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ADAIR, JAMES                            PA-21-F-357
ADAIR, WILLIAM                          PA-21-D-9
ADAIR, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-114
ADAMS, ROBERT                           PA-21-F-328
ADAMS, THOMAS SR.                       PA-21-D-79
AGAW, DAVID                             PA-21-B-37
AGNEW, JAMES                            PA-21-F-115
AGNEW, JOHN                             PA-21-D-135
AGNEW, JOHN                             PA-21-E-173
ALCORAN, JAMES                          PA-21-A-88
ALCORAN, MARY                           PA-21-A-102
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        PA-21-C-134
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                       PA-21-E-55
ALISON, JAMES                           PA-21-B-43
ALLEN, CASPER WEAVER                    PA-21-C-11
ALLEN, DAVID                            PA-21-E-271
ALLEN, HUGH                             PA-21-F-125
ALLEN, SARAH                            PA-21-E-317
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        PA-21-C-144
ALRICKS, HARMANUS                       PA-21-B-140
ANDERSON, HENRY                         PA-21-C-120
ANDERSON, MARY                          PA-21-E-42
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       PA-21-F-255
ANDREWS, ABRAHAM                        PA-21-F-196
ARMSTRONG, ANDREW                       PA-21-F-166
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        PA-21-B-90
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        PA-21-F-96
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-21-B-120
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-21-C-114
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         PA-21-F-76
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH                       PA-21-A-79
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       PA-21-E-11
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                       PA-21-F-251
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       PA-21-D-239
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       PA-21-A-36
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-21-E-6
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-21-C-46
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      PA-21-B-74
ASPY, THOMAS                            PA-21-A-30
ATCHISON, JOHN                          PA-21-A-28
BAIRD, JOHN                             PA-21-C-110
BAIRD, JOHN                             PA-21-E-312
BAIRD, SAMUEL                           PA-21-E-129
BAKER, PHILIP                           PA-21-F-102
BALLA, JAMES                            PA-21-B-52
BARNEST, THOMAS                         PA-21-B-104
BARNET, JOHN                            PA-21-A-161
BARNHISLE, MARTIN                       PA-21-F-314
BASKINS, JAMES                          PA-21-E-117
BAUER, GEORGE HENRI                     PA-21-C-6
BAUM, JONAS                             PA-21-E-24
BAUR, MARTIN                            PA-21-E-58
BAVARD, ROEBRT                          PA-21-B-184
BAXTER, CHARLES                         PA-21-A-171
BAXTER, JOHN                            PA-21-F-233
BAXTER, LEAH                            PA-21-B-92
BEARD, DAVID                            PA-21-F-209
BEARD, JAMES                            PA-21-E-20
BEARD, WILLIAM                          PA-21-A-121
BEASLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-21-F-192
BEATTY, JAMES                           PA-21-E-342
BEATTY, SAMUEL                          PA-21-E-316
BEATY, HENRY                            PA-21-B-128
BEATY, JOHN                             PA-21-E-201
BEDFORD, ZOPHER                         PA-21-A-109
BEYMER, JOHN                            PA-21-F-230
BIELMAN, JOHN                           PA-21-F-6
BIGGAR, ALEXANDER                       PA-21-C-126
BIGHAM, JOHN                            PA-21-C-106
BLACK, JOHN SR.                         PA-21-E-195
BLACK, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-94
BLAINE, JAMES                           PA-21-E-330
BLAINE, WILLIAM                         PA-21-E-242
BLAIR, JOHN                             PA-21-B-21
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          PA-21-F-338
BLAND, MOSES                            PA-21-A-54
BOLES, ANN                              PA-21-C-147
BONNAR, JOHN                            PA-21-D-244
BOOR, MICHAEL                           PA-21-E-141
BORLAND, THOMAS                         PA-21-F-75
BOW, MICHAEL                            PA-21-E-209
BOYCE, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-296
BOYD, JOHN                              PA-21-C-108
BOYD, JOHN                              PA-21-B-46
BRADY, HUGH                             PA-21-E-108
BRADY, JOSEPH                           PA-21-E-111
BRAKENRIDGE, JAMES                      PA-21-B-201
BRANDT, PHILIP                          PA-21-F-358
BRATTON, JAMES                          PA-21-E-88
BRAYER, DAVID W.                        PA-21-B-83
BREDEN, WILLIAM                         PA-21-E-126
BRICE, JEAMS (CORRECT)                  PA-21-D-217
BRICE, SAMUEL                           PA-21-E-82
BRITTON, JOHN                           PA-21-F-264
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         PA-21-F-66
BROTHERTON, AGNES                       PA-21-D-191
BROTHERTON, WILLIAM                     PA-21-C-155
BROWN, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-D-113
BROWN, ANDREW                           PA-21-F-74
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        PA-21-E-60
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-21-D-211
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-21-B-200
BROWN, JOHN                             PA-21-B-234
BROWN, MARTHA                           PA-21-D-85
BROWN, MATTHEW                          PA-21-D-184
BROWN, ROBERT                           PA-21-C-1
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-21-B-17
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-21-B-171
BROWN, WILLIAM                          PA-21-F-286
BROWNFIELD, JOHN                        PA-21-E-139
BRYAN, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-C-104
BULL, RICHARD                           PA-21-F-141
BURNEY, THOMAS                          PA-21-C-74
BURNS, JOHN                             PA-21-A-83
BUTLER, RICHARD                         PA-21-E-253
BUTLER, THOMAS                          PA-21-E-229
BYERS, JOHN                             PA-21-E-120
CAIN, JOHN                              PA-21-A-15
CALDWELL, JOHN                          PA-21-E-304
CALHOON, ADAM                           PA-21-D-91
CALHOON, SAMUEL                         PA-21-B-159
CALLENDER, ROBERT                       PA-21-B-235
CAMPBLE, FRANCIS ESQ.                   PA-21-E-209
CARHART, WILLIAM                        PA-21-E-61
CARITHERS, JEAN                         PA-21-D-187
CARMICHAEL, DANIEL                      PA-21-C-76
CARNAHAN, ADAM                          PA-21-E-310
CAROTHERS, GARARD                       PA-21-E-264
CAROTHERS, ISABELLA                     PA-21-F-137
CAROTHERS, JOHN                         PA-21-D-148
CAROTHERS, JOHN                         PA-21-D-172
CAROTHERS, MARTIN                       PA-21-F-231
CAROTHERS, REBECKAH                     PA-21-F-168
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM                      PA-21-E-313
CARRIDTHER, ROBERT                      PA-21-B-93
CARSON, JOHN                            PA-21-E-154
CARSON, JOHN                            PA-21-F-175
CARTER, ANDREW                          PA-21-E-142
CARUTHERS, RODGERS                      PA-21-E-319
CARUTHERS, WILLIAM                      PA-21-D-132
CASHT, GEORGE                           PA-21-F-131
CEAGLE, FREDERICK                       PA-21-E-166
CERFASS, DANIEL                         PA-21-F-325
CESSNA, JOHN                            PA-21-F-40
CEVER, JOHN                             PA-21-C-152
CHAMBERS, JAMES                         PA-21-A-96
CHAMBERS, JAMES                         PA-21-E-282
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          PA-21-E-222
CHAMBERS, ROBERT                        PA-21-F-319
CHARMS, GEORGE                          PA-21-B-127
CHRISTY, JOHN                           PA-21-D-57
CLARK, ARTHUR                           PA-21-D-81
CLARK, JOSEPH                           PA-21-A-13
CLARK, THOMAS                           PA-21-E-211
CLENDENEN, JOHN                         PA-21-F-315
CLENDOUIN, JOHN                         PA-21-F-81
CLIPPINGER, FREDERICK                   PA-21-F-274
CLOUSER, JOHN                           PA-21-E-314
CLOUSER, SIMON                          PA-21-E-90
COCHRAN, GEORGE                         PA-21-D-180
COCHRAN, JAMES                          PA-21-C-17
COCKLIN, JOHN                           PA-21-F-226
COFFEY, THOMAS                          PA-21-F-17
COLHOON, ANDREW                         PA-21-E-331
COLHOUN, ANDREW                         PA-21-B-123
COLLIER, JOSEPH                         PA-21-E-206
COLWELL, JAMES                          PA-21-F-147
COLWELL, JOSEPH                         PA-21-F-234
COLWELL, ROBERT                         PA-21-E-274
COOK, HUGH                              PA-21-A-94
COOK, JOHN                              PA-21-E-139
COOTS, RICHARD                          PA-21-E-277
COOVER, ELIZABETH                       PA-21-F-112
CORD, GEORGE                            PA-21-A-108
COROTHERS, WILLIAM                      PA-21-A-100
COULHON, JOHN                           PA-21-A-45
COUNEY, JOHN                            PA-21-A-18
COWDEN, JOHN                            PA-21-B-195
COWEN, JAMES                            PA-21-D-51
COYLE, BARNEBASE                        PA-21-B-62
CRAGEHED, JAMES                         PA-21-B-87
CRAIG, JOHN                             PA-21-F-144
CRALEY, MATTHEW                         PA-21-D-112
CRAUL, PETER                            PA-21-B-3
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                        PA-21-C-117
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         PA-21-C-125
CRISWELL, JAMES                         PA-21-E-86
CRISWELL, ROBERT                        PA-21-B-133
CROCKET, ANDREW                         PA-21-E-236
CROCKET, GEORGE                         PA-21-D-122
CROCKET, JAMES                          PA-21-E-205
CROD, JAMES                             PA-21-D-170
CROZZER, JOHN                           PA-21-D-3
CULBERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-21-F-108
CULBERTSON, JOHN                        PA-21-E-46
CULBERTSON, WILLIAM                     PA-21-E-21
CULVER, JAMES                           PA-21-F-349
CUMMINS, MARGARET                       PA-21-D-97
CUNINGHAM, GOERGE                       PA-21-B-14
CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE                      PA-21-C-103
DAVIDSON, PATRICK                       PA-21-A-26
DAVIES, JOHN                            PA-21-E-294
DAVIS, DANIEL                           PA-21-D-115
DAVIS, DAVID                            PA-21-A-142
DAVIS, JAMES                            PA-21-C-153
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-21-C-81
DAVIS, JOHN                             PA-21-A-6
DAVIS, PHILLIP                          PA-21-A-71
DAVISON, JOHN                           PA-21-A-32
DAVISON, WILLIAM                        PA-21-A-119
DENISON, ANDREW                         PA-21-E-197
DENNISTON, JOHN                         PA-21-A-37
DENNY, JOHN                             PA-21-E-29
DENNY, ROBERT                           PA-21-D-238
DENNY, WILLIAM                          PA-21-A-11
DENSMON, HENRY                          PA-21-A-59
DETCH, HENRY                            PA-21-D-186
DEVLIN, ROGER                           PA-21-E-305
DICKEY, JAMES                           PA-21-D-225
DICKEY, JOHN                            PA-21-B-176
DICKEY, JOHN                            PA-21-E-345
DICKIE, GEORGE                          PA-21-F-179
DICKIE, JAMES                           PA-21-F-344
DICKSON, ANDREW                         PA-21-D-165
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        PA-21-C-160
DILLER, CASPAR                          PA-21-F-44
DINSMOOR, MARGARET                      PA-21-E-212
DINSMORE, JOHN                          PA-21-D-84
DINSMORE, SAMUEL                        PA-21-C-23
DIXON, JOHN                             PA-21-C-62
DIXON, WILLIAM                          PA-21-D-18
DODDS, JOHN                             PA-21-A-66
DONALL, MOSES                           PA-21-A-176
DONALY, PHILIP                          PA-21-E-114
DOOM, JACOB                             PA-21-D-104
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         PA-21-D-169
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         PA-21-A-130
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         PA-21-C-63
DOUGLASS, GEORGE                        PA-21-F-220
DOUGLASS, JOHN                          PA-21-F-361
DOWNS, WILLIAM                          PA-21-B-65
DRENNON, DAVID                          PA-21-C-112
DRENNON, DAVID                          PA-21-D-218
DUCK, PHILIP                            PA-21-F-194
DUFFY, PATRICK                          PA-21-D-80
DUNCAN, STEPHEN                         PA-21-E-337
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          PA-21-B-212
DUNCAN, WILLIAM                         PA-21-E-323
DUNLAP, ANDREW                          PA-21-A-125
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         PA-21-A-62
DUNLOP, JAMES                           PA-21-E-273
DUNNING, ROBERT                         PA-21-A-1
DUNNON, SAMUEL                          PA-21-E-12
DUNWOODY, THOMAS                        PA-21-D-109
EAGERS, MARGARET                        PA-21-C-122
EAGRE, JOHN                             PA-21-B-213
EAKEN, JAMES                            PA-21-B-23
EALS, JENNET                            PA-21-F-90
EALTON, JOHN JR.                        PA-21-D-189
EARL, RICHARD                           PA-21-E-222
EBERT, HANICH                           PA-21-D-152
ECKLES, CHARLES                         PA-21-D-63
ELLIOT, ROBERT                          PA-21-A-190
ELLIOT, ROBERT                          PA-21-A-184
ELLIOTT, EDWARD                         PA-21-E-207
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          PA-21-D-181
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          PA-21-E-231
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           PA-21-D-209
ELLIOTT, MARTHA                         PA-21-C-115
ELLIOTT, MARY                           PA-21-F-335
ELLIOTT, ROBERT                         PA-21-A-113
ELLOT, JAMES                            PA-21-B-105
EMMACK, ANDREW                          PA-21-A-74
ERVIN, ANDREW                           PA-21-F-79
ERWIN, JOHN                             PA-21-B-97
ERWIN, JOHN                             PA-21-E-185
ESPY, GEORGE                            PA-21-E-340
ESPY, JEAN                              PA-21-E-360
EVERS, PHILIP                           PA-21-F-343
EWIN, WILLIAM                           PA-21-B-182
FARR, NICHOLAS                          PA-21-F-152
FIELURE, NICHOALS                       PA-21-F-88
FILSON, SAMUEL                          PA-21-F-173
FINLEY, JOHN                            PA-21-D-178
FINNEY, ALEXANDER                       PA-21-A-156
FINTON, SAMUEL                          PA-21-D-87
FISHER, JAMES                           PA-21-F-98
FISHER, SAMUEL                          PA-21-B-230
FISHER, THOMAS                          PA-21-E-163
FLEMING, JOHN                           PA-21-A-85
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        PA-21-F-270
FOLK, CHRISTIANA                        PA-21-F-318
FORBES, ANDREW                          PA-21-B-151
FORSTER, ARTHUR                         PA-21-A-50
FOULK, STEPHEN                          PA-21-F-201
FRAZER, ARON                            PA-21-E-107
GALBRAITH, ROBERT                       PA-21-E-113
GALBRAITH, SAMUEL                       PA-21-F-15
GALBREATH, ELIZABETH                    PA-21-F-135
GALBREATH, JAMES                        PA-21-E-65
GALBREATH, JOHN                         PA-21-A-39
GAMBLE, WILLIAM                         PA-21-A-174
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        PA-21-E-220
GARRET, ROBERT                          PA-21-E-97
GARVIN, JAMES                           PA-21-E-101
GASS, BENJAMIN                          PA-21-A-14
GATZ, MARY                              PA-21-F-39
GEDDIS, JAMES                           PA-21-A-118
GEDDIS, WILLIAM                         PA-21-E-349
GEDDIS, WILLIAM                         PA-21-E-162
GELSTON, DAVID                          PA-21-A-179
GEMMILL, JOHN                           PA-21-E-30
GEOBLE, JOHN HENRY                      PA-21-F-242
GIBBS, SAMUEL                           PA-21-C-36
GIBSON, ANDREW                          PA-21-D-151
GIBSON, JAMES                           PA-21-A-55
GIBSON, JOHN                            PA-21-A-7
GIBSON, ROBERT                          PA-21-A-35
GIBSON, ROBERT                          PA-21-F-107
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-B-80
GIFFEN, ANDREW                          PA-21-B-117
GILLESPIE, JAMES                        PA-21-E-355
GILMORE, JOHN                           PA-21-F-11
GILSTON, RICHARD                        PA-21-D-177
GINN, JOSEPH                            PA-21-E-235
GLADSTEN, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-21-F-268
GLASGOW, JOHN                           PA-21-C-161
GLEN, GABRAEL                           PA-21-E-290
GLENN, MOSES                            PA-21-F-85
GOLKLIN, JACOB SR.                      PA-21-F-162
GOORLEY, JOHN                           PA-21-F-339
GORDON, JAMES                           PA-21-E-96
GORDON, JOHN                            PA-21-D-227
GOWDY, SAMUEL                           PA-21-F-43
GRAHAM, AGNES                           PA-21-D-214
GRAHAM, FRANCIS                         PA-21-D-15
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         PA-21-A-84
GRAY, WILLIAM                           PA-21-B-166
GREENLEE, WILLIAM                       PA-21-D-175
GREGG, ANDREW                           PA-21-E-1
GREGG, MATTHEW                          PA-21-E-199
GREGORY, JAMES JR.                      PA-21-F-190
GRIFFEN, EDWARD                         PA-21-D-120
GRIMES, JOHN ADAM                       PA-21-E-179
GROMLICK, ADAM                          PA-21-F-247
GROSS, JACOB                            PA-21-B-102
GROVE, JACOB SR.                        PA-21-F-124
GUDLANDER, JACOB                        PA-21-F-334
GUNSAULUS, JAMES                        PA-21-E-102
HACKET, GEORE                           PA-21-F-185
HALINGS, MARCUS                         PA-21-E-136
HALL, ISABELLA                          PA-21-E-295
HAMILTON, GEORGE                        PA-21-F-37
HAMILTON, JAMES                         PA-21-C-9
HAMILTON, THOMAS                        PA-21-D-205
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       PA-21-A-110
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       PA-21-A-8
HANNA, PATRICK                          PA-21-A-58
HANNA, SAMUEL                           PA-21-E-147
HARKNESS, WILLIAM                       PA-21-E-204
HARPER, HUGH                            PA-21-B-208
HARPER, SAMUEL                          PA-21-C-85
HARPER, SAMUEL                          PA-21-F-308
HARRIS, JOHN                            PA-21-A-60
HARRIS, JOHN                            PA-21-F-9
HART, JOHN                              PA-21-D-101
HART, MATTHEW                           PA-21-E-303
HART, PATRICK                           PA-21-C-93
HATHORN, JAMES                          PA-21-E-358
HAWTHORN, ROBERT                        PA-21-E-172
HAYS, ADAM                              PA-21-E-145
HAYS, WILLIAM                           PA-21-E-320
HEACK, JOHN                             PA-21-E-347
HENDERSON, GUSTAVUS                     PA-21-A-53
HENDERSON, JOHN                         PA-21-C-94
HENDERSON, MATTHEW                      PA-21-F-31
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                       PA-21-F-138
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       PA-21-A-112
HENDRICKS, PETER                        PA-21-E-332
HENDRICKS, TOBIAS                       PA-21-C-139
HENRY, JOHN                             PA-21-E-306
HENRY, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-169
HERRON, DAVID                           PA-21-C-83
HERRON, JAMES                           PA-21-A-19
HERVEY, ANDREW                          PA-21-F-244
HIATHERS, GEORGE                        PA-21-E-288
HICK, JOHN CONRAD                       PA-21-E-14
HICKS, NICHOLAS                         PA-21-A-4
HILGOAR, EZEKIEL                        PA-21-B-204
HILL, WILLIAM                           PA-21-A-44
HINDMAN, JOHN                           PA-21-D-24
HODGE, JOHN                             PA-21-E-148
HOETTER, GEORGE                         PA-21-E-288
HOFFMAN, GEORGE                         PA-21-F-184
HOFFMAN, GEORGE SR.                     PA-21-F-294
HOGG, SARAH                             PA-21-F-99
HOLDEN, THOMAS                          PA-21-E-48
HOLIDAY, JOHN                           PA-21-B-41
HOLLIDAY, SAMUEL                        PA-21-F-219
HOLMES, ABRAHAM                         PA-21-D-65
HOLMES, PATRICK                         PA-21-B-172
HOOVER, GEORGE                          PA-21-F-73
HOPE, RICHARD                           PA-21-C-123
HORRELL, CLEMENT                        PA-21-E-53
HOUTZ, PHILIP LAURENCE                  PA-21-F-57
HUDSON, JOSEPH                          PA-21-E-4
HUGH, BARNABAS                          PA-21-A-150
HUGHS, THOMAS                           PA-21-C-133
HUNTER, WILLIAM                         PA-21-C-25
HUNTER, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-21-F-78
HUSTON, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-21-D-242
HUSTON, SAMUEL                          PA-21-D-224
HUSTON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-B-160
HUSTON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-A-49
HUTCHESON, ROBERT                       PA-21-B-31
HUTTON, SOLOMON                         PA-21-F-164
IRWIN, FRANCIS                          PA-21-A-63
IRWIN, GEORGE                           PA-21-E-238
IRWIN, JAMES                            PA-21-C-96
IRWIN, JOHN                             PA-21-B-173
IRWIN, JOHN                             PA-21-F-224
JACK, JAMES                             PA-21-B-242
JACK, ROBERT                            PA-21-C-78
JACKSON, RICHARD                        PA-21-D-34
JACOBS, JOSEPH                          PA-21-E-247
JAMESON, JAMES                          PA-21-C-148
JAMESON, JOHN                           PA-21-B-162
JOANS, WILLIAM                          PA-21-A-148
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         PA-21-C-100
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         PA-21-A-130
JOHSNTON, ROBERT                        PA-21-E-76
JONES, PICKET                           PA-21-C-157
JORDAN, JAMES                           PA-21-B-229
JORDAN, JOHN                            PA-21-A-28
JUNKIN, ADAM                            PA-21-F-214
JUNKIN, JOHN                            PA-21-E-258
JUNKIN, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-21-D-230
KARTT, JACOB                            PA-21-F-103
KEARSLEY, JANE                          PA-21-F-309
KEARSLEY, JONATHAN                      PA-21-D-127
KEENAGHAN, RICHARD                      PA-21-E-160
KEES, JAMES JR.                         PA-21-C-160
KELLY, ROBERT                           PA-21-E-180
KENNEDAY, ARCHIBALD                     PA-21-F-70
KENNER, JOHN                            PA-21-C-5
KENNY, JAMES                            PA-21-D-216
KEYLAH, JOHN                            PA-21-C-26
KIDD, BENJAMIN                          PA-21-E-78
KILGOAR, JAMES                          PA-21-B-109
KILGORE, CHARLES                        PA-21-C-131
KILGORE, ELIZABETH                      PA-21-E-243
KILLAGH, JOHN                           PA-21-C-26
KILLOUGH, JOHN                          PA-21-A-25
KIMMELL, PHILIP                         PA-21-E-71
KINKADE, GEOREG                         PA-21-E-187
KINKEAD, JOHN                           PA-21-B-124
KIRK, WILLIAM                           PA-21-D-71
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES                      PA-21-D-29
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES                      PA-21-F-351
KNOPF, JACOB                            PA-21-E-152
KNOWER, JOHN                            PA-21-E-223
LAIRD, HUGH                             PA-21-F-241
LAMOND, WILLIAM                         PA-21-B-1
LAUGHLIN, JAMES                         PA-21-E-259
LAWRENCE, CALEB                         PA-21-E-200
LEE, RELPH                              PA-21-B-165
LEE, RICHARD                            PA-21-F-23
LEEPER, ALLAN                           PA-21-E-138
LEEPER, JOHN                            PA-21-D-89
LEIBY, GEORGE                           PA-21-F-8
LEIPER, JOHN                            PA-21-D-89
LINDSEY, AGNESS                         PA-21-F-192
LINDSEY, SAMUEL                         PA-21-E-239
LITTLE, JAMES                           PA-21-D-233
LOCKART, THOMAS                         PA-21-A-65
LOGAN, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-A-111
LOGAN, JOHN                             PA-21-A-42
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          PA-21-A-187
LONDON, MATTHEW                         PA-21-F-204
LONG, ANDREW                            PA-21-A-136
LONG, JAMES                             PA-21-A-122
LONG, THOMAS                            PA-21-D-200
LONGSTROFF, HENRY                       PA-21-E-262
LOPEMAN, THOMAS                         PA-21-F-140
LOVE, JAMES                             PA-21-E-57
LOVE, JOHN                              PA-21-F-211
LOWERS, ANDREW                          PA-21-D-121
LUCKEY, ANDREW                          PA-21-B-70
LUSK, WILLIAM                           PA-21-F-148
LUTES, GEORGE                           PA-21-F-332
LYON, JOHN                              PA-21-D-38
MACHAN, ROBERT                          PA-21-D-49
MAGAW, ROBERT                           PA-21-E-171
MAGAW, WILLIAM                          PA-21-A-21
MAGEE, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-F-212
MAGHEA, THOMAS                          PA-21-A-20
MAGUFFEY, WILLIAM                       PA-21-B-111
MAHON, ARCHIBALD                        PA-21-C-70
MAHON, JAMES                            PA-21-B-142
MAHON, ROBERT                           PA-21-B-53
MAIN, WILLIAM                           PA-21-B-6
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        PA-21-E-40
MARSHALL, MICHAEL                       PA-21-E-316
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                       PA-21-E-184
MARTIN, EBERHARD                        PA-21-D-199
MARTIN, JAMES                           PA-21-C-49
MARTIN, JONATHAN                        PA-21-C-154
MARTIN, PAUL                            PA-21-F-304
MARTIN, ROBERT (DR.)                    PA-21-C-20
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          PA-21-E-33
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         PA-21-D-12
MASONER, ELIZABETH                      PA-21-F-250
MATHERS, JOHN                           PA-21-C-92
MATHERS, THOMAS                         PA-21-F-177
MATHEWS, ALLEXANDER                     PA-21-B-7
MATTHEWS, ALEXANDER                     PA-21-C-113
MATTHEWS, JAMES                         PA-21-E-327
MAVINS, GEORGE                          PA-21-F-120
MAXWELL, ALBERT                         PA-21-E-144
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-21-C-72
MAYS, JAMES                             PA-21-B-27
MCALLISTER, DAVID                       PA-21-A-103
MCALLISTER, DUNCAN                      PA-21-B-244
MCALLISTER, TOBIAS                      PA-21-E-348
MCBETH, ANDREW                          PA-21-E-234
MCBRIDE, CALEB                          PA-21-D-106
MCBRIDE, SAMUEL                         PA-21-B-29
MCCALL, ANN                             PA-21-E-344
MCCALL, JAMES                           PA-21-D-142
MCCALL, ROBERT                          PA-21-F-62
MCCALLESTER, JOHN                       PA-21-E-354
MCCALLISTER, ARCHIBALD                  PA-21-B-4
MCCAMISH, JOSEPH                        PA-21-B-112
MCCAMONT, JAMES                         PA-21-D-21
MCCANA, PATRICK                         PA-21-E-178
MCCARNEY, JOHN                          PA-21-A-143
MCCARTNEY, JOHN                         PA-21-E-110
MCCAY, ROBERT                           PA-21-C-21
MCCLANAHAN, MARY                        PA-21-D-100
MCCLANE, PATRICK                        PA-21-C-127
MCCLAY, JOHN                            PA-21-C-149
MCCLEAN, ALLAN                          PA-21-E-92
MCCLEAN, CORNELIUS                      PA-21-F-20
MCCLELLAND, JOHN                        PA-21-A-68
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                     PA-21-B-26
MCCLENAGHAN, JAMES                      PA-21-C-18
MCCLILLAN, JOHN                         PA-21-B-9
MCCLINTOCK, ALEXANDER                   PA-21-A-68
MCCLINTOCK, JAMES                       PA-21-F-214
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN                        PA-21-E-127
MCCLINTOCK, JOSEPH                      PA-21-F-143
MCCLINTOCK, ROBERT                      PA-21-E-301
MCCLUCHON, JOHN                         PA-21-A-77
MCCLURE, ANDREW                         PA-21-A-5
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-21-A-86
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-21-A-44
MCCLURE, JOHN                           PA-21-A-115
MCCLURE, JOSEPH                         PA-21-D-236
MCCLURE, ROBERT SR.                     PA-21-E-267
MCCLURE, WILLIAM                        PA-21-B-163
MCCONNEL, JAMES                         PA-21-A-128
MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER                    PA-21-A-35
MCCONNELL, ESTHER                       PA-21-E-93
MCCONNELL, JAMES                        PA-21-B-114
MCCONNELL, JAMES SR.                    PA-21-C-29
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      PA-21-A-90
MCCORD, GEORGE                          PA-21-A-108
MCCORMICK, ADAM                         PA-21-E-227
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH                    PA-21-A-159
MCCORMICK, HUGH                         PA-21-C-56
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        PA-21-F-259
MCCORMICK, JANE                         PA-21-E-118
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         PA-21-D-117
MCCOWN, FINLAW                          PA-21-F-160
MCCOY, JOHN                             PA-21-F-237
MCCOY, WILLIAM                          PA-21-F-69
MCCRAKEN, JAMES                         PA-21-F-238
MCCREE, SAMUEL                          PA-21-C-90
MCCREIGHT, DAVID                        PA-21-B-167
MCCUE, ANTHONY                          PA-21-E-167
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES                       PA-21-E-50
MCCUNE, ELENDER                         PA-21-D-167
MCCUNE, JAMES                           PA-21-C-129
MCCUNE, JOHN                            PA-21-A-146
MCCUNE, JOHN                            PA-21-E-278
MCCUNE, SAMUEL                          PA-21-E-84
MCCURDY, ARCHIBALD                      PA-21-A-22
MCCURDY, WILLIAM                        PA-21-B-39
MCDANIEL, DANIEL                        PA-21-E-151
MCDANIEL, ROWLAND                       PA-21-D-60
MCDONALD, DUNCAN                        PA-21-C-48
MCDONNELL, JOHN                         PA-21-F-172
MCDOWEL, GEORGE                         PA-21-D-102
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          PA-21-B-48
MCELHENNY, JAMES                        PA-21-C-142
MCELWAIN, ANDREW                        PA-21-B-60
MCENAIR, ALEXANDER                      PA-21-E-245
MCEWIN, JAMES                           PA-21-D-52
MCFADEN, SAMUEL                         PA-21-D-1
MCFARLANE, JAMES                        PA-21-B-72
MCFARLANE, MARGARET                     PA-21-E-106
MCFARLANE, PATRICK                      PA-21-E-289
MCFARLANE, WILLIAM                      PA-21-F-262
MCFARLIN, ROBERT                        PA-21-D-206
MCGENAN, SAMUEL                         PA-21-A-25
MCINTYRE, ANDREW                        PA-21-A-82
MCKEAN, JAMES                           PA-21-E-267
MCKEE, JAMES                            PA-21-D-95
MCKEE, JOHN                             PA-21-C-51
MCKEEHAN, JOHN                          PA-21-D-140
MCKEY, THOMAS                           PA-21-A-31
MCKINNEY, JOSEPH                        PA-21-E-34
MCKINNEY, JOSIAH                        PA-21-D-137
MCKINNEY, THOMAS                        PA-21-E-116
MCKINZIE, ROBERT                        PA-21-C-162
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          PA-21-A-181
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          PA-21-F-116
MCMACHEN, JOHN                          PA-21-A-172
MCMATH, JAMES                           PA-21-C-32
MCMEEN, JOSIAS                          PA-21-D-229
MCMURRAY, THOMAS                        PA-21-E-158
MCMURRAY, WILLIAM                       PA-21-E-104
MCMURRAY, WILLIAM                       PA-21-F-330
MCNAIR, JOHN                            PA-21-E-196
MCNAIR, MARY                            PA-21-F-137
MCNEAL, JOHN                            PA-21-C-3
MCNELEY, GEORGE                         PA-21-E-46
MCNICKALL, FRANCIS                      PA-21-A-164
MCOCONNAL, GEORGE                       PA-21-D-149
MCTEER, JAMES SR.                       PA-21-E-5
MCTEER, JOHN                            PA-21-E-181
MCTEER, SAMUEL                          PA-21-F-199
MCWHINNEY, ROBERT                       PA-21-E-321
MEANS, ROBERT                           PA-21-C-151
MEHAFFEY, SAMUEL                        PA-21-F-110
MICHAL, MARINAS                         PA-21-E-134
MICKEY, ROBERT                          PA-21-E-342
MILESON, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-21-E-156
MILLER, ARTHUR                          PA-21-C-159
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-21-F-117
MILLER, CONRAD                          PA-21-D-163
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-21-A-89
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-21-B-227
MILLER, MATTHEW                         PA-21-E-191
MILLER, PHILIP                          PA-21-E-309
MILLER, ROBERT                          PA-21-C-59
MILLER, ROBERT                          PA-21-F-1
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-21-B-210
MILLER, WILLIAM                         PA-21-F-4
MILLIKAN, THOMAS                        PA-21-D-20
MITCHEL, JOHN                           PA-21-B-169
MITCHEL, SAMUEL                         PA-21-D-157
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     PA-21-A-133
MITCHELL, GAWIN                         PA-21-D-110
MITCHELL, ISABELL                       PA-21-E-232
MITCHELL, JAMES                         PA-21-D-31
MITCHELL, JOHN                          PA-21-A-34
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                       PA-21-C-137
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        PA-21-C-158
MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL                      PA-21-A-140
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                      PA-21-D-53
MONTZ, STOPHEL                          PA-21-E-37
MOORE, DAVID                            PA-21-C-60
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-21-A-167
MOORHEAD, JOHN                          PA-21-B-203
MORISON, WILLIAM                        PA-21-B-100
MORRISON, ANTHONY                       PA-21-F-10
MORRISON, JEANET                        PA-21-F-51
MORROW, CHARLES                         PA-21-A-56
MURPHY, ANDREW JR.                      PA-21-D-17
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       PA-21-E-298
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       PA-21-E-241
MURRAY, JAMES                           PA-21-A-51
MURRAY, THOMAS                          PA-21-E-128
MURRY, ROBERT                           PA-21-C-38
MUSHELL, ARCHIBALD                      PA-21-A-98
NEEPER, JOSEPH                          PA-21-A-186
NEILL, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-189
NELSON, NATHANIEL                       PA-21-D-159
NESMITH, ALEXANDER                      PA-21-A-12
NETTLES, ROBERT                         PA-21-F-86
NEWTON, EDWARD                          PA-21-E-186
NICHOLSON, JOHN                         PA-21-D-42
NICHOLSON, RICHARD                      PA-21-E-281
NICKLAS, EDWARD                         PA-21-C-34
NILSON, JAMES                           PA-21-B-44
NOBLE, WILLIAM                          PA-21-F-311
NUGENT, WILLIAM                         PA-21-A-99
OATS, JOHN                              PA-21-C-28
OBRIAN, MARTIN                          PA-21-D-213
OFFICER, JAMES                          PA-21-C-43
OGDEN, JOSEPH                           PA-21-E-25
ONEIL, JON                              PA-21-E-120
ORBISON, THOMAS                         PA-21-C-145
ORR, JAMES                              PA-21-A-189
ORR, JOHN                               PA-21-E-335
ORR, WILLIAM                            PA-21-B-35
OVERTEER, CHARLES                       PA-21-C-97
OWENS, EZEKIEL                          PA-21-A-81
PARKE, THOMAS                           PA-21-A-136
PARKER, JAMES                           PA-21-E-334
PARKER, MARGARET                        PA-21-E-257
PARKER, REBECCA JR.                     PA-21-D-59
PARKER, RICHARD                         PA-21-C-84
PARKER, RICHARD                         PA-21-B-175
PARKISON, JOHN                          PA-21-F-280
PARKISON, WILLIAM                       PA-21-F-331
PATTEN, THOMAS                          PA-21-E-48
PATTERSON, ESHTER                       PA-21-E-146
PATTERSON, JAMES                        PA-21-B-115
PATTERSON, ROBERT                       PA-21-E-265
PATTERSON, SOLOMON                      PA-21-A-38
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-21-E-165
PATTON, JOHN                            PA-21-D-174
PATTON, JOHN                            PA-21-A-173
PATTON, JOHN                            PA-21-E-328
PATTON, MATTHEW                         PA-21-C-69
PATTON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-C-54
PATTON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-F-56
PAWLING, HENRY                          PA-21-A-105
PINKERTON, JAMES                        PA-21-D-30
PIPER, JAMES                            PA-21-B-118
PIPER, WILLIAM                          PA-21-F-246
POE, THOMAS                             PA-21-B-63
POLK, JOHN                              PA-21-B-170
POLLOCK, JAMES                          PA-21-B-154
POLLOCK, JAMES                          PA-21-F-239
PORTER, ALLEXANDER                      PA-21-B-86
PORTER, DAVID                           PA-21-E-37
PORTER, HUGH                            PA-21-E-22
PORTER, JAMES                           PA-21-A-107
PORTER, JAMES                           PA-21-A-116
PORTER, MARY                            PA-21-F-12
PORTERFIELD, JOHN                       PA-21-E-125
PRATHER, HENRY ESQ.                     PA-21-B-205
PUMERY, GEORGE SR.                      PA-21-B-241
PURDY, JOHN                             PA-21-F-253
PURDY, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-269
QUIGLEY, EASTER                         PA-21-C-136
QUIGLEY, HENRY SR.                      PA-21-E-83
QUIGLEY, JAMES                          PA-21-E-198
QUIGLEY, JOHN                           PA-21-F-341
RAMSEY, JAMES                           PA-21-F-64
RAMSEY, JAMES                           PA-21-E-260
RAPLEY, MARY                            PA-21-E-336
REAUGH, SAMUEL                          PA-21-D-36
REED, AZZUR                             PA-21-A-124
REED, JAME R. ESQ.                      PA-21-E-174
REED, JAMES                             PA-21-B-95
REED, JAMES                             PA-21-F-92
REED, JOHN                              PA-21-C-118
REED, JOHN                              PA-21-F-158
REED, ROBERT                            PA-21-B-138
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-21-A-48
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-21-F-18
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-21-E-236
REES, SOLOMON                           PA-21-F-223
REIBER, JOHN WILLIAM                    PA-21-C-30
REIGHTER, GEORGE                        PA-21-F-266
RENICK, ALEXANDER                       PA-21-C-44
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                        PA-21-A-16
REYNOLDS, MARY                          PA-21-A-46
REYNOLDS, ROBERT                        PA-21-A-69
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                       PA-21-B-11
REYON, WILLIAM                          PA-21-B-194
RHEINIER, JOHN                          PA-21-E-264
RICHEY, JOHN                            PA-21-B-130
RICHEY, SAMUEL                          PA-21-D-235
RICHTER, PETER                          PA-21-C-41
RIPPEY, JOHN                            PA-21-A-57
RIPPTON, JOHN                           PA-21-F-170
ROACH, PETER                            PA-21-E-351
ROBB, JOHN                              PA-21-A-91
ROBESON, JOHN                           PA-21-A-4
ROBESON, JOHN                           PA-21-F-195
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-21-B-187
ROBISON, ELLIOTT                        PA-21-F-87
RODGERS, JOHN                           PA-21-E-302
RODOCKER, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-21-E-256
ROSEBOROUGH, ROBERT                     PA-21-B-57
ROSENBERGER, HENRY                      PA-21-C-67
ROSS, ARCHIBALD                         PA-21-D-176
ROSS, ELIZABETH                         PA-21-B-183
ROSS, JAMES                             PA-21-D-160
ROSS, JOHN                              PA-21-E-311
ROSS, WILLIAM                           PA-21-A-127
RUPLEY, JACOB                           PA-21-E-284
RUPP, JONAS                             PA-21-F-217
RUTLIDGE, ISAAC                         PA-21-A-66
RYAIN, AGNESS                           PA-21-E-230
RYANS, CORNELIUS                        PA-21-E-49
SALSBURY, WILLIAM                       PA-21-E-221
SAMPLE, JOHN                            PA-21-E-333
SAMUELS, ROBERT                         PA-21-B-55
SANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-21-A-75
SANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-21-F-352
SANDERSON, GEORGE                       PA-21-F-354
SANDERSON, GEORGE                       PA-21-F-71
SANDERSON, JOHN                         PA-21-F-154
SANDS, JOHN                             PA-21-F-129
SCROGGS, ALEXANDER                      PA-21-F-22
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-21-B-178
SCOTT, JOHN                             PA-21-D-153
SCOTT, MATTHEW                          PA-21-F-111
SCROGGS, ALLEN                          PA-21-C-12
SEGRIST, BARTHOLOMEW                    PA-21-C-79
SELLARS, SAMUEL                         PA-21-D-203
SEMPLE, JOHN                            PA-21-A-52
SHANNON, ROBERT                         PA-21-F-13
SHANON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-A-17
SHARP, ROBERT                           PA-21-E-213
SHARP, WILLIAM                          PA-21-D-46
SHAW, SAMUEL                            PA-21-D-241
SHEEPSHANKS, RICHARD                    PA-21-F-94
SHERARDIN, PETER                        PA-21-A-118
SHIELDS, DAVID                          PA-21-B-153
SHIELDS, ROBERT                         PA-21-D-204
SHOP, ULERY                             PA-21-E-131
SIMISON, JOHN                           PA-21-F-28
SIMONDS, WILLIAM                        PA-21-E-359
SIMRALL, DAVID                          PA-21-D-43
SLOWAN, JOHN                            PA-21-D-26
SMALL, ANDREW                           PA-21-B-147
SMILEY, GEORGE                          PA-21-E-308
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          PA-21-F-59
SMITH, EZEKIEL                          PA-21-A-166
SMITH, JAEMS                            PA-21-A-134
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-21-E-232
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-21-B-149
SMITH, JONATHAN                         PA-21-B-246
SMITH, MICHAEL                          PA-21-F-26
SMITH, PETER                            PA-21-F-141
SMITH, PETER                            PA-21-E-352
SMITH, PETER                            PA-21-E-194
SMITH, PHILIP                           PA-21-F-25
SMITH, SAMUEL                           PA-21-D-27
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-62
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-80
SMYTH, WILLIAM                          PA-21-B-188
SNEBLI, JACOBI                          PA-21-A-151
SNIVELY, JACOB                          PA-21-A-151
SPARK, HENRY LUDOLPH                    PA-21-F-350
SPEAR, BENJAMIN                         PA-21-A-126
SPEAR, BRO                              PA-21-A-41
SPEAR, JOHN                             PA-21-A-10
SPEAR, JOSEPH                           PA-21-D-75
SPRAY, THOMAS                           PA-21-D-93
STAGMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-21-F-197
STAIR, JOHN                             PA-21-E-109
STEAR, JOHN                             PA-21-D-219
STEARN, ROBERT                          PA-21-C-52
STEEL, ANTHONY                          PA-21-E-361
STEEL, JOHN (MINISTER)                  PA-21-D-5
STEELE, JOHN                            PA-21-F-207
STERRETT, DAVID                         PA-21-E-216
STERRETT, JOHN                          PA-21-A-93
STEVENSON, JOHN                         PA-21-C-66
STEVENSON, JOHN                         PA-21-C-15
STEVENSON, RACHEL                       PA-21-D-14
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      PA-21-E-136
STEWART, ARCHIBALD                      PA-21-E-270
STEWART, ARTHUR                         PA-21-A-3
STEWART, JOHN                           PA-21-D-10
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-21-E-18
STEWART, WALTER                         PA-21-B-106
STITT, SAMUEL                           PA-21-C-99
STONE, JAMES                            PA-21-D-74
STONES, PETER SR.                       PA-21-E-157
STRAIN, ROBERT                          PA-21-C-14
STRETCH, JOBE                           PA-21-D-197
STRINGE,R HOLTCRAFT                     PA-21-A-40
STUART, ANDREW                          PA-21-A-27
STUART, CHARLES                         PA-21-A-157
STUART, MARY                            PA-21-E-215
STUART, SAMUEL                          PA-21-E-148
STUMP, PHILIP                           PA-21-A-178
STUTSMAN, JACOB                         PA-21-B-215
SWAGER, JACOB                           PA-21-B-68
SWAN, WILLIAM                           PA-21-B-143
SWANEY, SAMUEL                          PA-21-A-61
SWANZEY, JOHN                           PA-21-D-37
SWARTZ, ELIZABETH                       PA-21-F-91
SWARTZ, JOHN                            PA-21-E-226
SYMENTON, ROBERT                        PA-21-B-12
TATE, JOHN                              PA-21-E-68
TAYLOR, HUGH                            PA-21-D-78
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         PA-21-D-34
THOMAS, GEORGE                          PA-21-B-132
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         PA-21-B-180
THOMPSON, ANDREW                        PA-21-E-249
THOMPSON, HENDRY                        PA-21-D-96
THOMPSON, HUGH                          PA-21-A-77
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-21-D-2
THOMPSON, JOHN                          PA-21-C-8
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        PA-21-A-78
THOMPSON, MARGARET                      PA-21-F-121
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        PA-21-E-103
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        PA-21-D-125
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-21-D-53
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-21-F-93
THOMSON, MARY                           PA-21-C-153
THOMSON, ROBERT                         PA-21-A-120
THORN, JAMES                            PA-21-D-222
TOMB, ADAM                              PA-21-B-239
TORENCE, ALBERT                         PA-21-B-232
TORRANCE, HUGH                          PA-21-E-28
TOWNSLEY, WILLIAM                       PA-21-E-345
TRESTER, PETER                          PA-21-F-24
TRIMBLE, ALEXANDER                      PA-21-A-180
TRINDLE, WILLIAM                        PA-21-E-52
TRINDLE, WILLIAM                        PA-21-B-161
TROUT, JOHN                             PA-21-D-105
TURNER, JOHN                            PA-21-F-336
URIE, ROBERT                            PA-21-B-193
URWIN, JOHN                             PA-21-F-224
VANCAMP, WILLIAM                        PA-21-F-181
WALKER, BENJAMIN                        PA-21-D-124
WALKER, JAMES                           PA-21-C-140
WALKER, JAMES                           PA-21-F-153
WALKER, RACHEL                          PA-21-E-307
WALLACE, DAVID                          PA-21-D-130
WALLACE, JOHN                           PA-21-C-87
WALLACE, JOHN                           PA-21-B-32
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         PA-21-F-119
WALTENBERGER, GEORGE                    PA-21-E-326
WARD, JOHN                              PA-21-A-70
WATSON, AARON                           PA-21-B-76
WATSON, JOSEPH                          PA-21-C-102
WATTS, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-E-134
WAUGH, JAMES                            PA-21-D-246
WEAKLEY, ROBERT                         PA-21-F-258
WEAKLY, JAMES                           PA-21-B-121
WEAR, SAMUEL                            PA-21-A-64
WEAVER, ANN MARGRET                     PA-21-F-183
WEAVER, JUSTICE HENRY                   PA-21-F-165
WEAVER, VENDEL                          PA-21-F-302
WEST, FRANCIS                           PA-21-D-193
WHAROTN, HENRY                          PA-21-D-128
WHITE, THOMAS                           PA-21-F-109
WHITEHILL, JEAN                         PA-21-F-20
WHITESIDE, JAMES                        PA-21-A-83
WIER, GEORGE                            PA-21-F-105
WILKINS, JAMES                          PA-21-B-217
WILKINS, JAMES                          PA-21-B-157
WILLAIMSON, SAMUEL                      PA-21-B-84
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-21-F-282
WILLIAMSON, DAVID                       PA-21-F-347
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        PA-21-A-43
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                      PA-21-E-143
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                      PA-21-F-113
WILLS, DAVID                            PA-21-F-210
WILLSON, JOHN                           PA-21-B-155
WILLSON, NATHANIEL                      PA-21-A-138
WILLSON, WILLIAM                        PA-21-E-99
WILSON, HUGH                            PA-21-F-38
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-21-D-171
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-21-C-107
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-21-E-122
WILSON, JAMES ARMSTRONG                 PA-21-E-123
WILSON, JOSEPH                          PA-21-F-356
WILSON, MARK                            PA-21-D-156
WILSON, MATTHEW                         PA-21-F-16
WILSON, SAMUEL                          PA-21-D-146
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-21-B-134
WILSON, THOMAS                          PA-21-B-77
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-D-88
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-B-50
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-F-118
WILSON, WILLIAM                         PA-21-F-123
WINCHEL, ISAAC                          PA-21-B-69
WISE, JACOB                             PA-21-F-100
WISHARD, JOHN                           PA-21-C-89
WITHROW, WILLIAM                        PA-21-B-33
WITZEL, GEORGE                          PA-21-E-98
WOLFE, LEONARD                          PA-21-E-64
WOOD, JAMES                             PA-21-A-9
WOODEND, JOHN                           PA-21-B-107
WOODS, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-F-7
WOODS, JOHN                             PA-21-E-203
WOODS, SAMUEL                           PA-21-F-306
WOODS, THOMAS                           PA-21-E-251
WOODS, WILLIAM                          PA-21-E-299
WOODS, WILLIAM                          PA-21-F-128
WOOLF, JEREMIAH                         PA-21-E-74
WORK, ALEXANDER                         PA-21-D-8
WORK, JENET                             PA-21-F-132
WORK, JOHN                              PA-21-F-134
WORTS, JACOB                            PA-21-B-198
WRIGHT, AGNES                           PA-21-D-161
WRIGHT, GEORGE                          PA-21-F-300
WRIGHT, JAMES                           PA-21-A-102
WUNDERLICK, DANIEL                      PA-21-F-133
WYLIE, JOHN                             PA-21-F-30
YORTY, HENRY                            PA-21-E-161
YOUNG, ALEXANDER                        PA-21-F-169
YOUNG, JAMES                            PA-21-C-57

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