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Column One: Name of Testator
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ABRAHAMSON, CALEB                      MN-86-D-306
ALEXANDER, MARY                        MN-86-D-291
ANDERSON, OLOF                         MN-86-D-474
ANSELMENT, KATHARINA                   MN-86-D-314
AVERILL, EMILY E.                      MN-86-D-10
BARD, ANDERS                           MN-86-D-111
BARNETT, WILLIAM PITT                  MN-86-D-289
BARR, WILLIAM B.                       MN-86-D-246
BARTHEL, HUBERT                        MN-86-D-152
BARTHEL, WILILAM                       MN-86-D-159
BARTLETT, CHARLES                      MN-86-D-371
BATTLES, MARY E.                       MN-86-D-377
BEATTIE, ARCHIBALD                     MN-86-D-40
BEDLE, WILLIAM H.                      MN-86-D-240
BERG, ANDREW                           MN-86-D-369
BERTHIAUME, FRANCIS                    MN-86-D-265
BERTRAM, JULIA Y.                      MN-86-D-138
BLOOM, JOHN F.                         MN-86-D-140
BLUME, THEODORE                        MN-86-D-70
BOLLMAN, HALSTEN                       MN-86-D-206
BOYINGTON, ANDREW                      MN-86-D-19
BOYINGTON, JOHN E.                     MN-86-D-444
BRONDER, JOSEPH                        MN-86-D-120
BROSE, FREDERICK                       MN-86-D-132
BULLOCK, ANDREW                        MN-86-D-373
BURKE, JOHN                            MN-86-D-109
BURROWS, HENRY D.                      MN-86-D-87
BUTLER, JAMES                          MN-86-D-401
CADY, RESOLVO O.                       MN-86-D-182
CARLSON, SWAN                          MN-86-D-13
CASEY, JOHN                            MN-86-D-389
CLEVELAND, JOSEPH P.                   MN-86-D-494
COLE, BETSEY                           MN-86-D-88
CONKLIN, ELIZABETH                     MN-86-D-392
CONWAY, W. H.                          MN-86-D-367
COOLEN, P. MATHIAS                     MN-86-D-397
COWETTE, ISAIE                         MN-86-D-166
CRAMSIE, JOHN B.                       MN-86-D-53
CULLEN, JOHN K.                        MN-86-D-211
DAVIS, GEORGE                          MN-86-D-204
DAVIS, OWEN                            MN-86-D-484
DEDRICK, MARY                          MN-86-D-150
DEHMER, JOHN                           MN-86-D-28
DELIN, PETER J.                        MN-86-D-424
DESMOND, JAMES                         MN-86-D-45
DESMOND, JERRY                         MN-86-D-15
DESMOND, MARY                          MN-86-D-317
DESMOND, PATRICK                       MN-86-D-105
DEVANNEY, OWEN                         MN-86-D-34
DIERS, HENRY                           MN-86-D-448
DIERS, HERMAN                          MN-86-D-161
DORF, CARL                             MN-86-D-486
DRAKE, G. W. M.                        MN-86-D-276
DUNN, WILLIAM                          MN-86-D-308
EASTMAN, ANDREW                        MN-86-D-365
EKSTRAND, NILS                         MN-86-D-363
ELLETSON, ALBERT                       MN-86-D-209
ELLETSON, ANNABEL                      MN-86-D-301
ELLIS, JOHN                            MN-86-D-183
ELSENPETER, JOHN E.                    MN-86-D-272
ENGEL, MICHAEL                         MN-86-D-331
ENGEN, OLE                             MN-86-D-92
ERB, MARY                              MN-86-D-262
ERICKSON, ANDREW                       MN-86-D-432
ERICKSON, JOHN                         MN-86-D-278
FASHANT, MARY B.                       MN-86-D-312
FIEDLER, CHRISTIAN                     MN-86-D-360
FLANIGAN, THOMAS                       MN-86-D-55
FOGERLUND, CARL J.                     MN-86-D-67
FRANK, JOHN M.                         MN-86-D-251
FREDRICK, WILLIAM H.                   MN-86-D-162
GEISER, JOHN                           MN-86-D-404
GERBER, FRITZ                          MN-86-D-144
GOETZMAN, GEORGE                       MN-86-D-3
GOODIN, GEORGE P.                      MN-86-D-465
GRAHAM, DANIEL                         MN-86-D-327
GREEINNGER, FRANK                      MN-86-D-470
GRODEM, ANDREW E.                      MN-86-D-30
GUTZWILLER, I. JR.                     MN-86-D-267
HAGEN, JAMES                           MN-86-D-350
HAGQUIST, PETER                        MN-86-D-136
HANSON, JENS                           MN-86-D-1
HARRIS, GEORGE W.                      MN-86-D-237
HENDRICKSON, OLE                       MN-86-D-454
HOGFORS, PETER G.                      MN-86-D-419
HOLMQUIST, SVEN J.                     MN-86-D-346
ISAACSON, AUGUST                       MN-86-D-452
JACOBSON, MATTIS                       MN-86-D-196
JENNINGS, MICHAEL F.                   MN-86-D-123
JOHNSON, C. J.                         MN-86-D-22
JOHNSON, GORAN P.                      MN-86-D-406
JOHNSON, JOHANNES                      MN-86-D-412
JOHNSON, JOHN                          MN-86-D-408
JOHNSON, MARY                          MN-86-D-304
JOHNSON, NELS G.                       MN-86-D-65
JOSLIN, GILMAN                         MN-86-D-221
KAEHLER, HENRY W.                      MN-86-D-146
KAEHLER, MARY E.                       MN-86-D-148
KASSELLA, ANNA                         MN-86-D-172
KAWALKE, FRED A.                       MN-86-D-186
KEENE, ANNIE C.                        MN-86-D-274
KELLY, JOHN                            MN-86-D-352
KESPOHL, WILHELMINE                    MN-86-D-5
KINGSBURY, MILON W.                    MN-86-D-345
KINLUND, JOHN                          MN-86-D-387
KIRK, SAMUEL                           MN-86-D-496
KNICKERBOCKER, JANE L.                 MN-86-D-244
KNOX, JOHN                             MN-86-D-433
KOSKI, ISAAC A.                        MN-86-D-383
KOTZIAN, REINHOLD                      MN-86-D-492
LAPAGE, JOSEPH                         MN-86-D-422
LARSON, PETER                          MN-86-D-376
LAURIE, MARY JANE                      MN-86-D-356
LENZ, JOHN                             MN-86-D-107
LONGFELLOW, JOHN R.                    MN-86-D-27
LONGWORTH, MARY T.                     Mn-86-D-280
LOOMER, JASPER D.                      MN-86-D-218
LOUISIANA, JOHN                        MN-86-D-38
LOVE, JOHN                             MN-86-D-170
LOVELL, ALVIN C.                       MN-86-D-310
LUETHE, THEODORE L.                    MN-86-D-446
MACHTEL, THEODORE SR.                  MN-86-D-416
MALONEY, RICHARD                       MN-86-D-358
MAROHN, JOHN                           MN-86-D-379
MARQUETT, JOSEPH                       MN-86-D-76
MARR, OTTO                             MN-86-D-428
MATTER, JOSEPH                         MN-86-D-156
MATTSON, H. E.                         MN-86-D-426
MCCORD, EVAN B.                        MN-86-D-18
MCKENNEY, THOMAS J.                    MN-86-D-155
MCKENZIE, DONALD                       MN-86-D-461
MCKNIGHT, ELECTA M.                    MN-86-D-47
MCLEOD, THOMAS                         MN-86-D-229
MCRAW, JOHN                            MN-86-D-200
MEALEY, TOBIAS G.                      MN-86-D-325
MELLAN, ANDREAS                        MN-86-D-467
MERRIMAN, WARREN                       MN-86-D-254
MILLER, ANDREW                         MN-86-D-114
MILLER, MAGNUS                         MN-86-D-94
MONSON, NELS                           MN-86-D-249
MOODY, JAMES                           MN-86-D-198
MOOERS, AUGUSTUS P.                    MN-86-D-214
MOONEY, JAMES                          MN-86-D-60
MOONEY, MARGARET                       MN-86-D-50
MOTZKO, FRANK                          MN-86-D-8
MURPHY, THOMAS                         MN-86-D-125
MURRAY, WILLIAM                        MN-86-D-440
NELSON, JOHN C.                        MN-86-D-489
NEUMANN, GOTTFRIED                     MN-86-D-343
NICHOLS, HENRY E.                      MN-86-D-95
NICKERSON, ALPHONZO                    MN-86-D-174
NICKERSON, MELISSA                     MN-86-D-176
NOTT, WILLIAM F.                       MN-86-D-414
NOVATNE, JOSEPH                        MN-86-D-128
NUGENT, MARIA L.                       MN-86-D-320
NYLAND, HERMAN                         MN-86-D-337
OEHRLEIN, ANDREW                       MN-86-D-62
OLOUGHLIN, JOHN C.                     MN-86-D-420
PASSEHL, JOHN                          MN-86-D-287
PAUL, JOHANNA C.                       MN-86-D-341
PETERSON, HOLSTEN                      MN-86-D-334
PETERSON, MARIA                        MN-86-D-326
PETERSON, NELS                         MN-86-D-299
PETERSON, PETER                        MN-86-D-362
POORE, MARY L.                         MN-86-D-78
PREBLE, JOHN                           MN-86-D-242
PUTNAM, CAROLINE L.                    MN-86-D-322
RAMSDEN, MARGARET                      MN-86-D-456
RANNEY, HARRISON J.                    MN-86-D-410
RAUSCH, LOUIS D.                       MN-86-D-316
RICH, JOHN B.                          MN-86-D-399
RICKER, THOMAS J.                      MN-86-D-57
RIDGWAY, MARGARET                      MN-86-D-458
RIGBY, WILLIAM T.                      MN-86-D-260
RING, GUSTAF                           MN-86-D-394
RODIN, A. J.                           MN-86-D-85
ROMSLA, MARTIN                         MN-86-D-235
ROOS, JOHN                             MN-86-D-168
RUCKLE, HENRY                          MN-86-D-478
SAND, HANS L.                          MN-86-D-284
SCHUBERT, GOTTLIEB                     MN-86-D-91
SEXAUER, KARL                          MN-86-D-32
SHULTZ, ENFRED                         MN-86-D-354
SLOAN, ANDREW C.                       MN-86-D-481
SMITH, FRANK R.                        MN-86-D-442
SMITH, THADDEUS S.                     MN-86-D-255
STEWART, MALCOLM GRAEME                MN-86-D-117
STOKES, CHARLES                        MN-86-D-72
STOKES, HENRY                          MN-86-D-23
SWANSON, JOHN O.                       MN-86-D-335
THIELEN, MICHAEL                       MN-86-D-130
THIEMAN, BERNARD                       MN-86-D-469
THULEN, MATHIAS                        MN-86-D-234
THURSTENSON, BERGER                    MN-86-D-437
TOWNSEND, JOHN K.                      MN-86-D-387
VOLK, MAX                              MN-86-D-329
WATROUS, WILLIAM                       MN-86-D-202
WELTON, WILLIAM                        MN-86-D-164
WHITE, RHODA C.                        MN-86-D-381
WILSON, ELLEN                          MN-86-D-25
WOLFF, HENRY                           MN-86-D-475
YOUNG, THOMAS                          MN-86-D-142
ANDERSON, NELS                         MN-86-2-39
AYD, EDWARD                            MN-86-2-45
BASLEY, MARY                           MN-86-2-222
BERTHIAUME, FRANCOIS                   MN-86-2-141
BLACKBURN, W. JAMES                    MN-86-2-224
BRABEE, SIMON                          MN-86-2-192
BUTLER, WALTER                         MN-86-2-25
BUTLER, WALTER                         MN-86-2-25
BY, JOHN                               MN-86-2-187
DEAN, SYLVESTER N.                     MN-86-2-171
DECKER, POLLY                          MN-86-2-181
DIX, JOHNATHAN                         MN-86-2-190
DOERFLER, JOHN                         MN-86-2-205
DOYL, HENRY                            MN-86-2-234
DURR, ANTHONY                          MN-86-2-61
DUSTIN, NATHAN                         MN-86-2-91
FINKNER, WILLIAM P.                    MN-86-2-230
FOX, MARTIN                            MN-86-2-51
GAHR, MICHEL                           MN-86-2-18
GERARD, LOUWALTER, LIS                 MN-86-2-203
GILCHRIST, ARCHIBALD S.                MN-86-2-228
GLASCO, JOHN                           MN-86-2-248
GLASSCOCK, JOHN                        MN-86-2-252
GRANT, ARCHIBALD                       MN-86-2-245
HALL, W.                               MN-86-2-29
HAMILTON, JOHN                         MN-86-2-214                              
HAYERMEIER, LOATHIM                    MN-86-2-40
HAYS, EDMUND W.                        MN-86-2-127
HELM, HENRY H.                         MN-86-2-260
HERZOG, RICHARD                        MN-86-2-115
HIBBARD, ELEAZER                       MN-86-2-57
JOHNSON, GERTRUDE                      MN-86-2-243
JUDSON, DAVID P.                       MN-86-2-92
KELLY, PATRICK                         MN-86-2-226
KNAEBLE, A. HENRY                      MN-86-2-1
KNIGHT, JOHN                           MN-86-2-47
KREIDLER, DANIEL                       MN-86-2-146
KUKA, JOHAN                            MN-86-2-70
LAUGHTON, LUTHER                       MN-86-2-197
LEE, DANIEL                            MN-86-2-122
MAGUIRE, THOMAS                        MN-86-2-259
MCALPIN, WILLIAM W.                    MN-86-2-11
MOODIG, ERIE JOHN                      MN-86-2-218
MOODIG, GERTRUDE                       MN-86-2-243
MORRICE, PETER                         MN-86-2-166
MORRIS, JOHN                           MN-86-2-106
MURRAY, ROBERT                         MN-86-2-152
NOON, PATRICK                          MN-86-2-54
NUGENT, JAMES                          MN-86-2-216
OAKES, JOHN                            MN-86-2-34
ORTH, CHARLES                          MN-86-2-160
PORTER, MARY A.                        MN-86-2-236
PRESCOTT, SARAH L.                     MN-86-2-199
PRIME, AUGUSTUS                        MN-86-2-118
REARDON, MICHAEL                       MN-86-2-247
RETTICH, WILLIBALD                     MN-86-2-255
RICE, RICHARD                          MN-86-2-176
ROLOFF, AUGUST P.                      MN-86-2-232
SCHULTY, HARTWIG                       MN-86-2-156 
SHAW, THEODORE                         MN-86-2-225
STACY, GEORGE W.                       MN-86-2-110
STEINBERGER, ADAM                      MN-86-2-210
STREIK, CHRISTOF                       MN-86-2-132
STRUNK, JOHN                           MN-86-2-195
THOMPSON, JOHN                         MN-86-2-149
WAKEFIELD, L. E.                       MN-86-2-38
WALTER, LUTHER                         MN-86-2-207
WATSON, LUTHER                         MN-86-2-207
WOLD, CAROLINE                         MN-86-2-241
WOODWARD, OLIVER                       MN-86-2-31
WOODWARD, SALLY                        MN-86-2-40
YOUNG, FREDERICK R.                    MN-86-2-66
ZWANZIG, FREDERICK                     MN-86-2-212
AKERMAN, OLAF                          MN-86-C-342
ALDRICH, ADIN J.                       MN-86-C-449
ANDEROINEN, JOHN                       MN-86-C-390
ANDERSON, ANDERS                       MN-86-C-169
ANDERSON, OLE                          MN-86-C-373
ANSELMENT, URBAN                       MN-86-C-290
ARVE, WILLIAM                          MN-86-C-340
ASKIM, OLE L.                          MN-86-C-361
ASTROPE, HENRY                         MN-86-C-33
AYDT, EDWARD                           MN-86-C-35
BAILEY, MOODY A.                       MN-86-C-334
BANNON, APTRICK                        MN-86-C-208
BARKER, A. F.                          MN-86-C-276
BEAN, BENJAMIN                         MN-86-C-167
BECHER, ADAM                           MN-86-C-384
BEEKMAN, JOHN                          MN-86-C-69
BEHRNBRINKER, JOHN                     MN-86-C-238
BEIER, WILHELM                         MN-86-C-400
BENSON, MARY A.                        MN-86-C-337
BERNEK, CHRISTINE                      MN-86-C-248
BIRKHOLTZ, AUGUST F.                   MN-86-C-367
BOAHLKE, JOACHIM                       MN-86-C-260
BODEMO, JOHN                           MN-86-C-158                              
BORSCH, JOHN                           MN-86-C-44
BORTHWICK, A. J.                       MN-86-C-67
BOXELL, WILLIAM T.                     MN-86-C-371
BOYD, ELIZABETH                        MN-86-C-193
BRONSON, LUCINDA P.                    MN-86-C-149
BRUCE, THOMAS                          MN-86-C-8
BURKE, RICHARD                         MN-86-C-335
BYE, JONAS G.                          MN-86-C-282
CADY, GEORGE L.                        MN-86-C-40
CARLISLE, JOSEPH                       MN-86-C-52
CARLSON, CARL                          MN-86-C-113
CESER, MICHAEL                         MN-86-C-198
CHEVALIER, JULES F.                    MN-86-C-95
CHRISTEN, MARGARETHE                   MN-86-C-422
CLEARY, JAMES                          MN-86-C-23
CONNELLY, DENNIS                       MN-86-C-301
COOPER, MARTHA                         MN-86-C-330
CORMAN, STEPHEN H.                     MN-86-C-165
CRAFT, WILLIAM B.                      MN-86-C-86
CRAMER, JOSEPH                         MN-86-C-348
DAHLBERG, CHARLES F.                   MN-86-C-361
DAILY, TIMOTHY                         MN-86-C-177
DALHECK, JOSEPH                        MN-86-C-311
DAVIS, DAVID                           MN-86-C-426
DAVIS, MICHAEL                         MN-86-C-321
DAVITT, ANTHONY                        MN-86-C-259
DECHANEY, ANTHONE                      MN-86-C-345
DIEM, JOSEPH                           MN-86-C-107
DIFFAR, JOHN                           MN-86-C-287
DOSTAL, WINSLOW P.                     MN-86-C-229
DURFEE, PAUL                           MN-86-C-405
DYER, NORMAN                           MN-86-C-153
EDMONDS, H. F.                         MN-86-C-115
EGGERSLGUSS, WILHELM                   MN-86-C-303
EKSTRAND, SWAN                         MN-86-C-182
ELLEFSON, ELIZABETH                    MN-86-C-430
ELLETSON, FRANCIS M.                   MN-86-C-412
ELSENPETER, J. HENRY                   MN-86-C-272
ERICKSON, JORES                        MN-86-C-437
ERTEL, JACOB                           MN-86-C-317
EUKE, AUGUST                           MN-86-C-245
FERRELL, LARA                          MN-86-C-180
FORAN, MICHAEL                         MN-86-C-191
FRANKLIN, JOHN L.                      MN-86-C-130
FREDERICK, ALBERT B.                   MN-86-C-10
FREEMAN, DANIEL H.                     MN-86-C-151
FULLER, OLIVE M.                       MN-86-C-283
GANZ, JOSEPH                           MN-86-C-109
GERARD, PHILLIP                        MN-86-C-293
GERBER, GUIRINE                        MN-86-C-386
GONSIOR, MARTIN                        MN-86-C-143
GOULD, WEALTHY E.                      MN-86-C-17
GRAY, SAMUEL M.                        MN-86-C-49
GRAY, SUSAN                            MN-86-C-54
GREST, CHRISTIAN                       MN-86-C-199
GRISWOLD, C.                           MN-86-C-34
GULSE, HENRY                           MN-86-C-42
GUTZWILLER, ANNA                       MN-86-C-278
GUTZWILLER, IGNATZ SR.                 MN-86-C-64
HAEFER, LOUIS W.                       MN-86-C-289
HALZCHRIN, EBERHARD                    MN-86-C-47
HARRINGTON, JAMES                      MN-86-C-255
HAYS, SUSANNA                          MN-86-C-147
HILLIARD, REUBEN                       MN-86-C-308
HINKLE, WILLIAM P.                     MN-86-C-60
HOLT, LUCIUS                           MN-86-C-223
HORD, JOHN                             MN-86-C-296
INGERSOLL, DAVID L.                    MN-86-C-120
JAESNICH, CARL                         MN-86-C-36
JANSEN, SARAH R.                       MN-86-C-128
JASPERS, FRANK H.                      MN-86-C-447
JOHNSON, LARS P.                       MN-86-C-416
JOHNSON, MYRA E.                       MN-86-C-362
JOHNSON, OLOF                          MN-86-C-406
JOHNSON, RACHEL                        MN-86-C-163
JONES, MARY M.                         MN-86-C-132
JORDAN, PATRICK                        MN-86-C-146
JORGENSON, AXEL                        MN-86-C-420
KAERCHER, JACOB                        MN-86-C-379
KOPKA, MARTIN                          MN-86-C-395
KOTILINEK, JOHN                        MN-86-C-16
KOTILINEK, JOHN                        MN-86-C-439
LAHTI, AMANDA                          MN-86-C-94
LAMBERT, JOHANNA                       MN-86-C-381
LAPPI, JOHN                            MN-86-C-432
LARSON, ANDREW                         MN-86-C-376
LEE, JAMES                             MN-86-C-435
LEE, WILLIAM                           MN-86-C-161
LINK, F.                               MN-86-C-225
LUHMANN, GEORGE                        MN-86-C-349
LYLE, JAMES P.                         MN-86-C-72
MACK, HENRY                            MN-86-C-408
MALM, JOHN                             MN-86-C-280
MARKHAM, SELAH                         MN-86-C-102
MATTER, ANTHONY                        MN-86-C-204
MATTSON, STEFAN                        MN-86-C-392
MAYER, CONRAD                          MN-86-C-155
MCCLAY, MATHEW                         MN-86-C-252
MCCRORY, WILLIAM G.                    MN-86-C-28
MCDOLPHIN, JOHN                        MN-86-C-312
MERRIMAN, H. F.                        MN-86-C-418
MERRIMAN, H. F.                        MN-86-C-418
METZ, GEORGE                           MN-86-C-424
MILLER, ANDREW G.                      MN-86-C-356
MILLER, GOTTLOB                        MN-86-C-21
MOODY, JOHN                            MN-86-C-221
MOORE, LEWIS                           MN-86-C-58
MORSS, DWIGHT F.                       MN-86-C-74
MURPHY, DENNIS                         MN-86-C-136
MURPHY, HANNAH                         MN-86-C-240
MURRAY, MICHAEL                        MN-86-C-38
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        MN-86-C-189
OCONNELL, JOHN                         MN-86-C-84
OHAIR, MARY                            MN-86-C-365
OLSON, CARL                            MN-86-C-369
OSWALD, PETER                          MN-86-C-359
OTTO, WILLIAM                          MN-86-C-262
PALINGO, IGNATIUS                      MN-86-C-187
PARTRIDGE, FLORAUS B.                  MN-86-C-235
PAVLIK, MATHIAS                        MN-86-C-206
PELHAM, JOHN                           MN-86-C-12
PERSON, NELS                           MN-86-C-212
PETERS, C. F.                          MN-86-C-178
PETERSON, AUGUSTUS                     MN-86-C-97
PHILLIPS, HALSEY                       MN-86-C-332
PICKERT, FREDERICK                     MN-86-C-399
PRESCOTT, ONGEN                        MN-86-C-104
PURCELL, PATRICK                       MN-86-C-364
RAFFERTY, JAMES                        MN-86-C-171
RAFFERTY, MARGARET                     MN-86-C-65
REEVES, URIAH G.                       MN-86-C-71
REINKE, IDA                            MN-86-C-160
REINMUTH, GEORGE                       MN-86-C-397
RELITZ, EDWARD                         MN-86-C-354
RETTISCH, JOSAPHINE                    MN-86-C-126
RICHARDS, EMANUEL                      MN-86-C-184
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                       MN-86-C-19
RODEN, NICHOLAS                        MN-86-C-117
ROLOFF, LOUISA                         MN-86-C-31
ROWELL, ELEANOR B.                     MN-86-C-3
SCHUMACHER, THERESIA                   MN-86-C-92
SCHUMACKER, WILLIAM E.                 MN-86-C-247
SHERMAN, J. L.                         MN-86-C-344
SHIRLEY, GUY H.                        MN-86-C-219
SIPOLA, MATTIS                         MN-86-C-358
SMITH, JAY H.                          MN-86-C-414
SPENCER, PHILIP                        MN-86-C-394
STEWARD, CALVIN                        MN-86-C-209
STOKES, GEORGE SR.                     MN-86-C-140
STOKES, MARY                           MN-86-C-2231
STRUNK, MARGARETHA                     MN-86-C-233
STUHR, HERMAN                          MN-86-C-201
SUK, THOMAS                            MN-86-C-237
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MN-86-C-98
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         MN-86-C-428
SWANSON, SWAN                          MN-86-C-100
TAKALA, ABRAHAM                        MN-86-C-387
TAYLOR, FRED B.                        MN-86-C-214
TEAT, FREDERICK                        MN-86-C-227
THURSTON, ANDREW                       MN-86-C-111
TRACY, JAMES                           MN-86-C-351
UHL, JOSEPH                            MN-86-C-173
VADNER, JOSEPH                         MN-86-C-410
VOLLBRECHT, JACOB                      MN-86-C-305
VOLLBRECHT, WILLIAM                    MN-86-C-270
WAGNER, GOTFRIED                       MN-86-C-1
WALSH, WILLIAM                         MN-86-C-242
WAMAS, NICOLAS                         MN-86-C-122
WARD, THOMAS                           MN-86-C-124
WASHBURNE, JOHN W.                     MN-86-C-285
WEDGEWOOD, WILLIAM E.                  MN-86-C-257
WELLCOME, MICHAEL                      MN-86-C-265
WHITCOMB, JOHN                         MN-86-C-15
WHITE, DAVID                           MN-86-C-4
WHITE, JAMES B.                        MN-86-C-6
WIEGAND, LOUIS                         MN-86-C-250
WIEGAND, MARY E.                       MN-86-C-442
WOLF, JOHN                             MN-86-C-433
WORTHING, DANIEL                       MN-86-C-105
WYMAN, MARY J.                         MN-86-C-377
YAGER, JOHN                            MN-86-C-315
YOUNG, DAVID                           MN-86-C-134
ZACKMAN, EMILY                         MN-86-C-444
ZANDER, FREDERICK SR.                  MN-86-C-138

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