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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1796-1831 | 2 = 1831-1846 | 3 = 1846-1862 | 4 = 1862-1874 | 5 = 1874-1899 | 6 = 1885-1892 | 7-13 = ? |
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ACKLEY, DANIEL                          PA-30-6-164
ACKLEY, JOSHUA                          PA-30-5-307
ACKLIN, GEORGE                          PA-30-6-179
ADAMS, JESSE                            PA-30-6-531
ADAMS, MARY M.                          PA-30-6-216
ADAMS, ROBERT SR.                       PA-30-4-86
ADAMSON, CHARLES                        PA-30-4-200
ADAMSON, HANNAH                         PA-30-4-348
ADAMSON, JAMES                          PA-30-3-8
ADAMSON, S. H.                          PA-30-6-422
ADAMSON, SARAH                          PA-30-5-183
ADAMSON, THOMAS                         PA-30-1-170
ADAMSON, W. S.                          PA-30-6-412
ADDLEMAN, JOHN                          PA-30-5-109
ADDLEMAN, JOHN                          PA-30-1-333
ADDLEMAN, MARRY                         PA-30-5-19
ALD, HUGH                               PA-30-3-182
ALEXANDER, SARAH JANE                   PA-30-6-176
ALFORD, JAMES                           PA-30-2-128
ALLEY, ELIJAH                           PA-30-5-213
ALLISON, JAMES                          PA-30-4-479
ALLISON, JAMES                          PA-30-4-371
ALLUM, CHARLES                          PA-30-4-215
ALLUM, PORTER                           PA-30-4-228
ANBUSKIRK, LAWRENCE                     PA-30-2-150
ANDERSON, CHARLES                       PA-30-1-254
ANDERSON, CHARLES                       PA-30-2-72
ANDERSON, HANNAH                        PA-30-2-100
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-30-2-187
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       PA-30-4-89
ANDREWS, JESSE                          PA-30-5-253
ANT, JACOB                              PA-30-1-165
ARCHER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-5-380
AREFORD, CHARLOTTE                      PA-30-6-393
AREFORD, FREDERICK                      PA-30-5-480
ARMSTRONG, ABRAHAM                      PA-30-1-111
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-30-1-222
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM N.                   PA-30-6-291
ARMTRONG, WILLIAM                       PA-30-3-332
ARNOLD, GEORGE                          PA-30-4-449
ASHBROOK, JOHN                          PA-30-4-170
AULD, DAVID                             PA-30-2-8
BABBITT, HARVEY                         PA-30-5-463
BAILEY, ELI                             PA-30-1-55
BAILEY, MARGARET                        PA-30-5-515
BAILY, JANE                             PA-30-4-14
BAILY, WILLIAM                          PA-30-4-1
BAKER, JULIA ANN                        PA-30-5-283
BAKER, NATHAN                           PA-30-6-120
BALTZELL, CHRISTIAN                     PA-30-3-290
BALTZELL, JACOB                         PA-30-1-382
BANE, ELIS                              PA-30-3-25
BANE, ELLIS                             PA-30-5-328
BARCLAY, HUGH                           PA-30-5-286
BARCLAY, HUGH                           PA-30-1-294
BARGER, FRANCIS                         PA-30-3-16
BARKER, GEORGE                          PA-30-1-148
BARKER, GEORGE                          PA-30-1-323
BARNEHART, MARY                         PA-30-5-116
BARNES, JACOB                           PA-30-3-105
BARNETT, WILLIAM                        PA-30-2-23
BARNEY, CHRISTAIN                       PA-30-4-331
BARNEY, PHILIP                          PA-30-3-31
BARNHART, JOHN H.                       PA-30-5-114
BARNS, JAMES                            PA-30-5-388
BATSON, ELISHA S.                       PA-30-4-47
BATTENFELD, JOHN                        PA-30-1-42
BAYARD, PERRY A.                        PA-30-6-305
BAYARD, SAMUEL P.                       PA-30-5-120
BAYLES, MARGARET                        PA-30-4-474
BEABOUT, HENRY                          PA-30-5-202
BEAR, JACOB                             PA-30-2-77
BEBOUT, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-6-171
BEBOUT, MOSES                           PA-30-4-9
BEBOUT, RACHEL                          PA-30-5-189
BEBOUT, TABITHA                         PA-30-5-368
BEELER, ELISABETH                       PA-30-6-473
BEITZ, LEWIS                            PA-30-1-256
BELL, CATHARINE                         PA-30-4-93
BELL, DAVID                             PA-30-3-274
BELL, ELIZABETH                         PA-30-5-498
BELL, ISAAC                             PA-30-1-245
BELL, JAMES SR.                         PA-30-4-243
BELL, JOHN                              PA-30-1-66
BELL, JOHN                              PA-30-5-236
BELL, JOHN SR.                          PA-30-3-141
BELL, MARGARET                          PA-30-2-173
BELL, NETHANIEL                         PA-30-1-20
BELL, ONESIMUS                          PA-30-1-292
BELL, SARAH                             PA-30-2-155
BELL, WILIAM                            PA-30-3-260
BENNINGTON, JAMES                       PA-30-3-327
BEVAN, DAVID                            PA-30-6-522
BIARD, SARAH                            PA-30-3-157
BIDDLE, ISAAC T.                        PA-30-5-145
BILBY, JOHN                             PA-30-4-378
BILLBY, LYDIA                           PA-30-4-370
BILLINGSLEY, ELIZABETH                  PA-30-5-259
BILLINGSLEY, J. A.                      PA-30-5-373
BILLINGSLEY, MARY                       PA-30-4-67
BILLOCK, JCAOB                          PA-30-3-157
BIRKHARLES                              PA-30-3-178
BISSET, JOHN                            PA-30-2-212
BISSETT, JEREMIAH                       PA-30-5-14
BISSETT, JEREMIAH L.                    PA-30-5-217
BISSETT, WILLIAM                        PA-30-5-417
BLACK, C. A.                            PA-30-6-282
BLACK, JACOB                            PA-30-1-364
BLACK, JOHN                             PA-30-5-46
BLACK, LYDIA                            PA-30-4-61
BLACK, WILLIAM                          PA-30-2-229
BLACKLEDGE, ENOCH                       PA-30-2-161
BLACKLEDGE, ISAAC                       PA-30-1-290
BLACKLEDGE, LEVI                        PA-30-4-314
BLACKLEDGE, MARGERET                    PA-30-1-193
BLACKLY, B. M.                          PA-30-5-349
BLACKSHEIR, JOHN                        PA-30-1-215
BLACKSHIRE, JOHN                        PA-30-1-72
BLAIR, ISAAC                            PA-30-3-5
BLAIR, JOHN                             PA-30-2-170
BLAKER, DAVDI                           PA-30-3-180
BLAKER, DAVID                           PA-30-5-404
BLAKER, JOHN                            PA-30-4-236
BLAKLEDGE, WILM                         PA-30-3-18
BLATCHLEY, ABRAHAM                      PA-30-5-319
BLATCHLY, MILLER                        PA-30-1-156
BLCAKSHIRE, FRANCIS                     PA-30-2-144
BOILS, WILLIAM                          PA-30-1-97
BOND, CHARLES                           PA-30-5-228
BONER, ARTHUR                           PA-30-2-215
BONER, DANIEL                           PA-30-4-277
BOOTH, JOHN                             PA-30-4-211
BOOZE, CATHARINE                        PA-30-5-5
BOSWORTH, GEORGE                        PA-30-5-410
BOSWORTH, LUCENIA A. DELLA              PA-30-6-384
BOSWORTH,C ALEB                         PA-30-5-164
BOWER, JACOB                            PA-30-1-159
BOWERMASTER, S. E.                      PA-30-4-297
BOWLBY, ROBERT S.                       PA-30-4-247
BOWLBY, SAMUEL C.                       PA-30-6-173
BOWLER, ELLEN                           PA-30-6-104
BOWLER, JOHN                            PA-30-2-225
BOWMAN, HENRY                           PA-30-1-302
BOYD, JOHN                              PA-30-4-218
BOYD, ROBERT                            PA-30-1-149
BOYDSTON, BOAZ                          PA-30-4-88
BOYDSTON, DAVID                         PA-30-1-279
BOYLES, CHARLES                         PA-30-3-298
BRADBURY, GEORGE                        PA-30-3-273
BRADDOCK, DAVID GRAY                    PA-30-6-334
BRADDOCK, FRNIS                         PA-30-3-213
BRADEN, DAVID                           PA-30-4-351
BRADEN, HANNAH                          PA-30-6-400
BRADEN, WILLIAM                         PA-30-6-377
BRADFORD, HENRY                         PA-30-2-172
BRADFORD, JAMES                         PA-30-1-219
BRADFORD, JOHN M.                       PA-30-5-15
BRADFORD, MARGARET                      PA-30-6-34
BRADFORD, MARY                          PA-30-6-339
BRADFORD, ROBERT                        PA-30-1-32
BRADFORD, ROBERT                        PA-30-4-125
BRADLEY, DORCAS                         PA-30-6-1
BRANT, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-4-141
BREWER, DANIEL                          PA-30-4-469
BREWER, JOSEPH S.                       PA-30-6-456
BRNET, JOHN                             PA-30-3-285
BROCK, BURBRIDGE                        PA-30-4-279
BROCK, DANIEL S.                        PA-30-6-123
BROCK, JOSEPH                           PA-30-4-98
BROCK, T. F.                            PA-30-6-372
BROCK, THOMAS                           PA-30-3-258
BROOKS, HANNAH                          PA-30-5-487
BROOKS, NANCY                           PA-30-2-234
BROWN, JOHN W.                          PA-30-2-84
BROWN, MARY J.                          PA-30-6-191
BROWN, REBECCA SR.                      PA-30-4-366
BROWN, REUBEN                           PA-30-4-178
BRUCKNER, GEORGE                        PA-30-6-311
BRYAN, WESLEY                           PA-30-4-149
BUCANAN, ADNREW                         PA-30-3-43
BUNGARD, DANIEL                         PA-30-4-254
BURG, WILLIAM                           PA-30-2-89
BURGE, HENRY                            PA-30-4-140
BURGES, HANNAH                          PA-30-2-154
BURGESS, JONATHAN                       PA-30-1-278
BURKHEIMER, BARBARA                     PA-30-1-112
BURNETT, ELIAS                          PA-30-3-274
BURNETT, SARAH                          PA-30-5-4
BURNFIELD, EASTER                       PA-30-1-345
BURNFIELD, JOHN                         PA-30-2-97
BURNS, ALEXANDER                        PA-30-4-163
BURNS, JAMES                            PA-30-2-152
BURNS, WILLIAM                          PA-30-6-238
BURSON, A. S.                           PA-30-6-279
BURSON, ABRAHAM                         PA-30-6-52
BURSON, EDWARD                          PA-30-2-134
BURSON, EDWARD C.                       PA-30-5-207
BURSON, THOMAS                          PA-30-4-78
BUSSEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-6-192
BUSSEY, JESSE                           PA-30-4-179
BUTLER, JOHN                            PA-30-1-60
BUTTLER, ZACHARIAH                      PA-30-2-163
CALVERT, EWING                          PA-30-5-323
CALVERT, THOMAS                         PA-30-4-257
CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN                      PA-30-5-73
CAMPBELL, ELIIS                         PA-30-5-375
CAMPBELL, NATHANIEL                     PA-30-2-1
CAREY, ABEL ESQ.                        PA-30-1-157
CAREY, DANIEL                           PA-30-4-222
CARL, CHARLOTT                          PA-30-4-343
CARPENTER, ARABELEL                     PA-30-5-419
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      PA-30-6-521
CARTER, ANDREW                          PA-30-2-133
CARTER, JESSE                           PA-30-5-33
CARY, ABEL                              PA-30-1-203
CARY, ELIZABETH H.                      PA-30-4-381
CARY, EMMA                              PA-30-5-60
CASEMAN, JANE                           PA-30-3-129
CASEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-30-4-363
CATHER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-1-368
CATHERS, ROBERT                         PA-30-5-522
CAVANCE, ALEXANDER                      PA-30-1-279
CAZARD, ALATHEA                         PA-30-6-199
CEDISTER, RIARD                         PA-30-3-238
CHALFAN, ELIJAH                         PA-30-4-161
CHALFAN, JULIA                          PA-30-4-203
CHAMBERS, JACKSON                       PA-30-6-96
CHANEY, EZEKIEL                         PA-30-5-96
CHDWICK, JAMES                          PA-30-3-73
CHEEVER, NANCY                          PA-30-6-265
CHESS, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-5-261
CHESS, PETER                            PA-30-4-260
CHESS, SARAH E.                         PA-30-6-235
CHURCH, GEORGE                          PA-30-1-127
CHURCH, HENRY                           PA-30-3-83
CHURCH, JEAN                            PA-30-1-190
CLARK, DANIEL                           PA-30-1-236
CLARK, ISAAC                            PA-30-2-167
CLARK, JAMES                            PA-30-3-207
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-30-2-129
CLAYTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-30-5-428
CLAYTON, JOHN                           PA-30-6-240
CLAYTON, MARY LUCINDA                   PA-30-6-226
CLAYTON, SAMUEL                         PA-30-5-503
CLEAVENGER, EDWARD                      PA-30-4-432
CLEMENS, WILLIAM                        PA-30-5-153
CLENDANIELS, SUSAN                      PA-30-5-76
CLENDENING, ARCHBALD                    PA-30-5-121
CLENDENING, WILLIAM                     PA-30-5-176
CLUTTER, ABRAHAM                        PA-30-2-210
CLUTTER, CATHARINE E.                   PA-30-6-499
CLUTTER, MATTHIAS                       PA-30-6-379
CLUTTER, PETER                          PA-30-1-102
CLYMER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-30-1-205
CLYMER, JOHN                            PA-30-3-331
CLYNE, JACOB                            PA-30-1-29
COE, CEPHAS                             PA-30-2-63
COEN, AMANDA                            PA-30-4-261
COEN, JACOHMYRE                         PA-30-3-227
COEN, JAMES                             PA-30-2-54
COEN, JOHN                              PA-30-2-194
COEN, WILLIAM                           PA-30-4-237
COLE, JEREMIAH                          PA-30-4-290
COLEMAN, LOT L.                         PA-30-4-96
COLEMAN, SARAH                          PA-30-6-463
COLLINS, JOSEPH                         PA-30-5-225
COLSON, GEORGE                          PA-30-6-5
COLVER, SAMUEL                          PA-30-5-78
COLVER, THOMAS                          PA-30-3-115
COLVIN, GEORGE                          PA-30-1-250
CONDIT, IRA S.                          PA-30-6-288
CONDIT, ISAAC JR.                       PA-30-6-557
CONDIT, ZENAS                           PA-30-4-32
CONKEY, JOHN                            PA-30-5-455
CONNELL, JOSEPH R.                      PA-30-1-201
CONNET, LYDIA                           PA-30-4-382
CONWELL, MARY A.                        PA-30-5-384
COOK, GEORGE                            PA-30-2-87
COOK, JAMES                             PA-30-5-117
COOK, MARY                              PA-30-4-208
COOKE, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-3-121
COOKE, FRANCIS                          PA-30-3-146
COOKE, WILLIAM                          PA-30-3-63
COON, MICHAEL                           PA-30-1-88
COOPER, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-4-147
COOPER, JAMES                           PA-30-6-158
CORBLY, JOHN                            PA-30-1-38
CORNWELL, NANCY                         PA-30-2-156
COTTEREL, WILLIAM                       PA-30-6-106
COTTERELL, ISABELLA                     PA-30-2-207
COTTERELL, JOHN                         PA-30-4-117
COTTERELL, WILLIAM                      PA-30-2-70
COUR, SIMON                             PA-30-5-377
COURTWRIGHT, JAMES                      PA-30-4-344
COUTZ, BARBARA                          PA-30-5-179
COUTZ, MARY                             PA-30-5-238
COUTZ, MARY M.                          PA-30-3-121
COWEL, CHRISTIAN                        PA-30-1-144
COWELL, CHRISTOPHE                      PA-30-1-240
COWELL, DANIEL                          PA-30-5-50
COWELL, ISAAC                           PA-30-2-145
COWELL, JACOB                           PA-30-5-311
COWELL, JOHN B.                         PA-30-6-41
COWELL, JOSEPH                          PA-30-4-68
COWELL, SARAH                           PA-30-5-508
COWEN, MARY                             PA-30-3-290
COWEN, MARY A.                          PA-30-6-397
COWL, ISAAC S.                          PA-30-3-255
COX, AARON                              PA-30-4-480
COX, ANN                                PA-30-3-20
COX, EMALINE B.                         PA-30-5-267
COX, JAMES A.                           PA-30-5-243
COZARD, WILLIAM A.                      PA-30-4-286
CRAER, DANIEL                           PA-30-3-154
CRAFT, BENJAMIN                         PA-30-6-76
CRAFT, CLARISSA                         PA-30-6-380
CRAFT, ISRAEL L.                        PA-30-5-58
CRAFT, JOHN SR.                         PA-30-3-184
CRAGO, JOHN                             PA-30-6-296
CRAGO, THOMAS                           PA-30-6-99
CRAGO, WILLIAM                          PA-30-3-101
CRAIG, JESSE                            PA-30-5-347
CRAMER, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-4-410
CRAWFORD, BARBARA                       PA-30-5-144
CRAWFORD, DAVID ESQ.                    PA-30-6-77
CRAWFORD, WILIAM                        PA-30-3-301
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       PA-30-2-76
CRAYN, DANIEL                           PA-30-3-154
CRAYNE, JANE                            PA-30-2-206
CRAYNE, SAMUEL                          PA-30-3-139
CRAYNE, STEPHEN                         PA-30-2-16
CREE, HAMILTON                          PA-30-3-45
CREE, ROBERT                            PA-30-1-106
CREE, WILLIAM                           PA-30-2-49
CREE, WILLIAM                           PA-30-4-352
CRICHFIELD, ABSALOM                     PA-30-1-171
CRICHFIELD, SARAH                       PA-30-2-136
CRICHFIELD, SARAH                       PA-30-3-60
CROCKART, GRACE                         PA-30-1-349
CROUP, JACOB                            PA-30-5-32
CROUSE, SAMUEL                          PA-30-6-35
CROW, JACOB                             PA-30-1-228
CROW, MICHAEL                           PA-30-3-108
CROXTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-30-3-109
CUMMNS, JOHN                            PA-30-3-223
CUNINGHAM, JOHN                         PA-30-3-222
CURTIS, JOHN                            PA-30-3-14
CUSTER, ELI                             PA-30-4-346
CUSTER, MORGAN                          PA-30-5-367
DAILEY, JAMES                           PA-30-6-37
DAILEY, JAMES JR.                       PA-30-5-223
DARK, LUCINDA                           PA-30-6-271
DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER (CAPT.)             PA-30-4-111
DAVIDSON, CLEMENTINE                    PA-30-6-255
DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH ANN                 PA-30-6-319
DAVIDSON, JOSEPH P.                     PA-30-2-211
DAVIDSON, MARY J.                       PA-30-6-321
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                       PA-30-3-221
DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-30-4-124
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-30-1-275
DAVIS, REBECCA                          PA-30-5-353
DAY, AARON                              PA-30-4-19
DAY, AMOS                               PA-30-5-530
DAY, BENJAMIN                           PA-30-3-267
DAY, CEPHAS                             PA-30-5-425
DAY, CEPHAS                             PA-30-6-402
DAY, MOSES                              PA-30-6-582
DAY, STEPHEN                            PA-30-3-8
DAY, WILLIAM                            PA-30-3-123
DEBERRY, SARAH                          PA-30-4-320
DEBERY, JMES                            PA-30-3-248
DEBOLT, JEREMIAH                        PA-30-2-181
DEBOLT, JOSEPH                          PA-30-2-129
DEBOLT, NICHOLAS                        PA-30-3-318
DEBOLT, NOAH                            PA-30-5-43
DEEDS, ISAAC                            PA-30-4-190
DEEDS, JACOB                            PA-30-3-216
DEGARMO, EZRA                           PA-30-2-89
DELANEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-30-4-448
DELANSY, A. A.                          PA-30-5-71
DEVALL, DANIEL SR.                      PA-30-1-22
DEVALL, JOHN                            PA-30-2-227
DICKN, ROBERT                           PA-30-3-51
DILLINER, AUGUSTINE                     PA-30-2-11
DILLINER, GEORGE                        PA-30-1-258
DINSMORE, MOSES                         PA-30-2-66
DINSMORE, THOMAS                        PA-30-4-3
DITTERLINE, WILLIAM                     PA-30-2-116
DNN, ISAAC                              PA-30-2-222
DOLLISON, ALAXANDER                     PA-30-1-47
DONHAM, JOHN                            PA-30-5-491
DONLEY, JOHN SR.                        PA-30-6-231
DORRAH, HENRY                           PA-30-1-54
DOUGLAS, TIMOTHY                        PA-30-1-27
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          PA-30-1-51
DOWLIN JOHN                             PA-30-4-503
DOWLIN, PAUL                            PA-30-2-32
DRAKE, FRANCIS                          PA-30-5-128
DRIPPS, JOHN                            PA-30-1-164
DRIVER, GIDEON                          PA-30-5-61
DUCATE, MARY                            PA-30-5-274
DULANEY, DENNIS                         PA-30-1-381
DUNAWAY, HANNAH                         PA-30-4-289
DUNLAP, WILLIAM L.                      PA-30-2-105
DUNN, JOSEPH                            PA-30-3-200
DURBAN, THOMAS                          PA-30-3-18
DURBIN, ANDREW                          PA-30-4-407
DURBIN, STEPHEN                         PA-30-3-16
DURR, ANNA                              PA-30-6-363
DUSENBERRY, JEMIMA                      PA-30-5-333
DYE, MINOR                              PA-30-4-427
DYE, WILLIAM                            PA-30-4-340
DYE, WILLIAM                            PA-30-3-136
DYE,JAMES                               PA-30-2-159
EAGON, JAMES                            PA-30-1-213
EAKIN, JUSTUS                           PA-30-4-270
EAKIN, WILLIAM                          PA-30-2-158
EBERHART, ADOLPHUS SR.                  PA-30-1-330
EBERHART, SOPHIA                        PA-30-3-278
EDDY, JOHN                              PA-30-6- 351
EDGAR, DANIEL                           PA-30-3-133
EDGAR, ISRAEL                           PA-30-2-112
EICHELBERGER, VOLENTINE                 PA-30-1-312
EICHER, JACOB F.                        PA-30-6-555
EISIMINGER, ANDREW                      PA-30-6-529
ELA, HENRY SR.                          PA-30-1-103
ELMS, GEORGE                            PA-30-6-406
ELSTON, JOHN                            PA-30-1-140
ELY, JOHN                               PA-30-3-287
ELY, JONAS SR.                          PA-30-4-44
EMORY, JONAS                            PA-30-3-239
ENGLE, ANNIE                            PA-30-5-103
ENGLE, ELLEN E.                         PA-30-6-222
ENGLE, PETER                            PA-30-2-18
ENOCH, AMOS                             PA-30-4-226
ENOX, ENOCH                             PA-30-3-179
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-30-2-149
ESTLE, DANIEL                           PA-30-1-214
ESTLE, MATHIAS                          PA-30-5-252
ESTLE, SILAS                            PA-30-2-21
EVANS, CALEB                            PA-30-3-296
EVANS, ELEZER                           PA-30-3-251
EVANS, ELI                              PA-30-5-270
EVANS, EVAN                             PA-30-4-134
EVANS, GEORGE                           PA-30-3-149
EVANS, JOHN                             PA-30-2-9
EVANS, ROLLEY                           PA-30-3-154
EVANS, WILLIAM                          PA-30-4-224
EVENS, JOHN                             PA-30-1-9
EVERINGHAM, JAMES                       PA-30-1-85
EVERLY, ADAM                            PA-30-4-265
EVERLY, ADAM                            PA-30-1-34
EVERLY, ALLEN                           PA-30-4-97
EVERLY, GEORGE                          PA-30-3-50
EVERLY, NICHOLAS                        PA-30-3-283
EWAN, TRISTRAM                          PA-30-1-59
EWART, JAMES                            PA-30-2-127
FIELD, THOMAS                           PA-30-5-437
FIELDS, JOHN                            PA-30-4-198
FIELDS, RACHEL                          PA-30-4-197
FILSON, ARCHIBALD                       PA-30-3-194
FINLEY, SAMUEL E.                       PA-30-2-205
FLENNIKEN, ELIAS                        PA-30-2-30
FLENNIKEN, JAMES                        PA-30-1-241
FLENNIKIN, JOHN SR.                     PA-30-3-184
FLETCHER, HAMMILTON                     PA-30-2-226
FLETCHER, JOHN                          PA-30-3-192
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       PA-30-4-246
FLEYN, JAMES                            PA-30-1-139
FLINT, ELY                              PA-30-1-46
FOGG, RACHEL                            PA-30-5-23
FORDYCE, JOHN                           PA-30-3-31
FORDYCE, SAMUEL                         PA-30-1-260
FOREDYCE, JACOB                         PA-30-3-291
FORNER, HENRY                           PA-30-3-88
FOX, JOHN SR.                           PA-30-5-342
FRANKS, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-3-340
FRANKS, ZEDEKIAH                        PA-30-3-136
FREELAND, BENJAMIN                      PA-30-1-268
FREELAND, GEORGE                        PA-30-4-430
FRENCH, JOHN                            PA-30-1-376
FRIEND, JACOB                           PA-30-1-308
FRIEND, MARIA JANE                      PA-30-6-111
FRINK, MICHAEL                          PA-30-3-59
FRY, CATHARINE M.                       PA-30-5-131
FRY, GEORGE                             PA-30-1-387
FRY, PETER                              PA-30-4-317
FULLER, DANIEL                          PA-30-4-464
FULTON, LIENELLEN                       PA-30-6-318
FURGESON, WILLIAM                       PA-30-3-197
FURMAN, MARGARET                        PA-30-6-534
FURMAN, SIMEON                          PA-30-6-132
FURMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-30-1-384
GABELER, JOHN                           PA-30-1-115
GABLER, JOHN C.                         PA-30-4-434
GABLER, MARGARET                        PA-30-4-436
GALBRAITH, WILLIAM B.                   PA-30-4-91
GANEAR, JAMES                           PA-30-4-81
GANIER, HANNAH                          PA-30-4-62
GANNIER, DAVID                          PA-30-3-317
GAPEN, JOHN                             PA-30-3-15
GAPEN, MICHAEL                          PA-30-6-450
GAPEN, RUTH                             PA-30-1-183
GAPEN, WILLIAM                          PA-30-2-65
GAPIN, ZECHARIAH                        PA-30-1-99
GARARD, CORBLY                          PA-30-4-309
GARARD, CORBLY                          PA-30-6-117
GARARD, JONATHAN                        PA-30-5-89
GARBER, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-5-147
GARDNER, AMZO                           PA-30-5-293
GARDNER, ELISABETH                      PA-30-3-343
GARDNER, JAMES                          PA-30-1-229
GAREY, GIDEON                           PA-30-5-382
GARNER, SAMUEL ESQ.                     PA-30-3-82
GARRETT, SAMUEL C.                      PA-30-6-243
GARRISON, DAVID                         PA-30-4-416
GARRISON, FREDERICK                     PA-30-3-224
GARRISON, FREDERICK                     PA-30-1-113
GARRISON, GEORGE                        PA-30-5-132
GARRISON, IRAD                          PA-30-6-245
GARRISON, JAMES                         PA-30-3-342
GARRISON, LEONARD                       PA-30-1-208
GARRISON, M. E.                         PA-30-4-301
GARRISON, RUTH                          PA-30-5-83
GATES, JOHN                             PA-30-1-221
GEHO, ADAM                              PA-30-4-341
GETTYS, JOSEPH                          PA-30-3-71
GILBERT, MATHIAS                        PA-30-5-99
GILLAND, CHARLES                        PA-30-5-450
GILLAND, JAMES                          PA-30-5-501
GILLAND, JOHN                           PA-30-3-10
GILLAND, MARY                           PA-30-5-174
GILLET, ENOS                            PA-30-2-37
GILLET, RUFUS                           PA-30-3-30
GILLOGHLY, MARGARY                      PA-30-6-273
GILLOGLEY, HUGH                         PA-30-1-217
GILLOGLY, JOHN                          PA-30-4-271
GILLOGLY, THOMAS                        PA-30-2-113
GLENDENNING, WILLIAM                    PA-30-5-176
GODDARD, WILLIAM                        PA-30-1-186
GODWIN, KENDALL JR.                     PA-30-3-272
GOLDEN, JAMES                           PA-30-3-176
GOLDEN, JOHN                            PA-30-6-431
GOODEN, JAMES                           PA-30-6-196
GOODWIN, JOHN                           PA-30-3-284
GORDON, JOHN                            PA-30-2-5
GORDON, JOHN B.                         PA-30-5-79
GORDON, MARK                            PA-30-6-62
GRA, JACOB                              PA-30-1-228
GRAHAM, GEORGE SR.                      PA-30-5-221
GRAHAM, TERRINCY                        PA-30-6-348
GRAHAM, WLLIAM                          PA-30-5-124
GRANLEE, JAMES                          PA-30-3-234
GRANLEE, JOHN                           PA-30-4-230
GRANLEE, WILILAM D.                     PA-30-4-456
GRANT, JAMES                            PA-30-1-304
GRANT, MARGARET                         PA-30-4-48
GRANT, NOAH                             PA-30-3-48
GRAY, DAVID                             PA-30-4-22
GRAY, FRIEND                            PA-30-1-197
GRAY, JOHN                              PA-30-4-173
GRAY, MARY                              PA-30-1-269
GRAY, SARAH                             PA-30-4-73
GRAY, WILLIAM                           PA-30-6-17
GRAY, WILLIAM B.                        PA-30-3-158
GRAYHAM, ISABEL                         PA-30-2-2
GREEN, GEORGE                           PA-30-1-291
GREENE, MARY A.                         PA-30-4-429
GREGG, AARON                            PA-30-3-212
GREGG, ALFORD                           PA-30-4-183
GREGG, JOHN                             PA-30-1-69
GREGG, JOSEPH                           PA-30-5-464
GREGG, LEVI                             PA-30-1-343
GREGG, RICHARD                          PA-30-1-108
GRIBBEN, ELLEN                          PA-30-5-386
GRIBBEN, PATRICK                        PA-30-5-192
GRIBBIN, DANIEL                         PA-30-5-47
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM                        PA-30-3-61
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       PA-30-5-184
GRIM, ARMSTRONG                         PA-30-5-316
GRIM, FRANCIS M.                        PA-30-6-187
GRIM, JACOB                             PA-30-4-106
GRIM, JOHN                              PA-30-3-303
GRIM, JOHN                              PA-30-4-321
GRIMES, GEORGE                          PA-30-2-120
GRIMES, HENRY                           PA-30-5-288
GRIMES, HENRY                           PA-30-6-441
GROSS, MALENDA                          PA-30-5-111
GROSS, NATHANIEL                        PA-30-5-21
GROVE, WILLIAM                          PA-30-6-328
GROVES, JACOB                           PA-30-3-196
GUIHER, JAMES                           PA-30-4-267
GUSEMAN, JACOB                          PA-30-6-471
GUTHRIE, ARCHIBALD                      PA-30-3-283
GUTHRIE, ARCHIBALD                      PA-30-2-220
GWINE, JOSEPH                           PA-30-1-385
GWYNE, JOSEPH                           PA-30-1-385
GWYN,JOSEPH                             PA-30-4-96
HAAS, DOMANIC                           PA-30-6-541
HAINES, GORGE                           PA-30-3-69
HAINS, ARON                             PA-30-1-184
HAINS, JOHN                             PA-30-3-242
HALL, DAVID                             PA-30-3-55
HAMILTON, ANNA JANE                     PA-30-6-310
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-30-5-270
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-30-3-242
HAMILTON, JOHN                          PA-30-3-241
HANLIN, THOMAS O.                       PA-30-4-302
HARDEN, OLIVIA                          PA-30-1-242
HARPER, JANE                            PA-30-3-235
HARPERS, SAMUEL                         PA-30-2-107
HARRY, JACOB                            PA-30-2-53
HART, RACHEL                            PA-30-4-299
HART, WILLIAM                           PA-30-3-211
HARTLEY, JOSEPHUS                       PA-30-6-552
HARTLEY, MAHLON                         PA-30-3-29
HARTLEY, MATHIAS SR.                    PA-30-4-164
HARVEY, MARIA A.                        PA-30-5-445
HASTINGS, JAEMS                         PA-30-1-324
HATFIELD, ABNER                         PA-30-4-402
HATFIELD, GEORGE W.                     PA-30-6-494
HATFIELD, JACOB                         PA-30-4-151
HATHAWAY, AZARIAH                       PA-30-1-252
HATHAWAY, SAMUEL                        PA-30-1-247
HAUK, JOHN                              PA-30-1-243
HAVER, GEORGE SR.                       PA-30-4-12
HAVER, SARAH                            PA-30-3-254
HAWKENS, RICHARD                        PA-30-3-209
HAWKINS, JAMES F.                       PA-30-6-227
HAYS, JOHN                              PA-30-6-410
HAYS, T. WILLIAM                        PA-30-3-3
HEADLEE, ELI                            PA-30-5-528
HEADLEE, EPHRAIM                        PA-30-1-233
HEADLEE, FRANK                          PA-30-6-566
HEADLEE, ISAAC                          PA-30-2-164
HEADLEE, PHINEAS                        PA-30-5-282
HEADLEE, SILAS                          PA-30-4-280
HEADLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-30-5-66
HEADLEY, JOHN                           PA-30-1-277
HEATON, ABIJAH                          PA-30-3-10
HEATON, DANIEL                          PA-30-3-218
HEATON, HANNAH                          PA-30-1-318
HEATON, HIRAM                           PA-30-2-10
HEATON, ISAAC                           PA-30-1-134
HEATON, JABISH                          PA-30-1-13
HEAVER, GEORGE SR.                      PA-30-1-105
HECKATHORN, MARTIN                      PA-30-1-68
HEDGE, JACOB                            PA-30-1-91
HEDGE, REBECCA                          PA-30-4-109
HEDGES, JESTER                          PA-30-1-189
HEICY, GEORGE H.                        PA-30-3-223
HENDERSHOT, ISAAC                       PA-30-3-175
HENDERSHOT, THOMAS                      PA-30-3-107
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-30-3-205
HENDLE, JOSHUA F.                       PA-30-3-226
HENKINS, ABRAHAM S.                     PA-30-5-358
HENNEN, GEORGE SR.                      PA-30-4-274
HENNEN, GEORGE SR.                      PA-30-6-15
HENNEN, JEREMIAH                        PA-30-4-419
HENNEN, MATHEW                          PA-30-2-11
HENNEN, NANCY                           PA-30-4-169
HENNEN, STEPHEN                         PA-30-4-318
HERBERT, PATIENCE                       PA-30-5-413
HEROD, JOHN                             PA-30-2-149
HERRINGOTN, EXPERIENCE                  PA-30-6-124
HEWIT, HENRY                            PA-30-3-281
HEWITT, ADAM                            PA-30-4-367
HEWITT, GEORGE                          PA-30-6-70
HEWITT, ISAAC SR.                       PA-30-5-309
HEWITT, JACOB                           PA-30-5-255
HEWITT, JACOB                           PA-30-6-144
HEWITT, MARGARET                        PA-30-6-484
HEWITT, PETER                           PA-30-5-526
HICKMAN, ABRAHAM                        PA-30-5-166
HICKMAN, HARRIET                        PA-30-5-457
HICKMAN, ROBERT                         PA-30-2-165
HICKMAN, SOLOMON                        PA-30-2-216
HICKMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-30-1-181
HILL, SAMUEL                            PA-30-1-306
HILLER, PETER                           PA-30-2-17
HILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-3-10
HILTON, RACHEL A.                       PA-30-4-424
HINEGARDNER, SAMUEL C.                  PA-30-4-74
HINEMAN, GEORGE                         PA-30-5-53
HINERMAN, JAMES                         PA-30-6-160
HINERMAN, JOHN                          PA-30-4-241
HINERMAN, SAMUEL                        PA-30-4-471
HISENBAUGH, JCAOB                       PA-30-2-178
HOGE, EXPERIENCE                        PA-30-3-288
HOGE, GEORG EJR.                        PA-30-5-448
HOGE, GEORGE                            PA-30-1-19
HOGE, GEORGE SR.                        PA-30-4-403
HOGE, JAMES                             PA-30-2-200
HOGE, LEWIS                             PA-30-3-217
HOGE, SOLOMON                           PA-30-1-117
HOGE, SOLOMON                           PA-30-5-430
HOGE, THOMAS                            PA-30-2-75
HOLMES, HENRY                           PA-30-4-451
HOMER, MARY T.                          PA-30-5-400
HOMER, OLIVER C.                        PA-30-6-355
HONNELL, CATHERINE                      PA-30-2-91
HOOK, DANIEL                            PA-30-4-210
HOOK, ENOS                              PA-30-2-142
HOOK, JAMES                             PA-30-3-239
HOOK, JAMES                             PA-30-3-237
HOOK, JAMES SR.                         PA-30-1-309
HOOK, MARY E.                           PA-30-5-268
HOPKINS, ESTER                          PA-30-4-166
HOPKINS, JOHN J.                        PA-30-5-396
HORNER, BENEDICT M.                     PA-30-4-269
HORNER, SAMUEL                          PA-30-5-490
HORNER, THOMAS                          PA-30-3-245
HOSKINSON, THOMAS                       PA-30-3-113
HOULSWORTH, SAMUEL                      PA-30-3-34
HOUSE, SAMUEL                           PA-30-1-341
HOUSE, SAMUEL                           PA-30-4-132
HOUSTON, HANNAH                         PA-30-5-431
HOWARD, DENWRIE                         PA-30-2-156
HUDGIN, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-3-306
HUDSON, JOHN                            PA-30-5-474
HUFFMAN, BENJAMIN                       PA-30-4-90
HUFFMAN, GEORGE                         PA-30-2-12
HUFFMAN, GEORGE SR.                     PA-30-6-365
HUFFMAN, HENRY                          PA-30-1-95
HUFFMAN, HENRY                          PA-30-5-195
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           PA-30-5-406
HUFFMAN, MARY                           PA-30-1-218
HUFFMAN, MARY S.                        PA-30-5-350
HUFFMAN, PETER                          PA-30-6-6
HUFFMAN, PETER C.                       PA-30-5-235
HUFFORD, LUCY                           PA-30-6-428
HUFTY, JACOB                            PA-30-1-146
HUFTY, JAMES B.                         PA-30-4-491
HUFTY, JOHN                             PA-30-4-225
HUFTY, POLLY                            PA-30-4-239
HUGGINS, HENRY                          PA-30-6-568
HUGGINS, RACHEL S.                      PA-30-6-146
HUGGINS, WILLIAM                        PA-30-1-253
HUGHES, CHARLES                         PA-30-6-580
HUGHES, JAMES                           PA-30-3-321
HUGHES, JAMES                           PA-30-1-374
HUGHES, JAMES ESQ.                      PA-30-4-136
HUGHES, JANE                            PA-30-3-341
HUGHES, JOHN                            PA-30-2-196
HUGHES, JOHN                            PA-30-3-16
HUGHES, MARGARET                        PA-30-5-142
HUGHES, MARGARET                        PA-30-5-93
HUGHES, NATHANIEL                       PA-30-1-179
HUGHES, RICHARD                         PA-30-4-135
HUGHES, THOMAS                          PA-30-4-185
HUGHES, THOMAS ESQ.                     PA-30-1-237
HUGHN, SARAH                            PA-30-6-48
HUGHS, NATHAN SR.                       PA-30-3-17
HUGIS, PETER                            PA-30-1-300
HUGUS, PETER                            PA-30-1-300
HUGUS, SOPHIA                           PA-30-4-396
HULL, F. M.                             PA-30-6-84
HULL, NATHANIEL                         PA-30-1-63
HUNNEL, JOHN                            PA-30-1-109
HUNT, DANIEL                            PA-30-1-226
HUNT, JOSHUA                            PA-30-1-90
HUNT, WILLIAM                           PA-30-6-417
HUNTER, SAMUEL                          PA-30-5-264
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-2-79
HUPP, ISAAC J.                          PA-30-6-286
HUPP, JOHN H.                           PA-30-3-12
HUSTON, ESTER                           PA-30-4-475
HUSTON, JAMES                           PA-30-5-30
HUSTON, JOHN                            PA-30-1-248
HUSTON, SAMUEL                          PA-30-1-206
IAMES, OTHO                             PA-30-5-17
IAMS, DENNIS                            PA-30-6-200
IAMS, RICHARD                           PA-30-1-353
IAMS, THOMAS                            PA-30-2-171
IMBLE, JOHN                             PA-30-5-234
INGHRAM, ARTHUR                         PA-30-2-43
INGHRAM, CASANDER                       PA-30-5-338
INGHRAM, ELIJAH                         PA-30-3-28
INGHRAM, ELIZABETH                      PA-30-5-447
INGHRAM, EMMA M.                        PA-30-3-128
INGHRAM, JESSE                          PA-30-2-204
INGHRAM, JOSIAH                         PA-30-5-196
INGHRAM, MEREDITH                       PA-30-3-166
INGHRAM, NANCY                          PA-30-5-203
INGHRAM, WILLIAM                        PA-30-2-218
IRWIN, NATHANIEL                        PA-30-1-57
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-30-1-120
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          PA-30-1-136
ISAAC, ROSS                             PA-30-3-240
ISWONGER, JACOB                         PA-30-3-275
IVERS, RICHARD                          PA-30-1-53
JACKSON, JAMES                          PA-30-6-126
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-30-2-51
JACOBS, HENRY                           PA-30-3-75
JACOBS, WILLIAM                         PA-30-2-166
JAMES, JAMES                            PA-30-2-138
JAMES, THOMAS                           PA-30-2-5, 58
JAMISON, ALEXANDER                      PA-30-1-104
JAMISON, HENRY                          PA-30-5-119
JAMISON, HENRY                          PA-30-2-36
JAMISON, WILLIAM                        PA-30-2-3
JEMISON, JOHN                           PA-30-3-328
JEMISON, WILLIAM                        PA-30-1-188
JENNINGS, NATHANIEL                     PA-30-2-193
JENNINGS, SMAUEL                        PA-30-5-378
JEWEL, PATIENCE                         PA-30-4-433
JEWEL, SAMUEL                           PA-30-3-278
JEWELL, MARGARET                        PA-30-4-212, 217
JOBE, MATHEW                            PA-30-4-70
JOHN, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-30-6-248
JOHN, DAILY R.                          PA-30-4-296
JOHN, DAVID                             PA-30-4-412
JOHN, EMALINE                           PA-30-5-393
JOHN, GEORGE                            PA-30-2-138
JOHN, JAMES                             PA-30-4-457
JOHN, JAMES B.                          PA-30-5-11
JOHN, SCOTT                             PA-30-3-236
JOHNS, JACOB                            PA-30-2-222
JOHNS, SAMUEL                           PA-30-6-519
JOHNS, THOMAS B.                        PA-30-4-374
JOHNS, THOMAS SR.                       PA-30-3-270
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         PA-30-4-234
JOHNSON, CLIMENA                        PA-30-5-11
JOHNSON, DAVID H.                       PA-30-5-258
JOHNSON, FRANCES                        PA-30-5-246
JOHNSON, FRANCES LODUSKY                PA-30-4-293
JOHNSON, HENRY                          PA-30-6-549
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          PA-30-1-266
JOHNSON, ISAAC R.                       PA-30-2-18
JOHNSON, JANE                           PA-30-5-507
JOHNSON, JESSE                          PA-30-5-15
JOHNSON, JOHN                           PA-30-2-214
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         PA-30-2-144
JOHNSON, JOSEPH B.                      PA-30-4-6
JOHNSON, MOSES                          PA-30-4-143
JOHNSON, NANCY                          PA-30-6-182
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         PA-30-6-101
JOHNSON, ZEPHANIAH                      PA-30-2-14
JOLLY, CHARLES                          PA-30-2-85
JOLLY, TITS                             PA-30-2-131
JONES, AMOS                             PA-30-1-15
JONES, BENJAMIN                         PA-30-1-265
JONES, GRIFFETH                         PA-30-2-202
JONES, JANE                             PA-30-1-297
JONES, JOHN                             PA-30-1-177
JONES, JOSEPH                           PA-30-2-143
JONES, MORGAN                           PA-30-1-210
KEEL, CHARLES                           PA-30-2-130
KEENAN, HUGH                            PA-30-5-158
KEENER, DAVID                           PA-30-4-43
KEENER, JOSEPH                          PA-30-6-253
KEENER, ROBERT                          PA-30-6-294
KEIGHLY, GEORGE                         PA-30-1-377
KELLEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-3-162
KELLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-30-2-141
KELLY, JOHN                             PA-30-3-257
KELLY, ROBERT                           PA-30-1-73
KENEDA, DAVID SR.                       PA-30-4-365
KENNEDY, HETTY A.                       PA-30-4-118
KENT, GEORGE                            PA-30-4-445
KENT, GEORGE SR.                        PA-30-4-8
KENT, HIRAM                             PA-30-4-52
KENT, JAMES                             PA-30-5-125
KENT, OLIVE                             PA-30-4-83
KENT, REASON SMITH                      PA-30-4-369
KENT, THOMAS                            PA-30-2-48
KENT, THOMAS                            PA-30-4-35
KENT, THOMAS JR.                        PA-30-3-208
KENT, WILLIAM                           PA-30-6-260
KENT, WILLIAM                           PA-30-4-377
KETCHAM, ELEANOR                        PA-30-3-230
KETCHAM, LEWIS                          PA-30-3-193
KEYS, DAVID                             PA-30-4-394
KEYS, MARY                              PA-30-5-479
KIGER, BENJAMIN                         PA-30-5-94
KIGER, ELEANOR                          PA-30-6-121
KIGER, JOHN                             PA-30-4-400
KILLEN, DEBORAH                         PA-30-5-355
KILLEN, JOHN                            PA-30-5-191
KIMBEL, JOHN                            PA-30-1-193
KIMBLE, JACOB                           PA-30-2-96
KINCAID, JAMES                          PA-30-3-79
KINCAID, ROBERT                         PA-30-1-147
KINCAID, WILLIAM                        PA-30-5-535
KINCAID, WILLIAM                        PA-30-2-176
KING, JOHN G.                           PA-30-4-114
KING, PORTER                            PA-30-2-126
KINNE, DAVID                            PA-30-2-58
KINNEY, DAVID                           PA-30-6-46
KINNEY, JAMES                           PA-30-3-319
KIRBY, ISAAC                            PA-30-2-26
KIRK, GEORGE                            PA-30-1-127
KNIGHT, JAMES                           PA-30-3-89
KNIGHT, JOSHUA                          PA-30-5-485
KNIGHT, LUCY                            PA-30-6-87
KNOTTS, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-3-183
KNOTTS, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-2-7
KNOTTS, JAMES                           PA-30-1-24
KNOTTS, NATHANIEL                       PA-30-1-211
KNOTTS, REBECCA                         PA-30-6-205
KNOTTS, SOLOMON                         PA-30-1-271
KNOX, WILLIAM                           PA-30-5-460
KOON, JACOB                             PA-30-3-308
KOUTZ, MICHAEL                          PA-30-1-315
KRAMER, BALTZER                         PA-30-3-124
KRAMER, BALTZER                         PA-30-5-278
KRAMER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-30-3-254
KRAMER, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-4-410
KRAMER, GEORGE R.                       PA-30-5-297
KUGHN, ELEANOR                          PA-30-4-337
KUGHN, KHOOD                            PA-30-4-450
KUGHN, MARY                             PA-30-5-210
LAIDLEY, ALVIN D.                       PA-30-6-517
LAMBERT, JOHN                           PA-30-3-240
LAMBERT, SUSAN                          PA-30-4-496
LAMBRET, WILLIAM                        PA-30-3-151
LANG, SARAH                             PA-30-6-198
LANG, WILLIAM                           PA-30-5-112
LANTZ, ANDREW                           PA-30-4-20
LANTZ, ANDREW                           PA-30-1-274
LANTZ, ANDREW SR.                       PA-30-3-280
LANTZ, DELILA                           PA-30-4-155
LANTZ, HENRY                            PA-30-4-356
LANTZ, JACOB                            PA-30-3-329
LANTZ, JACOB                            PA-30-3-255
LANTZ, JOHN                             PA-30-1-175
LANTZ, MARY                             PA-30-5-133
LANTZ, SARAH                            PA-30-4-71
LATER, ISAAC                            PA-30-2-3
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT (REV.)                 PA-30-6-129
LAWER, POLSER                           PA-30-2-69
LAZEAR, THOMAS                          PA-30-3-269
LEMLEY, ASBURY                          PA-30-6-511
LEMLEY, GEORGE                          PA-30-1-114
LEMLEY, ISAAC                           PA-30-6-434
LEMLEY, ISABELLA                        PA-30-5-287
LEMLEY, MARGARET                        PA-30-3-195
LEMLY, DAVID                            PA-30-2-182
LEMLY, JCAOB                            PA-30-2-25
LEMMING, JAMES                          PA-30-3-10
LEMMONS, WILLIAM                        PA-30-4-233
LEWIS, ANDREW SR.                       PA-30-1-81
LEWIS, DANIEL                           PA-30-1-190
LEWIS, DAVID                            PA-30-4-174
LEWIS, JOHN                             PA-30-5-352
LEWIS, JOHN SR.                         PA-30-4-231
LIGHTNER, GEORGE                        PA-30-4-206
LIGHTNER, HARRISON                      PA-30-3-187
LIGHTNER, HENRY                         PA-30-6-257
LIGHTNER, HENRY                         PA-30-3-148
LIGHTNER, JOHN                          PA-30-5-13
LIMING, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-1-280
LINDSAY, WILLIAM                        PA-30-6-413
LINDSEY, ANNIE                          PA-30-6-54
LINDSEY, JAMES                          PA-30-4-103
LINDSEY, MARY                           PA-30-3-188
LINTEN, BARBARA ANN                     PA-30-6-138
LINTON, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-4-219
LIPPENCOTT, WILLIAM                     PA-30-1-153
LITTON, JOHN                            PA-30-3-79
LITZENBURG, GEORGE                      PA-30-2-140
LIVEGOOD, PETER                         PA-30-2-114
LIVINGOOD, NICHOLAS                     PA-30-1-346
LIVINGOOD, PETER                        PA-30-1-119
LOAFMAN, ELIJAH                         PA-30-4-359
LOAFMAN, JOHN                           PA-30-2-121
LOAR, GEORGE                            PA-30-5-436
LOAR, JACOB                             PA-30-6-251
LOAR, JOHN                              PA-30-4-425
LON,BENJAMIN                            PA-30-2-61
LONEGAN, PATRICK                        PA-30-1-197
LONG, CYRENE                            PA-30-4-477
LONG, FORNEY L. G.                      PA-30-6-492
LONG, GEORGE                            PA-30-3-299
LONG, GIDEON                            PA-30-2-28
LONG, JAMES                             PA-30-5-224
LONG, JOHN                              PA-30-5-369
LONG, LUCRETIA                          PA-30-6-194
LONG, MARY                              PA-30-4-335
LONG, RICHARD SR.                       PA-30-3-117
LONG, SAMUEL                            PA-30-6-93
LONG, SIDNEY                            PA-30-4-133
LONG, SUSANNAH                          PA-30-4-171
LONGSTRETH, PHILIP                      PA-30-2-73
LONGSTRETH, THOMAS                      PA-30-4-94
LOOS, JOHN                              PA-30-1-48
LOUGH, JOSEPH                           PA-30-5-18
LOUGHMAN, DAVID                         PA-30-4-324
LOUGHMAN, FREDERICK                     PA-30-3-141
LOUGHMAN, FREDERICK                     PA-30-6-385
LOVE, ALFRED                            PA-30-4-58
LOVE, GEORGE                            PA-30-3-6
LOWERY, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-5-63
LOWY, JOHNK.                            PA-30-2-19
LUCAS, AUSTIN                           PA-30-4-334
LUCAS, JOHN                             PA-30-3-276
LUCE, HENRY                             PA-30-4-441
LUELLEN, CORNELIUS                      PA-30-3-299
LUSE, ELEAZER                           PA-30-1-201
LUSE, HENRY                             PA-30-6-68
LUSE, MARY E.                           PA-30-6-2
LYNCH, PIERCE                           PA-30-3-104
MANKEY, JACOB                           PA-30-6-207
MANKEY, JOHN                            PA-30-6-229
MANN, BARNT                             PA-30-1-173
MAPEL, H. L.                            PA-30-4-285
MAPEL, JULIA E.                         PA-30-4-25
MAPEL, STEPHEN                          PA-30-2-199
MAPEL, THOMAS                           PA-30-3-56
MAPLE, BENJAMIN                         PA-30-3-111
MAPLE, WILLIAM                          PA-30-2-155
MARSH, PHILLIP                          PA-30-5-91
MARTIN, DANIEL                          PA-30-5-422
MARTIN, DANIEL M.                       PA-30-5-177
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-30-3-7
MARTIN, PERRY W.                        PA-30-6-159
MARTIN, PHILLIP                         PA-30-5-39
MARTIN, RUTH                            PA-30-5-312
MASON, JAMES                            PA-30-4-264
MATTOX, JOHN                            PA-30-3-261
MATTOX, JOHN JR.                        PA-30-3-310
MAXWELL, JAMES                          PA-30-2-180
MAXWELL, ROBERT                         PA-30-3-170
MCCALLISTER, NICHOLAS                   PA-30-5-276
MCCARTY, MICHAEL                        PA-30-1-167
MCCLAIN, ABIJAH                         PA-30-3-36
MCCLARNON, JOHN                         PA-30-2-184
MCCLELLAND, ABIGAIL                     PA-30-2-188
MCCLELLAND, AMELIA                      PA-30-5-321
MCCLELLAND, ANDREW                      PA-30-1-141
MCCLELLAND, ASA                         PA-30-3-171
MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH                   PA-30-6-418
MCCLELLAND, NANCY                       PA-30-4-55
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                     PA-30-5-249
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN                        PA-30-6-424
MCCLUER, JOHN                           PA-30-1-37
MCCLUER, WILLIAM                        PA-30-4-188
MCCLURE, JAMES                          PA-30-6-109
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-30-5-36
MCCONNELL, ANNIE                        PA-30-5-262
MCCONNELL, ELIZABETH                    PA-30-4-65
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        PA-30-2-219
MCCONNELL. J. L.                        PA-30-5-8
MCCORMICK, ROBERT                       PA-30-4-259
MCCOSH, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-4-292
MCCULLOUGH, EYNON                       PA-30-2-31
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL                      PA-30-4-333
MCCURDY, JANE                           PA-30-1-94
MCDONOUGH, THOMAS                       PA-30-1-198
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       PA-30-1-21
MCFARR, ANNA                            PA-30-6-564
MCFEETERS, WILLIAM                      PA-30-2-189
MCGLUMPHY, JOHN SR.                     PA-30-3-252
MCGLUMPHY, SAMUEL                       PA-30-4-391
MCGOMERY, HUMPHREY                      PA-30-1-87
MCGUIER, JOHN B.                        PA-30-4-501
MCINTIRE, REBECCA                       PA-30-6-525
MCKEIN, ANNIE                           PA-30-5-201
MCKERRIHAN, JOSEPH                      PA-30-5-331
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMSA                      PA-30-2-118
MCMASTERS, THOMAS                       PA-30-2-209
MCMINN, JOHN                            PA-30-1-199
MCMINN, ROBERT                          PA-30-3-62
MCNAY, JOSEPH                           PA-30-3-202
MCVAY, MARY JANE                        PA-30-6-350
MCVAY, PHEBE                            PA-30-5-473
MCVEY, JOHN                             PA-30-4-204
MEARL, NICHOLAS                         PA-30-3-250
MEEK, ELISHA                            PA-30-2-182
MEEK, ELISHA                            PA-30-5-467
MEIGHEN, JOHN                           PA-30-3-41
MELLIKEN, JOSEPH                        PA-30-3-189
MELLOM, SAMUEL                          PA-30-2-94
MESTREZAT, FREDERICK                    PA-30-3-229
MESTREZAT, LOUISA E.                    PA-30-3-60
MICKLE, ELISABETH                       PA-30-3-44
MILLAR, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-1-14
MILLBURN, JOHN                          PA-30-1-138
MILLBURN, JOHN SR.                      PA-30-1-122
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-30-1-11
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-1-65
MILLER, GEORGE                          PA-30-2-133
MILLER, JONATHAN                        PA-30-3-62
MILLER, LEWIS                           PA-30-6-277
MILLER, MARY                            PA-30-6-548
MILLER, THOMAS                          PA-30-2-125
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-2-15
MILLIKEN, JOHN                          PA-30-2-169
MILLIKEN, ROBERT                        PA-30-4-128
MILLIKIN, JAMES                         PA-30-5-458
MILLIKIN, MARY                          PA-30-1-93
MINOR, JOHN                             PA-30-6-262
MINOR, JOHN                             PA-30-2-34
MINOR, JOHN P.                          PA-30-4-485
MINOR, JOHN SR.                         PA-30-5-290
MINOR, NOAH                             PA-30-3-13
MINOR, O. W.                            PA-30-4-190
MINOR, OTHO                             PA-30-3-96
MINOR, PHILLIP                          PA-30-5-42
MINOR, SAMUEL                           PA-30-5-181
MINOR, SARAH                            PA-30-5-24
MINOR, WILLIAM                          PA-30-1-45
MITCHELL, ASA                           PA-30-6-316
MITCHELL, JOHN W.                       PA-30-4-493
MITCHELL, SHADRACK                      PA-30-4-28
MITCHENER, MUSENA                       PA-30-5-229
MITCHENER, WILLIAM                      PA-30-5-420
MONE, WILIAM                            PA-30-2-99
MONTGOMERY, ANDREW                      PA-30-4-276
MONTGOMERY, HUGH                        PA-30-5-362
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        PA-30-1-367
MONTGOMERY, MICAEL                      PA-30-2-64
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      PA-30-1-152
MONTLE, MATTHIAS                        PA-30-3-24
MOODY, PETER                            PA-30-3-241
MOONEY, CASANDER                        PA-30-5-340
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         PA-30-3-199
MOORE, ANTHONY                          PA-30-2-14
MOORE, CATHARINE                        PA-30-4-229
MOORE, GEORGE                           PA-30-4-27
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-30-6-59
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-30-5-448
MOORE, MARY                             PA-30-1-267
MOORE, SARAH MARGARE                    PA-30-4-273
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-30-6-501
MOORE, THOMAS                           PA-30-6-481
MOREDOCK, DANIEL                        PA-30-2-122
MOREDOCK, DANIEL SR.                    PA-30-1-5
MOREDOCK, GEORGE                        PA-30-5-325
MORFORD, JESSE                          PA-30-3-314
MORFORD, JOSEPH                         PA-30-4-142
MORGAN, EDWARD                          PA-30-1-123
MORGAN, EDWARD                          PA-30-1-133
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-30-6-551
MORRIS, ABNER                           PA-30-5-27
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-6-268
MORRIS, GEORGE                          PA-30-2-148
MORRIS, JANE                            PA-30-4-330
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-30-2-190
MORRIS, JOHN                            PA-30-6-370
MORRIS, JOHN SR.                        PA-30-3-215
MORRIS, JONATHAN                        PA-30-3-37
MORRIS, JONATHAN                        PA-30-2-13
MORRIS, MARY                            PA-30-3-42
MORRIS, MORDECAI                        PA-30-3-53
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          PA-30-4-385
MORRIS, SARAH                           PA-30-6-486
MORRIS, SARAH                           PA-30-4-495
MORRIS, SHANES KATY                     PA-30-4-49
MORRIS, SIMON                           PA-30-3-24
MORRISON, BENJAMIN                      PA-30-3-138
MORRISON, JAMES                         PA-30-1-288
MORTON, JOHN                            PA-30-1-191
MORTON, THOMAS                          PA-30-4-281
MOSS, GEORGE W.                         PA-30-6-202
MUCKEL, JOHN                            PA-30-2-233
MUCKLE, MARTHA                          PA-30-5-162
MUCKLE, PETER                           PA-30-4-154
MUNDEL, JAMES                           PA-30-1-50
MUNDEL, MARY                            PA-30-6-443
MUNDELL, ABNER                          PA-30-6-578
MUNDELL, ABNER                          PA-30-2-213
MUNDELL, JAMES SR.                      PA-30-4-24
MUNDELL, JESSE                          PA-30-6-561
MUNDLE, LEVI                            PA-30-4-29
MURDOCK, CHARLES                        PA-30-4-150
MURDOCK, HANNAH                         PA-30-5-398
MURDOCK, JAMES B.                       PA-30-4-85
MURDY, JOHN SR.                         PA-30-4-408
MURDY, MARY                             PA-30-6-572
MURDY, MATHEW                           PA-30-3-220
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         PA-30-6-116
MYERS, ALFRED                           PA-30-4-112
MYERS, ANDREW                           PA-30-5-403
MYERS, ANDREW SR.                       PA-30-3-262
MYERS, JOHN                             PA-30-4-127
MYERS, MARY                             PA-30-5-470
MYERS, PETER                            PA-30-1-379
MYERS, PETER                            PA-30-1-202
MYERS, PETER A.                         PA-30-4-181
MYERS, PLEASANT                         PA-30-3-307
NEEL, BARONET O.                        PA-30-3-304
NEFF, JOHN                              PA-30-4-123
NELLSON, SAMUEL                         PA-30-5-160
NICHOLAS, HETTY                         PA-30-5-453
NICHOLLS, GEORGE                        PA-30-4-101
NICHOLS, CASANDER                       PA-30-5-537
NICHOLS, VALENTINE                      PA-30-5-64
NICKESON, SOLOMON                       PA-30-5-284
NORRIS, ANNA                            PA-30-1-135
NORRIS, JAMES                           PA-30-1-16
NUSS, CHRISTOPHER                       PA-30-6-368
NUTT, NANCY ANN                         PA-30-4-263
NUTT, THOMAS                            PA-30-2-208
OAKS, JOSEPH                            PA-30-3-226
OCONNER, MARY                           PA-30-5-49
OCONNER, MICHEAL                        PA-30-5-63
OGDEN, MATILDA                          PA-30-6-149
OHANLIN, THOMAS                         PA-30-4-302
ORNDOFF, WILLIAM                        PA-30-6-155
ORR, SARAH M. R.                        PA-30-5-402
OVERSTUFF, JOHN                         PA-30-4-355
OWEN, AARON                             PA-30-6-233
OWEN, BENJAMIN SR.                      PA-30-4-130
OWEN, MARY B.                           PA-30-4-386
OWEN, THOMAS                            PA-30-4-499
PAIN, RICHARD                           PA-30-1-181
PARKER, NATHAN L.                       PA-30-6-127
PARRY, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-6-49
PATTERSON, JAMES                        PA-30-1-79
PATTERSON, JESSE                        PA-30-3-190
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-30-3-80
PATTERSON, MARGARET                     PA-30-6-508
PATTERSON, RACHEL                       PA-30-3-3
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       PA-30-5-102
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       PA-30-5-87
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-30-6-152
PATTON, DAVID                           PA-30-2-115
PAUL, CHARLES                           PA-30-5-140
PAUL, MARGARET                          PA-30-3-280
PAULL, WILLIAM                          PA-30-1-25
PENN, RACHEL                            PA-30-5-324
PERREL, DANIEL                          PA-30-1-212
PETHEL, PETER                           PA-30-6-141
PETTIT, CHARLES                         PA-30-3-50
PETTIT, CHARLES                         PA-30-4-361
PETTIT, HELENA                          PA-30-5-488
PETTIT, ISAAC                           PA-30-5-277
PETTIT, MATHIAS                         PA-30-3-29
PETTIT, NATHANIEL                       PA-30-2-38
PEW, WILLIAM                            PA-30-2-137
PHELAN, JOHN                            PA-30-4-483
PHILLIPS, EBENEZER                      PA-30-1-249
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                       PA-30-4-282
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       PA-30-4-304
PICKENPAUGH, JEMIMA                     PA-30-3-67
PICKENPAUGH, PETER                      PA-30-2-31
PICKENPAUGH, SARAH                      PA-30-1-314
PLETCHER, DANIEL                        PA-30-4-148
POGUE, JAMES                            PA-30-2-111
POLAND, CAVALIER                        PA-30-4-102
POLEN, WILLIAM                          PA-30-4-354
POPE, JOHN                              PA-30-2-224
POPE, UHSROD W.                         PA-30-6-395
PORTER, ARMSTRONG                       PA-30-6-420
PORTER, ELIZABETH T.                    PA-30-5-302
PORTER EVELENA B.                       PA-30-4-405
PORTER, JAMES                           PA-30-5-420
PORTER, JAMES                           PA-30-1-224
PORTER, JOSIAH                          PA-30-4-146
PORTER, WILLIAM B.                      PA-30-4-221
POWERS, NORMAN                          PA-30-5-465
PRATHER, ANN                            PA-30-3-68
PRIOR, NATHAN                           PA-30-3-23
PRIOR, SAMUEL                           PA-30-6-189
PROVANCE, SARAH                         PA-30-1-1
QUINLAN, ISAAC                          PA-30-1-70
RAMER, JACOB                            PA-30-3-109
RAMER, JOHN                             PA-30-2-109
RANDOLPH, ISAAC F.                      PA-30-5-77
RANDOLPH, JAMES F.                      PA-30-1-339
RANDOLPH, JONAH F.                      PA-30-2-186
RAY, JAMES E.                           PA-30-6-460
REA, HANNAH                             PA-30-4-478
REA, HESTHER                            PA-30-6-570
REA, JOHN                               PA-30-3-26
REA, MARY                               PA-30-6-163
REAMER, JACOB                           PA-30-6-453
REESE, JOHN                             PA-30-4-17
REESE, JOHN D.                          PA-30-4-159
REEVES, JOHN B.                         PA-30-4-166
REINHART, MARY                          PA-30-1-49
REINHART, THOMAS                        PA-30-1-43
RENNER, BARNET                          PA-30-4-167
RENNER, JACOB                           PA-30-5-539
RENNER, JOHN                            PA-30-3-11
REPERT, CHRISTIAN                       PA-30-3-98
REPPERT, JOHN C.                        PA-30-6-214
REPPERT, MARIA M.                       PA-30-4-161
RHODES, JAMES R.                        PA-30-5-211
RHODES, JOSEPH                          PA-30-2-217
RHODES, WILLIAM                         PA-30-6-415
RHODES, WILLIAM                         PA-30-3-8
RICE, BENJAMIN                          PA-30-3-153
RICE, JACOB                             PA-30-3-208
RICE, JANE                              PA-30-5-42
RICE, JOSEPHES                          PA-30-5-239
RICE, SARAH                             PA-30-4-84
RICH, DAVID                             PA-30-4-152
RICH, ROBERT M.                         PA-30-5-2
RICHEY, SAMUEL                          PA-30-2-16
RICKEY, B. H.                           PA-30-6-134
RICKEY, JACOB                           PA-30-1-235
RICKEY, PHEBE B.                        PA-30-6-389
RICKY, ABRAHAM C.                       PA-30-5-248
RIGGS, JOHN                             PA-30-6-366
RIGGS, SAMUEL                           PA-30-6-545
RINEHART, ARTHUR                        PA-30-4-379
RINEHART, B. F.                         PA-30-5-496
RINEHART, BARNET SR.                    PA-30-1-231
RINEHART, J. T.                         PA-30-4-114
RINEHART, JACOB                         PA-30-4-465
RINEHART, JANE                          PA-30-5-25
RINEHART, JOHN                          PA-30-3-243
RINEHART, PETER                         PA-30-5-495
RINEHART, THOMAS                        PA-30-6-211
RINEHART, URIAH                         PA-30-5-105
RISSEL, ISREAL                          PA-30-4-51
RITCHEY, MARGARET                       PA-30-4-11
RIX, GEORGE                             PA-30-1-232
ROACH, RACHEL                           PA-30-3-40
ROACH, THOMAS                           PA-30-1-350
ROBERTS, ELEANOR                        PA-30-5-297
ROBERTS, ISAAC                          PA-30-1-273
ROBERTS, JOHN                           PA-30-4-181
ROBERTS, MARY A.                        PA-30-6-388
ROBERTS, OBID                           PA-30-2-174
ROBERTS, RICHARD                        PA-30-2-191
ROBERTS, SPICER                         PA-30-3-266
ROBERTS, TUNIS                          PA-30-3-77
ROBIN, MARTHA                           PA-30-5-371
ROBINS, JACOB                           PA-30-1-128
ROBINSON, ROBERT                        PA-30-3-86
ROBINSON, ROBERT W.                     PA-30-4-174
ROCKEYFELLER, SAMUEL                    PA-30-4-240
ROGERS, JOHN SR.                        PA-30-5-172
ROOP, MICHAEL                           PA-30-5-154
ROSE, AARON                             PA-30-3-219
ROSE, DAVID                             PA-30-5-187
ROSE, EDEN                              PA-30-3-323
ROSE, JACOB                             PA-30-4-105
ROSE, JEMIMA                            PA-30-4-16
ROSE, JOHN                              PA-30-1-276
ROSE, LEROY W.                          PA-30-6-462
ROSEBERY, MATHIAS                       PA-30-3-96
ROSS, BENJAMIN                          PA-30-6-323
ROSS, CATHARINE                         PA-30-5-525
ROSS, HANNAH                            PA-30-4-214
ROSS, ISAAC                             PA-30-3-240
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-30-4-201
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-30-1-18
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-30-5-143
ROSS, REBECCA                           PA-30-1-320
ROSS, ROBERT                            PA-30-1-143
ROSS, THIMOTY                           PA-30-3-93
ROSS, THOMAS                            PA-30-3-84
ROSSELL, JOB                            PA-30-5-483
RUSH, ADAM                              PA-30-2-229
RUSH, ANNA                              PA-30-4-288
RUSH, ELIZA M.                          PA-30-5-391
RUSH, ELIZABETH A.                      PA-30-6-505
RUSH, JACOB                             PA-30-1-263
RUSH, JACOB                             PA-30-1-218
RUSH, JACOB S.                          PA-30-5-257
RUSH, JESSE                             PA-30-6-346
RUSH, SILAS                             PA-30-5-67
RUSSEL, SOLOMON                         PA-30-5-150
RUSSELL, HENRY                          PA-30-3-39
RUSSELL, JOSHUA                         PA-30-3-286
RUTH, PETER                             PA-30-3-268
SAFFELL, EILZABETH                      PA-30-3-2
SAMMONS, LEWIS (REV.)                   PA-30-5-189
SAMS, ANREW                             PA-30-1-268
SANDERS, FANELIA                        PA-30-4-308
SANDERS, REUBEN                         PA-30-3-191
SANTEE, DAVID H.                        PA-30-4-322
SANTER, JOSEPH                          PA-30-2-228
SARGEN, ABRAHAM                         PA-30-2-94
SAYERS, EPHRAIM                         PA-30-3-229, 232
SAYERS, MARY                            PA-30-3-265
SCHERICK, JOSEPH                        PA-30-6-497
SCOTT, ABRAHAM                          PA-30-2-204
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-30-5-516
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-30-4-153
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-30-3-315
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-30-1-168
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-30-3-91
SCOTT, JOHN SR.                         PA-30-3-236
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          PA-30-5-300
SCUDDER, THOMAS                         PA-30-1-335
SEALLS, JAMES SR.                       PA-30-1-4
SEALS, MARY                             PA-30-4-155
SEALS, WILLIAM                          PA-30-3-1
SEARES, WILLIAM                         PA-30-1-2
SEATON, JAMES                           PA-30-1-371A
SEATON, THOMAS P.                       PA-30-5-231
SEATON, WILLIAM                         PA-30-1-131
SEDGWICK, JOSEPH                        PA-30-5-348
SELLERS, CHRISTIAN                      PA-30-2-103
SELLERS, DAVID                          PA-30-2-92
SELLERS, LEVI                           PA-30-3-302
SELLERST, GEORGE                        PA-30-2-87
SEYMOUR, JOHN R.                        PA-30-2-235
SHAFER, NANCY                           PA-30-4-131
SHANES, NICHOLAS                        PA-30-3-198
SHAPE, JOHN                             PA-30-3-256
SHAPE, PETER                            PA-30-1-326
SHARP, JOHN                             PA-30-5-336
SHARPNACH, PETER                        PA-30-2-153
SHARPNECK, HENRY                        PA-30-3-295
SHARPNECK, HENRY                        PA-30-5-156
SHARPNECK, JACOB                        PA-30-5-356
SHARPNECK, SAMUEL                       PA-30-3-112
SHARPNECK, THOMAS E.                    PA-30-5-69
SHAW, JOHN L.                           PA-30-6-55
SHEARIN, HENRY                          PA-30-1-62
SHELBY, AARON                           PA-30-4-453
SHELBY, HARRIET                         PA-30-6-73
SHELBY, JAMES                           PA-30-2-231
SHELBY, SIDNEY                          PA-30-5-199
SHEPHERD, PEARSON                       PA-30-1-226
SHEPHERD, RACHEL                        PA-30-3-22
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                       PA-30-1-176
SHERICK, HENRY                          PA-30-5-163
SHIBLER, JOSEPH                         PA-30-4-398
SHINTZ, GEORGE                          PA-30-1-204
SHOCKAR, GEORGE                         PA-30-1-85
SHRIVER, ABRAHAM T.                     PA-30-4-126
SHRIVER, ADAM                           PA-30-2-2221
SHRIVER, HICY                           PA-30-4-320
SHRIVER, ISAAC                          PA-30-3-334
SHRIVER, JACOB                          PA-30-1-150
SHRIVER, JACOB                          PA-30-5-513
SHRIVER, JOHN                           PA-30-1-261
SHRIVER, MARTHA                         PA-30-5-6
SHRIVER, SARAH                          PA-30-3-163
SHRIVER, WILLIAM                        PA-30-5-265
SHROY, MARY                             PA-30-4-353
SHROYER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-30-2-6
SHROYER, JACOB                          PA-30-1-228
SHULTZ, CATHARINE                       PA-30-5-515
SHULTZ, WILLIAM F.                      PA-30-6-543
SHUPE, BARBARA                          PA-30-5-28
SICKLES, WILLIAM R.                     PA-30-4-387
SILVENS, MARY                           PA-30-2-67
SILVENUS, HENRY B.                      PA-30-4-370
SILVEUS, D. M.                          PA-30-6-185
SILVEUS, JENNIE                         PA-30-6-275
SIMMERMAN, ABRAM                        PA-30-1-98
SIMONS, JACOB                           PA-30-2-207
SIMONTON, JAMES H.                      PA-30-3-95
SIMPKINS, ANIAS                         PA-30-2-62
SIMPSON, JOHN                           PA-30-2-203
SIMPSON, JOHN                           PA-30-5-55
SIMPSON, MARY                           PA-30-3-320
SIMPSON, STEPHEN                        PA-30-2-158
SKRIVER, JOHN                           PA-30-1-185
SLATER, MARY                            PA-30-4-253
SLATER, THOMAS                          PA-30-1-124
SMALLEY, E. P.                          PA-30-6-11
SMALLEY, HENRY                          PA-30-1-329
SMITH, A. A.                            PA-30-4-138
SMITH, ARTHUR B.                        PA-30-4-108
SMITH, CATHARINE                        PA-30-5-171
SMITH, DENNIS                           PA-30-1-362
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-3-76
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-4-130
SMITH, HARRIET M.                       PA-30-6-284
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-30-6-148
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-30-2-224
SMITH, JAMES C.                         PA-30-6-536
SMITH, JOB                              PA-30-4-172
SMITH, JOHNSON T.                       PA-30-4-315
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-30-2-86
SMITH, JOSEPH S.                        PA-30-4-193
SMITH, NOAH                             PA-30-2-0
SMITH, S. (DR.)                         PA-30-6-515
SMITH, SARAH                            PA-30-5-477
SMITH, SARAH ELLEN                      PA-30-4-300
SMITH, THOMAS                           PA-30-2-195
SMITH, WILLIAM SR.                      PA-30-4-373
SMYTH, ANTHONY                          PA-30-1-83
SOOK, PETER                             PA-30-1-40
SOONOVER, HENRY                         PA-30-1-95
SOUTH, BENJAMIN                         PA-30-2-106
SOUTH, DISSISSWAY                       PA-30-5-193
SOUTH, ELIJAH                           PA-30-5-215
SOUTH, ELIJAH                           PA-30-2-29
SOUTH, ENOCH                            PA-30-4-63
SPRAGG, CALEB                           PA-30-3-158
SPRAGG, DAVID SR.                       PA-30-5-85
SPRAGG, DAVID SR.                       PA-30-6-336
SPRAGG, JOHN                            PA-30-6-224
SPRAGG, OTHO                            PA-30-5-345
SPRAGG, SARAH                           PA-30-4-176
SPRAGG, WILLIAM                         PA-30-4-423
SPRINGER, DENNIS                        PA-30-4-121
SPRINGER, MARSHALL                      PA-30-4-123
SPROWL, HENRY                           PA-30-3-35
SSUREDES, BENJAMIN                      PA-30-2-13
STAGERS, ABRAHAM                        PA-30-3-144
STAGGERS, ABRAHAM                       PA-30-6-407
STAGGERS, ELIZABETH                     PA-30-2-121
STAGGERS, HENRY                         PA-30-4-375
STAGGERS, THOMAS                        PA-30-6-309
STAGGEUS, JACOB                         PA-30-2-55
STAHL, MARGARET                         PA-30-6-574
STALL, JOHN                             PA-30-3-20
STARKEY, JESSE                          PA-30-2-78
STARKEY, NATHAN                         PA-30-1-282
STATLER, JACOB                          PA-30-4-421
STEART, MARY                            PA-30-6-80
STELL, JOHN                             PA-30-5-135
STEPHANSON, DANIEL                      PA-30-3-220
STEPHENS, AMAZY                         PA-30-4-422
STEPHENS, EDWARD                        PA-30-2-236
STEPHENS, HANNAH                        PA-30-3-152
STEPHENS, HENRY                         PA-30-5-100
STEPHENS, JAMES                         PA-30-3-46
STEPHENSON, JAMES                       PA-30-5-57
STERLING, ABRAM                         PA-30-6-375
STEVENS, BENJAMIN                       PA-30-1-132
STEVENS, HARRY                          PA-30-1-64
STEVENSON, HUGH                         PA-30-1-216
STEWARD, DANIEL                         PA-30-1-162
STEWART, ABRAHAM                        PA-30-2-179
STEWART, AGNESS                         PA-30-5-397
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-30-3-336
STEWART, ANNIE                          PA-30-5-190
STEWART, DANIEL                         PA-30-1-31
STEWART, JAMES                          PA-30-3-194
STEWART, JAMES SR.                      PA-30-4-205
STEWART, JEREMIAH                       PA-30-5-29
STEWART, LINNIE                         PA-30-6-289
STEWART, SAMUEL                         PA-30-4-347
STICKLE, PHILIP                         PA-30-1-75
STOCKDALE, JAMES                        PA-30-3-143
STOCKDALE, WILLIAM                      PA-30-4-39
STOCKTON, JOHN                          PA-30-1-238
STONE, ESTER                            PA-30-4-256
STONE, FRANCIS                          PA-30-1-81
STONE, JAMES                            PA-30-2-80
STONE, JOHN A. (DR.)                    PA-30-6-139
STONE, MARY                             PA-30-2-110
STONE, STEPHEN                          PA-30-4-118
STONE, THOMAS                           PA-30-5-206
STOOPS, GEORGE                          PA-30-6-88
STRAWN, ISAIAH                          PA-30-2-119
STRAWN, JACOB                           PA-30-1-78
STRAWN, JOHN                            PA-30-1-71
STROSNIDER, A. B.                       PA-30-5-314
STROSNIDER, FREDRICK                    PA-30-1-89
STROSNIDER, GASPER                      PA-30-2-41
STROSNIDER, JOHN                        PA-30-2-20
STROSNIDER, JOHN A.                     PA-30-4-414
STROSNIDER, KEENER                      PA-30-4-383
STROSNIDER, SARAH                       PA-30-3-311
STROSNIDER, SIMON                       PA-30-5-471
STURM, MARGARET                         PA-30-5-360
STYLES, ABRAHAM                         PA-30-1-129
SUMMERSGILL, FRANCES L.                 PA-30-6-167
SUPLER, JOHN                            PA-30-4-339
SUPLER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-4-393
SUTTON, HENRY                           PA-30-3-282
SUTTON, J. L.                           PA-30-4-116
SUTTON, ZEBULON                         PA-30-3-263
SWAN, MARTHA                            PA-30-2-72
SWAN, RACHEL                            PA-30-3-126
SWAN, WILLIAM                           PA-30-2-59
SWAN, WILLIAM B.                        PA-30-6-9
SWON, JOHN SR.                          PA-30-1-23
SYCKS, HENRY                            PA-30-2-151
TANNER, WILLIAM                         PA-30-1-356
TAYLOR, BARNET                          PA-30-2-22
TAYLOR, DAVID                           PA-30-3-165
TAYLOR, FRANCIS                         PA-30-6-133
TAYLOR, JANE                            PA-30-5-499
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-30-3-38
TAYLOR, KEZIAH                          PA-30-5-123
TAYLOR, MARGARET                        PA-30-2-98
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         PA-30-4-262
TEDROW, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-5-115
TEDROW, HENRY SR.                       PA-30-5-1
TEEGARDEN, MARGARET                     PA-30-5-130
TEEGARDEN, MARY                         PA-30-4-157
TEEGARDEN, RACHEL                       PA-30-1-183
TEILY, JAMES SR.                        PA-30-1-83
TEMPLE, BENJAMIN                        PA-30-4-360
THARP, CARY                             PA-30-4-459
THARP, ICHABOD                          PA-30-3-232
THISTLETHWAITE, SARAH JANE              PA-30-6-151
THOMAS, ARTHUR                          PA-30-4-316
THOMAS, DIANAH                          PA-30-5-330
THOMAS, ELI A.                          PA-30-5-468
THOMAS, JOHN                            PA-30-1-311
THOMAS, JOHN                            PA-30-3-142
THOMAS, JOHN                            PA-30-3-325
THOMAS, JOSHUA                          PA-30-4-446
THOMAS, MARY                            PA-30-6-272
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        PA-30-4-90
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        PA-30-4-192
THOMPSON, MARY                          PA-30-1-357
THORP, BENJAMIN                         PA-30-2-82
THROCKMORTON, DANIEL                    PA-30-3-102
THROCKMORTON, JAMES R.                  PA-30-6-39
THROCKMORTON, JOSEPH SR.                PA-30-5-310
THROCKMORTON, MORFORD                   PA-30-5-439
THROCKMORTON, NANCY                     PA-30-6-466
TILTON, CHARLES                         PA-30-6-302
TILTON, JOSEPH                          PA-30-5-441
TILTON, MORGAN                          PA-30-6-303
TITUS, BENJAMINE                        PA-30-3-120
TUCKER, DORCAS                          PA-30-5-394
TURNER, DANIEL                          PA-30-6-332
TURNER, J. L.                           PA-30-6-181
TURNER,E LIZABETH                       PA-30-4-312
TUSTIN, ABRAHAM                         PA-30-4-251
TUTTLE, AMELIA                          PA-30-6-383
TUTTLE, AMOS                            PA-30-2-217
TUTTLE, BELEA                           PA-30-4-473
TUTTLE, HARVEY                          PA-30-4-498
TYGART, SARAH                           PA-30-3-231
UFFMAN, GEORGE                          PA-30-3-173
ULLOM, DANIEL T.                        PA-30-5-316
ULLOM, MADISON                          PA-30-5-204
ULLOM, PETER                            PA-30-1-257
VANATA, DANIEL                          PA-30-3-145
VANATA, JONATHAN                        PA-30-3-49
VANATTA, DAVID                          PA-30-4-389
VANATTA, MARY                           PA-30-5-137
VANATTA, SAMUEL                         PA-30-4-41
VANCE, DAVID                            PA-30-1-299
VANCE, GEORGE                           PA-30-6-437
VANCE, JOSEPH                           PA-30-4-490
VANDRUFF, JAMES                         PA-30-3-241
VANDRUFF, JAMES                         PA-30-3-241
VANKIRK, EDWARD                         PA-30-6-299
VANMATRE, HENRY                         PA-30-1-35
VANSCOYOC, REBECCA                      PA-30-3-294
VANZANDT, ISAAC                         PA-30-5-334
VEECK, JAMES                            PA-30-1-239
VERNON, P. F.                           PA-30-4-440
WADDELL, GEORGE W. G.                   PA-30-5-168
WADE, JMUSTUS F.                        PA-30-6-478
WALTERS, HARRIET                        PA-30-4-468
WASHINGTON, LEWIS (COLORED)             PA-30-3-341
WASHINGTON, NANCY                       PA-30-4-238
WATERS, MEEKER W.                       PA-30-6-447
WATES, GEORGE                           PA-30-3-313
WATHAN, SARAH                           PA-30-3-115
WATSON, JOHN                            PA-30-4-69
WATSON, MARGARET                        PA-30-3-252
WAY, ABRAHAM C.                         PA-30-3-288
WAY, BENJAMIN F.                        PA-30-4-277
WAY, FRANCIS                            PA-30-2-40
WAY, RICHARD T.                         PA-30-4-107
WAYCHOFF, CORNELIUS                     PA-30-3-289
WAYCHOFF, MATTHEW                       PA-30-6-83
WEAVE, BITHENIA                         PA-30-3-216
WEAVER, ELIZA                           PA-30-6-98
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                       PA-30-5-374
WEAVER, ISAAC                           PA-30-1-371B
WEBB, ELIZABETH A.                      PA-30-6-576
WELLS, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-1-244
WELLS, ELLEN W.                         PA-30-6-340
WELSH, THOMAS A.                        PA-30-6-535
WELTNER, JACOB                          PA-30-1-154
WELTNER, JACOB                          PA-30-1-195
WEST, JAMES                             PA-30-5-408
WEST, JOHN                              PA-30-1-286
WEST, JOHN                              PA-30-6-391
WEST, RUTH                              PA-30-6-468
WHITE, DAVID                            PA-30-6-343
WHITE, DAVID                            PA-30-2-146
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-5-106
WHITE, ISRAEL                           PA-30-1-158
WHITE, JAMES                            PA-30-5-44
WHITE, MARTHA J.                        PA-30-5-148
WHITE, SAMUEL                           PA-30-3-33
WHITE, ZACHARIAH                        PA-30-3-326
WHITEHILL, ROBERT                       PA-30-1-359
WHITLATCH, BARNET                       PA-30-4-201
WHITLATCH, JOSHUA                       PA-30-4-54
WILEY, JOSEPH                           PA-30-3-290A
WILFORD, DANIEL                         PA-30-2-56
WILFORD, RACHEL                         PA-30-2-83
WILLERS, JOHN                           PA-30-1-284
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         PA-30-1-7
WILLIAMS, REZIN                         PA-30-3-322
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         PA-30-2-68
WILLIAMS, TABITHA                       PA-30-5-209
WILLIAMS, W. G.                         PA-30-4-102
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       PA-30-2-123
WILLIS, MARY                            PA-30-5-40
WILSON, ANDREW SR.                      PA-30-4-176
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-30-1-225
WILSON,W ILLIAM                         PA-30-4-31
WINES, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-6-307
WINGET, MARY                            PA-30-6-209
WISE, BAZEL                             PA-30-6-213
WISE, JACOB                             PA-30-4-138
WISE, JOHN                              PA-30-5-505
WISECARVER, JOSEPH                      PA-30-1-287
WOLF, DAVID                             PA-30-5-98
WOLF, EMALINE                           PA-30-5-280
WOLF, GEORGE                            PA-30-2-201
WOLFE, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-30-3-14
WOLFE, GEORGE F.                        PA-30-4-194
WOOD, ANN                               PA-30-4-249
WOOD, ISAAC                             PA-30-3-103
WOOD, JONAH R.                          PA-30-6-264
WOOD, MAGGIE                            PA-30-6-354
WOOD, MARY JANE                         PA-30-5-299
WOOD, MYCAIJAH                          PA-30-3-135
WOOD, RACHEL                            PA-30-6-218
WOOD, THOMAS                            PA-30-5-94
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-30-1-58
WOOD, WILLIAM                           PA-30-2-147
WOODRUFF, E. B.                         PA-30-4-235
WOODRUFF, EUNICE                        PA-30-1-210
WOODRUFF, JOHN                          PA-30-4-455
WOODRUFF, MARY                          PA-30-2-139
WOODRUFF, MEEKER                        PA-30-1-194
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL                        PA-30-2-47
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL                        PA-30-2-46
WOODS, ELIZABETH                        PA-30-4-183
WORLEY, BRICE                           PA-30-1-77
WORTHINGTON, ELISHA                     PA-30-2-71
WRIGHT, ABIGAIL                         PA-30-6-223
WRIGHT, BELA                            PA-30-4-313
WRIGHT, DAVID                           PA-30-5-392
WRIGHT, JOHN C.                         PA-30-5-226
WRIGHT, JOHN F.                         PA-30-5-219
WRIGHT, LEWIS                           PA-30-2-233
WRIGHT, MARGARET                        PA-30-5-293
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          PA-30-3-129
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         PA-30-1-101
WYCOFF, NANCY                           PA-30-5-241
WYLY, JACOB                             PA-30-4-307
YEAGER, ALEXANDRIA                      PA-30-4-437
YEAGER, GEORGE                          PA-30-3-17
YEAGER, JOSEPH                          PA-30-4-438
YEAGER, PETER                           PA-30-2-162
YODERS, ISAAC R.                        PA-30-5-218
YODERS, J. L.                           PA-30-5-434
YODERS, JACOB                           PA-30-5-327
YODERS, PRUDENCE                        PA-30-5-511
YODERS, SARAH                           PA-30-4-162
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-30-4-110
ZIMMERMAN, CATHARINE                    PA-30-3-324
ZIMMERMAN, HENRY SR.                    PA-30-4-328
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN                         PA-30-6-136
ZIMMERMAN, MARGARET                     PA-30-6-244
ZIMMERMAN, MARY                         PA-30-6-488
ZIMMERMAN, THOMAS                       PA-30-3-290A
ZOLLARS, SUSAN                          PA-30-5-48

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