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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Year covered) 1=1819-1847 | 1B=1819-1851 | A-B-C=? |
Original Vol 1 transcribed into Vol 1B
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AIKINS, JOHN                            OH-36-1B-127
ANKROM, AARON                           OH-36-1B-57
ANKROM, AARON                           OH-36-1-56
BEOUGHER, BENJAMIN                      OH-36-1-49
BEOUGHER, BENJAMIN                      OH-36-1B-52
BIERLY, MATHIAS                         OH-36-1B-76
BIERLY, MATHIAS                         OH-36-1-78
BIRD, CLARENCE                          OH-36-1B-18
BIRD, CLARENCE                          OH-36-1-24
BIRD, JOHN                              OH-36-1B-84
BIRD, JOHN                              OH-36-1-89
BIRD, SETH                              OH-36-1B-85
BOYCE, JOHN                             OH-36-1B-67
BOYCE, JOHN                             OH-36-1-69
BRADFORD, MOSES                         OH-36-1B-105
BRADFORD, MOSES                         OH-36-1-124
BROOKS, WILILAM                         OH-36-1B-64
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         OH-36-1-66
BUSSARD, MARY                           OH-36-1B-153
CASE, AMBROSE                           OH-36-1-61
CASE, AMBROSE                           OH-36-1B-61
CASE, ESTHER                            OH-36-1B-134
CLENDENEN, ANDREW                       OH-36-1B-145
COAKLEY, JOHN                           OH-36-1B-51
COKELY, JOHN                            OH-36-1-48
COLES, THOMAS                           OH-36-1-95
COLES, THOMAS                           OH-36-1B-87
COLLFASS, JACOB                         OH-36-1B-147
COOK, JOHN                              OH-36-1-123
COOK, JOHN                              OH-36-1B-104
COONEY, FREDERIC                        OH-36-1-107
COONEY, FREDERICK                       OH-36-1B-95
COX, JOHN                               OH-36-1B-39
COX, JOHN                               OH-36-1-37
COX, SOLOMON                            OH-36-1B-1
COX, SOLOMON                            OH-36-1-1
COYKENDALL,JACOB                        OH-36-1B-25
COYKENDOLL, JACOB                       OH-36-1-30B
DANISON, ZACHARIAH                      OH-36-1B-40
DANISON, ZACHARIAH                      OH-36-1-37B
DAWSON, NANCY                           OH-36-1B-131
DEETS, HENRY                            OH-36-1B-148
DEXTER, JOHN LINGER                     OH-36-1B-111
DEXTER, JOHN S.                         OH-36-1-135
DILL, JOHN                              OH-36-1-114
DILL, JOHN                              OH-36-1B-99
DONNAN, ELIAS                           OH-36-1B-126
DORMAN, ELIAS                           OH-36-1-31B
EDDY, FREDERICK A.                      OH-36-1B-120
ELLICK, CHRISTOPHER                     OH-36-1B-124
FARRIS, EDWARD SR.                      OH-36-1B-31
FEDEROFF, PHILIP                        OH-36-1B-78
FEE, ABRAM                              OH-36-1B-42
FEE, ABRAM                              OH-36-1-38
FEE, THOMAS                             OH-36-1-115
FEE, THOMAS                             OH-36-1B-100
FETHEROFF, PHILIP                       OH-36-1-81
FINNEY, SOL                             OH-36-1-126
FINNEY, SOLOMON                         OH-36-1B-106
FLUM, JOSEPH                            OH-36-1-47
FLUM, JOSEPH                            OH-36-1B-50
FRANTZMAN, PETER                        OH-36-1-73
FRANTZMAN, PETER                        OH-36-1B-70
GAMMETT, MARY W.                        OH-36-1B-47
GAMMETT, MARY W.                        OH-36-1-43
GROSS, BARBARA                          OH-36-1B-74
GROSS, BARBARA                          OH-36-1-76
HANKERSON, JAMES                        OH-36-1-68
HARRIS, EDWARD SR.                      OH-36-1-33
HUBER, WILHELM                          OH-36-1-39
HUBER, WILLIAM                          OH-36-1B-44
ILES, JOHN                              OH-36-1B-154
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       OH-36-1B-55
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       OH-36-1-53
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                        OH-36-1B-129
KEPLAR, ANDREW                          OH-36-1B-143
KINGSBURY, JACOB                        OH-36-1B-53
KINGSBURY, JACOB                        OH-36-1-50
KUDER, PETER                            OH-36-1-22
KUDER, PETER                            OH-36-1B-17
LEE, JAMES S.                           OH-36-1-132
LEE, JAMES SR.                          OH-36-1B-109
LIGHT, DAVID                            OH-36-1-36B
LIGHT, DAVID                            OH-36-1B-37
LOW, JOHN P.                            OH-36-1-67
LOW, JOHN P.                            OH-36-1B-65
LOW, JOHNS                              OH-36-1B-132
MACKLIN, PHILIP                         OH-36-1B-82
MACKLIN, PHILIP                         OH-36-1-876
MOORE, SAMUEL                           OH-36-1B-49
MOORE, SAMUEL                           OH-36-1-46
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-36-1B-123
MORRIS, ISAAC                           OH-36-1B-142
MYERS, JOHN P.                          OH-36-1-75
MYERS, OJHN P.                          OH-36-1B-72
ONEIL, HENRY                            OH-36-1B-14
ONEIL, NANCY                            OH-36-1B-21
ONEILL, CHARLES                         OH-36-1B-126
ONEILL, HENRY                           OH-36-1-19
ORR, JOHN                               OH-36-1-36
ORR, JOHN SR.                           OH-36-1B-38
PENCE, JOHN                             OH-36-1B-64
PENCE, JOHN                             OH-36-1B-3
PENCE, JOHN                             OH-36-1-4
PICKEN, JOHN                            OH-36-1B-3
PICKEN, JOSHUA                          OH-36-1-4
PONTIUS, JOHN                           OH-36-1-128
PONTIUS, JOHN                           OH-36-1B-107
RAGER, JOHN                             OH-36-1-145
RAINS, LAURENCE                         OH-36-1-5
RAINS, LAWRENCE                         OH-36-1B-5
RAMSBY, JOHN                            OH-36-1B-20
RAMSBY, JOHN                            OH-36-1-27
RAMSEY, JAMES B.                        OH-36-1-80
RAMSEY, JAMES B.                        OH-36-1B-77
RAMSEY, JANE                            OH-36-1-112
RAMSEY, JANE                            OH-36-1B-98
RAMSEY, JOHN                            OH-36-1B-140
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          OH-36-1-6
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          OH-36-1B-6
RAUGH, PETER                            OH-36-1-70
RICE, ABNER                             OH-36-1-119
RICE, ABNER                             OH-36-1B-102
RIMMER, MICHAEL                         OH-36-1B-137
ROGER, JOHN                             OH-36-1B-117
ROUGH, PETER                            OH-36-1B-68
SANDERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-36-1B-22
SAUNDER, PETER                          OH-36-1-34
SAUNDERS, PETER                         OH-36-1B-34
SAUNDERSON, WILLIAM                     OH-36-1-28
SCHREIVER, LEWIS                        OH-36-1B-24
SCHREIVER, LEWIS                        OH-36-1-29
SHANES, JAMES 2ND                       OH-36-1B-125
SHOFF, OTHO                             OH-36-1B-81
SHOFF, OTHO                             OH-36-1-84
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         OH-36-1B-2
SMITH, SUSANNAH                         OH-36-1-2
SPONSLER, JOHN                          OH-36-1B-152
STACKHOUS, AMOS                         OH-36-1-117
STACKHOUSE, AMOS                        OH-36-1B-101
STONEBREMER, PHILIP                     OH-36-1-130
STONEBURNER, PHILIP                     OH-36-1B-108
STROUS, JACOB                           OH-36-1B-96
STROWS, JACOB                           OH-36-1-109
TOM, JACOB SR.                          OH-36-1-121
TOM, JACOB SR.                          OH-36-1B-103
VANCUREN, CORNELIUS                     OH-36-1B-119
WARD, ELIA                              OH-36-1B-113
WARD, ELIZA                             OH-36-1-138
WARD, JOHN                              OH-36-1B-150
WEBB, BENJAMIN                          OH-36-1-6B
WEBB, BENJAMIN                          OH-36-1B-7
WELDON, JOHN                            OH-36-1B-58
WELDON, JOHN                            OH-36-1-57
WHITNEY, ELISHA                         OH-36-1-59
WHITNEY, ELISHA                         OH-36-1B-59
WIGGINS, MARY                           OH-36-1-55
WIGGINS, MARY                           OH-36-1B-56
WOLF, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-36-1B-92
WOODS, GEORGE                           OH-36-1-71
WOODS, GEORGE                           OH-36-1B-69
WOOLF, CHRISTOPHER                      OH-36-1-102
WORTHINGTON, THOMAS                     OH-36-1B-9
WORTHINGTON, THOMAS                     OH-36-1-9
WRIGHT, BARBARA                         OH-36-1B-155
WYKOFF, SAMUEL                          OH-36-1B-75
WYKOFF, SAMUEL                          OH-36-1-77
WYLLIS, SAMUEL                          OH-36-1-40
WYLLYS, SAMUEL                          OH-36-1B-45
ZELLER, JACOB                           OH-36-1-32
ZELLER, JACOB                           OH-36-1B-29

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