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ABBOTT, W. R.                           NC-15-E-96
ADYLETT, ABNER                          NC-15-C-90
ALY, E. P.                              NC-15-C-380
AMIS, MARY A.                           NC-15-E-305
ANDERLIN, ISAAC                         NC-15-C-248
ARCHIE, STEPHEN                         NC-15-E-300
BAIRD, FRANCIS R.                       NC-15-E-481
BARCO, BAILEY                           NC-15-E-60
BARCO, HENRY LAWSON                     NC-15-E-535
BARCO, THOMAS                           NC-15-E-401
BARCO, WILLIS                           NC-15-E-574
BARNARD, EDMOND                         NC-15-D-29
BARNARD, JESSE                          NC-15-C-105
BARNARD, SAMUEL                         NC-15-C-332
BARREN, JAMES G.                        NC-15-D-48
BARTLET, WILLIAM                        NC-15-C-366
BARTLETT, JOHN A.                       NC-15-E-389
BARTLETT, MARY                          NC-15-D-66
BARTLETT, S. S.                         NC-15-E-500
BASS, LEWIS                             NC-15-E-302
BAXTER, NELLIE W.                       NC-15-E-461
BAXTER, O. F.                           NC-15-E-273
BEALS, MARGARET                         NC-15-C-294
BEELS, MALACHI                          NC-15-C-196
BELL, B.                                NC-15-C-4
BELL, CALEB                             NC-15-C-238
BELL, CHLOE                             NC-15-E-31
BELL, HAMAN                             NC-15-C-369
BELL, HAYWOOD S.                        NC-15-C-293
BELL, JESSE                             NC-15-C-292
BELL, JESSE C.                          NC-15-E-102
BELL, JOAB                              NC-15-D-21
BELL, MARTHA                            NC-15-D-61
BELL, MARY                              NC-15-E-326
BELL, MARY                              NC-15-C-58
BELL, NATHAN                            NC-15-C-373
BELL, PHOEBE                            NC-15-D-80
BELL, SAMUEL                            NC-15-E-344
BELL, SETH                              NC-15-C-92
BERRY, BATSON                           NC-15-C-161
BERRY, RICHARD                          NC-15-C-274
BERRY, RICHARD                          NC-15-C-274
BERRY, SARAH                            NC-15-C-89
BERRY, THOMAS B.                        NC-15-E-23
BERRY, WILLIAM                          NC-15-E-332
BONSHELL, MAL. W.                       NC-15-C-153
BRAY, ELIZABETH                         NC-15-E-455
BRAY, HENRY                             NC-15-C-136
BRAY, HENRY                             NC-15-C-91
BRAY, J. B. SR.                         NC-15-E-576
BRAY, JOSEPH                            NC-15-C-290
BRAY, LEMUEL P.                         NC-15-E-180
BRAY, NANCY                             NC-15-E-566
BRAY, WILLIAM                           NC-15-C-331
BRITE, AMMON                            NC-15-D-76
BRITE, CHARLES                          NC-15-C-324
BRITE, ELIZABETH                        NC-15-E-18
BRITE, ELIZABETH                        NC-15-C-184
BRITE, H. C. SR.                        NC-15-E-392
BRITE, HEZEKIAH                         NC-15-C-16
BRITE, JANE E.                          NC-15-E-443
BRITE, JOHN SR.                         NC-15-C-307
BRITE, MALACHI                          NC-15-C-136
BRITE, MARTHA                           NC-15-C-53
BRITE, OLLIE                            NC-15-E-71
BRITE, R. JOHN                          NC-15-C-285
BRITE, RICHARD                          NC-15-C-163
BRITE, SARAH                            NC-15-C-312
BRITE, SHADRACH                         NC-15-E-69
BRITE, SHADRACH                         NC-15-C-150
BRITE, SOPHIA                           NC-15-C-196
BRITE, SOPHIA                           NC-15-C-200
BROWN, C. H.                            NC-15-E-508
BROWN, JOSEPH                           NC-15-C-343
BROWN, SAMUEL C.                        NC-15-E-525
BROWN, SARAH                            NC-15-C-113
BRUGESS, JOSEPH                         NC-15-C-216
BUFFKIN, M. W.                          NC-15-E-369
BURFOOT, ALIS                           NC-15-C-284
BURFOOT, AMBROSE                        NC-15-C-29
BURFOOT, JOHN D.                        NC-15-E-225
BURFOOT, MARY F.                        NC-15-E-396
BURFOOT, MILTON M.                      NC-15-E-126
BURGESS, C. B.                          NC-15-E-522
BURGESS, G. K.                          NC-15-E-412
BURGESS, JOHN SR.                       NC-15-C-229
BURGESS, N. S.                          NC-15-D-63
BURGESS, NELSON                         NC-15-C-316
BURGESS, P. T.                          NC-15-E-341
BURGESS, SIMEON                         NC-15-C-350
BURNHAM, ISAAC                          NC-15-C-249
BURNHAM, NANCY                          NC-15-C-256
CAPPS, FRANKY                           NC-15-C-78
CARTWRIGHT, ASA                         NC-15-C-23
CARTWRIGHT, CHLOE                       NC-15-D-37
CARTWRIGHT, D.                          NC-15-C-2
CARTWRIGHT, DEBORAH                     NC-15-C-178
CARTWRIGHT, EMILY                       NC-15-E-515
CARTWRIGHT, GIDEON                      NC-15-C-203
CARTWRIGHT, GIDEON                      NC-15-C-202
CARTWRIGHT, ISAAC E.                    NC-15-D-6
CARTWRIGHT, JOSEPH                      NC-15-C-224
CARTWRIGHT, MARTIN L.                   NC-15-E-298
CARTWRIGHT, POLLY                       NC-15-C-245
CARTWRIGHT, THEOPHILUS                  NC-15-E-282
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES                    NC-15-C-151
CHAMBERLAIN, HENRY C.                   NC-15-C-377
CHAMBERLAIN, JOSEPH                     NC-15-C-86
CHAMBERLAIN, NELSON                     NC-15-E-107
CHERRY, A. P.                           NC-15-E-147
CONOWAY, FRANCIS                        NC-15-D-67
COWELL, MARY E.                         NC-15-D-60
COX, JACOB                              NC-15-E-35
COX, JULIA                              NC-15-E-194
CREEKMORE, ELLET                        NC-15-E-291
CREEKMORE, JOHN T.                      NC-15-E-512
CULPEPER, PETER                         NC-15-C-54
DAVIS, FREDERICK                        NC-15-C-63
DEAL, NANCY                             NC-15-C-189
DEAN, A. B.                             NC-15-E-378
DEAN, WILLIAM J.                        NC-15-E-468
DEFORD, EDWARD M.                       NC-15-E-518
DEFORD, WILLIAM H.                      NC-15-C-382
DIVERS, JOHN D.                         NC-15-D-83
DOZIER, ABNER                           NC-15-C-170
DOZIER, CALEB                           NC-15-C-127
DOZIER, CHLOE                           NC-15-C-139
DOZIER, EDMUND L.                       NC-15-E-20
DOZIER, EVAN                            NC-15-C-70
DOZIER, ISAAC E.                        NC-15-C-143
DOZIER, ISAAC E.                        NC-15-C-143
DOZIER, J. D.                           NC-15-E-310
DOZIER, JAMES                           NC-15-E-49
DOZIER, JOSEPH                          NC-15-C-205
DOZIER, MARGARET                        NC-15-D-53
DOZIER, MARY                            NC-15-C-252
DOZIER, MARY                            NC-15-C-298
DOZIER, PETER                           NC-15-C-115
DOZIER, POLLY                           NC-15-D-17
DOZIER, SALLY                           NC-15-C-262
DOZIER, SARAH                           NC-15-C-81
DOZIER, THOMAS                          NC-15-C-154
DOZIER, THOMAS B.                       NC-15-E-368
DOZIER, TULLY                           NC-15-C-131
DOZIER, WILLIAM                         NC-15-E-171
DUFFIELD, MARGARET                      NC-15-E-367
DUKE, T. J.                             NC-15-E-227
DUNCAN, WILSON                          NC-15-E-90
EASON, AUGUSTUS                         NC-15-E-114
EASON, AUGUSTUS                         NC-15-E-114
EASON, JESSE                            NC-15-D-44
ETHEREIDGE, BERTHENEY                   NC-15-E-27
ETHERIDGE, HOLLOWWELL                   NC-15-D-49
ETHERIDGE, THOMAS                       NC-15-C-40
ETHERIDGE, WILLIS                       NC-15-C-142
EVANS, LYDIA                            NC-15-C-240
EVANS, MARY                             NC-15-E-26
FAIRCLOTH, ISAAC                        NC-15-C-111
FEREBEE, COURTNEY H.                    NC-15-D-38
FEREBEE, DENNIS D.                      NC-15-E-121
FEREBEE, E. D.                          NC-15-E-52
FEREBEE, E. D.                          NC-15-E-52
FEREBEE, JAMES                          NC-15-E-221
FEREBEE, JAMES M.                       NC-15-E-46
FEREBEE, JAMES W.                       NC-15-D-75
FEREBEE, S. W.                          NC-15-D-27
FEREBEE, SARAH M.                       NC-15-E-181
FERRILL, THOMAS                         NC-15-C-17
FLORA, ANDREW                           NC-15-D-62
FLORA, SUSAN                            NC-15-E-81
FORBES, ABNER                           NC-15-C-291
FORBES, BASHEBA                         NC-15-C-172
FORBES, BRITBINA                        NC-15-C-311
FORBES, CALEB                           NC-15-C-175
FORBES, ELIZABETH                       NC-15-C-131
FORBES, ELIZBETH                        NC-15-C-365
FORBES, ETHERIDGE                       NC-15-E-67
FORBES, FRANK                           NC-15-E-387
FORBES, JACOB                           NC-15-D-39
FORBES, SAAH                            NC-15-C-75
FORBES, SAMUEL W.                       NC-15-E-153
FORBES, SILAS                           NC-15-C-258
FORBES, SOUTHY                          NC-15-C-1
FOREHAND, MARY                          NC-15-C-360
FOSTER, AMANDA                          NC-15-E-386
FOSTER, MARGARET                        NC-15-C-305
FRIAS, SARAH                            NC-15-E-375
GALLOP, COURTNEY                        NC-15-E-64
GALLOP, ELIHU                           NC-15-E-84
GALLOP, JOSIAH                          NC-15-C-147
GALLOP, WILLIAM G.                      NC-15-E-360
GALLPP, PADRICK                         NC-15-C-197
GARRETT, MEDDY                          NC-15-D-86
GARRETT, WEALTHY                        NC-15-E-354
GILBERT, JOHN M.                        NC-15-D-15
GODFREY, HESTA                          NC-15-C-287
GODFREY, MALACHI                        NC-15-C-33
GODFREY, TAMER                          NC-15-C-9
GORDON, FANNY                           NC-15-D-3
GORDON, SOPHIA A.                       NC-15-E-510
GORDON, THOMAS                          NC-15-C-79
GORDON, THOMAS                          NC-15-C-79
GORDON, THOMAS G.                       NC-15-E-404
GRANDBERRY, LOVE O.                     NC-15-E-528
GRANDY, C. W. SR.                       NC-15-E-215
GRANDY, D. JOHN                         NC-15-C-288
GRANDY, DEMSEY                          NC-15-C-177
GRANDY, LYDIA                           NC-15-C-12
GRANDY, PATSEY                          NC-15-E-93
GRANDY, SUSAN                           NC-15-C-145
GRANDY, WILLIAM                         NC-15-C-233
GRAY, CABLEB                            NC-15-C-25
GRAY, LABAN                             NC-15-C-132
GRAY, THOMAS B.                         NC-15-C-134
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NC-15-C-24
GREGORY, ARTHUR                         NC-15-C-244
GREGORY, ELIZABETH                      NC-15-C-18
GREGORY, ELIZABETH                      NC-15-E-395
GREGORY, HENRY T.                       NC-15-E-381
GREGORY, ISAAC                          NC-15-C-112
GREGORY, JAMES G. SR.                   NC-15-E-357
GREGORY, JANE                           NC-15-C-272
GREGORY, JANE                           NC-15-E-486
GREGORY, JULIA A. E.                    NC-15-E-219
GREGORY, LYDIA                          NC-15-D-79
GREGORY, MAJOR                          NC-15-D-68
GREGORY, MAJOR P.                       NC-15-D-42
GREGORY, MAJOR S.                       NC-15-E-334
GREGORY, MARK                           NC-15-C-222
GREGORY, MARK R.                        NC-15-E-156
GREGORY, MARY                           NC-15-C-232
GREGORY, MILER                          NC-15-E-10
GREGORY, NOAH                           NC-15-C-140
GREGORY, PHEOBE                         NC-15-C-204
GREGORY, SAMUEL T.                      NC-15-E-247
GREGORY, SARAH                          NC-15-E-168
GREGORY, SUSAN                          NC-15-C-30
GREGORY, W. D.                          NC-15-E-532
GUILFORD, STEPHEN                       NC-15-C-74
GUILFORD, WILLIAM                       NC-15-C-116
HALL, DAVID                             NC-15-C-190
HALLM, MARGARETT                        NC-15-E-458
HARRINGOTN, ISAAC                       NC-15-C-27
HARRINGTON, FANNY                       NC-15-C-110
HARRISON, DEMPSEY                       NC-15-C-42
HARRISON, FANNY                         NC-15-D-50
HARRISON, ISAAC                         NC-15-C-164
HARRISON, JOHN S.                       NC-15-E-363
HARRISON, JUDUTH                        NC-15-C-242
HARRISON, MARGARET                      NC-15-E-185
HARRISON, SUSIE                         NC-15-E-572
HARROLD, ADLINE                         NC-15-E-349
HATHAWAY, SARAH                         NC-15-C-10
HENDERSON, ALEXANDER                    NC-15-D-40
HENLEY, JOHN W.                         NC-15-E-159
HERRING, WILLIAM                        NC-15-C-341
HINTON, EDMOND                          NC-15-E-351
HINTON, JOHN L.                         NC-15-E-475
HITER, WILLIS                           NC-15-E-140
HOMER, ELIZA                            NC-15-D-36
HOOKER, JOHN                            NC-15-C-183
HUGHES, CLAUDIA                         NC-15-E-345
HUGHES, J. G.                           NC-15-D-4
HUGHES, JOSEPH F.                       NC-15-E-497
HUGHES, MARY ELIZABETH JR.              NC-15-E-502
HUMPHRIES, JOHN                         NC-15-C-231
HUMPHRIES, JOHN                         NC-15-C-231
HUTCHINS, RICHARD                       NC-15-C-351
JACOBS, CAROLINE                        NC-15-E-336
JACOBS, JOHN                            NC-15-E-234
JARVIS, JOHN                            NC-15-C-358
JARVIS, MARY M.                         NC-15-E-307
JOHNSON, NANCY                          NC-15-C-135
JONES, DOROTHY                          NC-15-C-114
JONES, JEREMIAH                         NC-15-C-352
JONES, JOSEPH                           NC-15-C-186
JONES, JOSIAH                           NC-15-C-346
JONES, MILES                            NC-15-D-43
JONES, NANCY                            NC-15-D-52
JONES, WILLIAM                          NC-15-C-162
JONES, WILLOUGHBY                       NC-15-C-12
KEATON, NATHAN                          NC-15-C-122
KEATON, SILAS                           NC-15-C-363
KELLEY, JANE                            NC-15-C-174
KELLEY, JOHN                            NC-15-C-13
KELLEY, NANCY                           NC-15-C-2227
KELLY, E. B.                            NC-15-D-34
KELLY, JAMES                            NC-15-C-118
KENADAY, JOHN                           NC-15-C-157
KENADAY, LYDIA                          NC-15-C-228
KETOR, ABEL                             NC-15-C-364
KIGHT, CALEB W.                         NC-15-E-355
KIGHT, JAPTHA                           NC-15-E-124
KIGHT, JAPTHA                           NC-15-E-124
KIGHT, LOUVENIA                         NC-15-E-489
KIGHT, ZACHARIAH                        NC-15-C-187
KNIGHT, CLARRENDY                       NC-15-E-5
LAMB, ABNER                             NC-15-C-326
LAMB, ABNER M.                          NC-15-C-367
LAMB, CHLOE                             NC-15-E-29
LAMB, DINAH                             NC-15-D-18
LAMB, ISAAC                             NC-15-C-47
LAMB, JOHN                              NC-15-C-286
LAMB, LEMUEL                            NC-15-E-213
LAMB, LUKE                              NC-15-C-6
LAMB, LUKE L.                           NC-15-E-162
LAMB, MARY                              NC-15-E-177
LAMB, SAMUEL D.                         NC-15-C-354
LAMB, THOMAS                            NC-15-C-51
LEWIS, CHARLES                          NC-15-E-376
LINTON, NANCY                           NC-15-C-98
LURRY, ANNY                             NC-15-C-241
LURRY, CHLOE                            NC-15-C-289
LURRY, DEMSEY                           NC-15-C-257
LURRY, JOHN                             NC-15-C-77
LURRY, NATHAN                           NC-15-C-116
LURRY, POLLY                            NC-15-C-110
LURRY, WILSON                           NC-15-C-363
MARTIN, W.                              NC-15-E-276
MCCOY, JESSE                            NC-15-E-48
MCCOY, JOHN S.                          NC-15-E-279
MCCOY, JOSHUA                           NC-15-C-226
MCCOY, M. JOHN                          NC-15-C-246
MCCOY, POLLY                            NC-15-C-101
MCCOY, RICHARD                          NC-15-E-368
MCPHERSON, DANIEL                       NC-15-C-195
MCPHERSON, DEMSEY                       NC-15-C-57
MCPHERSON, GEORGE                       NC-15-D-47
MCPHERSON, IRA                          NC-15-C-309
MCPHERSON, JAMES                        NC-15-E-316
MCPHERSON, JESSE                        NC-15-C-339
MCPHERSON, KIDDY                        NC-15-E-200
MCPHERSON, LOVE V.                      NC-15-E-385
MCPHERSON, MALACHI                      NC-15-C-265
MCPHERSON, MARY                         NC-15-E-539
MCPHERSON, N. JAMES                     NC-15-C-259
MCPHERSON, NANCY                        NC-15-C-215
MCPHERSON, NANCY                        NC-15-E-279
MCPHERSON, OLIVER                       NC-15-C-236
MCPHERSON, SALLY                        NC-15-C-243
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-15-E-43
MERCER, B. F.                           NC-15-E-492
MERCER, JESSE                           NC-15-E-192
MERCER, THOMAS                          NC-15-C-60
MERCER, WILLIAM                         NC-15-C-117
MERCER, WILSON                          NC-15-C-379
MERRY, WILLIAM                          NC-15-C-210
MITCHEL, GIDEON                         NC-15-E-105
MITCHELL, HENRY                         NC-15-D-26
MORGAN, JOSEPH                          NC-15-C-120
MORGAN, MILES                           NC-15-C-203
MORIS, JOSEPH                           NC-15-C-45
MORRISETT, A. D.                        NC-15-E-203
MORRISETT, M. J.                        NC-15-D-55
MORRISETT, MONFORD S.                   NC-15-E-240
MORRISETT, P. G.                        NC-15-E-295
MORRISETTE, MOLLIE C.                   NC-15-E-384
MULLEN, FRANCIS                         NC-15-E-257
MULLIN, ELIZABETH                       NC-15-E-255
NASH, CHLOE                             NC-15-D-81
NASH, ELIZABETH                         NC-15-E-3
NASH, JAMES                             NC-15-D-1
NASH, JOHN C.                           NC-15-E-33
NASH, JOSIAH                            NC-15-C-359
NASH, SALLY                             NC-15-C-153
NASH, SAMUEL SR.                        NC-15-E-564
NASH, THOMAS S.                         NC-15-E-40
NASH,SAMUEL                             NC-15-E-205
NEEDHAM, FEREBEE                        NC-15-E-243
NEEDHAM, JOHN                           NC-15-E-57
NEEDHAM, MARGARET                       NC-15-E-394
NEEDHAM, SALLIE                         NC-15-E-284
NEEDHAM, SETH                           NC-15-E-394
NEEDHAM, THOMAS                         NC-15-C-181
NIXON, GEORGE W.                        NC-15-E-183
OGGS, PRUDENCE                          NC-15-C-103
OLD, WILLIAM                            NC-15-D-7
ONES, LEMUEL                            NC-15-C-44
OVERTON, BAILEY J.                      NC-15-E-131
OVERTON, BENJAMIN                       NC-15-C-67
OVERTON, CHARLES                        NC-15-C-314
OVERTON, ELIZABETH                      NC-15-C-263
OVERTON, JAMES N.                       NC-15-E-62
OVERTON, JESSE                          NC-15-C-169
OVERTON, JOAB                           NC-15-D-56
OVERTON, NANCY                          NC-15-D-59
OVERTON, NANCY                          NC-15-E-99
OVERTON, OLLIE                          NC-15-C-269
OVERTON, RODAH                          NC-15-C-36
OVERTON, SARAH                          NC-15-E-78
OVERTON, SARAH                          NC-15-E-78
OVERTON, WILLIS                         NC-15-D-33
PADRICK, JACOB                          NC-15-C-108
PARKER, PEGGY                           NC-15-C-223
PARKER, STEPHEN                         NC-15-C-85
PARR, ELIZABETH                         NC-15-C-147
PEARCE, DOROTHY                         NC-15-E-8
PEARCE, PETER C.                        NC-15-E-350
PERKINS, J. C.                          NC-15-E-430
PERKINS, LEA                            NC-15-E-207
PERKINS, SOLOMON                        NC-15-C-247
PERKINS, W. W.                          NC-15-E-407
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL                        NC-15-C-62
PIERCE,E. M.                            NC-15-C-376
POOL, JOHNH.                            NC-15-E-347
POWERS, FANNY                           NC-15-E-323
PRETTYMAN, MARY                         NC-15-C-64
PRICHARD, JOSEPH                        NC-15-C-338
PRITCHARD, DAVID L.                     NC-15-E-142
PRITCHARD, JOHN                         NC-15-C-168
PROCTGOR, SAMUEL                        NC-15-C-123
PROCTOR, ELIZABETH                      NC-15-C-126
RHODES, DANIEL                          NC-15-C-322
RHODES, POLLY                           NC-15-C-334
RIDDICK, JOSIAH                         NC-15-E-423
RIGGS, ISAAC                            NC-15-C-372
RIGGS, LEMUEL                           NC-15-E-138
RIGGS, NOAH                             NC-15-C-68
RIGGS, NUNIAH                           NC-15-C-303
ROBERTSON, SINNY                        NC-15-C-122
SANDERLIN, ENOCH                        NC-15-C-254
SANDERLIN, LEMUEL B.                    NC-15-E-187
SANDERLIN, LOUISA                       NC-15-E-45
SANDERLIN, SALLY                        NC-15-C-21
SANDERLIN, THAMER                       NC-15-C-182
SANDERLIN, TRIMAGAN                     NC-15-E-1
SANDERLIN, WILLIAM W.                   NC-15-E-75
SANDERLIN, WILLIS S.                    NC-15-C-159
SAUNDERS, MARY                          NC-15-C-296
SAVELLS, LUCY                           NC-15-E-362
SAVILLS, MARY                           NC-15-C-119
SAWYER, ALLEN                           NC-15-E-418
SAWYER, ANNIS                           NC-15-C-69
SAWYER, BRANDY D.                       NC-15-E-545
SAWYER, CHARLIE                         NC-15-E-440
SAWYER, E. M.                           NC-15-E-582
SAWYER, EDMUND                          NC-15-C-278
SAWYER, EDWARD                          NC-15-E-165
SAWYER, ELISHA                          NC-15-C-28
SAWYER, ELISHA                          NC-15-C-276
SAWYER, ENOCH                           NC-15-C-82
SAWYER, EVAN                            NC-15-C-208
SAWYER, FANNIE                          NC-15-E-14
SAWYER, FANNY                           NC-15-E-580
SAWYER, FREDERICK F.                    NC-15-E-231
SAWYER, HOLLOWELL                       NC-15-C-180
SAWYER, JABEZ                           NC-15-C-213
SAWYER, JAMES                           NC-15-C-160
SAWYER, JOHN                            NC-15-C-250
SAWYER, JOSHUA                          NC-15-C-84
SAWYER, LEMUEL                          NC-15-E-128
SAWYER, MALACHI                         NC-15-C-31
SAWYER, MALACHI                         NC-15-E-134
SAWYER, MALACHI                         NC-15-C-255
SAWYER, MALACHI G.                      NC-15-D-51
SAWYER, MATHIAS                         NC-15-C-138
SAWYER, NATHAN G.                       NC-15-E-174
SAWYER, PENELOPE                        NC-15-C-302
SAWYER, PETER                           NC-15-E-313
SAWYER, STEPHEN B.                      NC-15-E-352
SAWYER, WILLIAM                         NC-15-C-319
SAWYER, WILLIAM                         NC-15-C-19
SAWYER, WILLIAM G.                      NC-15-E-38
SAYER, SUSANAH                          NC-15-C-207
SEGUINE, BORNT                          NC-15-E-445
SEGUINE, JAMES S.                       NC-15-D-87
SEYMORE, MILES                          NC-15-C-260
SEYMORE, MOURNING                       NC-15-C-22
SEYMORE, PETER                          NC-15-D-20
SEYMOUR, JOSEPH                         NC-15-C-297
SEYMOUR, PENELOPY                       NC-15-C-295
SMITH, MALACHI                          NC-15-C-306
SPENCE, COURTNEY                        NC-15-C-264
SPENCE, JAMES                           NC-15-C-107
SPENCE, JOHN                            NC-15-C-219
SPENCE, MILES                           NC-15-D-84
SPENCE, SALLY                           NC-15-C-299
SPENCE, SARAH                           NC-15-D-57
SPENCE, THOMAS (COLORED)                NC-15-E-190
SPENCER, JOSEPH A.                      NC-15-E-287
SPENCER, NOAH                           NC-15-C-2
SQUIRES, DANIEL B.                      NC-15-E-551
SQUIRES, POLLY                          NC-15-D-78
STAFFORD, WILLIAM T.                    NC-15-E-494
STANLEY, LEMUEL                         NC-15-C-37
STAPLES, M. P.                          NC-15-E-353
STAPLES, THOMAS                         NC-15-C-98
STAPLES, THOMAS                         NC-15-C-98
STEVENS, NATHAN W.                      NC-15-E-329
TABB, THOMAS J.                         NC-15-D-24
TARKINGTON, HENRY A.                    NC-15-E-542
TARKINGTON, REBECCA                     NC-15-E-557
TAYLOR, AMOS                            NC-15-C-261
TAYLOR, B. JOHN                         NC-15-C-267
TAYLOR, CHLOE                           NC-15-C-295
TAYLOR, ESDRASS                         NC-15-C-130
TAYLOR, LYDIA                           NC-15-E-16
THOMAS, SERRY                           NC-15-E-7
TILLET, JOHN B.                         NC-15-E-55
TILLETT, KATIE                          NC-15-E-420
TILLETT, WILLIAM                        NC-15-C-383
TORKSEY, HENRY                          NC-15-D-73
TORKSEY, JOHN                           NC-15-C-318
TORKSEY, JOHN N.                        NC-15-E-87
TORKSEY, JOHN W.                        NC-15-D-19
TORKSEY, NOAH                           NC-15-D-30
TRAFTON, B. J.                          NC-15-E-473
TRAFTON, GARDNER                        NC-15-C-335
TRAFTON, GEORGE                         NC-15-E-372
TROTMAN, EZEKIEL                        NC-15-C-65
TUMBLER, BETTIE                         NC-15-E-415
TUTTLE, ASA                             NC-15-C-34
UPTON, JOHN                             NC-15-E-210
UPTON, JOHN                             NC-15-D-25
UPTON, LATIMORE                         NC-15-C-109
UPTON, MARGARET                         NC-15-E-383
UPTON, MARK                             NC-15-C-253
UPTON, QUINTTON                         NC-15-C-371
WALSTON, AMBROSE                        NC-15-E-12
WALSTON, AMBROSE                        NC-15-D-22
WALSTON, MARGARET                       NC-15-C-356
WALSTON, NOAH                           NC-15-D-77
WALSTON, THOMAS                         NC-15-C-198
WALSTON, WILLIAM C.                     NC-15-C-209
WESTON, CARY                            NC-15-E-433
WHITE, DAVID                            NC-15-E-289
WHITEHURST, CHRISTOPHER                 NC-15-C-43
WHITEHURST, J. N.                       NC-15-E-471
WHITEHURST, JAMES                       NC-15-C-375
WHITEHURST, JOHN                        NC-15-C-15
WHITEHURST, JONATHAN                    NC-15-C-97
WHITEHURST, JOSEPH                      NC-15-C-300
WHITEHURST, OLLY                        NC-15-D-64
WHITEHURST, PIMON                       NC-15-C-73
WHITEHURST, SAMUEL T.                   NC-15-E-390
WHITEHURST, SARAH ANN                   NC-15-E-560
WHITEHURST, WILLIAM B.                  NC-15-D-14
WILKINS, SAMUEL                         NC-15-C-201
WILLIAMS, CALEB                         NC-15-C-102
WILLIAMS, EDWARD                        NC-15-C-75
WILLIAMS, ELIAS                         NC-15-C-282
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH C.                  NC-15-E-229
WILLIAMS, FANNIE                        NC-15-E-2
WILLIAMS, ISAAC SR.                     NC-15-E-319
WILLIAMS, LEMUEL                        NC-15-C-280
WILLIAMS, LEMUEL                        NC-15-C-280
WILLIAMS, LYDIA                         NC-15-C-105
WILLIAMS, MARY                          NC-15-E-390
WILLIAMS, MATCHET T.                    NC-15-E-348
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        NC-15-E-250
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NC-15-D-16
WILSON, JAMES L.                        NC-15-E-338
WILSON, WILLIS                          NC-15-C-100
WOOD, FANY                              NC-15-C-361
WRIGHT, ALEPH A.                        NC-15-C-35
WRIGHT, ARTHUR                          NC-15-C-39
WRIGHT, DEMPSEY                         NC-15-E-73
WRIGHT, FRANCES                         NC-15-C-76
WRIGHT, GAMALEL                         NC-15-C-270
WRIGHT, JOHN P.                         NC-15-E-237
WRIGHT, MAJOR                           NC-15-E-37
WRIGHT, MATHIAS                         NC-15-C-192
WRIGHT, SARAH                           NC-15-E-298
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NC-15-C-45

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