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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1825-1840 | 2-11=? |
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ALBERTSON, ANN                          NJ-21-1-415
ALLEN, MARTHA                           NJ-21-1-92
ALLEN, MOSES B.                         NJ-21-1-489
ALLISON, CATHREAN                       NJ-21-1-382
ANDERSON, ELIZA                         NJ-21-1-322
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NJ-21-1-293
ANDREWS, MARTAIN                        NJ-21-1-372
ANFORD, JOHANAH                         NJ-21-1-319
ANGLE, CATHARINE                        NJ-21-1-82
ANGLE, JOHN                             NJ-21-1-217
ANGLE, WILLIAM                          NJ-21-1-45
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE                       NJ-21-1-164
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        NJ-21-1-144
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NJ-21-1-299
ARMSTRONG, SARAH                        NJ-21-1-169
ARMSTRONG, SARAH (OF JAMES)             NJ-21-1-172
BALLMAN, MARY                           NJ-21-1-14
BANGHART, MICHAEL                       NJ-21-1-1
BARBER, JESSE                           NJ-21-1-430
BARBER, MARGARET                        NJ-21-1-22
BARNES, HENRY                           NJ-21-1-36
BARNS, JOHN                             NJ-21-1-334
BARTON, THOMAS                          NJ-21-1-438
BEAVERS, MOSES                          NJ-21-1-220
BEVERS, LYDIA                           NJ-21-1-426
BIXLER, CHRISTIAN                       NJ-21-1-476
BLACKWELL, ELIJAH                       NJ-21-1-401
BLAIR, DAVID B.                         NJ-21-1-419
BLAIR, JOHN                             NJ-21-1-55
BOGART, HENRY                           NJ-21-1-392
BOWLBY, ROBERT                          NJ-21-1-281
BRUGLER, HENRY                          NJ-21-1-94
BUDD, DAVID                             NJ-21-1-12
BUNTING, ISREAL                         NJ-21-1-285
BURKE, DANIEL W.                        NJ-21-1-421
BUTLER, GEOGE                           NJ-21-1-362
COLE, CHRISTIAN                         NJ-21-1-169
COMMONS, JOHN                           NJ-21-1-328
COMPTON, REBECCAH                       NJ-21-1-129
COOK, ELIJAH                            NJ-21-1-396
COOL, MARY                              NJ-21-1-11
COWDRICK, THOMAS J.                     NJ-21-1-384
COWELL, EUNICE                          NJ-21-1-141
COX, ISAAC                              NJ-21-1-46
COX, MARY                               NJ-21-1-183
COX, NICHOLAS                           NJ-21-1-38
CRAIG, JOHN                             NJ-21-1-277
CREWELING, ISAAC                        NJ-21-1-178
CROSBY, WILLIAM                         NJ-21-1-240
CUMMINS, CHRISTIAN                      NJ-21-1-254
CUMMINS, ELLEANOR                       NJ-21-1-241
CUMMINS, HULDAH                         NJ-21-1-31
CUMMINS, JACOB                          NJ-21-1-234
CUMMINS, PHILIP                         NJ-21-1-103
CURLES, DANIEL                          NJ-21-1-199
DAVIS, AARON                            NJ-21-1-417
DAVIS, DAVID                            NJ-21-1-85
DEATS, WILLIAM C.                       NJ-21-1-380
DEWITT, ISAAC                           NJ-21-1-109
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NJ-21-1-53
DRAKE, EBENEZER                         NJ-21-1-467
FEIT, DANIEL                            NJ-21-1-98
FEIT, MARY                              NJ-21-1-100
FERGUSON, SUSANNA                       NJ-21-1-252
FIELD, ANN                              NJ-21-1-267
FINE, JOHN                              NJ-21-1-448
FISHBACK, PETER                         NJ-21-1-190
FISHER, PHILIP                          NJ-21-1-378
FLEMING, JAMES                          NJ-21-1-472
FLEMING, JANE                           NJ-21-1-107
FLEMING, THOMAS                         NJ-21-1-134
FOOSE, MARY                             NJ-21-1-470
GERMAN, JOSEPH                          NJ-21-1-365
GIBBS, JOHN                             NJ-21-1-345
HANKINSON, WILLIAM                      NJ-21-1-192
HASON, ABRAHAM                          NJ-21-1-369
HEASON, DANIEL                          NJ-21-1-218
HEATON, ANNA                            NJ-21-1-222
HEATON, RACHEL                          NJ-21-1-222
HILDEBRANT, CONRAD                      NJ-21-1-455
HINER, HARBERT                          NJ-21-1-305
HIXON, MARY                             NJ-21-1-288
HIXSON, AMOS                            NJ-21-1-315
HOFF, BENJAMIN                          NJ-21-1-275
HOWELL, GARROT                          NJ-21-1-339
HOWELL, LEVI                            NJ-21-1-17
HUGHES, MARTHA                          NJ-21-1-68
HULET, PHINEHAS                         NJ-21-1-43
INNES, JOHN                             NJ-21-1-21
JOHNSON, VINCENT                        NJ-21-1-201
KENNEDY, MARY                           NJ-21-1-208
KERNS, DAVID                            NJ-21-1-341
KIRKKHOFF, JOHN                         NJ-21-1-153
KIRKPATRICK, LYDIA                      NJ-21-1-227
KITCHEN, JOSEPH                         NJ-21-1-404
KLINE, GODFRY                           NJ-21-1-295
KOTZ, HENRY                             NJ-21-1-456
LAING, SAMUEL                           NJ-21-1-272
LANCE, GEORGE                           NJ-21-1-498
LANTERMAN, ABRAHAM                      NJ-21-1-120
LANTERMAN, JACOB                        NJ-21-1-159
LANTERMAN, MARY                         NJ-21-1-428
LEEDS, GUIDAN                           NJ-21-1-337
LITTLE, ANDREW                          NJ-21-1-155
LOMERSON, ROBERT C.                     NJ-21-1-399
LOWREY, THOMAS                          NJ-21-1-170
LUNDY, GEORGE                           NJ-21-1-244
MAN, AMOS                               NJ-21-1-197
MARLATT, ABRAHAM                        NJ-21-1-16
MATTOCK, ELISHA                         NJ-21-1-224
MAXWELL, MARY                           NJ-21-1-263
MAYBERRY, JOHN                          NJ-21-1-126
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                     NJ-21-1-461
MCHENRY, CATHARINE                      NJ-21-1-65
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          NJ-21-1-390
MCMURTREE, AMELIA                       NJ-21-1-265
MCMURTREE, JAMES                        NJ-21-1-301
MCVICKERS, SALY                         NJ-21-1-312
MELECK, CHRISTOPHER                     NJ-21-1-230
MIDDAGH, MARY                           NJ-21-1-187
MIDDLESWORTH, JAMES L.                  NJ-21-1-51
MILLER, ANDREW                          NJ-21-1-210
MILLER, NANCY                           NJ-21-1-246
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NJ-21-1-175
MOORE, JOSEPH                           NJ-21-1-287
MURRY, JOSEPH                           NJ-21-1-283
MYER, JACOB                             NJ-21-1-25
MYERS, MICHAEL                          NJ-21-1-259
NESBITT, WILLIAM                        NJ-21-1-160
NUTTON, HENRY                           NJ-21-1-139
OLIVER, ABIGAL                          NJ-21-1-291
OSMUN, EDWARD                           NJ-21-1-112
OSMUN, JAMES                            NJ-21-1-2
OSMUN, ZIBA                             NJ-21-1-29
PACE, JACOB                             NJ-21-1-114
PARK, ABNER                             NJ-21-1-351
PAUL, ELIZABETH                         NJ-21-1-122
PENCE, JACOB                            NJ-21-1-387
PENCE, WILLIAM                          NJ-21-1-459
PERSING, WILLIAM                        NJ-21-1-146
RAMSEY, ADAM                            NJ-21-1-307
RAMSEY, ADAM                            NJ-21-1-307
REED, ISAAC                             NJ-21-1-367
RIBBLE, ANTHONY                         NJ-21-1-90
RICE, ANDREW                            NJ-21-1-348
ROBESON, ELIZABETH                      NJ-21-1-270
ROBSON, JOHN                            NJ-21-1-185
ROSEBERRY, JOHN SR.                     NJ-21-1-87
RUNKLE, WILLIAM                         NJ-21-1-446
SAGER, PHILIP                           NJ-21-1-343
SHACKLTON, RICHARD                      NJ-21-1-394
SHARP, PETER                            NJ-21-1-61
SHARPS, JOHN                            NJ-21-1-214
SHARPS, MARGARET                        NJ-21-1-176
SHIELDS, THOMAS                         NJ-21-1-71
SHIRTS, ELIZABETH                       NJ-21-1-324
SHOTWELL, JAMES                         NJ-21-1-48
SIMSON, JOHN                            NJ-21-1-357
SLACK, JONATHAN                         NJ-21-1-279
SLONE, WILLIAM B.                       NJ-21-1-410
SMITH, ANDREW                           NJ-21-1-9
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NJ-21-1-34
SMYTH, ABRAM                            NJ-21-1-249
SNEVER, FREDERICK                       NJ-21-1-166
SNOOK, MARY                             NJ-21-1-297
SNOVER, FREDERICK                       NJ-21-1-166
SNOVER, GEORGE F.                       NJ-21-1-354
SNYDER, RACHEL                          NJ-21-1-261
STEVER, RICHARD                         NJ-21-1-237
STREAKER, PHILIP                        NJ-21-1-268
STUART, THOMAS                          NJ-21-1-330
SURLS, FREDRICK                         NJ-21-1-375
SWAYZE, DANIEL ESQ.                     NJ-21-1-451
TEEL, JOHN                              NJ-21-1-440
TEMPLETON,MARY                          NJ-21-1-151
TENDALL, JOSEPH                         NJ-21-1-203
THATCHER, THOMAS                        NJ-21-1-180
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NJ-21-1-4
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        NJ-21-1-194
TILLMAN, JOHN                           NJ-21-1-41
VANATTA, AARON                          NJ-21-1-6
VANATTA, STEPHEN                        NJ-21-1-40
VANCAMP, SARAH O.                       NJ-21-1-57
VANCAMPEN, JOHN                         NJ-21-1-360
VANDERBILT, JACOB                       NJ-21-1-406
VLIET, GARRET                           NJ-21-1-408
WELLER, REBECCA                         NJ-21-1-206
WENDLE, ZELLER                          NJ-21-1-412
WILCOX, BENJAMIN                        NJ-21-1-117
WILDRICK, MICHAEL                       NJ-21-1-492
WILESON, SARAH                          NJ-21-1-137
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          NJ-21-1-257

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