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ABBOTT, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-38
ABBOTT, JOSEPH               NTL                           OH-8-1-135
ABBOTT, SILAS                NTL                           OH-8-2-80
AERL, ISAAC                  NTL                           OH-8-2-320
AIKIN, GABRIEL               NTL                           OH-8-1-304
ALLEN, BOSTON                FEESBURGH                     OH-8-2-180
ANDERSON, JOHN               NTL                           OH-8-2-43
ANDERSON, WILLIAM            NTL                           OH-8-2-75A
ASHENHURST, WILLIAM          NTL                           OH-8-1-339
ASHTON, SAMUEL SR.           NTL                           OH-8-1-235
BAIRD, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-8-2-29
BAIRD, JAMES                 NTL                           OH-8-2-313
BAIRD, THOMAS                NTL                           OH-8-1-260
BARNGROVER, JOHN             SCOTT                         OH-8-2-95
BARR, WILLIAM WILSON         NTL                           OH-8-2-311
BARTLOW, ISAAC               NTL                           OH-8-2-314
BEASLEY, BENJAMIN            HUNTINGTON                    OH-8-2-340
BEASLEY, MARY                NTL                           OH-8-2-92A
BEASLY, NATHANIEL            NTL                           OH-8-1-293
BEATTY, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-2-100
BELL, JAMES                  NTL                           OH-8-2-327
BENINGTON, SAMUEL            JACKSON                       OH-8-2-120
BENNINGTON, THOMAS           NTL                           OH-8-2-173
BLAIR, BRICE                 NTL                           OH-8-1-16
BOLLENDER, STEPHEN           NTL                           OH-8-1-20
BONNER, ANN                  NTL                           OH-8-1-139
BONNER, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-1-15
BONWELL, ARTHUR              NTL                           OH-8-1-55
BOWER, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-8-2-276
BOWMAN, GEORGE               NTL                           OH-8-1-156
BOWMAN, NATHAN               NTL                           OH-8-2-44
BROOKBANK, ABRAHAM           NTL                           OH-8-2-142
BROOKS, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-206
BROWN, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-8-1-220
BROWN, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-8-2-78
BURK, HUBURT D.              NTL                           OH-8-2-6
BURNS, JAMES                 NTL                           OH-8-2-291
CAHALL, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-2-364
CALVIN, JOSEPH               NTL                           OH-8-1-177
CAMPBELL, JOHN               NTL                           OH-8-1-309
CAMPBELL, JOHN W.            NTL                           OH-8-1-254
CAMPBELL, ROBERT             GEORGETOWN                    OH-8-1-191
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL S.          RIPLEY                        OH-8-2-236
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM            NTL                           OH-8-1-37
CAROTHER, WILLIAM            LEWIS                         OH-8-1-29
CARPENTER, HIRAM             NTL                           OH-8-2-22
CARRIGAN, JOHNNTL            NTL                           OH-8-2-273
CHAPMAN, HENRY               NTL                           OH-8-2-11
COARTS, GEORGE               NTL                           OH-8-2-134
COCHRAN, JAMES               NTL                           OH-8-2-85A
COCHRAN, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-2-191
COHRAN, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-8-2-27
COLLINS, JAMES A.            NTL, BARTHOLOMEW, IN          OH-8-2-59
COLLINS, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-2-106
COLTHAS, JAMES               NTL, CLERMONT, OH             OH-8-1-33
CONLEY, MICHAEL              NTL                           OH-8-2-86
COOPER, WILLIAM              HUNTINGTON                    OH-8-1-8
CORNICK, THOMAS              NTL                           OH-8-1-149
CORNWELL, BENJAMIN           NTL                           OH-8-2-124
COVOLT, CHENIAH              PERRY                         OH-8-1-18
COX, WILLIAM                 PERRY                         OH-8-2-68
CRAMER, SAMUEL               PERRY                         OH-8-1-79
CRIST, JOHN                  LEWIS                         OH-8-1-45
CROSS, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-8-2-246
CROSSLEY, SARAH              NTL, SHELBY, IN               OH-8-2-187
CRUTE, JOHN                  JACKSON                       OH-8-1-210
CUTLER, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-2-177
CUTLER, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-332
CUTLER, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-8-2-305
DAVIDSON, JULIA ANN          NTL                           OH-8-2-351
DAVIS, DAVID                 NTL                           OH-8-2-50
DAVIS, ISAACHER              NTL                           OH-8-1-172
DAWSON, AARON                SCOTT                         OH-8-2-158
DAY, ABSALOM                 NTL                           OH-8-2-33
DELONG, CYRUS                NTL                           OH-8-1-364
DENNIS, JAMES                PLEASANT                      OH-8-2-149
DENNIS, MILLY                NTL                           OH-8-2-329
DENNISTON, ROBERT            NTL                           OH-8-1-49
DORLAND, ABRAHAM             NTL                           OH-8-1-154
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH             NTL                           OH-8-1-48
DRAGOO, DANIEL               NTL                           OH-8-1-375
DULANEY, CALEB               NTL                           OH-8-1-360
DUNCANSON, JAMES             NTL                           OH-8-1-342
DUNHAM, GIDEON               PERRY                         OH-8-1-24
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER            NTL, WOODFORD, KY             OH-8-2-216
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER            NTL                           OH-8-1-94
DUNLAP, WILLIAM              UNION                         OH-8-2-237
DYE, JAMES                   NTL                           OH-8-1-105
EARHART, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-2-322
EASTON, GEORGE               NTL                           OH-8-2-211
EDGINGTON, ABRAHAM           NTL                           OH-8-2-205
EDIE, MARGARET               NTL                           OH-8-1-272
EDINGTON, ABRAHAM NEWTON     NTL                           OH-8-2-252
ELLIS, NOAH                  NTL                           OH-8-2-193
ERWIN, JAMES                 NTL                           OH-8-2-249A
ESPEY, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-8-1-34
ESPEY, ROBERT H.             NTL                           OH-8-2-203
EVANS, ABRAHAM               NTL                           OH-8-2-199
EVANS, GEORGE                PLEASANT                      OH-8-2-265
EVANS, GEORGE D.             NTL                           OH-8-1-143
EVANS, JAMES                 NTL                           OH-8-2-144
EVANS, JOHN D.               NTL                           OH-8-2-101
EVANS, MARY                  NTL, ADAMS, OH                OH-8-1-169
FEARIS, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-129
FINLEY, JOHN E.              NTL, ADAMS, OH                OH-8-1-1
FITCH, SAMUEL                NTL                           OH-8-2-324
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK         FAYETTEVILLE                  OH-8-2-355
FOGLE, JOSEPH                CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      OH-8-2-169
FOSTER, NATHANIEL            NTL, GIBSON, IN               OH-8-2-157
FRANCIS, EDWARD              NTL                           OH-8-2-300
FRITS, VOLENTINE             NTL                           OH-8-1-46
FRITTS, ALWISE               NTL                           OH-8-2-213
GALLAGHER, JOHN              NTL, NEW MADRID, MO           OH-8-2-81A
GARDNER, BENJAMIN SR.        BYRD                          OH-8-2-53
GARRITSON, DAVID             NTL                           OH-8-2-195
GATES, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-8-1-141
GENOWAY, JOSEPH M.           NTL                           OH-8-1-314
GILESPIE, DANIEL             NTL                           OH-8-1-44
GILLALAND, JOHN              NTL                           OH-8-2-98
GILLALAND, WILLIAM A.        NTL                           OH-8-2-87
GILLILAND, JAMES             NTL                           OH-8-2-128
GILLILAND, JOHN              NTL                           OH-8-2-230
GLASSCOCK, JOHN              NTL, ADAMS, OH                OH-8-1-39
GLENDENNING, JOHN            JACKSON                       OH-8-2-41
GOOD, PHILIP                 NTL                           OH-8-2-46
GOOTHERMAN, NANCY            NTL                           OH-8-1-258
GOTHERMAN, JAMES             NTL                           OH-8-1-110
GRAHAM, DAVID                NTL                           OH-8-2-135
GRAHAM, JOHN C.              WASHINGTON, DC                OH-8-2-72
GRANGER, EPHRAIM             PERRY                         OH-8-2-48
GRANTHUM, CATHARINE          NTL                           OH-8-1-40
GRAY, ISAAC                  NTL                           OH-8-2-175
GRAY, JOHN                   NTL                           OH-8-1-329
GREATHOUSE, JOHN             NTL                           OH-8-1-119
GREATHOUSE, WILLIAM          NTL                           OH-8-2-331
GREEN, MARGARET              NTL                           OH-8-1-353
GRIFFITH, WILLOUGHBY         NTL                           OH-8-2-67
GRIMES, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-204
HALL, JOHN                   NTL, WARREN, OH               OH-8-1-182
HANEY, JOHN                  ABERDEEN                      OH-8-2-110
HARDIN, RICHARD              RIPLEY                        OH-8-1-107
HART, JONATHAN               JACKSON                       OH-8-1-300
HATFIELD, THOMAS             NTL                           OH-8-2-96
HATHERLEY, THOMAS            NTL, LOUDON, VA               OH-8-2-77
HAWKE, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-8-1-69
HAY, JAMES                   NTL                           OH-8-1-337
HEATHERLY, MARY              NTL                           OH-8-1-289
HEIZER, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-358
HENDERSON, DAVID             RUSSELVILLE                   OH-8-2-271
HENDRICKSON, ENOCH           SCOTT                         OH-8-1-114
HENERY, CHARLES              LEWIS                         OH-8-1-5
HENRY, JAMES                 NTL                           OH-8-1-262
HESTER, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-139
HEWITT, RICHARD              NTL                           OH-8-1-74
HIGGINBOTHAM, JOHN           NTL                           OH-8-1-103
HIGGINS, ROBERT              NTL                           OH-8-1-50
HILL, ALEXANDER              NTL                           OH-8-2-307
HIXSIN, NATHAN               MARYSVILLE, MASON, KY         OH-8-1-229
HODGEKINS, JAMES             NTL                           OH-8-1-111
HODKINS, SAMUEL              NTL                           OH-8-2-138
HOLMS, EDWARD                NTL                           OH-8-1-305
HOPKINS, ARCHIBALD           NTL                           OH-8-2-197
HOPKINS, EDWIN               UNION                         OH-8-2-162
HOWARD, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-2-222
HUBER, JOSEPH                NTL                           OH-8-2-137
HUGHSTON, MARY C.            NTL                           OH-8-2-168
HULL, PETER                  NTL, PENDLETON, VA            OH-8-1-344
HUNT, JOHN                   WEST UNION                    OH-8-1-200
IRVIN, ESTHER                EAGLE                         OH-8-1-91
IRWINE, ADAM                 NTL                           OH-8-2-107
JACKQUOT, FRANCIS            PERRY                         OH-8-2-57
JACOBS, JAMES                PLEASANT                      OH-8-2-186
JENINGS, THOMAS              NTL                           OH-8-2-209
JENNINGS, ISRAEL             PLEASANT                      OH-8-1-137
JENNINGS, THOMAS             NTL                           OH-8-1-152
JOLLY, ALEXANDER             UNION                         OH-8-1-233
JORDAN, JOSHUA               NTL                           OH-8-1-125
JORDAN, SAMUEL               NTL, CLERMONT, OH             OH-8-1-251
KENDALL, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-2-296
KILLPATRICK, JAMES           NTL                           OH-8-1-128
KIMBALL, BENJAMIN            NTL                           OH-8-2-83A
KINNER, WILLIAM LEWIS        NTL                           OH-8-1-66
KIRK, WILLIAM                PERRY                         OH-8-2-150
KIRKER, THOMAS               NTL                           OH-8-2-13
KNIGHT, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-2-20
KNOX, JAMES                  NTL, SHELBY, KY               OH-8-1-348
KRASS, ADAM                  WASHINGTON                    OH-8-2-185
KRATZER, ENOS                NTL                           OH-8-2-105A
LANE, ELIAS                  NTL                           OH-8-1-23
LECRAY, JOB                  NTL                           OH-8-1-237
LEONARD, JAMES SR.           PERRY                         OH-8-1-302
LEVI, JAMES                  NTL                           OH-8-1-147
LIGGET, PEGGY                NTL, CLERMONT, OH             OH-8-1-3
LIGGETT, HOSEA               NTL                           OH-8-2-267
LIMING, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-8-2-249
LINTON, JOSEPH               NTL                           OH-8-2-159
LITTLE, GEORGE M.            NTL                           OH-8-2-126
LITTLE, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-343
LOGAN, BENJAMIN              CLARK                         OH-8-2-58
LONGSHORE, SAMUEL            NTL                           OH-8-1-214
LOYD, JAMES L.               NTL                           OH-8-2-279
LYON, WILLIAM                NTL                           OH-8-1-354
MANN, JOHN                   NTL                           OH-8-1-242
MCCALL, ROBERT               NTL                           OH-8-2-62
MCCALLISTER, THOMAS          NTL                           OH-8-2-85
MCCLAIN, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-1-202
MCCONNAUGHY, JOHN            UNION                         OH-8-2-51
MCCORMICK, JOHN              NTL                           OH-8-1-362
MCCUNE, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-8-2-208
MCDANIEL, VALENTINE          NTL                           OH-8-2-119
MCDONNELL, BARTHOLOMEW       PERRY                         OH-8-1-53
MCDONNELL, HUGH              PERRY                         OH-8-1-43
MCFERSON, ADAM               NTL                           OH-8-2-70
MCFERSON, DAVID              NTL                           OH-8-2-78A
MCKAIN, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-116
MCKELFRESH, BAZIL            NTL                           OH-8-2-183
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM            NTL                           OH-8-1-174
MCKITRICK, WILLIAM           NTL                           OH-8-2-55
MCLAIN, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-90A
MCLAIN, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-2-112
MCLAIN, RACHEL               NTL                           OH-8-2-164
MCMILLEN, JAMES              NTL                           OH-8-2-297
MCVEY, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-8-2-336
MEADE, MARY                  NTL, FREDERICK, VA            OH-8-2-2
MEAN, ROBERT                 RICHMOND, HENRICO, VA         OH-8-1-278
MEFFORD, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-1-244
MELVIN, NOBLE                NTL                           OH-8-2-254
MENAUGH, ROBERT              NTL                           OH-8-2-93A
MERRIL, JESSE J.             NTL                           OH-8-2-24
MERRILL, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-2-76A
METZGAR, CONRAD              NTL                           OH-8-2-146
MILLER, JOHN                 PERRY                         OH-8-2-207
MINOR, RACHEL                NTL, COLES, IL                OH-8-2-181
MITCHELL, IGNATIUS           NTL, MASON, KY                OH-8-1-318
MOHN, HENRY                  NTL                           OH-8-2-18
MOON, ARCHIBALD              NTL, FAYETTE, KY              OH-8-1-381
MOORE, ABIJAH                NTL                           OH-8-1-356
MOORE, ARCHELAUS             NTL, FAYETTE, KY              OH-8-1-61
MOORE, JOSEPH                NTL                           OH-8-1-84
MOORE, MARGARET              NTL                           OH-8-2-89
MOORE, ROBERT                JACKSON                       OH-8-2-227
MORGAN, DANIEL               NTL                           OH-8-2-115
MORGAN, HUGH                 FAYETTEVILLE                  OH-8-2-293
MOSELEY, MATHEW              NTL                           OH-8-2-122
MURPHY, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-368
MURRY, JAMES                 NTL                           OH-8-1-164
NEAL, JOHN                   NTL                           OH-8-2-81
NEWBERY, DANIEL              NTL                           OH-8-2-275
OVERTURF, CONROD             NTL, BRACKEN, KY              OH-8-2-219
OYER, HENRY                  NTL                           OH-8-1-116
PANGBURN, SAMUEL             BYRD                          OH-8-1-41
PARK, ELEANOR                NTL                           OH-8-1-275
PARK, WILLIAM                LEWIS                         OH-8-2-16
PARKER, ELIHU                NTL                           OH-8-2-87A
PARKER, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-1-86
PARKER, JAMES                NTL                           OH-8-1-326
PARKER, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-167
PARKER, JOSIAH               NTL, ISLE OF WIGHT, VA        OH-8-1-57
PARKER, PETER                NTL, CLERMONT, OH             OH-8-1-4
PAUL, JEREMIAH               NTL                           OH-8-2-346
PETTYJOHN, ABRAHAM JR.       NTL                           OH-8-2-73
PETTYJOHN, AMOS              NTL                           OH-8-1-130
PETTYJOHN, ISAAC N.          NTL                           OH-8-2-117
PETTYJOHN, RICHARD           NTL                           OH-8-2-28
PICKERING, HENRY             NTL                           OH-8-1-291
PILZER, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-239
PINDALL, GABRIEL             NTL                           OH-8-1-247
PINDELL, THOMAS              NTL                           OH-8-1-133
PITZER, HENRY                NTL                           OH-8-1-366
POAGE, JOHN C.               NTL                           OH-8-2-8
POAGE, POLLY                 NTL                           OH-8-1-31
POAGE, THOMAS H.             NTL                           OH-8-1-178
POE, JOSEPH                  NTL, CLERMONT, OH             OH-8-1-379
POOL, AARON                  RUSSELLVILLE                  OH-8-1-218
POTTER, JOSEPH               NTL                           OH-8-1-385
POTTS, NOAH                  NTL                           OH-8-2-289
PURDUM, JEREMIAH             NTL                           OH-8-2-172
QUINN, HUGH                  PERRY                         OH-8-2-286
RAINS, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-8-1-340
RANKINS, DAVID               NTL                           OH-8-2-201
REED, SUSANNAH               NTL                           OH-8-1-370
REEDER, SIMON                NTL                           OH-8-2-244
RHOADS, THOMAS               NTL                           OH-8-1-26
RICE, JAMES                  NTL                           OH-8-2-280
RICE, PHILIP                 FRANKLIN                      OH-8-2-5
RIGGS, STEPHEN               NTL                           OH-8-2-147
RIGGS, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-8-2-333
ROBE, DAVID                  NTL, ADAMS, OH                OH-8-2-131
ROBINSON, THOMAS             NTL                           OH-8-2-225
ROGERS, THOMAS               NTL                           OH-8-2-302
ROSS, ELISHA                 CLARK                         OH-8-1-249
ROSS, THOMAS                 SCOTT                         OH-8-2-125
ROUNDS, JAMES SR.            CLARK                         OH-8-2-84
ROUNDS, LEMUEL               NTL                           OH-8-1-317
RUSSLE, SALINA               PIKE                          OH-8-2-179
SALISBURY, SAMUEL            NTL                           OH-8-1-269
SALSBERY, JAMESNTL           NTL                           OH-8-2-357
SCOTT, NANCY                 ABERDEEN                      OH-8-2-360
SCOTT, PERCILLA              LEWIS                         OH-8-2-32
SCOTT, ROBERT                NTL                           OH-8-2-166
SELL, ABRAHAM                NTL                           OH-8-1-389
SELLS, NELLY                 UNION                         OH-8-2-362
SERVERS, ABRAHAM             NTL                           OH-8-1-64
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH          NTL                           OH-8-1-197
SHEPHERD, JOHN H.            NTL                           OH-8-1-180
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM            GEORGETOWN                    OH-8-1-296
SHICK, LEWIS                 NTL                           OH-8-2-182
SHINKLE, JOHN B.             NTL                           OH-8-2-108
SHOTWELL, JASPER             NTL, CLERMONT, OH             OH-8-1-10
SHRMFE, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-8-1-157
SHULTZ, GEORGE               NTL                           OH-8-1-68
SIDWELL, HENRY               NTL                           OH-8-2-39
SIDWELL, SEWILL B.           NTL                           OH-8-1-312
SIMPSON, ROBERT              NTL                           OH-8-2-100A
SLACK, JACOB                 NTL                           OH-8-1-36
SMITH, ELIZABETH             NTL                           OH-8-1-216
SMITH, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-8-2-74A
SNEDEKER, JOHN               NTL                           OH-8-1-334
SNOGRASS, THOMAS             NTL                           OH-8-1-102
SPIRES, RICHARD              NTL                           OH-8-1-387
STEPHENS, ABRAHAM            NTL                           OH-8-2-206
STEPHENSON, JAMES            NTL, WOODFORD, KY             OH-8-2-154
STEVENS, JOHN A.             PIKE                          OH-8-2-192
STEWART, JOHN                NTL                           OH-8-1-270
STEWART, JOSEPH              NTL                           OH-8-1-42
STEWART, PETER A. G.         NTL                           OH-8-1-82
STIVERS, HARRIET N.          RIPLEY                        OH-8-2-349
SUTHERLAND, EBENEZER         NTL                           OH-8-1-188
SUTTON, BENJAMIN             DECATUR                       OH-8-2-75
SUTTON, OTHO                 NTL                           OH-8-2-140
TALAS, ANDREW JR.            NTL                           OH-8-1-12
TAYLOR, FRANCIS              RIPLEY                        OH-8-2-260
TETARD, LEWIS                NTL                           OH-8-2-97
THOMPSON, FELIX              NTL                           OH-8-2-317
THOMPSON, JAMES              NTL                           OH-8-2-189
THOMPSON, JOHN               BYRD                          OH-8-1-13
TOMLINSON, MARY A.           NTL                           OH-8-2-282
TORRENCE, JAMES              RIPLEY                        OH-8-2-338
TURNER, ROBERT               NTL                           OH-8-1-122
TWEED, ARCHIBALD             NTL                           OH-8-1-159
TWEED, ARCHIBALD C.          UNION                         OH-8-1-377
TWEED, SAMUEL                NTL                           OH-8-2-319
VANCE, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-8-1-175
VANDAMENT, HENRY             CLARK                         OH-8-1-27
VANDEMANT, BENJAMIN          NTL                           OH-8-1-166
VOORIS, JANE                 NTL                           OH-8-2-152
WASHBURN, ISAAC              NTL                           OH-8-1-72
WATERS, ISAAC                NTL                           OH-8-1-208
WATTS, JOHN                  NTL, BEDFORD, VA              OH-8-1-183
WELLS, ISAIAH                NTL                           OH-8-2-94A
WELLS, JAMES C.              NTL                           OH-8-2-161
WHITE, ALPHEUS               NTL                           OH-8-2-36
WHITE, HANNAH                HUNTINGTON                    OH-8-1-373
WILLIS, STEPHEN              NTL, ADAMS, OH                OH-8-1-22
WISE, ANDREW                 NTL                           OH-8-2-258
WOOD, NICHOLAS               NTL                           OH-8-1-315
WORSTELL, DAVID              NTL                           OH-8-2-153
WRIGHT, JOHN                 JACKSON                       OH-8-1-212
WRIGHT, ROBERT               NTL                           OH-8-2-64
WRIGHT, WALTER B.            NTL                           OH-8-2-232
WYKOFF, ASHUR                NTL                           OH-8-2-88A
WYNNA, PATRIC                FAYETTEVILLE                  OH-8-2-241
YOUNG, JOHN                  NTL, CAMPBELL, KY             OH-8-1-307

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