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Cities: Athens, Nelsonville
Villages: Albany, Amesville, Buchtel, Chauncey, Coolville, Glouster, Jacksonville, Trimble
Townships: Alexander, Ames, Athens, Bern, Canaan, Carthage, Dover, Lee, Lodi, Rome, Trimble, Troy, Waterloo, York
Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1A = 1814-1825 | 1B = 1820-1828 | 2 = 1829-1840 | 3 = 1835-1842 | 4 = 1842-1847 | 5 = 1847-1851 | 6 = 1848-1862 | 7 = 1852-1864 | 8 = 1856-1879 |
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ABBOTT, FREDERICK                       OH-5-3-472
ABBOTT, JAMES                           OH-5-8-93
ABORN, JAMES A.                         OH-5-8-423
ABORN, SAMUEL                           OH-5-8-98
ACKLEY, JEHU                            OH-5-5-58
ADAIR, GEORGE                           OH-5-8-75
ALDERMAN, HOSEA                         OH-5-4-108
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-5-1B-81
ALLEN, SILAS                            OH-5-2-35
ALLEN, TARTUS                           OH-5-3-462
ANDREW, DAVID                           OH-5-7-313
ANOLD, JOHN                             OH-5-4-109
ANTLE, JOHN                             OH-5-8-316
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       OH-5-7-62
ARNOLD, LYDIA                           OH-5-4-414
ARNOLD, RICHARD J.                      OH-5-8-551
ARNOLD, STEPHEN                         OH-5-1B-206
BAIRD, MOSES                            OH-5-7-351
BAKER, CLARA                            OH-5-8-50
BARBER, LEVI                            OH-5-2-216
BARKER, ISAAC                           OH-5-8-286
BARKER, MICHAEL                         OH-5-7-154
BARNES, ELISHA                          OH-5-5-117
BARNES, LEWIS                           OH-5-8-217
BARROWS, HENRY C.                       OH-5-8-441
BARROWS, ORANGE                         OH-5-8-251
BARROWS, WILLIAM W.                     OH-5-4-237
BARTLETT, FRANCIS                       OH-5-8-112
BARTLETT, HENRY                         OH-5-5-360
BEACH, JOHN                             OH-5-3-135
BEAN, WILLIAM                           OH-5-7-168
BEASLEY, JOHN                           OH-5-8-201
BECKLAR, PETER                          OH-5-8-132
BEEBE, HOPSON                           OH-5-2-139
BELL, JOHN                              OH-5-3-234
BELL, JOSEPH                            OH-5-8-23
BENNETT, JAMES                          OH-5-8-326
BENSLEY, ISAAC                          OH-5-8-513
BINGHAM, ALVAN                          OH-5-3-282
BINGHAM, SILAS                          OH-5-3-261
BIRD, WILLIAM H.                        OH-5-8-38
BLACK, ANIEL                            OH-5-3-284
BLACK, GEORGE                           OH-5-7-3
BLACKBURN, JAMES                        OH-5-7-68
BLACKMAN, MOSES                         OH-5-4-408
BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM                      OH-5-8-281
BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM                      OH-5-7-346
BLACKWOODS, JAMES                       OH-5-8-12
BLAIR, ALONZO D.                        OH-5-1B-277
BLAKEWAY, LAWRENCE                      OH-5-4-413
BOBO, GABRIEL G.                        OH-5-8-414
BOBO, ISRAEL                            OH-5-3-265
BODEN, JOHN                             OH-5-7-7
BODWELL, JOSHUA                         OH-5-7-142
BOILEAU, SAMUEL                         OH-5-7-388
BOILES, JACOB                           OH-5-1B-329
BORROWS, GEORGE                         OH-5-7-43
BORROWS, JACOB                          OH-5-7-149
BOUGHER, JACOB                          OH-5-7-362
BOWERS, HENRY                           OH-5-4-205
BOWMAN, JOHN                            OH-5-1B-15
BOYD, DANIEL                            OH-5-8-86, 97
BOYLES, ABSALOM                         OH-5-7-354
BOYLES, CHARLOTTE                       OH-5-7-307
BOZMAN, WILLIAM                         OH-5-7-58
BRAMEL, JEREMIAH                        OH-5-3-238
BRANCH, ORINDA W.                       OH-5-8-314
BRAWLEY, JAMES                          OH-5-8-225
BREWER, RACHEL                          OH-5-5-212
BRICE, ANNIE                            OH-5-5-83
BRICE, JAMES                            OH-5-2-138
BRICE, THOMAS                           OH-5-3-32
BRIGGS, BENJAMIN                        OH-5-8-79
BROOKS, JOHN                            OH-5-3-113
BROOKS, MAGDELENA                       OH-5-7-369
BROOKS, MOSES                           OH-5-7-91
BROOKS, SAMUEL                          OH-5-8-213
BROOKS, WILLIAM                         OH-5-8-58
BROWN, ANDREW B.                        OH-5-8-22
BROWN, CHARLES                          OH-5-2-166
BROWN, GEN JOHN                         OH-5-8-439
BROWN, HENRICH B.                       OH-5-8-520
BROWN, JAMES                            OH-5-3-26
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-5-2-155
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-5-8-391
BROWN, JOHN                             OH-5-8-450
BROWN, JOHN L.                          OH-5-7-256
BROWN, JOHN V.                          OH-5-4-347
BROWN, LEWIS W.                         OH-5-8-307
BROWN, NICHOLAS                         OH-5-4-168
BUCKINGHAM, EBENEZER                    OH-5-5-2-23
BURNHAM, BOHEMIA                        OH-5-8-373
BURNHAM, JEREMIAH                       OH-5-3-140
BURRELL, NATHANIEL                      OH-5-3-481
BURRELL, RACHEL S.                      OH-5-4-98
BURRON, JAMES C.                        OH-5-8-199
BURT, WILLIAM                           OH-5-7-40
BUSH, CHARLES                           OH-5-8-181
BUSH, PETER                             OH-5-8-432
BUTTS, JOSEPHUS                         OH-5-7-85
CABLE, CHARLES                          OH-5-7-1
CABLE, JONATHAN                         OH-5-1B-293
CABLE, JULIA G.                         OH-5-7-305
CALDWELL, ALEXANDER                     OH-5-8-324
CALDWELL, ROBERT                        OH-5-2-102
CAMP, ISABELLA                          OH-5-7-75
CAMP, JESSE C.                          OH-5-7-395
CAMPBELL, EDWARD                        OH-5-7-364
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         OH-5-7-108, 112
CANNY, JOHN                             OH-5-8-108
CARPENTER, C. G.                        OH-5-7-41
CARPENTER, NAHAN                        OH-5-7-199
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      OH-5-7-202
CARPENTER,PARKER                        OH-5-7-34
CARTER, RETRAC                          OH-5-1B-12
CASS, JEREMIAH                          OH-5-7-147
CATLIN, CLARRISA                        OH-5-8-343
CHASE, JESSE E.                         OH-5-8-575
CHASE, JOHN M.                          OH-5-7-67
CHAUNCEY, ELIHU                         OH-5-5-1
CHILD, SETH                             OH-5-1B-288
CHILDS, ESBON                           OH-5-5-361
CHILDS, OLIVER                          OH-5-8-354
CLARK, HANNAH                           OH-5-5-261
CLARK, JOSEPH                           OH-5-2-317
CLARK, THOMAS S.                        OH-5-3-503
CLESTER, SAMUEL N.                      OH-5-8-154
CLIFFORD, WELLINGTON                    OH-5-8-604
CLINE, LEMUEL                           OH-5-8-266
CLINE, NANCY ALMIRA                     OH-5-8-408
CODNER, ELIZABETH ANN                   OH-5-7-80
COE, BEACH                              OH-5-3-7
COE, GEORGE                             OH-5-7-20
COE, JOHN                               OH-5-3-501
COE, JOSIAH                             OH-5-4-287
COE, WESLEY                             OH-5-8-349
COLBURN, MERRILL J.                     OH-5-4-230
COLDWELL, FRANCIS                       OH-5-7-314
COLDWELL, FRANCIS 2ND                   OH-5-7-187
COLER, GEORGE G.                        OH-5-8-487
COLES, THOMAS                           OH-5-4-209
COLMAN, ABRAHAM                         OH-5-4-436
COLVIN, JAMES                           OH-5-8-81
CONANT, PETER                           OH-5-7-219
CONE, A. B.                             OH-5-8-115
CONKEY, ABSALOM                         OH-5-8-410
CONKEY, MICHAEL                         OH-5-3-129
CONNELL, JONATHAN                       OH-5-7-318
COOK, EDMUND                            OH-5-5-358
COOK, NELSON                            OH-5-7-60
COOK, PARDON                            OH-5-8-211
COOK, RHODA                             OH-5-7-122
COOLEY, HEMAN                           OH-5-8-428
COOLMAN, CHARLES                        OH-5-7-127
COOPER, E. C.                           OH-5-8-564
COPELAND, JANE 2ND                      OH-5-8-406
COPELAND, JOHN                          OH-5-7-229
COPELAND, SAMUEL 2ND                    OH-5-7-303
COTTON, ROBERT H.                       OH-5-7-337
COURTNEY, MARY                          OH-5-7-285
COURTNEY, NEAL                          OH-5-1B-74
CRADLEBAUGH, FREDERICK                  OH-5-7-14
CRAMER, NORMAN                          OH-5-7-194
CREMER, JOSEPH                          OH-5-8-517
CROGHAN, CHARLES                        OH-5-4-423
CULVER, JOHN                            OH-5-7-275
CUMMINS, OLIVE                          OH-5-8-47
CUNNINGHAM, URIAH                       OH-5-8-39
CURRIER, EBENEZER                       OH-5-5-416
CURRIER, HARRIET                        OH-5-7-247
CURRIER, OLIVE                          OH-5-8-162
DALEY, DAVID                            OH-5-1B-229
DALTON, HENRY                           OH-5-8-350
DANA, ANNA C.                           OH-5-7-166
DANIELS, EMORY                          OH-5-7-44
DAWSON, GEORGE                          OH-5-5-257
DEAN, JOHN N.                           OH-5-8-340
DEAN, MARY JANE                         OH-5-7-175
DEAN, NATHAN                            OH-5-3-16
DEAN, WILLIAM T.                        OH-5-8-70
DEAN, WILLIAM T. W.                     OH-5-7-18
DENNIS, JOSEPH                          OH-5-1B-75
DERRY, JESSE                            OH-5-6-3
DEW, ANDREW                             OH-5-7-258
DEW, JOHN                               OH-5-8-302
DILLE, DAVID                            OH-5-4-161
DILLINGER, CHARLES                      OH-5-8-36
DINSMORE, ISAAC A.                      OH-5-7-299
DIXON, MARGARET                         OH-5-2-186
DOBSON, JANE                            OH-5-7-135
DOLAND, TIMOTHY                         OH-5-8-130
DOLAND, WILLIAM                         OH-5-5-23
DONALDSON, REBECCA                      OH-5-8-370
DORR, EDMUND                            OH-5-7-11
DORROUGH, FANNY B.                      OH-5-3-240
DOUGLAS, JOHN                           OH-5-2-30
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         OH-5-3-134
DRAKE, DANIEL                           OH-5-8-160
DRAKE, DENNIS                           OH-5-4-439
DRAPER, JAMES                           OH-5-7-249
DUDLEY, CHARLES C.                      OH-5-4-62
DUTTON, JAMES B.                        OH-5-8-291
EARHART, DORCUS                         OH-5-7-139
EATOR, GEORGE                           OH-5-3-141
EDGAR, SAMUEL                           OH-5-7-37
EDGAR, WILLIAM                          OH-5-3-149
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           OH-5-8-174
ELLIOTT, MOSES                          OH-5-7-92
EVANS, SELDON                           OH-5-8-459
EVENER, JOHN                            OH-5-8-207
FAGAN, JOHN                             OH-5-8-356
FAIRMAN, SILVIA                         OH-5-7-197
FARRELL, JOHN SR.                       OH-5-8-376
FEE, ABRAHAM                            OH-5-3-5
FLEMING, JOHN                           OH-5-8-27
FOX, JOHN O.                            OH-5-8-347
FRAME, JOHN                             OH-5-8-385
FRIEDLINE, JONAS                        OH-5-8-48
FROST, BENJAMIN                         OH-5-7-393
FROST, CHAUNCEY                         OH-5-8-246
FROST, HEMAN                            OH-5-8-110
FROST, LEVI                             OH-5-3-132
FULLER, AUSTIN                          OH-5-8-461
FULLER, EDWARD                          OH-5-8-244
FULLER, EZRA                            OH-5-7-17
FULLER, JAMES J.                        OH-5-7-61
FULLER, JEDIDIAH                        OH-5-8-106
FULLER, RESOLVED                        OH-5-5-312
FULLER, THADDEUS                        OH-5-2-142
FULTON, L.                              OH-5-8-197
GABRIEL, WILLIAM                        OH-5-7-356
GALLAGHER, JOHN B.                      OH-5-8-530
GARDNER, THOMAS                         OH-5-7-341
GARDNER, WILLIAM C.                     OH-5-4-274
GIBBS, GEORGE                           OH-5-5-9
GILBERT, JOHN                           OH-5-8-60
GILLETT, SAMUEL                         OH-5-8-360
GILLY, WILIAM                           OH-5-7-237
GLAZIER, LORING B.                      OH-5-7-217
GOBLE, HARVEY                           OH-5-8-7
GOODSPEED, ELIJAH                       OH-5-8-69
GORSLINE, WILLIAM                       OH-5-1B-138
GRAHAM, HENRY                           OH-5-8-95
GRAHAM, JACOB                           OH-5-8-241
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-5-7-77
GRAHAM, WILLIAM JR.                     OH-5-4-289
GRANDSTAFF, ADAM                        OH-5-7-292
GRANDSTAFF, JOHN                        OH-5-7-137
GRAY, JOEL                              OH-5-7-121
GREEN, SILAS                            OH-5-1B-122
GRIFFIN, NIAY                           OH-5-7-55
GRIMES, JAMES                           OH-5-8-454
GROCE, JOHN                             OH-5-7-365
GUILE, BENJAMIN                         OH-5-1A-32
HAMILTON, CHARLES                       OH-5-7-195
HAMILTON, JAMES                         OH-5-8-187
HAMILTON, JAMES                         OH-5-4-201
HARING, FRANCIS M.                      OH-5-7-254, 284
HARPER, CHARLES                         OH-5-8-118
HARPER, CHARLES                         OH-5-7-89
HARPER, ROBERT                          OH-5-5-422
HARPER, WILLIAM                         OH-5-2-126
HARTMAN, JUSTUS                         OH-5-8-266
HAWK, GODFREY                           OH-5-7-379
HAWK, JACOB                             OH-5-5-79
HEART, ALICS EVELYNE                    OH-5-3-29
HEBARD, EBENEZER                        OH-5-2-180
HENRY, GEORGE W.                        OH-5-8-239
HENRY, JOHN                             OH-5-7-69
HENRY, MATTHEW                          OH-5-8-18
HEWITT, MOSES                           OH-5-1A-1
HIGGINS, MICHAEL                        OH-5-8-294
HILL, SAMUEL                            OH-5-3-340
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          OH-5-4-86
HOLLAND, MARGARET M.                    OH-5-8-387
HOLMES, JAMES                           OH-5-7-103
HOOVER, JOHN                            OH-5-7-94
HOPPER, MORRIS S.                       OH-5-8-166
HOSKINSON, JOSHUA                       OH-5-8-332
HOWARD, THOMAS                          OH-5-8-84
HOWARD, ZADOCK                          OH-5-8-467
HOWSON, BERNARD                         OH-5-8-228
HUDNALL, EDWARD                         OH-5-8-336
HUDNALL, THOMAS                         OH-5-4-3
HUDSON, JOHN Q. A.                      OH-5-8-381
HULL, GEORGE J.                         OH-5-8-509
HULL HENRY                              OH-5-4-189
HULL, SAMUEL                            OH-5-3-473
HUMPHREY, ISAAC                         OH-5-8-122
HUMPHREY, JACOB                         OH-5-8-61
HUNTINGTON, BENJAMIN                    OH-5-8-51
HUSTON, JAMES                           OH-5-8-389
HUTTON, CHARLES S.                      OH-5-7-402
JACK, EDWARD                            OH-5-7-287
JACK, MATILDA                           OH-5-8-562
JACKSON, ROBERT                         OH-5-4-187
JEFFERS, GEORGE                         OH-5-2-146
JEFFERS, SAMUEL E.                      OH-5-7-25
JELLY, HUGH                             OH-5-1A-52
JOHNSON, HENRY                          OH-5-7-177
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-5-1B-144
JOHNSON, JOHN                           OH-5-8-20
JOHNSTON, ARD                           OH-5-8-283
JOHNSTON, SAAH L.                       OH-5-5-417
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                        OH-5-5-21
JOLLY, ELISHA                           OH-5-7-344
JONES, JARRET                           OH-5-1A-56
JONES, JESSE                            OH-5-8-278
JONES, RICHARD                          OH-5-3-269
JONES, WILLIAM                          OH-5-8-176
JOURDEN, JOHN B.                        OH-5-8-334
JOY, BENJAMIN                           OH-5-2-38
JUDSON, ABIGAIL                         OH-5-4-207
JUDSON, ADONIRAM                        OH-5-2-135
KANE, DOMINICK                          OH-5-4-2
KELLEY, J. L.                           OH-5-7-38
KENNEDY, HUGH                           OH-5-3-2
KENNEY, MARY                            OH-5-8-292
KESSENGER, ANDREW                       OH-5-7-47
KETH, RUEL                              OH-5-8-188
KING, FANNY E.                          OH-5-8-607, 614
KING, THOMAS                            OH-5-7-391
KINGSBURY, JACOB                        OH-5-3-111
KINSMAN, JEREMIAH                       OH-5-5-356
KNOWLES, MARTHA                         OH-5-7-8
KNOWLTON, DANIEL                        OH-5-8-26
KNOWLTON, WARREN                        OH-5-7-124
KOKER, JACOB                            OH-5-7-157
KOONS, SOLOMON                          OH-5-8-82
LAMBERT, DANIEL                         OH-5-3-476
LANDEN, ROBERT                          OH-5-8-542
LATHEY, WILLIAM                         OH-5-1B-80
LAW, MARY                               OH-5-8-252
LAW, MARY ANN                           OH-5-8-253
LAWRANCE, JOHN MCDOUGALL                OH-5-3-42
LAWRENCE, MOSES                         OH-5-4-160
LEE, MARY ANN                           OH-5-7-317
LEE,JAMES W.                            OH-5-7-387
LEGORIO, JOSEPH                         OH-5-1B-100
LEIPER, THOMAS                          OH-5-3-98
LENTNER, JACOB                          OH-5-5-106
LEWELLEN, THOMAS                        OH-5-4-437
LEWIS, DANIEL                           OH-5-7-321
LEWIS, DANIEL                           OH-5-1B-142
LEWIS, JONATHAN                         OH-5-8-321
LEWIS, THOMAS W.                        OH-5-7-223
LIGHT, JOHN                             OH-5-8-374
LINDLEY, ZIBA                           OH-5-8-170
LINDLEY, ZIBA                           OH-5-5-108
LINSCOTT, ISRAEL                        OH-5-7-3
LIVINGSTON, BROCKHOLST                  OH-5-2-25
LOGAN, WILIAM                           OH-5-7-311
LONAS, NATHAN                           OH-5-8-609
LOTTRIDGE, BARNADUS B.                  OH-5-5-210
LOVE, ALEXANDER                         OH-5-7-161
LOVELL, RUSSEL S.                       OH-5-1B-290
LOWE, ELIZA ANN                         OH-5-2-137
LOWTHER, JONATHAN                       OH-5-2-112
LUDLOW, HENRY                           OH-5-7-408
LUM, JOHN C.                            OH-5-3-246
LUNCOTT, ISAAC                          OH-5-8-254
MACE, JAMES M.                          OH-5-8-421
MAHON, JOHN F.                          OH-5-8-88
MANLEY, JESSE                           OH-5-4-292
MANSFIELD, E. P.                        OH-5-7-73
MANSFIELD, MARTIN                       OH-5-7-261
MANSFIELD, SAMUEL                       OH-5-1B-319
MARTIN, ANNIS                           OH-5-8-185
MARTIN, BETSY                           OH-5-7-59
MARTIN, GEORGE                          OH-5-7-277
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          OH-5-2-185
MARTIN, WILLARD                         OH-5-8-434
MASON, WILIAM SR.                       OH-5-8-535
MASS, JOSEPH                            OH-5-7-128
MATHENY, FREDERICK                      OH-5-4-426
MATHENY, JOHN                           OH-5-7-347
MATHENY, NATHANIEL                      OH-5-8-615
MAXWELL, ROBERT                         OH-5-7-66
MAXWELL, WILLIAM A.                     OH-5-8-475
MAYHUGH, WILLIAM                        OH-5-3-147
MCCLELLEN, THOMAS                       OH-5-1B-331
MCCOY, DANIEL                           OH-5-8-209
MCCOY, JOHN C.                          OH-5-8-366
MCCUNE, POLLY                           OH-5-1B-77
MCDAY, FRANK A.                         OH-5-8-592
MCELROY, ELLEN                          OH-5-8-250
MCEVER, WILLIAM                         OH-5-1B-79
MCGONAGLE, JAMES                        OH-5-5-419
MCHARY, WILLIAM                         OH-5-7-235
MCINTYRE, JEFFERSON H.                  OH-5-8-578
MCKIM, A. J.                            OH-5-8-544
MCKIM, NICHOLAS EDGAR                   OH-5-8-618
MCKINSTRY, ROBERT                       OH-5-2-172
MCLELLAND, WILLIAM                      OH-5-3-479
MCNEAL, HUGH                            OH-5-7-30
MCNEIL, DENNICE                         OH-5-8-539
MCVAY, ZIBA                             OH-5-2-221
MCVEY, LEWIS                            OH-5-3-286
MCWHARTER, JAMES                        OH-5-7-357
MCWHORTER, FRANCES C. G.                OH-5-4-163
MERRY, JOSEPH                           OH-5-8-10
MILES, JOHN                             OH-5-7-322
MILES, R. H.                            OH-5-8-158
MILLER, JOHN S.                         OH-5-8-472
MILLS, WILLIAM                          OH-5-8-570
MINTERN, JOHN                           OH-5-7-397
MITCHEL, JOSEPH SR.                     OH-5-1B-145
MONINGER, ANDREW J.                     OH-5-5-426
MONTEITH, DANIEL                        OH-5-8-498
MOONEY, DAVID M.                        OH-5-8-328
MORGAN, FRANCIS A.                      OH-5-8-1
MORGAN, ROBERT                          OH-5-8-456
MORRIS, CALVARY                         OH-5-8-231
MOSIER, ELISHA                          OH-5-3-339
MOURN, JOHN                             OH-5-7-189
MYRICK, JAMES                           OH-5-3-298
NEAL, HARRIET (EASTON)                  OH-5-4-406
NELSON, DANIEL                          OH-5-2-182
NEWCOMB, THOMAS H.                      OH-5-7-380
NEWHALL, DANIEL                         OH-5-3-159
NICKLIN, PHILIP H.                      OH-5-4-271
NORRIS, ACQUILLA                        OH-5-7-321
NORRIS, DANIEL                          OH-5-8-590
NYE, LYDIA                              OH-5-8-156
NYE, MATILDA                            OH-5-7-179
OLYPHANT, ANN                           OH-5-4-330
ORM, THOMAS                             OH-5-1B-146
PACE, JANE                              OH-5-8-195
PACKARD, ABSALOM                        OH-5-5-427
PALMER, NATHANIEL                       OH-5-8-345
PANNEL, JAMES                           OH-5-4-416
PARMETER, JAMES H.                      OH-5-8-74
PARRILL, ABRAHAM                        OH-5-7-225
PARRILL, SARAH M.                       OH-5-8-594
PARSONS, ENOCH                          OH-5-4-411
PARSONS, HORACE                         OH-5-7-56
PATTERSON, ASA                          OH-5-5-115
PATTERSON, JORDAN                       OH-5-8-8
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-5-8-236
PEIRS, DAVID                            OH-5-8-90
PENDERGRASS, PETER                      OH-5-8-318
PENDLETON, EDWARD P.                    OH-5-8-500
PENNAL, HANNAH                          OH-5-5-454
PERKINS, ELIPHAS                        OH-5-1B-286
PERRY, JOHN M.                          OH-5-8-272
PHILLIPS, DANIEL                        OH-5-2-45
PHILLIPS, E. V.                         OH-5-7-221
PHILLIS, JOB                            OH-5-4-1
PICKERING, OLIVER W.                    OH-5-7-243
PILCHER, ELIJAH                         OH-5-7-240, 246
PILCHER, STEPHEN                        OH-5-7-63
PILCHER, WARREN                         OH-5-5-247
PILCHER, WILLIAM                        OH-5-7-205
POLLARD, HENRY                          OH-5-8-437
PORT, GEORGE                            OH-5-7-279
PORTER, A. L.                           OH-5-8-511
PORTER, ASAHEL                          OH-5-3-475
POST, JOSEPH                            OH-5-8-262
POSTON, JOHN                            OH-5-7-71
POSTON, LORENZO D.                      OH-5-8-412
POSTON, RICHARD                         OH-5-7-371
PRUDEN, SAMUEL B.                       OH-5-7-373
PUTNAM, ABBY S.                         OH-5-8-596
PUTNAM, CHARLES M.                      OH-5-8-222
PUTNAM ,GEORGE                          OH-5-8-415
PUTNASH, DAVID                          OH-5-7-131
RADCLIFF, JOHNATHAN                     OH-5-3-243
RAINIER, JOB                            OH-5-7-394
RARDEN, JOHN H.                         OH-5-7-182
READE, ALLEN T.                         OH-5-5-265
READE, ANNE                             OH-5-7-45
REED, ISAAC                             OH-5-7-54
REES, MARY                              OH-5-8-368
REW, JOHN T.                            OH-5-7-227
RICE, ANN                               OH-5-8-41
RICE, CHARLOTTE H.                      OH-5-7-340
RICE, CHRISTIAN                         OH-5-7-282
RICE, SABINS                            OH-5-7-22
RICE, SABINUS J.                        OH-5-7-145
RICE, THOMAS                            OH-5-4-343
RICH, CLARK S.                          OH-5-7-105
RICHARDSON, ABRAHAM                     OH-5-3-241
RICKEY, BENJAMIN                        OH-5-8-194
ROBBINS, WILLIAM                        OH-5-8-296
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                         OH-5-8-337
ROBERTS, WILLIAM P.                     OH-5-8-274
ROBINETT, AMOS                          OH-5-7-310
ROBINETT, GEORGE                        OH-5-8-600
ROBINETT, HIRAM                         OH-5-8-101
ROBINSON, JOHN L.                       OH-5-8-203
ROBINSON, ZACHARIAH                     OH-5-8-330
ROSS, ICHABOD                           OH-5-8-45
ROUCK, FREDERICK                        OH-5-7-70
RUNDALL, JOB                            OH-5-8-479
RUPE, MARTIN                            OH-5-8-588
RURDIN, WILLIAM                         OH-5-8-493
RUTHERFORD, DANIEL                      OH-5-8-226
RUTTER, EBENEZER                        OH-5-7-74
SAMS, DAVID                             OH-5-8-120
SAMS, NATHAN                            OH-5-8-490
SAUTTERS, JAMES A.                      OH-5-3-283
SAVAGE, ANN                             OH-5-8-214
SAVAGE, THOMAS                          OH-5-7-238
SCHALIS, AARON M.                       OH-5-8-263
SCHIEFFELIN, JACOB                      OH-5-2-175
SCHUEFEL, E. W. (REV.)                  OH-5-8-316
SCOTT, LANCELET                         OH-5-7-51
SEDORE, NANCY                           OH-5-8-173
SEWEL, SAMUEL H.                        OH-5-7-87
SHEETS, SYLVENUS                        OH-5-7-368
SHEFFIELD, EZEKIEL                      OH-5-7-289
SHELDON, CHRISTOPHER                    OH-5-4-349
SHERLEY, JOHN                           OH-5-7-48
SHINN, ISAAC J.                         OH-5-8-114
SHIPMAN, SARAH W.                       OH-5-7-183
SHIRLEY, JOHN                           OH-5-7-48
SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM                      OH-5-8-270
SHOOMAN, FREDERICK                      OH-5-5-81
SICKELS, WILLIAM                        OH-5-8-234
SIGSIGNE, ADDE                          OH-5-7-151
SIMMONS, JONATHAN                       OH-5-5-111
SIMMONS, OLIVER                         OH-5-7-377
SIMMONS, RICHARD                        OH-5-5-109
SIMPSON, GEORGE S.                      OH-5-8-189
SIN, WILLIAM                            OH-5-7-254
SLATER, ELIJAH                          OH-5-7-340
SLAUGHTER, JOHN                         OH-5-7-376
SMART, CHARLES                          OH-5-3-170
SMITH, EDWARD P.                        OH-5-8-379
SMITH, ELEAZER                          OH-5-7-264
SMITH, GEORGE                           OH-5-7-295
SMITH, JAMES A.                         OH-5-8-31
SMITH, LUCY P.                          OH-5-8-419
SMITH, MARY                             OH-5-8-585
SMITH, MICHAEL                          OH-5-8-4
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-5-5-208
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                       OH-5-7-96
SNIDER, MICHAEL                         OH-5-7-207
SNOW, ELIJAH                            OH-5-8-527
SOUTHERTON, JAMES                       OH-5-3-268
SOUTHMAYD, SAMUEL                       OH-5-3-130
SPENCER, ANN                            OH-5-7-64
STANDEN, RICHARD                        OH-5-4-2
STANLEY, HIRAM                          OH-5-8-364
STANLEY, ISAAC                          OH-5-1B-121
STANTON, ROSANAH                        OH-5-7-335
STARR, PHILIP M.                        OH-5-7-143
STEDMAN, ABEL                           OH-5-7-231
STEVENS, ISAAC                          OH-5-2-220
STEWART, ARCHELAUS                      OH-5-7-78
STEWART, ARCHIBALD                      OH-5-4-182
STEWART, DANIEL                         OH-5-7-170
STEWART, EZRA                           OH-5-7-191
STILLWELL, ELIAS                        OH-5-3-115
STONE, JESSE G.                         OH-5-8-580
STRONG, CALEB                           OH-5-7-381
STRONG, LEWIS                           OH-5-7-399
STRONG, MARIA C.                        OH-5-8-63
STRONG, THEADORE                        OH-5-7-384
STURGIS, RUSSELL                        OH-5-2-66
SWAIM, WILLIAM                          OH-5-8-102
SWART, EVERT WYNKOOP                    OH-5-5-16
SWARTS, MIKEL                           OH-5-7-36
SWARTZ, MICHAEL                         OH-5-7-36
SWARTZ, MIKEL                           OH-5-8-265
SWEET, WATERMAN                         OH-5-7-209
SWETT, JONATHAN                         OH-5-8-215
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         OH-5-4-443
TEDROW, ELIAS                           OH-5-7-280
TEDROW, JACOB                           OH-5-8-297
TEDROW, REUBEN                          OH-5-8-4
TEDROW, THOMAS                          OH-5-7-359
TEETERS, DANIEL                         OH-5-8-17
TEWKSBURY, THOMAS J.                    OH-5-8-56
THOMPSON, AMOS                          OH-5-7-10
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-5-5-206
TIBBLES, JACOB                          OH-5-7-82
TIBBLES, JAMES H.                       OH-5-8-66
TINNEY, PETER                           OH-5-8-205
TIPTON, JONATHAN                        OH-5-3-263
TOURO, JUDAH                            OH-5-7-112
TOWNSEND, W. H.                         OH-5-8-548
TRIBE, GEORGE                           OH-5-8-611
TRUE, JOHN                              OH-5-3-142
TRUE, JOSIAH                            OH-5-7-109
TUBBS, LUCINDA                          OH-5-8-259
TUBLER, MICHAEL                         OH-5-8-506
TUCKER, ELIJAH                          OH-5-8-430
TUCKER, JOHN                            OH-5-7-361
TURNER, WILLIAM (DR.)                   OH-5-5-310
VANDIKE, HENRY                          OH-5-7-366
VANDYKE, FERDINAND                      OH-5-8-256
VANLAW, JANE                            OH-5-8-523
VANLAW, THOMAS W.                       OH-5-8-127
VARNER, SAMUEL                          OH-5-3-300
VERNON, SAMUEL                          OH-5-7-97
VINTON, SAMUEL F.                       OH-5-7-325
VOORHES, PETER                          OH-5-7-83
VOORHIS, MARY                           OH-5-6-2
VORHES, ANDREW W.                       OH-5-8-443
WADSWORTH, BENJAMIN                     OH-5-1B-201
WALKER, GEORGE                          OH-5-7-130
WALKER, JOHN                            OH-5-5-429
WALKER, THOMAS                          OH-5-7-50
WALKER, WILLIAM                         OH-5-8-567
WALKER, WILLIAM R.                      OH-5-7-100
WARD, NAHAM                             OH-5-7-266
WARNER, JANE                            OH-5-8-139
WARONER, CHARLES M.                     OH-5-8-30
WARREN, SAMUEL                          OH-5-5-113
WATERMAN, BETSEY                        OH-5-8-276
WATERMAN, DAVID B.                      OH-5-5-424
WATKINS, JONATHAN                       OH-5-4-107
WATKINS, POLLY                          OH-5-8-446
WATKINS, THOMAS                         OH-5-7-159
WATSON, JOSEPH H.                       OH-5-8-9
WATTS, RICHARD                          OH-5-7-339
WEBSTER, JOSEPH D.                      OH-5-8-452
WEBSTER, MARY                           OH-5-7-188
WEETHEE, DANIEL F.                      OH-5-8-33
WEETHEE, MARY                           OH-5-8-104
WEETHER, DANIEL                         OH-5-4-417
WELLS, HENRY                            OH-5-7-251
WELLS, SAMUEL                           OH-5-8-417
WESTCOAT, ISAAC                         OH-5-5-77
WHEELER, CHARLES                        OH-5-2-129
WHIPPLE, JEREMIAH                       OH-5-7-101
WHITE, JAMES L.                         OH-5-8-621
WHITE, JOHN                             OH-5-8-13
WICKHAM, JOHN                           OH-5-7-349
WICKHAM, JOSEPH                         OH-5-2-149
WIER, WILLIAM (OF JOHN)                 OH-5-1B-7
WILD, JAMES                             OH-5-4-143
WILDMAN, WILLIAM                        OH-5-7-88
WILKES, JOSEPH B.                       OH-5-8-219
WILKINSON, JOHN                         OH-5-5-264
WILLIAMS, E. H.                         OH-5-8-352
WILRY, WOODY                            OH-5-8-299
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-5-7-389
WILSON, JESSE                           OH-5-8-470
WILSON, JOHN                            OH-5-8-165
WILSON, THOMAS                          OH-5-7-72
WILSON, TRAVIS                          OH-5-5-19
WINDSOR, JOHN FRANCIS                   OH-5-1B-19
WINN, ABRAM                             OH-5-3-1
WIRTH, FREDERICK                        OH-5-8-179
WIRTZ, JACOB                            OH-5-8-117
WITHERS, THMAS                          OH-5-8-72
WOOLLEY, DANIEL D.                      OH-5-7-353
WOOLLEY, THOMAS R.                      OH-5-7-65
WORK, JOHN T.                           OH-5-5-104
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         OH-5-8-135
WYATT, CHARLES H.                       OH-5-8-383
WYATT, GEORGE                           OH-5-8-308
WYATT, GEORGE                           OH-5-8-77
WYATT, JOHN J.                          OH-5-8-24
WYATT, JOSHUA                           OH-5-1B-5
WYATT, JOSHUA                           OH-5-8-191
WYMAN, JOHN                             OH-5-3-144
YARNELL, GEORGE                         OH-5-7-164
YOUNG, WILLIAM (REV.)                   OH-5-8-572

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