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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A-1850-1880 | B = 1880-1894 | C = 1894-1902 |
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ALLINSON, GEORGE B.               PHILADELPHIA, PA                             IL-2-A-180
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER W.            NTL                                          IL-2-A-21
ANTOINE, PETER                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-248
ARTER, DANIEL                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-342
ARTER, MILLEY ANN                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-159
BANKSTON, GREEN B.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-164
BARINGER, RACHEL                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-175
BARKHAUSEN, ARNOLD                NTL                                          IL-2-A-9
BARKHAUSEN, HENRIETTA             NTL                                          IL-2-A-121
BARTH, SEBASTIAN                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-215
BAUMGARD, GEORGE                  NTL                                          IL-2-A-72
BAUMGARD, RICHARD D.              NTL                                          IL-2-A-6
BAUNGARD, MELINDA                 NTL                                          IL-2-A-273
BEECHER, CATHARINE A.             CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-79
BELL, CLARA E.                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-518
BENNETT, SANFORD P.               CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-511
BLANKS, JOHN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-363
BLATTAN, LOUIS                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-306
BLODGETT, NAPOLEON S.             DOG TOOTH                                    IL-2-A-207
BODE, HENRY                       CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-147
BOYLE, THOMAS                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-288
BREDALL, AMOS C.                  NTL                                          IL-2-A-3
BRICKELL, JACOB                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-333
BRODERICK, JOHN                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-128
BROSS, FREDOLIN                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-556
BROWN, SUSAN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-220
BUCHER, MARY                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-68
BURNET, ELIZABETH                 NTL                                          IL-2-A-157
BURNETT, ELIZABETH                NTL                                          IL-2-A-147
BURNS, MATTHEW                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-263
BURRESS, WILLIAM                  NTL                                          IL-2-B-346
CAHILL, ELLEN ROCHE               VILLA RIDGE                                  IL-2-C-375
CAHILL, WILLIAM                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-221
CALL, EDA M.                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-296
CALLAHAN, BRIDET                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-197
CALLAHAN, HUGH                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-350
CANDEE, EUNELIA                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-182
CANDEE, HENRY H.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-140
CANNADY, J. W.                    NTL, PEMISCOT, MO                            IL-2-C-525
CARAHER, PETER                    CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-597
CARAHER, PETER                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-479
CAREY, WILLIAM                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-57
CARROLL, JOHN                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-132
CARY, WILLIAM G.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-183
CASHMAN, BARTHOLOMEW              CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-20
CAUBLE, JACOB                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-202
CAUBLE, NANCY                     ELCO PCT                                     IL-2-B-283
CAUBLE, PETER                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-17
CAUBLE, SILAS D.                  ELCO PCT                                     IL-2-B-379
CHAMBERS, MARY                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-577
CHAMPION, ESTHER                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-319
CHEATHAM, MARTHA                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-10
CHENEY, MARY                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-308
CHRISTIAN, SAMUEL L.              GRAPEVINE RIDGE                              IL-2-A-99
CLANCY, JANE                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-87
CLARA, PHILIP                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-28
CLARK, BRIDGET                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-286
CLARK, C. R. (DR.)                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-256
COLWELL, SUSSIE                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-532
CONANT, SARAH M.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-589
COOPER, CHARLES                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-204
CORCORAN, FRANK                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-233
COTTER, EDWARD J.                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-123
COTTER, JOHN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-51
COURTNAY, ANTHONY                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-294
COURTWAY, JOANNA                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-398
COWAN, RICHARD                    PHILADELPHIA, PA                             IL-2-B-16
COYLE, BRIDGET                    NTL                                          IL-2-B-38
CUMMINGS, MARY                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-210
CUNNINGHAM, ALICE                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-178
CUNNINGHAM, ALICE L.              CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-143
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-383
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT H.             CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-481
DAILEY, WILLIAM                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-85
DAVIS, JOSIE                      NTL                                          IL-2-C-104
DAVIS, SAM                        CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-189
DAVIS, SAM                        CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-185
DENTON, HIRAM                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-270
DESIMONI, JOSEPH                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-307
DESIMONI, JOSEPH                  CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-416
DESIMONI, MARY                    CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-411
DESIMONI, MARY                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-391
DEVLIN, MARIA                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-97
DEZONIER, WILLIAM HENRY           CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-181
DICKERSON, MILTON                 NTL                                          IL-2-A-161
DIECKMANN, STEPHAN HEINRICH       ST. LOUIS, MO                                IL-2-A-171
DINKEL, HENRY                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-277
DINKLE, ELIZABETH                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-314
DUGGAN, MICHAEL                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-333
DUNNING, HENRY                    SANDUSKY                                     IL-2-C-281
EDGAR, MILLISSA JANE              CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-166
EDGAR, MILLISSA JANE              CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-171
EHS, DORATHEA                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-325
EHS, PETER                        CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-361
ELIAS, ROSA                       NTL                                          IL-2-C-192
ELLIOTT, HENRY                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-268
ELLIS, EDITH L.                   CHICAGO, IL                                  IL-2-C-502
ELLISON, JOHN T. S.               CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-186
ENGLISH, HIRAM                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-223
FALLS, WALTER                     BIRDS POINT                                  IL-2-A-241
FARRELL, ANNA                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-348
FARRELL, MICHAEL                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-259
FARRIN, T. B.                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-537
FEITH, NICHOLAS                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-253
FEITH, WILLIAM E.                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-204
FISHER, GEORGE                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-319
FISHER, SAMUEL                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-364
FISHER, SUSAN G.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-345
FITZGERALD, DANIEL                CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-65
FITZGERALD, KEZIA                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-86
FITZGERALD, PATRICK               CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-80
FITZPATRICK, BRIDGET              CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-282
FRANK, EMMA B.                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-514
GALVIN, MICHAEL                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-130
GAMMON, JAMES I.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-262
GANNON, JAMES                     SANDY RIDGE UNITY                            IL-2-A-195
GANNON, MICHAEL                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-212
GARLAND, JAMES                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-295
GATES, JOHN                       CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-176
GATES, JOHN W.                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-369
GAYER, CHARLES                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-256
GEARING, JOHN E.                  NTL                                          IL-2-C-405
GECK, MARIA                       CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-106
GERTNER, JOHN                     NTL, CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO                      IL-2-A-97
GIBSON, JOHN P.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-200
GILES, GEORGE                     CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO                           IL-2-A-26
GILMORE, ELIZA                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-209
GOLDSMITH, EMMA                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-495
GOLDSMITH, EMMA                   CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-530
GOSSETT, H. WILLIAM               NTL, CHAMPAIGN, IL                           IL-2-B-30
GRANT, ABRAM                      BEECH RIDGE                                  IL-2-B-199
GREAR, ANN (LONSON)               NTL                                          IL-2-C-110
GREAR, HARRY                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-595
GREENFIELD, AMANDA                ST. LOUIS, MO                                IL-2-B-193
GREENFIELD, AMANDA                ST. LOUIS, MO (CON'T)                        IL-2-B-211
GREENLEY, ORSAMUS                 NTL                                          IL-2-C-1
GRUNDER, JACOB                    NTL                                          IL-2-A-29
HALE, CHARLES REUBEN              CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-359
HALE, CHARLES REUBEN              CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-382
HALLER, ALEXANDER                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-239
HALLIDAY, HENRY L.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-39
HALLIDAY, LAURA E.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-160
HALLIDAY, LAURA E.                CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-170
HALLIDAY, LIZZIE R.               CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-372
HALLIDAY, SAMUEL B.               CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-177
HALLIDAY, WILLIAM P.              CHICAGO, IL                                  IL-2-C-219
HARRIS, HENRY                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-227
HARRIS, NOAH                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-100
HART, ELLEN                       NTL                                          IL-2-B-210
HAZEN, WILLAM M.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-420
HAZLEWOOD, NIMROD                 NTL                                          IL-2-A-31
HEHL, DANIEL                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-438
HENSON, MARY AMANDA MELVINA       NTL                                          IL-2-A-188
HERBOLTSMAN, JOSEPH               CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-395
HERBOLTSMAN, JOSEPH               CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-357
HERNDON, SALLY                    NTL                                          IL-2-A-258
HILL, ALEXANDER                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-92
HILL, HIRAM                       CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-B-240
HILL, HIRAM                       CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-224
HILL, IDA B.                      DELTA                                        IL-2-C-443
HILL, THOMAS                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-376
HOAR, ELLEN                       CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-122
HOGAN, SARAH                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-22
HOLBROOK, DARIUS B.               NEW YORK CITY, NY                            IL-2-A-244
HOLMES, JOSEPH                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-108
HOLMES, SARAH                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-81
HOURIGAN, MARGARET                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-374
HOURIGAN, MICHAEL                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-15
HOWE, CHARLES M.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-290
HOWLEY, JOHN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-226
HUDSON, ISAAC B.                  NTL                                          IL-2-B-254
IRELAND, WILLIAM SR.              HODGES PARK                                  IL-2-B-348
JACKSON, CYRUS                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-18
JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.               NTL                                          IL-2-A-124
JONES, FRENCH                     NTL                                          IL-2-C-98
JONES, JAMES P.                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-22
JONES, MARGARET                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-229
JORDAN, ANN L.                    NTL                                          IL-2-A-215
KEANE, THOMAS                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-497
KELLY, NANCY ADALINE              CLEAR CREEK PCT                              IL-2-B-304
KENDALL, ANGELINA                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-117
KILOUGH, WILLIAM                  COMMERCIAL POINT                             IL-2-B-264
KING, CHARLES T.                  NTL                                          IL-2-B-152
KLEB, LEO                         CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-94
KLEIN, JACOB                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-33
KOBLER, PETER                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-388
KOEHLER, JOHN A.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-330
KOEHLER, JOHN A.                  CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-374
KROSMEYER, FREDERICK              CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-138
LAME, CHARLES                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-390
LANGLEY, JOHN JEFFERSON           NTL                                          IL-2-A-36
LANGLOIS, JOHN A.                 NTL, CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO                      IL-2-A-18
LARRY, LOUISE                     NTL                                          IL-2-C-267
LAWRENCE, CALVIN                  NTL                                          IL-2-A-191
LEARY, CHARLES                    NTL                                          IL-2-B-312
LEE, ISAAC                        NTL                                          IL-2-A-33
LEE, STEPHEN T.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-91
LENTZ, ROSE A.                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-561
LESSLEY, JENNIE                   NTL                                          IL-2-C-462
LEVITT, JOHN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-471
LEVITT, JOHN                      CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-C-491
LIGHTNER, LEVI L.                 THEBES                                       IL-2-A-165
LOFLIN, HENRY C.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-114
LOHR, GEORGE                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-202
LONERGAN, MICHAEL                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-47
LUND, LEAH                        CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-112
MAHONEY, MICHAEL                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-12
MALINSKI, FELIX                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-107
MANSKER, JACOB L.                 THEBES                                       IL-2-C-554
MARNELL, JOHN                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-288
MARNELL, RICHARD                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-377
MARTAIN, THOMAS                   GOOSE ISLAND PCT                             IL-2-B-25
MARTIN, JACOB                     NTL                                          IL-2-B-174
MARTIN, JACOB                     CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-B-181
MASSEY, WILLIAM C.                NTL, OHIO, KY                                IL-2-A-42
MAYO, HENRY                       UNITY                                        IL-2-A-346
MCBRIDE, MARIA                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-522
MCCABE, PATRICK                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-84
MCCARTHY, JAMES                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-127
MCCARTHY, JOHN                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-282
MCCLURE, MATHEW M.                NTL                                          IL-2-A-62
MCCLURE, SAMUEL M. P.             NTL                                          IL-2-C-46
MCCLURE, THOMAS J.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-62
MCGAULEY, MICHAEL J.              CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-299
MCGINNIS, FRED                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-88
MCGLOTHLIN, NANCY                 NTL                                          IL-2-A-8
MCNIFF, BRYAN                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-119
MEHNER, CHARLES                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-321
MERRIWETHER, ROBERT               CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-580
MILFORD, MALINDA                  HODGES PARK                                  IL-2-C-352
MILLER, CONSTANTINE               CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-139
MILLER, MICHAEL                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-25
MILLER, MOSES                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-1
MINTON, SMITH                     CAIRO (CON'T)                                IL-2-B-301
MINTON, SMITH                     NTL                                          IL-2-B-293
MOCKLER, HANORAH                  NTL                                          IL-2-A-298
MOONEY, MICHAEL                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-183
MOORE, WILLIAM H.                 SANTA FE PCT                                 IL-2-B-166
MORRIS, WILLIAM H.                NTL                                          IL-2-A-337
MULLINS, MARY E.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-333
MURPHY, MICHAEL                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-254
MURPHY, WILLIAM M.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-323
MUSE, MARTHA ANN                  NTL                                          IL-2-C-187
NASON, HANORAH                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-359
NELLIS, ANNIE                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-386
NUGENT, CATHARINE                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-142
NUGENT, WILLIAM                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-133
OBRIEN, MARY                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-150
OCALLAHAN, RICHARD                NTL                                          IL-2-A-368
OCALLAHAN, THOMAS                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-232
OEHLER, LOUIS                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-359
ORT, JOHN G. M.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-299
PARKER, ELIZABETH                 UNITY                                        IL-2-B-243
PARKER, ELIZABETH                 NTL                                          IL-2-C-173
PATIER, CHARLES O.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-339
PATTON, JOHN N.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-265
PENDLETON, LULA                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-368
PETERSON, MARY                    CLEAR CREEK                                  IL-2-A-4
PHILLIPS, AMOS G.                 NTL                                          IL-2-A-174
POLLOCK, J. S.                    NTL                                          IL-2-C-61
POWERS, ELLEN                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-57
POWERS, JOHN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-260
POWERS, PERRY                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-316
PRICE, HENRY                      NTL                                          IL-2-C-541
RAGGIO, ANTONIO                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-425
RATTLEMILLER, GEORGE L.           CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-35
REDMAN, SANDY J.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-154
REES, JOHN                        CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-288
REES, MARY                        CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-336
REILY, JAMES J.                   CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO                           IL-2-A-134
REISSER, VALENTINE                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-356
RHODES, JAMES H.                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-260
RICE, NEWTON                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-235
RINEHART, CAROLINE                GOOSE ISLAND                                 IL-2-A-290
RITTENHOUSE, WOOD                 NTL                                          IL-2-C-83
ROBARTS, JOSEPH POINTS            CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-565
ROBINSON, EMILY MAUDAIN           CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-451
ROESSER, PHILIPENA MENA           NTL                                          IL-2-B-192
RONEKER, PHILIPPINA               CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-28
ROTH, IDA M.                      WILLARD                                      IL-2-C-135
SAFFORD, ALFRED B.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-313
SANDERS, WILLIAM H.               NTL                                          IL-2-A-38
SANDUSKY, MARY E.                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-30
SANDUSKY, WILLIAM G.              CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-139
SARBIAN, CAROLINE                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-341
SAUER, BARTHOLOMEW                ROCKINBERG, HESSEN-DARMSTADT                 IL-2-A-159
SCHEEL, CATHERINE                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-140
SCHICHT, FLORIAN                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-328
SCHLAMER, EMILE                   BEECH RIDGE                                  IL-2-C-585
SCHMIDT, HENRY                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-150
SCHOENMEYER, MARY                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-94
SELFE, WILLIAM                    CINCINNATI, OH                               IL-2-B-1
SERBIAN, ANDREAS                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-149
SHAFTER, ALBERT                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-191
SHEEHAN, ELLEN                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-132
SHELLEY, CHARLES                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-230
SHOAL, ORRIN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-145
SHORES, THOMAS J.                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-394
SIEFKE, GEORGE                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-146
SILVER, SOL. A.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-313
SIMS, JAMES C.                    THEBES                                       IL-2-C-176
SMALL, HENRY                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-310
SMITH, BRIDGET                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-12
SMITH, GEORGE                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-113
SMITH, JAMES C.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-118
SMYTH, ROBERT                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-239
SNOOK, JOSEPH KEBBY               NTL                                          IL-2-A-153
STEGALL, WILLIAM R.               CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-493
STEWART, WARREN                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-75
STEWART, WARREN                   NTL                                          IL-2-A-107
STICHER, JOHN HENRY               CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-7
STOCKFLETH, FREDERICK M.          CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-342
STRATTON, ELIZA M.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-278
STRATTON, WILLIAM                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-190
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-205
SUSANKA, ELLEN                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-448
SUTHERLAND, ROBERT                CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-103
SWEENEY, MARY                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-320
TANNER, JOHN                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-429
TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE       CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-69
TAYLOR, HARRIETT                  NTL                                          IL-2-C-466
TAYLOR, SAMUEL STAATS             CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-73
THOMAS, CARLTON C.                ELCO                                         IL-2-B-226
THORN, JOSEPH                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-86
THRUPP, CHARLES                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-296
TRAINER, FANNIE                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-247
TRUESDELL, STEPHEN F.             HODGES PARK                                  IL-2-B-158
TURNER, PENNEY ANN                CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-287
TWENTIE, LOUIS                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-136
TWENTY, HENRY                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-60
VANCAMPEN, WILLIAM                NTL                                          IL-2-A-56
VANHORN, NATHAN                   NTL, CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO                      IL-2-A-11
VANKEUREN, ALEXANDER              CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-225
VANNOSTRAND, MARIA                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-135
VICTOR, FERDINAND F.              CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-230
WAHITLOCK, ANGELINE               CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-222
WALDRON, PETER                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-298
WALK, FRANK                       NTL                                          IL-2-C-292
WALKER, JOHN P.                   CLEAR CREEK PCT                              IL-2-B-185
WALSH, FRANK P.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-546
WALTER, CAROLINE                  CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-396
WATT, JAMES                       CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-158
WELLMAN, MARGARET ANN             CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-72
WEST, ARCHIBALD                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-44
WHITE, JOHN C.                    CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-50
WHITE, LAURA C.                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-273
WHITE, SCOTT                      CAIRO                                        IL-2-A-217
WILD, JAMES H.                    NTL                                          IL-2-A-278
WILKERSON, WALKER                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-364
WILLIAMS, SARAH A.                CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-99
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE D.             CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-51
WILLIAMSON, JOHN M.               SANTA PCT                                    IL-2-C-304
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                CAIRO                                        IL-2-C-474
WILLINGER, JOSEPHINE              NTL                                          IL-2-A-256
WILSON, EMMA A.                   ST. LOUIS, MO                                IL-2-C-549
WILSON, LUCINDA                   CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-266
WINSTON, LUCY                     CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-318
WOODS, ANGELINA                   NTL                                          IL-2-C-216
YOUNG, GEORGE                     NTL                                          IL-2-A-23
ZIMMERMANN, JACOB                 CAIRO                                        IL-2-B-307

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