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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
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ABRAMS, SARAH                RADNOR                        PA-15-B-205
ADAMS, JAMES                 LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-101
ADAMS, SAMUEL                DARBY                         PA-15-A-2
ALLEN, JAMES                 WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-A-396
ALLIN, JOHN                  NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-92
ALLISON, ALEXANDER           NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-B-135
ALLISON, JOHN                DONEGAL                       PA-15-A-291
ALLISON, THOMAS              LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-**
ARCHER, JOHN                 RIDLEY                        PA-15-B-64
ARLAN, SOLOMON               LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-A-365
ARNOLD, ANTHONY              EAST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-211
ARNOLD, JOHN                 THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-57
ARNOLD, RICHARD              THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-105
ASHBRIDGE, GEORGE            CHESTER TWP                   PA-15-B-256
BAILY, ISAAC                 MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-383
BAILY, JOEL                  MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-363
BAKER, ADAM                  WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-87
BAKER, JOHN                  GOSHEN                        PA-15-A-405
BAKER, JOSEPH                EDGMONT                       PA-15-A-34
BAKER, JOSEPH                EDGMONT                       PA-15-B-7
BAKER, JOSEPH                THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-53
BALDWIN, JOHN                CHESTER                       PA-15-A-352
BALDWIN, THOMAS              CHESTER                       PA-15-A-334
BALDWIN, WILLIAM             CHESTER                       PA-15-A-135
BALL, ROGER                  DARBY                         PA-15-B-8
BARTON, ISAAC                SADSBURY                      PA-15-A-119
BARTRAM, ELIZABETH           DARBY                         PA-15-A-395
BATTERTON, HENRY             NANTMEAL                      PA-15-A-237
BEESON, EDWARD               NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-1
BENNETT, EDWARD              THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-24
BENSON, ROBERT               UWCHLAN                       PA-15-B-203
BEREY, SAMUEL                NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-400
BETHEL, JOHN                 DARBY                         PA-15-A-179
BISHOP, SAMUEL               WEST CALN                     PA-15-B-103
BISHOP, SAMUEL JR.           NANTMEAL                      PA-15-B-91
BIZALLION, PETER             EAST CALN                     PA-15-B-113
BLUNSTON, MICHAEL            DARBY                         PA-15-B-1
BLUNSTONE, JOHN              DARBY                         PA-15-A-151
BONSALL, JACOB               DARBY                         PA-15-B-39
BOON, HANCE                  DARBY                         PA-15-A-182
BOON, SWAN                   DARBY                         PA-15-A-306
BOOTH, ROBERT                BETHEL                        PA-15-A-234
BOWATER, FRANCES             CONCORD                       PA-15-A-110
BOWEN, EVAN                  WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-455
BOWEN, JOHN                  WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-B-261
BOYCE, JOSEPH                RIDLEY                        PA-15-B-125
BOYLE, JOHN                  FALLOWFIELD                   PA-15-B-11
BRADSHAW, SAMUEL             DARBY                         PA-15-A-296
BRADSHAW, THOMAS             DARBY                         PA-15-A-231
BROOM, JAMES                 CHESTER                       PA-15-A-127
BROOMALL, JOHN               NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-A-303
BROWN, ANDREW                NANTMEAL                      PA-15-B-203
BROWN, GEORGE                MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-88
BROWN, JAMES                 NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-30
BROWN, SAMUEL                WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-265
BROWN, THOMAS                WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-220
BROWN, WILLIAM               WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-209
BTCHER, EDMUND               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-139
BUFFINGOTN, JOHN             WEST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-12
BUFFINGTON, RICHARD          WEST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-80
BUFFINGTON, RICHARD          NTL                           PA-15-B-242
BUFFINGTON, THOMAS           EAST CALN                     PA-15-B-52
BULLER, JOHN                 WEST CALN                     PA-15-B-156
BULLER, THOMAS               KENNETT                       PA-15-A-104
BULLER, WILLIAM              KENNETT                       PA-15-A-78
BULLERBY, ISAAC              NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-297
BUNTING, ROBERT              FALLOWFIELD                   PA-15-B-48
BUSHELL, SARAH               CONCORD                       PA-15-A-62
BUTCHER, ISABELLA            BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-216
BUTCHER, THOMAS              BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-207
CALDWELL, ROBERT             ASTON                         PA-15-B-219
CALDWELL, VINCENT            MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-88
CARPENTER, ISAAC             BETHEL                        PA-15-A-101
CARPENTER, WILLIAM           NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-B-253
CARTER, GEORGE               BRADFORD                      PA-15-A-223
CARTER, JEREMIAH             CHESTER                       PA-15-B-17
CHADO, FRANCIS               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-12
CHALFONT, JOHN               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-172
CHAMBERLIN, ROBERT           CONCORD                       PA-15-A-367
CHAMBERLIN, ROBERT JR.       CONCORD                       PA-15-A-356
CHANDLER, GEORGE             CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-8
CHANDLER, WILLIAM            LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-B-213
CHARLTON, HENRY              LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-182
CHENEY, JOHN                 MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-145
CHEYNEY, JOHN                THORNBURY                     PA-15-B-190
CHEYNEY, THOMAS              THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-281
CHURCHMAN, JOHN              NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-170
CLARK, HENRY                 DARBY                         PA-15-B-267
CLAYTON, ABEL                CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-22
CLAYTON, ELIZABETH           CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-28
CLAYTON, WILLIAM             CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-267
CLOUD, JEREMIAH              EAST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-245
CLOUD, JOHN                  BRANDYWINE HUNDRED            PA-15-B-172
CLOUD, JOSEPH                CONCORD                       PA-15-B-47
CLOUD, MORDECAI              BRADFORD                      PA-15-B-187
CLOUD, WILLIAM               CALN                          PA-15-A-105
CODRY, THOMAS                BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-208
COEBOURN, THOMAS             CHESTER                       PA-15-B-9
COEBURN, JOSEPH              ASTON                         PA-15-A-149
COEBURN, THOMAS              CHESTER                       PA-15-A-167
COEBURN, WILLIAM             CHESTER                       PA-15-B-71
COHLAN, JOHN                 SADSBURY                      PA-15-A-235
COLDWELL, THOMAS             NTL                           PA-15-B-10
COLE, STEPHEN                CHESTER BROOUGH               PA-15-B-173
COLLINS, JOSEPH              GOSHEN                        PA-15-A-439
COLLINS, PETER               EAST BRADFORD                 PA-15-A-402
COMPTON, JONATHAN            BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-60
COOK, NEAL                   NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-B-27
COOPER, JAMES                NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-369
COPPOCK, AARON               NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-205
COPPOCK, BARTHOLOMEW         SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-93
COPPOCK, BARTHOLOMEW         MARPLE                        PA-15-A-70
COPPOCK, ELINOR              SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-222
CORNELIUS, STEPHEN           LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-52
COTTY, MARY                  NTL                           PA-15-A-11
COWpLAND, JOSHUA             CHESTER                       PA-15-A-389
CRAFFORD, JOHN               NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-348
CRAMPTON, SUSANNA            LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-B-225
CRIGHTON, JOHN               NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-342
CULIN, GEORGE                RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-451
DAVID, EVAN                  HAVERFORD                     PA-15-B-59
DAVID, JAMES                 WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-204
DAVID, JOHN                  VALLEY TWP                    PA-15-B-250
DAVID, PHILIP                EAST NANTWELL                 PA-15-B-248
DAVID, WILLIAM               VINCENT                       PA-15-B-259
DAVIS, HUGH                  UWCHLAND                      PA-15-B-131
DAVIS, JOHN                  THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-83
DAVIS, THOMAS                UWCHLAN                       PA-15-A-454
DENESTON, JAMES              NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-B-165
DEVONALD, JOHN               LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-A-430
DUNBABIN, THOMAS             ASTON                         PA-15-A-26
DUTTON, EDWARD               BETHEL                        PA-15-A-357
DUTTON, JOHN                 CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-3
DUTTON, THOMAS               ASTON                         PA-15-A-343
EACHUS, ROBERT               GOSHEN                        PA-15-A-287
EAVENSON, GRACE              CONCORD                       PA-15-B-215
EAVENSON, JOSEPH             CONCORD                       PA-15-B-179
EAVENSON, RALPH              CONCORD                       PA-15-B-157
EAVENSON, RICHARD            THORNBURY                     PA-15-B-49
EDGE, JACOB                  NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-A-97
EDWARDS, OWEN                LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-55
EDWARDS, RICHARD             NANTMEAL                      PA-15-B-105
ELGAR, JOSEPH                NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-406
ELLIOTT, SAMUEL              SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-219
ELLIS, EVAN                  EASTTOWN                      PA-15-B-139
ELLIS, HUMPHREY              HAVERFORD                     PA-15-B-106
ELLIS, LYDIA                 EASTTOWN                      PA-15-B-123
ELLIS, THOMAS                EASTTOWN                      PA-15-A-246
EMMITT, ABRAHAM              NTL                           PA-15-A-315
ENGLE, FREDERICK             MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-B-14
ERWIN, WILLIAM               CHESTER                       PA-15-A-65
EVAN, JOHN                   WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-27
EVANS, HANNAH                GOSHEN                        PA-15-B-112
EVANS, JOHN                  LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-60
EVANS, JOHN                  WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-B-24
EVANS, JOHN JR.              LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-26
EVANS, OWEN                  KENNETT                       PA-15-B-229
EVANS, ROGER                 LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-34
EVENSON, THOMAS              THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-201
EWING, JAMES                 LOWER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-73
EWING, JOHN                  LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-A-443
FABIAN, WILLIAM              UWCHLAN                       PA-15-A-227
FARR, RICHARD                EDGMONT                       PA-15-B-167
FEARN, JOSIAH                DARBY                         PA-15-A-330
FINCHER, JOHN                LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-B-240
FINIKIN, RICHARD             CHESTER                       PA-15-A-300
FINLEY, ROBERT               WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-101
FISHER, THOMAS               EAST CALN                     PA-15-B-228
FLEMING, ROBERT              LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-128
FLOWER, JOHN                 CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-25
FLOWER, WILLIAM              CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-54
FRED, JOHN                   BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-85
FREDD, KATHERINE             BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-154
FREE, ABRAHAM                NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-29
FUREY, HUGH                  NEW LONDON                    PA-15-B-116
GARRAT, MARY                 DARBY                         PA-15-B-129
GARRATT, SAMUEL              DARBY                         PA-15-B-154
GARRETT, GEORGE              WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-74
GARRETT, THOMAS              WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-A-45
GARRETT, THOMAS              DARBY                         PA-15-B-252
GARRETT, WILLIAM             DARBY                         PA-15-A-232
GATLIER, CHARLES             UWCHLAN                       PA-15-B-132
GEORGE, GEORGE               RADNOR                        PA-15-B-264
GIBBONS, JOHN                BETHEL                        PA-15-A-110
GIBY, DAVID                  CHARLESTOWN                   PA-15-B-19
GILPIN, JOSEPH               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-51
GOOLD, WILLIAM               MARINER                       PA-15-B-236
GORSUCH, WILLIAM             UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-163
GOSS, CHARLES                EAST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-A-374
GRAHAM, WILLIAM              LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-175
GRAY, NIGEL                  NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-360
GRIFFITH, DANIEL             PIKESTOWN                     PA-15-B-257
GRIFFITH, THOMAS             VINCENT                       PA-15-B-259
GRONOW, LEWIS                CUMRU, LANCASTER, PA          PA-15-B-257
GUNSTON, ANN                 BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-326
GUNSTON, HENRY               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-324
HAINES, JACOB                WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-116
HALL, JOHN                   WEST FALLOWFIELD              PA-15-B-242
HALL, SAMUEL                 KENNET                        PA-15-B-30
HALL, SAMUEL                 SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-B-22
HALL, THOMAS                 CONCORD                       PA-15-A-47
HALLIDAY, WILLIAM            NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-B-91
HANBY, WILLIAM               NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-403
HANES, JOHN                  DARBY                         PA-15-A-21
HANNUM, JAMES                CONCORD                       PA-15-A-62
HANNUM, JOHN                 CONCORD                       PA-15-A-328
HANNUM, MARGERY              CONCORD                       PA-15-B-115
HARLAN, AARON                KENNET                        PA-15-A-381
HARLAN, EZEKIEL              KENNET                        PA-15-A-341
HARLAN, GEORGE               KENNETT                       PA-15-A-7
HARLAN, JOSHUA               KENNETT                       PA-15-B-164
HARLAN, MICHAEL              LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-A-301
HARLAN, SARAH                KENNETT                       PA-15-B-247
HARLAN, THOMAS               KENNETT                       PA-15-B-196
HARRIS, EVAN                 KENNET                        PA-15-A-280
HARRIS, RODGER               NTL                           PA-15-A-18
HARRIS, WILLIAM              CALN                          PA-15-A-37
HARRIS, WILLIAM              WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-266
HAURY, URICK                 NTL                           PA-15-A-295
HAYDON, ANDREW               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-408
HAYES, HENRY                 EAST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-195
HAYES, RICHARD               WEST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-133
HEAD, BENJAMIN               CHESTER                       PA-15-A-126
HEALD, JOHN                  KENNET                        PA-15-B-67
HEALD, SAMUELD               KENNET                        PA-15-B-9
HEDGES, CHARLES              LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-144
HEDGES, JOSEPH               , PRINCE GEORGES, MD          PA-15-A-423
HENDERSON, EDWARD            NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-360
HENDERSON, JOHN              SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-189
HENDRICKS, JOHN              RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-121
HENDRICKSEN, ALBERTUS        NTL                           PA-15-A-29
HENDRICKSON, ANDREW          RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-136
HENRY, JAMES                 WEST CALN                     PA-15-A-422
HICKMAN, BENJAMIN            WESTTOWN                      PA-15-B-121
HOOD, THOMAS                 DARBY                         PA-15-A-60
HOPTON, RACHEL               BETHEL                        PA-15-B-263
HORNE, WILLIAM               BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-147
HOULSON, JOHN                EDGMONT                       PA-15-A-380
HOUSTON, SAMUEL              EAST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-82
HOWELL, REECE                NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-422
HOWELL, THOMAS               CHARLESTOWN                   PA-15-B-241
HUBBARD, JOHN                NTL                           PA-15-A-392
HUBBERT, ALICE               WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-93
HUGH, OWEN                   EASTTOWN                      PA-15-A-438
HUGHS, MORGAN                EASTTOWN                      PA-15-A-242
HUGHS, RICHARD               NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-399
HUNT, JOSEPH                 DARBY                         PA-15-B-141
HUNTER, JOHN                 NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-4
HUNTER, MONGEY               CHESTER TWP                   PA-15-B-224
HUTTON, MARY                 NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-A-448
IDDINGS, RICHARD             NANTMELL                      PA-15-A-195
IRWIN, WILLIAM               EAST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-149
JACK, SAMUEL                 SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-51
JACKSON, BARBARA             EAST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-89
JACKSON, EPHRAIM             EDGMONT                       PA-15-A-394
JACKSON, MARY                EAST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-A-310
JACKSON, ROBERT              UWCHLAN                       PA-15-B-33
JACKSON, ROGER               CHESTER                       PA-15-A-27
JACKSON, THOMAS              MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-251
JAMES, DANIEL                WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-A-424
JAMES, GEORGE                SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-96
JAMES, JOHN                  WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-B-260
JAMES, MORGAN                NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-21
JEFFERIS, JAMES              EAST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-192
JEFFERIS, ROBERT             EAST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-35
JENKIN, DAVID                UWCHLAN                       PA-15-B-136
JENKIN, JOHN                 VINCENT                       PA-15-B-105
JENKINS, THOMAS              LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-A-373
JERMAN, ELIZABETH            TREDYFFRIN                    PA-15-B-93
JERMAN, MARY                 WEST NANTMEAL                 PA-15-B-97
JOHN, DAVID                  YOUGHLAN                      PA-15-A-112
JOHNSON, CALEB               NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-A-283
JOHNSON, JAMES               NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-160
JOHNSON, ROBERT              NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-A-386
JOHNSON, THOMAS              CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-55
JONES, DAVID                 CALN                          PA-15-B-31
JONES, JACOB                 NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-117
JONES, MARY                  TREDYFFRIN                    PA-15-B-227
JONES, NICHOALS              FALLOWFIELD                   PA-15-B-243
JONES, PETER                 UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-A-346
JONES, REES                  UWCHLAN                       PA-15-B-258
JONES, THOMAS                UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-A-255
KENDALL, THOMAS              SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-B-104
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM          BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-194
KINNISON, EDWARD             NTL                           PA-15-B-15
KINSMAN, JOHN                CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-114
LANGWORTHY, GENESIS          NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-240
LAWRENCE, DANIEL             HAVERFORD                     PA-15-A-72
LEA, HANNAH                  DARBY                         PA-15-A-436
LEA, JOHN                    SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-217
LEET, EDWARD                 EAST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-53
LEPER, GIEN                  NEW LONDON                    PA-15-B-86
LEPER, ISABELLA              NEW LONDON                    PA-15-B-187
LEVIS, SAMUEL                SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-411
LEWIN, EDWARD                DARBY                         PA-15-A-68
LEWIN, MARY                  DARBY                         PA-15-A-73
LEWIS, EVAN                  WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-224
LEWIS, EVAN                  NEWTTOWN                      PA-15-A-432
LEWIS, GRIFFITH              WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-19
LEWIS, HENRY                 NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-397
LEWIS, JANE                  DARBY                         PA-15-B-21
LEWIS, MAGDALEN              CHARLESTOWN                   PA-15-B-239
LEWIS, MARY                  WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-4
LEWIS, MORDECAI              NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-150
LEWIS, WILLIAM               NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-335
LEWIS, WILLIAM               KENNETT                       PA-15-B-221
LIGHTFOOT, MARGARET          DARBY                         PA-15-A-378
LIGHTFOOT, THOMAS            DARBY                         PA-15-A-180
LINDLEY, JAMES               LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-A-210
LINN, CHARLES                UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-206
LITTLER, SAMUEL              NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-238
LLOYD, DAVID                 CHESTER                       PA-15-A-333
LOGAN, JAMES                 LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-173
LOWNES, GEORGE               SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-B-69
MAGILL, DANIEL               NTL                           PA-15-A-456
MALIN, JACOB                 UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-A-241
MARIS, JOHN                  SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-B-263
MARIS, RICHARD               SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-B-184
MARSH, WILLIAM               SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-166
MARSHALL, ANN                NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-A-314
MARSHALL, JOHN               DARBY                         PA-15-A-310
MARSHALL, THOMAS             CONCORD                       PA-15-B-72
MARTEN, WALTER               CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-73
MARTIN, JOHN                 MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-80
MASON, RICHARD               NTL                           PA-15-A-20
MASSAR, MARY                 WESTTOWN                      PA-15-A-151
MAXEL, JOHN                  UWCHLAN                       PA-15-A-15
MCCAIN, SUSANNA              NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-329
MCCLELLAN, JOHN              DARBY                         PA-15-B-160
MCCLELLAN, SAMUEL            NTL                           PA-15-B-143
MENDENHALL, BENJAMIN         CONCORD                       PA-15-B-141
MENDENHALL, BENJAMIN         CONCORD                       PA-15-B-58
MENDENHALL, MOSES            KENNET                        PA-15-A-360
MERCER, MARY                 SEE: MASSAR, MARY             PA-15-A-151
MERCER, THOMAS               THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-40
MESSAR, ROBERT               NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-248
MILLER, HENRY                UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-23
MILLER, JOHN                 NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-A-10
MILLER, JOSEPH               NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-A-257
MINSHALL, ISAAC              PROVIDENCE                    PA-15-A-347
MINSHALL, JACOB              MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-418
MINSHALL, JOHN               SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-6
MONTGOMERY, JOHN             NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-318
MOOR, FRANCIS                NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-258
MOORE, JOHN JR.              BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-404
MORGAN, BLANCH               NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-66
MORGAN, GEORGE               UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-202
MORGAN, HUGH                 NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-273
MORGAN, JOHN                 PROVIDENCE                    PA-15-A-337
MORGAN, JOHN                 UWCHLAN                       PA-15-B-175
MORRIS, DAVID                MARPLE                        PA-15-A-107
MORRIS, JONATHAN             MARPLE                        PA-15-B-96
MORTON, JOHN                 RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-166
MORTONSON, MORTON            CALKING HOOK                  PA-15-A-69
MOULDER, BENJAMIN            CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-339
MUSGRAVE, MOSES              SADSBURY                      PA-15-A-189
NATSELLERS, MATHIAS          DARBY                         PA-15-A-158
NAYLE, HENRY                 THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-193
NEED, JOSEPH                 DARBY                         PA-15-B-98
NEWLIN, ELIZABETH            CONCORD                       PA-15-B-78
NEWLIN, ELIZABETH            CONCORD                       PA-15-A-48
NEWLIN, JANE                 CONCORD                       PA-15-B-15
NEWLIN, MARY                 NTL                           PA-15-A-319
NEWLIN, NATHANIEL            CONCORD                       PA-15-A-349
NICHOLAS, AMOS               RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-457
NIXON, THOMAS                FALLOWFIELD                   PA-15-A-391
NOOKS, WILLIAM               MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-401
OBORN, HENRY                 CONCORD                       PA-15-B-13
OBORN, WILLIAM               CONCORD                       PA-15-A-358
OGDEN, JONATHAN              CHESTER                       PA-15-A-249
ORSON, WILLIAM               SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-85
OSBORN, RICHARD              NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-203
OWEN, RICHARD                WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-183
OWENS, ELIZABETH             WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-B-94
PALMER, JOHN                 CONCORD                       PA-15-B-110
PALMER, MARY                 CONCORD                       PA-15-B-177
PARK, ARTHUR                 FALLOWFIELD                   PA-15-B-55
PARKER, JOHN                 DARBY                         PA-15-A-41
PARKER, RICHARD              DARBY                         PA-15-B-5
PARKER, RICHARD              DARBY                         PA-15-A-298
PARKS, RICHARD               GOSHEN                        PA-15-A-393
PARRY, JAMES                 TREDYFFRIN                    PA-15-A-198
PARRY, JOHN                  TREDYFFRIN                    PA-15-B-224
PARRY, JOHN                  HAVERFORD                     PA-15-B-65
PASSMORE, JOHN               WEST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-213
PASSMORE, WILLIAM            KENNET                        PA-15-B-168
PATTEN, WILLIAM              WEST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-122
PATTISON, ROBERT             NTL                           PA-15-B-137
PEARSON, THOMAS              MARPLE                        PA-15-A-407
PEIRCE, HENRY                CONCORD                       PA-15-B-159
PENICK, CHRISTOPHER          BETHEL                        PA-15-A-355
PENICK, EDWARD               BETHEL                        PA-15-A-345
PENNELL, JOSEPH JR.          EDGMONT                       PA-15-A-286
PENNELL, ROBERT              MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-293
PERTT, SIMON                 CONESTOGOE                    PA-15-A-263
PHILLIPS, GRIFFITH           WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-37
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM            MARPLE                        PA-15-B-23
PILE, RALPH                  NTL                           PA-15-B-89
PLUMMER, ROBERT              CHESTER                       PA-15-B-14
POCK, THOMAS                 ASTON                         PA-15-B-228
POWELL, ANN                  MARPLE                        PA-15-A-132
POWELL, ELIZABETH            UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-102
POWELL, EVAN                 NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-B-11
POWELL, JOHN                 LOWER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-A-415
POWELL, THOMAS               UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-A-4
POWELL, THOMAS SR.           UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-A-14
PRESTON, JOHN                THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-398
PREW, CALEB                  KENNET                        PA-15-A-218
PRICE, JAMES                 NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-435
PRYOR, SILAS                 KENNET                        PA-15-A-376
PUGH, JAMES                  UCHLAN                        PA-15-A-161
PUSEY, CALEB                 MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-220
PUSEY, ELIZABETH             WEST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-109
PYLE, NICHOLAS               CONCORD                       PA-15-A-49
PYLE, NICHOLAS               CONCORD                       PA-15-A-410
PYLE, ROBERT                 BETHEL                        PA-15-A-322
PYLE, WILLIAM                THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-428
PYLE, WILLIAM                BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-200
RAWSON, JOHN                 CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-41
READING, MATTHEW             VINCENT                       PA-15-B-267
REECE, DAVID                 NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-188
REED, JOHN                   NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-287
REYNERS, JOSEPH              CHESTER                       PA-15-A-441
REYNOLDS, HENRY              CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-164
REYNOLDS, PRUDENCE           CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-274
REYNOLDS, ROBERT             NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-327
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM            NTL                           PA-15-A-235
RICE, JOHN                   CHESTER                       PA-15-A-226
RICHARDS, JOSEPH             ASTON                         PA-15-A-445
RICHARDS, THOMAS             TREDYFFRIN                    PA-15-B-40
RICHARDSON, ANNE             NEW LONDONDERRY               PA-15-B-63
RICHARDSON, ISAAC            WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-200
RITTER, JOHN                 COVENTRY                      PA-15-A-246
ROADES, ADAM                 DARBY                         PA-15-B-177
ROBB, WILLIAM                LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-B-198
ROBINSON, GEORGE             CONCORD                       PA-15-A-58
ROBINSON, JOHN               EAST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-169
ROBINSON, RICHARD            WEST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-199
ROBISON, JOHN                CONESTOGUE                    PA-15-A-141
ROCKETT, HENRY               EAST NANTMELL                 PA-15-B-244
RODES, CHRISTIAN             NTL                           PA-15-B-20
ROE, ELIZABETH               PEQUEA                        PA-15-A-264
ROE, JOSEPH                  PEQUEA                        PA-15-A-260
ROMAN, PHILIP                CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-312
ROSS, THOMAS                 LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-170
ROWLAND, JOHN                WHITELAND                     PA-15-B-198
RUSSEL, JACOB                *, SUSSEX, DE                 PA-15-B-148
RUSSELL, ALEXANDER           EAST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-217
RYANDEL, ROBERT              SEE: REYNOLDS, ROBERT         PA-15-A-327
SAKELD, WILLIAM              CHESTER                       PA-15-B-126
SALKELD, JOHN                CHESTER                       PA-15-B-44
SAVAGE, SAMUEL               EAST NANTMEAL                 PA-15-B-107
SAVAGE, THOMAS               COVENTRY                      PA-15-B-37
SCARLET, HUMPHREY            CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-197
SCARLETT, HUMPHREY           CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-218
SCHOLLAR, JOHN               SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-147
SCOTT, JOHN                  KENNET                        PA-15-A-212
SCOTT, JOHN                  NTL                           PA-15-A-36
SEAL, JOSEPH                 BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-207
SEAL, RACHEL                 BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-218
SEAL, WILLIAM                BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-118
SELA, HANNAH                 BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-208
SELLERS, SAMUEL              DARBY                         PA-15-A-389
SHARMAN, ROBERT              EAST MARLBOROUGH              PA-15-B-42
SHARP, JOHN                  NEW GARDEN                    PA-15-B-254
SHARP, JOSEPH                LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-B-214
SHARPLESS, CALEB             RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-109
SHARPLESS, JAMES             NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-B-211
SHARPLESS, JOHN              RIDLEY                        PA-15-B-232
SHELLEY, ROGER               CHICHESTER                    PA-15-B-183
SHORTLIDGE, JAMES            WEST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-50
SIDWELL, HUGH                WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-84
SIDWELL, HUGH                WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-A-304
SIMCOCK, JACOB JR.           RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-43
SIMPSON, GEORGE              CHESTER BOROUGH               PA-15-B-179
SMEDLEY, GEORGE              WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-A-148
SMITH, EDWARD                DARBY                         PA-15-A-331
SMITH, ELIZABETH             DARBY                         PA-15-A-265
SMITH, JANE                  DARBY                         PA-15-A-42
SMITH, JOHN                  DARBY                         PA-15-A-22
SMITH, JOHN                  DARBY                         PA-15-B-38
SMITH, MARY                  BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-140
SMITH, RICHARD               DARBY                         PA-15-A-127
SMITH, THOMAS                BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-262
SMITH, WILLIAM               DARBY                         PA-15-A-260
SMITH, WILLIAM               DARBY                         PA-15-A-38
SMITH, WILLIAM               DARBY                         PA-15-B-16
SPENCER, JOHN                LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-A-305
SPRAY, CHRISTOPHER           DARBY                         PA-15-B-33
STEDWELL, THOMAS             RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-228
STEEL, ANDREW                NEW LONDON                    PA-15-A-421
STEEL, JOHN                  NEW LONDON                    PA-15-B-226
STEEL, NINIAN                NEW LONDON                    PA-15-B-193
STEPHENSON, JAMES            MARPLE                        PA-15-B-236
STEVENS, ROBERT              BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-81
STEVENSON, GRACE             BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-295
STEWART, ALEXANDER           KENNETT                       PA-15-A-19
STOCKIN, THOMAS              WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-309
SWAFFER, JACOB               NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-A-269
SWAFFER, JAMES               CALN                          PA-15-A-6
SWAFFER, WILLIAM             NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-A-99
SWAINE, FRANCIS              MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-131
TALBOT, JOHN                 MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-122
TATNALL, THOMAS              DARBY                         PA-15-B-223
TAYLOR, ISAAC                THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-275
TAYLOR, ISRAEL               MATTINECUCK ISLAND            PA-15-A-191
TAYLOR, JACOB                EDGMONT                       PA-15-B-120
TAYLOR, JOSEPH               KENNET                        PA-15-B-162
TAYLOR, JOSEPH JR.           KENNET                        PA-15-B-62
TAYLOR, MORDECAI             UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-237
TAYLOR, PETER                CALN                          PA-15-A-102
TAYLOR, PETER                UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-57
TAYLOR, PHILIP               THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-387
TAYLOR, RICHARD              KENNETT                       PA-15-B-171
TAYLOR, THOMAS               SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-186
TAYLOR, THOMAS               THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-216
TEST, JOHN                   DARBY                         PA-15-A-66
THOMAS, ANN                  GOSHEN                        PA-15-A-299
THOMAS, DANIEL               MERION                        PA-15-A-145
THOMAS, DAVID                NTL                           PA-15-B-109
THOMAS, DAVID                NEWTOWN                       PA-15-A-425
THOMAS, JOHN                 DARBY                         PA-15-A-244
THOMAS, WILLIAM              DARBY                         PA-15-B-193
THOMPSON, AARON              UPPER PROVIDENCE              PA-15-B-182
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER          NEW LONDON                    PA-15-B-146
THOMPSON, PETER              MARPLE                        PA-15-B-234
THOMSON, MOSES               MARPLE                        PA-15-B-184
TIPPING, ROBERT              NEWTOWN                       PA-15-B-126
TODHUNTER, JOHN              WESTTOWN                      PA-15-A-17
TODHUNTER, MARGARET          WESTTOWN                      PA-15-A-156
TOWNSEND, JAMES              BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-A-366
TOWNSEND, JOHN               WESTTOWN                      PA-15-B-246
TOWNSEND, THOMAS             CONCORD                       PA-15-A-384
TRAGO, JACOB                 MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-A-100
TRANTER, RICHARD             WEST BRADFORD                 PA-15-B-119
TREHEARN, WILLIAM            CHESTER                       PA-15-B-44
TREVILLER, HENRY             MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-219
TREVILLER, JAMES             MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-87
TURNER, ELEANOR              BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-196
TURNER, SARAH                MIDDLETOWN                    PA-15-B-32
TURNER, WILLIAM              BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-48
TYLER, JOHN                  CHESTER                       PA-15-A-56
VERNON, JACOB                THORNBURY                     PA-15-B-61
VERNON, JOSEPH               NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-B-226
VERNON, RANDLE               NETHER PROVIDENCE             PA-15-A-168
WALKER, GABRIEL              LONDONDERRY                   PA-15-B-49
WALTER, JOHN                 SADSB URY                     PA-15-A-371
WASBURN, SAMUEL              NANTMELL                      PA-15-B-124
WAY, ROBERT                  KENNETT                       PA-15-A-188
WAYNE, ANTHONY               EASTTOWN                      PA-15-B-45
WEBB, DANIEL                 KENNET                        PA-15-B-99
WELDON, JOHN                 ASTON                         PA-15-B-28
WEST, WILLIAM                SPRINGFIELD                   PA-15-A-94
WHARREY, DAVID               EAST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-155
WHITACRE, JAMES              DARBY                         PA-15-A-79
WHITAKER, JAMES              CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-117
WHITAKER, JAMES              SEE: WHITACRE, JAMES          PA-15-A-79
WHITE, ALEXANDER             NTL                           PA-15-B-138
WHITE, JOSEPH                NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-371
WHITELY, JOHN                WEST NOTTINGHAM               PA-15-B-95
WHITSITT, GEORGE             BIRMINGHAM                    PA-15-B-10
WHITTAKER, CHARLES           RIDLEY                        PA-15-A-453
WHITTING, RICHARD            LONDON, ENGLAND               PA-15-B-134
WICKERSHAM, THOMAS           MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-321
WICKERSHAM, THOMAS JR.       MARLBOROUGH                   PA-15-A-214
WIDOWS, JAMES                ASTON                         PA-15-B-127
WILLIAM, JOHN                WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-A-450
WILLIAM, LEWIS               WHITELAND                     PA-15-A-431
WILLIAMS, HUGH               VINCENT                       PA-15-B-92
WILLIAMS, ROBERT             NOTTINGHAM                    PA-15-A-32
WILLIAMS, ZACHARIUS          SADSBURY                      PA-15-B-81
WILLIAMSON, DANIEL           EDGMONT                       PA-15-A-270
WILLIS, JOHN                 THORNBURY                     PA-15-B-186
WILLIS, JOHN                 THORNBURY                     PA-15-A-368
WILSON, HUGH                 FALLOWFIELD                   PA-15-A-175
WITHERS, THOMAS              CHICHESTER                    PA-15-A-90
WOOD, JOHN                   DARBY                         PA-15-A-278
WOOD, JOSEPH                 DARBY                         PA-15-A-325
WOOD, WILLIAM                DARBY                         PA-15-A-444
WOODWARD, JOSEPH             GOSHEN                        PA-15-A-30
WOODYER, GEORGE              CHESTER                       PA-15-A-46
WORRALL, HENRY               MARPLE                        PA-15-A-254
WORRALL, JOHN                MARPLE                        PA-15-A-33
WORRALL, JOSHUA              MARPLE                        PA-15-A-289
WORTH, THOMAS                DARBY                         PA-15-A-332
YARNALL, DANIEL              WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-A-208
YARNALL, DOROTHY             EDGMONT                       PA-15-B-143
YARNALL, FRANCIS             WILLISTOWN                    PA-15-A-124
YARNALL, JOB                 RIDLEY                        PA-15-B-73
YARNALL, PHILIP              EDGMONT                       PA-15-A-414
YEARSLEY, ELIZABETH          CONCORD                       PA-15-A-271
YOUNG, WILLIAM               LONDONGROVE                   PA-15-B-255

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