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ALEXANDER, CLARE                        KY-11-1-122
ALFORD, HENRY                           KY-11-2-197
ALFORD, W. R.                           KY-11-2-73
ANDERSON, COLIN                         KY-11-1-258
ARMSTRONG, JAMES R.                     KY-11-2-128
ARNOLD, BLAKE                           KY-11-2-99
BAIN, G. W.                             KY-11-2-437
BALL, C.                                KY-11-1-135
BALL, MARTHA                            KY-11-1-238
BALL, MARY R.                           KY-11-1-283
BALL, THOMAS H.                         KY-11-1-239
BALL,DANIEL                             KY-11-1-82
BANFORD, JAMES C.                       KY-11-2-311
BARBEE, MOSE                            KY-11-2-411
BARBOUR, JAMES                          KY-11-1-12
BARBOUR,LETITIA                         KY-11-1-23
BARKLEY, JACOB C.                       KY-11-2-340
BATTERTON, ISABELLA                     KY-11-2-488
BATTERTON, WILLIAM W.                   KY-11-1-193
BAUGHMAN, SAMUEL O.                     KY-11-2-358
BEARDEN, MARCUS                         KY-11-2-481
BEATTY, O.                              KY-11-2-371
BELDOW, GEORGE G.                       KY-11-2-370
BELL, MARY M.                           KY-11-2-130
BELL, TENA                              KY-11-2-398
BELL, DAVID                             KY-11-1-126
BELLIS, SARAH                           KY-11-1-278
BELLIS, P.                              KY-11-1-115
BERRY, PHOEBE                           KY-11-2-269
BESWICK, E.                             KY-11-1-150
BESWICK, GEORGE                         KY-11-2-125
BIBB, J. G.                             KY-11-2-30
BILBO, JOHN                             KY-11-1-20
BILBO, MARY                             KY-11-1-234
BLISH, HENRY G.                         KY-11-2-460
BOBBITT, AGNES                          KY-11-2-308
BOGGS, HENRY                            KY-11-2-235
BOICE, W. R.                            KY-11-2-219
BOLING, BEN                             KY-11-2-281
BOLING, WILLIAM                         KY-11-2-304
BOLLING, DREAD                          KY-11-1-50
BOLLING, R. N.                          KY-11-1-165
BOLLING, SARAH H.                       KY-11-2-343
BOTTOM, J. A.                           KY-11-2-278
BOTTOM, JOHN                            KY-11-1-86
BOTTOM, WILLIAM                         KY-11-1-270
BOTTOMS, JOHN                           KY-11-2-421
BRAXDALE, JOHN                          KY-11-1-71
BRISTOW, JUDITH                         KY-11-1-130
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        KY-11-1-127
BROWN, GEORGE                           KY-11-1-228
BROYLES, SAMUEL W.                      KY-11-2-309
BRUCE, CHARLES                          KY-11-1-89
BRUCE, JOHNG.                           KY-11-2-383
BRUMFIELD, JAMES                        KY-11-2-394
BUGG, W. S.                             KY-11-2-451
BULL, JARRETT                           KY-11-2-401
BULL, WILLIAM                           KY-11-2-215
BULLOCK, BESSIE                         KY-11-2-321
BURCH, MARY                             KY-11-1-28
BURKE, C. M. (MRS)                      KY-11-2-201
BURKE, J. B.                            KY-11-2-391
BURNETT, JAMES                          KY-11-1-299
BURNSIDES, ANTHONY                      KY-11-2-425
BURTON, JOHNA.                          KY-11-2-131
CALDWELL, CHARLES                       KY-11-1-288
CALDWELL, DAVID K.                      KY-11-2-273
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH J.                  KY-11-2-380
CALDWELL, FELIX                         KY-11-2-124
CALDWELL, G. A.                         KY-11-2-422
CALDWELL, JAMES                         KY-11-1-109
CALDWELL, JOHN                          KY-11-2-121
CALDWELL, NANCY .                       KY-11-2-432
CALDWELL, S. W.                         KY-11-1-266
CALDWELL, SPENCER                       KY-11-2-158
CALDWELL, T. C.                         KY-11-1-211
CALDWELL, W. L.                         KY-11-2-503
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                     KY-11-2-182
CALVERT, GEORGE W.                      KY-11-2-287
CALVERT, JAMES                          KY-11-2-382
CAMDEN, ELIZA J.                        KY-11-2-4
CARK, MARY                              KY-11-2-386
CARNES, NANCY                           KY-11-2-13
CARPENTER, GEORGE                       KY-11-2-66
CARPENTER, MINERVA                      KY-11-2-157
CARTER, CHARLES (COLORED)               KY-11-1-81
CATON, D. G.                            KY-11-1-129
CECIL, JAMES G.                         KY-11-2-231
CECIL, W. B.                            KY-11-2-464
CHANDLER, LUCY M.                       KY-11-2-299
CHATHAM, BENJAMIN                       KY-11-1-246
CHATHAM, H. C.                          KY-11-2-303
CHEEK, A. F.                            KY-11-2-456
CHEEK, SAMUEL B.                        KY-11-2-53
CHEW, POEBE J.                          KY-11-2-216
CHILES, ELIZABETH                       KY-11-1-113
CHRISTOPHER, NANCY                      KY-11-2-98
CISENBERRY, LUCY E.                     KY-11-2-402
CLARK, FRANCIS SR.                      KY-11-1-292
CLARK, PERMELIA                         KY-11-2-187
CLARKE, CHARLES                         KY-11-2-54
CLARKE, JOSEPH                          KY-11-2-137
CLARKSTONE, DRURY                       KY-11-1-32
CLEMONS, OSBURN                         KY-11-1-73
COLEMAN, GEORGE W.                      KY-11-2-289
COLLINS, HARRIET                        KY-11-1-225
COLLINS, THOMAS                         KY-11-1-87
COMINGO, MATTIE                         KY-11-2-423
CONDER, ADAM                            KY-11-1-212
COOK, GEORGE                            KY-11-2-3
COULTER, THOMAS                         KY-11-1-262
COWAN, EIZABETH                         KY-11-1-197
COWAN, EVAN ANN                         KY-11-2-140
COWAN, H. J.                            KY-11-1-117
COWAN, JAMES                            KY-11-2-338
COWAN, JAMES                            KY-11-2-433
COWAN, PATSEY                           KY-11-2-161
COWAN, THOMAS                           KY-11-1-19
COWAN, REUBEN                           KY-11-2-324
CRAIG, ELIZA                            KY-11-2-236
CRAIG, LEWIS G.                         KY-11-2-42
CRAIG, RACHEL B.                        KY-11-1-244
CRAIG, TAMAH                            KY-11-2-314
CRANE, M. J.                            KY-11-2-97
CRANE, NELSON                           KY-11-1-233
CRAWFORD, JAMES L.                      KY-11-1-106
CRAWFORD, MARGARET A.                   KY-11-2-393
CRAWFORD, MARGARET L.                   KY-11-2-1
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        KY-11-2-48
CRAWFORD, T. J.                         KY-11-2-508
CRAWFORD, THOMAS                        KY-11-2-288
CRAWFORD, W. E.                         KY-11-1-123
CRITCHFIELD, AMOS                       KY-11-2-397
CROW, JANE H.                           KY-11-2-171
CROWDER, HAMILTON                       KY-11-2-86
CRUTCHFIELD, LUCY                       KY-11-2-218
CUDLIP, GEORGE                          KY-11-1-158
DAVIS, JACKSON                          KY-11-2-365
DAVIS, M. E.                            KY-11-2-33
DAVIS, NANNIE                           KY-11-2-319
DAVIS, R. Q.                            KY-11-2-500
DAVIS, S. B.                            KY-11-2-248
DAVIS, WILLIAM F.                       KY-11-2-452, 473
DEER, NANCY                             KY-11-2-152
DENNY, CLAYTON                          KY-11-2-151
DIMMITT, ELIZABETH                      KY-11-2-342
DONEGHY, GEORGE (COLORED)               KY-11-1-277
DONEGHY, GEORGE W.                      KY-11-2-10
DORAM, DANIEL                           KY-11-2-53
DORAM, DENNIS                           KY-11-2-56
DORAM, JOSEPHUS                         KY-11-2-158
DOUGLASS, NATHAN                        KY-11-1-152
DOWNEY, JAMES                           KY-11-1-56
DOWNTON, THOMAS                         KY-11-1-63
DOWNTON, WILLIAM ALLEN                  KY-11-2-118
DUCK, SUSAN A.                          KY-11-2-344
DUKE, MARY B.                           KY-11-2-436
DUNCAN, ANN T.                          KY-11-2-154
DUNN, JANE                              KY-11-1-161
DURHAM, BENJAMIN                        KY-11-1-74
DURHAM, JAMES W.                        KY-11-2-338
DURHAM, JOHN                            KY-11-1-171
DURHAM, MARGARET                        KY-11-2-317
EASTHAM, A. S.                          KY-11-2-486
EDWARDS, ASTIN                          KY-11-2-333
ERWING, JOHN                            KY-11-1-143
EVANS, W. F.                            KY-11-2-352
EWING, BAKER F.                         KY-11-1-27
FARRAND, S. E.                          KY-11-2-176
FAULCONER, JOSEPH                       KY-11-2-212
FIELDS, ANN                             KY-11-2-143
FIELDS, HENRY                           KY-11-1-23
FIELDS, JAMES                           KY-11-2-6
FIELDS, JAMES JR.                       KY-11-1-192
FIELDS, JEREMIAH                        KY-11-2-194
FIELDS, JOSHUA M.                       KY-11-2-364
FIELDS, SUSAN                           KY-11-1-276
FISHER, ELIAS                           KY-11-1-30
FISHER, J. A.                           KY-11-2-442
FISHER, J. P.                           KY-11-2-191
FISHER, JESH                            KY-11-1-138
FISHER, STEPHEN                         KY-11-1-59
FITTON, BENJAMIN                        KY-11-1-120
FLOYD, CHRISTOPHER                      KY-11-2-28
FOGARTY, JOHN                           KY-11-2-459
FOX, FOW T.                             KY-11-2-315
FOX, WILLIAM                            KY-11-2-344
FRENCH, EDUARD                          KY-11-1-104
FUNK, FANNY C.                          KY-11-1-283
GAINES,EZEKIEL F.                       KY-11-1-37
GAMES, ELMIRA T.                        KY-11-1-66
GARR, OLIVER B.                         KY-11-2-334
GARR, SURANCE                           KY-11-1-128
GENTRY, PETER T.                        KY-11-2-437
GENTRY, REUBEN                          KY-11-2-361
GENTRY, W. A.                           KY-11-2-404
GILL, ANN E.                            KY-11-2-198
GILL, JOSEPH W.                         KY-11-2-476
GILMORE, OPHELIA                        KY-11-2-337
GOODLOE, ALMIRA                         KY-11-2-399
GOODLOE, EMILY                          KY-11-2-23
GRAHAM, R. W.                           KY-11-2-166
GRAHAM, SUSAN A.                        KY-11-2-266
GRAHAM, THERESA M.                      KY-11-1-223
GRANT, JOHN                             KY-11-1-25
GRAVES, JAMES                           KY-11-1-189
GRAY, JAMES                             KY-11-1-183
GRAY, JANE                              KY-11-1-243
GRAY, ROBERT                            KY-11-1-43
GREEN, JACKSON                          KY-11-2-79
GREEN, JOHN (COLORED)                   KY-11-2-323
GREEN, MARY E.                          KY-11-2-5
GREEN, WILSON                           KY-11-2-243
GREGORY, AMELIA G.                      KY-11-2-306
GREGORY, JAMES F.                       KY-11-2-78
GRIMES, M. J.                           KY-11-2-240
GRIMES, WILLES                          KY-11-2-239
GUTHIE, J. L.                           KY-11-2-77
HACKNEY, MATTIE A.                      KY-11-2-420
HAGGIN, JOHN                            KY-11-2-438
HALAN, DAVIS C.                         KY-11-1-42
HALL, JOHN                              KY-11-1-155
HAMNER, SARAH                           KY-11-1-48
HANDMAN, F.                             KY-11-2-226
HANN, GEORGE                            KY-11-2-484
HARDING, A.                             KY-11-2-146
HARLAN, ELIJAH                          KY-11-1-14
HARLAN, HENRY                           KY-11-1-154
HARLAN, J. G.                           KY-11-1-170
HARLAN, JEHU                            KY-11-2-42
HARLAN, JEHU W.                         KY-11-2-482
HARLAN, LETTIE M.                       KY-11-2-466
HARLAN, MARY                            KY-11-1-114
HARLAN, MARY                            KY-11-1-85
HARLEY, ENOCH                           KY-11-1-219
HARMAN, WILLIAM                         KY-11-1-75
HARRIS, MARY                            KY-11-2-70
HARRISON, THOMAS G.                     KY-11-1-179
HARROD, ANN                             KY-11-1-9
HART, J. F.                             KY-11-2-271
HAWKINS, ANN                            KY-11-1-139
HAYS, J. R.                             KY-11-1-130
HEADLY, H. A.                           KY-11-2-417
HEATEN, WINEFORD                        KY-11-1-94
HEATH, DREAD                            KY-11-2-499
HEDGEMAN, DENNIS                        KY-11-1-121
HELM, THOMAS                            KY-11-2-8
HENDERSON, CHARLES                      KY-11-1-275
HENDERSON, ELIZABETH                    KY-11-1-18
HENDERSON, JAMES M.                     KY-11-2-70
HENDERSON, W. W.                        KY-11-2-310
HENDREN, PHEBE C.                       KY-11-2-107
HENRY, CATHARINE                        KY-11-2-51
HERON, SAM                              KY-11-1-241
HICKEY, JOHN                            KY-11-2-228
HIGGINBOTHAM, ---                       KY-11-2-406
HOCKER, LUCINDA                         KY-11-2-405
HOGAN, JAMES M.                         KY-11-2-37
HOPE, MICHAEL                           KY-11-1-40
HOSKINS, B.                             KY-11-2-319
HUDSON, M. E.                           KY-11-2-480
HUGHES, EDWARD                          KY-11-2-270
HUGHES, MARY                            KY-11-2-316
HUMBLE, MARY L.                         KY-11-1-141
HUNTON, ANN H.                          KY-11-2-31
HURLY, LEAH                             KY-11-1-61
HUTCHISON, E. A.                        KY-11-2-275
HUTCHISON, THOMAS                       KY-11-2-105
INNIS, NANNIE                           KY-11-2-264
IRVIN, AMELIA T.                        KY-11-2-60
IRVINE, ABRAM L.                        KY-11-1-45
IRVINE, EASTER                          KY-11-2-490
IRVINE, J. W.                           KY-11-2-407
IRVINE, JOHN H.                         KY-11-1-80
IRVINE, LIZZIE J.                       KY-11-2-427
ISOM, JAMES                             KY-11-1-6
JACKSON, A. G.                          KY-11-1-112
JOHNSON, ANTHONY                        KY-11-1-250
KENNEY, JOHN S.                         KY-11-2-356
KERR, PATRICK                           KY-11-1-181
KERR, PRISCILLA                         KY-11-1-301
KINCAID, CLEMENTINE                     KY-11-2-137
KINCAID, JOHN                           KY-11-2-115
KING, ABRAM                             KY-11-2-211
KING, JOHN W.                           KY-11-1-84
KIRKENDALL, SAMUEL                      KY-11-2-214
KIRKLAND, CHARLES                       KY-11-1-1
KIRKLAND, GEORGE T.                     KY-11-2-81
KNOX, ISABELLA                          KY-11-1-62
KNOX, T. D.                             KY-11-2-262
KNOX, ROBERT                            KY-11-1-8
KNOX, WILLIAM Y.                        KY-11-2-200
LACKEY, GABRIEL                         KY-11-1-49
LANDIS, R. W.                           KY-11-2-245
LATIMER, M. E.                          KY-11-2-487
LAWRENCE, MARY                          KY-11-1-180
LAWS, JEREMIAH                          KY-11-1-46
LAY, MARTIN                             KY-11-1-147
LEATHERMAN, GEORGE W.                   KY-11-2-298
LEDYARD, EDWARD DENISON                 KY-11-2-483
LEE, GEORGE                             KY-11-2-202
LEE, REUBEN                             KY-11-2-280
LILLARD, THOMAS M.                      KY-11-2-388
LIND, MARY ST. CLAIR                    KY-11-1-167, 269
LOGAN, THOMAS                           KY-11-2-252
LOGAN, R. D.                            KY-11-2-502
LONG, JACOB                             KY-11-1-163
LONG, MARY                              KY-11-2-118
LOWRIE, PETER                           KY-11-2-414
LUCAS, C. S.                            KY-11-2-178
LUDWICK, MARY A.                        KY-11-2-505
LYLE, JOHN R.                           KY-11-2-18
LYLE, W. C.                             KY-11-2-221
LYLE, W. J.                             KY-11-2-350
LYON, BATY                              KY-11-2-01
MACK, J. J.                             KY-11-1-250
MARKWELL, WILLIAM A.                    KY-11-2-434
MARRS, JAMES                            KY-11-1-213
MARTIN, DAVIE DELLA                     KY-11-2-455
MARTIN, JANE                            KY-11-1-109
MARVIN, CHARLOTTE                       KY-11-2-186
MAURY, M. F.                            KY-11-1-268
MAY, KATHERINE                          KY-11-2-506
MAY, WILLIAM H.                         KY-11-2-307
MAYHO, MICHEL                           KY-11-2-409
MAYS, JAMES W.                          KY-11-1-72
MCCANN, WILLIAM                         KY-11-1-98
MCCLANAHAN, THOMAS                      KY-11-1-105
MCCLANE, AMELIA                         KY-11-2-144
MCCLANE, ELIZABETH                      KY-11-1-226
MCDOWELL, C. H.                         KY-11-2-410
MCDOWELL, CHARLES V.                    KY-11-2-259
MCDOWELL, DAVE (COLORED)                KY-11-2-283
MCDOWELL, JOSEPH (COL.)                 KY-11-1-176
MCDOWELL, SARAH                         KY-11-1-77
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       KY-11-2-145
MCGINNIS, JESSE                         KY-11-1-10
MCGINNIS, MARGARET B.                   KY-11-2-11
MCGINNIS, MARY                          KY-11-1-134
MCGINNIS, RACHEL A.                     KY-11-2-151
MCGINNIS, SAMUEL                        KY-11-1-236
MCGINNIS, SARAH E.                      KY-11-2-369
MCGOODWIN, J. K.                        KY-11-2-141
MCGRATH, C. A.                          KY-11-2-130
MCGRATH, WILLIAM R.                     KY-11-1-79
MCGRAW, F. M.                           KY-11-2-412
MCINTOSH, GEORGE S.                     KY-11-1-93
MCKAY, J. C.                            KY-11-1-231
MCKEE, A. R. (DR.)                      KY-11-2-296
MCROBERTS, A.                           KY-11-2-95
MEAUX, JOHN G.                          KY-11-1-4
MEAUX, WALTER                           KY-11-1-199
MEYER, A. D.                            KY-11-2-185
MEYER, JOHN M.                          KY-11-2-374
MIDDLETON, MARY                         KY-11-2-385
MILLER, JOHN                            KY-11-2-164
MILLER, RACHEL B.                       KY-11-2-431
MILLER, S. W.                           KY-11-2-224
MILLER, TAMER                           KY-11-2-424
MITCHELL, J. P.                         KY-11-2-89
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        KY-11-2-40
MITCHELL, W. H.                         KY-11-2-335
MOCK,R.                                 KY-11-1-145
MONTGOMERY, ISAAC                       KY-11-1-52
MOON, S. D.                             KY-11-2-450
MOORE, CHARLES O.                       KY-11-2-24
MOORE, D. D.                            KY-11-2-133
MOORE, JOSEPH                           KY-11-2-329
MOORE, MARGARET                         KY-11-1-4
MOORE, N. J.                            KY-11-2-395
MOORE, SAMUEL S. SR.                    KY-11-1-20
MOORE, THOMAS G.                        KY-11-2-52
MOORE, WILLIAM C.                       KY-11-2-34
MOOREHEAD, ELIZABETH                    KY-11-2-27
MOORE, LAWSON                           KY-11-1-215
MOORHEAD, JOHN                          KY-11-1-242
MORGAN, ROLLY                           KY-11-2-427
MORROW, MARGARE                         KY-11-1-256
MORY, WILLIAM                           KY-11-2-172
MOSEBY, JACK                            KY-11-2-354
NAVE, D. G.                             KY-11-2-180
NAVE, MALINDA                           KY-11-2-277
NELSON, HENRY                           KY-11-2-430
NICHOLS, C. A.                          KY-11-2-322
OCKER, SAMUEL                           KY-11-1-156
OWENS, J. F.                            KY-11-2-163
OWENS, JOHN M.                          KY-11-2-474
OWENS, MASON                            KY-11-1-1
OWSLEY, EB                              KY-11-2-44
OWSLEY, REUBEN (COLORED)                KY-11-2-342
OWSLEY, WILLIAM                         KY-11-1-260
PARKER, MARTHA                          KY-11-2-2
PAWLING, WILLIAM D.                     KY-11-2-96
PECKHAM, HANNAH C.                      KY-11-2-23
PENNMAN, S. D.                          KY-11-2-206
PENNY, JAMES                            KY-11-2-47
PERRY, H. I.                            KY-11-2-290
PHILLIPS, JAMES G.                      KY-11-2-74
PIPES, WILLIAM                          KY-11-1-159
PIPES,NUT                               KY-11-1-275
PITTMAN, C. J.                          KY-11-2-14
POPE, WILLIAM                           KY-11-2-351
POTTS, SAMUEL                           KY-11-1-78
PRALL, BENJAMIN                         KY-11-1-15
PREWIT, MARTHA A.                       KY-11-1-3
PREWITT, JOHN N.                        KY-11-2-292
PREWITT, THOMAS                         KY-11-1-182
PREWITT, ELIZABETH                      KY-11-1-116
PROCTOR, BENJAMIN                       KY-11-1-229
PROCTOR, J. W.                          KY-11-2-467
QUISENBERRY, LUCY E.                    KY-11-2-402
QUISENBERRY, THOMAS E.                  KY-11-2-87
RAMS, JAMES                             KY-11-1-58
RAMSEY, JANE C.                         KY-11-1-259
RANDEYLS, M. B.                         KY-11-2-176
READ, ANN                               KY-11-1-298
REED, F.                                KY-11-1-131
REED, IABELLA                           KY-11-1-254
REED, THOMAS                            KY-11-1-235
REED, W. L.                             KY-11-2-462
RIPPERDAN, FREDERICK                    KY-11-1-90
RISK, RACHEL                            KY-11-2-229
ROBARDS, ROBERT                         KY-11-1-284
ROBERSON, THOMAS                        KY-11-1-285
ROBERTSON, DUNCAN F.                    KY-11-1-92
ROBINSON, E. J.                         KY-11-2-100
ROCHESTER, CLARA                        KY-11-2-129
ROCHESTER, SARAH                        KY-11-1-67
RODES, AMANDA                           KY-11-2-284
RODES, CLIFTON                          KY-11-2-188
ROGERS, E.                              KY-11-1-148
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       KY-11-1-35
RUSSEL, ELIZA S.                        KY-11-2-208
RUSSEL, JOHN C.                         KY-11-2-511
RUSSEL, ROBERT                          KY-11-2-109
RUSSELL, D. A.                          KY-11-1-271
SALLIE, M. P.                           KY-11-2-378
SCOTT, M. S.                            KY-11-2-199
SEATON, THOMAS                          KY-11-2-94
SEBASTIAN, RUTH                         KY-11-2-328
SEVIER, ISAAC                           KY-11-1-222
SHACKELFORD, E. L.                      KY-11-2-149
SHERIDAN, MARY                          KY-11-2-458
SHEWMAKER, J. J.                        KY-11-2-238
SHINDLEBOWER, MARY                      KY-11-2-384
SHOFFEN, FRANK                          KY-11-2-80
SKIDDY, CATHERINE                       KY-11-2-435
SMITH, EPHRAIM A.                       KY-11-1-220
SMITH, GEORGE (COLORED)                 KY-11-1-174
SMITH, HENRY                            KY-11-1-196
SMITH, JANE K.                          KY-11-2-142
SMITH, JESSE                            KY-11-1-99
SNEED, M. M. (MRS)                      KY-11-2-192
SOUTH, JOHN                             KY-11-1-68
SOUTHERLAND, JOHN                       KY-11-2-259
SPAIN, BENJAMIN                         KY-11-2-257
SPARROW, DENNIS                         KY-11-1-116
SPARROW, SARAH                          KY-11-2-69
SPEARS, GEORGE C.                       KY-11-1-282
SPEARS, JOHN F.                         KY-11-1-187
SPEARS, THOMAS G.                       KY-11-2-52
SPOONAMORE, JOHN                        KY-11-2-227
STEPHENS, RACHEL                        KY-11-2-72
STEWART, CALDWELL                       KY-11-2-76
STEWART, R. C.                          KY-11-2-244
STEWART, WILLIAM                        KY-11-1-264
STIGALL, R. K.                          KY-11-2-184
STOUT, JOSEPH S.                        KY-11-2-32
STREET, NANTHANIEL                      KY-11-1-162
STUCK, MATHIAS                          KY-11-2-183
SURRANT, WILIAM                         KY-11-2-113
SUTTON, SARAH                           KY-11-1-248
SWEENEY, W. G.                          KY-11-1-136
SWOPE, JOHN B. SR.                      KY-11-2-237
TADLOCK, CARTER                         KY-11-1-16
TALBOTT, A. GALLATIN                    KY-11-2-318
TALBOTT, JOHN G.                        KY-11-2-153
TARKINGTON, THOMAS F.                   KY-11-1-297
TAYLOR, BETTIE                          KY-11-2-261
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         KY-11-1-3
TELFORD, ROBERT                         KY-11-2-119
TEWINEY, WILLIAM                        KY-11-1-135
TILFORD, THOMAS D.                      KY-11-2-19
TOMPKINS, JOHN                          KY-11-1-280
TUCKER, CALEB M.                        KY-11-2-325
TUCKER, JAMES L.                        KY-11-1-217
TULLOCK, NANCY J.                       KY-11-2-139
TURNER, JAMES                           KY-11-2-254
TURPIN, B. F.                           KY-11-2-291
TURPIN, ESTHER J.                       KY-11-2-392
VANARSDALE, BARNEY                      KY-11-2-443
VANARSDALE, ISAAC                       KY-11-1-108
VANARSDALL, ISAAC B.                    KY-11-2-21
VANARSDALL, S. C.                       KY-11-2-233
VANWINKLE, JOHN S.                      KY-11-2-336
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM                        KY-11-2-159
VERMILION, H.                           KY-11-2-85
WADE, JEREMIAH                          KY-11-1-29
WADE, MARIA                             KY-11-2-12
WADE, SENECA W.                         KY-11-1-83
WADE, WILLIAM                           KY-11-1-64
WALDEN, W. P.                           KY-11-2-501
WALKER, E. M. (MRS)                     KY-11-1-144
WALKER, JOHN L.                         KY-11-2-193
WALKER, LUCINDA                         KY-11-2-251
WALKER, LUCRETIA                        KY-11-2-3
WALKER, MARY                            KY-11-1-137
WALKER, ROBERT                          KY-11-2-46
WALKER, ROBERT                          KY-11-1-124
WALLACE, C. B.                          KY-11-1-168
WALLACE, JAMES                          KY-11-2-86
WALSH, DAVID                            KY-11-2-504
WARREN, SAMUEL W.                       KY-11-2-173
WASHINGTON, ROBERT W.                   KY-11-2-41
WATERS, D. C.                           KY-11-2-36
WATSON, REBECCA M.                      KY-11-2-479
WEBB, FOSTER L.                         KY-11-2-143
WEBB, HARRIOET W.                       KY-11-2-268
WEEDIN, CALEB C.                        KY-11-2-196
WEIGHAM, JOSEPH                         KY-11-2-253
WELCH, G.W .                            KY-11-2-347
WELLS, M. I.                            KY-11-2-294, 301
WELSH, G. W.                            KY-11-2-347
WELSH, SARAH .                          KY-11-2-22
WEST, BENONI                            KY-11-2-160
WEST, MOSES Q.                          KY-11-2-295
WHELAN, JANE                            KY-11-2-162
WHELAN, JOHN                            KY-11-2-65
WHITEHOUSE, BEN                         KY-11-2-29
WILHITE, NICKOLAS                       KY-11-1-103
WILHOIT, RODY                           KY-11-1-150
WILKERSON, GEORGE H. C.                 KY-11-2-242
WILLIAMS, FANNY R.                      KY-11-1-194
WILLIAMS, JOSAPHINE E.                  KY-11-2-241
WILLIAMS, NANCY                         KY-11-2-39
WILLIAMS, SUSAN (COLORED)               KY-11-1-185
WILLIAMS, ZAY                           KY-11-2-292
WILLIS, G. S.                           KY-11-2-331
WINGATE, ESTHER                         KY-11-1-173
WINGATE, NELSON                         KY-11-2-428
WITHERSPOON, SARAH W.                   KY-11-1-94
WITHROW, W. P.                          KY-11-2-302
WITTERS, G. H.                          KY-11-2-345
WOLF, NANNIE                            KY-11-2-368
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM                       KY-11-2-204
WOODCOCK, RHODA H.                      KY-11-2-492
WRIGHT, SUSAN                           KY-11-2-58
YAGER, JOSEPH                           KY-11-1-178
YANKEE, JACOB                           KY-11-1-186
YEAGER, CHURCHILL                       KY-11-2-363
YEAGER, FREDERICK                       KY-11-1-88
YEAGER, JOHN H.                         KY-11-2-491
YEAGER, LEVI T.                         KY-11-2-441
YERKES, STEPHEN                         KY-11-2-494
YONCE, M. G.                            KY-11-2-15
YOUNG, C. C. (MRS)                      KY-11-2-376
YOUNG, GEORGE C.                        KY-11-2-143
YOUNG, JOHN C.                          KY-11-1-190
YOUNG, MARY E.                          KY-11-2-426
YOUNG, T. P.                            KY-11-2-418
YOUNG, WILLIAM C.                       KY-11-2-507
ZIMMERMAN, JAMES F.                     KY-11-1-25

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