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ABRAM, WILLIAM                         PA-17-C-346
ADDLEMAN, WILLAM                       PA-17-A-237
ALBERT, EMMA                           PA-17-E-172
ALBERT, JAMES                          PA-17-B-225
ALBERT, JOHN D.                        PA-17-F-280
ALEXANDER, CATHARINE                   PA-17-F-239
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       PA-17-B-580
ALEXANDER, JOHN D.                     PA-17-C-71
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM B.                  PA-17-B-75, 366
ALLEMAN, BENJAMIN                      PA-17-E-79
ALLEN, THOMAS                          PA-17-E-32
ALLPORT, JAMES                         PA-17-A-244
ALLSION, ANDREW                        PA-17-A-91
ANDERSON, JAMES V. A.                  PA-17-A-143
ANDERSON, W. W.                        PA-17-B-303
ANTIS, PHILIP                          PA-17-A-17
ARDERY, ELISHA                         PA-17-B-585
ARNOLD, PHILIP                         PA-17-F-39
ARNOLD, PHILIP                         PA-17-A-150
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                         PA-17-F-16
ASHLEY, ROBERT                         PA-17-A-181
ATCHESON, WILLIAM                      PA-17-E-506
AURAND, L. F.                          PA-17-E-494
BAILEY, CALEB                          PA-17-A-84
BAILEY, DANIEL                         PA-17-B-406
BAILEY, JOSEPH                         PA-17-F-272
BANTZ, HENRY                           PA-17-B-630
BARGER, ISAAC                          PA-17-A-160
BARGER, JOSEPH                         PA-17-D-341
BARGER, JOSEPH                         PA-17-B-187
BARR, ROBERT                           PA-17-A-4
BARRETT, EDMUND                        PA-17-F-336
BARRETT, GEORGE                        PA-17-E-515
BARRETT, GEORGE R. SR.                 PA-17-D-129
BARRETT, JULIAN                        PA-17-D-375
BARRETT, LUTHER                        PA-17-B-554
BARRETT, SUSANNA                       PA-17-E-313
BARRON, MAURICE P.                     PA-17-D-76
BARTLEBAUGH, EMMA R.                   PA-17-F-482
BARTO, MARGARET                        PA-17-F-102
BAUMAN, DANIEL                         PA-17-E-60
BEAMS, DANIEL                          PA-17-E-391
BEAMS, HENRY S.                        PA-17-B-44
BEAMS, JACOB                           PA-17-F-413
BEATY, ALEXANDER                       PA-17-B-349
BEATY, JAMES O.                        PA-17-D-349
BEAUMONT, JOHN                         PA-17-B-475
BEEMAN, LOUIA J.                       PA-17-F-234
BEIHL, HENRY                           PA-17-C-267
BELL, ALFRED                           PA-17-E-25
BELL, GREENWOOD                        PA-17-B-27
BELL, GRIER SR.                        PA-17-C-311
BELL, SAMUEL                           PA-17-D-181
BENNEHOOF, PHILIP                      PA-17-B-453
BENNETT, MARTHA                        PA-17-C-167
BERGEY, JOHN                           PA-17-F-83
BERKEY, JOHN S.                        PA-17-E-417
BERRY, SOPHIA                          PA-17-B-515
BILGER, JACOB                          PA-17-F-252
BILLOTTE, LAWRENCE                     PA-17-C-200
BISHOP, S. B.                          PA-17-F-485
BLANDY, H. P. R.                       PA-17-E-186
BLISS, GEORGE                          PA-17-F-397
BLOOM, ABRAHAM                         PA-17-B-372
BLOOM, ALEXANDER                       PA-17-C-254
BLOOM, BENJAMIN                        PA-17-B-483
BLOOM, ELI                             PA-17-D-53
BLOOM, ISAAC                           PA-17-A-363
BLOOM, JAMES A.                        PA-17-F-348
BLOOM, JOHN                            PA-17-B-318
BLOOM, JOHN R.                         PA-17-A-97
BLOOM, LAFAYETTE                       PA-17-F-321
BLOOM, TILLIE M.                       PA-17-E-285
BLOOM, WILLIAM A.                      PA-17-A-111
BOAL, MARY E.                          PA-17-F-183
BOLAN, WILLIAM                         PA-17-E-472
BONSALL, AMOS JR.                      PA-17-F-471
BONSALL, ISABELLA                      PA-17-F-31
BOONE, PRECILLA                        PA-17-A-122
BOTWRIGHT, GEORGE                      PA-17-F-447
BOUCK, ISAAC                           PA-17-D-267
BOYNTON, A. F.                         PA-17-F-519
BOYNTON, WILLIAM L.                    PA-17-A-47
BRADLEY, MARY                          PA-17-F-242
BRADY, WASHINGTON G.                   PA-17-F-94
BRAWN, RACHEL A.                       PA-17-E-276
BRETH, HENRY                           PA-17-B-400
BRETH, JOHN H.                         PA-17-C-176
BRICKLEY, KATE J.                      PA-17-E-341
BRIEL, JOHN                            PA-17-B-240
BRIGE, AMANDA J.                       PA-17-D-393
BRILLHART, SAMUEL                      PA-17-B-298
BRINK, DANIEL                          PA-17-A-242
BRISBIN, NATHAN T.                     PA-17-D-406
BROLIN, F. O.                          PA-17-F-313
BRONCHAIN, ADRIEN                      PA-17-F-517
BRONOEL, PETER                         PA-17-B-86
BROOKS, BENJAMIN                       PA-17-A-60
BROOKS, SARAH                          PA-17-D-15
BROSIUS, CORNELIA S.                   PA-17-D-351
BROTH, JOSEPH H.                       PA-17-E-327
BROTHERS, JOSEPH                       PA-17-B-467
BROWN, CLARK                           PA-17-F-192
BROWN, F. H. B.                        PA-17-D-480
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-17-B-185
BROWN, MARY A.                         PA-17-F-346
BROWN, OHN                             PA-17-E-296
BROWN,NANCY                            PA-17-E-432
BRUBAKER, JOHN                         PA-17-D-68
BTTORF, REBECCA                        PA-17-B-292
BUCK, CHRISTIAN                        PA-17-E-253
BUCK, F. J.                            PA-17-E-499
BUCK, MARTHA A.                        PA-17-D-77
BUCK, MARY                             PA-17-B-587
BUCK, OTTO C.                          PA-17-F-347
BUCK, SARAH A.                         PA-17-E-325
BUNDY, STEPHEN                         PA-17-B-574
BURCHFIELD, NANCY J.                   PA-17-E-404
BURKEY, MARY ANN                       PA-17-F-79
BURNS, ELIJAH                          PA-17-C-324
BURNS, JAMES                           PA-17-C-349
BURNS, JAMES SR.                       PA-17-F-438
BURNS, JOHN B.                         PA-17-E-498
BYERS, G. W.                           PA-17-F-399
BYERS, JOHN                            PA-17-B-530
BYERS, LEMUEL                          PA-17-C-103
BYERS, SAMUEL                          PA-17-B-380
BYWATER, CHARLES E.                    2-86
CALDWELL, JOSEPH A.                    PA-17-B-273
CALDWELL, MATTHEW                      PA-17-B-236
CAMERON, PETER                         PA-17-E-280
CAMPBELL, AMANDA C.                    PA-17-C-411
CAMPBELL, BRIDGET                      PA-17-D-107
CAMPBELL, MARY                         PA-17-B-280
CAMPBELL, MARY                         PA-17-A-151
CARDON, LEWIS C.                       PA-17-B-207
CARR, ELIZABETH                        PA-17-C-115
CARSON, BENJAMIN                       PA-17-A-217
CARSON, HUGH                           PA-17-C-260
CARSON, JAMES                          PA-17-A-153
CARSON, MARY                           PA-17-E-182
CARSON, ROBERT                         PA-17-C-259
CARSON, THOMAS                         PA-17-B-112
CARTER, JAEMS                          PA-17-F-125
CASANOVA, Y.                           PA-17-D-276
CATHCART, DAVID J.                     PA-17-B-451
CATHCART, ELIZA J.                     PA-17-D-398
CHAMBERS, ISAAC                        PA-17-B-80
CHARLTON, GEORE                        PA-17-E-41
CHASE, JOHN M.                         PA-17-F-3
CHASE, TABITHA                         PA-17-F-221
CHURCHMAN, GEORGE W.                   PA-17-B-438
CLARK, MARY                            PA-17-E-309
CLAYTON, JOHN                          PA-17-E-286
CLEAVER, CHARLES                       PA-17-D-382
CLEAVER, WILLIAM                       PA-17-A-297
CLINE, JANE                            PA-17-D-8
CLYDE, SAMUEL                          PA-17-C-18
COATANT, ANTHONY                       PA-17-A-166
COCHRAN, JANE                          PA-17-B-202
COCHREN, SAMUEL                        PA-17-A-127
COFFIN, LEVI                           PA-17-B-43
COLBURN, THOMAS                        PA-17-B-71
COLE, DEIDRICK                         PA-17-E-154
COLEMAN, HUGH                          PA-17-A-41
COLEMAN, JOHN                          PA-17-D-359
COMSTOCK, JOSHUA                       PA-17-D-262
CONDRICH, MARGARET                     PA-17-C-380
CONKLIN, JACKSON                       PA-17-D-65
CONTERET, F. F.                        PA-17-D-438
CONWAY, SAMUEL                         PA-17-C-289
COOPER, JAMES                          PA-17-F-154
COPENHAVER, CALEB                      PA-17-C-242
CORE, JOSEPH H.                        PA-17-B-120
CORNELY, JAMES                         PA-17-E-464
COUDRIET, S. N.                        PA-17-F-522
COUPERTHWAIT, JOHN                     PA-17-E-329
COUSER, JOHN                           PA-17-D-86
COWAN, MARGARET                        PA-17-B-224
COWDER, JOHN                           PA-17-C-89
COWDER, SARAH                          PA-17-E-12
COWEN, MATTHEW                         PA-17-F-210
CRAGLE, JACOB                          PA-17-D-503
CRAWFORD, MARGARET                     PA-17-B-523
CREE, JOHN                             PA-17-A-5
CREE, WILLIAM                          PA-17-A-62
CRICK, PHILIP H.                       PA-17-D-354
CRIST, JOHNSON                         PA-17-F-57
CROSSMAN, JOSEPH                       PA-17-A-120
CROWEL, JOHN                           PA-17-A-80
CROWELL, BASIL                         PA-17-B-239
CROWELL, SARAH                         PA-17-B-441
CRYSTER, MARY A.                       PA-17-F-1333
CURLEY, CATHARINE                      PA-17-B-55
CURRY, JAMES                           PA-17-A-155
CURRY, JAMES                           PA-17-D-4
CURRY, NANCY                           PA-17-C-4
CURRY, WILLIAM S.                      PA-17-B-542
DABBS, JOHN                            PA-17-E-127
DALE, ALICE                            PA-17-B-96
DALE, MARY ANN                         PA-17-E-70
DALY, PATRICK                          PA-17-D-10, 13
DANIEL, WILLIAM                        PA-17-B-277
DANSMORE, JOHN                         PA-17-E-166
DANVER, JOHN                           PA-17-E-132
DANVIR, RICHARD                        PA-17-B-535
DASH, JOHN                             PA-17-B-334
DAUGHERTY, CHARLOTTE                   PA-17-D-337
DAUGHERTY, JOHN D.                     PA-17-B-205
DAUGHERTY, MARY                        PA-17-D-198, 201
DAVIDSON, W. A.                        PA-17-D-269
DAVIS, GEORGE W.                       PA-17-C-263
DAVIS, JEMIME E.                       PA-17-F-442
DAVIS, MILES                           PA-17-B-511
DAVIS, PHILIP                          PA-17-A-273
DAVIS, SUSAN                           PA-17-C-253
DAVIS, W. F.                           PA-17-C-232
DEERING, JOSEPH                        PA-17-E-85
DELISLE, ELIZABETH                     PA-17-F-289
DENNISON, JAMES                        PA-17-A-56
DERRICK, LEVI                          PA-17-E-36
DEWITT, A. A.                          PA-17-D-59
DICKEY, W. S.                          PA-17-B-370
DICKINSON, JULIA                       PA-17-B-245
DILLEN, JOHN                           PA-17-B-30
DILLEN, JOHN B.                        PA-17-F-61
DINANT, FRANK                          PA-17-E-320
DIXON, THOMAS                          PA-17-E-175
DOLAN, JAMES B.                        PA-17-F-49
DONAHUE, BRIDGET                       PA-17-C-76
DORVITT, HANNAH E.                     PA-17-E-337
DOTTS, PHILIP                          PA-17-F-317
DOUGHERTY, ANDREA                      PA-17-D-224
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                        PA-17-F-153
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                        PA-17-E-54
DOUGHMAN, JACOB                        PA-17-F-374
DOWLER, JAMES                          PA-17-F-476
DRAUCKER, A. K.                        PA-17-F-156
DUBOIS, JOHN                           PA-17-C-331
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                      PA-17-A-147
DURNILL, MARY J.                       PA-17-D-486
EBERT, ELIZABETH                       PA-17-D-233
EDINGER, JACOB                         PA-17-F-30
EDMUNDS, JOHN A.                       PA-17-B-326
EDWARDS, WILLIAM H.                    PA-17-F-367
EDWARDS, WILSON G.                     PA-17-F-322
EISENHOWER, HENRY                      PA-17-B-121
ELLINGER, GEORGE                       PA-17-C-119
ELLINGER, SARAH J.                     PA-17-F-131
ELLINGER, SYLVESTER H.                 PA-17-F-142
ELLIOTT, ELISHA                        PA-17-D-451
ELLIS, JULIA A.                        PA-17-F-300
EMERICK, GEORGE                        PA-17-E-82
EMIGH, CHRISTIAN                       PA-17-B-244
EMIGH, GEORGE                          PA-17-F-516
ENGLAND, NUN                           PA-17-A-39
ERHARD, CATHARINE                      PA-17-A-219
ERHARD, DAVID                          PA-17-E-174
ERHART, DAVID                          PA-17-A-265
ESTEOP, ARTHUR                         PA-17-D-246
ESTEP, BURDINE                         PA-17-E-507
ESTRICKER, JOHN                        PA-17-B-464
EVANS, HANNAH B.                       PA-17-B-428
EVANS, JOSIAH                          PA-17-C-269
EVANS, ROSANNAH                        PA-17-F-152
EWING, THOMAS                          PA-17-C-262
FAGUNDA, YNOCENCIO                     PA-17-D-276
FANCONNIER, FRANCIS                    PA-17-D-104
FARVER, SUSANNAH                       PA-17-B-317
FENOTN, JANE                           PA-17-F-149
FENTON, ELISHA                         PA-17-B-497
FENTON, THOMAS                         PA-17-A-226
FERGUSON, AMANDA                       PA-17-E-352
FERGUSON, JAMES                        PA-17-B-125
FERGUSON, JOHN                         PA-17-A-142
FISHER, WILLIAM                        PA-17-A-144
FLANAGAN, THOMAS                       PA-17-F-185
FLANIGAN, ELIZA                        PA-17-B-345
FLEGAL, VALENTINE                      PA-17-A-71
FLEMING, FANNY                         PA-17-F-122
FLEMING, ROEBRT R.                     PA-17-F-340
FLEMING, THOMAS                        PA-17-B-401
FLYNN, PATRICK                         PA-17-E-38
FONTENOY, PETER                        PA-17-B-299
FORCEY, ANNA                           PA-17-D-429
FOSTER, CHARLES R.                     PA-17-D-473
FOYERWATHER, DANIEL B.                 PA-17-E-196
FRANCE, WILLIAM                        PA-17-D-432
FRAZIER, HUGH                          PA-17-A-2
FRAZIER, MARY ANN                      PA-17-F-56
FREEMAN, A. L.                         PA-17-E-161
FREEMAN, RICAHRD                       PA-17-E-168
FRELIN, JAMES                          PA-17-B-549
FRY, DANIEL                            PA-17-C-128
FRY, JOSEPH                            PA-17-C-273
FULKERSON, SAMUEL O.                   PA-17-F-314
FULLER, CHARLES                        PA-17-D-419
FULLER, SIDNEY                         PA-17-E-437
FULTON, DAVID                          PA-17-B-375
FULTON, JOHN A.                        PA-17-E-250
FULTON, MOSES                          PA-17-B-171
FULTON, ROBERT R.                      PA-17-B-243
FULTON, WASHINGTON P.                  PA-17-E-1
FUNK, JACOB                            PA-17-F-87
GALLAGHER, HARRIET                     PA-17-E-385
GALLAHER, JAMES                        PA-17-B-583
GALLOWAY, JOHN M. (REV)                PA-17-B-168
GANOE, B. H.                           PA-17-F-363
GARMONT, FRANCIS                       PA-17-D-92
GARRISON, MATILDA                      PA-17-F-80
GARTLEY, ROBERT                        PA-17-D-37
GATES, ABRAHAM                         PA-17-E-359
GEARHART, ADAM                         PA-17-B-473
GEARHART, BARBARA                      PA-17-F-494
GEARHART, DAVID                        PA-17-E-480
GEARHART, JOHN                         PA-17-B-293
GEARHART, JOHN S.                      PA-17-F-426
GEARHART, MARY V.                      PA-17-E-152
GEARHART, PERNINAH                     PA-17-E-98
GEARHART, VALENTINE                    PA-17-D-47
GEIST, GEORGE                          PA-17-C-3
GERHARDT, JACOB D.                     PA-17-F-232
GILL, ANGUS M.                         PA-17-B-527
GILL, GEORGE                           PA-17-A-258
GILLEGAN, EDWARD                       PA-17-B-252
GILROY, WILLIAM GEORGE                 PA-17-D-288
GINTER, CONRAD                         PA-17-C-358
GLANCY, WILLIAM                        PA-17-D-153
GOFF, CHARLES M.                       PA-17-D-318
GOOD, RACHEL                           PA-17-E-156
GOODLANDER, DANIEL                     PA-17-F-207
GOODLANDER, GEORGE B.                  PA-17-E-321
GOODLANDER, HENRY                      PA-17-C-136
GORMAN, ILLIE                          PA-17-E-143
GORMAN, JOHN                           PA-17-D-466
GORMLEY, T. G.                         PA-17-F-339
GOSS, ABRAHAM                          PA-17-A-144
GOSS, ABRAM                            PA-17-D-444
GOSS, DAVID                            PA-17-C-212
GOSS, GEORGE                           PA-17-B-100
GOSS, JACOB                            PA-17-B-61
GOSS, JENNIE R.                        PA-17-E-264
GOSS, JOHN                             PA-17-E-424
GOSS, JOSEPH                           PA-17-D-118
GOSS, SARAH                            PA-17-F-361
GOUPIL, JOACHIM                        PA-17-D-136
GRAHAM, JAMES E.                       PA-17-E-414
GRAPE, CATHERINE                       PA-17-F-375
GRAVER, M. L.                          PA-17-D-214
GREENAWAY, EDWARD                      PA-17-F-63
GRIFFIN, G. L.                         PA-17-E-315
GUITER, REBECCA                        PA-17-E-119
GULICK, G. PHILIP                      PA-17-B-259
GUNSALUS, SAMUEL                       PA-17-A-179
GUTHERY, JAMES G.                      PA-17-F-249
HAAG, CHRISTIAN                        PA-17-F-60
HAFF, JAMES                            PA-17-D-499
HAGERTY, JAMES                         PA-17-B-611
HAGERTY, SAMUEL                        PA-17-B-139
HAGERTY, SAMUEL                        PA-17-A-93
HAGY, ADAM                             PA-17-F-184
HAINES, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-223
HALE, JAMES P.                         PA-17-F-161
HALE, JAMES P.                         PA-17-C-69
HAMILTON, JAMES                        PA-17-A-26
HAMMERSCHLAG, SOLOMON                  PA-17-B-297
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                       PA-17-B-204
HANCOCK, ISAIAH W.                     PA-17-F-302
HAND, JOHN                             PA-17-D-34
HANNA, JOHN                            PA-17-E-254
HANSON, E. P.                          PA-17-D-443
HANSON, H. J.                          PA-17-E-158
HARLEY, JOHN F.                        PA-17-C-57
HARLOW, GEORETTA                       PA-17-E-346
HARN, CHARLOTTE J.                     PA-17-E-334
HARN, S. J.                            PA-17-B-307
HARNER, W. L.                          PA-17-B-561
HARRIS, JULIA I.                       PA-17-D-195
HARSHBARGER, MELLISSA E.               PA-17-E-365
HART, GEORGE                           PA-17-C-353
HARTLE, CHRISTIAN                      PA-17-F-134
HARTLEY, JOHN                          PA-17-F-475
HARTSHORN, JONATHAN                    PA-17-C-29
HARTSHORN, RACHEL                      PA-17-F-42
HARTSHORN, SOPHRONIA                   PA-17-D-320
HARTSHORN, WILLIAM                     PA-17-A-154
HARTSOCK, DANIEL                       PA-17-B-494
HARTSOCK, MARTHA                       PA-17-F-324
HARTSWICK, JOHN G.                     PA-17-E-258
HARTZELL, NANCY JANE                   PA-17-F-128
HARTZFELD, HENRY                       PA-17-C-405
HARTZFELD, MARTHA                      PA-17-F-55
HATTON, THOMAS                         PA-17-E-319
HAZELTON, WILILAM                      PA-17-F-105
HEBERLING, CHARLOTTE                   PA-17-E-261
HEBERLING, JACOB                       PA-17-B-426
HEGARTY, HENRY                         PA-17-B-152
HEGARTY, JOHN                          PA-17-A-130
HEGARTY, JOSEPH H.                     PA-17-B-272
HEGARTY, MARGARET                      PA-17-B-411
HEGARTY, ROBERT B.                     PA-17-B-102
HEGARTY, WILLIAM                       PA-17-D-272
HEIMS, THEOBALD B.                     PA-17-D-257
HEISEY, JOHN B.                        PA-17-C-189
HEMPHILL, THOMAS                       PA-17-A-227
HENDERSON, JAMES                       PA-17-C-413
HENDERSON, MARGARET                    PA-17-D-325
HENDERSON, MARGARET                    PA-17-F-68
HENDERSON, ROBERT                      PA-17-E-489
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                     PA-17-E-289
HENRY, JAMES                           PA-17-B-3
HENRY, JOHN                            PA-17-E-80
HERDMAN, ADAM                          PA-17-C-275
HERSH, JOHN                            PA-17-E-340
HESS, GEORGE                           PA-17-F-205
HESS, MARY                             PA-17-D-21
HEVERLY, W. P.                         PA-17-F-525
HEWITT, THOMAS                         PA-17-E-462
HEWITT, WILLIAM                        PA-17-D-362
HICKOK, ABLE L.                        PA-17-C-227
HILE, HENRY                            PA-17-F-126
HILL, JOHN                             PA-17-E-274
HILLS, A. M.                           PA-17-E-243
HILLS, JANE                            PA-17-E-55
HINDS, MARTHA                          PA-17-D-506
HOCKENBERRY, JOHN                      PA-17-B-282
HOFFMAN, VALENTINE                     PA-17-B-471
HOLDEN, JOHNSON                        PA-17-F-395
HOLDEN, WILLIAM                        PA-17-B-251
HOLLENBACK, MARGARY                    PA-17-B-352
HOLLINGSWORTH, WILLIAM B.              PA-17-F-428
HOLLIS, CATHARINE                      PA-17-E-122
HOLT, JOHN                             PA-17-B-544
HOLT, THOMAS                           PA-17-B-394
HOMING, NANCY                          PA-17-C-293
HOOVER, CATHARINE                      PA-17-A-137
HOOVER, JACOB                          PA-17-C-1
HOOVER, JANE                           PA-17-F-85
HOOVER, JEREMIAH                       PA-17-D-411
HOOVER, JOHN                           PA-17-E-382
HOOVER, MARTIN                         PA-17-E-421
HOOVER, ROSS M.                        PA-17-D-400
HOOVER, THOMAS A.                      PA-17-C-93
HOOVER, WILLIAM                        PA-17-C-236
HOOVER, WILSON                         PA-17-E-91
HORLEY, GEORGE                         PA-17-D-426
HORMICK, CATHARINE                     PA-17-E-187
HORN, DAVID                            PA-17-A-201
HORN, GEORGE W.                        PA-17-C-337
HORNER, JOHN                           PA-17-E-308
HORNING, SUSAN D.                      PA-17-E-176
HOUGH, JAMES                           PA-17-F-217
HOYT, J. P.                            PA-17-C-255
HOYT, JOHN S.                          PA-17-F-139
HOYT, LYDIA A.                         PA-17-F-379
HOYT, MILO                             PA-17-E-247
HOYT, WILLIAM H.                       PA-17-F-342
HUBERT, MICHAEL                        PA-17-E-271
HUGHES, GEORGE                         PA-17-B-215
HUGHES, JOHN                           PA-17-C-185
HUGHES, RICHARD                        PA-17-E-431
HUGHES, SARAH J.                       PA-17-E-305
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        PA-17-B-242
HUMMEL, HENRY                          PA-17-A-255
HUMMEL, HENRY                          PA-17-F-521
HUMPHREY, RICAHRD S.                   PA-17-F-222
HUMPHREYS, MARY                        PA-17-F-478
HUNTER, HENRY                          PA-17-C-306
HUNTER, JAMES                          PA-17-F-66
HUNTER, JOHN                           PA-17-D-421
HUNTER, WILLIAM M                      PA-17-A-274
HURD, ELIAS                            PA-17-B-83
HURD, L. J.                            PA-17-E-148
HURD, RACHEL                           PA-17-D-493
HURXTHAL, DOROTHEA                     PA-17-F-197
HUSKA, MICHALINA                       PA-17-E-509
HUTCHINSON, ANDREW                     PA-17-D-143
HUTCHISON, ROBERT                      PA-17-F-263
IRVIN, JACOB                           PA-17-B-415
IRVIN, JANE P.                         PA-17-B-635
IRVIN, JOHN SR.                        PA-17-B-568
IRVIN, JOHN W.                         PA-17-B-430
IRVIN, JOSEPH                          PA-17-B-143
IRVIN, LEWIS I.                        PA-17-C-84
IRVIN, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-17-B-255
IRWIN, ELLIS                           PA-17-F-332
IRWIN, JAMES                           PA-17-D-23
IRWIN, JOSEPH R.                       PA-17-F-219
JACKSON, JANE                          PA-17-B-200
JANES, MARY                            PA-17-C-252
JAYS, JEMIMA                           PA-17-E-500
JAYS, RICHARD                          PA-17-E-16
JOHNSON, ANN                           PA-17-E-171
JOHNSON, ELAH                          PA-17-D-80
JOHNSON, JOHN E.                       PA-17-D-498
JOHNSON, MATILDA                       PA-17-D-300
JOHNSON, THEW SR.                      PA-17-A-48
JOHNSON, W. F.                         PA-17-C-322
JOHNSTON, GEORGE                       PA-17-C-80
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        PA-17-C-402
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                       PA-17-B-319
JONES, EBENEZER                        PA-17-F-272
JONES, JOHN                            PA-17-E-505
JONES, THOMAS T.                       PA-17-C-333
JONES, WILLIAM                         PA-17-B-559
JOPLING, JOHN                          PA-17-C-157
JORDAN, EVA                            PA-17-C-244
JORDAN, HUGH                           PA-17-A-76
JORDAN, JAMES                          PA-17-A-20
JORDAN, JOHN                           PA-17-A-349
JORDAN, JOHN M.                        PA-17-E-112
JORDAN, S. B.                          PA-17-F-137
JORDAN, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-360
JORDAN, WILLIAM D.                     PA-17-E-100
JURY, HANNAH                           PA-17-F-329
KANE, MICHAEL                          PA-17-D-335
KARTHAUS, PETER A. JR.                 PA-17-B-23
KARTHAUS, PETER ARNOLD                 PA-17-A-100
KAUFFMAN, SAMUEL                       PA-17-D-492
KEAGY, ABRAHAM                         PA-17-A-281
KEAGY, BARBARA                         PA-17-A-10
KEATING, JOHN                          PA-17-C-21
KEENAN, OWEN J.                        PA-17-C-53
KEIDEL, FREDERICKA K.                  PA-17-B-210
KELLY, HUGH                            PA-17-D-6
KELLY, JAMES M.                        PA-17-A-302
KELLY, JOHN                            PA-17-E-7
KEMSMAN, MARY C.                       PA-17-E-130
KEPHART, DAVID                         PA-17-E-470
KEPHART, ELIZABETH                     PA-17-D-336
KEPHART, JACOB                         PA-17-E-9
KEPHART, JAMES                         PA-17-F-401
KEPHART, NATHAN                        PA-17-E-299
KEPHART, STEPHEN D.                    PA-17-C-373
KESIGLE, JOHN                          PA-17-B-384
KESSLER, H. D.                         PA-17-C-348
KING, WILLIAM                          PA-17-F-479
KINGSBURY, DANIEL                      PA-17-B-289
KIRK, ASAPH                            PA-17-E-510
KIRK, ISAAC                            PA-17-B-335
KIRK, JASON                            PA-17-B-578
KIRK, JOHN                             PA-17-A-339
KIRK, SAMUEL                           PA-17-C-141
KIRK, THOMAS                           PA-17-C-314
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID B.                  PA-17-F-251
KIRKWOOD, JOHN A.                      PA-17-F-505
KITCHEN, JOHN C.                       PA-17-C-224
KLINE, JANE                            PA-17-D-8
KLINE, JANE                            PA-17-A-293
KLINE, SOLOMON                         PA-17-A-246
KNARR, ANDREW SR.                      PA-17-C-360
KNARR, GEORGE SR.                      PA-17-B-571
KNARR, HENRY                           PA-17-C-374
KNEPP, BENJAMIN                        PA-17-E-87
KNOX, ABBY                             PA-17-E-190
KNUPPENBURG, HIRAM                     PA-17-C-352
KOONS, MARGARET                        PA-17-E-262
KOPP, MARTIN                           PA-17-F-352
KORB, CAROLINE                         PA-17-F-275
KORB, HENRY                            PA-17-D-101
KRAFT, THERESA                         PA-17-E-350
KRATZER, C.                            PA-17-E-311
KRATZER, MARGARET L.                   PA-17-F-181
KRAUSE, ELIZABETH E. COLE              PA-17-F-524
KRISE, OLIVER P.                       PA-17-C-64
KRUPP, DOLLY                           PA-17-C-124
KUHN, ELIZABETH                        PA-17-E-170
KUNES, SARAH                           PA-17-D-89
KUNTZ, JACOB                           PA-17-D-417
KUNTZ, LEWIS                           PA-17-C-178
KUNTZ, MARGARET                        PA-17-D-304
KYLAR, JOHN                            PA-17-A-128
KYLER, ABRAHAM                         PA-17-B-158
KYLER, ABRAM                           PA-17-B-355
KYLER, JOHN B.                         PA-17-C-181
LABARDE, JOHN SR.                      PA-17-B-106
LABORDE, DAVID                         PA-17-B-482
LABORDE, JACOB                         PA-17-D-174
LADEW, HARVEY S.                       PA-17-E-223
LAGLE, JOSEPH                          PA-17-B-22
LAMBORN, DAVID                         PA-17-B-606
LAMBORN, JOHN                          PA-17-A-138
LAMBORN, SARAH J.                      PA-17-E-15
LAMM, ELIZABETH                        PA-17-B-196
LANG, THOMAS                           PA-17-C-288
LANICH, A. J.                          PA-17-E-159
LANICH, GEORGE D.                      PA-17-F-285
LANICH, GEORGE D.                      PA-17-B-46
LANICH, MARGARET                       PA-17-C-215
LANSBBERRY, BENJAMIN                   PA-17-B-486
LANSBERRY, A. H.                       PA-17-B-485
LANSBERRY, JAMES                       PA-17-C-2
LANSBERRY, JAMES                       PA-17-B-637
LANSBERRY, SAMUEL                      PA-17-D-306
LARIMER, CLARA E.                      PA-17-F-144
LARUE, ADA                             PA-17-D-92
LARUE, EDNA                            PA-17-D-92
LAUGHARY, WILLIAM H.                   PA-17-B-480
LAWFORD, JOSEPH                        PA-17-D-171
LAWHEAD, ESTHER                        PA-17-E-399
LEAVY, HUGH                            PA-17-A-213
LEAVY, JAMES L.                        PA-17-F-457
LEBARRON, HANNAH M.                    PA-17-E-81
LECONTE, CAROLINE                      PA-17-D-229
LECONTE, MICHAEL AUGUST                PA-17-B-347
LEE, ELIZABETH                         PA-17-E-165
LEE, ISAAC                             PA-17-C-393
LEE, JOSEPH S.                         PA-17-B-137
LEE, TIMOTHY                           PA-17-B-16
LEES, ROBERT                           PA-17-F-187
LEGGETT, DAVID                         PA-17-A-85
LEIPOLAT, CASPER                       PA-17-C-104
LENNINGER, HENRY                       PA-17-E-436
LEONARD, JACOB                         PA-17-A-166
LEONARD, JAMES T.                      PA-17-C-66
LEONARD, LYDIA P.                      PA-17-C-243
LEONARD, MARY                          PA-17-D-145
LEONARD, WILLIAM                       PA-17-B-79
LESLIE, NOAH                           PA-17-D-415
LESTER, MICHAEL                        PA-17-C-203
LETCHWORTH, SARAH J.                   PA-17-E-193
LEWIS, CHARLES                         PA-17-D-484
LEWIS, CHARLES H.                      PA-17-E-466
LEWIS, MARY A. SR.                     PA-17-B-288
LIDDLE, ROBERT                         PA-17-B-321
LIDGGETT, WILLIAM                      PA-17-E-191
LINDEMAN, MARGARET J.                  PA-17-F-287
LINES, ELIAS                           PA-17-F-26
LINES, JOSEPH                          PA-17-E-294
LINES, JOSEPH SR.                      PA-17-B-265
LINES, NATHAN                          PA-17-F-99
LININGER, LYDIA                        PA-17-E-141
LITTLE, CHARLES                        PA-17-A-168
LITTLE, JAMES C.                       PA-17-F-155
LIVERGOOD, PETER A.                    PA-17-C-160
LIVERGOOD, ROBERT                      PA-17-C-400
LIVINGSTON, DANIEL                     PA-17-B-296
LIVINGSTON, M. F.                      PA-17-E-252
LLOYD, BARBARA                         PA-17-C-126
LLOYD, EWDARD                          PA-17-E-419
LOCKARD, JOHN                          PA-17-C-6
LOCKET, JAMES                          PA-17-B-336
LOEB, MOSES A.                         PA-17-F-75, 102
LOGAN, GEORGE B.                       PA-17-D-43
LOGAN, JOSEPH                          PA-17-C-366
LOGAN, MARY V.                         PA-17-E-185
LONDON, MARY A.                        PA-17-E-343
LONGIN, FRANCIS                        PA-17-D-462
LORAIN, HENRY                          PA-17-A-374
LORAINE, LORENZO                       PA-17-C-47
LORIGAN, PATRICK                       PA-17-F-38
LUNERGAN, THOMAS                       PA-17-B-604
LUTHER, JULIA ANN                      PA-17-D-155
LUTHER, MARTIN H.                      PA-17-F-327
LYMAN, CELINDA M.                      PA-17-C-371
LYTLE, JAMES D.                        PA-17-B-141
LYTLE, JAMES H.                        PA-17-D-104
LYTLE, TERESA                          PA-17-E-474
MAHAFFEY, ROBERT                       PA-17-F-265
MAHOO, THOMAS K.                       PA-17-F-439
MAINES, JOHN                           PA-17-E-84
MAINS, SETH                            PA-17-A-373
MALEE, JOHN                            PA-17-E-51
MAPES, WILILAM                         PA-17-F-489
MARIN, LAWRENCE                        PA-17-C-162
MARKLE, ISAAC                          PA-17-E-520
MARSH, ZACCHEUS                        PA-17-F-32
MARSHALL, ADAM                         PA-17-B-387
MARSHALL, HENRY S.                     PA-17-B-254
MARSHALL, MATILDA                      PA-17-D-457
MARTEL, JOHN B.                        PA-17-D-100
MARTIN, JOSEPH M. ESQ.                 PA-17-A-23
MARTIN,CHARLES SR.                     PA-17-D-63
MASON, WILLIAM A.                      PA-17-B-156
MATTHEWS, SAMUEL                       PA-17-C-355
MAURER, JACOB                          PA-17-A-161
MAYER, MATTHIAS                        PA-17-E-496
MCCANDLESS, SAMUEL                     PA-17-B-286
MCCANN, LUCY L.                        PA-17-F-186
MCCARTNEY, PATRICK                     PA-17-F-445
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER M.                  PA-17-E-448
MCCONNELL, MATTHEW                     PA-17-D-205
MCCONNELL, RUTH                        PA-17-D-206
MCCONVILLE, JOHN                       PA-17-E-268
MCCORD, SUSANNA                        PA-17-D-371
MCCOY, JOHN                            PA-17-F-71
MCCRACKEN, DAVID                       PA-17-D-343
MCCRACKEN, DAVID W.                    PA-17-F-74
MCCRACKEN, GREENWOOD                   PA-17-B-563
MCCRACKEN, SERIA B.                    PA-17-D-96
MCCRACKEN, WILLIAM                     PA-17-D-380
MCCREIGHT, JOHN                        PA-17-F-123
MCCREIGHT, MARTHA                      PA-17-E-423
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN W.                    PA-17-F-95
MCCULLOUGH, JOSEPH                     PA-17-E-21
MCCULLOUGH, MARGARET                   PA-17-D-391
MCCULLY, JOSEPH                        PA-17-B-396
MCCULLY, LILSE                         PA-17-B-275
MCCULLY, MATHEW                        PA-17-F-330
MCCURDY, DANIEL W.                     PA-17-F-412
MCDONALD, DONALD                       PA-17-B-16
MCDOWEL, JOHN                          PA-17-F-359
MCDOWELL, ELIJAH                       PA-17-F-261
MCENALLY, PETER                        PA-17-A-169
MCEVINEN, JOHN                         PA-17-D-220
MCEWEN, SAMUEL                         PA-17-B-362
MCFADDEN, MARTHA S.                    PA-17-C-131
MCFADDEN, THOMPSON                     PA-17-E-288
MCGARVEY, ANTHONY                      PA-17-F-112
MCGARVEY, EDWARD                       PA-17-C-197
MCGAUGHEY, DAVID                       PA-17-F-308
MCGAUGHEY, NANCY A.                    PA-17-F-410
MCGEE, HENRY L.                        PA-17-D-222
MCGEE, JAMES SR.                       PA-17-E-188
MCGEE, PHILIP                          PA-17-D-73
MCGEE, THOMAS A.                       PA-17-D-459
MCGHEE, JAMES                          PA-17-A-253
MCGOVERN, BERNARD                      PA-17-D-227
MCGOWAN, MARY L.                       PA-17-F-234
MCGRAW, P. J.                          PA-17-E-160
MCHENRY, MAIRA C.                      PA-17-B-608
MCILWAIN, ROBERT HAY                   PA-17-C-303
MCKEAG, CORNELIUS                      PA-17-C-98
MCKEE, JAMES                           PA-17-A-187
MCKEE, MARY ANN                        PA-17-B-455
MCKEE, THOMAS                          PA-17-A-371
MCKEOWN, JAMES                         PA-17-C-101
MCMAHON,MICHAEL                        PA-17-F-67
MCMASTERS, E. P.                       PA-17-B-364
MCMULLEN, HUGH                         PA-17-B-263
MCMURRAY, AMELIA                       PA-17-B-495
MCMURRAY, JOHN                         PA-17-B-488
MCMURRAY, JOSEPH                       PA-17-B-64
MCMURRAY, MARY                         PA-17-D-282
MCNAUL, ZACHARIAH                      PA-17-F-512
MCNEAL, F. H.                          PA-17-F-48
MCNEAL, JENNIE                         PA-17-E-304
MCNEEL, JAMES                          PA-17-B-68
MCNOTTEN, MARY                         PA-17-B-477
MCPHERSON, JOHN                        PA-17-B-159
MCTAGGERT, DUGALD                      PA-17-F-480
MEAD, JOSIAH                           PA-17-A-67
MEANS, MARY A.                         PA-17-E-194
MEAS, GEORGE W.                        PA-17-F-224
MEHRWEIN, JACOB                        PA-17-F-145
MERRELL, WILLIAM                       PA-17-B-72
MICHAELS, JOSEPH                       PA-17-B-164
MIGNOT, LUKE CHARLES                   PA-17-E-366
MILLEN, JAMES N.                       PA-17-F-104
MILLER, DAVID                          PA-17-B-328
MILLER, MARY A.                        PA-17-E-57
MITCHELL, C. C.                        PA-17-B-219
MITCHELL, JAMES                        PA-17-F-468
MITCHELL, JOHN                         PA-17-A-156
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       PA-17-B-350
MITCHELL, THOMAS M.                    PA-17-E-316
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      PA-17-B-151
MOFFAT, AGNES                          PA-17-F-351
MOFFAT, GEORGE                         PA-17-C-279
MONS, JONAS                            PA-17-B-597
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                     PA-17-B-627
MOORE, BENJAMIN                        PA-17-D-373
MOORE, ROBERT W.                       PA-17-D-39
MOORE, SAMUEL                          PA-17-B-50
MORGAN, JAMES SR.                      PA-17-A-194
MORGAN, L. J.                          PA-17-E-104
MORIN, PETER                           PA-17-F-303
MORRISON, RICHARD                      PA-17-F-27
MOSSOP, FRED                           PA-17-F-477
MULLEN, HUGH                           PA-17-D-232
MULLIN, GEORGE W.                      PA-17-B-108
MULSON, JOHN B.                        PA-17-D-302
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                      PA-17-D-150
MYERS, JOHN                            PA-17-B-382
NAYTON, JAMES                          PA-17-C-195
NEEDLER, HESTHER                       PA-17-C-9
NEEPER, ROBERT R.                      PA-17-F-305
NEFF, HENRY                            PA-17-D-51
NEFF, RACHEL B.                        PA-17-F-84
NELSON, JOHN                           PA-17-B-493
NEUSON, ELIZABETH                      PA-17-B-425
NEVLING, EDIFF                         PA-17-A-82
NEWCOMB, JOHN                          PA-17-F-504
NICHOLS, ISRAEL                        PA-17-B-418
NICHOLS, MARTIN                        PA-17-B-457
NICHOLS, MARTIN SR.                    PA-17-B-59
NICHOLS, MILTON A.                     PA-17-F-129
NOLLEN, JACOB                          PA-17-F-496
NORRIS, CLARK B.                       PA-17-F-268
NORRIS, JOHN                           PA-17-E-133
NORRIS, SARAH                          PA-17-B-183
NORWOOD, FANNIE                        PA-17-E-150
OGDEN, CHARLOTTE                       PA-17-D-122
OGDEN, GEORGE                          PA-17-B-398
OGDEN, MARGARET J.                     PA-17-E-429
OGDEN, MATTHEW                         PA-17-A-203
OREILLY, JAMES                         PA-17-F-70
ORR, HUGH                              PA-17-D-356
ORR, JAMES                             PA-17-C-388
OSBORN, HANNAH                         PA-17-C-113
OSBORN, HENRY S.                       PA-17-B-423
OSBORNE, MATILDA                       PA-17-E-139
OSHALL, JESSE                          PA-17-D-447
OWENS, DENNIS                          PA-17-F-472
OWENS, JOSEPH                          PA-17-F-166
OWENS, MOSES                           PA-17-F-444
PAINE, SARAH                           PA-17-B-590
PAINTER, ANNIE                         PA-17-D-165
PARKS, GEORGE T.                       PA-17-B-447
PASSMORE, E. B.                        PA-17-F-488
PATCHIN, AARON W.                      PA-17-E-348
PATCHIN, HETTY G.                      PA-17-E-519
PATCHIN, JOHN                          PA-17-B-129
PATERSON, MARION                       PA-17-E-402
PATTERSON, MARGARET                    PA-17-C-395
PATTERSON, MARY C.                     PA-17-F-107
PATTERSON, MARY ELLEN                  PA-17-E-4
PATTERSON, ROBERT C.                   PA-17-B-358
PATTON, JOHN                           PA-17-E-377
PEARCE, ABRAHAM                        PA-17-D-475
PEARCE, ABSOLAM                        PA-17-B-19
PEARCE, ELLIS                          PA-17-C-282
PEARCE, H. D.                          PA-17-F-486
PEARCE, JACOB                          PA-17-C-65
PEASE, SOLOMON                         PA-17-C-391
PELTON, MILES                          PA-17-F-270
PENTZ, ANDEW SR.                       PA-17-E-393
PENTZ, GEORGE                          PA-17-E-71
PENTZ, JACOB                           PA-17-B-390
PEOPLES, ABRAM                         PA-17-B-358
PETERS, GEORGE B.                      PA-17-B-332
PETERS, JOHN                           PA-17-D-186
PETERS, JOHN                           PA-17-B-323
PETERS, SUSANNAH                       PA-17-E-257
PEUTZ, JOHN                            PA-17-A-139
PHILIPS, JAMES                         PA-17-B-462
PHILLIPS, JOSIAH                       PA-17-F-227
PICARD, JOHN J.                        PA-17-C-60
PIDGEON, EDWARD                        PA-17-F-507
PIKE, RICHARD                          PA-17-F-282
PLAUNT, ELLEN                          PA-17-E-345
PLOTNER, DAVID S.                      PA-17-B-357
PLOTNER, JANE C.                       PA-17-D-179
PLUBEL, JUSTIN                         PA-17-E-516
PLUMMER, W. SCOTT                      PA-17-C-144
PORTER, NANCY                          PA-17-B-181
PORTER, ROBERT                         PA-17-E-434
PORTER, WILILAM                        PA-17-E-179
PORTER, WILLIAM S.                     PA-17-B-267
POTTER, JOHN                           PA-17-B-556
POTTER, JOHNSON W.                     PA-17-E-408
POWELL, JOHN                           PA-17-E-19
POWELL, MARTHA T.                      PA-17-F-58
POWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-17-E-239
POWIS, MARGAET                         PA-17-D-323
PRICE, GEORGE R.                       PA-17-E-492
PRICE, WILLIAM                         PA-17-E-146
PRITCHARD, WILILAM                     PA-17-F-406
PROTHERO, W. N.                        PA-17-D-159
RADEBAUGH, HESTER A.                   PA-17-E-95
RADEBAUGH, WILLIAM                     PA-17-C-285
RADER, MICHAEL                         PA-17-F-258
RAFFERTY, FELIX                        PA-17-A-336
RAFFERTY, FRANK T.                     PA-17-F-495
RAFFERTY, THOMAS                       PA-17-B-270
RAUCH, JAMES                           PA-17-E-136
RAY, PATRICK                           PA-17-E-479
RAYMAN, JACOB J.                       PA-17-D-98
RAYMOND, JOSEPH H.                     PA-17-D-458
RAYMOND,JACOB                          PA-17-D-61
REA, JAMES                             PA-17-B-34
READ, ALEXANDER                        PA-17-B-157
READ, ALEXANDER SR.                    PA-17-E-469
READ, AMOS ALEXANDER                   PA-17-F-36
READ, FIANA                            PA-17-E-124
READ, JOHN R.                          PA-17-A-357
READ, MARY JANE                        PA-17-F-315
READ, MARY W.                          PA-17-F-14
READ, MILES                            PA-17-F-450
READ, THOMPSON                         PA-17-F-423
REAMS, ABRAHAM                         PA-17-B-18
REAMS, JOHN                            PA-17-F-333
REASINGER, PETER                       PA-17-F-21
REECE, PHILIP                          PA-17-E-427
REED, A. H.                            PA-17-B-231
REED, AMOS                             PA-17-C-208
REED, JAMES A.                         PA-17-B-302
REED, ROSS                             PA-17-B-628
REED, SUSANNAH J.                      PA-17-F-466
REESE, ELIJAH                          PA-17-C-139
REICHERLT, HERMAN                      PA-17-E-422
REISINGER, JONATHAN                    PA-17-F-364
REISINGER, MICHAEL                     PA-17-E-157
REITER, AMELIA                         PA-17-D-488
REITER, JOHN M.                        PA-17-F-441
RENARD, PHILIP                         PA-17-D-236
RESONSKI, JOSEPH                       PA-17-D-194
RHOADS, JOHN W.                        PA-17-D-169
RHODES, JOSEPH                         PA-17-E-358
RICHARDS, SUSAN                        PA-17-E-356
RICHEL, ADAM SR.                       PA-17-A-164
RICHEY, AUGUSTUS G.                    PA-17-E-64
RICKETS, ISAAC                         PA-17-A-209
RIDER, JOAB                            PA-17-B-315
RIELLY, THOMAS                         PA-17-B-533
RIETER, JOHN SR.                       PA-17-B-518
RISHEL, DANIEL                         PA-17-F-372
RISHEL, ELIAS                          PA-17-C-12
RISHEL, ISABELLA                       PA-17-D-41
RISHEL, JOHN                           PA-17-B-403
RISHEL, SAMUEL                         PA-17-B-186
RISHEL, SARAH                          PA-17-D-245
RISHEL, SOLOMON                        PA-17-B-179
ROBERTS, URBAIN                        PA-17-D-424
ROBESON, DAVID E.                      PA-17-F-355
ROBINS, GEORGE W.                      PA-17-C-292
ROBINS, MARGARET                       PA-17-C-378
ROBISON, JEROME                        PA-17-B-261
ROBISON, MARY E.                       PA-17-B-605
RODABAUGH, JOHN                        PA-17-F-226
RODDEN, ISAAC                          PA-17-A-38
ROLAND, JONA                           PA-17-D-482
ROLAND, REBECCA J.                     PA-17-D-455
ROLAND, WILLIAM                        PA-17-D-449
ROLLEY, ANN A.                         PA-17-E-281
ROLLEY, JOHN                           PA-17-C-57
ROSABAUGH, JOHN                        PA-17-A-173
ROSE, H. D.                            PA-17-E-317
ROSS, ANN                              PA-17-F-417
ROSS, ANNA                             PA-17-C-250
ROSS, DANIEL                           PA-17-D-387
ROSS, ROBERT                           PA-17-B-420
ROUSSELOT, MARIANNA                    PA-17-B-422
ROWLAND, JOHN                          PA-17-D-403
ROWLES, JOHN A.                        PA-17-E-406
ROWLES, JOHN J.                        PA-17-B-191
RUBLY, JOSEPH                          PA-17-F-212
RUDOLPH, DAVID                         PA-17-E-292
RUMBARGER, JOHN                        PA-17-D-109
RUNK, JACOB F.                         PA-17-B-98
RUPERT, FREDERICK                      PA-17-E-245
RYAN, JOHN                             PA-17-F-394
SANKEY, JOHN                           PA-17-E-46
SAPRALIK, GEORK                        PA-17-F-214
SCHEIBLE, FREDERICK G.                 PA-17-D-188
SCHEID, CHARLES                        PA-17-F-456
SCHLATTER, FRANK                       PA-17-F-452
SCHOCK, G. W.                          PA-17-D-437
SCHOPE, ANNA G.                        PA-17-B-339
SCHRYVER, MARGARET P.                  PA-17-E-461
SCHUCKER, ISRAEL                       PA-17-F-54
SCHWERN, WILLIAM                       PA-17-E-297
SCOFIELD, JOSEPH                       PA-17-F-110
SCOLLIUNS, HONORAH                     PA-17-C-382
SCOTT, JOHN                            PA-17-A-190
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         PA-17-B-197
SEARLE, LUCINDA                        PA-17-F-216
SEBRING, HENRY                         PA-17-C-184
SEGER, FRANCIS                         PA-17-D-305
SEGNER, MARY ANN                       PA-17-F-260
SELFRIDGE, MARTHA A.                   PA-17-E-83
SEMPLE, DAVID                          PA-17-D-202
SENIOR, GEORGE                         PA-17-E-129
SEYLER, J. L.                          PA-17-E-427
SHAFER, PHILIP                         PA-17-E-248
SHAFFER, AMELIA                        PA-17-C-155
SHAFFER, JOHN                          PA-17-C-133
SHARP, ADAM A.                         PA-17-E-361
SHAUGHNESSEY, PATRICK                  PA-17-E-336
SHAW, ARCHIBALD                        PA-17-A-117
SHAW, ARCHIE M.                        PA-17-E-18
SHAW, RICHARD SR.                      PA-17-B-434
SHAW, W. IRVIN                         PA-17-F-180
SHAW, W. J.                            PA-17-F-357
SHEESER, JOHN SR.                      PA-17-B-413
SHEPHERD, FREDERICK                    PA-17-C-95
SHERK, P. B.                           PA-17-C-58
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                       PA-17-F-386
SHIFTER, JOHN                          PA-17-D-85
SHIMEL, ANNA                           PA-17-A-199
SHIMEL, GEORGE                         PA-17-A-148
SHIREY, JOHN                           PA-17-D-135
SHIRK, AMELIA                          PA-17-C-265
SHIRKEY, JAMES H.                      PA-17-D-218
SHOFF, ANDREW                          PA-17-D-396
SHOFF, CHRISTIAN                       PA-17-A-282
SHOFF, JANE                            PA-17-C-121
SHOOK, SARAH A.                        PA-17-C-383
SHOPE, JACOB                           PA-17-C-171
SHOREY, NANCY                          PA-17-C-283
SHORT, FRANCIS                         PA-17-B-432
SIMMONS, JOHN                          PA-17-F-178
SITES, MARGARET                        PA-17-C-205
SLOSS, MARGARET                        PA-17-C-396
SLOSS, MARGARET                        PA-17-C-272
SLOSS, WILLIAM                         PA-17-B-149
SMEAL, ANDREW                          PA-17-F-389
SMEAL, ELIZABETH                       PA-17-B-281
SMEAL, GEORGE                          PA-17-A-368
SMEAL, GEORGE                          PA-17-B-282
SMEAL, JEREMIAH                        PA-17-B-142
SMEAL, JOSEPH                          PA-17-A-347
SMEAL, MARY E.                         PA-17-E-518
SMEAL, MILES BOYNTON                   PA-17-F-370
SMILES, ELIZABETH                      PA-17-F-213
SMILEY, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-29
SMILEY, SARAH                          PA-17-C-257
SMITH, ADAM                            PA-17-F-526
SMITH, AMASA                           PA-17-F-381
SMITH, AMASA H.                        PA-17-E-444
SMITH, CATHARINE                       PA-17-F-366
SMITH, FANNIE                          PA-17-B-341
SMITH, FREDERICK                       PA-17-B-9
SMITH, JANE                            PA-17-A-52
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-17-A-342
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-17-A-270
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-17-D-30
SMITH, JOHN D.                         PA-17-B-42
SMITH, JOHN G.                         PA-17-E-370
SMITH, JONATHAN H.                     PA-17-A-235
SMITH, JOSEPH M.                       PA-17-E-265
SMITH, JOSIAH W.                       PA-17-C-41
SMITH, MARTHA L.                       PA-17-F-392
SMITH, PETER                           PA-17-A-241
SMITH, SAMUEL M.                       PA-17-B-178
SMITH, SAMUEL W.                       PA-17-B-57
SMITH, SARAH                           PA-17-E-372
SMITH, WILLIAM                         PA-17-B-51
SNIDER, LUDWIG                         PA-17-B-6
SNYDER, ABRAHAM                        PA-17-E-107
SNYDER, ADAM                           PA-17-B-354
SNYDER, DAVID                          PA-17-E-420
SNYDER, EDITH TATE                     PA-17-E-76
SNYDER, GOTLIEB                        PA-17-C-297
SNYDER, HESTER                         PA-17-C-230
SNYDER, LEWIS H.                       PA-17-F-77
SNYDER, MARY                           PA-17-E-121
SOLIDA, ELIZABETH                      PA-17-E-106
SOUTH, ELI                             PA-17-D-208
SOUTHARD, ELIABETH M.                  PA-17-F-230
SOUTHWICK, G.A .                       PA-17-D-260
SOUTHWICK, SUSAN J.                    PA-17-D-368
SOXMAN, EMELINE                        PA-17-C-54
SPACKMAN, ANNA M.                      PA-17-E-433
SPACKMAN, ELIZABETH                    PA-17-C-247
SPANGLE, SAMUEL                        PA-17-C-277
SPENCE, JAMES                          PA-17-E-445
SPENCE, MERCEY B.                      PA-17-F-294
SPENCER, ABRAM                         PA-17-F-2
SPENCER, JOSEPH                        PA-17-A-50
SPENCER, JOSEPH                        PA-17-A-334
SPENCER, JOSEPH M.                     PA-17-D-175
SPENCER, SAMUEL                        PA-17-A-230
SPENCER, SARAH                         PA-17-D-363
STANLEY, SIMON                         PA-17-B-363
STEELE, MARIA                          PA-17-F-244
STEER, ASAEL                           PA-17-A-33
STEEVER, RACHEL                        PA-17-B-342
STEINKECHNER, GEORGE                   PA-17-E-13
STEPHENS, CALVIN                       PA-17-E-339
STEPHENS, DAVID S.                     PA-17-D-434
STEWART, JOSEPH                        PA-17-C-149
STEWART, ROBERT S.                     PA-17-F-46
STITELER, GEORGE                       PA-17-F-176
STONE, ALEXANDER                       PA-17-A-287
STOUFFER, PETER                        PA-17-B-172
STRAW, ENOCH                           PA-17-F-109
STRICKLAND, MINIE                      PA-17-F-229
STRONACH, THOMAS                       PA-17-D-496
STRONG, SAMUEL PARKER                  PA-17-F-290
STULL, JOHN F.                         PA-17-F-228
STWART, GEORGE W.                      PA-17-B-92
SULLIVAN, MARY M.                      PA-17-E-283
SUMSTINE, CHRISTIAN                    PA-17-A-267
SUNDERLAND, MICHAEL                    PA-17-B-301
SUNDERLIN, DELILA                      PA-17-F-158
SUNDERLIN, SAMUEL                      PA-17-A-54
SUNDERLIN, W. B.                       PA-17-E-102
SWAN, JOHN SR.                         PA-17-A-182
SWAN, LUCINDA E.                       PA-17-C-234
SWARTZWORTH, RUDOLPH                   PA-17-B-394
SWEENEY, D. H.                         PA-17-F-41
SWOOPE, H. B.                          PA-17-C-226
SWOOPE, HENRY                          PA-17-B-361
TARLETON, JANE                         PA-17-F-344
TATE, AMOS B.                          PA-17-D-377
TATE, ELEANOR                          PA-17-E-369
TATE, JOSHUA J.                        PA-17-B-135
TATE, MARGARET                         PA-17-C-13
TELFORD, JOHN W.                       PA-17-C-245
TENANT, SAMUEL A.                      PA-17-B-228
TERRAT, FERDINAND                      PA-17-C-87
TESH, ED P.                            PA-17-B-632
TEST, ISRAEL                           PA-17-C-341
THOMAS, E. B.                          PA-17-E-456
THOMAS, ISABELLA                       PA-17-B-310
THOMAS, WILLIAM A.                     PA-17-F-88
THOMPSON, IGNATIUS                     PA-17-B-39
THOMPSON, JAMES                        PA-17-B-90
THOMPSON, JAMES                        PA-17-B-443
THOMPSON, JAMES                        PA-17-F-140
THOMPSON, JOHN D.                      PA-17-C-343
THOMPSON, JOSIAH W.                    PA-17-F-97
THOMPSON, MARY                         PA-17-B-327
THOMPSON, NANCY E.                     PA-17-F-269
THOMPSON, REUBEN                       PA-17-D-347
THOMPSON, ROSE M.                      PA-17-C-191
THOMSON, MARY                          PA-17-D-126
THURSTIN, MARY J.                      PA-17-E-164
TREZISE, WILILAM                       PA-17-F-208
TROUTWINE, CAROLINE                    PA-17-B-181
TROY, CATHARINE                        PA-17-B-389
TURNER, GEORGE                         PA-17-D-55
TURNER, GEORGE G.                      PA-17-E-503
TURNER, J. H.                          PA-17-F-470
TURNER, JOHN A.                        PA-17-A-3
TURNER, JOHN W.                        PA-17-E-50
TURNER, WALTER                         PA-17-F-448
VANSICE, LUCY                          PA-17-E-8
VANVALZAH, H. B.                       PA-17-D-328
VAUGHAN, WILILAM R.                    PA-17-F-409
VAUGHN, EDWARD                         PA-17-D-184
VIARD, ALEXANDER                       PA-17-F-498
VIRIOT, VICTORINE                      PA-17-C-134
VOSBURG, GEORGE R.                     PA-17-F-296
VOUGHT, JOHN R.                        PA-17-B-566
WAGNER, JOHN                           PA-17-C-240
WAGONER, BARBARA                       PA-17-D-252
WAIT, WILLIAM                          PA-17-B-198
WAITE, REUBEN                          PA-17-F-100
WALK, ELIAS                            PA-17-C-339
WALKER, CHRISTINA                      PA-17-F-501
WALKER, JOHN G.                        PA-17-F-163
WALKER, MICHAEL                        PA-17-B-588
WALL, ISAIAH                           PA-17-E-34
WALL, MARY J.                          PA-17-E-375
WALL, REUBEN                           PA-17-D-401
WALL, TRUMAN J.                        PA-17-D-289
WALSH, NICHOLAS                        PA-17-B-601
WALSH,MARY                             PA-17-C-147
WARD, DAVID A.                         PA-17-C-180
WARD, PETER JOSEPH                     PA-17-F-515
WARING, MARGARY                        PA-17-E-151
WARING, SAMUEL                         PA-17-A-189
WARING, THOMAS                         PA-17-D-389
WARREN, CATHERINE                      PA-17-F-415
WARRICK, ABRAHAM L.                    PA-17-F-120
WARRICK, ISAIAH H.                     PA-17-A-366
WASHBURN, JOSIAH                       PA-17-B-460
WATKINS, ALEXANDER                     PA-17-F-404
WATKINS, REBECCA                       PA-17-D-113
WATSON, CHARLES D.                     PA-17-C-308
WATSON, JOSEPH                         PA-17-D-163
WATSON, SOPHIA E.                      PA-17-B-342
WAY, CALEB                             PA-17-B-360
WAYNE, THOMAS                          PA-17-D-463
WAYNE, WILLIAM                         PA-17-B-182
WEAVER, CATHARINE                      PA-17-A-175
WEAVER, CHARLES C.                     PA-17-D-161
WEAVER, G. W.                          PA-17-F-136
WEAVER, GEORGE                         PA-17-E-488
WEAVER, GEROGE A.                      PA-17-B-386
WEAVER, GODFRIED                       PA-17-A-174
WEAVER, JOHN                           PA-17-E-169
WEAVER, JOHN F.                        PA-17-F-188
WEAVER, JOHN H.                        PA-17-F-354
WEAVER, LUCY                           PA-17-D-215
WEBER, GEORGE ADAM                     PA-17-F-499
WEBER, GEORGE J.                       PA-17-F-325
WEBER, HENRY                           PA-17-E-364
WEBER, JOHN J.                         PA-17-D-225
WEIR, ROBERT                           PA-17-D-254
WEIR, ROBERT                           PA-17-F-195
WEISGARBER, LYDIA                      PA-17-E-384
WELCH, GEORGE                          PA-17-B-12
WELCH, TIMOTHY                         PA-17-F-150
WELCH, WILLIAM C.                      PA-17-A-171
WELD, JENNIE M.                        PA-17-E-355
WELD, JOHN JR.                         PA-17-B-32
WELSH, HENRIETTA D.                    PA-17-E-178
WEST, OTIS H.                          PA-17-F-292
WESTFALL, ANN                          PA-17-B-278
WESTON, ELIJAH                         PA-17-F-402
WESTOVER, JONATHAN                     PA-17-E-48
WESTOVER, JOSEPH                       PA-17-E-374
WESTOVER, OLIVER J.                    PA-17-E-418
WETZEL, HARRIET D.                     PA-17-F-237
WETZEL, JOHN M.                        PA-17-A-170
WHITE, ASA                             PA-17-C-317
WHITE, JAMES                           PA-17-B-14
WHITE, SARAH                           PA-17-F-430
WHITEHEAD, HENRY                       PA-17-E-368
WHITEHILL, JAMES C.                    PA-17-E-512
WHITESIDE, HENRY                       PA-17-D-284
WHITESIDE, JOHN                        PA-17-B-208
WHITTON, LAURA JANE                    PA-17-F-161
WICKET, ELIZABETH                      PA-17-E-401
WIDEMON, JOHN                          PA-17-D-477
WIKEL, PETER                           PA-17-E-301
WILEMIRE, GIDEON                       PA-17-A-284
WILEY, JAMES                           PA-17-E-278
WILKINSON, JOHN                        PA-17-C-336
WILLAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-17-A-74
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                       PA-17-A-12
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                       PA-17-D-114
WILLIAMS, MARTIN                       PA-17-F-509
WILLIAMS, MARY                         PA-17-B-379
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      PA-17-A-210
WILSON, CATHARINE                      PA-17-D-250
WILSON, GEORGE                         PA-17-B-1
WILSON, ISAAC                          PA-17-E-353
WILSON, JOHN                           PA-17-D-216
WILSON, R. V. (DR)                     PA-17-B-469
WILSON, THOMAS                         PA-17-A-278
WINN, CATHARINE                        PA-17-C-32
WISE, WILLIAM SR.                      PA-17-B-449
WISEGARVER, ADAM                       PA-17-A-207
WITHEROW, T. A.                        PA-17-F-454
WITHEROW, THOMAS                       PA-17-B-377
WOLN, JONATHAN SR.                     PA-17-A-260
WONDERLICH, CHRISTOPHER                PA-17-D-293
WOOD, ELIZA JANE                       PA-17-B-308
WOOD, THOMAS                           PA-17-E-78
WOODCOCK, JOHN A.                      PA-17-D-339
WOODEN, GEORGE H.                      PA-17-D-157
WOODS, ANN                             PA-17-E-62
WOOLHEATER, MARY M.                    PA-17-F-174
WOOLRIDGE, JOHN                        PA-17-A-163
WRIGGLESWORTH, MARY A.                 PA-17-B-312
WRIGHLEY, JAMES                        PA-17-E-142
WRIGHT, BENJAMIN B.                    PA-17-B-345
WRIGHT, JOHN W.                        PA-17-D-238
WRIGHT, MARY                           PA-17-F-338
WRIGLEY, ELEANOR                       PA-17-B-617
WRIGLEY, ROEBRT                        PA-17-E-388
YINGLING, CATHARINE                    PA-17-D-249
YOAS, GEORGE HENRY                     PA-17-B-333
YOAS, MARGARET                         PA-17-E-491
YOUNG, ALBERT                          PA-17-C-15
YOUNG, ROBERT                          PA-17-B-446
YOUNG, STEHEN                          PA-17-F-343
ZAVADAN, JOHN                          PA-17-E-362
ZEIGLER, HELEN L.                      PA-17-D-471
ZILLIOX, HENRY                         PA-17-C-11
ZILLIOX, LEWIS F.                      PA-17-E-125
ZILLIOX, MARY                          PA-17-E-425

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