Jefferson County, New York Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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(ALLEN), MAHETABLE                      NY-23-1-122
ABBEY, LANA ANN                         NY-23-1-253
ABBEY, SHUBRICK                         NY-23-1-253
ABBEY, SUSAN                            NY-23-1-253
ACKLEY, LYDIA                           NY-23-1-181
ACKLEY, OLIVER                          NY-23-1-181
ALEXANDER, ELIZA JANE                   NY-23-1-462
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL                       NY-23-1-462
ALLEN, AURELIA O.                       NY-23-1-122
ALLEN, CLARK                            NY-23-1-122
ASHBY, WILLIAM                          NY-23-1-571
ATTEN, SARAH                            NY-23-1-271
AUGSBURY, DANIEL                        NY-23-1-430
AUGSBURY, MARY                          NY-23-1-430
AVERELL, WILLIAM J.                     NY-23-1-365
BAILEY, ALBERT                          NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ALFRED                          NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ALZINA                          NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, CLARK                           NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, EDWIN                           NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, ELZADA J.                       NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, HENRY                           NY-23-1-89
BAILEY, HENRY                           NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, HENRY                           NY-23-1-169
BAILEY, JOHN                            NY-23-1-82
BAILEY, LUCY A.                         NY-23-1-89
BAILEY, LUCY A.                         NY-23-1-169
BAILEY, LUTHER H.                       NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                      NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                      NY-23-1-534
BAILEY, SARAH JANE                      NY-23-1-528
BALL, HULDAH                            NY-23-1-352
BALLARD, ADALINE                        NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, BIRNEY                         NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, HIRAM                          NY-23-1-288
BALLARD, MERCY ANN                      NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, NANCY                          NY-23-1-61
BALLARD, SUSAN                          NY-23-1-288
BALLARD, THOMAS                         NY-23-1-61
BARNES, GRRIT S.                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, HANNAH                          NY-23-1-190
BARNES, HOSEA                           NY-23-1-190
BARNES, MARIA E.                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, MARY ANN                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, PERMELIA                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, RANDALL                         NY-23-1-369
BARNES, RHODA                           NY-23-1-369
BARNES, RUSSELL                         NY-23-1-369
BARNES, SUSAN M.                        NY-23-1-369
BARNES, THERESA A.                      NY-23-1-369
BARTHOLOMEW, DENNIS                     NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, DEXTER                     NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, EBENEZER                   NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, MARY                       NY-23-1-468
BARTHOLOMEW, OLIVER                     NY-23-1-313
BARTHOLOMEW, OLIVER                     NY-23-1-468
BARTOLOMEW, DANIEL                      NY-23-1-313
BASHFORD, COLES                         NY-23-1-336
BASHFORD, FRANCIS A.                    NY-23-1-336
BECKER, ANGELICA                        NY-23-1-386
BECKER, ANN                             NY-23-1-67
BECKER, CALVIN H.                       NY-23-1-67
BECKER, CAROLINE P.                     NY-23-1-67
BECKER, DANIEL                          NY-23-1-67
BECKER, FREDERICK F.                    NY-23-1-67
BECKER, HIRAM                           NY-23-1-67
BECKER, HIRAM                           NY-23-1-386
BECKER, JOHN                            NY-23-1-67
BECKER, MARTIN                          NY-23-1-67
BECKER, MARY                            NY-23-1-67
BECKER, MILTON CORNELIUS                NY-23-1-67
BECKER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-67
BEDELL, ADALINE                         NY-23-1-288
BEDELL, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-1-288
BEEKER, BARTON                          NY-23-1-412
BEEKER, DAVID                           NY-23-1-412
BELL, WILLIAM A.                        NY-23-1-283
BENTLEY, BARNET H.                      NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, DEANA                           NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, ELISHA                          NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, EMILY                           NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, GORDON                          NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, HENRY GORDON                    NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, JAMES E.                        NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, JOHN                            NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, PERSIS                          NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, THOMAS                          NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-318
BENTLY, WILLIAM J.                      NY-23-1-318
BERYAMAN, ELIZABETH                     NY-23-1-156
BETTINGER, BETSEY                       NY-23-1-227
BETTINGER, GEORGE                       NY-23-1-227
BETTINGER, LEONARD                      NY-23-1-227
BIGSBY, JANE ANN                        NY-23-1-346
BLANCHARD, CHARLOTTE                    NY-23-1-128
BOWLSBY, GEORGE                         NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, JOHN                           NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, MARTIN                         NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, NATHANIEL                      NY-23-1-498
BOWLSBY, WILLIAM B.                     NY-23-1-498
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM                         NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, DANIEL                          NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, DAVID                           NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, ELIAS                           NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, JAHAN JACOB                     NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, PETER JR.                       NY-23-1-450
BOWMAN, SUSAN                           NY-23-1-450
BRAINAD, D. C.                          NY-23-1-233
BRAINARD, LAURA                         NY-23-1-233
BREWSTER, CLARISSA                      NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, EPHRAIM                       NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, LAVINA                        NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, MARY S.                       NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, OLIVE                         NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, ROBY                          NY-23-1-190
BREWSTER, TIMOTHY G.                    NY-23-1-169
BREWSTER, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-190
BROMLEY, ELIZA                          NY-23-1-18
BROMLEY, HIRAM                          NY-23-1-18
BROOKS, MILISSA                         NY-23-1-271
BROOKS, THOMPSON                        NY-23-1-271
BROWN, BELCHER A.                       NY-23-1-564
BROWN, BELSHER A.                       NY-23-1-122
BROWN, CHRISTIANA                       NY-23-1-330
BROWN, JARED                            NY-23-1-283
BROWN, LYSANDER H.                      NY-23-1-330
BROWN, MARIA A.                         NY-23-1-283
BROWN, MARY A.                          NY-23-1-564
BROWN, MARY A.                          NY-23-1-122
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-23-1-330
BULL, ALVAH                             NY-23-1-214
BURCH, HELEN F.                         NY-23-1-399
BURCH, SARAH M.                         NY-23-1-399
BURCHARD, CHARLES                       NY-23-1-399
BURCHARD, MARY P.                       NY-23-1-399
BURCHARD, WILLIAM H.                    NY-23-1-399
BUSH, ARRABELLA                         NY-23-1-301
BUSH, SIDNEY                            NY-23-1-301
BUSH, WHITMAN                           NY-23-1-301
BUSHNELL, ALLEN                         NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, ALLEN                         NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, CHESTER                       NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, CHESTER                       NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, ELISHA                        NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, ELISHA                        NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, ELIZA                         NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, ELIZA ANN                     NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, HARRIET                       NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, HESEKIAH                      NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, LESTER                        NY-23-1-564
BUSHNELL, LIESTER                       NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, LOREN                         NY-23-1-122
BUSHNELL, LOREN                         NY-23-1-564
BUSLAR, MARGARET                        NY-23-1-101
BUSLAR, PETER                           NY-23-1-101
BUTTERFIELD, ALEXANDER                  NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, CYRUS                      NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, ELIZA                      NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, ELIZABETH                  NY-23-1-412
BUTTERFIELD, EMMA                       NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, HAMILTON                   NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, JUSTIN                     NY-23-1-412
BUTTERFIELD, PHENANDA                   NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, WELLINGTON                 NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, WOODWORTH                  NY-23-1-294
BUTTERFIELD, XENOPHEN                   NY-23-1-294
BUTTRICK, SAMUEL B.                     NY-23-1-571
CALINS, JOHN                            NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, ELIJAH                         NY-23-1-480
CALKINS, PETER B.                       NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, PHEBE                          NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, PHILO                          NY-23-1-480
CALKINS, ROYAL                          NY-23-1-462
CALKINS, RUTH                           NY-23-1-462
CANFIELD, FANNY H.                      NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, JANE H.                       NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, RICHARD M.                    NY-23-1-163
CANFIELD, THEODORE                      NY-23-1-163
CANIELD, JOHN                           NY-23-1-163
CARHART, CATHERINE                      NY-23-1-492
CARHART, ROBERT B.                      NY-23-1-492
CARPENTER, ANNA                         NY-23-1-318
CARPENTER, JOHN                         NY-23-1-318
CATER, BENJAMEN                         NY-23-1-480
CATER, PHILENA                          NY-23-1-480
CATLIN, MARY                            NY-23-1-510
CHEEVER, JOHN                           NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, LOVICA                         NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, REBECCA LOVISA                 NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, RUTH                           NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, SAMUEL                         NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, STERLING                       NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, STOUGHTON                      NY-23-1-462
CHEEVER, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-462
CHURCH, CATHARINE                       NY-23-1-412
CLARK, AMANDA                           NY-23-1-233
CLARK, BENJAMEN                         NY-23-1-521
CLARK, ELIAS JR.                        NY-23-1-521
CLARK, ELIZA                            NY-23-1-107
CLARK, ELLIS                            NY-23-1-233
CLARK, EMILY H.                         NY-23-1-107
CLARK, GILBERT                          NY-23-1-521
CLARK, HOLLAND B.                       NY-23-1-521
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-23-1-18
CLARK, LOVEL                            NY-23-1-521
CLARK, MARY                             NY-23-1-521
CLARK, MARY E.                          NY-23-1-107
CLARK, MERCY                            NY-23-1-107
CLARK, SARAH                            NY-23-1-521
CLARK, TABOR W.                         NY-23-1-521
CLARK, WASHINGTON                       NY-23-1-107
CLINT, CHLOE ANN                        NY-23-1-18
COBB, SARAH                             NY-23-1-498
COFFEEN, MARY                           NY-23-1-261
COFFEEN, SARAH                          NY-23-1-261
COHN, JULIA                             NY-23-1-27
COLBRATH, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-412
COLE, DELIA                             NY-23-1-313
COLE, IRA                               NY-23-1-430
COLE, RACHEL                            NY-23-1-430
COLE, WILLIAM                           NY-23-1-313
COLES, CATHARINE                        NY-23-1-412
COLLINS, AMOS                           NY-23-1-359
COLMAN, JULIUS                          NY-23-1-480
COLMAN, LUCIUS                          NY-23-1-480
COLMAN, SALLY                           NY-23-1-480
COMMINS, CORDELIA                       NY-23-1-33
COMSTOCK, ANN H.                        NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, CLARENCE                      NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, JANE M.                       NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, JOHN M.                       NY-23-1-443
COMSTOCK, WILLEY                        NY-23-1-443
CONRAD, PETER                           NY-23-1-412
CONRAD, POLLY                           NY-23-1-412
COOK, SARAH A.                          NY-23-1-412
COOPER, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-1-386
COOPER, EDWARD                          NY-23-1-386
COOPER, MARGARET                        NY-23-1-386
COOPER, RANY                            NY-23-1-386
COOPER, VICTOR                          NY-23-1-386
COOPER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-386
CORLIS, LUCRETIA                        NY-23-1-238
CORLIS, SELUS                           NY-23-1-238
COUGHLAN, GEORGE L.                     NY-23-1-380
COUGHLAN, MARIAN                        NY-23-1-380
COWAN, EMELINE                          NY-23-1-261
COWAN, WILLIAM                          NY-23-1-261
CRAW, LEWIS                             NY-23-1-412
CRAW, MAHALA                            NY-23-1-412
CURLEY, ERASTUS                         NY-23-1-201
CURLEY, MARY                            NY-23-1-201
CUTLER, SALLY                           NY-23-1-181
CUTLER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-181
DAVIDSON, CORNELIA                      NY-23-1-412
DIX, ALEXANDER F.                       NY-23-1-294
DIX, ELIZA                              NY-23-1-294
DIX, FRANCES                            NY-23-1-294
DIXON, AMOS                             NY-23-1-412
DIXON, LAURA ANN                        NY-23-1-412
DOOLITTLE, ANNA                         NY-23-1-190
DOOLITTLE, HIRAM                        NY-23-1-190
DUNHAM, DOLLY                           NY-23-1-18
DUNHAM, OWIN                            NY-23-1-18
EAD, MARGARET                           NY-23-1-41
EDDY, HENRY W.                          NY-23-1-33
EDDY, PHILANDER                         NY-23-1-33
EDGETT, CAROLINE                        NY-23-1-412
EDGETT, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-412
ELLIS, GEORGE R.                        NY-23-1-436
ELLIS, MARIETTE                         NY-23-1-436
ELMORE, JOHN                            NY-23-1-369
ELMORE, MARIA                           NY-23-1-369
ERVINE, ANN                             NY-23-1-41
ERVINE, JAMES                           NY-23-1-41
EVANS, ELIZ                             NY-23-1-412
EVERETT, AUSTIN                         NY-23-1-468
EVERETT, HAMPTON                        NY-23-1-468
EVERETT, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-468
FALLS, JANE                             NY-23-1-101
FALLS, SIMON                            NY-23-1-101
FATON, CATHARINE                        NY-23-1-412
FAYEL, EDWARD                           NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, JOHN                             NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, JOHN                             NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, JOSEPH                           NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, MARGARET                         NY-23-1-386
FAYEL, WILLIAM                          NY-23-1-386
FERRIN, CHLOE                           NY-23-1-18
FERRIN, JOSEPH M.                       NY-23-1-18
FETTERLY, DANIEL                        NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, JACOB                         NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, JAMES                         NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, JOHN                          NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, THOMAS                        NY-23-1-277
FETTERLY, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-277
FILER, PERMELIA                         NY-23-1-369
FILER, THOMAS                           NY-23-1-369
FLINT, DAVID                            NY-23-1-18
FLINT, FOSTER                           NY-23-1-18
FLINT, HULDAH                           NY-23-1-18
FLINT, LUCY                             NY-23-1-18
FORD, AMES ALONZO                       NY-23-1-246
FORD, HENRY W.                          NY-23-1-246
FORD, JOHN S.                           NY-23-1-246
FORD, LUCINDA HHILENA                   NY-23-1-246
FORD, MARY                              NY-23-1-246
FORD, MARY ELIZABETH                    NY-23-1-246
FORD, PHILIP                            NY-23-1-246
FORMAN, EDWARD B.                       NY-23-1-336
FORMAN, ELIZABETH W.                    NY-23-1-336
FORMAN, HENRY A.                        NY-23-1-336
FORMAN, MARGARET B.                     NY-23-1-336
FOSTER, AMY                             NY-23-1-11
FOSTER, CATHARINE                       NY-23-1-412
FOSTER, JABEZ H.                        NY-23-1-412
FOSTER, NATHAN                          NY-23-1-11
FRANCIS, ABRAHAM                        NY-23-1-412
FRANCIS, CHARLES                        NY-23-1-412
FRANCIS, JASON                          NY-23-1-18
FRANCIS, LUCRETIA                       NY-23-1-412
FRANCIS, MATILDA                        NY-23-1-18
FRASER, BETSEY M.                       NY-23-1-54
FREEMAN, ELIZA                          NY-23-1-486
FREEMAN, HORATIO                        NY-23-1-486
FULLER, AUSTIN                          NY-23-1-352
GARDINER, CYRUS Z.                      NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, HENRY T.                      NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, JERMEIAH G.                   NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, LUCY                          NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, NATHAN C.                     NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, PHEBE A.                      NY-23-1-169
GARDINER, SAMUEL                        NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, CYRUS Z.                       NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, HENRY M.                       NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, HENRY M.                       NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, JANE                           NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, JEREMIAH                       NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, LUCY                           NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, SALLENA M.                     NY-23-1-89
GARDNER, SAMUEL D.                      NY-23-1-169
GARDNER, SAMUEL D.                      NY-23-1-169
GARRISON, BETSEY                        NY-23-1-412
GARRISON, MARTIN                        NY-23-1-412
GLASS, EMILINE                          NY-23-1-521
GLASS, JOSEPH                           NY-23-1-521
GODDARD, ALMIRA                         NY-23-1-1
GODDARD, EDWARD                         NY-23-1-1
GODDARD, JOSIAH                         NY-23-1-1
GODFREY, EMELINE                        NY-23-1-301
GODFREY, WARREN                         NY-23-1-301
GOULD, ABIGAIL                          NY-23-1-462
GOULD, JEREMIAH                         NY-23-1-462
GOULDTHRITE, TAMAR                      NY-23-1-521
GRANT, ALMIRA                           NY-23-1-233
GRANT, DARIUS                           NY-23-1-233
GRANT, EUNICE                           NY-23-1-233
GRANT, MARTIN E.                        NY-23-1-233
GRANT, WARREN                           NY-23-1-233
GRANT, WILLARD                          NY-23-1-233
GREEN, EMMA                             NY-23-1-550
GREEN, FELIX                            NY-23-1-486
GREEN, GERTRUDE                         NY-23-1-486
GREEN, JAMES                            NY-23-1-550
GREEN, REBECCA                          NY-23-1-412
GREEN, WILLIAM A.                       NY-23-1-412
GRENNELL, ELIZA                         NY-23-1-1
GRENNELL, MOODY O.                      NY-23-1-1
GROESBECK, ABRAHAM                      NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, CORNELIUS W.                 NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, DAVID                        NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, DAVID W.                     NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, LUCRETIA                     NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, LUCY                         NY-23-1-412
GROESBECK, WILLIAM W.                   NY-23-1-412
GUNN, CHARLOTTE                         NY-23-1-544
GUNN, JANE                              NY-23-1-544
GUNN, MARY ANN                          NY-23-1-544
GUNN, MELVIN                            NY-23-1-544
GUNN, ORRA                              NY-23-1-544
GURLOCK, BENJAMIN                       NY-23-1-253
GURLOCK, NANCY                          NY-23-1-253
HALE, HESTER ANN                        NY-23-1-412
HALL, CHARLES E.                        NY-23-1-82
HALL, POLLY                             NY-23-1-82
HALSTEAD, MARY                          NY-23-1-492
HALSTEAD, THOMAS                        NY-23-1-492
HARMON, AMASA B.                        NY-23-1-456
HARMON, CHARLES C.                      NY-23-1-456
HARMON, GILBERT J.                      NY-23-1-456
HARMON, SAMUEL                          NY-23-1-456
HARRINGOTN, MARANDA                     NY-23-1-175
HARTER, DANIEL                          NY-23-1-450
HARTER, DELIA                           NY-23-1-450
HASTINGS, CORNELIA                      NY-23-1-412
HASTINGS, CYRUS                         NY-23-1-412
HATCH, HENRY                            NY-23-1-468
HATCH, LORANICE                         NY-23-1-468
HAUFTER, HANNAH                         NY-23-1-576
HAVER, ELIZA L. O.                      NY-23-1-412
HAVER, JAMES K. O.                      NY-23-1-412
HAWLEY, HARRIET                         NY-23-1-564
HAWLEY, MORGAN                          NY-23-1-564
HERRICK, CATHARINE                      NY-23-1-412
HERRICK, WILLIAM W.                     NY-23-1-412
HINKLEY, COLEMAN                        NY-23-1-301
HINKLEY, RODNEY                         NY-23-1-301
HINKLEY, SALLY                          NY-23-1-301
HINKLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-23-1-301
HITCHCOCK, ARCHIBALD                    NY-23-1-301
HITCHCOCK, POLLY                        NY-23-1-301
HODGKINS, ANSON                         NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, ELLEN                         NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, LOUISA                        NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MARTHA JANE                   NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MELISSA                       NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MINERVA                       NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, MINERVA HENRY                 NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, WARREN                        NY-23-1-271
HODGKINS, WILLIAM H.                    NY-23-1-271
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                         NY-23-1-412
HOFFMAN, MARIA                          NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, ALSON                          NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, HIRAM                          NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, MARY                           NY-23-1-412
HOLCOMB, SOPHIA                         NY-23-1-412
HOLLENBECK, ELECTA                      NY-23-1-359
HOLLENBECK, JOHN                        NY-23-1-359
HOOPER, MARIA                           NY-23-1-156
HOOVER, ADAM                            NY-23-1-253
HOOVER, CATHARINE                       NY-23-1-253
HOREY, CHARLES                          NY-23-1-27
HOREY, FREDERICK                        NY-23-1-27
HOREY, MARIE ELIZABETH                  NY-23-1-27
HORY, ADOLPHUS                          NY-23-1-27
HORY, HENRY                             NY-23-1-27
HORY, JACOB C.                          NY-23-1-27
HORY, LEWIS                             NY-23-1-27
HORY, LOUISA                            NY-23-1-27
HOUSE, ABRAHAM P.                       NY-23-1-450
HOUSE, NANCY                            NY-23-1-450
HOWE, FANNY C.                          NY-23-1-163
HUDSON, SANFOR DA.                      NY-23-1-163
HUDSON, SARAH D.                        NY-23-1-163
HUGGINS, BETHIA                         NY-23-1-18
HUGGINS, HARRIET                        NY-23-1-18
HUNGERFORD, ABIGAIL                     NY-23-1-33
HUNGERFORD, ANN E.                      NY-23-1-474
HUNGERFORD, HENRY                       NY-23-1-33
HUNGERFORD, SOLON D.                    NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, ELIZA ANN                   NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, GEORGE C.                   NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, MARY S.                     NY-23-1-474
HUNTINGTON, RICAHRD H.                  NY-23-1-474
IVORY, CLINTON                          NY-23-1-134
IVORY, FRANCES                          NY-23-1-134
IVORY, HUBERT                           NY-23-1-134
IVORY, JAMES                            NY-23-1-134
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NY-23-1-307
JACKSON, LUCINDA                        NY-23-1-307
JAMES, ERVING                           NY-23-1-169
JAMES, EZEKIEL                          NY-23-1-169
JAMES, JOHN                             NY-23-1-169
JAMES, JOSEPH                           NY-23-1-169
JAMES, SALLENA                          NY-23-1-169
JAMES, SAMUEL                           NY-23-1-169
JAMES, SIMEON                           NY-23-1-169
JAMES, THOMAS                           NY-23-1-169
JEWELL, POLLY                           NY-23-1-462
JOHNSON, ALICE M.                       NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, CATHERINE                      NY-23-1-412
JOHNSON, GERTRUDE L.                    NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, MINERVA H.                     NY-23-1-504
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                       NY-23-1-95
JOHNSON, POLLY                          NY-23-1-95
JOHNSON, STEPHEN                        NY-23-1-504
JOINER, ELIHU                           NY-23-1-462
JOINER, MAHALIA                         NY-23-1-462
JONES, EUNICE                           NY-23-1-233
JUDD, HENRY                             NY-23-1-359
JUDD, PHILETUS                          NY-23-1-359
JUDD, WILLIAM E.                        NY-23-1-359
KELSEY, ANTONETTE                       NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, HENRY                           NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, MARIA                           NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, ROSANA                          NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-369
KELSEY, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-369
KENEDY, MARY                            NY-23-1-318
KENEDY, ROBERT                          NY-23-1-318
KEYES, LYDIA                            NY-23-1-412
KEYES, P. G.                            NY-23-1-412
KIDDER, TIMOTHY                         NY-23-1-521
KIDNEY, ESTHER                          NY-23-1-324
KIDNEY, HARVEY                          NY-23-1-324
KNAP, CHARLES JR.                       NY-23-1-365
LACKORE, LUCY                           NY-23-1-359
LACKORE, LUKE                           NY-23-1-359
LAMSON, LUTHER                          NY-23-1-122
LAMSON, LUTHER                          NY-23-1-564
LAMSON, SALLY                           NY-23-1-122
LAWRENCE, ARVILLA                       NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, FLORA ANN                     NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, HARVEY                        NY-23-1-462
LAWRENCE, HOWELL                        NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, RUTH                          NY-23-1-436
LAWRENCE, SALLY                         NY-23-1-462
LEICESTER, DAVID                        NY-23-1-122
LEICESTER, JOSEPH                       NY-23-1-122
LEICESTER, SIMEON                       NY-23-1-122
LIECESTER, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-122
LIESTER, MARY                           NY-23-1-122
LINSE, ELIZABETH                        NY-23-1-450
LINSE, PETER                            NY-23-1-450
LITTLE, ANN                             NY-23-1-412
LITTLE, ELIZA                           NY-23-1-412
LITTLE, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-1-412
LIVERMORE, ELISHA                       NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, HENRY                        NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, LOIS                         NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, LUCY                         NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, MARY                         NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, SOLOMON                      NY-23-1-156
LIVERMORE, SUSAN                        NY-23-1-156
LOADWICK, ISAIAH                        NY-23-1-346
LOADWICK, PETER C.                      NY-23-1-346
LOOMIS, CHAUNCEY                        NY-23-1-181
LOOMIS, EBEN                            NY-23-1-18
LOOMIS, SALLY                           NY-23-1-18
LORD, JOHN                              NY-23-1-534
LORD, MARY                              NY-23-1-534
LOREN, F. (REV.)                        NY-23-1-76
LOREN, MARY ANN                         NY-23-1-76
LOWREY, JAMES                           NY-23-1-169
LOWREY, LYDIA                           NY-23-1-169
MARSH, HANNAH                           NY-23-1-169
MARSH, HARRIET                          NY-23-1-510
MARSH, JASON                            NY-23-1-510
MARSH, WILLIAM                          NY-23-1-169
MARYETTE, MARQUETTE                     NY-23-1-294
MATHER, ANSEL                           NY-23-1-175
MATHER, BETSEY                          NY-23-1-175
MATHER, ENSLEY                          NY-23-1-175
MATHER, RILEY                           NY-23-1-175
MATHER, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-175
MATTERSON, LOIS                         NY-23-1-128
MCARTHUR, LYMAN                         NY-23-1-41
MCARTHUR, MARGARET                      NY-23-1-41
MCNEIL, MARY                            NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ELIHU M.                        NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, ELIZA                           NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, LUCY                            NY-23-1-134
MCNIEL, SALLY                           NY-23-1-134
MERICK, ELDRIDGE G.                     NY-23-1-504
MERRITS, ELIZA                          NY-23-1-412
MERRITT, ANNE                           NY-23-1-571
MERRITT, DAVID                          NY-23-1-571
METCALF, HENRY                          NY-23-1-571
METCALF, ORLANDO                        NY-23-1-365
METCALF, SARAH                          NY-23-1-571
MICHEL, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-142
MILES, MARIA                            NY-23-1-480
MILLER, ELEZAR                          NY-23-1-288
MILLER, PHEBE                           NY-23-1-288
MILLS, MARY                             NY-23-1-318
MILLS, SAMUEL                           NY-23-1-318
MITCHELL, SALLY                         NY-23-1-558
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-23-1-558
MOORE, CHAUNCY                          NY-23-1-510
MOORE, ELLIN                            NY-23-1-18
MOORE, HIRAM                            NY-23-1-18
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-23-1-510
MOORE, MYRON                            NY-23-1-18
MORGAN, CHAUNCEY D.                     NY-23-1-181
MOSELY, SOPHIA                          NY-23-1-399
MOSIER, MINERVA                         NY-23-1-301
MOSIER, NICHOLAS                        NY-23-1-301
MULLIN, JOSEPH                          NY-23-1-412
MULLIN, LYDIA M.                        NY-23-1-412
MYRICK, BETSEY                          NY-23-1-134
MYRICK, SOLOMON                         NY-23-1-134
NASH, DAVID                             NY-23-1-54
NASH, PHEBE                             NY-23-1-54
NICHOLS, CATHARINE                      NY-23-1-412
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH                      NY-23-1-412
NICHOLS, LEWIS                          NY-23-1-412
NICHOLS, ROBERT                         NY-23-1-412
NORTHRUP, DEWITT                        NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, HIRAM                         NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, JOHN A.                       NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, OLCOTT                        NY-23-1-54
NORTHRUP, POLLY                         NY-23-1-54
OSBORN, CORNELIA                        NY-23-1-412
OSBORN, JONATHAN                        NY-23-1-412
OSTRAM, ELIZABETH "BETSEY"              NY-23-1-498
OSTRANDER, ALMIRA SOPHIA                NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, GEORGE MORRIS                NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, MARTHA ELVIRA                NY-23-1-406
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-406
OVERTON, CAROLINE N.                    NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, FANNY                          NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, FRANCES A.                     NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, FREDERICK N.                   NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, HARVEY M.                      NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, LAURA                          NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, MARY                           NY-23-1-48
OVERTON, ROSALBA                        NY-23-1-48
PADDOCK, RAYMOND                        NY-23-1-18
PADDOCK, THOMAS                         NY-23-1-18
PARISH, CHESTER                         NY-23-1-271
PARISH, RICE                            NY-23-1-271
PARISH, WARREN                          NY-23-1-271
PARISH, WARREN F.                       NY-23-1-271
PARKER, ALEXANDER                       NY-23-1-313
PARKER, BETSEY                          NY-23-1-313
PARKER, CANDACE                         NY-23-1-369
PARKER, DANIEL                          NY-23-1-369
PARKHURST, ALTA                         NY-23-1-190
PARKHURST, WILLIAM                      NY-23-1-190
PATTEN, IRA J.                          NY-23-1-271
PAUTNEY, DEBORAH                        NY-23-1-288
PEARCE, ABRAHAM                         NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, ALLEN                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, ALLEN                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, ANN                             NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, BARTON                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, BENJAMIN                        NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, CHARLES                         NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, EDWARD                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, GEORGE                          NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, HENRY                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, HIRAM                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JAMES                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JAMES                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JAMES JR.                       NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, JOHN                            NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, PETER                           NY-23-1-412
PEARCE, WILLIAM                         NY-23-1-412
PEARE, SARAH                            NY-23-1-412
PENNY, GEORGE                           NY-23-1-169
PENNY, POLLY                            NY-23-1-169
PHELPS, MARY                            NY-23-1-412
PHYFER, MARGARET                        NY-23-1-516
PICKET, CAORLINE L.                     NY-23-1-221
PICKET, EDWARD                          NY-23-1-221
PICKET, EDWARD JR.                      NY-23-1-221
PICKET, GEORGE W.                       NY-23-1-221
PICKET, HANNAH                          NY-23-1-221
PICKET, HANNAH C.                       NY-23-1-221
PICKET, JANE                            NY-23-1-221
PICKET, JOSEPH                          NY-23-1-221
POOL, ABIGAIL                           NY-23-1-318
POOL, ABRAM                             NY-23-1-307
POOL, CLARINDA                          NY-23-1-307
POOL, DAVID                             NY-23-1-318
POTTER, DAVID                           NY-23-1-492
POTTER, DE WAIN                         NY-23-1-492
POTTER, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-23-1-492
POTTER, HELLEN                          NY-23-1-492
POTTER, HENRY                           NY-23-1-492
POTTER, JOHN S.                         NY-23-1-492
POTTER, MERRIT B.                       NY-23-1-492
POTTER, SAMUEL                          NY-23-1-492
POTTER, SUSAN                           NY-23-1-492
POTTER, WILLIAM E.                      NY-23-1-492
PULLING, RICHARD                        NY-23-1-498
PUTMAN, PHILIP                          NY-23-1-346
PUTNAM, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-571
PUTNAM, JOSHUA                          NY-23-1-571
PUTNEY, JACOB                           NY-23-1-288
RALPH, ADALINE                          NY-23-1-201
RALPH, ALBERT R.                        NY-23-1-201
RALPH, ALPHEUS P.                       NY-23-1-201
RALPH, GEORGE W.                        NY-23-1-201
RALPH, JOSEPHINE B.                     NY-23-1-201
RALPH, LEONARD                          NY-23-1-201
RALPH, MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE             NY-23-1-201
RALPH, OMER                             NY-23-1-201
RALPH, RICHARD                          NY-23-1-201
RANEY, ALMEDA                           NY-23-1-313
RANEY, EBENEZER                         NY-23-1-313
REED, POLLY                             NY-23-1-214
RENNOLS, SYBEL F.                       NY-23-1-122
REYNOLDS, ANGELINE                      NY-23-1-294
RICKERSON,EMILY                         NY-23-1-107
ROBERTS, L. A.                          NY-23-1-261
ROBERTS, SARAH                          NY-23-1-261
ROBERTSON, CELINA                       NY-23-1-18
ROBERTSON, HENREY H.                    NY-23-1-18
ROBINSON, ANN E.                        NY-23-1-336
ROBINSON, ANN W.                        NY-23-1-336
SACKET, EDWARD                          NY-23-1-163
SACKET, FREDERICK A.                    NY-23-1-163
SACKET, JANE M.                         NY-23-1-163
SALISBURY, HORACE                       NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, LEONARD D.                   NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, MENZO H.                     NY-23-1-253
SALISBURY, PETER M.                     NY-23-1-253
SANDERS, EDSON                          NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, JARED                          NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, JOSEPH                         NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, LUCINDA                        NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, ORIN F.                        NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, PHILANDA                       NY-23-1-307
SANDERS, WARREN                         NY-23-1-307
SAWYER, ANDEW H.                        NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, ANN M.                          NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, ERVILLA                         NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, HARRIET                         NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, HELEN                           NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, JOHN H.                         NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, LOUISA                          NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, MARILLA                         NY-23-1-76
SAWYER, SARAH                           NY-23-1-76
SCHUYLER, JEMIMA                        NY-23-1-486
SCHUYLER, POLLY                         NY-23-1-412
SCHUYLER, WILILAM                       NY-23-1-486
SCOTT, AMANDA                           NY-23-1-107
SHELDEN, JOSIAH                         NY-23-1-352
SHEPHERD, AMANDA                        NY-23-1-294
SHEPHERD, GEORGE                        NY-23-1-324
SHEPHERD, MARY                          NY-23-1-324
SHEPHERD, WILFORD M.                    NY-23-1-134
SHIMMEL, CONRAD                         NY-23-1-430
SHIMMEL, JACOB                          NY-23-1-430
SHIMMEL, JOHN                           NY-23-1-430
SHIMMEL, NICHOLAS                       NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, ABRAHAM                       NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, BENJAMIN                      NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, ISAAC                         NY-23-1-430
SHIMMELL, RICHARD                       NY-23-1-430
SILL, DELIGHT                           NY-23-1-261
SILL, ELISHA S.                         NY-23-1-261
SLAMSON, SALLY                          NY-23-1-564
SLITER, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-277
SLITER, THOMA                           NY-23-1-277
SMITH, ASENETH                          NY-23-1-190
SMITH, BETSEY                           NY-23-1-122
SMITH, BURNET V.                        NY-23-1-190
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-23-1-201
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-23-1-201
SMITH, LEVI                             NY-23-1-122
SMITH, PHEB                             NY-23-1-107
SMITH, POLLY                            NY-23-1-201
SMITH, SAREPTA                          NY-23-1-190
SNELL, MARY                             NY-23-1-486
SNELL, WILLIAM                          NY-23-1-486
SPAFFORD, CATLIN                        NY-23-1-510
SPAFFORD, CHARLES                       NY-23-1-510
SPAFFORD, JOHN                          NY-23-1-510
SPALDING, ELEANOR                       NY-23-1-107
SPALESBURY, RICHARD                     NY-23-1-386
SPALESBURY, SOPHIA                      NY-23-1-386
SPALUDLING, EVERETT A.                  NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, ALLICE J.                    NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, CANDICE C.                   NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, EMMA JANE                    NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, EUNICE H.                    NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, HIRAM                        NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, HIRAM                        NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, MARK W.                      NY-23-1-107
SPAULDING, WARREN                       NY-23-1-107
SPAULDNG, GEORGE                        NY-23-1-107
SPENNING, DEMETRIUS                     NY-23-1-301
SPENNING, OLEVIA                        NY-23-1-301
STAPLIN, ALVA                           NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, ANN M.                         NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, CHARLOTTE                      NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, CLASTILLO                      NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, CORNELIA                       NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, GEORGE                         NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, HANNAH                         NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, JACKSON                        NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, JESSEE                         NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, JOHN                           NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, LYDIA E.                       NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, ORIN                           NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, OSCAR                          NY-23-1-324
STAPLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-324
STARKS, A. N.                           NY-23-1-521
STARKS, ANGELINE                        NY-23-1-521
STEBBIN, MARTHA P.                      NY-23-1-209
STEBBINS, HARRIET S.                    NY-23-1-181
STEBBINS, THOMAS P.                     NY-23-1-209
STONE, ANNIS A.                         NY-23-1-163
STRONG, AMY P.                          NY-23-1-209
STRONG, GERTRUDE C.                     NY-23-1-209
STRONG, MARY D.                         NY-23-1-209
STRONG, MARY D.                         NY-23-1-209
STRONG, SARAH L.                        NY-23-1-209
STRONG, SARAH L.                        NY-23-1-209
STRONG, THOMAS P.                       NY-23-1-209
STRONG, THOMAS P.                       NY-23-1-209
SUTS, ADAM P.                           NY-23-1-393
SUTS, SARAH ANN                         NY-23-1-393
SUTS, VELARIA                           NY-23-1-393
SWAN, CHESTER                           NY-23-1-313
SWAN, CHESTER                           NY-23-1-271
SWAN, ELIZABETH                         NY-23-1-271
SWEET, ROGER                            NY-23-1-76
SWEETE, SARAH A.                        NY-23-1-76
TAYLOR, CLINTON G.                      NY-23-1-369
TAYLOR, ELIZA                           NY-23-1-369
TENEYCK, ANTHONY                        NY-23-1-412
TENEYCK, EGBERT                         NY-23-1-412
TENEYCK, ROBERT                         NY-23-1-412
THED, ALANSON                           NY-23-1-424
THED, MARY S.                           NY-23-1-424
THOMPSON, ALZINA                        NY-23-1-11
THOMPSON, ELVIRA                        NY-23-1-11
THOMPSON, ISAM                          NY-23-1-11
THOMPSON, MALINDA L.                    NY-23-1-424
THOMPSON, SAMUEL K.                     NY-23-1-424
TICHNOR, LYDIA                          NY-23-1-412
TIMERMAN, CARTRITE                      NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, DAVID J.                      NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, ELIJAH                        NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, JESSE                         NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, JOEL                          NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, JOHN J.                       NY-23-1-101
TIMERMAN, REUBEN                        NY-23-1-101
TIMMERMAN, AARON                        NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, ABEL                         NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, LAWRENCE S.                  NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, MARTHA                       NY-23-1-486
TIMMERMAN, NANCY                        NY-23-1-486
TRUESDELL, LEWIS M.                     NY-23-1-214
UPHAM, CATY                             NY-23-1-430
UPHAM, PINEY B.                         NY-23-1-430
VANDERHOOF, ARVILLA                     NY-23-1-359
VANDEURSEN, ABRAHAM S. W.               NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, ANN                         NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, ISAAC G.                    NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, MARY MORRIS                 NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, PETER                       NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, SUSAN                       NY-23-1-412
VANDEURSEN, WALTER                      NY-23-1-412
VINCENT, BETSEY                         NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, HARRISON                       NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, MADISON                        NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, MYERS                          NY-23-1-430
VINCENT, MYERS                          NY-23-1-430
VOORHEES, JULIA ANN                     NY-23-1-122
VOREE, LAURA JANE                       NY-23-1-214
WADLEY, PHILENA                         NY-23-1-352
WAMSLEY, AMOS                           NY-23-1-498
WAMSLEY, DANIEL                         NY-23-1-498
WAMSLEY, PHEBE                          NY-23-1-498
WAMSLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-23-1-498
WARDWELL, REUBEN S.                     NY-23-1-95
WARDWELL, SAMUEL                        NY-23-1-95
WARE, BETSEY                            NY-23-1-521
WAY, CHRISTOPHER                        NY-23-1-550
WAY, LATHROP                            NY-23-1-550
WAY, OLIVER                             NY-23-1-550
WEDGE, FANNY                            NY-23-1-480
WEDGE, SALMON                           NY-23-1-480
WELCH, FRANCIS HENRY                    NY-23-1-33
WELCH, GEORGE                           NY-23-1-33
WELCH, MARTHA J.                        NY-23-1-33
WELCH, NABBY                            NY-23-1-33
WELCH, PHILANDER T.                     NY-23-1-33
WELCH, SARAH                            NY-23-1-33
WHEELOCK, MARILLA                       NY-23-1-76
WHEELOCK, NATHAN S.                     NY-23-1-76
WHITNEY, CLARK                          NY-23-1-214
WHITNEY, KNIGHT D.                      NY-23-1-214
WHITNEY, MARY                           NY-23-1-214
WHITTLESEY, ISAAC N.                    NY-23-1-412
WHITTLESEY, WILLIAM C.                  NY-23-1-412
WILDER, DAVID                           NY-23-1-558
WILDER, FRANCES C.                      NY-23-1-558
WILDER, MARTHA A.                       NY-23-1-558
WILDER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-23-1-558
WILEY, ALVIN                            NY-23-1-288
WILEY, CHARLES                          NY-23-1-288
WILEY, JOHN                             NY-23-1-288
WILEY, JOSHUA                           NY-23-1-288
WILEY, LAWRENCE                         NY-23-1-288
WILEY, MARY                             NY-23-1-288
WILEY, OBADIAH                          NY-23-1-288
WILEY, WATSON                           NY-23-1-288
WILLISTON, RHODA                        NY-23-1-369
WILMOT, GEORGE T.                       NY-23-1-528
WILMOTT, CARLOS V.                      NY-23-1-528
WILMOTT, CHARLES E.                     NY-23-1-528
WILMOTT, OLIVE C.                       NY-23-1-528
WILSON, BUCKLEY A.                      NY-23-1-352
WILSON, JANE                            NY-23-1-352
WILSON, JOHN L.                         NY-23-1-352
WILSON, LYDIA                           NY-23-1-352
WILSON, MARY ANN                        NY-23-1-352
WILSON, RICH B.                         NY-23-1-352
WILSON, THOMAS                          NY-23-1-352
WITT, DEBORAH                           NY-23-1-156
WITT, JOHN                              NY-23-1-156
WOOD, EUNICE E.                         NY-23-1-190
WOOD, FREEMAN                           NY-23-1-190
WOOD, MARY                              NY-23-1-122
WOOD, POLLY                             NY-23-1-175
WOOLIVER, NANCY                         NY-23-1-227
WOOLIVER, NICHOLAS                      NY-23-1-227
WOOLSEY, CATHERINE E.                   NY-23-1-336
WOOLSEY, CHARLES E.                     NY-23-1-336
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, JAMES W.                        NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, MARK WARREN                     NY-23-1-107
WRIGHT, MARTHA                          NY-23-1-107
WRIGHT, MARY                            NY-23-1-107
WRIGHT, PATTY                           NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, POLLY                           NY-23-1-424
WRIGHT, POLLY                           NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, REUBEN                          NY-23-1-95
WRIGHT, RUSSEL W.                       NY-23-1-424

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