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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1855-1871 | Volume 2 = 1871-1882 |
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APP, CATHARINE                          PA-55-2-415
APP, J. FREDERICK                       PA-55-2-206
APP, JOHN                               PA-55-2-221
APP, LEONARD                            PA-55-1-340
APPLE, BENJAMIN                         PA-55-1-337
APPLE, GEORGE                           PA-55-1-353
ARBOGAST, LUDWIG                        PA-55-1-280
ARBOGAST, MICHAEL                       PA-55-2-464
ARBOGAST, PETER                         PA-55-2-36
ARBOGAST, PHILIP                        PA-55-1-221
AUCHMUTY, LYDIA                         PA-55-1-187
AURAND, JACOB                           PA-55-2-215
AURAND, MARIA                           PA-55-1-78
AURAND, SAMUEL                          PA-55-1-119
BAILIN, JAMES                           PA-55-1-291
BEACHEL, ELIZABETH                      PA-55-1-166
BEAVER, MARY M.                         PA-55-2-485
BECKER, GEORGE                          PA-55-2-172
BECKER, GEORGE L.                       PA-55-1-231
BECKER, MARY CATHARINE                  PA-55-1-374
BECKER, WILLIAM                         PA-55-1-186
BENDER, JONAS                           PA-55-2-142
BENFER, ANDREW                          PA-55-2-51
BENFER, DANIEL                          PA-55-1-2
BENFER, HENRY                           PA-55-1-318
BERTCH, CHRISTINA                       PA-55-2-495
BERTCH, JACOB                           PA-55-1-148
BERTCH, MARY                            PA-55-1-396
BIBGHAUS, JOHN (DR)                     PA-55-1-105
BICKEL, HENRY                           PA-55-1-67
BICKHART, HENRY                         PA-55-2-288
BILGER, JOHN                            PA-55-2-476
BILGER, LUCINDA                         PA-55-2-203
BILYER, FREDERICK                       PA-55-2-160
BITNER, JOHN                            PA-55-2-29
BITTIGER, DANIEL                        PA-55-1-167
BOER, SAMUEL                            PA-55-1-277
BOLIG, GEORGE                           PA-55-1-392
BOLIG, PETER                            PA-55-2-379
BOTDORF, DAVID                          PA-55-2-108
BOWER, LEWIS                            PA-55-1-313
BOWERSOX, DANIEL                        PA-55-1-51
BOWERSOX, MAGDALENA                     PA-55-2-201
BOWERSOX, SOLOMON                       PA-55-2-168
BOYER, BENNERVILLE                      PA-55-2-500
BOYER, CATHARINE A.                     PA-55-2-124
BOYER, DAVID                            PA-55-2-205
BOYER, FRANCIS A. SR.                   PA-55-2-219
BOYER, FRANCIS A. JR.                   PA-55-2-39
BOYER, GEORGE A.                        PA-55-2-153
BOYER, H. C.                            PA-55-2-292
BOYER, JACOB                            PA-55-1-343
BOYER, ROSANAH                          PA-55-1-281
BRAUSE, ADAM                            PA-55-1-290
BROUSE, BENJAMIN                        PA-55-1-394
BROUSE, ELIZABETH                       PA-55-2-218
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-55-2-17
BRUBAKER, MARIA                         PA-55-2-64
BRUNNER, JOHN                           PA-55-1-64
BUCHER, MARY ANN                        PA-55-1-246
BYERS, WILLIAM                          PA-55-1-60
CAMFORT, HENRY                          PA-55-1-286
CARY, DNAIEL                            PA-55-2-90
CLEMMENS, MICHAEL                       PA-55-1-80
COKER, PETER                            PA-55-2-140
CUMMINGS, A. B.                         PA-55-1-155
CUSTER, CATHARINE                       PA-55-1-384
DIEMER, JOHN                            PA-55-1-258
DOEBLER, LUDWIG                         PA-55-1-310
DREES, HENRY                            PA-55-1-199
DREESE, ABRAHAM                         PA-55-1-314
DUBS, JOHN                              PA-55-1-181
EAGAN, SUSAN                            PA-55-2-267
EBRIGHT, JOHN                           PA-55-1-297
ELLBAUM, GEORGE                         PA-55-1-355
EMERICH, JOHN                           PA-55-2-53
ENGEL, JACOB                            PA-55-1-191
ENGEL, SARAH                            PA-55-1-226
ERB, ELIZABETH                          PA-55-2-186
ERB, JOHN                               PA-55-2-324
ERBLEY, JACOB                           PA-55-1-178
ERDLEY, ABRAHAM                         PA-55-1-111
ERDLEY, MICHAEL                         PA-55-2-454
ERDLEY, THOMAS                          PA-55-2-484
ERDLY, JOHN                             PA-55-2-382
ETEGLER, BENJAMIN                       PA-55-1-282
EYER, HENRY C.                          PA-55-2-351
EYER, MARY O.                           PA-55-2-423
FARTIG, JOHN                            PA-55-1-212
FEEHRER, SAMUEL                         PA-55-2-261
FELMEY, CATHARINE                       PA-55-2-464
FELMLEY, JOHN                           PA-55-2-394
FESSLER, DAVID                          PA-55-2-40
FIKE, EVE                               PA-55-1-207
FINK, BARBARA A.                        PA-55-2-337
FISHBAUGH, MARY                         PA-55-2-274
FISHER, DAVID SR.                       PA-55-1-14
FISHER, H. D.                           PA-55-2-404
FISHER, HENRY                           PA-55-2-502
FISHER, LEVI                            PA-55-1-193
FISHER, LYDIA                           PA-55-2-409
FISHER, REBECCA                         PA-55-1-183
FISHER, WILLIAM R.                      PA-55-1-97
FORRER, JOHN                            PA-55-1-229
FREED, ABRAHAM                          PA-55-1-156
FRIMOYER, JACOB                         PA-55-1-398
FRY, JOHN                               PA-55-1-189
FRYER, JACOB                            PA-55-1-206
FRYER, SUSANNAH                         PA-55-2-106
FRYMOYER, JOHN                          PA-55-1-7
FRYMOYER, SARAH                         PA-55-2-278
GANELER, SAMUEL                         PA-55-2-56
GANGLER, WILLIAM                        PA-55-1-376
GARMAN, PETER M.                        PA-55-2-22
GARRETT, ANNA                           PA-55-2-364
GARRETT, GEORGE                         PA-55-1-138
GEARHART, JOHN JR.                      PA-55-1-95
GEMBERLING, GEORGE                      PA-55-1-101
GEMBERLING, PHILIP                      PA-55-1-83
GERHART, DINAH                          PA-55-2-497
GERHART, HENRY                          PA-55-2-738
GERHART, MICHAEL SR.                    PA-55-2-18
GERHART, PETER                          PA-55-2-49
GERMAN, JOHN ADAM                       PA-55-1-184
GERMAN, PETER SR.                       PA-55-1-146
GIFT, ELIZABETH                         PA-55-1-40
GIFT, JOHN                              PA-55-1-259
GILBERT, DIANNA                         PA-55-2-434
GIMBERLING, PHILIP                      PA-55-2-233
GINGERICH,C HRISTIAN                    PA-55-1-38
GINNEY, JOHN                            PA-55-2-54
GLOVE, SARAH                            PA-55-2-166
GOOD, CHARLES                           PA-55-2-471
GOSS, PETER                             PA-55-1-345
GOY, DAVID                              PA-55-2-308
GOY, FREDRICK                           PA-55-1-197
GOY, MARGARET                           PA-55-2-359
GRAYBILL, CHRISTIAN                     PA-55-2-213
GRAYBILL, PETER                         PA-55-2-254
GRAYBILL, TOBIAS                        PA-55-2-20
GRIMM, REUBEN                           PA-55-2-110
GROSS, PETER                            PA-55-2-247
GRUBB, HENRY                            PA-55-2-299
HAAS, VALENTINE                         PA-55-1-32
HACKMAN, MARY M.                        PA-55-1-264
HACKMASTER, SAMUEL                      PA-55-2-462
HAGERTY, CHARLES                        PA-55-1-387
HALL, JOHN                              PA-55-1-20
HALL, MARIAH                            PA-55-1-366
HARE, HENRY                             PA-55-1-205
HARMAN, JACOB                           PA-55-1-251
HARTMAN, GEORGE                         PA-55-1-147
HARTMAN, GEORGE                         PA-55-1-118
HARTMAN, JACOB                          PA-55-1-58
HASSINGER, HENRY                        PA-55-1-122
HASSINGER, JOHN                         PA-55-1-135
HASSINGER, JOSEPH                       PA-55-1-131
HEIMBACH, CATHARINE                     PA-55-1-110
HENTZLEMAN, DANIEL R.                   PA-55-2-421
HILBISH, DANIEL P.                      PA-55-1-150
HILBISH, HENRY                          PA-55-1-62
HOFF,JOSIAH                             PA-55-2-472
HUGHES, CHARLES                         PA-55-1-356
HUMMEL, BENJAMIN                        PA-55-1-269
HUMMEL, SOLOMON                         PA-55-1-143
JARRETT, DANIEL                         PA-55-2-460
JARRETT, HENRY                          PA-55-2-25
JARRETT, JACOB                          PA-55-2-301
JARRETT, JOHN O.                        PA-55-2-256
KANTZ, KATE                             PA-55-2-494
KANTZ, PHILIP                           PA-55-1-24
KEAMPFER, JACOB                         PA-55-2-376
KEEN, GEORGE                            PA-55-1-160
KEIBEI, DANIEL                          PA-55-1-390
KEIBER, CATHARINE                       PA-55-2-189
KELLY, DANIEL                           PA-55-2-83
KERN, SARAH                             PA-55-1-364
KERSTETTER, DAVID                       PA-55-2-400
KERSTETTER, JOHN                        PA-55-1-321
KERSTETTER, SIMON                       PA-55-2-363
KILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-55-2-163
KINGLER, ADAM                           PA-55-2-96
KINNEY, JOHN                            PA-55-2-54
KITTERA, ANN                            PA-55-2-313
KLINE, AARON                            PA-55-1-55
KLINE, GEORGE                           PA-55-2-5
KLINE, JOHN J.                          PA-55-1-370
KLINGLER, GEORGE                        PA-55-2-310
KLINGLER, SAMUEL                        PA-55-2-466
KNEPP, CATHARINE                        PA-55-2-408
KNEPP, DANIEL                           PA-55-1-300
KNEPP, JOHN                             PA-55-2-98
KNEPP, VALENTINE                        PA-55-2-438
KOCH, SARAH                             PA-55-2-62
KREBS, CHARLES                          PA-55-2-360
KREBS, JACOB                            PA-55-2-264
KREMER, CATHARINE                       PA-55-2-406
KREMER, M. B.                           PA-55-2-192
KRICHBAUM, ADAM                         PA-55-1-6
KROTZER, JOHN                           PA-55-2-491
KUHNS, JOHN                             PA-55-2-319
LANDES, MARY                            PA-55-2-340
LASH, JOHN                              PA-55-2-223
LEADER, JOHN                            PA-55-1-203
LECHNER, HENRY A.                       PA-55-1-307
LEFFLER, DAVID                          PA-55-2-151
LENIG, JACOB                            PA-55-1-250
LLOYD, HENRY                            PA-55-1-16
LONG, DANIEL                            PA-55-2-397
LONG, JOSEPH                            PA-55-2-44
LONG, MARIA                             PA-55-2-373
LOSE, DAVID                             PA-55-2-301
LUCK, ISRAEL                            PA-55-2-112
LUTZEL, JOHN                            PA-55-2-158
MANBECK, JOSEPH                         PA-55-2-68
MARTIN, JACOB                           PA-55-1-194
MATTER, MICHAEL                         PA-55-2-377
MATTERN, MARGARET JANE                  PA-55-2-169
MAYER, WILLIAM                          PA-55-1-272
MCCLENAN, BENJAMIN                      PA-55-1-347
MEISER, FREDERICK SR.                   PA-55-1-12
MEISER, HENRY                           PA-55-1-136
MENNIG, JOSEPH                          PA-55-2-23
MERTZ, HENRY                            PA-55-1-39
MERTZ, HENRY                            PA-55-2-81
MERTZ, JOHN P.                          PA-55-2-469
MERTZ,C HRISTIANA                       PA-55-2-119
MEYER, CATHARINE                        PA-55-1-237
MIDDLESWORTH, NER                       PA-55-1-233
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-55-1-262
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-55-2-249
MILLER, JONAS                           PA-55-2-436
MILLER, SAMUEL C.                       PA-55-2-349
MITTERLING, JACOB                       PA-55-1-350
MORR, J. JACOB                          PA-55-1-56
MORR, SUSANNAH                          PA-55-1-361
MOURER, PETER                           PA-55-2-155
MOYER, CRAIK D.                         PA-55-2-411
MOYER, ELIZABETH                        PA-55-2-435
MOYER, HENRY                            PA-55-2-429
MOYER, JOHN                             PA-55-1-241
MOYER, LIZZIE                           PA-55-1-220
MOYER, MARY ANN                         PA-55-1-214
MOYER, MARY C.                          PA-55-2-252
MULLINER, CATHARINE                     PA-55-2-179
MUSSELMAN, JACOB SR.                    PA-55-2-225
MUSSER, ELIZABETH                       PA-55-2-294
NAGEL, JACOB                            PA-55-1-92
NAPP, JOHN                              PA-55-1-34
NEIMAN, PETER                           PA-55-1-89
NERHOOD, MICHAEL                        PA-55-1-372
NERHOOT, CATHARINE                      PA-55-1-215
OTT, ELIZABETH                          PA-55-2-356
PAWLING, SAMUEL                         PA-55-2-144
PILE, JACOB                             PA-55-2-367
PONTIUS, JOSEPH                         PA-55-1-243
PORTZLINE, FRANCIS                      PA-55-1-30
RAUCH, HENRY                            PA-55-2-425
RAUCH, JONAS                            PA-55-2-449
REARICK, CONRAD                         PA-55-2-263
REARICK, HENRY                          PA-55-1-141
REED, ISAAC B.                          PA-55-2-486
REICHENBACH, JOHN                       PA-55-1-120
RICHTER, FREDERICK                      PA-55-2-121
RICHTER, JACOB                          PA-55-2-60
RIEGEL, JACOB                           PA-55-1-85
RISHEL, GEORGE                          PA-55-2-149
RITTER, HENRY                           PA-55-1-302
RITTER, HENRY SR.                       PA-55-1-28
ROMIG, JONATHAN                         PA-55-2-7
ROTHRICK, ISAAC                         PA-55-2-47
ROUSH, JACOB                            PA-55-2-387
ROUSH, JOHN P.                          PA-55-1-225
ROUSH, SIMON                            PA-55-1-165
ROUSH,D AVID                            PA-55-2-284
ROW, FREDERICK SR.                      PA-55-1-72
ROW, JOHN                               PA-55-1-4
ROW, SAMUEL                             PA-55-2-147
SALTZMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-55-2-474
SALTZMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-55-2- 77
SAMPSEL, GEORGE W.                      PA-55-1-267
SANDERS, ELIZABETH                      PA-55-2-170
SASSAMAN, JONAS                         PA-55-2-317
SCHLEGEL, SUSAN                         PA-55-2-468
SCHOCH, CATHARINE                       PA-55-2-347
SCHOCK, BENJAMIN                        PA-55-1-340
SCHWERM, JOSEPH                         PA-55-1-217
SEACHRIST, BENJAMIN                     PA-55-2-228
SHADEL, JOHN                            PA-55-1-170
SHADLE, JOHN                            PA-55-2-10
SHAFER, ANNA                            PA-55-1-335
SHAFFER, DANIEL                         PA-55-2-452
SHAFFER, GEORGE                         PA-55-2-15
SHAFFER, JONATHAN                       PA-55-2-258
SHEIRER, JOHN                           PA-55-1-219
SHELLENBERGER, JOHN                     PA-55-2-332
SHENDLE, SAMUEL                         PA-55-1-174
SHOLLY, WILLIAM                         PA-55-1-240
SHRANDER, HANNAH                        PA-55-1-225
SHREINER, PHILIP                        PA-55-1-222
SMITH, CATHARINE                        PA-55-2-248
SMITH, ISAAC                            PA-55-2-2
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-55-2-27
SMITH, JACOB J.                         PA-55-1-305
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-55-2-387
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-55-2-412
SMITH, PETER                            PA-55-1-185
SMITH, R. W.                            PA-55-1-278
SMITH, ROBERT W.                        PA-55-1-340
SNOOK, ABRAHAM                          PA-55-2-354
SNOOK, JACOB                            PA-55-2-9
SNOOK, JOHN                             PA-55-1-224
SNOOK, WILLIAM ESQ.                     PA-55-2-176
SNYDER, ELIZABETH                       PA-55-2-175
SNYDER, GEORGE A.                       PA-55-2-12
SNYDER, JOHN K.                         PA-55-2-480
SNYDER, JONAS                           PA-55-1-260
SPADE, ANN MARIAH                       PA-55-1-215
SPADE, JULIAN                           PA-55-2-346
SPECHT, AARON                           PA-55-2-187
SPIGELMYER, CATHARINE                   PA-55-2-344
STAHL, JOHN                             PA-55-2-329
STAHL, JOHN F.                          PA-55-1-265
STAHLNECKER, ELIAS                      PA-55-1-284
STAHLNECKER, MARY                       PA-55-2-63
STAUFFER, MANNO                         PA-55-2-126
STEFFEN, CATHARINE                      PA-55-2-200
STEFFIN, BARBARA                        PA-55-1-171
STETLER, DANIEL                         PA-55-2-32
STOCK,E MANUEL                          PA-55-1-363
STRAUB, JOHN                            PA-55-2-276
STRAWSER, ISAAC                         PA-55-2-399
STRAWSER, SIMON B.                      PA-55-1-248
STROUP, BENJAMIN                        PA-55-2-273
STROUP, DANIEL SR.                      PA-55-1-381
STROUSE, PHILIP                         PA-55-2-442
STUMPFF, MAGDALENA                      PA-55-1-369
SUPER, PETER                            PA-55-2-79
SWANS, HARRISON                         PA-55-2-202
THARP, HENRY                            PA-55-2-342
THAUSBLY, THOMAS                        PA-55-1-288
THOMPSON, ABIGAL                        PA-55-2-286
TREASTER, ELIZABETH                     PA-55-1-336
TREASTER, JOHN                          PA-55-1-133
TREASTER, JOSEPH                        PA-55-1-127
TREXLER, SARAH                          PA-55-2-240
TRUTT, MARIA EVE                        PA-55-1-125
ULRICH, BENJAMIN                        PA-55-1-161
ULSH, ANDREW                            PA-55-1-213
ULSH, JOHN                              PA-55-2-445
UNANGST, ISAAC                          PA-55-2-372
WAGENSELLER, MARY                       PA-55-1-173
WAGENSELLER, WILLIAM F.                 PA-55-2-230
WAGNER, WILLIAM                         PA-55-2-101
WALTER, DAVID                           PA-55-1-209
WEISER, CATHARINE                       PA-55-2-430
WENSEL, CHRISTOFLE                      PA-55-1-31
WENTZEL, LEAH                           PA-55-1-382
WEST, PHILIP                            PA-55-2-161
WETZEL, JOSEPH                          PA-55-2-282
WETZEL, SAMUEL                          PA-55-2-239
WILMER, JACOB                           PA-55-2-271
WINCY, JACOB                            PA-55-1-268
WINEY, SAMUEL                           PA-55-2-499
WIREMAN, AMOS                           PA-55-1-116
WITMER, LYDIA                           PA-55-2-489
WITTENMEYER, HENRY                      PA-55-1-88
WITTENMYER, CHRISTIANA                  PA-55-1-386
WOELFLEY, J. A.                         PA-55-2-103
WOLF, JONATHAN                          PA-55-1-99
WOLF, WILLIAM S.                        PA-55-1-330
YERGER, HENRY                           PA-55-2-198
YOUNGMAN, MARY MAGDALENA                PA-55-2-122
ZEIBER, ELIZABETH                       PA-55-2-128
ZEIGLER, ABRAHAM                        PA-55-1-256
ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE                       PA-55-2-131

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