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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List
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ADELMYER, B. H.              MINSTER                       OH-6-2-127
ADIGE, WILLIAM               MINSTER                       OH-6-2-497
AFFOLDER, JOHN               NTL                           OH-6-2-219
ALSPAUGH, JOHN               NTL                           OH-6-3-167
ALSPAUGH, JOHN               GOSHEN                        OH-6-3-325
ALSPAUGH, SARAH              WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-606
ALTIMER, BERNARD             MINSTER                       OH-6-2-578
AMSTRONG, STEPHEN            NTL                           OH-6-3-544
ANDERSON, ANN                NTL                           OH-6-2-56
ANTHONY, JOHN B.             ST JOHNS                      OH-6-2-208
ARTHUR, WILLIAM P.           NTL                           OH-6-2-361
ASHBURN, JESSE               UNION                         OH-6-2-193
ASKREN, DAVID                GOSHEN                        OH-6-2-391
AUFDERHAAR, HERMAN HENRY     NTL                           OH-6-2-268
AYRES, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-6-2-34
BACKHAUS, JOHN D. H.         NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-2-450
BACKUS, BENJAMIN             NTL                           OH-6-2-394
BAHRT, FRIEDERICH            GERMAN                        OH-6-2-41
BAKER, JOSEPH                NTL                           OH-6-3-40
BAKER, MARIA                 UNION                         OH-6-3-280
BAMBAUER, CHARLOTTE          NTL                           OH-6-3-565
BANKEMPER, FERDINAND         MINSTER                       OH-6-3-384
BANKEMPER, HENRY             MINSTER                       OH-6-3-270
BARIENBROCK, HENRY GERHARD   GERMAN                        OH-6-2-447
BARRINGTON, MARY             NTL                           OH-6-2-241
BARRINGTON, RICHARD          NTL                           OH-6-2-152
BARTON, JOSIAH               NTL                           OH-6-2-358
BASIL, NELSON R.             NTL                           OH-6-2-202
BAUER, SIMON                 PUSHETA                       OH-6-2-103
BAUR, MARTIN                 WASHINGTON                    OH-6-3-109
BEAK, PAUL                   NTL                           OH-6-3-55
BEATY, ROBERT                NTL                           OH-6-2-369
BECHDOLT, PETER              CLAY                          OH-6-2-333
BECKMAN, CARL                ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-282
BEECH, SOLOMAN               NTL                           OH-6-2-483
BEIRLEIN, HEINRICH           , SHELBY, OH                  OH-6-2-586
BENNER, CHRISTIAN            NTL                           OH-6-2-251
BENNETT, MARY J.             NTL                           OH-6-2-426
BENSMAN, HERMAN              MINSTER                       OH-6-3-103
BIGLER,M JOHN JR.            NTL                           OH-6-2-6
BIRK, JACOB                  PUSHETA                       OH-6-2-31
BLANK, PETER                 UNION                         OH-6-3-278
BLANK, ROSILLA A.            NTL                           OH-6-3-589
BLASE, FREDERICK             GERMAN                        OH-6-2-584
BLASE, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-6-3-211
BLEW, JANE                   NTL                           OH-6-2-18
BLUM, ADAM                   PUCHETA                       OH-6-2-52
BOESEL, CHARLES              NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-3-598
BOSCHE, HERMAN H.            NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-2-27
BOSCHE, JOHN F.              CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      OH-6-3-11
BOTKIN, SARAH                NTL                           OH-6-3-352
BOTKIN, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-6-2-280
BOWDLE, SAMUEL P.            , HARDIN, OH                  OH-6-2-114
BRACKNEY, CHARLES A.         NTL                           OH-6-3-438
BRANDERVIE, HERMAN HENRY     NTL                           OH-6-2-553
BRIGGEMAN, ADAM H.           GERMAN                        OH-6-2-289
BRINK, AUGUST                MINSTER                       OH-6-2-259
BRINKMEIER, HERMAN H.        NTL                           OH-6-3-460
BROMWELL, WILLIAM            MILFOD, CLERMONT, OH          OH-6-3-376
BROWN, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-6-3-237
BROWN, JOSEPH                NTL                           OH-6-2-22
BROWN, JOSEPH                NTL                           OH-6-2-598
BRUGGEMANN, EBERHARD HENRY   GERMAN                        OH-6-3-583
BRUN, HENRY A.               GERMAN                        OH-6-3-78
BRUNE, ELIZABETH             NTL                           OH-6-2-230
BRUNN, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-6-2-305
BUCHANNAN, JAMES             NTL                           OH-6-3-267
BUDDE, FREDERICK             RICHMOND, WAYNE, IN           OH-6-2-373
BUGMYER, CATHARINE           NTL                           OH-6-2-121
BURGMANN, FRANCISCUS H.      MINSTER                       OH-6-3-247
BURKHART, MICHAEL            NOBLE                         OH-6-3-176
BUSH, JOSEPH                 NTL                           OH-6-3-541
BUTTS, WILLIAM GEORGE        NTL                           OH-6-3-450
CAMPBELL, GEORGE             NTL                           OH-6-3-601
CARMEAN, JAMES               NTL                           OH-6-3-48
CARR, JAMES                  ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-328
CLARK, ELIZABETH JANE        NTL                           OH-6-2-254
CLARK, HARVEY                UNION                         OH-6-2-515
CLARK, JOHN F.               , PICKAWAY, OH                OH-6-2-286
CLAWSON, JOSIAH              LOGAN                         OH-6-3-571
CLEAVER, HANNAH              WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-339
COLEMAN, JAMES               NTL                           OH-6-2-474
COLMS, FREDERICK             NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-2-452
CONDRON, JAMES               NTL                           OH-6-2-169
CONLEY, ELIZA                NTL                           OH-6-2-520
CONNER, ABRAHAM              UNION                         OH-6-3-264
COVERT, ABSALOM B.           ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-239
CRAFT, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-6-2-48
CRANE, SARAH FISHER          UTICA, MACOMB, MI             OH-6-2-162
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM            *, GREENE, OH                 OH-6-3-30
CROFFT, JACOB                SALEM                         OH-6-2-102
DAVIS, CHARLES P.            WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-294
DAVIS, THOMAS B.             MAD RIVER, CLARK, OH          OH-6-3-186
DAWSON, ISAAC S.             WAYNE                         OH-6-3-138
DECKER, MARY                 NTL                           OH-6-3-555
DEIGEL, ANNA MARTHA          NTL                           OH-6-2-354
DEIGEL, GEORGE               WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-160
DENNY, JOSEPH                NOBLE                         OH-6-2-213
DEVO, REBECCA                NTL                           OH-6-3-130
DICKE, CURT                  GERMAN                        OH-6-3-291
DISTLESATH, MARTIN           NTL                           OH-6-2-247
DONNERBERG, HENRY P.         GERMAN                        OH-6-3-494
DOWLY, AMOS                  NTL                           OH-6-3-105
DRAHMAN, HENRY               NTL                           OH-6-2-88
DREES, FRITZ                 NTL                           OH-6-2-303
DREES, JOHN                  MINSTER                       OH-6-3-46
DRESHER, SIMON               NTL                           OH-6-3-161
DUMHBROFF, MICHAEL           NTL                           OH-6-3-467
DURBIN, DAN                  ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-470
EBERLE, ANDREW               PUSHETA                       OH-6-2-81
EHMAN, DANIEL                NTL                           OH-6-2-33
EISSART, EVA                 PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-165
EMERICK, MARY                NTL                           OH-6-2-495
EMRICK, GEORGE               NTL                           OH-6-2-97
ENGLISH, JOHN                UNION                         OH-6-2-75
ENNEKING, JOHN H.            NTL                           OH-6-2-375
ENNESSER, MICHAEL            AUGLAIZE                      OH-6-2-350
ENNIS, JAMES                 ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-558
ENNIS, PHILIP                NTL                           OH-6-3-563
EWALD, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-6-2-465
FABLER, MARY A.              LOGAN                         OH-6-3-191
FELDMANN, JOHN BERNARD       *, SHELBY, OH                 OH-6-2-42
FENNEMAN, WILLIAM            NTL                           OH-6-3-331
FENNERMANN, HENRY            NTL                           OH-6-2-276
FERLEMAN, HENRY              NTL                           OH-6-2-183
FINDLAY, JAMES               ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-82
FISHER, DITTMAR              WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-3
FISHER, MARGARET             NTL                           OH-6-2-297
FLEISCHMAN, FREDERICK        ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-463
FLINN, EDWARD                GOSHEN                        OH-6-3-470
FLOCKMAN, HELENA             NTL                           OH-6-3-86
FOCHT, ADAM                  NTL                           OH-6-3-259
FOOS, JOHN B.                WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-274
FORTRIDE, CHRISTIAN          GERMAN                        OH-6-2-24
FORTRIEDE, LUDWIG            NTL                           OH-6-3-229
FOX, DANIEL                  NTL                           OH-6-3-111
FRESHE, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-6-2-434
FRESSMAN, LEWIS              NTL                           OH-6-2-284
FREY, FREDERICK SR.          ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-402
FREY, J. J.                  GERMAN                        OH-6-3-68
FREYERMUTH, JOHN H.          NTL                           OH-6-3-170
FRICK, EDWARD H.             NTL                           OH-6-3-64
FRICKE, JOHN HENRY           GERMAN                        OH-6-2-367
FRIEDRICH, WILLIAM           ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-506
FRIGENBAUM, ERNEST WILLIAM   NTL                           OH-6-2-156
FRILLING, CLEMONS            NTL                           OH-6-2-445
FRYER, HENRY                 NTL                           OH-6-2-299
FUNKE, JULIA C.              *, ADAMS, IN                  OH-6-3-298
GALLAGER, MARY               NTL                           OH-6-2-171
GANT, JOHN R.                NTL                           OH-6-3-6
GANTER, FRANK                WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-580
GAUSEPOHL, CHARLES           NTL                           OH-6-3-21
GEARHART, ELIZABETH          NTL                           OH-6-2-580
GEISLER, CHARLES             NOBLE                         OH-6-2-181
GEISLER, WILLIAM             ST. MARYS                     OH-6-2-15
GERBER, EDWARD               WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-560
GERSK, TERRISSA              NTL                           OH-6-2-488
GICKE, HENRY                 JACKSON                       OH-6-2-315
GILBERG, CARL                NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-3-444
GOEKE, GERTRUD (VONDENBROCK) MINSTER                       OH-6-3-98
GOSSARD, JOHN                WAYNE                         OH-6-3-349
GOSSMAN, JOHN HER.           NTL                           OH-6-3-35
GRAFF, JOHN JACOB            NTL                           OH-6-2-346
GRAHAM, MARY                 SALEM                         OH-6-3-193
GRAY, MARY ANN               WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-149
GREBER, JOHN CHRISTOPHER     GERMAN                        OH-6-2-4
GREISHAP, JOSEPHINE          MINSTER                       OH-6-2-325
GREISHOP, BERNARD            NTL                           OH-6-2-437
GROTHJAM, JOHN HENRY         MINSTER                       OH-6-2-400
GROTZ, PAULUS                NTL                           OH-6-3-107
GUTMAN, NICHOLAS             NTL                           OH-6-3-120
HABERKAMP, FREDERICK         GERMAN                        OH-6-2-518
HABERKAMP, H. H.             NTL                           OH-6-2-77
HAEISTLER, CHRISTIAN         NTL                           OH-6-2-500
HALDRON, ENOCH               MOULTON                       OH-6-3-514
HALL, JACOB                  CLAY                          OH-6-2-67
HALTER, GEORGE               NTL                           OH-6-2-261
HAMM, JOHN J.                NOBLE                         OH-6-3-59
HANGEN, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-6-3-371
HAROFF, DAVID                PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-92
HARVEY, ELIZABETH            NTL                           OH-6-2-68
HATTERY, DAVID               NTL                           OH-6-2-327
HAUSFELD, JOSEPH             JACKSON                       OH-6-3-275
HAUSS, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-6-3-473
HAUSS, MICHAEL               ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-253
HAWTHORN, JOHN               NTL                           OH-6-2-567
HAYER, JACOB                 NTL                           OH-6-2-591
HEIL, CHARLES                NTL                           OH-6-2-196
HEIL, JOHN                   PUSHETA                       OH-6-2-321
HEINFIELD, HENRY             GERMAN                        OH-6-2-86
HEITT, SIMEON                NTL                           OH-6-2-134
HELLBUSH, JOHN BERNDT        GERMAN                        OH-6-2-479
HELM, HENRY M.               NTL                           OH-6-2-440
HELMING, H. H.               JACKSON                       OH-6-2-124
HEMMERT, ANNA                NTL                           OH-6-2-17
HEMMERT, JOSEPH              NTL                           OH-6-2-561
HENNING, WILLIAM             ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-303
HERBST, WILLIAM              NTL                           OH-6-2-481
HERMAN, ISAAC J.             TOLEDO, LUCAS, OH             OH-6-3-368
HERZING, PHILIP V.           NTL                           OH-6-3-441
HESSELFIELD, CLEMENS         JACKSON                       OH-6-2-513
HICKS, JOHN  H.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   OH-6-2-143
HILDEBRAND, MARIA            NTL                           OH-6-2-371
HOBERG, JOHN DIEDRICK        ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-90
HOEPER, JACOB                GERMAN                        OH-6-3-273
HOGE, HER. H.                NEW KNOXVILLE                 OH-6-3-94
HOLINDE, BERNARD             MINSTER                       OH-6-3-154
HOLINDE, GERGTRUDE           MINSTER                       OH-6-3-307
HOLIST, MARY                 NTL                           OH-6-2-179
HOLSCHER, GEORGE H.          MINSTER                       OH-6-3-518
HOWELL, J. M.                WASHINGTON                    OH-6-3-88
HOWELL, JAMES                NTL                           OH-6-2-335
HOWELL, JOSEPH G.            NTL                           OH-6-3-399
HUSSEY, CHARLES A.           NTL                           OH-6-2-185
HUWE, BERNARD                , MERCER, OH                  OH-6-2-424
IMLER, GEORGE                SHAWNEE, ALLEN, OH            OH-6-2-263
JONES, RICHARD SR.           BUCKEYNET                     OH-6-2-43
JUSTICE, MARTHA              UNION                         OH-6-3-552
KAISER, GERHARD H.           JACKSON                       OH-6-3-381
KALKHOF, DOMINICUS           NTL                           OH-6-3-19
KATTERHENRICK, HENRY         MOULTON                       OH-6-3-484
KATTMAN, WILLIAM             NTL                           OH-6-2-576
KEISER, THEODORE             JACKSON                       OH-6-3-233
KELLERMEYER, HERMANN HEINRICH    NTL                       OH-6-2-58
KEMPER, JOHN FREDERICK HENRY MINSTER                       OH-6-3-80
KEONIG, JOHN                 PUSHKETA                      OH-6-2-120
KETTER, ELIZABETH            NTL                           OH-6-2-272
KINDLE, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-6-3-574
KINNINGER, JOSEPH            DUCHONQUET                    OH-6-3-135
KIRTIN, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-6-3-322
KLUG, NICHOLAS               NTL                           OH-6-2-245
KNEISIM, PAUL                WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-432
KNIEST, JOHN FREDERICK       NTL                           OH-6-2-307
KOCH, GEORGE                 NTL                           OH-6-2-132
KOCH, LOUISA                 GERMAN                        OH-6-2-266
KOCHLER, WILLIAM F. SR.      NTL                           OH-6-3-539
KOESTER, BERNARD H.          MINSTER                       OH-6-2-92
KOETTERHEINRICH, JOHN WILLIAM  NTL                         OH-6-2-64
KOHLHORST, GERHARD F. W.     ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-285
KOLLER, LEWIS                NTL                           OH-6-2-536
KONNECKER, JOHN HENRY WILLIAM   GERMAN                     OH-6-2-204
KRAMER, ANNA MARIA           NTL                           OH-6-3-361
KRATT, PAULUS                WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-128
KUCK, ERNST H.               NEW KNOXVILLE                 OH-6-3-373
KUCK, WILLIAM                WASHINGTON                    OH-6-3-158
KUCKHERMANN, E. H.           NEW KNOXVILLE                 OH-6-3-195
KUEST, JURGEN HENRY          GERMAN                        OH-6-2-69
KUHN, GEORGE                 NTL                           OH-6-2-83
KUNSTLER, VALENTINE          FRYBURG                       OH-6-3-610
LANDEHN, SARAH               NTL                           OH-6-2-493
LANFERSICK, VICTOR           NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-2-256
LANFERSWEILER, PETER         MINSTER                       OH-6-3-222
LAUGHORST, WILLIAM           NTL                           OH-6-3-132
LAUR, MARY                   NTL                           OH-6-3-44
LAYER, DORATHE               NTL                           OH-6-3-115
LAYER, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-6-2-220
LAYTON, ANNA                 NTL                           OH-6-2-593
LAYTON, W. V. M.             NTL                           OH-6-3-150
LEAR, JOHN                   NTL                           OH-6-3-521
LEMKUHL, ALBERT              NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-3-364
LEPIRD, SOPHIA               CRIDERSVILLE                  OH-6-3-568
LEVERING, ESTHER             DUCHONQUET                    OH-6-2-173
LONGE, MARIA LIDIA           NTL                           OH-6-2-344
LOYER, ELIZABETH             NTL                           OH-6-3-498
LUFT, CHRISTIAN              NTL                           OH-6-2-270
LUTERBEIN, HENRY             NEW KNOXVILLE                 OH-6-2-526
MACKENBACK, ANNA HELENA CATHARINE  NTL                     OH-6-2-72
MAGEL, PETER                 FREYBURG                      OH-6-3-1
MAIER, MICHAEL               SEE: MEYER, MICHAEL           OH-6-3-316
MAISON, JOHN B.              WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-100
MANZELMAN, JOHN H. A.        NTL                           OH-6-3-282
MARSHALL, J. D.              WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-166
MCBETH, JOHN                 GOSHEN                        OH-6-3-117
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN M.          NTL                           OH-6-3-245
MCCULLOUGH, NOAH             WASHINGTON                    OH-6-3-343
MCEVOY, ELIZABETH ELLEN      NOBLE                         OH-6-2-26
MCFARLAND, JAMES A.          NTL                           OH-6-2-99
MCFARLAND, JAMES E.          MOULTON                       OH-6-2-467
MCKEE, MARY                  NTL                           OH-6-3-113
MCMULLEN, MARGARET           NTL                           OH-6-2-54
MCMURRAY, ROBERT             WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-51
MCMURRY, ROBERT              NTL                           OH-6-2-238
MEERSMANN, GERHART           MINSTER                       OH-6-3-53
MEINERS, DIEDRICH            MINSTER                       OH-6-3-577
MEINZ, ANNA CATHARINE MARIA  NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-3-346
MEISINGER, JOHN              NOBLE                         OH-6-3-256
MELCHER, HENRY L.            NTL                           OH-6-3-28
MENZ, HENRY                  PUSHETA                       OH-6-2-249
MERTZ, JOHN                  WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-582
MESE, BERNARD K.             NTL                           OH-6-2-323
MESSLOH, MARGARET            NTL                           OH-6-3-72
MESTER, HERMAN HEINRICH      GERMAN                        OH-6-3-202
METZ, CASPER                 GERMAN                        OH-6-3-23
MEYER, EDWIN J.              , WAYNE, OH                   OH-6-2-65
MEYER, JOHN F.               NTL                           OH-6-3-84
MEYER, JOHN HENRY            GERMAN                        OH-6-2-348
MEYER, JOSEPH J.             JACKSON                       OH-6-3-411
MEYER, MICHAEL               NOBLE                         OH-6-3-316
MEYERS, LEWIS                NTL                           OH-6-2-175
MILLER, HENRY                WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-227
MILLER, JOHN                 WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-130
MILLER, JOHN HENRY           MOULTON                       OH-6-2-229
MILLER, MICHAEL              WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-74
MILLER, PETER                NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-3-596
MILLER, SOPHIA               NTL                           OH-6-2-551
MILLS, JOANNA                NTL                           OH-6-3-394
MORRIS, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-6-3-415
MOSER, JOHN J.               NTL                           OH-6-3-261
MOSER, PHILIP                NOBLE                         OH-6-2-293
MOUNSIR, ASHLEY              UNION                         OH-6-2-476
MOYER, JEREMIAH              NTL                           OH-6-3-242
MULLER, C. AUGUST            NTL                           OH-6-3-301
MYERS, JAMES WESLEY          NTL                           OH-6-2-19
MYERS, MARTIN                NTL                           OH-6-3-524
MYES, EDWARD                 WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-490
NAYLOR, THOMAS E.            NTL                           OH-6-2-454
NEIBERG, B. H.               MINSTER                       OH-6-2-538
NEIL, JOHN F.                ST JOHNS                      OH-6-2-352
NESTER, ATHANAS              NTL                           OH-6-2-291
NEUMANN, JOHN BERND          ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-588
NIPGEN, CASPER               NTL                           OH-6-3-76
NOBLE, ELISHA                NTL                           OH-6-2-36
NOBLE, HENRY S.              NOBLE                         OH-6-3-122
NUMLIST, JOHN                JACKSON                       OH-6-2-486
NUSS, MARIA ANNA             NTL                           OH-6-2-443
NUSSMEIER, GERHARD HENRY     GERMAN                        OH-6-3-33
ODIAMS, RICHARD              NTL                           OH-6-2-11
ODRICH, HENRY                WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-523
OSTERFELD, GERHART           NTL                           OH-6-3-96
OWERSOCK, JAMES              NTL                           OH-6-2-50
PAIN, HENRY                  NTL                           OH-6-2-14
PANSCHAR, ELIZABETH          NTL                           OH-6-2-243
PAPE, MARIA SOPHIA           NTL                           OH-6-2-95
PERKINS, ELIZA               WAYNE                         OH-6-3-313
PFEIFER, CHRISTOPHER         MOULTON                       OH-6-3-225
PHELPS, EDWARD M.            NTL                           OH-6-3-509
PIENING, ANNA MARIA          NTL                           OH-6-3-37
PIENING, FRANK               MINSTER                       OH-6-3-392
PIENING, J. B.               JACKSON                       OH-6-2-39
PIEPMEYER, HENRY             NEW KNOXVILLE                 OH-6-3-184
PIPER, GEORGE                NTL                           OH-6-2-545
POLLOCK, WILLIAM             *, LOGAN, OH                  OH-6-3-421
POLSDORFER, C. ACKHEITH      NTL                           OH-6-2-40
POPPE, HENRY                 ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-319
PORTER, MOSES                UNION                         OH-6-3-511
POWELL, JOHN M.              NTL                           OH-6-2-123
PUETZ, JOHN JOSEPH           NTL                           OH-6-3-530
PUITZ, WILLIAM               ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-311
QUILLHORST, JOHN HENRY       GERMAN                        OH-6-2-235
RABE, HENRY                  GERMAN                        OH-6-2-141
RAHE, FRANZ HENRY            JACKSON                       OH-6-3-424
RAMGE, PHILIPP               NTL                           OH-6-2-63
RAMSEY, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-6-2-47
RANEKA, MARY ANN             NTL                           OH-6-2-534
RAPP, JOHN                   NTL                           OH-6-2-38
REINAKER, GEORGE             NTL                           OH-6-2-93
REITHMAN, HENRY              JACKSON                       OH-6-2-177
REMPING, FREDERICK           UNION                         OH-6-2-556
RICE, RACHEL ANN R.          NTL                           OH-6-2-363
RIHM, JOHN                   CLAY                          OH-6-2-206
ROBINSON, GEORGE             NTL                           OH-6-3-591
ROETTEY, LEWIS               PUCHETA                       OH-6-2-53
ROHLIN, JOHN MARTIN          GERMAN                        OH-6-3-447
ROLFE, HENRY                 NTL                           OH-6-2-100
ROLFES, JOSEPH               JACKSON                       OH-6-3-490
ROTH, ANTON                  NTL                           OH-6-3-500
ROTTGER, ADOLPH              WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-8
RUCK, BARBARA                PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-613
RUHWERDEL, ELIZABETH         NTL                           OH-6-2-150
RUMP, HERMAN HENRY           NTL                           OH-6-3-197
RUMP, JOHN A.                GERMAN                        OH-6-3-481
RUPERT, CATHARINE            NTL                           OH-6-2-10
RUPERT, JOHN                 NTL                           OH-6-3-205
RUSS, JOHN                   MINSTER                       OH-6-2-278
RUTTER, WILLIAM SR.          NTL                           OH-6-3-527
RYAN, WILLIAM                SALEM                         OH-6-3-516
SAWYER, WILLIAM              ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-25
SCHAEFER, WILLIAM            GERMAN                        OH-6-2-225
SCHAIBLE, CHARLES F.         NTL                           OH-6-2-319
SCHAIBLE, CHRISTOPHER F.     KOSSUTH                       OH-6-3-188
SCHAUB, BENEDICK             PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-179
SCHEER, WILLIAM              GERMAN                        OH-6-2-198
SCHIMMEL, CONRAD             NTL                           OH-6-2-215
SCHIMMEL, GERTRUDE           NTL                           OH-6-2-211
SCHLAGHECK, HENRY            TOLEDO, LUCAS, OH             OH-6-2-541
SCHLENKER, AGNES             NTL                           OH-6-2-510
SCHMID, FELICIAN             UNION                         OH-6-3-144
SCHMIDT, BLASY               NTL                           OH-6-2-295
SCHMIDT, CASPER              WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-528
SCHMIDT, DANIEL              NTL                           OH-6-2-403
SCHMIDT, GEORGE JACOB        ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-301
SCHMIDT, GERHARD H.          GERMAN                        OH-6-2-462
SCHNEIDER, HENRY             NTL                           OH-6-2-559
SCHNUCK, JOHN FREDERICK      GERMAN                        OH-6-2-200
SCHROEDER, BERNARD           MINSTER                       OH-6-3-216
SCHROEDER, FREDERICK HENRY   ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-223
SCHROER, HERMAN              NTL                           OH-6-3-405
SCHROER, HERMAN HENRY        NTL                           OH-6-2-84
SCHWARK, FREDERICK           MOULTON                       OH-6-3-396
SCOTT, ABSOLOM               PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-433
SCOTT, JAMES                 CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      OH-6-2-504
SCOTT, JOHN P.               NTL                           OH-6-2-507
SCOTT, SABIRT                NTL                           OH-6-2-187
SEARLS, ROBERT               NTL                           OH-6-2-25
SEITZ, FREDERICK SR.         NTL                           OH-6-3-199
SEVERIN, BERNARD             JACKSON                       OH-6-3-340
SEWERIN, GERHARD H.          NTL                           OH-6-3-124
SHAFFER, ABRAHAM F.          NTL                           OH-6-3-334
SHAPPELL, MARY               DUCHOUQUET                    OH-6-2-313
SHAUB, PETER                 PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-82
SHAW, EMMA V.                BUCKLAND                      OH-6-3-147
SHAW, WILLIAM                UNION                         OH-6-2-459
SHAWBER, JOHN                WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-78
SHELLEY, SINGLETON S.        ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-408
SHINKINGER, JOSEPH           NTL                           OH-6-2-309
SHOVER, JOHN                 MOULTON                       OH-6-2-548
SILLEN, JOHN P.              NTL                           OH-6-2-436
SIMPSON, DAVID               NTL                           OH-6-3-487
SLATER, JACOB R.             , KNOX, OH                    OH-6-2-210
SLIFE, LEVI                  ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-355
SMIDT, REGENIA               NTL                           OH-6-2-105
SMITH, GEORGE M.             WASHINGTON                    OH-6-3-477
SMITH, MARIA                 NTL                           OH-6-3-63
SOLLMAN, JOHN WILLIAM        GERMAN                        OH-6-3-213
SPANGLER, REBECCA            DUCHONQUET                    OH-6-3-42
SPRAY, JAMES M.              WASHINGTON                    OH-6-3-454
SPROCK, BERNARD E.           NTL                           OH-6-2-95
STAAS, FREDERICK             NTL                           OH-6-3-457
STANSBERRY, MARTHA           NTL                           OH-6-2-126
STATLER, SARAH               NTL                           OH-6-3-57
STEARNS, RUFUS W.            ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-564
STEFFAN, CONRAD              NTL                           OH-6-3-227
STEINEKER, GOTTFRIEND        ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-89
STEINEMAN, JOHN HENRY        JACKSON                       OH-6-2-572
STEINMEYER, HENRY FREDERICK  NTL                           OH-6-2-46
STINEBAUGH, GEORGE L.        NTL                           OH-6-2-158
STRASBURG, JOHN D.           ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-232
STROH, CONRAD                NTL                           OH-6-2-397
STROHM, MATHIAS              NTL                           OH-6-2-118
STUEBLE, AUGUST              NTL                           OH-6-3-38
STURGSON, THOMAS S.          NTL                           OH-6-2-457
SULTER, WILLIAM              GERMAN                        OH-6-2-421
TAYLOR, JOHN                 WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-2-190
TOBIAS, ABRAHAM              NTL                           OH-6-3-418
TOLGENHORST, CHRISTIAN F.    NTL                           OH-6-2-365
TOMHAFE, CLAUS SR.           GERMAN                        OH-6-3-249
TOMHAFE, HENRY               VAN BUREN                     OH-6-3-182
TONGES, HENRY                WASHINGTON                    OH-6-2-406
TRAW, FRANK                  WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-61
UPMAN, ANNA MARIA            MINSTER                       OH-6-2-408
VANDEGOAS, WILLIAM           JACKSON                       OH-6-2-139
VANHOLD, JOHN HERMAN         GERMAN                        OH-6-2-29
VENNEMAN, HEINRICH           KNOXVILLE                     OH-6-3-429
VORNHOLT, HENRY H.           ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-594
WAGONER, CHARLES C. SR.      NTL                           OH-6-3-142
WALKER, JOSIAH J.            NTL                           OH-6-2-341
WARD, JONAS                  ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-117
WASSER, ANNA CATHARINE       NW BREMEN                     OH-6-3-289
WATERMANN, JOHAN GERHARD     GERMAN                        OH-6-2-59
WEADOCK, MARY                ST MARYS                      OH-6-2-543
WEAVER, ISAAC                CRIDERSVILLE                  OH-6-2-430
WEBB, MARY                   NTL                           OH-6-3-218
WEHNER, JOSEPH               PUSHETA                       OH-6-3-126
WEHRMAN, ANTON               NTL                           OH-6-3-310
WEHRMEYER, AUGUST            JACKSON                       OH-6-3-173
WEIGAND, JOHN                NTL                           OH-6-2-91
WELCH, WILLIAM               MOULTON                       OH-6-3-358
WELLMAN, HENRY               NEW KNOXVILLE                 OH-6-2-531
WELLMANN, HERMANN            NTL                           OH-6-2-57
WENDELN, JOHN H.             NTL                           OH-6-2-71
WENDLN, ELIZABETH            NTL                           OH-6-2-428
WEUBELING, RUDOLPH           GERMAN                        OH-6-2-329
WHEELER, MOSES M.            NTL                           OH-6-2-107
WHETSTONE, HENRY             WAYNE                         OH-6-3-586
WIGGENHORN, ANTON            MINSTER                       OH-6-3-70
WILKER, JOSEPH               GERMAN                        OH-6-2-511
WILKINS, JAMES               NTL                           OH-6-2-356
WILSON, JOHN                 DUCHONQUET                    OH-6-3-17
WIRST, LORENZ                NTL                           OH-6-3-337
WISS, JOHN                   WAPAKONETA                    OH-6-3-503
WISSMAN, ATTILA              NTL                           OH-6-3-616
WITTENBRINK, CHARLES         GERMAN                        OH-6-2-217
WITZENHAUSER, FREDERICK      NOBLE                         OH-6-2-30
YOUNG, JOHN                  NTL                           OH-6-3-74
YOUNG, JOSEPH P.             ST. MARYS                     OH-6-3-305
YOUNG, WILLIAM               NTL                           OH-6-3-220
ZANGTINE, ANDRWE             NTL                           OH-6-3-8
ZIEGLER, FREDERICK W.        NEW BREMEN                    OH-6-3-208
ZINK, AUGUSTIN               DUCHONQUET                    OH-6-3-547

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