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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volumes: 1=1870-1935 | 2=1935-1946 |
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ANGELL, INEZ                            NC-28-1-171
ASHBEE, ABEL C.                         NC-28-1-40
ASHBEE, BENJAMIN                        NC-28-1-94
AUSTIN, CHARLES L.                      NC-28-1-454
BAIRD, FRANCES F.                       NC-28-1-32
BARNETT, D. A. JR.                      NC-28-1-161
BARNETT, OLIVER N.                      NC-28-1-80
BASNIGHT, W. H.                         NC-28-1-266
BAUM, THOMAS                            NC-28-1-451
BEALS, G. C.                            NC-28-1-439
BEASLEY, STEPHEN                        NC-28-1-237
BENNETT, JAMES D.                       NC-28-1-441
BEST, JAMES R.                          NC-28-1-518
BINDER, GEORGE CLARENCE                 NC-28-1-263
BIRCO, LUTRIA                           NC-28-1-65
BRADFORD, WILLIAM A.                    NC-28-1-549
BRINKLEY, CAMILE                        NC-28-1-191
BURRUS, ZORA G.                         NC-28-1-176
BYERS, EBEN M.                          NC-28-1-489
CASON, H. M. S.                         NC-28-1-326
COCHRANE, ARTHUR DEWITT                 NC-28-1-339
COPPERSMITH, WILLIAM GRANT              NC-28-1-276
CREEF, HENRY JORDAN                     NC-28-1-188
CREEF, TRUXTON                          NC-28-1-15
DAILEY, SABRA                           NC-28-1-130
DANIEL, SARAH                           NC-28-1-13
DANIELS, CATHERINE C.                   NC-28-1-194
DANIELS, CRISSIE                        NC-28-1-92
DANIELS, JON TOM                        NC-28-1-351
DANIELS, S. M.                          NC-28-1-239
DANIELS, VICTORIA                       NC-28-1-483
DAVIS, WILLIAM B.                       NC-28-1-143
DOUGH, D. L.                            NC-28-1-521
DOUGH, THOMAS A. SR.                    NC-28-1-133
DUNBAR, ELLA M.                         NC-28-1-373
ETHERIDGE, EMILINE H.                   NC-28-1-23
ETHERIDGE, JESSEE                       NC-28-1-101
ETHERIDGE, JESSIE B.                    NC-28-1-303
ETHERIDGE, MARTHA ANN                   NC-28-1-243
ETHERIDGE, P. H. (CAPT.)                NC-28-1-253
ETHERIDGE, SPENCER                      NC-28-1-272
ETHERIDGE, V. B.                        NC-28-1-199
ETHERIDGE, WILLIAM E.                   NC-28-1-27
EVANS, ASA V.                           NC-28-1-528
FARREN, LORENZO D.                      NC-28-1-414
FOSTER, CHARLOTTE                       NC-28-1-7
FOX, JOHN W.                            NC-28-1-73
FOX, SALLIE B.                          NC-28-1-158
FULCHER, T. J.                          NC-28-1-357
GASKINS, G. W.                          NC-28-1-328
GRAY, JAMES WILLIAM                     NC-28-1-457
GRAY, WILLIAM MANUS                     NC-28-1-514
GREENLEAF, GERTRUDE B.                  NC-28-1-360
GREENLEAF, H. T. SR.                    NC-28-1-364
HASSELL, ALETHEA                        NC-28-1-288
HAYMAN, M. D.                           NC-28-1-385
HAYS, WILLIAM                           NC-28-1-37
HAYS, WILLIAM M.                        NC-28-1-11
HILL, JOHN                              NC-28-1-404
HINES, B. J.                            NC-28-1-546
HOOKER, NANCY                           NC-28-1-111
HOOKER, NATHAN                          NC-28-1-25
HOOPER, L. D.                           NC-28-1-147
HOWARD, JAMES                           NC-28-1-70
HUETH, ALLEN R.                         NC-28-1-462
JOHNSON, JOSHUA                         NC-28-1-99
LOWE, WILLIAM HYSLOP                    NC-28-1-501
MANN, J. J.                             NC-28-1-197
MANN, S. E.                             NC-28-1-268
MANN, SAMUEL                            NC-28-1-52
MANN, WILLIAM                           NC-28-1-89
MCCLEASE, HARMAN                        NC-28-1-246
MCNEARY, WILLIAM F. B.                  NC-28-1-539
MEEKINS, DANIEL                         NC-28-1-313
MEEKINS, HARRIET                        NC-28-1-154
MEEKINS, J. C.                          NC-28-1-29
MIDGETT, A. F.                          NC-28-1-433
MIDGETT, ALICE                          NC-28-1-544
MIDGETT, APOLLOS D.                     NC-28-1-391
MIDGETT, DAVID O.                       NC-28-1-128
MIDGETT, EDMOND D.                      NC-28-1-234
MIDGETT, EDWARD L.                      NC-28-1-409
MIDGETT, ELLIS B.                       NC-28-1-125
MIDGETT, F. S.                          NC-28-1-45
MIDGETT, FANNIE                         NC-28-1-104
MIDGETT, FIELDS                         NC-28-1-169
MIDGETT, FRANKLIN P.                    NC-28-1-318
MIDGETT, GEORGE RILEY                   NC-28-1-209
MIDGETT, ISRAEL B.                      NC-28-1-257
MIDGETT, J. A. SR.                      NC-28-1-291
MIDGETT, JAMES LATHAN                   NC-28-1-179
MIDGETT, JOHN A.                        NC-28-1-536
MIDGETT, JOHN P.                        NC-28-1-123
MIDGETT, JOSEPH C.                      NC-28-1-173
MIDGETT, L. BANISTER                    NC-28-1-398
MIDGETT, L. N.                          NC-28-1-306
MIDGETT, LITTLE BANISTER                NC-28-1-96
MIDGETT, M. L.                          NC-28-1-58
MIDGETT, O. O.                          NC-28-1-183
MIDGETT, OSCAR S.                       NC-28-1-300
MIDGETT, P. F.                          NC-28-1-231
MIDGETT, RICHARD T. F.                  NC-28-1-214
MIDGETT, ROBERT SELDEN                  NC-28-1-321
MIDGETT, SAMUEL N.                      NC-28-1-4
MIDGETT, SPARROW P.                     NC-28-1-115
MIDGETT, TILMAN F.                      NC-28-1-488
MOTT, WILLETT                           NC-28-1-3
NYE, JOSEPH K.                          NC-28-1-323
ONEAL, BENJAMIN W.                      NC-28-1-298
ONEAL, JOSEPH                           NC-28-1-84
OWENS, ABRAHAM                          NC-28-1-70
OWENS, DANNIS                           NC-28-1-67
PAINE, CORNELIUS                        NC-28-1-140
PARTRIDGE, JESSE                        NC-28-1-136
PETERSON, J. C.                         NC-28-1-295
PRUDEN, ANNIE W.                        NC-28-1-324
PUGH, ANNIE M.                          NC-28-1-206
PUGH, S. M.                             NC-28-1-20
PUGH, WILLIAM S. C.                     NC-28-1-165
RESSPESS, THOMAS H.                     NC-28-1-42
ROLLINSON, W. H.                        NC-28-1-317
SANDERLIN, T. M.                        NC-28-1-311
SANDERLIN, THOMAS N.                    NC-28-1-498
SCARBOROUGH, JOHN A.                    NC-28-1-47
SHANNON, JOHN SR.                       NC-28-1-511
SHANNON, NATHANIEL                      NC-28-1-533
STYRON, HORNE W.                        NC-28-1-121
STYRUS, HANNAH                          NC-28-1-247
SWAIN, M. D.                            NC-28-1-407
TILLETT, A. B. L.                       NC-28-1-411
TILLETT, GEORGE                         NC-28-1-203
TILLETT, ISAAC                          NC-28-1-284
TILLETT, SAMUEL                         NC-28-1-9
TOLER, THOMAS T.                        NC-28-1-281
TURNER, CHARLES H.                      NC-28-1-400
TWIFORD, J. T.                          NC-28-1-294
TWIFORD, NELLIE E.                      NC-28-1-437
TWIFORD, W. O.                          NC-28-1-422
TWIFOUL, ADELINE                        NC-28-1-259
WARD, EMMA G.                           NC-28-1-479
WARD, FRANK                             NC-28-1-367
WEATHERINGTON, WILLIAM                  NC-28-1-1
WILLIAMS, NASA S.                       NC-28-1-118
WILLIS, MYRON M.                        NC-28-1-524
WISE, SPENCER                           NC-28-1-370
WRIGHT, HENRY                           NC-28-1-219

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