Richmond County (Staten Island), New York
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AALO, ANNA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-476
ABBRUZZA, RUSSELL ROSARIO               RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-376
ABE, ERNEST LUDWIG                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-49
ABRAHAM, JOHN EDWIN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-102
ACCIAVATTE, LUCIA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-468
ADAMI, BLANCA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-435
ADAMS, JACOB V.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-308
ADAMS, MARGARET E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-274
ADDY, ELLEN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-342
ADER, MARY WILENSKY                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-6
ADLINGTON, ELIZABETH                    WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-6
AFNSFORE, LENA G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-9
AGOLIATI, FRANK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-529
AGRO, ANNA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-561
AHLSTROM, HELEN K.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-188
AHREND, JOHN H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-106
AIELLO, MICHELE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-249
AIKMAN, ALEXANDER T.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-357
AIKMAN, ELIZABETH MARGARET              RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-607
AINSWORTH, CHARLES RALPH                RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-364
AKAMAN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-354
AKERLY, SAMUEL                          NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-G-66
ALBANESE, GIUSEPPE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-482
ALDER, FRANCIS J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-499
ALDER, THERESA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-99
ALEXANDER, S. ROSS SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-473
ALLEN, GEORGE                           LONG HARBOR                             NY-43-H-99
ALLEN, GEORGE F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-129
ALLEN, MARY GIFFIN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-603
ALLEN, SARAH C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-349
ALM, THOMAS S.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-59
ALMSTAEDT, RACHEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-174
ALSTON, ADAM                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-8
ALSTON, DAVID                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-308
ALSTON, JAPHET SR.                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-163
ALSTON, WARREN                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-131
ALTON, HANNAH                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-681
AMENDE, CARL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-425
AMERMAN, JOHN                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-10
AMMIRATO, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-687
AMPLO, FRANCISCO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-272
ANAGNOSTOW, DIMITRIOS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-192
ANCESTY, PETER J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-156
ANDARIESE, EDWARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-100
ANDERSEN, HENRY O.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-408
ANDERSEN, PEDER M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-467
ANDERSON, ARTHUR G.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-627
ANDERSON, ARTHUR H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-719
ANDERSON, CHRIS M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-283
ANDERSON, CLARA ELIZABETH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-258
ANDERSON, ELIZA A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-208
ANDERSON, GEORGE W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-619
ANDERSON, HARRY J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-450
ANDERSON, JOHN ARTHUR                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-313
ANDERSON, LILLIAN C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-123
ANDERSON, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-138
ANDERSON, PETER A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-334
ANDERSON, SIGURD E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-70
ANDERSON, WALBORG                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-215
ANDERSON, WILLIAM C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-388
ANDREW, WOHLRABE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-417
ANDREWS, KATE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-128
ANDREWS, NICHOLAS A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-500
ANDROUETTE, ANN                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-151
ANDROVATT, JACOB W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-339
ANDROVELL, DANIEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-231
ANDROVELL, PETER                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-234
ANDROVETT, ELIZABETH                    STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-E-82
ANDROVETT, JANE                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-330
ANDROVETT, PETER                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-243
ANDROWELL, PETER                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-731
ANGLEMAN, JOSEPHINE IRENE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-678
ANSLEY, OZIAS                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1106
APPIGNANI, FANNIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-165
APPLETON, JOHN A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-119
ARCHER, THOMAS                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-628
ARENA, CATERINA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-242
ARES, JOHN E.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-169
ARMANNINI, LUIGI                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-65
ARMENIA, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-659
ARMSTRONG, ELIZA L.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-355
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-328
ARNOLD, ELSIE H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-624
ARNOLD, HENRIETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-365
ARNOLD, JAMES L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-483
ARNOTT, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-629
ARTEGA, EMANUEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-417
ASH, JOHN                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-361
ASHFORD, FRANCIS A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-28
ASPINWALL, THOMAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-423
ASSIMAKSPOULOS, CHRISTOS                RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-346
ATKINS, HANNA A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-105
ATKINSON, FLORENCE MCKERR               RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-355
AUBRY, MARIE FRANCOISE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-300
AUGER, ELIZABETH A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-580
AURAND, VIRGIL E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-300
AURELIO, SALVATORE J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-443
AURIEMA, ADOLPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-648
AURLLIER, MAURIECE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-325
AUSTEN, ELIZABETH A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-473
AUSTIN, ELIZABETH                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-576
AUTEN, ABRAHAM                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-412
AVANSINO, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-684
AVELLA, CATEUSS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-135
AVERELL, SARAH HAZLETT                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-437
AYERS, LEROY V.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-383
AYLIFFE, JAMES E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-322
AYRES, JOEL B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-72
AZZARA, FILOMENA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-451
AZZURRO, GIULIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-651
BACHMANN, DANIEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-215
BACKIEL, ALEXANDER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-385
BACON, THEODORE S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-374
BADEU, EDWARD C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-118
BAIER, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-297
BAILEY, ALFRED                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-199
BAILEY, EDWARD D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-162
BAKER, DANIEL                           BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-43-I-510
BAKER, ELLONOR                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-345
BAKER, JEREMIAH                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-249
BAKER, JOHN                             CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-67
BAKER, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-43-A-28
BAKER, JOHN                             CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-879
BAKER, MARIE E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-79
BAKER, REBECCA                          VICTORYVILLE                            NY-43-I-155
BALDWIN, HALTER C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-134
BALDWIN, JAMES L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-465
BALICE, ANTOINETTE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-404
BALOGH, GEORGE JR.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-541
BALTZER, HERMANN R.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-112
BALZARANO, ANTOINETTA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-236
BALZER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-382
BALZER, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-419
BAMBER, MARY A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-443
BANAGAN, CAGTHARINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-195
BANCKER, HAROLD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-23
BANKS, JANE ANN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-330
BANNES, PHILIPP                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-445
BANNING, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-338
BANTA, WURT                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-1
BARAVASKI, TYTUS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-657
BARBAGELLO, ASSUNTA MANFREDI            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-189
BARBARA, ROSINA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-644
BARCALOW, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-424
BARD, CAROLINE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-158
BARD, WILLIAM                           NTL                                     NY-43-H-377
BARDES, CHRISTIAN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-226
BARDES, FREDERICK B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-241
BARDES, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-149
BARDES, SARAH E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-244
BARGER, JOSEPH P.                       NTL, GALVESTON, TX                      NY-43-H-57
BARIDON, JOHN PETER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-576
BARKER, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-325
BARKER, JOHN                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-673
BARLOW, WILLIAM M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-228
BARNARD, ANN                            STAPLETON                               NY-43-I-1
BARNARD, MARGARET J.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-221
BARNARD, OWEN H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-351
BARNARD, STELLA M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-172
BARNES, ALICE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-110
BARNES, GEORGE                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-771
BARNES, GEORGE                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1038
BARNES, GEORGE                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-81
BARNES, GERTRUDE                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1115
BARNES, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-485
BARNES, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-209
BARNES, JOHN W. SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-42
BARNES, ROBET H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-330
BARNES, ROGER                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-596
BARNET, DAVID                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-171
BARNSTEIN, SAMUEL H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-84
BARON, CHARLES E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-349
BARONE, BIAGIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-606
BARR, JOHN S.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-138
BARRET, ALEXANDER BUCHANAN              HENDERSON, KY                           NY-43-I-478
BARRET, HELLEN                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-187
BARRETT, NATHAN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-295
BARRETT, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-194
BARRETT, WILHELMENA M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-274
BARRY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-161
BARRY, JOHN W.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-300
BARTH, JACOB                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-250
BARTH, KARL ANTON NICOLAUS              RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-369
BARTINE, JOHN B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-74
BARTLETT, JOHN S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-370
BARTON, HELENE C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-57
BARTON, ISAAC                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-444
BARTON, JOSEPH                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-602
BARTON, JOSEPH ****                     SOUTHFIELD (MAP)(57)                    NY-43-F-189
BARTON, ROBERT                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-578
BARTON, WILHELMINA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-595
BARTON,MARY ANN DRIVER                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-71
BASCHI, JOHN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-176
BASCHI, JOHN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-176
BASSETT, JOHN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-139
BASSO, LOISA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-530
BATCHELOR, FRANCES                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-91
BATTING, CHARLES E. SR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-590
BATZ, PHILIP                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-325
BAUER, ANNIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-399
BAUMANN, FREDERICK J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-109
BAUMANN, GENOVEFA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-456
BAUMBACH, HENRIETTA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-150
BAXIVANIS, STRATIS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-42
BAXTER, MARY B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-104
BAY, LEONARD                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-461
BAYAND, THEODORE W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-247
BAYERDORFFER, MAX                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-111
BAYLEY, JULIA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-341
BAYLISS, RHODA R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-390
BEAN, HENRY H.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-146
BEARD, LESBIA SMITH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-506
BEARD, MARY FLORENCE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-623
BEARE, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-18
BEASLEY, ANDREW                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-455
BEATTY, EDWARD                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-942
BECHTEL, ELSA L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-236
BECHTEL, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-180
BECKER, FRANZ                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-25
BECKER, FREDERIC O.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-217
BECKER, OTTO                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-250
BECKER, SARAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-218
BECKMANN, FREDERICK W.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-54
BECKWITH, BENJAMIN S.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-69
BECKWITH, MARIA B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-270
BEDELL, ALFRED                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-463
BEDELL, ANSLEY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-77
BEDELL, CATHERINE                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-110
BEDELL, ELIZABETH A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-410
BEDELL, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-357
BEDELL, JOHN                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-341
BEDELL, JOHN                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-688
BEDELL, JOHN T.                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-232
BEDELL, JOHN VANDEVENTER                NTL                                     NY-43-B-748
BEDELL, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-476
BEDELL, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-89
BEDELL, JOSEPH C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-103
BEDELL, MARTHA                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-431
BEDELL, MARY                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-150
BEE, EDITH ERNST                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-519
BEE, PETER A.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-258
BEEKMAN, MARY ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-443
BEGLEY, PATRICK J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-358
BEHRE, KATHERINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-18
BEHRENS, IRENE ESTELLE WOOD             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-37
BEINERT, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-87
BELKNAP, DAYTON C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-369
BELL, DONALD C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-502
BELL, EDWARD                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-82
BELLAVIGNA, SECONDO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-632
BEMENET, SARAH J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-97
BEMENT, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-341
BENEDICT, ANNETTE C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-131
BENEVENTO, ANTHONY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-151
BENIGNO, FRANK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-28
BENNER, CHARLOTTE H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-611
BENNER PETER                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-570
BENNET, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-371
BENNET, EDWIN T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-316
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-333
BENNETT, HELEN A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-415
BENNETT, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-218
BENNETT, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-80
BENNETT, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-458
BENNETT, WINANT J.                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-534
BENNING, JOHN D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-415
BENNING, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-420
BENNINGHOFF, ERNEST C.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-377
BENREGNEN, AMLIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-247
BENSON, ANNA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-358
BENSON, HILDA                           NTL                                     NY-43-78-1
BENTEL, ELIZABETH ANNA                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-395
BENZ, CATHARINE E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-428
BENZ, JACOB                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-75
BENZ, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-515
BENZIGER, JOSEPH N. A.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-117
BENZIGER, LOUIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-423
BERANGER, PAUL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-481
BERENBROECK, FREDERICK                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-195
BERG, AMANDA K.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-1
BERG, RICHARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-243
BERG, UVALDO ALEXANDER                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-46
BERGER, EDMUND J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-649
BERGER, MARY                            NTL                                     NY-43-A-45
BERICH, ANNA AMELIA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-686
BERNSTEN, OSMOND                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-83
BERNTSEN, KAREN J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-154
BERRIAN, JOHN ADAMS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-257
BERRY, ADAM                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-148
BERRY, JOSEPHINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-483
BERTUCAT, FRANCIS ROMAINE               NTL                                     NY-43-I-592
BERWICK, ELLEN L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-431
BETTS, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-122
BETTS, WALTER                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-H-115
BEVERN, JOSEPH VON                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-347
BIANCO, ANTHONY F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-393
BICKERTON, BENJAMIN FRANCIS             RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-4
BIDDLE, HENRY H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-168
BIDDLE, JANE FRANCES                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-454
BIEL, CHRISTOPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-167
BIEL, HENRY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-4
BIELENBERG, FREDERICK E.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-123
BIES, ALVIRDA M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-16
BIGELOW, CATHERINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-142
BIGGS, EDWARD M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-54
BILLINGHAM, MARIA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-467
BILLON, JOHN SR.                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-87
BINDER, CATHARINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-311
BINDERNAGEL, JACOB                      STAPLETON                               NY-43-I-99
BINDRENAGEL, JOHANNA WILHELMINA         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-220
BINGLER, ADOLPH E. W.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-548
BINSACK, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-36
BIRD, ANTHONY                           TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-I-9
BIRD, CORNELIUS P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-426
BIRD, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-252
BIRD, THOMAS S.                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-235
BIRKLE, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-450
BIRKLE, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-392
BIRKLE, LOUIS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-440
BIRMINGHAM, THOMAS J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-261
BIRN, CHRISTINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-556
BISCHOFF, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-241
BISCHOFF, HERMANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-131
BISHOP, EBEN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-337
BISSELL, HETTY                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-124
BLAINE, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-334
BLAKE, ABRAHAM E.                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-92
BLAKE, ANNA B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-53
BLAKE, EDWARD                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-276
BLAKE, JOHN E.                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-17
BLAKE, JOHN W.                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-251
BLAKE, RICHARD E.                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-13
BLAKE, TABITHA                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-455
BLAKE, WILLIAM                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-236
BLAKE, WILLIAM JR.                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-209
BLAKE, WILLIAM W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-144
BLANFORD, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-665
BLATCHFORD, ELIZABETH                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-383
BLEIMAN, DOUGLAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-574
BLOCH, ROSA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-470
BLOCHER, JESSE A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-387
BLOIS, EUGENE S.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-408
BLOM, RACHEL ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-374
BLOOD, JAMES H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-57
BLUM, ADOLF OTTO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-411
BLUSCH, AUGUST F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-455
BOARAS, JENNY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-367
BOARDMAN, JAMES R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-213
BOARDMAN, KINGSTON G.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-344
BOBIN, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-477
BOCCIERI, MARIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-645
BOCHRINGER, MARIA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-73
BODIN, CECELIA J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-385
BODIN, LOUIS O.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-395
BODINE, ABRAHAM B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-44
BODINE, CATHERINE                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-70
BODINE, CORNELIUS C.                    CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-177
BODINE, JACOB                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-40
BODINE, JAMES                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-281
BODINE, JOHN JR.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-68
BODINE, JOHN SR.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-102
BODINE, SUSAN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-350
BODINE, VINCENT                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-866
BODINE, VINCENT                         ELIZABETH PORT, ESSEX, NJ               NY-43-I-550
BODINE, VINCENT                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-77
BODROCCO, ANDREW                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-31
BODROCCO, ROSE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-24
BOECHER, AGNES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-416
BOEDDINGHAUS, WILLIAM E.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-447
BOEHM, ARNOLD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-195
BOGART, JUDITH                          NTL                                     NY-43-I-300
BOGART, PRISCILLA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-332
BOGART, SIMON                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-88
BOGART, TIMOTHY C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-342
BOGERT, AMANDA S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-334
BOGERT, JESSIE MACGREGOR                RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-116
BOGERT, STEPHEN V. R.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-306
BOHNE, CHARLES WILLIAM                  CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-483
BOLE, JOHN C.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-391
BOLGER, LUCY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-435
BOLIAN, INGRID MARIE JOHANSON           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-356
BOMBONER, PHILIP                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-247
BOMMER, MINNIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-183
BONAMO, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-467
BONAMO, VIRGINIA M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-261
BOND, ABRAHAM                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-400
BOND, ANN                               NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-882
BONK, LOTTIE M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-696
BONOPANE, EUGENE R.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-668
BOOLE, WILLIAM H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-362
BOOTH, ALICE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-369
BORG, PETER J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-469
BORKOWSKI, LAWRENCE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-452
BORMANN, WILLIAM H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-626
BORNEMANN, BARBARA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-396
BORRONI, EMMA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-370
BOSE, HENRY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-681
BOSIE, GEORGE A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-438
BOSS, ELISE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-280
BOTT, JOHN G.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-215
BOTTIGLIERI, EUGENE SR.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-397
BOURNE, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-299
BOUSANTI, MINNIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-1
BOVINO, ANIELLO SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-56
BOWDEN, THERESA F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-247
BOWE, EDARD                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-133
BOWE, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-256
BOWE, THOMAS L.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-573
BOWEN, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-53
BOWER, JESSIE MAY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-31
BOWIE, WILLIAM SR.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-712
BOWMAN, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-383
BOWNE, OBADIAH                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-43
BOWNE, SAMUEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-169
BOYD, GRACE J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-15
BOYD, MOORE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-440
BOYD, SARAH ANN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-407
BOYKIN, EMANUEL J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-221
BOYKIN, MATTHEW                         RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-82-221
BOYLAN, JOHN C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-522
BOZZONE, WILLIAM J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-24
BRACE, CHARLES KEY                      NTL                                     NY-43-C-1033
BRACHVOGEL, JACOB                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-279
BRADLEY, ALVIN C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-423
BRADLEY, ELEANOR                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-394
BRADLEY, JAMES JACKSON                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-20
BRADLEY, MARY ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-135
BRADLEY, WILLIAM D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-91
BRADY, EPTER A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-330
BRADY, SARAH T.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-337
BRAISTED, ALMIRA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-47
BRAISTED, PETER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-402
BRAMALL, MABEL J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-43
BRAND, JSUTUS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-392
BRAND, KATHARINA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-426
BRANDMEIER, HENRY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-58
BRANIFF, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-502
BRASICKLE, ANDREW                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-430
BRASSEUR, JAMES N.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-344
BRAVEMAN, ESTHER                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-310
BRAY, CHRISTOPHER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-97
BRAY, ISAAC                             WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-59
BREEDEN, PHYLLIS C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-182
BREEN, FRANCIS J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-645
BREGOFF, H. SPENCER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-558
BREHAUT, JANE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-70
BREIER, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-595
BREIN, ADAM                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-47
BRENNAN, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-226
BRENNAN, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-65
BRENNAN, PATRICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-47
BRENNAN, THOMAS J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-17
BRENSTEIN, ANNE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-438
BRERETON, DENNIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-139
BREWER, SAMUEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-546
BRICE, THERESA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-355
BRIER, EMMA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-457
BRINCKERHOFF, HENRIETTA                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-222
BRINCKERHOFF, THEODORIC                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-401
BRINLEY, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-364
BRINTNALL, HENRY W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-379
BRINTNALL, LOUISA A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-158
BRISK, FLORENCE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-148
BRITON, NATHANIEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-184
BRITTAIN, MATTHEW F. J.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-102
BRITTIAN, NATHANIEL                     CASTLE TOWN                             NY-43-A-52
BRITTON, ABRAHAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-150
BRITTON, ABRAHAM SR.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-401
BRITTON, CORNELIUS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-510
BRITTON, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-636
BRITTON, ELIZABETH                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-4
BRITTON, ELSIE D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-182
BRITTON, FRANCES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-260
BRITTON, JASPER ALEXANDER HAMILTON      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-343
BRITTON, JOHN                           NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-G-256
BRITTON, MARIETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-304
BRITTON, MARY                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-343
BRITTON, MARY ANN                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-526
BRITTON, NATHANIEL                      SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-316
BRIZZOLARA, ROBERT T.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-53
BRODEN, TIMOTHY G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-623
BRODSKY, NATHAN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-490
BROGLIE, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-414
BROHAN, BERTHA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-340
BROMLEY, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-308
BRONSTROM, DOROTHY M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-34
BROOKE, CHARLES W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-231
BROOKER, WILLIAM H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-109
BROOKS, ERASTUS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-444
BROOKS, ERASTUS E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-131
BROOKS, MARGARET DAWES                  NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-2-1
BROSI, LOUIS                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-443
BROTHERTON, SARAH ANN                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-247
BROUGHAM, STEPHEN M. JR.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-293
BROWN, BENJAMIN F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-82
BROWN, BORGHILD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-616
BROWN, CHARLES E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-190
BROWN, CHARLES GARRETSON                RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-488
BROWN, EMILY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-72
BROWN, GRACE ELEANOR                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-596
BROWN, GROVER C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-18
BROWN, HARVEY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-570
BROWN, JACOB LEROY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-96
BROWN, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-418
BROWN, JOHN JOSEPH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-41
BROWN, JOHN P.                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-110
BROWN, JOSHUA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-481
BROWN, KATHLEEN E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-249
BROWN, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-327
BROWN, ROBERT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-218
BROWN, STEPHEN                          HALLOWELL, KENNEBEC, ME                 NY-43-D-28
BROWN, THOMAS                           NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-E-310
BROWNE, MARY P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-52
BROWNELL, MARTHA ELIZABETH              RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-75
BRUCKHAUSER, PHILIPP                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-56
BRUNDAGE, JOHN H                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-573
BRUNING, HENRY WILLIAM                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-388
BRUNNHUBER, K. AUGUST                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-254
BRUNS, LOUISE M. H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-446
BRUNTON, SOPHIE M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-405
BRYGGER, NILS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-377
BRZOZIEWSKI, JOSEPH (REV.)              RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-350
BUCKLEY, MARIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-46
BUCKLEY, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-307
BUCKLEY, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-65
BUCKLIN, PRISILLA C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-328
BUCZYNSKI, HERMAN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-89
BUEHLER, ARTHUR G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-449
BUEHLER, MARION                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-12
BUELL, HARLOW G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-299
BUHL, ANTHONY M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-90
BUHLER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-364
BUHRMEISTER, JOHN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-295
BULCROFT, SUSANNAH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-15
BUNCE, MARGARET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-346
BUNNER, CATHERINE C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-37
BUONO, ROSE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-672
BURBANCK, MARGARET A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-99
BURBANCK, SARAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-103
BURBANK, ABRAHAM                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-860
BURBANK, DANIEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-339
BURBANK, ELIZA A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-342
BURBANK, ISAAC                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-92
BURBANK, JACOB                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-468
BURBANK, JOHN                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-201
BURBANK, JOHN W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-253
BURBANK, LUCY W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-306
BURBANK, PETER                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-608
BURBANKS, PETER                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-85
BURG, JOSEPHINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-67
BURGER, DAVID D.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-82
BURGER, FRANK J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-248
BURGER, JANE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-58
BURGES, SIEGMUND                        NTL                                     NY-43-H-387
BURGHER, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-249
BURGHER, STEPHEN K.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-388
BURKE, CHRISTINA M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-293
BURKE, DOROTHY Z.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-637
BURKE, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-224
BURKE, JOHN JOSEPH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-96
BURKE, THOMAS FRANCIS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-126
BURKE, TIMOTHY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-65
BURKHARDT, SAMUEL                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-532
BURNETT, ARTHUR R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-435
BURNS, BRIDGET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-14
BURNS, EDWARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-123
BURNS, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-90
BURNS, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-485
BURNS, JOSEPH R.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-454
BURSIS, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-476
BURY, MARY S.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-653
BUSH, AUGUSTA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-25
BUSH, CATHARINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-339
BUSH, NICHOLAS                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-578
BUSH, NICHOLAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-377
BUSH, WILLIAM                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-423
BUSH, WILLIAM H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-85
BUSHMAN, BELLA M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-335
BUSKIRK, CORNELIUS                      NTL                                     NY-43-A-186
BUTCHER, DANIEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-95
BUTEHORN, GEORGE H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-179
BUTEHORN, RUTH H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-401
BUTLER, BELCHA                          NTL                                     NY-43-B-657
BUTLER, CATHARINE M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-172
BUTLER, CECILIA ANN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-4
BUTLER, DANIEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-186
BUTLER, DANIEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-317
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-122
BUTLER, ISAAC                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-634
BUTLER, ISAAC                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-63
BUTLER, JAMES                           CASTLE TOWN                             NY-43-A-128
BUTLER, JAMES                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-185
BUTLER, JAMES                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-774
BUTLER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-447
BUTLER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-181
BUTLER, LOVICY R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-16
BUTLER, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-323
BUTLER, MARY                            NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-H-418
BUTLER, MARY                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-652
BUTLER, NATHANIEL                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-586
BUTLER, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-295
BUTLER, RACHEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-228
BUTLER, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-296
BUTLER, THOMAS                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-1
BUTLER, WILLIAM D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-277
BUTTEN, SAMUEL                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-A-494
BUTTS, EMMA R.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-297
BYER, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-D-142
BYNNER, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-162
BYRNE, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-369
BYRNES, BRIDGET                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-14
BYRNS, NICHOLAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-179
BYRON, WILLIAM T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-455
CABARRUS, JORGE S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-109
CADIGAN, JOSEPH J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-34
CAFFENBERG, MAY RIMMER                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-236
CAFFREY, FRANCIS J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-438
CAGGIANO, CECILLE C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-705
CAHALANE, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-124
CAHENY, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-105
CAHILL, MICHAEL ANTHONY                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-116
CAHILL, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-101
CAHILL, THOMAS G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-296
CAIRNES, ELEXANDER                      STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-B-779
CAIRNS, MARGARET                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1053
CALANDRA, GIUSEPPINA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-136
CALDARBANK, ADAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-218
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-43
CALDWELL, ELIZBETH B.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-281
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-414
CALLAGHAN, HELEN J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-579
CALLAGHAN, JEREMIAH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-270
CALLAGHAN, JOHN HENRY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-729
CALOGERO, ANTONIO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-108
CAMBRIA, CATHERINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-337
CAMERON, ANN F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-419
CAMPBELL, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-31
CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-243
CAMPBELL, GWYNNE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-486
CAMPBELL, ISABELLA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-171
CANLON, HUGH                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-28
CANNING, JAMES R.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-189
CANNON, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-184
CANNON, ANN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-358
CANNON, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-161
CANNON, CATHERINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-310
CANNON, DAVID                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-305
CANNON, JACOB                           WOODBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX, NJ               NY-43-C-992
CANNON, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-517
CANNON, MOSES T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-323
CANRON, JAMES L. (REV.)                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-164
CANTANEO, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-87
CAPITELLI, JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-202
CAPUTO, RAFAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-375
CARABOKIS, JOSEPH H.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-21
CARANICHOLAS, GEORGE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-115
CARBONARO, ROSE A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-121
CARBONE, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-121
CAREY, EDWARD                           NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-I-29
CAREY, GEORGE H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-98
CARFOOT, GEORGE W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-636
CARLI, FAUSTINA J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-702
CARLIN, SIMON                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-304
CARLIN, THADEUS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-1
CARLO, DOMINICO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-139
CARLON, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-5
CARLONI, MARIA FECCI                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-176
CARLSON, EDWIN M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-175
CARLSON, HENRIK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-675
CARLSON, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-221
CARMAN, RAY L.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-1
CARMICHAEL, FLORENCE S.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-129
CARMOHN, HENRY D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-324
CARNEFARO, ROY STEPHEN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-214
CARNEVAL, FRANK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-151
CAROLA, ANNA R.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-669
CARR, EDWARD J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-72
CARR, ELLEN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-78
CARR, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-104
CARR, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-318
CARRASCO, VINCENT                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-305
CARRERE, JOHN MERVEN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-113
CARROLL, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-407
CARROLL, PATRICK                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-169
CARROLL, ROBERT WARD SR.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-583
CARROLL, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-386
CARSSELLE, MERCURIO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-485
CARTER, CASSIE V.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-620
CARTER, ELIZABETH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-451
CARTER, WELLINGTON A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-481
CARUCCI, FRANCESCO SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-80
CARUSO, JOSEPHINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-438
CARWILE, WALKER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-37
CARY, ANNA MAY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-318
CARY, MARGARET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-5
CARY, RICHARD M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-57
CARY, RICHARD S.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-12
CASALI, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-95
CASEY, MARIA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-396
CASSETTI, ANGELICA ANGELINA             NTL                                     NY-43-78-4
CASSIDY, FRANK BERNARD                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-715
CASSIDY, HELEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-241
CASSIO, CATHARINE A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-380
CASTELLANA, EUCARPIO                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-541
CASTINE, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-448
CATALINO, RALPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-165
CATANZARO, VITA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-366
CATERINA, MICHAEL C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-341
CATHCART, LOISE .                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-278
CATLIN, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-364
CATLIN, HELEN M.                        NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-F-264
CAUNATELLI, CONCEZIO                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-542
CEACCI, NAZZARENO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-569
CEBRA, JOHN YATES                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-584
CECERO, LAWRENCE A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-374
CENTER, ROBERT                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-H-183
CERRETA, RALPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-87
CERVELLI, GIUSEPPE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-318
CHADWICK, WALTER E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-375
CHADWICK, WILLIAM C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-42
CHAFETZ, BENJAMIN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-661
CHAMBERLAIN, GRACE A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-318
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          MIDDLETOWN                              NY-43-I-656
CHAPDELAINE, ALMA A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-231
CHAPEL, JACOB                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-120
CHAPIN, ELIZABETH B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-395
CHAPPELL, EMILY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-426
CHAPPPELL, MILDRED HASTING              RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-451
CHARLTON, JANE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-416
CHELLA, FIDELFIO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-359
CHESTER, JAMES SR.                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-354
CHESTER, MARY WHITE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-403
CHEVALIER, HENRY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-263
CHIAPPONE, JOSEPH P.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-388
CHIESA, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-99
CHILD, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-143
CHILD, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-137
CHORLTON, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-240
CHORMANN, PHILIP                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-515
CHRISTENSON, NELLIE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-128
CHRISTIANSEN, ALFRIDA C.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-98
CHRISTIANSEN, MARTIN L.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-94
CHRISTOFFERSEN, OLGA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-619
CHRISTOPHER, ELIZABETH                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-280
CHRISTOPHER, GEORGE M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-443
CHRISTOPHER, JOHN                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1104
CHRISTOPHER, LINA D.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-564
CHRISTOPHER, MARY L.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-269
CHRISTOPHER, MATTHIAS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-37
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-277
CHUBB, EUGENIA ELY                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-139
CHURCH, DEBORAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-182
CHURCHILL, HARRY HURD                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-470
CHURCHWARD, JAMES                       NTL                                     NY-43-B-506
CIANI, PAUL                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-480
CIAOZZO, CAMILLO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-164
CICATELLO, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-274
CLARK, EPHRAIM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-90
CLARK, ESTHER A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-340
CLARK, FRANK F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-150
CLARK, FREDERICK W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-145
CLARK, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-365
CLARK, JAMES ELY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-501
CLARK, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-245
CLARK, ROBERT J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-232
CLARK, RUFUS W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-356
CLASIN, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-115
CLAUSON, MARY                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-699
CLAWSON, ELIZABETH A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-152
CLAWSON, HELENA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-77
CLAWSON, JONATHAN                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-614
CLAWSON, REUBEN                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-973
CLEMENT, LUISE MARIA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-1
CLINCKETT, RICHARD EVAN                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-537
CLUDIUS, CHARLES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-71
CLUFF, CHARLES JAMES                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-658
COBUCCI, JOSEPH A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-381
COCCARO, ANGELINA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-270
COCCHIOLA, ROSARIA MARIA                RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-406
COCHERON, HENRY                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-721
CODD, CATHERINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-261
CODDINGTON, DAVID                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-807
CODMAS, GEORGE J.                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-493
COFFEY, JANE A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-127
COFFIN, CHARLES BOUTON                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-301
COFFY, PATRICK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-218
COGAN, FRANCES H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-102
COHEN, ISRAEL AUGUSTUS                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-221
COHEN, JULIUS L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-1
COHEN, LENA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-39
COLBERT, PATRICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-208
COLE, ABNRAHAM                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-480
COLE, ABRAHAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-472
COLE, ABRAHAM                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-38
COLE, ABRAHAM                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-168
COLE, ABRAHAM                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-591
COLE, ABRAHAM                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-139
COLE, ABRAHAM                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-186
COLE, ABRAHAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-250
COLE, ABRAHAM (SON OF STEPHEN)          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-131
COLE, ABRAHAM SR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-178
COLE, CORNELIUS                         NTL                                     NY-43-A-166
COLE, CORNELIUS                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1042
COLE, EDWARD                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-218
COLE, EMILY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-139
COLE, EUGENE D.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-340
COLE, GEORGE WILSON                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-211
COLE, HANNAH                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-166
COLE, ISAAC                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-123
COLE, ISAAC                             WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-384
COLE, JACOB H.                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-107
COLE, JAMES                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-308
COLE, JOEL                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-202
COLE, JOHN                              WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1007
COLE, JOHN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-384
COLE, JOHN                              WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1068
COLE, JOHN B.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-590
COLE, JOHN B.                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-126
COLE, JOHN T.                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-217
COLE, MARY                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-156
COLE, MARY EVANS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-620
COLE, RICHARD                           NTL                                     NY-43-B-715
COLE, WILLIAM                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-141
COLE, WILLIAM                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-260
COLEMAN, ALICE JOSEPHINE                RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-530
COLEMAN, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-111
COLLET, LOUISE L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-558
COLLINS, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-147
COLLINS, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-84
COLLINS, PATRICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-251
COLLINS, THERESA M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-696
COLLNS, AMELIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-392
COLON, BELICHE                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-C-929
COLON, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-282
COLON, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-268
COLON, JAMES                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-300
COLON, JAMES                            STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-285
COLON, JOHN J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-29
COLON, MARY A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-21
COLUMBO,ANTHONY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-105
COLVIL, HENRY DONALD                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-174
COMBS, JANE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-436
COMPTON, ANNA M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-78
COMPTON, ELIZABETH A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-214
CONA, FRANK                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-412
CONGDON, ANNA E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-438
CONKLIN, BETSEY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-316
CONKLIN, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-398
CONKLIN, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-160
CONLIN, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-297
CONNELLY, PATRICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-53
CONNELLY, SARAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-402
CONNER, RICHARD                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-315
CONNER, RICHARD                         CASTLE TOWN                             NY-43-A-49
CONNESS, GENEVIEVE B.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-579
CONNLLY, BERNARD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-363
CONNOLLY, MARY E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-590
CONNOR, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-374
CONNOR, MATTHEW                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-6
CONNOR, MILES J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-329
CONRAD, MARGARET H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-168
CONRICK, JOHANNAH                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-222
CONROY, DANIEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-420
CONROY, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-423
CONSIDINE, RICHARD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-216
CONWAY, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-389
COOK, FRANCIS E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-370
COOK, GERTRUDE C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-605
COOK, LEONARD                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-643
COOLER, PHILLIP                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-185
COOPER, CATHERINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-258
COOPER, DAVID                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-234
COOPER, E. JAMES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-569
COOPER, ISAAC                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-H-77
CORBETT, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-317
CORBIN, AGNES C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-681
CORBO, TERESA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-76
CORCORAN, DENNIS V.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-215
CORCORAN, PATRICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-395
CORESSEL, CHARLOTTE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-527
COREY, SARAH M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-196
CORFE, MARGARET E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-38
CORLEYS, LETITIA ***                    NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-43-H-227
CORNELL, PAUL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-267
CORR, JAMES                             SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-29
CORR, PATRICK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-275
CORRY, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-90
CORSEN, CHARITY                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-C-1091
CORSEN, CORNELIUS                       STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-17
CORSEN, CORNELIUS                       SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-175
CORSEN, CORNELIUS V. B.                 CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-57
CORSEN, DANIEL                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-222
CORSON, BLANCHE L.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-438
CORSON, HIRAM J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-199
CORSON, REBECCA                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-226
CORSON, RICHARD C.                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-839
CORTELYON, AARON                        SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-20
CORTELYON, SARAH                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1136
CORTELYOU, BURTON                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-141
CORTELYOU, PETER                        NTL                                     NY-43-I-160
COSEGLIA, FRANK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-358
COSPARY, HELEN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-9
COSTELLO, AN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-122
COSTELLO, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-196
COUCH, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-181
COUGHLIN, EDWARD MICHAEL                RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-347
COURTNEY, JOSEPHINE MARIE               RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-122
COUSSOULIS PETER JAMES                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-430
COWAN, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-82
COWPERTHWAITE, JOHN M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-119
COX, THEDIA REDELIA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-159
COYLE, CHARLES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-98
COYLE, CORNELIUS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-515
COYLE, MARY HUGHES                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-109
COYLE, PATRICK                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-46
COYNE, GEORGE                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-153
COYNE, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-240
COZINE, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-312
CRABTREE, HENRY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-88
CRABTREE, JOHN                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-660
CRABTREE, JONATHAN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-151
CRABTREE, RICHARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-82
CRAIG, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-350
CRANE, CHARLOTTE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-102
CRANE, ICHABOD B. (COL.)                US ARMY                                 NY-43-I-197
CRAPO, CLAUDE T.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-688
CREIGHTON, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-459
CREMIN, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-402
CREPKIEWICZ, MARYANN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-697
CRESWELL, ERNEST A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-623
CREVELING, J. ALBERT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-493
CRIPPS, HENRY                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-92
CRIPPS, MARY                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-175
CRIPS, LAWRENCE                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-233
CRISTIANO, STELLA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-187
CRITTENDEN, JOSEPH HOWARD               RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-83
CROCCO, EMELIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-181
CROCHERON, ABRAHAM                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-341
CROCHERON, ABRAHAM                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-73
CROCHERON, ABRAHAM L.                   NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-402
CROCHERON, ANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-175
CROCHERON, ANN                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-383
CROCHERON, CATHERINE                    WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1127
CROCHERON, COURTLAND H.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-72
CROCHERON, DANIEL                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-210
CROCHERON, DANIEL ESQ.                  NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-22
CROCHERON, DANIEL G.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-177
CROCHERON, EDMUND S.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-152
CROCHERON, HENRY                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-140
CROCHERON, JACOB                        WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1044
CROCHERON, JACOB                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-81
CROCHERON, JOHN                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-751
CROCHERON, JOHN (CAPT.)                 NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-336
CROCHERON, JOHN J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-287
CROCHERON, RICHARD                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-135
CROCHERON, SOPHIA                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-209
CROCHERON, STEPHEN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-231
CROCHERON, SUSANNAH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-226
CROCHORON, NICHOLAS                     STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-B-677
CROCKETT, HIRAM W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-224
CROES, MARY FRANCES                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-563
CROMPTON, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-302
CROMWELL, HENRY B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-173
CRONIN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-19
CRONIN, MARGARET VIOLA P.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-119
CRONIN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-243
CROPPER, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-32
CROPSEY, GEORGE                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-305
CROPSEY, HARMAN                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-35
CROPSEY, HARMAN B.                      NTL                                     NY-43-I-304
CROPSEY, NICHOLAS                       WESTFIELF                               NY-43-F-181
CROSS, GEORGE R.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-444
CROSSLEY, ZEPHANIAH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-340
CROSSON, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-438
CROSSON, DANIEL                         TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-I-595
CROUCH, MARY A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-305
CROWE, FANNIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-167
CRUM, KATE F.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-102
CRUSE, CORNLEIUS                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-A-369
CRUSER, GOZEN R.                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-1056
CRUSER, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-94
CUBBERLY, ADDRA                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-875
CUBBERLY, ANN                           NTL                                     NY-43-B-617
CUBBERLY, ISAAC                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-125
CUBBERLY, JAMES                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-222
CUBBERLY, JOSEPH                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-461
CUCCHIA, GAETANO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-487
CUE, THOMAS                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-127
CUFF, HUGH T.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-455
CULLEN, MARGARET C.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-180
CULLEN, MARIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-605
CULLEN, ROBERT W. SR.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-527
CULLY, JOSEPH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-285
CUMMING, FLORINDA F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-232
CUMMINGS, FRANK J. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-277
CUMMINGS, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-211
CUMMINGS, MARY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-618
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-38
CUMMISKEY, MARGARET                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-203
CUNEO, ANTONIO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-124
CUNEO, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-13
CUNLIFFE, ELIZABETH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-266
CUNLIFFE, HENRY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-158
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-534
CUNNINGHAM, GEORGIENA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-321
CUPO, CAMILLO                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-370
CURATALA, JOHN H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-591
CURLEY, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-179
CURRAN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-346
CURREN, TERESA C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-18
CURRIER, HERBERT W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-453
CURRY, BRIDGET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-380
CURTIS, GEORGE WILLIAM                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-69
CURTIS, SAMUEL B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-154
CUSHMAN, ELIZABETH D.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-410
CUTHBERT, MARGARET M.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-263
CUTHBERT, WILHELMINA E.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-362
CUTHBERTSON, WILLIAM D.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-381
CUTRO, NICOLO                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-53
CUYAR, JOSE M.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-68
DAGIN, CHRISTIANA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-233
DAHL, KAREN D.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-126
DAHLKE, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-185
DAIELLO, JOHN SR.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-480
DAIKER, FREDERICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-419
DAILEY, FANNIE E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-273
DAILEY, HANNAH B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-127
DAKU, BERNARD                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-428
DALEO, CONCETTA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-157
DALEY, BRIDGET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-236
DALEY, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-421
DALEY, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-437
DALY, CATHERINE T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-229
DALY, MICHAEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-53
DALY, PHILIP                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-81
DALY, WILLIAM Y.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-156
DAMATO, PHILOMENA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-438
DANDREA, SANTO                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-25
DANIELS, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-68
DANIELS, MARY ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-62
DAQUINO, THOMAS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-588
DARAZIO, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-292
DARCEY, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-77
DARCEY, LAWRENCE W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-53
DARESKY, ROSE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-267
DARGEN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-119
DARISON, EDWARD F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-375
DARRAGH, MARGARET RAY                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-266
DATORE, WILLIAM ANTHONY                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-137
DAUGHERTY, HARRY RUSSELL                RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-586
DAUM, LOTTIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-329
DAURY, BRIDGET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-365
DAVIDSON, CARRIE SHAW                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-473
DAVIDSON, GRACE A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-428
DAVIDSON, MARY STOWELL                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-129
DAVIE, ELIZA MARSH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-162
DAVIE, WILLIAM B.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-270
DAVIES, ANNA E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-277
DAVIS, ADDIE FLANDERS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-618
DAVIS, EVAN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-82
DAVIS, GEORGE B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-156
DAVIS, HENRY                            NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-43-B-720
DAVIS, JAMES SR.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-416
DAVIS, JOHN AUGUSTUS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-453
DAVIS, JOHN JOSEPH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-169
DAVOLIA, ELIZABETH A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-573
DAWSON, RICAHRD                         NTL                                     NY-43-I-108
DAY, EMMA B.                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-143
DEAHL, RITA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-608
DEAN, FRANK W.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-538
DEANS, JEANIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-360
DEBANK, NELLIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-161
DEBEER, BARUCH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-424
DEBENEDETTA, ANNA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-316
DEBENEDICT, LOIUISE JULIA               RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-662
DEBES, GERTRUDE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-450
DEBOCKER, ANNA MARIE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-92
DEBOER, ARCHIBALD M.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-420
DEBOER, GESINA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-29
DECAMP, ADELIA ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-287
DECAMP, OSCAR                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-475
DECHEN, JOHN PETER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-322
DECICCO, PASQUALE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-238
DECKER, ABRAHAM                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-285
DECKER, ABRAHAM R.                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-174
DECKER, BARNET                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-378
DECKER, BARNET J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-445
DECKER, BENJAMIN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-373
DECKER, CATHARINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-75
DECKER, CATHERINE MACFARLAND            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-178
DECKER, DANIEL M.                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-250
DECKER, DAVID                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-316
DECKER, DAVID                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-62
DECKER, DAVID A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-158
DECKER, DAVID B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-477
DECKER, DAVID M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-137
DECKER, EDWARD                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-51
DECKER, ELIZA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-109
DECKER, FLORA G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-486
DECKER, FRANCES                         NTL                                     NY-43-C-949
DECKER, FREDERICK CLARENCE              RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-320
DECKER, GERTRUDE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-98
DECKER, HENRY C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-472
DECKER, HIRAM W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-359
DECKER, ISABELLA B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-203
DECKER, JACOB                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-912
DECKER, JAMES                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-564
DECKER, JAMES M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-459
DECKER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-202
DECKER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-298
DECKER, JOHN B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-438
DECKER, JOHN C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-392
DECKER, JOHN J.                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-256
DECKER, JOHN M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-133
DECKER, JOSEPH                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-156
DECKER, LORENZO DOW                     NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-278
DECKER, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-434
DECKER, MARIA                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-E-295
DECKER, MARY M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-339
DECKER, MATHEW                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-8
DECKER, MATHIAS                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-329
DECKER, MATTHEW                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-499
DECKER, MATTHEW                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-338
DECKER, MATTHEW                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-66
DECKER, PETER                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1131
DECKER, RICHAD C.                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1089
DECKER, RICHARD R.                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-103
DECKER, SAMUEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-249
DECKER, SOPHIA L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-428
DECKER, THOMAS DRUMMOND                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-300
DECKER, WILLIAM P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-11
DECOMEAU, LOUIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-126
DECOMEAU, LOUISE C. V. DE T.            RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-147
DEESCORIAZA, LADISLAS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-376
DEFOREEST, JOHN                         CASTLETOWN                              NY-43-D-1
DEFRANCESCO, FRANK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-118
DEGEN, FREDERICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-138
DEGEN, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-382
DEGEN, JOHN H.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-99
DEGMAIR, EDWARD                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-353
DEGNAN, FRANK                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-255
DEGNON, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-257
DEGRAVE, GERHARDUS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-189
DEGROOT, JACOB                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-361
DEGROOT, JOHANNIS                       NTL                                     NY-43-A-35
DEGROOT, JOHN                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-F-283
DEGROOT, JOHN                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-626
DEGROOT, SARAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-79
DEGUSTINE, ALFRED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-666
DEHART, ABIGAIL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-458
DEHART, ABRAHAM                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-G-194
DEHART, EDWARD A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-139
DEHART, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-127
DEHART, JOHN G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-134
DEHART, MATTHIAS                        NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-61
DEHART, SAMUEL                          STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-170
DEHART, SAMUEL                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-724
DEJONE, JULIUS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-43
DEJONGE, CONSTANCE T.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-333
DEJONSF, WILHELMINA C.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-437
DELAET, MARY G.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-637
DELAFIELD, EDWARD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-395
DELAFIELD, RUFUS K.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-537
DELANEY, DENNIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-283
DELANEY, HANNAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-16
DELANEY, MARY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-321
DELANEY, THOMAS FRANCIS                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-333
DELAVAN, EDWARD C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-431
DELLEDERA, PIETRO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-746
DEMACARTY, MATILDA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-56
DEMEO, PASQUALE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-118
DEMERITT, LAURELL W.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-4
DEMETRIADES, VERA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-561
DEMOLL, JOSEPH F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-122
DEMOLL, MARIE F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-640
DEMPSEY, CATHARINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-28
DENLEA, THOMAS H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-622
DENYSE, DENYSE D.                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-163
DENYSE, ISRAEL C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-253
DEPEW, CORNELIUS W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-134
DEPEYSTER, AUGUSTUS                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-609
DEPPE, ELWOOD W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-620
DEPPE, FREDERICK A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-612
DEPPE, ISABELLE M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-21
DEPPE, MAYBELLE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-585
DEPUY, ELLEN A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-120
DEREVERE, JOHN CORNELIUS                RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-130
DERICKSON, WILLIAM J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-187
DEROGATIS, EMMA C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-656
DEROSS, LEO B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-457
DESANTIS, ANTOINETTE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-327
DESANTIS, FRANCESCO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-332
DESANTIS, JOSEPH J.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-629
DESCHAUX, FREDERICK A.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-200
DESIATO, AMALIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-463
DESIO, FRANCES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-248
DESOUZA, CHARLES F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-327
DESOUZA, JOSE A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-246
DESSOSWAY, CORNELIUS SR.                WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1073
DESTEFANI, ALFRED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-469
DETTORE, GIOVANNI                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-156
DETTORE, MARIA CARMINE                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-147
DEUSLOW, CORNELIA J. S.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-302
DEVERY, SUSAN ANN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-206
DEVINE, THOMAS D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-447
DEVITO, ADELINE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-107
DEVLIN, BRIDGET                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-3
DEVLIN, JOHN J. (REV.)                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-217
DEVLIN, PETER                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-65
DEWEY, THEODORE S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-20
DIBENEDETTO, ALFIO FRED                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-700
DICK, SARAH R.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-1
DICKEMANN, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-4
DIECHTRICK, JOSEPH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-68
DIEDERICH, GEORGE                       NTL                                     NY-43-F-121
DIETRICH, MAX                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-596
DIETSCH, LEONARD F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-421
DIETZ, CHARLES H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-75
DIETZ, EMILY K.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-459
DIETZ, MARY F.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-88
DIGRADO, JOSEPHINE                      RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-81-438
DILL, ELIZA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-142
DILL, JAMES                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-142
DILL, WASHINGTON                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-294
DILLON, SIDNEY O.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-561
DILOLLO, MARIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-6
DIMAGGIO, LOUIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-448
DIMARCO, ROSE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-131
DIMINO, ISABEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-598
DINGER, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-264
DINOIA, TESSIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-152
DINZY, ALINE A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-555
DIOGUARDI, ORESTAS SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-565
DISOMMO, RACHEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-225
DISSOSWAY, CATHARINE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-322
DISSOSWAY, SAMUEL                       STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-327
DISSOWAY, ANN                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-525
DISTASIO, FELICE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-552
DITTMAR, WILLIAM A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-485
DITTON, JOHN M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-451
DITTON, MARY ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-248
DITTON, THOMAS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-375
DIVINCENZO, GIUSEPPE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-349
DIXON, EDWARD B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-430
DIXON, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-481
DOANE, ROBERT M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-371
DOBSON, ANNA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-419
DOCKETY, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-308
DOCKTER, HELENE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-269
DOCKTER, VALENTINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-183
DOCTEY, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-43-A-1
DODD, HONORIA FRANCES                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-520
DODD, JOHN B.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-212
DODGE, ALBERT M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-25
DOHERTY, JAMES M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-555
DOHLMAR, ARTHUR E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-607
DOLLAM, JOHN                            SNUG HARBOR                             NY-43-I-612
DOLS, ANTHONY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-415
DOLSON, EDITH H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-4
DOLT, LYDIA ELIZABETH                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-119
DOMONKER, STEPHEN                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-197
DONAHOE, MATHEW                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-451
DONAHUE, ELLA C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-685
DONALD, EDITH MAY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-345
DONALDSON, ISABELLA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-334
DONALDSON, JOHN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-311
DONDERO, ROSE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-566
DONGAN, WALTER                          CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-520
DONNELL, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-357
DONNELLAN, MARGARET                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-505
DONNELLY, ALBERT F.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-374
DONNOLDSON, JOHN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-647
DONOGHOE, ANN                           NTL                                     NY-43-I-558
DONOHUE, FRANCIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-317
DONOHUE, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-190
DONOVAN, DANIEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-273
DONOVAN, OWEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-227
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-455
DORING, MARIE H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-224
DOTY, CYRUS B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-246
DOTY, ISAAC                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-83
DOUGLASS, CLARISSER                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-56
DOULE, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-43-I-451
DOWASCHINSKI, EDWARD B. SR.             RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-441
DOWLING, WALTER W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-52
DOWNES, JOHN                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-324
DOWNEY, HENRY L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-21
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-199
DOWNS, AUSTIN H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-450
DOWNS, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-462
DOYLE, JOHN A.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-56
DOYLE, MARY G.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-599
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-383
DOYLE, THOMAS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-343
DRAKE, AARON                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-432
DRAKE, ANDREW                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1096
DRAKE, CHARLES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-95
DRAKE, CHARLES                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-B-759
DRAKE, CHARLES M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-208
DRAKE, RACHEL                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-411
DRAPIN, PAUL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-705
DRESSLER, AGNES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-250
DREW, EZRA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-183
DREW, LAVINA GASKILL                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-477
DREYER, AUGUSTA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-195
DRISCOLL, BRIDGET AGNES                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-71
DRISCOLL, VIOLA MARIE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-441
DRIVER, FRANCIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-287
DROUIN, WILFRED R. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-295
DROUNE, MARGUERITE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-134
DROWN, THOMAS M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L- 309
DRUMM, EMMA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-530
DRUMMOND, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-68
DRUMMOND, PETER M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-13
DRURY, VINCENT K.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-81
DRUTOK, ANNIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-46
DUBLIN, JAMES                           STAPLETON                               NY-43-H-213
DUBOIS, CORNELIUS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-334
DUBOIS, DELAFIELD                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-256
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH                       WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-173
DUBOIS, EUGENE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-33
DUBOIS, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-43-A-94
DUBOIS, JOHN                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-117
DUBOIS, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-790
DUBOIS, MARY ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-167
DUBOIS, MARY ANN                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-464
DUBOIS, RACHEL                          SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-246
DUBOIS, RICHARD                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-96
DUBOIS, RICHARD C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-101
DUBOVSKY, ROSALIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-221
DUCASSE, MARTHE J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-43
DUDLEY, WILLIAM E.                      TOMPKINSVILLE                           NY-43-E-397
DUER, GEORGE W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-360
DUER, JANE                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-220
DUFFELL, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-253
DUFFY, ANN                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-104
DUFFY, JAMES                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-145
DUFFY, SYLVESTER                        NEW BRIGHTON                            NY-43-H-281
DUFFY, WALTER JAMES                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-81
DUGAN, CHARLES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-276
DUGAN, DANIEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-51
DUGAN, HANNAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-480
DUGAS, DANIEL NOEL                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-483
DUINDAM, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NY-43-C-1021
DUKE, JOHN J.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-268
DUNBAR, EDUARD E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-330
DUNCAN, ALEXANDER                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-182
DUNCKER, LOUISE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-84
DUNGEY, THOMAS S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-86
DUNHAM, HENRY BRISTOL                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-315
DUNIGAN, JOHN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-250
DUNIGAN, LUKE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-452
DUNN, ANN                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-361
DUNN, CATHRINE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-441
DUNN, MICHAEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-8
DUNN, OHN J. JR.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-270
DUNNE, AMELIA KNIGHT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-105
DUNNE, GLADYS M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-114
DUNVILL, ELIZA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-168
DUPENY, BARNT                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-55
DUPUY, ABRAHAM                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-501
DUPUY, CROWEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-402
DUPUY, DANIEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-191
DUPUY, DAVID SR.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-230
DUPUY, ISRAEL SR                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-202
DUPUY, MOSES                            NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-403
DUPUY, NICHOLAS                         NORFIELD                                NY-43-I-128
DURHAM, ANDREW                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-959
DURHAM, ANDREW                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-201
DURKAN, JOHN                            SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-405
DURKIN, MARY E.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-323
DURKIN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-274
DURKIN, RICHARD G.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-258
DURRELL, ROBERT                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-405
DURRMA, PETER                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1094
DUSCAY, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-353
DUSKIN, RAE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-77
DUSTAN, MATILDA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-476
DUSTAN, PHOEBE ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-411
DUWE, SOPHIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-296
EADIE, CONSTANCE B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-473
EADIE, DEWITT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-422
EADIE, ETHEL B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-673
EAGON, DEBORAH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-104
EAGON, JOHN S.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-4
EARL, MARY ANN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-288
EASOM, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-268
EATON, ALBERTHA A.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-112
EAWOOD, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-98
EBBITT, SARAH                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-274
ECKERT, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-573
ECKFORD, MARION                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-329
ECKHART, SIMON                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-288
ECKSTEIN, MONROE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-104
EDDEY, ANDREW                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-459
EDDY, HELENE M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-41
EDDY, WILLIAM                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-D-101
EDGAR, CATHERINE M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-452
EDGAR, DAVID A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-358
EDGAR, DAVID M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-202
EDGARTON, JONAS P.                      NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-191
EDGARTON, SUSAN                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-311
EDGE, THOMAS C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-353
EDWARDS, BESSIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-315
EDWARDS, DEBORAH ANN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-29
EDWARDS, EDNA G.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-130
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-344
EGAN, MARTIN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-135
EGAN, WALTER J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-35
EGBERT, ABRAHAM                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-674
EGBERT, ABRAHAM                         CASTLETON                               NY-43-H-154
EGBERT, ABRAHAM                         STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-B-804
EGBERT, CHARLOTTE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-238
EGBERT, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-168
EGBERT, HENRY                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-121
EGBERT, JOHN                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-D-52
EGBERT, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-161
EGBERT, KATHARINE K.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-188
EGBERT, MARY JANE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-72
EGBERT, MOSES                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-D-134
EGBERT, OLIVE D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-603
EGBERT, SARAH                           NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-C-1027
EGBERT, SARAH                           CASTLETON                               NY-43-G-36
EGBERT, STEPHEN                         NEW YORK CITY                           NY-43-I-190
EGBERT, TUNIS                           SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-I-440
EGBERT, TUNIS                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-447
EGBERT, TUNIS                           NTL                                     NY-43-A-313
EGEBRT, ABRAHAM                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-640
EGEBRT, ABRAHAM                         NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-818
EGEBRT, CORNELAS                        CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-604
EGG, DANIEL                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-189
EGGENA, FERDINAND                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-422
EHNINGER, ELIZA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-50
EIB, THERESA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-433
EICHENBERGER, CATHARINA                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-58
EICHMEYER, FREDERICK                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-33
EIGENRAUCH, ROSA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-237
EINKOPF, ELEONORE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-460
EKBERG, ELLEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-393
EKSTEDT, PER ALBERT                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-495
ELFERS, JACOB D.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-159
ELLER, CHARLES FREDERICK                RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-468
ELLERMANN, JOHN T.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-581
ELLESS, MARY                            WESTFIELD                               NY-43-G-17
ELLIMAN, JESSIE J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-39
ELLIOTT, ESTELLE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-197
ELLIS, BASTIAN                          NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-287
ELLIS, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-632
ELLIS, ELIZABETH AMESBURY               RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-26
ELLIS, GARRET                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-99
ELLIS, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-138
ELLISS, GARRET                          WESTFIELD                               NY-43-C-1080
ELLSMAN, MARY V.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-434
ELLSWORTH, JOHN H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-1
ENDIAS, JOSEPHINE GEDROY                RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-553
ENDICOTT, CAROLINE E.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-458
ENDICOTT, GEORGE W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-334
ENEA, PAULINE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-434
ENGELSEN, HANS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-175
ENGLISH, HARRIET HELEN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-293
ENZIGER, BELLE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-636
EPSTEIN, MAE C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-193
ERHARDT, HENRY                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-411
ERICKSEN, ANNA C.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-407
ERICKSON, HENRY W. SR.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-236
ERICSON, LUISE M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-108
ERRINGTON, HARRIET N.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-218
ERRINGTON,GEORGIANA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-161
ESCORIAZADE, JOSEFA Q. M.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-8
ESKER, ELEANOR ESROS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-33
ESSELBORN, JACOB                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-276
ETTLINGER, CHARLES F.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-385
ETTLINGER, CHARLOTTE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-328
ETTLINGER, EDITH M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-470
ETTLINGER, LOUIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-242
EUSTACE, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-176
EVERY, HOWARD A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-213
FABER, ABBY ADAMS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-387
FABIJANICH, NICHOLAS                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-138
FABREGAS, MINNIE BERNARDINE             RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-140
FACKNER, CAROLINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-268
FADER, KARL                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-363
FAGAN, JOHN F.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-281
FAHEY, ROSE                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-464
FAIR, ALIDA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-83
FAIRMAN, HANNAH J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-171
FAKE, REED M.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-211
FALCO, FERDINANDO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-36
FALCONI, CHARLES A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-287
FALLER, PHILIP F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-158
FALLON, MARTIN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-124
FALLOON, ANNE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-401
FANELLI, VINCENT                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-408
FARINELLI, ELEANOR                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-572
FARLEY, ELLEN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-430
FARLEY, JOHN H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-70
FARLEY, ROBERT JAMES                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-143
FARQUHAR, PAULINE F.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-143
FARRELL, BRIDGET ELLEN                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-199
FARRELL, EDWARD J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-180
FARRELL, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-257
FARRELL, JAMES P.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-85
FARRELLY, BRIDGET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-231
FARRIS, CALVIN L.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-442
FARROW, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-316
FATH, LUDWIG J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-260
FAY, MARTHA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-599
FAZAKERLEY, WALTER C.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-479
FEARON, ROBERT INGLIS                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-257
FEENEY, FRANK J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-399
FEHRENSEN, CHRISTIAN L.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-285
FEKJERSM FREDERICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-44
FELGENTREU, WILLIAM                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-555
FELLONES, FANNY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-366
FENDEL, FREDERICK A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-531
FENTON, WILLIAM B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-497
FERGUSON, JOHN EMIL                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-40
FERRAGAMO, FANNIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-330
FERRAGANO, PHILAMINA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-330
FERRARA, NUNZIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-148
FERRARO, ANTONIO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-498
FERRIE, ALICE M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-371
FERRIGNO, MATTEO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-554
FEST, ALBERTINA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-206
FEST, IDA                               RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-184
FETHERSTON, KATHERINE                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-618
FETHERSTON, MARY T.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-168
FETZER, LOUISE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-314
FEYDT, ORA                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-285
FIACARRA, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-28
FICHET, VIRGINIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-141
FICHTHORN, AMELIA A.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-33
FICHTMUELLER, JULIUS A. C.              RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-587
FIELDER, ALEXANDER                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-257
FIELDER, EDWIN W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-75
FIELDER, ELEANOR E.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-83
FIELDS, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-456
FILLBRUNN, ELISE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-401
FINCH, HANNAH B. W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-226
FINGADO, GUSTAV                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-477
FINKENBRINCK, ANNA CATHARINA            RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-421
FINKENSTADT, FREDERICK W.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-430
FINLEY, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-50
FINLEY, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-474
FINLEY, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-226
FINN, HARRY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-7
FINNEGAN, MARY T.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-398
FINNEGAN, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     NY-43-I-335
FINNERAW, HATTIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-320
FIORE, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-457
FIORELLO, PETER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-253
FISCHER, FRANZ PHILLIP                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-346
FISCHER, GEORGE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-368
FISCHER, JULIUS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-34
FISHER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-66
FISK, CLINTON B.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-319
FISSORE, JOSEPH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-345
FITZGERALD, AGNES E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-441
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-86
FITZGERALD, RICHARD                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-310
FITZPATRICK, ANDREW                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-246
FITZPATRICK, ELIZABETH R.               RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-58
FITZRANDOLPH, ASHER                     CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-253
FLAKE, MARY LOUISE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-78
FLANAGAN, CATHARINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-376
FLANAGAN, JOHN H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-472
FLATT, EDWIN J.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-308
FLATTERY, MARGARET                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-20
FLEMING, DELIA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-116
FLINT, DOUGLAS F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-214
FOGARTY, JOHN J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-646
FOLSOM, MARK                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-461
FONTARO, DOMINICO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-560
FOOTE, ODAH B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-557
FORAN, MICHAEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-469
FORBES, WALTER SCOTT                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-241
FORD, ELIZA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-39
FORD, GEORGE W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-29
FORD, JANE                              RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-285
FORD, JENNIE A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-615
FORD, MARCIA C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-557
FORD, SAMUEL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-179
FORD, SAMUEL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-200
FORLENZA, JOSEPHINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-13
FORMAN, WILLIAM                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-58
FORMICA, CLELIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-34
FORNATARO, ANEGELINA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-270
FORNINO, GENARO SR.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-517
FORSYTH, JAMES                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-178
FORSYTHE, JAMES                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-257
FOSDCK, WILLIAM R.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-263
FOSTER, ALFRIEDA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-1888
FOSTER, ANNA MARIA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-322
FOSTER, LEWIS H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-171
FOSTER, MILTON HUGH                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-459
FOUNTAIN, ALBERT D.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-283
FOUNTAIN, ALICE DOUGLAS                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-171
FOUNTAIN, ANTHONY                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-54
FOUNTAIN, ANTHONY SR.                   CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-364
FOUNTAIN, ANTHONY SR.                   SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-457
FOUNTAIN, CATHARINE                     SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-39
FOUNTAIN, ELEANOR                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-205
FOUNTAIN, JOHN A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-264
FOUNTAIN, MAGDALEN                      CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-643
FOUNTAIN, VINCENT                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-320
FOUNTAIN, WILLIAM G.                    SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-H-86
FOUNTAINE, ELIZA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-265
FOUNTAINE, MARIA                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-270
FOWLER, CHARLOTTE ELIZA                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-154
FOWLER, FRANCIS D.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-311
FOWLER, HENRIETTA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-108
FRANCESCO, FOTINE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-246
FRANCIS, MAE V. (YENDRUSZEWSKI)         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-366
FRANCIS, MARY J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-505
FRANCIS, MAX                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-430
FRANCKE, MINETTE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-13
FRANK, ANNA                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-227
FRANK, BRANSLAW                         RICHMOND (AKA)                          NY-43-82-334
FRANKE, CARL                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-225
FRANKEL, JOEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-497
FRANKEL, MATHILDA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-542
FRANKLIN, FREDERICK W.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-221
FRANKS, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-371
FRANZREB, JOHN E. JR.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-43
FRARY, DWIGHT                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-348
FRAZER, JAMES M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-465
FREAN, ROBENA W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-1
FREEMAN, MELANCTHON M.                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-321
FREHAN, GEORGE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-133
FRETTERD, BARBARA                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-6
FREY, DOROTHY E.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-402
FREY, FREDERICK ALBERT                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-122
FRICE, VIRGINIA E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-125
FRICKE, EDWARD                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-486
FRIEDLAENDER, MATHILDA OPHELIA          RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-189
FRIEDMAN, ELMA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-658
FRISSELL, AMASA C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-266
FRONC, VERONIKA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-557
FROOM, CHRISTIAN                        STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-210
FROST, HENRY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-285
FROST, SAMUEL H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-411
FROST, SMAUEL                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-H-516
FRYER, GEORGE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-255
FRYER, LEAH                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-244
FUCHS, CATHERINE M.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-379
FUCHS, PAUL J.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-U-424
FULLER, EGBERT S.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-224
FULLER, JANE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-382
FULLOON, PETER                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-159
FUNKE, FREDERICK A.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-91
FURMAN, JOHN T.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-448
GAGE, WINANT                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-101
GAGLIARDO, SALVATORE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-440
GALE, ALFRED G. S.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-313
GALENTE, EMIDIO                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-68
GALLAGHER, CORNELIUS C.                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-36
GALLAGHER, HUGH                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-466
GALLAGHER, MARY E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-170
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-9
GALLICCHIO, JAMES P.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-390
GALLIGAN, JULIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-1
GALLINEK, SIEGFRIED                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-140
GALLIS, CHARLES F.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-427
GALLOWAY, AUGUSTA C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-181
GALLUCCI, NICHOLAS                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-638
GALONSKA, ADELE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-500
GAMBARO, JOSEPHINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-36
GAMBINO, THOMAS ANTHONY                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-105
GARAFOLO, ANTONINA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-402
GARBE, CARL HERMANN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-450
GARBE, GUSTAVE H.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-719
GARBE, OTTO G.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-155
GARDELLA, CHARLES L.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-445
GARDNER, RUTH M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-647
GAROFOLA, NICHOLAS J.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-250
GARRETSON, HARMANUS                     SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-B-502
GARRETSON, JOHN                         WESTFIELD                               NY-43-F-83
GARRETSON, JOHN C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-456
GARRETSON, JOHN ESQ.                    SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-248
GARRETSON, LANY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-56
GARRETSON, MARY ANN                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-396
GARRETT, WILLIAM                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-13
GARRIGAN, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-61
GARRIGAN, ANN                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-36
GARRIGAN, CHARLES                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-393
GARRIGAN, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-T-279
GARRIGAN, THOMAS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-9
GARRISON, CONTENT                       CASTLETON                               NY-43-E-75
GARRISON, DANIEL                        CASTLE TOWN                             NY-43-A-178
GARRISON, HENDRICK                      STATEN ISLABD                           NY-43-B-691
GARRITSON, JOHN                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-F-1
GARRYSON, DANIEL                        NTL                                     NY-43-A-91
GASS, JOHN J.                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-4
GATTULLO, TILLIE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-279
GAUBATZ, MAGDALINA                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-40
GAUCHROW, SAMUEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-160
GAUL, EDNA MARY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-149
GAUL, WILLIAM F.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-292
GAUTER, GEORGE ALLPHONSUS               RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-539
GAVIN, MARGARET E.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-216
GAVINS, MARGARET                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-712
GAY, MICHAEL JR.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-30
GAY, SYDNEY HOWARD                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-396
GEARY, WILLIAM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-359
GEBHARDT, WILHELM                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-211
GEDALIUS, HANS                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-360
GEER, HIRAM                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-108
GEFFORD, MARY                           STATEN ISLAND                           NY-43-A-67
GEIZER, LOUIS                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-460
GELARDI, VINCENZO                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-202
GELGISSER, TILLIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-635
GEMMA, MATILDA A.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-343
GERAGHTY, JOSEPHINE ELLEN               RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-582
GERB, CHARLES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-549
GERBRANTZ, DANIEL                       NORTHFIELD                              NY-43-A-101
GERG, CHARLES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-373
GERKEN, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-33
GERMANO, DOMENICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-386
GERRY, CORNELIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-31
GESCHEIDT, CHARLES A.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-335
GEX, XAVIER                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-112
GIALLO, ANNA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-247
GIAMBONI, ALONZO                        NTL                                     NY-43-I-474
GIANNETTINO, ANGELINA                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-355
GIANNETTO, SANTO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-546
GIBBES, THOMAS M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-466
GIBBON, ANNIEBEL WALKER                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-597
GIBSON, ABRAHAM H.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-455
GIBSON, GARRET D.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-254
GIBSON, HUGH                            CASTLETON                               NY-43-C-1000
GIBSON, MAE V.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-604
GIBSON, MARY FLORIDA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-276
GIBSON, SARAH M.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-430
GIFFORD, WILLIAM B.                     CASTLETON                               NY-43-B-516
GILBERT, CATHARINE C.                   RICHMOND                                NY-43-Q-428
GILBERT, LYMAN W.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-453
GILDERSLEEVE, DELIA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-546
GILES, JOHN B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-112
GILES, JOHN B.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-297
GILETTA, MARIA G.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-676
GILL, MICHAEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-289
GILL, PATRICK H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-185
GILLEN, JOHN F.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-195
GILLESPIE, PATRICK                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-318
GILLIS,C LARENCE B.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-382
GILLOTT, CAROLINE THERESA               RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-22
GILMOUR, MABEL                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-323
GILPIN, JENNIE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-212
GIMBER, JOHN                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-471
GINSBERG, IRVING                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-494
GIOVANNINI, BASILIO                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-635
GIRAND, MICHELE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-16
GLASSO, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-29
GLATZ, JOHANN GEORGE                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-585
GLEASON, ANNIE F.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-173
GLICKMAN, HARRY                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-579
GLICSTEIN, EDITH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-173
GLOVER, JAMES N.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-98
GLOVER, MARGARET H.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-516
GLUBASKY, FRANK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-65
GLUCKMAN, SADIE                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-443
GODDARD, KINGSTON                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-329
GOELTZ, JULIE                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-15
GOEMANN, LINA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-218
GOEPP, MARTHA N.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-342
GOEPP, PHILIP H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-M-176
GOERNER, ANNA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-479
GOGGIN, MARY                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-166
GOHLINGHARST, STANLEY J.                RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-291
GOLDBERG, OSCAR                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-46
GOLDMAN, RICHARD JACOB                  RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-324
GOLDSTEIN, LOUIS                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-172
GOOD, JANE LOUISE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-229
GOODWIN, EDWARD VINCENT                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-664
GOODWIN, MABEL E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-459
GOODWIN, RUTH C.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-503
GOOLD, HENRY B.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-235
GORDON, CLYDE A.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-315
GORDON, D. SIMPSON                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-207
GORDON, DWIGHT EARL                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-332
GOREN, CELIA WARSHAW                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-21
GORGONE, ANTONIO                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-275
GORMOND, MICHAEL                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-405
GOSSWEYLER, ANNIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-479
GOUGH, JOHN                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-S-308
GOULD, ELIZA A.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-202
GOURNEAY, ABRAHAM                       NTL                                     NY-43-B-713
GRACE, MICHAEL J.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-271
GRACEFFO, FRANCESCA                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-358
GRAFFEO, JOSEPHINE                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-402
GRAFUNDER, CARL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-623
GRAHAM, JAMES                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-1
GRAHAM, JOHN HUNTER                     NTL                                     NY-43-H-305
GRANATA, NICHOLAS                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-312
GRANT, ANDREW                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-207
GRANT, MARGARET M.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-323
GRASCEK, CARL J.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-80-207
GRASE, HARRY W.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-261
GRASMUCK, JOSEPH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-21
GRATACAP, LUCINDA B.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-W-134
GRAY, FREDERICK W.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-94
GRAY, MAGDALENA C.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-K-302
GREATOREX, TOM                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-504
GREATOREX, WILLIAM                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-495
GREB, AMANDA                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-545
GRECO, STAFANA                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-552
GREEN, CHARLES E.                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-190
GREEN, THOMAS H.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-350
GREENBERG, CARRIE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-351
GREENE, FRANCIS J.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-508
GREENE, HARRY W.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-672
GREENE, JOHN P.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-640
GREENWALD, EDWIN W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-79-203
GREENWALD, MOSES                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-228
GREENWOOD, ALFRED                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-79
GREGGIO, ARNILDO JULIUS                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-446
GREGO, LOUIS V.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-620
GREGORY, ORA C.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-553
GREGORY, THOMAS CLAXTON                 RICHMOND                                NY-43-76-500
GREGORY, WINFIELD E.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-82-308
GRESSER, LENA                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-141
GRIFFIN, CHARLES A.                     CASTLETON                               NY-43-I-350
GRIFFITH, CHARLES EDWARD                RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-461
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-409
GRIFFO, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-673
GRILL, VIOLA R.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-253
GRIMALDI, MARIA                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-689
GRIMES, PATRICK                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Z-341
GRIMM, FREDERICK W.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-171
GRIMM, HENRY H.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-402
GRISWOLD, SYLVIA ANN                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-330
GROELING, CONRAD                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-3-28
GROELING, PETER                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-N-25
GROSS, LORETTA ANN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-176
GROSS, MARIE                            RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-610
GROSS, NICK                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-105
GROSS, SAMUEL I.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-339
GROSSMAN, BENJAMIN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-613
GROSSMAN, LOUIS                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-81-171
GROSSNER, ROSE                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-78-363
GROTE, FREDERICK R.                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-189
GRUBBE, WILLIAM B.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-87-48
GRUBER, JOSEPH                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-109
GRYMES, MARY HELEN                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-265
GUERCI, GUISEPPE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-85-426
GUERIN, MICHAEL                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-320
GUETHER, HERMAN P.                      RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-249
GULKO, SAMUEL                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-77-79
GULLO, MARY                             RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-132
GUNCHION, PATRICK                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-O-242
GUNN, CHARLES L.                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-2-365
GUNSETH, JACOB                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-R-108
GUNSETH, MARGARET                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-X-33
GUNTHER, FLORENCE                       RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-601
GUNTHER, FLORENCE C.                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-84-601
GURR, CALEB G.                          RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-378
GURR, CAROLINE ELIZA                    RICHMOND                                NY-43-4-393
GUSTIN, JANE M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-Y-129
GUTEKNAST, FRANCES HANNAH               RICHMOND                                NY-43-83-247
GUTEKUNST, CAROLINE                     RICHMOND                                NY-43-88-176
GUTER, AUGUST                           RICHMOND                                NY-43-V-78
GUYON, CATHARINE                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-P-449
GUYON, ELIZABETH                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-L-34
GUYON, FREDERICK                        RICHMOND                                NY-43-5-259
GUYON, HARMANUS                         SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-60
GUYON, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-43-C-895
GUYON, JOHN                             SOUTHFIELD                              NY-43-E-8
GUYON, MARGARET                         NTL                                     NY-43-C-1133
GUYON, MARTHA                           WESTFIELD                               NY-43-I-338
GUYON, PETER M.                         RICHMOND                                NY-43-#1-263

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