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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1824-1840 | B-ZZ = ? |
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ALLISON, JOHN                           IN-49-A-185
BARNETT, THOMAS                         IN-49-A-203
BARNHILL, SAMUEL                        IN-49-A-97
BARNIGHT, JEREMIAH                      IN-49-A-198
BEATY, MAHLON                           IN-49-A-110
BELL, BENJAMIN                          IN-49-A-131
BERY, THOMAS                            IN-49-A-165
BONNELS, JAMES                          IN-49-A-149
BOOT, BARTIS                            IN-49-A-106
BRANSON, STEPHEN                        IN-49-A-149
BRENTON, ROBERT                         IN-49-A-214
BROWN, JOHN G.                          IN-49-A-179
BROWN, SAMUEL                           IN-49-A-167
BRUMLEY, JANE                           IN-49-A-122
BRUNSON, THOMAS                         IN-49-A-202
BUTLER, CHAUNCY                         IN-49-A-217
CHAPIN, AMUEL P.                        IN-49-A-132
COILE, JACOB                            IN-49-A-170
COOK, WILLIAM                           IN-49-A-163
COSSEL, GEORGE                          IN-49-A-127
CROUSE, HENRY                           IN-49-A-137
CULBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   IN-49-A-195
DEAL, JOHN                              IN-49-A-107
DODD, WILLIAM                           IN-49-A-118
DYSINGER, FREDERICK                     IN-49-A-194
FAUCETT, JOHN                           IN-49-A-183
FISHER, DAVID                           IN-49-A-153
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       IN-49-A-210
FRAY, MOSES                             IN-49-A-108
FRAZEE, JOHN M.                         IN-49-A-119
FRAZIER, JESSE                          IN-49-A-208
GROVER, BENJAMIN                        IN-49-A-131
HARDING, ELIAKIM                        IN-49-A-205
HAWKINS, JOHN                           IN-49-A-112
HEDGES, ELEANOR                         IN-49-A-89
HOLLINGSWORTH, JOSEPH                   IN-49-A-188
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         IN-49-A-192
HOOVER, DAVID                           IN-49-A-161
HORTON, JAMES                           IN-49-A-126
HUME, PATRICK                           IN-49-A-172
JACKSON, ALEXUS                         IN-49-A-93
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         IN-49-A-83
KENNARD, GEORGE L.                      IN-49-A-155
LAWRENCE, RICE R.                       IN-49-A-87
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          IN-49-A-218
MACKLIN, WILLIAM                        IN-49-A-121
MATLOCK, THOMAS                         IN-49-A-135
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       IN-49-A-129
MCKUNE, JAMES                           IN-49-A-220
MONROE, WILLIAM                         IN-49-A-117
MOORE, THOMAS                           IN-49-A-175
MORELAND, JOHN R.                       IN-49-A-113
MORELAND, RACHEL                        IN-49-A-200
NESBIT, AGNESS                          IN-49-A-154
NORWOOD, JOHN                           IN-49-A-134
NUGENT, WILLIAM                         IN-49-A-90
ONEAL, THOMAS                           IN-49-A-173
PARRY, DAVID                            IN-49-A-123
PAXTON, JAMES                           IN-49-A-102
PITZER, CHARLOTTE                       IN-49-A-184
REDING, J. W.                           IN-49-A-128
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-A-139
SCUDDER, KENNETH A.                     IN-49-A-100
SHUNK, JOHN                             IN-49-A-88
STEPHENS, BRANSON                       IN-49-A-149
STEVENS, ELI                            IN-49-A-191
VANLANINGHAM, WILLIAM                   IN-49-A-116
VISE, GEORGE                            IN-49-A-111
WAKELAND, TURNER R.                     IN-49-A-212
WALPOLE, LUKE                           IN-49-A-141
WHITESIDES, THOMAS                      IN-49-A-166
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         IN-49-A-94
WILSON, ANTHONY                         IN-49-A-159
WILSON, ISAAC                           IN-49-A-83
WILSON, ISAAC                           IN-49-A-95
WISHARD, WILLIAM                        IN-49-A-106
WRIGHT, JOEL                            IN-49-A-98

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