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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1854-1885 | 2 = 1885-1897 | 54 = 1897-1909 | 65 = 1905-1912 |
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ABLE, JAMES H.                         IL-3-1-92
ACKERMAN, ANDREW                       IL-3-2-11
ALLEN, ANDREW J.                       IL-3-1-178
APPLE, PETER                           IL-3-2-73
BALZLEY, JOHN                          IL-3-65-100
BARKER, ANNA                           IL-3-1-72
BARKER, JOSHUA                         IL-3-1-5
BARTH, JACOB                           IL-3-2-163
BASS, NANCY                            IL-3-65-91
BASS, SARAH JANE                       IL-3-65-77
BATES, ANSON                           IL-3-1-395
BEATY, CHARLES W.                      IL-3-1-434
BECKER, JOHN H.                        IL-3-1-269
BIGGS, CALVIN B.                       IL-3-1-212
BILYEU, ISAAC                          IL-3-1-9
BILYEU, L. G.                          IL-3-2-171
BILYEU, NANCY E.                       IL-3-2-144
BILYEU, REBECCA                        IL-3-2-30
BLANCHARD, SETH                        IL-3-1-143
BLANCHARD, SYBALL                      IL-3-1-284
BLANKENSHIP, JESSE B.                  IL-3-65-69
BOLDT, JOHN                            IL-3-2-175
BOLDT, SOPHIA ELIZABETH                IL-3-2-227
BOLL, PANGRATZ                         IL-3-65-50
BRANDT, FREDERICK A.                   IL-3-1-406
BRENCHAUD, DAVID                       IL-3-2-33
BROWN, CHARLES S.                      IL-3-1-468
BROWN, JAMES .                         IL-3-2-231
BROWN, THOMAS L.                       IL-3-1-437
BUCHANAN, JOHN T.                      IL-3-65-104
BUCHANAN, OTHNEIL                      IL-3-2-135
BUILLON, JOHN B.                       IL-3-1-414
CALAME, ULYSSE                         IL-3-2-187
CAMPER, HARMAN                         IL-3-1-129
CAREY, JOSHUA P.                       IL-3-1-458
CARTER, LUTHER CALVIN                  IL-3-65-83
CAUSEY, JAMES E.                       IL-3-1-181
CAWREY,C HRISTIANA                     IL-3-1-105
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH A.                  IL-3-65-72
CHASEY, WILLIAM H.                     IL-3-2-2
CHRISTIAN, CHARLES                     IL-3-2-180
CLANTON, JOHN                          IL-3-2-196
CLANTON, MARTHA JANE                   IL-3-65-116
CLANTON, WESLEY                        IL-3-1-235
CLARK, CHARLES                         IL-3-54-25
CLARK, PHEBBE FLORELLA                 IL-3-2-223
CLINE, THOMAS                          IL-3-1-63
CLOUSE, JAMES W.                       IL-3-2-133
COIGNY, JOHN                           IL-3-2-104
COLCORD, HATTIE J.                     IL-3-65-39
CORLEW, EMERY R.                       IL-3-65-87
CORNISH, JAMES S.                      IL-3-65-102
COX, HULDA J.                          IL-3-65-108
CRIPE, JACOB                           IL-3-1-192
CROWNOVER, GARRETT                     IL-3-1-341
CROWNOVER, JAMES WILLIAM               IL-3-65-44
CUBERLY, AMELIA B.                     IL-3-1-199, 216
CURTHES, WILLIAM                       IL-3-1-171
DANN, MARY E.                          IL-3-1-404
DARE, PHILLIP C.                       IL-3-2-153
DAUDERMAN, DANIEL                      IL-3-1-352
DAVIS, ELI                             IL-3-2-250
DAVIS, JAMES                           IL-3-1-20
DAVIS, JOHN G.                         IL-3-2-115
DAVIS, LUCY D.                         IL-3-2-89
DAVIS, THOMAS M.                       IL-3-2-127
DELAY, JOSEPH G.                       IL-3-54-26
DENNY, IMBERT H.                       IL-3-65-79
DENNY, JOHN S.                         IL-3-2-16
DENNY, LYDIA B.                        IL-3-2-216
DENNY, REUBEN S.                       IL-3-2-34
DOERIE, JULIA ANN                      IL-3-1-126
DONNELL, WILLIAM N.                    IL-3-2-214
DOUGLAS, NATHANIEL                     IL-3-1-65
DOUGLASS, JAMES M.                     IL-3-1-230
DRAKE, ELIZABETH                       IL-3-1-314
DRAKE, MARGARET                        IL-3-2-6
DUFF, HIRAM                            IL-3-1-203
DWEY, JANNETTE                         IL-3-1-169
EDWARDS, CATHERINE                     IL-3-65-120
EDWARDS, CHARLES                       IL-3-1-324
EDWARDS, EUDORA                        IL-3-65-120
EHRISTINE, JOHN W.                     IL-3-2-2
ELAM, ALEXANDER                        IL-3-1-270
ELAM, JAME SN.                         IL-3-1-275
ELAM, JOSEPHUS                         IL-3-1-148
ELLIOTT, MARY S. W.                    IL-3-1-290
ELLIS, CHARLES                         IL-3-2-239
ELLWOOD, GIBSON                        IL-3-1-94
ENLOE, EZEKIEL                         IL-3-1-59
ENLOE, JAMES                           IL-3-1-453
ENNEN, MARY                            IL-3-65-103
ESSENPREIS, LEE                        IL-3-2-184
EVANS, EDWARD                          IL-3-1-361
EVANS, WILLIAM M.                      IL-3-2-76
EYER, DANIEL                           IL-3-1-282
FAUSLER, ADAM                          IL-3-1-110
FERRELL, WILLIAM                       IL-3-2-136
FIELDS, RACHEL E.                      IL-3-1-322
FILE, ELIZABETH                        IL-3-1-138
FILE, GEORGE                           IL-3-1-37
FILE, HANNAH                           IL-3-2-206
FILE, JACOB                            IL-3-2-57
FILE, JAMES W.                         IL-3-1-448
FILE, PETER S.                         IL-3-1-302
FILE, THOMAS B.                        IL-3-65-73
FILE, TOBIA                            IL-3-2-172
FINLEY, WILLIAM                        IL-3-2-26
FLOYD, GEORGE                          IL-3-2-98
FOSTER, EDWIN                          IL-3-1-52
FRITZ, FRED W.                         IL-3-65-106
FRUEH, GEORGE                          IL-3-2-232
FULLER, LUCIUS                         IL-3-1-375
FUREY, THOMAS H.                       IL-3-54-16
HABISH, JOSEPH                         IL-3-65-44
HAIR, HENRY                            IL-3-2-255
HALLAM, AMY                            IL-3-1-462
HANDEL, JOHN C.                        IL-3-65-86
HARKEY, WILLIAM                        IL-3-1-411
HARNETIAM, LOUIS                       IL-3-1-337
HARPER, J. J.                          IL-3-2-238
HARRIS, CORA M.                        IL-3-65-59
HARRIS, FALBY                          IL-3-2-123
HARTMAN, JOHN                          IL-3-65-35
HEFLEY, HANNAH                         IL-3-1-167
HENRY, ANDREW G.                       IL-3-65-37
HENRY, MATHEW                          IL-3-1-39
HENTZ, JOSEPH                          IL-3-2-85
HERZOG, CHARLES F.                     IL-3-1-336
HESTON, J. H.                          IL-3-2-221
HILL, GEORGE W.                        IL-3-1-445
HILL, JOHN B.                          IL-3-2-46
HILL, NANCY N.                         IL-3-54-14
HILL, NATHANIEL                        IL-3-1-258
HOFFMAN, JOHN                          IL-3-1-113
HOLCOMB, PYTHAGORAS E.                 IL-3-1-460
HOLSBERRY, JOHN                        IL-3-1-32
HOWELL, JOHN S.                        IL-3-1-232
HUBBARD, THOMAS S.                     IL-3-2-201
HUDSON, TILLIE A.                      IL-3-1-294
HULL, MARIE                            IL-3-2-77
HUNTER, WILLIAM M.                     IL-3-65-65
JACKSON, JOHN W.                       IL-3-65-113
JACKSON, LARKIN                        IL-3-2-161
JAUDT, H. G.                           IL-3-1-218
JENNER, HENRY J.                       IL-3-65-94
JETT, EMMA S.                          IL-3-2-39
JETT, JAMES H.                         IL-3-1-3
JETT, JAMES W.                         IL-3-2-18
JETT, JOHN                             IL-3-1-134
JETT, NANCY C.                         IL-3-1-384
JETT, SOPHIA                           IL-3-65-57
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                      IL-3-1-83
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                     IL-3-1-286
JOHNSTON, GEORGE W.                    IL-3-65-81
JOY, JAMES A.                          IL-3-1-150
KANNE, HENRY                           IL-3-1-397
KEPLER, JOSEPH J.                      IL-3-1-241
KERSHNER, HENRY T.                     IL-3-1-22
KESSLER, CATHERINE                     IL-3-1-363
KESSLER, JOSEPH J.                     IL-3-1-241
KIGER, HENRY                           IL-3-1-256
KISSICK, WILLIAM                       IL-3-1-379
KOCH, FREDERICK                        IL-3-2-178
KOONCE, JACOB                          IL-3-1-46
KOONCE, NICHOLAS                       IL-3-1-54
KRAUSE, MARIANNE                       IL-3-2-52
LAGANT, THEOPHILUS                     IL-3-65-52
LAGAUT, JENNY                          IL-3-1-281
LARRABEE, LAFAYETTE                    IL-3-2-147
LAUDAS, FELIX                          IL-3-1-272
LAWS, CHARLOTTE                        IL-3-1-357
LAWS, ELIZABETH A.                     IL-3-2-137
LAWS, FIELDING                         IL-3-1-367
LEAVERTON, JOHN A.                     IL-3-1-240
LILLIGH, JACOB                         IL-3-2-167
LINDLEY, WILLIAM                       IL-3-2-120
LOHMAN, CHRIST                         IL-3-1-450
LONG, STEPHEN                          IL-3-1-34
LOYD, EDWARD R.                        IL-3-1-344
LOYD, LEWIS M.                         IL-3-2-20
MACKEY, ROBERT                         IL-3-2-209
MAIBAUM, HENRY                         IL-3-1-359
MANTON, JAMES                          IL-3-2-116
MARTIN, SARA F.                        IL-3-1-316
MASON, HAYWOOD                         IL-3-1-210
MASON, HENRY                           IL-3-65-46
MASON, ROBET                           IL-3-65-47
MASSEY, DIRONISH                       IL-3-2-21
MASTERS, JOHN                          IL-3-1-389
MATTHEWS, ELISHA                       IL-3-1-43
MATTHEWSON, IRA                        IL-3-1-67
MATTOON, EBENEZER                      IL-3-2-148
MAURER, MATH                           IL-3-1-466
MAXEY, JOHN H.                         IL-3-65-55
MAYS, BENJAMIN F.                      IL-3-2-93
MCCASTIN, JOHN O.                      IL-3-1-41
MCCRACKEN, JAMES                       IL-3-65-115
MCCRACKEN, MARY                        IL-3-65-65
MCCULLAH, CLINTON                      IL-3-1-334
MCCUSKEY, WILLIAM                      IL-3-65-62
MCFARLAND, ROBERT S.                   IL-3-1-89
MCFERRIN, JAMES                        IL-3-1-253
MCGINNESS, LAWRENCE                    IL-3-54-61
MCKENZIE, GEORGE                       IL-3-1-306
MCLAIN, JOHN A.                        IL-3-1-51
MCLAIN, LUELLA M.                      IL-3-65-66
MCNEELY, GEORGE N.                     IL-3-1-13
MCNEILL, ABRAHAM                       IL-3-65-67
MENGLER, GUSTAVE                       IL-3-2-118
MERRIMAN, MARY                         IL-3-1-203
MERRIMAN, OLIVE                        IL-3-1-332
MERRIT, DANIEL                         IL-3-1-11
MERRY, MARY E.                         IL-3-2-252
METZER, JACOB F.                       IL-3-2-8
MEWES, JOHN C.                         IL-3-1-226
MEYER, H. W.                           IL-3-2-146
MILES, ELIJAH                          IL-3-1-222
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      IL-3-1-326
MILLS, ANDREW G.                       IL-3-1-49
MILLS, MILTON                          IL-3-1-381
MINGIS, ELIZABETH                      IL-3-1-292
MITCHELL, ARCHIBALD                    IL-3-1-224
MOLLET, MICHAEL                        IL-3-2-50
MORGAN, MARY H.                        IL-3-2-248
MORROW, REBECCA                        IL-3-2-52
MUDD, R. L.                            IL-3-65-76
MUMPER, CORNELIUS                      IL-3-65-118
MUMPER, DAVID                          IL-3-1-214
MUNTON, JOSIAH                         IL-3-65-109
MYATT, MURPHY                          IL-3-1-201
MYATT, WILLIAM C.                      IL-3-2-204
OBYRNE, ROSANNA                        IL-3-65-61
OCHSNER, SUSAN C.                      IL-3-1-456
OECHSNER, MARTIN                       IL-3-2-229
ORME, THOMAS                           IL-3-1-1
OSTERKAMP, JOHN F.                     IL-3-2-97
PAHLMANN, J. H.                        IL-3-65-60
PAHUD, VIRGINIA                        IL-3-1-312
PARSONS, ANTHONY                       IL-3-65-117
PERRY, CHARLES                         IL-3-1-1
PERRYMAN, ANN L.                       IL-3-2-62
PERRYMAN, JOHN                         IL-3-1-422
PETER, VINZENZ                         IL-3-1-118
PETTIJOHN, MARTHA A.                   IL-3-1-350
PETTYIJOHN, ABNER                      IL-3-1-88
PIGG, GEORGE W.                        IL-3-65-45
PINKSTAFF, THOMAS J.                   IL-3-65-105
PITT, WILLIAM J.                       IL-3-2-243
PLANT, ANGELINE                        IL-3-2-246
PLANT, JOHN W.                         IL-3-2-87
PLANT, LEARNER B.                      IL-3-1-431
PLANT, LORENZO DOW                     IL-3-1-73
PLANT, REBECCA                         IL-3-2-83
PLOG, JOHN C. F.                       IL-3-1-173
POGGENSCE, CARL F. W.                  IL-3-54-41
POTTS, HENRY                           IL-3-65-80
PRATER, BRICE                          IL-3-1-304
PRESSGROVE, MALISSA                    IL-3-2-4
PRIESMEYER, ERNEST HENRY               IL-3-65-88
PURCELS, MARY                          IL-3-2-13
RAEBER, ALOIS                          IL-3-1-424
RAEBER, MARTHA                         IL-3-2-38
RANKIN, WARREN SR.                     IL-3-65-98
REA, ANDREW                            IL-3-1-236
READ, ISAAC                            IL-3-1-308
REAMES, WILLIAM                        IL-3-1-246
REDFEARN, JAMES                        IL-3-1-418
REEVES, MARTHA E.                      IL-3-54-113
REGISTER, SILAS                        IL-3-1-407
RENCH, JOSEPH                          IL-3-1-17
RENCH, JOSEPH I.                       IL-3-1-30
RENFRO, HIRAM                          IL-3-54-112
ROBINSON, MARGARET T.                  IL-3-1-416
RODGERS, WILLIAM W.                    IL-3-2-42
ROGERS, F. M.                          IL-3-2-211
ROGERS, JAMES                          IL-3-1-115
ROSEBROUGH, JAMES                      IL-3-1-250
ROSEBROUGH, JOHN D.                    IL-3-1-402
ROSEBROUGH, WILLIAM H.                 IL-3-65-54
ROSS, WILLIAM B.                       IL-3-1-101
ROYER, JACOB D.                        IL-3-65-93
RUTHERFORD, JAMES B.                   IL-3-1-51
SAVAGE, RICHARD                        IL-3-1-62
SCHARF, AUGUST H.                      IL-3-2-106
SCHMIDT, ELIZABETH                     IL-3-2-80
SCHOMAKER, ERNEST                      IL-3-54-8
SCOTT, REZIN                           IL-3-2-189
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         IL-3-1-124
SEAEN, JONATHAN                        IL-3-1-140
SELLERS, LEN J.                        IL-3-54-27
SHANNON, ALEXANDER                     IL-3-2-22
SHARP, JONATHAN                        IL-3-65-99
SHIELDS, THOMAS                        IL-3-1-136
SHORT, CHARLES E.                      IL-3-1-340
SIEMENS, CHRIST                        IL-3-2-100
SMITH, ADDISON F.                      IL-3-65-65
SMITH, CHARLOTTE S.                    IL-3-1-426
SMITH, CYRUS J.                        IL-3-65-49
SMITH, EMERY E.                        IL-3-2-40
SMITH, GEORGE M.                       IL-3-1-428
SMITH, JAMES                           IL-3-1-121
SMITH, JOHN J.                         IL-3-1-355
SMITH, SAMUEL                          IL-3-1-190
SMITH, THEODORE F.                     IL-3-2-129
SOLWAY, CHARLES                        IL-3-1-386
SOMMERFELDT, ELIZABETH                 IL-3-2-92
SPIES, MAGDALENA                       IL-3-65-58
STAFFEN, CATHERINE                     IL-3-2-122
STEINBAUGH, BELLE                      IL-3-2-64
STEINBAUGH, MEDELINE                   IL-3-1-259
STEPHENS, CYRUS H.                     IL-3-2-181
STRANG, MARY A.                        IL-3-2-169
SUG, CATHERINE                         IL-3-1-377
SUGG, JOSIAH F.                        IL-3-1-69
SUGG, WILLIAM D.                       IL-3-1-267
SUTTON, JAMES                          IL-3-1-264
SWAINSON, EMILY M.                     IL-3-1-318
SWAINSON, JOHN T.                      IL-3-1-186
SWOFFORD, LEWIS C.                     IL-3-2-95
SYBERT, H. V.                          IL-3-1-106
SYBERT, JESSE M.                       IL-3-1-228
SYBERT, JOHN H.                        IL-3-2-36
TAYLOR, AMANDA C.                      IL-3-2-66
TAYLOR, TAUDAY                         IL-3-1-1
THACKER, ABNER                         IL-3-1-15
THOMAS, MARY A.                        IL-3-2-155
THOMEN, JOHN                           IL-3-65-63
THOMEN, JOHN SR.                       IL-3-1-165
THOMPSON, JEFFRES                      IL-3-1-298
THOMPSON, PETER                        IL-3-1-161
TISDALE, ICHABOD J.                    IL-3-1-98
TRIPOD, ALEXANDER                      IL-3-1-263
ULRICH,A LOIS C.                       IL-3-65-64
UTLAUT, AUGUST H.                      IL-3-2-247
UTLAUT, EBERHART                       IL-3-1-442
VAUGHN, WILLIAM                        IL-3-2-198
VAUGNN, WILLIAM H. H.                  IL-3-54-18
VOELKER, MATILDA                       IL-3-54-21
VONBERG, JOHN JACOB                    IL-3-65-18
VUAGMAN, JOHN                          IL-3-1-177
WARREN, J. A. (M.D.)                   IL-3-65-107
WATSON, A. W.                          IL-3-1-400
WATSON, HENRY                          IL-3-54-24
WATSON, MARGARET J.                    IL-3-65-71
WATSON, SABRA N.                       IL-3-1-79
WATSON, WILLIAM P.                     IL-3-1-372
WATTS, JOHN                            IL-3-2-68
WEGER, DAVID                           IL-3-2-24
WEIDNER, BERKHARDT                     IL-3-2-1
WEINDEL, STEPHEN                       IL-3-2-244
WEINHEIMER, BELTHASER                  IL-3-1-278
WENDT, JACOB                           IL-3-1-301
WHEELER, JOHN                          IL-3-1-25
WHERLI, VIRGENES                       IL-3-1-330
WHITE, ARTHUR C.                       IL-3-2-10
WHITE, JOHN B.                         IL-3-2-28
WHITE, JOHN B.                         IL-3-1-244
WHITE, ROBERT                          IL-3-1-252
WHITE, WESLEY                          IL-3-2-48
WIGGINS, SAMUEL B.                     IL-3-1-156
WILDERMAN, JOHN T.                     IL-3-1-296
WILDS, LUCINDA                         IL-3-1-365
WILDS, RALPH                           IL-3-1-311
WILLEFORD, JAMES                       IL-3-1-85
WILLIAMS, HENRY M.                     IL-3-1-7
WILLIAMS, MARGARET M.                  IL-3-1-28
WILTON, ELIZABETH                      IL-3-1-436
WINSLOW, SARA .                        IL-3-1-288
WISE, DAVID W.                         IL-3-1-196
WISHON, LAURA                          IL-3-2-2
WOOLARD, JAMES B.                      IL-3-2-31
WURSTNER, GEORGE                       IL-3-2-213
YOUNG, WILLIAM J.                      IL-3-65-90

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