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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1831-1851 | B=1851-1876 | C=1875-1891 | D=1891-1904 | E =1904-1917 |
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ABRAHAM, MARY W.                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-533
ADAMS, CAROLINE                        WALKER                                  PA-34-C-441
ADAMS, JACOB                           WALKER                                  PA-34-C-307
ADAMS, JOHN                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-135
ADAMS, JOHN                            BEALE                                   PA-34-C-544
ADAMS, JOHN R.                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-451
ADAMS, RICHARD                         WATERLOO                                PA-34-B-483
ADAMS, SAMUEL M.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-B-429
AILMAN, AMELIA                         WALKER                                  PA-34-E-574
AILMAN, DAVID                          WALKER                                  PA-34-D-171
AILMAN, JEROME T.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-459
AITKEN, ELLEN                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-102
AITKEN, MARY                           FERMANGH                                PA-34-A-61
AITKIN, JOHN                           MIFFLETOWN                              PA-34-B-84
ALEXANDER, HUGH                        MILLARD                                 PA-34-A-130
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       LACK                                    PA-34-B-145
ALEXANDER, JEMIMA                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-240
ALEXANDER, JEMIMA                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-259
ALEXANDER, REBECCA                     DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-68
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                      LACK                                    PA-34-A-363
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                      LACK                                    PA-34-C-411
ALEXANDER, SARAH P.                    FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-377
ALEXANDRE, ANN ELIZA                   PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-402
ALLEN, ELIZA                           BEALE                                   PA-34-C-18
ALLEN, ISAAC W.                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-586
ALLEN, MARY                            WALKER                                  PA-34-A-184
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          BEALE                                   PA-34-B-87
ALLISON, AGNES GEMMELL                 MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-246
ALLISON, CATHARINE                     LACK                                    PA-34-D-4
ALLISON, ELLEN E.                      MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-505
ALLISON, JACOB                         LACK                                    PA-34-B-596
ALLISON, MATTHEW                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-586
ALLISON, SAMUEL                        LACK                                    PA-34-C-130
ALLISON, WILLIAM M.                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-327
ALSDORF, CHRISTIAN                     WALKER                                  PA-34-A-139
AMMAN, MARY                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-547
ANDERSON, A. S.                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-517
ANDERSON, E. L.                        TITUSVILLE, CRAWFORD, PA                PA-34-C-115
ANDERSON, ELENOR                       LACK                                    PA-34-A-191
ANDERSON, JOHN                         FERMANGH                                PA-34-A-214
ANDERSON, SARAH A.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-170
ANKER, CHRISTIAN                       WALLACE                                 PA-34-A-367
APP, BARBARA                           SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-198
APP, ROBERT H.                         SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-C-22
APP, WALTER                            SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-554
ARBOGAST, REUBEN                       MONROE                                  PA-34-D-358
ARBUCKLE, WILLIAM                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-14
ARD, JOSEPH                            SPENCE HILL                             PA-34-C-229
ARD, MARTHA                            LACK                                    PA-34-A-284
ARENTZ, SAMUEL K.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-D-238
ARMSTRONG, ELLEN                       LACK                                    PA-34-E-587
ARMSTRONG, J. A.                       SPENCE HILL                             PA-34-E-492
ARNOLD, CATHERIN                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-6
ARNOLD, JOHN R.                        LACK                                    PA-34-D-584
ATKINSON, LOUIS E.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-264
AUGHEY, ELIZABETH                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-388
AUGHEY, HENRY                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-103
AUGHEY, SAMUEL                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-542
AUKEN, MARIA                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-324
AUKER, ABRAHAM                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-349
AUKER, DANIEL                          WALKER                                  PA-34-E-114
AUKER, DAVID                           WALKER                                  PA-34-C-249
AUKER, EVA                             WALKER                                  PA-34-D-234
AUKER, JACOB                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-261
AUKER, JANE                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-467
AUKER, JOHN L.                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-396
AUKER, JOSEPH                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-341
AUKER, SAMUEL                          WALKER                                  PA-34-D-398
BAILOR, HENRY W.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-294
BAIRD, REBECCA                         BEALE                                   PA-34-B-287
BALDWIN, JOSEPHINE                     PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-268
BALENTINE, ANNA                        FERMANGH                                PA-34-C-454
BALENTINE, JOHN                        FEMANAGH                                PA-34-C-164
BALSBAUGH, RHODA W.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-428
BANKS, ANDREW                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-112
BANKS, DAVID                           FERMANGH                                PA-34-B-539
BANKS, DAVID STUART                    NTL                                     PA-34-D-26
BANKS, L.                              MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-163
BANKS, WILLIAM                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-502
BARNARD, JOHN                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-177
BARNARD, SAMUEL                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-137
BARNARD, THOMAS                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-547
BARNER, ABSALOM                        SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-219
BARNER, CATHARINE                      SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-C-360
BARNER, SUSAN                          SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-362
BARTLEY, CALVIN B.                     FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-550
BARTLEY, FRANCIS                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-347
BARTON, CALVIN C.                      BEALE                                   PA-34-D-24
BARTON, DAVID                          LACK                                    PA-34-C-87
BARTON, J. L.                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-3
BARTON, JOHN                           LACK                                    PA-34-B-166
BASHORE, ANDREW                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-348
BASOM, JACOB                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-422
BASOM, MALINDA                         MONROE                                  PA-34-C-416
BASTREFI, PETER                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-242
BAUM, WILLIAM                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-434
BAXTER, TILLIE A.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-585
BEALE, JAMES                           SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-475
BEALE, JANE                            BEALE                                   PA-34-C-63
BEALE, JOSHUA                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-643
BEALE, MARGARET                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-449
BEALE, MARY                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-531
BEALE, SAMUEL C.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-577
BEALE, SARAH JANE                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-264
BEALE, THOMAS                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-561
BEALE, WILLIAM D.                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-8
BEASOR, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-330
BEAVER, JOHN                           PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-A-244
BEAVER, JOHN                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-244
BEELL, WILLIAM                         LACK                                    PA-34-C-499
BEERS, JOHN L.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-410
BEERS, S. S.                           BEALE                                   PA-34-E-596
BELFORD, JOSEPH M.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-514
BELFORD, MARGARET                      MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-406
BELL, ELIZABETH                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-552
BELL, JOHN                             LACK                                    PA-34-A-116
BELL, NATHANIEL                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-240
BELL, SAMUEL                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-530
BENDER, CHRISTIAN                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-557
BENDER, DAVID R.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-236
BENDER, NANCY                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-166
BENDER, PRISCILLA                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-179
BENNER, C.                             FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-512
BENNER, CHRISTIAN                      WALKER                                  PA-34-C-276
BENNER, ELIHU                          THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-20
BENNER, EPHRAIM                        MONROE                                  PA-34-D-128
BENNER, FESTEN                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-277
BENNER, JOHN                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-13
BENNETT, KEZIAH                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-541
BEQUETH, ENOCH A.                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-479
BERNHISEL, SILAS R. W.                 LACK                                    PA-34-C-491
BESHOAR, DAVID SR.                     FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-153
BESHOAR, MICHAEL                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-468
BESHORE, BARBARA                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-611
BESOM, HENRY                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-213
BISHOP, ELIZABETH                      SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-153
BISTLINE, MALINDA                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-478
BISTLINE, WILLIAM                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-235
BLACK, MARGARET                        PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-639
BLAIR, J. S.                           MEXICO, PA                              PA-34-A-158
BOAL, NANCY                            GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-134
BOGGS, ALEX                            LACK                                    PA-34-D-359
BOGGS, JOHN                            LACK                                    PA-34-B-50
BOHNER, ELIZABETH                      SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-507
BONSALL, AMOS G.                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-505
BONSALL, SARAH                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-553
BOOK, ISAAC                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-40
BOOK, JOSEPH                           WALKER                                  PA-34-E-215
BOOK, OSCAR                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-458
BOOKS, HENRY                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-336
BOOZLE, JOHN                           LACK                                    PA-34-C-444
BORTEL, EMANUEL                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-625
BOSTWICK, ELIZABETH                    MONROE                                  PA-34-C-278
BOTTIGER, D. F.                        MONROE                                  PA-34-E-372
BOTTIGER, GEORGE                       MONROE                                  PA-34-C-171
BOTTIGER, JONATHAN                     MONROE                                  PA-34-D-465
BOWERS, ELIZABETH                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-582
BOWERS, ISAAC                          THOMPSTOWN                              PA-34-C-439
BOWERS, NANNIE J.                      FERMANGH                                PA-34-E-230
BOWERS, T. C.                          PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-353
BOWERSOX, JACKSON                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-470
BOWRESOX, MARY A.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-547
BRACKBILL, CYRUS M.                    SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-275
BRACKBILL, JOHN                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-284
BRAGBILL, HENRY                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-87
BRANT, MOLLIE                          WALKER                                  PA-34-D-194
BRICE, RACHAEL                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-187
BRICE, RACHEL                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-188
BRICE, SARAH                           SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-187
BRIGGS, CHRISTENA                      WALKER                                  PA-34-D-233
BROWAND, BENJAMIN                      FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-156
BROWN, AGNES                           WALKER                                  PA-34-B-506
BROWN, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-53
BROWN, JOSEPH S.                       BEALE                                   PA-34-E-309
BROWN, PETER                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-36
BROWN, WILLIAM S.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-376
BRUBAKER, BARBARA                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-259
BRUBAKER, ISAAC                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-197
BRUBAKER, JACOB                        MONROE                                  PA-34-B-627
BRUBAKER, JOHN                         BEALE                                   PA-34-B-243
BRUBAKER, MICHAEL                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-94
BRUBAKER, MICHAEL S.                   SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-526
BRUGGER, ELIZABETH                     SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-201
BRYNER, JAMES M.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-81
BRYNER, JOHN                           SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-383
BRYNER, LYDIA                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-269
BRYSON, JANE H.                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-16
BRYSON, MARY                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-442
BUCKWALTER, FRANCIS SR                 WALKER                                  PA-34-B-80
BURCHFIELD, JAMES                      WALKER                                  PA-34-B-203
BURCHFIELD, JULIA A.                   MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-471
BURCHFIELD, LEWIS                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-1
BURDGE, SAMUEL                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-279
BURGE, JANE S.                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-184
BURNS, HENRY                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-427
BURNS, JOHN C.                         LACK                                    PA-34-D-14
BURNS, JONATHAN                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-318
BURRIS, JAMES                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-146
BURRIS, LYDIA                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-358
BURRIS, SUSAN B.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-395
BUSHEY, CATHARINE                      BEALE                                   PA-34-A-253
CALDERWOOD, MARGARGET J.               DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-115
CALHOUN, ANNA M.                       MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-361
CAMERON, ELIZA J.                      THOMPSTOWN                              PA-34-D-226
CAMPBELL, ANDREW S.                    LACK                                    PA-34-B-576
CAMPBELL, EZEKIEL                      LACK                                    PA-34-C-98
CAMPBELL, FRANCIS                      BALE                                    PA-34-D-49
CAMPBELL, HENRY                        LACK                                    PA-34-B-424
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        LACK                                    PA-34-E-100
CAMPBELL, JAMES H.                     LACK                                    PA-34-D-452
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         LACK                                    PA-34-C-420
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         WATERLOO                                PA-34-C-420
CAMPBELL, JOHN H.                      LACK                                    PA-34-B-307
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-331
CARBAUGH, LYDIA A.                     BEALE                                   PA-34-D-228
CARGILL, ANN                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-C-41
CARGILL, CATHERINE                     GREENWOOD                               PA-34-C-155
CARGILL, DAVID                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-C-330
CARL, JOHN E.                          BEALE                                   PA-34-C-485
CASTLE, JOSEPH                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-59
CASTLES, WILLIAM                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-619
CAVENY, REUBEN                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-276
CHEESMAN, JEREMIAH                     BEALE                                   PA-34-E-229
CHESTNUT, MARGARET                     BEALE                                   PA-34-C-224
CHESTNUT, SAMUEL                       BEALE                                   PA-34-C-35
CHRISTY, DANIEL                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-48
CHUBB, WILLIAM                         SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-E-4
CLACK, DAVID                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-422
CLAIR, ELIJAH                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-478
CLAIR, JOHN                            DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-462
CLARK, CHRISTOPHER                     NTL                                     PA-34-A-94
CLARK, JOSEPH                          LACK                                    PA-34-B-543
CLECK, WILLIAM                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-438
CLEMENS, JOSEPH                        SUSQUHANNA                              PA-34-D-534
CODER, THOMAS B.                       PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-298
COFFMAN, DANIEL                        BEALE                                   PA-34-B-44
COFFMAN, DAVID                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-148
COFFMAN, JOSEPHINE                     BEALE                                   PA-34-C-145
COLDREN, MICHAEL                       MCALISTERVILLE                          PA-34-E-168
COLE, STEPHEN                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-37
COLLINS, DANIEL                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-230
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                     LACK                                    PA-34-B-469
COLYER, AMOS                           THOMPSTOWN                              PA-34-D-457
COLYER, ELIZABETH                      LACK                                    PA-34-E-119
COLYER, FRANCES E.                     THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-561
COLYR, GEORGE W.                       THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-E-363
COMFORT, MARY A.                       PATTERSON                               PA-34-D-106
CONNELLY, JOHN                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-146
COOK, CHRISTIAN                        LACK                                    PA-34-B-581
COOPER, EFFIE JANE                     PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-221
COOPER, KEZIAH                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-507
CRAMER, ANNA ELIZA                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-392
CRAMER, ELIZABETH D.                   PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-37
CRAWFORD, CATHARINE                    SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-263
CRAWFORD, J. CALVIN                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-242
CRAWFORD, JAMES                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-272
CREIGHTON, ANDREW                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-108
CREIGHTON, CALIVN                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-241
CREIGHTON, ELEANOR                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-600
CREIGHTON, MATILDA M.                  TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-249
CREIGHTON, WILLIAM W.                  TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-45
CRIMMEL, SUSAN                         THOMPSTOWN                              PA-34-C-140
CRIMMEL, WILLIAM W.                    PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-191
CRISTY, JACOB A.                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-195
CRONE, ROBERT                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-30
CROUSE, M. H.                          LACK                                    PA-34-E-455
CROZIER, B. F. SR.                     BEALE                                   PA-34-E-25
CROZIER, ELIZA                         PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-260
CROZIER, SARAH                         BEALE                                   PA-34-B-440
CUMMIN, AGNES                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-163
CUMMIN, ISABELLA                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-161
CUMMIN, ROBERT                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-131
CUNNINGHAM, CATHARINE                  MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-573
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-168
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN H.                    PATTERSON                               PA-34-D-255
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-126
CURRAN, WILLIAM                        VAN WERT                                PA-34-B-603
CURRIN, MARY                           LACK                                    PA-34-B-25
DASHER, DAVID                          WALKER                                  PA-34-E-189
DAVIDSON, DAVID                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-174
DAVIS, EVAN                            FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-495
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-316
DAVIS, MARGARET                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-594
DAVIS, THOMAS                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-38
DEEN, JAMES                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-131
DELANCY, JACOB                         SPRUCE HLL                              PA-34-C-200
DELANEY, ANNA                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-297
DENNIS, JOHN T.                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-495
DEPPEN, CATHARINE                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-207
DERR, H. P.                            MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-334
DERR, TOBIAS                           MONROE                                  PA-34-B-287
DETRA, D. L.                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-481
DEVAULT, ABIGAL                        PATTERSON                               PA-34-B-544
DEVENNY, POLLY                         LACK                                    PA-34-A-218
DEVINNEY, DENNIS                       LACK                                    PA-34-C-510
DIEHL, DANIEL                          LACK                                    PA-34-B-588
DILL, JEREMIAH N.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-D-387
DIMM, DAVID B.                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-556
DIMM, MARY                             GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-107
DIXON, MARGARET                        PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-564
DOBBS, JAMES                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-57
DOBBS, JAMES                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-553
DOBBS, JOHN JR.                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-150
DOBBS, JOHN SR.                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-218
DOBBS, THOMAS                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-225
DOBBS, THOMAS                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-61
DOLIN, SARAH B.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-192
DORSEY, MARGARET                       EAST WATERFORD                          PA-34-B-541
DOTY, EDMUND S. JR.                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-409
DOUGHERTY, MAGDALENA                   DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-250
DOUGHERTY, MATHEW                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-529
DOUGHERTY, SUSAN                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-342
DOUGHMAN, GEORGE                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-48
DOUGHMAN, JACOB                        BEALE                                   PA-34-B-228
DOYLE, ELIZABETH                       BEALE                                   PA-34-A-250
DOYLE, RICHARD                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-45
DRESSLER, ADAM                         MONROE                                  PA-34-B-634
DRESSLER, JACOB                        SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-205
DRESSLER, MICHAEL                      MONROE                                  PA-34-C-362
DRESSLER, REBECCA                      SUSQUEHANN                              PA-34-E-210
DROLSBAUGH, JACOB                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-524
DROLSBAUGH, JOHN SR.                   TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-290
DUFFIELD, EMMA                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-240
DUFFIELD, FANNY                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-209
DUFFIELD, JAMES                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-237
DUFFIELD, MARGARET                     PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-D-122
DUNCAN, EPHRAIM                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-390
DUNN, ELLEN L.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-65
DUNN, ELVINA                           WALKER                                  PA-34-E-488
DUNN, L. W.                            DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-553
DUNN, MARGARET                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-142
DUNN, MARY ANN                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-278
DUNN, WILLIAM H.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-407
DYSINGER, BARBARA                      WALKER                                  PA-34-C-494
DYSINGER, JOSEPH                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-34
EAGLER, EVE                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-149
EARNEST, REBECCA                       PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-29
EBERLY, HENRY M.                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-182
EBY, GEORGE O.                         PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-341
EHRENZELLER, JEROME                    DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-430
EHRENZELLER, JOHN F.                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-568
EICHMAN, ABBIE                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-311
ELDER, MARGARET R.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-9
ELLIOTT, THOMAS                        BEALE                                   PA-34-B-61
EMERY, GEORGE                          LACK                                    PA-34-E-93
ENCHELMAZER, JACOB                     PERRYVILLE                              PA-34-B-494
ESH, JACOB                             SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-125
ESH, SUSAN                             SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-70
ESTERLINE, JACOB                       MONROE                                  PA-34-B-214
EVANS, LEWIS                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-17
EVANS, LEWIS                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-2
EVANS, WILLIAM T.                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-66
EVY, JOHN C.                           PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-213
EVY, JOHN C.                           MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-66
EWING, JAMES                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-221
FARLEMAN, JOSEPH                       WALKER                                  PA-34-C-541
FARRELL, JOHN                          MONROE                                  PA-34-B-265
FASIG, WILLIAM                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-520
FAUST, HENRY                           PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-588
FEIRICK, ISAAC H.                      MONROE                                  PA-34-D-459
FELMLEE, GEORGE W.                     LACK                                    PA-34-D-485
FELMLEE, JACOB                         LACK                                    PA-34-C-427
FERGUSON, MARGARET                     WALKER                                  PA-34-A-426
FIKE, JACOB                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-561
FINK, GEORGE W.                        PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-304
FISHER, DANIEL                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-234
FISHER, HARRIET                        BEALE                                   PA-34-E-39
FISHER, SAMUEL                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-436
FITZGERALD, SARAH                      BEALE                                   PA-34-C-608
FLETCHER, CATHARINE                    WALKER                                  PA-34-C-135
FLICKINGER, MARY A.                    SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-418
FOGLE, BOAST                           WALKER                                  PA-34-B-176
FOGLEMAN, JONATHAN                     WALKER                                  PA-34-B-489
FOLTZ, ELIZABETH                       BEALE                                   PA-34-B-74
FOLTZ, MARY                            BEALE                                   PA-34-D-450
FOLTZ, PETER                           SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-E-559
FORD, RUFUS M.                         DEALAWARE                               PA-34-C-577
FOSSELMAN, DANIEL                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-118
FRANK, JACOB                           PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-241
FRANK, MICHAEL                         PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-219
FRANKENBERRY, F. D.                    PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-270
FRANKHOUSER, JACOB                     WALKER                                  PA-34-B-143
FRANKHOUSER, JACOB                     WALKER                                  PA-34-B-143
FREY, CATHARINE                        MONROE                                  PA-34-C-456
FREY, JONATHAN                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-321
FREY, JONATHAN                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-186
FRINK, ELIZABETH                       PATTERSON                               PA-34-D-214
FROW, FRANCISCA B.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-476
FRY, DAVID                             GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-260
FRY, JESSE                             MONROE                                  PA-34-C-381
FUCHS, IGNATZ                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-196
FULLER, JACOB                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-448
FUNK, CYRUS M.                         PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-112
FUNK, GEORGE                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-21
FUNK, JAMES                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-155
FUNK, SARAH J.                         PATTERSON                               PA-34-D-551
GALLAHER, CATHARINE A.                 MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-321
GALLAHER, JANE                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-96
GALLAHER, JOHN A.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-D-306
GALLAHER, MARY ANN                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-A-407
GALLAHER, ROBERT                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-292
GALLAHER, ROBERT C.                    FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-572
GALLAHER, SAMUEL EDWARD                NTL, HUMBOLDT, CA                       PA-34-C-445
GAMBY, MARY                            SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-E-280
GARBER, ISAAC                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-312
GARBER, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-139
GARBER, SARAH                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-608
GARMAN, ISRAEL                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-521
GARMAN, JACOB                          WALKER                                  PA-34-C-4
GAYMAN, JOSEPH                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-251
GEARHART, ISAAC                        MONROE                                  PA-34-E-1
GEARHART, SARAH                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-490
GEMBERLING, JACOB                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-171
GEORGE, WILLIAM                        MONROE                                  PA-34-B-206
GEYER, DAVID                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-216
GIFFORD, BENJAMIN                      LACK                                    PA-34-B-605
GIFT, HENRY                            GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-20
GILLIFORD, GEORGE                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-85
GILLIFORD, JAMES                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-216
GILLIFORD,ELIZA JANE                   SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-188
GILSON, JAMES CALVIN                   SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-176
GILSON, W. B.                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-412
GINGRICH, CHRISTIAN                    DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-30
GINGRICH, FRANK                        BEALE                                   PA-34-E-20
GINGRICH, JOHN                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-490
GINGRICH, JOHN                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-490
GINGRICH, JOHN                         MONROE                                  PA-34-D-135
GINGRICH, JOSIAH                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-253
GINGRICH,D AVID                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-642
GIVEN, MARGARET                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-46
GLASE, CATHERINE                       SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-257
GLATFELTER, PETER                      NTL                                     PA-34-C-523
GOSHEN, ANNA D.                        MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-590
GOSHORN, S. S.                         LACK                                    PA-34-E-423
GOSHORN, SAMUEL                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-198
GOSS, MARTHA                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-593
GRAHAM, ALFRED S.                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-337
GRAPES, JOHN D.                        MONROE                                  PA-34-C-127
GRAY, JAMES                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-289
GRAY, JAMES                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-289
GRAY, JAMES                            LACK                                    PA-34-A-324
GRAY, JAMES W.                         EAST WATERFORD                          PA-34-A-324
GRAY, JOHN                             LACK                                    PA-34-A-166
GRAY, JOHN G.                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-412
GRAY, JOSEPH                           LACK                                    PA-34-D-360
GRAY, JOSEPH M.                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-498
GRAY, R. M.                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-111
GRAYBILL, BARBARA                      MONROE                                  PA-34-B-589
GRAYBILL, HENRY W.                     MONROE                                  PA-34-E-456
GRAYBILL, JACOB                        MONROE                                  PA-34-B-174
GRAYBILL, JACOB S.                     DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-38
GRAYBILL, PETER                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-274
GREEN, MARY J.                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-65
GREENLEAF, LAURA E. A.                 THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-E-576
GRIER, CATHERINE M.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-640
GRIFFITH, NATHAN                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-36
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                      WALKER                                  PA-34-B-641
GRONINGER, HENRY M.                    MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-443
GRONINGER, JACOB                       PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-162
GRONINGER, JACOB                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-58
GRONINGER, LEONARD                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-7
GRONINGER, LEONARD                     PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-D-498
GRUBB, ISAAC N. (DR)                   THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-E-374
GUSS, ABRAHAM SR.                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-386
GUSS, EPHRAIM B.                       MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-461
GUSS, GEORGE                           MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-435
GUSS, ISAAC                            MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-20
GUSS, WILLIAM                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-437
GUYER, DAVID                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-405
HACK, SAMUEL                           WALKER                                  PA-34-D-570
HACKETT, HENRY                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-27
HAILTON, JAMES J. (REV.)               SAVILLE, PERRY, PA                      PA-34-C-604
HAINES, JOHN                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-143
HAINES, MARY M.                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-399
HALDEMAN, ENOS M.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-45
HALDEMAN, JOHN G.                      THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-364
HALTEMAN, A. B.                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-314
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-78
HAMILTON, HUGH                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-138
HAMILTON, JAMES W.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-80
HAMILTON, KESIAH                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-374
HAMLIN, ELIZABETH                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-166
HAMMANN, ANNIE MARGARET                BLACK LOG                               PA-34-D-308
HARDY, HUGH SR.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-127
HARDY, JULIA J.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-212
HARDY, MARY E.                         PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-475
HARLAN, LIBBIE B.                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-422
HARMAN, SARAH A.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-375
HARNER, ABRAHAM                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-409
HARRIS, JACOB                          MONROE                                  PA-34-D-309
HARRIS, JANE                           BEALE                                   PA-34-B-123
HARRIS, JOHN                           BEALE                                   PA-34-C-598
HARRIS, MAGGIE E.                      BEALE                                   PA-34-D-244
HARRIS, OLIVER P.                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-90
HARRIS, THOMAS                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-145
HARRIS, THOMAS                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-540
HARRY, LYDIA                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-563
HART, HUGH                             TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-644
HART, HUGH                             MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-102
HART, JOHN                             FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-338
HART, MATILDA                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-477
HART, REBECCA MCC.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-151
HART, WILLIAM                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-204
HARTMAN, BARBARA                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-263
HARTMAN, HENRY                         WALKER                                  PA-34-A-11
HARTMAN, JOHN                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-566
HARTZLER, DANIEL                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-348
HASSINGER, JOHN                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-265
HATTEMAN, ABRAHAM                      MONROE                                  PA-34-B-309
HAUGHAWOUT, LEFFORD                    FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-557
HECKMAN, GEORGE                        WALKER                                  PA-34-D-274
HECKMAN,D ANIEL                        WALKER                                  PA-34-E-474
HEDDEN, NOAH                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-133
HEFFELFINGER, MARY                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-626
HEID, ANNA                             PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-357
HEIKES, CHRISTIANA                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-559
HEINBACH, JACOB                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-572
HELER, SARAH                           THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-92
HENCH, JOHN                            TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-151
HENKELS, NATHANIEL S.                  THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-496
HENRY, ELIZABETH                       BEALE                                   PA-34-B-612
HENRY, ISABELLA J.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-178
HENRY, RICHARD                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-205
HENRY, SUSANNAH                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-32
HEPNER, REBECCA                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-482
HERR, SMAUEL L.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-13
HERSHEY, JAMES L.                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-77
HERTZLER, DAVID                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-600
HERTZLER, JOHN SR.                     TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-60
HERTZLER, NOAH                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-470
HERTZLER, SOLOMON                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-141
HERTZLER, SUSAN                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-487
HETTLE, LEVINA                         PATTERSON, MIFFLIN, PA                  PA-34-B-648
HIME, JACOB                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-80
HIMES, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-620
HINEBAUGH, REBECCA A.                  TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-560
HINKEL, FANNIE                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-563
HOCKENBERRY, ANTHONEY                  TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-188
HOCKENBERRY, HARMON                    LACK                                    PA-34-E-198
HOFFMAN, ADAM                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-164
HOFFMAN, APPOLONIA                     FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-354
HOFFMAN, GEORGE                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-327
HOFFMAN, ISAAC                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-580
HOFFMAN, LAURA S.                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-220
HOFFMAN,E LIZABETH                     FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-224
HOKE, DAVID                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-460
HOLEKAMP, WILLIAM                      LACK                                    PA-34-E-314
HOLLOBAUGH, J. E.                      MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-355
HOLMAN, CONRAD P.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-B-565
HOOD, SARAH A.                         MONROE                                  PA-34-E-301
HOOPES, HOWARD                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-542
HOOTS, ISAAC                           MONROE                                  PA-34-B-208
HOPPLE, SARAH                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-383
HORNING, ELIZABETH                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-11
HORNING, JACOB                         FERMAMAGH                               PA-34-B-486
HORNING, JOHN W.                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-167
HORNING, LEWIS                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-352
HORNING, SAMUEL                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-202
HOSTETLER, JACOB                       WALKER                                  PA-34-D-566
HOSTETLER, JOHN SR.                    THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-C-17
HOSTETLER, JOSEPH                      WALKER                                  PA-34-C-81
HOUTZ, JACKSON                         MONROE                                  PA-34-E-345
HOVERTER, BENNAVEL                     SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-E-468
HOWE, PRISCILLA                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-366
HOWELL, G. D.                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-403
HOWER, GEORGE                          FEMANAGH                                PA-34-E-43
HOWER, JACOB                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-282
HUBERT, GEORGE                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-392
HUGHES, HUGH G.                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-571
HUMMEL, G. S.                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-212
HUMPHREY, ROBERT W.                    DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-72
HUNBERGER, ELMER E.                    GREENWOOD                               PA-34-D-3390
HUTCHINSON,E DWARD                     FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-640
HUTCHISON, JOHN (REV.)                 MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-A-269
HUZZARD, JOHN                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-87
JACKMAN, CATHARINE S.                  MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-68
JACKSON, WILLIAM H.                    ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA                      PA-34-E-122
JACOBS, WILLIAM                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-421
JAMES, JOHN M.                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-116
JAMISON, D. M.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-445
JAMISON, E. L.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-367
JAMISON, SARAH T.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-238
JAMISON, WILLIAM W.                    WYOMING, LEE, IL                        PA-34-C-280
JENNINGS, ELIZABETH                    WALKER                                  PA-34-A-92
JENNINGS, LYDIA                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-636
JOBSON, JOHN                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-21
JOHNSON, MARIAH                        PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-538
JOHNSTON, ADAM                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-93
JOHNSTON JAMES                         WALKER                                  PA-34-A-123
JOHNSTON, JEAN                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-358
JOHNSTON, MICHAEL                      WALKER                                  PA-34-A-66
JONES, CALEB                           PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-433
JONES, SIMON                           WALKER                                  PA-34-A-419
JORDAN, ANN                            TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-119
JORDAN, ELIZA J.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-79
JORDAN, FRANCIS                        WALKER                                  PA-34-A-274
JUNK, MARGARET                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-440
KAFFAN, ELIZABETH                      FETTE                                   PA-34-D-113
KANABLE, JOHN                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-10
KAUFFMAN, BARBARA                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-50
KAUFFMAN, ESTHER ANN                   WALKER                                  PA-34-C-389
KAUFFMAN, JOHN                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-137
KAUFFMAN, JONAS                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-364
KAUFFMAN, JONAS                        WALKER                                  PA-34-D-296
KAUFFMAN, JONATHAN                     WALKER                                  PA-34-B-572]
KAUFFMAN, JOSEPH E.                    FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-183
KAUFFMAN, SARH                         WALKE                                   PA-34-B-20
KAUFMAN, MARTHA                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-161
KEECH, MARY                            DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-436
KEECH, WILLIAM                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-615
KEELEY, VALENTINE                      GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-638
KEELY, JOHN                            GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-303
KEELY, MARY                            DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-586
KEELY, NATHAN                          THOMPSONOWN                             PA-34-C-148
KEITER, W. S.                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-36
KELLER, LUCY ANN                       MONROE                                  PA-34-D-576
KELLY, JOHN P.                         BEALE                                   PA-34-D-578
KELLY, JOHN P.                         BEALE                                   PA-34-D-504
KELLY, JOSEPH                          PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-39
KELLY, MARGARETTA H.                   PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-574
KEMPER, LEVI G.                        NTL, LANCASTER, PA                      PA-34-C-292
KENNEDY, FANNY                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-434
KENNEY, SUSANNAH                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-195
KENNY, WILLIAM                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-A-385
KEPNER, BENJAMIN                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-403
KEPNER, BENJAMIN                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-109
KEPNER, BENJAMIN                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-53
KEPNER, BENJAMIN F.                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-109
KEPNER, DAVID                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-118
KEPNER, ELIZABETH J.                   MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-346
KEPNER, JACOB                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-271
KEPNER, JOHN M.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-57
KEPNER, SAMUEL D                       PORTAL ROYAL                            PA-34-D-16
KEPNER, THOMPSON W.                    TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-383
KERCHNER, BENJAMIN                     WALKER                                  PA-34-D-304
KERCNER, REUBEN                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-334
KERLIN, DAVID                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-312
KERLIN, LETITIA                        PATTERSON                               PA-34-D-432
KERLIN, SAMUEL                         PATTERSON                               PA-34-B-632
KERLIN, W. HOWARD                      MIFLIN                                  PA-34-E-545
KERLIN, WILLIAM                        PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-288
KIDD, JAMES                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-304
KIDD, ROBERT                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-251
KIEHL, SARAH                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-371
KIERTZ, MARY                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-216
KILMER, DAVID F.                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-149
KILMER, PETER                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-206
KILMER, PHILIP                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-238
KINKEAD, JAMES A.                      FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-306
KINSLOE, DOROTHY ELLA                  WALKER                                  PA-34-C-162
KINSLOE, LEMUEL A.                     WALKER                                  PA-34-D-460
KINSLOE, MARGARET                      WALKER                                  PA-34-B-545
KINT, HENRY J.                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-257
KINZER, MARTHA                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-578
KINZER, THOMAS                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-2
KINZER, TILLIE B.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-94
KINZER, WILLIAM H.                     DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-46
KIRK, ALEXANDER                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-26
KIRK, MARY                             TUCARORA                                PA-34-C-311
KIRK, MATHEW C.                        LACK                                    PA-34-C-76
KIRK, NOAH E.                          EAST WATERFORD                          PA-34-B-601
KIRK, REBECCA J.                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-294
KIRK, THOMAS M.                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-191
KIRK, WILLIAM J.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-453
KIRK, WILLIAM SR.                      LACK                                    PA-34-A-236
KISER, ELIZABETH                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-462
KISER, JAMES                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-58
KLINE, JACOB                           WALKER                                  PA-34-C-460
KLINE, NANCY                           WALKER                                  PA-34-C-408
KLINE, SAMUEL                          LACK                                    PA-34-E-84
KLINGER, ELIZABETH                     SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-221
KLOSS, GIDEON                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-597
KNISELY, ABRAHAM                       WALKER                                  PA-34-B-502
KNISELY, JACOB P.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-D-478
KNISELY, WILLIAM                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-582
KNOUSE, SOLOMON                        MONREO                                  PA-34-E-208
KNOX, ELIZABETH G.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-163
KNOX, FANNY                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-227
KNOX, JOHN                             NTL, MIFFLIN, PA                        PA-34-A-57
KOEHLER, PHILIP                        GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-559
KOONA, MARY                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-518
KOONS, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-447
KOONS, JOHN                            PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-22
KOPE, MARY JANE                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-450
KOPPENHEFFER, GEORGE W.                FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-372
KRAUSE, JOHN                           LACK                                    PA-34-E-200
KREIDER, NANCY JANE                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-26
KRISSINGER, DANIEL B.                  FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-267
KRTZ, DAVID                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-610
KRUGH, GEORGE                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-84
KUNKLE, MICHAEL B.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-303
KUNKS, PETER                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-200
KURTZ, ABRAHAM                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-253
KURTZ, ABRAHAM H.                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-425
KURTZ, JACOB                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-592
KURTZ, LYDIA                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-498
KURTZ, PETER                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-200
KURTZ, SAMUEL M.                       EAST SALEM                              PA-34-C-316
KYLE, JAMES                            WALKER                                  PA-34-D-30
LAIRD, MARGARET                        BEALE                                   PA-34-C-237
LAIRD, MARY A.                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-342
LAIRD, STEWART                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-85
LANDIS, BENJAMIN                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-580
LANDIS, HENRY                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-281
LANDIS, JOHN                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-495
LANTZ, HANNAH M.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-259
LAUGHLIN, JAMES M.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-473
LAUGHLIN, MATTHEW                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-563
LAUGHLIN, PAUL                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-122
LAUTHERS, JOHN                         LACK                                    PA-34-E-489
LAUVER, HENRY                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-407
LAUVER, JACOB                          MONROE                                  PA-34-D-34
LAUVER, JACOB                          MONROE                                  PA-34-C-208
LAUVER, JOSEPH                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-500
LAUVER, SIMON                          MONROE                                  PA-34-E-513
LAUVER, SOLOMON SR.                    MONROE                                  PA-34-C-597
LAWSON, SAMUEL S.                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-595
LAYER, SARAH                           MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-509
LEACH, JAMES                           BEALE                                   PA-34-C-158
LEACH, JAMES F.                        BEALE                                   PA-34-C-10
LEACH, MARY                            BEALE                                   PA-34-D-281
LEACH, WILLIAM                         BEALE                                   PA-34-D-224
LEBKICKER, ELIZABETH                   BEALE                                   PA-34-E-98
LEEDY, ELIZABETH                       LACK                                    PA-34-B-235
LEGRON, ANDREW                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-44
LEHMAN, JACOB                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-129
LEIDY, AARON                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-41
LEISTER, MARY                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-53
LEITER, LEWIS                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-569
LEITZEL, MARY                          MONROE                                  PA-34-C-328
LEMON, JACOB                           PATTERSON                               PA-34-D-74
LENINGER, PHILIP                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-91
LENTZ, KATE                            MONROE                                  PA-34-E-420
LEONARD, ANDREW                        WALKER                                  PA-34-A-186
LEONARD, ELIJAH                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-39
LEONARD, ELIZABETH                     FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-168
LEONARD, REUBEN                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-170
LEONARD, SAMUEL                        LACK                                    PA-34-E-388
LEONARD, THOMAS                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-466
LEYDER, JACOB W.                       THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-E-166
LICHTENTHALER, ALBERT                  DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-127
LIGHT, JOHN                            SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-636
LIGHT, JOSEPH                          SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-C-168
LIGHT, LEVI                            SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-E-202
LITTLEFIELD, GEORGE                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-A-424
LLICHTENTHALER, MARIA P.               THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-B-575
LLOYD, GEORGE W.                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-607
LLOYD, WILLIAM                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-267
LOGAN, JAMES                           PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-85
LOGAN, ROBERT                          PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-132
LOGAN,C ATHARINE                       PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-477
LONG, AARON W.                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-504
LONG, BENJAMIN                         SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-3
LONG, JSOEPH G.                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-508
LONG, WILLIAM H.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-437
LONGACRE, CATHARINE                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-464
LONGACRE, ISAAC                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-314
LONGNECKER, DAVID                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-234
LOUDENSLAGER, BENJAMIN                 DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-500
LOUDON, SOLOMON                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-517
LOUGHRIDGE, ELIZABETH                  TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-628
LOWERY, MARY                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-414
LUCK, ELIZA J.                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-364
LUKENS, ABRAHAM                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-82
LUKENS, ADALENE N.                     THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-474
LUKENS, ELIZA JANE                     PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-173
LUKENS, GRACE                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-356
LUKENS, JACOB L.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-B-534
LUKENS, JEMIMA J.                      THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-B-568
LUKENS, NELSON A.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-126
LUKENS, RACHAEL                        WALKER                                  PA-34-A-34
LUKENS, STEWART J.                     THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-178
LUKENS, SUSANNAH                       WALKER                                  PA-34-D-124
LYONS, ADA M.                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-381
LYONS, JEREMIAH                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-435
MAGILL, MARGARET                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-344
MAGILL, MARY                           WALKER                                  PA-34-B-526
MAGONAGLE, JOHN H.                     PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-160
MALIN, MARY B.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-385
MARK, SUSAN                            MONROE                                  PA-34-D-293
MARKEL, ELIZA                          MONROE                                  PA-34-E-523
MARKEL, SARAH                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-574
MARKEL, SOLOMON                        MONROE                                  PA-34-D-464
MARKS, JACOB                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-221
MARLEY, JAMES B.                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-104
MARTIN, DAVID                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-408
MARTIN, ELIZA B.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-546
MARTIN, ELIZABETH E.                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-131
MARTIN, MARTHA J.                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-146
MARTIN, THOMAS                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-613
MATHERS, ELIZABETH C.                  MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-406
MATHERS, JAMES                         LACK                                    PA-34-A-393
MAUGER, LEONARD R.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-572
MCAFEE, HEZEKIAH                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-252
MCALISTER, AGNES C.                    FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-192
MCALISTER, ELEANOR                     FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-160
MCALISTER, HANNAH C.                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-399
MCALISTER, HUGH T.                     FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-7
MCALISTER, JOHN                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-196
MCALISTER, JOHN                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-326
MCALISTER, MARY                        WALKER                                  PA-34-A-379
MCALISTER, MARY                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-223
MCALISTER, REBECCA JANE                FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-453
MCALISTER, SARAH                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-238
MCALISTER, WILLIAM                     FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-337
MCALLISTER, ELLEN J.                   MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-54
MCALLISTER, ROBERT                     NTL, WARREN, NJ                         PA-34-D-345
MCCAHAN, ALEXANDER                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-632
MCCLELLAN, CORNELIIUS                  MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-435
MCCLELLAN, MARY A.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-449
MCCLURE, ALEX SR.                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-538
MCCLURE, FRANCES A.                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-285
MCCLURE, JESSE                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-312
MCCONNEL, JAMES                        LACK                                    PA-34-A-19
MCCONNEL, JOHN                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-261
MCCONNELL, CHRISSY ANN                 GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-116
MCCONNELL, DANIEL                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-68
MCCONNELL, HENRY                       MONROE                                  PA-34-C-356
MCCONNELL,S ARAH                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-127
MCCOY, DAVID                           SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-462
MCCOY, ELZIABETH                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-452
MCCOY, JANE                            MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-201
MCCOY, JOHN                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-154
MCCOY, MARY                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-497
MCCOY, NANCY                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-59
MCCOY, NEAL                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-117
MCCOY, NEAL                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-117
MCCRUM, ANNA                           MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-307
MCCRUM, JAMES                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-77
MCCULLOCH, JAMES                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-334
MCCULLY, ANDREW                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-574
MCCULLY, JANE                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-100
MCCULLY, THOMAS M.                     FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-616
MCCURDY, CYRUS (DR)                    WALKER                                  PA-34-A-198
MCDANIEL, CATHARINE                    GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-442
MCDONALD, ANDREW H.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-440
MCDONALD, BARBARA                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-120
MCDONALD, CATHARINE                    BEALE                                   PA-34-E-89
MCDONALD, HANNAH                       BEALE                                   PA-34-E-323
MCDONALD, HIRAM                        PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-299
MCDONALD, HULDAH                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-18
MCELROY, ANN                           WALKER                                  PA-34-A-207
MCELROY, JOHN                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-190
MCFADDEN, THOMAS R.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-378
MCGAW, JOHN A.                         PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-D-394
MCGAW, PHEBE W.                        NTL                                     PA-34-B-484
MCGLAUGHLIN, JOHN                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-151
MCINN, MARGARET                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-635
MCINSTRY, DAVID                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-438
MCKEE, NANCY                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-309
MCKIBBEN, HANNAH B.                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-592
MCKIBBEN, WILLIAM M.                   TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-414
MCKIBBINS, MARGARET R.                 TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-239
MCKILLIPS, DANIEL                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-25
MCKINSTRY, JAMES                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-394
MCKINSTRY, JANE                        WALKER                                  PA-34-C-89
MCKINSTRY, MARY                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-560
MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLES S.                 WASHINGTON, DC                          PA-34-D-502
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-455
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-47
MCLAUGHLIN, SARAH                      FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-100
MCMEEN, HUGH L.                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-421
MCMEEN, JOSIAH                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-472
MCMEEN, WILLIAM                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-602
MCMINN, JOHN                           WALKER                                  PA-34-C-0
MCMULLIN, ELIZABETH                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-517
MCNAIGHT, A. B.                        THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-E-243
MCNAIGHT, JAMES W.                     THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-266
MCNAIGHT, SARAH A.                     THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-C-522
MCNAUGHTON, CAROLINE                   DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-147
MCNULTY, JOHN                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-370
MCONNELL, JANE                         LACK                                    PA-34-B-530
MCWILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                  BEALE                                   PA-34-D-420
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN                       LACK                                    PA-34-A-70
MCWILLIAMS,M ARY C.                    BEALE                                   PA-34-D-273
MELOY, EVERD O.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-270
MELOY, GEORGE W.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-D-253
MELOY, SAMUEL                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-618
MELOY, THOMAS                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-629
MEMINGER, ANNA M.                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-125
MEMINGER, THEODORE H.                  SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-205
MEREDITH, GEORGE W.                    DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-313
MEREDITH, JESSE                        WALKER                                  PA-34-A-23
MEREDITH, JOHN T.                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-319
MERTZ, NANCY                           WALKER                                  PA-34-D-555
MERTZ, SAMUEL H.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-548
METTLEN, SAMUEL                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-168
MICHAEL, JOHN                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-320
MICKEY, FRANCES M.                     PATTERSON                               PA-34-B-590
MILLER, DAVID                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-360
MILLER, GEORGE                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-138
MILLER, H. W.                          GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-413
MILLER, MARY                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-589
MILLER, PHILIP W.                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-538
MILLER, SARAH C.                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-114
MILLER, SIMON                          SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-54
MILLER, SUSAN                          GREENWOOD                               PA-34-E-515
MILLER, SUSAN A.                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-515
MILLHOUSE, CATHARINE                   TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-83
MILLHOUSE, J. PHILIP                   TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-16
MILLIKEN, ISABELLA                     BEALE                                   PA-34-C-202
MILLIKEN, JAMES                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-137
MILLIKEN, JAMES B.                     SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-345
MILLIKEN, JOHN                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-396
MILLIKEN, LIZZIE C.                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-15
MILLIKEN, NANCY                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-190
MILLIKEN, NANCY                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-424
MILLIKEN, THOMAS G.                    SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-9
MILLS, STEPHEN V.                      CARLISLE                                PA-34-E-311
MINARY, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     PA-34-B-225
MINGLE, HENRY                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-565
MINIAM, GEORGE                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-C-15
MINIUM, HARRISON                       BEALE                                   PA-34-E-17
MITCHELL, MARGARET                     WALKER                                  PA-34-A-78
MITCHELL, MARGARET ANN                 MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-63
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-545
MOHLER, JACOB                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-31
MOIST, DAVID                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-351
MOIST, JOHN                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-646
MONTGOMERY, EZRA                       LACK                                    PA-34-E-328
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT W.                  FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-397
MOOR, JANE                             TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-351
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       WALKER                                  PA-34-C-549
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-415
MOORE, JOHN                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-34
MOORE, ROBERT C.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-A-399
MOORHEAD, THOMAS S.                    LACK                                    PA-34-E-118
MORISON, CYRUS                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-339
MORRISON, J. M. (DR)                   LACK                                    PA-34-C-526
MORTISON, MARIA                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-13
MOSSER, HENRY B.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-D-339
MOTZER, JOHN                           WALKER                                  PA-34-A-374
MOYER, DAVID                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-497
MOYER, SOLOMON                         PERRYVILLE                              PA-34-B-256
MUMMAH, SIMON                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-418
MURPHY, ALEXANDER                      LACK                                    PA-34-B-58
MUSSER, CHRISTIAN                      WALKER                                  PA-34-B-527
MUSSER, FANNIE                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-5
MUSSER, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-116
MUSSER, MICHAEL                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-603
MUSSER, NANCY                          MONROE                                  PA-34-C-51
MUSSER, PHOEBE                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-52
MUSSER, SUSANNAH                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-630
MYERS, ANDREW                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-222
MYERS, ANNIE E.                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-324
MYERS, CATHERINE                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-425
MYERS, CHRISTIAN                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-484
MYERS, DAVID                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-492
MYERS, JAMES E.                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-540
MYERS, MARY                            FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-390
NANKWELL, RICHARD                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-539
NAYLOR, JOHN                           MONROE                                  PA-34-D-491
NAYLOR, PHILIP                         THOPSONTOWN                             PA-34-E-123
NEELY, JAMES                           LACK                                    PA-34-A-310
NEELY, JANE                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-365
NEELY, JENNIE M.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-351
NEELY, JOHN                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-301
NEELY, MARY                            LACK                                    PA-34-B-444
NEFF, CHRISTIAN                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-129
NEFF, MARY                             TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-595
NEILER, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-43
NICHOL, SOPHIA                         THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-D-250
NIELDS, MARTHA W.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-463
NIEMOND, ELIZABETH                     MONROE                                  PA-34-B-258
NIPPLE, JAMES                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-193
NIPPLE, JOSEPH                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-D-352
NOEL, JANE                             BEALE                                   PA-34-D-102
NOON, SUSANNAH                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-117
NORTH, CALVIN BLYTHE                   SELINSGROVE, SNYDER, PA                 PA-34-E-401
NORTH, JAMES                           MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-354
NORTH, THOMAS                          MONROE                                  PA-34-B-228
NOSS, ABRAHAM                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-156
NOSS, ABRAHAM G.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-393
NOSS, GEORGE                           TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-63
NOSS, MARY BARBARA                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-A-172
NOSS, SARAH                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-404
OKESON, MARGARET R.                    SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-443
OKESON, NICHOLAS                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-232
OKESON, NICHOLAS ALBISON               BEALE                                   PA-34-B-542
OKESON, WILLIAM                        PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-587
OLES, EVERARD                          BEALE                                   PA-34-C-28
ORR, JANE                              PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-B-647
ORRIS, HENRY                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-617
ORRIS, SOPHIA S.                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-569
ORT, WILLIAM                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-489
OSWALD, SOPHIA                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-122
OWEN, OWEN                             GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-55
PADEN, ISABELLA A.                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-207
PANNEBAKER, BENJAMIN                   BEALE                                   PA-34-C-7
PANNEBAKER, ELIZABETH                  FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-284
PANNEBAKER, G. W.                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-554
PANNEBAKER, JONAS                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-37
PANNEBAKER, REBECCA                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-134
PANNEBAKER, SAMUEL S.                  TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-282
PANNEBAKER, WILLIAM                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-24
PANNEBAKER, WILLIAM                    FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-24
PARFET, JAMES                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-300
PARTNER, ABRAHAM                       BEALE                                   PA-34-C-533
PARTNER, JACOB                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-436
PARTNER, WILLIAM M.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-472
PATTERSON, ANNA                        WALKER                                  PA-34-D-202
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH                   MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-135
PATTERSON, ELLEN V.                    LACK                                    PA-34-B-416
PATTERSON, GEORGE C.                   SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-359
PATTERSON, ISABELLA                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-115
PATTERSON, ISABELLA I.                 MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-368
PATTERSON, J. KELLEY                   BEALE                                   PA-34-D-380
PATTERSON, JAMES                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-508
PATTERSON, JOHN                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-99
PATTERSON, JOHN                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-248
PATTERSON, JOHN                        LACK                                    PA-34-C-450
PATTERSON, JOHN                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-27
PATTERSON, MARGARET                    GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-73
PATTERSON, MARY A.                     BEALE                                   PA-34-E-70
PATTERSON, MILFRED F.                  MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-572
PATTERSON, R. H.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-542
PATTERSON, WILLIAM H.                  BEALE                                   PA-34-B-156
PATTON, JOHN                           WALKER                                  PA-34-C-518
PATTON, THOMAS                         THOMPSTOWN                              PA-34-D-336
PATTON, WILLIAM                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-347
PECK, MARY                             TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-153
PHILIPS, JOHN                          WALKER                                  PA-34-C-1
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-513
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-1
PILE, GEORGE                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-593
PILE, SAMUEL                           WALKER                                  PA-34-B-126
PIPER, EFFIE REGINA                    MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-530
POFFENBERGER, JOSHUA                   FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-11
POLLOCK, ELLEN                         LACK                                    PA-34-C-233
POLLOCK, JAMES                         LACK                                    PA-34-A-342
POMEROY, JOSEPH                        BEALE                                   PA-34-B-621
PONTIUS, HENRY                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-D-316
PORTZLINE, JOHN B.                     WALKER                                  PA-34-E-228
PUFFENBERGER, FREDERICK                FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-151
QUICK, WILLIAM P.                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-201
QUINN, FRANCES                         LACK                                    PA-34-B-133
RAMSEY, LEMUEL                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-446
RANCK, PHILIP                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-377
RANCK, PHILIP                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-650
RANDOLPH, JOHN                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-107
RANNELS, ELIZABETH                     PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-D-289
RANNELS, SAMUEL                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-456
RANNELS, SARAH                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-549
RANNELS, WILILAM H.                    FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-350
RAPP, BARNETT                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-263
RAY, JAMES                             DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-365
REED, DAVID                            GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-388
REED, ELIZABETH                        PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-150
REED, JAMES                            WALKER                                  PA-34-A-71
REED, MARY                             FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-189
REED, SAMUEL                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-199
REED, THEODORE                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-148
REEDER, MARTHA                         LACK                                    PA-34-D-282
REITZ, SADOZ S.                        MONROE                                  PA-34-E-495
RENNO, DAVID                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-68
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                    FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-109
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                    DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-109
REYNOLDS, JESSE                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-308
REYNOLDS, LEVI                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-32
REYNOLDS, LEWIS C.                     FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-279
REYNOLDS, MARY ANN                     MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-B-280
REYNOLDS, SARAH                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-180
REYNOLDS, STEPHEN                      FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-411
RHEAM, CATHARIN ANN                    BEALE                                   PA-34-B-236
RHINE, J. J.                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-248
RHINE, TITUS                           LACK                                    PA-34-C-493
RHOADS, LOUISA                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-566
RHOADS, SARAH D.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-141
RHODES, ADAM H.                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-174
RICE, GEORGE                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-210
RICE, JESSE                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-161
RICE, JOHN                             LACK                                    PA-34-A-109
RICE, MARY                             TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-259
RICE, MARY                             MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-95
RICE, MARY                             LACK                                    PA-34-C-212
RICE, NANCY                            LACK                                    PA-34-B-623
RICE, PETER                            TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-182
RICE, SAMUEL                           WALKER                                  PA-34-A-81
RICE, SAMUEL                           PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-158
RICE, SARAH                            PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-142
RICE, WILLIAM S.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-283
RICHEY, JOHN                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-487
RIDDLE, JAMES                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-330
RIDDLE, SARAH                          BEALE                                   PA-34-A-362
RIEHL, JACOB                           BEALE                                   PA-34-C-186
RINE, JOHN H.                          MONROE                                  PA-34-E-319
RITTER, JACOB H.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-188
RITZMAN, ELIZA                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-154
RITZMAN, HENRY                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-570
RITZMAN, SAMUEL B.                     TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-120
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-240
ROBINSON, JOHN                         PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-501
ROBINSON, JOHN                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-398
ROBINSON, THOMAS                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-473
ROBISNON, GEORGE                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-335
ROBISNON, JOSEPH                       LACK                                    PA-34-C-239
ROBISON, CATHARINE                     LACK                                    PA-34-C-547
ROBISON, ELIZABETH                     LACK                                    PA-34-C-332
ROBISON, JOHN                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-79
ROBISON, MARTHA                        PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-387
ROBISON, ROBERT                        LACK                                    PA-34-C-192
ROBISON, ROBERT A.                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-79
ROBISON, STEWART L.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-94
RODGERS, CHARLOTTE                     WALKER                                  PA-34-D-86
RODGERS, MARY                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-60
RODGERS, MATTHEW                       WALKER                                  PA-34-A-113
ROE, GEORGE W.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-503
ROGER, ELIZABETH                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-524
ROGERS, JOHN H.                        BEALE                                   PA-34-D-532
ROHRER, ABRAHAM                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-489
ROHTROCK, JACOB                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-375
ROLLMAN, ISAAC                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-414
ROLLMAN, WILLIAM H.                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-453
ROMBERGER, PETER                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-598
ROTHROCK, DAVID C.                     FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-302
ROTHROCK, JOSEPH                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-317
ROUCH, JOHN                            GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-286
ROUSE, GEORGE                          PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-591
RUMBAUGH, JEROME T.                    FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-554
RUMFELDT, JACOB                        MONROE                                  PA-34-B-304
RUNNER, MARY J.                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-169
RUPERT, GEORGE                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-51
SANDOE, ANTHONY                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-7
SAUSMAN, ABRAHAM                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-271
SAUSMAN, JOHN                          PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-219
SAWYER, ANDREW                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-255
SAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-578
SAYLOR, JUDA                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-555
SAYLOR, REUBIN                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-258
SAYLOR, SARAH                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-567
SAYLOR, WILLIAM                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-150
SCHLEGEL, JACOB                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-315
SCHLEGEL, SADIE M.                     THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-E-379
SCHRADER, LUDWIG                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-508
SCHWEIER, B. F.                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-433
SEGRIST, CHRISTIAN                     SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-562
SEIDERS, BARBARA                       MONROE                                  PA-34-B-532
SEIDERS, JOHN                          MONROE                                  PA-34-C-459
SELL, JOHN                             FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-556
SELLERS, JACOB                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-9
SHAFER, ANDREW                         WALKER                                  PA-34-A-74
SHALLENBERGER, DAVID                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-72
SHALLER, MARY                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-232
SHARON, JAMES M.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-569
SHEARER, ANDREW C.                     LACK                                    PA-34-E-508
SHEARER, MICHAEL                       LACK                                    PA-34-D-170
SHELL, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-217
SHELLENBERGER, AMMON                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-510
SHELLENBERGER, CHRISTIAN               MONROE                                  PA-34-C-72
SHELLENBERGER, CHRISTIAN D.            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-462
SHELLENBERGER, JONATHAN                MONROE                                  PA-34-D-12
SHELLEY, JACOB                         MONROE                                  PA-34-C-272
SHELLEY, MARY                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-580
SHELLY, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-143
SHELLY, PETER G.                       ALTOONA, BLAIR, PA                      PA-34-E-431
SHEREFF, MARY                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-449
SHETTERLY, MICHAEL                     SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-C-180
SHIELDS, FRANCIS                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-315
SHILTZ, JOHN P.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-478
SHIRK, EMILY A.                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-568
SHIRK, WILLIAM V.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-580
SHOAFF, JAMES                          PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-D-204
SHOOP, ADAM SR.                        GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-642
SHOPE, WILLIAM                         SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-C-536
SHORT, REBECCA                         LACK                                    PA-34-E-239
SHORT, WILLIAM                         LACK                                    PA-34-C-364
SHOWERS, ELIZABETH C.                  LACK                                    PA-34-E-356
SHOWERS, JOHN                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-336
SHOWERS, JOHN K.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-E-58
SHOWERS, SAMUEL H.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-10
SHOWERS, WILLIAM H.                    LACK                                    PA-34-E-410
SHUMAN, LEWIS                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-295
SHUMAN, URIAH                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-525
SIDERS, CHRISTIAN                      MONROE                                  PA-34-B-242
SIEBER, ABRAHAM                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-244
SIEBER, DANIEL                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-557
SIEBER, JONAS                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-417
SIEBER, JONAS                          WALKER (CON'T)                          PA-34-B-641
SIEBER, SAMUEL F.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-246
SIEBER, SARAH LOUISA                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-517
SILVERTHORN, ROBERT                    LACK                                    PA-34-B-536
SKEEN, WILLIAM                         WALKER                                  PA-34-A-190
SMITH, ANDREW                          LACK                                    PA-34-B-66
SMITH, CALIVN J.                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-22
SMITH, DAVID                           DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-531
SMITH, EDWARD A.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-D-231
SMITH, ELIZABETH W.                    SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-111
SMITH, ESTHER                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-430
SMITH, GEORGE W.                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-179
SMITH, HARRIET S.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-380
SMITH, JAMES                           WALKER                                  PA-34-E-480
SMITH, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-367
SMITH, JOHN F.                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-462
SMITH, JOSEPH                          GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-41
SMITH, PHILIP                          BLACK LOG VALLEY                        PA-34-C-128
SMITH, SILAS E.                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-210
SNYDER, ABRAHAM B.                     TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-425
SNYDER, ANNA                           MONROE                                  PA-34-C-512
SNYDER, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-540
SNYDER, GEORGE                         PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-D-284
SNYDER, SARAH R.                       EAST WATERFORD                          PA-34-C-464
SNYER, JACOB G                         MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-505
SOLES, JOHN                            MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-378
SPADE, WILLIAM                         MONROE                                  PA-34-E-339
SPEDDY, ALEXANDER                      MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-83
SPEDDY, JOHN W.                        PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-33
SPIECE, DANIEL                         MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-267
SPITLER, HENRY                         PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-52
SPITLER, WILLIAM                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-533
SPONHAUER, HENRY                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-91
SPRINGER, PETER                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-95
STAKE, FREDERICK                       LACK                                    PA-34-B-611
STAYNER, ALICE                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-470
STAYNER, JANE                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-466
STAYNER, JOANNA                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-297
STAYNER, JOSHUA                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-422
STAYNOR, RODGER                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-143
STAYNOR, SARAH                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-223
STEART, REBECCA                        BEALE                                   PA-34-B-631
STEES, FREDERICK                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-247
STEM, ARAH                             TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-555
STEPHENSON, JAMES                      FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-156
STERRETT, MARGARET                     MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-118
STERRETT, S. CHAPMAN                   SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-259
STERRETT, SARAH                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-226
STERRETT, WILLIAM                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-534
STEWART, DAVID W.                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-97
STEWART, GEORGE                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-140
STEWART, HIRAM P.                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-427
STEWART, ISABELLA J.                   TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-468
STEWART, JOHN A.                       BEALE                                   PA-34-B-1
STEWART, MARGARET                      TSUSCARORA                              PA-34-D-50
STEWART, REBECCA                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-39
STEWART, RHODIA                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-381
STEWART, SARAH ANN                     BEALE                                   PA-34-D-47
STEWART, WATSON                        PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-172
STEWART, WILLIAM                       WALKER                                  PA-34-A-16
STEWART, WILLIAM SR.                   BEALE                                   PA-34-D-229
STEWAT, IRVIN C.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-609
STIMELING, LUCINDA                     MONROE                                  PA-34-E-527
STIMELING, SAMUEL C.                   MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-48
STIMLING, DANIEL                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-129
STINE, SMAUEL SR.                      FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-599
STINE,SAMUEL SR.                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-599
STINSON, CATHERINE                     BEALE                                   PA-34-C-546
STINSON, ROBERT                        BEALE                                   PA-34-C-428
STONER, JOHN                           FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-26
STONEROAD, JOHN                        WALKER                                  PA-34-B-451
STONG, SAMUEL S.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-404
STOUFER, JOHN                          WALKER                                  PA-34-B-124
STOUFFER, AMOS                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-322
STOUFFER, CHRISTIAN                    FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-395
STOUFFER, DAVID                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-173
STOUFFER, HENRY                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-510
STOUFFER, LYDIA                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-109
STRAWSER, HARRIET                      MONROE                                  PA-34-E-57
STRAWSER, PETER                        SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-C-417
STRAYER, HATTIE E.                     MIFFLIN                                 PA-34-E-486
STROUB, PETER                          GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-322
STROUP, CATHERINE                      SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-B-579
STROUP, SARAH                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-33
STROUP, SARAH                          MONROE                                  PA-34-E-445
STROUSE, PHILIP                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-256
STROUSE, PHILIP                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-272
STUCK, KATHARINE                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-520
STUMP, MATHIAS                         LACK                                    PA-34-E-544
SULOFF, GEORGE                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-604
SULOFF, JACOB                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-158
SULOUFF, JOHN                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-124
SULOUFF, KEZIAH                        FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-158
SULOUFF,CATHARINE                      PATTERSON                               PA-34-C-222
SURTZER, SUSANNAH                      MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-32
SWAB, PATTIE W.                        MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-237
SWARTZ, ENOCH W.                       MONROE                                  PA-34-E-381
SWARTZ, JOHN W.                        MONROE                                  PA-34-C-581
SWARTZ, JONATHAN                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-466
SWARTZ, MARIA                          MONROE                                  PA-34-E-470
SWARTZ, MARY                           MONROE                                  PA-34-C-213
SWARTZ, PETER                          GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-281
SWARTZ, PETER (REV.)                   MONROE                                  PA-34-C-137
SWARTZ, PHILIP                         MONROE                                  PA-34-D-371
SWARTZLANDER, SARAH J.                 FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-414
SWITZER, THADDEUS                      WALKER                                  PA-34-C-515
TAYLOR, SARAH                          TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-265
TELFER, JOHN G.                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-113
TELFER, MARY                           SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-544
TELFER, SAMUEL                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-275
TENNIS, CATHARINE                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-17
TENNIS, JAMES M.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-300
TENNIS, JOHN                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-448
THATCHER, DANIEL                       LACK                                    PA-34-D-82
THATCHER, SARAH                        LACK                                    PA-34-A-429
THOMAS, WILILAM F.                     SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-649
THOMPSON, ANDREW                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-6
THOMPSON, ANN E.                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-396
THOMPSON, ANNIE E.                     WALKER                                  PA-34-C-253
THOMPSON, EVALINE                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-520
THOMPSON, G. W. (REV.)                 BEALE                                   PA-34-B-269
THOMPSON, HARRIET                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-538
THOMPSON, HOMER S.                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-223
THOMPSON, I. AMBROSE                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-182
THOMPSON, JACOB                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-217
THOMPSON, JAMES                        WLAKE                                   PA-34-A-340
THOMPSON, JANE                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-337
THOMPSON, JANE A.                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-206
THOMPSON, JEROME N.                    WALKER                                  PA-34-D-175
THOMPSON, JOHN                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-50
THOMPSON, JOHN                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-96
THOMPSON, M. E. (MRS)                  DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-355
THOMPSON, MARGARET                     WALKER                                  PA-34-D-522
THOMPSON, MARTHA A.                    WALKER                                  PA-34-B-100
THOMPSON, MARY                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-383
THOMPSON, MARY ANN                     WALKER                                  PA-34-C-570
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-70
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-B-425
THOMPSON, S. A.                        DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-342
THOMPSON, THEODORE S.                  DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-75
THOMPSON, W. H. M.                     DELAWARE                                PA-34-E-144
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-52
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      WALKER                                  PA-34-A-52
TODD, J. B. M.                         PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-262
TODD, LOUISA C.                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-77
TODD, MARGARET H.                      BEALE                                   PA-34-C-204
TODD, MARY A.                          PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-187
TODD, MARY A.                          PATTERSON (CON'T)                       PA-34-E-270
TOWSEY, CATHARINE                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-89
TREGO, EVAN                            DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-175
TREGO, GEORGE                          DELAWARE                                PA-34-A-420
TREGO, JOHN R.                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-467
TREGO, LEVI B.                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-29
TREGO, SUSANNA                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-185
TROSTLE, SARAH                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-521
TSCHOPP, LYDIA                         GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-183
TURBETT, AMELIA                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-D-195
TURBETT, BARBARA                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-432
TURBETT, SAMUEL                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-328
TURBETT, SAMUEL                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-319
TURBETT, STEWART                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-5
TURBETT, WILLIAM                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-606
TURBETT, WILLIAM H.                    TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-103
TURBETT, WILLIAM K.                    WALKER                                  PA-34-A-170
TYSON, EUGENE L.                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-507
UBIL, PETER                            BEALE                                   PA-34-E-193
ULSH, FRANCES C.                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-450
ULSH, SIMON                            FERMANAGH                               PA-34-E-418
ULSH, WILLIAM                          FERMANAGH                               PA-34-D-90
UMHOLTZ, MARY                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-523
UMHOLTZ, MICHAEL                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-301
UNDERWOOD, W. H.                       PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-E-250
VALENTINE, ANNIE                       DELAWARE                                PA-34-C-563
VANDYKE, WILLIAM R.                    LACK                                    PA-34-B-277
VANFOSSEN, ABNER                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-305
VANFOSSEN, E. CAROLINE                 MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-500
VANHORN,T HOMAS M.                     DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-583
VANORMER, JOSHUA                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-589
VANORMER, MILTON S.                    FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-493
VANORMER, WILLIAMSON                   FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-292
VANSWERINGEN, JOHN                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-162
VARNER, GEORGE                         LACK                                    PA-34-E-120
VARNES, ARNOLD                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-286
VARNES, JOHN                           NTL, HARTFORD, MD                       PA-34-C-594
VARNES, MITCHELL H.                    MILFORD                                 PA-34-D-10
VAUGHAN, JOSEPH R.                     LACK                                    PA-34-E-105
WAGNER, JAMES W.                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-102
WAGNER, JOHN H.                        MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-483
WALDSMITH, MARGARET                    BEALE                                   PA-34-B-121
WALDSMITH, WILLIAM                     BEALE                                   PA-34-A-278
WALKER, ANN                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-261
WALKER, DAVID                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-1
WALKER, JANE                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-68
WALKER, MICHAEL                        TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-177
WALLACE, ELIZABETH                     TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-524
WALLACE, HANNAH                        LACK                                    PA-34-B-516
WALLACE, JAMES                         LACK                                    PA-34-B-55
WALLACE, JAMES                         TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-487
WALLACE, WILLIAM                       LACK                                    PA-34-B-63
WALLEN, ANGELINA                       PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-430
WALLEY, L. P.                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-290
WALLIS, IRVIN D.                       WALKER                                  PA-34-C-215
WALLIS, JOHN                           GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-344
WALLS, BENJAMIN F.                     LACK                                    PA-34-B-464
WALLS, WILILAM D.                      LACK                                    PA-34-E-285
WALTERS, ABRAHAM                       GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-4
WARD, BANKS C.                         WALKER                                  PA-34-E-296
WARWICK, HUGH                          TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-369
WARWICK, MARY                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-622
WARWICK, ROBERT                        PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-251
WATSON, JOHN                           MILFORD                                 PA-34-A-179
WATSON, JOHN                           BEALE                                   PA-34-A-179
WATTERS, MARY A.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-356
WATTS, HARRIET S.                      FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-531
WATTS, ROBERT S.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-136
WATTS, SAMUEL                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-535
WATTS, SARAH                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-414
WATTS, THOMAS                          MONROE                                  PA-34-E-398
WATTS, THOMAS G.                       MONROE                                  PA-34-E-398
WATTS, WESLEY W.                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-551
WEAVER, DAVID                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-226
WEAVER, DAVID                          WALKER                                  PA-34-D-212
WEAVER, JOSEPH                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-343
WEAVER, JOSEPH S.                      WALKER                                  PA-34-E-331
WEBSTER, WILLIAM D.                    WALKER                                  PA-34-C-520
WEIBLY, ELIZABETH                      SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-241
WEIDMAN, ANNIE                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-107
WEIDMAN, BENJAMIN                      WALKER                                  PA-34-B-624
WEIMER, C. L. (DR)                     MONROE                                  PA-34-C-96
WELLER, JOHN                           PATTERSON                               PA-34-E-159
WELLER, PETER                          MONROE                                  PA-34-B-614
WEREI, JOSEPH                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-583
WERIE, LYDIA                           SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-11
WERTZ, MARY E.                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-42
WESTFALL, DANIEL                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-43
WESTFALL, ELIZABETH T.                 MCALISTERVILLE                          PA-34-C-197
WETZLER, CORNELIUS                     WALKER                                  PA-34-D-210
WETZLER, ISRAEL                        THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-C-175
WETZLER, PETER                         WALKER                                  PA-34-B-106
WETZLER, SARAH                         WALKER                                  PA-34-D-111
WETZLER, SARAH                         THOMPSONTOWN                            PA-34-C-288
WHARTON, ANN                           TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-147
WHARTON, SAMUEL                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-287
WHARTON, WILLIAM                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-89
WHITMER, ABRAM                         SUSQUEHANNA                             PA-34-D-126
WILEMAN, WILLIAM                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-180
WILLARD, PHILIP (REV.)                 WALKER                                  PA-34-D-103
WILLIAMS, JAMES D.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-22
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-446
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                       TURBETT                                 PA-34-B-46
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C.                   MILFORD                                 PA-34-B-27
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                      LACK                                    PA-34-D-428
WILLS, ANN                             FAYETTE                                 PA-34-C-565
WILSON, GEORGE                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-112
WILSON, ISABELLA                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-153
WILSON, J. BANKS                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-408
WILSON, J. HUTCHISON                   MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-292
WILSON, JAMES                          PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-A-415
WILSON, JANE                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-45
WILSON, JOHN                           WALKER                                  PA-34-A-359
WILSON, JOSEPHINE C.                   WALKER                                  PA-34-D-246
WILSON, MARY                           WALKER                                  PA-34-D-190
WILSON, ROBERT                         FAYETTE                                 PA-34-A-193
WILSON, WILLIAM I.                     LACK                                    PA-34-D-401
WILSON, WILLIAM W.                     MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-210
WILT, ADAM                             GREENWOOD                               PA-34-B-232
WILT, HENRY                            NTL                                     PA-34-C-437
WINEGARDNER, JOHN M.                   DELAWARE                                PA-34-D-261
WINEY,  ANNY                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-268
WINEY, ELIZABETH                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-E-49
WINEY, J. H.                           FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-148
WINEY, JSOEPH G.                       MONROE                                  PA-34-D-329
WINN, HENRY                            TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-391
WISE, JACOB                            MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-A-265
WISE, MARY A.                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-385
WISE, PETER                            MONROE                                  PA-34-C-247
WISE, SARAH J.                         TURBETT                                 PA-34-E-344
WISE, WILLIAM R.                       MILFORD                                 PA-34-E-528
WISEHAUPT, JOHN                        SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-58
WITHEROW, JOHN N.                      MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-494
WITMER, BENJAMIN                       MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-B-645
WITMER, HENRY                          FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-197
WITMER, LYDIA                          MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-130
WITMER, MAGDALENA                      GREENWOOD                               PA-34-A-417
WIX, COLLER                            PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-C-377
WOMER, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-194
WOOD, JON                              NTL, MC HENRY, IL                       PA-34-C-482
WOOD, MARGARET                         DELAWARE                                PA-34-B-28
WOODS, JOHN A.                         PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-551
WOODS, SAMUEL SR.                      TURBETT                                 PA-34-A-103
WOODS, WILILAM T.                      MONROE                                  PA-34-D-528
WOODSIDE, HANNAH J.                    LACK                                    PA-34-E-393
WOODSIDE, JAMES L.                     LACK                                    PA-34-E-156
WOODSIDE, JOHN                         LACK                                    PA-34-C-286
WOODWARD, AMANDA A.                    TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-423
WOODWARD, GEORGE                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-C-66
WOODWARD, JOHN                         BEALE                                   PA-34-D-61
WOODWARD, WILILAM Q.                   TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-153
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                      TUSCARORA                               PA-34-B-419
WORK, ROBERT A.                        TUSCARORA                               PA-34-E-403
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      MEXICO, PA                              PA-34-B-550
WRIGHT, GEORGE                         FERMANAGH                               PA-34-B-248
WRIGHT, JACOB                          WALKER                                  PA-34-A-211
WRIGHT, JOHN                           MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-C-70
WRIGHT, MARTHA                         PERRYSVILLE                             PA-34-B-278
WRIGHT, MARY ANN                       FERMANAGH                               PA-34-C-326
WYKE, JANE                             WALKER                                  PA-34-C-55
YEAGER, ELIZABETH                      PORT ROYAL                              PA-34-D-426
YEAGER, JENNIE A.                      NTL, PHILADELPHIA, PA                   PA-34-E-482
YEAGER, MATHIAS                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-105
YEAGER, MATHIAS                        FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-105
YEAKLY, JOHN                           MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-D-5
YEATER, MICHAEL                        BEALE                                   PA-34-D-295
YEIGH, JOHN                            WALKER                                  PA-34-B-152
YOCUM, JOHN                            MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-458
YODER, BENJAMIN                        DELAWRE                                 PA-34-B-311
YODER, CATHARINE                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-15
YODER, CATHARINE                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-384
YODER, CHRISTIAN                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-553
YODER, ELIZABETH                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-231
YODER, HANNAH                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-549
YODER, JOHN                            FAYETTE                                 PA-34-B-65
YODER, JOHN H.                         SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-B-476
YODER, JOSEPH                          SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-D-331
YODER, MAGDALENE                       SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-E-255
YODER, SARAH                           BEALE                                   PA-34-B-184
YODER, YOST                            SPRUCE HILL                             PA-34-C-591
YOHN, ANN ELIZABETH                    MIFFLINTOWN                             PA-34-E-519
YOHN, LEAH                             TURBETT                                 PA-34-C-504
ZEIGLER, CATHARINE                     WALKER                                  PA-34-B-558
ZENDT, ELIZABETH                       FAYETTE                                 PA-34-D-129
ZENDT, JACOB                           WALKER                                  PA-34-E-306
ZENDT, JACOB                           WALKER                                  PA-34-E-306
ZENDT, PHILIP S.                       TUSCARORA                               PA-34-D-150
ZENDT, PHILLIP                         WALKER                                  PA-34-C-48
ZIMMERMAN, A.                          MILFORD                                 PA-34-C-45
ZOOK, CHRISTIAN                        NTL, LANCASTER, PA                      PA-34-C-575
ZOOK, JACOB                            BEALE                                   PA-34-B-178
ZOOK, JOHN                             FERMANAGH                               PA-34-A-285

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