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Wills Volume "1851-1957" is labeled in error. It ends in 1922.
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ADAMS, MARTHA A.                        NC-99-2-360
AMASON, DAVID W.                        NC-99-1-121
AMERSON, ELISHA                         NC-99-2-122
AMERSON, ELIZABETH                      NC-99-2-7
AMERSON,E LIZABETH                      NC-99-2-420
ANDERSON, MARY J.                       NC-99-2-509
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE W.                    NC-99-2-194
ARMSTRONG, HENRIETTA C.                 NC-99-2-257
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM J.                   NC-99-1-32
BAKER, JESSE                            NC-99-2-564
BARDIN, WILLIAM H.                      NC-99-1-56
BAREFOOT, A. J.                         NC-99-2-140
BARNES, BRYANT L.                       NC-99-2-5
BARNES, ELIAS                           NC-99-1-30
BARNES, EPHRAIM                         NC-99-2-240
BARNES, HARDY F.                        NC-99-2-511
BARNES, JACOB                           NC-99-1-73, 132
BARNES, JACOB S.                        NC-99-1-92
BARNES, JAMES S.                        NC-99-2-152
BARNES, JESSE D.                        NC-99-1-116
BARNES, JESSE S.                        NC-99-1-96
BARNES, JOHN D.                         NC-99-2-219
BARNES, MAHALA                          NC-99-2-131
BARNES, MARTHA                          NC-99-1-29
BARNES, MARY                            NC-99-2-386
BARNES, MARZILLA                        NC-99-2-462
BARNES, MILBERY                         NC-99-2-350
BARNES, MILICENT                        NC-99-1-82
BARNES, NED                             NC-99-2-357
BARNES, PATSEY                          NC-99-2-265
BARNES, PRECILLA                        NC-99-2-105
BARNES, SALLY                           NC-99-2-94
BARNES, SAMUEL                          NC-99-1-41
BARNES, SAMUEL J.                       NC-99-2-119
BARNES, SHERRARD                        NC-99-2-570
BARNES, WILLIAM                         NC-99-1-52
BARNES, WILLIAM                         NC-99-2-10
BARNES, WILLIAM G.                      NC-99-2-246
BARNES, WILLIAM JR.                     NC-99-2-560
BASS, BURDIN                            NC-99-1-92
BASS, JESSE                             NC-99-2-434
BASS, PENELOPE                          NC-99-2-179
BATES, BAILEY                           NC-99-1-27
BATTS, BAILY                            NC-99-1-28
BATTS, DAVID                            NC-99-1-22
BATTS, DVID                             NC-99-1-22
BATTS, JEREMIAH                         NC-99-2-417
BATTS, JOHN                             NC-99-2-64
BATTS, JOHN SR.                         NC-99-1-45
BATTS, MARY                             NC-99-2-480
BATTS, T. R.                            NC-99-2-408
BATTS, WILLIAM SR.                      NC-99-1-31
BLOUNT, M. DELIA                        NC-99-2-393
BLOUNT, S. E.                           NC-99-2-259
BOYETT, ISAAC                           NC-99-2-76
BOYETT, ZILLA                           NC-99-2-338
BOYKIN, NANCY                           NC-99-2-397
BOYKIN, SARAH                           NC-99-1-134
BRASWELL, BOSTON                        NC-99-2-173
BREWER, WILLIAM T.                      NC-99-2-50
BRIDGERS, JOHN T.                       NC-99-2-558
BRIDGERS, MARY A.                       NC-99-2-518
BROOKS, A. G.                           NC-99-2-495
BURNENT, P. L.                          NC-99-2-347
BYMUM, TURNER                           NC-99-1-130
BYNUM, ROBERT                           NC-99-2-1
CLARK, SUSAN M.                         NC-99-2-411
COLEMAN, HENRY                          NC-99-2-107
COLEMAN, MARY                           NC-99-2-201
COPELAND, C. B.                         NC-99-2-200
CORNISH, TEMPERANCE                     NC-99-1-138
CRUMPLER, CHARITY                       NC-99-2-547
CRUMPLER, KINCHEN                       NC-99-2-236
DALY, GATSEY T.                         NC-99-2-183
DANIEL, ARCH                            NC-99-2-214
DANIEL, EMM E.                          NC-99-2-405
DANIEL, JACOB                           NC-99-2-254
DANIEL, SALLIE                          NC-99-1-111
DANIEL, ZILPHA                          NC-99-1-87
DANN, JERRY                             NC-99-2-536
DANSON, EDITH                           NC-99-1-35
DAVIS, ELISHA                           NC-99-1-126
DAVIS, POLLY                            NC-99-2-499
DAVIS,PRUDENCE                          NC-99-1-81
DEANS, BARTLEY                          NC-99-1-75
DEW, DAVID                              NC-99-1-83
DEW, DAVID JR.                          NC-99-1-114
DEW, JARRY                              NC-99-1-78
DILDAY, WARREN                          NC-99-2-61
DRIVER, JOHN W.                         NC-99-1-65
EASON, DEMPSY S.                        NC-99-2-161
EASON, ELIZABETH W.                     NC-99-2-431
EATMON, CHASEY                          NC-99-2-128
EDMONDSON, GARRY                        NC-99-2-541
EDMONDSON, SUSAN                        NC-99-2-86
EDMUNDSON, RUFUS W.                     NC-99-2-325
EDWARDS, BENJAMIN                       NC-99-2-144
EDWARDS, JANE                           NC-99-2-370
ELLIS, W. G.                            NC-99-2-516
ELLISON, H. A.                          NC-99-1-102
EVANS, JOSIAH                           NC-99-2-57
FARMER, BENJAMIN                        NC-99-2-384
FARMER, CEBURN                          NC-99-2-328
FARMER, IREDELL                         NC-99-2-335
FARMER, ISAAC D.                        NC-99-2-344
FARMER, JOHN W.                         NC-99-2-493
FARMER, LARRY D.                        NC-99-2-441
FARMER, NANCY                           NC-99-1-118
FARMER, THREESEY                        NC-99-2-162
FARNAN, ELVINA                          NC-99-2-311
FELTON, ELISHA                          NC-99-1-55
FELTON, WILLIAM                         NC-99-2-79
FERRELL, ELIZBETH                       NC-99-2-261
FERRELL, JOHN                           NC-99-1-88
FERRELL, JONAS                          NC-99-2-207
FERRELL, JOSEPH                         NC-99-2-400
FERRELL, NOEL                           NC-99-2-90
FLOWERS, JESSE                          NC-99-2-368
FLOWERS, JOHN N.                        NC-99-2-354
FORBES, HYRUM                           NC-99-1-68
FORBES, JAMES W.                        NC-99-2-306
GARDNER, WILLIAM                        NC-99-2-323
GARNER, T. J.                           NC-99-2-465
GILLIAM, JULIA A.                       NC-99-2-538
GLOVER, C. H.                           NC-99-2-567
GODWIN, M. M.                           NC-99-2-427
GRIFFIN, G. H.                          NC-99-2-277
HACKNEY, W. H.                          NC-99-2-456
HARDY, BENJAMIN                         NC-99-2-379
HARE, MARTHA                            NC-99-1-43
HAWLEY, MATILDA                         NC-99-2-224
HAYNES, BETTIE                          NC-99-1-115
HAYNES, WILLIAM                         NC-99-1-129
HAYS, LEVI M.                           NC-99-2-286
HAYS, W. R.                             NC-99-2-72
HEARN, JOHN                             NC-99-1-66
HINES, FANNY                            NC-99-2-363
HINNANT, ELIZABETH                      NC-99-1-50
HINNANT, MARY                           NC-99-1-23
HOCOTT, BENJAMIN F.                     NC-99-1-35
HOCOTT, RICHARD                         NC-99-1-21
HOOVER, M. J.                           NC-99-2-539
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        NC-99-2-31
JERNIGAN, SARAH                         NC-99-1-48
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NC-99-1-127
JOHNSON, W. D.                          NC-99-2-134
JONES, ELY                              NC-99-2-176
JONES, MILL                             NC-99-2-221
JORDAN, AMANDA R.                       NC-99-1-135
JORDAN, WILLIAM H.                      NC-99-2-24
JOYNER, DREWEY                          NC-99-2-545
KINGSMORE, ANN                          NC-99-2-514
KIRK, PITTS                             NC-99-2-186
KIRLY, HENRY                            NC-99-2-227
LAMM, CHRISTIAN                         NC-99-2-527
LAMM, DAVIS                             NC-99-2-249
LAMM, ELIAS                             NC-99-2-572
LAMM, PATIENCE                          NC-99-2-53
LAMM, STEPHEN                           NC-99-1-63
LAMM, TEMPERANCE                        NC-99-1-86
LAMM, WILLIAM                           NC-99-2-245
LAMM, WILLIE                            NC-99-2-297
LAND, DANIEL                            NC-99-1-42
LODGE, GREY                             NC-99-2-263
LODGE, REBECCA                          NC-99-2-342
LUCAS, HENRY                            NC-99-1-56
LUCAS, JOHN                             NC-99-2-444
LUCAS, RHODA                            NC-99-1-51
LUCAS, SARAH                            NC-99-1-43
MANNING, JULIA                          NC-99-2-340
MOORE, ISAAC                            NC-99-2-521
MOORE, MARTHA E.                        NC-99-1-117
MORRIS, AZILE                           NC-99-1-60
MORRIS, BENJAMIN                        NC-99-2-352
MORRIS, JESSE                           NC-99-2-110
MORRIS, STEPHEN                         NC-99-1-137
NEWSOM, LARRY                           NC-99-2-269
NEWSOM, NANCY                           NC-99-2-330
OHAGAN, S .J.                           NC-99-2-487
OWENS, DETILHA                          NC-99-2-470
OWENS, JOHN                             NC-99-2-211
OWENS, KINCHEN                          NC-99-1-94
OWENS, WILLIAM SR.                      NC-99-2-232
PAGE, ELIZABETH                         NC-99-2-155
PAGE, ELIZBAETH H.                      NC-99-2-14
PARKER, C. L.                           NC-99-2-21
PEACOCK, HARRIET                        NC-99-2-17
PEACOCK, IREDAL                         NC-99-2-17
PEEL, JOHN                              NC-99-2-459
PEEL, MATHEW                            NC-99-1-64
PEELE, HANNAH                           NC-99-2-125
PEELE, SALLY                            NC-99-2-303
PEELLE, MARTHA                          NC-99-2-3
PENDER, J. J.                           NC-99-2-320
PERKINS, BARTLETT                       NC-99-2-524
PERKINS, MOSES                          NC-99-2-136
PERKINS, MOSES                          NC-99-2-35
PITTMAN, JAMES                          NC-99-2-477
POPE, CHARITY                           NC-99-1-59
PRIVETT, STEPHEN                        NC-99-2-136
PROCTOR, CELIA                          NC-99-2-556
PROCTOR, JOHN                           NC-99-2-374
RASE, BARNA                             NC-99-1-123
RENTFROW, JACOB                         NC-99-2-280
RENTFROW, MABRY                         NC-99-2-295
RENTFROW, WILLIE                        NC-99-2-42
RO9UNTREE, N. T.                        NC-99-1-70
ROBBINS, AMMOS                          NC-99-2-332
ROBBINS, ARTHUR                         NC-99-1-129
ROBBINS, MARY A.                        NC-99-2-554
ROGERS, BENJAMIN                        NC-99-1-67
ROSE, JOEL                              NC-99-2-162
ROUNTREE, C. J.                         NC-99-2-274
ROUNTREE, CADE                          NC-99-1-53
ROUNTREE, GEORGE                        NC-99-2-99
ROUNTREE, MARY A.                       NC-99-2-148
ROUNTREE, MELVINA A.                    NC-99-2-499
ROUNTREE, MOSES                         NC-99-2-549
RUFFIN, DUNCAN                          NC-99-1-62
RUFFIN, GEORGE W.                       NC-99-1-92
RUFFIN, LEMON                           NC-99-1-122
RUFFIN, PINNA                           NC-99-2-579
SCARBOROUGH, ISAAC                      NC-99-1-37
SHARP, BENJAMIN W.                      NC-99-1-141
SIMMONS, B. H.                          NC-99-1-113
SIMMS, BENJAMIN                         NC-99-1-89
SIMMS, BENJAMIN E.                      NC-99-1-58
SIMMS, WILIE                            NC-99-2-204
SIMPSON, BENJAMIN                       NC-99-2-169
SIMPSON, JESSIE                         NC-99-1-56
SIMPSON, MARGARET                       NC-99-2-389
SKINNER, WILLIAM H.                     NC-99-1-61
SMITH, J. J.                            NC-99-2-530
SMITH, JOHN W.                          NC-99-2-83
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NC-99-2-285
STRICKLAND, C. B.                       NC-99-2-414
STRICKLAND, S. M. B.                    NC-99-2-425
TARTT, MARGAET B.                       NC-99-1-125
TAYLOR, J. J.                           NC-99-2-474
TAYLOR, JACOB                           NC-99-1-95
THOMPSON, ARTHUR                        NC-99-2-113
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        NC-99-2-381
THORN, ABRAM                            NC-99-2-242
THORN, MARTIN                           NC-99-2-102
TOMLINSON,MARY                          NC-99-1-46
TYNES, J. A.                            NC-99-2-576
UPCHURCH, A. J.                         NC-99-2-116
VASSER, MARTHA                          NC-99-2-70
VINES, PRUDENCE S.                      NC-99-2-268
WAINWRIGHT, T. A.                       NC-99-2-301
WARD, ASA                               NC-99-2-289
WARD, NEEDHAM                           NC-99-1-57
WARSHARSKY, DNAIEL                      NC-99-2-258
WATSON, DEMPSEY                         NC-99-2-190
WATSON, GIDEON S.                       NC-99-2-372
WATSON, NOAH                            NC-99-2-251
WATSON, STEPHEN                         NC-99-1-44
WEBB, EASTER                            NC-99-2-483
WEBB, TEMPA                             NC-99-1-65
WHITE, BENJAMIN                         NC-99-1-57
WHITE, MARTHA                           NC-99-1-84
WHITEHEAD, H. G.                        NC-99-2-451
WHITEHEAD, SUSAN                        NC-99-2-315
WHITEHEAD, W. J.                        NC-99-2-533
WHITLEY, J. K.                          NC-99-2-490
WHITLEY, NANCY                          NC-99-1-124
WIGGINS, ROWLAND                        NC-99-2-281
WILLERFORD, ELIZABETH                   NC-99-2-506
WILLIAMSON, ISAAC                       NC-99-1-24
WILLIAMSON, THOMAS                      NC-99-1-39
WILLIAMSON, TRYAL                       NC-99-2-230
WINBOURNE, JOSIAH                       NC-99-2-309
WINSTEAD, JOHN H. (DR)                  NC-99-2-27
WINSTEAD, WILLIE                        NC-99-2-166
WOODARD, LONDON (COLORED)               NC-99-2-46
WOODARD, STEPHEN                        NC-99-1-104
WOOLARD, JAMES                          NC-99-1-79

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