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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Year covered) A1=1818-1836 | B1=1818-1836| c1=? |
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ADAMS, GEORGE                           OH-18-B1-80
ADAMS, GEORGE                           OH-18-A1-104
ADAMS, THOMAS                           OH-18-B1-109
ADAMS, THOMAS                           OH-18-A1-131
BERRY, THOMAS                           OH-18-A1-168
BERRY, THOMAS                           OH-18-B1-146
BLACHER, DAVID                          OH-18-A1-178
BLOCKER, JOSEPH                         OH-18-B1-156
BRADRICK, SOLOMON                       OH-18-A1-44
BRANDON, DAVID                          OH-18-A1-164
BRANDON, JOHN                           OH-18-B1-127
BRANDON, JOHN                           OH-18-A1-151
BRANDON, WALTER                         OH-18-B1-91
BRANDON, DAVID                          OH-18-B1-143
BRODRICK, SOLOMON                       OH-18-B1-38
BROWN, MAGDALEN                         OH-18-B1-185
BROWN, MAGDELENA                        OH-18-A1-206
BUSH, PETER                             OH-18-A1-16
BYRAM, NATHANIEL L.                     OH-18-A1-147
BYRAN, NATHANIEL L.                     OH-18-B1-123
CAMPBELL, ROBERT                        OH-18-B1-59
CARSON, THOMAS                          OH-18-B1-159
CARSON, THOMAS                          OH-18-A1-181
CASKEY, JOHN                            OH-18-B1-138
CLINE, FREDRIC                          OH-18-A1-125
CLINE, FREDRICK                         OH-18-B1-102
COX, JACOB                              OH-18-A1-24
COX, JACOB                              OH-18-B1-22
COX, JOHN                               OH-18-A1-121
COX, JOHN                               OH-18-B1-98
CRAFT, JOHN                             OH-18-A1-166
CROFT, JOHN                             OH-18-B1-144
CRUMRINE, MICHAEL                       OH-18-B1-42
CRUMRINE, MICHAEL                       OH-18-A1-49
DAVISON, JOSIAH                         OH-18-B1-94
DAVISSON, JOSIAH                        OH-18-A1-118
DEATH, JOHN                             OH-18-B1-173
DEATH, JOHN                             OH-18-A1-194
DEVOR, JOHN                             OH-18-B1-63
DEVOR, JOHN                             OH-18-A1-85
DEWALL, DANIEL                          OH-18-A1-159
DUVALL, DANIEL                          OH-18-B1-135
FLEMING, ALEXANDER                      OH-18-B1-85
FLEMING, ALEXANDER                      OH-18-A1-109
GRAY, DANIEL                            OH-18-B1-17
GRAY, DAVID                             OH-18-A1-20
GRAY, JOSEPH                            OH-18-B1-48
GRAY, JOSEPH                            OH-18-A1-57
GREEN, ISAAC                            OH-18-A1-162
GREEN, ISAAC                            OH-18-B1-140
HALL, SAMUEL                            OH-18-A1-149
HALL, SOLOMON                           OH-18-B1-125
HARLAN, JACOB                           OH-18-A1-186
HARLAN, JACOB                           OH-18-B1-165
HERSHEY, NANCY                          OH-18-B1-119
HERSHEY, NANCY                          OH-18-A1-143
HITTLE, NICHOLAS                        OH-18-B1-181
HITTLES, NICHOLAS                       OH-18-A1-202
HOLLAND, ISAAC                          OH-18-A1-200
HOLLAND, ISAAC                          OH-18-B1-179
HUDDLE, FREDERICK                       OH-18-A1-238
HUFFMAN, MICHAEL G.                     OH-18-B1-204
JAY, ISAAC                              OH-18-B1-161
JAY, ISAAC                              OH-18-A1-182
JONES, THOMAS                           OH-18-A1-153
JONES, THOMAS                           OH-18-B1-129
KETTERING, MARTIN                       OH-18-B1-71
KETTRING, MARTIN                        OH-18-A1-94
LANHAM, P. G.                           OH-18-B1-211
LAURMON, HUGH                           OH-18-A1-191
MARSHAL, NICHOLAS                       OH-18-A1-184
MARSHALL, NICHOLAS                      OH-18-B1-163
MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER SR                  OH-18-A1-6
MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER SR.                 OH-18-B1-1
MASTRAL, WILLIAM                        OH-18-A1-276
MCANULL, JAMES                          OH-18-A1-171
MCANULTY, JAMES                         OH-18-B1-148
MCCLUER, ALEXANDER                      OH-18-B1-55
MCCLUER, SAMUEL                         OH-18-B1-5
MCCON, HARRISON                         OH-18-B1-210
MCLEAN, SAMUEL SR.                      OH-18-A1-6
MCLURE, ALEXANDER                       OH-18-A1-76
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-18-B1-27
MILLER, JOHN                            OH-18-A1-30
MILLET, JOHN                            OH-18-B1-121
MILLET, JOHN                            OH-18-A1-145
MILLET, JOHN                            OH-18-B1-89
MILLETS, JOHN                           OH-18-A1-114
MORTIAD, WILLIAM                        OH-18-B1-193
NEWKIRK, GARRET                         OH-18-B1-111
NEWKIRK, GARRETT                        OH-18-A1-132
NOLL, HENRY                             OH-18-A1-204
NOLL, HENRY                             OH-18-B1-183
OLIVER, FREDRICK                        OH-18-B1-102
OLIVER, WILLIAM                         OH-18-B1-206
POTTER, HIRAM                           OH-18-A1-207
POTTER, HIRAM                           OH-18-B1-186
PRENTICE, DAVID                         OH-18-A1-214
PRENTICE, DAVID                         OH-18-B1-191
REEDER, MARY                            OH-18-B1-106
REEDER, MARY                            OH-18-A1-129
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        OH-18-B1-169
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        OH-18-A1-189
ROBBINS, RICHARD                        OH-18-B1-35
ROBERTS, DANIEL                         OH-18-B1-117
ROBERTS, DANIEL                         OH-18-A1-140
ROBESON, DAVID                          OH-18-B1-154
ROBINS, RICHARD                         OH-18-A1-40
ROBISON, DAVID                          OH-18-A1-176
RUSH, JOHN                              OH-18-B1-9
RUSH, PETER                             OH-18-B1-13
RUSHTON, JOHN                           OH-18-A1-11
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        OH-18-B1-189
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        OH-18-A1-212
SEBRING, HUGH                           OH-18-B1-171
SHANK, FREDERICK                        OH-18-A1-172
SHANK, FREDRICK                         OH-18-B1-150
SIPE, WILLIAM                           OH-18-A1-218
SIPES, WILLIAM                          OH-18-B1-195
SMITH, JONATHAN                         OH-18-A1-156
SMITH, JONATHAN                         OH-18-B1-132
SMITH, JONATHAN                         OH-18-A1-155
STEWART, WILLIAM                        OH-18-A1-100
STEWART, WILLIAM                        OH-18-B1-76
SWISHER, JOHN                           OH-18-A1-195
SWISHER, JOHN                           OH-18-B1-174
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          OH-18-B1-177
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          OH-18-A1-198
THOMAS, DANIEL                          OH-18-B1-199
TILLSON, LUTHER                         OH-18-A1-172
TILLSON, LUTHER                         OH-18-B1-52
TOWNSEND, NOAH                          OH-18-A1-197
TOWNSHEND, NOAH                         OH-18-B1-176
ULERY, DAVID                            OH-18-A1-174
ULLERY, DAVID                           OH-18-B1-152
WESTFALL, JOHN                          OH-18-B1-45
WESTFALL, JOHN                          OH-18-A1-53
WIGGENS, JOHN                           OH-18-A1-220
WIGGINS, JOHN                           OH-18-B1-197
WILT, GEORGE                            OH-18-B1-30
WITT, GEORGE                            OH-18-A1-34
YAUSUS, CORNEIOUS                       OH-18-A1-187
YOUNG, MATHEW                           OH-18-A1-90
YOUNG, MATTHEW                          OH-18-B1-67
YOURUS, CORNELIUS                       OH-18-B1-1697

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