-2-2-38
MCALLISTER, JAMES G.              SC-2-2-24
MCALLISTER, WILLIAM               SC-1-3-162
MCBRIDE, JANE A.                  SC-1-3-4
MCBRIDE, THOMAS                   SC-1-1-211
MCBRYDE, JOHN                     SC-1-3-400
MCCALLA, JOHN                     SC-1-3-8
MCCARTER, MOSES                   SC-1-1-6
MCCASLAN, ROBERT                  SC-1-3-249
MCCELERY, JAMES                   SC-2-2-314
MCCLAIN, JOHN                     SC-1-4-383
MCCLELLAN, JOHN                   SC-1-4-389
MCCLINTON, JAMES R.               SC-1-4-73
MCCLINTON, MATTHEW                SC-1-3-406
MCCLINTON, ROBERT                 SC-2-2-320
MCCLINTON, SAMUEL                 SC-1-1-353
MCCOLLOUGH, JAMES                 SC-1-1-306
MCCOMB, HANNAH                    SC-1-4-440
MCCOMB, ROBERT                    SC-2-2-329
MCCOMB, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-387
MCCONN, CATHARINE                 SC-1-3-330
MCCORD, ELLEN                     SC-1-3-430
MCCORD, JOHN                      SC-1-1-331
MCCORD, MARY                      SC-2-2-106
MCCORMICK, MARTHA                 SC-1-3-76
MCCORMICK, WILLIAM                SC-1-1-356
MCCRACKAN, JAMES                  SC-2-2-56
MCCRACKEN, ANN                    SC-1-3-514
MCCRAW, SAMUEL                    SC-1-1-413
MCCRONE, WILLIAM                  SC-2-2-363
MCCULLOCH, JAMES                  SC-2-2-41
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN                  SC-2-2-314
MCCURRY, STEPHEN                  SC-1-3-26
MCDILL, THOMAS                    SC-1-3-66
MCDONALD, JOHN M.                 SC-1-4-572
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                 SC-1-3-10
MCDONNELL, WILLIAM                SC-2-2-189
MCDOWALL, JAMES A.                SC-1-4-274
MCELROY, SAMUEL                   SC-2-2-1
MCELWEE, JOHN                     SC-1-1-2
MCFARLAND, GEORGE                 SC-2-2-331
MCFARLAND, JOHN                   SC-2-2-312
MCFARLIN, CHARLES                 SC-1-1-267
MCGAW, JAMES                      SC-2-2-93
MCGAW, JOHN                       SC-1-1-312
MCGAW, SARAH                      SC-2-2-100
MCGEE, ANNA                       SC-2-2-407
MCGEHEE, CHARLES                  SC-2-2-6
MCGEHEE, JOANN                    SC-2-2-335
MCGILL, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-408
MCGOWAN, JAMES                    SC-1-1-272
MCGREER, DANIEL                   SC-2-2-52
MCILWAIN, ANDREW                  SC-1-4-379
MCILWAIN, WILLIAM                 SC-1-4-494
MCINTIRE, DANIEL                  SC-1-1-328
MCKEE, ADAM                       SC-1-1-335
MCKEE, JOHN                       SC-1-1-335
MCKEE, THOMAS                     SC-1-1-196
MCKELLAR, DONALD                  SC-1-3-198
MCKINLEY, ESTHER                  SC-1-1-45
MCKINLEY, MARY                    SC-1-1-334
MCLAREN, AGNES                    SC-1-3-292
MCLAREN, JOHN                     SC-1-3-7
MCLAREN, JOHN                     SC-1-4-431
MCLENNAN, JOHN                    SC-1-3-403
MCMAHON, FERGUS                   SC-1-4-528
MCMASTER, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-161
MCMASTER, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-159
MCMILLEN, ANDREW                  SC-2-2-305
MCMULLIN, JAMES                   SC-2-2-166
MCMUNS, MATILDA                   SC-2-2-273
MCMURLEY, JOHN                    SC-2-2-147
MCNEIL, JANE                      SC-2-2-164
MCNEIL, JOHN SR.                  SC-2-2-50
MCNEILL, JOHN                     SC-1-3-375
MCQUERANS, SAMUEL                 SC-2-2-78
MCWILLIAMS, DAVID                 SC-1-4-242
MCWILLIAMS, MARY                  SC-1-4-325
MEACHAM, JOSHUA                   SC-1-3-145
MEBAN, JOHN                       SC-1-1-166
MECKLIN, DAVID                    SC-1-1-142
MECKLIN, HUGH                     SC-2-2-43
MERIWETHER, FRANCIS               SC-2-2-70
MERIWETHER, FRANCIS               SC-1-1-99
MERIWETHER, JOHN                  SC-2-2-87
MERIWETHER, NICHOLAS              SC-2-2-197
MERIWETHER, ROBERT H.             SC-2-2-242
MERWETHER, MARY                   SC-1-1-344
MILLER, ELIZABETH S.              SC-2-2-293
MILLER, HAMILTON T.               SC-1-4-114
MILLER, JOHN                      SC-1-1-402
MILLER, JOHN                      SC-1-1-101
MILLER, MARTHA                    SC-1-1-327
MILLER, NICHOLAS M. H.            SC-1-4-51
MILLER, ROBERT                    SC-2-2-114
MILLER, SAMUEL                    SC-1-3-120
MILLIGAN, JAMES                   SC-1-1-373
MITCHEL, ISAAC                    SC-1-1-21
MITCHEL, RANDOLPH                 SC-1-1-273
MITCHELL, BENJAMIN                SC-2-2-11
MITCHELL, JAMES W.                SC-1-4-630
MITCHELL, LEWIS                   SC-2-2-89
MITCHELL, TANNER                  SC-1-1-95
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                 SC-2-2-112
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                SC-2-2-349
MOORE, AGNESS                     SC-1-4-328
MOORE, FRACNES                    SC-1-4-116
MOORE, JAMES                      SC-1-1-387
MOORE, JAMES (REV.)               SC-1-4-405
MOORE, JOHN W.                    SC-1-4-296
MOORE, ROBERT                     SC-1-3-151
MOORE, ROSA                       SC-1-3-67
MOORE, THOMAS                     SC-1-3-332
MOORE, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-404
MOORE, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-321
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                 SC-1-3-82
MORAGNE, FRANCIS                  SC-2-2-47
MORAGNE, ISAAC                    SC-1-3-259
MORAGNE, PETER                    SC-1-1-353
MORAGNE, PETER                    SC-1-1-421
MORGAN, JOHN                      SC-1-1-401
MORGAN, MALON                     SC-2-2-375
MORRAH, HUGH                      SC-2-2-381
MORRAH, JANE                      SC-1-3-179
MORRIS, JAMES H.                  SC-1-4-459
MORRIS, MARGARET                  SC-2-2-223
MORRIS, SAMUEL                    SC-1-1-444
MORRIS, SAMUEL                    SC-1-3-32
MORRISON, ARCHIBALD               SC-1-1-344
MORROW, ARTHUR                    SC-1-1-347
MORROW, ELIZABETH                 SC-2-2-21
MORROW, GEORGE                    SC-1-1-29
MORROW, JOHN                      SC-1-1-270
MORROW, MARY                      SC-2-2-123
MORROW, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-244
MORTON, THOMAS W.                 SC-1-3-228
MOSELEY, ARTHUR                   SC-1-1-289
MOSELEY, CHARLES                  SC-1-1-384
MOSELEY, JORDAN                   SC-1-3-136
MOSELEY, MARY M.                  SC-1-4-369
MOSELEY, PHILIP H.                SC-1-4-158
MOSELEY, RICHARD                  SC-2-2-295
MOSELEY, TARLETON                 SC-2-2-206
MOTTE, ANDREW                     SC-1-1-3
MOUCHET, SAMUEL                   SC-1-1-256
MULHERN, CHARLES                  SC-1-1-13
MULLAN, PATRICK                   SC-2-2-180
MULLAND, MARY                     SC-2-2-33
MULLIN, JOHN                      SC-1-1-369
MURPHY, JOHN                      SC-2-2-94
MURPHY, MARGARET                  SC-1-3-43
MURPHY, MARY                      SC-1-4-150
MURRAY, TITUS                     SC-1-1-432
NASH, JOHN                        SC-1-1-121
NEEL, MARTHA C.                   SC-1-4-54
NEELY, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-116
NELSON, H. H.                     SC-1-3-489
NICHOLS, JULIUS                   SC-1-1-292
NICHOLSON, ELIZA                  SC-2-2-200
NOBLE, JAMES                      SC-1-1-158
NOBLE, JOHN L.                    SC-2-2-20
NOBLE, PATRICK                    SC-1-3-230
NORRIS, ANDREW                    SC-2-2-168
NORRIS, ELI                       SC-2-2-410
NORRIS, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-285
NORRIS, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-46
NORRIS, WILSON                    SC-1-1-412
NORTH, JANE G.                    SC-1-4-413
NORTHUT, BENJAMIN                 SC-2-2-339
NORTHUT, BENJAMIN                 SC-2-2-336
NORWOOD, ELIZABETH                SC-1-1-416
NORWOOD, JOHN                     SC-1-1-195
NORWOOD, JOHN                     SC-1-3-123
NORWOOD, SAMUEL                   SC-1-1-37
NORWOOD, WILLIAMSON               SC-1-3-203
OGILSBY, WESLEY W.                SC-1-3-231
OLIVER, DAVID TERRELL             SC-1-4-526
OLIVER, ELIJAH                    SC-1-3-509
OLIVER, JAMES                     SC-1-1-278
OLIVER, JOHN                      SC-1-3-440
ONEALL, J. BELTON                 SC-1-4-438
OWEN, JOHN                        SC-2-2-273
OWEN, JOHN                        SC-2-2-201
OWEN, MOSES T.                    SC-1-4-398
OWENS, JOHN                       SC-1-1-197
PACE, SARAH                       SC-1-4-105
PALMER, DALE                      SC-2-2-100
PALMER, GEORGE                    SC-1-3-227
PARKER, JAMES                     SC-2-2-137
PARKER, MARGARET                  SC-1-3-511
PARKER, THOMAS                    SC-1-3-88
PARKER, WILLIAM J.                SC-2-2-69
PARTLOW, JOHN                     SC-1-3-93
PASCHALE, MILTON                  SC-2-2-328
PASCHALL, SAMUEL                  SC-1-1-315
PASLAY, A. B.                     SC-1-4-360
PATERSON, ROBERT                  SC-1-1-17
PATTERSON, ALEXANDRE              SC-1-3-3
PATTERSON, JAMES                  SC-1-1-132
PATTERSON, JOSIAH                 SC-1-3-170
PATTERSON, JOSIAH C.              SC-1-3-6
PATTERSON, NAPOLEON B.            SC-2-2-398
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                 SC-1-1-117
PATTERSON, SAMUEL SR.             SC-2-2-167
PATTON, JANE                      SC-1-3-102
PAUL, ANDREW                      SC-2-2-177
PAUL, ANDREW (DR)                 SC-1-4-565
PAUL, WILLIAM P.                  SC-1-3-58
PAULI, ANDREW                     SC-2-2-284
PEARMAN, WELDON                   SC-1-4-624
PEARSON, JAMES                    SC-2-2-34
PELOT, JOHN F.                    SC-1-3-36
PENIN, JAMES M. (COL.)            SC-1-4-385
PENNAL, JAMES A.                  SC-1-4-366
PENNAL, WILLIAM                   SC-1-4-141
PENNY, J. WILLIAM                 SC-1-4-615
PERRIN, SAMUEL                    SC-2-2-251
PERRYMAN, SAMUEL (DR.)            SC-2-2-401
PETTIGREW, EBENEZER               SC-2-2-105
PETTIGREW, GEORGE                 SC-1-3-69
PETTIGREW, JAMES                  SC-1-1-14
PETTIGREW, LOUISE                 SC-2-2-210
PETTIGREW,JOHN                    SC-1-1-332
PETTIS, JAMES                     SC-2-2-95
PINCKNEY, CHARLES C.              SC-1-4-500
PITMAN, MARY                      SC-2-2-211
POLLARD, JAMES                    SC-1-1-445
POLLARD, RICHARD                  SC-1-1-286
POLLARD, ROBERT                   SC-2-2-99
POLLARD, ROBERT                   SC-2-2-145
POOL, ABRAHAM P.                  SC-1-4-601
POOLE, MICAJAH                    SC-2-2-85
PORTER, E. D.                     SC-1-3-495
PORTER, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-1-324
PORTER, HUGH                      SC-1-1-362
PORTER, HUGH                      SC-2-2-181
PORTER, JOHN                      SC-1-1-284
PORTER, JOHN                      SC-2-2-172
PORTER, JOHN                      SC-1-3-163
PORTER, SAMUEL                    SC-2-2-378
POSEY, MARTHA C.                  SC-1-3-110
POSEY, MORSA                      SC-1-3-392
POSEY, RICHARD                    SC-2-2-96
POSTELL, JAMES (COL.)             SC-2-2-164
POSTTELL, RACHEL                  SC-2-2-51
POWER, JANE D.                    SC-1-4-230
POWER, JOHN SR.                   SC-1-3-488
PRATT, JAMES                      SC-2-2-249
PRATT, JOSEPH                     SC-2-2-202
PRATT, WILLIAM                    SC-1-4-362
PRATT, WILLIAM A.                 SC-1-4-409
PRESSLY, JOHN                     SC-1-1-373
PRINCE, EDWARD                    SC-2-2-238
PRINCE, EDWARD SR.                SC-2-2-84
PRINCE, JOHN                      SC-1-1-328
PRINCE, JOHN W.                   SC-2-2-190
PUCKETT, ALLEN                    SC-1-4-371
PUCKETT, JAMES                    SC-2-2-266
PUCKETT, RICHARD M.               SC-1-4-313
PULLIAM, B. S.                    SC-1-4-496
PULLIAM, JAMES                    SC-2-2-313
PULLIAM, JOHN                     SC-1-1-212
PULLIAM, LUCY                     SC-2-2-371
PULLIAM, SARAH                    SC-1-1-410
PULLIAM, ZACHARY                  SC-2-2-194
PURDY, HENRY                      SC-2-2-17
PURDY, JAMES H.                   SC-1-4-329
PURSLEY, JAMES                    SC-1-4-544
PURSLEY, JOHN C.                  SC-1-4-442
PURSLEY, WILLIAM P.               SC-1-4-634
QUILLEBEAN, PIERRE                SC-1-3-469
RABUN, DAVID                      SC-2-2-1
RAGLAND, SAMUEL                   SC-1-1-238
RAIFORD, WILLIAM P.               SC-1-3-117
RALSTON, JAMES                    SC-1-1-122
RAMEY, JOHN                       SC-1-3-11
RAMPEY, JOHN                      SC-2-2-3
RAMPEY, WILLIAM H.                SC-1-4-605
RASOR, CHRISTIAN                  SC-1-3-225
RAVELIN, JOHN                     SC-1-1-87
RAY, THOMAS                       SC-1-1-75
RED, GEORGE                       SC-1-3-21
RED, ROBERT                       SC-1-3-15
REED, REUBEN                      SC-1-1-84
REID, GEORGE                      SC-1-1-27
REID, HUGH                        SC-2-2-265
REID, JAMES C.                    SC-1-4-481
REID, JANE                        SC-1-4-113
REID, LEMUEL                      SC-1-4-607
REID, SAMUEL                      SC-1-4-134
REIGHLEY, WILLIAM                 SC-1-1-131
RICHEY, GEORGE B.                 SC-1-4-332
RICHEY, JAMES                     SC-2-2-325
RICHEY, JAMES ALBERT              SC-1-4-400
RICHEY, JOSEPH                    SC-1-3-210
RICHEY, MARGARET                  SC-1-3-416
RICHEY, ROBERT                    SC-2-2-246
RICHEY, ROBERT                    SC-1-3-195
RICHEY, WARREN                    SC-1-4-303
RICHEY, WILLIAM                   SC-1-3-165
RICKEY, JAMES                     SC-1-1-388
RIDDLE, ELIZABETH                 SC-2-2-142
RIDDLE, JOSEPH                    SC-1-1-404
RIDDLE, MARGARET                  SC-1-4-119
RILEY, ANDREW                     SC-1-3-327
RILEY, THOMAS                     SC-1-3-428
ROBARTSON, JOHN SR.               SC-1-1-1
ROBERSON, HUGH                    SC-1-4-185
ROBERT6SON, A. JACKSON            SC-1-3-176
ROBERTS, GEORGE                   SC-2-2-245
ROBERTS, JANE                     SC-1-3-240
ROBERTS, LEROY                    SC-2-2-17
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                 SC-1-3-19
ROBERTSON, GEORGE                 SC-2-2-37
ROBERTSON, HUGH                   SC-2-2-354
ROBERTSON, JAMES                  SC-1-4-381
ROBERTSON, JANET                  SC-1-4-304
ROBERTSON, JOHN                   SC-1-3-313
ROBERTSON, MARY N.                SC-1-4-71
ROBERTSON, MATILDA                SC-2-2-310
ROBERTSON, NANCY                  SC-1-3-318
ROBERTSON, NANCY                  SC-1-4-3449
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                 SC-2-2-173
ROBERTSON, SARAH                  SC-1-4-436
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                SC-1-1-449
ROBESON, CHRISTIANA               SC-1-3-52
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER               SC-2-2-229
ROBINSON, JAMES                   SC-1-1-431
ROBINSON, JAMES                   SC-1-1-424
ROBINSON, MARY                    SC-1-4-316
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                  SC-1-3-487
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                  SC-1-3-62
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                 SC-1-3-20
ROBISNON, ISAAC                   SC-1-3-229
ROBISON, DAVID                    SC-1-4-429
ROBISON, SAMUEL                   SC-2-2-287
RODIN, LEONNOR                    SC-2-2-383
ROGER, ANN LESPINE                SC-1-1-255
ROGER, PETER                      SC-1-1-260
ROGERS, JEREMIAH                  SC-1-1-359
ROMAN, JOHN                       SC-1-4-162
ROS, MOSES G.                     SC-1-3-508
ROSE, JOHN                        SC-1-1-326
ROSEMOND, JAMES                   SC-1-1-329
ROSEMOND, JEAN                    SC-1-1-90
ROSS, ROBERT                      SC-1-1-36
ROSS, STEPHEN                     SC-1-3-50
ROSS, WILLIAM                     SC-1-1-174
RUFF, CHRISTIAN                   SC-1-3-116
RUFF, JOHN                        SC-1-4-207
RUSK, JOHN JR.                    SC-1-3-471
RUSSELL, ABRAHAM                  SC-1-3-222
RUSSELL, DAVID                    SC-1-1-450
RUSSELL, DAVID                    SC-1-4-93
RUSSELL, JOHN                     SC-1-1-253
RUSSELL, TIMOTHY (DR.)            SC-1-1-228
RYCKARD, PETER                    SC-2-2-196
SADLER, WILLIAM                   SC-1-3-45
SALE, BENJAMIN W.                 SC-1-3-472
SALE, JAMES                       SC-2-2-205
SALE, JOHN                        SC-2-2-150
SALE, WILLIAM                     SC-2-2-255
SALE, WILLIAM A.                  SC-1-4-453
SAMPLE, JOHN B.                   SC-2-2-399
SAMPLE, ROBERT                    SC-2-2-25
SANDERS, ADAMS                    SC-1-1-313
SANDERS, DONALD F.                SC-2-2-128
SANDERS, JOHN                     SC-2-2-42
SANDERS, JOSEPH                   SC-1-1-308
SANDERS, JOSEPH                   SC-1-1-422
SAWIN, JAMES                      SC-2-2-407
SAXON, BENJAMIN                   SC-2-2-306
SAXON, D. T.                      SC-1-3-291
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                  SC-1-1-319
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD                  SC-1-1-361
SCOTT, JOHN O.                    SC-1-4-81
SCOTT, JOSEPH SR.                 SC-2-2-56
SCOTT, W. CLARK                   SC-1-4-466
SCOTT, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-279
SEAWRIGHT, JAMES                  SC-1-1-29
SHACKLEFORD, MORDIEU              SC-1-3-7
SHANKLIN, PHEBE                   SC-1-1-345
SHANKS, MATTHEW                   SC-2-2-147
SHANNON, JAMES                    SC-2-2-121
SHARP, EDWARD                     SC-1-1-406
SHARP, HENRY                      SC-1-3-88
SHARP, R. CLEMENT                 SC-1-4-563
SHARP, WILLIAM                    SC-1-3-109
SHAW, JAMES H.                    SC-1-4-541
SHAW, WILLIAM                     SC-1-1-4
SHELLY, AGNESS                    SC-1-1-31
SHEPPARD, ANNE                    SC-2-2-53
SHIRLEY, ELIZABETH                SC-2-2-201
SHIRLEY, JAMES                    SC-1-4-551
SHIRLEY, WILLIAM                  SC-1-3-353
SHIRLEY, WILLIAM                  SC-2-2-232
SHOTWELL, JOHN                    SC-2-2-52
SIMMONS, AMELIA                   SC-1-3-137
SIMPSON, DAVID                    SC-2-2-273
SIMPSON, JAMES                    SC-2-2-273
SIMPSON, JEMIMA                   SC-2-2-273
SIMPSON, JOHN                     SC-2-2-273
SIMPSON, JOHN F.                  SC-1-4-513
SIMPSON, JOSEPH                   SC-2-2-273
SIMPSON, THOMAS                   SC-2-2-273
SIMS, GEORGE N.                   SC-2-2-345
SIMS, NATHAN                      SC-1-1-277
SLOAN, JOHN                       SC-1-1-342
SMITH, AUGUSTUS M.                SC-1-4-333
SMITH, AUSTIN                     SC-2-2-330A
SMITH, HARRY                      SC-1-1-295
SMITH, ISABELLA E.                SC-1-4-202
SMITH, JAIN                       SC-1-1-398
SMITH, JOEL                       SC-1-3-480
SMITH, LEWIS                      SC-1-4-233
SMITH, LUCY                       SC-1-3-172
SMITH, MARGARET                   SC-2-2-133
SMITH, MARY                       SC-1-4-613
SMITH, MICHAEL                    SC-1-1-397
SMITH, MOSES                      SC-2-2-391
SMITH, PETER                      SC-2-2-309
SMITH, ROBERT                     SC-1-3-167
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                 SC-1-4-56
SMYTH, MARTHA                     SC-2-2-216
SMYTH, ROBERT                     SC-2-2-18
SOUTH, ELIZABETH C.               SC-1-4-628
SPEED, JOHN B.                    SC-1-3-22
SPEED, MARTHA T.                  SC-1-3-23
SPEED, MICHAEL                    SC-1-3-309
SPEED, ROBERT                     SC-2-2-195
SPEED, SAMUEL D.                  SC-1-4-454
SPEER, JOHN                       SC-1-4-553
SPEER, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-272
SPENCE, JAMES                     SC-2-2-333
SPENCE, SAMUEL                    SC-2-2-159
SPRAGGINS, WILLIAM                SC-2-2-219
SPROULL, JAMES                    SC-2-2-184
SPRUELL, JOHN                     SC-1-1-357
STALLSWORTH, THOMAS               SC-2-2-169
STALLSWORTH, WILLIAM              SC-2-2-288
STALLWORTH, THOMAS                SC-1-3-143
STALSWORTH, JOSEPH                SC-1-1-152
STANFIELD, WILLIAM                SC-1-1-326
STARK, CHARLES                    SC-2-2-414
STARK, CHARLY                     SC-1-3-292
STARKE, REUBEN                    SC-2-2-385
STARKS, JEREMIAH                  SC-2-2-163
STEARNS, MARTHA                   SC-2-2-233
STEELE, AARON                     SC-1-1-131
STEELE, DAVID                     SC-2-2-230
STEIFLE, MARY                     SC-1-3-251
STEPHENSON, JAMES                 SC-2-2-120
STEVENSON, WILLIAM J.             SC-1-4-337
STEVENSON, WILLIAM J.             SC-1-4-337
STEWART, (GIVEN NAME?)            SC-1-3-181
STEWART, DAVID                    SC-2-2-396
STEWART, JOHN                     SC-2-2-218
STEWART, JOHN SR.                 SC-1-3-71
STEWART, MARGARET                 SC-2-2-413
STRAIN, JOHN                      SC-1-1-226
STRAIN, MARY                      SC-2-2-313
STRAWHORN, WILLIAM                SC-1-4-356
STRICKLAND, JACOB                 SC-1-1-425
STRICKLAND, N. M.                 SC-1-3-404
STUART, ADAM                      SC-2-2-132
STUART, ALEXANDER                 SC-2-2-290
STUART, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-96
SWAIN, JOHN                       SC-2-2-146
SWAIN, NANCY                      SC-1-3-497
SWAIN, ROBERT                     SC-1-1-417
SWANZY, ROBERT                    SC-1-1-149
SWILLING, JAMES Z H.              SC-1-4-523
SWILLING, JOHN                    SC-1-4-244
SWILLING, JOHN C.                 SC-2-2-389
TAGGART, MOSES                    SC-2-2-127
TAGGART, MOSES                    SC-1-3-54
TAIT, NANCY                       SC-1-3-138
TALBERT, JOHN                     SC-2-2-143
TALBERT, ROBERT                   SC-1-3-91
TALBERT, ROBERT R.                SC-1-4-560
TATE, ENOS                        SC-1-3-118
TATOM, ORVILLE                    SC-2-2-390
TATOM, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-289
TAYLOR, ANDREW                    SC-2-2-45
TAYLOR, THOMAS                    SC-1-1-23
TAYLOR, THOMAS                    SC-1-4-228
TEDARDS, DAVID                    SC-1-3-419
TEULON, CHARLES                   SC-1-1-428
THACKER, ISAAC                    SC-1-1-405
THACKER, JOEL                     SC-1-1-305
THOMAS, WALTER THOMAS             SC-1-3-477
THOMPSON, JOHN                    SC-2-2-36
THORNTON, SAMUEL                  SC-1-1-183
THORNTON, SANDFORD                SC-2-2-162
TILMAN, EDWARD                    SC-1-1-438
TILMAN, EDWARD                    SC-1-4-124
TILMAN, HIRAM                     SC-2-2-397
TINER, HARRIS                     SC-1-3-107
TODD, ELIZABETH                   SC-1-3-483
TODD, WILLAM                      SC-2-2-129
TOLBERT, MARY                     SC-1-3-71
TOLBERT, WILLIAM                  SC-1-3-222
TRIMBLE, ESTHER                   SC-2-2-67
TUCKER, BARTLEY                   SC-1-4-294
TUCKER, JOHN J.                   SC-1-4-361
TURK, JOHN                        SC-1-1-128
TURNBULL, JANE                    SC-2-2-330
TURNBULL, JOHN                    SC-2-2-101
VANCE, ALLEN                      SC-1-4-517
VANSWEARINGEN, JOSEPH             SC-1-1-119
VERNON, JAMES JR.                 SC-1-1-8
VERNON, JAMES SR.                 SC-1-1-262
VERNON, THOMAS                    SC-2-2-281
VICK, FATHA                       SC-1-1-392
VICKREY, WILLIAM                  SC-1-1-291
WAITE, JOHN                       SC-1-1-316
WALACE, ROBERT                    SC-1-3-13
WALKER, DAVID                     SC-1-3-455
WALKER, JOEL MANLY                SC-1-4-422
WALKER, LETTICE                   SC-2-2-265
WALKER, SOLOMON                   SC-1-3-496
WALLACE, JAMES                    SC-1-1-123
WALLACE, WILLIAM                  SC-2-2-10
WALLER, BENJAMIN                  SC-1-1-294
WALLER, CODRUS D.                 SC-1-4-423
WALLER, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-1-288
WALLER, JOHN                      SC-1-1-267
WALLER, JOHN N.                   SC-1-1-269
WALLER, LEONARD                   SC-2-2-198
WARD, JAMES A.                    SC-2-2-216
WARD, JOSEPH                      SC-1-1-196
WARD, THOMAS                      SC-2-2-46
WARD, WILLIAM                     SC-1-1-317
WARD, WILLIAM                     SC-2-2-389
WARDLAW, ELIAB                    SC-1-1-359
WARDLAW, HUGH                     SC-1-1-275
WARDLAW, HUGH WALLER              SC-1-4-510
WARDLAW, JAMES                    SC-1-3-47
WARDLAW, JAMES                    SC-2-2-102
WARDLAW, JOHN SR.                 SC-1-1-43
WARDLAW, JOSEPH                   SC-1-1-136
WARDLAW, JOSEPH                   SC-1-3-371
WARDLAW, MARGARET R.              SC-1-4-631
WARDLAW, POLLY                    SC-1-1-433
WARDLAW, WILLIAM B.               SC-2-2-204
WARE, EDMUND (GEN.)               SC-2-2-315
WARE, JANE                        SC-2-2-307
WARE, WILLIAM (COL.)              SC-1-4-85
WATERS, MARY                      SC-1-1-222
WATKINS, ROBERT                   SC-2-2-240
WATKINS, WILLIAM                  SC-1-1-316
WATSON, CHRISTOPHER               SC-1-1-370
WATSON, EDWARD                    SC-1-3-236
WATSON, G. MC DUFFEE              SC-1-4-347
WATSON, JAMES                     SC-2-2-151
WATSON, JAMES F.                  SC-1-3-320
WATSON, LEEROY                    SC-1-3-98
WATSON, MARY P.                   SC-1-4-195
WATSON, STEPHEN                   SC-1-3-10
WATSON, STEPHEN                   SC-1-1-338
WATSON, WILLIAM                   SC-2-2-383
WATSON, WILLIAM E.                SC-1-3-379
WATT, JENNET                      SC-1-1-304
WEATHERALL, JOHN                  SC-2-2-170
WEBB, ANDREW                      SC-1-1-368
WEBB, B. C. (REV.)                SC-1-3-506
WEBB, JAMES                       SC-1-1-115
WEBB, JOHN                        SC-1-3-391
WEBB, JOHN                        SC-1-4-574
WEDGEWORTH, WILLIAM               SC-1-1-210
WEED, ANDREW                      SC-1-3-258
WEED, MARTHA                      SC-1-1-382
WEED, NATHANIEL                   SC-2-2-53
WEED, NATHANIEL SR.               SC-1-1-204
WELLS, JOSIAH                     SC-1-4-582
WHARTON, PLEASANT                 SC-2-2-76
WHITE, ALEXANDER                  SC-2-2-73
WHITE, FRANCES                    SC-1-3-397
WHITE, FRANCIS                    SC-1-1-271
WHITE, JAMES                      SC-1-1-203
WHITE, JOHN                       SC-1-1-106
WHITE, JOHN                       SC-2-2-220
WHITE, JOHN                       SC-2-2-308
WHITE, MARGARET                   SC-1-1-411
WHITE, NANCY                      SC-2-2-86
WHITE, RICHARD M.                 SC-2-2-161
WHITE, THOMAS C.                  SC-1-4-376
WHITE, W. W.                      SC-1-4-391
WHITE, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-68
WHITE, WILLIAM                    SC-2-2-103
WIDEMAN, ADAM SR.                 SC-1-3-51
WIDEMAN, HENRY                    SC-1-1-330
WIDEMAN, JOHN HENRY               SC-1-4-594
WIDEMAN, JOSHUA                   SC-1-4-457
WIDEMAN, SARAH                    SC-1-4-393
WIER, JOHN                        SC-1-3-235
WIER, THOMAS                      SC-1-3-305
WILLIAMS, ARTHUR                  SC-1-4-256
WILLIAMS, ELIZA T.                SC-1-4-309
WILLIAMS, JAMES                   SC-2-2-388
WILLIAMS, SIMEON                  SC-1-1-260
WILLIAMS, STERLING Q.             SC-1-4-143
WILLIAMS, THOMAS W.               SC-1-3-140
WILLIAMS, WILLAMSON               SC-2-2-137
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS G.             SC-1-3-28
WILLIS, JOSHUA                    SC-2-2-283
WILLS, JOHN                       SC-1-1-350
WILLSON, JOHN                     SC-1-3-103
WILLSON, JOHN R.                  SC-1-4-530
WILSON, ARABELLA                  SC-2-2-193
WILSON, CHARLES                   SC-1-1-396
WILSON, ELIZABETH                 SC-1-3-307
WILSON, GIZZELLA                  SC-1-3-180
WILSON, HENRY                     SC-1-1-355
WILSON, HUGH                      SC-1-1-154
WILSON, JAMES                     SC-1-1-413
WILSON, JOHN                      SC-1-1-165
WILSON, LOUISA                    SC-1-4-77
WILSON, MATTHEW                   SC-2-2-337
WILSON, MICHAEL                   SC-1-1-108
WILSON, NANCY                     SC-2-2-179
WILSON, NATHANIEL                 SC-1-1-186
WILSON, S. ALLEN                  SC-1-4-490
WILSON, SAMUEL                    SC-2-2-352
WILSON, SAMUEL A.                 SC-1-4-492
WILSON, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-265
WILSON, WILLIAM W.                SC-1-3-462
WIMBITH, ALEXANDER                SC-2-2-35
WINN, ALEXANDER                   SC-1-4-358
WINN, LETTICE                     SC-2-2-213
WINN, ROBERT                      SC-2-2-160
WINN, THOMAS                      SC-1-1-173
WIRE, WILLIAM                     SC-1-3-144
WITHERSPOON, FRANCES E. H.        SC-1-4-251
WITTS, STEPHEN                    SC-1-3-22
WOOD, SUSANNAH C.                 SC-2-2-264
WOODIN, REBECKAH                  SC-1-1-15
WOODS, ESTHER                     SC-2-2-7
WOODS, WILLIAM                    SC-1-1-290
WOOLDRIDGE, GIBSON                SC-2-2-22
WRIGHT, ROBERT                    SC-1-1-420
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                   SC-1-1-311
WUMS, EMILY                       SC-2-2-224
WUMS, MARGARET                    SC-2-2-156
YARBOROUGH, WILILAM               SC-2-2-352
YELDELL, ROBERT SR.               SC-1-1-20
YOUNG, FRANCIS                    SC-2-2-122
YOUNG, ISAAC                      SC-1-3-31
YOUNG, JAMES                      SC-1-1-202
YOUNG, JAMES                      SC-1-4-576
YOUNG, JANE                       SC-1-1-437
YOUNG, NANCY                      SC-1-3-143
YOUNG, ROBERT SR.                 SC-1-1-390
YOUNG, SAMUEL                     SC-1-3-169
YOUNG, SAMUEL                     SC-2-2-34
YOUNG, SAMUEL SR.                 SC-2-2-138
YOUNG, VALENTINE                  SC-2-2-412
YOUNG, VALENTINE                  SC-2-2-411
YOUNG, WILLIAM                    SC-1-4-444
YOUNGS, JANE                      SC-2-2-405
YOUNGS, SAMUEL                    SC-2-2-108
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY                  SC-2-2-346
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                   SC-1-3-414
ZIMMERMAN, MARY                   SC-1-1-258

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