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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List: A = 1855-1894 | B = 1894-1916 | C = 1916-1932 |
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AARNDT, OLE OLESON           NTL                          IA-3-A-51
ABERNETHY, ALEXANDER         POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-203
ABRAHAMSON-DILLE, KRISTIN    WATERLOO                     IA-3-A-422
ABRAHAMSON-DILLE, PEDER      WATERLOO                     IA-3-A-422
ADAM, LYDIA L.               LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-269
ADAM, SIMON                  LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-111
ADAMS, CATHRINE              LINTON                       IA-3-A-247
ADAMS, HANNAH H.             NTL, ORANGE, FL              IA-3-B-298
ADAMS, JAMES                 LINTON                       IA-3-B-67
AHERN, JOHN                  HANOVER                      IA-3-A-162
ALBERT, ALBERTA H.           LANSIGN                      IA-3-C-348
ALDRICH, IDELIA E.           NTL                          IA-3-B-368
ALDRICH, JAMES M.            VILLAGE CREEK                IA-3-B-257
ALLEN, JOHN                  NTL                          IA-3-C-169
ALLISON, A.                  MEMPHIS, SCOTLAND, MO        IA-3-C-22
AMBROSE, JACOB               LINTON                       IA-3-B-215
AMONDSON, AMONS H.           WAUKON                       IA-3-C-395
AMUNDSON, INGEBORG           WATERLOO                     IA-3-A-321
ANDERSON, A.                 NTL                          IA-3-B-174
ANDERSON, ANDREW             ELON                         IA-3-B-86
ANDERSON, CARL               NTL                          IA-3-A-192
ANDERSON, MERETH             QUANDAHL                     IA-3-B-344
ANDERSON, PETER              CENTER                       IA-3-B-167
ANDERSON, WILLIAM            HANOVER                      IA-3-A-325
ANVESON, TORFIN              HANOVER                      IA-3-A-116
ARCHER, HARRIET              NTL                          IA-3-A-139
ARNESON, OLE                 NTL                          IA-3-A-122
ARNOLD, ASAHEL PERRY         WAUKON                       IA-3-C-336
ARNOLD, ELIZA                NTL                          IA-3-C-332
ARNOLD, ELLEN                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-557
ARNOLD, FRANK                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-150
ARTERY, JAMES                HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-A-603
ASCHOM, CAROLINE             LANSING                      IA-3-B-493
AURE, BERTHA MARIE OLSEN     CENTER                       IA-3-B-230
AVERY, LILIAN E.             NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-504
BACON, FRANK A.              FRANKLIN                     IA-3-C-70
BACON, HARRIET B.            NTL                          IA-3-B-232
BACON, WILLARD               VILLAGE CREEK                IA-3-B-195
BAKEWELL, CATHARINE          LANSING                      IA-3-C-257
BAKEWELL, J. W.              LANSING                      IA-3-C-215
BAKEWELL, JOHN               LANSING                      IA-3-A-265
BAKEWELL, JOHN R.            LANSING                      IA-3-B-347
BAKEWELL, SARAH ANN          LANSING                      IA-3-B-133
BAKKOM, ANDREW E.            PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-C-319
BAKKUM, HANS E.              WAUKON                       IA-3-C-532
BALLOU, WILLARD              LANSING                      IA-3-A-20
BALTZ, CARL L. W.            POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-335
BANKS, MARY                  TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-409
BARNARD, NOAH                NTL                          IA-3-A-77
BARNES, ELIZABETH            NTL                          IA-3-B-347
BARR, JOHN C.                NTL                          IA-3-B-227
BARRY, JAMES                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-403
BARTHELL, JOHN M.            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-235
BARTHELL, JONATHAN W.        WAUKON                       IA-3-B-390
BARTHELL, MARTHA M.          NTL                          IA-3-C-81
BARTLEY, DAVID               MAKEE                        IA-3-A-324
BAUERCAMPER, CARL            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-181
BAUMAN, FREENER              NTL                          IA-3-A-3
BAUMAN, FREENER              NTL                          IA-3-A-86
BAXTER, JOHN T.              NTL                          IA-3-C-242
BEALL, GEORGE M.             JEFFERSON                    IA-3-B-163
BEARDMORE, WILLIAM SR.       UNION CITY                   IA-3-C-37
BEARDMORE, WILLIAM SR.       NTL                          IA-3-C-352
BECHTEL, GEORGE              LANSING                      IA-3-B-343
BECHTEL, ISAAC               NTL                          IA-3-C-171
BECHTEL, JOHN A.             LANSING                      IA-3-B-40
BECHTEL, JOHN A.             LANSING                      IA-3-B-39
BECHTEL, MARGUERETTA         LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-168
BECHTEL, SAMUEL              NTL                          IA-3-A-569
BECK, ANDREW                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-538
BECK, ANNA W.                LANSING                      IA-3-C-325
BECK, ROSA                   MAKEE                        IA-3-C-58
BECK, ROSINA                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-485
BECK, VERONICA               LANSING                      IA-3-C-561
BECK, WILLIAM                MAKEE                        IA-3-B-261
BECKER, GEORGE               LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-308
BECKER, HENRY W.             LANSING                      IA-3-C-431
BECKER, JOHN CHRISTOPH       NTL                          IA-3-B-36
BECKER, JOHN P.              LANSING                      IA-3-B-524
BECKER, MARY                 NTL                          IA-3-C-107
BEEBE, JEPTHA                JEFFERSON                    IA-3-B-351
BEEDE, JOHNC. SR.            WAUKON                       IA-3-C-60
BEEMAN, JENNIE               NTL                          IA-3-C-364
BEHRENS, HENRY               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-339
BEIBER, PETER                MAKEE                        IA-3-B-6
BEISKER, WILLIAM             POST                         IA-3-C-209
BELDEN, ELIZA K.             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-113
BELDEN, HILON                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-336
BENCH, MARY J.               NTL                          IA-3-C-366
BENSCH, HENRY                LANSING                      IA-3-B-566
BENTLEY, JENNIE E.           NTL                          IA-3-B-400
BEQUETTE, ISRAEL             LANSING                      IA-3-A-620
BERGSLER, JOHN               LANSING                      IA-3-B-10
BETUM, JOHN D.               FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-A-87
BEUCHER, P. J.               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-14
BIEBER, HENRY                HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-A-454
BIEBER, LOUISE               LANSING                      IA-3-C-197
BIEBER, PHILLIP              CENTER                       IA-3-B-497
BIGELOR, LAFAYETTE           WAUKON                       IA-3-C-355
BIGGS, DAVID                 LINTON                       IA-3-B-519
BIRCHER, KEZIAH              WAUKON                       IA-3-C-557
BIRCHER, L. S.               WAUKON                       IA-3-C-432
BIZER, GOTTLIEBINA           NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-409
BJERKE, O. H.                MINNEAPOLIS, HENNEPIN, MN    IA-3-C-527
BLAKE, ANSON                 STAPLETON, RICHMOND, NY      IA-3-A-180
BLAKE, ELIZABETH W.          BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY          IA-3-A-386
BLANCHARD, ELIZABETH S.      POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-378
BLANCHARD, ROSE              NTL                          IA-3-C-41
BLEGEN, SIMEN J.             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-562
BLOXHAM, CHARLES             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-466
BLUM, FREDERICK W.           LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-4
BOHRER, JOHN                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-282
BOLGER, MICHAEL              TAYLOR                       IA-3-B-273
BOLLMAN, ADALINE V.          POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-404
BOLMAN, HENRY T.             POST                         IA-3-B-224
BORER, JOHN                  LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-432
BOWEN, DANIEL HAMPTON        WAUKON                       IA-3-C-193
BOWEN, JOHN                  WAUKON                       IA-3-C-235
BOWEN, PATRICK               UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-66
BOWMAN, CHARLES              POST                         IA-3-A-98
BOYNTON, GARDNER             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-179
BRADSHAW, MARTIN C.          NTL                          IA-3-A-11
BRADY, BERNARD               WATERVILLE                   IA-3-C-428
BRADY, ELIZABETH             NTL                          IA-3-A-217
BRADY, MICHAEL H.            NTL                          IA-3-A-231
BRAHAN, JOHN                 HANOVER                      IA-3-A-585
BRANDENBERRY, JASON          FAIRVIEW                     IA-3-A-300
BRANDSMEIER, FREDERICK       NTL                          IA-3-A-631
BRANDSMEIER, FREDERICK       JEFFERSON                    IA-3-C-405
BRANDSMEIER, SOPHIA          WAUKON                       IA-3-B-373
BRANDT, WILLIAM              NTL                          IA-3-C-224
BRATSBERG, JOHN              LINTON                       IA-3-B-10
BRAY, CLARA BELLE            LANSING                      IA-3-C-386
BREESER, HERMAN              NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-522
BRENNAN, DANIEL J.           VILLAGE CREEK                IA-3-A-525
BRESNAHAN, MARY              HANOVER                      IA-3-B-391
BRESNAHAN, MAURICE           HANOVER                      IA-3-B-383
BRITAIN, GEORGE W.           WAUKON                       IA-3-A-57
BROCKHAUSEN, MARY            LANSING                      IA-3-B-270
BROCKHAUSEN, THEODORE        LANSING                      IA-3-A-540
BROPHY, J. C.                NTL                          IA-3-C-346
BROPHY, JOHN                 NTL                          IA-3-A-75
BROPHY, MARY J.              LANSING                      IA-3-C-430
BROSTROM, ANDREW             NTL                          IA-3-A-290
BROWN, JACOB U.              LANSING                      IA-3-B-529
BROWNELL, EDWARD             WAUKON                       IA-3-A-382
BRUGESS, CHARLES H.          JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-460
BRYANT, GEORGE H.            WAUKON                       IA-3-C-102
BRYSON, WILLIAM SCOTT        PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-A-13
BUBLITZ, FREDERICK           LANSING                      IA-3-C-38
BUCK, GOTTLIEB               NTL                          IA-3-A-406
BUCKLEY, LAURA EMMA          WAUKON                       IA-3-C-353
BULLOCK, LEWIS               JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-263
BULMAN, GEORGE H.            NTL                          IA-3-C-198
BULMAN, JAMES T.             UNION CITY                   IA-3-C-233
BULMAN, THOMAS               WAUKON                       IA-3-B-550
BULMAN, WILLIAM              UNION CITY                   IA-3-A-628
BURDICK, AMY E.              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-217
BURDICK, WILLIAM C.          POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-229
BURGESS, CHARLES H.          JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-467
BURK, MICHAEL                UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-189
BURKE, CATHERINE             WAUKON JUNCTION              IA-3-B-172
BURKE, JAMES                 WATERLOO                     IA-3-C-476
BURKE, MICHAEL               WAUKON                       IA-3-A-617
BURKE, THOMAS J.             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-344
BURLING, F. S.               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-152
BURNHAM, C.                  FRANKLIN                     IA-3-A-552
BURTIS, LOISA ROSS           JEFFERSON                    IA-3-B-409
BURTIS, W. H.                NTL                          IA-3-B-514
BURTON, BETSY                NTL                          IA-3-A-171
BURTON, RHODA                MAKEE                        IA-3-A-24
BURTON, WILLIAM              NTL                          IA-3-A-277
BUSACKER, JOHN J. J. H.      POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-163
BUTLER, ELIAS                HYDE PARK, DUTCHESS, NY      IA-3-A-232
BUTLER, MARY A.              HYDE PARK, DUTCHESS, NY      IA-3-A-504
BUTTS, LEROY A.              NTL                          IA-3-C-53
BYRNE, BRIDGET               WAUKON                       IA-3-A-438
BYRNES, BRYAN                WAUKON                       IA-3-A-584
CAHOON, E. L.                LINTON                       IA-3-C-222
CALVERT, JONATHAN            VILLAGE CREEK                IA-3-A-418
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER J.       LINTON                       IA-3-B-475
CAMPBELL, BARTHOLOMEW        UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-327
CANOE, JAMES                 NTL                          IA-3-B-315
CAREY, HARRIET C.            UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-A-327
CARITHERS, WILLIAM H.        POST                         IA-3-B-350
CARLSON, JOHN A.             NTL                          IA-3-B-181
CARTER, ROSWELL              CHICAGO, COOK, IL            IA-3-A-135
CARVER, GEORGE W.            LANSING                      IA-3-B-92
CASE, HENRY                  NTL                          IA-3-A-214
CASEY, CATHERINE             WAUKON                       IA-3-B-267
CASEY, HANORA                FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-B-470
CASEY, JOHN WILLIAM          CHURCH                       IA-3-B-371
CASPERSON, OLAUS             NTL                          IA-3-A-637
CASSIDA, RICHARD             NTL                          IA-3-A-307
CASSIDY, MAGGIE              NTL                          IA-3-C-324
CAUGHLIN, MARY               NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-B-451
CHASE, W. J.                 POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-458
CHEADLE, MARY                POST                         IA-3-B-185
CHEDD, MARGARET M.           OAKLAND, ALAMEDA, CA         IA-3-B-392
CHRISS, WALTER               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-40
CHRISTENSEN, ANDREW          WAUKON                       IA-3-C-565
CHRISTENSEN, BERT            LANSING                      IA-3-C-196
CHRISTENSON, BESSIE          NTL                          IA-3-A-531
CHRISTENSON, GILBERT         NTL                          IA-3-A-622
CHRISTOFFERSON, LENA         HANOVER                      IA-3-C-54
CLARITY, ANTHONY             LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-241
CLARK, BRIDGET               NTL                          IA-3-B-296
CLARK, LUTHER                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-220
CLARK, MARCUS                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-223
CLARK, MARY                  NTL                          IA-3-A-516
CLARK, MICHAEL               TAYLOR                       IA-3-B-526
CLARKE, A. B.                WAUKON                       IA-3-C-207
CLAUSON, CHRISTY             WATERLOO                     IA-3-C-329
CLAUSON, HENRY               NTL                          IA-3-C-48
CLAUSON, OLE                 WATERLOO                     IA-3-B-201
CLINE, PATRICK               LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-A-63
CLOUGH, ZACCHEUS             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-A-207
CLOUGHLIN, BRIDGET           NTL                          IA-3-B-378
COATS, MARGARET              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-442
COCHRANE, JOHN               COLUMBUS                     IA-3-A-4
COLE, JOHN                   LANSING                      IA-3-B-178
COLE, JOHN SR.               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-302
COLE, WILLIAM                POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-477
COLEGROVE, B. A.             NTL                          IA-3-A-444
COLEMAN, MICHAEL             CHERRY MOUND                 IA-3-A-405
COLGROVE, ELIZA JANE         WAUKON                       IA-3-C-246
COLLINS, JAMES               NTL                          IA-3-C-401
COLLINS, MAGGIE              NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-448
COLLINS, WILLIAM             FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-B-434
CONERY, CHARLES              PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-A-330
CONLEY, CHARLOTTE            POST                         IA-3-B-428
CONNERY, JOHN                PAIN CREEK                   IA-3-A-585
CONNERY, SUSAN               WAUKON                       IA-3-A-418
CONNOLLY, JAMES              LINTON TWP                   IA-3-A-227
CONNOR, MATHEW               WATERLOO                     IA-3-C-515
CONNOR, PETER                NTL                          IA-3-B-263
CONNORS, MARY                NTL                          IA-3-C-7
CONNORS, MICHAEL             MAKEE                        IA-3-B-151
CONOLLY, PATRICK             UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-A-469
CONOVER, MARY                NTL                          IA-3-A-220
CONWAY, ELLEN                LANSING                      IA-3-C-71
CONWAY, J. R.                NTL                          IA-3-B-32
CONWAY, WILLIAM J.           LANSING                      IA-3-C-97
COOK, CAROLINE               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-210
COOK, JOSEPH                 TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-280
COOPER, MARY                 LANSING                      IA-3-B-348
COPPERSMITH, LEWIS           DORCHESTER                   IA-3-C-279
CORCORAN, MARGARET           TAYLOR                       IA-3-C-121
CORCORAN, THOMAS             TAYLOR                       IA-3-B-324
CORMERTON, BRIDGET           NTL                          IA-3-A-94
CORNELL, MARY                NTL                          IA-3-B-190
CORNELYSEN, KATHERIN M.      NTL                          IA-3-B-317
CORWITH, HENRY               CHICAGO, COOK, IL            IA-3-A-487
COSGROVE, THOMAS             NTL                          IA-3-B-194
COURSON, ESTHER              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-312
COURSON, S. W.               NTL, CLAYTON, IA             IA-3-B-11
COYLE, HUGH                  MAKEE                        IA-3-A-442
COYLE, MARGARET              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-514
CROWE, JOHN JOSEPH           HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-C-157
CROWE, MARY ANN              NTL                          IA-3-C-454
CROWE, PATRICK               LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-289
CUMMINGS, EVE                WAUKON                       IA-3-C-469
CUMMINGS, PATRICK            NTL                          IA-3-A-502
CUNNINGHAM, ANASTACIA        NTL                          IA-3-B-479
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             HANOVER                      IA-3-A-528
CURRAN, ANNIE                LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-C-452
CURTIS, OWEN                 LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-86
DAHL, JACOB                  NTL                          IA-3-B-249
DAHL, OLIVER                 PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-C-498
DAHMES, HENRY G.             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-549
DALY, HANORA                 LINTON                       IA-3-B-467
DALY, MAURICE                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-266
DANAHER, JAMES               NTL                          IA-3-C-410
DANAHER, THOMAS              WATERLOO                     IA-3-B-296
DARLING, JANE                POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-328
DAUGHERTY, MARGARET          NTL                          IA-3-B-160
DAULTON, WILLIAM             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-247
DAVID, THOMAS W.             WAUKON                       IA-3-B-384
DAWSON, CARRIE MAY           POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-486
DAWSON, JANE                 FRANKLIN                     IA-3-B-63
DAWSON, JANE ANN             NTL                          IA-3-C-61
DAWSON, WILLIAM H.           POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-345
DAYTON, ELIZA                POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-340
DAYTON, JOHN F.              WAUKON                       IA-3-C-298
DEAL, CASPER                 ROSSVILLE                    IA-3-B-79
DEAN, GEORGE M.              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-396
DECKER, JOHN                 LANSINGA                     IA-3-A-165
DECKER, JOHN A.              LANSING                      IA-3-C-254
DEENEY, DAVID J.             UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-C-531
DEENEY, JAMES SR.            NTL                          IA-3-A-439
DeENOS, VIOLA A.             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-365
DEHLI, CHRISTINE             LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-222
DELANEY, JOHN                HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-B-142
DELANEY, JOHN F.             TAYLOR                       IA-3-C-118
DELANEY, ROBERT              NTL                          IA-3-B-373
DELAPIERRE, ALBERT           BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY          IA-3-A-573
DEMPSEY, P. H.               LANSING                      IA-3-C-356
DENNE, WILLIAM C.            WAUKON                       IA-3-C-316
DENNING, JAMES               UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-479
DENNING, SAMUEL              JEFFERSON                    IA-3-B-408
DENNING, SAMUEL              JEFFERSON                    IA-3-B-441
DENNIS, DANIEL               NTL, VERMILLION, IN          IA-3-A-1
DEPPING, CHARLES             NTL                          IA-3-C-398
DEPPING, HENRIETTA           NTL                          IA-3-B-525
DEPPING, HENRY HANS          LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-295
DEREMO, JOHN D.              NTL                          IA-3-B-287
DEREMORE, A.                 MAKEE                        IA-3-B-103
DEREMORE, JULIAN             MAKEE                        IA-3-B-402
DERMO, O.                    NTL                          IA-3-B-280
DESMOND, BRIDGET             EMERY                        IA-3-B-394
DESMOND, DANIEL              PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-B-348
DESMOND, JEREMIAH            PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-B-330
DETERS, AUGUST               UNION CITY                   IA-3-C-524
DETERS, HENRY                UNION CITY                   IA-3-B-459
DETERS, HENRY F.             NTL                          IA-3-B-417
DETERS, JUSTINE              EITZEN, HOUSTON, MN          IA-3-B-553
DEVENY, MARY                 WAUKON                       IA-3-A-503
DEVINY, THOMAS               FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-C-380
DEVITT, JAMES SR.            NTL                          IA-3-B-519
DEVITT, MARY                 NTL                          IA-3-C-288
DICKENSON, BENJAMIN          WAUKON                       IA-3-A-96
DICKEY, EVELINA M.           LANSING                      IA-3-B-238
DICKSON, JOHN H.             FRANKLIN                     IA-3-B-438
DIEDRICHS, JOHN              NTL, WINNESHIEK, IA          IA-3-C-323
DILLE, AXEL P.               WATERLOO                     IA-3-C-25
DILLE, KRISTIN ABRAHAMSON    WATERLOO                     IA-3-A-422
DILLE, PEDER ABRAHAMSON      WATERLOO                     IA-3-A-422
DILLENBERG, ERNEST           WAUKON                       IA-3-C-189
DILLENBERG, HELEN            WAUKON                       IA-3-C-208
DIPPING, FRED                LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-390
DIVING, MICHAEL              WAUKON                       IA-3-A-381
DOBSON, REBECCA              POST                         IA-3-A-255
DODGE, EDWARD                BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY          IA-3-A-242
DOEHLER, FREDERICK           VILLAGE CREEK                IA-3-B-297
DOLPHIN, FRANK               LANSING                      IA-3-C-548
DONAHUE, PATRICK J.          HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-B-569
DONOVAN, PATRICK             TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-60
DONOVAN, SARAH               UNION CITY                   IA-3-B-76
DONOVAN, THOMAS              CHICAGO, COOK, IL            IA-3-A-435
DORRMANN, JACOB              LANSING                      IA-3-B-341
DOUGHERTY, MARGARET          NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-B-342
DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL           WAUKON                       IA-3-B-94
DOUGLAS, D. W.               WAUKON                       IA-3-B-504
DOUGLASS, CATHERINE          LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-523
DOUGLASS, MARY J. MAY        WAUKON                       IA-3-B-327
DOUGLASS, R. N.              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-331
DOWDLE, JAMES                LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-539
DOWLING, JOHN M.             FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-B-532
DOWLING, THOMAS              WAUKON                       IA-3-C-274
DOWNS, CATHERINE             WAUKON                       IA-3-A-81
DOWNS, JOHN                  LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-67
DOWNS, THOMAS                UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-A-326
DOYLE, NETTIE                LANSING                      IA-3-C-351
DRAKE, ALBEE                 CENTER                       IA-3-A-84
DRESSELHAUS, FRED            NTL                          IA-3-B-257
DRESSER, ALONZO H.           POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-124
DREW, JAMES                  UNION CITY                   IA-3-C-381
DROIVOLD, ANDREW B.          WATERLOO                     IA-3-C-264
DUBALL, AUGUSTA              NTL                          IA-3-C-349
DUEBALD, CAROLINE            NTL                          IA-3-A-623
DUFFY, JAMES E.              NTL                          IA-3-B-172
DUNDEY, PHILIP               NTL                          IA-3-A-17
DUNGAN, EDWARD               NTL                          IA-3-B-301
DUNGAN, JOHN                 NTL                          IA-3-A-583
DUNN, JAMES                  HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-B-205
DUNN, WILLIAM                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-229
DUNNING, CORDELIA J.         FRANKLIN                     IA-3-A-136
DUNNING, FRANCIS A.          FRANKLIN                     IA-3-B-353
DURNO, JOHN                  POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-73
DUVEL, FREDERICK             NTL                          IA-3-C-305
DUWEL, HENRY                 LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-23
EAGAN, FRANCIS               NTL                          IA-3-A-104
EAKER, CHRISTIAN             FRANKLIN                     IA-3-A-251
EARLE, W. C.                 NTL                          IA-3-C-139
EARLY, PETER                 IOWA                         IA-3-A-27
EARLY, SUSAN                 POST                         IA-3-B-217
EASLEY, JAMES S.             NTL, HALIFAX, VA             IA-3-B-243
EASTON, WILLIAM L.           LOWVILLE, LEWIS, NY          IA-3-A-367
EATON, HARVEY                NTL                          IA-3-A-291
EATON, MARY                  POST                         IA-3-B-294
EBNER, JACOB C.              FRENCH TWP                   IA-3-C-467
EDDY, EMILY H.               WAUKON                       IA-3-C-442
EDES, SAMUEL C.              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY  IA-3-A-200
EDGAR, JOHN                  IOWA                         IA-3-A-601
EDWARDS, ELIZA               LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-19
EGAN, FRANK                  HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-C-357
EGGER, FREDERICH             FAIRVIEW                     IA-3-B-196
EGGLESTON, THOMAS            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-113
EHDE, JOHN                   POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-484
EHLE, GEORGE W.              WINNEBAGO, HOUSTON, MN       IA-3-A-50
EHNES, JOHN                  LANSING                      IA-3-B-384
EIDET, ANDREW C.             LANSING                      IA-3-B-517
EIKLY, CARRIE W.             NTL                          IA-3-A-475
ELLEFSON, WILLIAM            NTL                          IA-3-B-226
ELLIOTT, JAMES               LINTON                       IA-3-A-295
ENGEBRETSON, BERTHA          WAUKON                       IA-3-C-368
ENGELHORN, JOHANN JACOB      NTL                          IA-3-A-282
ENGLEHORN, GUSTAVE           NTL                          IA-3-B-538
ENGLEHORN, MATHIAS           LANSING                      IA-3-B-65
ENO, A. P.                   WAGNER                       IA-3-B-52
ENO, O. D.                   NTL                          IA-3-B-54
ENOS, VIOLA A. DE            POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-365
ENRIGHT, MICHAEL             HANOVER                      IA-3-A-53
ERICKSON, G. A.              NTL                          IA-3-C-390
ERWIN, CATHERINE L.          NTL                          IA-3-C-120
EVANS, OLIVE                 FRANKLIN                     IA-3-B-125
EVERMANN, FRED               POST                         IA-3-C-101
FAEGRIE, GULBRAND HANSON     CENTER                       IA-3-B-287
FAEGRIE, KATHARINE L.        CENTER                       IA-3-B-287
FAHEY, JOSEPH                NTL                          IA-3-B-489
FALDE, MARTHIA               ELON                         IA-3-B-49
FARAASIN, JENS H.            CENTER                       IA-3-A-553
FARLEY, JAMES                UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-C-287
FARLEY, JOHN                 NTL                          IA-3-C-51
FARLEY, ROBERT J.            UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-407
FARLEY, THOMAS               UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-A-606
FARNHAM, DANIEL I.           WAUKON                       IA-3-C-106
FARRELL, JOHN                NTL                          IA-3-A-359
FAY, CATHERINE               LANSING                      IA-3-C-10
FAY, PHILIP                  NTL                          IA-3-B-328
FEARON, LEMUEL T.            WAUKON                       IA-3-A-105
FEGE, FREDERICK              NTL                          IA-3-A-526
FEGRE, GUNILD J.             CENTRE                       IA-3-B-465
FELLER, VICTOR               MAKEE                        IA-3-A-278
FELLOWS, A. M.               LANSING                      IA-3-C-569
FERGUSON, GEORGE             NTL                          IA-3-C-478
FETKETTER, HENRY             FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-C-36
FETKETTER, MARY              FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-C-156
FEUERHELM, CHARLES F.        LANSING                      IA-3-B-528
FEUERHELM, WILLIAM           LANSING                      IA-3-A-358
FIET, AUGUST S.              UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-542
FIET, C. F.                  LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-359
FIGGIE, HENRY FREDERICK      LINTON                       IA-3-B-276
FINEGAN, MARY                NTL                          IA-3-B-485
FINK, MARGARETA              NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-241
FINNEGAN, BERNARD F.         TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-581
FINNEY, RUSSEL A.            POST                         IA-3-A-588
FITZGERALD, ABBY             UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-204
FITZGERALD, ABBY             UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-355
FITZGERALD, BRIDGET          NTL                          IA-3-B-210
FITZGERALD, DAVID            NTL                          IA-3-A-126
FITZGERALD, EDWARD           JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-130
FITZGERALD, JAMES            TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-195
FITZGERALD, JOHN J.          LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-365
FITZGERALD, MARY             NTL                          IA-3-B-416
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL          UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-204
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL          NTL                          IA-3-B-418
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL          UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-355
FITZGERALD, PETER            HANOVER                      IA-3-B-165
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM          WAUKON                       IA-3-A-446
FLECK, ADOLPH                LACROSSE, LACROSSE, WI       IA-3-A-521
FLOOD, JAMES                 LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-A-478
FLOOD, JOSEPH                LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-519
FLOWERS, MARY U.             LANSING                      IA-3-B-431
FLYNN, CHARLES HENRY         POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-527
FOLEY, WILLIAM               TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-283
FOLSOM, THOMAS               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-427
FOOLEY, EDWARD SR.           TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-614
FORD, THOMAS                 NTL                          IA-3-A-469
FORD, THOMAS SR.             UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-186
FORDNEY, FRANK               WAUKON                       IA-3-C-176
FOREIGNER, SAMUEL            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-218
FOSSUM, GURINE               NTL                          IA-3-C-170
FOSSUM, HANS T.              PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-B-280
FOSSUM, JULIA                PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-C-560
FOSSUM, THEODORE             CENTER                       IA-3-C-417
FOUST, LUCINDA               WAUKON                       IA-3-A-483
FOX, MATHEW                  NTL                          IA-3-A-111
FRANK, HENRY                 LANSING                      IA-3-A-190
FRANK, HENRY                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-320
FREDERICK, MAX               LANSING                      IA-3-A-97
FRENCH, EDWIN                WAUKON JUNCTION              IA-3-B-444
FRENCH, GEORGE               NTL                          IA-3-A-281
FRINK, REUBEN L.             JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-606
FRITZ, LUDWIG                MAKEE                        IA-3-B-225
FROELICH, HENRY              LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-282
FULLERTON, ALEXANDER         NTL                          IA-3-A-436
FULTZ, BALSER                NTL                          IA-3-B-425
FULTZ, JOHN SR.              PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-A-592
GALAGHER, JAMES              NTL                          IA-3-A-541
GALLAGHER, DANIEL            WAUKON                       IA-3-A-605
GANDER, FRANCIS J.           LANSING                      IA-3-A-470
GAUNITZ, AMELIA THERESA      LANSING                      IA-3-B-237
GAUNITZ, ANNA C.             LANSING                      IA-3-C-137
GAUNITZ, H. F.               NTL                          IA-3-C-115
GAVIN, DANIEL                LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-307
GAVNITZ, WILLIAM             LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-A-298
GEARLING, GEORGEA            UNION CITY                   IA-3-A-301
GEESEY, JOHN                 WAUKON                       IA-3-A-128
GEINZER, GEORGE              LANSING                      IA-3-B-75
GELO, CHARLES                CENTER                       IA-3-B-205
GEMMILL, JAMES McREA         HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-B-254
GERKY, FREDERICKA            NTL                          IA-3-B-320
GEVING, AGNESS JOHNSON       NTL                          IA-3-C-117
GEVING, BEN JOHNSON          JEFFERSON                    IA-3-B-304
GILBERT, WILLIAM             LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-357
GILCHRIST, JOHN              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-306
GILSON, JOHN PRESTON         WAUKON                       IA-3-C-443
GILSON, JUDITH               FRANKLIN                     IA-3-B-238
GLAUS, JACOB                 MAKEE                        IA-3-B-423
GLEASON, MARTIN              NTL                          IA-3-B-79
GLEASON, MICHAEL J.          HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-C-556
GLYNN, MATHEW                NTL                          IA-3-A-514
GOEKE, CHARLES               WAUKON                       IA-3-C-266
GOEKE, FRED                  WAUKON                       IA-3-C-249
GOEKE, HENRY                 NTL                          IA-3-C-525
GOETZ, GEORGE W.             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-526
GOODYKOONTZ, JANE E.         WAUKON                       IA-3-A-526
GOODYKOONTZ, JOHN            NTL                          IA-3-A-167
GORDON, ANGUS                POST                         IA-3-C-211
GORDON, WILLIAM              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-263
GOUGH, JOHN B.               CHICAGO, COOK, IL            IA-3-C-330
GOUGH, MARGARET              NTL                          IA-3-C-340
GRANGARD, ARNE               PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-C-267
GRANGARD, CARRIE             PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-C-267
GRATTAN, HENRY G.            NTL                          IA-3-A-566
GRAY, JOHN                   JEFFERSON, GREENE, IA        IA-3-B-464
GREENSLATE, HERMAN           UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-A-70
GREGG, JAMES                 POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-548
GREISER, CARL                LANSING                      IA-3-B-463
GRIFFIN, PATRICK             WATERLOO                     IA-3-A-91
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM             WATERLOO                     IA-3-B-158
GRIMM, WILLIAM H.            WAUKON                       IA-3-C-347
GRIMSGARD, OLE C.            PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-B-273
GROTEGUT, MINNIE             WAUKON                       IA-3-B-375
GROTEGUT, SIMON              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-188
GRUAH, HALVOR                WAUKON                       IA-3-C-26
GRUBER, AGNES                LANSING                      IA-3-B-241
GRUBER, LOUIS                LANSING                      IA-3-C-270
GRUBER, THOMAS               LANSING                      IA-3-C-69
GRUENING, CHRISTIAN          NTL                          IA-3-A-312
GUIDER, MICHAEL J.           LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-510
GUILE, ORSON                 WAUKON                       IA-3-A-11
GUTH, CHARLES                LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-31
GUTHNECK, HUBERT             HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-C-87
GUTHNECK, MARY C.            HARPERS FERRY                IA-3-C-553
GYE, SEBASTIAN               LANSING                      IA-3-A-114
HAAGENSON, OLE               NTL                          IA-3-A-520
HAAKERUD, BETIA              WATERLOO                     IA-3-C-130
HAAR, GEORGE                 UNION CITY                   IA-3-B-33
HAAS, CATHERINE              NTL                          IA-3-B-415
HAAS, FERDINAND              LYCURGUS                     IA-3-A-530
HAAS, JACOB                  LANSING                      IA-3-A-308
HAAS, LANDELIN               MAKEE                        IA-3-B-30
HAFDAL, HALVOR H.            PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-C-129
HAGEMEIER, ABNER             NTL                          IA-3-C-173
HAGEMEIER, ADOLPH            MAKEE                        IA-3-B-81
HAGEN, HANS OLSEN            UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-338
HAGER, FREDERICK             WAUKON                       IA-3-B-424
HAGER, HENRY                 LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-256
HAGER, MAGGIE                WAUKON                       IA-3-C-238
HAGER, SIMAN                 LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-505
HAGER, WILLIAM F.            WAUKON                       IA-3-C-238
HAINES, ALICE                LANSING                      IA-3-C-286
HAINES, JOSEPH               WAUKON                       IA-3-C-436
HALE, JANE A.                LANSING                      IA-3-C-214
HALE, JOHN H.                NTL                          IA-3-C-568
HALEY, JOHN                  CLINTON, ROCK, WI            IA-3-A-551
HALEY, MARY                  WAUKON                       IA-3-A-85
HALL, E. C.                  WAUKON                       IA-3-B-562
HALL, ESTHER T.              NTL                          IA-3-C-205
HALL, T C.                   WAUKON                       IA-3-C-542
HALSETH, HELENE              ELON                         IA-3-B-334
HALSETH, NELS B.             NTL                          IA-3-A-465
HAMMEL, RENIG                LACROSSE, LACROSSE, WI       IA-3-B-262
HAMMELL, JOE                 NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-509
HAMMERSTROM, F. A.           LANSING                      IA-3-C-77
HAMMOND, J. W.               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-540
HAMMOND, SARAH               FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-A-170
HAMOND, E VA M.              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-346
HANDLEY, CATHRINE            LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-C-283
HANDLEY, JAMES               LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-126
HANDLEY, JOHN                LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-C-277
HANEY, JOHN JR.              NTL                          IA-3-A-269
HANGESMEIER, FREDRICK        JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-318
HANKE, CHARLES               LUDLOW                       IA-3-B-258
HANKS, G. W.                 POST                         IA-3-A-537
HANKS, MARY A.               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-206
HANLEY, MARY                 NTL                          IA-3-B-289
HANSCOM, NATHANIEL           WAUKON                       IA-3-A-15
HANSMEIER, FRED L.           MAKEE                        IA-3-B-367
HANSMEIER, HENRY             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-555
HANSMEIER, HERMAN            LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-440
HANSON, GUNDER               MAKEE                        IA-3-A-597
HANSON, HANS A.              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-450
HANSON, JOHN                 NTL                          IA-3-B-338
HANSON, KAREN                NTL                          IA-3-B-416
HANSON, KNUDT                NTL                          IA-3-B-416
HANSON, LENA                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-251
HARBY, T. J.                 WATERVILLE                   IA-3-B-499
HARDIN, ELIZA                POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-303
HARKINS, JAMES               WAUKON                       IA-3-B-477
HARMON, HENRY SR.            FRANKLIN                     IA-3-C-388
HARRIS, ELISHA               POSTVILLE                    IA-3-B-48
HARRIS, HENRY                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-121
HARRIS, HERMON H.            POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-367
HARRIS, JAMES M.             POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-510
HARRIS, MARGARET J.          POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-499
HARRIS, WILLIAM              POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-245
HARRIS, WILLIAM J.           POST                         IA-3-A-197
HART, A.                     NTL                          IA-3-B-197
HART, JOHN B.                NTL, LOS ANGELES, CA         IA-3-C-90
HART, WILLIAM S.             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-471
HARTLEY, JOSEPH              UNION CITY                   IA-3-C-108
HARTONG, JOHN M.             LANSING                      IA-3-B-472
HATFIELD, WILLIAM            ROSSVILLE                    IA-3-A-8
HAWES, JOHN                  LANSING                      IA-3-A-632
HAWES, JULIA                 NTL                          IA-3-B-147
HAWES, TERESA                LANSING                      IA-3-C-564
HAWKINS, L. D. B.            POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-433
HAWKINS, LUDIA C.            POSTVILLE                    IA-3-C-543
HAYES, ALFRED B.             IOWA                         IA-3-B-171
HAYS, GEORGE W.              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-316
HEAFRAN, JAMES               NTL                          IA-3-A-289
HEALEY, MICHAEL              FRANKLIN                     IA-3-A-486
HEALY, BRIDGET               LANSING                      IA-3-B-138
HEALY, MICHAEL               FRANKLIN                     IA-3-A-466
HEALY, PATRICK               NTL                          IA-3-C-131
HEALY, THOMAS                LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-453
HEALY, THOMAS F.             LANSING                      IA-3-A-117
HEATLEY, MARY A.             LAFAYETTE                    IA-3-B-539
HECTOR, ANDREW               ELON                         IA-3-B-134
HECTOR, IDA CAROLINE         CENTER                       IA-3-C-399
HEDGE, ISAIAH H.             WAUKON                       IA-3-A-471
HEFFERN, DANIEL F.           NTL                          IA-3-C-517
HEFFERNAN, WILLIAM           NTL                          IA-3-B-264
HEFFERNAN, WILLIAM           WATERVILLE                   IA-3-C-491
HEFFERNAN, WILLIAM MRS.      CHERRY MOUND                 IA-3-B-187
HEFFERON, DANIEL             TAYLOR                       IA-3-B-96
HEFTY, ALBET                 NTL                          IA-3-C-458
HEFTY, HENRY                 LANSING                      IA-3-A-380
HEIM, THEKLA                 NTL                          IA-3-C-411
HEINZ, NICHOLAS              WAUKON                       IA-3-A-445
HEISER, MATHIAS              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-237
HEISER, PETER N.             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-360
HEITMAN, JOHN H.             NTL                          IA-3-B-537
HELFORD, DORCAS              PAINT CREEK                  IA-3-A-448
HELGESON, TORKEL             WAUKON                       IA-3-C-502
HELMING, AUGUST              LUDLOW                       IA-3-C-309
HELMING, AUGUSTA             WAUKON                       IA-3-A-452
HELMING, CONRAD              UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-332
HELMING, FREDRICK            LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-163
HELMING, HENRY SR.           WAUKON                       IA-3-B-264
HELMING, SIMON               NTL                          IA-3-A-313
HEMENWAY, MARTHA T.          NTL                          IA-3-C-423
HEMMINGS, CHARLES T.         NTL                          IA-3-C-204
HENDERSON, ROBERT            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-482
HENDERSON, ROBERT            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-482
HENDERSON, W. H.             MONONA                       IA-3-C-511
HENDRICK, M. B.              WAUKON                       IA-3-B-520
HENDRICKSON, SALVE           NTL                          IA-3-B-493
HENNESSEY, JOHN              TAYLOR                       IA-3-B-98
HENRY, CHARLES               MAKEE                        IA-3-B-420
HENRY, MARY                  CHICAGO, COOK, IL            IA-3-B-114
HENSLER, JOSEPH              LANSING                      IA-3-A-151
HERMAN, F. C.                NTL                          IA-3-C-462
HERRMANN, GEORGE             UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-B-4
HERSEY, A. H.                ELGIN, , IL                  IA-3-B-42
HERSEY, AUGUSTIN             WAUKON                       IA-3-A-437
HERSEY, B. A.                WAUKON                       IA-3-B-377
HERSEY, LEWIS W.             NTL                          IA-3-B-271
HERTH, JOHN ADAM             LANSING                      IA-3-B-71
HEUSMAN, FRED                POST                         IA-3-C-539
HILL, MARGARET               WAUKON                       IA-3-B-365
HILLER, MARTIN W.            LANSING                      IA-3-C-67
HILMO, HOLGER                MAKEE                        IA-3-B-198
HILMO, JOHN ARNESON          NTL                          IA-3-B-207
HINRICHS, CORD               UNION CITY                   IA-3-C-13
HIRT, HENRY                  LANSING                      IA-3-A-616
HIRT, LOUISA                 LANSING                      IA-3-B-201
HIRTH, JACOB                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-496
HIRTH, LOUIS                 LANSING                      IA-3-C-52
HIRTH, PETER                 NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-B-224
HJORT, HENRIETTA             NTL                          IA-3-A-267
HOAG, D. E.                  NTL                          IA-3-B-385
HOAG, KATE                   WAUKON                       IA-3-C-400
HOAG, LYDIA M.               EASTON, WASHINGTON, NY       IA-3-B-351
HOGAN, FRANCIS               TAYLOR                       IA-3-A-522
HOGAN, JOHN HENRY            UNION PRAIRIE                IA-3-C-337
HOGAN, PATRICK               TAYLOR                       IA-3-B-14
HOIT, PETER                  LANSING                      IA-3-A-72
HOLAHAN, JAMES               WAUKON                       IA-3-B-240
HOLGERSON, ELLEF             NTL                          IA-3-B-517
HOLMES, CATHERINE            LANSING                      IA-3-B-558
HOLZ, AUGUST                 NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-166
HORRIGAN, PATRICK            NTL                          IA-3-A-591
HOUGHTON, A. H.              LANSING                      IA-3-A-363
HOUGHTON, HORATIO W.         LANSING                      IA-3-B-302
HOULIHAN, JAMES J.           NTL                          IA-3-C-333
HOVELSON, CHRISTIAN          MAKEE                        IA-3-B-144
HOVELSON, HANS               MAKEE                        IA-3-C-4
HOVEMAN, K. MRS.             NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-C-384
HOWE, FLINT                  POST                         IA-3-A-54
HOWE, LEWIS                  WAUKON                       IA-3-A-378
HOWES, LUTHER                LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-604
HOWES, MARY                  NTL                          IA-3-B-354
HOWES, PHEBE                 NTL                          IA-3-A-586
HOY, JAMES                   NTL                          IA-3-B-228
HUBBELL, NELSON E.           LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-213
HUBBELL, NELSON E.           LUDLOW                       IA-3-A-196
HUESTIS, BESSIE              NTL, ORANGE, FL              IA-3-B-140
HUFF, JAMES                  NTL, DUBUQUE, IA             IA-3-A-123
HUFFMAN, JOSEPH              FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-C-192
HUFFMAN, SUSAN R.            WAUKON                       IA-3-B-11
HUGHES, F. W.                ELGIN                        IA-3-C-382
HUGHES, JANE                 NTL                          IA-3-A-7
HUGHES, PATRICK              FRENCH CREEK                 IA-3-A-363
HUGHS, EDWARD                NTL                          IA-3-A-473
HULSE, ELIZA J.              NTL                          IA-3-B-257
HULSE, HENRY                 ION                          IA-3-B-547
HULSE, RACHEL                FAIRVIEW                     IA-3-A-254
HURLEY, MARY                 NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-B-13
HURLEY, SOPHIA               IOWA                         IA-3-B-300
HUTTER, VINCENT              NEW ALBIN                    IA-3-B-194
HYNES, SABINA                NTL                          IA-3-A-515
IDE, WILLIAM E.              COLUMBIS, FRANKLIN, OH       IA-3-A-142
INGALLS, LUMAN               FRANKLIN                     IA-3-A-310
INGELS, LIMAN B.             FRANKLIN                     IA-3-B-143
ISLE, MAGDALENA              LANSING                      IA-3-B-547
ISTED, ROBERT                WAUKON                       IA-3-A-159
IVERS, ELLEN                 JEFFERSON                    IA-3-A-271
IVERSON, IVER M.             HANOVER                      IA-3-C-190
IVERSON, SUSAN               NTL                          IA-3-B-382
IVERSON, THOR                CENTER                       IA-3-A-595

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