Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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HAAS, FREDERICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-139
HACKENBURG, JULIA T.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-509
HADDEN, CATHRINE                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-270
HADKINS, ROBERT H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-187
HAGE, WILLIAM D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-318
HAGEDORN, A. BOHLEN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-22
HAGEDORN, ALWINA A. C.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-22
HAGEDORN, CATHERINE T.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-496
HAGEDORN, HENRY B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-381
HAGEMANN, THERESA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-254
HAGERMAN, GLADYS EVELYN                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-375
HAGERTY, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-614
HAGERTY, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-440
HAGERTY, ELLEN F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-186
HAGERTY, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-161
HAGERTY, TIMOTHY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-266
HAGGERTY, ELIZA ANN                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-666
HAGGERTY, LUDLUM H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-416
HAGUE, FREDA LEONARA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-358
HALE, THOMAS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-304
HALETT, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-454
HALL, ELIZABETH RUSSELL                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-91
HALL, MARGARET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-72
HALL, SAMUEL FREDERICK SR.              RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-211
HALLACY, ANITA R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-317
HALLE, EUGENE B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-429
HALLE, WILLIAM W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-155
HALLETT, ESTHER A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-327
HALLIDAY, JAMES H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-4
HALLIDAY, RICHARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-217
HALLOCK, JULIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-567
HALLORAN, JOHN LEWIS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-405
HALLY, MARIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-609
HALTERMANN, HENRY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-415
HALTERMANN, THALIE CAROLINE A. L.       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-101
HAMILTON, CAMILLA E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-436
HAMILTON, EMILY M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-149
HAMMEL, FRANK J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-407
HAMMEN, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-1
HAMMEN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-190
HAMMER, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-53
HAMMER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-455
HAMMOND, DOROTHY E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-98
HANA, RICHARD ALFRED                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-408
HANAN, ALEXIS J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-434
HANCHETT, ROSELY P.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-199
HANITSCH, ELEONORE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-27
HANNEN, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-125
HANNULA, DAISY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-167
HANSEN, ANDERS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-476
HANSEN, HANS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-437
HANSEN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-429
HANSEN, JOHN M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-574
HANSEN, MARGARET ENRIGHT                RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-450
HANSEN, NICOLAI MARCINIUS               RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-166
HANSEN, SIGNA M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-309
HANSEN, SIGNE D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-109
HANSON, SIGNA MARIE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-309
HARANA, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-218
HARCOURT, RICHARD                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-72
HARDEN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-209
HARDING, WILLARD S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-140
HARKINS, GEORGE F. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-47
HARPER, AMY L.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-211
HARPER, JOHN HAY                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-286
HARRINGTON, JEREMIAH                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-274
HARRIS, ANDREW A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-145
HARRIS, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-183
HARRIS, WALTER L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-394
HARRISON, JOHN T.                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-678
HARRISON, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-164
HART, JAMES                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-136
HART, PATRICK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-216
HARTMANN, CARL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-213
HARTNER, MARTHA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-21
HARTNETT, SARAH C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-551
HARTUNG, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-260
HARVEST, WLLIAM JOHN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-295
HARVEY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-143
HARWOOD, RACHEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-31
HARWOOD, RAY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-31
HASKELL, BERTHA G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-5
HASLAM, ERNEST J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-276
HASLEHURST, JAMES W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-152
HATFIELD, JOHN                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-131
HAUGHAWOUT, PETER SR.                   CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-620
HAUGHWOOD, PETER                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-62
HAUGHWOUT, ELENOR                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-767
HAUGHWOUT, ISAAC                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-711
HAUGHWOUT, NICHOLAS                     CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-316
HAUGHWOUT, PETER E.                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-600
HAUGHWOUT, RACHEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-112
HAURAM, ALBERT C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-227
HAVENS, SILAS N.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-93
HAVSTAD, NILS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-573
HAWLEY, GIDEON A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-62
HAWRYLUK, AWAKUM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-274
HAWS, BENJAMIN F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-367
HAXTUN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-463
HAY, WILLIAM                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-349
HAYDOCK, SUSAN MEEKS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-91
HAYER, MATHIAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-122
HAYES, BETSEY M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-404
HAYES, HELEN M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-123
HAYES, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-43-H-8
HAYES, JAMES W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-61
HAYES, LILLIAN TERRASSE                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-580
HAYES, MARIA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-131
HAYES, NEWTON                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-96
HAYES, TIMOTHY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-95
HAYNES, SARAH E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-190
HAYWOOD, BANNER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-407
HAYWOOD, MARIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-130
HAZARD, ROBERT H.                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-264
HEANEY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-250
HEARIN, JAMES THOMAS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-220
HEAVEY, EDWARD R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-670
HECKMAN, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-696
HECTOR, MARY ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-256
HEELY, GEORGE H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-142
HEERBRANDT, EDWARD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-153
HEFFEREN, MARY ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-368
HEFTI, RUDOLPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-235
HEGGARTY, DENNIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-200
HEIL, CAROLINA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-158
HEILBRUN, BETTY MORRISSEY               RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-252
HEIN, KATHARINA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-73
HEINEKEN, MARY L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-498
HEITMANN, MARTHA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-188
HELD, JACOB                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-468
HELD, KATHERINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-422
HELFRICK, TERESA E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-142
HELIKER, MARY                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-981
HENDERSON, JOHN C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-429
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-96
HENNESEY, JAMES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-195
HENNESSY, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-432
HENNESSY, DENNIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-8
HENNESSY, JAMES B.                      MIDDLETOWN                              NY-43-I-542
HENNESSY, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-133
HENRIKSON, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-236
HENRY, JULIET                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-326
HENTZE, MARKUS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-45
HERBERGER, LEO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-529
HERDEN, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-385
HERING, CARL LUDWIG EUGENE              RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-106
HERON, HELEN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-250
HERREL, KATHARINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-191
HERRING, WILHELMINA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-42
HERTTUA, HULDA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-175
HERTZEL, JACOB FREDERICK                NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-215
HESSE, EDWARD H. SR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-384
HETHERINGTON, CATHERINE LANE            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-321
HETTINGER, MARY C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-332
HETZEL, CHRISTIAN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-40
HEWECKER, AUGUST                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-316
HEYER, EDWARD P.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-427
HEYER, WHITEHEAD F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-580
HEYERDAHL, THORWALD                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-184
HIBBERD, JOHN                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-663
HICKS, ALBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-319
HICKS, FRANCIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-237
HICKS, RACHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-61
HIERN, GAY PHILIP                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-156
HIGGINS, ABBY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-251
HIGGINS, DAVID                          TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-I-274
HIGGINS, MARTIN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-366
HIGGINS, WILLIAM T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-269
HIGGINSON, EDYTH GRISWOLD               RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-435
HIGLEY, FRANK E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-375
HILBERT, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-314
HILDEBRAND, EMIL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-569
HILDERBRANDT, ANNA M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-171
HILL, WALTER H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-343
HILLAM, WILLIAM J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-365
HILLS, IRENE M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-244
HILLYER, HESTER                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-47
HILLYER, JOHN                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-228
HILYER, LAWRENCE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-462
HINCKLEY, AVERIC STANDISH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-268
HINZ, CARL J.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-576
HIRSCH, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-89
HITCHCOCK, DANIEL R.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-431
HITCHCOCK, ELECTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-131
HITCHCOCK, MARY A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-351
HITCHIE, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-356
HITCHINGS, ANTHONY E.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-124
HLBERT, CHARLES W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-585
HODGEN, ALEX                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-179
HODGES, ELINER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-297
HODGES, EMILY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-19
HOFF, SUSAN M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-374
HOFFMAN, MARY JOSEPHINE                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-680
HOFFMAN, OTTO LOUIS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-166
HOFFMANN, MIRIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-439
HOFMANN, BARBARA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-182
HOFMANN, CHARLES A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-319
HOFMANN, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-65
HOFSTETTER, CHARLES                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-655
HOHNBACK, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-252
HOLBERT, LEROY LEWIS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-468
HOLDE, DAISY VIRGINIA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-60
HOLLICK, ELEANOR E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-254
HOLMES, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-374
HOLMES, JOSEPH B.                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-851
HOLMES, MARGARET                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-496
HOLMES, MARGARET ELIZA                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-464
HOLOCH, ROBERT F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-355
HOLTKAMP, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-390
HOLTON, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-1
HONAN, MARY A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-457
HONAN, PATRICK J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-397
HONEGGER, ELISE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-479
HONG, LEE SHEE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-534
HOOD, GEORGE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-369
HOOPER, ABRAHAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-463
HOPKINS, SAMUEL E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-88
HOPPES, BLANCHE L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-626
HOPPING, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-434
HORAI, ANDREW J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-309
HORAN, MICHAEL THOMAS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-193
HORAN, PATRICK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-16
HORIGAN, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-414
HORIGAN, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-270
HORN, CORNELIA D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-596
HORRE, ANNE                             CLIFTON                                 NY-43-I-429
HORRMANN, AUGUST                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-397
HORVATH, DANIEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-579
HOSSACK, JOHN D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-444
HOUSEMAN, ALICE C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-495
HOUSEMAN, ELEANOR G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-105
HOUSEMAN, RICHARD                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-468
HOUSMAN, ABRAHAM                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-242
HOUSMAN, ABRAHAM P.                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-357
HOUSMAN, ALFRED                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-31
HOUSMAN, AMOS                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-126
HOUSMAN, ANN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-437
HOUSMAN, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-278
HOUSMAN, JAMES                          STATEN ISLADN                           NY-43-A-275
HOUSMAN, JANE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-430
HOUSMAN, JOANNA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-162
HOUSMAN, JOHN SR.                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-204
HOUSMAN, MARTHA ANN                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-465
HOUSMAN, SAMUEL B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-28
HOWARD, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-484
HOWARTH, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-29
HOWAT, WALTER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-489
HOWELL, MARY ABEEL                      NTL                                     NY-43-E-343
HOWELY, CHARLOTTE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-472
HOWLIN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-154
HOY, ELIZABETH RAEBURN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-199
HOY, JOHN                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-364
HOYT, FRANCES E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-405
HUBBARD, CORNELIA S.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-245
HUBBARD, VAN BUREN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-377
HUBBELL, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-221
HUBER, CHARLOTTE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-392
HUBER, FREDERICK G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-163
HUBERT, BERTHA J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-638
HUBERT, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-92
HUBNER, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-73
HUDAK, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-347
HUDSON,JAMES F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-685
HUEBNER, AUGUSTE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-297
HUESTON, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-477
HUESTON, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-442
HUESTON, LENA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-184
HUFFMAN, HERMINE C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-119
HUGHES, ANNIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-328
HUGHES, ARTHUR SR.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-378
HUGHES, ENEAS                           FACTGORYVILLE                           NY-43-E-394
HUGHES, HARRIET M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-5
HUGHES, JASPER W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-233
HUGHES, JOHN                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-360
HUGHES, STEPHEN D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K- 539
HULNICK, WOLF                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-374
HUMMEL, LOUIS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-409
HUNDEMANN, ANNA MARGARET                RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-410
HUNT, CATHERINE MARIE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-138
HUNT, ELLEN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-195
HUNT, FRANCES M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-445
HUNTER, FRANK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-245
HUNTER, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-355
HUNTER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-94
HUNTINGTON, THOMAS P.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-264
HUNZIKER, SAMUEL                        MIDDLETOWN                              NY-43-I-632
HURLEY, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-429
HURREICK, CARL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-408
HUSS, JACOB                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-709
HUTCHINGS, THORBORG                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-634
HUTH, GEORGE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-369
HUTHOFF, HERMAN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-481
HYDE, ELLA S.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-233
HYDE, PHIIP P.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-117
HYDE, WILLIAM                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-8
HYER, SARAH                             CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-194
IANDIORIO, CARMELA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-295
IANNOTTI, CHRISTINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-556
IHNKEN, EDWARD A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-35
IHNKEN, FREDERICK J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-563
IKIER, WILLIAM C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-85
ILLIANO, GENNARO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-420
IMEZO, BRANY                            RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-82-334
INESHO, BERNARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-334
INGERBROTSEN, ANTON                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-592
INNES, WALTER J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-508
INSLEE, AMELIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-458
IOSUE, LAURA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-414
IPPOLITO, FLORENCE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-490
IREMONGER, FRANCIS W.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-353
IRVING, JANE LOUISE HENDERSON           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-639
IRVING, PIERRE P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-238
ISAACSEN, EDWARD B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-453
JACKSON, ANDRE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-375
JACKSON, FLORENCE M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-117
JACKSON, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-46
JACKSON, NICHOLAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-57
JACKSON, RICHARD                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-146
JACKSON, THOMAS                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-95
JACOB, ELLEN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-149
JACOBS, MARGARET E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-134
JACOBS, SOLOMON                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-356
JACOBSEN, BERNT A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-658
JACOBSEN, JACOB                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-50
JACOBSON, ANN (VANDEVENTER)             STATEN ISLADN                           NY-43-A-198
JACOBSON, BERTHA J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-665
JACOBSON, HELATHY                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-17
JACOBSON, JOHN V. D.                    NTL                                     NY-43-C-1016
JACOBSON, LILLIAN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-340
JACOBY, EDITH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-654
JACOBY, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-317
JACQUES, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-43-H-338
JAEGER, ROSE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-188
JAENICKE, GEORGE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-102
JAKLE, LEWIS                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-9
JAMES, RALPH                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-101
JAMESON, ABIEZOR                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-409
JANIN, OSCAR B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-180
JANSSEN, CLAUS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-60
JANSSEN, GERHARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-229
JANUS, MARTHA F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-252
JASINSKI, WLADYSLAW                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-143
JAZEL, ERNEST                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-210
JEANTET, EMILE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-420
JEMSOAN, THOMAS P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-124
JENKINS, CECIL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-489
JENKINS, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-428
JENKINS, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-471
JENKINS, WILLIAM J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-426
JENKS, CLEMENT C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-722
JEORG, GONG                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-522
JESSUP, GERSHOM P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-479
JESSUP, ISAAC K.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-346
JEWELL, ARABELLA C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-27
JEWETT, GEORGE W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-392
JEWETT, JOHN JR.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-95
JEWETT, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-9
JEWETT, ORVILLE D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-280
JOBES, ELIZABETH E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-471
JOBES, JOHN N.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-314
JOBES, MARY ANN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-239
JOHANNESSEN, HILDA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-557
JOHANSEN, EDWARD T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-532
JOHANSEN, LOUISE MARIE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-512
JOHN, HERMANN A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-582
JOHNSEN, OSCAR                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-512
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-48
JOHNSON, ANNA S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-86
JOHNSON, ARTHUR FREDERICK               RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-32
JOHNSON, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-453
JOHNSON, CHARLES                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1120
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-20
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS W.                   WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-97
JOHNSON, DAVID                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-77
JOHNSON, DORA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-476
JOHNSON, DOWER                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-12
JOHNSON, EDITH E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-43
JOHNSON, ELEONORA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-206
JOHNSON, ELIZA J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-341
JOHNSON, EPHRAIM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-175
JOHNSON, EPHRAIM                        NTL                                     NY-43-C-990
JOHNSON, ESEK R.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-41
JOHNSON, EVA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-380
JOHNSON, FRANK GRANT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-317
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NTL                                     NY-43-I-606
JOHNSON, HENRY                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-291
JOHNSON, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-101
JOHNSON, HOLLINGSWORTH                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-239
JOHNSON, ISRAEL D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-407
JOHNSON, ISRAEL D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-336
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-300
JOHNSON, JAMES                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-15
JOHNSON, JAMES                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-496
JOHNSON, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-239
JOHNSON, JAMES                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1064
JOHNSON, JAMES W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-407
JOHNSON, JESSE                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-510
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-198
JOHNSON, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-405
JOHNSON, JOHN P.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-567
JOHNSON, JOHN WILLIAM                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-338
JOHNSON, JOSHUA HALL                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-18
JOHNSON, LATICIA                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-244
JOHNSON, LAURA W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-50
JOHNSON, LEWIS                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-385
JOHNSON, LOUISE F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-175
JOHNSON, MARTHA                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-379
JOHNSON, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-577
JOHNSON, MARY                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-152
JOHNSON, MARY L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-417
JOHNSON, MAUDE P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-441
JOHNSON, OLIVER T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-379
JOHNSON, WILLIAM TEMPLETON              RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-78
JOHNSON, WINANT                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-265
JOHNSON, WINANT                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-532
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-171
JOHNSTON, MELVILLE M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-420
JOHNSTON, NATHANIEL                     STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-162
JOHNSTONE, BEATRICE F.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-500
JOLINE, BENJAMIN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-260
JOLINE, BENJAMIN F.                     WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-392
JOLINE, CORNELIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-270
JOLINE, DAVID                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-8
JONES, ABRAM                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-24
JONES, AGNES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-360
JONES, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-184
JONES, BARNETT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-300
JONES, BARNT                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1024
JONES, CORNELIUS C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-285
JONES, DANIEL V.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-57
JONES, EDWARD                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-115
JONES, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-464
JONES, EMMA W.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-262
JONES, GARRET F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-118
JONES, HARRY C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-378
JONES, JOHN                             NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-417
JONES, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-145
JONES, JOHN C.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-69
JONES, JOHN H.                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-309
JONES, LYDIA ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-215
JONES, MATTAVIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-76
JONES, SARAH B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-167
JONES, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-390
JONZEN, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-286
JOOST, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-15
JORDAN, BERTHA LOUISE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-514
JORDAN, VIRGINIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-170
JORGEN, HENRI                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-471
JORIN, MATILDA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-545
JORNS, LOUIS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-108
JOSEPH, ANTONIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-212
JOST, FRITZ                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-192
JOURNEAY, ABIGAIL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-442
JOURNEAY, ALBERT                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-54
JOURNEAY, CATHARIE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-123
JOURNEAY, CORNELIUS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-144
JOURNEAY, DAVID                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-425
JOURNEAY, HENDERSON                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-383
JOURNEAY, ISRAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-351
JOURNEAY, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-257
JOURNEAY, JOHN S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-302
JOURNEAY, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-371
JOURNEAY, NICHOLAS                      WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-487
JOURNEAY, SARAH                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-158
JUDGE, MARGARET MARY                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-72
JUNKER, GUSTAV A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-288
JURNEAY, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-309
KACHELREISS, AUGUST                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-397
KAERCHER, THEA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-497
KAHRS, LULU                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-587
KALLEVOLL, MARGRETE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-163
KALTENMEIER, MARGARET                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-103
KAMINSKI, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-378
KANE, FARRELL M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-364
KANE, WINIFRED                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-474
KANUTH, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-141
KAPPES, EMANUEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-62
KARCHER, HERMAN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-79
KARRENBERG, FRITZ                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-385
KASEBY, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-73
KAUFMAN, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-414
KAUFMANN, LOIS K.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-253
KAUPE, S. ELISABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-157
KAVANA, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-217
KEARIN, MARIE V.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-136
KEARNEY, LAURA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-330
KEARNY, ANN L.                          NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-167
KEATING, ARTHUR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-48
KEATING, LORETTA J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-601
KEEGAN, CATHERINE C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-153
KEEHL, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-408
KEELE, EMMA L.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-133
KEELER, MARTHA C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-68
KEELER, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-440
KEELEY, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-138
KEENAN, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-160
KEITHLINE, MARGUERITE M.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-01
KELLER, JOSEPH J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-253
KELLING, FREDERICK A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-38
KELLY, MARGOT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-49
KELLY, MARY ANN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-12
KELSEY, DIANA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-380
KELSEY, WARREN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-32
KEMP, CECELIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-372
KENNEDY, CHARLES FOLEY                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-335
KENNEDY, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-379
KENNEDY, ELMER S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-170
KENNEDY, MARY STEWART                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-616
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-73
KENNEDY, WILLIAM A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-238
KENNISON, JOHN B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-418
KENSEL, ANDREW                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-199
KENTALA, EINE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-556
KENYON, HELEN M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-598
KERCHER, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-392
KERN, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-88
KERR, ELEANOR                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-634
KERR, ELIZABETH C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-161
KESLER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-271
KESTON, HARRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-145
KETELLAS, STEPHEN                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-87
KETELTAS, JOHN S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-203
KETTELLAS, PETER                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-32
KETTLELEY, ANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-131
KETTLETAS, STEPHEN                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-188
KETTLETASH, ELIZEBETH                   SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-182
KEVETKAUSKY, ANDREW                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-220
KEYS, MARY ANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-117
KIBBE, SADIE C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-127
KICINSKI, THOMAS J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-304
KIEFER, ALBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-50
KIELTY, JOHN L. SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-243
KIENLE, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-209
KIENZLE, LOUIS G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-88
KIERAN, MATTHEW F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-153
KILBOURNE, EDITH I.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-282
KILBY, JOHN R.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-1
KILDUFF, KATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-482
KILLMEYER, NICHOLAS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-123
KING, ADOLPH L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-380
KING, HENRY W.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-161
KING, ISABELLA R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-398
KING, JANE                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-327
KING, LYMAN IRVING                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-685
KING, MARGARET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-27
KING, WALTER W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-503
KINGSTON, ELLEN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-334
KINNEY, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-12
KINSEY, ALFRED G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-355
KINSEY, ALFRED M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-242
KINSEY, ELIZABETH                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-531
KINSEY, JEREMIAH                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-149
KINSEY, PHEBE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-640
KIPLOCK, DOROTHY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-569
KIRKWOOD, CHRISTINA FINDLAY             RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-502
KIRSCHNER, ANNA ELIZABETH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-256
KISH, CHARLES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-729
KJALNER, DANIEL FREDERICK               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-287
KLAPP, HENRY                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-184
KLEE, ELIZABETH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-5
KLEEMANN, AGUUSTA A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-437
KLEIMAN, LOUIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-533
KLEIMAN, MOLLIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-569
KLEIN, EDWARD I.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-191
KLEZAN, FRANK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-160
KLOSTERGARD, MARINUS L.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-356
KNECHTEL, ANTHONY F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-708
KNEESHAW, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-222
KNIGHT, CHARLES P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-292
KNORR, ERNEST RUDOLPHUS                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-360
KNUDSEN, GUNNAR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-160
KNUDSEN,E LIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-105
KNUTSEN, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-663
KNUTSEN, KNUT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-523
KOEHLER, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-345
KOELLNER, JOHN H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-454
KOERNER, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-399
KOFOF, CHARLES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-410
KOHLAND, JOHANNES ANTON                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-241
KOHLMANN, AUGUST F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-39
KOHLMANN, GEORGE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-79
KOHNSEN, ALBERT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-88
KOLISCHER, HELENE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-241
KOLZ, HANZINA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-202
KOPF, JOHN P.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-457
KORNREICH, BESSIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-424
KOVACH, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-510
KRAMER, FREDERICK WILLIAM               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-278
KRAUSS, FREDERICKA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-97
KRAUSS, WILLIAM C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-492
KREIGER, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-70
KREIS, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-91
KREISCHER, BALTHASAAR                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-381
KREISCHER, EDWARD B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-331
KRESGE, ISABELLA S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-464
KRESS, MARTIN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-273
KRISKY, EVA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-625
KRITTERSON, NELLY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-128
KROHN, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-113
KROLJIS, LUCY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-623
KRONISH, ARNOLD M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-533
KROYER, LUCY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-623
KRUGER, ABRAHAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-336
KRUGER, ERNEST                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-395
KRUGER, JOHN                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-390
KRUSE, HERMAN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-276
KRUSER, ANN ELIZA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-453
KRUSER, HENRY                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-128
KRUSER, JOHN                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-262
KUBLER, JOHANNA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-200
KUCKS, IDA MARGARET                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-203
KUEBLER, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-53
KUHLES, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-365
KUKUCSKA, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-368
KUNATH, FLORA L                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-710
KUNHARDT, GEORGE E.                     STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-I-410
KUNHARDT, HENRY R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-36
KUNSTLING, DOROTHY LOIS COHAGAN         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-517
KUNTZ, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-297
KUNTZ, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-468
KUSTENMACHER, HERMAN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-310
KUTTRUFF, BONAVENTUR                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-284
KUTTRUFF, BONAVENTURA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-154
KYPER, ANNIE L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-466
KYPKE, THERESA MARIE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-199
LABARBERA, FRANK XAVIER                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-326
LABBATE, FERDINANDA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-381
LABITA, GIUSEPPE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-89
LACKERMAN, ISAAC                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-208
LADEWIG, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-273
LAEMLE, LEHMAN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-318
LAEMMLE, APALONIA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-321
LAFARGE, EVERETT E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-295
LAFORGE, BORNT P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-298
LAFORGE, CATHARINE A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-223
LAFORGE, CHARLES                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-892
LAFORGE, CORNELIUS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-296
LAFORGE, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-20
LAFORGE, HENRY S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-203
LAFORGE, ISRAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-267
LAFORGE, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-104
LAFORGE, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-576
LAFORGE, JAMES SR.                      WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-815
LAFORGE, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-347
LAFORGE, JOHN                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-117
LAFORGE, JOHN                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1083
LAFORGE, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-398
LAFORGE, JOHN D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-480
LAFORGE, JOHN L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-385
LAFORGE, MARY A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-394
LAFORGE, PETER                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-59
LAFORGE, RICHARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-75
LAFRENZ, HANS R. K.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-445
LAFURGE, DAVID                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-125
LAGANS, GREGORIO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-47
LAHEY, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-297
LAIDLAW, GERALD S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-601
LAIDLAW, MARGARET M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-177
LAKATOS, JOHN SR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-524
LAKE, ANN M.                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-283
LAKE, ARTHUR G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-111
LAKE, CATHARINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-270
LAKE, DANIEL                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-947
LAKE, DANIEL                            NTL                                     NY-43-A-59
LAKE, DANIEL SR.                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-352
LAKE, ELIZA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-139
LAKE, HANNAH J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-359
LAKE, JANE J.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-367
LAKE, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-358
LAKE, JOHN W.                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-702
LAKE, JOSEPH                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-474
LAKE, JOSEPH                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-289
LAKE, JOSEPH                            NTL                                     NY-43-B-582
LAKE, JOSEPH                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-169
LAKE, JOSEPH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-416
LAKE, JOSEPH ***                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-531
LAKE, JOSEPH SR.                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-190
LAKE, MARY                              NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-207
LAKE, MARY A.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-128
LAKE, OZIAS ANSLEY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-596
LAKE, PATIENCE                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-64
LAKE, SARAH                             NTL                                     NY-43-A-112
LAKE, WILLIAM                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-314
LAKERMAN, JOHN                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-191
LAKERMAN, NATHANIEL                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-262
LAKERMAN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NY-43-A-324
LAMBERT, FREDERICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-192
LAMBERT, HONORA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-350
LAMBERT, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-215
LAMBERTI, RAFAELO RALPH                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-571
LANDECKER, EDWARD V.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-287
LANDIN, REBECCA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-465
LANDIS, ELLEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-401
LANG, DOROTHEA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-204
LANG, JACQUES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-378
LANGBORGH, VICTOR W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-290
LANGE, META                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-12
LANGFORD, CHARLES J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-329
LANGTON, MATTHEW                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-382
LANGTON, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-103
LANGTON, REBECCA M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-323
LANSBURGH, SIMON                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-248
LANZA, RITA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-211
LAPIQUE, EMILIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-397
LAPORTA, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-142
LARC, ANGELA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-337
LARKE, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-291
LARKIN, JOHN                            CLIFTON                                 NY-43-I-539
LARKIN, JOSEPH B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-317
LAROSA, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-11
LAROSA, ROSALIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-128
LARSEN, AMALIE A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-241
LARSEN, EDITH M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-338
LARSEN, ETHEL C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-251
LARSEN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-520
LARSEN, KAREN ARIANSEN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-25
LARSEN, ROSELYN F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-170
LARSON, LARS J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-95
LARZELEAR, CATHARINE                    WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-812
LARZELERE, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     NY-43-A-245
LATAVERNIER, JACQUES ANDRE              SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-469
LATORETTE, JAMES                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-146
LATOURETTE, CATHARINE A.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-453
LATOURETTE, DAVID                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-425
LATOURETTE, DAVID                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-391
LATOURETTE, KAMILA K.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-277
LATOURETTE, PAUL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-271
LATOURETTE, STEPHEN                     WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-160
LATOURETTE, WILLIAM S.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-169
LATOURRETTE, HENRY                      FRESH KILL                              NY-43-A-106
LATOURRETTE, MARY                       NOT RECORDED                            NY-43-G-21
LAUBENHEIMER, CAROLINE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-446
LAVAUD, ARNAUD J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-239
LAWLESS, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-185
LAWLESS, LETITIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-380
LAWRENCE, ALICE MAY                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-76
LAWTON, ELIZA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-257
LEA, MARY ELEANOR                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-354
LEAHY, JAMES JOSEPH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-1
LEAHY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-314
LECCE, ANTHONY A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-219
LEDERLE, CLARA J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-30
LEDERLE, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-79
LEDERMAN, ALBERT I.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-648
LEDERMAN, EDWARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-534
LEDUC, ALEXANDER S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-187
LEE, MILDRED NICHOLS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-390
LEEDECKE, ABBY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-627
LEHN, JACOB                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-44
LEHN, MATTHEW W. G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-398
LEHN, PHILIP                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-402
LEIB, WILLIE L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-130
LEIBE, JOHANN CARL H.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-429
LEMPERLE, WALTER E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-241
LENDZIAN, AUGUST W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-259
LENHART, JOHN L.                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-583
LENTING, ANNA MARGARETHE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-379
LENTING, FREDERICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-42
LENZ, LILLIAN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-336
LENZNER, JOHANNES ALBIN                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-612
LEONTI, CANDIDA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-591
LEQUESNE, CLEMENT J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-292
LESCH, CARL F.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-145
LESICA, KATHERINE M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-630
LESTRANGE, JOHN J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-165
LEVENTHAL, PHILIP                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-361
LEVENTHAL, SARAH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-330
LEVINE, MORRIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-396
LEVINSON, LOUIS I.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-459
LEVY, MAX                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-94
LEVY, SARAH                             STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-E-139
LEW, JOHN B.                            MIDDLETOWN                              NY-43-I-580
LEW, MARGARET                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-48
LEWIS, DAVID C.                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-98
LEWIS, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-327
LEWIS, ISAAK                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-164
LEWIS, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-43-A-5
LEWIS, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-276
LEWIS, JAMES                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-43
LEWIS, JAMES W.                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-615
LEWIS, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-274
LEWIS, LYDIA                            NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-H-217
LEWIS, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-255
LEWISKI, ROWAN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-116
LEYH, MAE                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-617
LIBBY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-107
LICHTENBERG, CHARLES                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-66
LIDNSEY, HARRIET A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-263
LIEBE, SOPHIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-38
LIEDY, EMMA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-293
LIND, ANNA MARIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-173
LINDBERG, ANNA S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-86
LINDENBERGER, JOHN M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-175
LINDSAY, KATHERINE L.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-62
LINGG, HENRY J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-49
LISK, BELLA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-238
LISK, CATHARINE                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1086
LISK, JOHN                              NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-86
LISK, JOHN A.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-292
LISK, THOMAS                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-146
LISKIEWICZ, STANLEY E.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-49
LIST, FRED D. JR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-527
LITKENHOUS, HENRY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-360
LITTELL, ELENOR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-291
LITTLEFIELD, LILLIAN R.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-1
LIVERSIDGE, JOHN EDWARD                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-564
LIVINGSTON, CARROLL                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-519
LIVINGSTON, CORNELIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-396
LJIENGSTEN, CHARLES                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-312
LOBAT, ANTHONY SR.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-486
LOCKER, ABRAHAM                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1050
LOCKER, KITTY                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-91
LOCKER, SAMUEL                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-849
LOCKERMAN, ANN                          NTL                                     NY-43-B-646
LOCKERMAN, ISAAC                        NTL                                     NY-43-B-540
LOCKERMAN, SAMUEL                       NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-43-B-835
LOCKHART, GEORGE PURDY                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-422
LOCKMAN, CAHTARINE                      WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-503
LOCKMAN, LOUISA JANE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-274
LOCKWOOD, LEONARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-18
LOEFFLER, ALEXANDER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-331
LOEHR, FREDERICK C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-356
LOESENBECK, MARTHA A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-348
LOFTUS, KATHRYN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-573
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-43-A-322
LOMAS, SAMUEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-384
LOMBARDO, ANDREW                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-535
LONERGAN, CHRISTINA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-259
LONERGAN, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-511
LONG, ANNIE V.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-56
LONG, MAIE F.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-346
LORENZ, CHARLES M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-276
LORIGAN, PATRICK D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-25
LORINCE, STEVE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-232
LORUSSO, MICHELE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-256
LOSASSO, CARMELLO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-466
LOTT, FLORENCE VIOLA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-269
LOUGLAS, GLADYS LILLIAN ANDERSON        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-201
LOUIS, ETIENNE                          NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-420
LOVATT, ELLEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-94
LOVE, ALBERT A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-313
LOVE, EDWARD THOMAS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-105
LOVELAND, SAMUEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-41
LOVELL, MAE DAVIDSON                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-248
LOVELL, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-84
LOW, CAROLINE E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-287
LOW, DANIEL                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-88
LOW, EVELINA E. B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-223
LOWERY, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-16
LOWRY, CAROLINE T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-66
LOYD, ANN MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-75
LOZIER, MARTHA L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-667
LRUSSO, VITO                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-108
LUBAK, VICTORIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-103
LUBIN, MARYA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-167
LUBOWITZ, IRVING                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-146
LUCCHESI, UMBERTO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-171
LUCEY, JOHN KING                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-75
LUDAMANN, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-253
LUDLOW, STEPHEN K.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-345
LUDWIG, AMELIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-191
LUKAWSKI, JOSEPHINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-312
LULING, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-213
LUNDIN, OTTO P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-606
LUNT, CATHARINE DUNBARN                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-423
LUNT, HERBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-131
LUPARI, ANNA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-661
LUPO, GIUSEPPE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-209
LUPTON, THOMAS C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-168
LUSCOMB, HENRY                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-568
LUSCOMBE, FANNY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-149
LUSH, REBECCA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-511
LUTZ, DOROTHEA MARIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-226
LUTZ, JOSEPH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-149
LUYSTER, ABRAHAM R.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-74
LUYSTER, ELBERT                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-969
LUYSTER, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-443
LYDDON, BENJAMIN G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-628
LYMAN, ELIZA D.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-277
LYMAN, JOHN H.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-360
LYMAN, JOSEPHINE M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-277
LYMAN, WILLIAM                          CLIFTON                                 NY-43-H-103
LYNCH, ALMA F.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-461
LYNCH, GRACE M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-19
LYNCH, JAMES THOMAS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-722
LYNCH, MICHAEL V.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-103
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-472
LYON, ANNAETTE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-155
LYONS, ROBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-215
MACDONALD, ALEXANDER R.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-369
MACDONALD, HELEN M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-113
MACDONALD, WILLIAM J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-325
MACFARLAND, ALEXANDER                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-149
MACIASEK, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-10
MACKAY, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-579
MACKAY, WILLIAM H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-509
MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-479
MACKENZIE, RANALD S.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-57
MACKIN, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-262
MADDEN, HENRY J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-214
MADIGAN, ETHEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-388
MADJAR, VALEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-593
MADSEN, BETZY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-526
MAERTNER, BARBARA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-577
MAGDALEN, CATHERINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-593
MAGEE, DANIEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-333
MAGEE, ELLEN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-67
MAGEE, JOHN                             CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-55
MAGEE, JOHN V.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-322
MAGEE, WILLIAM L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-260
MAGER, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-373
MAGGE, VINCENZA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-492
MAGNOTTI, ALPHONSE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-619
MAGNQUI, ANTHONY A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-68
MAGROTTI, MARIA CARMELLA                RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-540
MAGUIRE, DOMINICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-128
MAHL, BARBARA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-57
MAHMERS, HENRY W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-115
MAHNKEN, DANIEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-88
MAHNKERN, ANNA MARIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-57
MAHONY, JEREMIAH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-72
MAIDT, FREDERICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-588
MAISCH, GENEVIEVE FISLER                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-1
MAKEE, JOHN                             SEE: MAGEE, JOHN                        NY-43-E-55
MAKLAKIEWICZ, SOPHIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-256
MALLERD, SAMUEL                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-313
MALLET, AUGUSTE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-64
MALONE, JOHN                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-H-425
MALTBY, HORACE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-376
MAMMALITI, ROSE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-11
MAMMOLITO, GIROLAMO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-75
MAMMOLITO, ROSA MARIE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-500
MANCE, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-58
MANDY, CROWELL                          NTL                                     NY-43-H-455
MANEE, ABRAHAM                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-916
MANEE, PETER                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-235
MANEE, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-313
MANEE, WILLIAM C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-90
MANG, CHARLES J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-63
MANG, LENA KERN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-55
MANGAN, WILLIAM J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-302
MANGERUGA, MICHAEL                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-283
MANGIAPONE, PAOLO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-177
MANGO, PHILIP                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-593
MANKIEWICZ, ALEKSANDRA                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-511
MANLEY, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-1
MANN, CHARLES A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-441
MANNER, ISAAC                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-99
MANNION, JOHN T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-282
MANNION, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-273
MANSKE, LEO P.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-324
MARANO, JOE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-112
MARCHESE, NATALIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-515
MARCHI, ALINA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-690
MARCHICA, FRANCES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-543
MARCINKOWSKI, WLADYSLAW                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-21
MARCK, ADAM                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-144
MARCK, MARIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-237
MARCO, GENNARO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-204
MARCOVECCHIO, ALFONSO                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-29
MARCUS, LEON ROBERT                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-208
MARDOVANECY, MICHAEL                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-410
MARGARELLA, ANTONIO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-245
MARGULIES, SADIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-437
MARHEINEKE, WALTER H.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-131
MARIANI, ANDREW L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-415
MARINELLI, ANTHONY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-449
MARINELLI, CONCETTA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-537
MARION, PETER E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-269
MARKERT, EDWIN D. C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-455
MARKEY, BERNARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-118
MARKEY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-336
MARKEY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-372
MARKEY, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-420
MARKOFF, KEVO                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-201
MARKS, MEYERS                           NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-389
MARONEY, MARGARET                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-224
MARONEY, TIMOTHY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-9
MAROTTA, BALDASSARE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-369
MAROTTA, GABRIEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-617
MARRONE, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-192
MARROW, ADOLPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-692
MARSH, RICHARD                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-955
MARSHAL, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-144
MARSHALL, ABRAHAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-554
MARSHALL, CATHARINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-158
MARSHALL, JOHN SR.                      WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-906
MARSHALL, MINNIE C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-74
MARSHALL, PHEBE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-36
MARSHEL, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-426
MARSHEL, LAWRENCE                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1099
MARTIN, ARAUNAH R. (REV.)               CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-167
MARTIN, GEORGE C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-174
MARTIN, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-463
MARTIN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-237
MARTIN, SARAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-475
MARTIN, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-232
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-495
MARTINE, CORNELIUS                      SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-148
MARTINI, FRANK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-428
MARTINICO, EMILIO M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-349
MARTINO, BENJAMIN                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-898
MARTINO, BENJAMIN                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-576
MARTINO, CORNELIUS                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-871
MARTINO, CORNELIUS                      SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-408
MARTINO, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-438
MARTINO, STEPHEN                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-820
MARTINO, STEPHEN                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-220
MARTLING, ABRAHAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-605
MARTLING, ABRAHAM B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-246
MARTLING, DEBORAH M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-221
MARTLING, GARRET                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-249
MARTLING, HARRIET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-46
MARTLING, JOHN                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-232
MARTLING, JOHN G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-97
MARTLING, JOHN J.                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-569
MARTUCCIO, PALMIERO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-524
MARX, JOHN FERDINAND EMILIUS            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-561
MASCHELLA, VINCENZO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-372
MASON, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-78
MASSA, WILLIAM J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-588
MASSARI, MARION V.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-645
MASSETTI,F ILOMENA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-682
MASTERTON, GRACE M. B.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-202
MASTROGIACOMO, IMMACOLATE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-50
MATHIASEN, THEODOR                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-236
MATHIS, ROSINE EMILIE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-253
MATTEI, FRANCIS S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-670
MATTHES, FANNIE E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-675
MATTHIAS, LOUISA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-222
MATTHIUS, JOHN H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-348
MATTSON, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-99
MATUSIAK, VINCENT                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-643
MAUERBERGER, HUGO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-112
MAULER, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-460
MAURAN, MARTHA                          NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-82
MAUTNER, RUDOLPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-125
MAXWELL, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-596
MAYER, GABRIEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-316
MAYERS, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-424
MAYES, JESSIE T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-391
MAYO, JOHN HENRY FITZHUGH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-290
MAZZEO, ANTONIO J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-267
MCADAMS, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-315
MCALPINE, WILLIAM J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-27
MCARDLE, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-5
MCARDLE, OWEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-294
MCARTY, MATILDA DE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-56
MCAULIFFE, CHARLES H. C.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-87
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-254
MCCABE, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-37
MCCALLION, JAMES V.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-206
MCCALLION, PATRICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-175
MCCANLESS, WILLIAM L.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-349
MCCANN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-211
MCCARTHY, CATHARINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-132
MCCARTHY, CHARLES A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-642
MCCARTHY, DENIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-358
MCCARTHY, FLORENCE JOSEPH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-498
MCCARTHY, JAMES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-249
MCCARTHY, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-169
MCCLEESE, JAMES                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-119
MCCLELLAND, JAMES W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-399
MCCLINTOCK, GEORGE H.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-651
MCCOLGAN, JOHN P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-266
MCCORMICK, ALICE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-495
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-229
MCCREADY, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-102
MCCREADY, WILLIAM J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-213
MCCRORY, ROBERT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-92
MCCRUM, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-40
MCCUE, JAMES P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-363
MCCULLOUGH, EDWARD C.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-651
MCCUNNIN, ROSE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-271
MCCURDY, JAMES WILLIAM                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-465
MCDERMOTT, JAMES J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-585
MCDONALD, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-5
MCDONALD, MARY ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-234
MCDONALD, PETER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-174
MCDONNELL, MICHAEL                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-493
MCDONOUGH, PETER                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-136
MCDOWELL, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-295
MCDOWELL, NOAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-193
MCELLIGOTT, DOMINIC C.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-644
MCELROY, MAY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-161
MCENEANEY, OWEN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-108
MCENEARNEY, HELEN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-417
MCENTEE, BRIDGET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-8
MCEVERS, JANE E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-284
MCEVOY, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-18
MCEWAN, ROBERT A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-298
MCGETTRICK, FLORENCE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-601
MCGHAN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-507
MCGIMPSEY, ROBERT                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-126
MCGINLEY, ROGER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-356
MCGINLEY, ROGER T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-329
MCGINN, ALOYSIUS T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-598
MCGINNESS, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-17
MCGIRR, ROSE C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-447
MCGOUGH, AMY H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-527
MCGOVERN, JOHN T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-42
MCGOVERN, JOSEPH F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-318
MCGOVERN, MICHAEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-235
MCGOVERN, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-11
MCGOWAN, EILEEN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-352
MCGOWAN, JOHN A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-595
MCGRATH, HUGH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-345
MCGUIGAN, JAMES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-408
MCGUINNESS, MARY T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-526
MCGUIRE, CORNELIUS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-293
MCGUIRK, PETER F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-52
MCGUIRK, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-436
MCKAW, JANE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-293
MCKEE, ROBERT T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-59
MCKENIE, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-291
MCKENNA, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-87
MCKEONE, HUGH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-331
MCKERNAN, TERENCE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-98
MCKINNON, WILLIAM A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-242
MCLAUGHLIN, ELIZABETH                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-425
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-305
MCLAUGHLIN, MARY E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-7
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-386
MCLEAN, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-272
MCLEAN, ANN                             SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-439
MCLEAN, AUGUSTUS DE P.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-12
MCLEAN, CORNELIUS                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-397
MCLEAN, ISABELLA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-65
MCLEAN, LYDIA ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-393
MCLEAN, REBECCA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-448
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-112
MCLEARY, JUSTIN E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-212
MCLYMON, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-113
MCMAHON, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-362
MCMANUS, JOHN FRANCIS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-46
MCMULLEN, GEORGE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-228
MCMUNN, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-456
MCNALLY, GERTRUDE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-691
MCNALLY, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-236
MCNAMARA, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-109
MCNAMEE, EMELINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-144
MCNAMEE, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-326
MCNEISH, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-275
MCNEISH, JOHN                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-G-84
MCNIESH, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-301
MCNULTY, HUGH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-16
MCOY, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-434
MCPARLAND, MARY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-542
MCQUADE, FRANCIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-181
MCQUADE, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-304
MCQUADE, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-362
MCQUIRK, JANE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-165
MCSHANE, THOMAS J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-483
MCSORE, THOMAS A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-119
MCSORLEY, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-469
MCSORLEY, PATRICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-437
MCSORLEY, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-264
MCSWAIN, VINCENT                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-177
MCTARNNEY, BERNARD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-186
MCVEIGH, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-287
MCVEIGH, JAMES W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-39
MCVEIGH, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-456
MEACHEM, JOSEPH R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-642
MEAD, JAMES J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-239
MEALY, THOMAS F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-266
MEANS, JULIA A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-58
MEARS, ARTHUR F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-233
MECKE, EDWARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-228
MEDWAY, ALBERT E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-689
MEERUM-TERWOGT, ELIZABETH AMELIA        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-271
MEISSNER, HELENA E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-173
MELLIN, GEORGE E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-189
MELVILLE, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-443
MENDELL, MARY S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-558
MENIG, ANNA MAE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-100
MENIKE, JULIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-303
MENKEN, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-97
MENNDEY, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-270
MENZ, HEDWIG EMMA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-477
MERCER, SOPHIA L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-310
MERCEREAU, JACOB                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-292
MERIQUET, ELISABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-158
MERREL, MARY                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-30
MERRELL, ABRAHAM                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-510
MERRELL, ABRAHAM R.                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-463
MERRELL, ANN                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-388
MERRELL, DANIEL                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-393
MERRELL, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-226
MERRELL, JOHN                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-753
MERRELL, JOHN A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-10
MERRELL, JOHN T.                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-106
MERRELL, JULIA A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-634
MERRELL, LAMBERT                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1010
MERRELL, LYON                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-683
MERRELL, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-346
MERRELL, PHEBE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-1
MERRELL, RICHARD L.                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-278
MERRELL, STEPHEN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-394
MERRELL, THOMAS                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-260
MERRELL, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-440
MERRILL, CHARLES D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-135
MERRILL, JAMES W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-407
MERRILL, JOSEPH S.                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-181
MERRY, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-283
MERSEREAU, ALFRED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-114
MERSEREAU, CORNELIUS B.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-326
MERSEREAU, DANIEL                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-194
MERSEREAU, DANIEL                       NTL                                     NY-43-H-1
MERSEREAU, DAVID ESQ.                   NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-95
MERSEREAU, DEBORAH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-102
MERSEREAU, ELIZA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-246
MERSEREAU, GEORGE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-383
MERSEREAU, ISAAC W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-363
MERSEREAU, JOHN W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-135
MERSEREAU, JOSEPH W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-380
MERSEREAU, LOUISA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-433
MERSEREAU, MARY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-420
MERSEREAU, MARY L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-307
MERSEREAU, PETER                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-267
MERSEREAU, SOPHIA JANE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-238
MERSEREAU, SUSAN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-49
MERSERVEAU, ANN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-410
MERZ, ERNEST O.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-632
MESEREAU, CORNELIUS                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-544
MESEREAU, JACOB                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-437
MESEREAU, JOHN                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-484
MESEREAU, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-43-C-919
MESEREAU, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-429
MESEREAU, JOHN T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-463
MESIER, JAMES W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-448
MESIER, JOSHUA                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-554
MESSINA, JOSEPH A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-452
MESSINA, MARIETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-547
MESSINA, NICHOLAS J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-145
METCALFE, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-468
METCALFE, GEORGE                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-998
METCALFE, HENRY B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-449
METHFESSEL, ANTHON G.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-138
METHFESSEL, LAURA ADELHEID              RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-300
METZ, HERMANN H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-289
METZGER, CHARLES F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-121
METZLER, JULIANNA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-407
MEUCCI, ANTONIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-471
MEUNER, AUGUST WILLIAM HERMAN           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-69
MEURER, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-214
MEYER, ADOLF                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-425
MEYER, ANNE CHARLOTTE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-35
MEYER, AUGUSTA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-387
MEYER, CATHARINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-122
MEYER, CHRISTIAN                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-360
MEYER, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-113
MEYER, EVA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-155
MEYER, GEORGE JULIUS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-405
MEYER, HERMANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-209
MEYER, HERMANN H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-286
MEYER, LOUIS H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-222
MEYER, MARGARETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-146
MEYER, WILLIAM A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-531
MEYER,E DITH BASSETT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-101
MEYERS, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-117
MEYROWICH, NATHAN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-163
MICELI, CARMELLA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-299
MICHAELIS, CAROLENA M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-366
MICHEALL, MARY                          NTL                                     NY-43-D-239
MICHEAU, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-96
MICHEAU, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-202
MICHEAU, PAUL                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-387
MICHEAU, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-43-B-609
MICHEL, ELISE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-399
MICHEL, MINNIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-441
MIDDLETON, FANNY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-304
MIDGLEY, GEORGINA M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-583
MILANO, LOUIS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-279
MILANO, PETER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-199
MILKO, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-615
MILLAR, HERBERT P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-669
MILLE, ANDREW                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-61
MILLEN, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-411
MILLEN, MARTHA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-163
MILLER, AGNES V.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-217
MILLER, ANNA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-412
MILLER, CARL H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-756
MILLER, CAROLINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-83
MILLER, CHRISTINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-461
MILLER, ELIZABETH E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-29
MILLER, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-389
MILLER, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-37
MILLER, HENRY                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-909
MILLER, HENRY JR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-30
MILLER, JOHN E.                         TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-G-137
MILLER, LILLIAN F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-426
MILLER, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-140
MILLER, PETER                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-587
MILLER, PHEBE E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-147
MILLETT, EUGENE F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-316
MILLNER, CLARE A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-581
MILLS, CALVERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-475
MILLSPAUGH, DEBORAH B.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-288
MILNES, MARK T. SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-5
MILWARD, JAMES P. CHARLES               RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-83
MINAGH, JANE                            NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-H-35
MINAGH, JANE                            NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-H-478
MINAGH, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-43-H-162
MINOGUE, ROSE ELIZABETH                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-587
MINOGUE, THOMAS R. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-115
MINORE, GIACOMA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-226
MINOTTI, JOSEPHINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-184
MINTZ, BERTHA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-432
MIRO, GAETANO                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-463
MIRUS, GERHARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-603
MISKIEWICZ, JOHN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-335
MITCHEL, MARGARET WALKER                RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-466
MITCHELL, EDWIN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-331
MITCHELL, ELVINA F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-124
MOCCIA, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-94
MODZELEWSKI, WLADISLAW                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-49
MOERLIUS, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-140
MOERLIUS, DOROTHY ANN                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-512
MOFFATT, DELIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-84
MOFFATT, THOMAS C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-260
MOHR, ANNA JEANETTE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-90
MOHR, FREDERICK JOHN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-137
MOK, MINNA H.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-700
MOLLAN, ARTHUR                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-323
MOLOENAR, DAVID A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-550
MOLONEY, PATRICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-432
MON, JULIA M.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-159
MONDAY, NICHLAS                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-302
MONOHAN, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-170
MONTGOMERY, ELIZA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-337
MONTGOMERY JAMES JR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-390
MONY, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-187
MOONEY, JANE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-206
MOONEY, MARY E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-289
MOONEY, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-84
MOONEY, MORGAN D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-287
MOONEY, RICHARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-255
MOORE, CATHERINE ELIZA                  NTL                                     NY-43-H-275
MOORE, CHRISTIAN J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-457
MOORE, DANIEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-288
MOORE, DANIEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-366
MOORE, DAVID                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-36
MOORE, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-43-I-120
MOORE, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-112
MOORE, HARRIET G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-15
MOORE, ISAAC                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-113
MOORE, JAMES WALTER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-447
MOORE, LYDIA A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-451
MOORE, MAGARETTA E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-358
MOORE, MARGARETTA G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-388
MOORE, MARY ELIZA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-205
MOORE, MARY LOUISE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-599
MOORE, RICHARD H.                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-528
MOORE, THOMAS W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-462
MOORE, VIRGINIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-164
MOORE, WILLIAM G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-199
MORAN, JOHN G.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-211
MORAN, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-245
MORECK, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-77
MOREN,A NNA ANTOINETTE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-418
MORGAN, BERNARD OR BARNEY               RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-221
MORGAN, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-415
MORGAN, CHARLES                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-78
MORGAN, JANE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-69
MORGAN, JESSE                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-51
MORGAN, JESSE                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-251
MORGAN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-184
MORGAN, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-12
MORGAN, MARY D.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-367
MORGAN, SIDNEY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-327
MORGAN, SUSANNAH                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-128
MORGAN, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-8
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-472
MORING, HENRY EDWARD                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-262
MORISON, MARY ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-161
MORLEY, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-82
MORONI, BRYAN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-583
MORRIS, CATHERINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-463
MORRIS, DAVID                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-346
MORRIS, ELIZABETH W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-417
MORRIS, GLADYS V.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-715
MORRIS, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-366
MORRIS, JANET COOK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-630
MORRIS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-281
MORRIS, JULIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-65
MORRIS, MARGARET M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-302
MORRIS, MARY F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-250
MORRIS, SARAH WENDELL                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-171
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-463
MORRISON, STELLA B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-207
MORTON, DAVID                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-130
MOSCATO, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-544
MOSELEY, JESSE D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-301
MOSKOWITZ, ABRAHAM                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-344
MOSS, WILLIAM B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-601
MOXHAM, EMILY MILDRED                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-471
MOZER, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-20
MUCCIAARDI, ALBERT                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-309
MUCKE, ERNEST                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-226
MULCAHY, ROGER J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-1
MULHOLLAND, HUGH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-338
MULLAN, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-223
MULLER, ARTHUR E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-476
MULLER, NICHOLAS JR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-116
MULLER, NOTHBURGER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-309
MULLICH, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-125
MULLIGAN, CATHERINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-245
MULLIGAN, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-33
MULLIGAN, MICHAEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-449
MULOKEY, SOPHIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-256
MULVEY, LUCILLE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-174
MUNDY, EDWARD C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-127
MUNDY, FRANKLIN CROWELL                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-523
MUNDY, LAURA J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-145
MUNROE, ELLEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-235
MUNROE, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-132
MUNTZ, CATHERINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-583
MURPHY, AGNES G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-565
MURPHY, CHARLES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-50
MURPHY, CHRISTOPHER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-411
MURPHY, ELIZABETH A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-567
MURPHY, FRANCES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-32
MURPHY, MARION P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-132
MURPHY, MARTIN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-455
MURPHY, MAUDE D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-80
MURPHY, MICHAE J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-723
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-268
MURRAY, CAITING JOSEPH                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-326
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-257
MURRAY, FLOYD W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-354
MURRAY, JAMES                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-214
MURRAY, JOHN WILLIAM                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-445
MURTAGH, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-405
MURTAGH, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-146
MUSIC, NICOLETTA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-323
MUSONE, ROSE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-542
MUTSCHLER, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-99
MUTSCHLER, PAUL A. F.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-130
MYERS, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-143
NADER, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-338
NADLER, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-404
NAESS, ARTHUR                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-62
NAESS, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-224
NAGENGAST, FRANCISCA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-402
NAGENGAST, FREDERICK                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-287
NAGENGAST, JOSEPH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-488
NALWASKY, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-369
NAPLES, ALOYSIUS F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-557
NAPLES, MARY MAE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-546
NAPOLI, HELEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-87
NARGI, LORENZO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-589
NASELLA, ANNA C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-205
NASTA, JOHN A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-208
NASTA, MARIA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-387
NAUERT, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-138
NEARY, BERNARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-461
NEARY, ROSETTA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-288
NECKER, SUSANNA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-29
NEEB, HENRY CHRISTIAN                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-180
NEELEN, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-327
NEIL, HELEN M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-341
NEILSON, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-448
NELAN, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-531
NELLER, BERTHA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-288
NELSEN, HAUNE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-584
NELSON, ALFRED                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-184
NELSON, JAMES C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-312
NELSON, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-361
NELSON, JOHN RALSTON                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-304
NELSON, MABEL W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-182
NELSON, NELLIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-128
NELSON, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-371
NESMITH, JONAHAN W.                     PROVIDENCE, PROVIDENCE, RI              NY-43-G-241
NESPOLE, ANTHONY J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-88
NESTOR, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-535
NEUBOURG, MAURICE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-333
NEUMANN, EMILIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-267
NEUMANN, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-338
NEWBOLD, MARIE LOUISEGRIBBIN            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-385
NEWBURY, JAMES A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-422
NEWELL, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-304
NEWELL, KIRK B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-41
NEWHORT, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-471
NEWMAN, EVA VICTORIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-604
NEWMAN, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-128
NEWTON, NATHAN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-306
NEWTON, VIRGINIA ANDERSON               RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-361
NICHOLLS, HARRY E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-547
NICHOLSON, MARY BELLA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-425
NICOLL, EDWARD HOLLAND                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-348
NIELSEN, PAULA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-544
NIEMANN, LUDWIG                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-200
NILSEN, HELMER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-142
NISBET, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-565
NOBLE, SUSAN C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-531
NOCHER, ANNA MARIA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-477
NOCK, GEORGE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-66
NOCK, MARIA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-116
NOLA, JEAN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-32
NOLAN, ELIZABETH JANE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-359
NOLAN, HUGH                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-343
NOLAN, PETER                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-164
NOLAN, SUSAN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-218
NOLEN, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-402
NONNI, RAFFAELLA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-125
NOONAN, JAMES F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-186
NOONAN, MARY A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-53
NOONAN, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-351
NORDENHOLT, MARGUERITE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-679
NORDMEYER, JOHN A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-648
NORRIS, JAMES M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-546
NORRIS, MARY E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-42
NORTON, ECKSTEIN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-210
NORTON, LIONEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-434
NORTON, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-116
NORVELL, JANNETTE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-481
NORVELL, MARTHA H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-66
NORVELL, MARY L                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-179
NOVEY, ANTHONY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-492
NUGENT, MAURICE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-178
NUZZO, LEONORA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-519
NYGREN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-224
OAKELY, NATHANIEL                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-594
OAKLEY, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-437
OAKLEY, ISAREL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-922
OAKLEY, JESSE                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-120
OAKLEY, JOHN O.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-234
OAKLEY, JULIA A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-65
OBRIEN, CATHERINE F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-262
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-233
OBRIEN, JULIA V.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-57
OBRIEN, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-313
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-363
OBRIEN, MORRIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-160
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-60
OCALLAGHAN, DENNIS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-195
OCCIMIO, CEASAR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-348
OCKERSHAUSEN, ADOLPHUS F.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-308
OCKERSHAUSEN, MARY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-87
OCONNELL, DANIEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-322
OCONNELL, HAROLD J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-655
OCONNELL, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-398
OCONNOR, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-52
OCONNOR, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-411
OCONNOR, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-401
OCONNOR, JOHN B. A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-318
OCONNOR, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-23
OCONNOR, MAY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-643
OCONNR, MAURICE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-431
OCOVIGE, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-142
ODONNELL, FRANCIS V.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-52
ODOWD, BERNARD D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-16
OEHLMANN, MARIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-290
OGDEN, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-168
OGDEN, DAVID                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-68
OGILVIE, WILLIAM H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-83
OGORMAN, THOMAS F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-633
OGRADY, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-451
OHAGEN, GILBERT J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-202
OHALLORAN, PATRICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-292
OHANLON, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-404
OHARA, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-372
OHARE, OWEN                             NTL                                     NY-43-H-448
OHNSORG, WILLIAM F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-493
OINA, SAMUEL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-576
OLEARY, ARTHUR                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-164
OLEARY, MINNIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-207
OLLIFF, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-425
OLMSTEAD, JOHN A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-408
OLMSTED, CHARLES CAMERON                RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-505
OLSEN, ANDREW J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-199
OLSEN, ANNIE C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-68
OLSEN, ENVALD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-380
OLSEN, GLADYS C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-511
OLSEN, MARTHA A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-53
OLSON, ESTHER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-38
OLTMANN, LOUIS C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-346
ONEAL, ELLEN F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-23
ONEIL, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-301
ONEIL, MATTHEW                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-144
ONEILL, ELLEN V.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-459
OPPEL, ANDREW J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-540
OREGAN, JOSEPHINE B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-508
OREILLY, BERNARD J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-519
OREILLY, HUGH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-282
OREILLY, JOHN J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-246
ORMSBY, EVELYN RUDOLPH                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-265
ORNER, FRANCES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-38
OROURKE, NANCY V. SR.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-373
ORPHAL, MABEL LYDIA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-418
ORTELYOU, LAWRENCE H.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-282
OSBORN, MAUD A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-35
OSGOOD, FRANKLIN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-240
OSGOOD, JOHN W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-42
OSHAUGHNESY, JOHN                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-166
OSHEA, ALICE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-290
OSTWALD, MAX                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-185
OTLIFF, HANNAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-480
OULD, ISABELLE T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-265
OUTERBRIDGE, MARY E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-329
OWEN, JOHN                              CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-400
OWENS, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-528
OWOLIMITZ, SAMUEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-46
PAEGELOW, WILLIAM J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-444
PAGANO, ROMOLO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-340
PAGE, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-93
PALAZZO, N. EUGENE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-424
PALINSKI, WALERIA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-282
PALLADINO, GIUSEPPE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-431
PALMER, CORNELIUS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-214
PALMER, MAXWELL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-60
PALMER, RALPH M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-245
PALMERI, FRANK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-595
PANDOLFO, ALFIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-202
PANELLA, NICK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-449
PANGBURN, ALBERTUS N.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-86
PANGBURN, LUCRETIA A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-199
PAOLUCCIO, LOUIS S.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-588
PAPI, DOMENICO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-506
PAPPALARDO, ALFRED                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-394
PAPROCKI, STELLA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-582
PAPROTH, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-317
PAQUETTE, RHODA V.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-313
PARDAL, MANUEL JR.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-29
PARDI, FILOMENA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-184
PARENT, EMMOR HUTCHISON                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-653
PARENTE, MARY ANTONIA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-660
PARISI, MARIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-502
PARKER, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-412
PARKER, MARY J. ANDERSON                RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-417
PARKER, MELVIN L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-627
PARKINSON, CHRISTOPHER                  SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-855
PARKINSON, ELIZA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-396
PARKINSON, PHEBE                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-143
PARKS, MARTIN P.                        NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-H-366
PARLAG, CLARA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-371
PARLEE, BERNT                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-925
PARMALE, ALFRED                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-318
PARMELE, ANNIE M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-459
PARNESS, DORA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-573
PARODI, EUGENE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-385
PARR, JAMES                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-225
PASHELUK, JOSEPHINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-625
PASSARELLO, GIUSEPPE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-576
PATERNO, FILIPPO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-569
PATINO, CARMEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-273
PATTEN, ELIZABETH                       STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-G-131
PATTEN, JAMES                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-195
PATTERSON, OLGA M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-43
PATTISON, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-239
PAUKKULA, ANDRES EMIL                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-50
PAUL, LEACADIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-582
PEABODY, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-350
PEARCE, EMMA E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-298
PEBOLE, AMELIE M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-409
PEDERSEN, ELISE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-212
PEDNER, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-1
PEERS, ELLA G.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-229
PEKAS, IRENE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-326
PELLEGRINI, ANNIBALE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-73
PELLEGRINI, FELICE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-221
PELLEGRINI, THERESA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-427
PELLICANO, ANGELINA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-215
PELSZAS, MARTIN M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-602
PELUSO, DELMAR J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-54
PERCHESKI, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-632
PERINE, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-51
PERINE, ANNE                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-332
PERINE, CORNELIUS                       TOMKINSONVILL                           NY-43-C-984
PERINE, CORNELIUS L.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-417
PERINE, EDWARD                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-261
PERINE, HENRY                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-77
PERINE, HENRY                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-14
PERINE, JAMES G.                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-33
PERINE, JOSEPH                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-527
PERINE, JOSEPH E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-89
PERINE, PETR                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-131
PERINE, SIMON S.                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-378
PERINO, JOSEPH P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-453
PERKINS, FRANK A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-460
PERO, RALPH W.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-570
PERRICONE, LEO LUCA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-444
PERRICONE, LOUIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-444
PERROTH, CHARLES J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-613
PERRY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-104
PERRY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-374
PERRY, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-52
PESCI, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-529
PETELER, ALOIS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-312
PETERSON, ALFRIDA MATILDA               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-563
PETERSON, ANNIE F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-290
PETERSON, ARTHUR H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-707
PETERSON, AUGUST                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-7
PETERSON, AUGUSTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-272
PETERSON, HANNAH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-25
PETERSON, REGINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-365
PETERSON, RICHARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-59
PETERSON, VALENTIN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-76
PETERSON,R EINHOLD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-283
PETOSA, NUNZIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-329
PETRAI, MARIA LO PICCOLO                RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-325
PETRONZIO, FORTUNATO                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-301
PETTERSON, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-312
PETTIT, STANLEY C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-1
PETTY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-592
PEUKER, CATHARINE A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-294
PFAFF, LOUISE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-759
PFAFFMAN, FRANCISKA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-176
PFLUG, JOHN LAURITZ                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-205
PFUHLER, ELSIE H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-413
PHALEN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-280
PHELAN, J. RAYMOND                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-307
PHELPS, RUBY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-243
PHILIPS, ALEXANDER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-32
PHILLIPS, MIMA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-291
PHYFE, JANE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-87
PIANTEDOSI, LIBORIO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-662
PIAZZA, FRANCESCA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-69
PIERCE, EDWARD R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-64
PIERSON, JEREMIAH                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-374
PIETZCKER, THEODOR L.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-30
PIETZEKER, PAULINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-388
PILLON, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-426
PINE, CHARLES THEODORE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-148
PINE, ELMIRA J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-305
PINE, SERENA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-16
PINNER, ANN                             NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-421
PINTO, LAWRENCE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-340
PIRNIE, JOHN M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-138
PITT, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-434
PIZZI, MADDALENA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-456
PIZZUTO, SALVATORE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-427
PLANDER, ANNA S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-483
PLATCH, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-35
PLATT, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-268
PLATT, ISABELLE E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-229
PLATT, THOMAS                           ROSSEVILLE                              NY-43-I-328
PLATZ, WILLIAM H. O.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-114
PLAZA, ISABELLA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-185
PLOUFF, PAUL RICHARD                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-322
PLUMB, HULDA G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-605
POAPE, JOSEPHINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-539
POCHEREK, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-353
POEPPEL, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-217
POHLMANN, CLARA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-178
POILLON, ABRAHAM                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-43
POILLON, JOHNS R.                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-251
POILLON, MARGRET                        STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-B-612
POILLON, SARAH                          CASTLE TOWN                             NY-43-A-32
POLHAMUS, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-141
POLINER, HARRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-4
POLLOCK, JAMES B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-184
POMARES, ANITA T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-393
POMMER, FRANK L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-259
POMMER, LOUISE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-300
PORCELLI, LOUIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-672
PORLTON, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-102
PORTER, E. P.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-154
POST, ABRAHAM                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-331
POST, FRANCES JANE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-393
POST, GARRET                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-666
POST, GARRET                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-155
POST, GARRET A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-221
POST, GARRET SR.                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-143
POST, JOHN M.                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-295
POST, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-125
POST, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-241
POST, PETER                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-406
POST, PETER                             WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-40
POUCH, ALFRED T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-592
POWELL, ALEXANDER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-415
POWERS, ANDREW                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-621
POWERS, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-411
POZNAK, JOHN ANTHONY                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-456
PPOLA, VINCENZO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-312
PRALL, ABRAHAM                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-733
PRALL, BENJAMIN                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-134
PRALL, BORNT                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-23
PRALL, CATHARINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-374
PRALL, EDWIN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-68
PRALL, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-81
PRALL, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-586
PRALL, LAURENA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-172
PRALL, PETER                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-832
PRALL, PETER                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-842
PRALL, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-382
PRATT, DANIEL                           NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-572
PRATT, ELIZABETH                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-278
PRATT, MARION                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-619
PREGIZER, CARL F. W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-174
PRENTICE, HENRIETTA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-163
PRICE, ABRAM E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-371
PRICE, ANNA PEARL STERLING              RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-292
PRICE, ANNIE F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-290
PRICE, BENJAMIN                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-256
PRICE, BENJAMIN                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-282
PRICE, CLARK ROY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-26
PRICE, DANIEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-279
PRICE, ELIAS                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-5
PRICE, GRACE LYNK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-164
PRICE, JOSEPH C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-19
PRICE, SUSAN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-379
PRICE, THOMAS H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-662
PRIER, ANNETTE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-392
PRIMIANO, BERNARDINO                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-200
PRIOR, BERTHA ALMA CATHERINE            RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-263
PRITCHARD, MARY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-293
PROVENZANO, ANTONIO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-605
PROVOOST, JAMES WILKINSON               CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-370
PRYSHLAK, STEPHEN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-400
PSOMAS, ANTONIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-392
PURDY, CARRIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-211
PURDY, STEPHEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-363
PURDY, WALTER EVERETT                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-104
PURNELL, MANY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-467
PURNELL, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-191
PUTNAM, WILLIAM O.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-320
PYNN, CHARLOTTE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-616
QUAGHERI, MARIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-32
QUAGLIARIELLO, VINCENT F.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-110
QUALE, MARIAN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-537
QUIGLEY, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-101
QUIGLEY, JOHN THOMAS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-512
QUIMBY, JACOB                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-19
QUINBY, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-203
QUINLAN, BRIDGET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-324
QUINLAN, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-383
QUINLAN, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-395
QUINLAN, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-546
QUINLAN, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-92
QUINN, JANE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-50
QUINN, MARGARET S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-367
QUIRK, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-193

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