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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Vol. A = 1787-1813 |
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ANDERSON, CHARLES            KY-73-A-521
ANDERSON, JOHN               KY-73-A-605
ANDERSON, SAMUEL             KY-73-A-351
BALLEW, CHARLES              KY-73-A-548
BARNES, ELIAS                KY-73-A-427
BARNES, REBECCA              KY-73-A-609
BARNETT, MARY                KY-73-A-429
BATTERTON, SANDFORD          KY-73-A-522
BIGHAM, JAMES                KY-73-A-215
BLACK, JAMES                 KY-73-A-115
BLYTHE, WILLIAM              KY-73-A-214
BOLAND, JOHN                 KY-73-A-690
BRAMWELL, JOSEPH             KY-73-A-192
BRIDGES, GEORGE              KY-73-A-39
BROWN, NICHOLAS              KY-73-A-704
BURGIN, ISAAC                KY-73-A-158
BURGIN, ISAAC                KY-73-A-56
BURNET, ROLAND               KY-73-A-7
BURNSIDE, ROBERT             KY-73-A-487
CAMPBELL, ELENDER            KY-73-A-115
CAMPBELL, THOMAS             KY-73-A-131
CARPENTER, ANN               KY-73-A-433
CHIZUM, JAMES                KY-73-A-82
CLARK, SUSANNA               KY-73-A-423
CLOY, SAMUEL                 KY-73-A-88
COCHRAN, JAMES               KY-73-A-332
COCKRAN, SAMUEL              KY-73-A-518
COFFEY, NEBUZERADAN          KY-73-A-143
COLLIER, JAMES               KY-73-A-299
CONNEL, ANGEL                KY-73-A-324
COULTER, JAMES               KY-73-A-356
CREATH, WILLIAM              KY-73-A-248
CREWS, ANNA                  KY-73-A-691
CROOKE, ABSALOM              KY-73-A-387
DEJARNETT, DANIEL            KY-73-A-445
DEVER, WILLIAM               KY-73-A-246
DONALDSON, ANDREW            KY-73-A-262
DOUGLASS, JESSE              KY-73-A-590
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM SR.        KY-73-A-503
DOZIER, JAMES J.             KY-73-A-27
DUNCAN, BENJAMIN             KY-73-A-134
ELDER, ANDREW                KY-73-A-435
ELLETT, ROBERT               KY-73-A-337
ENYARD, ABRAHAM              KY-73-A-489
ESTILL, BOND                 KY-73-A-558
ESTILL, MARTHA               KY-73-A-167
ESTILL, MARY                 KY-73-A-357
FARRIS, MICHAEL              KY-73-A-208
FARTHING, EDWARD             KY-73-A-350
FLETCHER, WILLIAM            KY-73-A-101
FORD, PETER                  KY-73-A-232
FOWLER, MATTHEW              KY-73-A-247
GASS, DAVID                  KY-73-A-346
GENTRY, DAVID                KY-73-A-740
GENTRY, ELIZABETH            KY-73-A-608
GILLISPIE, DAVID             KY-73-A-693
GREEN, STEPHEN               KY-73-A-236
GUYER, JACOB                 KY-73-A-152
HAGGARD, EDMOND              KY-73-A-588
HAM, ELIZABETH               KY-73-A-649
HAMILTON, WILLIAM            KY-73-A-227
HARRIS, THOMAS               KY-73-A-342
HARRISON, JAMES              KY-73-A-373
HART, WILLIAM                KY-73-A-298
HAWKINS, ABRAHAM             KY-73-A-407
HAWKINS, JOSEPH              KY-73-A-268
HAWKINS, NANCY               KY-73-A-666
HAWKINS, NATHAN              KY-73-A-68
HILL, DAVID                  KY-73-A-629
HOCKENS, JOHN                KY-73-A-545
HOY, WILLIAM                 KY-73-A-8
IRVINE, CHRISTOPHER          KY-73-A-595
IRVINE, DAVID                KY-73-A-319
JOHNSON, BARNED              KY-73-A-175
JONES, MOSIAS                KY-73-A-437
KINCAID, JOHN                KY-73-A-285
KINCAID, JOHN                KY-73-A-46
LEWIS, ABRAHAM               KY-73-A-709
LOWRY, JAMES                 KY-73-A-255
MARTIN, JAMES                KY-73-A-192
MASON, WILLIAM               KY-73-A-51
MASSIE, SILVANUS             KY-73-A-460
MAUPIN, DANIEL               KY-73-A-277
MAXWELL, ANN                 KY-73-A-739
MAXWELL, THOMAS              KY-73-A-111
MAXWELL, THOMAS MRS.         KY-73-A-622
MCDANIEL, JAMES              KY-73-A-584
MCKENEY, JOSEPH              KY-73-A-30
MCQUEAN, JOSHUA              KY-73-A-656
MCWILLIAMS, JAMES            KY-73-A-405
MILLER, ABRAHAM              KY-73-A-177
MILLER, JOHN                 KY-73-A-452
MOODY, ANDREW SR.            KY-73-A-212
MOORE, WILLIAM               KY-73-A-202
MORE, WRIGHT                 KY-73-A-488
MOREHEAD, WILLIAM            KY-73-A-302
MORRISON, HUGH               KY-73-A-333
NEWLAND, MARTHA              KY-73-A-468
NOLAND, JOSHUA               KY-73-A-189
OREAR, JEREMIAH              KY-73-A-190
OWSLEY, THOMAS               KY-73-A-155
OWSLEY, THOMAS               KY-73-A-140
PATTON, ABRAHAM              KY-73-A-732
PATTON, JANE                 KY-73-A-632
PHELPS, JOHN                 KY-73-A-178
PHELPS, JOHN                 KY-73-A-187
PORTWOOD, LOYD               KY-73-A-35
PORTWOOD, THOMAS             KY-73-A-99
PROVINE, JOHN                KY-73-A-31
RABOURN, ROBERT              KY-73-A-331
REESE, JAMES                 KY-73-A-396
RICE, CHARLES                KY-73-A-511
RICE, JOHN                   KY-73-A-307
RICHARDSON, AARON            KY-73-A-287
RIKARD, LEONARD              KY-73-A-496
ROBERTS, EDWARD              KY-73-A-235
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM           KY-73-A-243
ROBINSON, ABSALOM            KY-73-A-495
SAPP, NANCY                  KY-73-A-315
SCOTT, MARTHA                KY-73-A-520
SCRIVNER, JAMES              KY-73-A-222
SEARCY, BARTLETT             KY-73-A-81
SHACKELFORD, JAMES           KY-73-A-98
SHELTON, DAVID               KY-73-A-490
SKIDMORE, THOMAS             KY-73-A-273
SMITH, JAMES                 KY-73-A-713
SMITH, REUBIN                KY-73-A-295
STAPP, JAMES                 KY-73-A-67
STEPHENSON, EDWARD           KY-73-A-44
STEPHENSON, THOMAS           KY-73-A-631
STONE, BENJAMIN              KY-73-A-96
TATUM, SAMUEL SR.            KY-73-A-336
TAYLOR, NANCY                KY-73-A-666
TAYLOR, PETER                KY-73-A-652
THOMPSON, DAVID              KY-73-A-168
TINCHER, WILLIAM             KY-73-A-375
TIPTON, JOHN                 KY-73-A-457
TIVIS, NATHANIEL SR.         KY-73-A-186
VANOVER, JOHN                KY-73-A-432
WALDING, JAMES               KY-73-A-121
WALKER, ASAPH                KY-73-A-414
WATSON, JESSEY               KY-73-A-11
WATTS, JOHN                  KY-73-A-120
WEBB, MARY                   KY-73-A-158
WEST, JOHN                   KY-73-A-733
WHITE, HENRY JR.             KY-73-A-663
WILLIFORD, JOSEPH            KY-73-A-657
WILLYFORD, SAMUEL            KY-73-A-459
WOODROOF, JOHN               KY-73-A-443A
WOODRUFF, JAMES              KY-73-A-208

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