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AALEY, CHARLES                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-477
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-283
ADAM, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-B-155
ADAMS, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-647
ADAMS, CHARLES                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-632
ADAMS, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-396
ALBAUGH, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-653
ALBERT, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-504
ALBERT, PRISCILLA                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-318
ALBERT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-340
ALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-300
ALLENDER, ANNA                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-113
ALLOWAY, HENRIETTA M.                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-667
ALTER, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-371
ALTER, CHRISTOPHER                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-27
ALTER, DAVID                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-225, 476
ALTER, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-224
ALTER, SUSANA                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-469
AMEN, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-23
ANCONEY, DEVAULT                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-43
ANDERSON, JANE                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-720
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-206
ANGLE, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-159
ANGLE, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-209
ANGLE, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-634
ANIBA, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-442
ANKENY, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-389
ANKENY, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-200
ARLEBAUGH, MARY                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-188
ARREL, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-178
ARTZ, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-147
ARTZ, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-461
ARTZ, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-127
ASH, HENRY                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-437
ASH, JOHN                              NTL                                     MD-22-C-424
ASHTON, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-581
AULLEBAUGH, BARBARA                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-44
AUSTIN, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-29
AUSTIN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-483
AVEY, BARBARA                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-441
AVEY, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-299
AVEY, CHRISTIAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-256
AVEY, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-200
AVEY, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-358
AVEY, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-298
BACHTEL, ISAAC                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-343
BACHTEL, MARTIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-42
BACHTEL, MARTIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-405
BACHTEL, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-221
BACHTEL, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-600
BACHTELL, MARTIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-444
BAGER, SAWNY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-476
BAIRD, MARGARET                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-432
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-284
BAKER, BARBARA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-673
BAKER, CATHARINE S.                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-574
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-573
BAKER, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-363
BAKER, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-280
BAKER, MARGRAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-274
BAKER, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-538
BAKER, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-71
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-174
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-199
BARD, ROBERT                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-68
BARE, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-266
BARE, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-520
BARGDOLL, CATHARINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-522
BARGMAN, FREDERICK                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-42
BARKMAN, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-306
BARKMAN, EVE                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-565
BARKMAN, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-434
BARKMAN, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-65
BARKS, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-155
BARKS, MARGARET                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-163
BARKSTRASER, ELIZABETH                 NTL                                     MD-22-D-657
BARNES, RICHARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-31
BARNHART, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-39
BARR, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-361
BARR, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-253
BARR, JOHN S.                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-335
BARRY, JAMES                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-19
BARTGIS, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-120
BARTOON, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-290
BASELER, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-62
BASH, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-144
BASLER, GOTLIEB                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-473
BASNETT, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-215
BASNETT, SARAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-236
BAUMGARDNER, WILLIAM                   NTL                                     MD-22-C-307
BAUSSER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-278
BAYER, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-282
BAYNE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-123
BEACKMAN, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-13
BEAKER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-69
BEALER, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-374
BEALL, ANTHONY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-252
BEALL, GEORGE ROSS                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-492
BEALL, SAMUEL JR.                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-12
BEAN, BENJAMIN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-161
BEAN, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-168
BEAN, GEORGE W.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-640
BEAR, CATHERINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-618
BEAR, ISAAC                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-579
BEAR, ISAAC                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-115
BEAR, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-49
BEAR, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-662
BEARD, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-330
BEARD, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-206
BEARD, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-320
BEARD, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-178
BEARD, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-386
BEARD, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-39
BEAVER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-425
BECK, ANDREW                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-459
BECK, THEOBOLD                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-462
BECKLEY, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-281
BECKLEY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-602
BEDINGER, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-91
BEELER, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-472
BEELER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-360
BEELER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-522
BELL, LEONARD                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-113
BELL, PETER (CAPT.)                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-16
BELT, THOMAS                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-218
BELTZER, MARGARET                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-447
BENCKHARTT, GEORGE                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-138
BENDER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-111
BENDER, HERMAN                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-289
BENDER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-585
BENNER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-6
BENNER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-36
BENNER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-297
BENTZ, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-166
BERGSTRAESER, ADAM                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-104
BERRY, WASHINGTON                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-428
BESTARD, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-473
BETTERBENNER, HENRY                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-385
BETZ, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-193
BEVANS, ANN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-1388
BIERSHING, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-490
BIGGAM, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-617
BILLMIRE, MARTIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-246
BINKLEY, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-125
BISETT, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-346
BISHOP, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-103
BIVENS, LEONARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-264
BLACKBURN, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     MD-22-A-140
BLACKFORD, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-335
BLACKMORE, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-284
BLACKWELL, ARTHUR                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-151
BLACKWELL, MARGARET B.                 NTL                                     MD-22-E-274
BLAIR, ANDREW                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-342
BLAIR, JAMES                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-357
BLAKE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-127
BLAKMORE, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-319
BLOOMINGHOUR, MICHAEL                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-351
BOESTLER, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-61
BOMBARGER, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-703
BOMBARGER, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-336
BOMBERGER, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-636
BOMBERGER, JOHN SR.                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-684
BOMBERGER, MOSES                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-162
BOND, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-8
BONER, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-468
BOOTH, BARTHOLOMEW                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-117
BOOTH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-189
BOPP, MARTIN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-517
BOSTATER, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-500
BOSTETER, ANDREW                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-117
BOTELER, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-267
BOTELER, HEZEKIAH                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-701
BOTEROFF, MARY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-680
BOTTORFF, ANDREW                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-273
BOULLT, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-595
BOUMINGER, CHRISTIAN                   NTL                                     MD-22-A-225
BOVEY, BARBARA                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-255
BOVEY, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-33
BOVEY, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-698
BOVEY, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-528
BOVY, MICHAEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-73
BOWARD, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-464
BOWE, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-100
BOWER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-112
BOWER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-60
BOWER, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-20
BOWER, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-306
BOWERS, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-552
BOWERS, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-672
BOWERT, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-387
BOWLES, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-165
BOWLES, T.                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-157
BOWMAN, BALTZER                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-216
BOWMAN, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-539
BOWMAN, DOROTHY                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-36
BOWMAN, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-18
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-323
BOWMAN, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-172
BOWMAN, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-196
BOWMAN, HENRY JR.                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-584
BOWMAN, SABINA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-28
BOWMAN, SIMON                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-429
BOWSER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-239
BOWSER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-125
BOYD, CYNTHIA                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-626
BOYD, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-486
BOYD, MATILDA                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-239
BOYER, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-187
BOYER, GEORGE MICHAEL                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-249
BOYER, JACOB SR.                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-246
BOYER, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-546
BOYER, PHILIP                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-308
BOYMAN, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-324
BRADSHAW, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-18
BRADY, N. M.                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-419
BRAGONIER, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-464
BRANTNER, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-50
BRASHEARS, MARIAH                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-274
BRASHEARS, VAN S.                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-39
BRAUSTETTER, MAGDALENE                 NTL                                     MD-22-C-468
BRAZIER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-570
BREAKLEY, PHILP                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-462
BREATHED, FRANCIS                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-194
BREATHED, ISAAC                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-404
BREATHED, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-148
BREATHED, RANNY                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-329
BRENDEL, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-296
BRENT, THOMAS C.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-4
BREWER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-97
BREWER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-277
BREWER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-22
BREWER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-59
BREWER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-120
BRIEN, HENRY O.                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-442
BRIEN, JOHN MCP.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-26
BRILEY, SUSAN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-601
BRINING, CHRISTIAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-404
BRISCOE, CHARLES                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-410
BRISCOE, MARTHA                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-291
BRISCOE, SUSANNA                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-111
BROCKUNIER, PETER                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-62
BROOKS, JULIA ANN                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-614
BROOKS, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-205
BROSINS, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-233
BROTHERS, TOBIAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-349
BROWN, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-251
BROWN, LOUISA                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-43
BROWN, RUDOLPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-228
BROWN, SUSAN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-624
BROWN, THOMAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-264
BROWN, TOBIAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-479
BRUAH, GUSTAVUS                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-291
BRUMBAUGH, CATHA                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-107
BRUMBAUGH, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-535
BRUMBAUGH, GEORGE                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-254
BRUMBAUGH, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-226
BRUNCK, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-153
BRUNNER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-20
BRUNNER, PETER                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-134
BUCHANAN, THOMAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-674
BUCKLEY, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-96
BULL, RUDOLFUS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-443
BUNHAM, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-276
BURCKHART, CATHARINE                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-304
BURGER, BENEDIC                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-264
BURKHART, CHRISTOPHER                  NTL                                     MD-22-A-397
BURKHART, PHEBE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-463
BURRELL, RICHARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-69
BUSHONG, PHILLIP                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-107
BUTLER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-146
BYERS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-375
BYERS, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-448
BYERS, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-339
BYERS, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-327
BYRNE, PATRICK                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-205
CALE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-474
CANN, THOMAS                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-170
CARLILE, DAVID                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-238
CARLILE, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-336
CARNEY, PATRICK                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-33
CAROTHERS, ANN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-60
CARR, ELIZA                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-168
CARR, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-436
CARR, JOHN SR.                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-66
CARTER, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-207
CARTER, JOSIAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-313
CAST, EVE                              NTL                                     MD-22-E-92
CELLAR, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-379
CHANDLER, MARY                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-605
CHANEY, CHARLES SR.                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-40
CHANEY, ELIAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-457
CHANEY, ELIJAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-174
CHANEY, EZEKIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-84
CHAPLAINE, SARAH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-180
CHAPLINE, JANE                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-314
CHAPLINE, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-345
CHAPLINE, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-164, 166, 168
CHAPLINE, MARY ANN C. A.               NTL                                     MD-22-C-204
CHAPLINE, RUHEMAH                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-355
CHARLTON, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-58
CHARLTON, JONATHAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-74
CHARLTON, THOMAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-107
CHASE, ESTHER                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-427
CHENEY, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-460
CHENEY, JELY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-293
CHENEY, JEREMIAH                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-259
CHENEY, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-426
CHORE, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-42
CLAGETT, ANN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-27
CLAGETT, DAVID                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-453
CLAGETT, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-169
CLAGETT, JOHN B.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-372
CLAGETT, ROBERT                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-319
CLAGETT, ZACHARIAH                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-267
CLAPPER, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-296
CLAPSADDLE, DANIEL                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-148
CLARK, ELENOR                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-555
CLARK, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-324
CLAXTON, ROGER                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-55
CLEVIDENCE, GEORGE                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-515
CLINGAN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-88
CLOPPER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-140
COLE, FRANCES G.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-350
COLLIFLOWER, GEORGE ADAM               NTL                                     MD-22-A-448
COLLIFLOWER, PETER                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-638
COMBS, COLEMAN                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-147
COMBS, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-121
COMEGYS, CORNELIUS                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-292
COMSTOCK, EDWIN P.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-470
CONN,PETER                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-91
CONROD, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-232
COOK, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-449
COOK, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-460
COOPER, REBECKAH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-390
COOPER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-493
CORBY, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-554
CORDY, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-212
CORE, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-247
COSS, BARBRA                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-171
COSS, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-137
COUN, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-79
COW, NICHOLUS                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-84
COX, EZEKIEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-9
COX, PETER                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-593
CRABTREE, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-90
CRAMER, ARNEST                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-282
CRAMER, JONAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-174
CRAMER, LOUIS                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-541
CRAMPTON, ANN M. M.                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-281
CRAMPTON, MARY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-294
CRAMPTON, THOMAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-68
CRAWFORD, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-128
CREAGER, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-331
CREAGER, PHILIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-273
CREYBAUGH, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     MD-22-A-71
CRISSINGER, CATHARINE                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-326
CROMWELL, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-196
CRONISE, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-476
CROWN, F.                              NTL                                     MD-22-D-475
CRUMBAUGH, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-15
CRUMLEY, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-144
CULLER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-254
CURTIS, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-161
CUSHNA, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-699
CUSHNA, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-86
CUSHUA, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-106
DAGENHART, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-601
DAGON, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-63
DARBY, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-338
DARLING, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-164
DAVIS, ELEANOR H.                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-287
DAVIS, FRANCIS                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-157
DAVIS, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-410
DAVIS, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-270
DAVIS, REZIN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-182
DAVIS, RICHARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-357
DAVIS, RICHARD SR.                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-161
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-236
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-333
DEAL, CHRISTIAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-125
DEAL, MORETS                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-334
DEAN, PRISCILLA                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-361
DEANE, RICHARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-168
DEANER, YOST                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-152
DEARDORFF, DANIEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-393
DECKER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-287
DEDIE, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-341
DEDIE, SOLOMON                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-328
DEIHL, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-218
DEITRICK, NANCY                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-531
DELLINGER, CHRISTIANA A.               NTL                                     MD-22-E-660
DELLINGER, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-448
DERR, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-112
DETERICK, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-195
DETERICK, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-213
DETERLY, PETER                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-456
DIBERT, NANCY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-437
DICK, EVE                              NTL                                     MD-22-D-29
DICK, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-165
DICK, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-379
DICKEY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-471
DIPP, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-423
DITTO, ABRAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-305
DITTO, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-320
DIXON, JAMES                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-307
DODD, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-268
DODGE, FRANCIS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-131
DONALDSON, RACHEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-249
DONNELLY, MARGARET                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-143
DONNELLY, PATERICK                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-248
DONOVAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-290
DONOVAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-454
DORNER, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-623
DORSEY, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-438
DORSEY, SALLY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-524
DORSEY, SOPHIA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-443
DOUGHERTY, ALEXANDER                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-468
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-84
DOWLAR, EDWARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-106
DOWLER, ISABELLA                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-29
DOWLER, RICHARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-204
DOWNES, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-271
DOWNEY, ELIZABETH ISABELLA             NTL                                     MD-22-A-146
DOWNEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-85
DOWNEY, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-190
DOWNEY, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-390
DOWNEY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-230
DOWNS, HENNY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-90
DOWNS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-278
DRAPER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-449
DRURY, WILLIAM C.                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-406
DUBBEL, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-262
DUCKETT, ELIZABETH C.                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-560
DUCKETT, ELIZABETH S.                  NTL                                     MD-22-C-419
DUFFIN, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-718
DUFFY, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-10
DUNLAP, ROBERT W. (REV.)               NTL                                     MD-22-E-326
DUNN, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-288
DUNN, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-56
DUNN, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-631
DUSING, PHILLIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-21
DYCHE, VALENTINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-203
EACKLE, HARMON                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-403
EAKLE, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-552
EAKLE, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-457
EAKLE, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-328
EAPRECHT, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-294
EARICK, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-106
EASON, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-90
EASSON, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-265
EASTER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-47
EASTERDAY, GEORGE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-646
EAVEY, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-256
EBBERT, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-91
EBER, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-242
EBERSOLE, EMANUEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-386
EBEY, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-183
ECKER, ELHANNAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-642
EDARDS, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-95
EDMONSTAN, ARCHIBALD                   NTL                                     MD-22-A-143
EDWARDS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-79
EGAN, ROBERT                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-262
EGLETON, ESTHER                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-96
EICHELBERGER, SAMUEL                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-681
EISER, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-126
EMART, LEONARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-46
EMERICK, JONAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-388
EMMART, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-126
EMMERT, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-119
EMMERT, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-66
EMMERT, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-214
EMMERT, NANCY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-56
ENDERES, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-7
ENOS, WILLIAM H.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-311
ENSMINGER, GEORGE                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-137
ENSMINGER, LUDWICK                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-589
ENSMINGER, MARTIN                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-497
ERLENBAUGH, HENRY                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-189
ESHLEMAN, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-209
ESSLER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-145
ESTERDAY, MICHAEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-259
EVANS, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-76
EVANS, SETH                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-52
EVERSOLE, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-79
EVEY, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-200
EYESTER, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-162
EYLER, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-466
EYTEMER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-101
FAHRNEY, PETER                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-244
FALKWELL, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-284
FARBER, PHILLIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-344
FARREN, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-288
FASNACHT, CATHARINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-493
FASNACHT, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-654
FAUSNAUGHT, JOHN                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-116
FECTIG, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-100
FEIDT, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-352
FEIGLEY, PETER OF PETER                NTL                                     MD-22-D-580
FEIGLY, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-615
FELKER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-621
FERGUSON, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-17
FERRALL, PATT                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-217
FESSLER, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-62
FIERY, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-585
FIERY, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-272
FIERY, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-74
FIERY, SABINA                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-481
FINEGAN, AGNES N.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-525
FINLEY, MICHAEL A.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-695
FINNEGAN, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-260
FIREY, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-456
FIREY, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-198
FISHACK, FREDERICK                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-76
FITZHUGH, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-373
FLAGLER, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-339
FLENNER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-124
FLICK, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-234
FLINT, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-71
FLINT, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-141
FLOHRY, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-366
FLORA, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-199
FLORA, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-279
FLORY, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-57
FOGELSONG, CHRISTIAN                   NTL                                     MD-22-A-246
FOGLER, JOHN FREDERICK                 NTL                                     MD-22-A-295
FORD, JAMES                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-451
FORMAN, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-140
FORSEYTHE, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-239
FORSTER, JEREMIAH                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-85
FORSTER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-176
FORSYTHE, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-117
FOUTZ, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-192
FOUTZ, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-335
FOX, JOHN                              NTL                                     MD-22-A-102
FREAMER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-151
FREANER, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-674
FREETZ, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-186
FRENCH, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-173
FRICK, CHARLOTTE                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-35
FRIEND, ANDREW                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-655
FRIEND, CHARLES                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-180
FRIEND, ELEANOR                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-184
FRIEND, GABNELL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-192
FRIEND, GABRIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-115
FRIEND, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-457
FRY, JOHN                              NTL                                     MD-22-A-323
FRY,C HRISTIAN                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-226
FUGATE, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-151
FUGLER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-258
FULLERTON, M. L.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-81
FUNCK, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-25
FUNK, ANNA                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-315
FUNK, CHRISTINA                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-398
FUNK, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-417
FUNK, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-355
FUNK, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-148
FUNK, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-611
FUNK, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-13
FUNK, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-112
FUNK, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-303
FUNK, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-544
FUNK, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-369
FUNK, SUSANNA                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-109
FUNK, SUSANNA                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-429
FURRY, DAVID                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-181
GABBY, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-114
GABBY, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-194
GABBY, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-384
GABBY, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-423
GABLE, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-87
GABRIEL, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-289
GAITHER, HENRIETTA                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-318
GAITHER, HENRY H.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-332
GAITHER, MATILDA                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-158
GALLOWAY, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-466
GALOWAY, JUDY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-462
GANTZ, NICHOLAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-278
GARAGHTY, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-244
GARDENHOUR, JACOB                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-604
GARDNER, YOST                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-305
GARLINGER, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-257
GARLINGER, RACHAEL                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-633
GARY, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-395
GARY, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-311
GATES, CHARLES                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-555
GEARHART, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-79
GEETING, GEORGE A.                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-235
GEETY, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-150
GEHR, DANIEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-236
GEHR, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-458
GEHR, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-322
GEIGER, FRANCES                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-78
GEIGER, SUSANNA                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-167
GEISER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-216
GEISSER, FREDERICK                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-227
GELTMACHER, JOHN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-446
GELWICK, MARY ANN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-221
GELWICKS, CHARLES                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-10
GELWICKS, DAVID C.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-560
GELWICKS, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-396
GELWICKS, GEORGE C.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-284
GEORGE, JOHN SR.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-293
GERHARD, ELIA                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-112
GERHART, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-383
GIBSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-199
GILBERT, CHRISTIAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-240
GILBERT, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-461
GILLILAND, MARY                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-66
GITTINGER, GEORGE                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-557
GLASS, VALENTINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-397
GLAZE, WENDLE                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-309
GOOD, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-667
GORDON, SUSANNA                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-239
GRAFF, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-84
GRAW, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-197
GRAY, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-359
GRAY, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-508
GRAY, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-183
GRAY, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-202
GRAY, MARY ANN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-411
GREEN, MATHIAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-567
GREENWALT, PHILIP                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-64
GREY, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-12
GRICE, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-346
GRIM, DANIEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-475
GRIM, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-278
GRISSINGER, CATHARINE                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-326
GROSH, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-620
GROVE, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-395
GROVE, LAVINIA                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-314
GROVE, PHILIP                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-411
GROVE, VOLLENTINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-195
GROVES, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-219
GRUBER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-402
GRUN, ANDREW                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-446
GUMBERT, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-619
GUNDERMAN, C. L. D.                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-83
GUTH, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-364
HADLEY, SARAH                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-97
HAGER, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-191
HAGER, JONATHAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-405
HAGER, JONATHAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-214
HAGER, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-53
HAHN, ADAM                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-296
HAHN, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-558
HAINES, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-256
HALL, SAMSON                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-391
HALL, THOMAS B.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-65
HALL, THOMAS HENRY                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-206
HALTER, MARY M.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-118
HAM, PETER                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-77
HAMMAKER, PETER                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-350
HAMMEL, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-174
HAMMER, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-184
HAMMER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-400
HAMMER, JOHNG .                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-320
HAMMET, MCKELVIE A.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-47
HAMMET, SARAH                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-76
HAMMON, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-575
HAMMOND, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-21
HAMMOND, MARTIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-417
HAMMOND, PETER                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-209
HAMPTON, MARY ANN                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-235
HANDEY, ESTHER                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-115
HANDEY, WILLIAM H.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-665
HANDY, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-105
HANES, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-369
HANK, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-322
HANNA, ANN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-655
HANNA, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-291
HANNAH, JACKSON                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-219
HARBAUGH, JEREMIAH                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-334
HARBINE, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-D- 453
HARDLE, RICHARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-588
HARGIS, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-188
HARLEINE, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-383
HARR, RUDOLPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-187
HARRIS, SAMUEL B.                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-526
HARRISON, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-473
HARRY, DAVID                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-486
HARRY, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-439
HARRY, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-321
HARRY, GEORGE I.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-645
HARRY, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-116
HARRY, MARTIN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-171
HART, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-376
HARTER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-261
HARTLE, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-231
HARTLE, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-373
HARTLE, SEBASTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-379
HARTMAN, CATHERINA                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-133
HARTZOCK, CATHARINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-190
HARWOOD, MARY ANN                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-373
HAUER, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-501
HAUN, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-429
HAWKEN, JULIANA                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-341
HAYES, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-263
HAYS, JEREMIAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-263
HAYS, JOHN J.                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-200
HAYS, JOSEPH C.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-391
HAYS, PRISCILLA                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-268
HEAVLING, NICHOLAS                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-402
HEBB, RICHARD                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-136
HECK, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-547
HECK, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-405
HEDRICK, MARGARET                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-171
HEDRICK, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-233
HEFLEICH, PETER                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-337
HEISTER, ROSANNA                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-331
HELLAR, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-474
HELLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-228
HELLER, JULIANN                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-413
HELM, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-88
HELPINSTONE, LYDIA H.                  NTL                                     MD-22-B-303
HELSER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-439
HENNEBERGER, GEORGE W.                 NTL                                     MD-22-E-440
HENNEBERGER, JOHN                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-471
HERBERT, CHARLES                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-93
HERBERT, STEWART                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-180
HERSH, FREDERICK                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-437
HERSHBERGER, SAMUEL                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-91
HERSHEY, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-213
HERSHEY, ANNA B.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-562
HERSHEY, BARBARA                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-591
HERSHEY, CHRISTIAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-416
HERSHEY, ISAAC                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-241
HERSHEY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-240
HERSHEY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-222
HERTZ, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-32
HESS, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-84
HESS, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-293
HESS, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-54
HESS, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-293
HESS, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-381
HEYSER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-222
HIBBERT, ELEANOR                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-485
HICKMAN, SARAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-193
HIESTAND, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-152
HIESTER, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-36
HIFLYBONER, BALSER                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-79
HILAND, HUGH                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-88
HILDEBRAND, CONRAD                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-249
HILL, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-663
HILL, VALENTINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-299
HINES, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-366
HINESMAN, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-174
HINKLE, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-216
HINKLE, MARGARET                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-586
HIVENER, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-261
HIVNER, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-332
HIVNER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-108
HIVNER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-333
HOCKMAN, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-257
HOFFER, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-259
HOFFMAN, BARBARA                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-462
HOFFMAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-484
HOFFMAN, MATTHIAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-285
HOFFMAN, NICHOLAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-5
HOGG, THOMAS                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-237
HOGMIRE, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-492
HOGMIRE, CONRAD                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-138
HOGMIRE, CONROD                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-390
HOGMIRE, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-136
HOGMIRE, JONAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-708
HOGMIRE, MAGDALIN                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-160
HOLLINGSWORTH, THOMAS H.               NTL                                     MD-22-D-432
HOMES, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-604
HOMSON, VICTOR                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-509
HONSHOLDER, PHILIP                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-498
HOOVER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-145
HOOVER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-286
HOOVER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-93
HOOVER, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-512
HOOVER, ESTHER                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-219
HOOVER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-61
HOOVER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-455
HORINE, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-576
HORINE, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-627
HORNBECKER, HENRY                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-258
HORNISH, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-649
HOSE, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-350
HOSE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-506
HOUSE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-183
HOUSEHOLDER, ADAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-378
HOUSEHOLTER, GEORGE                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-5
HOUSER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-662
HOUSER, ISAAC                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-237
HOUSER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-469
HOVER, ANTHONY                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-334
HOYE, ANN                              NTL                                     MD-22-C-284
HOYE, PAUL                             NTL                                     MD-22-B-319
HUDSON, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-469
HUFFERD, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-76
HUFFMAN, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-68
HUGENS, HANNAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-317
HUGHES, ANN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-286
HUGHES, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-56
HUGHES, DANIEL JR.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-72
HUGHES, H. C.                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-590
HUGHES, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-398
HUGHES, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-659
HUGHES, SUSAN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-362
HUGHES, USNANA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-607
HUMRICKHOUSE, PETER                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-365
HUMRICKHOUSE, PETER                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-224
HUNT, JOB                              NTL                                     MD-22-C-198
HUNT, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-64
HUNTER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-262
HUNTER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-705
HUSER, ABRAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-257
HUTZEL, MATHIAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-106
HUTZELL, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-270
HUYETT, LODOWICK                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-361
HUYETT, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-103
HUYETT, SUSANNAH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-141
HYNES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-38
HYSINGER, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-513
ILLIAMS, PRINCE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-494
IMYRE, RUANNA                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-495
INGLIS, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-422
INGRAM, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-260
INGRAM, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-101
IREMINGER, MICHAEL SR.                 NTL                                     MD-22-E-678
IRVIN, JONATHAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-254
IRWIN, ANDREW                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-717
IRWIN, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-123
IRWIN, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-259
IRWIN, SARAH L.                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-489
IRWIN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-363
ISEMINGER, GEORGE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-221
ITNYER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-138
JACK, JAMES                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-187
JACOBS, RICHARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-229
JACQUES, ARTHUR                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-581
JACQUES, DENTON                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-46
JACQUES, LANCELOT                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-511
JACQUES, LANCELOT                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-346
JACQUES, LANCLET                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-259
JACQUES, SARAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-231
JAMES, WALTER                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-92
JAMES, WATKINS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-24
JENKINS, WILLIAM W.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-692
JOHN, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-384
JOHN, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-453
JOHNSON, BARNET                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-272
JOHNSON, GREENBERRY                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-339
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-153
JONES, DAVID                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-98
JONES, DAVID SR.                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-35
JONES, ENOCH                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-281
JONES, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-642
JONES, JONATHAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-140
JONES, JONATHAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-223
JOST, CHRISTIAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-24
JUDY, SARAH ANN R.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-19
JUNIFER, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-75
KAPP, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-80
KARN, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-38
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-452
KAUFMAN, ADAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-211
KAUSLER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-234
KEAKY, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-62
KEEBLER, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-30
KEEDY, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-241
KEEDY, HENRY SR.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-549
KEEDY, JACOBY H.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-576
KEIDY, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-360
KELLAR, HANNAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-399
KELLER, BARBRA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-288
KELLER, ELIZABETH E.                   NTL                                     MD-22-C-308
KELLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-225
KELLER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-459
KELLEY, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-389
KELLEY, W.                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-257
KENDALL, SAMUEL JR.                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-374
KENDEL, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-43
KENESTRUK, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-100
KENNEDY, ALEXANDER                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-184
KENNEDY, HOWARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-286
KENNEDY, HUGH                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-143
KENNEDY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-652
KENNEDY, NATHANIEL                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-314
KENNEDY, THOMAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-36
KEPLINGER, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-712
KERNS, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-395
KERSHNER, CHRISTENA                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-305
KERSHNER, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-520
KERSHNER, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-290
KERSHNER, HANNAH                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-449
KERSHNER, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-269
KERSHNER, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-232
KERSHNER, MARTIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-1
KERSHNER, PHILIP                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-215
KESSACAR, PHILIP                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-1
KESSINGER, GEORGE                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-177
KESSINGER, GEORGE SR.                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-690
KIERNAN, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-431
KIESEKER, SIMON                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-52
KING, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-384
KING, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-163
KING, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-52
KINGERY, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-331
KINKEL, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-144
KINKLE, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-335
KIRES, MAGDALENA                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-346
KIRK, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-119
KLINE, ANDREW                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-404
KLINE, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-467
KLINE, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-312
KLINE, PHILIP                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-82, 88
KLINK, GEORGE A.                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-263
KNEADY, MARGARET ELIZABETH             NTL                                     MD-22-D-181
KNEEDEY, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-349
KNIDLE, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-139
KNODE, CONRAD                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-43
KNODE, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-224
KNODE, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-354
KNODE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-702
KNODE, JOHN M.                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-324
KNODE, NANCY                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-647
KNODLE, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-114
KNOWD, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-55
KOAHLER, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-381
KOCHLER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-302
KOHLER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-242
KOONTZ, JACOB S.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-185
KRAFT, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-220
KRAUS, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-325
KREAGER, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-121
KREGELO, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-422
KREICH, PHILIP                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-74
KREPS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-367
KREPS, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-177
KREPS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-181
KRETSINGER, GEORGE                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-67
KRETZER, AARON                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-495
KRETZER, HANNAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-529
KRETZER, LEONARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-394
KROTZER, LEONARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-139
KROUSE, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-96
KROUSE, SOLOMON G.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-680
KUNTZ, MARIA                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-315
KUNTZ, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-554
LAHM, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-116
LAMBERT, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-210
LAMBERT, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-155
LANE, SETH                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-262
LANGLEY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-233
LANTZ, ADAM                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-446
LANTZ, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-452
LARIVER, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-494
LARSHBAUGH, SUSANNA                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-222
LAUDENBAUGH, JOHN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-122
LAUTZ, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-180
LAWMAN, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-352
LEAS, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-126
LECKRONE, SIMON                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-226
LEEGER, GOTLEIB                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-302
LEFEVER, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-317
LEFEVER, DAVID                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-149
LEFEVER, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-67
LEIDER, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-39
LEIGHT, ANN CATHARINE                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-34
LEIN, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-269
LEITER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-321
LEITZ, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-45
LEMASTER, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-105
LEMM, ADAM                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-256
LENDON, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-272
LENTZ, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-383
LESHER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-609
LESPARD, ADAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-178
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-103
LEWIS, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-549
LIGHT, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-720
LIGHT, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-181
LIGHT, PETER SR.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-42
LIGHTER, JACOB SR.                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-276
LILES, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-577
LINE, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-463
LINE, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-186
LINE, MARGARET                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-52
LINN, LEVI                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-291
LITTLE, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-280
LITTLE, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-502
LITTLE, SARAH                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-611
LOCHER, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-104
LOCHER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-324
LOCKMAN, CASPER                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-303
LONG, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-307
LONG, EMANUEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-503
LONG, ISAAC                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-263
LONG, ISAAC                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-236
LONG, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-190
LONG, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-251
LONG, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-161
LONG, LYDIA                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-689
LONG, MARGARET                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-227
LONGANECKER, BARBARA                   NTL                                     MD-22-B-248
LONGMAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-296
LOVE, ANN                              NTL                                     MD-22-E-507
LOVE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-338
LOWE, NICHOLAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-205
LOWRA, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-24
LUDY, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-B-277
LUSHBAUGH, CATHARINE                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-575
LYDAY, ADAM                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-86
LYNCH, MILCHA                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-139
LYNCH, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-122
LYNCH, WINIFORD                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-322
LYON, MARTIN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-66
MACE, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-19
MAINS, PHILIP                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-444
MAINS, PHILIP                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-371
MAINS, THOMAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-706
MAIRS, LUDWICK                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-32
MALONE, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-103
MALONE, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-333
MALONE, NAOMI                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-287
MALOT, THEODORES                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-179
MALOTT, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-230
MALOTT, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-208
MALOTT, ELIAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-240
MALOTT, JOHN S.                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-543
MALOTT, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-123
MANIS, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-422
MANIS, THOMAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-56
MANN, JOHN H.                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-397
MAPHET, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-28
MARKEN, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-614
MARMINGER, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-272
MARODY, SUSAN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-233
MARSELLAS, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-227
MARTENEY, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-406
MARTENY, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-55
MARTIN, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-222
MARTIN, ANNA                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-153
MARTIN, DAVID                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-45
MARTIN, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-533
MARTIN, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-114
MARTIN, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-189
MARTIN, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-219
MARTIN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-470
MASON, JEREMIAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-37
MASSTELLAR, DENNIS L.                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-238
MAUTTER, VALENTINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-110
MCARDELL, PATRICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-134
MCCAFFREY, NANCY                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-216
MCCARDELL, THOMAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-504
MCCARTY, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-425
MCCARTY, OWEN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-175
MCCASKER, HUGH                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-170
MCCAULEY, CHARLES                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-413
MCCAULEY, HANNAH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-160
MCCAULLEY, CHARLES                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-22
MCCLAIN, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-654
MCCLAIN, JAMES                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-171
MCCLAIN, JAMES SR.                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-304
MCCLANNAHAN, ALEXANDER                 NTL                                     MD-22-A-22
MCCLEISH, DANIEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-298
MCCLENOGHAN, ALEXANDER                 NTL                                     MD-22-A-3
MCCLUNG, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-353
MCCORMICK, FRANCIS                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-646
MCCOY, ARCHABALD                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-460
MCCOY, ARCHIBALD                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-192
MCCOY, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-82
MCCULLUM, ALEXANDER                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-11
MCCURDY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-242
MCDADE, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-500
MCDOWELL, NATHAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-450
MCGAUGHY, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-412
MCGLAUGHLIN, SUSAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-129
MCGLOCKLING, WILLIAM                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-509
MCGONAGLE, JAMES                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-435
MCGRATH, JAMES                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-360
MCGRAW, HUGH                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-40
MCHENRY, SEABY                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-329
MCINTYRE, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-75
MCKEE, HUGH                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-167
MCKINLEY, JULIET                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-719
MCKINLEY, JULIET                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-719
MCLAIN, MARTHA                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-443
MCLAIN, SARAH                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-541
MCLAUGHLIN, CATHARINE                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-567
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-212
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-325
MCLAUGHLIN, SUSAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-597
MCLIND, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-162
MCNAMEE, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-289
MCPHERSON, HORATIO                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-191
MCPHERSON, M. S.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-466
MEEDS, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-290
MEEK, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-76
MEEK, THOMAS                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-23
MENTZE, CONROD                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-682
MENTZER, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-491
MERCHAUD, DAVID                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-198
MERRICK, JOSEPH I.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-259
MERTZ, JOHN N.                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-304
MESKIMMENS, DAVID                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-234
MESKIMMONS, RACHEL                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-101
METCALF, GEORGE W.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-640
METCALF, MESHAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-186
METZ, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-716
MEYER, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-196
MEYER, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-121
MICHAEL, ANNE MARY                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-16
MICHAEL, JOHN EVERHART                 NTL                                     MD-22-A-408
MIDDLECAUFF, MARY E.                   NTL                                     MD-22-C-135
MIDDLEKAUFF, CHRISTIAN                 NTL                                     MD-22-C-370
MIDDLEKAUFF, DANIEL                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-309
MIDDLEKAUFF, DAVID C.                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-296
MIDDLEKAUFF, ELIZABETH                 NTL                                     MD-22-E-35
MIDDLEKAUFF, ESTHER                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-234
MIDDLEKAUFF, HANNAH                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-319
MIDDLEKAUFF, HANNAH                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-437
MIDDLEKAUFF, JACOB                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-93
MIDDLEKAUFF, JOHN                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-161
MIDDLEKAUFF, LEONARD                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-101
MIDDLEKAUFF, MARY ANN                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-330
MIDDLEKAUFF, SAMUEL                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-514
MILES, CHARLES                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-67
MILLER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-11
MILLER, ANNA                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-641
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-368
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-46
MILLER, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-640
MILLER, DAVID                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-271
MILLER, DAVID                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-109
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-195
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-395
MILLER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-178
MILLER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-368
MILLER, HANS                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-73
MILLER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-309
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-268
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-38
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-447
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-318
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-201
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-188
MILLER, JOHN W.                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-231
MILLER, MARGARET                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-411
MILLER, MARIA                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-92
MILLER, MATTHIAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-202
MILLER, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-194
MILLER, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-9
MILLER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-49
MILLER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-325
MILLER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-344
MILLER, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-284
MILLER, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-480
MILLER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-30
MILLER, SUSAN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-553
MILLER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-677
MILLS, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-214
MILLS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-439
MILLS, JAMES P.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-441
MISH, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-251
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-532
MITCHELL, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-177
MOATS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-449
MOATS, MARIAH                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-516
MOATS, SUSANNAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-13
MOATZ, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-387
MONAHAN, TIMOTHY                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-120
MONDY, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-172
MONG, G. NICHOLAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-275
MONG, GODFRED                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-178
MONG, PETER                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-616
MONTEBAUGH, WILLIAM                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-141
MOONEY, PATRICK                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-316
MOORE, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-279
MOORE, JAMES D.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-356
MORGAN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-451
MOUDY, EVE                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-589
MOUND, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-235
MOURER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-315
MOWERS, MOSES                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-436
MOYER, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-267
MOYER, SIMON                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-65
MUCK, THOMAS                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-228
MULVAINEY, JAMES                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-314
MULVAINY, WINNEFRED                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-315
MUMMA, BARBARA                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-257
MUMMA, ELIZA                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-107
MUMMA, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-714
MUNDAY, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-182
MUNDEBAUGH, JACOB                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-342
MURPHEY, ELLEN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-386
MURPHY, CHRISTOPHER                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-6
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-175
MURRAY, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-343
MURRAY, JOSHUA                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-347
MURRAY, RICHARD                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-129
MYER, FELIX                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-327
MYERS, ADAM                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-402
MYERS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-420
MYERS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-141
MYERS, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-204
MYERS, JONATHAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-316
MYERS, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-14
MYERS, SARAH                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-431
MYERS, SUSAN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-11
MYRES, ZACHARIAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-572
NAGLE, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-236
NAVE, ABRAHAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-12
NEAL, RACHAEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-499
NEEDY, ISAAC                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-23
NEFF, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-B-330
NEGLEY, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-658
NEIBERT, PHILIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-491
NEIKIRK, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-582
NEIL, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-693
NEILL, ALEXANDER SR.                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-422
NEISHWANDER, JOHN                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-240
NESBIT, NATHANIEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-142
NEWCOMER, ANDREW                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-665
NEWCOMER, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-94
NEWCOMER, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-418
NEWCOMER, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-328
NEWCOMER, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-187
NEWCOMER, JOEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-145
NEWCOMER, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-243
NEWCOMER, MICHAEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-323
NEWCOMER, PETER                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-300
NEWCOMER, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-334
NEWCOMER, SARAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-380
NEWPORT, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-185
NEWSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-40
NICHODEMUS, VALENTINE                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-176
NICHOLS, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-630
NICIRK, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-166
NICODEMUS, SOPHIA                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-447
NICOLTES, MARY MARGARET                NTL                                     MD-22-E-675
NIGHSWANDER, ABRAHAM                   NTL                                     MD-22-C-70
NIHISER, RICHARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-616
NIKIRK, ANNA MARY                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-584
NISWANDER, ELIZABETH                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-370
NITZEL, BARBARA                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-453
NOWD, LAURENCE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-220
NOWELL, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-240
NULL, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-119
NUSE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-147
OBRIEN, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-442
OBRIEN, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-442
OBYRNE, DENNIS                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-438
ODONNELL, MARY A.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-324
OELLEBRAND, CONRAD                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-679
OFFUTT, HENRY A.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-496
OGLE, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-351
OHLWINE, BARNY                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-198
OHLWINE, CHARLES                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-434
OHLWINE, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-383
OHR, NICHOLAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-18
OILER, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-466
ONEALL, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-144
ONWILER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-28
ORMSTON, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-432
ORMSTON, RALPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-438
ORNDORFF, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-371
ORR, JOHN                              NTL                                     MD-22-C-19
OSTER, CONRAD                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-310
OSTER, PHILIP                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-71
OSWALD, PHILLIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-419
OSWALT, MARGARET                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-274
OTTO, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-358
OTTO, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-244
OTTO, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-280
OTTS, EWE                              NTL                                     MD-22-A-380
OULEBOUGH, ADAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-224
PACK, GEORGE                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-185
PADEN, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-48
PALMER, DAVID                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-277
PALMER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-306
PARK, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-629
PARKER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-187
PARKER, SUSAN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-477
PARROTT, NICHOLAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-109
PARTOON, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-290
PATTON, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-421
PECHER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-343
PECK, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-81
PEDICOARD, HANNAH                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-339
PEEL, NICHOLAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-235
PERRIN, DEBORAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-313
PERRY, ISABELLA                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-248
PERRY, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-125
PETERS, CHARLES                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-248
PETRE, DANIEL M. C.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-666
PETREY, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-234
PHILIPS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-514
PINCKNEY, GUY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-214
PIPER, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-366
PIPER, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-265
POFFENBARGER, HENRY                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-344
POFFENBARGER, JOHN                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-384
POFFENBERGER, CATHARINE                NTL                                     MD-22-E-420
POFFENBERGER, HENRY                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-39
POFFENBERGER, SIMON                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-476
POFFINBERGER, CHRISTIAN                NTL                                     MD-22-C-318
POLKE, CHARLES                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-184
POORMAN, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-275
POORMAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-312
PORTERFIELD, HANNAH                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-203
POTT, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-727
POTTENGER, JOHN B.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-61
POTTENGER, MARY                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-229
POTTENGER, MARY D.                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-230
POTTER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-295
POWEL, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-132
POWLES, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-526
POWLES, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-121
PRAETHER, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-687
PRATHER, BAZIL                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-170
PRATHER, HARRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-394
PRATHER, LOUISA                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-87
PRATHER, RICHARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-218
PRATHER, THOMAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-118
PRICE, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-383
PRICE, ELLEN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-515
PRICE, REES                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-61
PROTZMAN, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-45
PROTZMAN, MARY DOROTHEA                NTL                                     MD-22-D-692
PRY, PHILIP                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-358
PRY, SUSAN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-341
PULLEN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-49
PUTMAN, ANDREW                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-4
RAGAN, BARBRA                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-426
RAGAN, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-25
RAGAN, RICHARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-82
RAHAUSER, JONATHAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-118
RAMAN, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-176
RAMSEY, ELIZA A.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-579
RAMSEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-198
RAMSEY, SUSAN E.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-633
RAUCH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-122
RAYMER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-93
REAPSOMER, JOHN M.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-414
REEDER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-342
REEDER, PHILIP                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-455
REEL, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-547
REEL, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-439
REHL, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-B-178
REICHARD, BARBARA                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-429
REICHARD, DANIEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-450
REICHARD, FRANCES                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-672
REICHARD, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-135
REIDENOUR, MARTIN                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-146
REILEY, MILES                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-286
REINHART, ANDREW T.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-7
RENCH, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-208
RENCH, MARGARET Y.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-594
RENCH, OTHO                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-265
REUCH, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-319
REUTCH, ANDREW                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-288
REUTCH, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-1
REYNOLDS, CATHARINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-54
REYNOLDS, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-598
REYNOLDS, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-91
REYNOLDS, KITTY                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-160
REYNOLDS, MARIA E.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-109
REYNOLDS, SUSAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-23
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-340
RHINEHART, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-71
RICE, BARBARA                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-401
RICE, HANNAH                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-565
RICKENBAUGH, MARTIN                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-434
RICKERT, MARTIN                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-421
RIDDLE, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-589
RIDENHOUR, CONRAD                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-7
RIDENOUR, DORITHY                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-368
RIDENOUR, EVE                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-301
RIDENOUR, FREDERICK                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-291
RIDENOUR, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-133
RIDENOUR, HENRY SR.                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-52
RIDENOUR, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-158
RIDENOUR, MATHIAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-262, 265
RIDENOUR, SARAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-224
RINEHART, SAMUEL H.                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-625
RINGER, CONROD                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-385
RINGER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-193
RINGER, JOHN OF R.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-533
RINGER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-527
RINGER, ROBERT                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-131
RINGGOLD, MARY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-98
RINGGOLD, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-408
RINGGOLD, THOMAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-45
RITCHIE, ARCHIBALD                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-369
RITCHIE, ESTHER                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-197
RITTER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-30
RITZ, SOLOMON                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-128
ROB, MICHAEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-163
ROBEY, ISAAC                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-229
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-360
ROBY, OWIN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-427
ROCKENFIELD, JOHN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-261
RODENBILLER, RACHAEL                   NTL                                     MD-22-C-184
RODERICK, LODWICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-368
ROHERR, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-169
ROHRBACK, ELIAS B.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-644
ROHRBACK, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-123
ROHRBACK, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-463
ROHRER, BARBARA                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-537
ROHRER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-111
ROHRER, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-14
ROHRER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-53
ROHRER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-303
ROHRER, MARTIN                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-128
ROHRER, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-635
RONTZAHN, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-468
ROOKE, RICHARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-83
ROONEY, MARTHA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-461
ROOT, ELIZABETH                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-196
ROOT, JACOB                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-109
ROSE, JONATHAN                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-119
ROSS, MICHAEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-488
ROUCH, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-352
ROWLAND, ABRAHAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-158
ROWLAND, DAVID                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-125
ROWLAND, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-66
ROWLAND, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-48
ROWLAND, ISAAC B.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-307
ROWLAND, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-132
ROWLAND, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-313
ROWLAND, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-113
ROWLAND, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-659
ROWLAND, JONAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-669
ROWLAND, JONATHAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-201
RUDISILL, MICHAEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-482
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-287
RUSSELL, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-251
RUSSELL, MARGARET                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-17
RUTTER, AGNESS                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-59
RUTTER, EDMUND                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-189
RY, JOHN                               NTL                                     MD-22-A-293
RYAN, TIMOTHY                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-253
SAGER, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-232
SAILOR, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-266
SANDMAN, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-228
SANDMAN, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-98
SANGER, ISRAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-2
SARLER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-182
SAYLOR, MATHIAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-115
SCHABULY, LEONHART                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-158
SCHEMEL, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-403
SCHENCK, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-32
SCHETER, WENTEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-562
SCHILLING, PHILIP                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-388
SCHLAGEL, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-382
SCHLEIGH, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-107
SCHMIDT, YOST                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-311
SCHNEBELY, CONRAD                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-50
SCHNEBLY, CATHARINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-156
SCHNEBLY, DANIEL H.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-423
SCHNEBLY, DAVID                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-479
SCHNEBLY, DAVID H.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-545
SCHNEBLY, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-91
SCHNEBLY, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-281
SCHNEBLY, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-57
SCHNEBLY, PETER                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-185
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-382
SCHNIBELY, LEONARD                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-8
SCHNIDER, MICHAEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-244
SCHRADER, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-250
SCHRADER, SARAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-625
SCHROADER, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-177
SCHWEIGER, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-164
SCOTT, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-593
SCRIVNER, MARY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-78
SEITZ, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-455
SEITZ, SALOME                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-68
SENSEL, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-332
SHAFER, DAVALT                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-142
SHAFER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-344
SHAFER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-637
SHAFFER, BARBARY                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-81
SHAFFER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-591
SHALL, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-268
SHANEBARGER, PETER                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-247
SHANEBERGER, CATHARINE                 NTL                                     MD-22-E-38
SHANEFIELD, WILLIAM                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-254
SHANK, ANDREW                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-158
SHANK, CHRISTIAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-275
SHANK, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-475
SHANK, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-444
SHANK, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-199
SHANK, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-578
SHANK, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-725
SHARER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-207
SHARP, NANCY                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-399
SHAW, THOMAS                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-197
SHEARER, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-375
SHEARER, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-171
SHEARER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-188
SHEARER, MARY ANN                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-268
SHEELER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-376
SHEELY, FREDERICK G.                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-545
SHEES, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-165
SHEIVEY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-220
SHEMFILT, FREDERICK                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-80
SHEPHERD, THOMAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-9
SHEPPARD, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-208
SHEPPARD, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-320
SHERRY, GIDEON                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-333
SHETZ, MARTIN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-353
SHIESS, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-44
SHIFFLER, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-41
SHIFFLER, MAGDALENA                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-77
SHIFFLER, NICHOLAS                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-63
SHIFFLER, NICHOLAS                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-4
SHILLING, JOACIM                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-456
SHIPLEY, RICHARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-156
SHNELL, PHILLIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-208
SHOCKEY, ISAAC                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-570
SHOOP, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-464
SHOOSTER, MARTIN                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-89
SHOWMAN, JOHN B.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-59
SHOWMAN, JOHN SR.                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-2
SHOWMAN, MARY M.                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-199
SHOWMAN, PETER                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-361
SHREEVES, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-357
SHRIVER, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-217
SHUETZ, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-388
SHULLY, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-444
SHULTZ, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-28
SHUMAKER, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-401
SHUMAN, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-238
SHUPP, ADAM                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-136
SHUSTER, BARBARA                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-58
SIEBERT, NICHOLAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-97
SILVERS, ABSOLOM                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-442
SIMKEN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-443
SIMMONS, JONATHAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-49
SITZLER, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-631
SKELLEY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-63
SLIFER, STEPHEN                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-122
SLOAN, ELEANOR                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-288
SMELTZER, VALENTINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-A-11
SMITH, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-65
SMITH, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-89
SMITH, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-49
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-645
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-310
SMITH, EPHRAIM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-375
SMITH, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-98
SMITH, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-287
SMITH, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-85
SMITH, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-176
SMITH, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-19
SMITH, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-236
SMITH, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-193
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-387
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-336
SMITH, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-190
SMITH, MATTHIAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-30
SMITH, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-165
SMITH, NICHOLAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-17
SMITH, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-305
SMITH, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-677
SMITH, ROBERT                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-54
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-134
SMITH, WILLIAM R.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-152
SMOOT, MATILDA                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-518
SMYSER, MATHIAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-34
SNAVELA, JACOB C.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-638
SNAVELY, ADAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-628
SNAVELY, CASPER                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-334
SNAVELY, CATHERINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-671
SNAVELY, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-656
SNAVELY, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-609
SNECKENBERGER, ELIZA                   NTL                                     MD-22-E-540
SNELL, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-336
SNIDER, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-137
SNIDER, CHRISTINA                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-280
SNIDER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-184
SNIDER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-96
SNIDER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-510
SNIDER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-253
SNIDER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-470
SNIDER, MARGARET                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-306
SNIDER, MARGARET                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-173
SNIDER, MARTIN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-376
SNIDER, REBECCA                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-180
SNIDER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-261
SNIVELY, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-10
SNIVELY, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-267
SNOW, JAMES                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-101
SNYDER, ANTHONY                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-651
SNYDER, CASPER                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-362
SNYDER, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-135
SNYDER, DAVID                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-568
SNYDER, MARY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-556
SNYDER, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-283
SOLLEMS, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-427
SONSE, BARBARA                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-219
SOUSE, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-372
SOUTH, BARBARA                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-219
SOUTH, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-124
SPANGLER, MATHIAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-42
SPARKMAN, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-156
SPEACE, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-239
SPEALMAN, MICHAEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-245
SPECK, ANN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-436
SPESART, MICHAEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-275
SPESSART, PETER                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-530
SPICKLER, NICHOLAS                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-79
SPICKLER, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-310
SPIELMAN, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-167
SPIELMAN, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-664
SPONG, MATHIAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-632
SPRECKER, PHILIP                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-523
SPRING, SARAH                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-271
SPRINGER, MATTHIAS                     NTL                                     MD-22-B-21
SRIVER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-301
STAHL, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-505
STAHL, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-173
STAKE, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-223
STANTON, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-49
STARTZMAN, HENRY                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-237
STARTZMAN, PETER                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-187
STATEL, UTLEY                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-370
STEEL, TIMOTHY                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-418
STEIN, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-220
STEMPLE, CHRISTIAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-192
STEMPLE, MARIA M.                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-331
STEPHAN, LEONHARD                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-17
STEPLEY, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-155
STERRET, RACHEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-142
STERRETT, JAMES                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-414
STEWART, SUSANNA                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-448
STEWAWRT, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-405
STEWTER, PHILIP JACOB                  NTL                                     MD-22-B-87
STICK, MARTIN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-35
STIDINGER, FREDERICK                   NTL                                     MD-22-A-245
STIFFLER, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-313
STINE, MARGARET                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-421
STOCKSLAGER, HENRY                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-380
STOCKSLAGER, PETER                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-539
STOLTZ, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-366
STOLTZ, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-31
STONE, ADAM                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-277
STONE, MARGARETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-335
STONEBRAKER, GERARD                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-297
STONEBRAKER, GERARD                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-272
STONEBRAKER, JOHN SR.                  NTL                                     MD-22-D-689
STONEBRAKER, MICHAEL                   NTL                                     MD-22-B-324
STONER, MARTIN                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-348
STONESIFER, DANIEL                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-112
STONG, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-299
STOOPS, NICHOLAS                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-64
STOPS, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-607
STORM, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-9
STOTLER, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-599
STOTLER, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-238
STOTLER, PETER                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-132
STOTTLEMIRE, B.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-459
STOUFER, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-163
STOUFFER, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-401
STOUFFER, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-125
STOUFFER, DAVID                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-295
STOUFFER, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-644
STOUFFER, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-202
STOUT, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-152
STOVER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-202
STRAUSE, HENRY                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-73
STRIGHT, LEONARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-72
STRITE, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-594
STRITE, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-416
STROHL, PHILIP                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-273
STROUP, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-351
STUCKEY, SIMON                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-127
STUCKY, PETER                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-89
STULL, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-175
STULL, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-216
STULL, ISAAC                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-261
STULL, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-174
STULL, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-249
STURR, THOMAS                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-412
SUMMER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-433
SUMMER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-5
SUMMERS, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-97
SUMMERS, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-303
SUMMERS, PATIENCE                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-328
SWANN, MARY                            NTL                                     MD-22-E-392
SWARTZWELDER, JOHN                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-540
SWEARINGEN, BENONI                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-395
SWEARINGEN, CHARLES                    NTL                                     MD-22-B-232
SWEARINGEN, J. S.                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-72
SWEARINGEN, JOHN V.                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-28
SWEARINGEN, SUSANNA                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-115
SWEARINGEN, VAN                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-152
SWEITZER, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-222
SWINGER, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-394
SWINGLE, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-256
SWINGLE, NICHOLAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-110
SWINGLEY, BARBARA                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-110
SWOPE, BARNHART                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-419
SWOPE, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-478
SWOPE, CATHARINE                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-34
SWOPE, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-203
SWOPE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-244
SWORD, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-680
SYSTER, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-82
TANEY, ETHELBERT                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-676
TANNER, RUDOLPH                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-150
TARLTON, STEPHEN                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-360
TAYLOR, BARBARA                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-84
TAYLOR, IGNATIUS                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-130
TAYLOR, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-615
TEFERN, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-26
THIM, ANN                              NTL                                     MD-22-D-159
THOMAS, CONROD                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-211
THOMAS, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-563
THOMAS, ELEANOR                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-711
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-209
THOMAS, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-163
THOMAS, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-210
THOMAS, JANE                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-130
THOMAS, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-14
THOMAS, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-348
THOMAS, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-558
THOMAS, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-94, 96
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-166
THOMPSON, SARAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-192
THOMPSON, WILLIAM C.                   NTL                                     MD-22-C-430
THORPE, BRITTANY                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-147
THRALLS, RICHARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-401
TICE, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-B-127
TICE, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-309
TICE, MARY                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-398
TICE, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-574
TIDBALL,ELLEANOR                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-516
TILGHMAN, FRISBY                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-649
TOLBERT, WILSON                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-32
TOM, HENRY                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-397
TOWSON, JACOB T.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-430
TRACY, JOHN C.                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-652
TREGHMAN, FRISLEY                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-204
TRITCH, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-80
TROPP, CHRISTOPHER                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-459
TROUP, ADAM                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-131
TROUP, DAVID                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-29
TROUP, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-561
TROUP, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-155
TROUP, MARY E.                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-202
TROUTMAN, CATHARINE                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-498
TROVINGER, CHRISTOPHER                 NTL                                     MD-22-C-129
TROVINGER, JSOEPH                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-113
TROXELL, ABRAHAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-128
TROXELL, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-77
TRUDY, ANN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-51
TRUEMAN, MARGARET ANN                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-410
TRUMAN, MATHIAS                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-137
TSCHUDY, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-424
TTEISHER, PETER                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-215
TUTWILER, EVE                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-104
TUTWILER, HENRY                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-298
TUTWILER, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-351
VANBUSKIRK, ISAAC                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-78
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-406
VANLEAR, JOHN JR.                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-377
VANLEAR, JOSEPH T.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-480
VANLEAR, MARY                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-364
VANLEAR, MATTHEW                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-197
VANLEAR, MATTHEW SIMS                  NTL                                     MD-22-B-326
VANLEAR, SARAH                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-87
VANLEAR, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-236
VANSWEARINGEN, JOHN                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-28
VERVIL, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-175
VOLTZ, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-274
WACHTEL, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-310
WACHTEL, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-193
WACHTLE, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-292
WADE, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-247
WADE, LANCELOT                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-16
WADE, MARTHA H.                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-81
WAGGONER, PHILLIP                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-147
WAGNER, JOHN SR.                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-227
WAGONER, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-472
WAKINS, ROBERT W.                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-573
WALLER, HENRY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-483
WALLING, JAMES                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-218
WALS, MARTIN                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-27
WALTZ, CHRISTIANA                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-73
WALTZ, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-602
WAMPLER, JEREMIAH                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-461
WARFIELD, DENNIS                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-89
WARNER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-283
WARNER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-217
WASHABAUGH, DELMAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-36
WASHINGOTN, MARGARET                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-367
WASON, ROBERT                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-329
WATKINS, JAMES                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-317
WATSON, JOHN D.                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-457
WATSON, MARY A.                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-173
WATT, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-B-322
WAUGH, ARCHIBALD M.                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-194
WEAGLEY, SAMUEL J.                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-537
WEAST, LEONARD                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-373
WEAVER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-566
WEBB, ELEANOR                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-114
WEBB, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-306
WEBB, MARGARETT                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-310
WEBB, SAMUEL                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-208
WEBB, WILLIAM C.                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-1
WECHSTONE, PTER                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-25
WEIGHTMAN, ANDREW                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-599
WEIMER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-230
WEIMER, SALOMIE                        NTL                                     MD-22-A-424
WEINBRENNER, CHRISTIAN                 NTL                                     MD-22-B-315
WEINBRENNER, MARY ANN                  NTL                                     MD-22-C-170
WEISELL, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-279
WELLER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-135
WELLER, ADAM                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-255
WELLER, JONATHAN                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-407
WELLESLEY, MARCHIONESS                 NTL                                     MD-22-E-352
WELLS, JEREMIAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-40
WELTY, HENRY                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-317
WELTY, HENRY C.                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-72
WELTY, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-465
WELTY, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-D-542
WELTY, JOHN B.                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-429
WELTZ, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-C-256
WENTLING, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-C-180
WERE, JOHN SR.                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-46
WEST, DAVID                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-26
WEST, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-C-217
WESTERBURGER, PAUL                     NTL                                     MD-22-A-160
WEYANDT, CHRISTIAN                     NTL                                     MD-22-C-444
WHERITT, GEORGE                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-536
WHITE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-194
WHITE, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-A-105
WHITEMAN, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-E-140
WHITEMAN, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-156
WHOMELDORFF, JOHN                      NTL                                     MD-22-D-596
WIAST, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-133
WICKERT, MELCHOR                       NTL                                     MD-22-B-276
WIKE, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-E-128
WILES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-367
WILLIAMS, EDWARD G.                    NTL                                     MD-22-C-392
WILLIAMS, JAMES F.                     NTL                                     MD-22-D-529
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-488
WILLIAMS, PHINEAS                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-81
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-258
WILLSON, HANNAH                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-77
WILSON, ISAAC                          NTL                                     MD-22-C-279
WILSON, RACHEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-285
WILSON, WALTER                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-20
WINDER, DANIEL                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-332
WINDER, JAMES                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-212
WINDERS, ANDREW                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-697
WINGERT, PHILIP                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-568
WINSELL, JACOB                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-251
WINTER, CHRISTIAN                      NTL                                     MD-22-E-409
WINTER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-399
WINTER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-169
WINTERS, DANIEL                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-51
WINTERS, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-298
WISE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-636
WITMER, DAVID                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-598
WITMER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     MD-22-C-410
WITMER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-338
WITMER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-426
WITMER, NANCY                          NTL                                     MD-22-E-388
WITMOYER, GEORGE                       NTL                                     MD-22-A-407
WITTER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-41
WOLF, JOHN                             NTL                                     MD-22-D-418
WOLFE, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-C-414
WOLFE, JOHN                            NTL                                     MD-22-A-254
WOLFENSBERGER, SUSAN                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-12
WOLFERSBERGER, JOHN                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-524
WOLFERSBERGER, MARIA                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-603
WOLFKILL, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     MD-22-D-620
WOLFKILL, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-253
WOLFORD, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-433
WOLGAMOT, MARY                         NTL                                     MD-22-B-281
WOLGAMOTH, SAMUEL                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-210
WOLGAMUTH, JOHN                        NTL                                     MD-22-D-364
WOLTZ, ELIDY                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-441
WOLTZ, PETER                           NTL                                     MD-22-B-154
WOLTZ, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-275
WOODWARD, JACOB                        NTL                                     MD-22-B-296
WOOLFKILL, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-363
WORLAND, JOHN                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-223
WORSTER, FREDERICK E.                  NTL                                     MD-22-E-579
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-401
WYANT, ELIZABETH                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-592
WYNKOOP, CATHARINE                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-153
WYNKOOP, RICHARD                       NTL                                     MD-22-D-450
YATES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-D-7
YATES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-129
YEIDER, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-73
YEIDER, JOHN                           NTL                                     MD-22-D-690
YERTY, DANIEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-428
YERTY, JACOB                           NTL                                     MD-22-E-347
YERTZ, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-243
YINGLING, DAVID                        NTL                                     MD-22-E-500
YOUNG, ASTAUGHEUS                      NTL                                     MD-22-A-99
YOUNG, BARBARA                         NTL                                     MD-22-E-108
YOUNG, GEORGE                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-300
YOUNG, JOSEPH                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-343
YOUNG, LUDWICK                         NTL                                     MD-22-A-324
YOUNG, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-300
ZACKERIAS, CATHARINE                   NTL                                     MD-22-D-354
ZEIGLER, FREDERICK                     NTL                                     MD-22-E-379
ZELLAR, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-A-307
ZELLER, JACOB                          NTL                                     MD-22-D-67
ZIGLER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-206
ZIMMER, BARBARA                        NTL                                     MD-22-C-222
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                       NTL                                     MD-22-E-341
ZIMMERMAN, JOSEPH                      NTL                                     MD-22-B-185
ZUCK, HENRY                            NTL                                     MD-22-C-277
ZUCK, MICHAEL                          NTL                                     MD-22-B-139
ZUG, JACOB                             NTL                                     MD-22-A-270

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