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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1842-1879 | 2 = 1873-1893 | 3 = 1888-1908 |
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AKERS, AMARIAH                          PA-29-3-30
AKERS, AZARIAH                          PA-29-2-140
AKERS, EMILY                            PA-29-3-249
AKERS, ISRAEL                           PA-29-2-38
AKERS, JOHN H.                          PA-29-2-479
AKERS, RALPH                            PA-29-1-46
ALEXANDER, CATHARINE                    PA-29-1-15
ALEXANDER, JOHN B.                      PA-29-3-220
ALEXANDER, MARGARET                     PA-29-2-284
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                       PA-29-1-279
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      PA-29-1-52
ALLEN, MARY                             PA-29-3-196
ALLEN, NANCY                            PA-29-1-348
ALLOWAY, SOPHIA                         PA-29-2-489
ANDERSON, EDWARD                        PA-29-1-180
ANDERSON, MARGARET                      PA-29-1-408
ANDERSON, SAMUEL                        PA-29-1-74
ANDERSON, SEPTEMUS                      PA-29-1-237
ANDERSON, WILLIAM S.                    PA-29-2-491
AUSTIN, JAMES                           PA-29-1-36
AUSTIN, ROWLAND                         PA-29-3-147
BAKER, DAVID                            PA-29-1-175
BAKER, JOHN P.                          PA-29-1-271
BAKER, NATHAN                           PA-29-1-293
BAKER, SARAH D.                         PA-29-2-175
BARE, EMMA W.                           PA-29-3-372
BARMONT, JOHN                           PA-29-2-160
BARMONT, MARGARET                       PA-29-2-282
BARNAKER, J. GEORGE SR.                 PA-29-2-171
BARNET, ABNER                           PA-29-1-58
BARNETT, JONATHAN                       PA-29-2-450
BARNETT, PHILIP                         PA-29-2-272
BARNHARD, REBECCA                       PA-29-2-228
BAROTN, CHARLOTTE H.                    PA-29-3-185
BARTON, AARON                           PA-29-1-131
BARTON, CATHARINE                       PA-29-1-193
BARTON, CHARLES E.                      PA-29-3-507
BARTON, ELISHA                          PA-29-1-130
BARTON, GEORGE W.                       PA-29-2-101
BARTON, JOEL                            PA-29-2-99
BARTON, MAHLON                          PA-29-2-267
BARTON, MARIA                           PA-29-3-293
BEDFORD, WILLIAM S.                     PA-29-1-177
BERGSTRESSER, RACHAEL                   PA-29-3-346
BERNHARD, JOSEPH                        PA-29-1-382
BINKLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-29-3-79
BISHOP, ABSALOM                         PA-29-3-15
BISHOP, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-1-414
BISHOP, MARY                            PA-29-1-98
BISHOP, WILLIAM                         PA-29-2-117
BISHOP, WILLIAM H.                      PA-29-3-491
BLAIR, ROBERT                           PA-29-1-139
BLANKLEY, ELIZABETH                     PA-29-1-29
BLUMENTHAL, AUGUST                      PA-29-3-512
BOERNER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-29-1-349
BOLINGER, BENJAMIN                      PA-29-3-399
BOLINGE,R JACOB B.                      PA-29-2-392
BOLLINGER, ANDREW                       PA-29-2-36
BOOTH, JOHN                             PA-29-3-275
BOWER, ELIZABETH W.                     PA-29-3-64
BOWER, JACOB K.                         PA-29-3-189
BRADNICK, CONRAD                        PA-29-3-183
BRANDT, JOHN                            PA-29-1-264
BRANT, BENJAMIN G.                      PA-29-2-321
BRANT, MARY ANN                         PA-29-2-56
BRATTON, ISAAC G.                       PA-29-3-271
BREATHED, JOHN                          PA-29-1-32
BREATHED, RANNEY                        PA-29-1-283
BRESSLER, MARY                          PA-29-2-352
BREWER, CATHARINE                       PA-29-1-150
BREWER, HENRY                           PA-29-2-32
BREWER, HENRY H.                        PA-29-3-449
BRIDENSTINE, DANIEL                     PA-29-1-267
BROOKS, JOHN                            PA-29-3-464
BROWN, ABEL                             PA-29-2-342
BRUBAKER, MARY                          PA-29-2-317
BRUMBAUGH, SAMUEL D.                    PA-29-1-403
BUCKLEY, JACOB                          PA-29-1-447
BURNS, CHARLES W.                       PA-29-2-88
BUSSARD, ABRAHAM                        PA-29-1-213
BYE, JOHN H.                            PA-29-1-311
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        PA-29-1-325
CARBAUGH, GEORGE                        PA-29-2-258
CARBAUGH, JOHN                          PA-29-3-38
CARBAUGH, JOHN C.                       PA-29-3-376
CARNELL, JOSEPH E.                      PA-29-3-461
CARNELL, SUSAN                          PA-29-1-173
CARSON, MARY E.                         PA-29-3-205
CHARLTON, JOHN                          PA-29-3-66
CHARLTON, RALPH                         PA-29-1-134
CHARLTON, SAMUEL C.                     PA-29-1-61
CHESNUT, DAVID F.                       PA-29-2-382
CHESNUT, GEORGE (MAJ.)                  PA-29-2-165
CHESTNUT, WILLIAM                       PA-29-1-371
CHICK, MARY A.                          PA-29-2-138
CHILDS, CATHARINE                       PA-29-3-202
CLARK, RICHARD                          PA-29-1-330
CLEVENGER, CHARITY                      PA-29-3-145
CLEVENGER, WILLIAM T.                   PA-29-2-146
CLINE, ANNA E.                          PA-29-3-484
CLINE, WILLIAM                          PA-29-1-340
CLOUD, MARY                             PA-29-2-177
CLYMANS, ROBERT                         PA-29-2-173
COMERER, ANDEW                          PA-29-3-143
COMERER, JACOB                          PA-29-1-11
COMEROR, JOHN                           PA-29-1-309
COMMERER, BARBRA                        PA-29-1-117
CONNER, JAMES                           PA-29-1-111
CONNER, JOHN                            PA-29-1-26
CONNER, MARGRET                         PA-29-1-423
COOK, JOHN                              PA-29-1-107
COOK, P. MCCAULEY (DR.)                 PA-29-3-128
COOPER, FENWELL C.                      PA-29-1-53
COOPER, WILLIAM                         PA-29-1-251
CORRELL, JOSEPH (REV.)                  PA-29-2-332
COULTER, RILEY                          PA-29-3-238
COVALT, FANNY                           PA-29-2-203
COVALT, ISAAC F.                        PA-29-2-416
COWAN, MARY                             PA-29-1-162
CRAWFORD, MARIA                         PA-29-3-329
CRIDER, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-3-395
CROFT, JOHN R. (REV.)                   PA-29-3-167
CROMER, IDA B.                          PA-29-3-124
CROMER, MICHAEL                         PA-29-2-506
CROUSE, FRANCES                         PA-29-2-350
CULP, ELIZABETH                         PA-29-2-232
CUNNINGHAM, CATHARINE                   PA-29-1-45
CURRAN, NANCY R.                        PA-29-2-477
CUTCHALL, WILSON                        PA-29-3-340
DAGENHART, CONRAD                       PA-29-1-424
DANIELS, BENJAMIN                       PA-29-1-37
DANIELS, CATHARINE                      PA-29-3-141
DANIELS, CHRISTENA                      PA-29-3-433
DANIELS, JAMES                          PA-29-3-287
DANIELS, JOHN                           PA-29-2-260
DANIELS, SOPHIA                         PA-29-1-232
DAVIDSON, ELIAS                         PA-29-1-122
DAVIS, MARY E.                          PA-29-3-455
DAVIS, WILLIAM B.                       PA-29-2-426
DAWNEY, B. C.                           PA-29-2-474
DAWSON, JOHN                            PA-29-2-50
DEAVOR, ADAM B.                         PA-29-3-279
DEAVOR, JAMES                           PA-29-2-241
DECKARD, ADAM                           PA-29-1-124
DECKER, ADAM                            PA-29-1-373
DECKER, ANNA                            PA-29-2-247
DEMSAR, BARBARA A.                      PA-29-3-232
DENEEN, SAMANTHA E.                     PA-29-3-245
DESHONG, WILLIAM F.                     PA-29-1-235
DICKEY, JOHN                            PA-29-1-69
DICKSON, JAMES                          PA-29-1-89
DIEHL, CORNELIUS                        PA-29-3-482
DILLON, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-1-368
DIMICK, CATHARINE                       PA-29-3-308
DIMMICK, NATHAN                         PA-29-2-34
DISHONG, AARON                          PA-29-3-58
DISHONG, BALTZER                        PA-29-2-438
DISHONG, BENJAMIN                       PA-29-2-328
DISHONG, FREDERICK B.                   PA-29-2-76
DISHONG, JACOB M.                       PA-29-3-408
DISHONG, JOHN B.                        PA-29-2-28
DISHONG, JOHN C.                        PA-29-1-400
DISHONG, JOHN F.                        PA-29-3-87
DISHONG, PETER H.                       PA-29-1-393
DORAN, SAMUEL                           PA-29-3-305
DOUGLASS, MARY K.                       PA-29-1-212
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                        PA-29-1-63
DUBBS, FREDERICK                        PA-29-1-1
DUFFIELD, S. E. (DR.)                   PA-29-2-185
DUVALL, NANCY                           PA-29-3-313
EADER, CATHARINE E.                     PA-29-3-74
EALER, HENRY                            PA-29-2-448
EARLY, JOHN M.                          PA-29-3-113
EDWARDS, ABRAM                          PA-29-2-409
EDWARDS, ALEXANDER                      PA-29-1-300
EITEMILLER, CATHARINE                   PA-29-3-421
EITEMILLER, JOHN L.                     PA-29-2-19
EKERT, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-29-1-27
ENSLEY, CHRISTOPHER C.                  PA-29-1-273
ENSLEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-1-104
EVANS, ELIZABETH J.                     PA-29-3-169
EVANS, EVAN                             PA-29-1-200
FEEKER, ELIZEBETH                       PA-29-1-317
FENIFF, PETER                           PA-29-2-297
FIELDS, GEORGE                          PA-29-2-334
FIELDS, JACOB                           PA-29-1-445
FINEFROCK, HENRY                        PA-29-1-47
FISHER, BENJAMIN                        PA-29-2-354
FISHER, ESTHER                          PA-29-3-365
FISHER, GEORGE MICHAEL                  PA-29-2-465
FISHER, HENRY W.                        PA-29-1-318
FISHER, JACOB                           PA-29-2-312
FISHER, JOHN H.                         PA-29-3-181
FISHER, MATILDA A.                      PA-29-3-453
FISHER, PAUL                            PA-29-1-125
FISHER, PETER                           PA-29-1-248
FISKE, HEINRICH W.                      PA-29-1-318
FITE, HENRY                             PA-29-2-286
FITE, LEWIS P.                          PA-29-3-412
FIX, KATHARINE                          PA-29-3-107
FIX, PETER                              PA-29-3-7
FLORE, GEORGE                           PA-29-1-155
FLORY, LUDWICK                          PA-29-1-20
FORBES, MARTHA                          PA-29-1-87
FORBES, MARTHA                          PA-29-1-93
FORE, A. J.                             PA-29-3-93
FORE, BARBRA ANN                        PA-29-3-402
FORE, DAVID                             PA-29-1-168
FORE, ELIZABETH                         PA-29-1-437
FORE, REBECCA F.                        PA-29-3-323
FORE, SAVINA C.                         PA-29-3-348
FOSTER, GEORGE                          PA-29-1-290
FOX, ABRAHAM                            PA-29-2-481
FRAKER, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-1-317
FUNK, ELIZA                             PA-29-3-155
FURNEY, JOHN                            PA-29-2-411
GARDNER, GEORGE                         PA-29-3-13
GARLAND, ELIZABETH                      PA-29-1-396
GARLAND, GEORGE                         PA-29-1-187
GARLAND, MOSES                          PA-29-1-211
GARLICK, ABRAHAM                        PA-29-3-311
GELVAN, JOSEPH                          PA-29-1-388
GIBSON, AGNESS                          PA-29-1-174
GIBSON, ALEXANDER                       PA-29-3-5
GLADFELTER, SAMUEL                      PA-29-2-188
GLAZIER, CONRAD                         PA-29-3-431
GLUNT, JOHN                             PA-29-3-101
GOBIN, SARAH S.                         PA-29-1-297
GODON, LEMUEL                           PA-29-2-153
GORDON, JANE                            PA-29-3-436
GORDON, PHILIP                          PA-29-2-119
GREATHEAD, GEORGE W.                    PA-29-3-444
GREATHEAD, SARAH                        PA-29-3-315
GREATHEAD, THOMAS                       PA-29-1-375
GREEN, DAVID                            PA-29-3-413
GREENLAND, BENJAMIN                     PA-29-2-217
GREGORY, JAMES                          PA-29-2-252
GREGORY, MARY                           PA-29-3-62
GREGORY,E PHRIAM                        PA-29-3-397
GRESS, ADAM                             PA-29-2-109
GRESS, GODFRED                          PA-29-1-450
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                        PA-29-2-14
GRIPINGER JOHN F.                       PA-29-2-5
GRISSINGER, ANDREW G.                   PA-29-3-370
GRISSINGER, MARY                        PA-29-3-251
GRUBER, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-1-234
GRUBER, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-1-240
GRUBER, HENRY                           PA-29-1-234
HADEN, MARGARET                         PA-29-1-9
HAGGY, VALENTINE                        PA-29-1-228
HAMILL, JACOB A.                        PA-29-3-299
HAMMANN, JACOB                          PA-29-2-459
HAMMETT, WILLIAM C.                     PA-29-1-56
HANKS, ELIJAH                           PA-29-2-222
HANKS, FLETCHER                         PA-29-1-304
HANKS, JOHN                             PA-29-1-410
HANKS, NATHAN B.                        PA-29-3-457
HANKS, WILLIAM                          PA-29-2-26
HARMAN, JOHN                            PA-29-1-347
HARRIS, JAMES                           PA-29-3-273
HAUGHMAN, PETER                         PA-29-1-59
HAUMAN, JOHN                            PA-29-1-292
HAUMAN, PETER                           PA-29-1-59
HAUN, JEREMIAH W.                       PA-29-2-434
HAWMAN, SARAH                           PA-29-2-315
HAWMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-29-2-315
HAYS, ANDREW                            PA-29-3-36
HEBNER, ANNA                            PA-29-2-461
HEBNER, DANIEL                          PA-29-2-369
HEEFNER, DAVID                          PA-29-3-415
HEETER, MARIA                           PA-29-2-21
HEGE, JOHN                              PA-29-3-162
HENDERSHOT, BLASER                      PA-29-1-164
HENDERSHOT, JACOB S.                    PA-29-2-407
HENDERSHOT, JOHN                        PA-29-1-360
HENDERSHOT, WILLIAM                     PA-29-1-195
HENDERSON, CHARLES W.                   PA-29-3-466
HENDRSHOT, SAMUEL                       PA-29-3-26
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-29-1-190
HESS, ABRAM                             PA-29-1-71
HESS, ADAM                              PA-29-3-234
HESS, CATHARINE                         PA-29-2-128
HESS, ELIZABETH                         PA-29-3-333
HESS, JACOB                             PA-29-1-415
HESS, JACOB                             PA-29-3-216
HESS, JEREMIAH                          PA-29-1-412
HESS, STILLWELL                         PA-29-1-365
HESSLER, THOMAS                         PA-29-3-404
HESS,WILLIAM H.                         PA-29-3-318
HILL, ISRAEL                            PA-29-3-385
HILL, JACOB B.                          PA-29-2-390
HILL, JOHN                              PA-29-3-368
HILL, JOHN F.                           PA-29-1-104
HILL, LEMUEL                            PA-29-2-92
HILL, MALINDA                           PA-29-3-126
HILL, MORGAN                            PA-29-3-56
HILL, RACHAEL                           PA-29-3-469
HIXON, TIMOTHY                          PA-29-2-374
HIXSON, ENOCH                           PA-29-3-24
HIXSON, EPHRAIM                         PA-29-1-432
HIXSON, LOUISA                          PA-29-3-425
HIXSON, TIMOTHY                         PA-29-1-85
HOCKENSMITH, CALEB                      PA-29-1-252
HOCKENSMITH, GEORGE                     PA-29-2-111
HOCKENSMITH, ROWLAND A.                 PA-29-1-259
HOCKENSMITH, SAMUEL                     PA-29-2-84
HOFFMAN, MARGARET                       PA-29-3-40
HOHMAN, NICHOLAS                        PA-29-2-363
HOHMANN, ALBERT                         PA-29-1-428
HOKE, ANN ELIZA                         PA-29-3-241
HOKE, GEORGE                            PA-29-1-12
HOKE, HENRY                             PA-29-1-430
HOKE, JOHN B.                           PA-29-2-420
HOKE, MARY                              PA-29-1-223
HOLLENSHEAD, JAMES                      PA-29-1-328
HOOP, GEORGE                            PA-29-3-85
HOOPENGARDNER, DAVID                    PA-29-2-60
HOOPENGARDNER, JOHN                     PA-29-1-192
HOOPENGARDNER, LEWIS                    PA-29-3-133
HOOPENGARNER, ABRAHAM                   PA-29-1-25
HOOPENGARNER, GEORGE                    PA-29-1-121
HOOPER, HANAH                           PA-29-1-241
HOOPINGARDNER, HESTER                   PA-29-3-438
HORNING, ANNA MARGARETHA                PA-29-3-42
HORNING, JOHN MICHAEL                   PA-29-2-158
HORTON, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-3-511
HORTON, MARGARET                        PA-29-2-230
HORTON, NAOMI                           PA-29-3-164
HORTON, NATHAN W.                       PA-29-2-243
HOUP, SAMUEL                            PA-29-3-400
HUGHES, JAMES C.                        PA-29-2-457
HULL, GEORGE                            PA-29-1-245
HULL, JOSEPH                            PA-29-2-48
HULL, JOSEPH                            PA-29-2-78
HUMBERT, GEORGE                         PA-29-1-28
HUMBERT, RACHEL                         PA-29-3-389
HUMBERT, THOMAS                         PA-29-3-361
HUNTER, DAVID                           PA-29-1-43
HUNTER, MARY                            PA-29-3-17
HUNTER, REBECCA HUNTER                  PA-29-1-275
HUNTER, ROBERT J. (DR.)                 PA-29-2-423
HUSTON, EVAN P.                         PA-29-3-11
HUSTON, MARY A.                         PA-29-1-443
HUSTON, THOMAS                          PA-29-1-202
HUSTON, THOMAS W.                       PA-29-3-256
INOM, SUSAN A.                          PA-29-3-63
IRVIN, SAMUEL J.                        PA-29-2-428
JACKSON, STILES                         PA-29-1-357
JOHNSON, DAVID                          PA-29-3-214
JOHNSTON, JAMES W.                      PA-29-3-486
JOHNSTON, THOMAS N.                     PA-29-2-346
JONES, JOHN                             PA-29-1-239
JORDAN, JOHN                            PA-29-1-84
JORDAN, JOHN                            PA-29-1-90
JUSTICE, ELIZABETH                      PA-29-1-94
KAUFMAN, JOHN                           PA-29-1-398
KEEPER, JOHN A.                         PA-29-1-255
KEITH, HENRY                            PA-29-2-90
KELCHNER, JOHN                          PA-29-1-331
KELLNER, HENRY                          PA-29-3-228
KELLY, NATHANIEL                        PA-29-1-96
KELLY, NATHANIEL DEKALB                 PA-29-2-132
KEMP, ELIZABETH                         PA-29-2-7
KEMP, JAMES                             PA-29-1-286
KENDALL, ALEXANDER MILTON               PA-29-1-306
KENDALL, JAMES                          PA-29-2-23
KENDALL, JAMES G.                       PA-29-3-330
KENDALL, MARGARET                       PA-29-2-82
KENDALL, WILLIAM A.                     PA-29-3-120
KENDELL, FRANCIS                        PA-29-1-17
KENDELL, MARTHA                         PA-29-1-356
KERLIN, ELEANOR                         PA-29-3-327
KERLIN, PETER                           PA-29-1-379
KERR, SAMUEL                            PA-29-1-57
KEYSER, SOPHIA                          PA-29-1-222
KEYSER, WILLIAM                         PA-29-1-65
KIRK, JAMES J.                          PA-29-2-197
KIRK, SARAH                             PA-29-2-505
KIRK, WILLIAM W.                        PA-29-1-326
KITTEL, JOHN                            PA-29-1-320
KLINE, JOHN                             PA-29-1-161
KLIPPINGER, JACOB                       PA-29-1-352
KNABLE, MARGARET                        PA-29-3-157
KNAUFF, MICHAEL                         PA-29-3-462
KNEPPER, ESTHER                         PA-29-3-115
KNEPPER, SOLOMON                        PA-29-1-426
KREECHBAUM, CATHARINE                   PA-29-3-357
KREICHBAUM, PHILIP                      PA-29-2-367
KUHN, JACOB                             PA-29-2-136
LACEY, ADAM                             PA-29-1-288
LAIDIG, DANIEL                          PA-29-3-111
LAIDIG, DANIEL SR.                      PA-29-1-108
LAIDIG, DAVID SR.                       PA-29-1-257
LAIDIG, MARIA                           PA-29-2-105
LAKE, LYDIA M.                          PA-29-2-156
LAKE, SAMUEL P.                         PA-29-2-211
LAMBERSON, CATHARINE                    PA-29-3-28
LAMBERSON, CHRISTINA                    PA-29-1-153
LAPE, JOHN                              PA-29-2-443
LAPE, SABINA                            PA-29-3-380
LAYTON, ABSALOM                         PA-29-2-269
LAYTON, DENTON O.                       PA-29-3-173
LAYTON, JOEL                            PA-29-2-289
LAYTON, WILLIAM C.                      PA-29-1-250
LAYTON, WILLIAM H.                      PA-29-3-230
LEITZ, JOHN                             PA-29-1-120
LESHER, ABRAHAM                         PA-29-1-72
LINN, CHARLES                           PA-29-1-421
LOCKARD, WILLIAM                        PA-29-2-324
LODGE, JACOB                            PA-29-1-10
LOGAN, DANIEL                           PA-29-3-103
LOGAN, ELEANOR                          PA-29-1-24
LOGAN, KASIAH                           PA-29-1-183
LOGAN, MARY                             PA-29-3-285
LOGAN, THOMAS                           PA-29-2-17
LOMP, JOHN                              PA-29-1-323
LONG, PETER                             PA-29-3-9
LYON, BENJAMIN A.                       PA-29-3-236
LYON, EMMA R.                           PA-29-1-163
LYON, GEORGE M.                         PA-29-3-426
LYON, JAMES                             PA-29-1-329
LYONS, CATHARINE                        PA-29-3-210
MADDEN, RICHARD                         PA-29-3-499
MAGSAM, PETER                           PA-29-3-290
MANN, DAVID                             PA-29-2-249
MANN, ELIZABETH                         PA-29-1-210
MANN, MARY M.                           PA-29-1-346
MARSHALL, JOHN                          PA-29-1-103
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                       PA-29-2-215
MARTIN, GIDEON                          PA-29-2-379
MARTIN, PETER                           PA-29-1-160
MARTIN, RACHEL                          PA-29-1-31
MASON, WILLIAM                          PA-29-1-282
MATHIAS, DAVID H.                       PA-29-2-195
MATHIAS, JOHN                           PA-29-1-359
MAY, GEORGE                             PA-29-2-45
MAY, HENRY                              PA-29-2-471
MAYERS, CATHARINE                       PA-29-1-5
MCBATH, MARGARET                        PA-29-2-181
MCCLAIN, MARY                           PA-29-2-436
MCCLELLAN, MARTHA                       PA-29-1-23
MCDONALD, RANNEL                        PA-29-2-163
MCDONALD, REBECCA A.                    PA-29-2-372
MCELDOWNEY, WILLIAM                     PA-29-3-493
MCGOVERN, ELIZABETH J.                  PA-29-3-171
MCGOVERN, GEORGE                        PA-29-2-380
MCGOWEN, HENRY C.                       PA-29-3-350
MCILVAINE, JOHN                         PA-29-2-445
MCKEE, JOHN                             PA-29-2-201
MCKEE, WILLIAM                          PA-29-3-160
MCKIBBIN, SARAH ISABELLA                PA-29-2-397
MCNAMEE, PETER                          PA-29-1-339
MCNAUGHTON, FINLAY W. (REV.)            PA-29-2-336
MCQUADE, GEORGE                         PA-29-3-222
MELLOTT, ABSALOM                        PA-29-3-378
MELLOTT, ALPHEUS                        PA-29-3-51
MELLOTT, AMOS F.                        PA-29-3-81
MELLOTT, BENJAMIN                       PA-29-2-1
MELLOTT, BENJAMIN                       PA-29-2-226
MELLOTT, DANIEL                         PA-29-3-519
MELLOTT, DENNIS                         PA-29-3-193
MELLOTT, ELIAS                          PA-29-1-137
MELLOTT, JACOB                          PA-29-1-216
MELLOTT, JOHN                           PA-29-1-431
MELLOTT, JOHN S.                        PA-29-2-66
MELLOTT, JOSEPH                         PA-29-2-150
MELLOTT, MARGARET J.                    PA-29-3-521
MELLOTT, MARY A.                        PA-29-3-49
MELLOTT, MICHAEL                        PA-29-3-68
MELLOTT, NOAH                           PA-29-3-423
MELLOTT, OBADIAH                        PA-29-1-19
MELLOTT, OBED T.                        PA-29-3-505
MELLOTT, OBEDIAH SR.                    PA-29-1-208
MELLOTT, THEADORCOUS                    PA-29-1-97
MELLOTT, THEODORE                       PA-29-1-350
MELLOTT, URIAH                          PA-29-1-95
METZLER, CATHARINE                      PA-29-2-469
METZLER, DANIEL                         PA-29-1-367
METZLER, GEORGE                         PA-29-1-391
MILLER, CAROLINE                        PA-29-1-377
MILLER, CASPER                          PA-29-3-325
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-29-2-319
MILLER, DAVID G.                        PA-29-3-72
MILLER, JANE                            PA-29-1-60
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-29-2-442
MILLER, MARGARET                        PA-29-3-337
MILLER, MARY ANN                        PA-29-2-72
MILLER, MARY C.                         PA-29-2-326
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        PA-29-1-413
MILLER, TENA                            PA-29-3-440
MINNICK, JAMES                          PA-29-3-342
MOCK, DANIEL B.                         PA-29-3-459
MOCK, MARGARET                          PA-29-3-335
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                       PA-29-3-429
MONTGOMERY, MARY                        PA-29-1-299
MOORE, JOHN                             PA-29-1-319
MORAN, GERALD                           PA-29-1-196
MORGRET, ELIZABETH                      PA-29-2-169
MORGRET, ESTHER                         PA-29-3-239
MORGRET, JOB                            PA-29-1-383
MORGRET, JOHN                           PA-29-2-62
MORROW, HADASSAH P.                     PA-29-2-130
MORT, HARRISON                          PA-29-3-259
MORTON, CATHARINE                       PA-29-1-439
MORTON, GEORGE                          PA-29-3-419
MORTON, JANE                            PA-29-1-310
MOST, ABRAHAM                           PA-29-1-198
MUMMA, THOMAS J.                        PA-29-2-205
MYERS, BARBARA J.                       PA-29-2-58
MYERS, DAVID                            PA-29-2-207
MYSEL, MARGARET A.                      PA-29-2-278
NAIROTH, ANTHONY                        PA-29-1-344
NEELY, MARY                             PA-29-1-322
NELSON, MARY                            PA-29-2-330
NELSON, MARY A.                         PA-29-2-183
NESBIT, SARAH ANN                       PA-29-3-525
NESBIT, WILLIAM A.                      PA-29-3-225
NEWMAN, GEORGE                          PA-29-1-116
NEWMAN, GEORGE S.                       PA-29-3-22
NEWMAN, MARY                            PA-29-1-233
NEWMAN, PHILIP                          PA-29-2-144
NEWMAN, SAMUEL                          PA-29-1-262
NORTON, HENRY                           PA-29-1-231
OTT, GEORGE                             PA-29-1-91
OTT, GEORGE M.                          PA-29-3-441
OTT, WENDLE                             PA-29-2-30
OYLER, HENRY                            PA-29-2-448
PALMER, DAVID                           PA-29-2-124
PALMER, ELIZA                           PA-29-3-3
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH J.                 PA-29-2-418
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH W.                 PA-29-2-70
PATTERSON, ELLEN S.                     PA-29-3-89
PATTERSON, JOHN                         PA-29-1-397
PATTERSON, JOHN B.                      PA-29-2-115
PATTERSON, JOHN P.                      PA-29-3-387
PATTERSON, MARY C.                      PA-29-3-374
PATTERSON, SARAH J.                     PA-29-2-64
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       PA-29-1-143
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       PA-29-3-261
PATTERSON, WILLIAM M.                   PA-29-3-20
PECK, CONRAD                            PA-29-3-1
PECK, HENRY P.                          PA-29-3-65
PECK, JOB                               PA-29-3-201
PECK, JOHN C.                           PA-29-2-199
PECK, PETER C.                          PA-29-2-294
PECK, SOPHIA                            PA-29-3-489
PECK, WILLIAM                           PA-29-1-243
PEFFER, FREDERICK                       PA-29-3-83
PEOPLES, JAMES                          PA-29-1-148
PEOPLES, JANE                           PA-29-1-179
PEOPLES, JOHN                           PA-29-2-302
PINE, JOHN                              PA-29-1-106
PITMAN, RICHARD                         PA-29-1-127
PITTMAN, ANDREW                         PA-29-3-159
PITTMAN, ESTHER                         PA-29-3-451
PITTMAN, EZRA                           PA-29-3-135
PITTMAN, GEORGE J.                      PA-29-2-429
PITTMAN, JOHN K.                        PA-29-1-220
PITTMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-29-1-265
PITTMAN, MARY                           PA-29-2-322
PITTMAN, RICHARD                        PA-29-1-342
PITTMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-29-2-134
PITTMAN, SARAH A.                       PA-29-3-517
POCKMIRE, JOHN                          PA-29-1-16
POTT, E. REBECCA                        PA-29-3-393
POTT, KATE                              PA-29-2-384
POTT, MAGDALENE                         PA-29-1-419
PYM, ELVIRA M.                          PA-29-1-301
PYM, SUSAN                              PA-29-1-77
PYM, WILLIAM                            PA-29-1-49
RAKER, ANDREW J.                        PA-29-1-260
RAMSEY, CONRAD                          PA-29-1-305
RANKIN, AMELIA                          PA-29-1-334
RANKIN, ESTHER                          PA-29-1-247
RANKIN, HUGH                            PA-29-1-114
RANKIN, JANE                            PA-29-1-343
RANKIN, JEREMIAH                        PA-29-1-39
RANKIN, MARY                            PA-29-1-345
RAUCK, DAVID                            PA-29-1-361
RAUCK, JOHN                             PA-29-1-253
REESE, BENJAMIN C.                      PA-29-3-98
REISNER, GEORGE                         PA-29-2-41
RESLEY, CARA A.                         PA-29-3-435
REXROTH, AUGUSTUS                       PA-29-3-178
RHEA, ROBERT                            PA-29-2-220
RICHARDS, JOHN T.                       PA-29-3-476
RICHARDS, WEBB                          PA-29-2-456
RICHARDSON, ALEXANDER                   PA-29-1-218
RICHEASON, ELIZA                        PA-29-1-417
ROETTGER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-29-2-274
ROHM, JACOB                             PA-29-1-181
ROSS, DAVID C.                          PA-29-3-53
ROTZ, JACOB                             PA-29-1-281
ROTZ, SAMUEL                            PA-29-3-281
RUMMELL, FRANCIS                        PA-29-1-38
RUNION, JOSEPH                          PA-29-2-68
RUNYAN, THOMAS                          PA-29-1-119
SARVER, MARIAH                          PA-29-1-207
SCHANK, GEORGE S.                       PA-29-1-289
SCHETROMPF, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-29-2-341
SCHNATZ, JOSEPH                         PA-29-1-362
SCHOOLEY, CATHARINE A.                  PA-29-2-487
SCOTT, FRANCIS                          PA-29-2-234
SCOTT, GEORGE C.                        PA-29-3-382
SCOTT, SAMUEL D.                        PA-29-1-294
SCRIEVER, FRANK G.                      PA-29-3-355
SCRIEVER, HENRY                         PA-29-3-295
SECRIST, SAMUEL                         PA-29-3-353
SEILING, WILLIAM  H.                    PA-29-2-306
SEYLAR, FLORENCE EDITH                  PA-29-2-386
SEYLAR, MARGARET J.                     PA-29-2-280
SHAFFER, PHILIP                         PA-29-2-310
SHAPR, SAMUEL                           PA-29-1-315
SHARP, DAVID SR.                        PA-29-2-95
SHARP, GEORGE                           PA-29-2-43
SHARP, JOHN                             PA-29-3-320
SHARP, MATTHEW                          PA-29-3-417
SHARP, SAMUEL S.                        PA-29-2-358
SHAW, WILLIAML.                         PA-29-3-502
SHEETZ, MARY                            PA-29-2-356
SHIMER, SAMUEL                          PA-29-2-452
SHIRES, ANDREW                          PA-29-1-127
SHIVES, ANDREW                          PA-29-3-303
SHIVES, JACOB D.                        PA-29-2-388
SHOEMAKER, ANTHONY                      PA-29-1-337
SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL W.                    PA-29-2-432
SHUMAN, JACOB                           PA-29-1-394
SHUMAN, MARIA                           PA-29-1-452
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         PA-29-3-151
SIPE, CONRAD SR.                        PA-29-1-185
SIPE, ROBERT                            PA-29-3-34
SIPES, AMOS                             PA-29-2-308
SIPES, ANDREW J.                        PA-29-2-97
SIPES, ELIZABETH                        PA-29-2-122
SIPES, G. W. B.                         PA-29-2-395
SIPES, GEORGE H.                        PA-29-1-112
SIPES, GEORGE RUNYAN                    PA-29-3-243
SIPES, HENRY                            PA-29-2-11
SIPES, JACOB                            PA-29-2-299
SIPES, JAOCB (SON OF GEORGE)            PA-29-1-277
SIPES, JOHN                             PA-29-2-224
SIPES, MARY ELIZABETH                   PA-29-3-266
SIPES, ROLAND                           PA-29-3-130
SIPES, WILLIAM                          PA-29-1-242
SKILES, EPHRAIM                         PA-29-3-509
SMITH, HENRY                            PA-29-2-86
SMITH, JACKSON                          PA-29-1-215
SMITH, JOHN R.                          PA-29-1-188
SMITH, PETER                            PA-29-1-75
SMITH, SUSAN                            PA-29-3-474
SNELL, GEORGE                           PA-29-1-100
SNIDER, ASENITH                         PA-29-1-384
SNIDER, JOHN                            PA-29-2-142
SNOTTS, JOSEPH                          PA-29-2-344
SNYDER, CHARLES                         PA-29-1-435
SNYDER, PHILIP                          PA-29-3-523
SONDERS, CHARLES                        PA-29-3-70
SONDERS, SAAH                           PA-29-2-264
SOWERS, MARGARET                        PA-29-3-91
SPADE, ANTHONY                          PA-29-3-297
SPECK, JOSIAH W.                        PA-29-3-338
SPEER, WILLIAM A.                       PA-29-3-32
SPROAT, JAMES                           PA-29-1-156
SPROWL, RUANNA                          PA-29-3-301
STARR, MARCUS                           PA-29-2-291
STARR, MOSES                            PA-29-1-102
STENGER, JOHN                           PA-29-3-359
STEPHENS, JOHN                          PA-29-1-21
STERRETT, LUCRETIA M.                   PA-29-2-74
STEVENS, DAVID SR.                      PA-29-1-158
STEVENS, JOSHUA SR.                     PA-29-2-191
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        PA-29-2-467
STIGERS, BATTUS                         PA-29-3-198
STIGERS, ELNOR                          PA-29-1-18
STILLWELL, JOHNSON                      PA-29-3-191
STILLWELL, SARAH                        PA-29-2-475
STINE, JOHN L.                          PA-29-3-117
STINSON, JOHN                           PA-29-1-146
STINSON, JOHN G.                        PA-29-3-344
STONER, JACOB                           PA-29-1-389
STRAIT, JACKSON                         PA-29-3-442
STRAIT, JOSEPH                          PA-29-2-80
STUNKARD, ROBERT F.                     PA-29-3-269
SWOPE, MARTHA                           PA-29-3-187
TANNER, WILLIAM                         PA-29-1-42
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH T.                    PA-29-2-256
TAYLOR, JOHN                            PA-29-2-113
THOMPSON, JAMES R.                      PA-29-1-51
TICE, ELIZABETH                         PA-29-2-414
TICE, PETER                             PA-29-1-55
TRITLE, DANIEL                          PA-29-3-47
TRITLE, JACOB                           PA-29-2-103
TROSTLE, ANDREW                         PA-29-2-361
TROTT, NANCY                            PA-29-2-209
TROUT, WILLIAM F. (DR.)                 PA-29-3-218
TRUAX, ABEDNEGO                         PA-29-2-376
TRUAX, BENJAMIN                         PA-29-3-137
TRUAX, H. R.                            PA-29-3-447
TRUAX, HENRY                            PA-29-2-245
TRUAX, JONAS                            PA-29-3-497
TRUAX, MARGARET                         PA-29-3-254
TRUAX, MARTHA                           PA-29-2-440
TRUAX, RHODA                            PA-29-3-277
TRUAX, STILLWELL J.                     PA-29-3-176
TRUAX, STILLWELL W.                     PA-29-1-313
TRUXELL, JOHN                           PA-29-1-454
TUTWILER, MARGARET                      PA-29-1-145
UNCKLES, JOHN                           PA-29-3-96
UNGER, DAVID                            PA-29-3-60
UNGER, HENRY                            PA-29-2-193
UNGER, JOSEPH                           PA-29-2-412
UNGER, SUSAN                            PA-29-2-454
UNGER, SUSAN C.                         PA-29-3-410
VALLANCE, ANN                           PA-29-1-354
VANCLIEF, HENRY P.                      PA-29-3-471
VOORHEES, CHARLES E.                    PA-29-3-391
WAGNER, GEORGE                          PA-29-1-81
WAGONER, MARGARET                       PA-29-3-45
WALKER, SARAH                           PA-29-1-434
WARTHIN, WILLIAM                        PA-29-2-239
WASHABAUGH, HENRY                       PA-29-2-365
WEAVER, WILLIAM                         PA-29-3-211
WEIDMAN, ISAAC                          PA-29-1-141
WELCH, DAVID                            PA-29-1-363
WELCH, NATHAN                           PA-29-3-139
WELKER, THOMAS                          PA-29-1-457
WELSH, ELIZABETH                        PA-29-1-246
WHITFIELD, E. A.                        PA-29-3-472
WIBLE, ADAM                             PA-29-1-4
WIBLE, FREDERICK                        PA-29-3-479
WIBLE, WILLIAM                          PA-29-1-269
WILDS, ELIZA                            PA-29-2-473
WILDS, MARY J.                          PA-29-2-493
WILLETT, ALLEN                          PA-29-2-463
WILLETT, SAMUEL                         PA-29-1-110
WILSON, JOSEPH                          PA-29-1-151
WILT, JOHN W.                           PA-29-1-144
WINEGARDNER, JACOB                      PA-29-2-3
WINK, EFFA                              PA-29-3-406
WINK, ELIAS                             PA-29-1-41
WINK, JACOB K.                          PA-29-2-237
WINK, JOHN A.                           PA-29-2-484
WINK, REBECCA                           PA-29-1-370
WINTER, DAVID                           PA-29-3-247
WINTER, JOHN                            PA-29-1-335
WINTER, MORGAN                          PA-29-3-363
WINTERS, JOSEPH                         PA-29-1-307
WISHART, JOHN                           PA-29-1-166
WITTER, STEPHEN                         PA-29-3-495
WOLF, SIMON (REV.)                      PA-29-2-393
WOODCOCK, JOSEPH R.                     PA-29-1-386
WOODCOCK, MILTON                        PA-29-1-378
WOODCOCK, THOMAS                        PA-29-1-401
WOODS, JOSEPH                           PA-29-1-68
WOOLLET, CATHARINE                      PA-29-3-76
WOOLLET, FRANCES E.                     PA-29-3-207
WORK, WILLIAM W.                        PA-29-1-6
WRIGHT, JOHN L.                         PA-29-1-441
YONKER, ADAM                            PA-29-1-54
YONKER, JACOB                           PA-29-1-226
YONKER, SARAH                           PA-29-3-283
YOUNKER, JOHN                           PA-29-1-7
ZIMMERS, CLARA V.                       PA-29-3-109

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