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ACKER, CHRISTIAN                        PA-7-D-385
ACKER, HENRY OF JOHN                    PA-7-B-469
ACKER, JOHN OF JOHN                     PA-7-C-281
ACKER OF JOHN, HENRY                    PA-7-B-469
ACKER OF JOHN, JOHN                     PA-7-C-281
ADAMS, SAMUEL R.                        PA-7-B-9
ADAMS, SARAH                            PA-7-A-390
AHEARN, THOMAS                          PA-7-D-396
AIKEN, JOHN                             PA-7-D-282
AKE, MARY                               PA-7-B-42
AKE, WILLIAM H. W.                      PA-7-C-217
ALBAUGH, ELIZABETH                      PA-7-A-196
ALBRIGHT, GEORGE                        PA-7-D-17
ALE, DANIEL W.                          PA-7-C-103
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        PA-7-B-210
ALLINDER, ELLIN                         PA-7-C-407
AMBROSE, ALEXANDER                      PA-7-D-322
AMICH, MARY ANN                         PA-7-B-450
ANDERSON, JOHN                          PA-7-D-409
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       PA-7-D-373
ANDREWS, CHARLES                        PA-7-D-35
ANDREWS, JAMES                          PA-7-D-78
ANONYMOUS, PERRY                        PA-7-D-45
ARMITAGE, SARAH                         PA-7-B-212
AURANDT, JOHN                           PA-7-B-132
BAKER, JACOB P.                         PA-7-A-332
BAKER, WOODS                            PA-7-A-271
BANCROFT, RICHARD                       PA-7-B-434
BANCROFT, THOMAS                        PA-7-D-465
BANKS, THADEUS                          PA-7-D-397
BARE, DANIEL                            PA-7-C-42
BARR, JOHN ESQ.                         PA-7-A-204
BARR, JONATHAN                          PA-7-D-296
BARTLEBAUGH, WILLARD F.                 PA-7-D-558
BATEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-7-D-483
BATTIN, JOSEPH                          PA-7-D-83
BAUGHMAN, HENRY E.                      PA-7-D-522
BAUMGARDNER, A. C.                      PA-7-C-138
BEALS, MARY C.                          PA-7-D-213
BEARD, MARGARET                         PA-7-B-53
BECHTEL, JOHN G.                        PA-7-C-229
BEECH, GEORGE                           PA-7-B-215
BEEGLE, DANIEL F.                       PA-7-B-202
BEGLEY, JOHN                            PA-7-B-177
BELCH, MARY                             PA-7-A-193
BELL, EDWARD                            PA-7-A-254
BELL, JAMES M.                          PA-7-C-97
BELL, JOHNSTON                          PA-7-C-152
BELL, MARTIN                            PA-7-C-306
BELL, MARY P.                           PA-7-D-85
BELL, WALTER                            PA-7-D-538
BENDER, CATHARINE EATON                 PA-7-C-123
BENDER, CONRAD                          PA-7-C-292
BENDER, GEORGE                          PA-7-C-21
BENDER, JOHN                            PA-7-C-220
BENDER, LOUIS                           PA-7-D-344
BENDER, URSULA                          PA-7-D-529
BENNER, JOHN                            PA-7-A-80
BENNETT, JOHN                           PA-7-B-94
BERNES, THOMAS                          PA-7-D-446
BIDDLE, GEORGE                          PA-7-B-272
BIDDLE, JOHN                            PA-7-A-97
BIDDLE, SUSANNAH                        PA-7-B-107
BIDDLE, THOMAS                          PA-7-B-1
BITTLE, PETER                           PA-7-D-478
BLACK, ADAM                             PA-7-A-247
BLACK, JACOB                            PA-7-C-167
BLACK, MICHAEL                          PA-7-D-417
BLAKE, BARBARA                          PA-7-D-308
BLAKE, BURDINE REV.                     PA-7-C-428
BLAKE, JAMES                            PA-7-D-169
BOCKLE, GEORGE                          PA-7-D-453
BOEFFINGER, JOHN                        PA-7-C-143
BOGGS, JENNET                           PA-7-A-69
BOSSLER, MICHAEL                        PA-7-A-180
BOUSLOUGH, HENRY                        PA-7-A-104
BOUSLOUGH, JACOB R.                     PA-7-A-424
BOWERS, BENJAMIN                        PA-7-D-144
BOWERS, MARY                            PA-7-D-352
BOWERS, MARY ANN                        PA-7-A-315
BOWERS, MICHAEL                         PA-7-C-324
BOWSER, CHRISTENA                       PA-7-C-360
BOYLES, ABSALOM                         PA-7-A-134
BRACKEN, JANE                           PA-7-D-134
BRADLEY, FRANCES                        PA-7-B-36
BRADLEY, MANASSA                        PA-7-A-269
BREED, DANIEL                           PA-7-C-455
BRENAMAN, WILLIAM B.                    PA-7-C-154
BRENNAN, JOHN                           PA-7-C-387
BRIDENBAUGH, MARY                       PA-7-D-281
BRIDENBAUGH, PHILIP                     PA-7-B-160
BROOK, WILLIAM H. ESQ.                  PA-7-C-357
BROWN, DAVID W.                         PA-7-D-33
BROWN, MARY                             PA-7-D-204
BRUMBAUGH, GEORGE                       PA-7-C-476
BRUNKER, THOMAS                         PA-7-D-306
BRUSH, LEWIS F. DR.                     PA-7-D-212
BUCHANAN, JOHN B.                       PA-7-D-154
BUCKET, PETER                           PA-7-B-419
BURGART, JOSEPH                         PA-7-D-560
BURGER, CHRISTIAN                       PA-7-C-420
BURGET, ADAM                            PA-7-D-313
BURGET, ISAAC                           PA-7-C-443
BURGOON, BARNABAS                       PA-7-A-160
BURGOON, LUKE                           PA-7-A-237
BURK, NICHOLAS                          PA-7-B-332
BURKET, CATHARINE                       PA-7-C-223
BURLEY, JOHN                            PA-7-D-235
BURLEY, JOSHUA                          PA-7-C-254
BURLEY, SUSAN                           PA-7-B-448
BURNHART, JACOB                         PA-7-C-46
BURNS, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-D-146
BUTLER, L. F. DR.                       PA-7-C-276
BUTTERBAUGH, JOHN                       PA-7-C-163
BUTTS, WILLIAM                          PA-7-A-324
BYERS, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-B-11
BYERS, JOHN                             PA-7-A-439
BYERS, JOSEPH                           PA-7-D-328
BYERS, NANCY                            PA-7-B-498
BYMEL, MICHAEL                          PA-7-D-119
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       PA-7-B-445
CARLIN, JOHN                            PA-7-D-405
CARNEY, THOMAS F.                       PA-7-B-341
CARTER, ANNIE M.                        PA-7-C-363
CARTER, THOMAS O. B.                    PA-7-A-217
CASSIDY, JAMES                          PA-7-B-279
CASSIDY, ROBERT                         PA-7-A-50
CAVENAGH, ELIZA KAHOE                   PA-7-B-466
CAWLEY, MICHAEL                         PA-7-D-4
CAWLEY, TIMOTHY                         PA-7-D-182
CHARLES, MARY                           PA-7-D-155
CHERRY, ANDREW J.                       PA-7-D-82
CHERRY, ANTHONY                         PA-7-D-111
CHERRY, ELIZABETH                       PA-7-C-159
CHERRY, NICHOLAS                        PA-7-A-477
CHRISTIAN, JOSEPH                       PA-7-A-354
CLABAUGH, MICHAEL                       PA-7-D-335
CLAPPER, BARBARA                        PA-7-D-534
CLAPPER, DANIEL                         PA-7-A-65
CLAPPER, EVE                            PA-7-C-95
CLAPPER, GEORGE                         PA-7-B-459
CLAPPER, GEORGE                         PA-7-B-4
CLARK, ALBERT BROWN REV.                PA-7-B-260
CLARK, JOHN                             PA-7-B-267
CLARK, JOHN H. REV.                     PA-7-C-118
CLARK, ROSEMOND                         PA-7-B-424
CLARKE, JAMES                           PA-7-C-2
CLARKE, JAMES M.                        PA-7-D-350
CLAYCOMB, CONRAD                        PA-7-B-124
CLOSSIN, MARTIN                         PA-7-B-360
CLOSSON, THOMAS                         PA-7-D-504
COALMAN, JOHN                           PA-7-C-213
COCHRAN, JOHN                           PA-7-D-456
COFFMAN, KURTZ                          PA-7-D-63
COLVENSLAW, FRANCES                     PA-7-C-194
CONDRON, JAMES                          PA-7-D-362
CONFER, ELIZABETH                       PA-7-D-66
CONRAD, JONATHAN                        PA-7-D-222
CONWAY, ANN                             PA-7-D-419
COOLBROTH, J. M.                        PA-7-D-341
COONEY, PATRICK                         PA-7-C-328
COPLIN, RICHARD                         PA-7-B-238
CORBIN, EMILY                           PA-7-D-510
CORNMESSER, CHARLES                     PA-7-A-162
COURSEN, JOHN                           PA-7-D-236
COWEN, JACOB JR.                        PA-7-D-227
CRAINE, WILSON E.                       PA-7-D-439
CRISSMAN, JACOB                         PA-7-A-412
CRIST, JACOB B.                         PA-7-D-458
CROOMBAKER, RACHEL                      PA-7-C-322
CROWELL, DANIEL D.                      PA-7-D-544
CROWTHER, SARAH D.                      PA-7-C-77
CRUMBAKER, HENRY                        PA-7-D-434
CRUMBAKER, JOHN                         PA-7-D-260
DAILY, HENRY                            PA-7-C-272
DALE, ALFRED                            PA-7-D-175
DALTON, MARY                            PA-7-D-113
DANNELS, ABRAHAM                        PA-7-B-105
DAUGHERTY, JEREMIAH                     PA-7-D-146
DAVIS, ABLE                             PA-7-A-307
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-D-245
DAVISON, SAMUEL P.                      PA-7-D-294
DEAN, MARY                              PA-7-D-556
DEAN, SAMUEL                            PA-7-D-201
DEARMENT, JOHN                          PA-7-D-527
DELANY, ELIZABETH                       PA-7-B-82
DENNEY, DANIEL                          PA-7-B-175
DESER, JOSEPH                           PA-7-A-312
DETWILER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-7-C-51
DEVLIN, JOHN                            PA-7-D-363
DIBERT, BARBARA                         PA-7-C-296
DICK, CATHARINE                         PA-7-B-483
DICKSON, SAMUEL                         PA-7-A-462
DIEHL, JOHN                             PA-7-D-346
DIFFELBAUGH, ADAM                       PA-7-C-246
DIFFENBAUGH, JOHN B.                    PA-7-C-422
DITCH, HENRY                            PA-7-C-40
DITTING, WILLIAM                        PA-7-C-181
DIVELY, MARTIN                          PA-7-D-466
DIVELY, MICHAEL                         PA-7-C-91
DOLTON, JOHN                            PA-7-C-398
DONNALLY, THOMAS                        PA-7-A-238
DONNOR, SAMUEL                          PA-7-A-386
DORAN, MARY                             PA-7-D-30
DORN, MICHAEL                           PA-7-D-256
DORNO, NICHOLAS                         PA-7-C-348
DOUGHERTY, DANIEL                       PA-7-C-250
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                        PA-7-A-203
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL                      PA-7-D-48
DOUGHERTY, THOMAS                       PA-7-D-110
DREIFUS, REBECCA                        PA-7-D-77
DUCK, JACOB                             PA-7-B-157
DUNN, CATHARINE                         PA-7-B-393
DYSART, ELIZABETH                       PA-7-D-43
DYSART, JAMES H.                        PA-7-D-426
DYSART, JOSEPH                          PA-7-C-426
DYSART, REBECCA                         PA-7-A-266
EBERSOLE, JACOB                         PA-7-B-68
EBLING, JOHN G.                         PA-7-B-117
EHRINGER, CATHARINE                     PA-7-C-465
EHRINGER, NICHOLAS                      PA-7-C-25
EICHHOLTZ, JOHN L.                      PA-7-B-256
EICHHOLTZ, MARGARET                     PA-7-B-337
ELDER, HARRIETTA                        PA-7-B-211
EMIGH, GEORGE                           PA-7-B-294
ENGLE, JOHN                             PA-7-D-481
ENYEART, MARY                           PA-7-A-92
ERMIN, MARTIN D.                        PA-7-D-485
EXLER, CHRISTIANA                       PA-7-B-227
EXLER, JOHN                             PA-7-A-352
FARRELL, MARGARET                       PA-7-D-564
FARRELL, THOMAS                         PA-7-D-142
FARRELL, TIMOTHY                        PA-7-D-342
FATHER, GEORGE                          PA-7-D-553
FEATHER, SAMUEL                         PA-7-D-135
FEAY, JOSEPH                            PA-7-D-129
FEENEY, JOHN                            PA-7-C-280
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       PA-7-B-368
FILER, JACOB                            PA-7-C-210
FILLER, JACOB W.                        PA-7-A-278
FISHER, DANIEL                          PA-7-C-313
FISHER, MARTHA                          PA-7-D-163
FLECK, HENRY                            PA-7-B-38
FLECK, ISRAEL                           PA-7-D-498
FLECKENSTINE, ADAM                      PA-7-C-227
FLEISCHER, MARGARET                     PA-7-D-187
FLOWERS, JAMES                          PA-7-B-249
FLUKE, SAMUEL L.                        PA-7-A-388
FOGLE, AUGUSTINE JOHN                   PA-7-D-357
FOLTZ, ADAM                             PA-7-C-423
FORBES, BARBARA                         PA-7-A-329
FORSHEY, CORBIN                         PA-7-A-336
FOUSE, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-D-196
FOUSE, FREDERICK                        PA-7-C-346
FOUSE, WILLIAM                          PA-7-C-372
FOX, JOHN                               PA-7-A-452
FRANK, ADAM                             PA-7-D-448
FRAZIER, ALEXANDER W.                   PA-7-D-525
FRAZIER, SIMON                          PA-7-D-317
FRISE, CATHERINE O.                     PA-7-D-461
FUNK, HENRY                             PA-7-D-552
GABEL, ADAM                             PA-7-D-331
GAILEY, WILLIAM                         PA-7-D-25
GALLAHER, EDWARD                        PA-7-B-452
GARDNER, ROBERT                         PA-7-C-392
GARTLAND, JOHN                          PA-7-A-3
GARTLAND, PATRICK                       PA-7-C-44
GATES, LEVI                             PA-7-B-453
GATES, LUCRETIA                         PA-7-A-56
GEARHART, JACOB                         PA-7-C-147
GEESEY, HENRY                           PA-7-C-186
GEIB, JOHN                              PA-7-D-231
GERN, CHARLES                           PA-7-D-297
GESSLER, JOHN BAPTIST                   PA-7-C-312
GETTY, HARRIET                          PA-7-C-329
GETTY, JOHN                             PA-7-B-75
GIBBONEY, DANIEL C.                     PA-7-D-197
GIBBONEY, DAVIS                         PA-7-A-146
GIBBONY, MARY                           PA-7-C-32
GIBSON, JOHN REV.                       PA-7-C-38
GLASGOW, RICHARD                        PA-7-B-31
GLASS, ANNA MAGDALENA                   PA-7-B-415
GLASS, HENRY                            PA-7-A-108
GLESIUS, ANTONIA                        PA-7-C-405
GOODMAN, CATHARINE                      PA-7-D-447
GOSS, FREDERICK                         PA-7-B-221
GOSS, JOHN                              PA-7-B-59
GRABILL, SHEM                           PA-7-D-452
GRAFIUS, JACOB                          PA-7-C-489
GRAY, LEVI                              PA-7-D-327
GREASER, GEORGE SR.                     PA-7-D-541
GREBILL, JOEL                           PA-7-A-40
GREEN, MARY                             PA-7-C-368
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           PA-7-C-13
GRIFFITH, JENNIE                        PA-7-D-149
GRIMES, JOHN E.                         PA-7-C-221
GROFF, CATHARINE                        PA-7-A-224
GROVE, JOHN                             PA-7-B-45
GRUBER, NICHOLAS                        PA-7-C-353
GURLEY, THOMAS                          PA-7-B-281
HAGAN, BRIDGET O.                       PA-7-A-373
HAGERTY, SAMUEL                         PA-7-C-305
HAGGERTY, LYDIA McCREARY                PA-7-B-138
HAINES, JOSHUA                          PA-7-C-130
HALEY, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-D-102
HALTON, JOHN                            PA-7-D-319
HAMILTON, ROBERT                        PA-7-A-148
HAMMER, JOHN HENRY                      PA-7-B-170
HAMMOND, WILLIAM                        PA-7-C-198
HANLEY, ELLEN                           PA-7-D-270
HANLEY, WILLIAM                         PA-7-C-432
HANLY, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-B-118
HARLIN, JOSEPH                          PA-7-C-440
HARNISH, JOHN                           PA-7-B-119
HART, MARTIN                            PA-7-A-374
HARTZELL, GEORGE                        PA-7-D-12
HASTY, WILLIAM JR.                      PA-7-C-34
HENRY, JACOB                            PA-7-A-300
HENRY, JANE                             PA-7-B-229
HENSHEY, JOHN                           PA-7-A-385
HERR, SARAH                             PA-7-D-261
HEWIT, JAMES M.                         PA-7-D-473
HEWIT, PETER                            PA-7-B-462
HEWITT, CHRISTIAN                       PA-7-A-231
HEWITT, JOSEPH R.                       PA-7-D-53
HICKEY, CAROLINE                        PA-7-D-10
HICKLE, ANTHONY                         PA-7-D-176
HICKLE, GEORGE                          PA-7-D-206
HICKS, ANNA MARY                        PA-7-D-37
HICKS, DANIEL                           PA-7-D-15
HICKS, WILLIAM                          PA-7-B-224
HILEMAN, FREDERICK                      PA-7-B-199
HILEMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-7-D-128
HILEMAN, MICHAEL                        PA-7-A-174
HILEMAN, PHILIP                         PA-7-D-132
HILEMAN, WILLIAM                        PA-7-D-384
HIMES, JOHN                             PA-7-B-365
HOE, JOHN                               PA-7-B-501
HOE, JOHN                               PA-7-A-484
HOE, JOHN                               PA-7-B-153
HOEFLER, MAGDALENA                      PA-7-D-421
HOFF, ELIZA J.                          PA-7-D-368
HOLLAR, ISAAC                           PA-7-A-480
HOLLER, SARAH                           PA-7-C-87
HOLLOCHER, JOHN CONRAD                  PA-7-D-164
HOLSINGER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-7-C-27
HOOVER, BALSER                          PA-7-A-44
HOOVER, JACOB                           PA-7-D-72
HOOVER, JOHN                            PA-7-A-448
HOOVER, REBECCA                         PA-7-D-121
HOOVER, SUSAN                           PA-7-D-376
HOPKINS, JAMES DONALDSON                PA-7-D-62
HOPKINS, TURNER B.                      PA-7-C-185
HOSTLER, JOHN                           PA-7-A-245
HOWELL, BENJAMIN                        PA-7-C-68
HUFF, CAROLINE                          PA-7-D-95
HUGHES, MARY ANN                        PA-7-D-18
HUTCHISON, JOHN                         PA-7-B-325
HYLE, JOHN                              PA-7-A-67
INGRAM, JOHN L.                         PA-7-B-101
INKROLL, GEORGE H.                      PA-7-D-31
INNES, JOHN C.                          PA-7-B-18
IRVIN, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-D-501
IRWIN, DANIEL                           PA-7-C-206
IRWIN, JAMES                            PA-7-B-318
IRWIN, JOHN                             PA-7-A-349
IRWIN, ROBERT                           PA-7-A-153
ISETT, JACOB                            PA-7-A-284
ISETT, MARY                             PA-7-D-136
JACKSON, HARRY                          PA-7-B-222
JACOBS, JANE                            PA-7-D-230
JAMES, JOHN                             PA-7-A-28
JOHNSTON, BENJAMIN M.                   PA-7-D-338
KANE, JULIA                             PA-7-D-96
KAPPLER, PAULINE                        PA-7-D-472
KEAGY, CHRISTIAN                        PA-7-C-82
KEARNEY, THOMAS                         PA-7-D-325
KEARNS, HUGH                            PA-7-D-388
KEARNS, MICHAEL                         PA-7-D-11
KEECH, JOHN                             PA-7-D-22
KEESBURY, JOHN H.                       PA-7-C-400
KEITH, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-A-213
KEITH, JOHN                             PA-7-C-454
KEITH, JOHN                             PA-7-C-318
KENSINGER, DANIEL                       PA-7-A-367
KETLER, WILLIAM                         PA-7-A-159
KIMMERLING, MARGARET                    PA-7-A-54
KINSEL, CHRISTINA OVERLY                PA-7-B-475
KITT, SAMUEL                            PA-7-D-332
KIVILAHAN, JOHN                         PA-7-D-441
KLINK, JACOB                            PA-7-C-377
KNOX, ALEXANDER                         PA-7-A-444
KOELLE, GEORGE                          PA-7-D-318
KOON, ABRAHAM                           PA-7-D-390
KOONSMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-7-A-132
KROFT, JOHN                             PA-7-D-555
KUHN, C. SR.                            PA-7-C-320
KUNSMAN, SARAH                          PA-7-A-268
KURTZ, THOMAS                           PA-7-D-100
KYLE, JANE                              PA-7-A-227
KYPER, JOHN                             PA-7-D-403
LANGHAM, CATHARINE                      PA-7-D-3
LANTZ, HENRY                            PA-7-D-248
LAW, GEORGE B.                          PA-7-D-14
LEAMER, HENRY                           PA-7-A-274
LEAMER, HENRY                           PA-7-D-19
LEMON, SAMUEL                           PA-7-B-438
LEPPERT, SIMON                          PA-7-C-107
LERGENSMILLER, HENRY                    PA-7-D-114
LINDSEY, DAVID                          PA-7-A-230
LINGENFELTER, CHRISTIAN                 PA-7-A-178
LINGENFELTER, LEVI                      PA-7-D-475
LINGENFELTER, MARTIN                    PA-7-C-204
LIST, SOPHIA                            PA-7-D-1
LLOYD, GILBERT L.                       PA-7-B-407
LLOYD, HANNAH                           PA-7-C-70
LOCKARD, HUGH                           PA-7-C-63
LOCKARD, MARGARET ANN                   PA-7-C-172
LONG, EDWARD                            PA-7-D-562
LONG, ELIZABETH                         PA-7-D-150
LONG, MATTHEW                           PA-7-D-116
LOOS, WILLIAM                           PA-7-D-29
LOOSE, BARBARA                          PA-7-D-121
LOUGENBAUGH, MAGDALENA                  PA-7-C-285
LOUGH, JOHN H. JR.                      PA-7-C-396
LOVE, ELIZA                             PA-7-A-233
LOWER, GEORGE                           PA-7-B-47
LOWERY, MARY                            PA-7-C-150
LOWRY, HETTY                            PA-7-C-425
LYTLE, ELIZA                            PA-7-A-261
LYTLE, JOHN SR.                         PA-7-B-321
MAHON, JAMES                            PA-7-A-18
MALONE, JAMES                           PA-7-B-305
MARKER, MARY                            PA-7-C-178
MARKER, PETER                           PA-7-A-358
MARKEY, DAVID                           PA-7-A-456
MARKS, MARY                             PA-7-D-177
MARKS, NICHOLAS                         PA-7-D-429
MARTIN, ANN                             PA-7-A-176
MARTIN, DAVID                           PA-7-A-396
MARTIN, JOHN                            PA-7-A-37
MASDEN, RACHEL                          PA-7-A-379
MATHEWS, CATHARINE                      PA-7-D-547
MATHEWS, JAMES                          PA-7-C-196
MATHEWS, JAMES S.                       PA-7-B-397
MAUS, HENRY                             PA-7-D-326
MAYS, THOMAS                            PA-7-B-417
MCALLISTER, CLARENCE H.                 PA-7-D-228
MCATEER, JONATHAN                       PA-7-C-19
MCATEER, MARY                           PA-7-C-408
MCAVOY, PATRICK                         PA-7-D-91
MCCASLIN, MARGARET                      PA-7-B-248
MCCAULLEY, DANIEL                       PA-7-B-155
MCCLAIN, STEPHEN                        PA-7-A-250
MCCLEARY, DAVID                         PA-7-B-292
MCCONNELL, JOHN                         PA-7-C-445
MCCONNELL, MARY V.                      PA-7-C-287
MCCORMICK, ALEXANDER                    PA-7-C-242
MCCORMICK, ANNIE                        PA-7-D-103
MCCORMICK, CHARLES A.                   PA-7-D-161
MCCORMICK, MARY                         PA-7-B-149
MCCORMICK, ROBERT H.                    PA-7-D-432
MCCOY, CHARLES                          PA-7-D-252
MCCOY, HUGHEY                           PA-7-A-185
MCCOY, SARAH                            PA-7-B-254
MCCUNE, JOSEPH                          PA-7-A-166
MCDADE, PETER                           PA-7-A-189
MCDERMOTT, ANDREW                       PA-7-D-24
MCDEVITT, JOHN                          PA-7-C-417
MCDONNALD, PATRICK                      PA-7-D-166
MCDONNEL, OWEN                          PA-7-C-295
MCDOWELL, ARCHIBALD                     PA-7-A-263
MCFARLAND, JOHN                         PA-7-D-39
MCFARLAND, LENA                         PA-7-D-84
MCFARLAND, THEODORE                     PA-7-C-383
MCGLATHERY, SAMUEL                      PA-7-A-418
MCGLEW, EDWARD                          PA-7-A-286
MCKEAGE, JOHN                           PA-7-C-381
MCKIERNAN, JAMES                        PA-7-C-216
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          PA-7-B-456
MCKNIGHT, ROBERT                        PA-7-B-113
MCMAHAN, MARIA                          PA-7-C-11
MCMILLAN, ELIZA                         PA-7-D-340
MCMULLEN, EZRA V.                       PA-7-D-283
MCMULLEN, HENRY                         PA-7-B-241
MCMULLEN, THADEUS                       PA-7-D-514
MCNUTT, RACHEL                          PA-7-A-32
MCPHARREN, ANDREW A.                    PA-7-A-431
MEINTEL, ROMAN                          PA-7-C-235
MELOY, HUGH                             PA-7-C-16
MELOY, MARY                             PA-7-C-339
MERKEY, ELIZABETH                       PA-7-D-310
METZ, ADAM                              PA-7-A-140
METZGER, CHRISTINA                      PA-7-A-407
METZKER, GEORGE                         PA-7-D-220
MEYERS, ELIZABETH                       PA-7-B-234
MILLER, HETTY ANN                       PA-7-C-436
MILLER, JACOB                           PA-7-A-429
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-7-A-467
MILLER, JOHN                            PA-7-B-166
MILLER, M. FREDERICK                    PA-7-C-149
MOCK, CATHARINE                         PA-7-B-51
MOCK, ELIZABETH                         PA-7-B-142
MOGAL, SUSAN                            PA-7-C-145
MOKE, MARY ANN                          PA-7-C-458
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-A-435
MOORE, ISABELLA                         PA-7-B-390
MOORE, JAMES                            PA-7-C-375
MOORE, JESSE                            PA-7-C-289
MOORE, MARIA JANE                       PA-7-A-291
MOORE, MARY                             PA-7-A-195
MOORE, SUSANNAH                         PA-7-A-144
MORGAN, JACOB                           PA-7-A-360
MORGAN, JOHN                            PA-7-A-383
MORGAN, JOSHUA                          PA-7-B-185
MORLAND, CHARLES                        PA-7-C-156
MORROW, JAMES L.                        PA-7-B-44
MORROW, MARGARET                        PA-7-B-381
MOSES, ADAM                             PA-7-C-385
MOSES, MICHAEL                          PA-7-B-87
MOUNTZ, PETER                           PA-7-C-269
MOYERS, SAMUEL                          PA-7-C-410
MULHEARN, EDWARD                        PA-7-D-359
MULHOLLEN, JAMES JR.                    PA-7-C-9
MUNDAY, MARGARINA                       PA-7-D-360
MURPHY, MICHAEL                         PA-7-C-367
MURRAY, JOHN                            PA-7-D-549
MUSSELMAN, JACOB                        PA-7-C-278
MUSSELMAN, JACOB                        PA-7-A-118
MYERS, SAMUEL L.                        PA-7-B-20
MYTON, SAMUEL W.                        PA-7-D-75
NEFF, BENJAMIN B.                       PA-7-B-328
NEFF, CATHARINE                         PA-7-B-13
NEFF, JOHN K.                           PA-7-D-126
NEFF, JONATHAN                          PA-7-B-183
NEILS, THOMAS                           PA-7-A-26
NETERER, JEREMIAH                       PA-7-B-311
NICODEMUS, FREDERICK SR.                PA-7-A-240
NICODEMUS, JOHN SR.                     PA-7-C-331
NIXDORF, JOSEPH                         PA-7-D-354
NOEL, ANTHONY                           PA-7-C-67
NOEL, ELIZABETH                         PA-7-B-28
NOEL, ROSE ANN                          PA-7-D-173
NOFFSKER, EVE                           PA-7-D-366
NOWLAN, JOHN                            PA-7-D-278
NOWLAND, JOHN                           PA-7-A-309
NOWLIN, THOMAS                          PA-7-A-294
NOWLIN, WESTON                          PA-7-C-273
OBERMYER, MARY J.                       PA-7-D-292
OCKER, JOHN                             PA-7-A-88
OFRIEL, BERNARD                         PA-7-A-51
ORR, WILLIAM L.                         PA-7-B-374
OSWALT, MARY A.                         PA-7-C-161
PATTERSON, GEORGE W.                    PA-7-A-362
PATTERSON, HENRY L.                     PA-7-C-470
PATTERSON, JOHN H.                      PA-7-B-296
PATTERSON, MARGERY                      PA-7-D-450
PAUL, HENRY                             PA-7-A-4
PAUTLER, MARTIN                         PA-7-D-194
PERCHER, JACOB                          PA-7-C-202
PLACK, GEORGE                           PA-7-B-207
POOL, PETER                             PA-7-B-196
POTTER, GEORGE                          PA-7-D-276
POTTER, ROBERT                          PA-7-D-316
POTTS, GEORGE                           PA-7-C-262
POTTS, GEORGE A.                        PA-7-D-172
POWELL, MARY                            PA-7-D-517
PRESSELL, MARGARET                      PA-7-C-75
PRIM, FRANK M.                          PA-7-D-437
QUINN, J. MADISON                       PA-7-D-305
RAGER, REBECCA                          PA-7-D-264
RAMEY, FREDERICK                        PA-7-B-342
RAMEY, RACHEL                           PA-7-D-462
RAUGH, SUSAN                            PA-7-D-411
RAWLINS, ISAIAH H.                      PA-7-D-67
RECEE, MICHAEL                          PA-7-A-211
REED, ANNETTA NANCY                     PA-7-C-300
REED, WILLIAM                           PA-7-C-58
REES, REES                              PA-7-A-6
REFFNER, ALEXANDER                      PA-7-B-168
REIBENACK, ROMAN                        PA-7-B-187
REIGH, HANNAH                           PA-7-C-351
REIGH, HENRY                            PA-7-D-407
RHODE, DANIEL                           PA-7-A-420
RHODES, ABRAHAM                         PA-7-A-325
RHODES, ABRAHAM                         PA-7-D-413
RHODES, ABRAHAM C.                      PA-7-D-463
RHODES, FRANCES                         PA-7-D-38
RHODES, FREDERICK                       PA-7-C-140
RHODES, GEORGE                          PA-7-C-483
RHODES, JACOB                           PA-7-D-263
RHODES, MARIA                           PA-7-C-265
RHODES, MARY                            PA-7-C-337
RHODES, SAMUEL                          PA-7-D-27
RHODS, CATHREN                          PA-7-D-394
RICE, THOMAS                            PA-7-B-395
RICHARD, JOHN A.                        PA-7-A-271
RICKABAUGH, JOHN N.                     PA-7-C-191
RICKEL, DANIEL                          PA-7-D-209
RIDDLE, JAMES H.                        PA-7-D-233
RIDDLE, JOHN B.                         PA-7-B-275
RIGGLE, HENRY                           PA-7-A-401
RILEY, MARY LILIAS                      PA-7-C-462
RISLAN, JAMES                           PA-7-D-180
RISSELL, WILLIAM F.                     PA-7-B-471
ROBERTS, THOMAS J.                      PA-7-C-362
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM H.                   PA-7-B-443
ROBESON, JAMES                          PA-7-D-490
ROBESON, ROSEMOND                       PA-7-A-101
ROBESON, WILLIAM                        PA-7-C-434
ROBISON, DAVIDSON                       PA-7-C-31
RODGER, SARAH A.                        PA-7-D-323
RODGERS, STEPHEN                        PA-7-D-365
ROLLER, JOSHUA                          PA-7-C-135
ROLLER, SOPHIA                          PA-7-C-343
ROONEY, PATRICK                         PA-7-A-471
ROOT, LEMUEL                            PA-7-A-206
ROTHROCK, MARY H.                       PA-7-B-25
ROTKEY, JACOB                           PA-7-A-106
ROUGH, MARGARET                         PA-7-B-232
SALSKIVER, MARGARET                     PA-7-D-496
SANG, FRANCIS                           PA-7-C-379
SAUER, AUGUSTUS FREDERICK               PA-7-B-477
SCHELL, JOSEPH                          PA-7-B-299
SCHMIDT, GEORGE                         PA-7-D-348
SCHMITT, JOHN                           PA-7-C-256
SCHMUCKER, JOHN GEORGE                  PA-7-A-339
SCHOMBERG, JUSTUS                       PA-7-D-160
SCOTT, CHARLES H.                       PA-7-D-443
SCOTT, CORNELIA                         PA-7-D-415
SCOTT, JAMES                            PA-7-B-262
SCOTT, REBECCA                          PA-7-D-355
SCOTT, ROSANNAH                         PA-7-D-199
SCOTT, SCHOOLEY                         PA-7-C-412
SENSEL, MATHIAS                         PA-7-A-376
SETTLE, MARY ANN                        PA-7-B-472
SHAFFER, ADAM                           PA-7-D-47
SHIFFLER, JACOB                         PA-7-A-381
SHIFFLER, MARY                          PA-7-C-1
SHIFFLER, SAMUEL                        PA-7-C-402
SHIFLER, WILLIAM                        PA-7-A-63
SHINNEFELT, ELIZABETH                   PA-7-D-372
SHIRLEY, JAMES                          PA-7-A-305
SHIRLEY, JOHN A.                        PA-7-C-120
SHIRLEY, RICHARD ESQ.                   PA-7-A-183
SHOEMAKER, HENRY                        PA-7-A-289
SHOENFELT, GEORGE                       PA-7-B-16
SHORT, ANTHONY                          PA-7-A-405
SHROM, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-B-494
SIDLINGER, GEORGE                       PA-7-D-469
SIMMONS, ROBERT                         PA-7-C-164
SIMONTON, JAMES C.                      PA-7-A-473
SIMONTON, JEFFERSON                     PA-7-A-235
SINGER, FREDERICK                       PA-7-A-222
SISLER, PETER                           PA-7-B-98
SLINGLUFF, HENRY                        PA-7-A-113
SMALTZ, CHRISTIAN                       PA-7-C-474
SMITH, ANDREW                           PA-7-A-295
SMITH, CORNAD                           PA-7-D-512
SMITH, DAVID                            PA-7-D-286
SMITH, EVE                              PA-7-B-353
SMITH, GEORGE A.                        PA-7-D-382
SMITH, JACOB                            PA-7-A-281
SMITH, JAMES                            PA-7-A-370
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-7-B-383
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-7-B-91
SMITH, JOHN                             PA-7-A-122
SMITH, JOHN H.                          PA-7-C-240
SMITH, JOHN M.                          PA-7-A-83
SMITH, JOSEPH                           PA-7-C-84
SMITH, RACHEL                           PA-7-A-348
SMITH, SARAH                            PA-7-B-289
SMITH, WILLIAM                          PA-7-A-168
SMOLSE, CHRISTIAN                       PA-7-A-346
SNIVELY, GEORGE                         PA-7-B-129
SNIVELY, JACOB                          PA-7-B-65
SNOWBERGER, FREDERICK                   PA-7-D-147
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-7-A-445
SNYDER, JACOB                           PA-7-C-389
SNYDER, WILLIAM L.                      PA-7-D-300
SON, GEORGE                             PA-7-B-283
SORRICK, JACOB                          PA-7-B-287
SORRICK, PETER                          PA-7-B-411
SOSEY, JOHN                             PA-7-B-463
SPARR, CHRISTIAN                        PA-7-A-72
SPARR, SAMUEL                           PA-7-B-428
SPENCE, CATHARINE                       PA-7-C-415
SPENCER, ENOCH L.                       PA-7-A-417
STEEL, ELIZABETH                        PA-7-A-172
STEEL, JOHN                             PA-7-A-225
STEHLEY, MARTIN                         PA-7-C-270
STEPHENS, REBECCA B.                    PA-7-D-8
STEWART, DANIEL                         PA-7-C-298
STEWART, HENRY                          PA-7-A-163
STEWART, JANE                           PA-7-B-252
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-7-A-110
STEWART, ROBERT                         PA-7-D-488
STIFFLER, JOHN                          PA-7-A-276
STIFFLER, PETER                         PA-7-C-304
STIFFLER, SAMUEL                        PA-7-B-492
STINER, ANDREW                          PA-7-D-186
STITELER, JONATHAN                      PA-7-C-231
STOFFER, DANIEL                         PA-7-A-200
STOMB, GEORGE                           PA-7-D-207
STONEBRAKER, SOPHIA                     PA-7-B-189
STONER, JACOB                           PA-7-B-357
STONER, JOHN                            PA-7-B-243
STONER, MARY                            PA-7-D-268
STORM, HENRY J.                         PA-7-A-74
STOUFER, POLLY                          PA-7-C-201
STRAYER, ESTHER                         PA-7-C-127
STROUP, BERNARD                         PA-7-B-146
STRYKER, JOHN THOMPSON                  PA-7-D-241
SWOOPE, SAMUEL                          PA-7-C-442
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        PA-7-C-124
TEMPLETON, DAVID                        PA-7-D-242
THOMAS, GABRIEL D.                      PA-7-B-23
THOMAS, JESSE                           PA-7-D-98
THOMAS, LOVINIA F.                      PA-7-D-347
THOMAS, STEPHEN P.                      PA-7-D-302
THOMPSON, ELIZA                         PA-7-B-426
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH A.                  PA-7-C-61
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-7-D-540
TIERNEY, BRIDGET                        PA-7-D-507
TRAINER, CHARLES                         PA-7-A-451
TRONDEL, ADAM                           PA-7-A-129
TROUT, SARAH                            PA-7-B-492
TROXEL, JOHN                            PA-7-A-209
TULLY, PATRICK                          PA-7-C-488
TURNBAUGH, HENRY                        PA-7-D-518
TUSSEY, DAVID P.                        PA-7-D-123
TYPPER, CHARLES                         PA-7-A-157
VAUGHN, WILLIAM                         PA-7-D-193
WALLACE, ELLEANOR                       PA-7-B-109
WALTER, JACOB                           PA-7-C-170
WALTER, JOHN                            PA-7-A-14
WALTERS, SUSANNAH                       PA-7-B-481
WEARTH, CHRISTIAN                       PA-7-C-148
WEAVER, EDWARD A.                       PA-7-C-374
WEAVER, GRACE V.                        PA-7-C-54
WEAVER, JACOB                           PA-7-D-237
WECKER, JOHN                            PA-7-C-482
WEIGHT, GEORGE                          PA-7-C-89
WEINERD, JOHN                           PA-7-D-266
WESTON, MICHAEL R.                      PA-7-D-548
WESTON, THOMAS                          PA-7-C-64
WEYANDT, JACOB                          PA-7-C-80
WHITAKER, REUBEN M.                     PA-7-B-216
WIKE, GEORGE F.                         PA-7-B-236
WIKE, HENRY SR.                         PA-7-B-135
WIKE, MAGDALENA                         PA-7-C-116
WILHELM, LEONARD                        PA-7-B-378
WILLIAMS, GAIUS P.                      PA-7-B-350
WILLIAMS, JEREMIAH                      PA-7-C-109
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         PA-7-A-409
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       PA-7-C-193
WILSON, CHARLES                         PA-7-B-313
WILSON, JAMES                           PA-7-A-215
WILSON, MARTHA                          PA-7-D-216
WILSON, MARY                            PA-7-C-341
WILT, ANN MARGARET                      PA-7-C-22
WILT, GEORGE PETER                      PA-7-B-401
WILT, JOHN                              PA-7-A-303
WILT, LEVI                              PA-7-D-214
WINKLER, PETER                          PA-7-C-79
WINZENSBURG, WILLIAM                    PA-7-D-229
WINZHEIMER, VALENTINE                   PA-7-D-138
WISHART, BARBARA ANN                    PA-7-A-259
WITTERS, MARY                           PA-7-B-372
WOLF, FRANK                             PA-7-D-291
WOODS, SARAH ANN                        PA-7-A-319
WOODS, WILLIAM                          PA-7-C-437
YINGLING, HANNAH                        PA-7-D-49
YINGLING, JACOB                         PA-7-A-311
YINGLING, PETER                         PA-7-B-192
YINGLING, PETER                         PA-7-A-299
YINGLING, THOMAS C.                     PA-7-D-80
YOUNG, ADAM                             PA-7-D-117
YOUNG, DANIEL                           PA-7-C-113
YOUNG, ENGLEBERT                        PA-7-C-447
YOUNG, JOHN                             PA-7-C-365
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           PA-7-A-365
YOUNG, SAMUEL                           PA-7-A-321
ZANKER, JOSEPH                          PA-7-D-65
ZERBE, JONATHAN                         PA-7-D-239
ZIMBERLIN, FERDINAND                    PA-7-D-61
ZIMMERMAN, BARBARA                      PA-7-A-441
ZIMMERMAN, NICHOLAS                     PA-7-A-151
ZOOK, ELIZABETH                         PA-7-D-6
ZOOK, MARY                              PA-7-D-184

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