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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol A = 1833-1843 |
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ABER, MORRIS                 NTL                           OH-10-A-23
ALLBOUGH, MAURICE            NTL                           OH-10-A-11
ANDERSON, PETER              WARREN                        OH-10-A-186
BAKER, ZACKARIAH             NTL                           OH-10-A-432
BAXTER, CORNELIUS            NTL                           OH-10-A-338
BEATTY, WAYBRANT             NTL                           OH-10-A-275
BLECKER, SAMUEL              TUSCARAWAS                    OH-10-A-15
BROWN, ESTHER                NTL                           OH-10-A-369
BROWN HANNAH                 ROCK, HARRISON, OH            OH-10-A-44
BROWN, HENRY                 NTL                           OH-10-A-172
BROWN, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-10-A-73
BROWN, THOMAS                NORTON, MEDINA, OH            OH-10-A-192
BUSHONG, CATHARINE EVE       NTL                           OH-10-A-153
CAMMERON, JOSEPH             NTL                           OH-10-A-454
CAMPBELL, SARAH              NTL, TUSCARAWAS, OH           OH-10-A-96
CASSIDAY, WILLIAM            NTL                           OH-10-A-204
CLARKE, NATHAN               NTL                           OH-10-A-366
COOK, PETER                  NTL, STARK, OH                OH-10-A-13
COX, SHERADINE               NTL                           OH-10-A-145
CROOKS, HENRY                ORANGE                        OH-10-A-497
CROZIER, THOMAS              NTL                           OH-10-A-189
DANIELS, JANE                CARROLLTON                    OH-10-A-148
DAVIS, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-10-A-197
DAYHUFF, PHILLIP             HARRISON                      OH-10-A-444
DUMBLETON, JOHN              AUGUSTA                       OH-10-A-321
EARNST, DANIEL               NTL                           OH-10-A-335
FERGUSON, STEPHEN            NTL                           OH-10-A-127
FOSTER, JOSIAH SR.           NTL                           OH-10-A-373
GARTRALL, JOHN               NTL                           OH-10-A-199
GASTON, JOSEPH               NTL                           OH-10-A-68
GIBSON, JAMES                NTL                           OH-10-A-427
HAAS, ANNA                   NTL                           OH-10-A-17
HARRIMAN, GEORGE             NTL                           OH-10-A-290
HARSH, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-10-A-363
HERSH, HENRY                 WASHINGTON                    OH-10-A-278
HESSLER, DANIEL              NTL                           OH-10-A-472
HOLTZMAN, MARTIN             NTL                           OH-10-A-423
JAMES, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-10-A-331
JENNINGS, PETER              NTL                           OH-10-A-410
LESLIE, ALEXANDER            CARROLLTON                    OH-10-A-1
LONGAKRE, DANIEL             NTL                           OH-10-A-176
MANSFIELD, EDWARD            NTL                           OH-10-A-385
MARSH, SAMUEL                NTL, COLUMBIANA, OH           OH-10-A-3
MCCLINTOCK, JAMES            NTL                           OH-10-A-300
MCCONNELL, SAMUEL            LEE                           OH-10-A-351
MCCOY, ALEXANDER             EAST                          OH-10-A-380
MCGOWEN, ELIZABETH           NTL                           OH-10-A-371
MCGOWEN, JAMES               NTL                           OH-10-A-298
MCPHERRIN, THOMAS            NTL                           OH-10-A-316
MERRICK, ISAAC               NTL                           OH-10-A-46
MICK, PETER                  NTL                           OH-10-A-70
MILLER, ISAAC                NTL                           OH-10-A-313
MILLER, THOMAS               UNION                         OH-10-A-118
MONOHAN, GEORGE              AUGUSTA                       OH-10-A-75
MOORE, ELIJAH                NTL, TUSCARAWAS, OH           OH-10-A-103
MORROW, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-10-A-124
MYERS, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-10-A-468
MYERS, WILLIAM SR.           CARROLLTON                    OH-10-A-395
NEELY, ROBERT                NTL                           OH-10-A-136
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM           NTL                           OH-10-A-241
PARKER, JAMES                NTL                           OH-10-A-449
PUGH, AARON                  JEFFERSON                     OH-10-A-57
QUEEN, SAMUEL                FOX                           OH-10-A-345
RAINSBURGH, JOHN             MONROE                        OH-10-A-94
ROBERTSON, JOHN              ROSE                          OH-10-A-138
RUTTER, JOSEPH SR.           ORANGE                        OH-10-A-476
SHANABERRY, NICHOLAS         NTL                           OH-10-A-109
SHARP, BENJAMIN              PERRY                         OH-10-A-165
SHERMAN, CALEB               NTL                           OH-10-A-440
SHERROD, WILLIAM             NTL                           OH-10-A-480
SINCLAIR, JAMES              CARROLLTON                    OH-10-A-244
SMITH, GEORGE                NTL, TUSCARAWAS, OH           OH-10-A-287
STEPHENSON, RICHARD          NTL                           OH-10-A-404
SWEARINGEN, THOMAS           NTL                           OH-10-A-305
VANBUSKIRK, GEORGE           NTL                           OH-10-A-341
WALLACE, ROBERT              NTL                           OH-10-A-77
WATSON, JAMES                NTL                           OH-10-A-349
WATSON, MARGERY              NTL                           OH-10-A-319
WATSON, ROBERT               NTL                           OH-10-A-407
WELKLY, JOHN SR.             NTL                           OH-10-A-160
WESTFALL, THOMAS             WASHINGTON                    OH-10-A-7
WESTON, FRANCIS              AUGUSTA                       OH-10-A-202
WHITE, THOMAS                NTL                           OH-10-A-303
WILLIAMS, BELINGSLEY         NTL                           OH-10-A-122
WILLIAMS, JOHN B.            NTL                           OH-10-A-181

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