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Column One: Name of Testator
Column tWO: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1843-1899 |
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AHNER, ABRAHAM                          PA-13-1-201
ALBRIGHT, CHARLES                       PA-13-1-334
ALBRIGHT, JOHN                          PA-13-1-185
ALBRIGHT, NAOMI ENGLER                  PA-13-1-468
ALLEN, ISAAC                            PA-13-1-570
ALLEN, ROBERT                           PA-13-1-315
ANDREAS, JACOB                          PA-13-1-105
ANDREW, EDWIN                           PA-13-1-545
ANDREWS, JONAS                          PA-13-1-522
ARNER, HENRY                            PA-13-1-488
BACHMAN, AMOS F.                        PA-13-1-98
BACHMAN, JONAS                          PA-13-1-109
BACHMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-13-1-371
BANNAN, JAMES                           PA-13-1-266
BARNES, JAMES WOODBRIDGE                PA-13-1-27
BARREN, BERNARD                         PA-13-1-139
BAUER, CHARLES G.                       PA-13-1-56
BAUR, DANIEL                            PA-13-1-86
BECKER, DAVID                           PA-13-1-114
BEER, ADAM                              PA-13-1-221
BEER, ADAM                              PA-13-1-551
BEERS, ELIZA                            PA-13-1-349
BEIGHE, REBECCA                         PA-13-1-619
BELFORD, ELLEN B.                       PA-13-1-364
BELFORD, GEORGE                         PA-13-1-179
BELTZ, REBECCA S.                       PA-13-1-457
BELTZNER, CATHARINE                     PA-13-1-330
BERRY,M ARY                             PA-13-1-357
BERTOLETTE, SARAH J.                    PA-13-1-548
BERTSCH, ABRAHAM                        PA-13-1-346
BERTSCH, DANIEL SR.                     PA-13-1-241
BERWICK, MARTIN                         PA-13-1-590
BETTENBURDER, WILLIAM                   PA-13-1-624
BLAKSLEE, RILEY                         PA-13-1-423
BLOSS, DANIEL                           PA-13-1-34
BOBST, MARY                             PA-13-1-169
BODEY, GEORGE                           PA-13-1-254
BOLDT, HENRY                            PA-13-1-215
BOOTH, THOMAS                           PA-13-1-407
BOWDEN, RICHARD                         PA-13-1-308
BOWMAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-13-1-556
BOWMAN, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-393
BOWMAN,E DWARD                          PA-13-1-394
BOYD, WILLIAM                           PA-13-1-222
BOYER, ABRAHAM                          PA-13-1-173
BOYER, CHARLES                          PA-13-1-565
BOYER, DANIEL                           PA-13-1-446
BOYER, DAVID                            PA-13-1-209
BOYER, HENRY                            PA-13-1-539
BOYER, JOHN A.                          PA-13-1-327
BOYER, URBAN                            PA-13-1-322
BOYLE, BERNARD                          PA-13-1-125
BOYLE, MARY                             PA-13-1-412
BRINK, MARGARET                         PA-13-1-1
BRINKMAN, HENRY                         PA-13-1-71
BRISTIN, PATRICK                        PA-13-1-176
BROWN, EZRA B.                          PA-13-1-336
BROWN, JAMES                            PA-13-1-351
BROWN, JOSIAH                           PA-13-1-206
BROWN, THOMAS                           PA-13-1-233
BUCHMAN, PETER                          PA-13-1-38
BUCHMAN, PETER                          PA-13-1-172
BUCKMAN, ADAM                           PA-13-1-250
BURKE,D ANIEL                           PA-13-1-157
BUTLER, THOMAS R.                       PA-13-1-11
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-597
BUTNEY, DANIEL                          PA-13-1-54
BYNON, JOHN                             PA-13-1-421
CARRIGAN, JULIA                         PA-13-1-579
CASSIDY, JOHN                           PA-13-1-532
CHAPMAN, LANSFOR F.                     PA-13-1-84
CHRISTMAN, JOHN MELCHER                 PA-13-1-224
CHRISTMAN, SIMON                        PA-13-1-21
CHRISTMAN, WILLIAM                      PA-13-1-117
CLAUP, GRANVILLE                        PA-13-1-193
CLAUSS, DANIEL                          PA-13-1-380
CLUTE, HOMER A.                         PA-13-1-574
CODRINGTON, JANE                        PA-13-1-503
CONNER, PETER                           PA-13-1-133
CONNOLLY, SIMON                         PA-13-1-13
CONNOR, ELI T.                          PA-13-1-82
COOPER, ANDREW                          PA-13-1-16
COOPER, MARY S.                         PA-13-1-122
CRAIG, THOMAS                           PA-13-1-48
CRAWFORD, ELIZA                         PA-13-1-360
CRILLY, FRANCIS                         PA-13-1-183
CUMMISKEY, THOMAS                       PA-13-1-459
CURRAN, CATHARINE                       PA-13-1-123
CURRAN, CHRISTOPHER                     PA-13-1-489
DANGLER, CHARLES                        PA-13-1-159
DAUBENSPECK, ELIZABETH                  PA-13-1-144
DAVIES, GRIFFITH                        PA-13-1-562
DAVIS, DAVID W.                         PA-13-1-554
DEMPSEY, JOHN                           PA-13-1-191
DENK, JOHN WOLFGANG                     PA-13-1-216
DERMOTT, PATRICK                        PA-13-1-453
DICK, GEORGE                            PA-13-1-329
DIETCHE, LEWIS                          PA-13-1-256
DIMMICK, M. M.                          PA-13-1-175
DIMMICK, MARY ALLICE                    PA-13-1-219
DIMMICK, MILTON                         PA-13-1-480
DODSON, ESTHER M.                       PA-13-1-600
DODSON, GEORGE W.                       PA-13-1-88
DODSON, ISAAC T.                        PA-13-1-160
DODSON, JOHN C.                         PA-13-1-264
DUTOTT, PHILIP                          PA-13-1-273
EASTMAN, ABSALOM                        PA-13-1-621
EBBERT, CATHARINE W.                    PA-13-1-354
EBERLE, CHARLES L.                      PA-13-1-126
EBERT, HENRY                            PA-13-1-14
EBERT, NATHAN                           PA-13-1-75
EBERTS, JACOB                           PA-13-1-95
EDWARDS, ANNE                           PA-13-1-436
EDWARDS, JOSHUA                         PA-13-1-29
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         PA-13-1-603
EICKHOFF, FERDINAND                     PA-13-1-103
EICKHOFF, GEORGE                        PA-13-1-320
ELLIS, EVAN                             PA-13-1-575
ESCH, GEORGE                            PA-13-1-196
EVANS, DAVID J.                         PA-13-1-211
EVERETT, ELIZABETH                      PA-13-1-65
FARROW, JAMES                           PA-13-1-147
FEGLEY, ELIZA                           PA-13-1-347
FEGLEY, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-136
FEGLEY, NATHAN                          PA-13-1-68
FELLGUTH, HEINRICH                      PA-13-1-598
FENSTERMATHER, MARY                     PA-13-1-507
FINCHER, ELIZABETH                      PA-13-1-289
FINCHER, JONATHAN                       PA-13-1-283
FINK, BALTZER                           PA-13-1-474
FISHER, THOMAS P.                       PA-13-1-286
FLEMING, WILLIAM                        PA-13-1-416
FLENTJE, LUDWIG                         PA-13-1-397
FOCHT, GERTRAUT                         PA-13-1-66
FRANTZ, JACOB                           PA-13-1-79
FRANTZ, JOSHUA                          PA-13-1-9
FRASER, ANDREW                          PA-13-1-529
FRONHEISER, CHARLES                     PA-13-1-137
FRY, SUSAN                              PA-13-1-291
FRYMAN, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-20
FRYMAN, HENRY                           PA-13-1-29
FUSS, FRANCIS J.                        PA-13-1-151
GEGGUS, ANNA ELIZABETH                  PA-13-1-608
GEISEL, HENRY                           PA-13-1-240
GEORGE, JACOB                           PA-13-1-231
GEORGE, JONATHAN                        PA-13-1-185
GEORGE, NICHOLAS                        PA-13-1-606
GERSTER, CONSTANTINE                    PA-13-1-145
GILDEN, JAMES                           PA-13-1-190
GLACE, N. F.                            PA-13-1-228
GLASE, JOHN                             PA-13-1-302
GORMELY, MARGARET                       PA-13-1-431
GRAVES, JOHN                            PA-13-1-127
GREENZNEIG, DAVI                        PA-13-1-3
GREENZWEIG, JOHN D.                     PA-13-1-124
GREENZWEIG, SAMUEL                      PA-13-1-279
GRIFFITHS, JANE                         PA-13-1-546
GUTH, JOHN                              PA-13-1-209
HAAKMANN, JOHN HENRY                    PA-13-1-40
HABERMAN, PETER                         PA-13-1-208
HAHN, JONAS                             PA-13-1-500
HARKER, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-290
HARKINS, JOHN                           PA-13-1-356
HARLAN, MARGARET                        PA-13-1-292
HARTMAN, ALEXANDER                      PA-13-1-257
HARTMAN, SAMUEL                         PA-13-1-359
HARTZ, ABBY                             PA-13-1-152
HARTZ, SUSAN                            PA-13-1-487
HARTZ, WILLIAM                          PA-13-1-104
HAY, RICHARD                            PA-13-1-6
HAZARD, FISHER                          PA-13-1-615
HAZARD, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-544
HEBEL, JOHN                             PA-13-1-153
HEBEL, JOHN                             PA-13-1-306
HEBERLING, DANIEL                       PA-13-1-226
HEBERLING, JOHN                         PA-13-1-420
HEBERLING, SAMUEL                       PA-13-1-309
HELKER, DANIEL                          PA-13-1-269
HELLER, JOHN CONRAD                     PA-13-1-512
HEMM, ADOLPH                            PA-13-1-408
HENRY, JOHN                             PA-13-1-355
HILLS, JOHN                             PA-13-1-108
HINES, WILLIAM                          PA-13-1-538
HINKLE, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-414
HOFFAKER, HERMAN                        PA-13-1-22
HOFFMAN, JOSIAH                         PA-13-1-43
HOLLAND, HARRIET                        PA-13-1-113
HOLTZER, ANDREW                         PA-13-1-134
HORN, J. N.                             PA-13-1-365
HORN, LEWIS                             PA-13-1-323
HOUSER, MARY                            PA-13-1-593
HOUSER, NICHOLAS                        PA-13-1-591
HOUSTON, JAMES                          PA-13-1-258
HUFF, CATHARINE A.                      PA-13-1-595
HUGHES, BERNARD                         PA-13-1-413
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                        PA-13-1-128
HYNDMAN, MARK                           PA-13-1-558
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         PA-13-1-213
JONES, DAVID J.                         PA-13-1-207
JONES, DAVID A.                         PA-13-1-341
JONES, JOHN R.                          PA-13-1-409
JOSEPHS, ANN CATHARINE                  PA-13-1-232
JUNGBLUTT, CARL                         PA-13-1-427
KEEPER, REUBEN                          PA-13-1-447
KEFER, SALAMIE                          PA-13-1-450
KEMERER, JOHN G.                        PA-13-1-154
KEMERER, JOSEPH J.                      PA-13-1-369
KEMERER, THOMAS                         PA-13-1-611
KEMMERER, ANNIE L.                      PA-13-1-604
KENNEY, PATRICK                         PA-13-1-501
KERCHNER, MARY ANGELINE                 PA-13-1-197
KERN, THOMAS                            PA-13-1-97
KERN, WILLIAM                           PA-13-1-58
KERTZ, SALLIE A.                        PA-13-1-584
KIRBY, SIMON                            PA-13-1-5
KISTLER, LYDIA                          PA-13-1-626
KLINE, WILLIAM                          PA-13-1-217
KLINWELL, SAMUEL                        PA-13-1-33
KLOTZ, JOEL                             PA-13-1-479
KNECKERBACKER, CATHARINE                PA-13-1-465
KOHLER, PETER                           PA-13-1-50
KOLB, JONATHAN                          PA-13-1-311
KOSTENBADER, HENRY                      PA-13-1-518
KREITZ, JOHN                            PA-13-1-352
KUSEL, GEORGE                           PA-13-1-121
KUSEL, HENRY CHARLES J. G.              PA-13-1-464
KUSSEL, HENRY                           PA-13-1-157
KUSSEL, MARIA                           PA-13-1-223
LAIRD, WILLIAM SR.                      PA-13-1-73
LANION, DANIEL                          PA-13-1-426
LAW, ROBERT                             PA-13-1-285
LAWLER, MCIHAEL                         PA-13-1-174
LEADENHAM, JOSEPH W.                    PA-13-1-390
LECHLEITNER, JOHN                       PA-13-1-76
LEESONRING, JOHN                        PA-13-1-461
LEIDY, SUSAN                            PA-13-1-317
LEIDY, SUSAN                            PA-13-1-318
LENTZ, ELIZABETH                        PA-13-1-388
LEWIS, HERBERT                          PA-13-1-324
LEWIS, LLEWELLYN                        PA-13-1-287
LIMOSN, CHARLES                         PA-13-1-37
LINDENBERGER, JOHN                      PA-13-1-542
LIPPINCOTT, SAMUEL                      PA-13-1-18
LOMISON, MARY O.                        PA-13-1-448
LONGSHORN, ADELINE                      PA-13-1-588
LONGSTREET, FRANCIS P.                  PA-13-1-340
MACK, JACOB                             PA-13-1-31
MAGSUMORE, CHARLES                      PA-13-1-344
MALLOY, FRANCIS                         PA-13-1-303
MANGOLD, PETER                          PA-13-1-523
MANICH, JACOB                           PA-13-1-17
MCCANNA, PATRICK                        PA-13-1-572
MCCARTHY, LYMAN K.                      PA-13-1-167
MCDONALD, BRIDGET                       PA-13-1-467
MCDOUGAL, BARBARA                       PA-13-1-288
MCFADDEN, CHARLES                       PA-13-1-541
MCFADDEN, MARY                          PA-13-1-495
MCGEE, BERNARD                          PA-13-1-439
MCGEE, MANUS                            PA-13-1-404
MCGINLEY, JOHN R.                       PA-13-1-276
MCGINTY, NEAL                           PA-13-1-402
MCHUGH, PATRICK                         PA-13-1-395
MCKENNA, JAMES                          PA-13-1-526
MCLEAN, THOMPSON                        PA-13-1-383
MCNEAL, SAMUEL                          PA-13-1-499
MCPHILLIPS, MARGARET                    PA-13-1-617
MCPHILLIPS, PATRICK                     PA-13-1-524
MEHRKAM, CONRAD                         PA-13-1-189
MEIGHAN, SUSAN                          PA-13-1-202
MELFORD, WILLIAM                        PA-13-1-331
MELLER, SOLOMON                         PA-13-1-53
MENTZ, HANNAH                           PA-13-1-445
MEYER, ABRAHAM                          PA-13-1-568
MICHEL, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-216
MILLER, ADAM                            PA-13-1-294
MILLER, DAVID                           PA-13-1-429
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-13-1-312
MONTZ, DANIEL                           PA-13-1-204
MOORE, WILLIAM                          PA-13-1-47
MOYER, ISAAC                            PA-13-1-265
MURPHY, JAMES                           PA-13-1-438
MUSSELMAN, CHARLES                      PA-13-1-455
MUSSELMAN, JACOB                        PA-13-1-44
NEIGH, PETER W.                         PA-13-1-576
NIMSON, A. B.                           PA-13-1-129
NOTHSTEIN, JAMES                        PA-13-1-375
NOTHSTEIN, JONAS                        PA-13-1-239
NOTHSTEIN, PETER                        PA-13-1-77
OCKENHOUSE, FRANTZ                      PA-13-1-298
ONEILL, CATHARINE                       PA-13-1-385
OSULLIVAN, ANDREW                       PA-13-1-39
OTIS, WILLIAM R.                        PA-13-1-81
OTTO, JOSEPH                            PA-13-1-406
PABST, JACOB                            PA-13-1-392
PACKER, HENRY E.                        PA-13-1-442
PALMER, MAGDALENA                       PA-13-1-305
PATTERSON, MARIA                        PA-13-1-508
PATTERSON, NATHAN                       PA-13-1-378
PENROSE, N. R.                          PA-13-1-571
PETERS, DANIEL                          PA-13-1-185
PHILLIPS, MARY                          PA-13-1-210
PRICE, REES T.                          PA-13-1-515
PRINCE, ANTOINETTE                      PA-13-1-98
PRYOR, SUSAN B.                         PA-13-1-609
PUGH, CORNELIUS                         PA-13-1-55
PURDON, THOMAS                          PA-13-1-527
RACHAWACH, FREDERICK                    PA-13-1-520
RALSTON, MARY                           PA-13-1-23
RANTZ, JOHN                             PA-13-1-498
RAUCHENBERGEN, JOHN                     PA-13-1-166
REHRIG, EPHRAIM                         PA-13-1-560
REYNOLDS, NOAH                          PA-13-1-363
RICHARDS, JENKIN                        PA-13-1-343
RICHTER, ANNTHONY                       PA-13-1-28
RIGHTER, JANE                           PA-13-1-11
ROBINSON, JOHN                          PA-13-1-119
ROOSS, MARTHA                           PA-13-1-332
ROTH, CHRISTIANA                        PA-13-1-314
ROTH, FERDINAND                         PA-13-1-304
RUMPLE, BARBARA                         PA-13-1-45
RUSSEL, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-170
SALKELD, CATHARINE F.                   PA-13-1-177
SANAHERR, CHARLES                       PA-13-1-112
SANDERS, JOACHIM                        PA-13-1-231
SCANLAN, MICHAEL L. (REV.)              PA-13-1-113
SCHAEFER, DAVID                         PA-13-1-275
SCHAEFER, DAVID                         PA-13-1-273
SCHAEFER, JOHN                          PA-13-1-30
SCHMIDT, BLASIUS                        PA-13-1-428
SCHMIDT, FRANZ                          PA-13-1-167
SCHNEIDER, JOSEPH                       PA-13-1-514
SCHOCH, MARY                            PA-13-1-511
SCHULENBERG, FREDRICK                   PA-13-1-234
SCHULZ, MARIA E.                        PA-13-1-557
SCHWAB, JOHN                            PA-13-1-373
SCOTT, DANIEL                           PA-13-1-547
SEELINGER, CATHARINE                    PA-13-1-263
SEVISON,M ARY M.                        PA-13-1-236
SHANNON, SAMUEL                         PA-13-1-504
SHARKEY, JAMES                          PA-13-1-142
SHARKEY, PATRICK                        PA-13-1-143
SHEKER, FRANCIS                         PA-13-1-454
SIDDLE, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-563
SIEWERS, J. H.                          PA-13-1-338
SKEER, MARION                           PA-13-1-614
SMETHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-13-1-494
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-13-1-74
SMITH, FRANCIS                          PA-13-1-120
SMITH, ISAAC                            PA-13-1-516
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-13-1-535
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-13-1-199
SMITH, JANE                             PA-13-1-434
SMITH, WASHINGTON                       PA-13-1-92
SNYDER, DAVID                           PA-13-1-510
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-13-1-325
SNYDER, PETER                           PA-13-1-93
SNYDER, SIMON                           PA-13-1-168
SOLOMON, NATHANIEL                      PA-13-1-297
SOLT, EVE                               PA-13-1-281
SOLT, SOLOMON                           PA-13-1-271
SOLT, THOMAS                            PA-13-1-477
SOPHN, WILHEMA                          PA-13-1-44
STAHL, JACOB                            PA-13-1-259
STAHTE, MATHILDE                        PA-13-1-537
STEIGERWALD, SOLOMON                    PA-13-1-433
STEIN, JOHN                             PA-13-1-251
STEMLER, REUBEN                         PA-13-1-578
STERLING, HENRY                         PA-13-1-172
STERLING, JOHN R.                       PA-13-1-205
STETLER, SAMUEL                         PA-13-1-107
STEVENTON, JOSEPH                       PA-13-1-506
STIEHL, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-140
STRAUB, DAVID                           PA-13-1-328
STRAUSE, JACOB                          PA-13-1-4
STRAUSS, THOMAS                         PA-13-1-146
STRAWN, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-268
STROUSE, JONAS                          PA-13-1-262
SWEENEY, CHARLES                        PA-13-1-361
SWEENEY, MARY                           PA-13-1-9
THOMAS, SLEWEYLYNN J.                   PA-13-1-148
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                      PA-13-1-192
THOMPSON, JOHN D.                       PA-13-1-33
THORP, RICHARD                          PA-13-1-310
TOMISON, JAMES                          PA-13-1-42
TREE, JOHN                              PA-13-1-35
TREHARN, DAVID                          PA-13-1-473
TURNER, HENRY                           PA-13-1-36
VENNEMAN, ASA R.                        PA-13-1-6
WAGNER, AUGUST                          PA-13-1-188
WAGNER, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-115
WAGNER, GEORGE                          PA-13-1-581
WALK, GEORGE                            PA-13-1-26
WALTON, JOHN                            PA-13-1-534
WARLOW, WILLIAM                         PA-13-1-387
WATKINS, REES                           PA-13-1-247
WEBSTER, RICHARD                        PA-13-1-41
WEIDENHEIMER, SIMON                     PA-13-1-211
WEISS, CONRAD                           PA-13-1-7
WEISS, ELIAS                            PA-13-1-118
WEISS, LEVI                             PA-13-1-419
WELSH, CHARLES                          PA-13-1-531
WENTZ, DANIEL                           PA-13-1-367
WEST, JACOB                             PA-13-1-225
WETZELL, CATHARINE                      PA-13-1-111
WILBUR, HENRY                           PA-13-1-87
WILDONER, JAMES B.                      PA-13-1-566
WILHELM, JOSEPH                         PA-13-1-97
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       PA-13-1-52
WILLIAMS, FRANCIS                       PA-13-1-248
WILLIAMS, JOHN D.                       PA-13-1-460
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          PA-13-1-476
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        PA-13-1-130
WILLIAMSON, HENRY                       PA-13-1-411
WILSON, HENRY                           PA-13-1-1
WILSON, W. H.                           PA-13-1-313
WINTERSTEEN, JANE                       PA-13-1-295
WOLF, AUGUSTUS                          PA-13-1-187
WOLF, SAMUEL                            PA-13-1-299
YAEGER, BENJAMIN                        PA-13-1-229
ZELLER, HARTMAN                         PA-13-1-238
ZELLNER, ABBY                           PA-13-1-613
ZELLNER, REUBEN                         PA-13-1-149
ZIEGENFUS, ANDREW                       PA-13-1-220
ZIEGENFUS, JOHN E.                      PA-13-1-261
ZIEGLER, NATHAN                         PA-13-1-622
ZIESSER, ALEXANDER                      PA-13-1-270
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISITAN                    PA-13-1-107

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