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ICARD, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-54-42
IDDLE, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NY-31-47-86
IDELINGER, MARTHA HARENG               NYC                                     NY-31-50-205
IDEN, JOHN H.                          NYC                                     NY-31-1017-145
IDESON, MARGARET                       NYC                                     NY-31-114-481
IDLEY, ELIZABETH                       NYC                                     NY-31-96-32
IDLEY, JOSEPH                          NYC                                     NY-31-59-320
IGEL, KAROLINE                         NYC                                     NY-31-1001-235
IGOE, GEORGIA S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1022-37
ILLIS, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-103-333
IMMERMAN, ELI S.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1031-121
INGART, YELLIS                         STATEN ISLAND, RICHMOND, NY             NY-31-7-462
INGERSOLL, ANDREW                      NYC                                     NY-31-100-178
INGERSOLL, HARRIET P.                  NYC                                     NY-31-985-134
INGERSOLL, JOHN IVERS                  NYC                                     NY-31-67-1
INGERSOLL, SIMON                       GREENWICH, FAIRFIELD, CT                NY-31-62-68
INGHAM, BENJAMIN                       NYC                                     NY-31-135-437
INGHAM, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-32-116
INGLAND, WILLIAM                       NYC                                     NY-31-50-360
INGLIS, GEORGE                         NYC                                     NY-31-126-517
INGLIS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-97-122
INGLIS, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-149-274       488
INGOLDESBY, RICHARD                    NYC                                     NY-31-9-119
INGRAHAM, ARTHUR                       NYC                                     NY-31-1013-234
INGRAHAM, D. PHOENIX                   NYC                                     NY-31-1017-144
INGRAHAM, JOHN CARNEY                  NYC                                     NY-31-69-1
INGRAHAM, N. G. JR.                    GREENWICH                               NY-31-59-13
INSLEE, ZEBULON                        NYC                                     NY-31-75-247
IPPICH, RUDOLPH R.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1018-326
IREDELL, HESTER                        NYC                                     NY-31-72-264
IREDELL, THOMAS                        NYC                                     NY-31-35-491
IRELAND, ADELIA D.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1030-23
IRELAND, ANNIE V.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1020-268
IRELAND, FREDERICK G.                  NYC                                     NY-31-1031-119
IRELAND, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-75-544
IRELAND, JOHN                          NYC                                     NY-31-142-395
IRELAND, JOHN B.                       NYC                                     NY-31-995-56
IRELAND, JOSEPH                        NYC                                     NY-31-93-290
IRELAND, MARGARET A.                   NYC                                     NY-31-147-265
IRELAND, THOMAS                        HEMPSTEAD HARBOUR, QUEENS, NY           NY-31-32-362
IRELAND, THOMAS                        HEMPSTEAD, QUEENS, NY                   NY-31-1-53
IRELAND, WILLIAM H.                    NYC                                     NY-31-98-238
IRELAND, WILLIAM M.                    NYC                                     NY-31-74-107
IRISH, ELWOOD                          NYC                                     NY-31-130-463
IRISH, SMITON                          NTL, DUTCHESS, NY                       NY-31-27-215
IRLAND, ADAM                           NORTH CASTLE, WESTCHESTER, NY           NY-31-21-532
IRMINGER, CARL                         NYC                                     NY-31-124-442
IRVIN, LEVINA                          NYC                                     NY-31-62-165
IRVINE, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-119-164
IRVING, DANIEL                         NYC                                     NY-31-133-32
IRVING, ELIZBAETH S.                   NYC                                     NY-31-1021-375
IRVING, HESTER                         NYC                                     NY-31-79-279
IRVING, JOHN T.                        NYC                                     NY-31-78-320
IRVING, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-47-176
IRVING, WILLIAM                        NYC                                     NY-31-57-91
IRWIN, ANN M.                          NYC                                     NY-31-986-142
IRWIN, GEORGE                          NYC                                     NY-31-69-518
IRWIN, HUGH                            NYC                                     NY-31-121-44
IRWIN, JAMES                           NYC                                     NY-31-54-302
IRWIN, JANE                            NYC                                     NY-31-105-172
IRWIN, JOHN                            NYC                                     NY-31-79-25
IRWIN, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-104-390
IRWIN, WILLIAM                         NYC                                     NY-31-110-548
ISAACKS, DAVID                         NYC                                     NY-31-81-36
ISAACKS, FANNY                         NYC                                     NY-31-48-201
ISAACKS, REBEKAH                       NYC                                     NY-31-109-336
ISAACS, EZEKIEL                        NYC                                     NY-31-77-216
ISAACS, GEORGE W.                      NYC                                     NY-31-58-128
ISAACS, GRACE                          NYC                                     NY-31-96-57
ISAACS, HELEN D.                       NYC                                     NY-31-1017-423
ISAACS, JACOB                          NYC                                     NY-31-67-272
ISAACS, JOHN                           NYC                                     NY-31-1022-166
ISAACS, JOSHUA                         NYC                                     NY-31-15-235
ISAACS, LAZARUS                        NYC                                     NY-31-122-488
ISAACS, PAULINE                        NYC                                     NY-31-1018-322
ISAACS, PHILLIP                        EASTCHESTER, WESTCHESTER, NY            NY-31-19-427
ISAACS, SOLOMON                        CHARLESTOWN, CHARLESTON, SC             NY-31-20-290
ISAACS, SOLOMON I.                     NYC                                     NY-31-111-263
ISAACS, WILLIAM M.                     NYC                                     NY-31-1021-156
ISAACSON, NATHAN I.                    NYC                                     NY-31-989-188
ISABELL, EBER                          NYC                                     NY-31-93-681
ISBELL, EFFIE                          NYC                                     NY-31-1021-377
ISENSTEIN, MAX                         NYC                                     NY-31-1015-451
ISHAM, RALPH                           NYC                                     NY-31-95-401
ISHAM, SAMUEL                          NYC                                     NY-31-1006-326
ISHERWOOD, BENJAMIN F.                 NYC                                     NY-31-1018-324
ISINGHARTT, CHRISTOPHER                HARRISONS, WESTCHESTER, NY              NY-31-36-166
ISNLEE, ELIZA                          NYC                                     NY-31-1025-473
ISRAEL, MARY M.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1030-25
ITZKOVITZ, MORITZ                      NYC                                     NY-31-987-445
IUND, THOMAS C.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1015-36
IUUD, THOMAS C.                        NYC                                     NY-31-1015-36
IVER, ARCHIBALD                        NYC                                     NY-31-96-516
IVERS, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-45-374
IVERS, MARY                            NYC                                     NY-31-57-356
IVES, ANSEL W.                         NYC                                     NY-31-78-273
IVES, BRAYTON                          NYC                                     NY-31-1027-233
IVES, ELIZA                            NYC                                     NY-31-91-304
IVES, JOHN                             NYC                                     NY-31-91-711
IVINS, WILLIAM M.                      NYC                                     NY-31-1017-420
IVISON, SARAH B.                       NYC                                     NY-31-147-358
IVORY, PATRICK                         NYC                                     NY-31-77-520

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