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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1829-1855 | 2-5= ? |
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ADAMS, N. H.                            IN-84-1-70
ALBIN, SAMUEL                           IN-84-1-123
BALES, GEORGE                           IN-84-1-147
BAXTER, JOHN S.                         IN-84-1-232
BEARD, JOHN                             IN-84-1-110
BENTLEY, BENJAMIN R.                    IN-84-1-243
BILLING, JOHN                           IN-84-1-5
BISHOP, GEORGE                          IN-84-1-134
BROWN, WILLIAM                          IN-84-1-47
BRUCE, WILLIAM                          IN-84-1-187
BRYDEN, D. M.                           IN-84-1-164
BUTTERFIELD, SUPPLY                     IN-84-1-1
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                        IN-84-1-15
CHIPPS, SIMEON                          IN-84-1-239
CLARK, ELIZBETH                         IN-84-1-225
COLLETT, SARAH                          IN-84-1-214
DAMOND, GEORGE                          IN-84-1-23
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         IN-84-1-75
DAVIDSON, T. S.                         IN-84-1-229
DEPUY, MORGAN                           IN-84-1-43
DICKEN, JOEL SR.                        IN-84-1-126
DILLO, DANIEL                           IN-84-1-7
EZRA, JOHN                              IN-84-1-3
FERRIL, GEORGE                          IN-84-1-27
FERRIL, JOHN                            IN-84-1-17
FILSON, GEORGE W.                       IN-84-1-60
FLAHART, ABRAHAM                        IN-84-1-65
FORTUNE, NICHOLAS                       IN-84-1-132
HALL, FROST U.                          IN-84-1-165A
HAMMOND, ABRAHAM                        IN-84-1-120
HARDESTY, RICHARD                       IN-84-1-196A
HARPER, JAMES 3RD                       IN-84-1-191
HARRIS, ASHLEY                          IN-84-1-195, 196
HARRUFF, DAVID                          IN-84-1-19
HELT, JOHN                              IN-84-1-25
HENDERSON, RICHARD                      IN-84-1-180
HOAGLAND, WILLIAM                       IN-84-1-174
HOLLINGSWORTH, ABRAHAM                  IN-84-1-40
HOLLINGSWORTH, LEVI                     IN-84-1-107
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         IN-84-1-216
HUGHS, CONSTANTINE                      IN-84-1-159
ICENHOOD, JACOB                         IN-84-1-193
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         IN-84-1-91
JOHNSON, PRESLEY                        IN-84-1-73
LELAND, DEXTER F.                       IN-84-1-212
LINDSEY, JOHN H.                        IN-84-1-38
MARTIN, JOHN                            IN-84-1-161
MCDOWEL, WILLIAM                        IN-84-1-33
MCMICHEN, HANNAH                        IN-84-1-82
MCNEILL, JOHN                           IN-84-1-115
MOORE, HANNAH                           IN-84-1-142
MOORE, REBECCA                          IN-84-1-68
MOORE, THOMAS                           IN-84-1-113
MOREHEAD, ALEX                          IN-84-1-57
MORGAN, CURTIS                          IN-84-1-101
MORRIS, JACOB                           IN-84-1-52
MYERS, GEORGE                           IN-84-1-168
MYERS, JOHN                             IN-84-1-88
NOLAN, JAMES                            IN-84-1-29
OLDRIDGE, SAMUEL                        IN-84-1-50
OSMAN, JABEZ                            IN-84-1-44
PARKE, EXPERIENCE                       IN-84-1-137
PAYTON, JAMES                           IN-84-1-93
PORTER, MERCY                           IN-84-1-78
PRESTON, B. B.                          IN-84-1-95
QUERRY, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-56
RALSTON, JAMES                          IN-84-1-79
RANSOM, REUBEN                          IN-84-1-146
REED, BURCH                             IN-84-1-182
RINECKER, CATHARINE                     IN-84-1-227
RUSH, JERREMIAH                         IN-84-1-49
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        IN-84-1-8
RUSSELL,D AVID                          IN-84-1-36
SHALETO, EDWARD                         IN-84-1-54
SHEWMAKER, H.                           IN-84-1-137
SKINNER, WILLIAM P.                     IN-84-1-21
SPANGLER, FRED                          IN-84-1-235
STUTLER, WILLIAM                        IN-84-1-11
SWAN, SAMUEL                            IN-84-1-189
SWITZER, PETER                          IN-84-1-129
TIPTON, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-63
TOWERS, THOMAS                          IN-84-1-97
TREASE, HENRY                           IN-84-1-156
VANSANT, GABRIEL                        IN-84-1-153A
VANSANT, JOHN                           IN-84-1-103
WALTON, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-15
WATSON, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-121
WATTS, SAMUEL                           IN-84-1-149
WELLER, JOSEPH                          IN-84-1-84
WILSON, RALPH                           IN-84-1-151
WILSON, ROBERT J.                       IN-84-1-171
WIMSET, JOHN SR.                        IN-84-1-176A
WORTH, ABIGAIL                          IN-84-1-184

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