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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1844-1868 | 2-4=? |
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ALBIN, JOSEPH                           IN-67-1-350
ALLEN, ARTERIAS                         IN-67-1-526
ALLEN, GEORGE                           IN-67-1-364
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           IN-67-1-35
ALLEN, ROBERT                           IN-67-1-459
ALLEN, URIAH                            IN-67-1-2
ANDERSON, NOAH                          IN-67-1-132
ASHBY, SILAS                            IN-67-1-117
ATHERTON, WILLIAM                       IN-67-1-354
BADGER, DAVID                           IN-67-1-32
BALL, MARY A.                           IN-67-1-457
BAMENT, JOHN                            IN-67-1-177
BARNETT, LEWIS                          IN-67-1-42
BATMAN, THOMAS                          IN-67-1-524
BATY, WILLIAM                           IN-67-1-147
BIGHAM, ROBERT                          IN-67-1-378
BLADEN, EDWARD G.                       IN-67-1-372
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          IN-67-1-52
BOON, MOSES                             IN-67-1-106
BOWMAN, JOHN                            IN-67-1-100
BRANHAM, BERRY                          IN-67-1-64
BRANN, WILLIAM                          IN-67-1-151
BROWN, SAMUEL                           IN-67-1-437
BROWNING, GEORGE W.                     IN-67-1-435
BURKETT, ABRAHAM                        IN-67-1-206
BUTLER, JOHN                            IN-67-1-393
BYBEE, PLEASANT                         IN-67-1-204
CALL, SAMUEL SR.                        IN-67-1-535
CANTWELL, THOMAS                        IN-67-1-142
CARPENTER, ANDREW                       IN-67-1-115
CASE, CHARLES G.                        IN-67-1-478
CASE, MOORE                             IN-67-1-103
CASE, URIAH                             IN-67-1-178
CASSIDY, DAVID                          IN-67-1-20
CASSIDY, LEVI P.                        IN-67-1-97
CAWOOD, ERASMUS                         IN-67-1-72
CAYWOOD, ERASMUS                        IN-67-1-72
CHADD, DANIEL                           IN-67-1-502
CHASTAIN, SILAS                         IN-67-1-441
CHENOWITH, JOHN                         IN-67-1-380
CLARK, JOHN                             IN-67-1-129
CLARK, SARAH                            IN-67-1-162
CLARK, THOMAS                           IN-67-1-152
CLEARWATERS, DAVID                      IN-67-1-107
CLINE, JACOB                            IN-67-1-93
CLOUD, DAVID                            IN-67-1-416
COLLINGS, JAMES                         IN-67-1-160
CONNELY, GILMORE                        IN-67-1-345
COOPER, SAMUEL C.                       IN-67-1-145
COSHOW, THOMAS A.                       IN-67-1-155
COTTON, JOHN SR.                        IN-67-1-214
COWGILL, ELISHA                         IN-67-1-139
COWGILL, TARVIN W.                      IN-67-1-54
COWGILL, WILLIAM M.                     IN-67-1-45
CRAW, MARGARET                          IN-67-1-515
CRODIAN, HENRY G.                       IN-67-1-399
CROSE, GEORGE W.                        IN-67-1-422
CROW, WILLIAM N.                        IN-67-1-210
DACY, MICHAEL                           IN-67-1-126
DANIELS, ABIGAIL                        IN-67-1-445
DARNALL, MARADUKE H.                    IN-67-1-431
DAVIS, LUKE                             IN-67-1-473
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          IN-67-1-209
DAY, AMBROSE                            IN-67-1-221
DENNY, JOSHUA                           IN-67-1-425
DENNY, SAMUEL                           IN-67-1-3
DENTON, ANDREW B.                       IN-67-1-395
DICKSON, EBENEZER                       IN-67-1-133
DIXON, EBENEZER                         IN-67-1-133
DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM G.                   IN-67-1-469
DUNIVIN, JOHN                           IN-67-1-12
ELDER, HENRY C.                         IN-67-1-450
ELLIS, JOSEPH                           IN-67-1-68
ELROD, JAMES J.                         IN-67-1-157
EVERMAN, MICHAEL                        IN-67-1-504
FARROW, RICHARD S.                      IN-67-1-480
FISK, HENRY                             IN-67-1-18
FITTS, HENRY                            IN-67-1-362
FORCUM, ALLEN                           IN-67-1-67
FORCUM, WILLIAM A.                      IN-67-1-531
FORCUM, WILSON                          IN-67-1-531
FOSTER, ELIZA                           IN-67-1-497
FOSTER, HENRY                           IN-67-1-344
FULTON, ELISHA W.                       IN-67-1-474
GARDNER, LUKE                           IN-67-1-130
GAWN, JACOB                             IN-67-1-65
GIBSON, JAMES                           IN-67-1-11
GIBSON, WILLIAM                         IN-67-1-13
GILLESPIE, CATHARINE                    IN-67-1-506
GLAZEBROOK, BRANDFORD                   IN-67-1-86
GLAZEBROOK, CLIFT                       IN-67-1-22
GOODRICH, OLIVER P.                     IN-67-1-125
GOSE, JOHN                              IN-67-1-218
GREENLEE, ALEXANDER                     IN-67-1-427
GREENLEE, JAMES A.                      IN-67-1-216
GRIMES, WILLIAM                         IN-67-1-14
HAMMOND, SARAH E.                       IN-67-1-131
HANCOCK, THOMAS                         IN-67-1-105
HARRAH, DANIEL                          IN-67-1-462
HART, HIRAM                             IN-67-1-40
HASTY, LEVI                             IN-67-1-173
HEATH, EDWIN                            IN-67-1-227
HEDDEN, WILLIAM                         IN-67-1-202
HENRY, JOHN                             IN-67-1-223
HENSLEY, ELIZA JANE                     IN-67-1-518
HIBBS, AMOS                             IN-67-1-491
HIBBS, AMOS                             IN-67-1-499
HOGUE, WILLIAM                          IN-67-1-503
HOOD, SQUIRE                            IN-67-1-127
HOOVER, JACOB N.                        IN-67-1-452
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           IN-67-1-443
HUNTER, SAMUEL D.                       IN-67-1-73
HURST, BURTON                           IN-67-1-411
HURST, GEORGE                           IN-67-1-408
HURST, JESSE                            IN-67-1-113
HUTCHESON, RANDOLPH                     IN-67-1-415
HUTTON, JOHN                            IN-67-1-81
JENKINS, ELIZABETH                      IN-67-1-369
JOB, THOMAS                             IN-67-1-144
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IN-67-1-370
JOHNSON, JERVAH                         IN-67-1-95
JOHNSON, JOHN H.                        IN-67-1-96
JONES, ALLEN                            IN-67-1-108
JONES, BENJAMIN                         IN-67-1-6
JONES, BENJAMIN                         IN-67-1-99
JONES, GEORGE W.                        IN-67-1-339
JONES, JOHN S.                          IN-67-1-124
JONES, SILAS                            IN-67-1-9
JUSTICE, JAMES                          IN-67-1-19
KEIGHTLEY, CASSIE E.                    IN-67-1-200
KELLER, JOHN                            IN-67-1-167
KELLERD, JOHN                           IN-67-1-387
KENT, ANDERSON P.                       IN-67-1-520
KING, VALENTINE                         IN-67-1-455
KING, WILLIAM                           IN-67-1-389
KNIGHT, THOMAS                          IN-67-1-87
LASLEY, JOSEPH                          IN-67-1-511
LAUDERMAN, WILLIAM                      IN-67-1-413
LEACHMAN, MARY                          IN-67-1-103
LEACHMAN, WILLOUGHBY                    IN-67-1-496
LEE, MADISON                            IN-67-1-487
LEE, NOAH                               IN-67-1-193
LEWIS, ABRAHAM                          IN-67-1-213
LEWIS, ISRAEL G.                        IN-67-1-153
LEWIS, JAMES H.                         IN-67-1-119
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          IN-67-1-529
MARK, JOHN                              IN-67-1-57
MARKER, JONATHAN                        IN-67-1-477
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          IN-67-1-39
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         IN-67-1-25
MATKIN, ISAAC                           IN-67-1-195
MCCARTY, THOMAS                         IN-67-1-406
MCCARTY, WILLIAM                        IN-67-1-38
MCCORKLE, MARGARET                      IN-67-1-171
MCGAUGHEY, ARTHUR                       IN-67-1-150
MCGINNIS, JACOB                         IN-67-1-198
MCGINNIS, LEVI                          IN-67-1-66
MCKEY, ROBERT                           IN-67-1-377
MCMAINS, ANDREW                         IN-67-1-402
MELTON, ZACHARIAH                       IN-67-1-94
METEER, SAMUEL D.                       IN-67-1-403
MICHAEL, CHARLES                        IN-67-1-229
MILHOON, JACOB                          IN-67-1-58
MILLER, SANA                            IN-67-1-483
MILLS, SIMON                            IN-67-1-53
MONNETT, ISAAC                          IN-67-1-90
MOSELEY, WILLIAM S.                     IN-67-1-365
MURPHY, THOMAS                          IN-67-1-448
MYER, NOBLE J.                          IN-67-1-71
NANCE, WEBSTER                          IN-67-1-82
NELSON, JAMES I.                        IN-67-1-183
NICHOLS, MARIAH                         IN-67-1-434
NICHOLSON, BENJAMIN                     IN-67-1-397
NICHOLSON, CARTER T.                    IN-67-1-1
OLIVER, ROSANNAH                        IN-67-1-36
ONEAL, BAILEY                           IN-67-1-485
OSBORN, ANDERSON                        IN-67-1-165
OWEN, JONATHAN                          IN-67-1-85
OWENS, JOHN                             IN-67-1-27
PARKS, BENJAMIN                         IN-67-1-89
PEARCY, GEORGE                          IN-67-1-34
PEARSON, GEORGE W.                      IN-67-1-114
PHILIPS, DAVID                          IN-67-1-390
PIERCY, JACOB                           IN-67-1-109
PIERCY, JOHN                            IN-67-1-342
PRICE, JOHN                             IN-67-1-340
PURCELL, JOHN M.                        IN-67-1-141
RAKES, HESIKIAH                         IN-67-1-533
RANDALL, THOMAS                         IN-67-1-172
RATCLIFF, JOHN                          IN-67-1-349
REAT, HUGH                              IN-67-1-391
REED, EZRA C.                           IN-67-1-79
REEVES, SAMUEL JR.                      IN-67-1-28
REEVES, SAMUEL SR.                      IN-67-1-60
REYNOLDS, SALLY                         IN-67-1-237
RICE, ELIAS                             IN-67-1-7
RICE, STROTHER G.                       IN-67-1-19
RIDPATH, MARY                           IN-67-1-149
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                      IN-67-1-102
ROBINSON, JAMES                         IN-67-1-23
ROBINSON, JOHN                          IN-67-1-231
ROGERS, ASA L.                          IN-67-1-136
ROSS, ELIZABETH                         IN-67-1-154
RYNER, ADAM                             IN-67-1-139
SATURFIELD, SAMUEL                      IN-67-1-146
SECREST, GEORGE                         IN-67-1-407
SHACKELFORD, STERLING                   IN-67-1-110
SHERRILL, JOSEPH                        IN-67-1-4
SHIELDS, JOEL                           IN-67-1-513
SIDDINS, JAMES                          IN-67-1-17
SLAVENS, HIRAM B.                       IN-67-1-169
SMITH, ELIZA                            IN-67-1-26
SMITH, JANE                             IN-67-1-230
SPAULDING, WILSON                       IN-67-1-128
SPENCER, ALEXANDER                      IN-67-1-92
STADDLER, MARSHALL W.                   IN-67-1-385
STALEY, ABRAHAM                         IN-67-1-158
STEERS, JAMES                           IN-67-1-509
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        IN-67-1-77
STEWART, ANNIE                          IN-67-1-191
STOBAUGH, JACOB                         IN-67-1-47
STONER, PETER                           IN-67-1-69
STULTZ, WILLIAM A.                      IN-67-1-247
SUTTON, HIRAM                           IN-67-1-75
SWARTZ, SUSANNAH                        IN-67-1-467
TALBOTT, EDWARD A.                      IN-67-1-186
TALBOTT, JAMES JR.                      IN-67-1-63
TALBOTT, NATHANIEL                      IN-67-1-29
TALBOTT, SARAH E.                       IN-67-1-454
TALBOTT, WILLIAM E.                     IN-67-1-101
TARBUTTON, ELI                          IN-67-1-164
TARR, WILLIAM                           IN-67-1-161
TAUN, SALEM                             IN-67-1-367
TAWN, SALEM                             IN-67-1-367
TENNANT, ELIZABETH                      IN-67-1-418
TOMLINSON, HERRYMAN                     IN-67-1-523
TROWBRIDGE, JOHNATHAN                   IN-67-1-176
TUCKER, AMOS                            IN-67-1-179
UTTERBACK, CAROLINE                     IN-67-1-275
VARVEL, JOHN SR.                        IN-67-1-420
WALKER, MARIA F.                        IN-67-1-500
WATKINS, THOMAS                         IN-67-1-122
WATSON, BERKLEY                         IN-67-1-219
WAYWORTH, SARAH                         IN-67-1-528
WEBB, RICHARD                           IN-67-1-59
WILKINSON, JOHN                         IN-67-1-233
WILLIAMS, ZEDEKIAH                      IN-67-1-121
WILSON, ALEXANDER                       IN-67-1-188
WILSON, HENRY P.                        IN-67-1-224
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-67-1-84
WILSON, THOMAS                          IN-67-1-56
WIMAN, CATHARINE                        IN-67-1-62
WINGATE, JOHN C.                        IN-67-1-235
WINGATE, JOSEPH C.                      IN-67-1-76
WISEHART, JACOB                         IN-67-1-489
WOLF, JACOB S.                          IN-67-1-112
WOODRUM, BARNETT                        IN-67-1-465
WOOLEY, STEPHEN                         IN-67-1-135
WREN, JAMES                             IN-67-1-225
WRIGHT, FRANCIS                         IN-67-1-357
WRIGHT, HOSA                            IN-67-1-98
WYLIE, ALEXANDER G.                     IN-67-1-15
YEATES, JOSHUA SR.                      IN-67-1-43

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