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ABSTON, JOHN A.                         GA-23-6-369
ACUFF, C. G.                            GA-23-3-5
ADAMS, GRACIE LEE W.                    GA-23-2-558
AKINS, JOHN CLAUDE                      GA-23-2-197
ALDER, WILLIAM JAMES                    GA-23-6-605
ALEXANDER, SOPHRONIA E.                 GA-23-6-17
ALLEN, NORMAN L.                        GA-23-2-34
ANDERSON, A. T.                         GA-23-6-449
ANDERSON, CORDELIA                      GA-23-6-220
ANDERSON, DAVID S.                      GA-23-6-1
ANDERSON, ETHEL SMITH                   GA-23-2-6
ANDERSON, EUGENE R.                     GA-23-2-425
ANDERSON, MARIA                         GA-23-6-203
ANDERSON, NATHAN                        GA-23-6-20
ANDERSON, RACHAEL                       GA-23-6-32
ANDERSON, RAY EDWARD                    GA-23-2-199
ANDERSON, SUSIE M.                      GA-23-6-210
ANDERSON, THOMAS E.                     GA-23-6-119
ANDERSON, ULRICK S.                     GA-23-2-156
ANDERSON, WALTER TAYLOR                 GA-23-2-222
ARNOLD, OCIE MAE                        GA-23-2-226
ARNOLD, THOMAS J. A.                    GA-23-6-577
ARWOOD, GEORGE A.                       GA-23-2-151
ATCHLEY, SAMUEL W.                      GA-23-2-567
BACON, JOHN E.                          GA-23-6-504
BANDY, R. H.                            GA-23-6-453
BARFIELD, HANNAH                        GA-23-6-288
BARNES, HERBERT                         GA-23-6-354
BATES, TULLY D.                         GA-23-6-328
BATEY, MARY E.                          GA-23-6-334
BAUDY, J.                               GA-23-6-173
BAXTER, LUKE C.                         GA-23-2-39
BEARDEN, ROBERT RUSSELL                 GA-23-2-523
BEAVER, ED W.                           GA-23-2-16
BEAVER, M. D. SR.                       GA-23-6-439
BEAVERS, DAN                            GA-23-6-568
BEAVERS, WILLIAM EDWARD                 GA-23-6-256
BELL, FRIEDA                            GA-23-3-1
BELL, JOHN                              GA-23-3-1
BELL, O. L.                             GA-23-6-232
BENNETT, ROY SR.                        GA-23-6-343
BENTLEY, WILLIAM C.                     GA-23-6-425
BENTON, CHARLES S.                      GA-23-6-212
BENTON, IRA W. SR.                      GA-23-2-90
BENTON, JOSIE                           GA-23-2-106
BENTON, L. A. (MRS)                     GA-23-6-205
BENTON, LUCILLE                         GA-23-2-469
BENTON, NORA                            GA-23-2-471
BETHUNE, J. D.                          GA-23-6-455
BIBLE, BEATRICE C.                      GA-23-6-621
BIGHAM, CLEO L.                         GA-23-2-335
BIRD, CECIL R.                          GA-23-6-352
BIRD, G. DEWEY                          GA-23-3-23
BIRD, JOHN                              GA-23-6-161
BIRD, MAMIE DILLARD (COLORED)           GA-23-6-562
BLACK, ALLEN                            GA-23-6-55
BLACK, CLAUDE HOUSTON                   GA-23-2-148
BLACK, JOHN JUDSON                      GA-23-6-595
BLACK, OLLIE L.                         GA-23-2-389
BLACKFORD, WILLIAM L.                   GA-23-6-150
BLAYLOCK, DAVID                         GA-23-6-158
BLAYLOCK, SISILY                        GA-23-6-190
BLEVINS, DENNIS H.                      GA-23-2-109
BLUFORD, ROBERT L.                      GA-23-2-549
BOLING, WILLIAM WALTER                  GA-23-2-240
BOLTON, PETER                           GA-23-6-7
BOOKOUT, JACKSON N.                     GA-23-2-391
BOWERS, W. H.                           GA-23-6-65
BOWMAN, ALLIE                           GA-23-2-573
BOWMAN, HERBERT T.                      GA-23-3-99
BOWMAN, J. N.                           GA-23-6-556
BOWMAN, JAMES ROBERT                    GA-23-6-418
BOWMAN, JOSHUA                          GA-23-6-32
BOWMAN, OSCAR O.                        GA-23-6-412
BOWMAN, PAUL V.                         GA-23-3-118
BOWMAN, SAM J.                          GA-23-2-460
BOYD, H. C.                             GA-23-6-236
BRAMLETT, MILDRED BAUDY                 GA-23-6-301
BRANNON, RCAHAEL                        GA-23-6-118
BROCK, D. R.                            GA-23-2-123
BROCKMAN, JOHN T.                       GA-23-6-506
BROCKMAN, M. H. (MRS)                   GA-23-6-313
BROOKS, EVA M.                          GA-23-6-322
BROOME, ANDREW S.                       GA-23-2-5
BROTHERTON, G. W.                       GA-23-6-168
BROTHERTON, T. L.                       GA-23-6-500
BROWDER, JOHN L.                        GA-23-2-112
BROWN, BERNIE                           GA-23-2-174
BROWN, DAVID ORVAL                      GA-23-2-245
BROWN, EXA MCDONALD                     GA-23-2-270
BROWN, KATE                             GA-23-2-345
BROWN, MINNIE L.                        GA-23-3-139
BROWNE, B. W.                           GA-23-6-138
BROYLES, CHARLES E.                     GA-23-6-199
BRYAN, GEORGE E.                        GA-23-2-315
BRYANT, CLAUDE B.                       GA-23-2-431
BRYSON, LUTHER J.                       GA-23-2-479
BUCHANAN, L. E.                         GA-23-2-423
BUFF, MAUDE B.                          GA-23-2-238
BULLOCK, H.L E.                         GA-23-2-290
BURRILL, ALFRED CUMMINGS                GA-23-6-552
BURRILL, MARGARET M.                    GA-23-2-46
CAIN, J. M.                             GA-23-6-222
CAIN, JOHN C.                           GA-23-6-100
CAIN, MARY LUCILLE                      GA-23-6-407
CALDWELL, ELLA                          GA-23-3-143
CALDWELL, JOSEPH C.                     GA-23-6-333
CALHOUN, ALEXANDER                      GA-23-6-4
CALHOUN, MARY REYNOLDS                  GA-23-6-195
CALHOUN, ROBERT A. SR.                  GA-23-2-3
CALLAWAY, FANNIE N.                     GA-23-2-554
CALLAWAY, WAYLAND                       GA-23-3-17
CALLWAY, GUSSIE                         GA-23-2-79
CAMP, J. M.                             GA-23-6-467
CAMP, WILBURN                           GA-23-6-22
CAMPBELL, JAMES W.                      GA-23-3-47
CAMPBELL, ROBERT LEE                    GA-23-2-493
CARLEEK, T. EUGENE                      GA-23-2-472
CARLOCK, JOSEPH L.                      GA-23-2-212
CARPENTER, JAMES POWELL                 GA-23-2-56
CARPENTER, ROBERT W.                    GA-23-2-508
CARR, CECIL JOSEPH                      GA-23-2-69
CARROLL, MINNIE                         GA-23-6-498
CARROLL, T. B.                          GA-23-6-347
CARTER, A.                              GA-23-6-304
CARTER, MAGGIE C.                       GA-23-2-253
CASH, ELIZABETH DOKE                    GA-23-6-171
CASTLE, SAM H.                          GA-23-2-118
CATHCART, DANIEL                        GA-23-6-3
CATHEY, W. T.                           GA-23-6-298
CAWOOD, LILLIE A.                       GA-23-3-97
CAWOOD, W. N.                           GA-23-2-169
CHAMBERS, ELMER                         GA-23-6-372
CHILDERS, DANIEL W.                     GA-23-2-383
CHILDERS, HENRY L.                      GA-23-6-559
CHILDERS, ROY A.                        GA-23-2-588
CHILDS, FLORA B.                        GA-23-3-112
CHRISTIAN, CHARLES H.                   GA-23-3-142
CHRISTOPHER, OBOB                       GA-23-2-366
CLABAUGH, NELLIE E.                     GA-23-2-247
CLARK, ALFRED L.                        GA-23-6-70
CLARK, JAMES H. A.                      GA-23-6-387, 393
CLARK, MAGGIE                           GA-23-2-45
CLARK, MARY                             GA-23-6-564
CLARK, OTIS                             GA-23-6-593
CLARK, RALPH R.                         GA-23-2-124
CLARK, W. T.                            GA-23-6-167
CLEMONS, W. J.                          GA-23-6-294
CLINTON, JULIUS G.                      GA-23-2-395
CLOUGH, WALTER                          GA-23-2-415
COATS, DELBERT G.                       GA-23-2-517
COCHRAN, W. M.                          GA-23-6-172
COLT, ANNIE                             GA-23-6-253
COMBS, VIDA E.                          GA-23-2-107
CONLEY, MARY E.                         GA-23-6-148
CONNER, ANNA H.                         GA-23-6-326
CONNER, GORDON ARTHUR                   GA-23-2-371
CONNOLLY, HULDA E.                      GA-23-6-207
CONNOLLY, J. W.                         GA-23-6-155
COOK, GEORGE W.                         GA-23-6-117
COOLEY, MILLEY A.                       GA-23-6-309
COOPER, ETHEL                           GA-23-6-296
COOPER, KATIE                           GA-23-6-416
COOPER, RAY                             GA-23-2-363
COOPER, THOMAS G.                       GA-23-3-85
COOPER, WILLIAM PAUL                    GA-23-3-120
CORNELISON, A. D.                       GA-23-2-50
COSTEPHERS, MARK D.                     GA-23-6-477
COWART, AMY BRANNON                     GA-23-3-91
COWART, TOM O.                          GA-23-2-428
CRAIN, VERA SIMS                        GA-23-2-562
CRANE, VERA SIMS                        GA-23-2-562
CRAVENS, JAMES R.                       GA-23-6-188
CRAVENS, MARY DRUSILLA                  GA-23-6-201
CRAWFORD, ALENE                         GA-23-6-481
CRAWLEY, WILLIAM J.                     GA-23-2-521
CREASY, FLOYD                           GA-23-2-87
CRESWELL, CARRIE                        GA-23-2-451
CROW, LILLIAN M. BRYAN                  GA-23-2-384
CROW, T. M.                             GA-23-2-295
CUDY, J. P.                             GA-23-6-218
CULBERSON, MINNIE                       GA-23-2-263
CUMMINGS, WILL                          GA-23-6-275
DAILEY, B. D.                           GA-23-6-292
DAILEY, VIRGIE R.                       GA-23-2-215
DANSON, S. E.                           GA-23-6-248
DAUGHETY, ROLAND                        GA-23-2-301
DAVIS, ANNIE                            GA-23-2-158
DAVIS, BOBBIE S.                        GA-23-3-77
DAVIS, EVENDER M.                       GA-23-6-153
DAVIS, IDA M.                           GA-23-2-593
DAVIS, J. L.                            GA-23-6-619
DAVIS, JOHN H.                          GA-23-2-454
DAVIS, JOSEPHINE                        GA-23-6-226
DAVIS, M. C.                            GA-23-6-283
DAVIS, MARY M.                          GA-23-2-547
DAVIS, OLLIE W. SR.                     GA-23-2-510
DAVIS, W. H.                            GA-23-6-213
DAVIS, W. M.                            GA-23-6-265
DEADMAN, WILLIAM                        GA-23-6-86
DEDMAN, MARGARET KATHERINE              GA-23-6-465
DEFIGIO, TONY                           GA-23-6-600
DENNING, MAY                            GA-23-2-260
DENT, MARGARET R.                       GA-23-2-375
DENTON, ELIZABETH                       GA-23-6-160
DENTON, ISAAC                           GA-23-6-41
DICKS, NELLIE JACKSON                   GA-23-6-575
DICKSON, FRANK                          GA-23-6-59
DICKSON, FRANK E.                       GA-23-2-304
DICKSON, MICHAEL                        GA-23-6-37
DICKSON, ROBERT L. SR.                  GA-23-6-571
DIETZ, DANIEL                           GA-23-6-75
DILLS, BARTLETT S.                      GA-23-6-183
DOAK, MARGARET                          GA-23-6-147
DOKE, SALLIE J.                         GA-23-6-152
DORSEY, NORMAN FRANCIS                  GA-23-2-219
DRAKE, MILDRED L.                       GA-23-2-340
DUCKETT, WILLIAM B.                     GA-23-2-84
DUDLEY, S. M.                           GA-23-2-463
DUFFEY, WILLIAM WADE                    GA-23-2-98
DUNAGAN, MARIETTA                       GA-23-6-261
DUNN, ALLEN                             GA-23-6-182
DUNN, J. W.                             GA-23-6-338
DUNN, JAMES W.                          GA-23-3-65
DUNN, MARY YATES                        GA-23-6-324
DUPREE, WILLIAM B.                      GA-23-2-495
DYER, S. B.                             GA-23-6-6
EASTERLING, ROSE                        GA-23-6-267
EAVES, C. R.                            GA-23-2-91
EDGEMAN, HENRY M.                       GA-23-6-302
EDGERTON, LILA R.                       GA-23-2-44
EDMONDS, GEORGE W.                      GA-23-6-470
EDWARDS, ALICE                          GA-23-6-289
EDWARDS, T. J.                          GA-23-2-477
ELLISON, CHARLES                        GA-23-3-110
ELROD, ALMA                             GA-23-6-550
ELROD, HANEY                            GA-23-3-44
ELROD, JOHN NOLEN                       GA-23-6-476
ELSEA, HOWARD EULAS                     GA-23-2-168
EMBERSON, T. S.                         GA-23-6-378
ENSLEY, LULA B.                         GA-23-3-122
ERICKSON, ANNIE M.                      GA-23-2-274
ERVIN, WILLARD W.                       GA-23-2-289
ESKEW, H. E.                            GA-23-2-436
ESLINGER, EULUS N.                      GA-23-6-518
ESLINGER, LUCINDA                       GA-23-2-86
ESPY, EDWARD A.                         GA-23-2-397
ESPY, MARION C.                         GA-23-6-410
ESPY, MARVIN H.                         GA-23-2-237
EVANS, CHARLES W.                       GA-23-6-196
EVANS, FRANK                            GA-23-2-433
EVANS, HATTIE A.                        GA-23-6-210
EVANS, JAMES W.                         GA-23-6-542
EVITT, ANNIE WARD                       GA-23-6-589
EVITT, JAMES E. JR.                     GA-23-2-542
EVITT, OCTAVIA DAVIS                    GA-23-6-244
FAIRES, CALVIN D.                       GA-23-2-264
FANCHER, A. J.                          GA-23-6-119
FARSER, SAMUEL                          GA-23-6-11
FISHER, JOHNNIE L.                      GA-23-2-537
FLETCHER, VIRGINIA C.                   GA-23-6-404
FLINN, CARL GRADY                       GA-23-2-145
FORREST, MAUDE L.                       GA-23-2-187
FOSTER, F. M.                           GA-23-6-227
FOSTER, MARTHA                          GA-23-6-166
FOSTER, THELMA                          GA-23-6-374
FOWLER, ADOLPHOS                        GA-23-6-26
FOWLER, EDWARD                          GA-23-6-24
FOWLER, MARIAH J.                       GA-23-6-185
FRANKE, HARRY A. SR.                    GA-23-2-154
FRENCH, ALBERT E.                       GA-23-6-507
FULCHER, J. M.                          GA-23-6-191
FULLER, JAMES A.                        GA-23-6-505
FULLER, JOHN C.                         GA-23-6-39
GAINES, A. P.                           GA-23-6-215
GALYON, WALTER O.                       GA-23-2-421
GAMBLE, LEON JOHNSON JR.                GA-23-2-230
GANN, JOHN W.                           GA-23-2-155
GARLAND, HOMER                          GA-23-2-184
GASAWAY, WILLARD M.                     GA-23-3-41
GATES, P. A.                            GA-23-2-153
GEORGE, JESSIE A.                       GA-23-6-359
GIBSON, J. C.                           GA-23-6-219
GILLILAND, DAVID W.                     GA-23-6-192
GILLILAND, WILLIAM D.                   GA-23-6-37
GILREATH, ORVILLE LEE                   GA-23-6-496
GILSTRAP, HARRY L.                      GA-23-3-126
GLENN, FANNIE CATLETT                   GA-23-6-223
GOBLE, WALTER                           GA-23-3-130
GOLDSMITH, J. W.                        GA-23-6-499
GOLDSMITH, W. T. SR.                    GA-23-2-591
GOODLETT, EDITH S.                      GA-23-2-535
GOODRICH, ABIGAIL                       GA-23-6-182
GOODRICH, J. G.                         GA-23-6-270
GOOLSBY, LENORA                         GA-23-6-530
GORDON, JAMES CLARK                     GA-23-6-176
GORDON, THOMAS M.                       GA-23-6-91
GORDY, JAMES T.                         GA-23-6-340
GRACY, CLEVELAND TOLLISON               GA-23-2-82
GRAHAM, CHARLES H.                      GA-23-6-365
GRANTT, THOMAS J.                       GA-23-6-419
GRAY, HULDA                             GA-23-6-370
GRAY, JOHN F.                           GA-23-6-434
GRAY, THOMAS S.                         GA-23-2-404
GRAY, WILLIAM M.                        GA-23-6-10
GREEN, AUGUSTUS P.                      GA-23-6-60
GREEN, JAMES E.                         GA-23-6-63
GREEN, MAGGIE P.                        GA-23-2-235
GREEN, PHILLIP                          GA-23-6-156
GREENE, W. J.                           GA-23-6-293
GREESON, ARCHIE H.                      GA-23-3-151
GROSSMAN, ANN L.                        GA-23-2-359
GRUBBS, CHARLES W.                      GA-23-2-455
HACKETT, ANNIE                          GA-23-6-351
HACKETT, CHARLES S.                     GA-23-6-519
HACKETTE, SAMUEL R.                     GA-23-6-200
HAGGARD, MARVIN S.                      GA-23-2-198
HALL, ASBURY                            GA-23-6-123
HALL, JAMES D.                          GA-23-2-505
HALSOMBACK, OLEVIA                      GA-23-6-536
HAMBRIGHT, LAWSON B.                    GA-23-6-82
HAMILL, JAMES EARL                      GA-23-3-68
HAMILTON, FANNIE L.                     GA-23-2-250
HAMILTON, J. R.                         GA-23-6-580
HAMILTON, JAMES A.                      GA-23-2-260
HARGRAVES, ROBERT LEROY                 GA-23-2-95
HARNES, A. C.                           GA-23-6-533
HARRIS, EZEKIEL                         GA-23-6-114
HARRIS, G. P.                           GA-23-6-103
HARRIS, GEORGE W.                       GA-23-6-557
HARRIS, MARGARET G.                     GA-23-2-193
HARRIS, OLIVER G.                       GA-23-6-268
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         GA-23-6-88
HARTLINE, ELLA B.                       GA-23-6-408
HASSLER, THOMAS E.                      GA-23-3-15
HAWKINS, SARAH                          GA-23-6-189
HAYES, RAYMOND L.                       GA-23-2-569
HAYS, DWIGHT L.                         GA-23-2-205
HEAD, T. GRADY                          GA-23-2-102
HEADRICK, RUEL MADISON                  GA-23-2-20
HENDERSON, ALBERT LEWIS                 GA-23-6-491
HENDERSON, JESSE S.                     GA-23-6-271
HENDERSON, WILLIAM A.                   GA-23-6-29
HENDLEY, FANNIE L.                      GA-23-2-533
HENDRIX, SAMMIE M.                      GA-23-2-379
HENLEY, M. C.                           GA-23-2-15
HENRY, SAMUEL PRICE                     GA-23-2-35
HENRY, W. P.                            GA-23-6-315
HICE, ESTER F.                          GA-23-2-248
HICKS, A. A.                            GA-23-2-211
HILL, LAURA                             GA-23-6-235
HILL, LEONA R. G.                       GA-23-3-10
HIPPS, C. F.                            GA-23-6-227
HOLCOMB, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN              GA-23-6-460
HOLCOMB, W. B.                          GA-23-6-305
HOLLAND, FRANK W.                       GA-23-2-178
HOLLAND, LARIMORE, BRITTON              GA-23-2-133
HOLLINGSWORTH, EDNA M.                  GA-23-2-487
HOOPER, J. A.                           GA-23-6-203
HOOPER, LOU THOMAS                      GA-23-6-468
HORTON, JOHN B.                         GA-23-3-124
HOUSER, MADALINE D.                     GA-23-2-586
HOWARD, ALMA MCDANIEL                   GA-23-2-176
HOWARD, JAMES P.                        GA-23-2-152
HUDSON, FANNIE LEE                      GA-23-2-100
HULLENDER, BYRON CECIL                  GA-23-2-116
HULLINDER, THOMAS JUDSON SR.            GA-23-6-525
HULSEY, HAROLD E.                       GA-23-2-418
HUNNICUTT, DAISY ELAINE                 GA-23-6-501
HUNSUCKER, RACHAEL                      GA-23-6-303
HUNT, HELM E.                           GA-23-6-197
HUNT, MISSOURI                          GA-23-6-250
HUNT, TOM H.                            GA-23-2-217
HUSE, MURDOCK D.                        GA-23-6-331
HUSKEY, DIXIE N.                        GA-23-6-603
HUSKEY, JOHN R.                         GA-23-6-414
HUSKEY, M. L.                           GA-23-2-252
INSCARE, FRANKLIN                       GA-23-2-441
INSCARE, MATTIE H.                      GA-23-2-441
JACKSON, MARY ELLEN                     GA-23-6-566
JAMES, CALDONIA                         GA-23-6-472
JANEWAY, MINNIE D.                      GA-23-2-162
JAY, CHARLES AGUSTUS                    GA-23-6-610
JAY, JAMES E.                           GA-23-2-208
JAY, JESSE RAYSTER                      GA-23-2-228
JAY, KATE                               GA-23-2-72
JEANS, CATHERINE E.                     GA-23-3-147
JEFFREY, JAMES RUSSELL                  GA-23-2-481
JENKINS, WILLIAM T.                     GA-23-2-456
JENSSEN, HENRY                          GA-23-6-300
JETT, O. E.                             GA-23-2-191
JOHNS, MINNIE E.                        GA-23-2-78
JOHNSON, ELIZA                          GA-23-6-585
JOHNSON, ROBERT CHARLES                 GA-23-2-9
JOHNSON, ROBERT J.                      GA-23-2-43
JOHNSON, W. A.                          GA-23-2-223
JOHNSON, WILLIAM P.                     GA-23-6-561
JONES, D. D.                            GA-23-6-139
JONES, FRANK BURNS                      GA-23-2-236
JONES, JAMES A.                         GA-23-6-535
JONES, MARY                             GA-23-6-451
JONES, T. W.                            GA-23-6-125
JONES, THOMAS FELTON                    GA-23-6-335
KATARSKI, DOMINICK                      GA-23-2-77
KAYLER, FLOSSIE JOHNSON                 GA-23-3-13
KEEBLE, JOHN R.                         GA-23-6-341
KELLERHALS, JACOB T.                    GA-23-6-353
KENDRICK, D. C.                         GA-23-6-306
KENNEDY, ALLAN                          GA-23-6-46
KEOWN, LEONARD L.                       GA-23-2-377
KETCHERSID, FRANK                       GA-23-2-465
KILGORE, E.                             GA-23-6-93
KILLIAN, ANNA OTILEE                    GA-23-2-65
KINSEY, J. W.                           GA-23-6-186
KITTLE, JOHN ALVIN SR.                  GA-23-2-539
KLEIN, BELA                             GA-23-2-577
KNAUFF, HENRY T.                        GA-23-6-237
KNIGHT, ESTEE                           GA-23-2-527
KNIGHT, LUCY H.                         GA-23-3-49
KOSH, JOHN ELMER                        GA-23-2-552
KRIDER, BEULAH G.                       GA-23-2-175
LAMB, CORTEZ                            GA-23-3-108
LAND, CAREY E.                          GA-23-6-582
LANKFORD, SALLIE                        GA-23-2-392
LANSFORD, JOHN B.                       GA-23-6-170
LANSFORD, M. D.                         GA-23-6-321
LANSFORD, OLLIE                         GA-23-6-332
LANSFORD, W. C.                         GA-23-6-153
LASSETTER, JESSE M.                     GA-23-3-60
LASSETTER, PERRENIE N.                  GA-23-3-58
LAWRENCE, DEWEY D.                      GA-23-6-458
LAWRENCE, ERMA W. MCCALL                GA-23-2-220
LAWSON, KATE W.                         GA-23-2-41
LAY, CARL VERNON                        GA-23-2-83
LAY, MARY KATE CARROLL                  GA-23-2-64
LEAVINS, CHARLIE R.                     GA-23-2-367
LEAVINS, LYDA CARTER                    GA-23-3-101
LEE, NED                                GA-23-2-108
LEE, VIOLA W.                           GA-23-2-225
LEIGH, ALLEN RUSSELL                    GA-23-6-490
LEIGH, MARTHA M.                        GA-23-2-157
LENOX, ADDIE RICHARDS                   GA-23-3-33
LEVASSEUR, BARBARA L. TYRA              GA-23-2-139
LEWIS, MAY B. HENLEY                    GA-23-2-4
LILLIARD, C. R.                         GA-23-6-371
LILLIPPIAR, TONY D.                     GA-23-6-572
LINDERMAN, OLLIE MAY                    GA-23-2-80
LINDSEY, MYRTLE                         GA-23-6-217
LINER, EMA SUTTON                       GA-23-3-70
LINES, GEORGE LAFAYETTE                 GA-23-2-561
LINGERFELT, J. B.                       GA-23-6-527
LINGO, DORSEY DAVID                     GA-23-2-231
LIVELY, ASHTON A.                       GA-23-2-13
LONDON, HENRY                           GA-23-6-106
LONE, WILLIAM A.                        GA-23-6-179
LOVE, ALZENA                            GA-23-6-423
LOVINGGOOD, J. M. C.                    GA-23-6-540
LOVINGGOOD, MARY SUSAN                  GA-23-6-312
LOVINGOOD, J. W.                        GA-23-6-225
LOVINGOOD, LUKE M. SR.                  GA-23-2-269
LUPO, GEORGE                            GA-23-6-112
LYONS, HUGH THOMAS                      GA-23-3-19
MABLEY, WALTER KEY                      GA-23-6-608
MADDOX, JESSE L.                        GA-23-2-42
MADDRON, RUBY M.                        GA-23-2-179
MADELAND, CLYDE E.                      GA-23-2-60
MAGILL, IRENE L.                        GA-23-6-554
MAGILL, ROBERT LYNN                     GA-23-2-571
MAIN, A. E.                             GA-23-6-198
MANIER, EMMA L.                         GA-23-2-128
MARLOW, W. A.                           GA-23-6-502
MASSENGILL, ALISON T.                   GA-23-2-2
MASSENGILL, H. C.                       GA-23-6-204
MATHIS, GENEVA A.                       GA-23-2-114
MATTHEWS, JOHN L.                       GA-23-6-104
MAYES, CLEMMIE S.                       GA-23-6-576
MAYES, T. S.                            GA-23-2-117
MAYS, LEONIDAS B.                       GA-23-2-17
MAYS, LEONIDAS B.                       GA-23-2-21
MCBRAYER, NELSON                        GA-23-6-376
MCCALLA, A. S.                          GA-23-6-462
MCCALLA, G. B.                          GA-23-6-77
MCCALLA, J. C.                          GA-23-6-230
MCCALLA, NANCY                          GA-23-6-201
MCCALLA, THOMAS G.                      GA-23-6-180
MCCARTER, LOUISE SCHULER                GA-23-6-406
MCCARY, C. F.                           GA-23-2-166
MCCLAIN, CHARLES W.                     GA-23-6-226
MCCLATCHY, W. M.                        GA-23-6-161
MCCLURE, GEORGE                         GA-23-6-8
MCCLURE, GEORGE W.                      GA-23-2-127
MCCLURE, JOHN                           GA-23-6-97
MCCLURE, ROY FLEMING                    GA-23-6-363
MCCLURE, WILLIAM A.                     GA-23-2-61
MCCORKLE, S. B.                         GA-23-6-138
MCCRAW, JOSEPH T.                       GA-23-2-32
MCCRAW, SARAH DEMPSEY                   GA-23-2-115
MCCULLOUGH, LULA V.                     GA-23-2-556
MCDANIEL, D. M.                         GA-23-2-177
MCDANIEL, IRA T.                        GA-23-2-358
MCDANIEL, J. W. SR.                     GA-23-6-245
MCDANIEL, J. W. JR.                     GA-23-6-243
MCDANIEL, MELVIN M.                     GA-23-2-297
MCDANIEL, W. P.                         GA-23-6-2355
MCDANIEL, WESLEY                        GA-23-6-284
MCDANIELS, EARL                         GA-23-3-22
MCDONALD, FRED G. SR.                   GA-23-2-501
MCDONALD, MURDOCH FRANKLIN              GA-23-2-202
MCDONALD, WILLIAM EDWARD                GA-23-2-81
MCGAHA, MARTHA IRENE                    GA-23-2-171
MCKENNA, LENA                           GA-23-2-373
MCSPADDEN, J. E.                        GA-23-3-115
MEEK, L. W.                             GA-23-6-44
MEEK, ROBERT MARTIN                     GA-23-2-88
MERRITT, OLEN N.                        GA-23-2-71
MESSMEIR, JACOB                         GA-23-6-154
MIDDLETON, ALTMAN                       GA-23-2-401
MILES, BERTICE S.                       GA-23-2-160
MILES, EDGAR ALBERT SR.                 GA-23-2-57
MILLICAN, A. C.                         GA-23-6-133
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     GA-23-6-361
MITCHELL, FRANK                         GA-23-6-221
MITCHELL, LULA V.                       GA-23-2-33
MITCHELL, MINNIE L.                     GA-23-2-136
MONEY, SINIA                            GA-23-6-53
MORELAND, J. W.                         GA-23-6-282
MORGAN, NORA                            GA-23-6-520
MORGAN, TROX BANKSTON                   GA-23-2-545
MORRIS, HAROLD T.                       GA-23-3-87
MORRIS, HUGH F.                         GA-23-6-401
MORRIS, JOHN W.                         GA-23-2-352
MORRIS, MITCHELL FORD                   GA-23-2-485
MORRISON, MILDRED                       GA-23-3-128
MORSE, FANNIE SCHUCRAFT                 GA-23-6-445, 447
MORTON, EMILY C.                        GA-23-2-25
MOSHER, CHARLES M.                      GA-23-6-108
MOTLEY, W. S.                           GA-23-6-524
MULLIS, ANGIE B.                        GA-23-2-439
MULLIS, J. GUY                          GA-23-2-557
MULLIS, M. A.                           GA-23-2-18
NANCE, ROBERT E.                        GA-23-6-262
NANCE, ROBERT W.                        GA-23-6-157
NANCE, W. O.                            GA-23-6-229
NAPIER, SARAH R.                        GA-23-6-255
NEAL, J. M.                             GA-23-6-257
NEWMAN, WILLIS T.                       GA-23-2-24
NEWTON, HENRY P.                        GA-23-2-329
NICHOLS, A. BOSS                        GA-23-2-59
NICHOLS, E. A.                          GA-23-2-564
NICHOLS, J. O.                          GA-23-2-19
NORTH, MAE                              GA-23-2-599
NORTH, MINNIE BALL                      GA-23-2-255
NORTON, CORA LEE                        GA-23-2-29
NORTON, ETHEL HARGIS                    GA-23-6-548
ODONALD, W. E.                          GA-23-2-443
ORR, CLIFFORD                           GA-23-2-177
ORR, JOSEPH L.                          GA-23-6-134
ORR, MARY M.                            GA-23-6-295
ORR, MCKINLEY JR.                       GA-23-3-149
OSBURN, JOSEPH W.                       GA-23-6-170
OWENS, BARNEY E.                        GA-23-3-51
PACK, JAMES EDWARD                      GA-23-2-58
PACK, LORAH B.                          GA-23-3-135
PALMER, LENA HUSKEY                     GA-23-2-67
PARKS, JACK D.                          GA-23-2-130
PARTEE, MAMIE KELLY                     GA-23-2-210
PARTIN, JAMES A.                        GA-23-6-346
PARTIN, MYRTLE W.                       GA-23-2-387
PATTERSON, EDD                          GA-23-2-254
PATTERSON, JAMES E.                     GA-23-2-277
PATTERSON, JAMES M.                     GA-23-6-356
PATTERSON, R. J.                        GA-23-6-337
PATTY, BESSIE M.                        GA-23-2-399
PATTY, CLIFTON M.                       GA-23-2-402
PATTY, FANNIE                           GA-23-2-331
PATTY, HENRY W.                         GA-23-6-382
PATTY, LUDIE L.                         GA-23-2-407
PAYNE, ASA BASIL                        GA-23-2-224
PAYNE, THOMAS J.                        GA-23-6-12
PERRY, BIRDIE A.                        GA-23-2-22
PETERS, CHARLIE D.                      GA-23-2-249
PETERS, DALTON G.                       GA-23-2-474
PETERS, J. H.                           GA-23-2-40
PETERS, JAMES ROBERT                    GA-23-2-48
PETERS, WALTER AUGUSTUS                 GA-23-2-132
PHARR, C. J. R. (MRS)                   GA-23-3-132
PICKENS, MINNIE                         GA-23-2-213
PIERCE, J. G.                           GA-23-2-529
PIERCE, JOSEPH BENJAMIN                 GA-23-2-195
PIERCE, L. B. SR.                       GA-23-6-583
PIERCE, THOMAS B.                       GA-23-2-170
PIERCE, WAYMON W.                       GA-23-2-173
PILKERTON, ETHEL ERBY                   GA-23-2-113
PITTMAN, S. C.                          GA-23-2-312
PITTMAN, VELMA S.                       GA-23-2-309
PITTS, P. A.                            GA-23-6-336
PLEMONS, GEORGE H.                      GA-23-2-75
POE, JAMES N.                           GA-23-6-463
PONDER, JOHN                            GA-23-6-99
POTEET, GEORGE DOLLAS                   GA-23-2-97
POTTER, MINNIE LEE                      GA-23-2-192
POTTS, H. B.                            GA-23-6-510
POTTS, J. R.                            GA-23-6-260
POTTS, W. H.                            GA-23-2-196
POWELL, MORRIS B.                       GA-23-6-109
PRATCHARD, PAUL                         GA-23-2-544
PRAYR, CLARENCE LOVELL                  GA-23-3-14
PRICE, W. M.                            GA-23-6-344
PRINCE, BESSIE R.                       GA-23-6-573
PRINCE, ERNEST E.                       GA-23-6-573
PRITCHETT, W. I.                        GA-23-3-83
PROCTOR, CLIFFORD L.                    GA-23-2-425
PROTHRO, FANNIE M.                      GA-23-6-137
PULLEN, ALFRED                          GA-23-2-73
QUARLES, JAMES R.                       GA-23-2-595
QUARLES, MARY AUSTIN                    GA-23-6-511
QUEEN, JOHN                             GA-23-6-232
QUINN, C. M.                            GA-23-6-264
QUINN, WILLIAM B.                       GA-23-6-115
RAMSEY, WALTER S.                       GA-23-6-202
RAY, LINA                               GA-23-2-27
REAVES, GRACE R.                        GA-23-6-578
REED, ROLLY                             GA-23-6-308
REED, THOMAS                            GA-23-6-164
RHODES, WESLEY                          GA-23-6-73
ROBERSON, JOHN                          GA-23-2-37
ROBERTS, FLORA BELL O'NEAL              GA-23-6-397
ROBERTS, GRADY W. SR.                   GA-23-3-62
ROBERTSON, J. WALTER                    GA-23-2-144
ROBERTSON, L. B.                        GA-23-6-570
ROBINSON, AMANDA                        GA-23-6-184
ROBINSON, J. T.                         GA-23-6-199
ROGERS, F. Y. SR.                       GA-23-3-137
ROGERS, MARION                          GA-23-2-551
ROMINGER, EVERETT                       GA-23-2-129
RUSH, GEORGE E.                         GA-23-2-308
RUSHRIDGE, PEARL REESE                  GA-23-2-159
RUSSELL, G. E. D.                       GA-23-6-258
RUSSELL, VIRGIL L.                      GA-23-3-73
SALTER, SARAH FRANCES                   GA-23-3-21
SATTERFIELD, J. A.                      GA-23-6-216
SAUNDERS, JOE B. SR.                    GA-23-2-207
SAUNDERS, JOE B. (MRS)                  GA-23-2-125
SAUNDERS, MAY ROOD                      GA-23-3-116
SAUNDERS, PAUL C.                       GA-23-3-121
SAUNDERS, SARAH B.                      GA-23-6-263
SCHULLE, JANE T.                        GA-23-2-497
SCOTT, FLORENCE                         GA-23-6-461
SCOTT, MARY                             GA-23-2-63
SCRUGGS, HUGH A.                        GA-23-6-522
SEXTON, ARTHUR J.                       GA-23-2-203
SEXTON, WILLIE I.                       GA-23-3-95
SHADOAN, ANNIE J.                       GA-23-2-265
SHADOAN, JOHN W.                        GA-23-2-89
SHANKLES, REED T.                       GA-23-2-410
SHARP, THOMAS                           GA-23-6-143
SHEARER, DOVIE                          GA-23-6-357
SHELL, TOM                              GA-23-2-188
SHEPHERD, HAZEL P. LEE                  GA-23-2-413
SHERRILL, N. A.                         GA-23-6-211
SHIELDS, HAROLD F.                      GA-23-2-349
SHIELDS, NANNIE S.                      GA-23-2-31
SHIRLEY, THOMAS G.                      GA-23-6-375
SHOOK, JOSEPH M. SR.                    GA-23-2-467
SHULTES, MAGGIE JOYCE                   GA-23-2-14
SILVER, THOMAS RILEY                    GA-23-2-12
SIMRELL, EVA                            GA-23-6-612
SIMRELL, F. M.                          GA-23-2-141
SIMS, BESSIE L.                         GA-23-2-489
SIMS, LEE PARKS                         GA-23-2-149
SISSON, W. A.                           GA-23-2-172
SKEEN, EVA HENRY                        GA-23-2-507
SLAYTON, NANCY ELIZABETH                GA-23-6-538
SLOAN, ROBERT A.                        GA-23-6-457
SMITH, COLUMBUS M.                      GA-23-2-182
SMITH, DAVID T.                         GA-23-2-26
SMITH, DORA E.                          GA-23-2-526
SMITH, EARL H.                          GA-23-3-37
SMITH, EFFIE S.                         GA-23-2-347
SMITH, EMMA BERRY                       GA-23-2-1
SMITH, G. W.                            GA-23-6-206
SMITH, HORACE N.                        GA-23-6-474
SMITH, J. A.                            GA-23-6-234
SMITH, J. EDWARD                        GA-23-6-513
SMITH, J. W.                            GA-23-6-194
SMITH, JAMES                            GA-23-6-34
SMITH, JAMES R.                         GA-23-2-233
SMITH, JAMES S.                         GA-23-6-349
SMITH, JOHN J.                          GA-23-6-486
SMITH, LORENA                           GA-23-2-597
SMITH, LOUCINDI                         GA-23-6-254
SMITH, MAE CAPEHART BRACK               GA-23-2-461
SMITH, MATTIE E.                        GA-23-6-421
SMITH, THOMAS F.                        GA-23-2-99
SMITH, WILLIAM                          GA-23-6-99
SNYDER, DORA                            GA-23-2-601
SPENCER, ROBERT                         GA-23-6-615
SPENCER, W. E.                          GA-23-3-134
STAFFORD, JAMES M.                      GA-23-2-416
STANCIL, NANCY                          GA-23-6-279
STANCIL, SARAH J.                       GA-23-2-411
STANDIFER, MARY LEWIS                   GA-23-6-489
STANICY, E. A.                          GA-23-6-429
STAPP, JOHN N.                          GA-23-6-399
STEPHENS, ROY L.                        GA-23-2-457
STEPHENSON, J. R.                       GA-23-6-436
STEWART, CHARLES W.                     GA-23-6-544
STOCKBURGER, A. E.                      GA-23-6-286
STOCKBURGER, MAMIE                      GA-23-2-405
STONE, JOHN E.                          GA-23-2-262
STONE, VICTOR S.                        GA-23-2-338
STOREY, A. D.                           GA-23-6-492
STOREY, EVIE MAY                        GA-23-6-494
STRICKLAND, JAMES D.                    GA-23-6-127
STUBBLEFIELD, WILLIAM A.                GA-23-6-290
STUECK, WALTER J.                       GA-23-2-409
SUTTON, J. C.                           GA-23-6-159
SWANSON, GEORGE W.                      GA-23-2-318
TAYLOR, IRA A. SR.                      GA-23-2-227
TAYLOR, JOHN BEENE                      GA-23-6-451
TEEMS, WILLIAM ARTHUR                   GA-23-3-53
THACKER, JOHN                           GA-23-2-201
THEDFORD, ALLEN                         GA-23-6-69
THOMAS, J. W.                           GA-23-6-240
THOMAS, W. T. (MRS)                     GA-23-2-189
THOMAS, WILLIAM ZERAH                   GA-23-6-386
THOMPSON, CORNIE MAI                    GA-23-3-72
THOMPSON, DORA E.                       GA-23-2-449
THOMPSON, JESSIE LOU                    GA-23-3-31
THOMPSON, ROSS E. G.                    GA-23-2-531
THORN, E. D.                            GA-23-6-175
TOUCHSTONE, LUCIOUS G.                  GA-23-2-204
TOWNSEND, EGBERT M.                     GA-23-2-110
TOWNSEND, OCIE                          GA-23-2-279
TREW, LILLIE MAE                        GA-23-3-57
TRIMBY, RICHARD                         GA-23-3-80
TRIMMER, DAVIS K.                       GA-23-2-49
TRUNDLE, E. C.                          GA-23-6-298
TRUNDLE, J. W.                          GA-23-6-320
TRUNDLE, LILLIE B.                      GA-23-2-447
TRUNDLE, MAY BELL                       GA-23-2-206
TURNER, BEULAH E.                       GA-23-6-464
TURNER, CORA B.                         GA-23-2-165
TURNER, LUCY EVELYN                     GA-23-3-3
VANDERVEER, MOLLIE                      GA-23-6-381
VANHORN, J. D.                          GA-23-6-618
VAUGHN, ROBERT E.                       GA-23-2-74
VAUGHN, W. M.                           GA-23-2-147
VINING, B. E.                           GA-23-6-166
VINING, M. A. (MRS)                     GA-23-6-602
VOSBURG, C. C.                          GA-23-6-403
WARD, JAMES W.                          GA-23-2-333
WARD, R. M.                             GA-23-6-277
WARD, SOLOMON B.                        GA-23-6-586
WARD, VINES H.                          GA-23-6-433
WARD, W. C.                             GA-23-6-241
WARE, MARY A.                           GA-23-6-339
WATTS, J. M.                            GA-23-6-482
WATTS, WILLIAM LEWIS                    GA-23-2-10
WEBB, VAN BUREN JR.                     GA-23-3-66
WEEKS, J. COLTON                        GA-23-6-588
WELLS, A. T.                            GA-23-6-94
WELSHANS, FRANCIS M.                    GA-23-3-7
WHEELER, ANNA C.                        GA-23-2-180
WHEELER, CLINTON W.                     GA-23-2-51
WHEELER, M. L.                          GA-23-6-478
WHITE, ALONZO P.                        GA-23-6-174
WHITE, GEORGE W.                        GA-23-2-163
WHITE, J. C.                            GA-23-6-450
WHITE, LULA MAE                         GA-23-3-26
WHITE, RAYMOND O.                       GA-23-2-183
WHITE, WALTER S.                        GA-23-2-293
WHITSITT, W. J.                         GA-23-6-173
WHITTLE, MAE                            GA-23-6-560
WIGGINS, L. R.                          GA-23-6-259
WIGGINS, O. L.                          GA-23-6-591
WILKINS, ELIZABETH                      GA-23-6-129
WILKINS, JOHN W.                        GA-23-6-193
WILLHOITE, CARL J.                      GA-23-2-365
WILLIAMS, AMERICA (MRS)                 GA-23-6-516
WILLIAMS, C. J.                         GA-23-6-299
WILLIAMS, CHARLES B.                    GA-23-6-599
WILLIAMS, CHARLES F.                    GA-23-6-181
WILLIAMS, D. W.                         GA-23-6-124
WILLIAMS, EMERY C.                      GA-23-2-135
WILLIAMS, EUGENE J.                     GA-23-2-216
WILLIAMS, HERBERT H.                    GA-23-2-232
WILLIAMS, JAMES P.                      GA-23-3-29
WILLIAMS, M. L. (MRS)                   GA-23-6-239
WILLIAMS, MAGGIE                        GA-23-2-257
WILLIAMS, MATTIE                        GA-23-6-616
WILLIAMS, MATTIE E.                     GA-23-2-208
WILLIAMS, PAUL L.                       GA-23-2-214
WILLIAMS, RUEL L.                       GA-23-2-142
WILLIAMS, THOMAS A.                     GA-23-6-208
WILLIAMS, THOMAS A.                     GA-23-6-131
WILLIAMS, THOMAS H.                     GA-23-6-144
WILLIAMS, V. E.                         GA-23-6-546
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HENRY                 GA-23-6-604
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM S.                    GA-23-6-213
WILLINGHAM, FRANK A.                    GA-23-2-498
WILSON, JABEZ ALEXANDER                 GA-23-6-272
WILSON, MATTIE S.                       GA-23-2-343
WILSON, NANCY                           GA-23-6-113
WILSON, OSCAR                           GA-23-6-360
WILSON, TAYLOR Q.                       GA-23-6-384
WILSON, WILLIAM T.                      GA-23-6-420
WIMPER, RAMAH M.                        GA-23-2-458
WISE, GEORGE B.                         GA-23-2-355
WOMACK, BETTY J.                        GA-23-3-145
WOOD, LAURENCE V.                       GA-23-6-487
WOOTEN, A. T.                           GA-23-6-427
WRIGHT, ANNA ELLEN                      GA-23-2-381
WRIGHT, JAMES C.                        GA-23-6-187
WRIGHT, NANCY L.                        GA-23-6-187
WYATT, E. H. SR.                        GA-23-6-484
YARBROUGH, EUGENE V.                    GA-23-2-167
YATES, CHARLES B.                       GA-23-2-429
YATES, JOHN L.                          GA-23-2-70
YATES, O. V.                            GA-23-6-310
YATES, P. C.                            GA-23-6-207
YATES, PRESLEY                          GA-23-6-16
YATES, WILLIAM OSCAR                    GA-23-6-368
YOUNG, J. H.                            GA-23-6-529
YOUNG, JAMES                            GA-23-6-383
YOUNGKER, CLARENCE G.                   GA-23-2-306
ZEIGLER, EMMA JANE                      GA-23-6-311
ZUMSTEIN, ED W.                         GA-23-2-85
ZUMSTEIN, ETHEL W.                      GA-23-6-443

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