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Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
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ABBOTT, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-539
ADAMS, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-231
ADAMS, LUKE                             TBL                                     NJ-4-B-701
ALBERTSON, ISAAC                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-6
ALBERTSON, JOHN                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1053
ALEXANDER, HANNAH                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-871
ARTER, JEREMIAH                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-493
ARTY, JULIUS                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-118
ASHEAD, AMOS                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-360
ASHEAD, IRA                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-397
ATKINSON, JOSIAH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-268
ATKINSON, PRISCILLA                     TBL                                     NJ-4-A-286
BAKER, FREDERICK                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-356
BAKER, JAMES S.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-238
BALLINGER, ATLANTIC                     TBL                                     NJ-4-A-468
BARTON, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-201
BASSETT, SILAS                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-263
BATES, JAMES                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1047
BATES, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-962
BAYNES, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-973
BEAGARY, MARY                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-419
BELL, HUGHES                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-994
BERKLEY, JAMES                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-760
BERRY, HENRY (JERMAN)                   TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1065
BETTS, ACHILLES                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-66
BISHOP, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1055
BISHPHAM, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-3
BOARDMAN, THOMAS                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-739
BRACKEN, JAMES                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-798
BRIAN, DEBORAH                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-140
BRIAN, JOSIAH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-203
BRICK, BENJAMIN H.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-407
BRICK, ELIZA                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-41
BRICK, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-1
BRICK, SAMUEL                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-920
BROWN, JOHN M.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-603
BROWN, JOHN W.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-999
BROWN, SEVEN (COLORED)                  TBL                                     NJ-4-B-627
BROWN, WILLIAM (COLORED)                TBL                                     NJ-4-A-71
BROWNING, SARAH ANN                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1050
BUCK, H. SOPHIA                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-763
BUGBY, ISAAC                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1018
BURROUGH, ANN                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-93
BURROUGH, MARTHA                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-770
CAIN, JAMES                             TBL                                     NJ-4-B-982
CAIN, JAMES SR.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-720
CAIN, SETH                              TBL                                     NJ-4-A-401
CAKE, RICHARD C.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-410
CAMERON, ANGUS                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-376
CAMERON, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-986
CAMP, RICHARD G.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-909
CARMAN, THOMAS M.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1130
CARMAN, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1009
CARTER, BARTHOLOMEW                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-646
CASPER, ASA                             TBL                                     NJ-4-B-935
CCRUS, THOMAS COOKS                     TBL                                     NJ-4-A-325
CHAMPION, ELIZABETH M.                  TBL                                     NJ-4-B-709
CHAMPION, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-106
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-28
CHARLES, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-365
CHEESMAN, JOSEPH H.                     TBL                                     NJ-4-A-67
CHEESMAN, PETER                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-902, 976
CHEW, MICHAEL                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-663
CLARK, JOEL G.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-95
CLEMENT, BENJAMIN F.                    TBL                                     NJ-4-B-873
CLEMENT, JACOB                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-580
CLEMENT, JOHN ESQ.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-811
CLEMENTS, ENOCH                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-497
CLEMENTS, MARY                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-679
CLIFTON, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1126
COLES, AMOS                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-318
COLES, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-9
COLES, SAMUEL S.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-557
COLEY, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-4-B-666
COLLINGS, JOSEPH C.                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-705
COLLINS, HANNAH H.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-695
COLLINS, PHOEBE                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-313
COLLINS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-24
CONARD, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-216
COOK, JOHN                              TBL                                     NJ-4-B-741
COOPER, AGNES                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-979
COOPER, HANNAH                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-340
COOPER, JAMES B.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-636
COOPER, MARY V.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-715
COOPER, REBECCA                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-454
COOPER, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-301
COOPER, WILLIAM M.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-807
COX, JAMES (NEGRO)                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1045
COX, PHEBE A.                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-852
CRISPIN, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-955
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1059
DAVIS, JOSEPH G.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-320
DAVIS, RICHARD                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-530
DILKES, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-258
DILKS, ANDREW                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-617
DILLON, EDWARD P.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-562
DILLON, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-4-A-21
DODSON, EDWARD                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-490
DONALDSON, JACOB P.                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-864
EARLEY, CALEB                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-661
ELLIOTT, ANNA                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-671
ELLIS, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-546
ELLIS, JOSIAH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-151
ENGLE, CHARLES                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-266
ENGLE, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1081
EVANS, HANNAH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1068
EVANS, RACHEL                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-18
EVANS, THOMAS                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-283
FEEMORE, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-578
FETTERS, SARAH L.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-683
FISH, JOHN                              TBL                                     NJ-4-B-916
FISHER, SAMUEL J.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-889
FLEMING, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-779
FOWLER, ABEL                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-634
FOWLER, JACOB H.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-923
FOWLER, JONATHAN                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-509
FOX, PETER                              TBL                                     NJ-4-B-642
FRENCH, CHARLES C.                      PHILADELPHIA                            NJ-4-B-1034
GAITER, ELISHA                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1098
GIBBONS, JOHN C. (COLORED)              TBL                                     NJ-4-A-115
GIBBS, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-435
GIBSON, CHARLES PERRY (NEGRO)           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1061
GIFFINS, MOSES                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-600
GILL, ELIZABETH                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-648
GOLDY, WILLIAM C.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-A-458
GRAFF, EDMUND                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-586
GRAFF, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-681
GREEN, LORENZO S.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-685
GRIMES, HENRY (COLORED)                 TBL                                     NJ-4-A-73
GUTHMAN, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-597
HAGEMAN, LAWRENCE C.                    TBL                                     NJ-4-A-322
HAINES, ANN                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-88
HAINES, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-565
HAINES, ISAAC                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-856
HAINES, SAAH ANN                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-12
HAINES, SAMUEL                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-133
HALE, JAMES B.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-38
HALE, SARAH                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-186
HAMPTON, CECELIA H.                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-911
HARTSHORNE, LAWRENCE                    TBL                                     NJ-4-A-244
HARVEY, ALFRED                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-992
HASLETT, ANN M.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-914
HEIGHT, JOHN B.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-280
HELMBOLD, MARY ANN                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-422
HEMMELBERGER, BARBARY                   TBL                                     NJ-4-A-74
HENRY, WILLIAM (NEGRO)                  TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1032
HERITAGE, JOSIAH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-112
HIDER, JOHN                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-103
HILLMAN, EPHRAIM                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-48
HOARE, ROBERT                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-640
HOLMES, HANNAH                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-293
HOOTEN, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-655
HORN, JOSIAH                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-80
HOUSE, GEORGE                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1085
HOWELL, EMMA C.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-967
HOWELL, JANE A.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-477
HOWELL, RICHARD W.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1122
HOWELL, ROBERT                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-880
HULL, SARAH C.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-792
HURFF, HENRY                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-559
HURFF, NANCY                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1001
HYDER, CHARITY                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-289
JACKSON, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-861
JEFFERS, WILLIAM N.                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-552
JENKINS, SAMUEL H.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-990
JESSUP, JOHN J.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-474
JINNETT, JAMES                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-848
JOHNSON, MARY                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-270
JONES, MARY H.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-30
KAUMANN, RUTH TRYON                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1132
KAY, BENJAMIN                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-348
KAY, JOSIAH                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-481
KAY, SARAH                              TBL                                     NJ-4-A-226
KING, WILLIAM T.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-332
KING, WILLIAM T.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-329
KIRBY, ABRAHAM                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-550
KNEGSS, MARGARET                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-644
LAMB, JAMES W.                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-516
LAMMEY, FRANCIS                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-926
LEADBEATER, JOHN                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-255
LEWIS, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-665
LIPPINCOTT, ABRAHAM                     TBL                                     NJ-4-A-367
LIPPINCOTT, HANNAH                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-593
LIPPINCOTT, RACHEL                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-429
LORD, JOHN                              TBL                                     NJ-4-A-277
LOVELL, OLNEY L.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1028
LUTTON, ROBERT                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1088
LYBRAND, MOORE JOSEPH                   TBL                                     NJ-4-B-758
MANLIFF, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1139
MARTIN, ADAM                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-835
MATLACK, REBECCA                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-606
MATLOCK, SARAH                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-590
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM S.                    TBL                                     NJ-4-A-465
MCILHENNY, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-876
MEREDITH, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NJ-4-A-189
MIDDLETON, AMOS A.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-315
MIDDLETON, JACOB                        DELAWARE                                NJ-4-B-543
MILLER, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-414
MILLIGAN, JOHN                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-502
MOLLOY, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-900
MOORE, ALEXANDER                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-969
MORGAN, ALEXANDER                       TBL                                     NJ-4-A-205
MULL, JACOB                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-121
MYROCK, HARMON                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-75
NEIL, WILLIAM                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-690
NEWKIRK, GARRETT                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-220
NICHOLSON, SARAH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-462
NIXON, CALEB                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-252
NIXON, SAMUEL                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-776
NORRIS, ISAAC W.                        PHILADELPHIA, PA                        NJ-4-A-108
NORRIS, MARY                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-933
NORRIS, REBECCA                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1041
OFFLEY, ANN                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-296
PARHAM, WILLIAM PAGE                    TBL                                     NJ-4-B-768
PARKER, ALICE                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-86
PEACOCK, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-838
PEACOCK, JOSHUA                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-155
PEALE, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NJ-4-A-425
PEARCE, HARVEY C.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1120
PETERS, PHEBE                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-199
PLUM, WILLIAM K.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-275
PLUMMER, FREDERICK                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-842
POGUE, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-196
POWELL, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1083
POWLEY, JAMES                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1107
PRATT, THOMAS                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-390
PRICE, CATHARINE                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-433
REED, JACOB                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-512
RISDON, MARY                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-143
RISDON, TURNER                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-735
RISGENS, JOHN                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-247
ROBERTS, HANNAH                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-46
ROBINSON, AMA M.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-621
ROE, DAVID                              TBL                                     NJ-4-B-804
ROSE, EZEKIEL                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1095
RUDDEROW, HOPE                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-951
RULON, MOSES                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-393
SEARS, PAUL                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-164
SHARP, RICHARD                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-718
SHARPLESS, BLAKEY                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-610
SHIELDS, ROBERT                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-173
SHILL, AGNES                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-711
SHINN, THOMAS                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-211
SHOWAKER, WILLIAM C.                    TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1104
SHUSTER, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-631
SLOAN, HANNAH                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-918
SLOAN, JAMES W.                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-471
SLOAN, PATIENCE                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-372
SMITH, EDWARD                           TBL                                     NJ-4-B-937
SOBERS, JOHN (COLORED)                  TBL                                     NJ-4-A-125
SOUDERS, JOHN R.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1100
SPENCER, MARY ANN                       TBL                                     NJ-4-A-27
STATHAM, JONATHAN                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-810
STATHAM, MARY ANN                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-859
STATHEM, ISAAC W.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-984
STAY, PHILIP                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-520
STEVER, SAMUEL K.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1135
STILES, JOHN                            TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1091
SWEETEN, ANDREW                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-241
THACKARA, ABIGAIL                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-713
THOMAS, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-532
THOMPSON, SARAH M.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1128
TOMLINSON, SARAH                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-272
TOURTELOT, NUMA ROBERT                  TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1030
TOWZIE, RUTH                            TBL                                     NJ-4-A-100
TURNER, JOHN CARPENTER                  TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1070
TUTTLE, JACOB                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-83
VANDERSLICE, ALICE                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-988
VANHORN, SUSAN                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-659
VANHURT, JOHN W.                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-214
VANLUVENER, SAMUEL                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-43
VANSTAVERNS, MARIA                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-624
WALKER, MARY ANN                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-90
WALLACE, EDWARD E.                      TBL                                     NJ-4-A-404
WANNAN, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1102
WARD, SARAH                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-484
WARRICK, CHARLES W.                     TBL                                     NJ-4-B-1003
WESCOAT, REUBEN                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-668
WETHERALD, HAWORTH                      TBL                                     NJ-4-B-629
WHITAKAR, SMAUEL                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-765
WHITE, CATHARINE                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-583
WHITEHEAD, JAMES                        TBL                                     NJ-4-B-699
WILKINS, ISAAC                          TBL                                     NJ-4-B-571
WILKINS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NJ-4-A-234
WILLITS, NATHAN                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-449
WILLITS, SARAH P.                       TBL                                     NJ-4-B-567
WILTSEY, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NJ-4-B-953
WOODMAN, MARY                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-33
ZANE, ELIZABETH                         TBL                                     NJ-4-A-15
ZANE, ISAAC                             TBL                                     NJ-4-A-161
ZANE, MARY                              TBL                                     NJ-4-A-158
ZANE, MARY S.                           TBL                                     NJ-4-A-129

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