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AINSLEY, MAGGIE                         NC-90-5-71
AINSLEY, W. J.                          NC-90-5-71
AIRS, JOHN                              NC-90-1-100
ALEXANDER, ALICE E.                     NC-90-4-433
ALEXANDER, ANNIE                        NC-90-4-510
ALEXANDER, ANTHONY                      NC-90-4-413
ALEXANDER, ANTHONY                      NC-90-1-43
ALEXANDER, ANTHONY                      NC-90-1-141
ALEXANDER, BENJAMIN                     NC-90-1-142
ALEXANDER, CHRISTIAN                    NC-90-1-53
ALEXANDER, H. J.                        NC-90-5-146
ALEXANDER, ISAAC                        NC-90-1-113
ALEXANDER, ISAAC                        NC-90-1-96
ALEXANDER, ISAAC                        NC-90-1-122
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                       NC-90-1-130
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                       NC-90-1-57
ALEXANDER, LUDFORD                      NC-90-1-89
ALEXANDER, MICHAEL                      NC-90-1-128
ALEXANDER, READING B.                   NC-90-4-20
ALEXANDER, W. M.                        NC-90-4-513
ALEXANDER, WALTER B.                    NC-90-5-47
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      NC-90-1-56
ALLEN, NATHANIEL                        NC-90-4-179
ARMSTRONG, H. M.                        NC-90-5-122
ARMSTRONG, M. K.                        NC-90-5-127
ARMSTRONG, NANCY H.                     NC-90-4-62
ARMSTRONG, WILSON                       NC-90-4-104
BAIRD, FRANCIS R.                       NC-90-4-114
BAKER, HILERY                           NC-90-1-163
BALLARD, JOSEPH B. SR.                  NC-90-1-69
BARNYHT, THOMAS                         NC-90-4-29
BASNIGHT, B. S.                         NC-90-4-15
BASNIGHT, C. C.                         NC-90-4-416
BASNIGHT, HENRY L.                      NC-90-5-141
BATEMAN, CHARLES                        NC-90-4-238
BATEMAN, JOHN JR.                       NC-90-1-134
BATEMAN, JONATHAN SR.                   NC-90-1-20
BATEMAN, LOIS                           NC-90-4-438
BATEMAN, NATHAN                         NC-90-1-170
BATEMAN, PRISCILLA                      NC-90-4-485
BATEMAN, S. R.                          NC-90-4-368
BATHELDER, B. M.                        NC-90-4-355
BATIMON, WARREN                         NC-90-5-205
BATMAN, WILSON                          NC-90-4-128
BELANGIA, H. L.                         NC-90-4-506
BELANGIA, W. W.                         NC-90-4-344
BEST, JAMES                             NC-90-1-155
BLAISDELL, VIRGINIA C.                  NC-90-4-503
BLOUNT, BENJAMIN SR.                    NC-90-1-158
BLOUNT, JACOB SR.                       NC-90-1-37
BLOUNT, JOHN                            NC-90-1-61
BLOUNT, JOHN GRAY                       NC-90-4-275, 318
BLOUNT, SAMUEL                          NC-90-1-106
BLOUNT, THOMAS H.                       NC-90-4-198
BODWELL, SWAMSER                        NC-90-4-250
BONNER, WILLIAM                         NC-90-1-42
BOWSER, ZION                            NC-90-4-235
BRICKHOUSE, AFFA                        NC-90-4-46
BRICKHOUSE, ANN MATILDA                 NC-90-4-553
BRICKHOUSE, ANNIS                       NC-90-4-171
BRICKHOUSE, ANNIS                       NC-90-4-124
BRICKHOUSE, BENJAMIN                    NC-90-4-1
BRICKHOUSE, F. N.                       NC-90-5-28
BRICKHOUSE, F. S.                       NC-90-4-404
BRICKHOUSE, FRANK                       NC-90-5-159
BRICKHOUSE, J. W. P.                    NC-90-5-22
BRICKHOUSE, JAMES R.                    NC-90-4-550
BRICKHOUSE, JAMESX                      NC-90-4-71
BRICKHOUSE, JERRY                       NC-90-5-30
BRICKHOUSE, JOHN (COL.)                 NC-90-4-122
BRICKHOUSE, MARILLA                     NC-90-4-180
BRICKHOUSE, MATILDA T.                  NC-90-5-66
BRICKHOUSE, PETER                       NC-90-1-27
BRICKHOUSE, W. G.                       NC-90-4-142
BRICKHOUSE, WILLIAM W.                  NC-90-5-64
BROOM, JOHN                             NC-90-1-80
BROWN, MARY B.                          NC-90-4-130
BRYANT, C. G.                           NC-90-5-80
BUFFET, JOSIAH                          NC-90-1-152
BUTLER, JAMES                           NC-90-1-34
CAHOON, A. J. SR.                       NC-90-5-4
CAHOON, ALLEN                           NC-90-4-230
CAHOON, ANNIE SAWYER                    NC-90-5-82
CAHOON, ASHBERY                         NC-90-4-43
CAHOON, C. J.                           NC-90-5-165
CAHOON, E. P.                           NC-90-5-156
CAHOON, IOLA S.                         NC-90-5-97
CAHOON, J. W.                           NC-90-4-489
CAHOON, LUDFORD                         NC-90-4-246
CAHOON, RESSLYN                         NC-90-5-163
CAHOON, SARAH                           NC-90-4-289
CAHOON, W. E.                           NC-90-5-9
CARRON, JAMES                           NC-90-1-45
CASWELL, MATHEW                         NC-90-1-74
CHAPLIN, H. L.                          NC-90-5-237
CHAPMAN, JESPER                         NC-90-1-105
CHERRY, JOHN                            NC-90-1-40
CHESSON, JOHN                           NC-90-1-67
COCKE, ARMISTEAD MASON                  NC-90-5-7
COLLINS, JOSIAH                         NC-90-4-267
COMBS, JOHN B.                          NC-90-4-253
COMBS, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-120
COMBS, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-2
COMBS, WILLIAM                          NC-90-1-93
CONNER, JAMES                           NC-90-1-14
COOPER, B. H.                           NC-90-5-131
COOPER, J. T.                           NC-90-5-116
COOPER, J. W.                           NC-90-5-95
COOPER, JAMES                           NC-90-4-25
COOPER, NATHAN                          NC-90-4-541
CORPREW, MATHEW                         NC-90-1-155
COX, J. J.                              NC-90-5-199
CRADDOCK, GERTRUDE M.                   NC-90-5-240
CURRELLS, WILLAM                        NC-90-1-89
DAVENPORT, ALFRED L.                    NC-90-5-174
DAVENPORT, C. H.                        NC-90-4-392
DAVENPORT, CHARLES                      NC-90-4-99
DAVENPORT, ISAAC H.                     NC-90-4-64
DAVENPORT, JAMES SR.                    NC-90-1-174
DAVENPORT, LEWIS                        NC-90-4-70
DAVENPORT, M. E.                        NC-90-4-419
DAVENPORT, RICHARD                      NC-90-1-84
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                      NC-90-1-146
DAVIS, B. S.                            NC-90-5-26
DAVIS, EASTHER                          NC-90-4-81
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         NC-90-1-110
DAVIS, JONATHAN                         NC-90-1-1
DAVIS, LELA                             NC-90-5-68
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-51
DILLON, A. E.                           NC-90-5-52
DOWNING, HENRY                          NC-90-1-125
DUGAN, JOHN                             NC-90-1-26
DUGAN, JOHN                             NC-90-1-55
DUGAN, LANER                            NC-90-1-29
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                         NC-90-4-101
DUVALS, KISSORE                         NC-90-4-118
EDWARDS, F. E.                          NC-90-4-516
ETEHERIDGE, JESSE A.                    NC-90-4-519
ETHEREDGE, MARTHA ANN                   NC-90-4-378
EVERETT, JOSHUA                         NC-90-1-49
EVERETT, NATHAN                         NC-90-1-127
EVERETT, NATHANIEL                      NC-90-1-121
EVERTON, LEMUEL                         NC-90-4-331
FAGAN, BEDFORD                          NC-90-1-101
FAGAN, RICHARD                          NC-90-1-87
FAGAN, SARAH                            NC-90-1-133
FAGAN, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-115
FURLAUGH, J. D.                         NC-90-5-61
GARRTT, DANIEL                          NC-90-1-19
GIBBS, J. W.                            NC-90-5-176
GILLETT, A. C.                          NC-90-5-106
GRAY, HENRY                             NC-90-1-30
GRAY, L. N.                             NC-90-4-569
GRAY, PHILEMON N.                       NC-90-4-184
GREEN, ELISHA                           NC-90-1-109
GRISWELL, CHARLES H.                    NC-90-5-133
HALL, JOHN                              NC-90-4-206
HALL, MARY A.                           NC-90-4-300
HARRIS, MARTHA F.                       NC-90-4-560
HARRISON, JOHN                          NC-90-1-36
HART, EMMA C.                           NC-90-5-57
HASSELL, B. F. SR.                      NC-90-4-196
HASSELL, BENJAMIN                       NC-90-1-118
HASSELL, EDWARD                         NC-90-1-81
HASSELL, ISAAC                          NC-90-1-65
HASSELL, JABIS                          NC-90-1-24
HASSELL, JOHN                           NC-90-1-91
HASSELL, JOSEPH                         NC-90-1-136
HASSELL, MARY                           NC-90-4-106
HASSELL, PRISCILLA                      NC-90-1-94
HASSELL, RACHEL                         NC-90-1-105
HASSELL, WILLIAM                        NC-90-1-140
HAUGHTON, ELIZA B.                      NC-90-4-174
HAYMAN, TERICK                          NC-90-4-35
HAYMAN, W. N.                           NC-90-5-46
HEASTY, CHARLES F.                      NC-90-5-210
HILL, CHARLES SR.                       NC-90-4-347
HILL, VICTORIA                          NC-90-4-566
HOLIDIA, CANADA                         NC-90-4-54
HOLLIS, EASTER                          NC-90-4-279
HOLLOWAY, CHARLIE                       NC-90-5-209
HOLMES, S. E.                           NC-90-4-386
HOOKER, JOHN                            NC-90-1-171
HOPKINS, A. B. SR.                      NC-90-5-171
HOPKINS, EDMOND                         NC-90-4-222
HOPKINS, JAMES                          NC-90-1-177
HOPKINS, JOHN                           NC-90-1-124
HOSKINS, JAMES                          NC-90-1-179
HOSKINS, JAMES                          NC-90-1-178
HOSKINS, SARAH                          NC-90-4-17
HOUGH, C. H.                            NC-90-5-20
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                        NC-90-1-165
HUNNING, PHILIP                         NC-90-1-75
IRELAND, D. S.                          NC-90-5-12
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                     NC-90-4-145
JONES, BARTLETT                         NC-90-4-38
JONES, BENJAMIN                         NC-90-1-85
JONES, CHARLOTTE                        NC-90-1-132
JONES, EBBIN                            NC-90-4-192
JONES, V. E. (MRS.)                     NC-90-4-328
KEMP, F. F.                             NC-90-4-322
KENNEDY, CLYDE M.                       NC-90-5-224
KENNEDY, WILLIAM JR.                    NC-90-1-21
KING, HIGASON                           NC-90-1-11
KNIGHT, CARRIE MASON                    NC-90-5-177
KNIGHT, R. S. JR.                       NC-90-5-206
LARY, JAMES                             NC-90-1-97
LEARY, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-111
LEE, FRANCIS                            NC-90-1-76
LEE, STEVENS                            NC-90-1-107
LEGGET, ELIAS                           NC-90-1-22
LEROY, RUTH                             NC-90-5-101
LINEMAN, FOREST L.                      NC-90-5-118
LINTON, ? (NO GIVEN NAME)               NC-90-1-50
LIVERMAN, H. H.                         NC-90-4-38
LIVERMAN, H. W.                         NC-90-4-499
LIVERMAN, JAMES M.                      NC-90-4-88
LIVERMAN, JOHN                          NC-90-1-138
LONG, ANDREW                            NC-90-1-145
LONG, GILES SR.                         NC-90-1-148
LONG, JAMES                             NC-90-1-52
LONG, JAMES SR.                         NC-90-1-156
LONG, JOHN                              NC-90-1-6
LONG, JOHN SR.                          NC-90-1-173
LUCHFIELD, A. D.                        NC-90-4-125
LUDFORD, THOMAS                         NC-90-1-50
MACDOWELL, THOMAS                       NC-90-1-150
MACKEY, WILLIAM                         NC-90-1-63
MAGOWNE, WILLIAM                        NC-90-1-119
MAJETTE, MARK                           NC-90-4-409
MANN, E.                                NC-90-4-33
MANN, MARY C.                           NC-90-4-120
MARRETT, JOHN                           NC-90-1-90
MARRINER, JOHN                          NC-90-1-78
MARRINER, ROBINSON                      NC-90-1-86
MASON, AMANDA S.                        NC-90-4-557
MASON, ESSIE                            NC-90-5-83
MASON, JAMES W.                         NC-90-4-496
MCCABE, WILLIAM                         NC-90-4-9
MCCASKEY, JOHN                          NC-90-1-12
MCCLEES, B. V. (MRS.)                   NC-90-4-244
MCCLEES, W. L.                          NC-90-4-474
MCCLEES, WILLIAM                        NC-90-4-152
MCHOON, JAMES                           NC-90-1-80
MCLEES, E. A.                           NC-90-4-22
MEEKINS, J. C.                          NC-90-4-449
MEEKINS, J. H.                          NC-90-4-155
MERRITT, GEORGE W.                      NC-90-4-177
MIDELTON, JAMES                         NC-90-1-68
MILLER, JAMES                           NC-90-1-168
MINCHEE, MICHAEL                        NC-90-4-7
MORRIS, C. H.                           NC-90-5-235
MORTON, EUGINE                          NC-90-4-63
MYRES, W. R.                            NC-90-5-218
NORMAN, MARY                            NC-90-1-164
NORMAN, NEHEMIAH                        NC-90-1-150
NORMAN, W. N.                           NC-90-4-574
NORMAN, W. THOMAS                       NC-90-5-198
OLIVER, ALEXANDER                       NC-90-1-131
ORR, W. M.                              NC-90-4-173
OVERTON, A. D.                          NC-90-5-161
OVERTON, RACHEL                         NC-90-1-109, 155
OWENS, A. E.                            NC-90-4-5
OWENS, A. G.                            NC-90-5-203
OWENS, ELENORA                          NC-90-4-466
OWENS, GILBERT L.                       NC-90-4-189
OWENS, HOWARD WILLIAM                   NC-90-5-69
OWENS, J. M.                            NC-90-4-67
OWENS, MAGNOLIA                         NC-90-5-124
OWENS, MOSES                            NC-90-5-43
OWENS, WALTER C.                        NC-90-5-49
PARISHER, AUSTIN                        NC-90-4-138
PARSONS, SAMUEL                         NC-90-1-104
PENNINGTON, LEWIS W. SR.                NC-90-5-17
PERISHO, JAMES                          NC-90-1-99
PERRY, J. R.                            NC-90-5-59
PHELPS, EDMUND                          NC-90-1-159
PHELPS, JOHN                            NC-90-1-102
PHELPS, JOSEPH                          NC-90-1-8
PHELPS, JOSEPH SR.                      NC-90-1-160
PHELPS, M.                              NC-90-4-443
PIERCE, JOSEPH E.                       NC-90-5-216
PLEDGER, ANNA                           NC-90-4-150
PLEDGER, RACHEL M.                      NC-90-4-342
PLEDGER, ROBERT L.                      NC-90-5-153
POWELL, ROBERT                          NC-90-1-77
POWERS, JOHN SR.                        NC-90-1-139
PRITCHARD, W. L.                        NC-90-4-470
PRITCHETT, JOHN W.                      NC-90-4-167, 278
PUCKETT, W. C.                          NC-90-4-92
RADMON, JOHN C.                         NC-90-5-219
RAY, MARY                               NC-90-1-132
RAYBURN, DALLAS WILLIAM                 NC-90-5-99
REPASS, LEMUEL                          NC-90-5-234
RESHAP, THOMAS H.                       NC-90-4-133
REYNOLDS, ALTON M.                      NC-90-5-201
REYNOLDS, E. J.                         NC-90-4-285
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                     NC-90-4-78
RHODES, GUY B.                          NC-90-5-72
RHODES, JOHN                            NC-90-1-39
RHODES, SIMEON                          NC-90-4-11
RHODES, WILLIAM                         NC-90-1-32
RHODES, WILLIS T.                       NC-90-5-54
ROBASON, NERMA DUKE                     NC-90-1-23
ROGERS, THOMAS                          NC-90-1-166
ROUGHAM, WILLIAM                        NC-90-1-129
ROUGHTON, JOSEPH                        NC-90-4-282
ROUGHTON, MARY F.                       NC-90-4-480
ROUGHTON, W. F.                         NC-90-4-547
ROUSHAM, JOSEPH                         NC-90-1-135
ROUSSOM, EDWARD                         NC-90-1-157
ROUTON, JOHN                            NC-90-1-58
SAURIER, NORA                           NC-90-4-389
SAWYER, CLYDE SPURGEON                  NC-90-5-138
SAWYER, EPHROM                          NC-90-1-167
SAWYER, FANNIE                          NC-90-5-112
SAWYER, JAMES A.                        NC-90-4-83
SAWYER, JOHN HARVEY                     NC-90-5-181
SAWYER, THOMAS                          NC-90-4-69
SAWYER, WILLIE S.                       NC-90-5-222
SCHLIZ, J. F.                           NC-90-5-74
SEDGEX, ANN                             NC-90-1-154
SELBY, MARIA L.                         NC-90-4-340
SELBY, MARIA L.                         NC-90-4-337
SHALLINGTON, T. B.                      NC-90-5-208
SHALLINGTON, W. E.                      NC-90-4-422
SHORE, A. E.                            NC-90-5-34
SIKES, MARY C.                          NC-90-4-108
SIMMONS, S. S.                          NC-90-4-314
SIMMONS, W. A.                          NC-90-5-120
SLADE, HENRY                            NC-90-1-38
SMITH, JAMES                            NC-90-1-139
SMITH, JAMES R.                         NC-90-5-129
SMITH, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-45
SNELL, AZOR                             NC-90-4-50
SNELL, D. B.                            NC-90-5-140
SNELL, ELIZER                           NC-90-4-194
SNELL, F. D.                            NC-90-4-214
SNELL, FRANCES                          NC-90-4-201
SNELL, HOLT                             NC-90-1-48
SNELL, JAMES BRITTON                    NC-90-5-151
SNELL, M. A. (MRS.)                     NC-90-4-400
SNELL, ROGER                            NC-90-1-87
SNELL, ROGER                            NC-90-1-41
SPENCER, B. S.                          NC-90-4-334
SPENCER, W. C.                          NC-90-4-372
SPENCER, W. E.                          NC-90-4-543
SPRUILL, A. E. (MRS.)                   NC-90-4-395, 426
SPRUILL, ANNIE E.                       NC-90-4-536
SPRUILL, BENJAMIN                       NC-90-4-56
SPRUILL, BENJAMIN                       NC-90-1-157
SPRUILL, JEREMIAH                       NC-90-1-153
SPRUILL, JOHN                           NC-90-1-46
SPRUILL, JOHN                           NC-90-4-168
SPRUILL, JOSEPH SR.                     NC-90-1-30
SPRUILL, L. C.                          NC-90-4-528
SPRUILL, PAUL M.                        NC-90-5-185
SPRUILL, PHIL L.                        NC-90-5-195
SPRUILL, SAMUEL                         NC-90-1-59
SPRUILL, SAMUEL SR.                     NC-90-1-8
SPRUILL, ST. CLAIR                      NC-90-4-350
SPRUILL, W. A.                          NC-90-4-309
STAPLES, CALEB                          NC-90-5-155
STAPLES, MAUD                           NC-90-5-155
STOVER, D. D.                           NC-90-5-40
STUBBS, JOHN                            NC-90-1-169
SUTTON, ROBERT H.                       NC-90-5-239
SWAIN, C. W. SR.                        NC-90-5-14
SWAIN, J. A.                            NC-90-4-382
SWAIN, J. H.                            NC-90-5-109
SWAIN, J. WARREN                        NC-90-4-203
SWAIN, JAMES                            NC-90-1-47
SWAIN, JOHN                             NC-90-1-171
SWAIN, JOHN JR.                         NC-90-1-161
SWAIN, MARY                             NC-90-1-83
SWAIN, R. L.                            NC-90-5-230
SWAIN, SARAH F.                         NC-90-5-104
SWAIN, WARREN E.                        NC-90-5-4
SWAIN, WILLIAM                          NC-90-1-143
SWAIN, WILLIAM B.                       NC-90-4-27
SWANNER, SAMUEL                         NC-90-1-14
SWINSON, WILLIAM                        NC-90-1-7
SYKES, JOHN                             NC-90-4-462
SYKES, W. S.                            NC-90-5-182
TARKENTON, HELLEN                       NC-90-4-365
TARKENTON, LEVI N.                      NC-90-4-164
TARKENTON, RAMA V.                      NC-90-5-190
TARKENTON, T. L.                        NC-90-4-241
TATERTON, WILLIAM                       NC-90-1-24
TAYLOR, JOHN T.                         NC-90-5-196
THORP, PAUL                             NC-90-1-4
TURNER, JAMES J.                        NC-90-4-479
TURNER, JOSHUA                          NC-90-1-3
TWEEDY, HESLER E.                       NC-90-5-78
TWEEDY, J. H.                           NC-90-5-111
TWIDDY, ISAAC I.                        NC-90-4-375
TWIDY, LEVI                             NC-90-4-78
TWIDY, THOMAS                           NC-90-4-45
VANHORN, G. C.                          NC-90-5-148
WALKER, A. L.                           NC-90-5-135
WALKER, JOHN                            NC-90-1-112
WALKER, P. A.                           NC-90-4-562
WALKER, W. W.                           NC-90-4-110
WARD, FRANCIS                           NC-90-1-71
WEATHERLY, J. H.                        NC-90-4-538
WEBB, NATHANIEL                         NC-90-1-144
WEBB, ROBERT                            NC-90-1-70
WEST, D. O.                             NC-90-5-228
WEST, E. G.                             NC-90-5-102
WEST, GEORGE M.                         NC-90-4-53
WHEDBEE, ADDISON                        NC-90-4-523
WHEDBEE, JOSEPH                         NC-90-1-116
WHITE, THOMAS                           NC-90-4-93
WHITFIELL, WILLIAM                      NC-90-1-21
WHITTSON, MICHAEL                       NC-90-1-149
WILLIAM, EDWARD                         NC-90-1-58
WOOD, SUSAN                             NC-90-4-48
WOODARD, JOHN W.                        NC-90-4-261
WOODARD, LOYD H.                        NC-90-5-115
WOODLAND, MARY                          NC-90-1-35
WOODLAND, SAMUEL                        NC-90-1-94
WOODLEY, S. S.                          NC-90-4-218
WOODLEY, T. H.                          NC-90-4-534
WOODLY, DANIEL                          NC-90-4-75
WOODLY, ELI                             NC-90-4-148
WOODLY, HARDY                           NC-90-4-84
WYNNE, PETER                            NC-90-1-123
WYNNE, SARAH F.                         NC-90-4-531
WYNNE, THOMAS                           NC-90-1-5
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           NC-90-1-126
YOUNG, MARTHA M.                        NC-90-4-291

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