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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1831-1854 | 2 = 1855-1869 | 2A = ? | 3-17 ?
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ANDERSON, JOHN                          IN-2-2-131
ANDREW, RICHARD                         IN-2-1-32
ANDREWS, RAPIN                          IN-2-1-144
ARNEY, DANIEL                           IN-2-2-125
ASENDORF, CORD HEINRICH                 IN-2-2-482
AVALINE, FRANCIS S.                     IN-2-2-497
BACHELIER, PHILIPP                      IN-2-2-194
BAIRD, ROBERT                           IN-2-1-236
BALLMAHN, CHRISTIAN                     IN-2-2-159
BALLOU, JAMES                           IN-2-2-376
BARNETT, JAMES                          IN-2-1-164
BARRING, CONRAD                         IN-2-2-485
BARRY, EDWARD                           IN-2-1-63
BARTLETT, FRAZIER                       IN-2-2-231
BAUMMAN, JACOB                          IN-2-2-180
BEAMS, JOHN                             IN-2-2-716
BELL, JAMES                             IN-2-2-679
BENNET, ELIJAH                          IN-2-2-89
BENSMANN, FRIEDRICH                     IN-2-2-45
BERREY, THOMAS                          IN-2-2-236
BIGGS, SARAH                            IN-2-2-48
BIRD, SAMUEL                            IN-2-2-685
BLAMA, FREDERICK                        IN-2-2-267
BOEAR, OBADIAH                          IN-2-2-100
BOULTON, WILLIAM                        IN-2-2-255
BOWERS, JOHN Y.                         IN-2-2-535
BOWERS, PETER H.                        IN-2-2-533
BRADDOCK, CATHARINE                     IN-2-2-20
BRENTON, SAMUEL                         IN-2-2-73
BRIGGS, FRANCIS                         IN-2-2-677
BRINDLE, SAMUEL                         IN-2-2-74
BRODBECK, CONRAD                        IN-2-2-476
BROWN, PATRICK                          IN-2-1-132
BRUNO, JOHN B.                          IN-2-1-47
BURGESS, EBBEN                          IN-2-2-730
BURT, JOHN                              IN-2-2-749
BUTLER, JOHN                            IN-2-2-382
CAMAY, JOSEPH                           IN-2-2-438
CARRICK, OBADIAH                        IN-2-2-104
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        IN-2-2-223
CARTER, THOMAS                          IN-2-1-20
CASSWELL, ANN MARIA                     IN-2-2-257
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           IN-2-2-196
CHAPMAN, MOSES RUSH                     IN-2-2-421
CLARK, DANIEL                           IN-2-2-692
CLAYTON, JOHN                           IN-2-1-127
CLOSE, JOHN                             IN-2-2-239
COCHRAN, OWEN                           IN-2-1-146
COLES, MARGARET                         IN-2-1-64
COLES, STEPHEN                          IN-2-1-42
COLLMERE, CHRISTIAN                     IN-2-2-745
COMPARET, FRANCIS                       IN-2-1-92
COOMBS, JOHN F.                         IN-2-2-489
COULON, NICHOLAS                        IN-2-2-31
COUR, CLAUDIUS FRANCIS                  IN-2-2-41
COURDEVEY, FRANCIS JOHN                 IN-2-2-127
COVERDALE, WILLIAM A.                   IN-2-2-728
CRATZER, DAVID                          IN-2-2-113
CROUS, MICHAEL                          IN-2-1-46
CUNNINGHAM, LEO                         IN-2-2-260
CUSHMAN, HARRY I.                       IN-2-1-96
DALMAN, EDWIN                           IN-2-2-401
DANIELS, JAMES                          IN-2-1-24
DANIELS, THOMAS                         IN-2-1-116
DAVIS, R. MONTGOMERY                    IN-2-1-87
DELLENBAUGH, CHRISTIAN                  IN-2-2-663
DILLON, ASA                             IN-2-2-526
DILLS, CHARLES                          IN-2-2-385
DILLS, HENRY                            IN-2-2-733
DINGMAN, ISAAC                          IN-2-1-131
DINGMAN, JAMES                          IN-2-1-6
DISLER, ABRAM                           IN-2-2-545
DOCTOR, CHARLES                         IN-2-2-85
DOLIN, MICHAEL                          IN-2-2-734
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         IN-2-1-122
DOWNS, WILLIAM                          IN-2-2-12
DUHL, GEORGE                            IN-2-2-724
DYKES, ANDERSON JR.                     IN-2-2-687
EDWARDS, JAMES                          IN-2-2-151
EDWARDS, JOHN                           IN-2-1-152
EDWARDS, RACHEL                         IN-2-1-195
EGGEMAN, ANTHONY                        IN-2-1-181
EGGEMANN, DAVID                         IN-2-2-221
EMBRY, JAMES                            IN-2-2-168
ENGLEN, HARMAN                          IN-2-2-145
ERWIN, CATHARINE                        IN-2-2-50
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          IN-2-2-53
EVANS, JOHN                             IN-2-1-57
EWING, GEORGE WASHINGTON                IN-2-2-537
EWING, WILLIAM G. JR.                   IN-2-2-531
EWING, WILLIAM GRIFFITH                 IN-2-1-219
EYANSON, MARY                           IN-2-2-704
FAIRFIELD, ASA                          IN-2-2-756
FALLOW, GEORGE                          IN-2-1-114
FALLS, THOMAS                           IN-2-1-207
FARRAND, JOHN                           IN-2-2-43
FELLOWS, FREDERICK M.                   IN-2-2-427
FILSON, ELIZA                           IN-2-2-440
FINIGAN, DANIEL                         IN-2-1-252
FINK, ANDY                              IN-2-2-81
FITZGERALD, JOHN                        IN-2-2-83
FLOUGH, JACOB SR.                       IN-2-2-238
FOGWELL, SAMUEL                         IN-2-2-216
FOX, HENRY C.                           IN-2-2-683
FULK, FREDERICK                         IN-2-2-164
GALLAUGHER, CORNELIUS                   IN-2-1-34
GERKE, JOHN DEDERICK                    IN-2-1-240
GILLASPIE, ANNA ELIZA                   IN-2-1-246
GLADINO, JOSEPHINE                      IN-2-2-741
GODFRYE, JAMES G.                       IN-2-1-30
GOULD, JOHN                             IN-2-1-213
GRAYLESS, WILLIAM                       IN-2-2-34
GREEBE, DANIEL                          IN-2-2-407
GREEN, THOMAS                           IN-2-2-137
GRIFFIN, ZACHARIAH                      IN-2-1-3
GRIGGS, MATHEW                          IN-2-1-186
GROSJEAN, JOHN CLAUDE                   IN-2-2-430
GROSJEAN, MARY FRANCES                  IN-2-2-681
GROTRIAN, FREDERICK                     IN-2-2-247
GRUTMEIER, FERDINAND                    IN-2-2-722
GUILFORD, RUSSEL                        IN-2-2-726
HACKLEY, REBECCA                        IN-2-1-17
HALSTINE, PHILIP                        IN-2-2-206
HAMILTON, ALLEN                         IN-2-2-446
HARMER, WILLIAM                         IN-2-1-105
HASTLE, SAMUEL                          IN-2-2-504
HATFIELD, THOMAS                        IN-2-2-250
HAULEY, THOMAS                          IN-2-1-230
HAUSER, LOUIS                           IN-2-2-404
HAWKINS, ROBERT                         IN-2-2-668
HAYES, THOMAS                           IN-2-2-264
HEAGEL, JACOB                           IN-2-2-16
HECK, JACOB                             IN-2-2-136
HENDERSON, SOPHIA                       IN-2-2-120
HOFFMEIER, C. R.                        IN-2-2-768, 776
HOLMES, THOMAS J.                       IN-2-2-675
HORMEYER, HENRY                         IN-2-2-67
HOWEY, WILLIAM                          IN-2-2-105
HUDSON, JEREMIAH                        IN-2-2-184
HUGHES, DAVID                           IN-2-1-55
HUTZEL, GEORGE M.                       IN-2-2-129
HUVER, JOHN                             IN-2-2-706
JOHNSON, IRA A.                         IN-2-2-143
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IN-2-2-148
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         IN-2-2-454
JOLY, LOUIS                             IN-2-2-59
JONES, DANIEL                           IN-2-2-390
JOSTWORTH, DEITRICH                     IN-2-2-399
KASTENING, ERNEST                       IN-2-1-124
KEARNEY, MARY                           IN-2-2-480
KEEFER, JOHN NICHOLAS                   IN-2-2-718
KEES, JEREMIAH                          IN-2-2-193
KELLY, MARTIN                           IN-2-1-59
KENWORTHY, GEORGE                       IN-2-2-157
KILLAN, THOMAS                          IN-2-2-380
KINDER, PAUL                            IN-2-2-269
KINGDOM, MARY                           IN-2-2-202
KLEINSCHMIDT, ERNST                     IN-2-2-495
KLINGER, ELIZABETH                      IN-2-2-673
KOEHLER, GEORG                          IN-2-2-493
KOLMEIER, CHARLES WILLIAM               IN-2-2-700
KOPP, JOHN                              IN-2-2-468
KUNTZ, ANDREW                           IN-2-2-764
LACEY, SOLOMON D.                       IN-2-2-146
LAKE, NATHAN                            IN-2-2-551
LAMBS, CHRISTOPHER                      IN-2-2-220
LANGE, ERNST                            IN-2-2-198
LARCOM, LUTHER P.                       IN-2-2-214
LASSELE, FRANCIS D.                     IN-2-2-413
LASSELLE, FRANCIS J.                    IN-2-2-502
LAURENT, MARGARET                       IN-2-2-508
LEAVITT, SHELDEN C.                     IN-2-2-186
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           IN-2-1-83
LEWIS, THOMAS KEYS                      IN-2-1-141
LEWRIE, JOHN M.                         IN-2-2-710
LILLIE, ELIZABETH                       IN-2-2-442
LINDLAGE, JOHANN WILHELM                IN-2-2-177
LINTZ, ANTHONY                          IN-2-2-660
LOGAN, JOSEPH                           IN-2-2-171
LOVALL,E VINS                           IN-2-2-176
LUDWICK, JOSEPH                         IN-2-2-444
LYNCH, JEREMIAH                         IN-2-2-383
MADIGAN, PATRICK                        IN-2-2-721
MAGINNIS, DANIEL                        IN-2-1-75
MAIRE, MARY JUSTINA                     IN-2-2-519
MAJORS, JOHN                            IN-2-2-773
MANGEOT, JULIA                          IN-2-2-524
MARE, JOSEPH                            IN-2-1-160
MARTIN, JOHN                            IN-2-1-179
MASON, LEWIS                            IN-2-1-103
MATHEWS, JOHN                           IN-2-1-1
MCCLURE, MARK                           IN-2-1-139
MCCUE, MICHAEL                          IN-2-1-41
MCCULLOCH, ABIEL                        IN-2-1-111
MCDOUGALL, THOMAS                       IN-2-2-2
MCGOOGAN, ELIZABETH                     IN-2-2-123
MCGOOGAN, JOSHUA                        IN-2-2-122
MCINTOSH, JOHN                          IN-2-2-155
MCKEE, JOHN                             IN-2-2-18
MCKINNEY, PATRICK                       IN-2-1-129
MCMAKEN, JOSEPH G.                      IN-2-2-462
MCNAIR, MARY                            IN-2-2-204
MCNAIR, NEIL                            IN-2-2-515
MCTAGUE, PATRICK                        IN-2-2-456
MERIAM, CYRENIUS                        IN-2-1-78
MERIAM, SILAS S.                        IN-2-1-112
MERSCHENDORF, JOHN F.                   IN-2-2-696
MESSERSMITH, GEORGE                     IN-2-2-753
METZGER, JOHN                           IN-2-2-76
MIAMI-INDIAN, LA GRO                    IN-2-1-209
MIAMI-INDIAN, ZEEKE                     IN-2-2-24
MICHAUD, PIERRE                         IN-2-2-736
MILLER, ABRAHAM                         IN-2-2-510
MILLER, GILBERT A.                      IN-2-1-81
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-2-2-715
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-2-2-433
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-2-2-111
MILLER, PETER                           IN-2-2-140
MINTER, HEINRICH                        IN-2-2-153
MONAHAN, JOHN                           IN-2-2-513
MONGEOT, JULIA                          IN-2-2-452
MONNIER, JOSEPH                         IN-2-2-419
MONTGOMERY MATHEW P.                    IN-2-1-135
MORSS, CHARLES                          IN-2-2-417
MOSER, DAVID                            IN-2-2-218
MOUNIER, JEAN                           IN-2-2-111
MUHLER, CHARLES M.                      IN-2-2-410
MULDORN, CHARLES                        IN-2-2-161
MULLIN, FRANCIS                         IN-2-2-262
MYERS, JOHN                             IN-2-1-177
NICKEY, SAMUEL                          IN-2-2-434
NIEMANN, ERNEST                         IN-2-1-248
NIEMANN, HENRY                          IN-2-2-210
NUTTLE, JOHN                            IN-2-1-190
ONEILL, LAWRENCE                        IN-2-2-517
OWENS, OWEN P.                          IN-2-1-60
PAILLOT, JOHN BAPTIST                   IN-2-2-766
PARSON, AARON                           IN-2-1-170
PAYTON, GERON                           IN-2-2-36
PEARSON, PETER                          IN-2-2-102
PEIVERT, NICHOLAS                       IN-2-2-396
PERRIQUEZ, JOHN BELTRAUT                IN-2-1-234
PETTIT, REBECCA                         IN-2-2-671
PHILEY, AMANDA                          IN-2-1-204
PHILLEY, HIRAM A.                       IN-2-1-197
PICHOU, ISIDORUS                        IN-2-1-99
PIENING, PHILIPP                        IN-2-2-1
PIPE, JOSEPH                            IN-2-2-770
PITZINGER, FREDERICK                    IN-2-2-698
PLATT, PETER                            IN-2-2-38
POFF, JACOB                             IN-2-1-217
POIRSON, HERBERT                        IN-2-2-87
POISSON, BERNARD                        IN-2-2-29
PUCKETT, BEULAH                         IN-2-2-474
PUCKETT, HENRY W.                       IN-2-2-200
PUECKLER, H.                            IN-2-2-225
PUFFER, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-2-1-199
PULVER, EVE                             IN-2-2-46
RAHE, HENRY                             IN-2-2-529
RANDOT, CLAUDE FRANCIS                  IN-2-2-22
RANGE, CHRISTOPHER                      IN-2-1-29
REAM, JACOB                             IN-2-2-553
REKERS, BERNARD                         IN-2-2-464
RHOADES, JOHN                           IN-2-2-141
RICE, REUBEN                            IN-2-1-73
RICHARDVILLE, JOHN B.                   IN-2-1-35
RICHARDVILLE, MARIA LOUISE              IN-2-1-118
RICHEY, JAMES                           IN-2-2-554
RIKER, SARAH D.                         IN-2-2-743
RITTER, HARRIET                         IN-2-2-394
RITZMANN, SUSANNA                       IN-2-2-182
RMARY                                   IN-2-2-55
ROBISNON, ELIJAH                        IN-2-2-150
ROGERS, JABEZ A.                        IN-2-1-94
ROTH, JACOB                             IN-2-2-227
ROWLET, JAMES                           IN-2-1-150
RUFFET, MARE                            IN-2-1-89
RYAN, TIMOTHY                           IN-2-1-142
SAURAGEOT, VICTOR                       IN-2-2-506
SAUSSOTTE, MARY ANN                     IN-2-2-220
SAVIOT, FREDERICK SR.                   IN-2-2-460
SAWYER, WILLIAM                         IN-2-1-95
SCHLINK, GEORGE PETER                   IN-2-2-472
SCHNELKER, HARMAN                       IN-2-2-39
SCHOBBE, EVERHARD                       IN-2-2-98
SCHOFF, ALVIS                           IN-2-1-250
SCHROEDER, FREDERICK                    IN-2-2-694
SCHUCK, DORATHEA                        IN-2-2-738
SCHULTZ, MARY ANN                       IN-2-2-708
SEVENICK, FRANCIS HERMAN                IN-2-2-387
SEVENUCH, JOHN BERNARD                  IN-2-1-148
SEVITZ, MOSES                           IN-2-1-232
SHAFFER, HENRY                          IN-2-2-378
SHRUM, FRANCIS                          IN-2-2-53A
SHUCKMAN, HENRY                         IN-2-1-51
SIGWALD, JACOB                          IN-2-2-107
SIMONTON, JOHN                          IN-2-1-163
SLOFFER, WILLIAM                        IN-2-2-484
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         IN-2-1-211
SMITH, ELI                              IN-2-2-713
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-2-1-188
SMITH, JOSEPH                           IN-2-2-273
SMITH, PHILETUS H.                      IN-2-2-431
SMITLEY, JOHN                           IN-2-2-521
SMOTHERS, JOHN                          IN-2-2-423
SNYDER, JOHN                            IN-2-1-184
SOLOMON, JOSEPH                         IN-2-2-549
SOUDER,HENRY                            IN-2-2-3
SOUER, PHILLIP                          IN-2-2-547
SPALDING, ALMIRA                        IN-2-2-491
SPENCER, JOHN                           IN-2-2-154
SPENCE,R RUTH                           IN-2-1-173
SPITLER, MICHAEL                        IN-2-1-10
STARKWEATHER, SUSAN                     IN-2-2-392
STEINKAMPER, ANTON                      IN-2-2-109
STOUDER, CHRISTIAN                      IN-2-2-233
STREEPER, WILLIAM                       IN-2-2-93
STROUT, REUBEN W.                       IN-2-2-32
STURM, WILLIAM                          IN-2-1-202
SUGARDS, CHRISTIAN                      IN-2-2-478
SUGNET, LOUIS FREDERICK                 IN-2-2-254, 778
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         IN-2-1-215
TAYLOR, PHILO H.                        IN-2-1-110
TEBBEN, GEORGE                          IN-2-2-14
THEIN, GEORGE                           IN-2-2-173
THOMPSON, AARON                         IN-2-1-68
TILBURY, HENRY                          IN-2-2-7
TOLERERTON, ALEXANDER                   IN-2-2-498
TOWNSEND, MARGRET                       IN-2-1-90
TRAINE, JOSEPH                          IN-2-2-79
TUECHTGAUHAGHEN, WILLIAM                IN-2-1-53
TURNER, ANNE                            IN-2-1-8
URBAIN, JOSEPH                          IN-2-2-208
URBIN, NICHOLAS                         IN-2-2-91
UREPINGHAUS, HEINRICH                   IN-2-2-174
VAIOT, CLAUDE JOSEPH                    IN-2-2-243
VANDERSHEYDEN, DERRICK                  IN-2-2-70
VANDEUSEN, WILLIAM                      IN-2-2-84
VAUGHN, GEORGE W.                       IN-2-2-271
VENN, THERESIA                          IN-2-2-33
VILLEQUITTE, FELIX                      IN-2-1-154
VOLLMER, DAVID                          IN-2-2-28
WAGNER, PETER SR.                       IN-2-2-26
WALBOLD, JOHN                           IN-2-2-458
WALLEY, FRANCIS                         IN-2-2-57
WATERS, ELIAS                           IN-2-2-5
WEBSTER, ROBERT                         IN-2-2-166
WEEKS, JAMES                            IN-2-1-14
WELLER, CHRISTIAN                       IN-2-2-212
WERS, WILLIAM                           IN-2-2-470
WHITAKER, DANIEL                        IN-2-1-137
WIHUKER, ELIZABETH                      IN-2-2-15
WILCOX, JAMES                           IN-2-1-26
WOLF, JOHN C.                           IN-2-2-558
YEOMANS, VANIAH                         IN-2-2-115
ZEIGLER, GEORGE                         IN-2-2-229

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