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ADAMS, ROBERT                           MS-3-1-14
ADDISON, WILLIAM                        MS-3-1A-41
ANDERS, MICHEAL                         MS-3-2-313
ANDERS, R. W.                           MS-3-2-338
ANDERSON, FREDERICK JR.                 MS-3-1A-150
ANDERSON, FREDERICK SR.                 MS-3-1A-160, 182
ANDERSON, JAMES                         MS-3-1-22
ANDERSON, JOHN                          MS-3-1-79
ANDERSON, JOHN B.                       MS-3-1-186
ANDERSON, JULIA ALICE                   MS-3-2-350
ANDERSON, M. G.                         MS-3-2-286
ANDERSON, MARGARETT                     MS-3-1-141
ARBUTHNOT, WILLIAM                      MS-3-1-263
ARNOLD, ISOM                            MS-3-1-75
ASTROM, ALBERTINA                       MS-3-2-310
AVERY, SIMEON                           MS-3-2-218
BARNES, JOHN                            MS-3-1A-166
BARNEY, GEORGE H.                       MS-3-2-295
BARNEY, MARTHA S.                       MS-3-2-418
BASS, ROBERT                            MS-3-1A-275
BATCHELOR, THOMAS                       MS-3-1-225
BATES, BARTON                           MS-3-2-242
BATES, CHARLES C.                       MS-3-2-367
BATES, ELECTA                           MS-3-2-270
BATES, H. M. SR.                        MS-3-2-354
BATES, JANE                             MS-3-1-210
BATES, M. P. SR.                        MS-3-2-316
BATES, P. L. (MRS.)                     MS-3-2-353
BATES, RICHARD                          MS-3-1A-71
BATES, RICHARD                          MS-3-2-188
BATES, WILLIAM                          MS-3-1A-73
BAZLEWOOD, WILLIAM                      MS-3-2-118
BENNET, HUGH                            MS-3-1-44
BERRYHILL, J. M.                        MS-3-2-359
BOATNER, ELIAS                          MS-3-1-146
BOATNER, JANE                           MS-3-2-18
BONDS, ELIZABETH                        MS-3-2-155
BONDS, MERIDITH                         MS-3-1-188
BONNER, JAMES                           MS-3-1A-205
BOWMAN, ELIZABETH                       MS-3-1-57
BRADFORD, SARAH BIRT                    MS-3-1-52
BRADLEY, A.                             MS-3-2-385
BRADLEY, HAMDON                         MS-3-2-278
BRASHEARS, G. M.                        MS-3-2-360
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        MS-3-2-97
BROWN, JAMES                            MS-3-2-56
BROWN, JOHN                             MS-3-1-27
BROWN, JOHN                             MS-3-2-147
BROWNE, JOHN RAY                        MS-3-1-86
BRULAND, JAMES M.                       MS-3-2-164
BRULAND, WILLIAM C.                     MS-3-2-169
BRYANT, GARNETT                         MS-3-1-311
BUCKELS, NANCY                          MS-3-2-90
BUCKHOLTS, JACOB                        MS-3-1-65
BUCKHOLTS, JOHN G.                      MS-3-1-92
BURRIS, ENOS                            MS-3-1-113
BURRIS, GEORGE N.                       MS-3-2-238
BURRIS, HAMPTON                         MS-3-2-422
BURRIS, JAMES                           MS-3-1-162
BURRIS, SAMUEL                          MS-3-1A-57
BURRIS, WILLIAM                         MS-3-1-184
BURTON, ROBERT                          MS-3-1A-103
BUTLER, GEORGE HARRISON                 MS-3-2-400
BUTLER, GEORGE P.                       MS-3-2-157
BUTLER, NANCY                           MS-3-2-252
BUTLER, Z. P.                           MS-3-2-293
CAIN, ELIJAH                            MS-3-1-297
CAIN, HARDY                             MS-3-1A-142
CAIN, JOHN                              MS-3-2-13
CALDWELL, GEORGE                        MS-3-1-156
CALLEHAN, PATRICK                       MS-3-1A-277
CALLIHAN, PATRICK                       MS-3-1-3
CAMPBELL, G. E. (MRS.)                  MS-3-2-394
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MS-3-1-67
CANTON, MAGGIE Z.                       MS-3-2-346
CAPELL, LITTLETON                       MS-3-1-108
CARRUTH, JAMES J.                       MS-3-1-286
CARSON, MARY                            MS-3-2-408
CARTER, CHARLES                         MS-3-1-7
CARTER, M. M. (MRS.0                    MS-3-2-408
CASSEL, REUBEN                          MS-3-1-207
CASSELS, HENRY SR.                      MS-3-1A-90
CASTON, GABRIEL                         MS-3-1-214
CAUSEY, ISAAC THEODORE                  MS-3-2-146
CAUSEY, R. J.                           MS-3-2-292
CAUSEY, WILLIAM                         MS-3-1-77
CHANDLER, JAMES                         MS-3-1-102
CHAPMAN, PAYTON C.                      MS-3-1A-62
CHEATHAM, THOMAS R.                     MS-3-2-61
CLARK, JOHN M.                          MS-3-1-47
CLAUGHTON, JOHN P.                      MS-3-2-256
CLOUGH, JAMES                           MS-3-2-153
COCKERHAM, BRISTER                      MS-3-2-289
COCKERHAM, WALLACE E.                   MS-3-2-332
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                      MS-3-1A-11
COLLINS, JAMES L.                       MS-3-1-50
COLLINS, JOHN                           MS-3-1A-66
COLLINSWORTH, THOMAS                    MS-3-1-164
COOK, STEPHEN                           MS-3-1A-152
COTTEN, THOMAS SR.                      MS-3-1A-172, 296
COURTNEY, JOHN JR.                      MS-3-1A-107
COURTNEY, JONAS                         MS-3-2-5
COURTNEY, LARINAH                       MS-3-2-72
COVINGTON, JOHN                         MS-3-1-173
COX, DAVID                              MS-3-1-331
COX, ELIZA                              MS-3-2-284
CRAFT, ELIZABETH R.                     MS-3-2-44
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       MS-3-1A-164
CROPPER, JAMES M.                       MS-3-1-83
CROSSLY, JOHN                           MS-3-2-174
CRUM, J. S.                             MS-3-2-406
CRUSE, ELIZABETH                        MS-3-1-137
CURRY, JACOB                            MS-3-1A-120, 298
DANIEL, ADELINE                         MS-3-2-402
DAVIS, ANN                              MS-3-1-61
DAVIS, CHARLES                          MS-3-1-130
DAVIS, ELIJAH MCCOY                     MS-3-2-233
DAVIS, JERRY                            MS-3-2-308
DAVIS, JOHN                             MS-3-1A-30
DAY, JOHNATHAN                          MS-3-2-247
DAY, W. H.                              MS-3-2-270
DENMAN, ELIZABETH                       MS-3-2-1
DENMAN, JAMES                           MS-3-1-203
DICKEY, JOHN L.                         MS-3-1-167
DICKSON, W. P.                          MS-3-2-264
DICKY, JOHN                             MS-3-1-15
DIXON, A. B.                            MS-3-2-99
DIXON, ALETHA A.                        MS-3-2-104
DIXON, B. F.                            MS-3-2-214
DIXON, DAVID                            MS-3-1A-131
DOUBOSE, MARY                           MS-3-1-33
DRENNAN, DAVID                          MS-3-1A-78
DRENNAN, WILLIAM H.                     MS-3-1-212
DUNN, ROGER                             MS-3-1-24
DYE, T. J.                              MS-3-2-395
EASLEY, M. E.                           MS-3-2-322
ENGSTROM, JOHN E.                       MS-3-2-410
EVANS, JOHN                             MS-3-1A-250
EVERETT, HENRY R.                       MS-3-1-181
EVERETT, JOHN                           MS-3-1-39
EVERETT, WILLIAM                        MS-3-1-123
EVERETT, WINCEHSTER                     MS-3-2-416
EWELL, W. L.                            MS-3-2-301
FABRIQUE, SAMUEL S.                     MS-3-1-192
FAUST, MITCHEL S.                       MS-3-1-140
FELDER, CHARLES                         MS-3-1-241
FELDER, JAMES W.                        MS-3-2-259
FELDER, MARIAH                          MS-3-2-312
FLOWERS, HENRY                          MS-3-2-32
FOREMAN, EDWARD                         MS-3-1-290
FOREST, M. G.                           MS-3-2-261
FRANCIS, JOHN                           MS-3-1A-34
FRITH, JOHN E.                          MS-3-1-80
FRITH, WILLIAM                          MS-3-2-28
FUTCH, JACOB BLUNT                      MS-3-1A-67
GALTNEY, REBECCA E.                     MS-3-2-280
GARDNER, SYLVANUS                       MS-3-2-30
GARNER, JAMES                           MS-3-1-135
GAYDEN, CADESBY                         MS-3-1A-273
GAYDEN, NASH                            MS-3-1A-52
GAYDON, GEORGE                          MS-3-1-1
GAYLE, JOSIAH                           MS-3-1-74
GAYLE, MARY                             MS-3-2-95
GERALD, ELIZABETH                       MS-3-2-59
GERMANY, CHARLES C.                     MS-3-2-358
GERMANY, ROBERT                         MS-3-2-209
GIBSON, MICHAEL                         MS-3-1A-133
GOOD, NANCY                             MS-3-1-319
GORDON, HEWITT                          MS-3-2-143
GORDON, JAMES                           MS-3-1A-9
GORDON, W. S.                           MS-3-2-311
GRAVES, REBECCA                         MS-3-1-324
GRAVES, ROBERT W.                       MS-3-1A-319
GRAY, ROBERT                            MS-3-1-35
GRIFFIN, FURNEY                         MS-3-1-126
GRIFFIN, ROBERT                         MS-3-1A-302
GRIFFIN, THOMAS W.                      MS-3-1-239
HALFORD, JACOB                          MS-3-1-158
HANNA, HENRY                            MS-3-1-21
HANNON, BARTON                          MS-3-1A-252
HARKNESS, RICHARD                       MS-3-1A-203
HARRELL, JACOB                          MS-3-2-304
HARRELL, LEVI                           MS-3-2-4
HARRINGTON, JEPTHA                      MS-3-1-177
HARTNER, LAURA                          MS-3-2-361
HARVEY, THOMAS K.                       MS-3-2-33
HATTON, THOMAS J.                       MS-3-2-71
HAYGOOD, WILLIAM                        MS-3-2-57
HICKS, JONATHAN                         MS-3-1A-110, 190
HICKS, JONATHAN (HEIRS)                 MS-3-1A-116
HILLIARD, REUBEN                        MS-3-1A-147
HOFF, ALBERT F.                         MS-3-2-371
HOFFMAN, R.                             MS-3-2-305
HOUSTON, DAVID                          MS-3-2-416
HUFF, BENJAMIN                          MS-3-1-114
HUFF, DANIEL                            MS-3-2-151
HUFF, H. A.                             MS-3-2-318
HUFF, HILLOWAY SR.                      MS-3-1-260
HUGHES, ELIZABETH H.                    MS-3-2-296
HUGHES, PATRICK                         MS-3-1-194
HUGHEY, ALICK                           MS-3-1A-251
HUGHEY, JAMES                           MS-3-1A-251
HUGHEY, POLLY                           MS-3-1A-251
HUGHY, JAMES                            MS-3-1A-270
HUNT, JAMES M.                          MS-3-2-320
HURST, AILCY B.                         MS-3-1-309
HUSBANDS, ELIZABETH                     MS-3-1-275
JACKSON, AMELIA                         MS-3-2-254
JACKSON, JULIA                          MS-3-2-408
JACKSON, LUCY                           MS-3-2-417
JACKSON, ROBERT G.                      MS-3-2-40
JENKINS, ELIZABETH D.                   MS-3-2-300
JENKINS, JOHN                           MS-3-1-273
JENKINS, WILIA                          MS-3-1-95
JOHNS, ELIZABETH                        MS-3-2-116
JOHNSON, WASHINGTON                     MS-3-2-192
JOHNSON, WILLIAM P.                     MS-3-1-293
JONES, ARIE                             MS-3-2-365
JONES, JOSEPH                           MS-3-2-141
JONES, WILLIAM                          MS-3-1-40
JONES, WILLIAM                          MS-3-1-255
KEETH, JAMES                            MS-3-1-30
KINABREW, JOHN G.                       MS-3-2-24
KING, JOSEPH ***                        MS-3-1A-226
KING, WILLIAM                           MS-3-1-6
KINNEBREW, DAVID                        MS-3-1-148
KIRKLAND, JULIUS                        MS-3-2-135
KIRKLAND, RICHARD                       MS-3-1A-219, 281
KNEELAND, JOHN                          MS-3-1A-258
KNOX, ARCHIBALD                         MS-3-1A-168
KNOX, SAMUEL M.                         MS-3-1-69
LAND, NATHAN                            MS-3-2-2
LANE, THOMAS                            MS-3-1A-125
LARD, GIDEON                            MS-3-1-182
LARD, JOHN                              MS-3-1-138
LARD, THOMAS                            MS-3-1-116
LATTIMORE, WILLIAM                      MS-3-1-228
LEA, DAVID                              MS-3-1-281
LEA, DAVID C.                           MS-3-1-325
LEA, GEORGE S.                          MS-3-2-163
LEA, IVESON G.                          MS-3-1-54
LEA, JAMES                              MS-3-1-28
LEA, JAMES M.                           MS-3-1-161
LEA, JOSEPH                             MS-3-1A-46
LEA, NANCY                              MS-3-2-108
LEONARD, B. S.                          MS-3-2-201
LEWIS, HARRIET G.                       MS-3-2-418
LITTLE, JAMES                           MS-3-1-172
LOFLIN, JAMES                           MS-3-2-42
LONGMIRE, AMANDA M.                     MS-3-2-391
LONGMIRE, GEORGE G.                     MS-3-2-362
LONGMIRE, M. A.                         MS-3-2-329
LONGMIRE, WILLIAM                       MS-3-1-327
LONGMIRE, WILLIAM SR.                   MS-3-1-231
LOWRY, ROBERT SR.                       MS-3-1A-95
LOWRY, WILLIAM                          MS-3-1-106
LUSK, AMOS                              MS-3-2-106
LUSK, ELIZABETH                         MS-3-2-86
LUSK, SAMUEL                            MS-3-1-63
LYEN, GEORGE C.                         MS-3-2-26
MADRAY, WILLIAM                         MS-3-1A-201, 216
MALCOMSON, JAMES                        MS-3-1A-129
MARSALIS, WILLIAM                       MS-3-2-268
MARTIN, ALEXANDER                       MS-3-1-274
MARTIN, JAMES                           MS-3-1-20
MARTIN, MARGARET                        MS-3-1A-51
MAXWELL, SAMUEL                         MS-3-1A-268
MAXWELL, WILLIAM C.                     MS-3-1-267
MAYBANKS, JUDITH N.                     MS-3-1A-306
MCCOY, JESSE                            MS-3-1-252
MCCOY, SAMUEL                           MS-3-1A-246
MCCOY, SUSANNAH                         MS-3-2-84
MCDANIEL, WILLIAM                       MS-3-1A-80
MCDANIEL, YOUNG R.                      MS-3-1A-178
MCDONNELL, MARY                         MS-3-1-16
MCDOWELL, JAMES                         MS-3-1-197
MCDOWELL, T. H.                         MS-3-2-297
MCDOWELL, TERRA                         MS-3-2-363
MCGEHEE, SAMUEL                         MS-3-2-181
MCGENEE, W. H. C.                       MS-3-2-122
MCKNIGHT, HAMILTON                      MS-3-2-211
MCKNIGHT, JAMES                         MS-3-1A-186
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                        MS-3-1A-265
MCLAIN, ALLEN                           MS-3-2-35
MCLAIN, E. B.                           MS-3-2-374
MCMANUS, CHARLES                        MS-3-2-79
MCMANUS, JAMES                          MS-3-1-18
MCMANUS, REBECCA                        MS-3-1-43
MCMILLAN, DOUGOLD                       MS-3-2-80
MCMILLAN, JOHN                          MS-3-2-184
MCMORRIS, ALEXANDER SR.                 MS-3-1-220
MCNEIL, DANIEL                          MS-3-2-176
MCREA, WILLIAM                          MS-3-1-153
MEREDITH, THOMAS                        MS-3-1A-83
MILLER, JAMES SR.                       MS-3-1-71
MINOR, H. L.                            MS-3-2-357
MONTGOMERY, HUGH                        MS-3-1-314
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      MS-3-1-174
MOORE, JANE                             MS-3-1-208
MOORE, SAMUEL                           MS-3-1-149
MOORE, THOMAS L.                        MS-3-2-204
MOREHOUSE, JACOB                        MS-3-1-118
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                       MS-3-2-39
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         MS-3-1-90
NEILSON, RICHARD M.                     MS-3-2-279
NEWMAN, E. M.                           MS-3-2-324
NEWMAN, JAMES M.                        MS-3-2-341
NEWMAN, JONATHAN                        MS-3-1-37
NUNNERY, JOHN                           MS-3-2-314
NUNNERY, REUBIN                         MS-3-2-352
OSTIN, OZIAS                            MS-3-1A-135
OTIS, JAMES                             MS-3-1A-124
PADELFORD, WILLIAM T.                   MS-3-1-144
PAGE, JOHN W.                           MS-3-2-137
PARKER, ELIZABETH                       MS-3-2-171
PARKER, MILES                           MS-3-1A-158
PARSONS, C. M.                          MS-3-2-342
PARSONS, S. A.                          MS-3-2-344
PEARCE, S. L.                           MS-3-2-415
PERRY, ELIZABETH                        MS-3-1-163
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM E.                    MS-3-1-98
PITTS, JACOB                            MS-3-1-56
POOL, WILLIAM                           MS-3-1A-199
PORTS, SAMUEL H.                        MS-3-1-322
RABEN, GEORGE                           MS-3-1-129
RABORN, ANTHONY                         MS-3-1-125
RABORN, GEORGE W.                       MS-3-1-278
RADFORD, THOMAS W.                      MS-3-1-96
RAMBERT, JOHN                           MS-3-1-8
RAMSEY, MATHEW                          MS-3-2-194
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         MS-3-2-410
REAMS, ANN C.                           MS-3-2-16
REED, ELIZABETH M.                      MS-3-2-411
REEVE, JOHN                             MS-3-2-186
RHODES, CHARLES                         MS-3-1-159
RICE, JESSE                             MS-3-1-120
ROBERTS, GEORGE                         MS-3-1A-182
ROBERTS, GEORGE                         MS-3-1A-137
ROBERTS, JAMES D.                       MS-3-2-302
ROBERTS, SYLVESTER D.                   MS-3-2-11
ROBERTSON, JOHN                         MS-3-1A-184
ROBESON, DAVID                          MS-3-1-304
ROBINOSN, TEMPERANCE                    MS-3-2-15
ROBINSON, JAMES                         MS-3-1-133
ROBINSON, L. B.                         MS-3-2-409
ROBINSON, MOSES                         MS-3-1-100
ROE, JAMES                              MS-3-1A-154
ROGERS, T. M.                           MS-3-2-48
ROTHMAN, C. T. C.                       MS-3-2-307
ROUNTREE, REUBIN                        MS-3-2-136
SHARP, CATHERINE                        MS-3-2-331
SHARP, JOSEPH A.                        MS-3-2-320
SHAW, DUNCAN                            MS-3-1-64
SHAW, R. D.                             MS-3-2-231
SHORTER, RUSSEL                         MS-3-1A-15, 93
SITES, LEONARD                          MS-3-2-282
SLEEPER, GIDEON                         MS-3-1-179
SLEEPER, NANCY M.                       MS-3-2-127
SMILEY, NATHANIEL                       MS-3-1-190
SMITH, AMBROUS                          MS-3-2-93
SMITH, LOUISA                           MS-3-1A-193
SMITH, RICHARD H.                       MS-3-2-153
SMYLIE, JENNETT                         MS-3-1-329
SPEARS, MASON                           MS-3-1A-180, 254
SPURLOCK, A. J. (MRS.)                  MS-3-2-335
SPURLOCK, ALLEN                         MS-3-2-159
STEWART, ELIZABETH D.                   MS-3-2-19
STEWART, ROBERT                         MS-3-2-114
STOKER, MATHEW                          MS-3-1A-290
STRAUGHAN, JOHN                         MS-3-1-218
STREET, VICTORIA C. D.                  MS-3-2-88
STRONG, STEPHEN H.                      MS-3-1-152
SWANSON, NELS                           MS-3-2-404
SWEARINGEN, HENRY                       MS-3-1-87
SWEARINGEN, JOEL                        MS-3-1-119
SWEARINGEN, THOMAS                      MS-3-1-169
TALBERT, JESSE                          MS-3-1-32
TALBERT, THOMAS                         MS-3-2-124
TARVER, WEST                            MS-3-1A-6
TATUM, WILLIAM                          MS-3-2-76
TAWER, ALLEN                            MS-3-1-165
TAYLOR, HANNAH                          MS-3-2-34
TERRELL, ELIZABETH                      MS-3-2-172
TERRELL, MOSES                          MS-3-1-104
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     MS-3-1-55
THOMPSON, DAVID                         MS-3-1-199
THOMPSON, JOHN                          MS-3-1-316
THOMPSON, MARY                          MS-3-2-37
THOMPSON, MILLY                         MS-3-2-349
THOMPSON, ROWLAND                       MS-3-2-53
TOLER, THOMAS                           MS-3-1-128
TORRANCE, JANE                          MS-3-1-302
TRAVIS, THOMAS                          MS-3-2-129
TRENTHAM, ROBERT                        MS-3-1A-1, 256
TUCKER, HERBERT                         MS-3-1-58
TYCER, RICHARD WILLIAM                  MS-3-1A-25
VANNORMAN, H. L. SR.                    MS-3-2-397
WAGGONER, MARY                          MS-3-2-7
WAGGONER, THOMAS                        MS-3-1-48
WAIT, JOHN                              MS-3-1-85
WALL, BENJAMIN G.                       MS-3-2-285
WALL, HOWELL                            MS-3-1-26, 277
WALL, JEHU                              MS-3-2-20
WARNOCK, LEROY                          MS-3-1-223
WEATHERBY, M. L.                        MS-3-2-420
WEATHERSBY, LEWIS                       MS-3-1-248
WEBB, S. J. (MRS.)                      MS-3-2-393
WEBB, SAMUEL B.                         MS-3-2-229
WEBB, W. Z.                             MS-3-2-387
WELCH, NATHAN                           MS-3-1A-156
WELLS, G. M.                            MS-3-2-370
WELLSON, PASCHAL P.                     MS-3-2-132
WESTB ROOK, MILDRED                     MS-3-2-120
WHITAKER, PINCKNEY M.                   MS-3-1-307
WHITE, ALFRED                           MS-3-1-334
WHITE, MARY                             MS-3-1-5
WHITTINGTON, JAMES L                    MS-3-2-323
WILKINSON, MICAJAH                      MS-3-1-131
WILKINSON, MICAJAH                      MS-3-2-220, 339
WILKINSON, ROWLAND                      MS-3-2-190
WILKINSON, STEPHEN                      MS-3-1-258
WILKINSON, STEPHEN D.                   MS-3-1-270
WILKINSON, TEMPERANCE                   MS-3-2-199
WILKINSON, WINSTON                      MS-3-2-290
WILLEFORD, NANCY D.                     MS-3-1-209
WILLIAMS, JESSE                         MS-3-2-139
WILLSON, WILLIAM PRINCETON              MS-3-2-407
WILSON, DANIEL                          MS-3-1-320
WILSON, JOHN C.                         MS-3-1-246
WILSON, MARGARET                        MS-3-2-46
WILSON, MARY                            MS-3-2-166
WILSON, TURNER S.                       MS-3-2-178
WITHERSPOON, JAMES                      MS-3-1-10
WITHERSPOON, JAMES E.                   MS-3-1-9
WOODHULL, JESSE                         MS-3-1A-194
WREN, ELIZABETH                         MS-3-1-244
WREN, FRANCIS                           MS-3-1A-139, 271, 284
WREN, GEORGE GAYDEN                     MS-3-1A-285
WREN, JOHN                              MS-3-1A-292
WREN, JOHN                              MS-3-1-2
WYATT, G. W.                            MS-3-2-403

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