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ALEXANDER, MYRA                         ID-34-1-412
ALLEN, CHARLES M.                       ID-34-1-388
ANDREWS, C. M.                          ID-34-1-65
BAILEY, GAPHART                         ID-34-1-176
BAILEY, WILHELMINA                      ID-34-1-188
BAILY, JACOB M.                         ID-34-1-182
BALSRE, AUGUSTA                         ID-34-1-413
BATEHAM, HELEN G.                       ID-34-1-257
BAUMAN, FOKKA ANTINO                    ID-34-1-239
BEAVER, SARAH                           ID-34-1-315
BECKNELL, DAVID W.                      ID-34-1-11
BEEBE, RICHARD                          ID-34-1-5
BEECHER, MERRITT E.                     ID-34-1-206
BELL, THOMAS S.                         ID-34-1-350
BELLVILLE, MAUDE J.                     ID-34-1-415
BENEDICT, DAVID MARVIN                  ID-34-1-40
BILL, MARY                              ID-34-1-264
BISHOP, W. O.                           ID-34-1-376
BISOP, WILLIAM H.                       ID-34-1-146
BLACKER, THOMAS                         ID-34-1-378
BLUMENTHAL, MAURICE                     ID-34-1-153
BOATMAN, WILLIAM E.                     ID-34-1-320
BOHON, WILLIAM DANIEL                   ID-34-1-166
BOLTON, HARRIET                         ID-34-1-292
BOLTON, THOMAS                          ID-34-1-294
BONADIMAN, CHARLIE                      ID-34-1-409
BOTT, DONATO                            ID-34-1-202
BOYD, AINA MABEL                        ID-34-1-359
BOYD, WILSON PORTER                     ID-34-1-359
BRICKMAN, MALVINA N.                    ID-34-1-280
BRIM, WILLARD W.                        ID-34-1-162
BRISTOW, JAMES STEPHEN                  ID-34-1-29
BROGAN, DANIEL                          ID-34-1-20
BROWN, KATE                             ID-34-1-335
BROWN, WALTER G.                        ID-34-1-304
BROWN, WILLIS P.                        ID-34-1-47
BUSH, CLARENCE                          ID-34-1-308
CAMPBELL, CHARLES RALPH                 ID-34-1-251
CARTER, WILLIAM                         ID-34-1-217
CHENEY, JOSEPHINE                       ID-34-1-184
CHRISTMAN, ALVAH P.                     ID-34-1-186
CLOUGHLEY, JAMES E.                     ID-34-1-198
COBLE, ALICE                            ID-34-1-213
COLLIN, CHARLES S.                      ID-34-1-384
COOK, HOMER L.                          ID-34-1-372
COOK, PETER                             ID-34-1-389
CRAWFORD, ETTA                          ID-34-1-266
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM H.                    ID-34-1-263
CROCKER, RONALD M.                      ID-34-1-349
CROUSE, ALICE                           ID-34-1-173
CROUSE, CHARLES                         ID-34-1-161
CRUMLEY, CHRIS C.                       ID-34-1-45
CULLEY, MILLARD F.                      ID-34-1-288
CUNNINGHAM, EFFIE M.                    ID-34-1-252
CUNNINGHAM, GRANT                       ID-34-1-197
CURTIS, BUD R.                          ID-34-1-263
DALY, JOHN F.                           ID-34-1-192
DAY, M. R.                              ID-34-1-227
DEMARY, ALBIN C.                        ID-34-1-391
DEMARY, M. ELIZABETH                    ID-34-1-229
DOCKSTADER, OSCAR E.                    ID-34-1-382
DOUGLAS, AMELIA REBECCA                 ID-34-1-254
DOUGLAS, MARGARET M.                    ID-34-1-331
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM L.                     ID-34-1-533
DUNCAN, SARAH RUTH                      ID-34-1-277
EASTWOOD, CHRISTINA                     ID-34-1-209
EASTWOOD, THADDEUS STEVENS              ID-34-1-195
ECKBERG, THEODORE                       ID-34-1-49
ELGART, W. S.                           ID-34-1-323
ELLSWORTH, PETER LEVINE                 ID-34-1-163
ERICKSON, JOHN A.                       ID-34-1-303
ERICKSON,C HRISTINA                     ID-34-1-25
FIRKINS, LAVINA                         ID-34-1-241
FLEISHER, GEORGE B.                     ID-34-1-299
FLETT, MINA                             ID-34-1-245
FOREMAN, FRANK E.                       ID-34-1-178
FORGEON, RALPH K.                       ID-34-1-285
FREY, EMMA                              ID-34-1-326
FRIESEN, A. K.                          ID-34-1-295
GILLESPIE, HENRY C.                     ID-34-1-108
GILLETTE, EDWARD S.                     ID-34-1-300
GILLILAND, ROBERT                       ID-34-1-7
GLENDINNING, JAMES                      ID-34-1-408
GOOLD, GRACE HELEN                      ID-34-1-232
GRANZ, JOHN C.                          ID-34-1-237
GRAY, BEIRTY                            ID-34-1-13
GREGORY, DAVID H.                       ID-34-1-196
GRIER, VIRGIL G.                        ID-34-1-225
GRISWOLD, VIOLET                        ID-34-1-337
GROENIG, AUGUST                         ID-34-1-246
GROENIG, LENA                           ID-34-1-247
HALE, ANNA LOUISE                       ID-34-1-282
HAMILTON, LAWRENCE E.                   ID-34-1-39
HAMILTON, MAUDE I.                      ID-34-1-39
HANKS, MARY ELIZABETH                   ID-34-1-103
HARGER, HARRIETT MOE                    ID-34-1-258
HATCH, JOHN T.                          ID-34-1-284
HAWK, GEORGE                            ID-34-1-243
HAWKINS, CHARLES                        ID-34-1-27
HAYES, BAMMIE                           ID-34-1-385
HEAD, JAMES F.                          ID-34-1-414
HEINER, FLORENCE PRESCOTT               ID-34-1-219
HEITMAN, HUBERT E.                      ID-34-1-317
HENSCHEID, WILLIAM                      ID-34-1-367
HOGREFE, WILLIAM HENRY                  ID-34-1-28
HOLLENBECK, EDNA E.                     ID-34-1-355
HOLLENBECK, EDWARD T.                   ID-34-1-235
HOPKINS, LOLA E.                        ID-34-1-274
HOXSIE, ELIZABETH E.                    ID-34-1-167
HUNTER, MAUD L.                         ID-34-1-353
HUNTER, SOPHIA                          ID-34-1-191
HUNTER, W. E.                           ID-34-1-273
IDLE, ETHEL                             ID-34-1-352
IRWIN, CHARLES W. AND GOLDIE            ID-34-1-342
IRWIN, JAMES HENRY                      ID-34-1-8
ISENBURG, CLYDE R.                      ID-34-1-262
JACKSON, CHARLES E.                     ID-34-1-201
JACKSON, KITTA B.                       ID-34-1-405
JACQUES, J. L.                          ID-34-1-21
JENSEN, ELSIE L.                        ID-34-1-401
JENSEN, FRANCIS                         ID-34-1-164
JENSEN, HARRY C.                        ID-34-1-286
JENSEN, JOSEPHINE J.                    ID-34-1-187
JENSEN, LOUISA A.                       ID-34-1-211
JENSEN, PETER F.                        ID-34-1-137
JOHNSTONE, THOMAS                       ID-34-1-314
KAVORINAS, GEORGE                       ID-34-1-363
KEEFER, HARRY                           ID-34-1-361
KEFF, LYMAN POTTER                      ID-34-1-3
KEITHLY, EDGAR E.                       ID-34-1-319
KELLAHER, JOHN                          ID-34-1-32
KENASTON, GEORGE E.                     ID-34-1-340
KEYSER, REM S.                          ID-34-1-193
KILLEN, MARY FLORENCE                   ID-34-1-185
KNAPP, ANNIE J.                         ID-34-1-360
KONRAD, EDWARD J.                       ID-34-1-380
KOROS, GUST                             ID-34-1-366
KUNZ, WILLARD E.                        ID-34-1-287
LACY, ADA                               ID-34-1-402
LANTZ, CHARLES                          ID-34-1-313
LARSEN, ANNA KRISTINE                   ID-34-1-24
LARSEN, SOREN PETER                     ID-34-1-17
LARUE, ANNA R.                          ID-34-1-305
LEAVITT, JAMES                          ID-34-1-249
LEWERS, DAVID BROWN                     ID-34-1-50
LIBBY, FRANK H.                         ID-34-1-199
LIPPS, CARL J.                          ID-34-1-223
LONG, WILLIAM RANDOLPH                  ID-34-1-174
LOONEY, J. L.                           ID-34-1-60
LORD, LUELLA O.                         ID-34-1-452
LOWRY, N. C.                            ID-34-1-386
LUIKARD, RUBY M.                        ID-34-1-179
LUNSBURY, EDWIN H.                      ID-34-1-231
MACCANI, CONSTANTE                      ID-34-1-210
MACFARLANE, WILLIAM                     ID-34-1-31
MACKNIGHT, W. J.                        ID-34-1-310
MARTIN, ELLEN                           ID-34-1-26
MARTIN, N.                              ID-34-1-203
MARTSCH, LYDIA MAYER                    ID-34-1-390
MAY, RICHARD C.                         ID-34-1-375
MCBETH, EDWARD H.                       ID-34-1-166
MCFALL, MAJOR W.                        ID-34-1-42
MCLEAN, FLEMING                         ID-34-1-290
MCMANIS, FRANCES M.                     ID-34-1-34
MEREDITH, JAMES I. & ADELAIDE           ID-34-1-0
MEULEMAN, GUSTAVE                       ID-34-1-368
MILES, JAMES DOOLEN                     ID-34-1-208
MILLER, CARL                            ID-34-1-362
MILLER, MARY K. GERLACH                 ID-34-1-253
MONTGOMERY, LUCY                        ID-34-1-268
MOORE, NELLIE M.                        ID-34-1-91
MORRIS, WILLIAM L.                      ID-34-1-231
MORRISON, SELENA B.                     ID-34-1-338
NASH, LEAH MAY                          ID-34-1-48
NEIMAN, FRANK                           ID-34-1-200
NELSON, ANDREW                          ID-34-1-215
NELSON, EDWARD E.                       ID-34-1-307
NELSON, THOMAS W. R.                    ID-34-1-6
NEUMAN, HENRY B.                        ID-34-1-283
NIELSEN, JENS K.                        ID-34-1-31
NORBY, JOHN SR.                         ID-34-1-357
NUTTING, SERENA MAY                     ID-34-1-356
NUTTING, WILLIAM S.                     ID-34-1-358
OOLEY, FLORA L.                         ID-34-1-131
PARMAN, LYDIA                           ID-34-1-266
PAULSON, PAUL I.                        ID-34-1-1
PERRY, GEORGE S.                        ID-34-1-400
PETERSON, B. A.                         ID-34-1-291
PHILLIPS, EMMA                          ID-34-1-220
PIERCE, W. A.                           ID-34-1-416
POLLARD, MAGGIE                         ID-34-1-238
RASMUSSEN, JOSEPHINE                    ID-34-1-214
RAU, HENRY                              ID-34-1-407
RAY, GEORGE E.                          ID-34-1-297
RICHARDSON, STELLA                      ID-34-1-28
RICKERT, OTTELIA                        ID-34-1-279
ROGERS, HORATIO                         ID-34-1-35
ROGERS, JENNIE                          ID-34-1-204
ROSS, LESLIE                            ID-34-1-377
RUMMING, WILLIAM J.                     ID-34-1-395
RYAN, MICHAEL T.                        ID-34-1-371
RYKERT, THERON T.                       ID-34-1-15
SADDLER, JUSTINA                        ID-34-1-250
SAGAR, PAUL                             ID-34-1-289
SALISBURY, NELLIE E.                    ID-34-1-218
SANHEZ, LUCO DOMINGO                    ID-34-1-278
SAWYER, ALBERT                          ID-34-1-269
SCHNEIDER, CHARLES W.                   ID-34-1-345
SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM F.                   ID-34-1-397
SCHOLER, FANNIE B.                      ID-34-1-403
SEAMAN, GEORGE H.                       ID-34-1-387
SHILLING, WATSON N.                     ID-34-1-37
SIMS, FRANK S.                          ID-34-1-43
SMITH, DOROTHY HAMILTON                 ID-34-1-302
SMITH, GEORGE H.                        ID-34-1-265
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       ID-34-1-259
SNYDER, A. N.                           ID-34-1-306
SNYDER, PAULINE                         ID-34-1-404
SPARKS, GEORGE A.                       ID-34-1-312
STCLAIR, LOUISA                         ID-34-1-175
STEART, MINNIE P. BOUSE                 ID-34-1-351
STIGER, CARRIE TITUS                    ID-34-1-239
STODDARD, MILTON C.                     ID-34-1-410
STONE, EMMA                             ID-34-1-25
STUDER, ANNA                            ID-34-1-218
THOMAS, ARTHUR W.                       ID-34-1-280
THOMPSON, JOHN FRANK                    ID-34-1-52
THOMPSON, MAUD BURROWS                  ID-34-1-123
TOTTEN, ELINAS S.                       ID-34-1-30
TRACY, KIERAN                           ID-34-1-190
TREIBER, DANIEL J.                      ID-34-1-21
TREIBER, GLADYS                         ID-34-1-298
TRENHAILE, JOHN L.                      ID-34-1-9
TROEGER, BERTHA H.                      ID-34-1-160
TURNER, R. B.                           ID-34-1-330
TUTTLE, RUTH M.                         ID-34-1-373
VALENTINE, CLARA A.                     ID-34-1-233
VALLON, JEAN                            ID-34-1-311
WALSH, ALBERT                           ID-34-1-45
WAMSLEY, LAVINNIE                       ID-34-1-234
WEST, ROBERT                            ID-34-1-245
WHITLEY, WALTER G.                      ID-34-1-296
WHITTLE, CHARLES F.                     ID-34-1-396
WILEY, CHARLES B.                       ID-34-1-236
WILKINSON, D. D.                        ID-34-1-309
WILSON, LUCY ANN                        ID-34-1-321
WISE, HORACE G.                         ID-34-1-301
WITHERSPOON, W. J.                      ID-34-1-364
WITT, PETER W.                          ID-34-1-383
WOODS, W. B.                            ID-34-1-406
WOOLFORD, ALFRED J.                     ID-34-1-263
WOOLFORD, ROSS                          ID-34-1-276
WOOLFORD, SAMUEL L.                     ID-34-1-176
WRIGHT, MARY GRACE                      ID-34-1-354
YAHN, CARRIE M.                         ID-34-1-270
YARNELL, EMMA                           ID-34-1-248
YARNELL, GRIFF                          ID-34-1-267
YATES, LOUIS L.                         ID-34-1-151
YOUNG, JOE                              ID-34-1-23
ZEMKE, HENRY SR.                        ID-34-1-221

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