Town of Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island
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ADAMS, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-435
ADAMS, STEPHEN L.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-262
ADAMS, SUSAN                            PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-10-384
ADMAS, JOHN A.                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-158
AIGAN, FRANCES A.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-449
AIKEN, JAMES                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-364
ALDRICH, ABBY S.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-20-46
ALDRICH, ABIGAIL S.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-442
ALDRICH, ANNA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-65
ALDRICH, ANNA                           NORTHBRIDGE, WORCESTER, MA              RI-4-SMI-6-185
ALDRICH, ANNA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-561
ALDRICH, ANNA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-181
ALDRICH, ARNOLD                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-505
ALDRICH, ARNOLD                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-4
ALDRICH, AUGUSTUS                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-227
ALDRICH, BATHSHEBA                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-70
ALDRICH, BURRILL                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-22
ALDRICH, CALEB                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-34
ALDRICH, CALEB                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-343
ALDRICH, DAVID                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-179
ALDRICH, DESIRE B.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-464
ALDRICH, DEXTER                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-470
ALDRICH, DIANA (WIFE OF DANIEL)         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-3
ALDRICH, GEORGE                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-328
ALDRICH, GEORGE                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-315
ALDRICH, GEORGE B.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-4
ALDRICH, HANNAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-356
ALDRICH, ISAAC                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-177
ALDRICH, ISRAEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-494
ALDRICH, ISRAEL                         GLOCESTER                               RI-4-SMI-5-686
ALDRICH, JAMES                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-242
ALDRICH, JOEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-526
ALDRICH, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-495
ALDRICH, LEVI                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-47
ALDRICH, LYDIA D.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-372
ALDRICH, MALVINA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-25
ALDRICH, MARCY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-584
ALDRICH, MARTHA                         SMTIFHIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-60
ALDRICH, MERCY                          MILBURY, WORCESTER, MA                  RI-4-SMI-7-525
ALDRICH, MOSES                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-229
ALDRICH, MOWRY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-139
ALDRICH, NATHAN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-232
ALDRICH, OLNEY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-257
ALDRICH, PETER                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-377
ALDRICH, PHILLIS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-705
ALDRICH, PRINCE                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-543
ALDRICH, REUBEN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-115
ALDRICH, SAMUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-509
ALDRICH, SAMUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-364
ALDRICH, SAMUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-142
ALDRICH, SIMON                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-544
ALDRICH, STEPHEN A.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-322
ALDRICH, SYLVANUS                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-75
ALDRICH, THOMAS                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-344
ALDRICH, URANIA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-104
ALDRICH, WILLIAM                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-112
ALDRICH, WINSOR                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-574
ALGER, PHEBE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-605
ALIX, FRED                              CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-429
ALLEN, CHLOE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-424
ALLEN, ELLEN MARIA                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-4
ALLEN, EZRA AUGUSTUS                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-50
ALLEN, HIRAM                            CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-12-79
ALLEN, SARAH G.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-383
ALLEN, WALTER                           SMIHFIELD                               RI-4-SMI-7-109
ALMY, CHRISTOPHER                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-78
ALMY, JOSEPH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-109
AMBORN, BARBARA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-487
AMBORN, GEORGE                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-348
AMMIDON, ALPHEUS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-266
ANDERSON, MARGARET A.                   HARTFORD, HARTFORD, CT                  RI-4-SMI-21-457
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-118
ANDREW, MATHEW                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-347
ANDREW, ROBY ANN                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-15
ANDREWS, JONATHAN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-133
ANDREWS, REBEKAH M.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-520
ANGEL, DANIEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-19
ANGELL, ABIAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-352
ANGELL, AMEY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-441
ANGELL, CHRISTOPHER                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-441
ANGELL, DANIEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-223
ANGELL, DANIEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-216
ANGELL, ELISHA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-199
ANGELL, EZEKIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-195
ANGELL, EZEKIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-205
ANGELL, FIDELIA                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-198
ANGELL, GIDEON                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-499
ANGELL, ISABELLA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-214
ANGELL, JABEZ B.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-130
ANGELL, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-633
ANGELL, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-386
ANGELL, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-149
ANGELL, JOHN W.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-189
ANGELL, JONATHAN                        SMTIHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-536
ANGELL, MARTHA                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-472
ANGELL, OLNEY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-415
ANGELL, RUTH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-318
APPLEBEY, ANNA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-287
APPLEBEY, CHARLES                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-216
APPLEBEY, ESTHER                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-432
APPLEBEY, JAMES                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-495
APPLEBEY, JAMES                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-33
APPLEBEY, THOMAS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-125
ARNLD, ELLEN MARIA                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-174
ARNOLD, ABIGAIL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-348
ARNOLD, ADALINE                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-49
ARNOLD, ANTHONY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-445
ARNOLD, AUSTIS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-383
ARNOLD, AZA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-509
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-356
ARNOLD, BETSEY B.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-254
ARNOLD, CALEB                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-449
ARNOLD, CORNELIA                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-16-99
ARNOLD, DANIEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-58
ARNOLD, EDMUND                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-193
ARNOLD, ELIJAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-666
ARNOLD, ELISHA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-225
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-574
ARNOLD, EZEKIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-648
ARNOLD, ISRAEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-609
ARNOLD, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-401
ARNOLD, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-523
ARNOLD, JOB                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-97
ARNOLD, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-213
ARNOLD, JOHN JR.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-72
ARNOLD, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-534
ARNOLD, JOSEPH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-330
ARNOLD, JOSEPH JR.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-269
ARNOLD, JOSHUA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-5
ARNOLD, LYDIA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-138
ARNOLD, LYDIA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-653
ARNOLD, LYDIA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-496
ARNOLD, MARTIN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-379
ARNOLD, MARY ANN                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-237
ARNOLD, MERCY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-649
ARNOLD, PHILADELPHIA                    SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-477
ARNOLD, RACHEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-72
ARNOLD, REBECCA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-42
ARNOLD, SABRA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-177
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-476
ARNOLD, SAMUEL WALL                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-29-62
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-501
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-595
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-481
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-1
ARNOLD, THOMAS J.                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-503
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-638
ASHBUY, ELZIAR                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-321
AUDETTE, JOSEPH                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-138
AUSTEN, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-249
AYRES, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-170
BABBITT, JAMES                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-157
BABBITT, OLIVE                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-352
BACHAND, EUGENE J.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-136
BAIRD, AGNES W.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-148
BAIRD, HELEN V.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-20
BAKER, WILIAM SR.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-109
BALAAM, JAMES                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-319
BALLARD, MARCY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-184
BALLOU, DENNIS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-297
BALLOU, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-234
BALLOU, MARELLA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-135
BALLOU, MATURIN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-304
BALLOU, MOSES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-81
BALLOU, PETER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-145
BALLOU, PETER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-76
BALLOU, REBACAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-579
BALLOU, SYLVIA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-193
BALLOVE, SAMUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-449
BANNON, PATRICK                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-170
BARNES, DAVID L.                        CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       RI-4-SMI-17-402
BARNES, FREDERICK B.                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-439
BARNES, GEORGE L.                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-236
BARNES, LEVI                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-385
BARNES, NAHAN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-340
BARNEY, JAMES O.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-79
BARR, ROBERT                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-62
BARRY, ELLEN                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-316
BARTLETT, ELISHA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-177
BARTLETT, ELISHA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-390
BARTLETT, GEORGE                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-417
BARTLETT, MARTHA J.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-468
BARTLETT, OLIVER                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-416
BATES, ANN ELIZA                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-432
BATES, LYDIA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-17
BATES, MARIETTA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-219
BATMAN, JOHN N.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-46
BEAUREGARD, MARIE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-360
BECKLER, CHARLES M.                     CRANSTON                                RI-4-SMI-12-47
BEEDE, MOSS H.                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-530
BELFIELD, ELIZABTEH A.                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-185
BELFIELD, JOHN R.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-118
BELLOVE, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-467
BELLOVE, MATUREAN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-329
BENCHLEY, WILLIAM                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-407
BENEDICT, BATHSHEBA A.                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-224
BENEDICT, STEPHEN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-195
BENJAMIN, ADILE                         SEE: BENJAMIN, ETIENNE                  RI-4-SMI-15-118
BENJAMIN, ETIENNE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-15-118
BENOIT, HYACINTH                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-314
BENOIT, MARIE (GUILLETTE)               CENTRAL FALLS (IN FRENCH)               RI-4-SMI-26-235
BERNARD, ETTA REBECCA                   CENTRA FALLS                            RI-4-SMI-23-382
BERNARD, GEORGE H.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-412
BESSETTE, PIERRE                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-171
BILLINGS, DANIEL                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-339
BINFORD, WILLIAM H.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-269
BIRCHELL, SARAH                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-300
BISHOP, CILY                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-588
BISHOP, JOHN A.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-96
BISHOP, SALLY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-219
BISSORNET, MOISE                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-390
BLACKBURN, MARION A.                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-146
BLACKINGTON, CATHARINE A. C.            WRENTHAM, NORFOLK, MA                   RI-4-SMI-12-127
BLACKINGTON, CATHARINE A. C.            WRENTHAM (2ND COPY)                     RI-4-SMI-12-312
BLANCHARD, CELESTE                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-388
BLOUNT, HARRIET A.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-415
BLOUNT, JOSEPH                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-212
BLYTH, SOPHIE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-265
BLYTH, STEPHEN                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-244
BOARDMAN, SAMUEL                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-51
BOLKCOM, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-137
BOLKCOM, SARAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-220
BOOTH, JOHN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-125
BOOTH, JOHN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-173
BOUCHER, AGLAE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-291
BOUCHER, FRANCIS X.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-491
BOURQUE, EMELINE                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-251
BOUVIER, FRANCOIS                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-308
BOWEN, SARAH A.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-296
BOWEN, WILLIAM H.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-70
BOWERS, ELISABETH                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-146
BOYLE, DANIEL                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-196
BRADFORD, MARY                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-193
BRADLEY, WILLIAM A.                     MIDDLEBOROUGH, PLYMOUTH, MA             RI-4-SMI-15-179
BRADSHAW, JOHN                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-383
BRADY, CATHERINE                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-236
BRASSARD, LOUIS                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-113
BRAY, CHRISTOPHER G.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-480
BRAY, EMILY                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-99
BRIDEN, JOHN P.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-452
BRIDEN, SAMUEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-15-160
BRIDGEHOUSE, WILLIAM                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-258
BRIGGS, TYLER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-46
BRODEAUR, ROSALIE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-299
BRODEUR, OLIVE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-286
BROOKS, JOHN                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-484
BROWN, ABIGAIL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-62
BROWN, ANNA M.                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-168
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-334
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-159
BROWN, HANNAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-533
BROWN, HANNAH H.                        CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       RI-4-SMI-20-149
BROWN, JABEZ                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-318
BROWN, JABEZ                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-328
BROWN, JAMES                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-525
BROWN, JAMES                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-589
BROWN, JOHN                             SCITUATE                                RI-4-SMI-6-210
BROWN, JOHN S.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-14-336
BROWN, JOHN WILLIAM                     CENTRA FALLS                            RI-4-SMI-25-19
BROWN, MERSBY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-51
BROWN, SIMEON                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-247
BROWN, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-240
BROWNELL, STEPHEN F.                    SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-185
BROWNING, JAMES                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-436
BRUCE, DANIEL                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-266
BRULE, FRANCOIS XAVIER                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-218
BRYATON, DANIEL W.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-278
BUCKLEY, JOHN                           PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-29-425
BUCKLIN, SYLVANUS                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-607
BUFFINTON, ASENATH                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-7
BUFFUM, ELISABETH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-454
BUFFUM, ELIZABETH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-292
BUFFUM, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-284
BUFFUM, JOSEPH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-519
BUFFUM, JOSHUA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-338
BUFFUM, MARGARET                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-203
BUFFUM, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-219
BUNKER, EMELINE LAWRENCE                LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-27-3
BURDEN, MARTHA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-712
BURNS, HUGH                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-142
BURTONWOOD, EDARD                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-319
BURTONWOOD, EMMA                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-10
BUSHEE, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-30
BUTLER, BRIDGET                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-300
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-505
BUXTON, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-185
BUXTON, SAMUEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-132
BYRNE, OWEN                             DUNDULK, LOUTH, IRELAND                 RI-4-SMI-27-47
CADDEN, JULIA                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-198
CADDEN, MARY ANN                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-288
CADEN, JOHN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-382
CALDER, ROBERT A.                       LYNN, ESSEX, MA                         RI-4-SMI-23-163
CAMPBELL, MARGARET                      PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-26-163
CARLIN, BERNARD                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-230
CARMINITI, ELIZABETH                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-362
CARNEY, ELIZABETH                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-226
CARNEY, WILLIAM                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-20
CARPENTER, GEORGE D.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-82
CARPENTER, MARY B.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-256
CASEY, JOHN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-319
CASS, EBENEZER                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-191
CAVANAGH, PATRICK                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-72
CHACE, ANNA E.                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-244
CHACE, BARNARD                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-647
CHACE, ELIZABETH B.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-141
CHACE, ELIZABETH H.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-56
CHACE, HARVEY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-329
CHACE, NATHAN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-369
CHACE, SAMUEL B.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-511
CHACE, SOPHRONIA M.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-236
CHAPMAN, ELENOR                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-311
CHARLTON, MARTHA J.                     PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-29-155
CHASE, JONATHAN                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-590
CHASE, VALENTINE                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-320
CHAUVIN, CELINA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-7
CHURCH, ABBIE B.                        BOSTON, SUFFOLK, MA                     RI-4-SMI-25-399
CLARK, AMEY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-724
CLARK, ARON                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-34
CLARK, JOSHUA                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-34
CLARK, SAMUEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-691
CLARK, WILLIAM                          PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-4-144
CLAVEN, MARY ANN                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-270
CLEGG, ABEL                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-251
COBB, JOSEPH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-57
COE, JONATHAN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-137
COLE, CHARLOTTE E.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-250
COLE, JONATHAN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-79
COLLETTE, OCTAVIE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-410
COLLINGS, JAMES                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-310
COMSTOCK, DANIEL JR.                    SMTIFHIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-124
COMSTOCK, DAVID                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-26
COMSTOCK, EZEKIEL                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-133
COMSTOCK, EZEKIEL                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-61
COMSTOCK, HANNAH                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-224
COMSTOCK, HENRY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-426
COMSTOCK, HEZADIAH                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-427
COMSTOCK, ICHABOD                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-90
COMSTOCK, JOANNA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-152
COMSTOCK, MARTHA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-439
COMSTOCK, MARTHA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-556
COMSTOCK, MARY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-120
COMSTOCK, SARAH J.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-261
COMSTOCK, SIMON                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-466
COMSTOCK, WELCOME                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-329
CONANT, HEZEKIAH                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-486
CONLON, CATHERINE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-299
CONNORS, JAMES                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-400
CONTOIS, HYACINTHE GILBERT              LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-396
COOK, CALISTA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-143
COOK, JOSEPH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-259
COOKE, BENONI                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-124
COOKE, MARY                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-135
CORBETT, CECELIA                        PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-29-438
CORBETT, EDARD                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-351
CORCORAN, MICHAEL                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-43
CORRIGAN, ELIZABETH (FLYNN)             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-239
CORRIGAN, JAMES                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-266
COTE, ALEXANDRE                         SEE: COTY, ALEXANDER                    RI-4-SMI-23-43
COTY, ALEXANDER                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-43
COUBREY, DEBORAH                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-363
COUGHLIN, ANN                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-52
COURTEMAUCHE, HENRI                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-54
COUTURE, DAVID                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-462
COUTURE, LEOCADIE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-336
COYLE, JOHN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-329
CRAM, ALZADA S.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-394
CRANSTO, EDWARD C.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-445
CRAWSHAW, JAMES                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-426
CREIGHTON, MICHAEL                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-440
CROCKER, LYDIA A.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-1
CROCKER, MARY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-440
CROCKER, SOPHIE                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-15-141
CROOKS, JAMES                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-443
CROWELL, MATILDA B.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-468
CROWNINGSHIELD, GEORGE F.               CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-17-27
CRUFF, JOEL                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-362
CRUFF, SAMUEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-187
CRUFF, SAMUEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-328
CRUFF, THOMAS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-128
CUMMINGS, ANGELINA                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-178
CUSHING, THOMAS T.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-201
DALTON, GEORGE H.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-377
DANIELS, MARY ANN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-378
DARLING, CARLISTA R.                    LIINCOLN                                RI-4-SMI-22-176
DARLING, ELIZA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-426
DARLING, HENRY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-346
DARLING, MARCY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-471
DAVENPORT, PERCY                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-212
DAVIS, ABBY S.                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-525
DAVIS, JAMES MOWATT                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-460
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-230
DELISLE, ANGELE DEMARIS                 CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-489
DENNIS, ELIZABETH                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-436
DENNIS, JOHN B.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-136
DENNIS, SARAH N.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-86
DEWHURST, JOHN                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-33
DEXTER, ALCE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-225
DEXTER, AMEY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-105
DEXTER, HADWIN R.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-239
DEXTER, HANNAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-81
DEXTER, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-294
DEXTER, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-174
DEXTER, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-1
DEXTER, LEWIS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-526
DEXTER, LEWIS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-358
DEXTER, LYDIA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-355
DEXTER, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-56
DOLAN, PATRICK                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-137
DOLAN, SIMON                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-151
DORIAS, URGILE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-376
DORRITY, HUGH                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-213
DORSEY, HENRY C. E.                     PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-22-488
DOUSETTE, MARY                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-444
DOWNEY, PETER                           NORWICH, NEW LONDON, CT                 RI-4-SMI-15-343
DOWNING, MAGGIE J.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-108
DOWNS, GEORGE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-265
DRAPER, JOHN                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-369
DUBUC, CHARLES                          SEE: DUBUQUE, CHARLES                   RI-4-SMI-29-478
DUBUQUE, CHARLES                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-478
DUFFIN, HUGH                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-151
DURFEE, SARAH J.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-187
DUXBURY, THOMAS                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-183
DWYER, EDWARD                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-166
EARLE, MARY                             PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-9-366
EARLE, PHEBE M.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-211
EASTON, MARIA                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-233
EASTON, NICHOLAS R.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-13
EASTWOOD, EASTWOOD                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-317
EASTWOOD, SARAH                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-300
ENCHES, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-78
ENCHES, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-259
ENGLAND, DANIEL B.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-1
EVANS, JOHN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-157
EVANS, JONATHAN                         PLYMOUTH, CHENANGO, NY                  RI-4-SMI-6-560
FAHEY, WILLIAM F.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-42
FALES, DAVID L.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-211
FALES, HANNAH                           ATTLEBOROUGH, BRISTOL, MA               RI-4-SMI-8-480
FALES, JOSEPE.                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-29-234
FARNSWORTH, JAMES W.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-81
FARNSWORTH, MARY A.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-350
FARNUM, EDWIN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-509
FARNUM, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-46
FARRER, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-466
FAUBERT, JOACHIM                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-101
FEENEY, ANNA                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-133
FINNERAN, MARY                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-319
FISH, FREDERICK E.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-18-98
FITTON, BETTY                           PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                RI-4-SMI-26-122
FITTZ, LOTTIE D.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-485
FLAG, LYSANDER                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-412
FLAGG, SUSAN S.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-322
FLANAGAN, MARGARET                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-1
FLYNN, HUGH                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-94
FOLLETT, ISAAC                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-464
FOLLETT, JABEZ                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-294
FOLLETT, LEONARD                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-207
FONTAINE, JACQUES                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-240
FONTAINE, NAPOLEON                      PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-28-180
FOSTER, JESSE                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-433
FOURNIER, JOHN M.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-142
FOWLER, EZEKIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-514
FRECHETTE, EDOUARD                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-337
FREGEOLE, ANASTASIE                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-341
FRENCH, ASHER E.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-382
FRENCH, KATE                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-115
FRENCH, MARY E.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-454
FROST, IRAM                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-43
FURMAN, ESTHER E.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-331
GABORIAULT, EDOUARD                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-11
GAGE, BESSIE S.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-447
GAGE, HULDA I.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-88
GAGE, ISAIAH C.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-49
GAGE, MODESTE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-18-134
GAGE, WILLIAM                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-49
GAMMONS, JAIRUS                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-32
GAOUETTE, MALVINA                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-166
GARDINER, SAMUEL F.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-207
GARDINER, SARAH A.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-204
GARNER, ELIZABETH                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-315
GARNER, JOHN A. V.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-264
GASKILL, SUSAN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-39
GAUTHIER, CALIXTE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-156
GAVIT, EDWARD                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-16
GERO, ALEXANDER                         SEE: GIROUX, ALEXANDRE                  RI-4-SMI-23-373
GIBSON, MINNIE C. WOOD                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-50
GILBANE, JAMES                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-66
GILLIGAN, MARTIN                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-318
GILLMORE, AVERY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-378
GINGRAS, CELINA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-166
GIROUARD, CHARLES                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-465
GIROUX, ALEAANDRE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-373
GIROUX, ELISE                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-316
GIROUX, MARIE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-85
GIROUX, PIERRE                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-403
GLEASON, CYNTHA A.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-348
GLEESON, ARTHUR                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-186
GODDARD, ANN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-256
GODERRE, CELINA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-272
GODFREY, NANCY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-428
GOFF, FREDERICK N.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-97
GOFF, OLIVE                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-281
GOFF, SARAH J.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-56
GOLDSMITH, POLLY                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-303
GOODING, HENRY                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-428
GOODRICH, CHARLES A.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-281
GOODRICH, EMILY L. B.                   CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-82
GORMAN, THOMAS                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-323
GOSLING, GEORGE                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-409
GOTTSCHALK, WILLIAM VON                 LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-17
GOULBURN, FREDERICK                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-19
GOUSIE, JOHN B.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-258
GOYETTE, CELINA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-485
GRAHAM, KATE                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-104
GRANDFIELD, DELIA A.                    NORTHBRIDGE, WORCESTER, MA              RI-4-SMI-15-78
GRANT, JOHN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-2
GRANT, LYDIA B.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-285
GRANT, PRESTON                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-492
GRANT, SMITH                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-277
GRAY, LUCINA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-39
GREENE, ALCE                            WARWICK, KENT, RI                       RI-4-SMI-2A-169
GREENE, BENJAMIN F.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-354
GREENE, EDWARD A.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-244
GREENE, NANCY                           PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-12-112
GREGOIRE, ELMIRE                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-220
GREGORY, JOHN P.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-193
GRIFFIN, MARTIN                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-149
GRIMSHAW, ELIAS                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-203
GRIMSHAW, MARY                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-199
GROVE, HENRIETTA                        CENTRAL FAL                             RI-4-SMI-30-119
GUILLET, FRANCOIS X.                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-493
GULLEY, ANNA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-325
GULLEY, HANNAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-340
GULLY, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-399
HADDAN, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-156
HAGUE, BENJAMIN                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-146
HAINEY, ELIZABETH                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-352
HALL, OLIVE                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-1
HALLETT, LOUISA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-344
HAMEL, THOMAS PIERRE                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-314
HANDY, PHILIP F.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-61
HANDY, RUSSELL                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-226
HANNIGAN, MARY                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-360
HARENDEEN, JOSEPH                       CLARKSBURGH, BERKSHIRE, MA              RI-4-SMI-3-674
HARENDEEN, MARY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-6
HARKNESS, ADAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-420
HARKNESS, JAMES                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-554
HARKNESS, JAMES                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-154
HARKNESS, JAMES T.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-164
HARKNESS, MARY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-312
HARNEY, HUGH                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-289
HARRIS, ABBY H. N.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-58
HARRIS, ABNER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-280
HARRIS, ALMIRA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-348
HARRIS, AMEY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-132
HARRIS, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-201
HARRIS, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-245
HARRIS, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-58
HARRIS, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-1
HARRIS, DAVID J.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-312
HARRIS, EDWIN                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-343
HARRIS, GEORGE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-573
HARRIS, HEPHSIBAH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-252
HARRIS, JEREMIAH                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-634
HARRIS, JOHNATHAN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-301
HARRIS, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-245
HARRIS, JUDETH                          BURRILLVILLE                            RI-4-SMI-10-522
HARRIS, MANTON                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-198
HARRIS, MARY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-61
HARRIS, NANCY A.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-17-283
HARRIS, PRESERVED                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-545
HARRIS, RICHARD                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-34
HARRIS, SIMON                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-15
HARRIS, SUSANNA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-125
HARRIS, WELCOME                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-141
HARRIS, WELCOME                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-171
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-442
HART, SARAH C.                          FAIRHAVEN, BRISTOL, MA                  RI-4-SMI-26-243
HARVEY, JAMES BROWN                     GORTON, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND             RI-4-SMI-18-274
HAWKINGS, ANNE                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-277
HAWKINS, JOB A.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-21
HAWKINS, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-722
HAWLEY, PHEBE E.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-498
HAYDEN, ANN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-480
HAZRD, POTTER G.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-291
HEAP, WILLIAM                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-314
HEBERT, FRANCOIS                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-128
HEBERT, GEORGIANA                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-345
HENDRICK, NANCY                         CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-12-252
HENNESSEY, MARY ANN                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-226
HENNESSEY, MICHAEL                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-265
HERENDEEN, FREELOVE                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-114
HERENDEEN, HEZEKIAH                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-330
HERENDEEN, JOSEPH                       SITHFIELD                               RI-4-SMI-2A-165
HERTON, LOUISA                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-344
HESSLIN, PATRICK                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-308
HICKS, SARAH L.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-134
HIGGINS, LAWRENCE                       LODI, BERGEN, NJ                        RI-4-SMI-17-252
HILL, ANNA                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-174
HILL, FANNY A.                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-316
HILL, GEORGE W.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-334
HILL, MARY                              PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-9-218
HILL, SAMUEL                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-466
HILLIARD, PHEBE                         DANBY, RUTLAND, VT                      RI-4-SMI-2A-467
HILTON, ELLEN                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-106
HINES, PETER                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-397
HINKLEY, FRANCIS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-245
HOGUE, FRANCIS                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-8
HOLBROOK, LYDIA                         UXBRIDGE, WORCESTER, MA                 RI-4-SMI-3-138
HOLBROOK, WILDER                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-293
HOLDEN, ELIZA W.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-158
HOLLEY, WILLIAM P.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-338
HOLLINGWORTH, ELIJAH                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-378
HOLMES, EUNICE J.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-49
HOOD, ELLEN S.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-369
HOOD, WILLIAM S.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-190
HORTON, ANN (COLE)                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-203
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-404
HORTON, BENJAMIN                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-117
HORTON, CHARLES                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-74
HORTON, DARIUS                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-374
HORTON, HERBERT D.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-32
HORTON, MARY JANE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-361
HOWARD, MARY L.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-81
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-517
HUBERT, ARTHUR                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-126
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE B.                   SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-434
HUTCHINSON, JESSE                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-61
HUTCHINSON, JESSE                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-122
HUTCHINSON, PHEBE                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-295
HUTCHINSON, SARAH                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-311
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-432
IDE, DAVID                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-191
INGRAHAM, MARY A. P.                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-53
INMAN, DANIEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-60
INMAN, EDWARD                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-171
JACOBS, RACHEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-52
JACOBS, WILLSON                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-706
JAFFE, BARNET                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-70
JEANNOTTE, AURELIE                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-58
JEFFERS, ANNA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-521
JENCKES, AMELIA P.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-118
JENCKES, AMEY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-378
JENCKES, DANIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-375
JENCKES, DEBORAH H.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-386
JENCKES, HANNAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-363
JENCKES, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-699
JENCKES, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-108
JENCKES, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-9
JENCKES, JOSEPH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-105
JENCKES, LEMUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-112
JENCKES, MARY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-38
JENCKES, MARY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-258
JENCKES, SARAH A.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-472
JENCKES, SMITH                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-403
JENCKES, THOMAS                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-408
JENCKES, WILLIAM                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-460
JENCKS, JOSEPH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-427
JENCKS, RUFUS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-297
JENKES, HENRY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-169
JENKES, INSPERSIAN                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-54
JENKES, JOSHUA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-266
JENKINSON, JOSEPH                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-66
JENKS, GEORGE B. R.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-113
JENKS, GEORGE F.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-291
JENKS, SALLY                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-322
JENKS, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-239
JENKSIN, ALVIN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-480
JERAULD, ALMIRA ANN                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-274
JETTE, PIERRE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-277
JONES, DANIEL                           BELLINGHAM, SUFFOLK, MA                 RI-4-SMI-1-217
JONES, ELIZABETH                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-259
JOSSELYN, GEOGE E.                      CHICOPEE, HAMPDEN, MA                   RI-4-SMI-27-5
JOYCE, MARGARET                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-396
KALLAHAR, PATRICK                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-136
KEECH, OLNEY                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-208
KEECH, WILLIAM H.                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-19
KELLEY, BRALEY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-649
KELLY, CHRISTOPHER WHIPPLE              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-374
KENNEDY, CATHERINE                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-329
KERON, TERANCE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-48
KERON, THOMAS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-422
KEYES, LOIS S.                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-399
KEYES, MARY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-470
KILBURN, GEORGE                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-226
KILBURN, HARRIET                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-187
KIMBALL, RISPATH                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-140
KING, CYNTHIA P.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-149
KING, DAN                               CRANSTON                                RI-4-SMI-12-131
KIRWAN, JOHN T.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-466
KLICK, JOHN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-377
KNIGHT, HANNAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-173
KNIGHT, LUCY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-399
KNIGHT, SALLY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-1
LACHANCE, CELESTIN                      CENTRAL FALLS (IN FRENCH)               RI-4-SMI-21-329
LAFLAMME, FRANCOIS                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-169
LAFOND, EDOUARD                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-281
LAJOIE, DOMITILDE (BEAUDOIN)            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-223
LALIBERTE, ELMIRE ST. JEAN              CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-295
LAMARINE, FRANK X.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-46
LAMARINE, TARZILLE                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-44
LAMBERT, ALEXANDER                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-405
LAMBERT, CELINA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-139
LAMBERT, HENRY                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-471
LANCIAUX, MARIA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-282
LANDRIE, CAROLINE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-182
LANDRY, GEORGE                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-400
LANDRY, MARIE L ARIVEE                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-490
LANE, JAMES                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-356
LANGEVIN, GEORGIANA (CHARON)            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-448
LAPHAM, AMELIA                          INCOLN                                  RI-4-SMI-15-298
LAPHAM, AUGUSTUS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-74
LAPHAM, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-318
LAPHAM, SALLY P.                        DEDHAM, NORFOLK, MA                     RI-4-SMI-14-283
LAPHAM, SARAH                           WOONSOCKET                              RI-4-SMI-15-294
LAPHAM, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-392
LAPHAM, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-276
LARIVEE, MARIE CAROLINE                  CENTRAL FALLS                          RI-4-SMI-29-93
LATHAM, BENONI                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-612
LATHAM, JOSEPH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-504
LATHAM, ROBERT                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-411
LATHAM, ROBERT                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-626
LATHAM, SARAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-521
LATIMER, WILLIAM L.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-218
LAVALLEE, ALPHONSE                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-242
LAWDER, MARY ANN                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-213
LAWLER, MARY                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-266
LAWLOR, JEREMIAH                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-97
LAWTON, HANNAH                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-367
LAWTON, HENRY                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-378
LEBLANC, MARGARET                       WOONSOCKET                              RI-4-SMI-28-415
LEE, ROSELLA B.                         REHOBOTH, BRISTOL, MA                   RI-4-SMI-20-134
LEEDHAM, HANNAH                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-17
LEIGHTON, CATHERINE                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-414
LENT, JOHN EBER                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-30
LEONAD, CAROLINE                        ATTLEBORO, BRISTOL, MA                  RI-4-SMI-27-302
LEONARD, AGNES C.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-189
LEONARD, WILLIAM                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-311
LEVESQUE, JOSEPH                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-221
LEWIS, STEPHEN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-68
LEWISOHN, LEONARD                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             RI-4-SMI-27-29
LHOMME, JEAN BAPTISTE                   LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-358
LINCOLN, BELA E.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-406
LINCOLN, MINERVA                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-351
LINDSEY, BENJAMIN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-278
LINNAHAN, CATHERINE T.                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-311
LINNEBAN, ELLEN                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-61
LISPERANCE, MARCEL                      CENTRA FALLS                            RI-4-SMI-25-189
LITTLEFIELD, ALFRED H.                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-463
LITTLEFIELD, ALFRED H.                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-49
LITTLEFIELD, DANIEL G.                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-366
LITTLEFIELD, MARIA ANTOINETTE           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-215
LITTLEFIELD, REBECCA J.                 CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-283
LOCH, JAMES                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-249
LOGE, HOPESTILL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-1
LOGE, HOPESTILL                         SMITHFIELD (2ND COPY)                   RI-4-SMI-2A-10
LOVELL, ABEL W.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-319
LOVELL, ALEXANDER                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-535
LOVELL, RHODA A.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-240
LUSIGNAN, PETER                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-26-324
LUSSIER, LOUIS                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-293
LYND, MARGARET                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-307
LYON, ANNA HALSEY                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-339
LYONS, MICHAEL                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-147
MACARTNEY, NANCY J.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-195
MAGNER, ANN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-182
MALAUREY, JOHN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-95
MALLERY, ELIZABETH W.                   LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-28-106
MALLERY, JANE FRANCES                   LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-193
MALONEY, MARY                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-448
MAN, ASA                                RICHMOND, CHESHIRE, NH                  RI-4-SMI-2A-225
MAN, DANIEL                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-402
MAN, JOHN                               SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-209
MAN, ORVILLE                            PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-6-200
MAN, SARAH                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-113
MANCHESTER, CYRIL B.                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-14-197
MANCHESTER, MARCY                       WARWICK, KENT, RI                       RI-4-SMI-14-71
MANCHESTER, WILLIAM E.                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-146
MANDEVILLE, EDWIDGE                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-230
MANN, ANNA                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-301
MANN, DANIEL                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-283
MANN, JETHRO                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-526
MANN, JOHN                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-278
MANN, LYDIA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-465
MANN, OLIVER                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-138
MANN, THOMAS                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-373
MANSFIELD, MARGARET                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-64
MARCHAND, OLIVIER                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-21
MAROUX, HENRY F.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-105
MARSH, METCALF                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-138
MARTEL, CLEMENCE CASSARINE              CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-411
MARTIN, DAVID                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-325
MARTIN, MICHAEL J.                      TAUNTON, BRISTOL MA                     RI-4-SMI-28-198
MATHEWSON, ALSY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-457
MATHEWSON, AURELIA                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-63
MATHEWSON, BETTY                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-445
MATHEWSON, JOHN                         JOHNSTON                                RI-4-SMI-2A-393
MATHEWSON, MARY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-216
MATHIEU, JOSEPH E. V.                   CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-74
MATTHEWS, JANE E.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-384
MAXWELL, ANDREW                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-477
MAXWELL, MICHAEL                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-446
MAYBERRY, HARRIET H.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-253
MAYNARD, LOUIS C.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-282
MAYNARD, PHILOMENE (LUSSIER)            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-126
MAYNES, THOMAS                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-527
MCALLISTER, WILLIAM                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-238
MCARDLE, HUGH                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-406
MCCAFFREY, PATRICK                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-137
MCCARTNEY, ELIZA                        LONSDALE                                RI-4-SMI-20-216
MCCARTNEY, JAMES                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-100
MCCARTNEY, JAMES                        NTL, NEW HANOVER, NC                    RI-4-SMI-28-449
MCCARTNEY, JAMES C.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-30-159
MCCARTNEY, WILLIAM                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-130
MCCASKER, RACHEL                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-18
MCCAUGHEY, OWEN                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-161
MCCLOSKEY, MARY                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-460
MCCLOSKEY, MICHAEL                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-210
MCDERMOTT, PATRICK                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-55
MCDONOUGH, JOHN                         PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-22-212
MCDOUGALL, JOHN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-280
MCGEE, PETER                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-570
MCGINN, ASHA ANN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-457
MCGLONE, KATE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-393
MCGOWAN, MARY                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-375
MCHALE, BRIDGET                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-411
MCINTIRE, AURILLA                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-288
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-39
MCINTYRE, SARAH                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-122
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-23
MCKENNA, EDWARD                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-17-228
MCKENNA, JOHN                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-162
MCKENNA, MARY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-24
MCKENNA, PATRICK                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-72
MCLEAN, SARAH ANN                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-321
MCNALLEY, ANNIE STACIA                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-147
MCNALLY, THOMAS HENRY                   CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-182
MCNAMARA, ANN                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-397
MCNAMARA, ELLEN                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-265
MCNAMARA, PATRICK                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-272
MCNIFF, MICHAEL                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-119
MCVEY, ROBERT                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-440
MEADER, DANIEL                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-205
MEDBERY, BENJAMIN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-486
MEEHAN, CATHERINE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-488
MEGGETT, ALAXANDER                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-624
MEKINS, CATHERINE                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-192
MERRY, JOSEPH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-189
MERRY, STEWART                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-313
MESSIER, ALEXIS                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-372
MESSIER, HENRIETTA                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-25
MESSIER, MELINA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-423
MESSIER, ROSE DE LIMA                   CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-156
MEUNIER, PHILOMENE LAPIERRE             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-408
MILLER, EDGAR P.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-262
MITCHELL, ROBERT                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-442
MOFFITT, ARNOLD SR.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-251
MOIES, CHARLES                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-144
MOIES, CHARLES P.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-143
MOIES, THOMAS                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-54
MONAST, THEOPHILE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-343
MONKHOUSE, ESTHER                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-196
MONKHOUSE, MARK                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-190
MOORE, ELLEN                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-529
MORAN, ELLEN                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-94
MORAN, JAMES                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-312
MOREAU, FRANCOSI X.                     PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-26-335
MORGAN, MARY                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-127
MORIN, DELVINA                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-457
MORIN, HORMIDAS                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-151
MORIN, JEAN BAPTISTE                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-130
MORIN, JOHN B.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-98
MORIN, PHILIUS                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-409
MORSE, GEORGE                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-324
MOWRY, ABIAL                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-229
MOWRY, AHAZ                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-129
MOWRY, AHAZ                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-484
 MOWRY, AMASA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-10
MOWRY, AMEY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-465
MOWRY, ANANIAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-311
MOWRY, ANANIAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-697
MOWRY, ARNOLD                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-235
MOWRY, ARNOLD 2ND                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-60
MOWRY, ASHA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-70
MOWRY, BENEDICT                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-402
MOWRY, BENJAMIN W.                      LIME ROCK                               RI-4-SMI-15-83
MOWRY, CALEB                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-516
MOWRY, CHARLES                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-509
MOWRY, DANIEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-267
MOWRY, DAVID                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-10
MOWRY, DAVID                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-455
MOWRY, DEBORAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-501
MOWRY, DELIA F.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-92
MOWRY, ELIAKIM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-43
MOWRY, ELISHA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-397
MOWRY, ELISHA                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-370
MOWRY, ESEK                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-241
MOWRY, FOSTER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-418
MOWRY, GIDEON                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-685
MOWRY, HENRY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-315
MOWRY, HIRAM                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-266
MOWRY, HULDAH M.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-1
MOWRY, JEREMIAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-614
MOWRY, JOB                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-166
MOWRY, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-40
MOWRY, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-576
MOWRY, JONATHAN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-108
MOWRY, JONATHAN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-514
MOWRY, JOSEPH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-177
MOWRY, JOSEPH                           SMTIHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-196
MOWRY, KATHARINE                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-19
MOWRY, LEVI                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-15
MOWRY, LOMIRA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-579
MOWRY, LYDIA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-442
MOWRY, LYDIA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-288
MOWRY, MALANCY V.                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-78
MOWRY, MARY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-425
MOWRY, MERCY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-63
MOWRY, MORTON                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-95
MOWRY, NATHANIEL                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-381
MOWRY, NATHANIEL                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-68
MOWRY, NATHANIEL L.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-6
MOWRY, NELSON                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-696
MOWRY, OLIVER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-191
MOWRY, PHEBE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-150
MOWRY, PHEBE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-56
MOWRY, PHILIP                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-127
MOWRY, PHILLIP                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-107
MOWRY, RICHARD                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-438
MOWRY, RICHARD                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-448
MOWRY, SARAH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-111
MOWRY, SESSIONS                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-88
MOWRY, STEPHEN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-152
MOWRY, STEPHEN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-469
MOWRY, STEPHEN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-484
MOWRY, STEPHEN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-213
MOWRY, STEPHEN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-45
MOWRY, STEPHEN D.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-556
MOWRY, SUSANNA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-193
MOWRY, SYLVESTER                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-320
MOWRY, TYLER                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-182
MOWRY, URIAH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-382
MOWRY, WAIT                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-631
MOWRY, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-38
MOWRY, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-250
MOWRY, ZERVIA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-229
MURPHY, JOHN M.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-353
MURPHY, MARGARET                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-76
MURRAY, DESIRE F.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-312
MURRAYT, MARY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-384
MUSSEY, JAMES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-327
NADOW, MARY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-338
NEILD, ELIZABETH                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-3
NEWELL, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-665
NEWELL, DINAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-122
NEWELL, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-713
NEWELL, LEAH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-126
NEWELL, PATIENCE                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-482
NEWELL, WILLIAM                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-26
NEWMAN, SARAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-91
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-35
NICHOLS, ANNIE C.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-166
NICHOLS, DEBORAH                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-681
NICKERSON, ASA H.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-188
NICKERSON, EMELINE ELIZA                LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-390
NICOLL, GEORGE                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-25
NORTHRUP, JANE                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-322
NORTHRUP, PERCY                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-59
NORTHUP, EBENEZER                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-304
OAKEY, JOHN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-322
OBRIEN, ANN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-115
OBRIEN, EDWARD                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-382
OGRADY, MICHAEL J.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-294
OHARA, CATHERINE                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-253
OKEEFE, MARY                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-298
OLDHAM, EMMA L.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-495
OLNEY, ELISHA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-651
OLNEY, EMOR                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-465
OLNEY, GRANVILLE S. W.                  SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-65
OLNEY, OBADIAH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-14
OLNEY, SARAH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-416
OMALLEY, JOHN                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-454
OMALLEY, PATRICK                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-147
OMALLEY, SABINA T.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-190
OMEARA, WILLIAM                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-56
OREILLY, CHARLES (REV.)                 BLACKSTONE, WORCESTER, MA               RI-4-SMI-10-296
OSBORNE, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-413
PAIN, ASENATH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-561
PAIN, BENJAMIN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-220
PAIN, ELIZABETH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-179
PAIN, GIDEON                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-186
PAIN, GIDEON                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-271
PAIN, JEHU                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-83
PAIN, JOHN                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-156
PAIN, REBEKAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-263
PAIN, SQUIRE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-612
PAINE, AMEY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-34
PAINE, ANNA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-376
PAINE, ASAHEL                           JOHNSTON                                RI-4-SMI-9-535
PAINE, ASENATH                          CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-6-93
PAINE, BELA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-466
PAINE, DRUSILLA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-281
PAINE, HULDAH                           FOSTER                                  RI-4-SMI-6-410
PAINE, JESSE T.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-175
PAINE, JOHN J.                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-360
PAINE, LUCINA W.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-108
PAINE, MARTHA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-706
PAINE, MARY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-36
PAINE, MOWRY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-389
PAINE, OBED                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-122
PAINE, OLIVE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-521
PAINE, PENELOPE                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-279
PALARDY, WILLIAM                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-320
PAQUETTE, ZEPHERIN                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-309
PARENTS, OLIVER                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-447
PARKER, BETSEY E.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-264
PARKER, CHARLES H.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-494
PARKER, SAMUEL W.                       NEWPORT, ORLEANS, VT                    RI-4-SMI-26-420
PARKHURST, HENRY                        PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-14-520
PARLIA PHETTEPLACE                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-309
PASSMORE, JOANNA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-515
PASSMORE, MARY                          PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-12-480
PATENAUDE, EDOUARD                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-140
PATENAUDE, VICTORINE                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-424
PATTERSON, SOLOMON E. JR.               WOONSOCKET                              RI-4-SMI-15-165
PEACOCK, ALICE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-210
PEARCE, ABIGAIL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-404
PEARCE, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-490
PEARCE, DANIEL                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-347
PECK, ELIZA                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-222
PECK, IRA B.                            CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-8-406
PECK, PELEG                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-278
PECK, PHEBE                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-112
PECK, RUSSELL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-269
PECKHAM, BENEDICT                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-41
PELCHAT, PIERRE                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-188
PENDERGRASS, SAMUEL L.                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-28-433
PERINE, CYRUS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-385
PERRIN, ANSON E.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-175
PERRIN, JOSEPH B.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-24
PERRIN, MATILDA C.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-322
PERRY, HENRY E.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-295
PERSON, NELSON                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-535
PHANEUF, FRANCIS                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-395
PHETTEPLACE, ARCA                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-441
PHETTEPLACE, JAMES                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-249
PHILLIPS, CELIA                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-353
PHILLIPS, FREDERICK E.                  CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-127
PHILLIPS, NANCY J.                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-133
PHILLIPS, SARAH A.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-1
PHILLIPS, WELCOME A.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-257
PIKE, SILENCE B.                        NTL                                     RI-4-SMI-14-113
PION, OLIVIER                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-92
PITTS, JOSEPH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-504
PITTS, MARY S.                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-327
PLACE, MARY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-157
PLEWS, MARY ANN GOSLING                 LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-125
POLSEY, EVELYN A.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-497
PONTON, EUGENE B.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-340
PONTON, JOSEPH H.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-429
POTTER, AMELIA W.                       PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-17-89
POTTER OLNEY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-209
POULIN, JOSEPH                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-495
POULIN, MARIE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-297
POULIN, MARIE (BENOIT)                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-128
POUTON, BENOIT                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-189
PRATT, CHANDLER W.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-447
PRAY, JOHN                              PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-1-1
PROULX, BAZILE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-156
PYNE, PATRICK T.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-362
QUIGLEY, MARY                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-132
QUINCY, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-221
QUINN, JOHN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-171
RACINE , CELESTE (BEAUVAIS)             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-53
RALPHS, WILLIAM                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-424
RANDALL, AMEY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-103
RANDALL, EDWARD                         NORTH PROVIDENCE                        RI-4-SMI-8-369
RANDALL, WHIPPLE                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-472
RANDALL, WILLIAM                        NORTH PROVIDENCE                        RI-4-SMI-8-367
RAYMOND, JOSEPH                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-309
READ, JONATHAN                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-163
REED, ADAM                              LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-405
REILLY, PATRICK                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-458
RHOADS, ZACHARIAH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-396
RHODES, ELIZA JANE                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-236
RHODES, JENNIE CAMPBELL                 SEE: RHODES, ELIZA JANE                 RI-4-SMI-30-236
RICE, JOHN                              SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-465
RICE, PAULINE ANN ANSENATH              CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-222
RICHARDSON, FRANCIS                     ATTLEBOROUGH, BRISTOL, MA               RI-4-SMI-15-201
RICHARDSON, MARTHA COLE                 CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-44
RILEY, CELIA A.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-118
RIVARD, ODILE                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-493
ROBBINS, MARY A.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-167
ROBERT, TOUSSAINT                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-103
ROBERT, TOUSSAINT                       LINCOLN (CON'T)                         RI-4-SMI-20-105
ROBERTS, JAMES                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-60
ROBERTSON, MARGARET J.                  LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-245
ROBINSON, ROXANNA                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-7
ROGERS, ALBERT                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-357
ROGERS, CATHERINE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-128
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-28
ROGERS, SOLOMON JR.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-420
ROOT, CELESTE (BEAUVAIS)                SEE: RACINE, CELESTE                    RI-4-SMI-30-53
ROPER, MARY A.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-42
ROSS, ELIZA H.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-480
ROUSE, EMMANUEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-117
ROUSSEAU, ADELARD                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-48
ROWAN, MICHAEL                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-441
ROY, SOPHRONIE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-403
RUSSELL, MARGARET G.                    LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-63
RYAN, EDWARD                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-184
RYAN, JOHN                              LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-21
SALISBURY, ANTHONY DUANE                LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-407
SALSBUY, REUBEN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-380
SANDERS, ROBERT                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-322
SAYLES, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-301
SAYLES, DRUSILLA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-237
SAYLES, ELIZABETH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-551
SAYLES, ESEK                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-377
SAYLES, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-138
SAYLES, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-216
SAYLES, JONATHAN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-79
SAYLES, PATIENCE                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-378
SAYLES, RICHARD                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-276
SAYLES, SYLVANUS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-349
SAYLES, WELCOME                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-386
SAYLES, ZERUIAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-338
SCHILLER, ANTONIA                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-317
SCOTT, JEREMIAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-444
SCOTT, JEREMIAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-40
SCOTT, JOANNA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-205
SCOTT, JOHN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-60
SCOTT, JULIENNA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-519
SEALLY, JOHN                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-393
SEGUIN, EDMOND                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-343
SEGUIN, MARGUERITE (BOURDEAU)           SEE: SEGUIN, EDMOND                     RI-4-SMI-17-343
SHAUGHNESSY, MARK                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-412
SHAW, HENRY                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-127
SHEPPEY, SOLOMON                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-6
SHERMAN, RACHEL                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-380
SHIPPE, THOMAS                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-474
SHIPPEE, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-228
SHIPPEE, LYDIA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-437
SHIPWAY, JAMES                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-103
SIDDALL, ELIZABETH                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-214
SIDDALL, THOMAS                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-438
SIMMONS, SARAH E.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-3
SIMMONS, WILLIAM H.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-172
SLATER, JOHN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-548
SLOCUM, SAMUEL ELAM                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-42
SLY, STEPHEN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-106
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-305
SMITH, ALFRED                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-160
SMITH, APPLEBEY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-291
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-9
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-435
SMITH, CLEMENCE                         NORWICH,, CT                            RI-4-SMI-7-39
SMITH, ELISHA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-5
SMITH, ELIZA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-232
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        DEDHAM, NORFOLK, MA                     RI-4-SMI-10-110
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-169
SMITH, ELIZABETH M.                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-370
SMITH, EMOR                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-387
SMITH, EPHRAIM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-104
SMITH, GEORGE 2ND                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-541
SMITH, HANNAH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-194
SMITH, HUGH                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-60
SMITH, JAMES                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-267
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-701
SMITH, JESSE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-452
SMITH, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-239
SMITH, JOHN                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-83
SMITH, JOSEPH                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-14
SMITH, JOSHUA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-542
SMITH, LUCRETIA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-440
SMITH, MARTHA M.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-282
SMITH, MARY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-647
SMITH, MARY                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-504
SMITH, MOWRY                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-415
SMITH, NAHUM                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-1
SMITH, NOAH                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-310
SMITH, OLIVER                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-583
SMITH, OLNEY W.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-193
SMITH, ROBY                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-445
SMITH, RUFUS                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-627
SMITH, RUTH H.                          FRANKLIN, NORFOLK, MA                   RI-4-SMI-18-270
SMITH, SAMUEL                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-322
SMITH, THOMAS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-153
SMITH, THOMAS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-170
SMITH, THOMAS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-235
SMITH, URANIA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-211
SMITH, WILLIAM                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-135
SMITH, ZIBA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-13
SNOW, ZEBEDEE                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-583
SOULE, NANCY                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-255
SOUTHWICK, JONATHAN                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-261
SOUTHWICK, LAVINA                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-471
SPAULDING, JOSEPH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-74
SPAULDING, WILLIAM W.                   LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-459
SPEARS, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-17
SPENCER, ABBY F.                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-336
SPONIER, ELIZABETH                      SMTIFHIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-78
SPRAGUE, DANIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-608
SPRAGUE, ENOCH                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-367
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-439
SPRAGUE, NEHEMIAH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-517
SPRAGUE, RICHARD                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-110
STAFFORD, RUFUS J.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-12-52
STAFFORD, WANTON S.                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-415
STANKEWITZ, KARL                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-221
STANLEY, FRANK A.                       PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA                RI-4-SMI-30-129
STAPLES, EXPERIENCE                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-114
STAPLES, MERCY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-598
STAPLES, NATHANIEL                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-82
STAPLES, ROBERT                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-336
STAPLES, SAMUEL                         BELLINGHAM, SUFFOLK, MA                 RI-4-SMI-1-231
STEARNS, HENRY A.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-231
STEER, THOMAS                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-60
STEERE, ANNA                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-403
STEERE, ARNOLD                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-447
STEERE, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-345
STEERE, DIANNA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-330
STEERE, ELISHA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-197
STEERE, ELMIRA A.                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-17-172
STEERE, ESTHER                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-69
STEERE, FRANKLIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-113
STEERE, HENRY F.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-164
STEERE, MARTHA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-596
STEERE, PHEBE                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-592
STEWART, ELIZA J. KEENE                 CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-192
STILLMAN, GEORGE C.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-423
STONE, LACINA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-459
STRATFORD, LUCINDA                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-7-336
STREETER, HARIET                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-428
SWAN, WILLIAM                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-194
SWEENEY, JOSEPH                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-339
SWEENEY, THOMAS                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-473
SWEET, BETSEY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-424
SWEET, PHILIP                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-17
SWET, HANNAH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-272
SYLVESTER, ODILE                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-310
SYNON, JEREMIAH                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-36
TABER, MERCY                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-294
TALON, CALIXTE                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-23-396
TAYLOR, AGNES                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-424
TAYLOR, LAVINA                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-293
TAYLOR, TIMOTHY A.                      SLATERSVILLE                            RI-4-SMI-10-373
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-138
TEFFT, RUFUS                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-94
THACKERY, ELLEN M.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-377
THOMAS, GEORGE D.                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-56
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-264
THOMPSON, RUTH                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-395
THORNTON, GEORGE M.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-232
THURBER, HARRIET R.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-134
THURBER, LORING W.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-356
TIFFT, AUSTIN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-270
TIFFT, OTIS B.                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-392
TIFT, EUNICE                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-468
TILLINGHAST, MARY E.                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-46
TINCKHAM, LYDIA                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-484
TITTLE, ELIZA                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-40
TOBEY, EMILY F.                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-335
TODD, ALBERT                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-137
TOUCHETTE, EMELIE                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-231
TRACY, CHARLES C.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-444
TRAHAN, DAVID                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-318
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM J.                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-8
TRUESDALE, MARGARET                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-331
TRUESDALE, MARGARET                     LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-260
TUCKER, DAVID                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-577
TUCKER, ELHANAN                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-482
TUCKER, FRANCIS C.                      SAYLESVILLE                             RI-4-SMI-23-445
TUCKER, OLNEY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-451
TUELLS, THANKFUL                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-378
TUNMORE, WILLIAM                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-599
TURGEON, FERDINAND                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-52
TUTTLE, JAMES                           MANSFIELD, BRISTOL, MA                  RI-4-SMI-29-445
VADNAIS, EMANUEL                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-9
VARLEY, WINIFRED                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-389
VARTABEDIAU, HAIJI GIRAGAS              CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-236
VICTORY, WILLIAM T.                     BROCKTON, PLYMOUTH, MA                  RI-4-SMI-26-399
VOISARD, BRIDGET                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-478
VOSE, ALANSON                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-139
WADDINGTON, JOHN                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-372
WALKER, DUDLEY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-433
WALKER, HUGH                            CENTRA FALLS                            RI-4-SMI-22-187
WALKER, IZANNAH F.                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-262
WALKER, JASON JR.                       NORTH KINGSTON                          RI-4-SMI-4-31
WALKER, LIZZIE                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-240
WALLACE, AZUBAH                         PROVIDENCE                              RI-4-SMI-18-161
WALLING, JAMES                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-105
WALMSLEY, ELIZA                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-380
WALSH, MARY                             LICNOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-14
WALSH, MARY                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-26
WARDLE, JOHN                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-27-63
WARDLE, MATTHEW                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-68
WARE, WILLARD                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-316
WARREN, ALVAH AMBROSE                   CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-442
WASON, JAMES                            LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-20-398
WASON, JOHN                             LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-284
WATERHOUSE, SARAH                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-359
WATERMAN, ANDREW                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-279
WATERMAN, ANNA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-465
WATERMAN, JEREMIAH                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-183
WATERMAN, MERCY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-5-1
WATERMAN, RESOLVED                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-1-292
WEATHERHEAD, ABBIE B.                   CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-274
WEATON, NATHANIEL                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-51
WEAVER, JOHN B.                         LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-67
WEBB, WILLIAM                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-428
WEEDEN, ANNA C.                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-80
WEEDEN, MARY A.                         PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-18-217
WELCH, BRIDGET                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-25-148
WELDEN, GEORGE WARREN                   LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-350
WELKER, ANN                             CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-15
WELKER, JOSEPH                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-24
WESTCOTT, JOHN C.                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-12-467
WHALEN, BRIDGET M.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-345
WHEELER, GILBERT                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-18-85
WHIPPLE, ABIGAIL                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-376
WHIPPLE, ARTHUR                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-9-67
WHIPPLE, HULDAH E.                      CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-218
WHIPPLE, JERUSHA                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-524
WHIPPLE, JOB                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-26
WHIPPLE, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-253
WHIPPLE, JOSEPH                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-589
WHIPPLE, LOUISA                         CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-13-184
WHIPPLE, MARY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-229
WHIPPLE, MARY                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-355
WHIPPLE, OLNEY A.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-26-104
WHIPPLE, PHEBE                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-396
WHIPPLE, STEPHEN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-464
WHIPPLE, WILLIAM                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-526
WHITAKER, SUSAN ANN                     CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-15-15
WHITE, LAVINIA P.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-22-260
WHITE, PARDON                           CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-424
WHITMAN, JOHN                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-149
WHITMAN, VALENTINE                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-38
WHITTAKER, ELIZA                        CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-21-476
WHITTAKER, ELIZABETH W.                 PAWTUCKET                               RI-4-SMI-25-188
WHITTLE, JAMES                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-21-286
WILBORE, DANIEL                         SMITHFIELDA                             RI-4-SMI-2A-54
WILBOUR, WAITY                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-499
WILBUR, CHRISTOPHER                     SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-432
WILBUR, DAVID                           LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-12
WILBUR, ELIZA                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-484
WILKINSON, A. J.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-17-211
WILKINSON, ABIGAIL                      CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-7-108
WILKINSON, DAVID                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-172
WILKINSON, ELIAB                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-365
WILKINSON, ISAAC                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-480
WILKINSON, ISRAEL                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-717
WILKINSON, ISRAEL                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-236
WILKINSON, JOHN                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-226
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-247
WILKINSON, MARY                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-614
WILKINSON, REBEKAH                      LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-14-327
WILKINSON, ROBERT                       SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2A-287
WILKINSON, SETH                         CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-122
WILKINSON, THANKFUL S.                  CUMBERLAND                              RI-4-SMI-11-185
WILLBUR, DANIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-259
WILLIAMS, ALDEN W.                      COVENTRY, KENT, RI                      RI-4-SMI-23-154
WILLOUGHBY, HENRY                       LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-22-494
WILMARTH, LEPRELET                      SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-221
WING, JABEZ                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-358
WING, JASHUB                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-547
WING, LILLIS                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-10-213
WINSOR, ABRAM                           SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-3-27
WINSOR, ASA                             SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-13-490
WINSOR, AUGUSTUS                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-54
WINSOR, DANIEL                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-4-300
WINSOR, JOSHUA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-90
WINSOR, MARTHA                          SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-311
WOLFORTH, ANNA M.                       CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-21
WOLSTENHOLME, PRISCILLA                 CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-455
WOLSTENHOLME, ROBERT                    CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-29-456
WOOD, ALANSON P.                        LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-25-152
WOOD, JOSEPH                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-14-124
WOOD, JOSEPH                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-28-264
WOOD, PHILA T.                          LINCOLN                                 RI-4-SMI-15-251
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-2-141
WRIGHT, MARY                            CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-30-240
WRIGHT, ORIN                            SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-8-64
WYMAN, JOHN C.                          CENTRAL FALLS                           RI-4-SMI-23-327
YOUNG, ELISHA D.                        SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-6-40
YOUNG, OTHANIEL                         SMITHFIELD                              RI-4-SMI-11-98

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