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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1886-1909 | 1 = 1911-1937 |

ANDRUS, DYMAE J.                       NIGHTHAWK, OKANOGAN, WA                 10-1-39
BLAIR, EMILY C.                        BOISE, ADA, ID                          10-1-4
CLEMENT, HARRIET                       NTL, CLAYTON, IA                        10-1-24
DENLINGER, M. B.                       (WILL NOT RECORDED)                     10-1-21
FACKLER, MARY J.                       IDAHO FALLS                             10-1-25
FORBES, HARRY F.                       ROCKFORD, WINNEBAGO, IL                 10-1-7
HOWARD, JAMES C.                       CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       10-A-1
HYDE, MARGARET                         IDAHO FALLS                             10-1-17
KIEFER, FRED W.                        PITTSBURGH, ALLEGHENY, PA               10-1-49
KINGSLEY, CHESTER J.                   SALISBURY, ADDISON, VT                  10-1-33
KUGLER, GEORGE F.                      IDAHO FALLS                             10-1-31
LOMAX, EDWARD LLOYD                    SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA        10-1-22
LUNDBERG, JOHN                         IDAHO FALLS                             10-A-20
MARTIN, JOANNA                         IDAHO FALLS                             10-1-29
MINER, JAMES A.                        SALT LAKE CITY, SALT LAKE, UT           10-1-1
MISKIN, J. R.                          PROSPECT, BINGHAM, ID                   10-A-8
MULBERRY, WILLIAM                      LOS ANGELES, LOS ANGELES, CA            10-1-27
OSGOOD, C. F. DR.                      OGDEN, WEBER, UT                        10-1-19
REID, MARGARET H.                      NTL, WINNEBAGO, IL                      10-1-13
SAUER, ADAM                            IDAHO FALLS                             10-1-14
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM CHARLES              LA JOLLA, SAN DIEGO, CA                 10-1-11
STOVER, MARIA L.                       IDAHO FALLS                             10-1-37
TUNNICLIFF, DAMON G.                   MACOMB, MC DONOUGH, IL                  10-A-9
UPDEGRAFF, THOMAS                      Mc GREGOR, CLAYTON, IA                  10-1-16
WEEKES, SAMUEL C.                      PALISADE                                10-1-32

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