Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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RABURN, JENNIE R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-23
RACEY, CHARLES E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-127
RACEY, ELIZA                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-G-252
RACH, HEDWIG, ELENORE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-56
RACHMIEL, GEORGE J. SR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-61
RADCLIFF, JANE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-270
RAFF, ELLEN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-245
RAFFUS, CHARLES JOHN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-650
RAGGI, MARIA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-387
RAINSFORD, CATHERINE                    NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-I-205
RAINSFORD, LYDIA                        NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-I-447
RAISLEY, AMERIGO J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-383
RAMIREZ, ELIZABETH A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-188
RAMPAIGNO, CATERINA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-178
RANDALL, JOHN ALBERT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-667
RANEY, ROBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-523
RAPE, CECELIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-69
RAPELJE, ANN MARIA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-125
RAPPENECKER, ANTON                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-274
RAPPENECKER, WILLIAM F.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-374
RASMUSSEN, ALFRED J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-415
RASMUSSEN, FRANCES                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-360
RASMUSSEN, WALTER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-8
RATH, ARTHUR                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-343
RATHKE, FRED A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-582
RATHYEN, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-249
RAUCHHELD, EMIL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-303
RAUNER, LEOPOLD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-120
RAUSCHER, ELIZABETH CATHERINE           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-45
RAVENER, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-160
RAWLINS, ALICIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-386
RAYBURN, ELIZABETH M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-221
RAYMOND, REBECCA G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-46
READ, JOHN                              SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-68
READ, SAMPSON                           TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-C-935
READ, SARAH MARIA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-105
READ, SUSANNA D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-214
REAGAN, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-362
REAGAN, EDYTHE J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-608
RECCIARDI, NATALINA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-484
RECHOW, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-158
RECKHOW, ABRAHAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-424
RECKHOW, JACOB                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-314
RECKHOW, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-158
RECKNAGEL, ALBERT C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-43
REED, JAMES B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-117
REED, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-372
REED, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-55
REFINO, BIAGIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-382
REGAN, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-270
REGAN, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-277
REGAN, PATRICK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-440
REGINE, ANIELLO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-281
REID, ANNA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-333
REID, WILLIAM H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-60
REIDY, MARGARET F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-210
REIFFENSTEIN, EDITH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-33
REILLEY, WILLIAM J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-167
REILLEY, WILLIAM J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-167
REILLY, ANNA W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-549
REILLY, BRIDGET A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-482
REILLY, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-307
REILLY, EUGENE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-181
REILLY, JANE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-349
REILLY, JEANNETTE L.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-508
REILLY, LAWRENCE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-329
REILLY, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-509
REIMAN, MAX J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-163
REINHARDT, ADAM HENRY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-5
REISSENWEBER, F. JOHN                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-203
RELYEA, ELMER EDISON                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-60
RELYEA, HENRY                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-763
REMSEN, JACOB                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-38
RENDAL, LUDWIG                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-369
RENNER, MARIE K.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-705
RETTAGLIATA, THRESA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-304
REUTTER, CATHERINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-534
REY, CATHERINE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-411
REY, PHILIP                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-609
REYNOLDS, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-513
REZEAU, JACOB                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-23
REZEAU, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-224
REZEAU, PETER                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-465
RHEIN, LOUISE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-301
RHODES, ALMIRA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-446
RIBEIRO, ANTONIO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-67
RICCA, PASQUALE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-390
RICE, JAMES                             SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-75
RICHARDS, EDWARD MICHAEL                RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-352
RICHARDSON, AGNES F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-81
RICHARDSON, MARY JANE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-121
RICHE, JAMES JR.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-217
RICHTER, CARL LUDEWING                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-26
RICHTER, KATHERINE DEPPERT              RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-726
RICHTER, OSCAR A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-1
RICKER, CHARLES E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-681
RICKER, EVA B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-217
RICKER, HELEN E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-217
RICKHARD, ABRAHAM                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-573
RICKHOW, ABRAHAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-424
RICKHOW, ANDREW P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-362
RICKHOW, NATHAN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-151
RICKLOW, MARGARE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-224
RICKS, BENJAMIN                         NTL                                     NY-43-H-363
RILEY, ROSE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-475
RINCKE, FRIEDERICKE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-405
RINCKE, LUDWIG                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-228
RING, CATHERINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-189
RINGEL, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-324
RINNE, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-9
RIORDAN, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-610
RIORDAN, MARY LEONA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-115
RIPLEY, MARY T. T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-378
RIPLEY, SARA H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-260
RISCH, HARRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-576
RITCHIE, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-714
ROANTREE, IRENE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-560
ROBBINS, ANN                            NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-G-151
ROBBINS, ISHMEAL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-443
ROBBINS, MARY                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-246
ROBERTS, ALFRED D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-504
ROBERTS, CATHERINE                      HAVANA, CUBA                            NY-43-F-50
ROBERTS, CONRAD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-100
ROBERTS, CORNELIUS                      LOWENLOCK, SHROPSHIRE, ENGLAND          NY-43-F-43
ROBERTS, ELEANOR C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-220
ROBERTS, JAMES J.                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-623
ROBERTS, PERCY PATTY                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-218
ROBERTSON, JANE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-177
ROBERTSON, JOHN B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-633
ROBERTSON, THELMA PFAFF                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-632
ROBINS, RAVERS ELLSWORTH                RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-284
ROBINS, SAMUEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-166
ROBINSON, AMELIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-396
ROBINSON, BEVERLEY                      NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-182
ROBINSON, BEVERLEY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-465
ROBINSON, BEVERLEY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-45
ROBINSON, ELIZA G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-382
ROBINSON, JAMES C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-546
ROBINSON, JAMES R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-153
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-43-F-111
ROBINSON, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-286
ROBINSON, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-36
ROBINSON, MARY READE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-388
ROBINSON, WINSLOW                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-272
ROBSON, H. HARRIS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-86
ROCCO, ROSARIOA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-524
ROCHE, JAMES A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-580
ROCKHILL, MARY FOLSOM                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-149
ROCKWELL, J. EDSON                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-467
RODDY, BRYAN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-254
RODEWALD, ADOLPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-124
RODEWALD, CATHARINE JULIA               RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-25
RODSIEN, ROBERT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-304
ROE, BENJAMIN F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-190
ROEHRIG, ELIZABETH M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-282
ROELKER, HEDWIG T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-668
ROEMER, FRANK E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-319
ROGERS, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-153
ROGERS, RANSE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-224
ROGERS, SARAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-61
ROHLING, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-484
ROHMAN, SAMUEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-855
ROLPH, ABRAHAM                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-193
ROLSEN, REINNERT                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-440
ROMAN, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-195
ROMANO, GIUSEPPE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-169
ROMER, STACIA ELIZABETH                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-91
ROMNEY, OLIVE WINNEFRED                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-691
ROOKE, AMOS                             SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-13
ROOSEVELT, SAMUEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-210
ROPES, ELIHU HARRISON                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-416
RORKE, ABRAHAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-4
RORKE, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-108
ROSE, BESSIE L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-479
ROSEBROCK, CHARLES J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-704
ROSEN, MARIA J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-305
ROSENBERGER, CHRISTIAN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-454
ROSENBLUM, HILDA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-66
ROSENBLUM, MURRAY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-91
ROSENHEIM, ANNA WALLIN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-61
ROSENHOLZ, MAYER                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-496
ROSKE, AUGUST                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-367
ROSLOKKEN, ESTHER E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-472
ROSS, ALFRED Z.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-411
ROSS, DUNCAN ALEXANDER                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-8
ROSS, JOHN                              NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-438
ROSS, JOHN E.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-638
ROSS, LUCY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-429
ROSS, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-310
ROSS, WILLIAM GORDON                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-137
ROSSI, ANTONIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-637
ROSSNER, MATHILDA C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-527
ROSSO, IGNAZIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-523
ROTH, MARY E.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-207
ROUSSEL, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-117
ROWAN, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-569
RUBSAM, EMILY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-134
RUBSAM, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-353
RUCKGABER, ALBERT                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-75
RUDMAN, GEORGIANA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-80
RUDMAN, ISAAC                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-229
RUDOLPH, CARL J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-420
RUDOLPH, KATHERINE V.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-591
RUMAGE, GEROGE EDWARD                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-349
RUSS, EDWARD W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-608
RUSSEL, AGNES B. M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-576
RUSSELL, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-520
RUSSELL, THOMAS C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-361
RUSSO, BASILISTA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-579
RUSSO, CARMINE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-527
RUSSO, SERAFINO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-404
RUTAN, HENRY S.                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-12
RUTAN, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-267
RUTHERFORD, JAMES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-177
RUTLEDGE, CHARLES P.                    NTL                                     NY-43-G-26
RUZICKA, MARIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-221
RYAN, JOHANNAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-340
RYAN, MARGARET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-63
RYAN, MARY                              WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-369
RYAN, THOMAS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-185
RYCOITCH, STEVE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-473
RYDER, DAVID M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-375
RYDER, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-8
RYERS, LEWIS                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-181
RYERSS, ANN                             WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-962
RYERSS, GOZEN                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-239
RYERSS, JOSEPH                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-172
RZYMKOWSKI, WALENTINA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-559
SAKS, HERMNE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-486
SALAMON, JOSEPH F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-93
SALFELDER, CATHARINE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-217
SALIMEIS, LENA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-470
SALMELA, SANDRA ***                     RICHMOND (20 PAGES)                     NY-43-85-542
SALVESON, LYDIA D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-400
SAMMIS, DANIEL                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-92
SANCHEZ, CARMEN E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-234
SANDBERG, ELSA S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-280
SANDBUEHLER, PHILIP J.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-514
SANDER, JACOB                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-121
SANDERS, SAMUEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-103
SANFILIPPO, GIACOMO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-674
SANKS, BERTHA LOUISE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-698
SANNICOLA, ALFRED ENRICO                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-325
SANTILLO, MARY JOSEPHINE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-51
SARACENO, GIACOMA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-226
SASEK, LILLIAN M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-154
SATTERTHWAITE, ANNE ELIZA               RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-306
SATTERTHWAITE, THEOPHYLAET B.           MIDDLETOWN                              NY-43-I-599
SAUER, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-313
SAUNDERS, JOEL L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-191
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-109
SAURE, LAURA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-458
SAUTER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-354
SAVOCA, ANTONIO SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-298
SAWLER, JOHN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-95
SCAFER, JOHN C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-228
SCALLY, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-326
SCARLOTTA, CONCETTINA ZINNA             RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-213
SCATUCCIO,V INCENZO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-356
SCHAEFER, ANNA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-230
SCHAEFER, BERNHARD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-341
SCHAEFER, EDITH B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-678
SCHAEFER, FRANCES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-434
SCHAEFFER, ELLEN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-16
SCHAIBLE, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-281
SCHAMING, ROSE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-356
SCHANTZ, NICHOLAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-429
SCHARLACH, ADA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-71
SCHEBEL, ELISE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-516
SCHELL, EMILY E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-420
SCHENECK, ELIZABETH P.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-321
SCHERCK, HILLMA J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-349
SCHERDNER, CHARLES B.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-436
SCHERING, HUGO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-394
SCHIANO, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-717
SCHIBELLO, VIRGINIA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-412
SCHICK, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-234
SCHICK, LUDWIG                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-219
SCHIEBEL, SOPHIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-224
SCHIEFER, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-488
SCHINDLER, CHRISTINA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-356
SCHIRMER, GUSTAV                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-155
SCHLAMP, ADAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-168
SCHLENCK, CONRAD F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-48
SCHLNATER, FREDERICK                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-402
SCHMEISING, OTTO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-320
SCHMEIYER, CHARLES                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-334
SCHMID, AUGUST                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-154
SCHMIDT, CARL CHRISTIAN                 NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-6
SCHMIDT, MARGARETHA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-15
SCHMIED, RUDOLPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-48
SCHMITT, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-104
SCHMITT, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-392
SCHMITT, JOHN PHILIPP                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-470
SCHMMING, KATRINA S.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-434
SCHMUL, HERMINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-301
SCHNEIDER, CHRISTINA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-59
SCHOEN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-420
SCHOENBEIN, IDA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-186
SCHOFIELD, HARRIET A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-139
SCHOLZ, CHARLES B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-492
SCHOONMAKER, WARREN S.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-16
SCHOVERLING, AUGUSTUS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-22
SCHOVERLING, HANS HERMANN               RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-273
SCHRADER, FREDERICK                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-59
SCHRADER, GEORGE J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-562
SCHRAMMER, WILLIAM HENRY                RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-195
SCHRENKER, FRED F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-635
SCHRODER, CHRISTOPH                     STAPLETON                               NY-43-H-505
SCHRUM, MARIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-399
SCHUCHARD, ELIZABETH                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-297
SCHUHMACHER, CAROLINE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-294
SCHUHSLER, JOHANN AUGUST                RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-297
SCHULD, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-12
SCHULMAN, ARON                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-83
SCHULTES, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-191
SCHULTES, MARIA MAGDALENE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-24
SCHULTZ, ALEXANDER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-514
SCHULTZ, ANNA C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-623
SCHULTZ, CHRISTOPHER H.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-390
SCHULTZ, WILLIAM H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-716
SCHULZ, SIGISMUND                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-207
SCHUMACHER, KARL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-252
SCHUMANN, H. WALTER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-459
SCHWALD, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-551
SCHWALL, KATHERINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-9
SCHWANENBERG,E VA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-296
SCHWARTZKOPF, ROBERT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-239
SCHWEIGER, GEORGE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-264
SCHWEIKERT, JACOB                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-132
SCHWEIKERT, OTTO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-97
SCHWINT, AUGSUT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-247
SCHWOEBLI, ANNA E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-103
SCHWORM, ADAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-226
SCHWORM, PHILIPPINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-287
SCOFIELD, GEORGE S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-261
SCOLARICI, CONSTANCE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-373
SCOLLAR, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-629
SCOTT, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-193
SCOTT, MARGARET ALICE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-549
SCOTT, MARGARET LAIRD                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-285
SCOTT, MARY ESTELLE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-265
SCOVANO, UMBERTO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-157
SCREENEN, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-433
SCRO, ANDREW                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-551
SEAMAN, EDMUND B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-199
SEAMAN, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-43-C-1030
SEAMAN, THOMSA                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-119
SEARL, APOLLOS D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-474
SEARL, ELEANOR V.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-76
SEARL, JOHN P.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-324
SEATON, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-471
SEAVER, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-316
SEDLEY, ANN NORTON                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-216
SEDUTTO, GIOVANNINA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-256
SEEBER, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-299
SEEHUSEN, JOHN H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-449
SEGINE, JAMES                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-122
SEGOINE, JAMES                          NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-H-325
SEGUINE, BORNT                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-111
SEGUINE, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     NY-43-A-272
SEGUINE, CLARA STARK                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-513
SEGUINE, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-254
SEGUINE, HENRY S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-96
SEGUINE, JAMES                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-B-654
SEGUINE, JOHN                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-514
SEGUINE, JOHN G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-298
SEGUINE, ROBERT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-559
SEGUINE, ROSA D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-697
SEIGEL, SARAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-631
SEINSHEIMER, IRMA K.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-287
SEINSHEIMER, J. FELLMAN                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-269
SEITZ, MAX                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-21
SELLECK, NOAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-443
SENNE, AUGSUTUS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-359
SENNE, DEIDRICH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-214
SENNE, ERNST                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-392
SEQUINE, JOSEPH ****                    WESTFIELD (70)                          NY-43-G-273
SEQUINE, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NY-43-G-237
SERENA, SAMUEL H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-180
SERFTLEBEN, FRANZIE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-40
SETTLER, SELINA M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-485
SEVENHAAR, LOUIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-347
SEVERSON, HILDA M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-520
SEXTON, ANNE S.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-250
SEXTON, AUGUSTUS W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-1
SEYMOUR, CYNTHIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-111
SHAFER, LEROY D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-198
SHAFFENSTEIN, FREDERICK T.              RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-540
SHANNON, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-339
SHANOT, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-155
SHAPIRO, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-209
SHARET, NINA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-489
SHARP, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-8
SHARP, PHEBE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-128
SHARPE, EMMA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-408
SHARRAT, ETHEL R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-344
SHARRET, JANE KING                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-327
SHARRETT, ADELINE H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-300
SHARROT, ANN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-168
SHARROT, MARY JANE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-196
SHARROTT, DANIEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-32
SHAW, FRANCIS GEORGE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-82
SHAW, MARY ANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-462
SHEA, CORNELIUS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-403
SHEA, FLORA CAROLINE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-641
SHEA, WILLIAM                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-434
SHEEHAN, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-257
SHEEHAN, JOHN T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-455
SHEERAN, BERNARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-17
SHEERIN, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-187
SHEIDEL, CONSTANTINE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-560
SHEPHERD, DEBORAH                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-422
SHERBROOKE, WALTER A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-419
SHERIDAN, BERNARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-84
SHERIDAN, OWEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-322
SHERMAN, DONALD P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-210
SHERMAN, HILDRED BUCKLEY                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-435
SHERRY, FRANCES ORNEY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-38
SHERWOOD, EMILY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-300
SHERWOOD, JOHN ROBERT                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-23
SHERWOOD, ROBERT A. JR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-504
SHIELDS, SIMEON T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-178
SHILCOCK, SUSAN O.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-292
SHOLKOFF, PAUL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-273
SHORTT, SUSAN M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-279
SHOTWELL, ELIZABETH M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-266
SHRIVER, ALFRED                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-298
SHUKIS, ANTHONY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-702
SHULMAN, BARNET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-305
SHULMAN, DAVID                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-610
SHULTZ, DANIEL                          BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA                 NY-43-H-334
SIANI, ANGELINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-363
SIANI, ANTONIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-510
SICLARI, FILOMENA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-138
SICLARI, GIOVANNI                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-609
SIDDALL, BARNABAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-265
SIDDALL, BARNABAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-209
SIEGHARDT, FERDINAND ANTHONY            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-554
SIEGLER, LOUIS H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-657
SIEMANN, CHARLES H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-354
SIEMERS, CAROLINE A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-68
SIERSEMA, JOHN O.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-208
SIERSEMA, THEODORE ONNES                RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-237
SIETZI, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-406
SIKORSKI, JOSEPH A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-418
SILK, SARAH                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-283
SILK, THOMAS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-99
SILVA, JEREMIAH S.                      SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-119
SILVA, RICHARD                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-245
SILVERMAN, SAMUEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-508
SIMMONDS, HENRY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-212
SIMMONS, JAMES (COLORED)                RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-421
SIMMONS, ROBERT ERIC                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-648
SIMON, BERTHA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-535
SIMONS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-90
SIMONSON, ABIGAIL                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-360
SIMONSON, ABRAHAM                       NTL                                     NY-43-C-1004
SIMONSON, ABRAHAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-267
SIMONSON, ABRAHAM C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-527
SIMONSON, ABRAHAM C.                    CHELSEA                                 NY-43-I-436
SIMONSON, ABRAHAM SR.                   CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-319
SIMONSON, ARTHER SR.                    NTL                                     NY-43-A-379
SIMONSON, CATHARINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-180
SIMONSON, CHARLES MC.                   SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-354
SIMONSON, CHARLOTTE JANE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-531
SIMONSON, CORNELIUS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-366
SIMONSON, CORNELIUS G.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-364
SIMONSON, DANIEL                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-163
SIMONSON, DANIEL                        TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-G-265
SIMONSON, DANIEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-78
SIMONSON, DAVID M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-394
SIMONSON, EMMA J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-275
SIMONSON, ESSAC                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-146
SIMONSON, FRANCES                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-670
SIMONSON, GOZEN                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-396
SIMONSON, HENRY                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-309
SIMONSON, HILAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-220
SIMONSON, ISAAC                         NTL                                     NY-43-I-23
SIMONSON, ISAAC                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-122
SIMONSON, ISAAC                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-3
SIMONSON, JACOB                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-203
SIMONSON, JEMIMA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-193
SIMONSON, JEREMY                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-385
SIMONSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-478
SIMONSON, JOHN                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-428
SIMONSON, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-147
SIMONSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-43-B-801
SIMONSON, JOHN P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-52
SIMONSON, JOHN Q.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-24
SIMONSON, JOHN W.                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-140
SIMONSON, JOHN W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-106
SIMONSON, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-348
SIMONSON, MARGARET                      STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-G-270
SIMONSON, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-181
SIMONSON, MARY                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-268
SIMONSON, MATTHIAS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-47
SIMONSON, OSCAR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-524
SIMONSON, REUBEN                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-186
SIMONSON, ROBERT C.                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-573
SIMONSON, SARAH E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-259
SIMONSON, SUSANNAH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-207
SIMONSON, TOMPKINS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-338
SIMONSON, WILLIAM D.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-469
SIMPSON, ANN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-437
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-249
SIMSON, CAROLINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-167
SIMSON, CATHRINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-154
SINCLAIR, JAMES                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-796
SINCLAIR, JANE                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-799
SIRKUS, LOUIS C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-102
SIRKUS, ROSE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-24
SISK, THOMAS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-337
SISK, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-9
SKIDMORE, CLARISSA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-473
SKINNER, LEWIS                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-#1-1
SKINNER, LILLIAN ALICE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-101
SKINNER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-71
SKYWEIT, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-393
SLAGHT, ISAAC B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-116
SLAGHT, JOHN                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-3
SLAGHT, JON                             NTL                                     NY-43-A-75
SLAGHT, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-417
SLAIGHT, HARRIET B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-135
SLAIGHT, ISAAC                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-349
SLAIGHT, SUSAN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-162
SLANE, ROSE A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-566
SLATER, ELISABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-200
SLATER, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-135
SLATLER, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-258
SLATOR, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-119
SLEIGHT, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-419
SLEIGHT, JAMES A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-365
SLEIGHT, JOHN S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-206
SLEIGHT, PETER M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-128
SLOAN, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-254
SLOAT, JOHN D.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-580
SMEJA, ROZALJA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-506
SMITH, CATHARINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-329
SMITH, ELIZA G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-457
SMITH, ELIZABETH FLYNN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-640
SMITH, EUNICE B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-173
SMITH, FREDERICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-89
SMITH, FREDERICK C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-246
SMITH, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-505
SMITH, GERTRUDE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-491
SMITH, HAROLD I.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-503
SMITH, HARTLEY LE HURAY                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-109
SMITH, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-388
SMITH, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-155
SMITH, JEREMIAH                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-85
SMITH, JOHN FRANK A. SR.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-260
SMITH, JOSIAH                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-322
SMITH, KENNETH D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-256
SMITH, MARGARET BARRETT                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-108
SMITH, MARIA J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-236
SMITH, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-54
SMITH, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-34
SMITH, MARY AGNES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-62
SMITH, MARY ALLEN EVANS                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-387
SMITH, MARY W.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-252
SMITH, PATRICK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-272
SMITH, RICHARD P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-199
SMITH, SAMUEL R.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-179
SMITH, SARAH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-195
SMITH, SOPHIA E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-158
SMITH, WALTER J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-508
SMITH, WILLIAM                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-444
SMITH, WILLIAM I.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-294
SMOJNER, MARIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-13
SMYTH, RICHARD P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-152
SNEDEKER, LOIS ALMY                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-249
SNEDEN, ELIZA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-191
SNEDEN, ELSIE VIOLA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-134
SNEDEN, JOSEPH LEROY                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-244
SNOW, MARY JANE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-357
SODERHOLM, SENJA HELEN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-311
SOFRANAC, SPERO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-16
SOLOMON, DAVID                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-413
SOLOMON, THOMAS W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-100
SOMMA, ANTONIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-477
SOMMA, UMBERTO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-322
SOMMERS, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-432
SONNTAG, HERMAN HENRY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-550
SONNTAG, HERMAN L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-317
SORIANO, LUIGI                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-405
SOTHER, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-123
SOTTILE, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-654
SPADARO, CLAIR IONA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-33
SPAFFORD, LYDIA A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-1
SPARAGO, ANTHONY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-369
SPARAVDERA, ANGELLINA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-395
SPARKS, MARY ISABELLE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-178
SPARKS, WILLIAM G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-157
SPEAR, ALICE B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-590
SPEARD, DAVID                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-249
SPERRLE, JOSEPHINE S.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-463
SPINDLER, PETER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-78
SPINELLI, GIUSEPPINA .                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-682
SPINELLI, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-137
SPIRO, PHILIP                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-263
SPRAGG, JOHN                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-203
SPRAGUE, ABRAHAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-401
SPRAGUE, EMMA L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-398
SPRAGUE, ISAAC P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-153
SPRAGUE, JOSEPH W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-236
SPRAGUE, SHOTWELL B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-261
SPRING, ANNA C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-191
SPRING, APPLETON C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-228
SPRINGSTEAD, JOSEPH A.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-359
SQUIER, STEPHEN                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-16
STACKLIK, ANNA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-623
STADLMAIR, HELENA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-322
STAEHELI, ANNA MARIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-1
STAFFORD, ANNA MCKEY                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-131
STAHL, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-333
STAHL, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-50
STAKE, GEORGE W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-193
STALKER, ANNA MARIE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-379
STANDERNICK, CATHARINE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-40
STANDERWICK, JANE                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-488
STANDERWICK, THOMAS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-312
STANDRING, ELIZA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-173
STANDRING, THOMAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-206
STANDT, PETER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-62
STANNARD, EMMA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-49
STANTON, LAUGHIN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-181
STANZIONE, ROSE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-385
STAPFER, EMIL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-5
STARCK, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-86
STARK, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-693
STARR, AARON                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-323
STARTZ, CHARLES F. A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-626
STAUDINGER, RUDOLPH                     SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-458
STEBBINS, CHARLES H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-373
STEDELL, BURRS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-218
STEERS, BENJAMIN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-447
STEERS, BENJAMIN JR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-1
STEERS, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-344
STEERS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-119
STEERS, JOHN LAURENCE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-377
STEERS, STEPHEN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-179
STEGMEIER, GUSTAV V.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-39
STEINBERG, BESSIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-184
STEINERT, CHARLES MAURICE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-227
STEINKE, MARIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-405
STEPHENS, ADA MARIE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-675
STEPHENS, ANN E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-476
STEPHENS, DANIEL L.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-425
STEPHENS, STEPHEN                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-370
STEPHENS, STEPHEN D.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-277
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-82
STERER, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-110
STERLING, JOHN WILLIAM                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-111
STERLING, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-430
STERN, CAROLINE S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-536
STEVENS, JOHN E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-357
STEVENS, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-416
STEVENSON, WILLIAM T.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-370
STEWART, THOAMS                         NTL                                     NY-43-B-825
STEWART, WILLIAM ROBERTSON              RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-465
STHEILL, FRANCIS J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-138
STIKEMAN, EMMA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-369
STIKEMAN, GEORGE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-433
STILES, CHARLES G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-453
STILES, FLORENCE K.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-291
STILES, ISABELLA                        NTL                                     NY-43-H-199
STILLMAN, ALBERT G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-359
STILLWELL, HESTER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-445
STILLWELL, JOHN                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-581
STILLWELL, SARAH                        NTL                                     NY-43-C-986
STILWELL, ANN                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-135
STILWELL, ANNA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-148
STILWELL, FRANCES                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-793
STILWELL, JAMES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-112
STILWELL, NICHOLAS                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-708
STILWELL, REUBEN D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-417
STILWELL, SUSANNAH                      OLD TOWN                                NY-43-A-73
STIMERS, ALLAN C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-155
STODDARD, CHARLOTTE M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-116
STORER, ABRAHAM                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-194
STORER, CHARLES                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1110
STORER, DANIEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-101
STORER, ELIZABETH                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-326
STORER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-290
STORER, THOMAS                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-304
STORER, THOMAS                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1077
STORER, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-69
STOTHERS, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-177
STOTHOFF, WILLIAM                       WOODBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX, NJ               NY-43-I-650
STOUT, LENOX                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-289
STOVER, ELLINOR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-163
STOVER, JACOB M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-367
STRATTON, MARY ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-238
STRAUBE, ELIZABETH C.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-400
STRYKER, BLANDINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-112
STRYKER, HERMAN B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-108
STRYKER, MIRIAM C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-720
STUART, THEODORE FRELINGHAUSEN          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-595
STUCK, NICHOLAS                         SNUG HARBOR                             NY-43-I-515
STURTZ, LOUIS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-129
STYPMANN, JOHANES A. T.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-198
SUCKAU, CHRISTIAN HENRY                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-479
SUEBER, HELEN L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-281
SULLIVAN, ANNIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-131
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-51
SULLIVAN, CHARLES EUGENE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-376
SULLIVAN, CHAUNCEY L.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-447
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS A.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-412
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-138
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-158
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-179
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-264
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-204
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-458
SUMMAS, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-122
SUMMERS, JOHN                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-171
SUMMERS, ROBERT G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-391
SUNDSTROM, ANNA EMILIA                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-549
SURPIN, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-53
SURSI, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-525
SURSI, LAWRENCE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-162
SUTCLIFFE, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-34
SUTTON, DORA MARGUERITE SPENCER         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-492
SVENSON, SVEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-92
SWAIM, BENJAMIN                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-414
SWAIM, MARTHA                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1123
SWAIN, WILLIAM A.                       NEW YORK CITY,NY                        NY-43-G-222
SWANSON, ANDREW                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-308
SWARTWOUT, SARAH JANE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-245
SWATHEL, HELEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-112
SWAYZE, MARGARET C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-434
SWEENEY, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-303
SWEENEY, KATHERINE V.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-196
SWEENY, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-308
SWEETLAND, WILLIAM                      ST. JAMES, JAMAICA                      NY-43-A-281
SWENSON, ANNA MATILDA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-522
SWIFT, HARRY F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-73
SWIFT, MILDRED R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-587
SWINTON, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-3
SYMANS, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-542
SZASZ, STEPHEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-622
SZEWCZYK, ANNA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-346
TAEGE, CAROLINE ANNA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-94
TAEGE, WILLIAM F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-256
TAIFOR, EVAN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-16
TAINTOR, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-58
TAIT, THOMAS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-130
TAPPEN, ASHER                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-406
TATE, ELIZABETH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-398
TAUBER, JOHN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-472
TAYLOR, ABNER                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-1
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-220
TAYLOR, ALICE ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-388
TAYLOR, ANNIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-164
TAYLOR, ANNIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-300
TAYLOR, CLARA A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-48
TAYLOR, CLARA M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-151
TAYLOR, ELIZOBETH                       STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-442
TAYLOR, ELWOOD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-432
TAYLOR, EMMA LOUISA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-96
TAYLOR, ETHEL J. M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-118
TAYLOR, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-12
TAYLOR, JOHN SR.                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-648
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-437
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1070
TAYLOR, LENA FRANCES                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-397
TAYLOR, MARIA M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-332
TAYLOR, MARY ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-175
TAYLOR, MORRIS                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-827
TAYLOR, MORTINES S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-112
TAYLOR, RBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-466
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-43-B-637
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-149
TAYLOR, SUSAN A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-468
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-136
TEIKER, MINNIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-341
TEITELBAUM, GUSTAVE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-601
TELFAIR, JOHN H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-501
TELLER, WILLIAM W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-257
TENNANT, MARY FRANCES                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-124
TEPOEL, BERNARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-75
TERGESEN, JOHAN EMIL                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-40
TERRY, EDWARD A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-515
TERWOGT, ELIZABETH AMELIA MEERUM        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-271
TERZO, GUSTAVO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-399
TESAR, MATILDA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-403
THATER, HENRIETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-152
THAYER, MARGERY ANN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-46
THIBAULT, ALICE S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-272
THOMAS, MABEL L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-145
THOMPSN, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-18
THOMPSON, ANN                           RICHMOND (CON'T)                        NY-43-#1-324
THOMPSON, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-89
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-119
THOMPSON, CORNELIA O.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-280
THOMPSON, ELIZA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-327
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-37
THOMPSON, ENDORA STILLMAN               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-37
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-156
THOMPSON, JOHN C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-249
THOMPSON, JOHN E.                       TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-D-227
THOMPSON, MARION D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-102
THOMPSON, MARY                          NTL                                     NY-43-I-493
THOMPSON, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-167
THOMPSON, ROBERT P.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-498
THOMPSON, SIGVART                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-261
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-404
THOMSEN, JOHN S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-389
THOMSON, THOMAS LEONARD                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-142
THORN, JOHN B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-392
THORNE, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-347
THORNER, THEODORE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-126
THORNTON, HENRIETTA A.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-229
THORP, JANE M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-170
TIBBETTS, ERNEST RAYMOND                RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-109
TICKLE, URBAINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-341
TIMM, ALBERT                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-65
TIRELLI, MICHELE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-127
TOKACH, JEAN HASTIE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-302
TOLAND, WILLIAM H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-201
TOMES, RUTH STAFFORD                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-14
TOMLINSON, GRAHAM K.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-520
TOMLINSON, HELENA M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-377
TOMLINSON, JOHN R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-467
TOMPKINS, ANNA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-538
TOMSEINO, ROSCARIO                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-343
TONELLI, AMELIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-273
TONG, ANNIE B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-224
TONNESSEN, SARA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-133
TONYE, THEODORE M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-642
TOOLE, EDWARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-16
TOOLE, ELLEN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-353
TOOLE, SUSAN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-114
TOOMEY, JOHN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-338
TORGERSEN, MARIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-42
TORGERSEN, WALTER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-312
TORNQUIST, BOIDY ELESA                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-576
TORRAS, R. VINCENT                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-232
TORRE, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-52
TORRIE, CHRISTIANA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-127
TOTO, MARGUERITE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-363
TOTO, ROSE                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-490
TOTTEN, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-145
TOTTEN, ELIZABETH S.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-13
TOTTEN, EPHRAIM J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-445
TOTTEN, GILBERT                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-727
TOTTEN, JAMES                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1101
TOTTEN, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-116
TOTTEN, JOHN SR.                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-95
TOTTEN, JOHN WESLEY                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-334
TOTTEN, JOSEPH E.                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-205
TOTTEN, LANG                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-108
TOTTEN, PHILIP B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-106
TOTTEN, RACHEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-647
TOTTEN, ZEBEDEE                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-830
TOWELL, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-193
TOWNSEND, CHARLES E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-246
TOWNSEND, CHARLES HIGBEE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-187
TOWNSEND, HENRY D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-150
TOWNSEND, JANET ECKFORD KING            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-144
TRABER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-301
TRACY, ANNIE M. RITCHIE                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-387
TRACY, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-283
TRACY, ROSE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-73
TRACY, RUTH                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-363
TRAINOR, JOHN A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-630
TREETZ, ROBERT JOHANN CHRISTIAN         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-350
TREFOUSSE, GEORGE L.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-52
TRINDER, RICHARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-326
TRIPKE, AUGUST                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-399
TROELL, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-244
TROTT, BENJAMIN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-354
TROUT, HARRIET M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-429
TROWBRIDGE, MAY E (ALLEN0               RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-349
TRUBSHAW, JEAN C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-283
TRUMBULL, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-333
TUCKER, BENJAMIN                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-416
TUCKER, EDWIN H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-137
TULLEY, ELLA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-25
TULLY, HANNAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-20
TULLY, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-97
TULLY, MARY ANN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-454
TULLY, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-176
TUPPER, LEMUEL H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-166
TURCO, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-619
TURK, RICHARD J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-377
TURNER, GEORGE H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-452
TURNER, JANE C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-426
TURNER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-216
TURNER, MOSES G.                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-295
TURNEY, JOHN                            NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-I-104
TUTTLE, CYNTHIA L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-198
TWITCHELL, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-92
TYNAN, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-299
TYNAN, MICHAEL S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-115
TYNG, BLANCHE E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-311
TYSEN, ELIZABETH                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-233
TYSEN, JACOB                            CSTLETON                                NY-43-G-213
TYSEN, RICHARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-317
TYSON, DAVID                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-162
TYSON, JOHN                             NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-382
TYSON, RICHARD                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-133
UGGIANO, SALVATORE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-439
UGOTTO, MARIA C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-611
UHR, GEORGE F.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-37
UJLAKY, ANNA V.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-518
ULLMAN, MARY L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-210
ULLMAN, SIEGFRIED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-550
ULLMANN, DAISY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-57
ULRICH, MILDRED ACHILLES                RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-362
UMSCHID, EVERETT W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-666
UMSCHLIED, MARIE LOUISE                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-7
UNDERHILL, ALPHEUS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-209
UNGER, CATHARINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-227
UNGERLEIDER, EMANUEL                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-92
UPPGARD, LILLIAN E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-79
UPTON, DANIEL R.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-334
USHER, GEORGE M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-21
USHER, SARAH J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-399
VACCARO, ANDREW E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-391
VAFIADES, POLIXENY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-149
VAIL, ISAAC CUSHMAN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-153
VAIL, STEPHEN M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-441
VALENTI, FRANCESCO                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-435
VALENTI, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-564
VALENTINE, KENENTH ASTON                RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-281
VALITUTTO, ANTONETTE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-134
VALLANDINGHAM, ALFRED V.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-377
VALLEDOLMO, PAUL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-12
VALLESE, RAFFAELLE RALPH                RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-156
VANALLEN, FREELOVE                      WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-31
VANALLEN, JON                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-903
VANALLEN, LYDIA ANN HAGG                RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-313
VANARSDALE, WILLIAM                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-472
VANBEUREN, BEEKMAN M.                   TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-G-113
VANBEUREN, JOHN                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-122
VANBUSKIRK, CAROLINE E.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-382
VANBUSKIRK, CORNELIUS C.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-41
VANBUSKIRK, DEBORAH                     NTL                                     NY-43-B-756
VANBUSKIRK, ELIZABETH A.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-346
VANBUSKIRK, JACOB J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-235
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-229
VANBUSKIRK, PETER M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-45
VANCLIEF, DNAIEL                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-79
VANCLIEF, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-143
VANCLIEF, JOHN H                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-295
VANCLIEF, JOHN L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-97
VANCLIEF, JOSEPH H.                     SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-203
VANCLIEF, LYDIA W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-218
VANCOTT, JOHN ROSEVELT                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-159
VANDEEF, GIDEON                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-745
VANDERBECK, MARY                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-362
VANDERBILT, CORNELIUS                   SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-162
VANDERBILT, JACOB H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-276
VANDERBILT, JACOB N.                    RICHMOND (CON'T)                        NY-43-Z-310
VANDERBILT, JOHN                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-26
VANDERBILT, JOHN K.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-487
VANDERHENDE, GASTON                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-357
VANDEVENTER, CATHARINE                  STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-201
VANDUZER, ABRAHAM                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-567
VANDUZER, DANIEL                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-70
VANDUZER, HAROLD T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-578
VANDUZER, ISAAC                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-147
VANDUZER, JOHN H.                       STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-H-44
VANDUZER, JULIA A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-422
VANDUZER, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-413
VANDYKE, EDMUND K.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-212
VANDYKE, JOHN                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-26
VANEMBURGH, LEVINIA C.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-330
VANHOEVENBERG, ESTHER M.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-168
VANHOEVENBERG, JAMES D.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-135
VANHOEVENBERG, JAMES O.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-71
VANNAE, LIZZIE EMMA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-47
VANNAME, AARON                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-660
VANNAME, CAROLINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-93
VANNAME, CHARLES                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-310
VANNAME, CHARLES C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-398
VANNAME, CHESTER ELDRIDGE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-313
VANNAME, DANIEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-309
VANNAME, DAVID                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-437
VANNAME, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-233
VANNAME, ELEANOR D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-136
VANNAME, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-192
VANNAME, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-256
VANNAME, NICHOLAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-473
VANNAME, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-82
VANNAME, RALPH L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-289
VANNAME, SIMON SR.                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-453
VANNAME, WILLIAM L.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-629
VANNAMEE, AARON                         STATEN ISLADN                           NY-43-A-151
VANPELT, ABRAHAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-165
VANPELT, ANDREW PRIOR                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-147
VANPELT, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-410
VANPELT, DAVID                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-271
VANPELT, ELEANOR                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-624
VANPELT, HARRIET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-147
VANPELT, JACOB                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-248
VANPELT, JACOB ****                     NORTHFIELD (50 PAGES)                   NY-43-I-32
VANPELT, JOHN                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-312
VANPELT, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-437
VANPELT, JOHN J.                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-117
VANPELT, JOHN R.                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-12
VANPELT, JOHN SR.                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-45
VANPELT, MARIA                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-561
VANPELT, MARTHA                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-282
VANPELT, MARY E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-432
VANPELT, MOSES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-412
VANPELT, PETER R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-270
VANPELT, PHEBE A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-278
VANPELT, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-259
VANPELT, WILLIAM                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-449
VANSCHUYCK, THERSIA                     WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-519
VANVOORHIS, CARRIE B.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-338
VANWAGENEN, ELSIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-42
VANWORMER, ELFRIDA A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-231
VASSALLO, CALOGERO                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-195
VAUGHN, MARGARET D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-24
VERHOEFF, PETER FREDERICK               WINDSOR, ESSEX, ONTARIO                 NY-43-I-17
VERLING, RICHARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-295
VESCE, ANTHONY P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-313
VESENMEIER, ADELBERT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-390
VICTORY, CATHARINE E.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-23
VIDEON, ANNA M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-240
VIGAR, ARTHUR J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-169
VIGNOT, AMADEE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-190
VIGURS, BERNARD GEOFFREY                RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-421
VILLANO, DOMINIC                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-399
VINCITORE, IGNAZIA                      RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-82-447
VINCITORE, NANCY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-447
VIOLA, EMANUELE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-337
VIRAG, CHRISTOF                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-135
VIRGINIA, FRANK SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-39
VISCO, TERESA G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-140
VITO, MARY ANGELA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-62
VITT, ANNA E.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-346
VITT, EDUARD E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-361
VITTI, IDA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-630
VOELPEL, CHARLES WILBUR                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-404
VOLCKMANN, HENRY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-313
VOLLMAR, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-13
VOLLMER, FRITZ                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-446
VOLLWEILER, FREDERICK                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-386
VOLSARIO, ANGELINA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-664
VONBEVERN, JOSEPH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-347
VOORHEES, MARY MANNING                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-518
VORSATZ, FREDERICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-413
VOSBURGH, CORNELIUS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-235
VOSS, BERTHA M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-626
VOSS, GEORGE C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-263
VOZEOLAS, ADAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-45
VREELAND, CATHERINE                     CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-345
VREELAND, CLARENCE F.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-598
VREELAND, EDER                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-154
VREELAND, ELIZABETH                     CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-12
VREELAND, JACOB                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-885
VREELAND, KATE F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-459
VREELAND, WILHELMUS                     CASTLE TOWN                             NY-43-A-173
VROOM, ABRAM                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-476
VROOM, CLARA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-368
VROOM, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-59
VROOM, HENRY S.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-132
VROOM, MARIA D.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-345
VROOM, MATTHIAS                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-355
VROOM, NATHANIEL                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-705
VROOM, WILLIAM V.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-493
VROOM,F REDERICK J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-289
WADDELL, ISABELLA S. STRAEHAN           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-403
WADDINGTON, JAMES A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-645
WADE, GENEVIEVE CAMPBELL                RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-687
WADSWORTH, STRONG                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-143
WAGNER, FLORENCE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-320
WAGNER, JULIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-121
WAHLSTEDT, DORIS D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-483
WAITE, MARY HUNT                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-50
WALKER, MARTHA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-16
WALKER, THOMAS A.                       RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-80-351
WALKER, THOMAS A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-357
WALKER, THOMAS A.                       RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-81-351
WALKER, WILLIAM C. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-243
WALKINSHAW, DUGALD G.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-568
WALL, DAVID J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-39
WALLACE, JAMES H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-161
WALSER, MILDRED B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-537
WALSH, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-61
WALSH, ELLEN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-222
WALSH, ESTHER M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-459
WALSH, KATE BARRY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-170
WALSH, MICHAEL MCN.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-204
WALSH, RAWCLIFFE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-130
WALTERS, HENRY J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-406
WALYGA, MARTHA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-639
WALZ, RAYMOND                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-669
WANDEL, ANNA K.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-154
WANDEL, ANNA K.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-115
WANDEL, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-43-I-346
WANDEL, OLIVIA B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-319
WANDEL, PETER                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-173
WANDEL, PETER H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-258
WANDEL, SARAH J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-229
WANDEL, WALTER I.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-198
WANDELL, SUSANNAH                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-179
WANN, JANE                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-264
WANTY, EDMUND W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-253
WARD, ALBERT                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-241
WARD, ALBERT                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-257
WARD, ARTHER E. SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-372
WARD, CALEB SR.                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-86
WARD, CALEB T.                          NTL                                     NY-43-H-108
WARD, CATHERINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-269
WARD, JOHN J. SR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-591
WARD, JONNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-598
WARD, MEHITABLE                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-639
WARDLAW, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-23
WARES, JACOB                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-338
WARFORD, BENJAMIN H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-329
WARNER, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-170
WARNER, GEORGE E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-410
WARREN, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-130
WARREN, JAMES S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-217
WARREN, MARY A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-305
WARRENDER, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-114
WARTH, ALBIN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-476
WARTH, JOHN ALBIN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-458
WATERS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-107
WATKIN, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-352
WATSON, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-195
WATTEN, PETER J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-191
WAVES, ABIGAIL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-39
WEBB, AMYL.                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-211
WEBB, RICHARD                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-110
WEBB, SARAH                             CAMDEN, ONEIDA, NY                      NY-43-H-473
WEBER, JOSEPH                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-619
WEBSTER, ARTUR J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-436
WEBSTER, LYMAN G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-356
WEDEMEYER, ARNOLD L. B.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-93
WEDEMEYER, M. ADELINE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-658
WEENING, SAMUEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-655
WEGENER, CARL J. D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-6
WEGENER, LUCINDA A. K.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-115
WEINER, CONRAD WILLIAM                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-373
WEINER, FRANZ                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-107
WEINER, THERESIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-191
WEINHOLD, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-10
WEINSTEIN, MARY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-490
WEIPPERT, HEDWIG                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-578
WEIR, ALICE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-318
WEIR, EDWARD                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-280
WEIR, EDWARD SR.                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-257
WEIR, GEORGE R.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-80
WEIR, SARAH L.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-474
WEIR, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-210
WELCH, GEORGE W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-55
WELCH, JEREMIAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-435
WELDER, ABIGAIL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-163
WELDER, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-328
WELLBROCK, JURGEN H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-63
WELLER, WILLIAM HENRY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-14
WELLS, ELIZABETH B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-468
WELLS, JULIA L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-402
WELSH, CATHERINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-306
WELSH, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-22
WELTE, WILHELMINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-180
WELTER, JOSEPHINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-409
WEMPLE, CHRISTOPHER YATES               RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-355
WENTWORTH, STEPHEN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-366
WERNER, EMILY R.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-239
WERRA, MARJORIE MADELINE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-268
WERTZ, MARIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-22
WESKY, MARIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-408
WESTERVELT, JOHN S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-198
WESTERVELT, TOMPKINS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-292
WESTHORP, MARY ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-145
WESTON, HARRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-613
WETHERSPOON, JAMES                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-469
WETZLER, ALBERT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-4
WHALEN, GERTRUDE LORETTA                RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-253
WHARTON, SOPHIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-306
WHEATLEY, HARRIET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-133
WHEELER, GROVER DAVID                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-405
WHEELER, JOSEPH DEMOLL                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-522
WHEELER, SARA D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-428
WHEELIHAN JAMES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-406
WHELEHAN, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-127
WHELIHAN, LUKE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-165
WHELIHAN, MICHAEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-157
WHELP, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-588
WHETTEN, JOHN                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-G-47
WHITE, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-189
WHITE, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-632
WHITE, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-393
WHITE, CHARLES ELBERT                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-62
WHITE, EDITH H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-702
WHITE, EDWARD J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-403
WHITE, EMILY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-338
WHITE, GILBERT                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-41
WHITE, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-409
WHITE, ROSE MARIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-205
WHITE, SAMUEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-448
WHITE, WILLIAM HENRY                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-232
WHITFIELD, HENRY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-382
WHITFORD, SARAH WHEELER                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-231
WHITLY, BRIDGET (KELLY) KANE            CLIFTON                                 NY-43-I-178
WHITNEY, A. U. F. G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-83
WHITNEY, STUART H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-117
WHITTEMORE, JANE MATILDA                RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-592
WHITTEMORE, THEODORE W.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-415
WHITTY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-385
WHITTY, JON T.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-227
WICKLOW, NESTOR EVANS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-01
WIDLUND, JOHANNA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-84
WIDMAYER, GERTRUDE T. SCHILDKNECHT      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-381
WIECHERS, EMILY J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-555
WIEDERER, LEONHARD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-389
WIEGMANN, FRIEDA MARIE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-208
WIENINGER, GEORG JACOB                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-305
WIENS, BERTHA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-462
WIESER, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-306
WIESNER, MAX                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-267
WIESNER, WALTER RICHARD                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-28
WIFLIE, FRANK B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-477
WIGAND, FRANCIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-470
WIGGER, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-335
WIKSTROM, KAARLO J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-517
WIKSTROM, SALLY ELIZABETH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-514
WILCOX, ARCHIE DORR                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-235
WILD, ADOLPH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-327
WILDE, JOHN HARRY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-314
WILDMAN, FRANCIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-263
WILKE, CHRISTIAN H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-218
WILKES, ALFRED S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-6
WILKINSON, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-287
WILKS, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-450
WILLCOX, ANN E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-28
WILLCOX, ELIZABETH B.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-261
WILLE, HERMANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-262
WILLE, KURT P.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-243
WILLIAM, GRAHAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-253
WILLIAMS, ANNA B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-430
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE E. A.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-127
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK W.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-250
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-274
WILLIAMS, HAROLD GOTWALT                RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-640
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH Y.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-616
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-414
WILLIAMS, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-63
WILLIAMS, MARY                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-506
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-208
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-277
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-27
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-H-135
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM R.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-85
WILLIAMSON, MARY M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-22
WILLIAMSON, MATTHIAS H.                 NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-241
WILLIS, ROSA BROOKE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-65
WILLIS, ROSWELL J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-549
WILLIS, SARAH B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-61
WILLOE, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-179
WILLS, EDUARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-320
WILLS, LETITIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-421
WILSON, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-94
WILSON, BARBARA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-311
WILSON, DAWSON                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-187
WILSON, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-77
WILSON, MARTHA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-93
WILSON, RICHARD T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-407
WILSON, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-290
WILSON, SAMUEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-293
WINANT, ABRAHAM                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-71
WINANT, ABRAHAM W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-378
WINANT, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-264
WINANT, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-195
WINANT, CHRISTIAN                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-563
WINANT, CORNELIUS W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-196
WINANT, DANIEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-558
WINANT, DANIEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-204
WINANT, DANIEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-215
WINANT, ELIZA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-413
WINANT, ISAAC                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-101
WINANT, JACOB                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-86
WINANT, JACOB                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-952
WINANT, JACOB B. C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-482
WINANT, JACOB G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-127
WINANT, JAMES J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-216
WINANT, JOHN R.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-150
WINANT, JOHN SR.                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-932
WINANT, LYDIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-432
WINANT, MARY                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-123
WINANT, PETER                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-82
WINANT, PETER                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-B-630
WINANT, PETER                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-137
WINANT, PETER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-444
WINANT, PETER ESQ.                      WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-300
WINANT, PETERSON                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-31
WINANT, WINANT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-26
WINANT, ZEDOCK                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-330
WINANTS, MARY                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-394
WINANTS, WINANT                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-289
WINCHESTER, MARGARET S.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-43
WINKELSTEIN, JOSEPH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-96
WINMILL, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-148
WINSCH, FREDERICK JOHN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-611
WINSLOW, GORDON                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-204
WINTER, GOTTFRIED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-20
WINTER, WINFIELD S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-81
WIRZ, JACOB J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-691
WISNEWSKI, EDWIN F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-751
WITHAM, JAMES E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-213
WOELL, ELIZABETH A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-563
WOGLAM, CORNELIUS                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-34
WOGLAM, PETER                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-191
WOGLOM, ABRAHAM                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-365
WOGLOM, GEORGETTE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-353
WOGLOM, JOHN P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-498
WOGLOM, JOHN V. S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-90
WOGLOM, LENAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-449
WOGLOM, PETER                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1062
WOHHABER, ERNESTINA FREDERICA           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-374
WOINOVSKY, ROSE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-18
WOLDVOGEL, LOUIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-386
WOLF, JOHANNA C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-286
WOLF, JOHN A.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-392
WOLF, JOHN F.                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-264
WOLFF, CHARLES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-208
WOLFF, CHRISTINA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-113
WOLFF, LOUIS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-519
WOLTMANN, EDARD N.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-186
WOO, CATHERINE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-392
WOOD, ABRAHAM H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-57
WOOD, ABRAHAM J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-401
WOOD, CATHARINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-241
WOOD, CLARA J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-389
WOOD, EDMUND                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-536
WOOD, ELIAS P.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-234
WOOD, ELLENOR                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-513
WOOD, FRANCES A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-197
WOOD, JACOB B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-260
WOOD, JAMES                             NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-20
WOOD, JAMES B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-343
WOOD, JESSE                             WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-636
WOOD, JOHN                              NTL                                     NY-43-A-230
WOOD, JOHN G.                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-9
WOOD, JOHN SR.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-466
WOOD, JOHN W.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-542
WOOD, JOSEPH                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-433
WOOD, LEWIS S.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-59
WOOD, MARTHA G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-652
WOOD, MARY                              NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-409
WOOD, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-114
WOOD, NICHOLAS J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-231
WOOD, ORLANDO A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-374
WOOD, SAMUEL B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-152
WOOD, SARAH                             NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-63
WOOD, SOLOMON A.                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-238
WOOD, SOPHIA P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-291
WOOD, STEPHEN                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-107
WOOD, WALTER D.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-85
WOOD, WESLEY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-95
WOOD, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-265
WOOD, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-361
WOODEN, WARD                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-364
WOODFIELD, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-507
WOODLAND, LESTER G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-188
WOODRUFF, LANAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-453
WOODS, FRANCES MARIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-141
WOODS, JUSTUS O.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-175
WOODYARD, ELLA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-107
WOOLSEY, MARY ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-92
WORNELL, LEONIA M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-106
WOTTON, MAUD C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-604
WRIGHT, ABEL                            NTL                                     NY-43-B-785
WRIGHT, CARLETTA HELENE                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-638
WRIGHT, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-341
WRIGHT, CHARLES WARREN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-273
WRIGHT, CORNELIUS WALTER                RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-225
WRIGHT, EPHRAIM                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1059
WRIGHT, GARRETT P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-374
WRIGHT, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-102
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-347
WRIGHT, MARY ALICE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-158
WRIGHT, SUSAN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-66
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-671
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-522
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H. JR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-280
WRIGHT, WILLIAM S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-352
WROBLESKI, JOSEPH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-34
WROE, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-310
WRONOVICS, JOSEPH B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-211
WUENSCH, MICHAEL E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-309
WUEST, SARAH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-649
WURSTER, LOUIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-370
WYATT, DEBORAH A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-213
WYCZLINSKI, ANDREW                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-623
WYMAN, LOUISE FRANCES                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-91
XIQUES, WILLIAM EDWARD                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-253
YALLOP, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-67
YAROWITZ, HARRY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-164
YATES, ESTHER                           SMITHFIELD                              NY-43-A-320
YEREANCE, HENRY J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-330
YETMAN, WILLIAM J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-114
YORKSTON, WILLIAM RITCHIE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-266
YOST, JOSEPH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-455
YOUNG, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-282
YOUNG, ELIZA S.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-33
YOUNG, JOHN L.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-352
YOUNG, PHILLIP                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-401
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-43-A-159
YOURGEL, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-455
ZANCA, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-341
ZANG, CATHARINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-86
ZANG, DIETERICH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-305
ZANG, JOHN J.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-285
ZAORSKI, JULIANA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-591
ZAPOTOCHNY, MARY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-594
ZARRELLI, ANTONIO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-213
ZEGOROWICZ, HELEN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-617
ZELUF, PETER                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-213
ZELUFF, ELEANOR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-644
ZELUFF, PETER                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-227
ZELUFF, SOLOMON                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-270
ZEPPA, CARLO                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-515
ZEREGA, JULIUS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-198
ZIMMER, ANGELICA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-407
ZIMMER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-171
ZIMMER, JOHN FRED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-474
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-387
ZINNA, SALVATORE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-607
ZIPPRICH, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-660
ZITO, MARGARET H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-284
ZORN, CHARLES ADOLPH                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-411
ZUERN, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-143
ABRAHAMER, DOROTHEA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-199
ANDERSON, AGNES LOUISE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-581
ANDERSON, ALBERT                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-599
ANDERSON,A NNA LOUISE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-183
ANSON, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-83
APPLEBAUM, ANNIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-605
ARBOGAST, MINNIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-253
BAEZLER, EDITH LILLIAN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-415
BAILIK, ANDREW                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-589
BAKALIS, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-12
BALENBACH, JOSEPH E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-472
BARIS, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-213
BARLOW, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-306
BELLETTO, VINCENT                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-547
BELLMANN, CARL OTTO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-418
BENTLEY, WALTER E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-396
BISOGNO, SALVATORE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-107
BJALIK, ANDREW                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-589
BREILAUN, THORA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-544
BRENNAN, MARGARET E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-564
BULKLEY, JOSEPHINE D.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-120
BURNS, THOMAS H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-371
CAMPITIELLO, JOSEPH JR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-20
CAPPADARO, BIAZIO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-258
CARMICHEL, EDNA R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-602
CASSIDY, HAROLD H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-433
CASTRO, PAUL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-384
CERBONE, GIUSEPPE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-475
COHEN, IRVING                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-574
CONE, ROBERT T.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-110
CONNEY, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-501
CONNIFF, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-360
COPELAND, ERNEST A. JR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-408
CREIGHTON, MARY V.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-132
CUGINI, CHRISTY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-160
DALEY, CHARLES STANLEY                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-94
DALRYMPLE, RAYMOND                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-347
DANE, NATALE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-72
DAVIS, CAROLINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-366
DECKER, MARY CATHERINE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-241
DEMUTH, KATIE P.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-263
DENEVE, M. ALFRED A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-224
DENISCO, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-341
DEVLIN, ANNA BEATRICE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-592
DIETERICH, WALTER F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-163
DIIORIA, GERTRUDE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-525
DOMINO, FRANK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-32
DRETAR, STEVEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-390
DREYER, EDITH B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-478
DUNN, ARTHUR G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-486
EGGER, FRED A. HOLDER                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-510
EKBERG, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-140
ESTES, LEONARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-470
FINNEGAN, STEPHEN G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-427
FITZGERALD, DORIS P.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-60
FOULTS, EFFIE HEARD                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-344
FRANK, ANNA T.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-15
FULTON, ARCHIBALDJ.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-180
GALE, MABEL M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-266
GAULOCHER, JOHN M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-188
GELLING, ANNIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-24
GINEPRA, MARIE OTTINO                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-373
HACKER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-17
HALEY, WILLIAM M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-256
HALSTEAD, ALICE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-186
HANNAN, JOSEPH EDWARD                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-468
HANSEN, JOHN HENRY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-578
HARTMAN, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-520
HOLT, NORMAN NEWELL                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-529
HOSE, WILLIAM E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-438
ITENZO, LORENZO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-493
JARDIN, ALEXANDER CHARLES               RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-156
JOHANSEN, ANDREW                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-238
JOHNSON, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-153
JOINSON, MARY ANCEL                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-63
JONES, ARTHUR H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-355
KANE, ELSIE K.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-27
KOWALEC, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-463
LAFIURA, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-91
LAMBERTI, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-506
LANKFORD, FRANCIS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-412
LARSEN, ARTHUR E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-171
LARSEN, HANS P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-446
LARSEN, MARY A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-608
LEE, MARY V.                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-132
LEFCOURT, LOUIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-532
LEHMAN, HART E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-117
LIEBERMAN, NATHAN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-326
LOVE, HARRIET                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-277
MACCARONE, DONATO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-100
MACCORNOE, JANE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-44
MACRAE, KATHLEEN V.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-196
MAGNO, PASQUE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-541
MANGINI, NATALE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-9
MARINO, CHRISTINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-552
MARQUART, LEAH DEWITT DEYO              RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-514
MARSH, HARRY A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-51
MASTRANGELO, MARIE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-270
MATTHEWS, ROGER E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-316
MAURIZO, CECELIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-561
MAZUCCI, MARIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-4
MCBRIDE, CHRISTINA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-113
MCGUIRE, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-41
MCMAHON, FRANK J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-495
MEISTER, MARY A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-381
MEURER, MARGARETHA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-498
MEYER, ROBERT C. SR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-568
MINKEL, JULIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-483
MOAT, HORATIO S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-142
MONSE, GERTGRUDE H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-192
MORRISON, SYLVANUS F.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-96
MULLER, LOUIS H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-47
MUNDT, CARL J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-34
MURPHY, HELEN F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-134
MURRAY, PHILIP                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-57
NILSSON, ANNIE BUTCHER                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-331
NUTLEY, PHYLLIS M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-174
OLIVERI, JOSEPH J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-235
OLSEN, EDWARD O.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-349
ORAZEM, FRANK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-293
OSTELLO, MARY E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-440
OTTINO, MARIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-373
PALLADINO, BERNARDINA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-535
PAROS, JOHN A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-87
PIZIO, MARIA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-166
POMIANOWSKI, JOHN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-145
POPP, GERTRUDE H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-192
RODGERS, MARGIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-538
ROGALLE, CATHERINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-338
RUFF, ELIZABETH V.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-245
RYAN, PATRICK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-7
SCALERA, NICHOLAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-177
SCHAFFER, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-311
SCHENK, FRED WILLIAM                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-148
SCHMID, AUGUST L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-398
SCHRON, JOHN H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-129
SEIDLER, ANNETTE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-393
SLAIGHT, GEORGE L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-352
SLAVEN, ELIZABETH V.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-1
SMITH, JACOB PETER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-103
SNIPES, FRANCES L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-405
SOLAKIAN, ARSAG G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-444
SOLOMON, EDITH V.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-421
SPILLMAN, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-38
SPRAGUE, JOSEPHINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-98
STODDARD, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-66
STODDARD, GEORGE F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-69
SWENSON, PETER M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-387
TAPICHINO, FRANCESC0                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-303
TORRE, DOMENICO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-363
TRAINA, COSTANTINO                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-125
TUCCIARONE, FILOMENA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-232
TUCCIARONE, GIUSEPPE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-229
TULLY, THOMAS J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-450
VASILOS, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-153
VESTER, WILLIAM F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-549
VIKARA, ZUZANNA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-249
VONDERZEE, GERARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-36
WALDENSTROM, BENGT GUSTAV               RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-596
WALSH, ANNA E.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-465
WHELAN, WILLIAM JOSEPH JR.              RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-424
WHITE, CORNELIUS JOHN                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-323
WILLIAMS, HUGH S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-274
WINZIG, JOSEPH B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-261
WOOLLEY, JOHN THOMAS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-75-571
ACKLEY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-193
AHERN, BRIDGET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-111
AHERN, RICHARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-75
ALSTON, ELIZABETH G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-265
ANDROVETTE, JOHN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-232
AYR, JAMES B.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-391
BADENHAUSEN, ADOLPH J.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-40
BARDES, LOUISE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-405
BARNES, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-217
BARROW, SUSAN M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-46
BARTLETT, CHARLES G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-359
BAUER, JACOB                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-283
BAUM, CATHARINA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-453
BENEDICT, CHARLES L.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-186
BISHOP, WILLIAM CHARLES                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-296
BOYD, FRANCIS O.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-66
BREM, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-308
BRENNAN, PATRICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-168
BRUMYSE, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-147
BURGHER, EMELINE L.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-347
BUTZE, FRANK C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-190
CAFFREY, PHILIP                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-336
CAMERON, RODERICK W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-105
CANNON, RACHEL M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-221
CHESEBROUGH, HENRIETTA                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-463
CHINERY, HANNAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-29
COLE, HARRIET E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-376
COLE, HIRAM H.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-150
CONNELL, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-56
CONNOLLY, MARGARET M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-53
COOLEY, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-239
COSTELLO, HENRY V.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-329
COSTON, WILLIAM F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-431
CROWELL, ALBERT GALLATIN                RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-23
CROWLEY, TIMOTHY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-271
DENNIES, CHARLOTTE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-370
DIEDERICK, FREDERICK                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-340
DORAN, FRANK                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-450
DUPONT, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-394
DURFEE, WILLIAM FRANKLIN                RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-70
DWYER, JANE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-344
EDWARDS, RICHARD JAMES                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-62
EGBERT, ABRAM WILLIAM                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-299
EICHENBERGER, HENRY                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-140
ELTON, FRANCES E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-161
EVANS, ROBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-26
FARLEY, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-115
FEENY, JOHNL.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-363
FENSHAM, JOSHUA K.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-108
FRANCIS, JAMES D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-495
GEISSEL, AUGUST                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-179
GEISSEL, GOTTLEIBEN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-456
GILL, ROBERT                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-225
GRAEBE, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-143
GRIFFITH, MILDRED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-15
HANSEN, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-409
HENSHAW, JOHN R.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-419
HICKS, ELIZA SANDERSON                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-318
HICKS, GEORGE F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-235
HOLTON, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-197
HORN, CORDELIA D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-425
JACOBSON, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-134
JEWETT, GERTRUDE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-445
JOHNSON, EUPHEMIA S.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-91
JONES, BELLE B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-246
JONES, ISABELLA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-228
JONES, MARTHA M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-1
KING, SARAH GOODHUE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-351
KLOSS, ANNIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-121
KRYSZEWSKI, IGNAC T.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-81
KUEHNE, ALBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-43
KUNHARDT, CATHERINE T.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-440
LAFORGE, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-213
LAVAUD, FRANK E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-131
LEDERLE, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-137
LEE, PATRICK                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-153
LEE, WILLIAM H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-127
LITTENHAUS, AMALIE GERTRUDE             RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-261
LOCKNAN, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-435
LYON, HENRIETTA D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-492
MANNING, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-210
MAUER, JACOB                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-428
MCALPINE, SARAH E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-79
MCROBERTS, HUGH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-293
MEALY, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-36
MERRELL, THOMAS S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-163
METCALFE, HENRY T. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-50
MINOTT, SARAH MIRIAM                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-258
MORTON, GALLOUPE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-355
MULFORD, SAMUEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-156
NAFEN, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-321
NIEMANN, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-33
OBRIEN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-268
OCONNOR, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-254
ODONNELL, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-275
PATTISON, SERAFINA C. W.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-118
PENDLETON, JOHN M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-101
PETER, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-459
PETERS, PETER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-85
PODESTA, LOUIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-314
POWERS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-302
PREBLE, HARRIET TRACY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-286
REILLY, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-243
RIORDAN, WILLIAM H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-388
RUSSELL, JOHN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-305
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM L.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-384
RYES, SUSAN F.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-401
SANFORD, SOPHIA R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-98
SCHMIEGELOW, ERDMANN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-172
SCHNARR, LORENZ                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-204
SCHUHMACHER, HENRY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-183
SCHUHMACHER, JULIA A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-325
SEATON, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-19
SHANNON, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-381
SIMONSON, ANNE E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-200
SINNOTT, MOSES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-89
SLEIGHT, MARIETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-95
SMITH, ANN E.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-477
SMITH, GARRETT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-373
SMITH, PATRICK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-311
SOHL, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-416
SOLL, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-416
TIMPSON, JOHN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-175
UHRBOCK, PHILIPINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-278
VANRIPER, CORNELIUS R.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-488
VISCHER, ELIZABETH A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-332
VORGANG, CHARLES T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-250
WAHLGREN, ANNA E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-366
WEBENBAUER, ELISE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-124
WILLIAMS, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-59
WINANT, EMELINE M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-6-412
ANDROVETT, ANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-115
ANTES, EDWARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-145
BANNING, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-435
BEARDSLEY, ALICE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-136
BEDELL, MARY E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-60
BOURDIN, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-335
BRADY, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-111
BRINKMANN, JOHN W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-235
BROWN, GEORGE F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-363
BROWN, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-67
BUSH, FRANCES E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-185
BUSH, HOWARD H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-105
CAPPELLINI, ANTONIO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-261
CHENDANIEL, GEORGE W.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-338
CODY, ANN                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-448
COFFEY, HANNAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-442
COLLET, JULES P.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-349
COLON, EMMA J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-356
COMERFORD, BRIDGET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-35
CONNER, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-318
CONNOLLY, HANNAH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-399
COOK, ELIZABETH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-152
CROWE, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-370
DALE, CHARLES G. JR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-402
DAMAGALSKI, ANDREW                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-208
DECHEN, ELLEN F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-13
DECKER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-73
DEPPE, FREDERICK SR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-49
DERNBACH, CATHARINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-156
DISSOWAY, CORNELIUS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-108
DOUGHERTY, PETER MICHAEL                RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-359
DUCH, ANNA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-405
EDWARDS, JOHN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-222
ERRINGTON, BENJAMINF.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-42
ESTERBROOK, JANET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-17
FACH, JOHN J.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-176
FISCHER, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-249
FISHER, ISABELL D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-148
FOSTER, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-477
FRANZREB, JOHANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-126
FREUND, THERESA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-139
GARRIGAN, MATTHEW                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-469
GASS, GILES C.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-142
GORDON, ANNA M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-226
GORDON, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-159
GORMAN, ANNE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-21
GRAEBE, THERESE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-388
GREEN, JOHN C.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-266
GREEN, SARAH H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-278
HAZARD, ANNA L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-331
HOPE, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-24
HORGAN, DENNIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-458
JANIN, JACOB A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-171
JENNINGS, HARRIETTE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-300
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-472
JOHNSTON, JOSEPHINE K.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-92
JOLINE, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-253
KELLING, FANNY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-310
KERIWN, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-219
KOENIG, MAX                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-445
KOENIGSMAL, CARL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-482
LAMOND, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-428
LANGE, MINA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-190
LAWLER, SARAH ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-32
LEVY, JACOB                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-307
LHUIIER, GASTON D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-496
LOESCHER, JOHANNA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-38
LOEWE, HERMAN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-179
LORENZ, MARIE C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-381
LORICH, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-374
MACOMBER, ROBERT D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-242
MANCE, JAMES M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-452
MANLY, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-88
MCCORMACK, THOMAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-492
MCELROY, LAWRENCE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-246
MILLER, HENRY SR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-215
MILLER, MARTHA E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-439
MOORE, NATHANIEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-205
MORGAN, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-1
MORRIS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-7
MULGREW, JANE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-56
MURPHY, HUGH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-385
OBRIEN, MARY R.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-462
OCONNELL, HANNAH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-63
PARKER, MARY JANE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-315
PATTON, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-488
PAUL, CATHARINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-352
PETER, PHOEBE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-162
PIERSON, CAORLINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-419
PIRNIE, JANET                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-123
POST, CAROLINE T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-432
PULLEN, ELIZABETH J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-198
RAE, THOMAS O.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-325
RAPELYEA, ANN M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-422
REFORD, EUPHEMIA C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-293
RIANHARD, JEANNETTE B.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-377
RICHMOND, MARY T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-414
ROBINSON, ROBERT E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-485
ROMER, ADAM                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-166
RUMPH, DAVID                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-27
RYERSON, EVELINA G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-4
SALFELDER, FREDERICK CHARLES            RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-96
SASSE, FREDERICK D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-425
SCHOPP, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-211
SCHREINER, ELIZABETH                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-232
SCHUHMACHER, LOUIS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-81
SCHWARZ, AUGUSTA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-322
SHANNON, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-70
SHEPPARD, ELIZBAETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-392
SIMONSON, CHARLE SH.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-195
SMITH, MARY A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-367
SMITH, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-395
STONE, CATHARINE M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-344
TELFAIR, JACOB R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-130
UNGER, CHARLES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-52
VAIL, MICHAEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-239
VANNAME, ISRAEL J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-10
VANPELT, TUNIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-410
VIOHMEYER, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-77
WEIR, JACOB M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-182
WELCH, LAURA T.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-465
WESSOLEK, FREDERICK SR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-257
WESTON, SARAH M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-118
WINTER, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-84
WOOD, MATILDA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-7-296
ACCETTOLA, ROSE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-38
AGNELLO, ISIDORE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-512
AHLERS, FRIEDA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-489
ALTO, FANNY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-30
ANDERSON, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-53
BARDWELL, HAROLD E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-247
BARRETT, BERTHA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-469
BECKER, GUMBORG B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-460
BERRY, CHARLES RAYMOND                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-454
BEVILL-CHAMPION, FREDERIC G.            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-23
BEYHL, CATHERINE E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-435
BLAIR, MRAY M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-534
BOBEREK, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-326
BOFFA, ROSA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-97
BOYD, HOWARD                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-351
BRAMALL, ROWLAND                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-410
BRASK, INGA A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-503
BROWN, FREDERICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-554
BROWNE, SARAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-209
BURROWES, LAURA A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-518
BUSING, FERDINAND ALFRED PAUL           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-18
BUTTERMARK, SARAH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-209
CALTABELATA, ANGELO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-333
CARAVAGLIO, FILOMENA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-466
CARAVAGLIO, GIUSEPPE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-368
CARFI, JOSEPHINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-84
CARLIN, THADDEUS W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-137
CARLOCK, MARIE E.                       BRONX, BRONX, NY                        NY-43-74-132
CARLUCCI, ANNA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-11
CARNETTE, ROSE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-231
CLARK, JOSEPH SR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-262
COADY, PHILIP                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-63
COHEN, LOUIS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-400
CONNELL, DOROTHY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-451
CONNOR, DAVID J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-143
CONWAY, ROBERT BROWN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-273
COOPER, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-178
COOPER, DELIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-178
CORNELL, JULIA A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-447
CROWLEY, OGRETTA ALFREDA                RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-340
CULLIFORD, WILLIAM                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-515
CZARNOMSKI, ELIZBETH BERTHA             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-234
CZQARNOMSKI, MARY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-259
DAKU, HELEN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-382
DAMMER, FREDERICK WILLIAM               RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-100
DECKER, MANNING                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-572
DECKER, MARGARET P.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-50
DEEGAN, MARGARET M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-528
DELUTIIS, EUSTACCHIO                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-391
DEPPE, ALFRED J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-557
DEPPE, JAMES W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-167
DEROSA, DONATA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-169
DISANTO, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-155
DRAUSAFIEWICZ, STASIA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-265
DUKAS, WILHELMINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-47
FABER, BEATRICE G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-41
FISCHER, EDWARD A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-206
FISCHER, JOHANNA L.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-242
FISCHER, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-220
FLEMING, CORA K.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-578
FONTANA, CATERINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-164
FORD, BEULAH J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-563
GAGLIARDI, GERARDO                      ROSEBANK                                NY-43-74-129
GARPESTAD, LEIF EVANS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-253
GHERALDI, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-526
GOODIWN, HARRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-492
GORMAN, JAMES FRANCIS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-217
GRENING, PAUL C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-181
HARAI, CLARA J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-337
HEINEKEN, WILLIAM P.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-407
HELENIUS, AUGUSTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-346
HINKEL, HARRY E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-300
HOFSTETTER, GEORGE A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-91
HUBER, MAX                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-305
HUFFMAN, LILLIAN E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-363
IZETT, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-586
JAFVERT, HILDA C.                       MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY                 NY-43-74-175
KELLY, JOHN T.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-422
KELLY, KATHERINE A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-20
KILKES, LAURA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-1
KLIMOVITCH, DORA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-521
KNOX, ELIZABETH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-4
KOSMAN, FRANK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-226
LAGOTTA, ANTONIO ROSSI                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-328
LARCA, LUIGI                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-323
LARSEN, ANNA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-196
LEWIS, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-123
LOCKWOOD, MILTON I.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-375
LOUSZKO, EDITH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-278
LUCEY, ANNA G.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-575
MAGOVSKY, ELIZABETH M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-223
MALAHAN, KATHERINE J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-270
MALOY, EDWARD J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-371
MANN, MAE C.                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-81
MANZO, BARNEY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-103
MATHISON, ALFRED J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-152
MAURIZIO, ALBERT L.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-87
MCCARTHY, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-386
MCLAUGHLIN, JOSEPH A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-479
MEIER, KARL C.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-203
MELI, GIUSEPPE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-213
MESEREAU, CLAYTON R.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-432
MILLER, ADELE B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-596
MINTO, WILLIAM B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-506
MITTERWAY, PHILIP F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-548
MOCCIA, LOUIS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-126
MORRIS, EDWARD J.                       TUSCALOOSA, AL                          NY-43-74-70
MOSS, MILDRED E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-438
MUDGETT, MARY E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-583
MURPHY, FRANCES BEATRICE SOPHIA         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-134
MURPHY, JOSEPH A. SR.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-525
MURRAY, JOHN V. N.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-107
NACK, WALTER A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-463
NEARY, GEORGE A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-245
NEWAY, EDWARD MICHAEL                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-190
NILES, ALICE IDA WHITE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-229
NISSLEIN, VINCNET P.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-404
NYBERG, GUSTAV A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-509
OLAN, THOMAS SR.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-149
OLSEN, MARIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-343
OMAN, HARRY R.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-286
PEDULLA, ROCCO A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-443
PELLEGRINI, PIRELLO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-394
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-580
PICCO, PETER B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-551
PICKETT, ED                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-250
PICKINI, GREGORIO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-377
PRICE, MARY M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-593
REICHERT, JACOB J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-429
REILLY, SARAH MCELDUFF                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-110
REINISCH, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-565
RHEINHEIMER, EMILIE K.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-44
RISPOLI, RALPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-256
ROSENBERG, EDWIN A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-161
SANDERS, DANIEL HENRY SR.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-60
SAVIANO,R OSE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-146
SAWERS, ANNIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-172
SCHMID, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-8
SCHOPP, PETER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-366
SEARS, RUTH                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-193
SPRATT, LULA B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-236
STATLEMAN, CHARLES X.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-140
STUART, WILLIAM HORTON                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-398
TENNANT, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-199
URCINOLI, GIACOMO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-158
URE, JAMES A.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-559
VALENTINE, HENRY J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-531
VEREB, FRANK                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-288
WEBER, HERMAN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-67
WEISS, DORA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-589
WHEELER, ROBERT ANDREW SR.              RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-183
WHITE, FREDERICK C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-302
WISNEFSKI, MARGARET                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-312
WOMBACHER, PAULINE EMILIE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-56
WOOD, WILLIAM K.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-239
WORT, IRENE ELIZABETH                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-458
WORT, ISAAC EDWIN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-74-349

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