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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1839-1865 | B = 1865-1888 | C = | D = | E = | F = |
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ABER, DAVID                             IN-1-B-93
ABER, SAMUEL                            IN-1-B-12
ABNET, JACOB                            IN-1-A-122
ACKER, SAMUEL                           IN-1-B-274
ADAMS, B. F.                            IN-1-B-107
AHR, JOHN MICHAEL                       IN-1-B-9
ALLMAN, THOMAS                          IN-1-A-146
AMSTUTZ, ULRICH                         IN-1-B-42
ANDREWS, PERRY H.                       IN-1-B-615
ARCHBALD, JOHN                          IN-1-B-502
ARCHER, AARON                           IN-1-B-378
AUGSBURGER, JOHN                        IN-1-B-390
AUGSBURGER, JOHN SR.                    IN-1-B-130
AUMAN, WILLIAM                          IN-1-B-72
AVERY, WILLIAM                          IN-1-B-149
BALL, VACHEL H.                         IN-1-A-280
BARGESS, SUSAN                          IN-1-B-265
BARNARD, EDWARD                         IN-1-B-186
BARNETT, HENRY                          IN-1-B-477
BARTHEL, ALBERT                         IN-1-B-412
BAUMGARTNER, JOHN A.                    IN-1-B-629
BAUMGARTNER, JOSEPH                     IN-1-B-392
BAUMGARTNER, SAMUEL                     IN-1-B-380
BAXTER, JOHN                            IN-1-A-133
BAXTER, MARY                            IN-1-B-132
BEERY, ELI                              IN-1-B-345
BEIBRICH, DANIEL                        IN-1-B-302
BELT, JOHN                              IN-1-A-68
BELTZ, PETER                            IN-1-A-333
BEVELHAIMER, DAVID D.                   IN-1-B-373
BIEBERSTINE, ISAAC                      IN-1-A-190
BILLMAN, MARY                           IN-1-B-355
BLACK, GEORGE F.                        IN-1-A-108
BLAKEY, JOHN H.                         IN-1-B-516
BLAUVELT, JACOB                         IN-1-A-198
BLY, CHARLES O.                         IN-1-B-514
BLY, CHARLES O.                         IN-1-B-533
BOGENRIFE, JOHN                         IN-1-B-383
BOLLMAN, ABRAHAM                        IN-1-B-124
BOLLMAN, CHRISTIANN                     IN-1-B-493
BOTTENBURG, JACOB                       IN-1-B-61
BOUGHMAN, ABRAHAM                       IN-1-A-165
BOUGHMAN, ALEXANDER                     IN-1-B-375
BOWERS, JOHN                            IN-1-B-599
BREMERKAMP, JOHN HENRY                  IN-1-B-36
BROWN, WILLIAM B.                       IN-1-B-281
BROWN, ZEDEKIAH                         IN-1-A-359
BRUDE, JOHN                             IN-1-A-81
BRYAN, WILLIAM P.                       IN-1-B-105
BUCKMASTER, JAMES                       IN-1-B-436
BUEHLER, ABRAHAM                        IN-1-B-159
BUMGARTNER, JOHN                        IN-1-B-24
BURK, JOHN                              IN-1-A-243
BURKETT, RUTH                           IN-1-B-489
BURKHALTER, JOHN                        IN-1-A-135
BURMAN, CHRISTIAN                       IN-1-B-432
BURNS, ESTHER                           IN-1-B-504
BURT, CHESTER                           IN-1-B-343
BUSSICK, FREDERICK                      IN-1-B-332
BYER, GEORGE                            IN-1-B-357
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        IN-1-B-279
CHRISTY, MARGARET                       IN-1-B-491
CLAUSON, HENRY                          IN-1-B-215
CLOSS, JOHN                             IN-1-B-112
CLOSS, MATHIAS                          IN-1-A-103
CLYMER, WILLIAM S.                      IN-1-B-40
COFFEE, ANNIE MARY                      IN-1-B-62
COFFEE, DANIEL                          IN-1-B-51
COFFEE, TIMOTHY                         IN-1-B-65
COFFMAN, DAVID L.                       IN-1-B-70
COLCHEN, HENRY                          IN-1-B-168
CONROD, GEORGE                          IN-1-B-114
CONTER, MARY                            IN-1-B-146
COWAN, JAMES                            IN-1-B-213
CRIST, SARAH                            IN-1-B-537
CRISTY, WILLIAM                         IN-1-B-88
CRONISTER, HENRY                        IN-1-A-268
CURKHALTER, JOHANNES                    IN-1-B-23
CYPHERS, WILIAM SR.                     IN-1-A-137
DAILEY, MARY                            IN-1-B-542
DAILEY, NIMROD                          IN-1-B-506
DANNER, JEREMIAH                        IN-1-B-79
DANNER, RUTH                            IN-1-B-420
DEFFENBAUGH, ELLEN                      IN-1-B-56
DEFFENBAUGH, JOHN                       IN-1-A-319
DENT, GEORGE A.                         IN-1-B-228
DEWESE, JOSEPH                          IN-1-B-21
DIEHL, WILLIAM SR.                      IN-1-B-182
DILWORTH, CHARLES                       IN-1-B-178
DORWIN, ZIBA                            IN-1-A-323
DOUGLASS, SAMUEL T. S.                  IN-1-A-21
DRUCKENMILLER, DAVID                    IN-1-B-482
DUER, JOHN                              IN-1-B-484
DURKIN, JOHN                            IN-1-B-457
DURR, GEORGE                            IN-1-B-326
EBLERDING, WILHELM                      IN-1-B-296
EICHER, ELIZABETH                       IN-1-B-359
EMORY, JOHN                             IN-1-B-86
ENSSLE, JACOB                           IN-1-B-32
ERWIN, DAVID                            IN-1-B-312
EVANS, ELIZABETH                        IN-1-B-497
FAIRCHILD, EMMA                         IN-1-B-445
FAIRFIELD, OLIVER                       IN-1-B-416
FEHLMAN, JOHN                           IN-1-B-330
FEHLMAN, JOHN                           IN-1-B-311
FINDLEY, ROBERT                         IN-1-A-310
FITZGERALD, DAVID                       IN-1-B-369
FLAGG, REBECCA                          IN-1-A-271
FLAGG, SAMUEL                           IN-1-A-9
FLAGG, SAMUEL ESQ.                      IN-1-B-394
FLICK, HENRY SR.                        IN-1-A-148
FONNER, JOHN                            IN-1-A-127
FORD, FOLSON                            IN-1-A-65
FOREMAN, DANIEL                         IN-1-B-414
FOX, PETER                              IN-1-B-591
FRANCE, GARRET HENRY                    IN-1-B-144
FRANK, PETER SR.                        IN-1-B-96
FRENCH, GEORGE                          IN-1-A-89
FRENCH, JOSEPH TWP                      IN-1-A-23
FUELLING, JOHN H.                       IN-1-B-631
FUHRMANN, JOHN SR.                      IN-1-B-164
GAGE, SARAH JANE                        IN-1-B-341
GALLMEYER, CONRAD C.                    IN-1-B-193
GALLMEYER, CONRADE D.                   IN-1-B-314
GALLMEYER, F. W.                        IN-1-B-636
GARKE, HARMON                           IN-1-A-349
GASE, PAUL                              IN-1-B-580
GASS, FRANCIS                           IN-1-A-264
GASS, HENRY                             IN-1-B-408
GAUNT, DANIEL                           IN-1-A-246
GAUNT, JOHN H.                          IN-1-B-283
GEHRING, JOSEPH                         IN-1-B-38
GERD, OLIVER                            IN-1-B-557
GIESSLER, FREDERICK                     IN-1-B-272
GILLIAM, JOHN F.                        IN-1-B-1
GILPIN, MARY M.                         IN-1-B-582
GLASS, NOAH                             IN-1-B-609
GOBAT, LEWIS A.                         IN-1-B-522
GODARD, JABEZ A.                        IN-1-B-231
GOLLOGLY, LAWRANCE                      IN-1-A-231
GRAF, BARBARA                           IN-1-A-163
GRAF, JACOB                             IN-1-A-163
GRIM, SOPHIA                            IN-1-B-268
GRIMES, MARY                            IN-1-B-221
GROTHE, CHRISTIAN                       IN-1-B-192
GULICK, AMOS                            IN-1-B-595
HABEGGER, PEER                          IN-1-B-109
HACKET, GEORGE D.                       IN-1-B-35
HACKMAN, MARY                           IN-1-B-528
HARKLESS, NANCY J.                      IN-1-B-545
HARKLESS, WILLIAM SR.                   IN-1-A-144
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         IN-1-B-76
HART, JOHN                              IN-1-A-342
HARTMAN, ADAM                           IN-1-B-606
HATHAWAY, ALMANZER                      IN-1-B-180
HEADCHORST, HENRY                       IN-1-A-205
HEADINGTON, HENRY M.                    IN-1-B-349
HEAPS, JOHN C.                          IN-1-B-25
HEATH, WILLIAM                          IN-1-A-3
HECKERTHORN, GEORGE                     IN-1-A-186
HEFFNER, MICHAEL                        IN-1-B-510
HEIDERMAN, HENRY                        IN-1-A-169
HEIMBERGER, GEORGE                      IN-1-B-567
HEIMBERGER, LEWIS                       IN-1-B-470
HEMPHILL, JAMES M.                      IN-1-B-237
HIFELMEYER, HENRY                       IN-1-B-459
HILGEMAN, WILLIAM                       IN-1-B-612
HILL, AMANDA L.                         IN-1-B-496
HILL, BARBRA                            IN-1-B-351
HILL, JOHN                              IN-1-B-82
HILL, OLIVE                             IN-1-A-355
HOECHAMER, GEORGE F.                    IN-1-B-512
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          IN-1-B-259
HOLBROCK, NICHOLAS H.                   IN-1-B-45
HOOPER, EZEKIEL                         IN-1-B-69
HOPPE, FREDERICK                        IN-1-A-260
HOULTHOUSE, HENRY                       IN-1-B-80
HOWER, ANDREW                           IN-1-B-252
JABERG, SOPHIA                          IN-1-B-508
JABKER, GERHARD H.                      IN-1-B-250
JACOBS, KELITA                          IN-1-B-618
JEFFERS, JESSE                          IN-1-A-61
JOHNSON, GRIFFIN                        IN-1-A-74
JOHNSON, JAMES F.                       IN-1-A-363
JONES, EVAN                             IN-1-A-18
JONES, MILES                            IN-1-B-207
JUDY, ANNA                              IN-1-B-57
KENEMANN, CONRAD                        IN-1-A-275
KENEMANN, FRIEDRICH                     IN-1-A-325
KERN, JOHN                              IN-1-B-170
KERN, SAMUEL                            IN-1-B-176
KIMSEY, WILLIAM                         IN-1-B-64
KINNEMAN, ELEANOR                       IN-1-B-30
KIPFER, ULRICK                          IN-1-B-15
KNAPP, WILLIAM                          IN-1-A-91
KNOBLAUCH, CARL G.                      IN-1-B-551
KOHNE, ANTON                            IN-1-B-406
KRIBEBERG, JOHN H.                      IN-1-B-324
KRICK, PHILLIP                          IN-1-B-118
KUCKLEBAN, FREDERICK                    IN-1-B-427
LAMASTERS, JOHN                         IN-1-A-171
LAMASTERS, JOHN                         IN-1-A-39
LEATHERMAN, ELIZABETH                   IN-1-A-5
LEHMANN, CHRISTIAN J.                   IN-1-B-120
LENHART, JOHN                           IN-1-B-242
LEWIS, MARY                             IN-1-B-465
LEWIS, THOMAS                           IN-1-A-155
LIECHTY, SAMUEL                         IN-1-B-404
LIPP, DANIEL                            IN-1-B-142
LITTLE, DAVID                           IN-1-A-223
LOOKER, MARGARET (ROLLER)               IN-1-B-53
LOWER, WILLIAM                          IN-1-B-261
LUGINBILL, PETER                        IN-1-B-548
LUTZENHIZER, JOHN                       IN-1-B-18
MACEBERGER, CHRISTIAN                   IN-1-A-330
MAGNUS, HENRY                           IN-1-A-167
MAJOR, MARY                             IN-1-B-294
MAJOR, SARAH                            IN-1-A-50
MAJOR, WILLIAM                          IN-1-A-106
MALLONEE, DANIEL                        IN-1-B-133
MALLONEE, JOSEPH                        IN-1-A-177
MALLONEE, WILLIAM                       IN-1-B-367
MANN, JESTEN                            IN-1-B-452
MAZELIN, PETER                          IN-1-A-240
MCCLAIN, JOHN                           IN-1-B-447
MCCONNEHEY, LEONARD F.                  IN-1-B-322
MCCONNEHY, WILLIAM                      IN-1-A-97
MCCONNEHY, WILLIAM H.                   IN-1-B-128
MCCORMICK, MARGARET                     IN-1-B-225
MCKAIG, ROBERT S.                       IN-1-B-570
MCKENDRY, ROBERT                        IN-1-A-283
MCLEAN, JOHN                            IN-1-A-291
MCMICKLE, THOMAS                        IN-1-B-423
MCMURDY, JOHN H.                        IN-1-B-387
MCNALS, STEPHEN                         IN-1-B-219
MEIBERS, JOHN SR.                       IN-1-A-339
MERRIMAN, JOHN                          IN-1-B-310
MESHBURGER, ULRICH                      IN-1-A-194
MESINK, CHRISTIAN                       IN-1-A-43
METZGER, EDWIN S.                       IN-1-B-4
MEYER, BERNARD SR.                      IN-1-B-184
MICHAUD, HENRY SR.                      IN-1-B-89
MICKLE, DEBORA                          IN-1-B-562
MICKLE, SAMUEL S.                       IN-1-B-140
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-1-B-361
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-1-B-84
MILLER, JOSEPH                          IN-1-B-336
MOORE, JACOB                            IN-1-B-248
MORGAN, DANIEL                          IN-1-B-468
MORNINGSTAR, JOHN                       IN-1-A-27
MOSER, ULRICH                           IN-1-A-335
MOSSER, ABRAHAM                         IN-1-A-202
MULLER, MARY GERTRUDE                   IN-1-B-399
MUMMA, JOHN                             IN-1-B-2
NEHER, CATHARINE                        IN-1-B-101
NELSON, ISAAC                           IN-1-A-58
NEUNSCHWANDER, ABRAHAM                  IN-1-B-565
NEUNSCHWANDER, JOHANNES S.              IN-1-B-438
NIBLICK, JAMES                          IN-1-B-48
NIBLICK, ROBERT                         IN-1-A-53
NIBLICK, SARAH A.                       IN-1-B-526
NIRDINGER, PETER                        IN-1-A-208
NUSBAUM, JOHN C.                        IN-1-B-59
PALMER, RICHARD                         IN-1-B-27
PALMER, THOMAS                          IN-1-B-397
PANNE, WILLIAM                          IN-1-A-117
PASSON, LEWIS                           IN-1-B-10
PATTERSON, JAMES                        IN-1-B-223
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       IN-1-B-277
PLOCKER, FREDERICK                      IN-1-B-623
POLLISON, ABRAHAM                       IN-1-A-299
PONTIUS, JOHN                           IN-1-A-250
PORTER, MARGARET                        IN-1-B-47
PRIEST, ENOCH                           IN-1-B-530
QUINN, JAMES                            IN-1-B-304
QUINN, SARAH A.                         IN-1-B-271
RABBITT, JOSEPH                         IN-1-B-122
RANDENBUSH, ISAAC                       IN-1-B-235
RAY, ELISHA E.                          IN-1-A-287
RAY, LEVI W.                            IN-1-B-217
READ, JOHN H.                           IN-1-B-500
REBER, HENRY                            IN-1-B-518
REYNOLDS, HOLEMAN                       IN-1-A-160
REYNOLDS, JAMES W.                      IN-1-B-364
REYNOLDS, JOHN SR.                      IN-1-A-11
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH                        IN-1-A-45
RIDER, WILLIAM                          IN-1-B-468
RIFFE, JOHN                             IN-1-A-328
RISING, ELI                             IN-1-A-211
RITER, JOHN FREDERICK                   IN-1-B-91
ROBER, MATHIAS                          IN-1-B-534
ROBERT, CORNELIUS                       IN-1-A-115
ROLVER, THEADORE                        IN-1-B-190
ROOP, JOHN                              IN-1-A-71
ROSS, DANIEL                            IN-1-A-294
ROSS, JOHN                              IN-1-A-141
RUBY, JOHN V.                           IN-1-B-449
RUMPLE, JOHN                            IN-1-B-195
RUNYON, BENJAMIN                        IN-1-B-339
RUST, JACOB M.                          IN-1-A-307
SCHATZER, LEONARD                       IN-1-A-139
SCHEORER, JACOB                         IN-1-A-254
SCHMIDT, HENRY JACOB                    IN-1-B-520
SCHOULER, MARGARET                      IN-1-B-487
SCHROCK, WILLIAM H.                     IN-1-B-540
SCHROEDER, BARBARA                      IN-1-B-371
SCHWARTZ, CHRISTIAN                     IN-1-B-135
SEWELL, GREEN B.                        IN-1-B-240
SHACKEY, JOSEPH                         IN-1-B-188
SHAMON, PETER                           IN-1-A-86
SHELDON, ALONZO                         IN-1-B-226
SHELL, JOHN                             IN-1-B-199
SHINDLER, JOHN SR.                      IN-1-B-254
SHROLL, FREDERICK                       IN-1-B-472
SIMONS, MARY                            IN-1-B-292
SIPES, SOLOMON                          IN-1-B-67
SLAMMER, JACOB                          IN-1-A-48
SMETT, DAVID                            IN-1-B-174
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        IN-1-B-347
SMITH, FRANKLIN B.                      IN-1-B-98
SMITH, JESSE                            IN-1-B-440
SMITH, JOHN P.                          IN-1-A-344
SMITH, MORGAN                           IN-1-B-6
SMITH, ROBERT                           IN-1-B-28
SPICHEGER, JOHN                         IN-1-A-303
SPULER, GEORGE                          IN-1-B-74
SPULLER, XAVIER                         IN-1-B-585
STAHLEY, JACOB                          IN-1-B-162
STALTER, CHARLES                        IN-1-B-443
STAUFFER, JOHN                          IN-1-B-626
STEPHENSON, CHARLES                     IN-1-B-233
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        IN-1-B-197
STEWART, CHARLES M.                     IN-1-B-429
STOOPS, JAMES SR.                       IN-1-B-587
STOOPS, JOSEPH SR.                      IN-1-B-328
STOPHER, ELLEN                          IN-1-B-353
STUCKEY, CHRISTIAN                      IN-1-B-172
STUCKEY, NICHOLAS                       IN-1-B-573
SULLIVAN, LIZZIE LEE                    IN-1-B-246
SUNIER, PETER F.                        IN-1-A-174
SUTTER, JOHN                            IN-1-B-257
SWANK, CHRISTOPHER                      IN-1-A-124
SWEANY, ELIZABETH                       IN-1-A-236
TEEPLE, SAMUEL                          IN-1-B-287
TISDALE, FLORILLA                       IN-1-B-418
TISDALE, ROBERT                         IN-1-A-181
TONELLIER, NICHOLAS                     IN-1-B-560
TONNELLIA, ANNA CATHARINE               IN-1-A-130
TORMEILLIE, JOHN                        IN-1-B-307
TRICKER, FRANCIS                        IN-1-B-603
TRICKER, JAMES                          IN-1-A-296
TRICKER, JEREMIAH                       IN-1-B-54
TRIM, JOHN JACOB                        IN-1-B-205
TROUT, WILLIAM                          IN-1-B-474
TROUTNER, JOHN                          IN-1-B-49
TROXELL, DAVID C.                       IN-1-B-285
VALENTINE, MILO                         IN-1-B-524
VANBEHREN, HENRY                        IN-1-A-313
VANCE, ANN                              IN-1-B-209
VAUGHN, JOEL                            IN-1-B-211
VOGLEWEDE, GEHARD HENRY                 IN-1-B-593
VOIGT, CHRISTIAN                        IN-1-A-158
WACHTER, FREDRICK                       IN-1-B-137
WADE, WILLIAM                           IN-1-A-37
WAGONER, JOHN N.                        IN-1-A-79
WALTON, WILLIAM                         IN-1-B-318
WASS, SAMUEL                            IN-1-B-202
WATKINS, RUTHENETTE                     IN-1-B-157
WAUGH, AUGUST                           IN-1-B-434
WEBER, LUDWIG                           IN-1-B-480
WEBER, SIMON                            IN-1-B-425
WEBSTER,, ROBERT C.                     IN-1-A-111
WEILAND, HENRY W.                       IN-1-B-151
WENTLING, JACOB                         IN-1-A-357
WERTZBERGER, BALTZ                      IN-1-A-346
WHEELER, AMOS                           IN-1-B-290
WIKE, GEORGE                            IN-1-B-402
WILHELM, CHRISTIAN                      IN-1-B-621
WILL, HENRY                             IN-1-B-153
WILLIAMS, LEMUEL R.                     IN-1-B-263
WILLMORE, ADDISON G.                    IN-1-A-316
WITTE, CONRAD                           IN-1-B-576
WOLBERT, JOSEPH                         IN-1-B-455
WOODARD, ASA                            IN-1-B-166
WORTMANN, ERNST                         IN-1-B-126
YAGER, JOHN NICHOLAS                    IN-1-B-316
YEAGER, HENRY                           IN-1-A-1
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-1-B-155
YOUNG, TUNIS                            IN-1-A-226
ZEDEKER, MARY ANN                       IN-1-B-589
ZIMMERMAN, ELI SR.                      IN-1-B-298
ZMUTT, ANNA B.                          IN-1-B-385
ZWICK, GERHARD HEINRICH                 IN-1-A-29

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