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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1804-1817 | B=1817-1832 | C=1832-1844 | D=?  |
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ADAMS, DANIEL                           NJ-8-A-359
ADAMS, JONATHAN                         NJ-8-A-231
AGERSHURF, WILLIAM                      NJ-8-A-516
ALBERTSON, AARON                        NJ-8-A-258
ALBERTSON, DEBORAH                      NJ-8-A-260
ALBERTSON, RACHEL                       NJ-8-A-549
ALBERTSON, WILLIAM B.                   NJ-8-A-43
ALLEN, NATHAN                           NJ-8-A-367
ANGELOW, BENJAMIN                       NJ-8-A-102
ARCHER, BENJAMIN                        NJ-8-A-143
ARCHER, JACOB                           NJ-8-A-71
ASHEAD, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-211
BADCOCK, DAVID                          NJ-8-A-384
BADCOCK, JONATHAN                       NJ-8-A-70
BADCOCK, LYDIA                          NJ-8-A-396
BARNIT, REUBIN                          NJ-8-A-493
BARNS, ANDREW                           NJ-8-A-310
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       NJ-8-A-8
BASSETT, DANIEL                         NJ-8-A-13
BATES, DANIEL                           NJ-8-A-538
BATES, JEREMIAH                         NJ-8-A-430
BENSON, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-498
BHURROUGH, JOHN                         NJ-8-A-53
BISOP, DANIEL                           NJ-8-A-417
BLACK, THOMAS                           NJ-8-A-183
BLACKMAN, JOHN                          NJ-8-A-535
BLOOMFIELD, SAMUEL                      NJ-8-A-171
BOWEN, JOHN                             NJ-8-A-9
BRANSON, JOHN                           NJ-8-A-39
BRANSON, THOMAS                         NJ-8-A-558
BROWN, DEPPENIA                         NJ-8-A-370
BRYANT, JAMES                           NJ-8-A-222
BRYANT, JAMES                           NJ-8-A-73
BUICE, WILLIAM                          NJ-8-A-457
BURR, MARMADUKE                         NJ-8-A-50
BURROUGH, JOSEPH                        NJ-8-A-514
BUTTERWORTH, ISAAC                      NJ-8-A-5
CALDWELL, ANDREW                        NJ-8-A-80
CARTER, ELIZABETH                       NJ-8-A-530
CASPERSON, TOBIAS                       NJ-8-A-533
CHAMPION, DANIEL                        NJ-8-A-35
CHAMPION, NATHANIEL                     NJ-8-A-446
CHEESMAN, EPHRAIM                       NJ-8-A-153
CHEESMAN, MOREBY                        NJ-8-A-427
CHEESMAN, RICHARD                       NJ-8-A-380
CHEESMAN, SAMUEL                        NJ-8-A-77
CHEW, AARON                             NJ-8-A-47
CHEW, JESSE JR.                         NJ-8-A-364
CHEW, JESSE SR.                         NJ-8-A-353
CLARK, JEFFERY JR.                      NJ-8-A-419
CLARK, JOSIAH SR.                       NJ-8-A-402
CLARK, PHEBE                            NJ-8-A-60
CLARK, THOMAS ESQ.                      NJ-8-A-280
CLEMENT, CHARITY                        NJ-8-A-378
CLEMENT, HANNAH                         NJ-8-A-311
CLINKER, DANIEL                         NJ-8-A-481
CODE, JAMES                             NJ-8-A-261
COLEMAN, JACOB                          NJ-8-A-57
COLES, KENDAL                           NJ-8-A-1
COLLINS, AMOS                           NJ-8-A-368
COLLINS, RICHARD                        NJ-8-A-232
COLLINS, SAMUEL                         NJ-8-A-214
COLLINS, SARAH                          NJ-8-A-408
CONN, THOMAS                            NJ-8-A-507
CONOVE, PETER                           NJ-8-A-488
COOPER, MARY                            NJ-8-A-326
COOPER, MARY                            NJ-8-A-556
COOPER, SAMUEL                          NJ-8-A-399
CORDEARY, EDMUND                        NJ-8-A-209
CORN, MICHAEL                           NJ-8-A-27
COZENS, SARAH                           NJ-8-A-373
CRESSON, J. A.                          NJ-8-A-524
CRUMP, JAMES                            NJ-8-A-350
CURRIE, JANE                            NJ-8-A-447
CUTHCART, JOHN                          NJ-8-A-179
DANIEL, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-509
DAVIS, DAVID                            NJ-8-A-116
DAVIS, SAMUEL COLE                      NJ-8-A-263
DAY, STEPHEN M.                         NJ-8-A-409
DELL, NATHANIEL                         NJ-8-A-422
DENNY, SAMUEL                           NJ-8-A-229
DIETZY, MICHAEL C.                      NJ-8-A-541
DODD, THOMAS                            NJ-8-A-196
DOUGHTY, ROBERT                         NJ-8-A-374
DOUGHTY, THOMAS                         NJ-8-A-41
DUFFIELD, JOHN                          NJ-8-A-168
ELLIS, AMY                              NJ-8-A-336
ENDICOTT, JACOB                         NJ-8-A-151
ENGLISH, JOSEPH                         NJ-8-A-111
FARROW, SAMUEL                          NJ-8-A-511
FISH, ALEXANDREW                        NJ-8-A-482
FISH, GRACE                             NJ-8-A-20
FISHER, BENJAMIN                        NJ-8-A-69
FISLER, JACOB                           NJ-8-A-275
FRENCH, ELIZABETH                       NJ-8-A-461
FRENCH, SAMUEL                          NJ-8-A-519
GILL, HANNAH                            NJ-8-A-424
GIMENS, ABIGAIL                         NJ-8-A-29
GLOVER, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-193
GONGO, JETHRO                           NJ-8-A-273
GREGORY, ANN                            NJ-8-A-485
GUEST, HENRY                            NJ-8-A-172
HACKET, WILLIAM                         NJ-8-A-443
HAINS, AMOS                             NJ-8-A-30
HALE, DEBORAH                           NJ-8-A-426
HALE, JAMES                             NJ-8-A-390
HARKER, DAVID                           NJ-8-A-82
HARMON, CONRAD                          NJ-8-A-379
HARTLEY, JAMES                          NJ-8-A-490
HAWK, BENJAMIN                          NJ-8-A-499
HENDRICKSON, GABRIEL                    NJ-8-A-304
HENDRIXSON, JONAS                       NJ-8-A-505
HENDSEY, MARY                           NJ-8-A-342
HEPPARD, JOSEPH                         NJ-8-A-200
HEWES, CALEB                            NJ-8-A-316
HEWES, ISAAC                            NJ-8-A-339
HEWES, JOSEPH                           NJ-8-A-191
HEWETT, MOSES                           NJ-8-A-347
HILLMAN, JOSEPH                         NJ-8-A-541
HINCHMAN, SARAH                         NJ-8-A-32
HINTAGE, BENJAMIN                       NJ-8-A-544
HOLDCRAFT, JOSIAH                       NJ-8-A-146
HOLME, BENJAMIN                         NJ-8-A-46
HOOTEN, SMAUEL                          NJ-8-A-252
HOPKINS, JOHN                           NJ-8-A-63
HOPKINS, SARAH                          NJ-8-A-401
HOPKINS, SARAH JR.                      NJ-8-A-240
HOPPER, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-159
HOPPER, JOSHUA                          NJ-8-A-174
HUGG, SAMUEL                            NJ-8-A-38
HUNT, ELINOR                            NJ-8-A-518
HUNT, ESAIAH                            NJ-8-A-451
HURFF, CONROD                           NJ-8-A-75
HUSEBACK, PETER                         NJ-8-A-496
HUSTON, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-315
INGURSOLL, JOSEPH                       NJ-8-A-376
IRELAND,JAPHETH                         NJ-8-A-294
JACKSON, LYDIA                          NJ-8-A-450
JAGGARD, THOMAS                         NJ-8-A-107
JESSUP, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-323
JOHNSON, ELEANOR                        NJ-8-A-391
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NJ-8-A-442
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NJ-8-A-501
JONES, JOHN                             NJ-8-A-560
JONES, TAMER                            NJ-8-A-423
KAY, ISAAC MILLER                       NJ-8-A-254
KAY, JOSEPH                             NJ-8-A-136
KAY, MARY                               NJ-8-A-256
KEY, JONATHAN                           NJ-8-A-460
KIER, PETER                             NJ-8-A-139
KIRLL, SARAH                            NJ-8-A-274
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NJ-8-A-132
LEEDS, JOSIAH                           NJ-8-A-56
LEONARD, JOHN                           NJ-8-A-166
LEONARD, SAMUEL                         NJ-8-A-169
LEVIS, RICHARD                          NJ-8-A-249
LIPPENCOTT, JOSHUA                      NJ-8-A-58
LIPPENCOTT, JOSHUA                      NJ-8-A-238
LIPPINCOTT, BENJAMIN                    NJ-8-A-17
LOCK, EZEKIEAL                          NJ-8-A-144
LOCK, JOHN                              NJ-8-A-127
LOCK, PETER SR.                         NJ-8-A-217
LOCK, SARAH                             NJ-8-A-495
LONG, ALEN                              NJ-8-A-547
LORD, PHINEAS                           NJ-8-A-435
LOW, JOSEPH                             NJ-8-A-512
LOW, PEMELA                             NJ-8-A-279
LUMMIS, EBENEZER                        NJ-8-A-212
MADARD, JACOB                           NJ-8-A-11
MALTIS, CHARLES                         NJ-8-A-125
MASON, DAVID                            NJ-8-A-247
MATLACK, ELIZABETH                      NJ-8-A-440
MCGUIRE, JAMES                          NJ-8-A-16
MEHOON, JAMES                           NJ-8-A-110
MILLER, EBENEZER                        NJ-8-A-52
MILLER, JAMES                           NJ-8-A-3
MINTLE, PHILIP                          NJ-8-A-455
MOORE, BENJAMIN                         NJ-8-A-250
MORGAN, JOSEPH                          NJ-8-A-23
MYERS, LEWIS                            NJ-8-A-253
NEWMAN, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-313
OWNER, EDWARD                           NJ-8-A-344
PANCOAST, EDWARD                        NJ-8-A-244
PANCOAST, HANNAH                        NJ-8-A-382
PAUL, COOPER                            NJ-8-A-480
PAUL, JOSHUA                            NJ-8-A-313
PINE, MARY                              NJ-8-A-215
PLUMMER, AMOS                           NJ-8-A-337
PORCH, ROBERT                           NJ-8-A-225
PRICK, JOHN                             NJ-8-A-157
RAMBO, BENJAMIN                         NJ-8-A-203
READ, SARAH                             NJ-8-A-528
REEVES, JOSIAH                          NJ-8-A-224
RICHARDS, ANN                           NJ-8-A-415
RICHARDS, JOSEPH                        NJ-8-A-65
RISLEY, DAVID                           NJ-8-A-128
RISLEY, JONATHAN                        NJ-8-A-486
RISLEY, SAMUEL                          NJ-8-A-6
ROBERTS, ESTHER                         NJ-8-A-221
RUDDEROW, WILLIAM                       NJ-8-A-242
RULON, HENRY                            NJ-8-A-551
RUSSEL, BENJAMIN                        NJ-8-A-504
RUSSEL, JONATHAN                        NJ-8-A-484
SAYRS, DAVID                            NJ-8-A-302
SCHLECHDIS, CALEB                       NJ-8-A-540
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NJ-8-A-257
SCULL, JOHN                             NJ-8-A-160
SCULL, JOHN R.                          NJ-8-A-434
SCULL, JOSEPH                           NJ-8-A-306
SENIOR, DAVID                           NJ-8-A-525
SERRAM, DAVIS SR.                       NJ-8-A-287
SHUSTER, LORRENCE                       NJ-8-A-288
SIMS, SARAH                             NJ-8-A-308
SMALLWOOD, RICHARD                      NJ-8-A-114
SMILEY, ANDREW                          NJ-8-A-321
SMITH, DANIEL                           NJ-8-A-219
SMITH, ELIAS                            NJ-8-A-140
SMITH, HENRY                            NJ-8-A-148
SMITH, JOHN                             NJ-8-A-61
SMITH, MICAJAH                          NJ-8-A-176
SOMERS, ISAAC                           NJ-8-A-431
STEEL, REBECCA                          NJ-8-A-55
STEELMAN, FREDRICK                      NJ-8-A-271
STEPHENS, ISAAC                         NJ-8-A-319
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NJ-8-A-67
STILES, BARTHOLOMEW                     NJ-8-A-25
STOKELY, WOODMAN                        NJ-8-A-372
STOUT, MICHAEL                          NJ-8-A-388
STRATTON, JAMES (DR.)                   NJ-8-A-365
STYLES, ISAAC                           NJ-8-A-104
SURRY, ELIZABETH                        NJ-8-A-335
SWAIN, BENJAMIN                         NJ-8-A-37
SWEETEN, JOHN                           NJ-8-A-135
SWEETEN, WILLIAM                        NJ-8-A-537
SYNNOTT, MARTIN                         NJ-8-A-406
TABER, THOMAS                           NJ-8-A-332
THACKERY, MARY                          NJ-8-A-49
THOMAS, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-397
THOMPSON, ISAAC                         NJ-8-A-360
THOMPSON, SARAH                         NJ-8-A-414
THORN, EZABLE                           NJ-8-A-531
THORN, THOMAS                           NJ-8-A-277
TOMLINSON, EPHRAIM                      NJ-8-A-291
TOMLINSON, JOSEPH                       NJ-8-A-369
TURNER, JOHN                            NJ-8-A-227
TURNER, MICHAEL                         NJ-8-A-298
TURNER, PHEBE                           NJ-8-A-109
TURPIN, URIAH                           NJ-8-A-205
VANSCIVER, ABRAM                        NJ-8-A-363
VENNAL, ADAM                            NJ-8-A-563
WARD, DAVID                             NJ-8-A-207
WARD, GEORGE                            NJ-8-A-185
WARD, NATHAN                            NJ-8-A-198
WARE, ISAAC                             NJ-8-A-456
WATSON, BENJAMIN                        NJ-8-A-331
WATSON, JANE                            NJ-8-A-517
WEBB, JAMES                             NJ-8-A-300
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                         NJ-8-A-444
WESCOTT, TRIALL                         NJ-8-A-351
WESTCOTT, JOEL                          NJ-8-A-189
WHITALE, JAMES THE ELDER                NJ-8-A-234
WHITALL, JAMES M.                       NJ-8-A-462
WHITALL, WILLIAM C.                     NJ-8-A-202
WHITE, SAMUEL                           NJ-8-A-19
WILD, JOHN                              NJ-8-A-130
WILKINS, ISAAC                          NJ-8-A-348
WILKINS, JOHN ESQ.                      NJ-8-A-411
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                        NJ-8-A-45
WILSON, ELI                             NJ-8-A-392
WILSON, THOMAS                          NJ-8-A-437
WINNER, MILESENT                        NJ-8-A-100
WISNER, SAMUEL                          NJ-8-A-429
WOOD, JAMES                             NJ-8-A-187
WOOD, JEREMIAH                          NJ-8-A-162
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                          NJ-8-A-527
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         NJ-8-A-320
YOUNG, GEORGE                           NJ-8-A-296
ZANE, JONATHAN                          NJ-8-A-432

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