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ALLEN, B. L.                           NC-62-3-24
ALLEN, DAVID                           NC-62-3-217
ALLEN, GOODMAN                         NC-62-5-35
ALLEN, JOHN                            NC-62-4-90
ALLEN, JOHN H.                         NC-62-3-21
ALLEN, JOHN L.                         NC-62-5-82
ALLISON, JOHN P.                       NC-62-5-16
ANDREWS, GEORGE A.                     NC-62-5-452
ANDREWS, JOSIE F.                      NC-62-5-467
ANDREWS, R. E.                         NC-62-5-235
ANDREWS, W. E.                         NC-62-4-22
ANDREWS, W. L.                         NC-62-4-195
ANDREWS, WILSON                        NC-62-1-47
ARCHBELL, D. B.                        NC-62-5-53
ARD, MAIE CAGLE                        NC-62-6-155
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES A.                  NC-62-5-409
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES A.                  NC-62-5-163
ARMSTRONG, DAVID H.                    NC-62-6-87
ARROWOOD, ROBERT S.                    NC-62-3-392
ASHBURN, T. F. (DR.0                   NC-62-5-171
ATKINS, G. T.                          NC-62-5-400
AUMAN, BRAXTON                         NC-62-3-55
AUMAN, CHARLES B.                      NC-62-5-541
AUMAN, E. K.                           NC-62-5-57
AUMAN, SARAH MCMILLAN                  NC-62-5-548
AUMAN, WILLIAM REID                    NC-62-5-197
AUSTIN, SARAH VIRGINIA                 NC-62-5-144
BAILEY, NAOMIA ALICE                   NC-62-6-32
BAILEY, ROSA W.                        NC-62-4-17
BALDWIN, ELIZABETH E.                  NC-62-3-500
BALDWIN, HIRAM                         NC-62-2-157
BALDWIN, J. E.                         NC-62-5-374
BALDWIN, REBECCA                       NC-62-2-276
BALDWIN, T. R.                         NC-62-5-169
BALLARD, A. L.                         NC-62-3-438
BARNHILL, DELLA E.                     NC-62-6-176
BARRINGER, E. G. L.                    NC-62-2-280
BATTEN, JAMES                          NC-62-2-150
BATTEN, JAMES SR.                      NC-62-1-69
BATTEN, W. J.                          NC-62-5-277
BEACHAM, D. T.                         NC-62-5-77
BEAMAN, C. G.                          NC-62-5-395
BEAMAN, DAVID FICOLE                   NC-62-6-174
BEAMAN, E. C.                          NC-62-4-211
BEAMAN, MARY FRANCIS                   NC-62-4-214
BEAN, ALLEN H.                         NC-62-1-135A
BEAN, JOHN                             NC-62-5-67
BEAN, JOHN                             NC-62-3-121
BEAN, WILLIAM                          NC-62-5-262
BECKWITH, RUBY STEPHENS                NC-62-5-294
BELL, BENJAMIN                         NC-62-1-1
BELL, C. W.                            NC-62-3-387
BENNETT, COLA POOLE                    NC-62-6-83
BENNETT, ZEBULON .                     NC-62-6-76
BIVENS, E. BLAIR                       NC-62-5-170
BLACK, J. T.                           NC-62-4-66
BLACKMAN, J. A. C. (MRS)               NC-62-3-133
BLAKE, CONLEY A.                       NC-62-6-169
BLAKE, GRADY                           NC-62-6-173
BLAKE, H. T.                           NC-62-4-144
BLAKE, J. F.                           NC-62-5-497
BLAKE, JIM D.                          NC-62-5-273
BLAKE, JOSEPH                          NC-62-1-48
BLAKE, NANCY                           NC-62-1-75
BLALOCK, MARTHA PATTIE                 NC-62-5-364
BLANKENSHIP, R. E.                     NC-62-5-226
BLOOMER, FREDERICK                     NC-62-4-353
BOATWRIGHT, A. R.                      NC-62-5-281
BOLES, BENJAMIN                        NC-62-1-15
BOLTON, JANE                           NC-62-5-243
BOON, WALTER                           NC-62-5-333
BORROUGHS, JOHN                        NC-62-2-298
BORROUGHS, MARY ANN                    NC-62-4-144
BOSTICK, HENRY                         NC-62-3-387
BOSTICK, W. M.                         NC-62-3-444
BOWDEN, JENNIE EWING                   NC-62-6-41
BOYD, DEBORAH                          NC-62-1-87
BOYD, ROBERT                           NC-62-1-72
BRADLEY, J. T.                         NC-62-3-7
BRETSCH, ALBERT                        NC-62-6-91
BREWER, JAMES EDGAR                    NC-62-5-418
BREWER, NETTIE                         NC-62-5-387
BRITT, ELLEN ALICE                     NC-62-5-134
BRITT, JAMES CALVIN                    NC-62-5-63
BRITT, JOHN A.                         NC-62-5-124
BRITT, JOHN C.                         NC-62-3-323
BRITT, NEIL MARTIN                     NC-62-4-200
BRITT, WILLIAM                         NC-62-1-130
BROWN, DAVID P.                        NC-62-5-450
BROWN, J. M.                           NC-62-5-126
BROWN, JOHN                            NC-62-2-234
BRUTON, A. B.                          NC-62-3-175
BRUTON, ALLEN MCD.                     NC-62-5-258
BRUTON, C. N.                          NC-62-5-287
BRUTON, D. D.                          NC-62-5-194
BRUTON, DAVID                          NC-62-2-217
BRUTON, ELLA CRUMP                     NC-62-5-203
BRUTON, J. J.                          NC-62-2-55
BRUTON, JAMES                          NC-62-2-31
BRUTON, JANE MARILLA                   NC-62-5-383
BRUTON, R. W.                          NC-62-5-206
BRUTON, RALPH N.                       NC-62-5-157
BRUTON, REDERIC LEONARD                NC-62-6-64
BRUTON, RICHARD A.                     NC-62-5-103
BRUTON, WILLIAM                        NC-62-1-51
BUIE, CHARLES GIBSON                   NC-62-5-460
BURKHEAD, C. W.                        NC-62-5-236
BURKHEAD, CLAUDE I.                    NC-62-6-151
BURKHEAD, I. A.                        NC-62-5-64
BURKHEAD, JOHN F.                      NC-62-2-466
BURR, MARTHA VICTORIA                  NC-62-5-96
BURT, A. W. SR.                        NC-62-4-387
BURT, ARTHUR WELLONS                   NC-62-5-393
BURT, DELAINE                          NC-62-4-14
BURT, E. R. SR.                        NC-62-5-279
BUTLER, PRICE INGRAM                   NC-62-5-430
BUTLER, WILLIAM                        NC-62-1-136
BUTLER, WILLIS                         NC-62-5-85
BYRD, JAMES                            NC-62-2-254
BYRD, L. P.                            NC-62-5-18
BYRD, WALTER M.                        NC-62-3-284
CAFFEY, JAMES F.                       NC-62-5-458
CAGLE, CAROLINE                        NC-62-5-356
CAGLE, JONATHAN                        NC-62-5-58
CAGLE, MYRTLE JANE                     NC-62-5-392
CAGLE, NATHAN                          NC-62-3-118
CAGLE, RHODA                           NC-62-2-73
CAGLE, SARAH                           NC-62-2-153
CAGLE, THOMAS J.                       NC-62-5-338
CALDWELL, ELLIS C.                     NC-62-5-354
CALDWELL, ELLIS C.                     NC-62-5-507
CALLICOTT, JAMES                       NC-62-1-96
CALLICUTT, C. C.                       NC-62-3-243
CALLICUTT, C. J.                       NC-62-5-489
CALLICUTT, NANCY A.                    NC-62-4-303
CALLICUTT, P. C.                       NC-62-2-339
CAMERER, WILLIAM EMERY                 NC-62-5-305
CAMPBELL, CORAL                        NC-62-4-443
CAMPBELL, D. A.                        NC-62-5-39
CANNON, JOSEPH F.                      NC-62-5-244
CAPEL, MARTHA L.                       NC-62-3-66
CAPEL, WILLIAM CLYDE III               NC-62-5-447
CARMEL, CHURCH                         NC-62-3-251
CARRICKER, ELSIE LEE                   NC-62-5-566
CHAMBERS, MARY A.                      NC-62-2-140
CHAMBERS, R. A.                        NC-62-1-163
CHANDLER, K.                           NC-62-2-391
CHAPPELL, LACY                         NC-62-5-401
CHISHOLM, MALCOM                       NC-62-1-10
CHISHOLM, MARY                         NC-62-1-577
CHRISTIAN, ELIZA                       NC-62-2-310
CHRISTIAN, JOHN                        NC-62-1-22
CLARK, JIM                             NC-62-5-207
CLARK, MINNIE WOOLEY                   NC-62-6-153
CLARK, PAUL C.                         NC-62-6-103
CLARK, SARAH I.                        NC-62-2-170
CLARKS, SARAH                          NC-62-1-74
COCHRAN, J. L.                         NC-62-5-385
COCHRAN, W. B.                         NC-62-5-74
CODDINGTON, CHARLES C.                 NC-62-4-316
COGGIN, B. T.                          NC-62-2-343
COGGIN, JAMES W.                       NC-62-5-291
COGGIN, NANCY CATHERINE                NC-62-2-125
COGGIN, WILLIAM                        NC-62-2-19
COGGIN, WILLIAM B.                     NC-62-2-24
COGGINS, ABRAM                         NC-62-2-15
COLE, L. H.                            NC-62-6-84
COLLINS, JOHN                          NC-62-5-328
COOK, D. H.                            NC-62-3-374
COOK, D. H.                            NC-62-3-374
COOK, J. C.                            NC-62-5-187
COOK, JOHN                             NC-62-2-283
CORNELISON, G. H.                      NC-62-5-121
CORNELISON, GOODMAN                    NC-62-2-428
CORNELISON, JONATHAN                   NC-62-2-58
CORNELISON, LILLE ANN                  NC-62-5-357
CORNELISON, W. L.                      NC-62-4-272
COVINGTON, ADA C.                      NC-62-5-475
COVINGTON, BLANCHE CAPEL               NC-62-5-405
COVINGTON, W. A.                       NC-62-5-252
COX, C. L.                             NC-62-5-201
COX, QUEEN                             NC-62-5-179
CRANFORD, H. C.                        NC-62-4-342
CRANFORD, WILLIAM                      NC-62-1-6
CRAVEN, ISAAC FLETCHER                 NC-62-6-72
CRAVEN, R. B.                          NC-62-5-161
CRAVEN,ETTA WATKINS                    NC-62-6-69
CROWELL, MARY ELIZABETH                NC-62-5-218
CULBERSON, DON L.                      NC-62-5-519
CUMMIN, ALMENA                         NC-62-3-108
DAVIS, B. A.                           NC-62-5-114
DAVIS, DANIEL L.                       NC-62-5-148
DAVIS, E. F.                           NC-62-3-320
DAVIS, ELIZA M.                        NC-62-3-194
DAVIS, ESTELLE                         NC-62-6-60
DAVIS, G. W.                           NC-62-5-380
DAVIS, RUBY VIRGINIA                   NC-62-5-587
DAVIS, W. G.                           NC-62-3-205
DAVIS, W. N.                           NC-62-5-29
DAWKINS, JOHN EARL                     NC-62-6-139
DEAN, FLORA ELLEN                      NC-62-5-358
DEATON, DISON                          NC-62-2-333
DEATON, J. F.                          NC-62-5-302
DEATON, J. M.                          NC-62-3-360
DEATON, O. B.                          NC-62-3-363
DEATON, O. W.                          NC-62-5-211
DEBERRY, BENJAMIN                      NC-62-2-63
DEBERRY, EDMOND                        NC-62-2-35
DEBERRY, JOHN                          NC-62-1-118
DEBERRY, JOYCIE                        NC-62-3-458
DEBERRY, MARGARET                      NC-62-2-82
DEBERRY, W. G.                         NC-62-2-294
DELAMOTHE, HENRY                       NC-62-1-32
DELIGNY, C. (DR.)                      NC-62-5-71
DELIGNY, NANCY ELIZABTEH               NC-62-5-240
DENNIS, G. H.                          NC-62-5-219
DENNIS, GEORGE T.                      NC-62-5-41
DENNY, EVERETT GABE                    NC-62-5-150
DRAKE, BARREL D.                       NC-62-5-241
DRAKE, FRANK                           NC-62-6-145
DUMAS, GEORGE                          NC-62-5-305
DUNN, A. A.                            NC-62-5-307
DUNN, JURIAH                           NC-62-2-128
DUNN, MARY A.                          NC-62-4-218
DUNN, OSCAR LAWHORN                    NC-62-5-317
EARNES, RICHARD JR.                    NC-62-3-403
EDWARDS, CHARLES B.                    NC-62-5-79
EDWARDS, J. S.                         NC-62-5-460
EDWARDS, LILY COGGIN                   NC-62-5-138
ELLIOT, JAMES                          NC-62-1-5
ELLIOT, WILSON                         NC-62-1-164
ELLIS, W. H.                           NC-62-2-252
EPPS, MANUEL                           NC-62-3-454
EPPS, W. M.                            NC-62-5-230
EVANS, MARY                            NC-62-5-266
EVERETT, SYLVESTER T.                  NC-62-4-42
EWING, HAL C.                          NC-62-5-306
EWING, J. W.                           NC-62-2-286
EWING, JOHN                            NC-62-2-79
EWING, WILLIAM B.                      NC-62-5-390
FARLOW, MARY                           NC-62-1-87
FITZGERALD, ROBERT G.                  NC-62-5-326
FRASIER, PLEASANT                      NC-62-2-105
FREEMAN, AMY                           NC-62-2-183
FREEMAN, ANDRY JOHNSON                 NC-62-4-404
FREEMAN, EMMA ROSE                     NC-62-5-555
FREEMAN, HENRY                         NC-62-6-147
FREEMAN, IRA                           NC-62-4-392
FREEMAN, RALEIGH A.                    NC-62-4-20
FREEMAN, SALLIE                        NC-62-5-28
FREEMAN, SUELL                         NC-62-5-28
FRIX, L. L.                            NC-62-5-351
FRUTCHEY, L. D.                        NC-62-5-250
FUREL, REBECCA J.                      NC-62-4-312
FURR, J. L.                            NC-62-5-465
FURR, J. M. JR.                        NC-62-5-359
FUTREL, I. J.                          NC-62-5-36
GADD, ELIZABETH                        NC-62-1-85
GAINS, JAMES                           NC-62-1-67
GAINS, JAMES L.                        NC-62-1-97
GAINS, JOHN C.                         NC-62-1-124
GAITHER, GEORGE R.                     NC-62-4-57
GATHIN, LEACY                          NC-62-4-170
GERO, RAYMOND                          NC-62-5-563
GILLIS, ANGUS                          NC-62-1-63
GILLIS, MARTIN                         NC-62-2-394
GRAHAM, EMMA A.                        NC-62-5-329
GRAVES, BENJAMIN                       NC-62-2-21
GREEN, C. W.                           NC-62-5-277
GREEN, ELDRIDGE ARNOLD                 NC-62-6-149
GREEN, J. A.                           NC-62-4-362
GREEN, J. M.                           NC-62-2-110
GREEN, JACKSON                         NC-62-2-194
GREEN, JOEL                            NC-62-1-106
GREEN, MOLLIE                          NC-62-5-220
GREEN, NEWITT                          NC-62-5-192
GREEN, PAVO                            NC-62-5-259
GREEN, PETER (COL.)                    NC-62-2-146
GREEN, ROBERT                          NC-62-1-43
GREEN, SAMUEL                          NC-62-2-190
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NC-62-1-61
GREENE, GEORGE T.                      NC-62-6-160, 172
GREENE, GEORGE T.                      NC-62-6-172
GREENE, SARAH J.                       NC-62-5-271
GRIFFIN, HARVEY LEE                    NC-62-6-33
GRISSOM, M.                            NC-62-2-264
HAITCOCK, NASH A.                      NC-62-5-462
HAITHCOCK, T. A.                       NC-62-3-33
HALL, D. C.                            NC-62-4-408
HALL, E. F.                            NC-62-5-133
HALL, J. L.                            NC-62-4-329
HALL, JOHN CHALMUN                     NC-62-5-386
HALL, JULIE A.                         NC-62-5-133
HALL, WILLIAM                          NC-62-1-38
HALSTEAD, JOHN                         NC-62-2-399
HAMBLEY, EGBERT B. C.                  NC-62-3-124
HAMILTON, D. W.                        NC-62-5-472
HAMILTON, I. J.                        NC-62-2-351
HAMILTON, J. T.                        NC-62-3-228
HAMILTON, N. S.                        NC-62-5-239
HAMILTON, RUFUS GARFIELD               NC-62-5-404
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      NC-62-2-47
HAMLETT, R. E.                         NC-62-4-188
HANCOCK, EVACHAIL                      NC-62-2-7
HARDESTER, EZIKEL                      NC-62-2-2
HARNE, EDMONDS                         NC-62-3-344
HARPER, MARY S.                        NC-62-2-209
HARRINGTON, JOHN GASTON                NC-62-5-517
HARRIS, ADA FLORENCE                   NC-62-5-535
HARRIS, BAUSEY                         NC-62-2-186
HARRIS, CECIL BYRON                    NC-62-5-382
HARRIS, CHARLIE B.                     NC-62-5-307
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                      NC-62-1-3
HARRIS, EMMA T.                        NC-62-5-377
HARRIS, FANNIE COPELAND                NC-62-5-313
HARRIS, FRANK H. (COLORED)             NC-62-5-513
HARRIS, G. W.                          NC-62-3-401
HARRIS, L. V.                          NC-62-5-173
HARRIS, LEWIS                          NC-62-5-216
HARRIS, M. L.                          NC-62-3-180
HARRIS, MAGGIE                         NC-62-5-216
HARRIS, MARY                           NC-62-2-291
HARRIS, SARAH                          NC-62-5-419
HARRIS, T. N.                          NC-62-5-228
HARRIS, W. T.                          NC-62-2-240
HARRIS, W. TEROW                       NC-62-5-334
HARRIS, WILEY                          NC-62-2-102
HARRIS, WILLIAM THOMAS                 NC-62-5-301
HARTSELL, JASPER C.                    NC-62-5-315
HAYWOOD, E. T.                         NC-62-5-352
HAYWOOD, EDGAR                         NC-62-4-383
HAYWOOD, G. R.                         NC-62-5-208
HAYWOOD, GEORGE ARTHUR SR.             NC-62-5-501
HAYWOOD, OSCAR                         NC-62-5-129
HAYWOOD, PRESS                         NC-62-5-197
HAYWOOD, SARAH ELIZABETH               NC-62-5-140
HAYWOOD, T. F.                         NC-62-3-200
HAYWOOD, WILLIAM                       NC-62-2-258
HAYWOOD, WILLIAM FRANKLIN              NC-62-4-374
HEARNE, DAVID MARVIN                   NC-62-5-59
HEARNE, GEORE WYATMAN                  NC-62-6-162
HEARNE, W. T. (MRS.)                   NC-62-5-189
HEARNE, WILLIAM THOMAS                 NC-62-4-36
HEATH, A. C.                           NC-62-5-264
HELMS, S. R.                           NC-62-5-371
HENDERSON, RICHARD                     NC-62-3-228
HENDERSON, THOMAS HIRAM                NC-62-6-51
HICKS, I. J.                           NC-62-1-131
HICKS, JOHN E.                         NC-62-5-565
HICKS, JOSHUA                          NC-62-1-55
HICKS, MALISSA                         NC-62-2-65
HICKS, WILLIAM B.                      NC-62-3-578
HILL, DAVID                            NC-62-3-30
HILL, ELIZA H.                         NC-62-2-250
HILL, LOUISA A.                        NC-62-2-249
HILL, WILLIAM                          NC-62-2-249
HODGES, HATTIE J.                      NC-62-5-268
HODGES, M. F.                          NC-62-5-195
HOGANS, L. J.                          NC-62-3-377
HOLDER, WILLIAM PRESTON                NC-62-5-295
HOLTON, TAMER                          NC-62-2-305
HOOVER, J. D.                          NC-62-3-350
HOPKINS, WELTHA                        NC-62-3-328
HOWELL, C. C.                          NC-62-5-65
HUDSON, WILLIAM (CON'T)                NC-62-2-1
HUDSON, WILLIAM                        NC-62-1-167
HULIN, A. W.                           NC-62-5-55
HULIN, JOHN WILSON                     NC-62-4-420
HULUE, NANCY J.                        NC-62-2-463
HUNSUCKER, ABRAM C.                    NC-62-2-5
HUNT, LAURA                            NC-62-4-166
HUNT,C YRUS                            NC-62-3-385
HURLEY, CORNELIUS                      NC-62-1-76
HURLEY, FRANK                          NC-62-5-570
HURLEY, G. C.                          NC-62-5-197
HURLEY, J. H.                          NC-62-4-184
HURLEY, JOHN FRANK                     NC-62-4-275
HURLEY, JOSHUA                         NC-62-2-345
HURLEY, LONNIE W.                      NC-62-5-320
HURLEY, MARY ELLEN                     NC-62-5-153
HURLEY, W. P.                          NC-62-4-76
HURLEY, W. T.                          NC-62-3-264
HURLEY, WILLIAM B.                     NC-62-3-332
HURSEY, ISAAC                          NC-62-5-366
HURSEY, J. T.                          NC-62-4-69
HUSSEY, JOHN                           NC-62-2-50
INGOLD, ADDISON                        NC-62-3-337
INGRAM, CORA ASBURY                    NC-62-5-118
INGRAM, FRANK                          NC-62-4-225
INGRAM, JAMES A.                       NC-62-5-30
INGRAM, W. B.                          NC-62-3-308
INGRAM, W. S.                          NC-62-3-411
JACKSON, J. J.                         NC-62-3-113
JAMES, W. L.                           NC-62-5-117
JENKINS, BRUCE M.                      NC-62-5-238
JOHNSON, ERNEST C.                     NC-62-6-1
JOHNSON, W. R. (MRS)                   NC-62-3-406
JONES, J. B.                           NC-62-4-200
JORDAN, C. B.                          NC-62-5-186
JORDAN, SARAH ANN                      NC-62-3-413
JORDAN, WALTER F.                      NC-62-4-339
KANOY, J. E.                           NC-62-3-72
KANTY, CHARLES                         NC-62-5-48
KEARNS, C. S.                          NC-62-2-384
KEARNS, MARY                           NC-62-2-418
KEITH, J. D.                           NC-62-3-586
KELLAM, CHARLES E. SR.                 NC-62-5-322
KELLAM, FRANCES B.                     NC-62-5-185
KELLIS, GEORGE W.                      NC-62-5-111
KELLUM, ELIZABETH ANN                  NC-62-2-137
KELLY, ELIZABETH                       NC-62-5-51
KELLY, ROSE M.                         NC-62-5-402
KING, A. L.                            NC-62-5-17
KING, BASCOME                          NC-62-5-285
KING, ERNEST                           NC-62-5-369
KING, MARGARET LUCAS                   NC-62-5-600
KING, OTTIS RAY                        NC-62-5-349
KING, RHODA JANE                       NC-62-4-63
KING, RUFUS G.                         NC-62-5-180
KIRK, C. W.                            NC-62-5-186
KIRK, J. A.                            NC-62-5-184
KOCH, LOUISE GOULD BOATMAN             NC-62-5-360
KOPPLEMYER, H. G.                      NC-62-3-14
KRON, GEORGE                           NC-62-2-29
LAMBERT, IDA BELL                      NC-62-6-158
LAMONDS, ANGUS                         NC-62-2-27
LAMONDS, CARL                          NC-62-5-263
LAMONDS, NEILL A.                      NC-62-3-335
LAMONDS, VELRA                         NC-62-3-339
LASSITER, G. T.                        NC-62-5-69
LASSITER, HARLEY L.                    NC-62-5-203
LASSITER, W. B.                        NC-62-5-109
LASSITER, WILBURN                      NC-62-2-375
LEACH, DEBORAH                         NC-62-4-137
LEACH, J. P.                           NC-62-5-40
LEACH, JANE M.                         NC-62-3-141
LEATH, C. A.                           NC-62-5-55
LEDBETTER, HENRY W.                    NC-62-2-313
LEDBETTER, JOHN S.                     NC-62-3-582
LEFLER, EUGENE R.                      NC-62-6-102
LEMONS, KENNETH                        NC-62-1-59
LEWIS, D. M.                           NC-62-5-267
LEWIS, JOHN STANBACK                   NC-62-4-231
LEWIS, NANCY R.                        NC-62-3-249
LEWIS, REBECCA                         NC-62-4-148
LILES, ALICE                           NC-62-5-398
LILLY, C. C. (MISS)                    NC-62-4-427
LILLY, G. H. A.                        NC-62-3-434
LILLY, MARY ELIZABETH                  NC-62-3-158
LISK, J. A.                            NC-62-4-332
LISK, L. R. (MRS)                      NC-62-5-188
LISKE, GLENN LEFLER                    NC-62-5-309
LITTLE, B. F.                          NC-62-2-430
LITTLE, THOMAS                         NC-62-4-433
LIVINGSTON, E. G. R.                   NC-62-2-353
LIVINGSTON, JAMES                      NC-62-3-312
LOMAN, W. M. M.                        NC-62-2-437
LONG, D. C.                            NC-62-5-271
LOUIS, D. R.                           NC-62-3-83
LOWDERMILK, HOYLE L.                   NC-62-6-85
LUCAS, ISAIAH                          NC-62-4-72
LUCAS, J. M.                           NC-62-5-86
LUCAS, LOUISA                          NC-62-2-369
LUCAS, LUZENIA                         NC-62-5-319
LUCAS, RANSOM                          NC-62-3-333
LUCAS, W. B.                           NC-62-5-142
LUDWIG, M. M.                          NC-62-2-219
LYLE, J. W.                            NC-62-5-456
LYON, LUCRETIA                         NC-62-5-87
MABE, W. A.                            NC-62-4-324
MACON, JOHN                            NC-62-2-11
MAHA, JERRY WATT                       NC-62-5-413
MANESS, A. A.                          NC-62-5-299
MANESS, BARNA E.                       NC-62-6-45
MANESS, J. A.                          NC-62-4-253
MANESS, JAMES EDGAR                    NC-62-6-82
MANESS, LESLIE                         NC-62-5-270
MANESS, MARY ELIZA                     NC-62-5-466
MANESS, T. W.                          NC-62-5-113
MARTIN, ALFRED HARRIS                  NC-62-5-193
MARTIN, ANGUS                          NC-62-2-88
MARTIN, ANGUS                          NC-62-1-94
MARTIN, ANNIE                          NC-62-5-531
MARTIN, DANIEL                         NC-62-2-232
MARTIN, MATTIE                         NC-62-5-421
MASK, CHALIE D.                        NC-62-5-337
MASK, JOHN D.                          NC-62-3-79
MASK, JOHN M.                          NC-62-2-246
MASON, JOHN                            NC-62-2-3
MASON, THOMAS HENRY                    NC-62-3-300
MATHESON, M. D.                        NC-62-3-213
MCARTHUR, MARTHA                       NC-62-1-31
MCAULAY, ALICE                         NC-62-5-130
MCAULAY, BESSIE LILLY                  NC-62-5-183
MCAULAY, D. C.                         NC-62-2-130
MCAULAY, GEORGE THOMAS SR.             NC-62-5-119
MCAULAY, J. A.                         NC-62-4-269
MCAULAY, JOHN                          NC-62-1-114
MCAULAY, JOHN A.                       NC-62-5-37
MCAULAY, KENNETH                       NC-62-1-117
MCAULAY, W. A.                         NC-62-5-121
MCCAIN, EVA                            NC-62-4-412
MCCALLUM, A. FLORENCE                  NC-62-5-275
MCCALLUM, EDWARD                       NC-62-1-39
MCCALLUM, EDWARD                       NC-62-4-263
MCCALLUM, EDWARD GASTON                NC-62-5-97
MCCALLUM, HALBERT G.                   NC-62-5-580
MCCALLUM, MALCUM                       NC-62-1-133
MCCALLUM, W. L.                        NC-62-5-454
MCCALLUM, WILLIAM                      NC-62-1-18
MCCASKILL, DANIEL                      NC-62-6-163
MCCASKILL, HUGH                        NC-62-2-330
MCCASKILL, J. B.                       NC-62-5-146
MCCASKILL, M. A.                       NC-62-5-172
MCCASKILL, SARAH                       NC-62-2-60
MCCOLLUM, EDWARD                       NC-62-2-122
MCCOLLUM, N. W.                        NC-62-2-426
MCCOLLUM, NEILL                        NC-62-2-426
MCCUTCHIE, E. D.                       NC-62-3-87
MCDONALD, ALLEN C.                     NC-62-3-490
MCDONALD, J. R.                        NC-62-4-416
MCDONALD, TIMPY                        NC-62-2-439
MCINTYRE, K. M.                        NC-62-3-65
MCINTYRE, NANNIE T.                    NC-62-3-398
MCKAY, BELLE                           NC-62-5-76
MCKAY, JENNIE                          NC-62-6-56
MCKENZIE, J. R.                        NC-62-5-212
MCKINNON, CHARLES                      NC-62-2-281
MCKINNON, FANNIE                       NC-62-5-108
MCKINNON, JOHN R.                      NC-62-5-159
MCKINNON, JOHN T.                      NC-62-2-266
MCLEAN, D. P.                          NC-62-4-222
MCLENNON, RODERICK                     NC-62-1-84
MCLEOD, D. J.                          NC-62-5-429
MCLEOD, JANE CAGLE                     NC-62-5-296
MCLEOD, JOHN                           NC-62-2-229
MCLEOD, MARGARET                       NC-62-6-165
MCLEOD, NORMAN C.                      NC-62-5-132
MCLEVA, CHRISTIAN                      NC-62-1-13
MCMILLAN, ANGUS                        NC-62-2-70
MCMILLAN, ANNIE A.                     NC-62-5-288
MCMILLAN, J. L.                        NC-62-4-336
MCMILLAN, JOHN M.                      NC-62-5-162
MCMILLAN, M.                           NC-62-3-379
MCMILLAN, ROSA A.                      NC-62-5-128
MCMILLIAN, W. A.                       NC-62-5-80
MCQUEEN, ALEX                          NC-62-2-99
MCRAE, COLIN                           NC-62-1-104
MCRAE, FINDLEY                         NC-62-1-56
MCRAE, FREDERICK                       NC-62-2-360
MCRAE, JAMES                           NC-62-2-8
MCRAE, JAMES M.                        NC-62-1-147
MCRAE, MARGARET                        NC-62-5-115
MCRAE, W. H.                           NC-62-2-317
MERRITT, SALLIE                        NC-62-1-108
MILLER, JOHN RICHARDSON                NC-62-5-559
MITCHELL, WILLIAM A.                   NC-62-5-166
MOFFITT, BENJAMIN B.                   NC-62-6-4
MONROE, BARNA B.                       NC-62-5-590
MONROE, DANIEL                         NC-62-1-53
MONROE, FLORENCE K.                    NC-62-5-253
MONROE, LOU KENNNEDY                   NC-62-5-209
MONROE, SULA D.                        NC-62-5-332
MONTGOMERY, W. J.                      NC-62-3-165
MONTGOMERY, WYATT                      NC-62-2-270
MOORE, BONNIE                          NC-62-5-191
MOORE, MARTHA A.                       NC-62-5-99
MOORE, SPENCER                         NC-62-2-444
MORRIS, CORILLA HARRIS                 NC-62-5-303
MORRIS, G. W. SR.                      NC-62-4-120
MORRIS, J. W. C.                       NC-62-3-39
MORRIS, JOHN                           NC-62-3-324
MORRIS, JOHN T.                        NC-62-5-81
MORRIS, WILLIAM HAYES                  NC-62-5-370
MORRIS,E LIZA                          NC-62-4-130
MORTON, HAYWOOD MCINTYRE               NC-62-5-486
MORTON, J. R.                          NC-62-2-387
MOSCOVITZ, M. M.                       NC-62-5-327
MULLINIX, G. O.                        NC-62-6-7
MULLINX, J. M.                         NC-62-2-20
MUNN, EDWARD                           NC-62-2-87
MUNN, J. C.                            NC-62-5-230
MURCHISON,DURAL R.                     NC-62-4-309
MYERS, E. E.                           NC-62-5-101
MYES, LAWRENCE                         NC-62-5-441
MYRICK, WILLIAM IVY                    NC-62-5-381
NANCE, IVEY HOWARD                     NC-62-5-525
NANCE, WILEY                           NC-62-5-399
NEEDHAM, ELIZABETH                     NC-62-3-441
NICHOLS, ALLIE                         NC-62-3-352
NICHOLS, GILBERT R.                    NC-62-2-434
NICHOLSON, GILMER M.                   NC-62-6-58
NORMAN, W. F.                          NC-62-5-31
NORTHCOTT, ARCHIE F.                   NC-62-5-285
OGLESBY, G. A.                         NC-62-3-10
OWEN, W. B.                            NC-62-3-44
PAGE, ALEXANDER MCNEIL                 NC-62-5-185
PAGE, FRANK                            NC-62-5-234
PAGE, FRED                             NC-62-3-4
PALMER, HENRY                          NC-62-2-319, 419
PARKER, GARRETT                        NC-62-1-88
PARKER, MARY                           NC-62-1-79
PARKER, MASON                          NC-62-2-118
PARKER, TANNIE                         NC-62-4-287
PARKS, MARGARET HICKS                  NC-62-5-367
PARNELL, AMOS                          NC-62-2-188
PARSONS, ALICE BRUTON                  NC-62-5-269
PARSONS, CATHERIN                      NC-62-3-297
PARSONS, NANCY                         NC-62-1-50
PATE, MARY INGRAM                      NC-62-6-88
PECK, GEORGE                           NC-62-3-99
PEMBERTON, ADDIE B.                    NC-62-3-52
PEMBERTON, H. P.                       NC-62-5-274
PENNINGTON, E. C.                      NC-62-2-252
PETREE, JOHN A.                        NC-62-5-410
PHILLIPS, FRANK B.                     NC-62-4-94
PHILLIPS, H. D.                        NC-62-5-149
POOL, CALWELL                          NC-62-1-86
POOL, CHRISTY                          NC-62-2-115
POOL, DAVID                            NC-62-2-256
POOL, JOHN S.                          NC-62-2-161
POOLE, CHALMERS WESLEY                 NC-62-5-90
POOLE, H. P.                           NC-62-4-124
POOLE, H. S.                           NC-62-5-249
POOLE, MASTIN C.                       NC-62-6-78
POOLE, R. T.                           NC-62-5-83
POPE, ROBIE LESTER                     NC-62-6-93
QUINN, W. H.                           NC-62-5-62
RANKIN, PRESSLEY R. SR. (DR)           NC-62-5-415
REEMAN, JOHN LEE                       NC-62-5-555
REEVES, D. U.                          NC-62-3-170
REEVES, HARRIS                         NC-62-1-134
REEVES, J. W.                          NC-62-3-36
REVELL, C. H.                          NC-62-5-318
REVILL, JOHN I.                        NC-62-1-112
REVILL, NOAH                           NC-62-2-108
REYNOLDS, BESSIE                       NC-62-5-105
REYNOLDS, JEREMIAH                     NC-62-2-76
REYNOLDS, LATTIE F.                    NC-62-5-420
REYNOLDS, MARTHA                       NC-62-3-7
REYNOLDS, NICHOLAS                     NC-62-1-78
REYNOLDS, W. I.                        NC-62-4-180
RICH, JOHN N.                          NC-62-2-448
RICH, MIRANDA A.                       NC-62-2-453
RICHARDSON, BETTY BLAKE                NC-62-5-254
RICHARDSON, LORRAINE R.                NC-62-5-493
ROBBINS, LUCRETIA                      NC-62-5-34
ROBERTS, JOHN F.                       NC-62-5-88
ROBINSON, DAN S.                       NC-62-6-24
ROBINSON, J. L.                        NC-62-5-388
ROBINSON, NERA S.                      NC-62-6-80
ROBINSON, WALTER                       NC-62-3-150
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.                   NC-62-2-328
RODGERS, R. L.                         NC-62-6-150
ROSS, A. D.                            NC-62-2-237
RUBY, MILTON                           NC-62-5-92
RUSH, BENJAMIN                         NC-62-1-110
RUSH, MARIAH J.                        NC-62-2-242
RUSH, MARTIN                           NC-62-2-166
RUSH, MARTIN                           NC-62-3-416
RUSH, ROBERTS TEREL                    NC-62-3-347
RUSH, WESLEY S.                        NC-62-5-424
RUSSELL, AUGUSTA                       NC-62-3-504
RUSSELL, DELLA                         NC-62-5-43
RUSSELL, E. A.                         NC-62-3-431
RUSSELL, I. F.                         NC-62-5-190
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                        NC-62-1-113
RUSSELL, L. M.                         NC-62-5-70
RUSSELL, NELSON                        NC-62-3-222
RUSSELL, OSCAR V.                      NC-62-5-340
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       NC-62-1-129
RUSSLEL, J. A.                         NC-62-5-49
SAFLY, PAUL                            NC-62-3-106
SAUNDERS, E. W.                        NC-62-3-367
SAUNDERS, H. I.                        NC-62-5-217
SAUNDERS, HENRY                        NC-62-2-337
SAUNDERS, JOHN HENRY                   NC-62-5-50
SAUNDERS, LILLIE WADE                  NC-62-5-375
SAUNDERS, RACHEL ABIGAIL               NC-62-5-463
SAUNDERS, SARAH ELIZABTH               NC-62-4-265
SAUNDERS, WILLIBA B.                   NC-62-5-425
SCARBORO, H. G.                        NC-62-4-349
SCARBORO, H. M.                        NC-62-3-294
SCARBORO, LILLIE                       NC-62-6-175
SCARBORO, R. B.                        NC-62-5-112
SCARBORO, S. E. (MISS)                 NC-62-4-86
SCARBOROUGH, FRED M.                   NC-62-5-325
SCARBOROUGH, H. T.                     NC-62-4-423
SCARBOROUGH, J. H.                     NC-62-5-181
SCARBOROUGH, MARY C.                   NC-62-5-596
SCARBOROUGH, MONTE                     NC-62-5-438
SCARBOROUGH, MONTE                     NC-62-5-289
SCARBOROUGH, O. MCKINLEY               NC-62-5-292
SCARBOROUGH, THOMAS E.                 NC-62-1-151
SCARBOROUGH, V. P.                     NC-62-5-391
SCOTT, GEORGE W.                       NC-62-5-433
SCOTT, GEORGE W.                       NC-62-5-427
SEAMAN, N. J.                          NC-62-3-575
SEAWARD, R. H.                         NC-62-4-379
SEDBERRY, HARRISON T.                  NC-62-2-303
SEDBERRY, JOHN B.                      NC-62-2-134
SHAMBURGER, BURNEY B.                  NC-62-5-432
SHAMBURGER, C. L.                      NC-62-5-95
SHAMBURGER, J. B.                      NC-62-4-367
SHAMBURGER, M. E.                      NC-62-4-257
SHANKLE, MARY ELIZABETH A.             NC-62-6-136
SHAW, LESSIE JONES                     NC-62-5-177
SHUFFIELD, WILLIAM                     NC-62-2-429
SHUFORD, A. A.                         NC-62-3-183
SHUPPING, R. N.                        NC-62-5-54
SIMMONS, ERNEST                        NC-62-6-59
SIMMONS, GEORGE W.                     NC-62-4-8
SIMMONS, J. B.                         NC-62-5-433
SIMMONS, JAMES                         NC-62-1-12
SIMMONS, LOCKY                         NC-62-2-221
SIMMONS, PLEASANT                      NC-62-1-122
SIMMONS, PLEASANTS                     NC-62-4-158
SIMMONS, WILLIAM H.                    NC-62-3-318
SIMONS, ALBERT M.                      NC-62-5-481
SIMONS, E. R.                          NC-62-5-483
SINGLETON, LENA LEACH                  NC-62-6-159
SMITH, C. C.                           NC-62-2-90
SMITH, JOHN C.                         NC-62-3-237
SMITH, JOHN C.                         NC-62-5-422
SMITH, JOHN T.                         NC-62-4-208
SMITH, MAUSOURI                        NC-62-5-68
SMITH, N. J.                           NC-62-2-296
SMITH, NOAH                            NC-62-3-495
SMITH, OTIS DOCKERY                    NC-62-5-584
SMITH, RICHMOND                        NC-62-2-200
SMITHERMAN, JESSE                      NC-62-3-419
SMITHERMAN, JESSIE                     NC-62-2-172
SMITHERMAN, W. G.                      NC-62-5-89
SMITHERMAN, W. G.                      NC-62-5-84
SMITHSON, JOSEPH                       NC-62-1-26
SNEED, JOHN C.                         NC-62-4-248
SPIVEY, A. R.                          NC-62-4-98
STAFFORD, NUMA REID                    NC-62-5-100
STANBACK, DELLA INGRAM                 NC-62-5-368
STANBACK, ELEANOR L.                   NC-62-6-105
STANBACK, PAULINE                      NC-62-6-141
STEED, C. L.                           NC-62-5-394
STEELE, JOHN                           NC-62-1-9
STEELE, R. W.                          NC-62-4-82
STEELE, ROBERT L. 3RD                  NC-62-5-227
STERNBERGER, MEYER                     NC-62-5-341
STINSON, W. R.                         NC-62-2-40
STRATHER, A. T.                        NC-62-3-389
STRICKLAND, JOHN                       NC-62-2-441
STRIDER, J. C.                         NC-62-5-297
STUART, OSCAR L.                       NC-62-5-135
SUGG, MERRITT T.                       NC-62-3-371
SUGGS, DAVID F. SR.                    NC-62-5-311
SUGGS, ELIZABETH                       NC-62-4-108
SUGGS, ISAAC                           NC-62-2-364
SUGGS, JESSEE                          NC-62-4-395
SUGGS, MOLLIE D.                       NC-62-5-106
SUGGS, WILLIAM DOSSIE                  NC-62-5-15
SUTTON, T. K.                          NC-62-6-151
TAFT, C. W.                            NC-62-3-341
TAYLOR, THOMAS                         NC-62-1-149
TEDDER, JAMES F.                       NC-62-6-55
THAYER, CASUDRA                        NC-62-2-397
THAYER, M. W.                          NC-62-3-385
THOMAS, FANNIE ALICE                   NC-62-5-321
THOMAS, HERBERT E.                     NC-62-5-143
THOMAS, J. C.                          NC-62-3-356
THOMAS, JAMES                          NC-62-2-45
THOMAS, L. FRANK                       NC-62-5-280
THOMAS, LOUIS R.                       NC-62-2-326
THOMAS, OLIVER JEHU                    NC-62-5-426
THOMPSON, D. W.                        NC-62-5-293
THOMPSON, ELISHA                       NC-62-1-45
THOMPSON, FRANK A.                     NC-62-5-175
THOMPSON, J. D.                        NC-62-3-274
THOMPSON, PATRICK                      NC-62-2-95
THOMPSON, S. W.                        NC-62-4-162
THOMPSON, W. G.                        NC-62-3-233
THOMPSON, WOODROW WILSON               NC-62-5-403
THORNBURG, ETHEL WILLIAMS              NC-62-5-372
TOMLINSON, FRANK                       NC-62-3-70
TOMLINSON, J. G.                       NC-62-5-310
TOMLINSON, ROBERT B.                   NC-62-5-421
TOMLINSON, SARAH A.                    NC-62-5-533
TUCKER, BERTHA MAY                     NC-62-6-35
TUCKER, CLELL                          NC-62-5-158
TUCKER, JOHN O.                        NC-62-3-291
TUCKER, SUSANNA                        NC-62-3-146
TUCKER, T. E.                          NC-62-5-155
TUCKER, WINCY                          NC-62-5-283
TYSON, G. D.                           NC-62-4-204
TYSON, G. D.                           NC-62-2-163
TYSON, TOMMY                           NC-62-5-363
UMAN, VICY                             NC-62-2-68
UPCHURCH, NANCY ANN                    NC-62-5-256
USSERY, J. A.                          NC-62-5-102
USSERY, W. H.                          NC-62-4-176
VARNER, A. M.                          NC-62-3-267
VUNCANNON, CATHERINE J.                NC-62-3-190
VUNCANNON, FLORA                       NC-62-5-593
VUNCANNON, PETER                       NC-62-3-330
WADE, C. C.                            NC-62-3-278
WADE, ERNEST B.                        NC-62-5-136
WADE, LUCY J.                          NC-62-2-381
WADE, P. H.                            NC-62-4-112
WALL, H. C.                            NC-62-3-1
WALLACE, JAMES A.                      NC-62-2-15
WALLACE, JAMES R.                      NC-62-5-255
WARD, ELI                              NC-62-2-197
WARD, JOHN W.                          NC-62-5-300
WARD, REUBEN                           NC-62-3-155
WARD, REUBEN                           NC-62-2-273
WATKINS, W. E.                         NC-62-3-129
WATKINS, WILLIAM HENRY                 NC-62-5-223
WEBB, BEULAH MARTIN                    NC-62-5-378
WEEKS, ALICE EDWARDS                   NC-62-5-330
WHITE, JULIAN LEROY                    NC-62-4-1
WILDER, L. G.                          NC-62-6-15
WILLIAMS, J. G.                        NC-62-6-21
WILLIAMS, LILLIE F.                    NC-62-5-363
WILLIAMS, SARAH WOOD                   NC-62-6-63
WILLIAMS, SUSBORNE                     NC-62-1-125
WILLIAMS, T. S.                        NC-62-3-257
WILLIAMSON, J. H.                      NC-62-5-331
WILLIAMSON, LAURA                      NC-62-5-221
WILLIAMSON, VIOLA HAYWOOD              NC-62-5-437
WILSON, JOHN                           NC-62-3-17
WILSON, JOSEPH                         NC-62-1-27
WINFREE, ELI C.                        NC-62-4-173
WINFREE, LUCY A.                       NC-62-4-153
WOOLEY, A. C.                          NC-62-2-309
WOOLEY, E. H.                          NC-62-4-399
WOOLEY, ROBERT B.                      NC-62-2-214
WOOLEY, W. R.                          NC-62-5-76
WRIGHT, DAVID                          NC-62-2-226
WRIGHT, DORA                           NC-62-3-61
WRIGHT, EDMUND                         NC-62-1-16
WRIGHT, EVA                            NC-62-6-11
WRIGHT, J. M. SR.                      NC-62-3-208
WRIGHT, JAMES                          NC-62-1-127
WRIGHT, L. A.                          NC-62-5-137
WRIGHT, LIZZIE                         NC-62-5-154
WRIGHT, WILLIAM L.                     NC-62-2-424
WRIGHT, WINGATE L.                     NC-62-5-449
WYLIE, OLIVER                          NC-62-1-65
YARBORO, JOHN                          NC-62-5-457

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